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you can do a one-shot where klaus and hayley share a soulmate, when klaus saves hayley from the vampire katherine sent, he realizes that hayley is attached to a girl who turns out to be her mate, and when he takes them to his mansion he and hayley agree to share it, and they end up having a threesome, but klaus and hayley don't touch each other, because they're not mates and they don't like each other and they only focus on pleasing their soul mate, when the three of them travel together to new orleans they discover that y /n is pregnant with a baby hope
Tumblr media
Klaus was quick to tear apart the vampire that stood before Hayley. The women he had been told had a pact with Katerina Petrova. Information he needed on where the cure is.
What he wasn’t expecting was for her to let out a vicious growl when he took a step closer, her body shielding someone behind her. His brows raised in slight amusement as he placed a challenging hand on her shoulder and shoved her aside.
A small squeak sounded from behind her as the small girl kept herself latched onto Hayley’s arm, almost falling onto her as she was roughing flung to the side from his shove.
Immediately after he saw her his mind locked. His wolf and vampire sides coming to work together as his eyes set afire. Amber and gold spreading through his irises and veins scattering below.
Hayley was quick to hide the girl back behind her and throw her hands out at Klaus, his body stumbling back as she grabbed the girl and made a run for it. Klaus was far too fast to out run and hand Hayley off of her feet in no time, now the girl was in his arms pressed against the nearest wall with pure panic in her eyes as she searched frantically for Hayley.
“Would you get the fuck off of her!” Hayley yelled kicking him in the shins but he recovered instantly and pulled the girl closer
“Why do you have her” he snarled and her eyes narrowed
“Because she’s mine.” She informed him
“I think you’ll find that you are terribly mistaken love.” He sneered.
“Hayley…” the girl whispered with wide eyes as the man’s grip grew tight
“I know baby, i know, he’s not gonna hurt you, right?” She spoke soft and sweet before giving Klaus the worlds dirtiest look as he loosened his hold.
“I would never harm you sweetheart” he told her taking her face in his hands and tilted her face up to his, a soft kiss pressed to her forehead. Loving how her eyes fell shut and she relaxed in his hold as a result of the affection.
Hayley felt her rage climbing as she neared the two, roughly snatching her girl back and holding her tight
“Now what is you want?” She grumbled petting her lovers hair making the girl lean into her.
Klaus’ wolf burned in jealousy as he saw their strongly formed bond.
“You know where Katerina is” he stated matter of factly and she frowned at him
“So what if i did?” She replied and he grinned beckoning them to follow him. The perfect opportunity to have his mate in his home.
He glanced at the girl- who he now knew to be Y/n- around a hundred times on the ride back. Aching to have her to himself. Hold her, love her, touch her, claim her.
Hayley was an issue though. She growled nearly the entire way and had scented his sweet y/n all over. She had touched her all over and he knew it. Y/n kept quiet and obedient to Hayley the whole time, occasionally peaking at Klaus making him smile and her blush.
Once inside he had his people make them dinner. Had them both sat either side of him as they ate appreciatively…well y/n did. Hayley looked pissed.
Hayley’s hand remained firmly planted on Y/n’s upper thigh, every now and then going a tad too high making her glow pink and the scent of her arousal to flood Klaus’ senses.
“So how did you two meet then?” He asked looked to his little flower but she only looked to Hayley who gladly took the lead
“Few months ago, i was looking for my pack, when i found you hm? Didn’t need to find my old family when i have you” she practically purred while stoking y/n’s panties lightly causing her breath to get stuck in her throat and her eyes to nervously dart to Klaus’ lust filled ones.
“And you. You’re her mate as well?” He asked irritated by the way she was touching what he knew to be his.
“Apparently. Though I’m definitely not feeling anything with you.” She grumbled and he smirked
“Indeed not. The attraction is solely towards little y/n here” he cooed as his fingers lightly stroked y/n’s jaw
“How unfortunate for you that i got to her first” she seethed as she smacked his hand away
“Now now that’s not very fair is it? Shouldn’t the final decision be up to our love?” He asked with an arched brow
“Our?” Hayley echoed in question
“Mhm, as much of a surprise it may be, i am willing to share” he muttered giving her a look. Hayley swallowed thickly glancing to her mate who stared back at her with big eyes
“If you want that” she whispered and y/n flicked her eyes between the two. Panic evident at the pressure she was under
“I- i mean maybe..? I’m not sure? I don’t want to make anyone uncomfortable…” she uttered with dark pink cheeks and her heart beating at un unnatural speed. Hayley moved her hand from her thigh and took y/n’s hand
“It’s okay if you do, he’s you’re soulmate too, we can make it work okay? You don’t suffer for my benefit”
Klaus was impressed with Hayley’s willingness to share, glad that the situation didn’t become any more violent than it needed to be.
Y/n shyly glanced to Klaus who gave her a soft look and offered her his hand. She studied it for a minute, following the creases in his skin and how his fingers twitched slightly under her stare. Slowly she placed her hand in his allowing his fingers to wrap around hers and squeeze it lightly in appreciation.
Hayley knew it was best. She couldn’t stop her mate from being happy. Plus she knew that if the roles were reversed she would feel awful if Klaus kept y/n away from her. Besides if Klaus Mikaelson was yo protect y/n, then nothing could harm her and that’s all Hayley could want.
After dinner Klaus offered to show them both the house, a not so subtle attempt in telling them this was where they would need to be living from now on. Hayley was apprehensive but seeing her mates enthusiasm and curiosity as she found lots of different antiques and sparkly jewels she couldn’t bear to deny her.
“And uhm where will we be sleeping?” Hayley asked awkwardly knowing that they would both have the desire to be close to their mate.
Klaus flicked between them both before glancing to his room
“My beds bigger than your average king size. I think we’ll all fit just fine” he nodded to both himself and Hayley in some sort of reassurance.
Y/n beamed at them both enjoying her mates getting along
“Can we go sleep?” She asked with a smile which they both returned
“Of course we can flower, come we must get you into something comfier hm?” He coaxed. His hand gently guiding her to his room with a glance and nod to Hayley to follow.
Y/n lay comfortably inbetween her mates. Dressed in Hayley’s panties and Klaus’ henley. Hayley’s body spooned hers while Niklaus lay with her head on his chest and hand in her hair.
All three of them slept peacefully through the entire night. All feeling content and complete.
When morning came Hayley and y/n showered together like normal while Klaus went to his errands.
