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wizards1977 · 2 months
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Ralph Bakshi’s WIZARDS (1977)
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Pink Elinore icons 💞💕💝 Feel free to use them if you wish! Credit is not necessary but it is appreciated 😘
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Princess Elinore 🧚‍♀️✨Wizards
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     To show my love for Ralph Bakshi and his work in adult animation, especially his film, Wizards, 1977, I decided to redesign one of my fav characters from the movie, Princess Elinore. Based her redesign after her canon design aswell as the one from the poster.            I didn’t want to change too much from her canon look but also wanted to make it it’s own look. I mixed the sexy fairy vibe with more warrior features to it such as the plating and straps. She has a fiery attitude and more than willing to fight.            Also in the movie, she started off as a half fairy and training to become a full fledged fairy. I wish if they ever bring this into a series, to go into that more. Trying to understand herself and her place among everyone. I made her skin darker, because I feel like her half fairy struggles could relate to people who are biracial and other people who may also be struggling to understand their identity.           I also gave her more magical fairy style wings and due to her being half fairy, doesn’t have markings on them like spots or other designs.
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syn-cypher · 1 year
ToonTober Day 16!
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Request: Help with Descriptions for Characters
If you didn't see it, I just announced the list of characters who are going to be in this bracket (see pinned post)! I'm going to start working on assembling the actual bracket tonight, and it'll be up as soon as it's done. After that, it'll be time to actually start voting!
However, before we do that, I need your help with something. Most brackets I've seen like this include pictures of the characters. However, the nature of podcasts means that most of the characters in this bracket don't have canonical appearances. So, in lieu of art, I'm trying to collect ~3-5 sentence descriptions of the personalities and backgrounds of the characters in this bracket. I've managed to assemble descriptions for most of the characters, but there are some that I'm not familiar with and can't find descriptions for.
So, I'm putting a call out: if anyone is willing to write a short description of any of the characters below, please DM me! Alternatively, if you're involved with the creation of one of these shows and have access to any kind of official description (a description from a casting call works great) that you'd be willing to share, I'd very much appreciate that! (Tagging some shows who have interacted with our posts: @deathbydyingpod @hinaypod)
Characters I need descriptions for plus example descriptions are below the cut.
Character Descriptions Needed
Amelia (The Amelia Project)
Piotr Kozlowski (The Amelia Project)
Obituary Writer (Death by Dying)
Angel of Death (Death by Dying)
Tempest (Desperado)
Mari Datuin (Hi Nay)
Donner (Hi Nay)
Laura (Hi Nay)
Atalanta (Khôra)
Jane Gonzalez (The Pasithea Powder)
Elinor Lopez (The Pasithea Powder)
Example Descriptions
Written by Me: "Lup, Taako’s twin sister, is a skilled wizard, a trans woman, and a lich. A rough childhood left Lup and Taako extremely close and convinced they could only trust each other. Their circles expanded when they joined the crew of a spaceship and made several close friends, including Barry Bluejeans, Lup’s future husband. Lup is an outgoing and intelligent woman with a knack for magic who cares deeply about her loved ones."
From a Casting Call: “Nico Salvai is composed of many, many contradictions. Nobody hates or loves Nico Salvai like he does. He’s loud, and obnoxious, and direct--but he can be hauntingly quiet, shockingly sentimental, and frustratingly passive-aggressive. He is manipulative, violent, and strong; he’s advocational, protective, and fragile.”
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the-weirdos-mind · 4 months
Incorrect Quotes 30
In honor of Treasure Planet’s 20th anniversary, here’s some incorrect quotes
Andrew: *pushes a door that won’t budge* Oh
Andrew: *pushing the door harder, still won’t budge*
Cetus: Dumba** it’s pull
Cetus: *pulls the door but still won’t budge* What the h***? *pulls harder*
Silver: Godd***it, just shake the d*** door till it unhinges!
Andrew, Cetus, and Silver: *yelling and arguing while trying to open the door*
Normua: So when will tell them it’s locked?
Elinor: *passing snacks out to the kids so they can watch* In a minute
Luca: Where’s Illysabeth, Ollie, and Lyka. I gotta talk to them about something
Emma: They’re outside fighting water
Jim: Where are you going?
Luca: To get MYSELF a gift cause somebody didn’t get me one!
Jim: I told you I did! It’s coming here on Friday!
Emma, Lukas, Ollie, and Illysabeth: *knowing full well that he got them an engagement ring* *eating popcorn*
Tori: Poison is a magic transmutation potion that turns people into corpses
Victor: This knife is a magic wand
Lyka: Meet me in the Denny’s parking lot for a wizard duel
Illysabeth: *cocks gun* Magic missile
Andrew: What the **** is wrong with you kids??
Ash: *watching power lines fall down* Flint, Bones! The town is exploding and it’s very pretty!
