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I can't believe Ice Pick Joe stabbed Caesar yesterday!
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Goncharov Plot in detail
1960s- Gon is a prominent member in Russian organized crime, he owns a bar that is used as a front for the mafia and deals with their money laundering. A mysterious man (Mario Ambrosini) has been costing him a lot of money with his gambling. Andrey is introduced, implies that Ice Pick Joe injured his eye. Gon marries Katya, another prominent member in the Russian mafia. They don't love each other, just the money and power. Katya's father winds up dead (Implied that it may be Gon?). She gives Gon a watch, this comes up a lot later. 1970s- Gon has become power hungry, unsatisfied with his slightly low position in Russian mafia. He decides to go to Naples to take over. He takes with him his wife, her brother, Andrey, and Bruno (More people are there, but unnamed). The five go to a bar, owned by Mario. While the men speak at the bar, Katya meets Sofia, trying to get inside knowledge. This gets weird (Beer Bottle Scene), but the two wind up friends. The men realize that Mario is the man they failed to kill 10 years ago, causing Bruno to lash out a bit, Gon encourages this. He is not seen again, implied to have been taken by an Armenian-ran trash company working for Mario. Katya was close to Bruno and confronts Gon about this, eventually threatening him with a gun. She then takes off on her own for the night, but returns the next day (You wouldn't have missed Scene). The next morning she runs into Sofia at the market, they have a conversation about apples vs pomegranates (Apple Scene). While this is happening, Gon and Andrey plot against Mario. Gon, Andrey, Sofia, and Katya all have dinner together (Anchovies Scene). Before dinner, Katya gives Sofia her pearls from her father in an attempt to regain Gon's affection and show her love for Sofia. Gon and Andrey kidnap Joseph to try and get info, all they get is that Sofia is Mario's sister. Joe is gone the next day. This causes Gon to spiral in fear, becoming more and more aggressive towards Katya and Andrey. Katya vents to Andrey, leading to awkward steam. All this time, Mario is sending cryptic messages about Pompeii and Gon running out of time. Joe slips info to Gon because Gon helped him with childhood issues. Mario kills Joe with his ice pick due to this. Gon travels to Pompeii to face Mario, leading to significant damage. Mario leaves him with a warning to leave, he knows Gon is weak and a lot of Mario's men have died at Gon's hand. It is implied Mario bleeds out after Gon leaves. He goes back to Naples a broken man, set on destroying all he has. He sees Katya and Sofia are out on a boat ride and shoots Katya from the shore, turning her dress red (Boat Scene). She fakes her death and convinces Andrey to kill Gon. Gon and Andrey take a walk over a bridge, and Andrey lays down all the truths as he stabs Gon and then himself. As he does this, the clock hits midnight (Bridge Scene). The last shot is Katya and Sofia, both in their pearls, watching as the clock continues to tick.
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Hermit DSMP Swap AU: Part 9
Foolish flinched. Qackity’s shouting stopped abruptly. It was warmer (Las Nevadas was surprisingly cold). Foolish slowly opened his eyes. An open grave stood at his feet. His heart jumped into his throat and he stumbled backwards, falling on his back. He stared dumbfounded as a bee flew out from the grave and landed on his knee for a moment before flying away. Quackity was nowhere to be seen. 
His breathing slowed and he looked around. He was in a graveyard next to a church. Was he dead? Was this limbo? What had happened? He wasn’t supposed to die… but he had died before. But if he had died just now he still should have had his third life, he should have respawned… maybe he had. Maybe he was still alive… That made more sense. No, wait, he still had all of his stuff, if he had died his inventory should have been empty… Foolish held his head in his hands and stared at the ground.
“You ok there, friend?” 
Foolish’s head snapped up. A man with neon green hair stood on the other side of the stone wall surrounding the graveyard. Foolish quickly picked himself up and brushed himself off. “Yeah, I’m fine, I’m fine… um- this may seem like an odd question, but, am I dead?”
The man laughed, “I don’t know, are you? I mean, I assume you're not dead, cause I’m not dead, unless you’re un-dead, if you know what I mean.” 
Foolish let out a deep breath he didn’t know he had been holding. “Alright, I’m alive, i'm not dead,” He muttered, staring at the sky.
“You sure you’re fine?” The man asked again, putting air quotes around the ‘fine’. “Cause, you don’t seem fine…” 
Foolish shook his head “No, really, don’t worry about me, I was just a bit disoriented, that’s all.”
The man pursed his lips and raised a brow “You asked me if you were dead… not if you had died. Which means you knew there was a chance you might get stuck in a respawn glitch. Have you been messing with server magic?” 
“You make that sound like a bad thing.” Foolish scowled and crossed his arms looking down at the man. He wasn’t in his twenty-three foot form but even in this form he stood almost a foot taller than the other man.  
The man shook his head “It’s not necessarily a bad thing, just dangerous. I mean, I would be a bit of a hypocrite if I condemned people for messing with server magic.”
Foolish didn’t look impressed. “It’s only dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing.” 
“I mean, I guess.” The man said rubbing the back of his neck as he contemplated Foolish’s words “But no one is stupid enough to mess around long enough to get the practice...” He trailed off as he looked up to see Foolish looking at him with an incredulous look, “Oh.” 
Foolish finally relented and his expression softened, “Maybe you're right, I mean, my name is Foolish after all,”
The man chuckled, “Maybe we're both a bit crazy. I’m Joe, Joe Hills. Nice to meet you,” He said, climbing over the low stone wall and reaching out his hand. Foolish smiled and shook it. Joe had a firm grip.
“So you said you have experience with server magic, what can you do?” Foolish asked as the two of them walked out of the graveyard and over to the church. This church was much nicer than church prime. As a builder Foolish could appreciate the detail put into the architecture.   
Joe shrugged as he sat down on the steps and leaned back on his elbows looking up at the sky, “I can see better in the dark If I want to. Honestly, I don’t really mess with it much anymore.” 
“Why not?” Foolish asked, leaning against the wall. 
Joe shrugged but Foolish noticed his grip tighten into a ball. “It wasn’t worth it. A friend of mine got hurt and almost didn’t respawn. Actually, she should be around here somewhere, I wonder where she went?” 
Cleo stood on a concrete road getting yelled at by an angry man with a scar through his left eye and a blue beanie.
 “Who the fuck are you? What the fuck did you do to Foolish? Where is Foolish.” 
“Aaa, Foolish is a Zombie!” another man wearing glasses and green suspenders yelled. 
Cleo staggered backwards and summoned a sword from her inventory, “Who am I, what about who are you?”   
“You better tell me, right fucking now, what the hell you did to Foolish or I’ll-”
“You’ll do what? Don’t try me, I’ll put this sword through your skull I will,” Cleo bluffed. 
The man with the scar summoned an axe.  “Charlie, go get Purpled, tell him we have an intruder in Las Nevadas.” 
The man in green, presumably Charlie, looked at him perplexed “But, Quackity from Las Nevadas, why are we attacking Zombie Foolish?” 
“Damn it Charlie, Just get Purpl-” 
Cleo didn’t let him finish. A yell ripped from her lungs as she charged him, sword swinging. Quackity startled and blocked with the shaft of his axe. He shoved her off and she staggered back. Cleo dug her heels in swinging the sword like a club. There was a burst of pain, or more like cold (Pain felt different ever since the undeath) as his axe cut into her shoulder. But he was bleeding too. His axe returned to his inventory as he clutched his arm and staggered back. Cleo gripped her sword tighter, breathing hard, her eyes locked on him. 
She felt the impact and another burst of cold as an arrow hit her in the chest. Her head snapped up, there was a kid in purple firing arrows from a crossbow as he ran towards them. He was wearing full netheriet.
Cleo turned and ran.
“Stop her, she fucking did something to Foolish!” Quackity shouted. She didn’t stop running as arrows landed about her feet. Down the road through a tunnel and past a stone fortress. Cleo scrambled off the road, over a hill. She could hear them still behind her. Dodging through the hills she was able to shake them by looping back around behind them as they continued on. 
Once they were gone she slowed down. She touched a hand to her shoulder. It was throbbing with a dull ache and it felt cold, a deep cold like ice in her veins. She looked down. The arrow was still in her chest. She needed to do something about that. 
She was back at the fortress. Cleo slid down the hill, climbing behind the wall and slumped against the stone. She gritted her teeth and pulled the arrow from her chest with a grunt, dropping it in the grass. A golden apple appeared in her hand and she took a bite, the juice tingling in her mouth as the regen and absorption began to take effect. 
The throbbing eased a little and the wounds began to close. She looked up and froze. An enderman stared back at her with mismatched eyes. No wait, not an enderman, at least not quite. Half of his face was white. 
“Hey Tubbo, I think I found out what Quackity was shouting about.” The half-enderman kid called over his shoulder. 
