#Hafren Power
♕︎𝐴𝑠𝑡𝑒𝑟𝑜𝑖𝑑 "𝑆𝑎𝑏𝑟𝑖𝑛𝑎" (2264) 𝐢𝐧 𝐲𝐨𝐮𝐫 𝐚𝐬𝐭𝐫𝐨𝐥𝐨𝐠𝐲 𝐧𝐚𝐭𝐚𝐥 𝐜𝐡𝐚𝐫𝐭 ♕︎
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𝐚𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐨𝐢𝐝 "𝐬𝐚𝐛𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐚" 𝐜𝐨𝐝𝐞 : 2264
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In astrology the asteroid sabrina (2264) represents where you have power that maybe you are not really ready for and not comfortable with. It also represents what people mostly see in you. It also represents transformation and coming into your own.
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The name sabrina also means delightfully, legendary princess, and "from the borders". So take that as a little grain of salt of what the asteroid sabrina in astrology can mean too.
Tumblr media
This asteroid is named after princess sabrina from the story "the legend of sabrina and the river seven". Actually Sabrina's name is actually supposed to be "Hafren" but it got translated and now it becomes "Sabrina".
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[⚠️ Warning : i consider this asteroid as prominent and brings the most effect if it conjuncts ur personal planets (sun,moon,venus,mercury,mars) and if it conjuncts ur personal points (ac,dc,ic,mc), i use 0 - 2.5 orbs (for conjunctions). For sextile, trine, opposite and square aspects to asteroids i usually use 0 - 2 orbs. Yes tight conjunctions of planet / personal points to asteroids tend to give the most effect, but other aspects (sextile,trine,square,opposite,etc) still exist, even they produce effects. ⚠️]
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Some examples of famous people with asteroid sabrina prominent in their chart :
- Maddona have sabrina conjunct her mercury
- Mckenna grace have asteroid sabrina conjunct her venus
- Kim kardashian have sabrina conjunct her venus
- Beyonce have asteroid sabrina conjunct her venus
- Paris hilton have sabrina conjunct her midheaven
- azelia banks have sabrina conjunct her mars
Thank you 💗
- brielledoesastrology (tumblr)
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occasionalvlog · 11 months
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Although we are very much at the starting point of the river Severn, no Severn Bore here, with a large amount of rain we have had here over the last couple of weeks the river is doing everything it can to remind you how powerful this river will become before it reaches the sea down near Bristol.⁠ ⁠⁠.⁠ .⁠ .⁠ @occasionalvlog @visitwales⁠ ⁠ #hafrenforest #occasionalvlog⁠ ⁠ #woodland #forest #nature #trees #visitwales #midwales #forestry #freedom #freshair #travel #cymru #scenery #leaves #hiking #explore #evergreen #meadow #wilderness #landscapephotography #naturephotography #outdoors #adventure #landscape #getoutside #water #walking #naturelovers #instatravel⁠ ⁠ [Image description: The river crashes over some rocks.] (at Hafren Forest) https://www.instagram.com/p/CnDL1LKNpuG/?igshid=NGJjMDIxMWI=
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chillingaudrina · 1 year
curious about number 20 for the meta ask thing!
20. Tell us the meta about your writing that you really want to ramble to people about (symbolism you’ve included, character or relationship development that you love, hidden references, callbacks or clues for future scenes?)
Your girl loves a reference and a callback and a clue! We could be here all day. There were a lot in 'all of them witches,' though perhaps my favorite has to do with Sabrina's name. I looked into its etymology because I wanted a more interesting reason for Diana to choose it than the classic ~it was my grandmother's~ or something similar (which I think is the case in the comics, though Zelda suggesting Lucy for Lucifer is a comics shout-out). Legend-wise, Sabrina (or Hafren or Habrenna) was a little girl drowned in the Severn who then became the nymph or goddess of the river. She appears as a deus-ex-machina in John Milton's Comus, rescuing another young girl in trouble. Both of these things appealed to me when it came to canon Sabrina — her transformation into a powerful creature of myth and also a protector. (Milton is of course the author of Paradise Lost as well, which fits neatly with CAOS.)
