#Gar is offended
nelkcats · 5 days
Not a Dog!
A competition was set up to award the best dog between Gotham and Amity Park, probably because the judges were quite aware that the two cities were a little crazy and decided to unite their competitions.
Damian bragged that he shouldn't be participating since obviously Titus would beat everyone. Jason snorted and commented that Dog was much better than Titus and would win the competition easily, the rest of the siblings walked away from the discussion, but Dick felt left out and called his friend.
Beast Boy, better known as "Gar" wasn't too happy about Dick using his favor to make him pretend to be a dog in a pet contest, but he agreed. Dick signed him up as his own pet while Jason and Damian complained about how silly the idea was.
When Gotham competitors list was released on Amity, Danny noticed that one contestant had a green dog and smiled. He could compete with Cujo! His father told him something about wanting to compete too but the halfa denied and said that he needed a dog for that.
On the day of the competition the judges tried not to flinch at the two obviously green dogs and a contestant who had decided to enter with a peculiar type of dog, they decided to judge them as best as possible. A rivalry ensued between all the contestants while Danny tried to avoid looking at his father's eyes, why was he participating with a fridge?
To everyone's surprise, none of the dogs won. The winner was Jack Fenton, with his very alive and aggressive sausages. The judges couldn't disqualify him because "hot dog" was technically a type of "dog" even if they didn't know how it was possible, and Jack taught the hot dogs a few tricks.
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barbie0303 · 2 years
Dick annoying/insulting the bad guys (New teen titans era)
(Because those compilations are always great)
Tumblr media
Tales of the Teen Titans #58
Tumblr media
Tales of the teen titans #43
Tumblr media
New teen titans (1980) #21
Tumblr media
New teen titans (1984) #36
Tumblr media
New teen titans (1984) #37
Tumblr media
New teen titans (1980) #7
Tumblr media
New teen titans (1980) #39
Tumblr media
New titans (1988) #75
Tumblr media
New teen titans (1980) #19
Tumblr media
New teen titans (1984) #22
Edit: I also have compilations of Batman era and Bludhaven era
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babyboymunson · 2 months
996 hours, 39 minutes and 12 seconds.
Gareth has had enough. It's been long enough. He's sick and tired of waiting- he's taking matters into his own hands. He can't wait any longer. It'll kill him.
"Oh, hey," Steve looks surprised when he opens the door. "Gareth. Uh, what are you-?"
"Are you home alone?"
"What? Yeah, but-"
He grabs Steve by the shoulders, turning him around and directing him into his house, kicking the door shut behind him. He walks them all the way to the kitchen and nudges Steve into one of the seats.
Gareth sits across from him, narrowing his eyes. "Are you a homophobe?"
"What? No!" Steve looks deeply offended at the question, before a more curious, understanding look takes over. "Wait, are you-?"
"No, I just need to make sure you're safe. You don't have a problem with any of that?"
"No, I don't. I'm not an asshole- not anymore, anyway."
Gareth glances at the clock.
996 hours, 42 minutes, 08 seconds.
"Alright... do you like Eddie?"
"Eddie Munson. Do. You. Like. Him."
"That- I don't- what- what does that have to- to do with, like, anything?" Steve flushes, shifting uncomfortably.
That's a yes, Gareth thinks, nodding to himself.
"I'm going to send him over here in, like... two, maybe three, hours. He likes horror movies, salted popcorn and diet coke."
"I don't know what you mean."
Gareth sighs, rubbing his head as he glances at the clock again.
996 hours, 42 minutes, 58 seconds.
"I can't deal with his stupid pining anymore," he grabs Steves hands, giving him his best pleading look, hoping his desperation shows. "Just... try one date. Please, for the love of God, I won't survive another day listening to him ranting about your hair."
"What? Wait... does- does he... like me?"
Steves voice is so quiet, timid, it nearly makes Gareth falter. It sounds so much like his little sister, when she lets the cruel shit other kids say get to her.
"Don't let him know I told you, but... yeah. Yeah, Steve, he really likes you."
Gareth can't help but laugh at how starstruck he looks, eyes so wide and awed.
"Wait, what- what does he say about me? You said... my hair?"
"Alright, I'm taking that as a yes," Gareth quickly gets up, waving off Steves excited questions. "Two to three hours, Harrington!"
1,002 hours, 34 minutes, 58 seconds.
Eddie shoves Gareth out the way as soon as he opens the door, immediately starting to pace in his living room.
"You alright?"
"No!" Eddie screeches, eyes almost as wild as his hair. "Steve kissed me!"
"What? Dude, that's great!"
"I know! I just- fuck, I have to thank you for giving him the heads up that I was on the way with his VHS," Eddie grabs both of his hands. "He set up a pillow fort so we could watch Nightmare on Elm Street together. Gar, the movie scared him but he put it on because I like it and... fuck."
"So, it went well?"
"It was amazing."
They sit together, Eddie walking him through every little detail of their date. It just further proves that Steve more than earnt his romantic reputation.
It's also a relief to finally hear Eddie talking with so much joy, and love. Even just talking about Steve, he has a look like he thinks he hung the moon. His own personal sun.
"Hey," Gareth interrupts. "Congrats, man. You deserve this."
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bigskydreaming · 6 months
That last reblog has me now contemplating.
What if to mess with his shiny new little brother, but like....gently....when they first started hanging out Dick told Jason a couple of slight falsehoods as umm. A training exercise. That’s it. It was about helping Jason get up to speed with his information gathering skills and also his bullshit detection. So in the interest of being helpful and A Good Big Brother, Obviously....Dick sowed a few.....less-than-entirely-factual details about the more fantastical elements of their lives. The stuff that isn’t common or public knowledge to most of the DC Earth. And then he just.....waited to see how long it took Jason to realize Dick had fed him a handful of straight up lies when briefing him about All Things Superhero.
Look, it was for Science. That’s Dick’s story and he’s sticking to it.
Thus, for the first couple months of their new sibling relationship, Dick had Jason convinced that Atlanteans were actually aliens who landed here thousands of years ago, speedsters can run so fast they can travel back in time, and Superman once accidentally let out a burp so forceful it created a shockwave that shattered every glass in a quarter mile radius so whenever he starts to look....gassy....your best course of action is to hit the deck. Don’t even hesitate for a second, just dive to the ground and grab some floor until he’s got it back under control. And oh yeah, Diana has her Lasso of Truth, but Donna’s version of truth-related powers is that she can sense when people are up to no good....only, the way this manifests for her is she suddenly registers a distinct bad smell in her vicinity, alerting her that bullshit is afoot.
“You’re kidding,” Jason said flatly. “You expect me to believe that Donna can literally smell bullshit?”
Dick just raised an eyebrow. “Like that’s somehow less plausible than Gar being able to change into any kind of animal but only in shades of green? And oh yeah, speaking of green, Green Lanterns can do just about anything with their rings....except protect themselves from yellow paint? I don’t make the rules, Jace. The truth is sometimes superpowers aren’t super-glamorous and not everything related to magic or gods or other planets is as....sophisticated...as we presume. I mean, its not like these things exist just to match up to our expectations for them. Why should alien civilizations or the rules of magic be influenced by whether or not our society would find something weird or ridiculous?”
Jason chewed his lower lip contemplatively. He lacked an official bullshit detecting power himself, but he did have good instincts. Unfortunately for him, his shiny new big brother gave good Lying-to-your-face Face.
“Plus, if you really think about it, it does make a kind of sense,” Dick continued to explain helpfully. But only according to certain specific interpretations of ‘helpfully’ that actually mean ‘like a liar.’ “Our brains are constantly translating all kinds of input and stimuli into shapes or patterns we can actually process in a way that means something to us. So we can make use of that information. This is just the same thing. Donna’s power takes however many variables are involved in registering something as false or something she needs to be wary of...and just condenses it into a simple ‘red alert’ indicator that takes all that abstract, ephemeral data and makes it something actionable. Something she can actually do something with. Her power - or how her brain perceives it - just didn’t actually consult her or give her a choice of notification settings, because why would it?”
“I guess that makes sense,” Jason begrudgingly agreed, with a frown that suggested this particular ‘truth’ Offended his sensibilities.
“I mean, you can ask Donna to explain it herself if you want,” Dick said with a shrug. “Just a heads-up though....she’s not really a fan of how that power works either. Its not exactly a superpower anyone wants to be known for, and she’s heard allllll the jokes about it by now. Roy, Wally and I were perhaps....not the most sensitive when we were younger and she was honing that particular skillset? Though in our defense, I maintain that most of our jokes were hilarious. But anyway, just saying. If you wanna bring it up with her directly, go right ahead! Its definitely one of her favorite topics and Amazons are for sure known for how well they handle being self-conscious.”
And that’s the story of the three months Jason spent convinced that Atlanteans were from another planet, confusing the hell out of Garth with his occasional references to ‘your homeworld’ and his numerous questions about all the Atlantean Green Lanterns that he for some reason seemed convinced the Green Lantern Corps must obviously have a long history of.
And its also why Jason spent those same three months getting wide-eyed and nervous any time he noticed Donna’s nose so much as twitch when he was around. Which it did a lot more often than usual, thanks to how often Dick got horseradish to go with whatever he was having for lunch, knowing full well that Donna can not stand the smell of horseradish. (Dick’s actually not a fan either, and he hates how it tastes, but he’s not afraid to Suffer for the sake of Shenanigans. Its a fundamental part of the Robin experience and persona, after all.)
But it was the Donna thing that gave Dick away, ultimately. No matter how hard he tried to keep a lid on how entertaining he now found the sight of Donna’s occasional nose twitch...even a Batkid poker face can’t keep an empath and telepath from finding this a mystery worth untangling after the tenth time it happens.
(Not that Lilith or Raven are gonna apologize for prying any time soon. They had an obligation as his friends and teammates to investigate when he’s acting bizarre, y’see. What if its because he was brainwashed again? “We’re intrusive because we love,” Lilith insists with zero shame. Raven clarifies: “I was intrusive because she was already doing it so there seemed no point not to.” Lilith points out that this could also be construed as a sign of strong leadership potential. Dick glowers. Lilith waves a hand dismissively. “We can circle back to that later. That’s fine.”)
Anyway, the truth came out at last, Jason cites this as the Moral Justification for every single time and way he was a pain in the ass to Dick in the years to come, and Donna - who was Not Amused - gave a pointed sniff and called bullshit when Dick tried to claim this was an important Bonding Opportunity for he and Jason, wherein they became brothers ‘for real’ instead of just via Bruce. “There are intricate sibling rituals to be observed,” Dick insisted. “I did my research! We had so much time to make up for, I had to speedrun through my shenanigans to get us all caught up! Would I have done all this if I didn’t care?”
Every Titan in the room, familiar with the lengths he’d gone to when messing with Rogues and randos as Robin and thus distinctly unimpressed: Yes. Absolutely. One hundred percent.
Dick foraged on heroically. “Regardless! That’s not the case here, as all of this was clearly done in the name of brotherhood and bonding! We’ll laugh about this someday, you’ll see!”
Ten years later, after Jason’s returned as the Red Hood and reintegrated with the Batfamily to varying degrees, enough so that he accompanies Dick and the rest of the OG Titans on a mission where they’re ambushed, captured and trapped in a supervillain dungeon they’re now trying to escape...
Dick: Definitely kicking myself for not seeing that ambush coming. Where’s a bullshit-sniffing power when you really need it, huh?
Jason: Still not laughing yet.
Dick: Oh come on!
As far as the rest goes, Jason does get a kick out of the speedsters discovering that actually, they can run fast enough to travel through time. He’s like, despite your best efforts you accidentally got one right. And Dick’s all ‘was it an accident or did I actually know or have strong suspicions all along’....but Jason shuts that down. “Nope. Not giving you this one. Try it with someone else.”
However, that still left one last card in play, long after everyone - even Dick and Jason themselves - had all but forgotten about it.
See, every Batkid knows that the best lies contain elements of truth. And that’s why Dick only peppered in his fake trivia very, very sparingly amidst a massive info-dump of actually accurate and useful info he gave Jason about all that stuff, way back when.
So despite the handful of things Dick had told him that Jason eventually discovered to be untrue...the vast majority of it did check out.
Which means even once he did catch on to Dick’s game....that didn’t change his acceptance of the stuff that had turned out to be true or verified by others. But in the end, there was only one little fib that slipped under the radar. Because the scenario it was based on just never happened to come up until long after Jason had returned....and thus Jason never had reason to put much thought into actually questioning whether or not it was true. Not until long after he’d stopped scrutinizing stuff Dick had told him, in search of possible ‘traps.’
And THAT is the story of how Jason - on one of the rare occasions that he joined the Titans and Justice League for an all-hands-on-deck kinda teamup - just happened to be in the right wrong place at the right wrong time to notice Superman suddenly start to look queasy after trying some alien cuisine....
And without a second thought, Jason just instinctively dove for the floor. With this followed by Clark letting out an extremely normal-sounding burp and a sheepish apology.
