#Elle x Damian
Jazz, Danny, and Elle move to Gotham for school. Jazz and Danny both at Gotham University while Elle decides she wants to go to high school.
Elle meets Damian and Jon and they just click. Flash forward a little and Elle is kinda crushing on Damian and Damian is trying to figure out what these feelings are toward his new friend.
The teen awkwardness is peak and the opportunity for cringe is plentiful.
Insert families’ perspective here.
The Bats are suspicious why Damian is coming home late from school sometimes and why he’s acting weird. It’s Dick that gets it out of him first of course and encourages him to bring Elle over sometimes instead of always going over to her apartment. Just-
“Father, may I bring someone over after school?”
“Damian, you don’t have to ask if Jon can come over.”
“He’ll be coming as well.”
Bruce actually looking up from whatever he was working on.
“You’ve made a new friend? Someone other than Jon?”
“That is correct.”
“Who is it?” Bruce asks after some silence.
“Her name is Elle Nightingale. She is in three of my classes.”
Bruce blinks.
“Yes. Elle is a girl, obviously. I didn’t realize you were going senile in your old age.”
Cue mass teasing from all of his siblings and even from Bruce about having a crush, especially when they see how he acts around her when she visits with Jon.
They predictably will do a background check on the girl and her family, immediately raising questions. Why was she homeschooled before 10th grade? Why does the eldest sister have custody? Why did they change their last name and move halfway across the country?
Then there are the Nightingales.
When Jazz easily sees the little blushes and the side-eyed glances, she sits Elle down for The Talk much to the horror of the teenager. Other than some supervision, she just gives them small encouraging smiles every once in a while, making them blush even more.
Danny on the other hand is between teasing his little sister and laughing at the young love, and going into protective brother mode and giving Damian subtle threats if he ever hurts his baby sister. He’s actually pretty okay with Damian (the kid seems too old fashioned to pressure Elle anyway) and they surprisingly bond over the most random things like dogs, finding new vegetarian recipes, and different mechanics or weapons Danny tinkers with in his free time.
I just think it would be super cute and funny. Especially when the families meet and it’s kinda chaos.
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spacedace · 21 days
It was the final hour. Doomsday at their door, with only hours left before the world was consumed entirely and every last living thing was devoured right along with it.
Summoning the High King of the Infinite Realms was the only option left, and even then felt more like choosing a firing squad rather than a noose at the end of the day. Pariah Dark might - might - accept the task of destroying the foe they faced, but tmit would come at a cost that was near equal to doing nothing at all. Provided the tyrannical ruler simply didn't let them all die, an entire planet dead was an entire planet to add to his endless armies.
They had to try. Stupid and suicidal as it was.
Zantanna and John worked in silence as they created the summoning circle, hands shaking and stomachs cramping as they worked under the apprehensive eyes of the rest of the League. They all understood that no matter what happened, they would all likely end up dead by the end of it. That the best case scenario meant that death was only the beginning of their problems.
Candles were lit. Insense burned. Blood spilled. Words spoken.
It failed, not so much as a flicker of magic. Which was impossible, they'd checked and confirmed a dozen times that they had the right ritual, that they were following the steps, they had done everything right way wasn't it working? What had they done wr-
"Ugh, gross is that blood?"
Elle Phantom, fifteen minuted late to the site of the ritual with both the boys Super, the most murderous Robin and a sugary abomination of an iced coffee from Starbucks, scrunched her nose in disgust as she looked at the summoning circle.
"This ritual is so out of date, where did you even find it? Wait is that Latin? Who tries to summon someone from the Ghost Zone in Latin?"
John had burned through every drop of alcohol and cigarette he owned hours ago while trying to find this bloody damn ritual and was very much not in the mood for the little hellspawn's color commentary on the process.
"I don't bloody well seeing you providing with any alternatives for summoning the Ghost King." He swore, turning away from the gremlin to tear through the ancient book he and Zantanna had discovered with the ritual inside.
There was a loud slurping noise as the undead hero sucked the last remnants of her drink through the straw. John's brow twitched, even Zantanna - who usually seemed endeared by the chaos goblin - looked at the end of her rope.
Then - "Oh, is that who you wanted to summon? Why didn't you say so?" She drifted over, handing her empty drink off to a disgruntled looking Batman, and began rummaging through the unused magival supplies left over from the - failed - summoning circle. "Here, give me like, five minutes."
John was fairly certain his head was about to explode.
"You know how to summon the Ghost King? You?"
Phantom rolled her eyes at him. "Duh, obviously."
"Obviously." Zantanna repeated, looking like she was half a moment away from having a breakdown. She didn't try to stop the ghostly girl, though, and to be fair neither was John. They were already fucked, might as well let the gremlin try her hand at it.
It took less than the five minutes Phantom had claimed she needed.
When she was done there was a significantly smaller circle on the ground. At the cardinal directions of the circle, written clockwise she'd drawn not any magical runes but instead what appeared to be the Roman Numerals for one, then two, then something akin to a sideways T with an additional mark rising upward from the long horizontal bar, then the letter L.