In the time Klaus was out Hayley had managed to have y/n squirming and whimpering all over the house. She had her fingers deep inside her, tongue working as hard as possible to please her while her hips rocked to meet her mouth. Hayley only wished she had her strap on to complete their morning routine. Another few rounds of her fingers would have to do.
Hayley was never one to leave her mate wanting or needing, she made sure she always had everything, pleasure including.
When Klaus returned home in the afternoon he froze in his tracks. His mates scent everywhere as be wondered through his home. His wolf bounced though his head and heart as it neared the delicious smell.
Finding his girl covered in only a blanket in Hayley’s arms was not exactly what he had expected. Sharing was not as fun as he’d hoped
Hayley was slightly afraid of his reaction. Watching his mind tick away as be studied their mates exhausted state.
“I didn’t want to leave her needing” Hayley muttered stroking her back making her sleeping form shiver against her
“No. No of course not, you two have been together long so it makes sense” he mumbled, his eyes grew sadder knowing he was behind in the bond and Hayley felt guilty
“You know i could speak to her about it? We could speak to her about it. She likes you a-lot and she just needs to know she can trust you and then she’ll be comfortable to be touched. Just gotta be loving and caring, her legs will just fall open, won’t they baby?” She hummed
“Mhm” y/n mumbled with a yawn and snuggled further into her.
Klaus neared her cautiously, his hand hovering over her head before gently petting her. The little moan she let out had him sighing contently and scratching her scalp. Hayley smiled at him, glad he was patient enough and not angry with either of them.
Over the next few days Klaus was making the extra efforts to gain his mates trust. Thankfully for him mate bonds grow much much faster than usual relationships so he was able to have his lips on hers in no time. He managed to convince Hayley to go out for the day so he could have an afternoon with his love, showing her his paintings of her and making her dinner.
Hayley had spoken to y/n about the possibility of sex with Klaus and y/n was far too excited to admit. Something within her utterly ached for him. Not that Hayley wasn’t fulfilling because she was, but introducing a whole other sections of her heart and soul had her craving Klaus.
Y/n however was a shy little thing and so wasn’t keen to make first moves. Subtly doing things to try to rile him up.
Often bending over things in a lack of clothing, his mouth watering and eyes dark as he watched her ass curve over the sofa arm, her already damp panties on display for him.
Sitting on his lap or his knee and slowly grinding herself, occasionally brushing his bulge hearing him grunt as hold her still.
Hayley found it thoroughly amusing. Watching the almighty hybrid with his jaw slack and eyes closed as he felt their soulmate hump his leg. His pants growing tighter around his crotch and his nostrils flaring at her scent.
Hayley discovered she rather enjoyed watching her mate be pleasured, seeing Klaus rub his fingers along her underwear making her head fall back and a needy moan to escape her. Klaus would always glance to Hayley, making sure he wasn’t doing anything his mate wouldn’t like, she appreciated his care for their lover as he kissed her neck gently and sunk a finger inside her.
A few times now she has had his fingers inside her, thicker than Hayley’s and slightly longer. Hayley had also shown her great pleasure with her mouth while Klaus sat in his chair and watched his mate and listened to her cries of appreciation. With a nod from his girl he was stoking his own cock while she came again and again into Hayley’s mouth, screaming both their names erotically.
Y/n was slightly surprised when her mates brought up the idea both touching her at once. It was always only one of them, not wanting to get in each others way or make her feel uncomfortable by her mates being naked with one another.
“Only if you want to my love, it’s entirely up to you” he confirmed. Klaus was yet to have had his dick within her yet, only his hands and tongue. She had given him a hand job a couple times, tried to blow him but he refused to have her in such a position “you are too pure for something like that, my little soulmate” he cooed while lifting her from her knees and kissing her lips passionately.
Now sits nervously before them both. Dressed in only her white lace lingerie and her hair in a low, loose bun. Her legs were crossed and her hands tapped at her legs anxiously as Klaus moved behind her on the bed. His hands smoothed over her shoulders and down her back as he kidded her neck softly.
Hayley approached her slowly, her lips trailing along her legs and up her thighs making her heart speed up and her body lean back to Klaus’ bare chest to give Hayley more room.
Hayley kissed her heat through her panties lightly before pulling away and looked up to her and then Klaus with a nod.
Her bra was unclipped from behind her and tossed to the side. Two large hands replacing it as he cupped her pretty body.
Hayley dragged her panties down with her teeth and chucked them off the bed. Y/n could feel her anticipation growing as she spread her legs wider and her hands held onto the sheet either side of her.
A small lick was awarded to her little clit, her body jolting to Klaus’ as her bundle of nerves were touched. Hayley took slow calculated swipes of her tongue, gradually applying a tiny bit more pressure and only speeding up when she felt her love grow desperate for more.
Klaus’ thumbs gently circled her already hard nipples. Loving how sensitive they were as she arched to him with a whimper of his name.
His fingers pinched and rolled them slowly while Hayley’s tongue dipped inside her velvety walls.
Her moans grew as she gasped and whined. Her body completely reliant of Klaus to keep her upright as her hips rocked against her knowledge.
Klaus tugged lightly at her diamond like nubs making high pitch moans to slip from her mouth. His head lowered to take one into his greedy mouth, moaning immediately around it as he sucked hungrily.
Hayley had slipped two fingers inside her lover, curling to her g-spot while her mouth surrounded her pulsating clit.
Y/n was quickly growing overwhelmed, her body unable to comprehend the feelings of both her mates attached to her. Her most sensitive parts being touched and explored while she struggled to contain her sounds and thoughts. Pure pleasure rushing through her to that pressure inside her.
Hayley knew immediately that her mate was close, able to recognise the tightness at which she got to when she was ready to come undone. She glanced to see Klaus with his tongue eagerly lapping across her breasts, his teeth scraping at her nipples sensually while she held onto his hair tightly.
Hayley smirked to herself as she began thrusting her fingers much faster than usual, her mouth sucking harshly while the back of her throat hummed.
Y/n’s sounds grew damn near pornographic as she almost thrashed in Klaus’s arms. He pulled away from her tits with a ‘pop’ and watched as she came hard for Hayley.
“Oh! Hayley more” she cried pulling at Hayley’s hair to keep her right at her cunt. Hayley grinned knowing just how desperate her mate became, never satisfied with a simple orgasm and immediately needing more.