Everyone else, staring at the infamous Red Hood ducking for cover because Clark had a moment of indigestion: umm. wut
Dick, staring wide-eyed at his brother and trying not to laugh: Oh shit. I totally forgot all about that.
Jason, almost conversationally, while climbing to his feet and stalking ominously towards his big bro: Hey can you believe that after all the shit we’ve been through and all the times we’ve fought over like...actual life and death stuff, THIS is the thing I’m actually gonna kill you for?
Dick, backing away, hands raised placatingly: Hey, c’mon now, Jace, we called a truce about all this ages ago, remember? It was a much younger, dumber me who did all that in the first place, y’know? You’re better than this!
Jason: I’m really not.
Dick: Well then can I just take this opportunity to mention again how sorry I am for any creative embellishments I might have once come up with, in the mistaken belief that I was honoring important traditions of brotherhood, and....
Jason: Hey, where’s Donna? Can anyone see if her nose is twitching?
Donna and the rest of the Titans, blatantly amused and offering no explanation to the very confused Justice League: Oh, bullshit absolutely detected. In the interests of Truth and Justice, you should totally proceed.
Dick, jabbing his finger at his teammates before dashing for the door: Betrayal! J’accuse!
Donna, shrugging: Sorry, Rob. Justice demands impartiality. Our hands are tied.
Jason, running out the door and down the hallway in pursuit of his fleeing brother: Yeah you better run! I’ve waited ten fucking years to get back at you for this shit. Where you going anyway, bro? I thought you wanted to laugh about this someday!
Dick (offscreen): I regret nothing! It was all worth it! You should have seen your face!
Jason (offscreen): You couldn’t even see my face, idiot! I’m wearing my fucking helmet!
Dick (offscreen): Semantics! If something’s funny enough, you can sense what someone’s face probably looks like! If you know, you know!
Jason (offscreen): Oh yeah, go ahead and make up some more shit, Grayson, that’s definitely the right way to go here!
Batman, looking to the Titans and waving his hand at...whatever all that is offscreen: Explain.
Roy: Hey don’t look at us. You’re the one who made them brothers. This is on you.
Batman: What does that even mean.
Lilith: If you know, you know. Dick’s right about that much at least.
The Titans all nod like an actual, self-evident truth was just expressed. Bruce pinches the bridge of his nose, and starts muttering under his breath.
“You need to encourage Dick to seek out and make like-minded friends, Alfred said. It’ll be good for him, he said. Its what he needs and definitely not the point everything starts to go downhill.”
Lilith picks it up loud and clear, because of course she does, and incidentally, the smug, obnoxious know-it-all teenage psychic who started hanging out with Dick when they were teenagers has absolutely nothing to do with Bruce’s profound dislike of telepaths, nooooo, that would be ridiculous and irrational, to bear a grudge against everyone with a particular skillset because one of your son’s childhood friends was a royal pain in the -
Lilith: Oh, that’s adorable. He thinks we’re the reason Dick’s so profoundly weird and inexplicable.
The Titans, in unison: LOL.
Roy: The self-deluding, it is strong in that family.
Bruce is suddenly extra glad he’s wearing a cowl that hides what is definitely not a pout but might be mistaken for one by the uninformed thus its better to just dodge that issue entirely. He crosses his arms and stares down the collection of his eldest son’s friends, whom he has been unfairly plagued by since most of them were pre-pubescent little demons. Literally no one has suffered like he has.
“I don’t like you,” he informs them officiously. Not sulkily. Officiously.
Several of them snort. There’s a couple giggles. An eye roll from Roy. An aborted response hastily turns into Wally coughing into his hand. Blatant dismissal from Victor, his attention clearly on whatever he’s browsing online. Three varying shades of raised eyebrows: unflappable bemusement from the sorceress, patronizing amusement from the psychic, naked incredulity from Donna. Garth gazing off into an empty corner which he has on very good authority is basically the Atlantean version of the middle finger.
“Yeah, no shit,” Roy drawls, apparently on behalf of the whole group.
Ugh, they’re just. The worst. Why couldn’t Clark have had a kid Dick’s age so he never had to go looking elsewhere for socialization? That’s it. Clearly this was all Clark’s fault. He can’t believe he never realized that before.
Dammit Clark.
#this started out as Dick and Jason shenanigans and then somehow morphed into Bruce really doesn't like his kid's friends#because I firmly believe the Bruce vs the Titans antipathy is one hundred percent a two way street#and not so deep down Bruce (super rationally) blames them for some of the distance between he and Dick over the years#the world's greatest detective is like 'well Dick and I (mostly) got along just fine until THEY came along and then all of a sudden it was#oh sorry Bruce I cant hang out cuz I gotta go play with all my friends who hate you because they're horrible little goblin children#and look I've connected the dots' because correlation is definitely causation#cut to Bruce grumpily slouched in the Watchtower's monitor room watching the Titans mop up the Fearsome Five#to loud public acclaim#Clark hovers nearby. both figuratively and literally. he is Concerned#'Bruce you do know that resenting Dick's friends and holding a grudge against a bunch of fifteen year olds because#your kid doesn't always want to hang out with you anymore is Not the solution to repairing your relationship with Dick that you're looking#for right? please tell me that you know that'#Bruce. testily. 'yes Clark I know that'#Clark: okay. good. I was just worried because it. umm. doesn't always LOOK like you know that#Bruce: well I do and you can stop bringing it up. friends dont rub their friend's irrationality in their faces#Clark: see I dont think I know that rule#Clark: Im pulling from the book that says friends dont let their friends declare a feud against teenagers they've decided#are their personal mortal nemesis in some not-super-healthy war for their son's time and attention#Bruce: well your book sounds stupid and wrong and you should throw it away and get a better book like mine#Clark. Sighing because apparently today is a day where Bruce has decided to just Be Like This and resigning himself to letting it go#for now and trying again to get through to him in a week or two instead#'Sure B. Ill get right on that.'
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wanderinginksplot · 3 months
Gar Cyare Chapter Ten
Surprise! It's another chapter of the Alpha-17 x fem!reader fic!
Word Count: 5,400
Warnings: minor angst, distrust, Alpha being impatient, minor suspense, cosmic horror (but only kinda)
If it helps, I definitely did listen to this* creepy space ambiance while I wrote this chapter. Just so you know what kind of vibes we're working with!
(* - leads to a YouTube video: "Dark Space Ambient" by JediMaster)
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Be'chaaj (Away)
Tumblr media
“Do you remember what I told you?” Alpha asked, voice intense as he resecured the comlink around your wrist.
You paused, frowning. Alpha had told you a lot of things over the past week and you were fairly sure you remembered most of them, but your nod was hesitant.
“You’re osik at lying,” Alpha said, the sound of his displeasure rumbling around your bedroom like the thunder of an approaching storm.
“I’m not lying, just…” You trailed off, sighing. “I hate that you have to do this.”
Alpha’s face softened slightly, the fierce expression he was wearing easing into something resembling fondness. “I don’t like it either, neverd’ika. But this is part of my contract with the kaminii. If I don’t accept a mission every six months, they’ll take my instructor status. That would mean I’d be out in the field full-time, and then what would you do?”
“Sneak aboard your transport,” you teased. 
Alpha rolled his eyes, but there was a smile playing around his mouth. “If you could avoid getting caught by a whole transport full of troopers, the Republic would be better off with you in their place. But I would rather have you safe here where I don’t have to worry.”
“But I’ll be worried,” you told him, trying not to pout. “Just… be careful, please.”
“I will,” he promised, tapping the face of your comlink. “Remember, we can use these to keep in touch.”
“And you’re sure no one will be able to pick up the communications?” you asked. “The Kaminoans are being extra careful and the Republic is monitoring everything. The chance that someone will be able to access our conversation is higher than ever.”
“You worry too much,” Alpha told you and you couldn’t fight your answering laugh. Alpha worried more than anyone you had ever met. He wasn’t offended, though. In fact, he gave you a mischievous look. “Unless you’re planning on sending me something you don’t want anyone else seeing?”
You shook your head, grinning. Alpha was the ultimate soldier and you privately believed him to be the best trooper in the entire GAR, but sometimes, he was such an ordinary man that it made your heart hurt.
The two of you had a good sex life - a great one, if you were being fully honest. Certainly better than you had experienced with previous lovers. But sending dirty messages and images was a little further than you typically went. Not that you especially objected to the idea, but there wasn’t much need for it when you and Alpha lived on the same planet.
“Nothing like that!” you replied, sounding overly defensive even to yourself. Your smile faded as you thought about your real reasons. “If there really is an information leak, we still haven’t been able to find it. It’s unlikely, but possible that the Separatists have found a way to intercept and decode private transmissions. If that’s the case, anything we say could be accessed and used to hurt you.”
“Or you,” Alpha added, looking just as solemn.
“Or me,” you agreed, “though I’m not the one who’s on his way to a mission out in the galaxy.”
“It’s not ‘out in the galaxy’, neverd’ika,” Alpha disagreed, sounding amused and exasperated. “I’m investigating an unusual object. I’ll be a few hours from Kamino, less than a day’s travel. That’s the reason they assigned me: I’m the closest one.”
“And you’ll still have that team with you, right?” you asked, knowing he had answered the question before, but unable to keep from requesting reassurance.
“Of course,” Alpha confirmed, rolling his eyes exaggeratedly a moment later. “Karkin’ commandos. Just my luck. Good thing this is a short mission. Much more than a week with any of ‘em and I’d be court-martialed for friendly fire.”
You nodded, giving a perfunctory smile at his joke as you toyed with the comlink. Alpha stilled your fingers, sliding down until he was cradling your hands in his own. “I want to hear from you every day.”
“But- what if it’s not safe..?” Your voice was quiet, and you hated the uncertainty in it. Alpha didn’t need you to doubt everything he told you. He needed you to be strong. You lifted your chin, forcing a smile as you met his eyes. “Never mind. If you say it’s safe, it’s safe. I trust you, Alpha.”
Alpha frowned at that - the opposite of what you had wanted. “Good, but I don’t want blind faith. You’re clever and you think for yourself. You always have. If you want an explanation, all you have to do is ask for one. Hell, I’ll give you one anyway.”
With a gentle tug, Alpha directed you over to the bed. When you had sat down on the edge of it, he knelt in front of you. The height difference meant you were almost eye-level with him as he said, “I know a trooper named Ordo. He’s good with comms. Probably the best I’ve ever known, but I’d never tell him that. I asked him to modify our comlinks, give them a private connection that can’t be accessed by anyone else.”
“That’s impossible,” you told him, the rote response springing from you before you could bite it back. But you had worked for the Senate for a long time. There was no such thing as a truly private comm channel.
“Exactly what he told me,” Alpha confirmed with a nod. “But he did make it very difficult to access. By his estimate, it would take a dedicated slicer almost a week of continuous work to have access to the conversations. I want to hear from you, but we won’t be in contact that often. All the encryption does is buy time until I can get back here. Does that make you feel any better?”
You nodded, a smile spreading across your face when he started pressing kisses to each of your knuckles. “I’ll miss you, little one.”
“I’ll miss you more,” you assured him, trying to pull him closer.
“Impossible,” he decreed, letting you move him until you could give him a deep kiss. You tried to pour your feelings for him into it. You may have done too good a job - when you pulled away, you were both breathing heavy and Alpha’s eyes were dark. If you had more time, there was a good chance it would have continued into something more.
“I’ll be back before you know it, neverd’ika,” he promised, standing.
You stood, too, wrapping him the tightest hug you could manage. He squeezed you for a second, pushing the breath from your lungs with even that casual show of strength. 
And then he was gone.
After Alpha left Kamino - boarding a ship with a group of commandos who worked under the name Omega Squad - you threw yourself into work. You were still on temporary assignment with General Ti and Commander Colt, working to track down the source of the information leak. There had been no real breakthroughs, though, and you were losing any hope of finding the leak.
But that didn’t mean you were working any less hard. You had gone through all of the bounty hunters during the first week and caught no signs of suspicious behavior on the holocams. General Ti hadn’t sensed anything from the Force about anyone in particular, though she warned that it was an inexact method. If the person wasn’t planning to betray the Republic or didn’t see their actions as a betrayal, she had explained, there wouldn’t be any sign of guilt in their Force signature.
Commander Colt had been skeptical of her findings, but had reluctantly admitted that he hadn’t caught any suspicious responses from the bounty hunters, either.
Since then, you had moved on to other potential sources of information. In particular, you hadn’t been able to stop thinking about Alpha’s half-asleep suggestion that information wasn’t passing through Kamino’s communications system at all. You had brought that potential up to General Ti and Commander Colt, knowing that they would give Alpha’s opinion the weight it deserved. They had suggested that you move on to studying arrivals and departures from Kamino. 
At first, you had been ecstatic, certain that the new direction would give the answers you hadn’t found from the bounty hunters. But you were several days into studying the logs and there were no obvious sources.