Since Diana's interest in fairytales is present throughout the story, at first I was going to have her read the legend in a book, but since Ambrose was canonically a poet once upon a time, it made sense to me to have him recite Milton's poem — and then I became obsessed with the idea that Ambrose was the one to name Sabrina, in a roundabout way. God I'm a nerd.
I am also, as many can probably guess by now lol, very into paralleling Diana, Zelda, and Sabrina with the myth of Demeter and Persephone. The intensity — sometimes smothering, something rescuing — of that mother/daughter bond feels so apt to me for this show, and Sabrina is an interesting Persephone figure; not unwittingly giving into temptation, but choosing to descend.
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dianaashworth · 2 years
Down by the River Side!
Down by the River Side!
Lazy river — the Nene in Northamptonshire Standing on a bridge in the early morning listening for nightingales Checking for cattle egrets. Noticing the first midges of the year. All the time watching for the blue flash of a kingfisher: Busy River — the Afon Hafren (Severn) near it’s source. Looking for dippers and grey wagtails. and now calm but powerful. 220 miles further down stream —…
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shasharishi · 2 years
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🌊🌸UPCOMING WORKSHOP IN MAY🌸🌊 My next event is Goddess of the Water, where I will be sharing with you the energy and practices that have become a part of my everyday devotions since 2017. When I was in Mexico, the Goddess Yemoja introduced herself to me in a powerful physical way. It was the beginning of a romance with the feminine aspects of myself, a bright light of hope after a masculine dominated religious upbringing. We will be sharing the energy of the river where I met Hafren/Sabrina our local river goddess. She led me though a process of addressing the wounds of my maternal line through accepting things as they are and allowing myself to heal and grow. Our bodies will be taken through a yoga flow, we will commune in a tea ceremony and we will meditate on the process of flow and healing. This will be a time for you to completely wrap yourself in the waters of the Mother. It is a healing space. The workshop is taking place at @yahra.uk in the serene and beautiful space set in the lush countryside on the border of Worcestershire and the Cotswolds in Broadway. There is not enough space to share with you here the rich history of the Mother goddess energies that pre-existed Roman invasion and n the Cotswolds! You can still feel the energy of it in these lands. Mark the 29th May in your diaries for a workshop of deep healing and freedom through flow. All genders, ages and experience levels welcome. The workshop runs from 1pm - 4pm on Sunday 29th May 🙏🏼🌸🌊 #shashaspiritledlife #goddess #meditation #yoga #teaceremony #watergoddess #chineseteaceremony #mermaid #reikimaster #cotswoldslife #cotswoldsyoga #worcesteryoga #transformation #womenwithink #divinefeminine #divinemasculine https://www.instagram.com/p/CdpsqGMIgqT/?igshid=NGJjMDIxMWI=
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christinamac1 · 2 years
Judicial review on the dumping of Hinkley Point C radioactive mud
Judicial review on the dumping of Hinkley Point C radioactive mud
A group campaigning against the dumping of sediment from the site of adecommissioned nuclear power station has succeeded in securing a judicialreview challenging the legality of a licence to dump waste into the RiverSevern. The Save the Severn Estuary / Cofiwch Môr Hafren campaign involvesthe Geiger Bay coalition and groups from the English side of the estuaryand is seeking to halt the dumping…
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mermaidenmystic · 3 years
Tumblr media
Sabrina and the Nymphs ~ 1845 ~ William Edward Frost (British artist, 1810-1877)
“Sabrina is the mythical figure who gave her name to the River Severn which flows from Wales through Worcestershire to Gloucestershire. She appears in Geoffrey of Monmouth’s The History of the Kings of Britain, in which the King Locrinus deserts his wife, Gwendolen, and has a child by another woman; that child, whose name is Sabrina in Latin, Severn in English, Hafren in Welsh, is drowned by Gwendolen in the river, along with her mother, and gives it her name. Subsequently, legend has it that she has become the nymph of the river; she is also known as a goddess. Milton writes of Sabrina in Comus, in which the water-nymph is conjured and rescues the Lady from her plight because she is pure of heart. As agent of freedom, then, Sabrina is seen as powerful, mystical, and sympathetic to women who fall victim to a patriarchal system which undervalues and confines them.”                                                                           ~ https://cultureandanarchy.org/2016/04/28/legends-of-sabrina/