It had to have some kind of ancient magical significance John didn't know as Shazam made a noise like a dying goose and squeaked out the word Loss like it was a question. Phantom gave the Champion of Magic a sharp toothed grin before adding some words in a language John didn't know before she finally allowed gravity to pull her back to earth and plant her feet on the ground.
She wiped her hands together a bit dramatically, looking pleased with herself, but at that point John didn't care. He could feel the building magic, heavy and oppressive as she had begun her task. Unlike the circle he and Zantanna had attempted, this one was working.
He couldn't help thr nervous swallow he gave as Phantom then declared, with a strange amount of seriousness. "All that’s left are the words."
She took a deep breath, eyes closing for a moment, and the world went utterly silent around them. This, John could feel, this was the real deal. Fuck him sideways the hellspawn was actually doing it.
Phantom's eyes opened, glowing with that bright eerie green light of her power. Another deep breath and then -
"You are my dad! You're my dad!" He watched, any scraps of hope she'd instilled in him dying an undignified death as she gave a terrible little wiggle dance while she sang(?) Off key, "Boogie woogie woogie!"
Every last person on Earth was going to die and one of John's last moments was going to be spent watching the little undead shit do the Macarena. Well fuck him, he guessed.
Then there was the sound of the veil between the world's tearing in two and the fucking Ghost King was standing in Phantom's summoning circle screaming in a screeching falsetto:
"When will you learn? When will you learn that your actions have consequences!"
You know what actually at this point John would rather the apocalypse kill him.
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Dick: Come on, Danny! It’ll be good for Damian and Dani to meet. 
Phantom: Well, I don’t know. There are rumors about your young brother. I’m afraid he is going to be a bad influence. 
Jason: Take the demon child off me, he’s gnawing at my hand again!
Dick: I’m so sorry. I promise, they don’t usually...
Danny: I take it back! Dani, look at the jaws. He has a serious grip. Next time you see Vlad, try to repeat it.
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thebubblesareevil · 8 months
Demon child meet Eldrich brother
So big brother danny but they don’t find out until dick already has all his siblings and Danny is visiting Gotham for the first time. He got there early and Alfred let him in. Damian was supposed to be on a mission with the titans but got home early saw this stranger and launched an attack like literally launch
And Danny used to being attacked by both his daughter and various ghosts catches his mid air spins him around and sets him down thoroughly confusing Danny, Danny is tired and Damian just keeps attacking and Danny keeps treating it like a game Damian pauses Alfred returns introduces the sleep deprived man and say I hope you’ve been making master Danny feel welcome
And Danny’s like yeah he was great thinking this was a complexly normal interaction. This keeps happening until anytime Danny visits you will most likely find Damian sitting on his shoulders or hanging off his back like a monkey because what the heck he feels like home and he has adequate skills for an older brother. Dick is super confused and asks if damien ever attacked him and Danny’s like nah
And Damian’s not sure wether to be insulted or impressed that he was not seen as a threat
Also I really like the idea of socially awkward Damian getting bullied, and Danny who Dick has asked to pick up Damian just stands ominously behind him and are those shadows moving because he was bullied and knows exactly what is going on
Everything makes sense though when Danny introduces his daughter to everyone and she launches a surprise attack at Danny screaming “there can only be one!!” Dramatically and Danny just catches her
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anothertimdrakestan · 8 months
Just One Night - Damian Wayne x Reader
request: Can you please do a fic with the tropes of fake dating and idiots in love with Damian and f!Reader please?? 2k words & and a very bold Damian Wayne. Hope you enjoy <3
"When pigs fly." you laughed.
"You know I could make that happen." Damian said with a yawn. He had asked you to accompany him through a day of press. He was under paparazzi fire for allegedly being seen with the domino mask a familiar hero was known to sport, he still claims he would never make such a mistake, the press however, says otherwise.
So in a horribly drafted redirection of attention, you got to be an arm piece to the Prince of Gotham for the day. It made sense, you two were openly close friends being the children of hugely famous Gothamites, and no stranger to the public eye, but this was a stretch.
You whined, "why are you not more upset by this? You hate these events more than I do, let alone with the added drama of a date." you watched him shift uncomfortably before replying, "father made it clear that until my name is separated from Robin, Drake is tasked with the title, and I'm benched. You know I hate to say it, but please y/n, it's just one night" and suddenly his desperate agenda became clear.
"Alright, but I come at a price," you smirked as his eyes met yours, "If we are really going to sell this, you have to be nice to me, a gentleman even, and I want McDonalds afterward, no complaints," you crossed your arms over your chest as Damian rolled his eyes at the preposition.
"Do you really think so lowly of me, my love?" he tacked on the cheesy pet name with a grimace. "Oh I certainly do," you replied with a cackle.
Damian's PR team had set the agenda, dinner in the public eye then off to a short appearance on a talk show announcing the non-profit both of your families were funding, and finally a short appearance at an after party for a gala, which meant a paparazzi stretch. Overall, nothing either of you haven't done, but so much more stressful with a "partner".
And just like that, you were whisked into a sleek black car, dressed in a dangerously sultry dress, set to arrive at a restaurant Damian would already have a table at, meaning the paparazzi were already en route.