You heaved a deep sigh, staring down at the list of ships that had docked at Kamino’s ports. It was an incredibly short list, made shorter by removing the vessels you had already researched. 
“Cheer up, kid,” Commander Colt urged you. “We’ll find it eventually.”
You eyed him, tempted to remind him that you were certainly older than him, but refrained. Things like that only seemed to cause arguments with the troopers.
“Do we really have that kind of time?” you asked instead. “If information is being leaked from Kamino, we need to find the source as soon as possible.”
“I did not ask for your help so you could attempt to carry the burden yourself,” General Ti said serenely. “You must remember that our attempts can only be considered failures if we lose hope of finding what we seek.”
You squinted at her, but respect kept you from replying. It did amuse you to see that Commander Colt looked just as unconvinced by her reasoning as you did. It was probably a sign of the differences in philosophy between the Jedi and the rest of the galaxy. The Jedi were trained to consider their own response to their surroundings. That was a healthy way to live, but neither you nor Commander Colt hadn’t been given that opportunity. In the majority of the galaxy, you were expected to produce results. 
“What do we do, then?” you asked.
“We continue our list,” General Ti told you, as though it had been the most obvious answer. Perhaps it had been. “If we have found nothing when we are finished, we will consider a new angle. There is little point in giving in halfway through an investigation.”
“That’s true,” you admitted, rubbing your eyes. 
“I’m gonna get some caf,” Commander Colt announced, ignoring the fact that you had started only an hour before and it was extremely early for a break. He stood from the small table and gave you a firm look. “I’ll bring one back for you.”
“Excellent idea, Commander,” General Ti praised. “Meanwhile, I am going to meditate on this matter. We shall resume our investigation in half an hour.”
You nodded silently, but they were already moving - Commander Colt in the direction of the nearest caf station and General Ti for… somewhere she could meditate. No matter how much time you spent around Jedi, you had a feeling that you would never fully understand them.
Left alone in the empty room, you sighed again and studied the list. You had analyzed and notated it days ago. The names that had been crossed out were cleared of suspicion. The ones with check marks were military vessels. That didn’t mean they were automatically innocent, but it meant that tracking down their crew members would be much easier. 
The few non-military ships mostly belonged to food and clothing vendors, a company that helped maintain the wave attenuators that generated Kamino’s power, and a handful of powerful people who had been invited to visit Kamino as part of a publicity campaign. Apparently, Dranulo’s actions in bribing Brid into having you removed from the report had echoed much further than Kamino was comfortable with. They were trying to correct their image. Unfortunately, that may have opened them up to an information breach.
You were so absorbed in calculating all the permutations of potential leaks that you didn’t pay much attention to the door opening. It was rather soon for Commander Colt to have returned with caf. The nearest station was still a considerable walk from the makeshift conference room. He would have needed to sprint to be back this soon.
And you didn’t smell caf at all.
That was enough to make you glance up, suspicion growing in your chest. Your wariness was immediately justified when your gaze locked with that of Doni Pender.
You were standing before you could remember having moved. Dimly, you recognized that your training was starting to improve your reflexes, but most of your brain was caught in a surge of adrenaline.
Pender’s eyes widened and he took a half-step back. He held his hands up, palms up to show you that he didn’t intend any harm, but you didn’t relax in the slightest. 
“If you do anything suspicious, I’ll show you everything I’ve learned in the last few weeks,” you warned, somewhat nonsensically. He didn’t know you had been taking lessons in self-defense with Zackra Trem. He also didn’t know that, unlike the last interaction you had with him, you could now both take and throw a punch. But if he pushed you, you promised yourself, he would find out. 
“Wait, I’m just here to talk,” Pender said quickly, voice pleading. “I need your help.”
“What are we supposed to be looking for?” Fi asked. 
Alpha heaved a sigh. He could answer the man, but chances were that it wouldn’t be anything close to professional. Fi was flippant to the point of irresponsibility, something that could end up being a danger to the entire squad and Alpha himself if the mission turned into a combat situation
Fortunately, the leader of Omega Squad responded before Alpha could be too tempted to reply. “An unusual object, Fi.”
Niner was a good man. Alpha heartily approved of him… though he wouldn’t tell him so. That wasn’t the kind of thing you told a trooper, at least not until you had given him a chance to prove you wrong. But Niner was the kind of man Alpha would describe as ‘steady’, someone he could trust to have his back if things went south. 
“Don’t you ever pay attention to the briefings?” Atin asked. “It’s been in every one we’ve gotten so far.”
Atin was serious and sharp. Alpha didn’t know for sure what had given him the scar that ran down his face - even if he could guess, having read that the man had been trained by Sergeant Walon Vau - but it was the kind of thing that gave a man some serious edges.
Fi snorted. “You call those briefings? I learn more from listening to civvie news networks.”
Darman, the final member of Omega Squad, shrugged. “Republic intel, Fi. What do you expect?”
Darman was one of the quietest troopers Alpha had ever come across. Normally, troopers in groups were exuberant, verging on obnoxious. Darman, on the other hand, was calm to the point of introspective. He hadn’t said more than a few words since Alpha had stepped onto the ship. Some may have been tempted to call him easy-going, but Alpha had a suspicion that the trooper’s mind was always churning. What was that old civvie phrase about still waters?
Alpha cracked his knuckles, leaning forward to peer out of the ship’s viewport. “According to the intel, we should be approaching the object now.”
“Intel says here?” Fi checked, already grinning in appreciation of his own wit. “Then where are we gonna start looking?”
Alpha fixed him with an unamused stare. “Find somewhere else to be or we’ll check the pressure regulation on that fancy armor of yours.”
Seriously, what kind of squad special-ordered black Katarn armor?
“Fi, take a walk,” Niner ordered, jerking a thumb to the back of the ship. There wasn’t enough space to get him fully out of earshot, but it was a start. 
Alpha flicked the switch that activated the ship’s high-powered radar. Maybe Omega Squad had the time to joke around and perform a leisurely search to complete the mission, but Alpha had places to be and someone to get back to.
And that wasn’t to mention that he had been fighting off a gnawing sense that something was coming. That something was wrong. 
He pulled his mind back to the task at hand, studying the radar screen with a ferocity spurred on by thoughts of how much he despised leaving you alone on Kamino. Unfortunately, the radar didn’t prove as easy to influence as a sentient being. Alpha was met with a stubborn blankness that was even less helpful than the blankness of the star-studded galaxy stretching out in front of the ship’s nose.
With an unintelligible growl, he glanced sideways at Niner. “Is Fi your tech specialist?”
“No, that would be Atin,” came the welcome answer, followed by a summoning, “Atin.”
Atin appeared just beside Alpha’s chair. “Captain?”
“Can you boost the power of this radar system?” Alpha asked.
After a moment’s hesitation, Atin said, “Do you mean the range?”
“No, I mean the power,” Alpha told him impatiently. Kriff sake, if he had meant the range, he would have said the range. “I want to see if anything nearby is suspicious.”
“That’s not… not really something a radar is capable of doing,” Atin denied. “But I can program the computer to give more detailed information about the intercepted pulses.”
“Good enough,” Alpha confirmed with a nod, watching Atin make the correct adjustments. In another life, he would have made a good ARC trooper. Alpha decided against telling Atin that. More likely than not, it would only offend the man. 
ARCs and commandos had an interesting relationship. Commandos - the early ones, at least - were trained by the Cuy’val Dar, many of whom had personal or business connections with Jango Fett. Many were Mandalorians, most were bounty hunters, and all were fierce. There were some who emphasized survival and brotherhood, like Kal Skirata, while others favored training styles that were more vicious. 
But all commandos, regardless of who had trained them, were uneasy around ARCs. 
Alpha’s personal theory was that their discomfort came from a lack of understanding. Commandos were born into their role. They had been designated for special training and assignments from the first stages of their planning. The kaminii altered genes, everyone knew that, but commandos had a different type of genes than normal troopers. 
ARCs were exactly the opposite of commandos. They were special because of what they did, not the specifics of their design. Ordinary men placed in extraordinary circumstances who thought or performed so far above their specifications that the Republic designated them as being capable of more.
Of course, commandos were the most uneasy around the Alpha ARCs. Alpha and his brothers had been trained by Jango himself, and Fett had been harsher on them than the worst member of the Cuy’val Dar. The Alpha ARCs had been trained to place the mission before anything else. It was more important than civilian casualties - hell, more than any casualties, even the men themselves. The mission came first, always. Anything less was a failure, and Fett didn’t tolerate failure. More than once, Alpha’s black and white decision-making had alienated the commandos, the Jedi, and Cuy’val Dar alike.
So, no, Alpha didn’t plan on telling Atin that he would have made a good ARC.
The radar was adjusted in short order and Alpha applied his focus to interpreting the tangled mass of results that flooded his screen. After only a moment, he glanced over at Atin, stabbing a finger at the screen. “What is this?”
Atin apparently had zero faith in Alpha’s ability to understand basic tech codes and specs, since he began an explanation of the general information. “Every section is broken down into the same pattern: distance, hardness, materials, and-”
“I know that, trooper,” Alpha bit out impatiently. He tapped his finger on the same spot in the wall of text. “But this in particular. It’s saying the radar intercepted a close, non-organic structure. It’s solid and metallic, but the only thing I see out here are asteroids.”
Abruptly, the cockpit was much more crowded. Darman stood between Niner’s chair and Atin, with Fi craning his neck in an attempt to see over both of them. 
“Where does the scan say that information was picked up, captain?” Niner asked.
When Alpha had rattled off the coordinates, Niner oriented the ship so that they were looking directly at the place in question. Clones weren’t psychic, but Alpha was willing to bet that they were all thinking the same thing: the only thing at those coordinates was a single asteroid, slowly rotating as they watched.
“I don’t think I’ve ever seen a lone asteroid,” Fi said. To his own shock, Alpha agreed with the statement. 
“It’s not,” Darman said suddenly, pointing past it. There was an asteroid field to the right ship’s viewport. The field was nearby, not close enough for the suspicious asteroid to belong to it. “It looks like it may have started as part of that.”
“Looks like there’s a ship on it,” Niner warned. Alpha eyed the asteroid even closer and found that the sergeant was correct. A ship was just rotating into view, a noticeable spot even on the medium-sized asteroid. “I’m not finding any signs of life onboard.”
“Should we try to hail it?” Fi asked.
“Don’t bother,” Atin told him. “Look at it. It’s an older ship and not in good repair. If there was anyone onboard when it landed, they’re dead now. We should just tell the GAR that it was a false alarm.”
Alpha agreed with Atin’s factual statement, but not his conclusion. “We’re getting a closer look.”
There was a groan from behind him that Alpha was willing to bet had come from Fi, but he ignored it. Something strange was going on, and he wasn’t stupid enough to assume everything was safe. Not when there was so much at stake.
When the ship was close enough to study the abandoned vessel, Alpha admitted to himself that Atin had been right about the lack of need to hail it. At least one of the transparisteel windows was broken, and there was a large hole in the side of the ship besides. Nothing in there was alive. By any GAR or Republic standard, they could consider their mission complete and Alpha could return to Kamino.
“Suit up, men,” he ordered tersely, using the co-pilot’s controls to land their ship beside the mysterious one. “We’re going in.”
There was a moment’s pause after the order. One of Omega Squad - Darman, Alpha was fairly sure - asked, “We’re… going to explore the abandoned ship, sir?”
After delivering his single-word answer, Alpha pushed through them all to get to his own pressure- and atmospheric-regulating gear. He had no interest in waiting for them to figure out that he was serious; he was on a schedule.
The inside of the craft was just as abandoned as it had seemed from the outside. There was little dust in the vacuum of space, but Alpha could imagine the way grime would have built up on every surface if it had been somewhere planet-side. The cracked windows made even the interior feel raw, fully exposed to the uncaring void of the universe yawning just beyond the transparisteel.
They weren’t close enough to the nearest sun to get much light - and the asteroid was rotating too quickly for to estimate when that light would hit - so the troopers relied on their helmet lamps to see the ship’s interior. The beams cut through the gloom as best they could, but even five pairs could only do so much. Every man was limited to the space where his helmet was pointed.
“What exactly are we looking for?” Niner asked.
“Anything suspicious,” Alpha told him, plucking a length of cord from where it was drifting through the space in front of him. With neat, efficient motions, he wrapped it into a tight roll and stowed it on his belt. There was no use leaving perfectly good materials behind.
“This whole place is suspicious,” Atin muttered, though Alpha could still hear him clearly through the HUD’s communications channel. 
“Then find something that proves it’s an abandoned vessel and we can leave,” he replied.
Darman paused halfway through the process of inspecting the fogged-over control panel in the cockpit. “What exactly would that look like?”
“A body,” Alpha said. The silence that stretched through the comm channel was tense.
A scrap of flimsi was tucked haphazardly into a crevice between two of the jump seats and Alpha worked it free with careful fingers. When he spread it out, he frowned. “I wouldn’t get your hopes up, men. I just found a bill of sale for this ship.”