Klaus knew Hayley’s wolf was growing more possessive, trying to probe a point by having their mate beg her but he wouldn’t let it stop him. He pulled his y/n away from the women and lead her down on the bed. She whined and pushed herself up to grab at Hayley but Klaus’ growl had her falling back and gazing up at him with blown pupils.
He trailed his eyes along her body seeing her legs altered open for him, pussy soaked and ready. He glanced to his boxers, the only item he was wearing, that were now barely holding together as his cock pushed against the material. He noticed y/n follow his eyes and wet her lips instantly.
“Please” she whispered looking to him with her most innocent eyes. Hayley chucked lightly from behind Klaus knowing how tempting she was. Klaus struggled to fight his thoughts of fucking her senseless while he slowly removed his pants. Her eyes were hungry as she quickly took his dick in her hands and stroked him firmly
“Y/n-“ he grunted as she sped her movements while trying to get him inside her.
“Love wait” he whispered with a small chuckle at her eagerness as he dragged her hands away from him.
“No i need” she whimpered but complying with his commands and laying back down for him. He slid his palm up and down her torso applying pressure to her lower belly each time. He tapped her stomach with a grin and leaned down to kiss the shell of her ear
“I want you to feel me here” he whispered to her and she moaned in response
“Please do” she mumbled reaching her arms out to grab the back of his neck.
Hayley moved on round to their mates side and stroked her hair as Klaus lined himself up.
“Be a good girl for us” she muttered with a kiss to y/n’s lips as she sucked in a breath. Klaus pushed himself inside her slowly, savouring the feeling of her soft walls latching onto his cock so perfectly. So tight he feared that he’d harm her.
“She won’t break, she’s very much able to handle it” Hayley encouraged seeing his reluctance. He looked back to his lover, her eyes glossed over as she held him close
“Please fuck me” she whimpered into his ear making him shudder slightly before nodding his head and thrusting his hips to hers.
Hayley was glad to see her mate so content and full. Her hands ran through her hair as she praised her for taking Klaus’ thickness and length so well.
“Hayley..” she whined softly grabbing her attention
“Mm?” She hummed while Klaus sped up, moans forcing their way out of y/n’s mouth
“Want you too” she breathed between moans as her body arched getting Klaus to hit deeper inside her
Hayley was soon hovering over her lover, lowering her sex to y/n’s mouth. Klaus was further turned on by the view and began fucking rougher and faster. His cock ferociously pounding deeper and deeper, rubbing against her spit relentlessly while groaned gutturally. He could hear both Hayley and Y/n nearly screaming as Hayley came over y/n and she squeezed his dick deliciously. Hayley moved off of her lovers face and continued to enjoy the scene in front of her.
Y/n’s head thrown back, back arched off the bed as her hips tried their best to rut against her mates. Klaus’ hands pinned hers body down by her thighs as he pounded into her as fast as he possibly could. Her loud sounds spurring him on as he chased both their highs.
Over the night Hayley and Klaus had managed to make her a complete mess, utterly helpless. She had been in every position she was able to get herself into, her lovers happy to bend her to her ability to grant them better access.
She remained at their mercy until all parties were exhausted.
Hayley had found out her pack may actually be alive and in New Orleans, Klaus was down to go anyway as he had always loved the city and Y/n just wanted to be where they were.
What they weren’t expecting was for y/n to be taken from under their noses for witchy experiments.
They arrived aggressively tearing witches apart until one of them finally told them the reason they took her.
She was with child. His child. There was no doubt at all, she had never left their sight. Besides he trusted her wholeheartedly.
It didn’t stop the shock.
The panic when they saw their mate crying her eyes out in fear that they wouldn’t want her anymore.
She was so afraid that Klaus had thought she cheated on him that she wouldn’t look at him, fearing his eyes would hold the dreaded rejection of a mate.
Hayley managed to coax her into her arms and hold her as she sobbed
“I’m so sorry I can’t have your babies too” she cried making Hayleys heart ache
“No no, I don’t care about that. We’re all gonna love this baby, aren’t we Klaus? We’re all gonna be together, love you and our baby.” Klaus nodded eagerly and made his way over to wrap his arm around her.
“I want this baby, for us sweetheart. Everything is going to be okay now. We have you nice and safe. Nobodies ever going to heart you or our little baby.”
(I kinda made Klaus and Hayley friends in this, hope that’s okaay)
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Men covered in blood 😍😍😍😍😍
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Katherine and Elijah + Best Moments
+ him being able to recognize her by kiss
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Elijah: Where's Kol?
Rebekah: Doing stuff.
Elijah: I don't like the sound of that. Where's Freya?
Rebekah: Trying to stop Kol from doing the stuff.
Elijah: And Niklaus?
Rebekah: Trying to stop Freya from stopping Kol from doing the stuff.
Elijah: I see. And what are you doing here, Rebekah?
Rebekah: I'm supposed to stop you from stopping Klaus from stopping Freya from stopping Kol from doing the stuff.
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mrsmikaelsxn · 3 days
Christmas Shenanigans
pairing: kol mikaelson x female reader
warning: fluff, kissing, kol being his child self
summary: you and kol spend the morning of christmas together
a/n: kol would be such a fun boyfriend oml, also I was listening to christmas music while writing this and it made it so much better
song: angels we have heard on high - james chadwick
Tumblr media Tumblr media
"Wakey, wakey, darling"
You slowly open your eyes to see a giddy Kol looking down at you while poking your side.
"What time is it, Kol?"
"Uh- 5:18," he says looking at the clock on your nightstand. You groan and roll over, pulling the blanket along with you.
"Get up!" Kol jumps on the bed and lays on top of you.
"Get off of me you big baby!"
He rolls off of you and you sit up. You grab a pillow and wack him in the head with it.
"What was that for," he pouts.
"For waking me up at five in the bloody morning," you roll your eyes.
"But it's Christmas, don't you want to open presents," he dramatically sighs.
"Well, since I'm up now anyways, let's go downstairs," you grin.
"Race you down!"
He speeds downstairs and you jump out of bed to speed down as well. By the time you get to the living room, he's already there with his arms behind his head as his sits in front of the fire.
"Finally! You made it!"
"That's not fair. You cheated with your original speed, and you didn't even do a countdown"
"Awh, don't be a sore loser," he winks at you.
"Whatever, go on and open your presents, I know you're dying to"
Tumblr media
Christmas music was playing and wrapping paper covered almost every inch of the floor. Gifts were scattered around the room as well.
"We made a mess," you say looking around. You look down at Kol, who was laying his head on your lap while you played with his hair.