Andrew and Cetus belong to @aalbliii
Normua, Tori, and Victor belong to @authorchan-love (deactivated)
Elinor belongs to @emerald-echeveria-plant
Luca belongs to @sleeplessdreamer14
Illysabeth belongs to @fandomcringe
Ollie belongs to @sailingthespiral
Lyka belongs to @uselessalexis165
Lukas belongs to @wallymcflubberfins
Ash belongs to @ash-pirate25
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yandere-trashcan · 2 months
Disney Characters:
101 Dalmatians:
Cruella De Ville
The Sultan
Alice In Wonderland:
Cheshire Cat
Queen of Hearts
White Rabbit
Grigori Rasputine
Audrey Ramirez
Commander Lyle Rourk
Helga Sinclair
Jebidiah "Cookie" Allardgce
Milo Thatch
Preston B. Whitmore
Vincent "Vinny" Santorini
Colonel Quartich
Grace Augustine
Jake Sully
Trudy Chacon
Beauty and the Beast:
Bimbette Gold/Claudette
Bimbette Green/Laurette
Bimbette Red/ Paulette
Feather Duster/Dove
The Beast
King Fergus
Queen Elinor
Anastasia Tremaine
Lady Tremaine*
Ernesto De La Cruz
Imelda Rivera
Migel Rivera*
Alma Madrigal*
Antonio Madrigal*
Augustine Madrigal
Bruno Madrigal
Camilo Madrigal
Dolores Madrigal
Felix Madrigal
Isabella Madrigal
Julieta Madrigal
Luisa Madrigal
Mariano Guzman
Mirabel Madrigal
Pedro Madrigal
Pepa Madrigal
Bob Parr (Mr.Incredible)
Dash Parr*
Edna "E" Mode*
Helen Parr (Elastagirl)
Lucius Best (Frozone)
Violet Parr*
Lilo and Stitch:
Cobra Bubbles
David Kawena
Jumba Jookiba
Nani Pelekai
Hua Li
Hua Zhou
Li Shang
Shan Yu
The Emporer of China
Ting Ting
Night before Christmas:
Jack Skellington
Oogie Boogie
Peter Pan:
Captain Hook
Peter Pan*
Pirates of the Caribbean:
Davy Jones
Jack Sparrow
Princess and the Frog:
Charlotte La Bouff
Eli "Big Daddy" La Bouff
Princess Bride:
Count Rugen
Inigo Montoya
Sleeping Beauty:
Flynn Ryder
Mother Gothel
The Little Mermaid:
King Triton
Wizard of Oz:
Cowardly Lion
Wreck it Ralph:
Fix-it Felix
Sergeant Calhoun
Vanellope Von Schweetz*
Wreck-it Ralph
Chief Bogo
Fru Fru*
Gideon Grey
Judy Hoops
Nick Wilde
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mamabear-elinor · 1 year
Fate Be Changed -> [Howlinor]
@oh-heartlessman, @heart-of-dunbroch, @labellerose-acheron
Elinor was not happy with this arrangement. She didn’t trust this sorcerer and she knew that Belle didn’t trust her. She was coming to resent the maroon couches in Belle’s living room. All they every spoke about was magic on them. Nothing else. 
The DunBrochs had arrived slightly ahead of Howl, so they were settling in. Belle had graciously made tea (at least she had manners in one aspect, thought Elinor to herself.) She perched in front of the fireplace, glowing with mysterious blue flame, her back to it and a warm mug of tea in her hands. The babies were no where in sight, which Elinor was not thrilled about, as the babies were a very good distraction form the curse that lurked in her bones. 
There was nothing for that, though, as there was a knock at the door, Belle scurrying over to grab it, wrapping her golden cardigan around herself. The two exchanged suspicious, murmured words before Belle popped up to kiss the wizard’s cheeks. 
Elinor made a little face, even though she was trying to be gracious. A demon, a werewolf, and now a flashy sorcerer? No wonder the Order had been after this girl. Elinor wasn’t saying they were right but--it made sense. (Also, they could’ve   been right, only time would tell.) 
As Howl and Belle came back, Belle went to her spot in front of the eerie fire. “Elinor,” --Elinor was still not used to having her proper named called by such a child, especially because she was sure she could hear sarcastic bitterness. “--this is Howl Pendragon. Howl, this is Elinor DunBroch.” 
“How do you do?” she answered, stiff but with the guise of manners that had been taught to her over decades. “You can cure it then?”
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fudgetunblr · 9 months
Elinor and Juliette drinking ecstasy blood:
Tumblr media
“We drank some drug blood and now I’m a wizard”
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wizards1977 · 1 month
Tumblr media
Every year on February 9th, I try to draw something commemorating the original 1977 release of my URL namesake and one of my fav movies of all time, Ralph Bakshi's WIZARDS! 🧚
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Tumblr media
“Oh, Avatar, stop being so grumpy!”