“Is there a date on it?” Niner asked. 
Alpha studied the flimsi more closely, scanning through the standard details to find what he was looking for. “About six months ago.”
When he looked up, all four members of Omega Squad were staring back at him, the blue tint of their visors showing him exactly where they were despite the black armor. He folded the paper and tucked it securely into a pouch on his belt. “Anyone up for a trip to the next level down?”
They weren’t enthused by it, but Omega dutifully tromped down the steep stairs behind him, struggling much less with the narrow stairwell than Alpha did. When they reached the bottom, Alpha found a sealed door blocking their way. 
He reported the finding through the inter-HUD channel and was met by unexpected excitement from Darman. “I can blast the door! I have some detonator tape in my kit-”
“No,” Alpha refused crankily. Switching places with a commando on an already cramped stairwell didn’t rank high on his list of enjoyable activities. 
“What are you gonna do, then-” Fi started to ask, voice full of scarcely hidden mocking.
Alpha balanced his weight on his back foot, leaned into it, and kicked the door with the other. The thin layer of durasteel bent noticeably under the blow and a single strike from his shoulder took it off completely. He was too old, too mature, and too highly ranked to throw a mocking reply back at Fi, but Alpha did allow himself to toss a single look over his shoulder.
Fi didn’t say anything else.
When he stepped through the doorway, Alpha paused. It took some time to process what he was seeing, but he managed after only a moment. He was in a decompression chamber, something no ship would ever have in the middle of two floors.
“Atin,” he barked, feeling the jolt that ran through Omega Squad. “Get up here.”
Atin appeared beside Alpha in the small chamber. Only a slight intake of breath told him that Atin was as surprised by the decomp chamber as Alpha had been.
“We need to get through that door,” Alpha said, tipping his head to indicate the pressure-locked door in front of him. “But we don’t want to risk depressurizing whatever is down here. Ideas?”
“Sometimes, certain facilities have multiple decompression chambers,” Atin said, but he sounded doubtful. “It’d be a lot easier to guess if this one does if I knew what it was.”
“We don’t have the benefit of intel here,” Alpha reminded him sharply. “That door’s not meant to hold up to this kind of pressure long-term, so we have to move quickly. What can we do?”
“In a ship this size?” Atin paused, glancing overhead like he could see through the durasteel to gauge the ship’s dimensions. “I can slice the panel and open the door, we all rush in, and then close the door and hope it holds. But there’s no guarantee-”
“We have suits,” Alpha interrupted. “I want to avoid tipping anyone off with a pressure change, but it’s more important that we find out what’s going on here than to keep a low profile. Slice the panel if you can. If you get stuck or it takes more than a minute, we’ll get Darman in here to blast it open.”
“A minute is more than enough time,” Atin said, already moving to the panel as he pulled a slicing kit from his belt. 
Alpha watched the process in silence. He and Atin had been speaking on the group’s comm channel. The rest of Omega knew what was going on and they hadn’t asked any questions. 
When Atin was in control of the panel, Alpha signaled for them to get ready to move. “I’m first through. Atin’s last so he can close the panel. Niner?”
“Me, then Fi, then Darman,” Niner instructed. “Dar and I will take the left half of the room.”
“I’ll take ahead and Fi can cover the right with backup from Atin after the panel closes,” Alpha finished. “Open it.”
The door slid open reluctantly, clearly struggling under the pressure of being the only barrier between atmosphere and the lack of it.
The moment the gap was wide enough for Alpha to fit through, he did. It was one of the times that his stature worked against him, but with some careful maneuvering, he was through. Omega Squad came through behind him, taking up their positions covering the room while Alpha studied the area straight ahead. Even as the door slid closed behind them, he reported, “Clear.”
“Clear,” every commando reported. 
Alpha stayed on guard, but his shoulders eased slightly. From those reports, there was no one in the room. No combat. No immediate threat. More importantly, the room was small, extremely basic. The only thing of note it held was a ladder, leaning against the wall.
“A storage room?” Fi guessed.
“Why would they need a ladder?” Darman asked. “They have a staircase inside of the ship and stairs built-in everywhere they might need to go.”
“And a storage room wouldn’t need a decompression chamber before you entered it,” Niner pointed out.
“This is a secondary decompression chamber,” Atin said, pointing around the room to various components. “Maybe the first one was a fail-safe, maybe it was just another set of doors to decrease the strain, but this is definitely a decomp chamber.”
Alpha watched the squad’s heart rates increase as he began stomping around the room, the boots of his armor striking the floor as hard as he could manage.
“What are you doing, Captain?” Niner asked.
“If this is a decompression chamber, that means it leads somewhere,” Alpha told him. “And since there’s a ladder, chances are that it leads up or down. We’ve already seen upstairs.”
The breath one of the men took was full of realization, but Alpha had already found what he had been looking for: a small panel in the floor. The hollow sound it had made when he stomped on it was slight, but definitely audible. When he studied it more intensely, he could see the near-invisible hinges and handle on the panel. It was the work of a moment to open it.
Omega Squad slowly and silently approached to stand beside Alpha as they all stared down at what had been revealed. There was a darkness under the panel, a hollow of empty space that still seemed to be enclosed. There had been a hiss, Alpha recollected, when he had first lifted the small piece of durasteel. A bit of pressure, too.
“We didn’t depressurize this room,” Fi mused, the hush of his voice turning the simple statement into something menacing. “The only reason that should have hissed was if the lack of atmosphere was leaking into somewhere… pressurized.”
Alpha begrudgingly made a new estimate of Fi’s intelligence. 
“Judging from the current pressure of this room,” Darman said, “whatever’s down there was either a remarkably large space or highly pressurized. The pressure and oxygen content are capable of supporting human life.”
A check of his own gauges confirmed Darman’s calculations. There had been a slight dip in pressure, but nothing bad enough to make the space uninhabitable.
“We’re on the bottom floor of the ship, though,” Atin reminded them, sounding rattled. “There shouldn’t be anything below this point.”
“The ship wasn’t lifted up on extended landing gear when we saw it, remember?” Niner prompted. “It was sitting flat against the surface of the asteroid. That’s why we thought it was a crash landing gone wrong. It seems like…”
He trailed off, visor pointed at the newly exposed gap in the floor. The rest of the group finished his hypothesis in silence: 
It seemed like this panel led directly into the asteroid itself.
Author's Note - I am a firm believer that sci-fi doesn't have to actually be based in real-life science, especially when said science takes place in another galaxy. However, I do want to state that there is, in fact, dust in space. It doesn't collect on satellites or the International Space Station because the equipment is moving too quickly for it to cling (or so I gathered from the articles I read), but it exists. Unfortunately, I had already written about how the abandoned ship wasn't dusty and I didn't want to fix it. Sorry if that ruins anyone's immersion!
Thank you for reading! I would love to know what you think about this new twist or what you thought of seeing Omega Squad! (For anyone who doesn't know, they are canon characters, found in the Republic Commando novels.) Have a wonderful new year!
Taglist: @rexs-wife @sugarpuffsstuff @stargazingthenightaway @just-some-girl-92 @kimageddon @ladysongmaster @carodealmeida @adriiibell @nomercyforthewarrior @boomtowngirl @bitchylittleredhead @blck-omen @hrk-fic-recs @lackofhonor @captxin-rex @literallydontlook @salaminus @mothmanbelievesinyou @archivedreading @lucyhelena @808tsuika @ladykatakuri @echos-gal @shawtyitsyou @butterbug14 @skyguy-snips @fan-fic-favs @frietiemeloen @tsedeshgishnii @buddee @justanothersadperson93 @leotatombs @mavendeb @rain-on-kamino @itsagrimm @dancingwiththeplanets @hummellchen @theclonesdeservebetter @wolffeswife @ladyemxo @maulslittlemeowmeow @murder-of-crows-1 @ollovaemisc @rosmariner @staycalmandhugaclone @marennial @fordo-kixed-rex @murderofcrows1 @quietplaceinthestars @dinsverdika
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Dc titans incorrect quotes P.2.
Tumblr media
Y/N: I had a terrible dream last night , the world was ending and you-
Jason: did I look good in your dream?
Y/N: I don't know we were dying
Rachel: who knew getting in trouble would be so impossible
Gar: I gotta give you credit, Y/N you make it look easy.
Y/N: years of practice
Dick,storming in: your boyfriend is insane!
Jason: yeah,but he's hot
Rachel: you read my diary?
Y/N: At first,I didn't know it was your diary. I thought it was a very sad handwritten book.
Gar: did Y/N just tell me he loved me for the first time?
Rachel: yep.
Gar: and did I do finger guns back?
Rachel: yep, you did.
Y/N: did you miss the imagination of childhood?
Dick: I never had one.
Y/N: an imagination or a childhood?
Dick: name a way to be nice to others
Y/n: don't kill them
Dick: setting the bar real low , but I'll allow it.
Jason: my head hurts
Y/N: that's your Brain trying to comprehend its own stupidity
Dick: I wish you'd just admit when you've made a mistake
Y/N,calmly stirring his coffee: fuck you, I prefer it with salt
Y/N: they must be pretty fucked up, emotionally.
Dick: they are , more than I am , which is saying a lot.
Y/N: it really is.
Dick: I'm kind of offended you agreed so easily.
Y/N: I had to be real with you
Y/N: why are you crying?
Gar: because I'm stupid
Y/N: that's no reason to cry , one cries because one is sad . For example, I cry because others are stupid and that makes me sad.
[Something blows up]
Dick: Y/N what did you do
Y/N: my best
Y/N , opening a capri sun : guess I'll drink away my sorrows
Dick: what's this?
Y/N: my to-do list
Dick: this just has my name on it
Y/N: I'm cold
Gar: here take my jacket
[Difference between gar and jason]
Y/N: I'm cold
Jason: well damn Y/N , I can't control the damn weather.
Dick: so Y/N what motivation you?
Y/N: I surpose its an unhealthy mix of spite , pettiness , the thirst for vengeance, and pure relentless rage.
Jason: isn't he amazing?
Y/N: it's a little muggy out today
Dick: I swear to god if I go outside and all our mugs are on the lawn , I'm leaving you
Y/N: *sips coffee from a bowl*
Y/N: I bet you'd look adorable grasping at the sheets on my bed
Gar: no matter how many times you compliment me , I'm not making your bed
Dick: I'm at a loss for words !
Y/N, telling the rest of the titans : despite being lost for words, dick yelled at me for the next 45 minutes
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oceanspray5 · 2 years
Beast Boy and BBLR Comic Parallel
I don't know if it's been done yet but if it hasn't, I present to you yet another comics comparison, this time from Beast Boy's comic with the BBLR comic.
In Teen Titans: Beast Boy, Gar has a crush on Alana but even after getting a kiss from her, he's very firm that she's not his dream girl.
Tumblr media
But then in the first few pages of Beast Boy Loves Raven, it seems Gar has found his dream girl already (even tho he has, unintentionally, ended up offending her).
Tumblr media
I just found it really cute but also a concise and subtle. Gar doesn't even know Rae yet but he's already smitten and she's already his dream girl and it's just another reason to remember that BBRae shippers will always stay winning.
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Okay, double sneak peek time because it's been a while since I posted a sneak peek and I'm feeling generous! Recent set pics of Dickkory carnival date sparked some inspiration and got me to dive in head first into the fluff, humor and total chaos of this wonderful family!
Special treat for the DK girls @wonderbatwayne @ambeauty @escapism-through-imagination @meetmeunderthestarrynight @ambelle @koryvndr
"Tie or no tie?"
Rachel rolls on his bed with a huff and looks up at him from her open sketchbook, watching in the reflection of his standing mirror as he's buttoning up his white shirt. Dick locks eyes with her the moment he reaches the buttons close to his collar and silently repeats his question with a lift of his eyebrow.
"Tie." The girl points her pencil at him with a smirk, her answer immediate. "Definitely a tie."
He chuckles at her certainty and turns away from the mirror. The sight of her sprawled out on his bed like she owns it makes his heart double in size with the warmth that fills it; laying on her stomach, feet in stripey socks up in the air, doodling in the sketchbook he got her in Metropolis.
He heard her let herself in when he was still in his bathroom, shaving. When he walked out, Rachel was already getting herself comfortable on the covers, her pencil stuck behind her ear. Apparently, she was here to 'offer emotional support' as she laid it out to him, grinning from ear to ear.
If he’s being honest, he actually kind of needs it.
"What makes you so sure?" Dick asks her as he enters his walk-in closet and heads for the drawer where he keeps his ties. His eyes sweep over his collection, hand hovering over a plain black one and a navy blue one with thin, lighter stripes when his bed makes a squeaky sound which means Rachel must have bounced herself off the mattress, probably to sit up.
"Kory likes you in a tie."
His heart makes a somersault worthy of his circus days in his chest. Kory likes when he's wearing ties.
"She told you that?"
He's trying not to sound like an overexcited puppy but the way he grabs those two ties and sprints back to his room has Rachel trying very hard not to burst out laughing.