Cleo staggered to her feet, her sword out. “I won't hesitate to-” 
The half-enderman backed up and raised his empty hands “Oh no, we're not with Quackity,” He explained. 
Cleo scowled but lowered her sword. “Well isn’t that lovely, someone who doesn’t want to stab me.”  
He looked alarmed, “Oh, I wouldn’t do that- I mean, I definitely don’t want to do that.” Now that she got a better look at him he looked kind of young, he was tall but in the lanky teenager kind of way. He looked to be 18 or 19, maybe 17. His suit probably made him look older.  
“Oh hey, so what was Big Q so mad about?” Another kid said as he came around the building. He stopped short when he saw Cleo. “Oh…” He was much shorter than the ender-kid. Two horns curled up out of his brown hair and almost every inch of exposed skin was covered in burn scars. Cleo let her sword return to her inventory. 
“Big man, why is there a funny looking zombie in our base?” the goat kid said 
Cleo bristled, “I’m still a person, thank you.”
The goat kid looked back at Cleo  “Ooooh- oops.”
“Now look what you’ve done, you’ve gone and insulted her.”
“I didn’t meeean to, how was I supposed to know?” The goat kid wined. 
The two bickered like a married couple. Cleo coughed “Um- would either of you two be able to explain what is going on,”
“Haven’t got a fucking clue,” The goat kid chirped, a little to cheerfully. 
Cleo pursed her lips, “Well, could you at least tell me where I am?” 
“Um… The road between Las Nevadas and Spawn. Or do you mean here-here. This is our cookie shop.”  The ender-kid explained.
Cleo blinked.
“I think she means the server big man,” The goat kid said, “This is the Dream SMP.”
Cleo blinked again. So not Hermitcraft. Shit. 
The goat kid introduced himself as Tubbo and the ender-kid as Ranboo. Cleo explained what had happened, which made Tubbo laugh. It turned out that the cookie outpost and Las Nevadas were in conflict and Tubbo liked the idea of doing something that would, in his words “Piss off Big Q.” 
Cleo tried to return to Hermitcraft but was met with an error message. Tubbo and Ranboo offered to let her stay in Snowchester till she figured things out. They had no idea how she got there but they didn’t seem too concerned about it.
Snowchester was surprisingly far away from what the kids were calling a cookie shop. To Cleo it looked suspiciously like a military outpost but who was she to judge? 
Snowchester was a quaint little walled in town, overlooked by a massive mansion worthy of any Hermitcraft base. There was a tower, docs, and a little wheat field mixed in with little log and stone houses.  The air was crisp and cold, light snow fell around them landing on her hair and bare arms. Untouched snow coated the steps to most of the houses and closely shuttered windows looked back at her. The ocean lapped against the shore and the sound of a boat bumping against the pier carried up through the town. A single seagull landed on a stone wall. It looked at Cleo and cawed.  
Ranboo and Tubbo lead Cleo around a strangely industrial building on a hill in the middle of the town with “Danger, keep out” signs on the doors. 
“So what’s in there,” Cleo asked, nodding towards the industrial building. 
Ranboo raised his brows and looked at Tubbo. Tubbo pursed his lips “Oh nothing much, that’s just where we do equipment testing. You’re not allowed in there,” he added. There was finality to his tone. Cleo wondered what he was hiding and if it was worth snooping around to find out, but there was a dark conviction in the way that the kid with too many scars said it. The way the ender-kid hovered at his side anxiously watching everything. Maybe she should be careful not to make more enemies.  
They lead her to a little house behind the industrial building. “This used to be Foolish’s but he moved out so you can stay here for now,” Tubbo explained opening the door and letting them inside. 
“Foolish… the guy who Quackity thinks I kidnaped? You’re giving me his house?” Cleo scoffed looking around. A square table and chairs stood off to one side, a counter with a furnace and cabinets lined the back wall and a cactus in a pot sat by the front door.    
“Well, it’s not really his house anymore, he hasn’t lived here for months,” Tubbo shrugged. 
Cleo sighed, “So long as he won’t mind. Goodness this whole situation is a mess.” 
Ranboo gave her a sympathetic smile.  
“Welp,” Tubbo clapped his hands. “We’ll let you get settled in. Just don’t go snooping around in people’s homes, we are pretty private people here.”
“Yeah, don’t worry about it,” Cleo said absently, still looking around the room.
Tubbo and Ranboo left, closing the door behind them. 
There was a silence and then Cleo jumped at the sound of someone drinking milk. She spun around summoning her sword, freezing as the invisibility melted away to reveal Etho standing in the corner. 
“Finally, I thought they were never going to leave,” Etho muttered.
“Etho! What are you doing here?” Cleo bristled. 
Etho looked sheepishly off to the side as he rubbed the back of his head. “We’ll, I might have been following you. If you mean here on this server, we don’t really know. Oh yeah, TFC’s here too. We’ve been stuck on this server for about two weeks now. Least, I’ve been, TFC showed up about a week ago.”
“So wait, You're telling me you have been stuck on this server for two weeks?”
Etho nodded “Yup. Come on let's get out of here before they come back. We can talk at my secret base.” 
Cleo pulled away “Wait, wait. Why? Why were you sneaking around? Why are we avoiding those kids? I would like a good reason before I turn down their hospitality.”
“This server isn’t what it seems to be. It’s seriously glitched out. Haven’t you noticed how many scars everyone has here, how many hybrids there are.” 
Now that Cleo thought about it, even the ender-kid, Ranboo, had scars that looked like tears running down his face. Scars only happened when there was a glitch during respawn so they were pretty rare, the fact that three of the five people she had seen so far had obvious scars was concerning, especially with how bad the scars on that Tubbo kid were. On top of that, Quackity looked like he might be some kind of bird hybrid, with small golden wings, while Tubbo was a goat and Cleo had no idea what Ranboo really was. Hybrids were the result of pretty strong server glitches, and from what Etho was saying those guys weren’t the only ones. 
“So the server is glitchy, that doesn't make them bad people,”  
“There are places on this server that have been blown up all the way down to bedrock. Those kids who seemed so nice, they have nukes in that building right outside. There is a prison that everyone here is terrified of, seemingly for good reason. The Warden that guards it almost killed me while chasing me and TFC away, and said something about hunting us down and killing us till we were completely dead.”  
Cleo blanched “Completely dead… like, they have a way of reliably preventing respawning here.” She remembered what it felt like being stuck in the void unable to respawn. For Joe it had only been a couple of minutes, for her it had felt like hours.
“I don’t know,” Etho shrugged. “I just think it would be best if we all kept a low profile till we can find a way out of here.” 
“I… I trust you, Etho. But I don’t want to leave without letting those kids know that I won’t be staying here. They seem like nice kids, I’d rather not just disappear on them.” 
Etho hesitated, then nodded “Alright, Just be careful, and take this,” He said handing her two invis pots. “You can find me in the sewers under their shopping district, there is a community center in the middle of a lake, the entrance to the tunnels is underneath it.”
Cleo took the potions and smiled reassuringly, “Don’t worry, I got this. I’ll be fiiine.”
“Ok,” Etho nodded and pulled his facemask down. He drank an invis potion before leaving the building.
Cleo sighed. Perma-death hum, would that even work on her? Seeing as she already kinda died before. She didn’t want to have to find out.
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Did you see that Badtime popped onto the server to intimidate Etho during Joe Hills livestream? Because that really reminded me of your Wels and Scar fic and that was 👀
i did indeed and ngl, i thought of it too! this is the conversation in question. also i need to practice etho’s voice more so there’s totally not a fic under the read more that i wrote inspired by it. seriously though, same kinda warnings as the last fic in the reckoning verse. and my etho voice still needs work.
"Etho." Etho turns at the sound of Scar's voice, his thumbs resting in his pockets. He tilts his head in greeting, a smile hidden behind his mask.
"Hey Scar." Scar is leaning against the diamond throne. It sparkles around him, reflecting onto his purple suit. It's only a stage above Etho's own base decoration, really. He's never been quite as attached to the shiny rocks as the other hermits. "Fancy finding you here. In the town hall."
"Fancy that indeed." Scar folds his arms, regarding Etho without an expression. Etho's heard the guy's been a bit off lately. He's not spent much time around the hermit to really tell. What, with attempting to evade taxes and all. Fair game is fair game, in his opinion. He's doing nothing illegal. "Are you here to finally pay up?"
"Hey-" Etho shrugs, "-I've paid my taxes." He's just finished paying for his grounded stores, at least. He holds a hand out to the boards before tucking it back away. Scar's stare is scrutinising. Etho meets it square on.
"Etho, come here." Scar's voice drops. Etho steps back.
"Hey, if there's any taxes you think I should've paid, why don't you get your enforcer to deal with that? My blocks are all in those frames." He's heard about Wels taking that role. Most of the hermits have paid anyway, the pushovers. But he's heard of some... Interesting things. Even so, he thinks he'd prefer whatever Wels is doing to the coldness coming from Scar right now.