As soon as the car door was opened for you, the flashes began. Pushing forward, eyes trained downward, the shouting began: "Y/n who are you wearing tonight?" "Does this count as a date?" "Damian has an empty seat, is that where you're headed?" "Any comments on your late night appearance tonight?" you managed to glance up and smile before slipping into the restaurant, quickly making your way upstairs to the balcony table where Damian sat, fiddling with silverware like a literal child.
As his eyes met yours they swept your body swiftly, something more than boredom flashing behind his eyes. Quickly he stood up, sauntering to your side he pulled your chair out for you, but not letting you sit down before pecking your cheek, his lips cold to your touch.
"At least they cannot hear what we say," he grumbled as you both sat down.
"Is it that miserable to pretend you like me?" you teased back, glancing down at the fans below.
"No, no it's not," he near whispered, his hand came to rest on yours, a gesture you felt no one could see. Your eyes met his and held his stare for a few seconds too long.
He broke eye contact by glancing at the flashing cameras below. "Are you ready for tonight?" he asked softly, letting you key into just how nervous he actually was.
"There's no one else I would do this for," you breathlessly replied, but his gaze never met yours, stuck on the hoard below.
The rest of dinner was regular, Damian already knew your order so the food came quickly, and the two of you fell into the comfortable friendship you'd always had.
"10 minutes to go time" your assistant called into your room as you glanced at yourself one more time in the mirror. You hated talk shows: uncomfortable clothes, questions, and all in the public eye.
Damian's voice was muffled from outside your door a minute later, "can I come in?" was all you heard, pushing the door open slightly so he could enter.
"Please don't comment about the dress, this whole thing was last minute and I did my own makeup because I absolutely hated the artist here, and-" you rambled, staring at yourself in the mirror with exhaustion.
"Y/n, you look exquisite." Damian appeared behind you, he was tall enough that his shoulders were at your head, you looked up and met his eyes, noticing his hair neatly slicked back. He looked older, handsome even. Leaning back into his chest you tilted your head back, prompting him to look down at you through thick lashes, your eyes meeting without the mirror.
"Just one night," you whispered up to him with a smile.
His hand found it's way to your hip, steadying you against him, "one night," he hummed in agreement.
"Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Damian Wayne and Y/N L/N!" applause echoed in the studio as you both walked on stage. Almost instinctually Damian stopped in front of you, his hand catching your hip, guiding you in front of him, into the chair to his left. You glanced up at him with a smile before sitting down, letting you attention fall to the host.
"What an honor to have the two of you here together! Y/n we are so excited you brought your date tonight," the host slid in the remark hoping to catch any type of reaction, but you just smiled before answering "it is so exciting to bring my partner to announce our family's non profit! This effort is such a huge step towards a brighter future for Gotham, we are so, so excited," you grinned, turning to face Damian who's eyes were trained on you.
"I noticed she said partner, how does that feel Mr. Wayne?" the host waggled his eyebrows at Damian who finally met his eyes. "It feels incredible to call our families partners, I know I speak for the Wayne family when I express how honored we are to join this program as benefactors." you bit your cheeks to withhold a smile at his question dodge.
"So you don't mind me asking if there's really nothing between the two of you?" the host leaned in, knowing eyes meeting yours. Feeling your cheeks heat up you whipped your head to Damian, eyes telling him to speak.
He simply smirked, lightly pushing a piece of fallen hair behind your ear while saying "nothing," his eyes only looking into yours. The silence had you in a chokehold, unable to look anywhere but Damian.
You knew the host was saying something cheeky in response, but you couldn't pull your eyes from Damians until he broke the electric feeling. With a cool smile he responded to the host, leaning back to place his arm on the back of your chair. His wingspan large enough that your head rested against his forearm.
The rest of the interview was a blur, you mindlessly answered questions until your 30 minute segment was up. Finally the host stood up, ready to set you free. As applause filled the room you shook the hosts hand, pausing to wait for Damian who did the same before following you out of the studio and into another black car.
"That went perfectly," Damian hummed while you looked out the darkened window to the city. The ride was short but you couldn't help but ask, "how is this, all the pretending and flirting so easy for you?" your voice cracked, raw emotion pushing through as you turned to face him.
He went quiet, strictly staring ahead as the car pulled up outside the paparazzi stretch into the after party you two had to attended. As the driver stopped the car and stepped out to get your door Damian turned to face you, his voice low and raspy like he'd been sitting on the words the entire drive there.
"You think this is just all fake? Darling, I'm not pretending."
Before you could catch your breath he stepped out of the car, flashing cameras and yelling started almost on queue. Your door opened, with Damian standing stoically outside, waiting for you. Legs damn near shaking you got out of the car, immediately clinging to his side as he led you down the carpet.
When the screeching and pleading to stop for photos got too intense Damian paused, stepping in front of the cameras to let you adjust your straps and hair, this put his face inches from yours, but this time his eyes failed to meet yours, trained only on your lips. When he fell back into place besides you his hand found its place on your hip once again, this time his thumb rubbed circles around your waist through the whole photo-op.
Once inside the cold air met your blushing cheeks, knocking a breath of fresh air into your lungs, enough to give you the confidence to drag Damian into a corner of the room.