"She might have mentioned it in passing," she shrugs and takes delight in the way that vague piece of information is absolutely torturing him.
When Dick presents his choices to her, Rachel takes both ties into her hands, studies them for a few seconds then hands him back the black one. He thanks her by ruffling her blue curls and takes the tie with him back to the mirror.
Rachel leans back against the headboard and crosses her legs, watching him with her head tilted to the side. "So what's the plan for tonight?"
"I booked us a table at this new restaurant they opened recently."
"GAAAAR! Help!" A loud shriek coming from the inside of a walk-in closet has Gar almost dropping his phone. "I have nothing to wear!"
"Kory Anders has nothing to wear?” He mutters to himself and gets up from her purple plush chair. “Hell must have frozen over."
No seriously, how bad can it be? That woman has more outfits than he can count, he can’t even remember seeing her in something twice-
-okay, there was a belt. And that purple fur she loves so much. And those stilettos Donna brought her from Paris. But that’s beside the point.
He walks into the glamorous wardrobe and immediately wrinkles his nose at the faint smell of paint still lingering in the air - he and Dick finished renovating this place almost three weeks ago to make it look fitting to Kory's glamorous vision. Now he's greeted with an onslaught of blinding whites dotted with royal purple accents and gold touch-ups, the light hitting the stones in the crystal chandelier sprinkles his skin with shiny reflexes. A spacious, fancy closet perfect for a Queen.
The Queen in question is now standing in the middle of that space in her black silk robe and purple furry slippers, sporting a frown on her pretty face as she's glaring at her dresses like they personally offended her.
The sight is as ridiculous as it is adorable.
"I can't choose," she whines and her shoulders sag. "Dick is taking me to this new fancy restaurant and I want to look the part."
"You always look the part, Kory." 
"That's the point! That damn idiot is gonna overdo it to impress me, I don't want to look as usual. I want something… gah, I don't know. Fresh? Extra?" She drops her face in her hands. "X'Hal, why is this so hard all of a sudden."
Gar pats her shoulder comfortingly. "Let me see."  
Tumblr media
Me, writing this thing ^^
I can't wait to share it with you guys!!!
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happytroopers · 2 years
crosshairs fic idea: reader is gossiping with coworkers (maybe medics idk) about who the most attractive clone is and reader mentions crosshair and he somehow finds out and teases her
Teasing // Crosshair x reader
Tumblr media
“It’s definitely Captain Rex. ” Tula, a Rodian nurse from the 212th, stated decidedly. You giggled into the shitty GAR rationed caf.
“That’s just cause your into blondes.” You teased, content with the rounds of chuckles at the mess hall table as Tula’s teal cheeks blushed blue.
“I still don’t know why we’re having this conversation, they’re clones, they all look the same! Thats like the whole thing.” Rys groaned uncomfortably, the only man at the table of civilian enlistments. It was rare for some many of your friends to be in the same place at the same time- but medical staff and engineering alike, every six months after your first deployment civilian enlistments were shipped back to Coruscant for a week long training refresher.
“You can’t say that, it’s rude!” Tula slapped his arm, eyebrow ridges furrowing over her galaxy eyes. He held his hands up in surrender.
“Yeah Rys, we won’t assume you’re any less straight if you admit that Wolffe is clearly the most attractive.” Raina grinned, her peach colored lekku twitching at the thought of the commander. You considered the idea but shook your head as other names got thrown around.
Kix, Fives, Bly, Keeli, Cody, and a couple other names you didn’t quite recognize the names of were tossed around the table. Haircuts, scars, tattoos, personality all became deciding factors as you at your dinner, occasionally chiming in to tease your friends.
“Ok then, who do you think the hottest soldier is?” An engineer from some outer moon data post asked after you teased her for her choice- Tup, a younger soldier in the 501st that you hadn’t met since your transfer to Clone Force 99.
You held your hands up, ready to evade the question. But Raina interjected, a challenging look on her face. You’d gone through academy with the peachy colored twi-lek and her sharp tongue was almost faster than her flying. You knew that look, and it didn’t bode well.
“If you don’t answer, I’ll tell every trooper I see all week that you said it was them.” She threatened with a smirk that said she already knew she had won. The smirk grew to a grin when you let out a defeated sigh.
“Well, in my own personal opinion, that Crosshair is the most attractive man we work with.” You admitted quietly. An honest answer on your part, you did think he was attractive even if you’d never say it to his face. Immediately, several pairs of disbelieving eyes landed on you.
“What? He doesn’t even count!” Rys pointed an finger at you to emphasize his point, “he doesn’t even look like the other clones!”
You shrugged as Tula slapped the back of his head again, her voice scolding as she hissed, “You can’t say that either!”
Then she looked at you, “Really though? He’s meaner than a burned gundark.”
“He’s scary.” Raina nodded.
“He’s an ass.” Another one of the 212th enlistments echoed from down the table. You’d forgotten that a few of the units they were assigned to probably had worked with Clone Force 99 at some point. Nevertheless, suddenly, you felt a need to defend the sniper who had finally become what you’d consider a friend.
“Ok, so it takes a while to get to know him, but...” you started, thinking of all the amazing qualities no one else saw because they weren’t with him all the time, “he’s loyal to a fault, really funny, always pulls me out of sticky situations and usually manages to keep me out of them to begin with, once you get to know him and how he is, you see how much he cares about his-“
“Ok, sure,” Raina cut you off, clearly not believing the cold eyed sniper could care about anything or anyone. She paused to pitch her voice up, flutter her eyelashes, and clasp her hands beside her face like a cartoon princess, “we don’t know him like you do~”
She interrupted herself with a snicker before she continued in her normal voice, “and all that bantha crap, but this is about attractiveness. What makes him hot? And don’t give me any of this, personality is all I look at shit.”
“And if I tell you, you’ll leave me alone?” You asked, though it was more of a demand. Tula nodded, she had always been a little boy crazy, and was dying to hear the scoop. You sighed again, hoping your cheeks weren’t too flushed, “fine, He’s very unique looking, in all the best ways. He’s very tall and lean, but crazy built. I’m into the silver hair, and believe it or not, under the armor that man has the best ass you’ll ever see.”
Tula was leaning on the table, giggling wildly at the juicier bits of you description. Raina had leaned back in her seat, and rolled her eyes, “To each their own, I suppose.”
Fortunately for you, the conversation switched to complaining about to the soldiers that were in charge of your training. There was a rumor the Fox used “civilian training” as punishment for his men when they earned a reprimand. It made sense, all the Coruscant guardsmen that were tasked with running drills with you weren’t exactly thrilled to be there. As if any of you were either.
“Yeah, I definitely don’t understand that attitude. We get it, you don’t want to be here, neither do we, but we are so let’s just get it over with- with out the..... are you even listening?” You were in the middle of your tangent when it was clear none of your group was listening to you. Instead there were all staring over your head with varying looks of slight fear, curiosity, and overall disdain. Tula was the one who attempted to subtly point behind you. At first you feared it was one of the troopers in charge of your training, so you quickly turned around with a forced apologetic look on your face.
To your surprise, you found Crosshair. Helmet free, as usual he had a toothpick between his teeth as he gave your group an appraising sweep. He had the same look on his face that he did when he was sizing up ‘the regs’- until he got to you. It took a year for him to stop looking at you that way, but his slight sneer eased out to neutral-which when it came to the sniper, it might as well have been an ear to ear grin.
“Crosshair! What are you doing here?” You asked, turning around in your seat. In addition to his sudden appearance, just his president was slightly confusing. Typically, Hunter would come himself, or send Tech- all to avoid a potential fight. Your training mates looked slightly bewildered at the amicable exchange.
“Springing you. We’ve got an assignment.” He shrugged after plucking the toothpick from between his lips. Like a true creature of habit, he started twirling the stick between his fingers. You quirked an eyebrow motioning to the other civilians.
“You can’t ‘spring me’, it’s GAR regulation for me to do this training refresher.” You reminded him, he rolled his eyes- but you weren’t sure if his disdain was for your use of air quotes or just disdain for GAR regulation in general. With any member of the Bad Batch, it was usually general disrespect for the rules. You gave him a look before continuing, “I still have three more days.”
“Is it really training? You could run circles around anyone here, especially them.” He drawled as he nodded his head over his shoulders at the table of red painted troopers who were eyeing him in distrust. Your eyes went a little wide, was that a compliment? And then you ducked your head at the offended glares of your table. In an effort to prevent a fight, you stood quickly before letting him lead you off.
“They’re aren’t gonna let me leave, Crosshair.” You reminded him, looking up to meet his eyes. He smirked a bit, setting his eyes forward.
“How are they gonna stop us?” He challenged, dropping his smile to glare at a passing trooper.
“Well, ion cannons come to mind.” You mused before clearing your throat, “You guys could always go with me, you went on plenty of missions before you got stuck with me. It be like the good ole days.”
He didn’t laugh at your joking tone, but shook his head, “You’re one of us, you stay with us”
You were stunned to silence for a second, despite your friendship he’s never referred you you as ‘one of them’. Heat rose to your cheeks as you exited the corridor into a lift, so Crosshair diffused the tension.
“Mission takes precedence over regulations. When have we been know to follow the rules, anyways.” He mused, swiping his ID card so the lift would let you out in the hangar. He relaxed a bit when you snorted a laugh before he continued on, “Besides, how can pull you out of sticky situation if you’re on a different planet?”
You froze in your spot, stomach dropping and cheeks flaring with red hot embarrassment; you had forgotten the cardinal rule of working with Crosshair.
If you didn’t have eyes on Crosshair, Crosshair definitely had eyes on you. And in this case, apparently ears as well.
“Ok, look-“ you started, hoping to ease your embarrassment, but all of the excuses you could come up with fell flat before they made it out of your mouth. Fortunately, the lift door slid open, allowing you to escape before you could further your embarrassment.
Crosshair actually chuckled out loud, long legs easily traipsing past you as he headed towards the Havoc Marauder. Momentarily, he twisted around to walk backwards, pointing his toothpick towards you, “Don’t worry, your ass is almost as good as mine.”
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bilingual-beast-boy · 2 months
personally offended that young justice never explored the idea that maybe Gar would be saddened after M'gann began using her true skin color instead of pretending to be a green martian because he spent years (especially in his lowest points) taking pride in the fact that his green skin made him feel closer to his big sister, but at the same time Gar feeling guilty that he has any negative emotions whatsoever to what is so clearly an important step forward in M'gann's mental health
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skeletorboyfriend · 2 months
I would love to do more exploring of Coreternian/Thornimp (and also Gar) lore through Skeletor visiting his in-laws.
Skeletor stays at Castle Core for the first time (formally, after the Prima Materia), with all the Evil Warriors included because they are throwing a grand celebration for the group that broke the Great Seal around Coreternia.
Antics include:
Skeletor accidentally being inappropriate in front of his in-laws with their son ("K-Keldor! Thornimps do not hold hands with their fingers interlocked in public, it is considered... greatly lascivious..." "What!? We have been doing that on the surface for years!! Why didn't you tell me this the first time!!" "...").
Everyone finding out that Coreternian cuisine Spinal Tap had been recalling to them is just as weird (but delicious) as he said, Trap-Jaw scaring a bunch of guests by putting a saw attachment on his arm and sawing through a gigantic lavaster claw or something.
Evil-Lyn being pompous about knowing Preternian then either confusing or mildly offending everyone she talks to before realizing the way the surface has been teaching Preternian is completely wrong speaking wise.
Spinal Tap having to argue to the royal guards to go down the hall instead of being right on top of his room without admitting he wants them to get lost so he and Skeletor can... well, hold hands.
Everyone having to down heat-resistance potions and complaining about how hot it is there (even w/a potion it is like a very dry hot summer day). Spinal Tap is just like "Actually, the temperature this afternoon would be considered 'a tad chilly' by our standards". It is 8000°F/4400°C.
I could keep going. I technically do have a fic in progress that describes some Thornimp customs through Skeletor's perspective, with a cotton-candy-fluff type fic about Spinal Tap and Skeletor raising their new nestling Malkyn.
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butwhyduh · 1 year
ok, but fab five, Batfam and JL all together on a mission in a place full of monsters, so at some point someone asks who there looks like a monsterfucker, Batfam, fab five and several monsters look directly at Nightwing, JL would be "???????????? I want context, GIVE ME THE CONTEXT"
Dick gives me "monsterfucker energy"
That’s hilarious because the Green Lanterns definitely have had some partners that aren’t human.
I feel like Dick would be offended.
“Hey! Why me? Kyle dated a green lady once!”
“Hey,” Kyle replied. “Kori is orange!”
“That’s… not the same. What about Hal?? He dated a lady with tentacles!” Dick said insistently.
“That’s a good point,” Gar said making a fatal mistake. The group turned to him.
“He can-“
“You know if there was one-“
“It’s not rude to point out-“
“Beast Boy is the most likely monsterfucker tho Red Hood watches tentacle porn,” Red Robin replied before moving on down the hall.