"I think I'd rather deal with you personally." Scar steps around the side to the ladder, wiggling Etho to the front of the throne with a finger. "Come here, Etho."
Etho's not sure what shifts around him. The air turns more frigid than inside his ice shop, weighing on his body and squeezing tight. What makes his heart skip a beat is how he moves, walking in front of the throne just as Scar plops down on it. Etho looks up, trying to understand why his body has completely disconnected from his control. Scar's expression is that of an accomplished smile.
"Scar, what-"
"You've been a thorn in my side for quite some time now, you know?" Scar leans forward. He looks at home on the throne. The way he sits on the diamonds is like they were made for him.
"If you had a problem you could've just talked to me." Etho keeps his voice calm but there's an edge even he can't get rid of. "I’m just goofing around, dude. I don't want to upset you." Scar shrugs and it's then that Etho notices the glow to his eyes, the same glistening blue as the throne.
"I'm talking right now, am I not?" Etho can't even get a twitch out of his fingers. His body feels numb. It’s as if he doesn’t quite fit into it.
"This is a pretty extreme way of talking." Etho's no fool, and the deep chuckle Scar lets out screams 'run'.
"Oh, Etho." Scar shakes his head, the laugh dying down. "Believe me, you're getting off lightly." Scar has a funny idea of lightly. Etho's sweating. Something in his memory helpfully supplies 'the jungle' and Etho thinks of Bdubs and- does he know about this? "For all the trouble you've caused me, your fraudulent ways, touching my throne-" His voice drops dangerously low, "-I should be doing a lot worse than this."
"Oh man, so what is this then?" Each word feels forced as he struggles through the sentence. He's gotta keep his cool. This shouldn't scare him.
"A warning," Scar answers, short and sweet. He rests against the back of the throne, perching his elbow on the arm. "The shopping district is mine to control and I'm not letting you get in the way of that. Your tricks are undermining my authority as the mayor. I refuse to let that happen any longer."
"Scar, you're going way too far, dude." Etho gets the feeling this stopped being for fun long ago. How has Xisuma not picked up on it?
"You know, it's funny-" Scar smiles, "-Wels said the same thing." If Etho could move, he’d be gone.
"What did you do to him?" Scar waves his hand dismissively.
"He's merely been subdued. I gave him a fancy new job, in fact! I'm not an unkind mayor, after all." Scar shrugs one shoulder. "And if I tell him he has to go after you, well. That would be between us, wouldn't it?"
"This is-" he drops off, not sure how to end the sentence. Insane, terrifying, way too far? He's got options!
"Great, I know!" Scar smiles at his own answer. Even that looks sinister, blue eyes outshining any joy. "I can finally bring things under my power, just how they should be."
"So you're controlling Wels, have strange magic abilities, and you're trying to take over the shopping district." Etho lists off, trying to catch himself up. "Anything else I'm missing?"
Scar hums, then shakes his head, "No, I think that's all you need to know." His head tilts. "I mean, not that you'll be remembering any of this, anyway." Etho's heart stops for a second time, lodging itself in his throat.
"You think I’d just monologue my plans and then let you go?" Scar laughs, shaking his head like it's a bad joke. "Please, you're intelligent one second and completely contradict it the next." Etho isn't going to take that personally from the power-hungry guy sat on a throne of diamond. There are better people to be insulted by.
"Nice, so you have an ego too?"
The pain in Etho's chest is like nothing he's ever felt before. Against the unfeeling cold of his body, it burns, feels like a sword stabbed through his ribs. He doesn’t know how else to describe it. He chokes on his breath, coughing as he forces air back into his aching lungs.
"Maybe you should consider your own ego, first." There's not a hint of inflection in Scar's voice. Etho looks up at him with tears in his eyes. "I think I've said my piece."
"Woohoo." Etho bites down his pained cry. He was ready for that one.
"Go home and sleep, Etho. When you wake up, this will all have been a bad dream." Etho opens his mouth to protest, but the air presses down on him.
His vision falls into a blinding blue.
He sits up in bed with a start. He glances around his base, realising how hot the air feels against his skin. He's freezing, despite the sun shining through the room. Outside he can hear birds sing and the rustling of tall trees in the wind. He stands carefully, his legs barely feeling like they're there at all.
What was he doing last? Looking at his bed, he doesn’t remember coming back last night. He presses his eyes shut, pulling his mask down to breathe easier. He thinks he dreamed about the shopping district. He can't place what exactly. Only the fear that grips his heart at the thought, and a blue so bright it hurts his eyes. He has one hell of a headache forming. Maybe taking it easy is best for today. Until he's shaken off whatever this is.
He thinks he'll avoid the shopping district for a while.
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Of Blood and Betrayal (Part 2/5)
Hey everyone! Thanks so much for all your reviews and encouragement! I truly appreciate it :) 
Thank you again to @cssns and @kmomof4 for creating this project.
I’ve decided to have five chapters for this. It’s on Archive now too.
“Now why would I do that….Emma Swan?”
As Emma struggled for words, Killian sat on the edge of the bed. She could almost feel the quiet rage simmering beneath him. She forced herself to stay calm, but it was hard to do that when at the mercy of a vampire.
“I don’t know what you’re - ”
“Ah, don’t start with the lies now,” he said, leaning closer so that their faces were inches apart. “Tell me the truth, love. Why are you here?”
She could feel the warmth rekindling between her legs as she recalled how amazing last night was. Emma pondered whether or not she should seduce him into another round, but she quickly concluded that she really shouldn’t. He wanted answers. And she had to give them now.
As he pulled away from her, she struggled to sit up, which wasn’t easy with her hands cuffed to the headboard.
“Well, I am a vampire hunter and I was sent to capture you,” she said, meeting his eyes and relieved to find him nodding.
“Understandable. Go on,” Killian replied, crossing his arms.
“You’ve committed some serious crimes, Killian Jones,” she said daringly, with an unapproving frown. “Draining people of their blood, mostly women. Even killing some.”
“And who, pray tell, have I killed?” he asked, raising his eyebrow.
Emma paused, looking down at the bed, rather than at him. She didn’t trust herself to speak clearly when he looked so sinfully attractive with his eyebrow raised.
“My boss has informed me that you murdered his ex-wife, Milah. There wasn’t enough evidence to pin it on you. Otherwise, he would’ve taken you straight to court.”
Killian’s demeanor suddenly changed at the mention of her name. Instead of looking furious, he appeared downright upset, which confused her so much. She wondered if he regretted his crime or if he even did it in the first place. She wished she went over the case file before setting out to capture him.
“Anything else you wish to accuse me of?” he asked, eyes trained on her face.
“Nothing else specific. Just multiple counts of murder, but….it really all sounds like vampire bias now,” she said truthfully. “I’m sorry, but I still have orders to capture you. When they take you to court, you can explain - ”
“Are you daft? I could never win a case,” he said, voice raising and causing her to flinch. “Gold has far more money and influence than me.”
Silence grew between them while he went to the window and opened it, letting in some fresh air. Emma sighed and fidgeted with handcuffs. She had a bobby pin in her hair, but it had fallen out during their amorous activities of last night. Otherwise, she would have picked the lock in a second.
“Did you know her? Milah?” Emma asked softly, hoping to start a civilized conversation with him (which was odd, considering her lack of clothing and confinement)
Killian’s features became much happier as he spoke, “I loved Milah. She left Gold to be with me, but once he found out, he was enraged at the thought of his wife with a vampire. So he murdered her in cold blood, stabbed her right through the heart.”
Emma felt her heart drop, as if she had just been doused in cold ice water. A slight breeze came through the window, raising goosebumps on her arms and making her shiver. But after thinking it over, she nodded, sensing that he wished to tell someone these stories a long time ago. Unfortunately, she suspected no one believed him, especially since he was a vampire.
“You believe me? A bloodsucking, murderous vampire? Without any proof?” Killian asked incredulously.
“I’m really good at knowing when someone is lying to me,” she said proudly. “It’s like having a built-in lie detector. Really comes in handy for cases where I have to capture vamp….uh, people.”
“So….are you going to let me go?” she said, gesturing to her cuffs. “I have places to be.”
“And how do I know you’re not going to knock me out or try to dispatch me?” he said with a scoff. “Let me ask you something, love, do you trust me?”
Emma considered his words as he came closer to her; she could feel his breath on her and his eyes scanning her. Their cobalt blue reminded her of the ocean and getting lost in the tumultuous waves. It brought back memories of previous foster families, of vacations she spent with them, but eventually, they left her like everyone did. Pushing down those ugly thoughts, she looked back at Killian with determination in her eyes.
“Of course not….but I promise that I won’t hurt you,” she said earnestly, hoping he believed her words. “There’s nothing in it for me to capture you. Don’t you get it? I don’t blindly follow orders; I see the truth and then act upon it.”