"Good thing we can clean it up fast"
"Touché," you grin.
"Did you like the gifts I got you? Bekah helped me- actually no, she picked most of them out. I'm not good at girl stuff," he admits.
"I did, thank you," you pecked his lips. "You wouldn't believe how hard it was for me to shop for you, it was practically impossible to think of things you don't have," you tell him.
"Welp, when you're over a thousand years old, there isn't much that I haven't had"
He sits up and goes into the kitchen. A minute later he walks in with two mugs of hot chocolate in his hands.
"Here you are, milady"
"Why thank you, kind sir"
You lay on the couch together and play 'Home Alone' for the millionth time.
"This movie will never get old," you laugh.
"You're right, it's too good," Kol agrees.
Once the movie and drinks are finished, you both work together to quickly clean up the room.
"I say we make some desserts for the party later," you look at him.
"I say that's a fantastic idea, darling," he kisses the side of your head.
Tumblr media
"Okay, now slowly pour the flour in," you instruct Kol as he held the measuring cup above the bowl you were mixing.
The cookies you had made were in the oven and you two were now baking a cake in your matching pajamas and aprons.
He listens and slowly shakes some in. That was until he had to sneeze. As he turns to sneeze away from the batter he accidentally pours the whole thing in at once, powder flies up into your faces.
"Kol," you groan.
"Sorry, darling," he looks at you sheepishly.
"It's okay, it should still be fine," you assure him.
As you finish mixing the ingredients in, Kol walks over to the bowl to pour it in the pan.
"Walk slowly, and don't drop the bowl," you tell him.
"Have some faith in me, pretty girl," he grins.
He was able to get the cake pan into the oven and you set the timer.
"We make a great team," Kol smirks, looking around the room filled with powder and previous burnt cookies that caught on fire and almost burnt the kitchen down.
"We do," you hold your hand up for a high five, he happily gives you one.
"Should we give Elijah the burnt ones?" Kol asks you.
"He would know, wouldn't he?"
"Not if he's blind folded," he grins.
"Good luck with getting him to wear one," you pat his back.
Tumblr media
"Kol!" Elijah yells after he spits out the burnt cookie.
"Yes, brother?"
"What did you put in my mouth," Elijah asks, disgust in his voice. He still had the blindfold on, to both of yours and Kols surprise.
"What do you mean? It was a cookie"
"That was not a cookie, that was- I don't even know what that was," Elijah grimaces.
You pat his shoulder taking the cloth off of his eyes.
"Technically it was a cookie," you say.
"A burnt one!" Kol exclaims.
"Hm, I see. I would tell you to throw them out but I'd prefer you to give them to Niklaus first," he smirks.
You and Kol look at each other and nod.
As you wait for him you hide against the wall next to the door frame. Kol standing a few feet away from you. Elijah was giggling like a little kid as hid behind the counter with the camera peeking out to film.
Klaus gets to the room you are all in and goes to walk towards Kol. He opens his mouth to say something and you shoved two of the cookies in his mouth.
He freezes and moves his eyes to look at you while you put your hand on his jaw, pushing it up and down.
"I made cookies!" you smile up at him.
Klaus adored you, he didn't spit it out yet because he didn't want to hurt your feelings. So he swallowed the cookies as his eyes watered from the taste.
"Is something wrong, brother?" Kol asks him with a grin.
"Uh- n-no, nothing. I- um- gotta go ask Rebekah something," he excused himself. You all laugh as you hear him gag in the bathroom.
You both turn to Elijah as he stops the video.
"Send that to us"
"Double Jinx"
"Stop copying me"
"Hey! St-"
"Enough! Children," Elijah rolls his eyes, walking out of the room.
Kol looks up and smiles.
"Look at that, darling. A mistletoe"
"I wonder how that got there," you look up at him with a knowing look.
"It wasn't me!" Kol holds his hands up. "Okay... maybe it was me," he admits.
"Knew it"
"I still want my kiss though"
You laugh and pull him to your lips. He wraps his arm around you and pulls you against him.
You pull your head back and look at him.
"Merry Christmas, my love"
"Merry Christmas, my angel"
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quotemadness · 11 days
I believe that when you love someone and that person loves you in return you’re uniquely vulnerable. They have a power to hurt you that’s like nothing else.
Elijah Mikaelson
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marvelousbakugou · 6 months
It’s that time of year where I rewatch Teen Wolf/The Vampire Diaries/The Originals/Supernatural and feel like Y/N again.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Lmao!! It’s been a minute.
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theplottingapp · 5 months
Look in all seriousness you can't redeem a character without showing them being pathetic, deep loser energy. There are no cool redemption arcs. They have to be in the trenches. They have to hate themselves for the mistakes they made. They have to apologize and take whatever is given be it forgiveness or a punch to the jaw. ONLY then will the redemption arc be actually good because it will be cathartic. And then they get to see the good things, they get to be touched gently and held while they sleep.
These things can overlap, even into a circle but without the pathetic loser boy saga your redemption arc will feel hollow.
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calummss · 6 months
Tumblr media
summary: your cousins, the salvatore brothers, tell you to go straight home after school. an evil vampire has come to town and it’s too dangerous; so what happens when the original vampire appears in your house unannounced
pairing: fem! reader x klaus mikaelson
words: 1.9k
a/n: my first tvd imagine for literally the man i love the most. this fic has similarities to @frost-queen ‘s work as i requested the imagine to her before i started writing but i wanted to write it myself. so before you come at me she already knows as i asked her first!! :)
Tumblr media
‘After that we miss our chance to make memories.’ You chimed with Bonnie and Elena, all of you smiling as the cool breeze filtered through your hair.
‘Caroline, I’m not that type of person and you know that!’ A giggle escaped your lips, your hands reaching for hers. ‘Besides, I promised Stefan that I’d go straight home after school.’
‘What even is he to you?’ Caroline pulled her most Caroline face ever.
‘Well he feels like my cousin, but technically he’s probably my great x1000 cousin or something. All I know is that I’m a Salvatore and that connects us.’
Caroline pondered for a moment, letting go of your hands and bracing herself. ‘Fine.’
You let out a breath.
You sighed.
‘You have to actually show up to the dance and not just for five minutes before disappearing with Jeremy to never be seen again.’
‘Fine.’ You threw your hands up in the air and walked away from the group. ‘I can’t wait Caroline! I’m going to have so much fun.’ You made fun of yourself, earning chuckles from the girls before they parted ways too.