"You think you're funny Wayne? Flirting with me all day then saying it was real? Toying with me like that? Absolutely not." you were talking animatedly with your hands while he just towered above you with a smirk.
"And what if I meant it?" Damian cocked his head to the side, smirk still plastered on his face. "Then you would've done something! Anything! You just get the chance to be with me today so take it!" you exclaimed, waving your hands in front of you.
"Ok," was all Damian said before his hands grasped either side of your face, leaning down to your height and crashing your lips to his. You threw your hands up in confusion, eyes opened wide, but his were closed, squeezed shut as if he couldn't think of anything else to do but kiss you.
And suddenly you melted, deepening the kiss as your eyes fluttered closed, hands pulling desperately on either side of his tuxedo.
Lightheaded from the aggression behind the kiss you pulled away, your chest rising and falling in unison with his. "That was something," you whispered.
"Had to take the chance," he whispered in response. Suddenly he was on the move, grabbing your hand and pulling you through the entire ballroom, out the back door, and into another car.
As he slid into the drivers seat he mumbled "I believe there was one more requirement for the night." You couldn't find the words to respond, your fingertips dancing on your lips, feeling how puffy they were from the kiss, the only reminder that it really happened.
After a short interaction with the McDonalds employee who happened to recognize both you, you were parked in an empty lot, silence grasping the car.
"Not how I thought today would go," you whispered. Damian glanced at you, eyes searching yours, "better or worse than expected?" you appreciated how blunt he was.
"I- honestly, better. Way better." you sighed, smiling to yourself while looking back on the nights events.
"As promised, it was just one night. You can hold me to that promise." Damian looked earnest, like he was saying it as much to you as himself.
You paused, deciding to test the waters. "And what if it wasn't just one night? Brunch tomorrow maybe? Movies at yours after? Maybe one week only, or a month?" you glanced in his direction, unable to contain a smile as his eyes lit up.
"Could I interest you in a lifetime?" he raised his eyebrows, frozen in waiting for your response.
"Only for a lifetime D? I'm in."
"Only for a lifetime beloved," he whispered, leaning in to seal the promise with a kiss.
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omnicrafts · 6 months
Non Super related. Thinking about Danny living with Bruce and settling in as Damian's older brother (weird but he can roll with having a new dad and bio bro he can handle this just Experience, Adapt, Repress) and there's some formal thing the three are at maybe even after the Gala where Bruce was shot.
and of course Vlad is there and beelines to harass the teen with the usual. "Well I certainly never expected to see you here of all places Daniel."
Now okay Damian is still reeling from Talia having a whole other son that's older than he is. and yes okay he has proven himself, especially after his quick thinking in protecting their Father, but also Danny's still hiding things, there's more to his pain resistance than just his exposure to Fresh Lazurus Water his whole life (funny how they both grow up around the stuff even when Danny'd been sent so far away from the Pits.)
What I'm saying is they're back to square two or three now that the secret is out that Danny isn't and hasn't been a normal civilian since fourteen.
But in this glorious moment of Vlad Masters being in front of them, ignoring Damian for now in favor of sneering in a 'polite rich man' way that is also clearly dripping smug condescension. In unison, they say, "It's Danny."
Damian's tone bordering on hostile as he sneers back in a much less polite manner. While Danny's tone is tense, guarded in a way that doesn't match the bored exasperation in his frowning expression. Vlad of course seems to only just then realized Damian is there and goes to look at him only for Danny to instantly step between them
Much to Damian's annoyance, he can handle himself, thank you. But also Danny's taught him and Todd how to communicate and listen to a core resonance, (apparently they had something of a Proto-core? They hadn't covered that yet but his brother as incredibly knowledgeable about Lazarus Water and it's effects on the living), something that is akin to telepathic communication, and he can feel Danny's opinion very clearly. Danger, afraid, angry, hurt, calm protect. it's not exactly clear, since Danny wasn't trying to convey a message so much as he was (letting?) his emotions leak out and be felt.
Maybe he should get Father.
"Oh? Are you not going to introduce me to your friend?" Damian just observed the way Danny forced his posture to relax and tilted his head to the side. He could partially see the deceptively calm smile on his brother's face. (he was taking so many notes) He was not calm if the Solar Storm of a flare in Anger, defend, protect was anything to go by.
"I wasn't planning on it, but wow, you've gotten pretty good and trapping me by societal conventions. My younger brother. Damian Wayne. Damian this is Vlad Masters. He's a fruitloop." Oh, the murderous snarl that flickered over Masters' expression was concerning.
"A shame I can not say it is a pleasure to meet you." Damian snarked, preening a little from the emotional equivalent of a high five from Danny.
Anyway, yeah, so just, Rent Free, spinning like a rotisserie chicken.
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jessilynallendilla · 5 months
In all the DC x DP content it’s popular for Danny to be a secret twin of Damian and sometimes Dick but hear me out, Danny is a secret love child put up for adoption.