Killian slowly nodded and after a terse moment, he procured a key from his pocket. Once he took away the cuffs, she rubbed her wrists, which beared red imprints from being tied up all night.
“Now, love, I hope you have an appetite. I’ve made breakfast for you,” he said with a wink, his flirty demeanor returning.
Emma couldn’t hold in her giggle as she gestured to her naked body, “Uh, could you get me something to wear first?”
She felt oddly vulnerable as he leered at her lecherously, but she shoved aside those thoughts. They had sex last night, for goodness sakes.
“Help yourself to whatever’s in the closet,” he said, pointing to the one with the erotic costumes and silk robes. “Afterwards, please grace me with your presence and meet me in the kitchen.”
He took her hand and kissed it, eyes still raking over her naked body. She rolled her eyes, finding his dual personality of gentleman and vampire fascinating, but strange. Once he left the room, she opened the closet and scanned her options. Corsets and lacy lingerie were definitely out, she mused, as she rifled through them. Most of them were red, unsurprisingly. She found a silk crimson robe which she figured would be perfect. Tightening the sash on her waist, she went to the kitchen.
A delicious scent wafted to her, making her stomach rumble in anticipation. She didn’t have dinner last night, being too preoccupied with capturing Killian, and she was starving now.
Killian stood at the edge of the table, rearranging the plates. Clad in only leather pants, she resisted the urge to kiss him senseless. Never had she seen a vampire (or, hell, a man) who was so sinfully attractive. Focusing her attention on the food, she realized he had quite a talent for cooking too. Plates of pancakes and bacon were set on the table, along with a jug of orange juice. The platters of French toast and eggs looked so delicious, her stomach grumbled once more. How had he known exactly what she liked?
“Ah, the fair lady arrives. Be seated, milady,” he said, pulling out her chair for her.
She smiled and accepting the seat. He made it feel like an actual date, rather than breakfast after a night of passionate sex. She accepted his offers of food, vociferously stuffing her face. It was a habit difficult to break from foster care, but with her meager living, she sometimes didn’t know when she’d see food again. She knew he was watching her, no doubt surprised by her table manners, but she could hardly care. Perhaps it was him draining her blood, but Emma couldn’t remember the last time she was this hungry.  
After she finished eating, she carefully wiped her mouth on a napkin as he sipped a cup of coffee.
“I find that most women are hungry after I….feed off them,” he said quietly, breaking the silence between them.
Emma’s stomach churned at the thought of him romancing and making love to other women. She cast that thought aside, knowing it couldn’t be jealousy. He was a wanted criminal and she was a vampire hunter; there was no happy ending for a story like that.
“And how many women have you….fed and fucked?” she said, trying to keep the curiosity out of her tone.
It didn’t work. Killian adopted a gleeful look on his face as if his birthday had come early.
“Why? Are you jealous?” he said, smirking. “Don’t worry, love. I only have eyes for you now.”
Emma scoffed and turned her head away. She pulled another plate of pancakes toward her and began eating them too.
He continued, “Well, in my 394 years of life, it’s been hard to keep track of how many exactly.”
Emma paused in her eating, “Is that why you’re so rich? Years of acquired wealth?”
Killian nodded and stood up, “Pretty much. I was once a pirate too.”
Emma nearly choked on her last bite of pancakes, “What? Are you serious?”
“Centuries ago, love. I could tell you all sorts of stories if you’re interested….”
His voice trailed off, but she could sense the uneasiness in his tone. Despite all his smirking and teasing, she understood the loneliness in his voice. She doubted he had many friends and he probably had far too much tragedy in his life. A part of her realized they weren’t all that different.
“I would love to, but….I have to get to work,” she explained, finishing her coffee and savoring the taste. The man really knew how to brew a cup of joe. “It’s almost nine o’clock. ”
Killian saw the time on the mantelpiece clock, “Swan, it’s 8:30. You can’t possibly go home, shower, dress, and make it in time.”
Emma frowned, “Then what else am I supposed to do?”
“Shower here,” he suggested. “I’ll go pick out some clothes for you.”
Emma laughed, “You can’t be serious. Why do you have women’s clothing just lying around in your fancy apartment?”
Killian scratched the back of his neck, face reddening. It suddenly occurred to her how adorable he looked when he was embarrassed.
“I might have been known to enjoy in role playing with my paramours. And a good gentleman always provides his women the correct attire.”
Her stomach churned again, “Uh, ok. I’ll just go shower then.”
He directed her to the shower and left to find her some clothing. She took off her robe and stepped into the glass doors. Blue lights turned on as water gushed from the ceiling’s faucets. She washed her hair and body as briskly as possible, wishing she could spend more time in such a luxurious shower.  
“Damn, he really is that rich,” she thought to herself.
After drying and brushing her hair, she went into the next bedroom. Killian had laid out a scarlet blouse and black pencil skirt. Once she dressed and inspected herself in the mirror, she realized just how low the neckline of her top was. Her cleavage was nearly on full display.
“Goddamnit, Killian,” she muttered to herself.
“What have I done now?” he asked.
She turned to find him leaning on the doorpost, smirking at the sight of her.
“Why, don’t you look lovely,” he said cheerfully. “Come, I’ll get you a taxi so you can get to work in time.”
Frowning at the sight of him, she picked up her purse and stalked out of the room, ignoring the look of confusion on his face.
As she made her way to the front door, she said, “Don’t bother. Hell, why are you being so kind to me? Making me breakfast and giving me clothes. You know I’m not going to kill you, right? And I work for a man who wants you dead. Doesn’t that make you angry?”
She turned and found him in a similar quiet rage that he had been in when she woke up.
“Oh, make no mistake, love. I want Gold dead,” he said in a low voice. “But I want your help to do it.”
“Hang on, I’m not killing anyone,” she said, keeping the worry out of her voice. “I knew he was a creep from the start, but enough to commit murder? I don’t want to be as bad as him, but - ”
Killian nodded, “Exactly. Since you know the truth about him now, we could take him to court with enough evidence.”
“Yeah, right. Since when did any of us have legal experience?”
“I don’t, but a friend of mine does,” he said, offering his hand to her. “Emma, I could really use your help on this. You work for him, so you must know a great deal about him that could strengthen our case.”
She paused with her hand on the doorknob and finally said, “I’ll think about it.”
Opening the door and walking outside, she made her way to the elevator on his floor and pressed the down button. Once inside, she unclasped her purse to check if he had messed with her things while she was in the shower. Instead, she found his business card with his phone number and address on it.
“Sneaky bastard.”
“Emma, Mr. Gold wants to see you in his office.”
Emma sighed and stood up from her chair, turning off her computer monitor, “Thanks, Mary Margaret.”
They walked away from the drab gray cubicles and towards the offices. The floor length windows of the 22nd floor gave Emma a lovely view of New York City’s busy activity. She followed Mary Margaret to the offices of higher level executives.
“Are you still coming to dinner tomorrow night? With me and David?” she asked.
“Of course, I wouldn’t miss that. Why?”
“You’ve just been busy these days. That’s all,” she said, smiling. “Just wanted to make sure.”
Though they were the same age as her, Emma couldn’t help feeling like Mary Margaret and David acted like parents to her.
“What’s this about?” Emma asked once they reached his office.
“Not sure. He didn’t say anything,” she admitted, looking fearful for her. “Good luck!”
She stepped into Mr. Gold’s office, finding it as dreary as it always was. He was writing in a notebook, so engrossed in it, that he didn’t even bother to look at her.
“Shut the door behind you, Ms. Swan.”
She did as he bid, heart pounding at the thought of what he would ask her. Emma knew she wasn’t a very good liar, but she hoped her skills had improved over the years.
“So….how did last night go?”
The erotic activities of last night came to mind first, nearly making her blush. But she focused on the story she fabricated on her drive to work.
“Uh, I was unable to capture him. He escaped before I could bring him in….sorry,” she said sheepishly. “I’ll have a detailed report in by this afternoon.”
Mr. Gold’s eyes never left her face. Remembering what Killian had told her about Milah, a sudden fury filled her. A part of her wanted to rip him limb from limb, but she held herself back. Ever since she started her job, she always saw Gold as sneaky, one who kept too many secrets. Never did she imagine that he was capable of murder. With her instincts confirmed, she desperately wanted to do something about it. A plan formed in her head as she remembered she had Killian’s card in her purse….
“Are you sure about that, dearie?” he smirked, bringing her back to reality.
“Yes, that’s what happened. I’m sure of it,” she replied fiercely. “Is that all you wanted to ask me?”
He sat back in his chair, “Yes, Ms. Swan. Good day to you.”
“And you, Mr. Gold,” she said, relieved to be done with him.
Once she left his office, she let out a sigh of relief. Making her way back to her desk, she opened up her purse and rifled through it, finding Killian’s number. Adding the number to her contacts, she dialed it and cursed when it went straight to voicemail. She left a message, keeping her voice low so no one would hear her.