Stefan, even though your cousin from hundreds of generations ago, acted like your big brother despite being your age (one could argue about that). Stefan and Damon felt more like brothers and that’s what you always referred to them as. Since you started living at the Boarding house and got told the type of lifestyle the brothers lived, they always made sure you were safe. You were truly grateful for that. Having someone actually care about your well-being and not just yell at you to bring food to the table even though you were only nine years old…it was family. But Stefan and Damon could be pushy when it did come to your safety. Especially since that really old vampire came to town and terrorised Mystic Falls’ supernatural citizens. Since you were a human; a human that knew of vampires and was friends with them so they didn’t want to take any chances. So like any other girl with overprotective brothers, you had no other choice but to go home.
You took your time walking back. The sounds of leaves rustling on the pavement. Red-orangey leaves tumbling across the cement. Whistling of the winds as it bolted through the trees.
You felt at peace. Peace you had longed for for a long time.
Arriving at the enormous house , you unlocked the door and threw your school bag next to the shoe rack, slumping your way down the hall, but someone caught your eye.
‘And you are?’ You asked the man whose eyes were glued onto you as you walked down the steps that led to the living room.
‘You don’t know me, love?’ The stranger cocked his head with a sneaky grin on his face.
‘No, otherwise I wouldn’t ask, dumbass.’
The man chuckled, slowly standing up and stepping forwards, ‘I’m Klaus Mikaelson, I think you might’ve heard of me.’
‘That scary old hybrid?’ You gasped, mouth wide open with a weird expression of positive surprise; but you weren't afraid.
‘In the flesh.’ He lifted his arms to his side, palms facing upwards like he stood in front of a civilisation that ought him to be a god.
‘No offence but I thought Klaus was some creepy old man…you're surprisingly hot.’ You confessed, ignoring the fact that you never spoke so directly to a stranger. ‘Well, I don’t know why you're here and I don’t think I care. I made food before I went to school so it should be done by now, do you want some?’ You walked past him, mumbling quietly, knowing he could hear you, and entered the kitchen where your tart from this morning stood.
‘How do I know that you won’t kill me?’ Klaus replied.
‘Well first, I actually don’t know how to kill you,’ you lifted your thumb and started to count the reasons. ‘I would be extremely dumb to even try and I really just want to know if my food tastes good.’
‘So not all the Salvatores are as dumb as the brothers.’ He relaxed his weight into one of the kitchen stools and eyed you up and down, scanning for something.
‘Is that a compliment or are you badmouthing me with mirroring words?’
‘I take that back.’
‘Arsehole.’ You scoffed and walked around the kitchen aisle to grab a plate from one of the cupboards.
‘So what exactly am I looking at,’ Klaus eyes the ceramic pan that you had set out on the island moments before, ‘it looks nice.’
‘It’s a strawberry tart with a layer of condensed whipped cream and a layer of red bean,’ you started to plate the first portion, ‘and before you start with ‘Red bean? oh my god that’s sooooo weird’, it’s a sweet type. Very popular in east Asia. It’s really good.’ You smiled at him and pushed a fork towards him. ‘I could never make something not tasty because I’m a good chef.’
Klaus chuckled, the corner of his mouth turning into a slight smile, yet his eyes were just as cold. Grabbing the fork you had placed before him, he took a piece with equal amounts of ingredients and placed it in his mouth.
You eyed him for a long second. He wasn’t smiling, he wasn’t frowning. He wasn’t doing anything. Klaus’ face was blank as the test sheet you had given Mr. Saltzman this morning in first period.
‘So?,’ your eyes still on his face, ‘is it good?’ you leaned in closer, eyes narrowing with a smile. You clicked with your tongue, index finger pointing at the so-called monster in joy, ‘Of course it is!’
Instead of answering your question, Klaus simply took another hit confirming the good taste.
‘I knew it!’ You drummed against the kitchen aisle, ‘Miss Salvatore could never fuck up a dish.’ Amused, you finally gave yourself a piece and enjoyed your tart. ‘So,’ you covered your mouth with your hand, ‘you’re a 1000 year old vampire that everyone’s scared of…why?’
‘I guess it’s because I’m an Original,’ he leaned forward, close enough to smell your scent, ‘Can I have another?’ He eyed the pan.
You nodded.
‘An original vampire,’ you nodded your head cooly. ‘That’s cool. But what brings you here? I doubt you’re vacationing in Mystic Falls. Anyone willing to do that must be boring and have no expectations,’
Klaus snickered in response, his intimidating yet charming eyes felt like they were pushing past your eyes. ‘I need something.’ He confessed.
‘Can’t tell you.’
‘Because you’ll tell your brothers.’ He ate the last piece of tart on his plate and leaned against the counter.
‘They’re more like my cousins,’ you grabbed his plate and set it in the skink, starting to clear things away. ‘Million times removed.’
‘You’re human?’ His tone changed but you couldn’t quite make it out. Did you suddenly fall into his power-play-game?
You hummed in response, turning back to him and sitting down on one of the barstools.
‘Do you like it?’ He asked, some sort of genuineness coating his words.
You hesitated for a second. No one had ever asked you before if you preferred the life you were living. Not even Damon asked you and he was the first to be in favour of turning humans for fun.
‘Sometimes I guess, but the thrill of wanting to be a vampire is overbearing at times.’ You took a sip of water, ‘Stefan and Damon said they’d only ever turn me if there was no other option.’ You took a long pause. ’I feel vulnerable as a human and a spark of confidence couldn’t hurt me, right?’
Klaus turned his head forward, chuckling. ‘I think you already have that spark of confidence you’re talking about, love.’
‘Can I ask you a question? Technically it’s two but,’
‘Go ahead, darling.’
‘Since you’re a thousand years old,’ you turned your body to him, ‘what’s your favourite decade or era you lived in? Like the Victorian era, Tudor age, all that…what’s your most favourite?’
Klaus lingered a smile, seeming almost smitten with your curiosity and sensing a passion for the past.
‘Maybe the 1920s,’ Klaus said, your eyes instantly lighting up. ‘The music, the people, the aura…it was a great time.’
‘I’m jealous,’ your face fell to a pout, swinging the last drop of water down your throat and reaching for the jug to refill your glass. ‘I wish I experienced the twenties,’
‘I think you would’ve loved the 1920s London party scene.’
‘And do you miss it? The past, I mean. Or do you prefer the modern world? I mean certain aspects are obviously for the better but it must be lonely when everything and everyone you knew ceased to exist…I think I’d become lonely.’