Bruce has a long playboy history that could come back to haunt him. (heh) 
Maybe Danny’s birth mom is Andrea Beaumont, who put him up while she was in hiding.(Phantasm Phantom)
Bruce dealing with I had another son I didn’t know about, I had another son that died 
Dick dealing with the fact he is no longer the eldest sibling
Damian dealing with the fact he is no longer the only blood son, Danny looks more like Bruce and by order of birth the new immediate heir
Ghost Zone = Lazarus coincidence and maybe Ra’s meddling by putting Danny with the Fentons 
It would appear vigilantism is genetic. jk
Later Danny’s all I think I should introduce you to my sister
We know about Jazz she’s interning at Arkham
No no see some rich fruit loop (no offense) wanted a son and cloned me so now there’s Elle
cue Tim bringing out “what to do if you or a loved one is cloned” power point he’s had since Kon was revealed and Superman didn’t take it well
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hana-no-seiiki · 2 months
Idk if this is a request or something but I just wanted to get it out there before I forget it. How would the batfam react to a batsis coming from the last of us universe?( the last of us is a zombie apocalypse type game.) How would they react to all of batsis PTSD from being born in a world over ran by zombie’s and learning to survive at a young age. How would they help them? How would they react if they ever were transported to there(batsis) world?
Sorry for this random ask I just wanted to get this out there before I forget about it. Anyway hope you have a great week!
Recently had a TLOU brainrot (at this point it’s more of a heartrot with how devastating the story is eugh) so this came at a perfect timing. I’m guessing batsib (I’ll make it gn I hope you don’t mind anon) has a similar life to elle if they’re not just elle entirely.
I think Batsib would have to be close to the boys before they eventually spill their guts (aka their severe trauma out).
Like when they’re at least 60% there on the yan scale of things.
They see signs like you being hella adamant on the boys at least trying to fix their relationship with Bruce since you know the most out of everyone how it feels to lose a father figure.
You’re the closest with Jason purely because you both have baggage, and luckily you like to talk about it and sort it out.
Your whole life had been the apocalypse so going to Gotham and seeing everything in its prime fascinated you. When the Batfam first took you in due to your status as an anomaly, it took very little to impress you.
But it also took a lot to terrify you.
If we’re going full on Ellie! Reader here then them (batfam) seeing that huge bite mark on your arms, presumably after you’ve dumped info on your past and your reality, almost turned them feral.
It was that moment they decided to never let you go back.
You’re allowed to join them with their vigilante activities as long as you were under strict surveillance.
Bruce is kind of off-put by your nonchalance when it comes to beating up people to a pulp. He had to jump in and stop you from completely killing a dude.
Jason on the other hand approves. Definitely eggs you on.
The rest of the boys, as is my headcannon with any violent MC, get turned on when they see you covered in blood.
In summary, they definitely cherish you more. The spoiling is dialed up to eleven. And since you didn’t know much of the world prior to its apocalypse state, they wouldn’t lock you up like in most cases and instead bring you to explore as much as you’d like.
There is a sick part of them that enjoys your PTSD and how dependent (and distrusting of others) you can be because of it. So unless it gets really bad where you can’t get sleep at all I can see them just not trying to get help for you.
I am now imagining reader going to a museum with them all and just climbing the fossil in front of like dozens of people while screaming “LOOK AT ME I’M ON A MOTHERFUCKING DINOSAURRRR!”
Bruce definitely had to pay a lot for that
and all the younger ones + Dick cause he’s Dick throwing fedora hats on all the dinos??? please im on my knees that’s too cute augh-
If they were ever transported in your world, it’d definitely be the other way around. Say you aren’t like Ellie and are completely susceptible to the infection- oof you might as well just be in jail.
They’ll disinfect everything. Masks 24/7. Generally just extremely careful as to not get infected or infect you in any shape or form.
Tim has already researched on fungal infections so you bet he’s ready. Wouldn’t be surprised if he single-handedly ends the apocalypse with how thorough he was. Him, Dick, and Alfred focus more on taking care of you.
Jason and Damian are more with survival and the annihilation of anything that may be dangerous to you within the vicinity. May it be zombies, thieves, the military and what not.
Bruce is probably tinkering on more equipment and helping Tim with actually getting rid of the fungi. The former will definitely use his charm and looks to get more supplies.
In short, these dudes have everything on lockdown.
You’ll wish you didn’t come back to your original world.
A.N. I hope this was to your liking anon!
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amaramizuki666 · 1 month
Dp x DC crossover
Ok so I had an idea what if all the main bat brothers where dateing the phenton siblings and didnt know. The pairings for this idea is Damian x dani(elle) phenton, tim x danny phenton, jason x jazz phenton, and dick x Dan phenton.
the chaos if one day when the brothers where hanging out one of them mentions their partners and how their last name was phenton then one of the other boys says that's their partners last name and then the other 2 also say their partners last name is phenton.
So they come to the most logical conclusion and say their partners names, and their just like oh their siblings until tim says his boyfriend danny is trans ftm and his dead name was juzeal (ju-zel). So they all assume after that since all of them are paranoid idots is that danny, Elle, jazz, and Dan where the same person and are useing them for something. They cant agree on what damion thinks it's a trick by the league, jason thinks it's one of the pepole hes killed relatives comeing for revenge, tim thinks it's for money, and dick thinks it's to kill Bruce.