Everyone else:
Tumblr media
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Fix-It AU - Clone Strike
"There is a siege going on in Umbara, and the separatists are attacking the Alderaanian outposts, so tell your troopers to stop playing dead, gear up and get ready for combat!" Palpatine demands in a holo-call with the commanders
"I'm afraid that won't be possible." replies commander Wolffe with no care for decorum "Us clones recently found out that being paid in 'exclusive GAR currency' instead of actual credits, having no assigned vacation time and not being allowed to quit is highly illegal and we're suing the republic."
"Wh-" Palpatine gasps, squinting in disbelief "What in the moons are you talking-"
"And I know," commander Bly interjects "it is a bummer that legally we aren't people so we can't defend ourselves in court, but this public defense attorney said they'll represent us in court for free because this is a flagrant human rights violation."
Palpatine's usually calm, pale features are reddened and clearly straining not to become twisted in fury.
"But you are not-"
"Yes, I know, we are 'clones, not technically human, blah blah blah'," Captain Rex shakes his head, rolling his eyes "but our attorney will be basing their case on animal rights - see, even if a pet 'belongs' to you, as we 'belong' to the GAR, the Jedi and the Kaminoans, if it is proven that you are causing harm to your pet, they get taken from you and you get sued. It's more or less how we're approaching this."
"And I know you might think that we would be offended for being defended in court as animals," Commander Cody quips with a dramatic grimace "but look, after living your whole life as a clone trooper you kinda stop caring about the dehumanizing treatment, so..."
At this point, Palpatine slams his hands on his desk, abruptly rising up from his chair.
"Enough! This is treason! There is a war raging on, and our beloved republic will fall if you don't get in line and cease this treacherous talk! Now get in line and do your jobs!"
"Or what?" Commander Fox, the only clone physically present in the office asks, removing his helmet and showing his perfectly calm features contrasting starkly with Palpatine's enraged expression "What is the threat, Your Excellency? A death penalty? We face death every day, we witness it taking our brothers in battle, and we prepare ourselves for it every time our gunship's ramps are lowered and we step out into the gunfire. We are raised from infancy not to fear it, and we are hardened from combat to laugh at it."
And there is a gleam in Fox's brown eyes, in every speck of gold in his irises as he leans closer, placing his gloved hand on the Chancellor's polished desk of expensive Nabooan wood. Fox's scratched and dented hand guard stands out against the elegant furniture.
"You can't threaten us with imprisonment either." he continues "Not only we are trained to and used to living in small quarters with limited to none personal items of our own, I am certain that a sudden influx of over three million inmates would effectively break the republic's correctional system. Besides... you wouldn't want men as skilled as we are, with as much intel on the GAR as we have, kept with the Republic's worse criminals, right? So that, too, is off the list."
Palpatine doesn't interrupt Fox's musings. He seems too stunned at the clone he expected the most loyalty from and his unexpected act of betrayal. Fox straightens himself up and strokes his chin in thought.
"Now, separating us from our families, that would be a low blow, and most likely an effective one. Taking our spouses and children from us or even - stars - threatening them, that would be a brutal way to coerce us to do your bidding. But then again, by not allowing us to have personal lives of our own, the republic prevented us from creating any ties, so all clones are unmarried and childless. All a clone has is his brothers. So that won't work either."
Palpatine sinks back into his chair with a defeated sigh, his gaze lost. His right hand falls on his thigh, slowly moving under his desk. Fox's eyes narrow on him.
"With all due respect, sir, if you are planning on triggering the alarm and accusing me of attempting to murder you, I advise you not to." he glances at the helmet tucked under his arm "I have been recording this entire meeting, and the video is being relayed to all of my men who are scattered through the building and outside as well. I have given them instructions to make sure the recording reaches the public in the case of my unexpected death or imprisonment."
Palpatine freezes, eyes widening in a mix of shock and disgust at the clone, as if Fox is a misbehaved dog that he wants to beat.
"How dare you..." Palpatine grits out "How... dare you! The republic gave you life!" and he looks at the blue specters of the clone commanders' holograms watching him "We gave life to all of you!"
Cody looks at Palpatine. The Marshall Commander, always so polite and respectful grins wide, nodding.
"Yes. And now we are going to make something out of it, Your Excellency. With or without your permission. Fox will bring you a datapad with a list of our demands this afternoon."
"The separatists are still attacking as we speak!" Palpatine yells, spit flying off his mouth "There is no time for this! Even voting for every single demand of yours in the Senate could take months!"
"Well, then, sir," Commander Cody says with a shrug "I do hope you can try and speed up the process. You see - if the Seppies get to coruscant, my brothers and I can defend ourselves with ease and maintain our strike. I do not think the same can be said of the civilian population..."
"You are bluffing." Palpatine spits
"Maybe." Commander Wolffe smirks "Are you going to try and see it for yourself, sir?"
"You will be blamed for this!"
"We already are." Captain Rex interjects tiredly "We are already being blamed for everything that goes wrong in this war. "
Commander Thorn speaks up for the first time, his blue, slightly glitching image showing the commander that had long stopped standing in attention and is now giving Palpatine the same cold glare that all of his brothers share at the moment.
"It's not a long list, Your Excellency" his tone at the title is full of contempt "It is actually a perfect copy of the 8th Ammendment of the Galactic Constitution, on the rights for sentient beings - a text all senators, especially a Chancellor such as yourself, are very familiar with."
Palpatine's eyes dart back and forth as he follows the clone's words in bewilderment.
"You are soldiers." he hisses, attempting to display more self-restrain than he seems to be able to at this point "How much do you even think you know of our civil laws?"
Commander Gree smirks, shaking his head.
"Don't you think we know, sir, that we will be put on the stand to speak on behalf of our cause? Or do you think we will take the risk of having our attorney dazzle everyone with legal jargon, only for us to ruin it by sounding like a bunch of uneducated meat droids? Oh, no. We've been doing some studying."
Captain Rex tucks his hands behind his back, fixing his posture.
"Well, Your Excellency, I believe this should be all. We don't wish to take more of your time, as I assume that you are have important matters to attend to. Commander Fox will notify us of your response."
There is almost an entire minute of silence where Palpatine merely stare at the clones in disbelief. The clones exchange a few amused looks.
"Well then... Rex out." the Captain's image glitches and disappears
"Bly out."
"Wolffe out."
They leave, one by one, until the only clone still present is Fox. Palpatine grits his teeth at him, pounding a fist on the desk in front of him.
"This is treason." he is no longer screaming or hissing; instead, his voice is low and almost shaking with anger "You are all traitors. And you... CC-1010, you are a shame to the Grand Army of the Republic."
Fox stares at Palpatine, his expression inscrutable. In a deliberate, calm gesture, he takes his helmet in both hands and places it over his head. His voice comes filtered through his vocoder, devoid of any emotion.
"When we meet in court, Your Excellency, make sure to address me as 'Commander Fox'. Calling us by numbers while being accused of dehumanizing treatment will not be a good look on you or the institution." he turns his back on Palpatine, walking to the door that hisses open "I advise you to prepare for the next session in fifteen minutes and... oh, since I am no longer doing my rounds in the building, you should probably try to stay safe, sir. Good day to you."
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wanderinginksplot · 5 months
Clone Trooper Rambles
The continuation of my time spent with some imaginary clone troopers.
Warnings for descriptions of recovery from a medical procedure.
“I want toast,” my sister Lia said.
“So make toast,” I croaked out. My throat felt fine after the surgery, but my voice was so hoarse that it was hard for people to understand me. I wasn’t offended - I had trouble understanding myself half the time. 
My mom smiled. “I left the bread on the counter. The silverware is in the drawer next to the dishwasher.”
“No, I want toast, I just don’t want to make toast,” Lia complained.
I rolled my eyes - I figured that probably conveyed my feelings better than rasping out an insult would have.
“Shut up,” Lia told me. “You’re not the one who has to deal with the cursed toaster.”
“What a hard life,” I said dryly.
“What’s wrong with the toaster?” my mom asked, too used to Lia and I bickering to be distracted by it then.
Lia gestured dramatically at it. “It literally flings the toast out onto the counter when it pops up. It’s happened to me twice already!”
I glanced around the room, frowning at the troopers as my mom went to help Lia with the toaster. All of them were watching with interest as the two scientists put a so-called ‘test slice’ in the toaster… Well, all of them except one. Tup was paying a suspicious amount of attention to anything other than the small box on the counter.
“Tup, did you mess with the toaster?” I asked silently. 
He only shrugged, but his silence caught the attention of the other troopers.
“C’mon, Tup,” Fives complained. “Why?”
Tup sighed. “I wanted to know how it worked. I thought I could put it back together after I was done. It should be working like normal.”
Lia and my mother laughed hysterically as the test slice finished toasting and launched itself out of the toaster, landing on the counter and narrowly avoiding a fall onto the floor below. It was funny, and I couldn’t keep a rasping chuckle from escaping me.
“Normal?” Hardcase repeated, elbowing Tup as he laughed. “Doesn’t look normal to me, vod!”
“Like you’re an expert on normalcy, ‘Case?” one of the others asked teasingly. Hardcase stuck his tongue out at the other trooper.
“What happened to putting it back together?” Rex asked. 
Tup straightened. Even after such an extended period away from the strict hierarchy of the GAR, the men treated their captain with respect. “I was wrong, I couldn’t do it.”
My mother and Lia were watching the toaster intently. They had loaded a second test slice and set a plate where the last one had fallen. I gestured to them. “If nothing else, you’ve prevented another boring afternoon for them. That’s worth it to me.”
“Really?” Rex asked, his skepticism struggling to carry as he raised his voice. Lia and my mom were getting loud in their excitement when the toast didn’t land on the plate. In fact, it was lying on the other side of the counter from where the plate was waiting. “You don’t care that he messed up your toaster?”
“A bug is only a bug if it bothers you. Otherwise, it’s a feature,” I said with a shrug. “Besides, it isn’t my toaster. We rented this place, remember?”
Now it was the troopers who had cheered. I wasn’t deluded enough to think they were cheering about what I had said. The toaster testers had found yet another way to launch the bread and the troopers were fully absorbed. 
“How could I forget?” Rex asked darkly. “Tup, fix the toaster.”
“Yes, sir.”
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Author's Note - Short? Yes. Stupid? Kinda. Enough to amuse me? Definitely. Thanks for reading!
Taglist: @rexs-wife @sugarpuffsstuff @just-some-girl-92 @kimageddon @ladysongmaster @carodealmeida @nomercyforthewarrior @bitchylittleredhead @lackofhonor @buddee @salaminus @hikime @808tsuika @ladykatakuri @shawtyitsyou @bikerlorian @torchbearerkyle @frietiemeloen @justanothersadperson93 @leotatombs @rain-on-kamino @itsagrimm @dancingwiththeplanets @theclonesdeservebetter @murder-of-crows-1 @rosmariner @staycalmandhugaclone @marennial @eyecandyeoz @fordo-kixed-rex @lucyysthings @quietplaceinthestars @dinsverdika
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the-lighthouse-lit · 1 year
Tumblr media
Over | Again
Teen titans fanfic | BBxRae
Chapter 1 | Chapter 2
Chapter 1: Dude (3,833 words)
She wouldn’t have come if she’d known they would be here.
Rachel looked to her right, past the bar she sat to, across the room, to a table in the dining area. Garfield Logan and half the girls from their class, being the rambunctious table every waitress hated.
All Rachel had wanted was a milkshake from her favorite diner. She’d already placed her order by the time she’d seen her classmates, and now she had to sit here and hope she wouldn’t be spotted.
Just as she snuck a glance, Gar threw his head back and laughed, and the edges of his eyes scrunched up, and her heart skipped a beat. She tore her eyes away. Time slowed down when she looked at Gar—she had to be careful not to stare.
Rachel Roch had many secrets. But the weirdest, most unthinkable one, the one she kept guarded like an ancient, reality-breaking sacred artifact, was that she was in love with Gar Logan, Murakami High’s sweetheart.
She pushed her cropped hair behind her ear, feeling for her earrings as was now her habit, and sipped her drink methodically at regular intervals, self-conscious as she only got when Gar was nearby.
After a while, she eyed the group again and, sure enough, Kitty Moth was still all over Gar. Rachel looked away.
It was sick fascination at this point. Why did she keep putting herself through this? Watching the boy she liked be surrounded by girls who threw themselves at him because they loved the idea of having a rich boyfriend. And Gar was oblivious to it—or else he was too nice to do anything about it. A teenage movie star who’d grown up as an heir to a multimillion dollar company, and none of it had managed to make him an asshole. If she strained her ear she could hear them now, trying to wrangle entry to Steve Dayton’s latest party. None of those girls seemed to ever notice Gar got uncomfortable when his-step dad was mentioned—none of them seemed to even notice Gar referred to him as ‘step-dad’.