“Killian? This is Emma. I’d like to talk to you about what you said before I left. Call me back, please.”
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winterflash-2019 · 5 years
Tumblr media
You were a senior in college and also Barry Allen’s best friend of 10 years. He told you any and everything and you did the same so when he told you that he had super speed of course you believed him. You decided to visit him in Central City since you were on break; it’ll be your first time actually seeing him in a while. He would help you study for exams while you would help him with his Flash duties over the phone sometimes just sometimes the both of you would fall asleep on the phone together and in the morning when you hear Barry say “hello” you smile the biggest smile ever but soon reality hits you  as you realize the only woman in Barry’s life romantically was Iris West.
You talked to Iris a couple of times before going off to college. She being a big part of Barry’s life you couldn’t avoid her. You actually told her about your crush on Barry but then you left leaving Barry to her. You were on your flight at the moment, sighing as you looked out the window feeling excited and nervous at the same time but nonetheless you closed your eyes; finally relaxing for what felt like the first time in forever.
You wake up to a tap on your shoulder, seeing the flight attendant in front of you with a smile on your face.
“Sorry to wake you ma’am but we’ve landed”
You nod with a small smile, silently thanking the woman before grabbing your things and walking off the plane. Once you’re off the plane you see people everywhere, making your anxiety rise but you take a deep breath somewhat calming down.
Grabbing your phone from your pocket you click on Barry’s name and press the phone against your ear, waiting for him to answer.
“Would you be a dear and please come get your bestest friend in the whole wide world” You quipped but he doesn’t respond instead you hear him talking to some else in the background.
“Bartholomew Allen” You say into the phone, ignoring the elderly woman glaring at your loud tone.
“Huh, sorry y/n I had to tell Joe something but now I’m all yours” You could tell by the tone in his voice he was smirking.
“I said would you please be a dear and pick me up from the airport” Coming to a stop when you hear silence on the other end.
“You’re here?” He gasps into the phone which you smile at.
“Of course I am I told you Barry Allen you can’t get rid of me no matter how hard you try” You giggle and Barry rolls his eyes.
“You’re so lame y/n” He smiles with the shake of his head.
“But you love me”
“Yeah whatever; I’ll be there in 10”
You stretch as you sat on the uncomfortable airport bench before spotting Barry and putting your book away.
“About time you show up I was afraid you forgot about me”  You tease with raised eyebrows
“Like you’ll let me” He grabs your luggage as you punch him in the shoulder.
“I see you’re still an asshole; some things never change”
“Like your ego?”
“Don’t be an asshat Barr; I just got here” You fold your arms with a smirk as he opens the passenger door.
“Just trying to spice things up a little y/n, don’t get your panties in a twist” He smiles at your silence, finally getting you to hush.
“1 for me 0 for y/n” he mumbles
You walk in Joe’s place behind Barry, sighing as the homey feeling settles your nerves.
“Wow, I missed this place so much” You looked around in awe as you places your hands in your pockets.
“I bet it missed you too now come on so I can show you where you’ll be staying” Following Barry up the stairs you rolled your eyes at his oblivion.
“Barry, I know where your room is have you forgot I was here with you 24/7”  
“Yeah well I’m gonna pretend like you wasn’t; by the way Joe’s making dinner tonight and you’re going to be there” He states before setting you luggage on the bed.
“Oh yeah? Who says” You sat on the bed sassily as you looked up at Barry.
“Me, your bestest friend in the whole wide world” He mocks
“Hmm I don’t recall” You smirk and Barry playfully shoves your shoulder.
“Come on, I have some friends I want you to meet” He grabs your hand, pulling you off the bed.
“Wait did you just say friends”
The both of you walk into Star Labs, laughing as you recall old memories.
“Um Barry, are you gonna introduce us to your new friend anytime soon”  Cisco curiously questions.
“Oh yeah sorry guys, this is the blood sucking leech that-“
You slap Barry’s arm again and he looks at you while rubbing his arm.
“This is my good friend y/n” He mumbles, putting emphasizes on your name.
“Well it’s nice to meet you y/n, I’m Caitlin this is Cisco and Harry” You smile at the trio already feeling welcomed.
“Hi” you wave and Barry nudges your arm
“Stop acting nice when you’re really the devil” He jokes and you narrow your eyes at him.
“StOp aCtInG nIcE wHeN yOuRe ReAlLy tHe dEvIl” you mock and he glares at you.
“Love you barr” you giggle
“So y/n how’s university life treating you” Joe asks as he set the table.
“Not good at all; I have finals coming up so that means I have to study while I’m here with you guys” You frown as you rubbed your forehead.
“Stop stressing y/n you’ll be fine” Barry pats the top of your head and you groan.
A knock on the door startles you and Barry goes to answer it.
“Hi Iris” You hear Barry greet her as you walk out the kitchen, coming to a stop when you see her kiss Barry on the cheek.
“Iris hey” You call out with a small smile on your face and she looks at you once she pulls away from Barry’s embrace.
“Y/n hi um what brings you to Central City” She asks, her eyes flicking between you and Barry.
“I’m on break so I decided to come and see how everyone was doing” You anxiously rub your hands against your jeans.
“Oh, great I’m glad you’re doing well”She walks into the kitchen to greet Joe leaving you and Barry awkwardly staring at each other.
“Wanna explain what I just witnessed” You tilt your head with crossed arms and Barry sheepishly shrugs his shoulders.
“Me and Iris are in the process of getting together” He mumbles but you heard him just fine.
“I’m happy for you Barr, you finally got the girl you wanted your entire life” You were hurt although you knew this would happen but you weren’t bitter.
“Thanks y/n” you nod before following him into the dining room and taking a seat next to Joe which was far away from Barry.
“So y/n, tell me any guy in your life” Iris asks as she passes the pasta bowl to Barry.
“Not really; you see I’m just too busy for a relationship” Shrugging your shoulders you stab your fork into your pasta, imagining Barry and Iris in your head.
“Everyone has a soulmate y/n” Iris says before taking a sip of her water
“Yeah well everyone except me” Your eyes snap to Barry’s who was grinning at you.
“What is so funny Bartholomew” You lean back in your chair as all the attention goes to Barry.
Maybe if you weren’t a pain in the ass you would find someone” he jokes causing you to glare at him.
“If anything you’re the pain in my ass Barry”
“But you love me”
“Do I now ?” You raise your eyebrows
“Both of you are a pain in the ass” Joe grumbles and you and Barry laugh.
“Barr are you going to be home early or are you staying at the lab” Iris asks and you look up at your longtime best friend wondering why hasn’t he told you about him staying with Iris.
“Um” Barry nervously scratches the back of his neck.
“Thanks for the dinner Joe it was lovely as always but I’m afraid I have to head to bed; jet lag is a bitch” You yawn, picking up your dish and putting it in the sink.
“Goodnight y/n”They say in unison
The next day you agreed to meet up with Barry at the lab. Bringing all your all your notes and books to study while you were there.
“Hi guys” You greet team flash, sitting at a nearby table.
“Um y/n, aren’t you on break” Cisco asks while eyeballing your stack of textbooks.
“I have exams coming up Cisco andddd I may need your help with some things...please” You bat your lashes at him with a smile on your face.
“Alright alright but only because you’re cute”
“Yay thanks Cisco” you eagerly clapped your hands together as Cisco takes a seat next to you but before you could get anything started a gust of wind makes all your papers go flying as Barry was now in the middle of the cortex.
“You ass I needed those to study” You shout
“Well since you’re yelling at me guess who’s not helping pick them up...this guy” Barry points to himself with a smirk
“I don’t need your help idiot” you snort
“stop distracting me I need to focus” You whine, spinning in your chair.
“I’m such a great best friend; look what I got you” Barry sits an iced coffee on your desk and you look up at him suspiciously.
“Did you poison it” You joke
“No but I should’ve” He mumbles and you gasps.
“Now if I really die I hope you’re miserable for eternity” You quipped
“But...thank you anyway” you mumble, taking a sip of the iced beverage just as Barry started talking.
“Guys anything on Savitar?”
“Sadly no”
They say in unison and Barry groans and carried on with your studying.
It was 10pm when Barry walked in the lab again to see you sitting in the same spot except you had your head in your hand with your eyes closed softly snoring.
He shakes your shoulder a little and you groan but open your eyes anyway.
“Come on I’ll take you to Joe’s; you need rest you’ve been studying all day”
“Its fine barr I’m going to head out in a little bit” You rubbed the sleep out your eyes as you stretch.
“Are you sure y/n, I can take you Joe’s”
“I’m fine barr, honestly; now go home Iris is probably worried sick” You push him a little and he chuckles before giving you a hug.
“You promise you’ll leave and get some rest?”
“I promise Barry geez you’re acting like you’re my daddy or something”
“You wish” he had a boyish grin on his face and your eyes got big.