‘I have my family.’
‘But humans,’ you cleared your throat, ‘Vampires,’ you corrected yourself. ‘Nonetheless need different people around them. Otherwise we’d go mad.’
‘I’m already mad.’
‘I heard.’ You let out a suppressed laugh. ‘Well anyway, there’s a 1920s decade dance next week and I don’t know if I’ll go. Apparently Mystic Falls is becoming dangerous for humans and I should only go out if completely necessary.’ Shrugging your shoulders, you got up from your chair when the front door suddenly opened and in a matter of seconds Stefan and Danon were standing in the kitchen.
Damon immediately seized your upper arm with force, pulling you closer to him. He scanned your face, then your torso, arms, legs, to see if Klaus had hurt you or compelled you but he didn’t find a single scratch.
‘What?’ Klaus finally stood up and eyes the brothers up and down. ‘You think I’d harm such excellent company?’
‘What did you do?’ Stefan chimed him defensively.
You broke from Damon’s grib and walked to the other side of the kitchen aisle so that you were now between the men. ‘He didn’t do anything. We ate cake and talked. That’s it.’
Stefan eyed you for a while, but he could tell you weren’t lying and there was no reason for you to cover for him so he accepted the scene in front of him.
‘We have what you want, Klaus,’ Damon hissed, ‘but not here. Leave her out of this.’
Klaus turned his head to look at you. ‘Fine,’ now facing back at Damon. ‘but don’t fuck me over again or I will make this living hell for you.’
Stefan pushed forward, ‘We’ll talk outside.’
Klaus followed Damon, Stefan behind him and turned around one last time leaving you a tad puzzled, ‘It was nice to meet you, love.’
‘You too.’
Tumblr media
*1 week later*
Ding ding, Doorbell.
Ugh, you rolled off the couch and stomped towards the door.
‘Caroline I said I’m not going. I can’t be arsed and—oh my god.’ You swung the door open not to reveal the blonde girl that had been nagging at you all week.
Instead it was him. Klaus Mikaelson.
‘I— Ehm— What are you doing here?’
‘I’m here to take you to the 1920s, love.’
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sibsteria · 8 months
hello, can you do headcanons of klaus mikaelson being a simp for you? 💘
yes of course, lovely!
Warnings: large fluff, a bit smutty, soft!klaus, protective!Mikaelsons
Summary: Klaus Mikaelson is the malewife simp of the century(ies)
not proofread, don’t kill me 😭🫶
the first time he met you, he studied you, up and down, I feel as if it would be at a Mikaelson ball, or maybe the Mystic Grill
I mean, eyes roaming
so our man just felt he had to introduce himself
he presents his hand out for you to shake
“I don’t think I’ve seen you around here before, I know I would have remember a face like yours.”
“Oh, wow, you’re charming.”
He gives an amused smile, a soft chuckle
“I prefer the name Klaus Mikaelson, please tell me what name could possibly match such a person of beauty?”
I feel as if he wouldn’t assert his name as Niklaus right off the bat ygm besties
he is leaving you blushing though
you’re probably a vamp so congrats, he’s got eternal dibs!
definitely lays a gentle kiss to your hand when you tell him your name
“I suppose I’ll be seeing you.” he lingers in your presence before slowly walking away
you’re just- astounded, who gave him the right to be so alluring?
I ain’t gonna lie to you, he went home that night and stalked for your information
he knows where you live, your next of kin, the bar you frequent
so an accidental bumpings into are already in his workings
“Ah, hello love, what a surprise!”
he’d buy you all your drinks, making sure to keep any eye on them if you left the bar for a moment if you’re human (you probs aren’t)
you would spend the whole night together
just chatting and swapping anecdotes
he charms you with poems, jewellery and just spending time getting to know you as if he didn’t know everything already
he will flaunt his money around
“I should take you to dinner, tell me love, do you enjoy pasta?”
if your answer is yes then well than enjoy your authentic italian dish! the flight wasn’t even too long
you had both fallen off the cliff, smitten for one another
when you’re dating he absolutely follows wherever you go
but you know better
and you don’t mind, he’s always looking out for you
long parting kisses
I’m talking tongue, with his hand tangled in your hair
ass slaps as you walk away, making you present a shy smile
when your more comfortable around each other, you don’t hesitate to do it back
a faux shock face from the hybrid
“well, love, I never listed you as the kinky type. I do say, I’m quite impressed.”
get ready for marks
he litters you in hickeys, even if they might fade by the end of the day
he’s going to try
if you’re human he’ll have you wear a vial of his blood around your neck
for emergencies
and a fun conversation for anyone who comes on to you
if he’s in a heated argument discussion with someone, his face will immediately soften when you walk through the door
“hello, love.” a passion induced coma hoods his eyes
will try to protect you from violence and danger but he does know you can handle yourself
“Klaus, I can snap a neck like a motherfucker-”
“I know, darling, but why do that when I can do it for you?”
hours of cuddles
just you in his arms, with his nose nuzzled into you
he’s a softy, really
you get along with his family, it’s a given
Rebekah is literally you’re sister from another mister
shopping sprees with her unlimited credit card
knowing each other’s styles
“How did you know?” She pouts as you hand her a pair of heels that she had been eying up
she’s just overjoyed she actually had a true friend that she can trust
someone she can rely on
you are inseparable
and Klaus is absolutely jealous
“may I please have my girlfriend back, dear sister?” an edge to his tone
“if you must, you annoying rat bastard.”
but you love them
Elijah is eternally grateful for your calmness
and your ability to tame the beast
“I must say, you impress me, Miss L/n.”
you’re utterly baffled
Elijah is not an easy man to impress
but your besties anyway, now 🙄🤚
you often pick up ties that you think would suit him
he smiles and shakes his head
“I do hope you insist on keeping her around, Niklaus.” he uses a low whisper to his brother.
“I don’t assume I’m ever letting her go.”
whilst you have managed to wrap him around your little finger
he won’t hesitate to rip someone’s throat out for touching you
say you’re at a bar
he left for a moment to answer a call, his mistake
he comes back, you’re face filled with discomfort and annoyance as this poor man would not stop verbally harassing you
but that was not enough of an action for you to snap his neck yourself
but as he’s walking towards the bar, he watches as the stranger lets his hand trail down your back until he reaches your-
Klaus has already sped towards him
grabbing his hair and tearing out his throat
his chin, neck and chest are dripping with blood
your surprised at the lack of screams around you, coming to the conclusion that he must have compelled the drinkers to not bat an eye at supernatural goings-on
“are you kidding-”
“sweetheart, don’t get angry-”
“I just got blood stains from last week out of that shirt!”
he pauses his spiel, a blushing smile across his face
you weren’t repulsed by the violent display he’d put on
“have I ever told you how much I love you?”