Screencap edit made in Procreate! Featuring Emilia and Elinore in some more appropriate travel attire. (And not to worry, this is a scene from my fic, the canon version of this story 😎)
Original pic for comparison:
Tumblr media
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Hello! It’s so nice to meet you! I’ve heard lots of good things about you, and you seem very nice! You’re always welcome to come to Montagar to visit any time! Love, Elinore
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teena-rps · 1 year
Tumblr media
ᴘᴏᴘᴘʏ ᴘᴏᴍꜰʀᴇʏ · 33 · ʜᴏɢᴡᴀʀᴛꜱ ᴍᴀᴛʀᴏɴ · ꜰᴏʀᴍᴇʀ ʀᴀᴠᴇɴᴄʟᴀᴡ · ꜱᴛʀᴀᴅᴅʟɪɴɢ ʟɪɴᴇꜱ
❝ she was one of those girls who breathed fire when confronted but loved so gently that it made you forget she could. ❞
peter pan collars; swing skirts; delicate lace; brushing fingers through tall grass; whiskey in a tea cup; pressed flowers; butterfly wings; chocolate squares; knitting needles working quietly; warm tea on a cold day; always carrying plasters; lavender; hand-written notes; sweet cream; ruffles; the smell of antiseptic; cool fingers; slim gold chains; leather-bound journals; protruding collarbones; mary janes with socks; pomegranate seeds; embroidered cardigans; homemade preserves
jane eyre; anna bates; katara; ann perkins; elinor dashwood; meg march; eliza hamilton; dr allison cameron; dana polk; rosalind walker; linda martin; jane villanueva; dr sara tancredi; joan watson; marge simpson; jane bennet; clarice sterling; james gordon; catelyn stark; sailor mercury; molly hooper
born to a half-blood witch and a squib physician; grew up in a small irish village with her father; sorted into ravenclaw; good grades but unremarkable presence; knitting club member; frequent library haunter; became matron after training at st mungo's; very good at her job; lost her father in her mid-20s; keeps helping out at the village; very unimpressed that she's still matron, unmarried & lonely after a decade at the school; order supporter but professionally neutral and oath-bound to help anyone who asks
calm; strict; kind; quick-witted; quiet; caring; sensitive; protective; withdrawn; understanding; pliable; forgiving; trusting; soft; hospitable; dependable; discreet; tender; humble, thoughtful; impressionable; indecisive; responsible; cautious; loyal; undemonstrative; trustworthy; open-minded; idealist; fair; emotional; strong sense of self-preservation; demanding; jealous; possessive; polemic; intuitive; perceptive; subtle; crafty; insecure; sentimental; hard-working; gentle
· several friends to pull her around, probably other hogwarts staff (gimme support staff bff irma maybe??) · former students that she still keeps up with and pesters like a mother · the auror/hit-wizard/witch she's been pining over for like a decade (listen i have a lot of screaming to do about this bc who doesn’t love some long, mutual pining, and self-sacrifice between hypocritical idiots?? and i’m not saying paranoid moody or disappearing dearborn would work gr8 for this, but they would, but poppy is also bi af so totally open to strong ladies for this too) · a slew of people that she will have/have had crushed on in the past & future · order members she's healing on the down-low · people of questionable morals she's also healing on the super down-low · tba
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syn-cypher · 1 year
ToonTober Day 17!
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worms-i-think · 1 year
hello hello! I was tagged by both @theres-a-bea and @surely-galena to join in the ‘4 characters who match my energy’ thingy! thank you two so much for the acknowledgment, it means a lot <3
I have totally been stalling on this with the amount of irl things I was busy with, but I’ll consider this a roundabout sort of introduction considering I just spawned on this website and started meming one day.
When I saw the prompt, the realization hit me like a train that I’ve never really thought of myself in terms of characters before, but I guess I’ll consider this my chance to choose some I feel similar to!
1. Sophie Hatter (Howl’s Moving Castle)
Tumblr media
Sophie is a relatively quiet person who likes doing her own thing, and after the initial shock of aging quite a few decades she learns that her life hasn’t changed much and begins housekeeping in a wizard’s castle. I feel like I’d probably do the same thing, and I also also have a bunch of traditionally ‘old woman’ hobbies, like knitting, collecting old books, volunteering at my library, cleaning or watching things be cleaned, and baking for people I like. I’d like to live a simple life of eating bread and cheese, fronting as various mysterious businesses and waiting for a wizard to come home and berate him over dinner.