So they are all upset thinking the loves of their lives are lying to them. Then jason says "how about we all invite them to a dinner to meat the fam on the same day" so they did. And where all very confused when all of them got the reply 'sure why not'.
So the dinner was at a restaurant they completely rented out so they would be the only ones there. Damion and elle arrived first sittling down. Then jason arrived with jazz. Then dick and dan, and lastly danny and tim. So everyone is just staring at eachother when Danny craked the joke "well I guess we do have similar taste huh guys". Elle bursted out laughing, dan and jazz rolled their eyes dan saying "well we are siblings".
The brothers are suprised but happy knowing their original conclusion on then being siblings was correct, now everyone wants to know how they all met.
Ok that's the idea also I kinda wanna write this as a series I'm thinking calling my au cork board because of all the theorys the brothers come up with. Also the the last name phenton instead of Fenton or nightingale is I like to think danny came up with it on the spot without jazz's supervision and 5 nights of no sleep.
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DC x DP Ship names
Since the DP phandom has attached its self to the DC fandom, there been a lot of crossover ships and i love lists so here’s a list :)
So starting out with the collectively decided ship names!:
Jason x Jazz- Anger Management 
Damian x Danny- Dead Serious
Tim x Danny- Brain dead
Jason x Danny- Dead on Main
I have no idea if there’s more but I’ve mostly seen those
Not sure if many people know this one but Damian x Dani / Elle- Serious chaos (I got it from @blackfoxsposts )
Now on to the ones I haven’t seen a ship name for:
Dick x Danny
Dani x Conner / Kon- I haven’t seen a name for them yet :( Might be Super clones
Duke and Danny- I don’t know if they have a name but may I suggest Starlight?
Conner / Kon x Danny- Again not sure but it might be Super dead
Bruce x Danny (I’ve read like two fics with this)
Kal x Danny (I’ve only see this ship once)
I’m sure I missed a few but that’s all I got :)
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aro-in-danyl · 4 months
DP x DC Prompt
Demon Triplets - Danny, Dani/Elle, and Damian
The triplets all go out as Robin/Phantom for a night at the same time and confuse the fuck out of everyone.
Rogue/Ghost: But who's the real Robin/Danny Phantom?!
Danny, a prankster: I'm obviously Phantom/Robyn with a y
Dani/Elle, a menace: Dani Phantom/Robin with an i
Damian, already throwing knives: Phantam/Roban with an A.
The Y.A.I. Trio if you will.
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minnesota-fats · 7 months
Thank you for answering my ask!
I can see Bruce and Maddie meeting because of Science and interestingly enough, Maddie and Jack have an open relationship. I don't know why but I do ( on the flip side Vlad will self-destruct on that revelation )
How do Ra's, Talia, and Bruce himself think about Danny, his powers, and being the Ghost King? And Jack and Maddie who raised him?
Also, I find the thought hilarious if Bruce did have a 4th blood child( I'm counting Dani/Ellie ), it's freaking Marinette from Miraculous Ladybug, and JL, DP, and MLB are all on the same Earth.
Ironically Marinette was conceived the same way, drunken nightstand while in a high brow Gala in Paris with Sabine being a server, and shortly after that she met Tom, fell in live, and he raised her as his daughter.
At least Danny and Marinette can bond over them fighting fruit loops who should get a pet cat.
And the JL wasn't really on the up and up about what's going on in Paris because A) Everything gets fixed in the end and B) Kwami hijinks did a notice me not kind of Harry Potter spell until Constantine or Bruce starts poking around there. And C) Clockwerk may had helped keeping the secret because he owned the Kwami a favor.
Poor Damian once he finds out about that on top of still believing with his entire chest that Bruce + Selina = Dani will forever think that his Father, The Batman, is a Hoe 🤣
Vlad would be so mad! And he would bitterly be sitting in the corner at a gala in Gotham and Danny would SO rub it into his face like: “oh look at how cool my second DAD is, dont you think so Vlad???” With the smuggest smirk anyone has ever seen on the boy. All the bats would be confused but Jazz (who is also there) is like: “don’t worry about it, Vlad deserves this.” Leaving the Batfam confused because this was Jazz—the voice of reason—Fenton. Then Elle would join in and just be fuckin brutal, “haha, bitch! bet you wish you were him huh?” And vlad storms off to sulk in peace. (Or try to anyway, there is no peace when there are ghost kids about!)
Ra’s would be bitter that the ghost king wasn’t his heir but would ultimately try to obtain Danny as a resource. Talia would be ok with Danny being the ghost king because what better way to have her son be protected than have his half brother be the king of the dead as well as having an obsession dedicated to protecting the people he cares about. Bruce would be devastated that his eldest bio son died before he was able to meet him but would quickly move on when he realizes that it doesn’t change the fact that Danny is his bio son. Ra’s Talia and Bruce all agree that the Fenton’s are very interesting people to say the least.
Tbh, Im not completely into the whole Miraculous x DC x Danny Phantom crossover. But I do vibe with the whole, Danny and Marinette bonding over having to fight crazy adults that need therapy. Also its Wayzz that Clockwork owes a favor to and he just puts Paris in its own little time bubble where time flows normally but the outside world is just getting signals from alternate reality Paris where nothing wins wrong.