“on occasion.” you roll your eyes, pulling him in for kiss
the blood coats around your lips but you don’t mind
“I love you too, Nik.”
that was the first time you used such an intimate nickname
and he loved it
hearing such words fall from your mouth
you both get blood drunk nightly
but refusing to feed on kids, because you have some morals
and you push Klaus to erase after eating because why draw attention to himself, he already has a healthy crowd of enemies
and that is where Elijah expresses gratitude
if you ever get kidnapped on that one occasion you were caught off guard
be ready, the cavalry are coming
a crowd of angry originals, breaking down walls and tearing out hearts
“shit! I didn’t know she had all of ‘em at her beck and call-” one of your kidnappers scream, as he watches his cronies drop to the floor
“mate, I advice you shut your mouth, in fact- I’ll do it for you-” queue Kol punching his head from his shoulders, it rolls nicely onto the floor in a pool of blood
they had you on a vervain drip
“oh, love, I’m so sorry.” Klaus is by your side, ripping out the tubes, hugging you close
Kol is your annoying little brother, but mostly a sweetheart to you
you two tend to sneak out together, infiltrating house parties
“if Nik finds us, he’ll kill you!” you scream over the music
“he can try, darling!” he howls with laughter, a bottle of his chosen alcohol spilling down his throat
he does find you
“why in the world, did you think I wouldn’t notice you leaving my side?” he caresses your cheek
“don’t torture him, we just wanted a bit of fun.” you whisper, pressing a kiss to the corner of his mouth
“I suppose you’re right, I have faith in his protection, he loves you like family.” begrudgingly letting Kol off the hook
he has fucked you on every surface in his home
“not on the dinner table, Nik-” Beks
“I eat off that counter, pests.” Kol
“Is it a rule that you have to infect every piece of furniture in our home?” Elijah
*noises of disgust* Finn
*eye roll* Freya
still counting how many public displays he can get away with
he has tied your ex to a chair and made him watch as he gave you orgasm after orgasm
I mean, he murdered him afterwards, so-
“was there any need?”
in his mind, you’re already together forever
he lets you be in possession of one of his daggers, just in case his family give you any problems
“you know I won’t need to use it-”
“just humour me, keep it safe.”
it’s never boring
y’all he’s in love 😻
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thoughtkick · 7 months
I believe that when you love someone and that person loves you in return you’re uniquely vulnerable. They have a power to hurt you that’s like nothing else.
Elijah Mikaelson, The Originals
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klausysworld · 3 days
you can do something like Klaus dating a girl with breast insecurities
Tumblr media
Klaus & Reader who has breast insecurities:
Klaus would never make unkind comments of someone’s body. As cruel as he may be he has learnt over a thousand years how to love all types.
He always tells you how much he loves your shape, he doesn’t care if you think your breasts are too small, it never stops him from appreciating them.
Whenever you doubt yourself he’s there with his lips tugging at your sensitive nipples, fingers pinching and rolling as you squirm under his touch.
Klaus loves that you can wear so many different styles of clothing because they fit you so well. The cup sized of the little tops he chose for you always make you look gorgeous.
He likes how close he can hold you to him, your front pressed against his with little to no wiggle room while he has you stand on his feet and he walks around for the both of you.
If Klaus ever hears any man or women or other make a comment on your body or what you’re wearing he is sure to give them a piece of his mind.
He’s quick to offer any and all forms of comfort whether you need him to make love to you to prove your beauty or simply praise and affection telling you how much you mean to him.
He hopes to over time have you completely confident and pleased with your body. He wants you to feel sexy all the time and worth everything and more.
You may find it annoying bring the in between size. Some outfits are too big and some too small. Certain tops cup sizes wont right and you fear you look silly.
Klaus is keen to wash your insecurities away. Hands cupping your breasts as he tries to convince you he would make a wonderful bra.
Sometimes he will just have you sat on his lap all day while he rolls your nipples between his index and thumb and you try to watch your tv
He tries to convince you to wear tighter tops to show you that you don’t have to worry because you always look gorgeous.
On days when you really don’t want to he’ll put one of his shirts on you and kiss you softly convincing you that you look beautiful all of the time and that he loves everything curve on your body.
He always displays his love for your breasts during sex. When you bounce on top of him and they move gently up and down. His hands desperately moving to hold onto them and keep your nipples perked.
He makes sure to have dresses made for you, have you try them all on to decide which you feel best in to keep your confidence up for the night before he can ravish you later.
Klaus knows how hard you find it when it comes to clothes. How easy it is to feel objectified and how you hide yourself under oversized tops.
He always sees your hesitation when he asks you to come to a gala or other event. The way you mutter about not having something to wear and end up not turning up.
Now he makes sure to have dresses tailored to fit your perfectly. He never wants you to feel that you can’t do something just because of something as simple as clothing.
He also knows how difficult it is for you to find bras that fit. He’s also had those especially made for you.
He loves to pull you against him, your breasts heaving against his chest as you blush and shy away. His lips always on yours to reassure how much he loves you.
He often rests his head on your breasts, appreciating how soft and comfy they are and how close he feels to you.
His hands kneed gently at them while his tongue licks and flicks eagerly.
His excitement only rises when he manages to convince you to get ontop of him. He’s very vocal with his appreciation as he watches your breasts jump above him, his hands supporting them when you complain that it’s beginning to get tiresome.
He always has some way to make you feel better about yourself, always wants to touch you and praise you, hold you, dress you, just be with you.
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ladymarvel27 · 2 months
Y/N: How can someone say Elijah is a monster? He is the most precious soft little soul! Elijah: *wiping the blood off his face* Y/N: Look at him, just look at him. How could you call him a monster?
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specialagentlokitty · 7 months
Mikaelsons x sister!reader - the light is you
Tumblr media
The Mikealsons x sister reader. FLUFF. :) love you - Anon💜
The entirety of the supernatural world knew of the originals. Dangerous. Unforgiving. They know of the Mikaelson siblings.
What they didn’t know was that there was another sibling.
But you weren’t like the others.
Yes you were a vampire. But you had never turned off your humanity, you’d never killed a human, and when you fed from one you always fed them your blood and compelled them to forget.