And what was the good of Rachel noticing, anyway? It wasn’t like she ever talked to him. In fact, everyone thought she quite hated him, including Gar himself. She’d heard from Kori who’d heard from Toni Monetti who’d heard from Garth Rivers who’d heard from Kole Weathers who’d heard from Victor Stone that Gar had been asking Dick Grayson why Rachel Roth disliked him so much, he’d been her friend since preschool, he would know.
Even Kori herself has asked her why she hated Garfield after that. If her best friend couldn’t tell the truth, Rachel’s secret was completely safe.
Out of the corner of her eyes, Rachel saw Gar get up. With dread burning in the pit of her stomach, she realized he was coming over here.
Her gaze fixed on her milkshake and she couldn’t muster it up, even when she willed herself to. She paid for it when he had to lay a hand on her shoulder to get her attention.
“Hey. Dude,” he said, in the nervous tone of someone who didn’t know if they were getting a response.
Why did Gar put himself through talking to her? It couldn’t have been a pleasant experience for him. He was just the type of boy who’d refuse to ignore a person he knew in a public setting. Damn him.
“Hey,” she stated. The word sounded defeated even to her own ears.
He had a hand on the counter. His green shirt hung off his slight, slender frame, and matched his green eyes. Blonde hair fell over a freckle-splattered suntanned face. His easy, boyish smile disarmed her, as always. “Why didn’t you come join us?”
Her eyebrow creased, incredulity making it through her stony façade. ‘Us’ was Kitty Moth and her lackeys. The self-appointed popular girls of Murakami High. Girls who, when they decided to acknowledge her existence, did it by shoulder-checking her in the hallway, or pinching their noses when she passed by in the locker room. Rachel didn’t care about any of it; she was considerably more offended that Gar thought she would go play nice with them. Leave it to boys to not notice the makeup of their own social circles, Rachel guessed.
“I’m not friends with those girls,” she said. His eyebrows creased upwards in mild panic, and she kicked herself. He had likely taken her to mean he was included in that group, or else why would she be refusing his invitation?
He still took a seat next to her, and she marveled at how sweet he was. He was determined to spend an allotted amount of time with her, when he could have perfectly ignored her, like she ignored him; and he would surely keep saying hello in school even as she did her best to steer clear of him, and talk to her when they ended up in the same lunch table or study group. How was she ever gonna get over him if he kept being so adorable?
A waiter promptly came over, because everybody at every place Gar went to took good care of their most important patron. “Will you want your food brought here?” he asked Gar.
“Uh, no, I’m over there,” Gar said, pointing at his actual table.
Rachel thought he would leave then. But when the waiter left he asked her, “Did you do the Philosophy homework? I lost my whole night to that.”
And it made her want to die. Homework. He was talking to her about homework. She would listen to him read out a calendar—that wasn’t the point. The point was that she’d made herself so unknowable to him, all he had to go on was the fact that they went to the same school.
“I haven’t done the homework,” she said.
And even though her tone was decidedly uninviting, her saying anything seemed to spur him, and he went on to talk about how much he hated that Hobbes guy.
She let him talk, slowly rotating her glass on the bar—the more Gar stayed, the more her stomach did cartwheels, and the less likely she’d ever finish her damn milkshake. All she could think was this was probably the most boring conversation he’d had all day, and that thought immobilized her and kept her from talking—it was a vicious cycle. Her eyes glared straight ahead, and she counted down the seconds until the time for being nice to the standoffish girl ran out in his mind, so he could go back to his world.
This was why people thought she hated him. She was always angry when she was around him: angry at how her back would get stiff and unmoving, her mind would blank over sixteen years of acquired social skills, and she couldn’t bring herself to make eye contact. Her anger at herself showed up on her face and communicated to him that she hated his guts for no reason.
She liked him. But she hated being around him. Because when it came to him, she saw so much, knew so much, felt so much, and when he was next to her, their interactions were stuck in shallow, uninspiring small talk between her unyielding coldness and his relentless friendliness, and she was forced to realize he saw nothing, knew nothing, and felt nothing about her.
When he came near he shattered the reality where she could just love him from afar. She’d much rather he just stayed away.
The tell-tale buzz of the communicator on her left pocket came to shuffle her priorities.
Her back straightened, her mind cleared, and she swiftly took out her wallet and left the money for her drink on the counter.
“I just remembered I had to be home by—now,” she stated, realizing she had no idea what time it was towards the end of her excuse.
Coincidentally, Gar had also gotten up. “Oh! I-I think I left my front door open.”
They two stepped away and snuck out of the diner, never seeing through the other’s bad excuses.
Moments later, Raven flew into the scene. The trouble was a ten-foot creature—a glowing white heap of vaguely humanoid goo, currently rampaging what had been the east wing of STAR Labs.
When the monster saw her, it growled at her, its body shook and shot goblets of its form towards her. She dodged the attack, levitated several of the wooden crates around her and hurled them at the creature.
They went straight through it; the creature seemed to stagger and regard the new holes on its chest, before they filled in. It roared; this had only seemed to make it angrier.
Okay, then. This would need a bit more effort.
Raven concentrated, pulling everything she’d recently and very speedily learned about her new powers to wrap them around the creature and push it down. Her focus broke when she was grabbed from behind; she looked down to see the same white slime the monster was made of. It must have split its form to seize her, and now the rest of the creature advanced towards her.
Alright, so it had a brain in there.
Raven didn’t struggle physically: she went still and tapped into her powers to get free—when the creature was struck by a green flash. The monster staggered, and the fragment holding Raven dissolved. A green cheetah turned into a green rhino and struck the creature, which receded, and fell as a pool of goo with a final fading shriek.
“Anyone called for a hero?” the green boy quipped as he morphed back to human. He made a point to push his wild green hair back and strike a pose as he stood.
“Beast Boy,” Raven greeted, dusting herself off. She let a small smile play on her lips as he sauntered over to her.
“Raven,” he replied. Masked gaze met masked gaze. His shamelessly eyed her up and down. “Looking as good as ever.”
Behind him, the goo became monster again. A warning died on her lips as he got into action, turning into a gorilla to repel the slime limb that had shot out towards him.
They both took to the air, Raven levitating and Beast Boy taking the form of a pterodactyl.
“I was wondering if you would show up,” Raven said as she shot blows of dark energy towards the monster.
“Aw, you missed me,” said Beast Boy between hitting the creature with his hind legs.
“More like I was asking myself if I could expect you to do your job.”
“You know you can count on me,” was the last thing he said before he dove into the creature—and came out on the other side, covered in goo.
“Yeah. That doesn’t work,” said Raven, landing beside him.
He had turned back to human to stare in horror at his dripping hands. “Thanks for warning me.”
While they regrouped, the monster seemed to forget them and continued to tear through the crates around them. This seemed to have been a STAR Labs’ depository.
“What’s that thing, Rae-Rae?”
“I don’t know. And don’t call me that.” But she’d heard his real question: if they didn’t know what it was, how were they going to defeat it?
Raven looked around her, to what was left of the room, and focused her power on the pipes overhead, bringing the force of water to subdue the monster. It had the opposite effect: the creature grew several feet before Raven noticed and cut the current short.
“That’s why we can’t hurt it, it’s all watery!” Beast Boy complained.
“If it absorbs water…” Raven turned to her partner, “can you turn into something that’ll electrocute it?”
Beast Boy’s green eyes twinkled as he smiled brightly at her. “Way ahead of you.”
He jumped off the ledge, turned into an eagle, flew to the creature and turned into an eel inside it. The creature screeched as electricity racked its body.
That was what did it. The creature receded into slime and gave way to a man in a lab coat, lying unconscious on the ground. The man groaned as Beast Boy held him up, both steadying and restraining him.
Raven touched down next to them, lifted the man’s head with telekinesis, and saw the tell-tale glazed look in his eyes. “Mind-controlled,” she confirmed.
“Mento strikes again,” said Beast Boy.
“When is it ever anyone else?” Raven closed her eyes and held her hands to either side of the man’s head. As her hands glowed with power, Beast Boy watched her. Raven drew the hood of her cloak over her head whenever she could, but right now it was down, and her long purple hair spread out freely, and her brow furrowed ever so slightly as she concentrated, making a small ripple in the calm lake of her small olive-toned beige face. No matter how many times he stared at her and committed her features to memory, he could never remember once they were out of costume. Such was the technology of their jewels—it almost seemed like magic.
Once Raven undid the effects of mind control, she and Beast Boy did the usual routine of comforting the person who’d just woken up and explaining they had been mind-controlled.
“Do you remember what he sent you to do?” Beast Boy asked the man.
“I don’t…” the man held his head. “He told me to use my clearance to investigate this area. This isn’t my department, but I have coworkers here—I knew what was here was dangerous. But he told me to explore it… I couldn’t disobey.”
“Something in here made you turn into that monster?” Beast Boy asked, and the man nodded.
“No one can withstand Mento’s mind control,” Raven assured him. “Did he tell you what he was after?”
The man shut his eyes tight. “Something about a portal? I-I can’t remember anymore.”
The two superheroes assured him this was also normal. Mento’s orders faded away like a dream once Raven broke the effect.
After they sent him home, the teen superheroes made a disappearance before reporters crowded the scene. Beast Boy looked at Raven, walking through rooftops like a somber shadow –she always took their inability to get to Mento to heart-, and felt it necessary to say something to shake her out of her gloom. “Wanna go get food?”
She gaped at him, which was a step-up from her beating herself up in Beast Boy’s books. “In our costumes?”
Beast Boy shrugged. “Make a drive-thru employee’s day.” Then his eye twinkled and he brought his face close to Raven’s. “Or maybe you want something fancier. Are you finally gonna let me take you out on a real date?”
Raven pushed his face away. If left to his own devices, Beast Boy might actually close the gap. “Let’s go to McDonald’s,” she said all the same. She’d never gotten to finish her milkshake.
“You think we’ll ever actually catch Mento?” Beast Boy wondered later, as they sat on a rooftop surrounded by empty food papers. “He’s got to be planning something, I mean… he started out sending people to rob banks, pretty standard stuff, but why’s he messing with STAR Labs now?”
“That’s up to the League to figure out.” Raven firmly believed she and Beast Boy were the clean-up crew in the larger scope of organized superheroes. She accepted that role; her main concern was in helping where she could. They didn’t have the resources or the clearance the League had: realistically they would never catch Mento, so it made no sense to waste their efforts.
“You were willing to rap about it with Robin when he showed up.” Beast Boy made a show of crossing his arms and sounding like a sullen child.
“He has some sort of detective background,” Raven said, refusing to acknowledge her partner’s show of jealousy. “Plus I wasn’t theorizing. He was making guesses and I was listening. I’m not good at investigative work.”
“Hey, don’t sell yourself short. We’re the career superheroes here, him and the others are part-timers.” As he said that, he slung an arm around her shoulders and pulled her close, so their bodies touched and his voice vibrated on her chest—just like he planned it to, surely.
Raven allowed it and didn’t push him off. Her partner was a flirt, and flirting was fun, Raven had recently found. It was probably the mask, she reasoned; it made you feel free. It didn’t have to mean anything.
But then he lowered his voice and whispered in her ear, “Jump City’s real protectors. The Beast and his Beauty.”
And she considered she needed to take him down a notch. She turned to face him, leaning back to put some necessary distance between them, and said, “Mmh, you strike me more as an elf than a beast.” She reached to flick his pointy ears, which were sensitive. He jumped away, holding his ears, making a surprised smile at her. She quickly squashed a satisfied smile of her own.
Beast Boy seemed to take the hint and stayed on his spot of the roof. “Ha, the kid from the drive-thru posted the picture!”
Raven looked over. Beast Boy had his communicator open on the picture the drive-thru kid had requested with them, after she’d finished freaking out. Raven hadn’t even known their League of Superheroes-issued communicator could go on the Internet until Beast Boy tried it.
“Dude, you have to get an account for your superhero self,” Beast Boy told her. “Look, I’m tagged, and your name is just a sad little non-hyperlink word.”
“Just as I like it.” Who calls a girl ‘dude’? she thought. “I don’t need to know what people think about me all the time.” Superheroes usually held a unanimously good public opinion by virtue of being both vitally necessary to society and untied to government institutions. That didn’t mean Raven wanted to take her chances.
“Well, I’m used to it. I’m actually more famous as my civilian self.”
Raven looked at him in shock. “Don’t tell me things about your civilian life. We’ve been over this.” She quelled her frustration when someone’s rooftop couch and table got encased in dark energy. “That’s so specific, I could easily find out who you are,” she chided in a more level voice.
He held his hands up with a grin. It was one of the many times his carefree attitude irritated her.
“Our powers depend on us not finding out who the other is,” she reminded him.
“How would they know, though?” he asked immediately, leaning in. He was always ready to push this particular point at the drop of a hat. “How could they know we know?”
“We got the report of trouble in STAR Labs before the employees themselves got the notice to evacuate. It’s safe to say they have eyes everywhere. They would know.” And if they wouldn’t, I don’t care about your identity enough to risk it, she added in her mind, but that would be too cruel to say.