Dani/Elle: “HA- your bio-dads a whore!”
Dami: “shut up!”
Danny: “your my clone so he is technically your bio-dad too.”
Danny/Elle: “HA- our bio-dad’s a whore!”
Marinette: “I don’t know how I got into this situation, I just want to draw in PEACE???”
And as said before, there is no peace when there are ghost children about. (Also batkids)
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spacedace · 17 days
Bruce is grateful for the fact that Damian has made friends, he is.
He's happy that his son has met children his own age at school and befriended them. That he is growing from that prickly, unhappy, scarred child he'd first been when he'd come to live with Bruce. That his friends are even normal kids - baring Jon, who is still normal enough despite being the son of Superman and occasionally a super hero himself - with no links to anything strange or dangerous or illegal.
"Oh, sup B."
He just wished that his son's friends were also just a little less...feral.
"Hello Elle."
Elle Nightingale gave him a little wave with the lemon she was holding - or as best as she could considering the space she was working with - and smiled cheekily at him. Bruce felt a headache budding behind his eyes.
"I thought Alfred banned you from the kitchen?" She shifted a bit, nudging a bottle of milk - farm fresh, courtesy of the Kents, passed along via Jon as thanks for looking after him for the weekend. Bruce wished he'd had the foresight to expect that Jonathan Kent staying over for the weekend would mean that Elle, her cousin Billy and their friend BL - the children refused to say the girl’s real name, likely to spite Damian, and thr initials had been a compromise to calling her Box Lunch - would take it as them being permitted to stay over for so long as well. Damian had just given Bruce a an unimpressed look when he'd expressed his surprise at the sudden influx of twelve year olds in his home. As if Bruce was disappointing him at being so foolish as to think his entire pack of hellhounds wouldn't be invading enmass.
"Just getting a snack." He assured her, not wanting her to being the wrath of Alfred down upon his head. The hellions liked doing that, for some reason. "I don't suppose you could tell me what exactly you're doing in my fridge." Bruce tried, looking at the girl curled up in what should have been a deeply uncomfortable position between a few shelves of the large appliance.
Elle grinned. Her canines looked a little too sharp in the odd light of the fridge. Bruce really had to stop thinking of his sons friends as demonic hellions, he was starting to impose impossible features on them when he was sleep deprived.
"We're playing hide and seek." She made direct, unblinking eye contact with him as she brought the whole lemon to her mouth and took a bite out of it like it was an apple. "It’s Day's turn to seek." She added, lemon juice dripping down her chin as she swallowed her bite, rind and all.
Well at least she was getting enough vitimin C.
"Right." He nodded, deciding that it wasn't cowardice that led him not wanting to get involved. No, it was just...good parenting. Letting the kids be kids. It was a sleepover, and Damian was actually playing a game! That was something to be encouraged! Bruce wasn't fleeing from this particular group of children's brand of chaos at all. "...could you hand me one of the fruit cups Alfred made earlier?"
Elle obliged on the condition Bruce didn't tell Damian about her hiding spot and returned to happily eating her...whole lemon...as he shut the fridge door on her.
As he returned to his office he glanced out one of the manor's large windows long enough to see Billy stick his head out from the top of the twelve foot tall topiaries out on the front lawn, checking to see if Damian was about. Bruce shook his head, kids and their ability to climb impossible structures never ceased to amaze him. Billy should be careful not to keep trying to peak for Damian though, he was going to end up getting found that way.
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sofya-fanfics · 6 months
Je suis peut-être un tout petit peu malade, mais ça va
Tumblr media
Voici ma participation pour le Sicktember 2022. J’espère que ça vous plaira.
Résumé : « Qu’est-ce que tu fais là ? Dit Damian brusquement. »
Anya sursauta, ne s’attendant pas à ce que quelqu’un vienne lui parler. Damian la regarda bien. Elle avait les yeux brillants, le nez et les joues rouges. Il était sûr qu’elle avait de la fièvre. Il n’aurait pas dû lui parler comme ça, mais ça l’énervait qu’elle ne prenne pas soin d’elle.
Disclaimer : Spy x Family appartient à Tatsuya Endo.
Damian se dirigeait vers la bibliothèque. Il portait dans les bras deux gros livres et avait son sac sur l’épaule. C’était très lourds et il se demandait s’il allait arriver à destination avec tout ce poids, mais peu importe. Ils allaient bientôt avoir un contrôle important et il ne devait pas échouer. Il était le premier de sa promotion et il devait le rester. Il voulait que son père voit tous ses efforts et qu’il soit fier de lui.
Il entra dans la bibliothèque. Peu d’élèves s’y trouvaient. Ce n’était pas étonnant, pensa-t-il. Les beaux jours étaient entrain d’arriver et tous préféraient rester dehors plutôt que de s’enfermer dans une bibliothèque. Ewen et Emile lui avaient demandé s’il voulait rester dans la cour avec eux, mais il avait refusé. Il devait se concentrer et étudier sérieusement.
Il trouva une table dans le fond et s’y installa. Il ouvrit un de ses livres et commença à lire lorsqu’il entendit un éternuement. Il lut la première ligne et il entendit tousser. C’est pas vrai, pensa-t-il. Lorsque l’on est malade, on se repose et on n’empêche pas les autres d’étudier. Un autre éternuement.