You were different.
And that’s why the siblings worried for you.
They tried their best to look out for you, especially Klaus. He saw the way the world was and he didn’t want it to turn you into what it had turned him into.
Anywhere you went he had to go.
So when you asked to go to the grill, he tagged along behind you. As much as he didn’t want to go, he wasn’t going to let you got there alone.
“Don’t wonder to far.” Klaus whispered.
“I won’t! Elijah and Rebekah are coming soon too.” You beamed.
With that, you wondered away towards the pool table where Jeremy was playing pool with Tyler and Matt.
You’d become friends with them after you decided to go to high school out of boredom. And of course your brothers and sister were totally against it. But since no one knew about you, and no one knows your a vampire you were safe.
“Hey (Y/N).” Jeremy smiled.
“Hey guys, where are the others?” You asked.
“Not sure, they said they’d be here by now.” Matt shrugged.
You hummed and nodded, pulling up a nearby chair to just sit and watch how the game played out along with Tyler who had just lost.
“Want a drink?” Tyler asked.
“Yeah please. Get me whatever.”
“Sure thing.” He smiled.
He wondered away and you carried on watching.
When he came back he gave you a drink and pulled up a chair next to you, and you guys started talking.
Slowly the others started trickling in.
Every time the door went you would naturally look over. Klaus and Elijah were talking in one booth, and Rebekah had somehow roped Caroline, Bonnie and Elena into a conversation.
You could heard that Salvatore brothers whispering to Alaric about something, but not wanting to intrude you didn’t listen in properly.
Instead you cheered Jeremy on as he was playing against Tyler again, and he had nearly won the game.
Standing up, you walked over and stood in front of the table, clasping your hands behind you back.
“You were bragging so hard earlier.” You smirked.
“I can still win.” He said.
You looked over the table and shook your head.
“You’d need one hell of a miracle.” You laughed.
“Oh shut up.” He snapped.
You turned your head a rose a brow at him.
“Relax it’s just a joke Tyler.”
“Well it’s distracting so shut up and go away!” He growled.
You took a step back, walking straight into someone.
Looking up, you found Klaus right behind you and he placed a hand on your shoulder. Elijah stood just in front of you and Rebekah to your side.
“What’re your doing here?” Damon growled as he walked over.
Now you stood in front of your friends, surrounded by your siblings.
“Let her go Klaus.” Alaric warned.
“Not while your little pet is getting angry with her.” He growled.
“You threaten our beloved sister, you deal with us. Simple as.” Elijah shrugged.
“Sister?!” Caroline yelled.
You sighed and nodded your head, placing your hand on Klaus’ you gave it a gentle squeeze and removed it from your shoulder.
Gently nudging Elijah to the side, you stood in front of him.
“Yes. I am the youngest of the Mikaelson siblings. (Y/N) Mikaelson. But please, don’t be angry with me! I just wanted a normal life. I wanted friends, to do things like a normal teenager.”
You gave them all a weak smile.
“But if you don’t want to talk to me anymore I understand, I’ll leave.”
They all stared at you.
“Get out…” Bonnie whispered.
You didn’t need to be told twice. You simply nodded your head and left.
You never went to school after that, you stayed at the apartment.
Your siblings saw how upset you were, and finally it was Rebekah who decided to try and help you first after thinking long a hard.
“Come on, let’s go.” She said.
“Where?” You asked.
Rebekah walked up and pulled you from the bed, taking your hand she started to drag you downstairs.
“Bekah!” You whined.
“Just come!” She laughed.
Taking you outside she, she dragged you into the car and started driving.
She didn’t answer when you asked her again and again where she was dragging you off to.
Finally she pulled up in front of the school, and you sighed.
“Bekah please, I want to go home.”
“Just trust me.” She smiled.
You followed her out of the car, and she started to lead you through the school halls until she took you into the gym.
Inside was everyone, including your two brothers who smiled brightly and walked over to you.
“(Y/N).” Elijah smiled.
“Hey ‘lijah.” You smiled.
Hugging him lightly, you pulled away to look at Klaus who held his arms open.
Walking over, you happily padded into his arms, and sighed softly as you hugged him back.
“They wish to talk to you, but we’ll be right here.” He whispered.
You nodded your head and pulled away from him, and you walked around, heading over to stand in front of him.
“We did try call.” Elena smiled.
You blinked, then smiled sheepishly.
“I… lost my phone…”
“Again?” Matt asked.
They laughed softly and you laughed a little as well.
“Look, we’re not fully convinced on the whole trusting you thing.” Damon said.
“Damon!” Alaric hissed.
“It’s okay, I understand.” You nodded.
“But, you really haven’t done anything to hurt us. You’re a good friend, and we don’t really want to loose you.” Bonnie smiled.
You smiled brightly.
“Yeah! You’re our best friend!” Caroline laughed.
“Exactly, and without your hyper self with us it’s been boring (Y/N).” Jeremy smiled.
You grinned and jogged over, throwing yourself into his arms. He laughed and held you tightly and spun you around.
They didn’t trust your siblings.
But they trusted you, and they loved you. They didn’t want to throw all of the away because of a feud with your siblings.
Seeing you so happy, Klaus couldn’t help but smile.
Yes, he has plans. Things he wanted to do. But seeing you smiling like that, he couldn’t bring himself to go through with them.
He couldn’t hurt your friends, because he’d hurt you and that’s just something he would never do.
“You have to promise not to do anything stupid.” Elijah whispered to him.
Klaus nodded his head.
“For now. However if they do much as make her cry, I will end them.” He growled.
No one was every going to take your soul from you, not while they had a day because you were still a bright light. And they needed you to guide them out of the darkness that surrounded them
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Klaus: Nothing in life is free.
Rebekah: Love is free.
Elijah: Family is free.
Hayley: Sleep is free.
Freya: Air is free.
Finn: Knowledge is free.
Kol: Everything is free if you take it without paying.
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kolsangel · 9 months
🕯 includes : kol, stefan, elijah, klaus, damon, kai
🕯warnings : implied nsfw, men in suits🤌🏼
🕯 A/N : this is my new side blog, requests are opened so if u have some, ask away :) please reblog and comment if u enjoyed my content I need to see that the tvdu fandom is still there ! 👼🏻
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
© kolsangel. do not copy, modify, translate, repost or take my ideas/concept without giving credits but comments, feedback, reblogs and asks are very much welcome ! ⚜🩸
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