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cardifftaxiservices · 3 years
Cardiff School and College and University
Cardiff university:
Cardiff University is a public examination college in Cardiff, Wales. Established in 1883 as the University College of South Wales and Monmouth shire, it turned into an establishing school of the University of Wales in 1893, and in 1997 got its own degree-granting powers, despite the fact that it held them in hold. It converged with the University of Wales Institute of Science and Technology (UWIST) in 1988. The school embraced the public name of Cardiff University in 1999; in 2005 this turned into its lawful name, as a free college granting its own degrees. The third most established college in Wales, it contains three schools: Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences; Biomedical and Life Sciences; and Physical Sciences and Engineering. Cardiff is the main Welsh individual from the Russell Group of examination serious British colleges. For 2018–2019, Cardiff had a turnover of £537.1 million, incorporating £116.0 million in research awards and agreements. The college has an undergrad enrolment of 23,960 and an absolute enrolment of 33,190 creation it one of the ten biggest colleges in the UK. The Cardiff University Students' Union attempts to advance the interests of the understudy body inside the University and further away from home.
Cardiff Metropolitan university:
Cardiff Metropolitan University, in the past University of Wales Institute, Cardiff (UWIC), is a college which is one of three non-Russell bunch colleges situated in the city of Cardiff. In the 2016/17 scholastic year, the college has just shy of 11,000 understudies. The college offers degree courses in an assortment of controls. Study is accessible at undergrad and postgraduate levels, full-time and low maintenance, and examination openings are advertised. Cardiff Metropolitan University has various examination and endeavor focuses, including the Food Industry Center, the Welsh Center for Tourism Research, and the National Center for Product Design and Development Research. Starting at 2016 the college is positioned as the top 'new' college in Wales by the significant college guides – The Guardian University Guide 2013, the Complete University Guide 2013 distributed in The Independent and the Times Good University Guide 2013. Cardiff Metropolitan University has been autonomously acclaimed for its scholastic norms, with an old Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education Institutional.
University if South Wales:
The University of South Wales is a state funded college in Wales, with grounds in Cardiff, Newport and Pontypridd. It was framed on 11 April 2013 from the merger of the University of Glam organ and the University of Wales, Newport. The college is the second biggest college in Wales regarding its understudy numbers, and offers around 200 undergrad and postgraduate courses. The college has three primary resources over its grounds in South Wales.
Royal welsh college of music & drama:
The Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama is a conservatoire situated in Cardiff, Wales. It incorporates three theaters: the Richard Burton Theater, the Bute Theater, and the Caird Studio. It additionally incorporates one show lobby, the Dora Stoutzker Hall. Its graduated class incorporates Anthony Hopkins, Aneurin Barnard and Rob Brydon. The College was set up in 1949 as Cardiff College of Music at Cardiff Castle, however has since moved to reason assembled convenience inside the palace grounds of Bute Park close to Cardiff University. In 1970 it changed its name to the Welsh College of Music and Drama before being granted its Royal title in The Queen's Golden Jubilee in 2002, making it the fifth conservatoire to be granted this title. From 1973, the College's degrees were granted by the University of Wales and in 2004 the College turned out to be important for the government college. In 2007, notwithstanding, it left the college and consented to a merger with the University of Glam organ. The University of glam organ converged with the University of Wales, Newport in 2013 to frame the University of South Wales, so RWCMD is currently important for the University of South Wales Group. The school gives instruction and preparing in the performing expressions and specialized theater, with roughly 66% of its 550 understudies considering music-related courses and the rest examining show and specialized auditorium related courses. It was the first, and is one of just two All-Steinway conservatoires in the UK, alongside Leeds College of Music. A £22.5m development of the College was opened in 2011, including two new execution scenes, another front of house region and practice studios.
