phyriaxi · 1 month
I think your art style is swaggin as hell, I don’t know if you still take these, but could I get a pic o’ Enforcer?
Tumblr media
enforcer! did a lot of experimenting with my process for this one :)
[thank you for the request!]
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cantobear · 4 months
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finally tried drawing aaknights faves
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zeravmeta · 6 months
there's a lot of funny things in Guide Ahead but I would argue the funniest character in it is actually ezell because he is quite literally day 1 on the job ready to be an enforcer one of The Guys who are meant to protect the law and hes wrapped up in an all-encompassing nation destroying generations-in-the-making type conspiracy despite the fact that hes literally just Some Guy who wants a boring job and a quiet peaceful life but because he made a promise to cecelia to find her mother he's just like "hm. ok fine I will handle it" and then he DOES hes entirely a rookie but had absolutely no problem breaking every possible law he could and had multiple sankta standoffs with characters who are like dbz style powerlevels ahead of him and yet. he still fully gets away with it no consequences no fear no regrets he said "ok cecelia i will help you find your mamma" and he fucking HANDLED IT
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browsethestacks · 1 month
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Spider-Woman (1979)
Art by Bob Layton / Frank Springer And Frank Giacoia
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werfenspeer · 1 month
Tumblr media
EPOQUE New Collection: Paper Wing for Enforcer
A white jacket matched with a mint green short-sleeved shirt creates a crisp and comfortable atmosphere perfect for a cooling summer.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Azel is still considering the meaning of the Sankta's wings. However, he cannot find his answer, not even after the rain has dampened his clothes.
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senao-manythanks · 6 months
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cooroouo · 4 months
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some AK log
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Executor: Please tell me you did not kidnap her?
Enforcer, holding Cecilia: I didn’t kidnap her.
Executor: Oh, thank god.
Enforcer: I adopted her.
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aokohy · 4 months
Tumblr media
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insane-arcane · 1 year
Prologue to Silco's Enforcer Child A.U
Everything was blurry.
  As you shifted from your position on the ground your body felt numb. Standing shakily on two feet your shoes tossed aside in the scuffle, the usually comforting gold and bronze of the bridge was now blindingly bright reflecting the burning flames all around you. Cinders floated in the air and ash got tangled in your hair as you struggled to stay standing.
  Reaching for the handrail of the bridge you stumbled forward feeling dizzy. Little shocks went through your legs and every step made your nerves burn. Clutching a bronze column tightly the cool metal soothed your cracked hands. Staring at the ground trying to focus, your eyesight kept flashing. Bringing a hand to your ear the noises around you sounded far away or like you were underwater as they loudly rang. 
  Inching forwards clutching the handrail, the air smelled like sulfur. It inflamed your chest as you heaved in unclean air. As the pain flooded your body your head throbbed the most. Slowly you brought your hand up to touch your temple as people ran by you panicked, nearly knocking you over. Almost losing your footing you groan leaning against the guardrail. Your fingers, why did they feel sticky? 
 As the world swayed around you, sound slowly came back more clear. Trying to hear what was going on your head was throbbing, making it hard to focus as you stumbled forwards to get somewhere. 
 Hissing as the pain overwhelms your senses you recoil sharply as something wet stained your fingers. Flashes filled your eyes and the sound of gunfire and screams echoed in your ears. Stepping back your foot hit something and you feared looking down at what it could be. 
  Pulling your hand away from the wound on your head bringing it close to your face you squinted but your vision was getting increasingly worse. Red. Red and gold. Red staining gold. Blood. Cries rang out all around you messing with your head. The echoes and sounds of gun powder stuffing guns before shots were fired made your eyes widen. Echo. Powder. Air heavy with smoke from the fire and ash from those burning made you start to choke, losing your train of thought. As the wind blew towards you, you raised your arms feeling the sting of cinders as they hit your skin. 
 Beginning to cry confused and alone you tried to get the soot out of your eyes. You stumbled forwards through the smoke, your bare feet hitting scattered objects before you lost your balance on something and fell to your knees. More people rushed past you and the thundering of boots made everything white for a moment. A loud bang above you and your heart rate spiked as your breathing quickened. A thud near you telling you the horrible thing you already knew happened, had happened.
  Gripping the grates on the walkway of the bridge you cling to the cold metal trying to steady yourself. Red dripped off your face and dried on your flesh. 
 Looking up, the sun was setting through the heavy smoke and fog causing complicated shadows and a red light that made the dark bridge darker. Breathing deeply heaving in a mix of sulfur and salty air you look down at the water below through the grates of the bridge. Instead of the gorgeous blue you knew it as, it was a horrible oily color. Full of toxins and metal, it was also stained red with the blood of innocents. The blood of people you could no longer help. 