Damien se leva et se dirigea vers cette personne qui faisait tant de bruit. Il s’arrêta lorsqu’il vit Anya assise à une table. Elle était malade et pourtant elle était entourée de livres, tournait les pages et écrivait frénétiquement sur ses feuilles. Elle s’arrêtait seulement d’écrire pour se moucher.
Au fil des années, elle avait fait beaucoup de progrès dans ses études. Elle n’était pas encore parmi les meilleurs élèves, mais elle continuait de faire des efforts et elle ne lâchait rien. Non pas que Damian faisait attention à ce qu’elle faisait. Elle toussa et il leva les yeux au ciel. Si elle ne faisait pas plus attention à elle, elle risquerait de tomber gravement malade. Il ne pouvait pas la laisser comme ça, c’était de la non-assistance à personne en danger. Oui, c’était ça, ce n’était pas parce qu’il s’inquiétait pour elle. Il se dirigea vers elle et croisa les bras.
« Qu’est-ce que tu fais là ? Dit-il brusquement. »
Anya sursauta, ne s’attendant pas à ce que quelqu’un vienne lui parler. Damian la regarda bien. Elle avait les yeux brillants, le nez et les joues rouges. Il était sûr qu’elle avait de la fièvre. Il n’aurait pas dû lui parler comme ça, mais ça l’énervait qu’elle ne prenne pas soin d’elle.
« Je suis entrain d’étudier pour le prochain contrôle.
-Je ne parlais pas de ça ! Tu es malade, tu devrais être à l’infirmerie ou chez toi, entrain de te reposer.
-Je ne suis pas malade. »
Elle fut prise d’une quinte de toux et n’arrivait plus à s’arrêter. Damian eut peur qu’elle s’étouffe.
« Je suis peut-être un tout petit peu malade, finit-elle par dire. Mais ça va. »
Elle se leva, mais retomba aussitôt sur sa chaise, prise d’un malaise. Damian se précipita vers elle. Sans hésiter, il lui toucha le front. Il était bien trop inquiet pour rougir de cette proximité. Elle avait beaucoup de fièvre. Il fallait absolument qu’il l’emmène à l’infirmerie.
Damian était assis près du lit d’Anya et la regardait dormir. L’infirmière lui avait donné un cachet contre la fièvre et il fallait attendre qu’il fasse effet. Il avait réussi à l’emmener jusqu’à l’infirmerie. Anya s’était appuyée tout du long du chemin sur lui et il l’avait tenu fermement pour ne pas qu’elle tombe. Il avait voulu la porter, mais elle avait refusé. Elle ne voulait pas avouer qu’elle était malade.
La porte de l’infirmerie s’ouvrit et Loid Forger entra. Damian se leva d’un coup. Il ne savait pas pourquoi, mais cet homme l’avait toujours impressionné. Loid se dirigea vers Anya, inquiet. Pendant une seconde, Damian se demanda si son père serait tout aussi inquiet s’il était malade. Loid le regarda et sourit.
« Merci de t’être occupé d’Anya. »
Damian rougit et acquiesça. Loid se pencha et prit Anya dans ses bras.
« Chichi, dit-elle somnolente.
-On rentre à la maison, dit-il. »
Anya acquiesça légèrement, toujours incapable d’ouvrir les yeux, et s’accrocha à la veste de son père. Ils sortirent de l’infirmerie.
Plusieurs jours passèrent. Damian entra dans la salle de classe encore vide. Il était de bonne heure, mais il aimait le calme qui y régnait. Il s’installa à sa place et sortit ses affaires de son sac. Anya entra dans la salle et sourit quand elle le vit. Elle se dirigea vers lui.
« Merci d’avoir veillé sur moi quand j’étais malade. »
Sans qu’il ne s’y attende, Anya se pencha vers lui et déposa un baiser sur sa joue. Damian rougit.
« Anya, tu es revenue ! »
Becky se précipita vers elle et la prit dans ses bras. Anya éclata de rire.
« Tu m’as tellement manqué ! Il faut que je te raconte tout ce qu’il s’est passé depuis ton absence. »
Elle tira Anya par le bras et l’emmena avec elle. Anya lança un dernier regard à Damian et sourit, avant de retourner son attention vers Becky. Damian posa ses doigts sur sa joue où Anya l’avait embrassé et sourit. Anya était enfin guérie et de retour à l’académie. Et il devait bien avouer qu’elle lui avait manqué.
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littleredwing89 · 1 year
Have you ever done Damian x Reader stories?
Hi there sweetie,
I have only written one thing for Damian x Reader (Older!Damian) and it was headcannons - HERE.
I find it hard to write for Damian so I’m not sure if it’ll write much more.
Love Elle
💚 xoxo 💚
Tumblr media
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anothertimdrakestan · 8 months
jon: look over here!! tim and jason are fighting over the last half of a bagel!
jon: and dick is eating cereal and milk out of the cardboard box!
jon: bruce has his own tamagotchi??
jon: they're awesome!! this is your family dami?
damian: not after i kill them.
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