Cardiff and Vale College:
Cardiff and Vale College abridged to CAVC, is a blended sex training Further Education school in Cardiff and the Vale of glam organ, Wales. The school was shaped in September 2011 by the merger of Barry College and College Glan Hafren. The merger was an aftereffect of the Welsh Assembly Government urging schools in Wales to work together so it could expand benefits for understudies. Cardiff and Vale College is presently probably the biggest school in Wales. The College assumed responsibility for the Cardiff International Sports Stadium from July 2015 on a peppercorn lease to Cardiff Council. In 2015 another fundamental grounds costing £45 million was opened in Dumballs Road, Cardiff, to cook for 4000 understudies. Offices included 130 showing rooms, film and move studios, a theater, a beauty parlor and spa and, on the highest level, a public bar and café. Having sold their primary Cardiff site in City Road, Cardiff, the school planned to keep their other Cardiff grounds, at Trowbridge and convert it to turn into a workmanship school.
St David's catholic college:
St David's Catholic Sixth Form College is a 6th structure school situated in Cardiff, Wales. It is the main Roman Catholic 6th structure school in Wales. St. David's College is reliably evaluated acceptable and fantastic by Estyn assessors. St. David's College opened in 1987, with an age range somewhere in the range of 16 and 19 years. It involves the structure recently utilized by Heath field High School, an ancient Roman Catholic High School. Most of understudies live in Cardiff, despite the fact that confirmations need is given to understudies from Roman Catholic optional schools in the encompassing region. These schools incorporate Corpus Christi High School, Mary Immaculate High School and St Illtyd's Catholic High School. In 2019, contention emerged when Rhondda Cynon Taf County Borough Council wanted to close the 6th types of Pontypridd High School, Hawthorn High School, and Cardinal Newman Roman Catholic School, Rhydyfelin, with a critical number of students conceivably being redirected to St. David's College. Clamors prompted an allure in the High Court, which decided for securing places at the current 6th structures.
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Is It Safe to Drink Water from your Bathroom Tap?
There are two ways to provide tap water to the bathroom. In some households, the cold water bathroom faucet runs through the main riser, which means that the power cord plugged into the bathroom faucet is the same as the kitchen faucet. In the house, water enters the house through the electric current of the kitchen faucet near the stopcock.
Tumblr media
The water rises from the kitchen through pipes to the cold water tank in the attic, and then supplies water for faucets, showers, toilet flushing, etc. If it is an undiscovered shell, it may even contain dead mice, pigeons or squirrel po.
Your water company will add disinfectants (such as chlorine or chloramines) to ensure the safety of drinking water (your water company can tell you which disinfectant is used in the water). Chlorine is volatile. If chlorinated water is exposed outdoors (for example in a storage tank), the chlorine will escape and will not leave enough water to kill harmful bacteria. Drinking a glass of water in the bathtub is unlikely to cause serious harm to you. The bathroom is almost certainly not the best source of drinking water.
According to a study by Brunel University in London, every time you enjoy a glass of vital tap water, you may accidentally drink a small amount of someone else’s medicine. The reason is that today’s medicines are stable and durable. Although the dose of this cocktail in tap water is constant and reliable, a large number of these prescription drugs released by humans are eventually discharged into wastewater.
Finally, some of these drugs are returned to the home through the sewage filtration system, despite the small dose. This problem is not limited to tap water. Scientists analyzed the urine of people who ate plants irrigated with treated sewage, and the results showed higher levels of carbamazepine in patients with epilepsy. g For Hafren Dyfrdwy Limited (formerly known as Dee Valley Water Limited), the tap water is usually kept in a water tank in the attic.
Therefore, unlike the tap water in the kitchen, this water does not come from the market and may stay in the plumbing system of your home for a period of time. The water may contain a small amount of dust and dirt. The water storage tank in your home.
There are some potential danger of tap water, some of them are listed below:
Heavy Metals
Herbicides and Pesticides
Water Softening
Hence, there can be many adverse effects of drinking water from the bathroom tap, which may include Diarrhea, abdominal cramps, nausea, vomiting, numbness in hands and feet, chest tightness, chronic cough, headache, eye and skin irritation, gastrointestinal irritation etc. These symptoms may appear within 24 to 48 hours, so you may not get sick for a day or two after drinking bad water. The hidden dangers of drinking tap water have now been disclosed. You may now have a better understanding of how water can cause smaller and more serious health problems. Choose wisely.