“You bastard, get out” You shout while playfully shoving him out the cortex.
You turn around facing the desk and pout. Starting to get your things together you stop and stare at your engineering textbook with a sigh.
“Just one more hour” You mumble before taking a seat back in the spinning chair.
“Just another weird day in Central-“ Cisco’s heart drops when he jumps 5 ft in the air. He wasn’t expecting to see you on the floor surrounded by numerous papers. You had took your shoes off and put your hair in a ponytail, jacket on a nearby desk.
“Hey Cisco” Your voice was hoarse as you flipped another page in your textbook.
“Here have my coffee; you need it more than I do” Cisco hands you his coffee and you take it with a smile.
“Ms. L/n what are you still doing here” Harry walks in, coming to a stop when he sees you still at the lab.
“I was studying and I guess I lost track of time; can you guys help me with engineering it won’t stick in my mind” You say the last part through gritted teeth.
3 hours later you were in a Star Labs sweatshirt and spandex as you wrote down everything Cisco and Harry told you on note cards until Barry flashes in.
“Morning guys, why are you on the floor?”
“Uh heyyy Barr” you nervously greet and he squints his eyes at you.
“Y/n, did you stay here all night”
“I’m sorry barr i just lost track of time I just-“
“Come on we’re leaving” he grabs your hand as Harry and Cisco watches.
“I need my things speedy”You shout
“I’ll bring them to you later”
“This is interesting...5 bucks says Barry likes y/n” Harry quietly bargains
“You seriously think I’m gonna bet on my friends love life.....deal” Cisco grins while rubbing his hands together.
“Geez y/n you seriously need to sleep cause you’re acting like such a bitch” Barry shouts
“Well maybe I get it from you ever thought about that” You shout back at him and he stops and grabs you before running off to Joe’s place.
When you were safely on the ground you grabbed your head, feeling dizzy.
“Jerk” You mumble
“Get in bed” he ignores your insult as you now lay in his old bed, snuggling under the covers.
“Barry” your tired voice calls out
“Yes ms.devious”
“I’m sorry”
“I always call you horrible names”
“To be fair I do the same...I just like pissing you off”
“I’m trying to be serious here”
“Its fine y/n, you’re still my best friend” he chuckles
“Well you don’t act like it”
“What do you mean”
“You always tell me everything but now you won’t even tell me about the girl who has your heart; what if she turns out to be a bitch and I need to punch her in the face I wouldn’t be able too cause you didn’t tell me”
Barry laughs at your previous statement. He didn’t know why he never told you that he was seeing Iris it just never came up.
“Tell me Barry, what’s troubling you” your soft voice brings him out his thoughts and he sits on the bed as you looked in his eyes.
“Well you remember when I told you about Savitar”
“Well turns out he’s future me but he wants to kill Iris”
“So do I” you thought but instead of actually saying that you say “have you figured out why”
“He’s convinced that killing Iris will stop the paradox from getting him”
“Look at it like this Barr, Iris West is not going anywhere. She loves you and you love her...that’s enough combined to stop Savitar” You rub the back of his hand as your eyes slowly closed and your breathing becomes even.
Barry knew you were asleep but your words kept replaying in his mind. He hated it when you were right but at the same time he liked it. It was a crazy how you say the craziest things and say something wise at the same time it was a talent of yours.
You were woken up to your phone ringing for the millionth time and you knock it off the bed but the damned device kept ringing.
Huffing you angrily picked it up and pressed accept, putting the call on speaker.
“Rise and shine sleepy head” Barry’s chirpy voice blast through the phone.
“Fuck you”
“Awwwe don’t be like that”
“Barry what is it that you want at this ungodly hour” You whine
“.....y/n its 4 in the afternoon”
“Whatever just get dressed we’re going to Jitters” He ends the call just as you were about to reply with something sassy.
“Bartholomew allen always wanting to go somewhere” you grumble
“You know its not good to talk about friends behind their backs” Barry’s voice startles you as you were pulling up your jeans.
“Holy hell Barry stop doing that” You yell
“Sorry I couldn’t resist; are you almost ready”
“You literally just told me 2 seconds ago”
“What’s that supposed to mean”
“You’re so lucky you’re my best friend”
When Barry finally drags you to Jitters he orders the both of your drinks just as you found a table.
“So I forced you to come here because we need to talk” He says as he sat down across from you.
“What’s on your mind?”
“Well I just couldn’t stop thinking about what you said last night and I thought about if you were in Irises position and well...I’m afraid” his voice lowers as he averted his eyes away from yours.
“Look at me Barry; I know all of this is putting pressure on you but I am here alive and well to help you with it that’s why we need each other...to keep the other person from doing stupid things barr, you’re my best friend” As the words were leaving your mouth your hand found its way on top of Barry’s but the moment was ruined by his Meta-human alert app.
“We gotta go” Barry grabs your hand, rushing out the cafe.
“We just got here”
Reader’s POV
I stood against a desk as Barry and the others talked about breaking into A.R.G.U.S for some kind of stone. All of this made sense but didn’t at the same time.
“Barry this isn’t safe” I hear Iris say. Honestly for someone who wants to live she sure as hell is disagreeing with everything Barry suggests.
“Why not just get Snart’s help” I spoke up and everyone looks at me with a confused expression.
“How do you know about Snart” Iris frowns as she walks towards me and I decide that it was time to stop leaning against the table and stand up, showing her that I’m not afraid of whatever tricks she had up her sleeve.
“You see I told y/n everything we dealt with you know, she was giving me advice on things” Barry states and I give her a little smirk as she looks from Barry to me.
“Moral support” I tilt my head, making sure to make my tone higher a little to make me sound sweet.
“In order to do that Barry has to do time travel...which is what got us into this mess in the first place” Joe says
“I could help”
“No” Barry shuts down my suggestion as quick as it came.
“Why the hell not” I shout, seriously he was treating me like a child.
“You know why y/n so no end of discussion” He yells and I back away from him slowly. Barry always yelled at me but we would be playing this time however was the complete opposite and it hurt because well having someone you loved yell at you hurts like a bitch.
End of POV.
“Fine” You swallowed the lump in your throat  before walking away and everyone looks at each other in confusion.
“Umm what just happened” Cisco asks as he put on a lost expression.
“What did you do with the real y/n” Joe looks at Barry who was looking at all his friends weirdly.“Why you ask that”
“She didn’t chew your head off this time...I was waiting for it” Harry folds his arms silently pouting at the fact you didn’t destroy him using your words.
“Me and y/n don’t always argue” This causes Joe and Iris to look at Barry with a look of disbelief on their face.
You were in Cisco’s workshop flipping through your engineering textbook, not really reading anything.
“Y/n” A voice calls out to you and you turn around, seeing Joe.
“Hey Joe” you sigh before turning back around.
“You know he means well y/n”
“I know its just tiring all he tells me is no I wanna be able to help with meta-humans while I’m here”
“You’re his Bestfriend y/n he doesn’t want to expose you to this crazy world; you’re the only one who isn’t really involved in it”
“But Joe-“
“No buts y/n, I basically raised you I know exactly what you’re gonna say”
“Dang it”
“Guys Barry’s back” Cisco stops in the door way informing you about Barry’s return but when all of you went in the cortex you were greeted with Savitar’s famous smirk.
“Holy shit” You mumble but next thing you know Savitar grabs you and leaves Star Labs.
“Y/N” Joe yells as Cisco tells Barry you’ve been captured on the ear comms.
Infantino Street, the place Barry dreaded going ever since his unexpected visit to the future.
Savitar appears in front of him with Iris, throwing her on the ground just as Barry pulled the trigger on the speed force bazooka.
Everything seemed to be working until all the power bounces off Savitar’s robotic body and he holds up the philosophers stone.
“I spent an eternity stuck in a trap with that energy you think I didn’t know how to stop it” His villainous voice echoes
“You put me in an eternity of hell now welcome to yours” He runs off and comes back with you in his right hand, Iris in his left. Barry drops the bazooka at the same time his heart drops when he sees your face.
“Choose right now Flash, WHO is it gonna be that lives” You hear Iris sobbing next to you as your heart rate increases. You tried your best to not cry in front of Barry you were always the strong one when it comes to emotions and you will not break.
“Barry I fucking swear” You shout and he begins hyperventilating.
“I can’t do this, this isn’t fair”
“LIFE ISN’T FAIR Barry, you should’ve thought about that before you shunned me”
“Barry fucking Allen” You were getting anxious the more Savitar’s cold claws held you in the air.
“Times up flash” He lets go of Iris, left hand now forming a blade and Barry opens his mouth but nothing comes out as he felt his throat become dry.
“I’m sorry y/n, but its me or you” You couldn’t do it you couldn’t hold it in. Sobs rack over your body as you were preparing for the sharp pain you were about to feel.
Barry takes off running, pushing his self to run faster but it felt as if he was just slowing down.