Beast Boy seemed to take that in stride, shrugging and leaning back on his hands, turning to the twinkling city skyline with a smile.
Raven knew his civilian self. She was sure of it. He’d told her too much for her to ignore the fact that they had crossed paths before. If she thought hard about it, she might be able to figure out who she was, and she turned those thoughts away whenever they came up for that very reason. She didn’t know why the League didn’t want them to know each other’s identities; she only knew it was the condition to keep her powers and continue helping people, so she’d obey the rule.
But information seemed to seep out of Beast Boy. It came faster than she could censor him. Once they’d had to take over a speeding bus, she’d asked him “Can you drive?” and instead of a simple “No,” he’d said, “I’m fifteen!” Once he’d been complaining about his day and name-dropped a teacher, and she’d realized he went to her school. He was a lost cause.
It was hard to believe he cared about anything. She bet he’d only agreed to the superhero gig because he enjoyed the spotlight. If he accidentally revealed his identity and had to turn in his ring, he’d probably just start a TikTok account.
“I would know if I knew your civilian self,” he said suddenly. “I know you too much. I’d just know.”
Raven met this bold statement with pure skepticism. “You know me? Really.” She jutted her chin at him. “Go on, then. Tell me how I am.”
She regretted it when she saw his face—a rare serious expression graced it. He stood and offered her his hands. She took them. When she was standing, he didn’t let go.
“I know you agreed to the superhero gig,” he began. “You got the mysterious box, followed the instructions, tried on the earrings, and went out to fight bad guys. That means you care. Deeply. I know your powers work with feelings. They only work if you feel. So you seem emotionless, but you’re not. You’re full of emotions.”
He was staring deeply into her eyes. It was one of those moments Raven believed Beast Boy loved her, like he said.
“I know you do the best by every person we meet. I know any day where I don’t see you is worthless. I know you’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever met. I know being around you makes me feel like I’m right where I’m supposed to be all the time.”
His hands still held on to her. She edged back. “Beast Boy,” she started.
“Don’t worry, I know,” he said quickly. “You love someone. You told me.” He made a sad smile and let go of her hands. “So, I’m not gonna make a move. But I’m not gonna let you forget I’m in love with you, either.” His eyes wandered to either side of him and he grinned, inexplicably. “Or lose hope.”
She only saw it when he pulled away—a sofa and chairs and potted plants, levitating by way of her powers. She snapped out of it, gained control of herself and set the furniture down softly. By that time Beast Boy had walked to the edge of the roof, where he grinned at her, waved, and flew away as a raven.
Beast Boy had a point, she thought as she went home herself. Her powers left her no place to hide; they showed she cared, they left her heart out in the open. If only she had that in real life, she reflected—physical proof of your feelings, there for everyone to see. Then perhaps Gar would just need to look at her to know how she felt.
A few notes:
This is a lighter fluffier world ok. The tone is like halfway between TT world and MLB world. So they’re dumbasses around each other and Raven has a little less control over her powers, BUT the setting is a bit more realistic and there’s no kwamis or colorful empowered citizens, just high tech and plain mind control respectively.
I actually hate Rachel as Raven’s real name (it’s fine as an alias) but in this setting it was necessary
I have a thing for one-sided BBRae but on Raven’s side and this is the fic I threw all of that self-indulgent goodness in
I’ve recently learned a ficlet is supossed to be less than 1,000 words and this isn’t that, but I chose to call it a ficlet anyway to indicate this isn’t gonna be a longfic, and because other people use the word ficlet for over 1K fics and language is made up anyway
I hope you enjoyed reading! :)
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pinkchubbiebunnie · 4 months
Hii !! I saw you weren’t doing so good, im sorry about that — i hope the nap helped — and feel free to read/respond to this whenever you feel ready to !! I wrote way too much so instead of copying and pasting, i took screenshots of my notes
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Fair warning, I have written a fucking essay down below. So if you are clicking the readmore, you are agreeing to dive headfirst into my Titans bullshit 
Okay so these notes are too fucking iconic. I was literally smiling THE ENTIRE TIME I was reading these. Like omf. So I have decided to take some highlights to comment on from this. But I fucking love how you put this stuff like omg 
“Big demon Trigon” 
I, too, am disappointed that Trigon was not a demon sooner and that there wasn’t more of demon Trigon in the show. Like the fact that he appears as ‘just some guy’ - it could be considered menacing ? but at the same time I also love non-human entities as killers and like the thing that ends the world. 
And I do really appreciate his non-human design and I wish it would have appeared for longer. 
“Rachel’s new hair” 
It’s so funny that their excuse for giving her a new hairstyle for the new season is the smoke she used to defeat her father. Like I will always appreciate that and find it so funny. 
And I really love the hairstyle and find it gorgeous. I also love her character design with the jewel on her forehead, and when I found out that it is canon comic lore that the jewel in her forehead - even in the Teen Titans version - was always intended to be her heart, a literal interpretation of her heart, where if it gets ripped out she dies because it is meant to be the heart organ, I was wowed. Like yes, she is the daughter of the dark lord Satan, but that is pretty fucking dark too. 
“The guy with the eye patch” (should you know him?) (is he Slade?) 
You have found out by now, but yes, he is Slade! 
One thing I don’t like about this season is that the very beginning of S2, Ep 1 feels like it should have been the very last part of S1. Like I understand the desire to leave the show on a cliffhanger and leave the audience wanting more, but if you’re gonna spend the first bit of S2 - literally just defeating the villain, cleaning up the entire plot line and wrapping it in a bow (dissolving the entire cliffhanger in like ten minutes), and then introducing a new villain in a mysterious way - those scenes would have fit perfectly into an S1 season finale. And that is distinctly what it feels like. 
I think Slade’s introduction would have fit so much better as a tease at the end of S1. And that’s my only rant here lmao. 
“What Gar? Did you growl at him?” 
Like omf I was actually lowkey offended during that part 
I totally understand that they’re all teenagers and their hormones and powers make them cranky, so they’re gonna get into petty fights, but like dude - the last time Gar used his powers (in a fatal way), it was to defend Rachel. And it was the first time he had ever used his powers in a fatal way. So I think the guy needs a bit more credit from her, hmmm? 
The Deathstroke/Jericho Storyline 
Like okay, you made several notes along the lines of “is Jericho alive?” and the first time I watched the season, I was thinking that THE WHOLE TIME. Like I was CONVINCED that the big twist would be Jericho showing up at the end, in person, and being like: “Dad, your quest for revenge is worthless, look how many people you’ve hurt” - especially because it’s implied that Slade is abusive to Jericho and his mom, so they would want to go into hiding if something bad happened (like Jericho getting into a fight with Slade and Dick and getting severely injured and Slade believing that he’s dead - because of Slade believes that Jericho is dead, he can just disappear and go into hiding) - so I fully thought the end of the season would reveal Jericho coming out of hiding to be like “surprise bitch, I’ve been alive the whole time. I fucking hate my dad, though.” and then Slade either fucking off into the woods again or someone killing him and showing that sometimes death is necessary to end the cycle of pain 
But I fucking HATED the actual end of the season
Like the whole “Jericho IS alive but he’s trapped inside his father’s body” VOMIT VOMIT blah fucking blah. And the fact that it ended with Rose and Jericho like merging together into one body? ALSO this is a fucking headlining complaint. When I found out that Rose’s primary fucking goal of joining the Titans was to get revenge for Jericho’s ‘death’ and she had NEVER EVEN HAD A REAL RELATIONSHIP WITH HIM. LIKE FUCK. That is one of the dumbest storylines EVER. The writers could have easily written it that Rose and Jericho found each other and new each other outside of their parents, and they were good friends (like maybe they both confessed to each other about having powers so they did one of those DNA kits from the internet and found out they have the same dad or something idk) - so when Jericho died, Rose blamed the Titans and THEN sought out Slade to help her get revenge. Like that storyline WOULD HAVE MADE SO MUCH MORE SENSE
Especially if they went with the ‘Jericho was only injured during the fight and not killed’ option ESPECIALLY because Dick is a cop (even if he wasn’t always working as a cop, he has the personality of one) - like fucking imagine, Rose watching the fight from the shadows, sees Jericho gets stabbed, and she and Slade disappear from the building before they can see what REALLY happens. Rose later seeks out Slade to go on her revenge quest. Meanwhile, Dick/Robin, feeling hopeless and terrified that he has just gotten a young boy killed, scoops up Jericho’s body and rushes him back to the Tower, WHERE THEY HAVE THEIR OWN FUCKING HOSPITAL BAY, and he manages to patch Jericho up, and calls in a favour from Bruce to use Daddy’s money to get Jericho and his mom off the map, just in case Slade comes looking for them. Like it MAKES SENSE 
I hate the way the actual canon carried out the storyline. Fuuuck 
“Hank is such a Jock but I love him yall” 
Like okay, I always go back and forth on whether or not I “like” Hank. There are times when his character is so annoying but also lovable and like dude. I love his fuckboy past and his relationship with his brother is (was) so adorable. I think he’s one of those characters that is interesting because of his flaws. 
So yeah, I think overall I do really like him. 
The Superboy Episode (bonus meme: Lex Luthor has always been bald) 
So, I loved this episode. I fucking loved it the first time I watched it. I don’t enjoy how they cut from Jason falling to this, but my brain quickly gets lost in this episode and lmao I do kind of forget about Jason for a while 
One of my favorite parts is Eve Watson - aka Conner’s ‘mom’. She is a delightfully complex character, and they fit a lot of complexity and morally gray ambiguity into her character for having such a short amount of screentime. I wish they could find an excuse to bring her back. The part where she’s like “do you want breakfast?” and she offers Conner FUCKING WINE like oh my god. And she explains drinking as “something adults do when they don’t like how they’re feeling” SO REAL GO OFF QUEEN
So like, aside from her being the best B character in the series - let’s talk about my test tube Baby Boy. 
As I have mentioned, I don’t know which approach I like better of his character: the Young Justice version of the Titans version. Because I do really love both <3
The Titans version approaches him as if he is literally a baby, and I totally appreciate that. I appreciate how it gives him a freshness and optimism on a team that is otherwise full of hardened cynics, especially because they later pair him up with Gar during a time in Gar’s life when his hope and positivity is starting to fade, and Gar needs that refreshing outlook on life. 
I could highlight a lot of things I love about this episode - like a cameo from one of the trap victim actors from Saw, their origin for the Superboy costume, Conner knowing that he needs to go to Kansas because he sees A VISION OF A FUCKING CORNFEILD 
But this post is already getting so long lmao. 
I love how you put this omg. But like dude when this happened, I was like NOO LEAVE MY BABY BOY ALOOONE. And like of fucking course they have the loophole of Kryptonite bullets 
I do also appreciate the detail of Kory trying to stick the IV in Conner and the IV needle just fucking bouncing off his skin and bending because the only thing that can peirce his skin is Kryptonite. That is cool 
But it solidified Conner as ‘one of them’ because he got hurt trying to help them and they immediately brought him into the fold. Which I liked about that aspect 
“Bruce Wayne really just reading Dick for filth is really funny tho, in a kinda fucked up way” 
LIKE OKAY - that whole episode, that whole Bruce Wayne hallucination is the FUCKING FUNNIEST thing to me EVER. Idk if I have said it on here before, but that actor is my least favorite Bruce Wayne casting (and personally I think he’s a pretty poor choice for Bruce) but I FUCKING LOVE how he performs in that episode. His snarky, sarcastic energy and the way that he brings total stone cold seriousness to the character while balancing it with - as you put it ‘reading Dick for filth’ (I also FUCKING LOVE how you put that omg). Also, when I think about the fact that all the actors in the room except for Dick’s actor had to IGNORE HIM, I fucking cackle even harder. 
AND THE PART WHERE HE’S DANCING ON THE STAGE WITH THE FUCKING BURLESQUE DANCERS. THAT ADDED LIKE TEN YEARS ONTO MY LIFESPAN. I go back and rewatch that specific episode on a regular basis just to see the fucking weird, delightful Bruce and Dick interactions while Dick is going batshit (hehe pun) insane 
Jason is the sad little meow meow
Also, I hated this as a plot point (Jason falling off a fucking building and then everyone dogpiling into him for shit that he didn’t do with 0 comfort from anyone) - so I wrote a fix-it for it. I hope you enjoy it lmao 
“WHERE’S THE TITANS FILLER EPISODE ??? where’s the beach episode ??? the Halloween special ???” 
I hate the fact that shows made for streaming services don’t get fucking filler episodes. Like dude. You are so right. We need more Titans family fluff (which is what I have attempted to do in some of my fics - like with the fucking board game night). But I totally agree. 
“Gar got the dog in the divorce” 
THIS IS JUST TOO ICONIC. WHEN I READ THIS I SNORTED. Like in the ep, when Krypto rang the doorbell, I was like ‘ooooh, good boy’s at the door’ but like your way of putting it is iconic. I want this on a fucking shirt omg 
Like this message made me smile omg
6 notes · View notes