 Looking up in desperation for some sign of hope there were strange flashes. Blurry shadow figures running away. Reaching your hands out hoping someone would grab you and take you away from here they all pass you. The sounds ring in your head louder than before, bouncing and echoing in your brain as if it's all happening far away and not right in front of you. But slowly the carnage was revealed through the smoke and fog. 
  Closing your eyes you shook. Where was your family? Your father? Your friends? Feeling the tears you tilt your head up trying to blink away the soot blocking your sight. Your vision remains blurred at your efforts but begins to get a bit better as the world slowly becomes clearer. Shock slowly starts to wear away as you shake your head no. 
 Hands digging into the ash below you have never felt more alone. Opening your mouth to cry out to them, your unknown family, you nearly stop breathing. The taste of metal and smoke suddenly fills your lungs as you become more aware of what's happening. The small fires burn brightly all around you threatening to burn you alive. It suffocates you and fills your chest with ash as your mouth becomes dangerously dry. The tears continue to leak down your face, dripping and staining your red hands as you begin to violently shake. Opening your mouth trying to call out again you sob instead. Why couldn't you remember their names? Why was it when you opened your mouth that all that came out were pleading noises instead of names? 
 Bringing your ash covered hands to your hair you pull in frustration. You wanted your dad. Your uncle's. Your sisters and brothers. But their faces were so blurry. And your memories were a mess. 
 You couldn't even remember how you got here, or which side of the bridge you came from. It was all a messy blur like charcoal smeared on paper. Why did you come here? You weren't ready. They told you, you weren't ready. And yet you came. Drowning in your thoughts, brain swimming in confusion, your head throbbed harder pushing everything else away. 
 As blood continued to run down the side of your face now caked in ash and dirt, you laid against the bridge railing heart hammering away in your chest. It burned, the once cold metal was now hot and it dug into your skin as you tried to collect your bearings. As you tried to remember. 
 Pausing as shadows fall over you, you turn your gaze up. The clouds seem to break and the sun shines again.
  A bronze glint catches your eye before a black uniform blankets your sight, dwarfing your small form with a much larger one. An enforcer was staring you down. Devil horns flash across his head and you remember their the enemy. Kicking back holding your arms up afraid they'd do something, they don't hurt you. 
 Opening your eyes slowly the figure was bending down, taking off their mask and giving it to you. Unable to react still in shock, they press it into your face. Fresh and cool air filled your lungs easing the pain in your chest as you took a deep breath savoring the gift. Your mind with that one breath began to clear slightly as things came more into focus. But then you felt like coughing. 
  As they gently pulled the mask away you began to shake. You hack up what was inside you from everything around you. Thick red and watery black dripping from your chapped lips. You felt dizzy and sick as your entire body burned. And for some strange reason you felt distrustful of this person even as they helped you. But when your lip was carefully wiped with a glove and you were given the mask back your head began to numb just the tiniest bit and you felt your fear slipping away little by little. 
  You were tired. Tired of fighting, of remembering. 
   Vision still swimming and head still spinning, you remember feeling weightless as you're picked up and wrapped in a cape. As you're cradled close and blanketed in warmth like a small child. Feeling safe as arms wrap around and support you, you're tucked under their chin and held close. You squirm a bit unsure if this is where you belong but they carefully hold on, their soft lips pressing to your forehead. 
 "I'm taking you home..." The person mumbles to you rubbing your back slightly and you stop squirming as much. The feeling too familiar to fight. 
  … Home? 
 Leaning against them you weakly grip their soft uniform. As they walk across the bridge other bronze and wellkept uniforms glimmering with badges join you, walking side by side. The smell of copper and ash and sulfur begins to fade as the air becomes sweeter and less stale. As sugar and flowers become more distinct. 
  Little puffs of white leave your mouth as the enforcer mask stays on your face purifying the otherwise dangerous air. You can hear the person's heartbeat as they walk with you and you listen to their shoes thump against the bridge as the badges on their chest jingle. Your vision was still blurry but it was clearer now that you were out of the smoke and fog. 
 As you take one last look to the opposite side of the bridge you see a large man and two girls. One seems to reach out for you and lifting your hand you do the same mirroring the mysterious figure. And then the world slowly fades as you lose consciousness. The whisper of a name haunting your lips as the little blue haired girl disappears with her pink haired sister. 
 You were going Home. 
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First part:
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roguetoo · 5 months
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usagi-best-boy · 4 months
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Sugou Teppei
Psycho-Pass: Sinners of the System Case.2 - First Guardian
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sanguinechaos · 5 months
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they got put in gay baby jail for biting crimes [🐦]
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browsethestacks · 28 days
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Spider-Woman (1980)
Art by Bill Sienkiewicz And Joe Rubinstein
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neori07 · 9 months
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donnandy · 5 months
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vampire battle royale with the coolest atmosphere and animations on building climbing ever & sucking blood for power-ups. what more could you want?
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