“Look at me Barry; I know all of this is putting pressure on you but I am here alive and well to help you with it that’s why we need each other...to keep the other person from doing stupid things barr, you’re my best friend”
The words replayed through Barry’s mind as he looked at the tear slowly falling down your face and all he could think about was running out of time as the blade pierced through your back and Savitar lets go of you.
He caught you perfectly in his arms but it was too late you were gone; he lost you.
He sobs as he dug his head in the crook of your neck, pulling you even closer to his chest as your arm limply falls on the ground.
Iris stares at the scene before her with watery eyes. Barry was different, she’s never seen him this way; so broken.
“You loved her didn’t you” She whispers and he sniffles, red eyes looking into her clear brown ones but he simply ignores her.
Barry was in so much pain it was as if he saw his mother die all over again. He couldn’t sleep instead he laid in bed, previous events haunting his mind as Iris laid asleep next to him.
He gets up and goes to the kitchen, getting a glass of water but he never takes a sip from it because he couldn’t instead he breaks down against the counter letting out all his tears.
“I’m so sorry y/n” He cries violently, shoulders shaking as snot runs out his nose.
“Look at me Barry; I know all of this is putting pressure on you but I am here alive and well to help you with it that’s why we need each other...to keep the other person from doing stupid things barr, you’re my best friend”
There it was again your words haunting him even more as images of you throughout the years popped in his head making his sobs come to a stop.
“Run Barry... Run” You whisper and his eyes flashes with lightening as he takes off down the street the tears still sliding down his face as he felt a void around him.
Everything that happened since you arrived replaying in the void even your death. He sees Savitar holding you in the distance and right as he goes to stab you Barry grabs your frame, running away before falling on the ground with you on top of him.
“Barry” Your voice was quiet as more tears slide down your face and he pushes your head against his chest.
“I got you y/n, I got you” he soothes
“Who the hell are you and why are you here” Barry frowns as he looked at himself that was now holding your hand.
“I’m you from the future alright I just came back here for y/n”
“Y/n...didn’t make it originally and a life without her is miserable its hell itself...she is what I need so I came back to save her; I just need to know y/n...will you come back with me?” You look at future Barry with watery eyes, your face was flushed and you had tear streaks that you knew were very visible.
“I will” Your throat was dry as the words left your mouth but you grabbed Barry’s hand nonetheless.
Hoisting you on his back Barry nods at his team flash members before running back the same way he came, wind blowing your hair out your face and instantly drying your eyes.
Finally stopping Barry puts you down and you look around, noticing you were on a sidewalk outside of Joe’s house.
“Barry” you could see the pain in his eyes, he really was afraid of losing you and seeing him so hurt made your heart ache.
“Yeah?” He looks at you just as you press your lips against his and he melts under your touch, kissing back.
“I’m not losing you again y/n”
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I think this might be the best short story I ever made. 
- WinterFlash-2019
Word Count: 4,400
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emkish · 5 years
Oh Happy Day.
We got married! Again, as with the engagement, I should have written about this long ago so that I could remember more of what happened. I want to write down our wedding day from my perspective so that years from now, I can look back and read it and remember all of the small things. 
The day before the wedding was stressful. I ended up running a bunch of errands in the morning, which made me super grouchy. Then, we took a bunch of stuff out to the barn and I stayed for a few moments to put some things together. I came home, showered, and went to the rehearsal.  We got pretend married a few times, and then had the rehearsal dinner. We at first thought we were going to run out of food, so we were running around whispering to everyone to only take one piece of either lasagna or shells. As it turns out, we had plenty of food and nothing to worry about. Mom, Steve, Cathy, and Ben had set up the church earlier in the day (thank you, Ben, so that I didn’t have to), and it looked really nice! I wish we had taken more pictures, but alas, we did not.  At the end of the night we spent a couple of moments alone, and Aly was there to capture our last single-people kiss at the end of the night. I felt nervous and excited all at once. I was SO TIRED. When we got home, I was trying so hard not to cry, because I didn’t want poofy eyes the next day. Aly and I danced to some music and I tried to go to bed at 11:00.  My heart was beating SO HARD that I couldn’t sleep. I think I was nervous and excited all at once, but it was out of control.  I tried watching the West Wing to fall asleep - that didn’t work. I read - that didn’t work. I finally got up around 1:00 am and wrote Ben’s card for the day of the wedding. I somehow managed to avoid sobbing, which is great! I finally fell asleep around 2:00am. I was up by 6 or 7 on my own - so hardly any sleep! 
Aly and I ran to Hilligoss Donuts to get Ben his wedding gift - his favorite donut! I went in my Lion King nightie and a guy opened the door there for me and looked me up and down several times - but he was not checking me out. It was hilarious. We got our donuts, and then came home to try to remedy my poof-tastic eyes. We started with frozen spoons, then used cool tea bags, and ice in a washcloth.  I ate a yogurt with peanut butter and honey. I was feeling full from the donut, but Aly was pretty much force-feeding the yogurt to me.  As I was laying there with my eyes closed, we noticed what looked like a huge bruise on my foot. I couldn’t feel several of my toes, and I immediately was paranoid. My mind went from parkinsons to frostbite to I’m dying (of course). Aly took pictures and called her uncle who is a doctor.  After I washed my foot, most of the dark color went away (which was good for my mental state).  I put on my “Oh Happy Day” shirt and then Jason picked Aly and I up and took us to the bank to get a bunch of cash and then to e.m. Studios to get our hair done. Mom was still there getting her hair done, and Andrea was there getting hers done as well.  They washed my hair for me, and it was glorious to sit and relax for a few minutes. Ashleigh did an AMAZING job on my hair - it was exactly what I wanted - down, curly, and it stayed!! Marissa’s veil was gorgeous and went perfectly with my dress.  When our hair was done, Jason came and picked us up from the salon. We came back to the house, loaded up our stuff, and then he dropped us off at the barn.  
When we got to the barn, Andrea was still getting her makeup done. I wandered downstairs to look at everything - Angela did an AMAZING job with our flowers. I couldn’t believe how wonderful everything looked. It was gorgeous. They were bright, beautiful, and everything I had hoped for.  I went back upstairs and ate some of the brunch that mom had brought to the barn for us.  Everyone started showing up at different times. Finally, it was my turn to get my makeup done, and I sat in that chair for probably close to an hour.  While I was getting my make-up done, Ashley and Bri brought me my gift from Ben.  When they handed it to me, I had no idea what it was. I thought it was some sort of a black box. Ash asked me if I knew what it was, and so I looked at it and realized it was a VHS tape. I started bouncing up and down and squealed because I was so excited. Ben gave me his musical as a wedding gift.  He has such a knack for making me feel loved and giving unique gifts.  I was SO EXCITED.  He also wrote me a sweet card. When my makeup was finished, we all got dressed and I got ready to go see Ben for the first time. I felt so nervous! Marissa took some videos as we were going down the stairs.  
We had our first look outside of the front of the barn. When Ben turned around, he laughed a little because I think my make-up took him by surprise - it was A LOT.  But we kissed and I got lipstick all over his mouth, so we spent some time wiping it off. After our first look, we went and got some portraits done, and then thankfully I had the foresight to take pictures with our parents outside under the arch. I am so thankful that I did, because all day the forecast was kind of sketchy. Poor Julie kept asking me if I wanted to move it inside, and I kept telling her no because I was convinced it wasn’t going to rain.  Finally, about 20 minutes before the ceremony, we ended up moving everything inside.  I’m so glad we did, because it started pouring as my bridesmaids were walking down the aisle.  
The 20 minutes before the wedding were some of the longest minutes of my life. We went back up to the bridal suite, and I peed probably 3 or 4 times. At one point, I was just sitting on the toilet dancing, because I was peeing so often! It was finally time to go. I almost started crying before I walked down the aisle. I was so nervous, but I noticed when we were walking, my dad had to slow me down because I was going so quickly.  I was so excited to marry Ben. When I got to the end of the aisle, Ben had tears in his eyes - the only other time I’ve seen him come even close to crying was when he proposed. Uncle Paul did a beautiful ceremony. I couldn’t stop wiggling my legs because I was so nervous and so excited. We exchanged our vows - before I went I said “I’m ready!” Ha! When we did the rings, I almost put the ring on the wrong finger, which gave me the giggles briefly.  Then, we planted our “love cactus” and we were husband and wife! I grabbed Ben by the neck apparently to kiss him. We walked back down the aisle and were giving hugs to everyone and I almost lost it, but Aly yelled at me and I held it together! We signed the marriage license, and then went outside to take some more family pictures.  After family pictures, we went back up to the bridal suite to try to steal a few minutes alone, but Joe was up there with Maverick. We ended up finding a quiet spot outside to just hang out for a few minutes.  We did the bridal party introductions, a very poor version of a dance, and then ate dinner. The food was AMAZING - we got so many compliments on it after the wedding. We split a bottle of Oliver Soft Red at dinner, and were actually able to sit and talk for a minute while we were eating.  We walked around and said hello to the different tables during dinner as well - we managed to say hi to almost everyone in that period of time.