3. Elinor Dashwood (Sense & Sensibility)
Tumblr media
It was inevitable that I’d have a Jane Austen character on the list, but the question was which one. Elinor is a big sister who outwardly pretends that love is too dramatic for her while inwardly is very romantic and caring. She’s in charge of her younger family members a lot of the time and is generally considered the smart one in many situations despite most of the time just wanting to chill out. She pays strong attention to her family’s feelings, and she gets bonus points for just being an Austen heroine.
3. Sable (Animal Crossing)
Tumblr media
My sister said I remind her of Sable, likely again because of our family but also because I’m shy and hobby-obsessed. I’m a really quiet person and generally find it difficult to speak for multiple reasons, though online I’ve been trying to project myself more confidently since starting this blog. (This is much easier in writing because I just put everything in caps and it suddenly appears that I’m bold.) I’ve never been officially taught to sew, but I’m currently knitting myself a really soft blanket, which is very Animal Crossing of me. Luckily, unlike Sable, both of my parents are alive and well.
4. MJ (Spider-Man, but the new ones)
Tumblr media
My dad told me I reminded him of MJ after we went to see Far From Home in the theaters. She spends a lot of her time doing what she pleases in school, drawing or getting interested in very arbitrary subjects while still managing to be ✨academically achieving✨, which makes her appear a bit,,,odd to most, but I find her mannerisms really endearing because we seem to make the same facial expressions half of the time. She looks like the knifecat image, which what I look like posting lovely crap here.
anywho, that is me in a summary, possibly, maybe! I don’t have many mutuals but I’m going to tag @prezs in an ‘if you want to otherwise you can chill n be cool n do your thing’ type of way.
thanks again :D
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amalthea9 · 2 years
For Mandy (Royal Shakespeare Company AU), Happy (Hornblower), Elinor (The Island), Rowan (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Two) and Marra (The Wizard 2013 short film):
🌈 . Favorite color?
🛴. Favorite childhood memory?
🎁. Favorite holliday?
🐶. Favorite animal?
Mandy (RSC AU):
My favorite color is any shade of purple! But I love shades of lavender the most!
Favorite childhood memory is when my parents took me to my first Shakespeare play, Much Ado About Nothing. And it was partly why I wanted to become a costume designer was because of how much I liked their costumes!
Favorite holiday is Halloween, because I love making costumes!
Favorite animal is foxes!
Happy (Hornblower):
Me favorite color is green! Especially the green of me Sean’s eyes. *giggles* That’s my favorite green.
Me favorite childhood memory is when I completed me first sewing project with me mother!
I didn’ used ta celebrate holidays much. For Christmas, some of ta girls an’ I would try an’ get each other oranges or fruit if we could afford it. But noffin’ much. But now that I ‘ave me Sean, I make sure I ‘ave a gift for ‘im if he’s on shore for Christmas! An’ even when he’s at sea, I always save up for somefin’ to give ‘im. *smiles* An’ he never fails to have somefin’ for me too!
Hmmm, that’s a tough one because I love animals! But I fink whales and dolphins are me favorites! I’ve never seen either meself, but Sean promises me that I will some day when he takes me on Mr. ‘ornblower’s ship. *smiles*
Elinor (The Island):
I’ll say turquoise. I love the color of the turquoise stone and James says it compliments my eyes.
I didn’t have much of a childhood being at an orphanage. So I  can’t think of one.
My favorite holiday would be Christmas, because even though we usually got items of clothing in the orphanage, I enjoyed decorating the giant tree we had in the main hall and the decorations in general. And now I decorate a small tree in the hut with sea shells, popcorn string, and other pretty items James finds for me.
My favorite animal is the black bear. I don’t really know why, but I loved learning about them, and bears in general, from a book I had as a kid. 
Rowan (TMNT II: Secret of the Ooze):
Favorite color are autumn colors, burnt orange, maroons, etc.
My favorite childhood memory is when my dad took me to the aquarium for the first time. I adored the turtles especially, and now my best friends are four teenage mutant ones!
I think my favorite holiday is Christmas. The boys love helping me decorate for the holiday, poor Mikey always gets tangled up in the lights for the tree. *giggle*
My favorite animal? Goodness, I don’t think I could choose, studying zoology can dot hat to a person. *chuckles* But I would say sharks, manta rays, and turtles are definitely favorites! 
Marra (The Wizard 2013 short film):
My favorite color would be deep shades of blue and brown. Earth and Water are the two elements I enjoy learning to use the most and those colors represent those elements best to me.
My favorite childhood memory was when I rode a horse for the first time and my father was with me on the horse. We were on a school trip to a farm and they had horses for us to ride if we wanted to. And I wanted to very badly, but the horse was so big I was too small to get on it by myself. So Dad rode with me.
My favorite holiday is definitely Halloween. I mean, Samhain is a very important sabbath for witches after all. Plus it’s always fun to dress up!
My favorite animal is the elephant! They make me feel a peace in my spirit I can’t really explain. 
Thank you for the asks dear! 
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