When everyone had their food, Marissa and Matt gave their speeches. Both of their speeches were so great.  We were able to get them on video, and I am so excited to watch them again. Matt’s was very sweet, and Marissa’s was hilarious. After speeches, we cut the cake.  We couldn’t get the cake off of the tray, so we ended up just stabbing it with forks and feeding each other.  We did our father/daughter dance and mother/son dance, and then the real dancing started! I was sweating SO MUCH. Ben and I were both absolutely drenched. It was so. much. fun.  All of our jams were playing, we danced like crazy, and just overall had an amazing time. It rained like crazy and we ended up getting a few really cool pictures in the rain! I was so happy with how the evening went.
At 10:30ish, we got ready to leave. We did our sparkler send off, and I decided to run through twice since people’s sparklers were still working.  I was so happy it stopped raining for that! We got in the car, were driving down the driveway, and I immediately started crying from all the emotions. Then, I realized that I left my phone and we had to go back to get it. My dad brought it out to us and then we were on our way. I cried a bit on the way home and was feeling all the feels. We pulled up to the condo and saw candles in bags lining the driveway. Ben carried me over the threshold, we came inside, kissed, took our shoes off, and then walked down the path that Rachel made for us. There were candles and roses in votives and sparkly round cut outs on the floor leading to the bedroom. She had put candles in votives around the bedroom and in the living room as well. Our room had chocolate covered strawberries and bottle of champagne of the nightstand and THEN Ben took my dress off and made me his wife. WOOHOO! It was better than I expected.  The next morning, we woke up, had some happy fun time to start the day and ended up going to Kroger. We made a big breakfast, drank out of our new Mr. and Mrs. coffee mugs, and then spent the day opening gifts, playing with nerf guns, and resting. It was perfect for us. We spent Sunday running errands for the honeymoon. I tried my wedding dress back on because I love it so much, and then we had some fun with that as well. We played with our nerf guns, packed for the honeymoon, and tried to clean for my mom.  As it got later, I dropped a votive in the garage and shattered it, which caused tears. Ben helped me clean it up and then we went to bed. 
Honeymoon was great. Getting there was rough, but we spent 7 days laying on the beach, going to dinners, playing games on the beach, drinking weak adult beverages, taking daily laps around the lazy river-style pool, and going to the shows. We also played 5 crowns a few times, watched the Bachelorette, and just generally enjoyed spending time together. We were given breakfast “in bed” one morning, and I followed Ben around like a lost puppy. We took a few baths in the bathtub on our balcony, took a walk on the beach, and spent tons of time reading.  Ben took care of my puke when I was sick the night before we left, and we spent the last day of our honeymoon in bed watching the O.C. all. day. long. 
I am so thankful for him, for our marriage, and that our wedding went as well as it could have. Again, a gift I don’t deserve. My heart is so full! 
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sokyler · 6 years
Ice Grows Outward, Part 4
Part 1 2 3
Len was sitting in the cortex for the first time since he had woken up. It was a relief for him to be able to be out of the bed for longer than fifteen minutes. It felt good for him to be there. He was excited by the possibility of finally being able to leave STAR Labs.
"You're making excellent progress, far better than I thought you would," Caitlin was explaining, looking through his charts. "The ice problem seems to not be recurring that often though."
Turning his hand over, Len created a small ice ball, "I have it under control."
"What in the hell?" comes from behind them, causing Len to drop the ice and Caitlin to flinch.
"Hey guys, Joe is here," Cisco said, walking in behind Joe.
"You're one of them," Joe said, hand sliding down back to his firearm unconsciously.
Sighing, Len stood up and picked up his ice ball. Concentrating, he made the ice ball melt. "A metahuman is what we are called, apparently."
"Apparently," Joe said, stopping on the other side of the computers in the cortex,  "How long have you known?"
"Since I woke up," Len answered, playing more with his powers now that it was out in the open.
"Three months," Joe said, getting upset, "That was three months ago. Why wasn't I told?"
Before Cisco or Caitlin could answer, Len stood up and faced Joe, "Maybe because it was none of your business." His anger was driving his powers out of control, he could feel the ice spreading out from his hands and up his arms, but he couldn't stop it. How dare Joe walk in here and start making those demands. He had no right to do that.
"Len," Caitlin said, concern clear in her voice.
"Dude," Cisco says, watching the ice grow up Len's arms, "That's awesome. Frightening but awesome."
Taking several deep breaths, Len gets his powers under control and begins to have the ice melt away.
"Maybe I didn't want to end up where ever you put the others," Len said, glaring at Joe, "Maybe I don't want to be an even bigger science experiment than I am already."
"They aren't experimented on," Joe defended, glancing around the room at everyone.
Snorting, Len looked away, "If you believe that then you're more naïve than I ever gave you credit for."
"What is that supposed to mean?"
"Exactly what I said. If you think that there isn't some scientist poking and prodding them to figure out how to use it for their advantage, then you aren't paying attention."
Caitlin gasped, "But that is illegal."
"So is wiretapping an American citizen's phone without a warrant, but how often does that happen?" Len said, looking straight at Joe and watching as he looked away.
"Exactly," Len said, "Whenever people think that that the benefits outweigh the costs, civil liberties go out the window. Besides, if people find out about these experiments, all they have to say is that they are studying them to find a way to protect the people. Just like with the wiretapping."
"Len is correct," Wells says from the doorway into the cortex. "People are always ready to sacrifice something if it will make them feel safe. Especially if they don't have to fear the consequences of that sacrifice."
"So, what? We're just supposed to leave them out on the streets?" Joe asked, getting angry, "They were destroying the city! Something needed to be done!"
"And something was when they were arrested. I was not saying that nothing should be done. But their rights should be respected."
"That’s rich coming from you," at the end, Joe stabbed his finger at Wells.
Tilting his head, Len felt like he was missing a part of that conversation, "What do you mean?"
"Do you want to tell him or should I?" Joe asked, glaring over at Wells.
"It didn't happen," Wells defended, glaring back.
"But it would have if you had a means," Joe retorted, turning to face Len, "You think Iron Heights is bad, at least there they have representation. Wells over there wanted to put them in the pipeline."
Clearing his throat, Cisco stood up, "The accelerator downstairs. Since it's offline, it's just a giant pipe and we thought of possibly holding the metas down there until we could figure out what to do with them."
Shaking his head, Len couldn't believe what he was hearing. "Joe was right," those three words surprised everyone in the room, "You would have been worst. That's kidnapping and false imprisonment. Felonies."
Joe's eyebrows had reached his hairline by the time Len was done with his rebuke. He wasn't aware that Len knew that much about the law. Wells was glaring at practically everyone in the room, while Cisco and Caitlin looked guilty.
"We were trying to fix what we did," Wells tried to defend.
"What you did, you mean," Joe exclaimed, gesturing around at the building they were in, "But I'm not hear to rehash this argument."
"Then why are you here?"
"To see Len," Joe said, looking over at him, "Or am I not allowed?" he asked, looking over at Wells again.
"It's up to Len," Wells said, backing out of the cortex and back to his office.
Len stood there staring at Joe for a minute, before he let out his breath and walked back into his 'room.'
Len stopped in the middle of the room and turned to face Joe. He understood his reaction when Joe had arrived, Len had spent every free waking moment catching up on everything that had happened. It also didn't hurt that he had a primary source in the form of Iris. Len was aware that the meta's had been wrecking havoc all over the city. So, he was aware and he understood but it still did not sit right with him. Pissed him off that Joe would just assume the worst of Len after all these years.
"You've seen me," Len said into the silence as Joe looked around the room he was in.
Joe looked back at Len, tilted his head and said, "Don't be an ass, Len."
Len quirked an eyebrow at Joe before he pointedly looked at his firearm.
Joe sighed, shacking his head, "Not my finest moment, but if you knew what they were like."
Len crossed his arms over his chest, this man was something else. "Let me guess, violent, destructive, even murderous."
Joe was shocked at Len, "To put it mildly."
"And why is that, I wonder?" Len asked, "Maybe it has to do with the governor declaring a state of emergency and threatening martial law. Maybe it has to do with the police shooting first, and never being held accountable."
"These people are dangerous!" Joe practically yelled, "You said so yourself!"
"Including that nine year old girl?"
Joe took a step back as if he had been physically struck, jaw dropping open in shock. "We didn't know what she was capable of."
Len shook his head and chocked out a bitter laugh, "Listen to yourself for once. You are justifying the murder of a nine year old girl whose only crime was being scared."
Len stood there and watched Joe struggle with that.
"We're done."
Joe stared at Len for a few long moments before he nodded, "Yea, I think we are."
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