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carguytimes · 5 years
【WRC ラリーグレート・ブリテン】タナク4連勝ならず。TOYOTAはタイトル獲得に前進!
2018年WRCは全13戦で争われる。残り3戦となったラリーGB(グレート・ブリテン)は開幕直前に大きなニュースが飛び込んだ。5連覇中の現王者セバスチャン・オジェが今年限りでM-SPORTSフォードを離れ、シトロエンへの移籍が発表された。シトロエンはオジェがWRC参戦を参戦を開始した古巣。2011年以来の復帰を果たす事となった。 ラリーGBのSS数は23(318.13km)、全走行距離は1,419.06km。ウエールズの森林を中心に開催され、路面はグラベル(未舗装路)がメイン。うねりの多い路面に対応する為、各車柔らかい脚回りを仕立てる中、10/11(木)のシェイクダウンで1つの波乱がおきる。タナク車がT字路を右折するジャンクションで曲がり切れず、後輪が浮く程のクラッシュ。ランキング2位ながら現在3連勝と絶好調のタナク組のアクシデントはこれから始まるイベントの波乱を予感させた。 ラリーは夜7時よりウェールズ北部、海岸近くの競馬場を舞台に全長1.7kmのSS1「ティル・プリンス」で開幕した。オープニングステージは、ヤリスWRCのエサペッカ・ラッピ/ヤンネ・フェルム組がトップタイムを記録、ヤリ-マティ・ラトバラ/ミーカ・アンティラ組が2位、オット・タナク/マルティン・ヤルヴェオヤ組が5位につけた。セバスチャン・オジェ/ジュリアン・イングラシア組(フォード・フィエスタWRC)3位、ティエリー・ヌービル/ニコラ・ジルソー(ヒュンダイi20クーペWRC)組が4位につけ、1位から5位迄が1秒以内にひしめいた。 10/12(金)、鉛色の空、ぬれた路面。典型的なラリーGBの景色の中で競技が開始された。 SS2 クロカイノグ1(Clocaenog1 7.67km)では3連勝中のタナク組がステージウィン。総合でもトップに立つ。オジェ組・ヌービル組がそれぞれ2,3位に、ラトバラ組が4位につけた。4台が2秒以内の超接近戦だが、続くSS3 ブレニグ1(Brenig1 29.13km)・SS4 ペンマハノ1(Penmachno1 16.95km)もタナク組が制し、3連続ステージウインを飾る。2位に上がったエルフィン・エバンス/ダニエル・バリット組(フォード・フィエスタWRC)は9秒差、3位のラトバラ組は18.4秒差と、タナク組のペースについて行く事が出来ない。 SS5 スレートマウンテン1(Slate Mountain1 1.63km)では、ヌービル組がステージウインを飾るが、タナク組はラトバラ組と同タイム0.3秒遅れの3位。差を詰めるには至らない。繰り返しのSS6 スレートマウンテン2(Slate Mountain 2 1.63km)では、ラトバラ組がトップ。ラッピ組が2位を奪う一方で、オジェ組はSS4以降は10番手前後のタイムに終始し、総合8番手に後退する。一方のチャンピオン候補ヌービル組は5位に踏み止まっている。 SS7 クロカイノグ2(Clocaenog 2 7.67km),SS8 ブレニグ2(Brenig2 29.13km)ではタナク組が再びトップタイムを奪う。また、ここ迄総合2位を守っていたエバンス組がSS7でエンジントラブルでストップ、デイリタイアを喫する。SS8ではヌービル組が2番手タイムを記録し、ラトバラ組をかわして総合2番手に躍り出ると、続くSS9 ペンマハノ2(Penmachno 2 16.95km)ではヌービル組がトップタイムを記録し、3位ラトバラとの差を僅かに広げた。タナク組はヌービル組の28.8秒先、一人旅モードに入っている。また、トップ争いに加わっていたスニネン組がSS9でタイヤを切株にヒットさせ、サスペンションを破損してリタイアとなった。 10/6(土) 序盤はよどんだ雲の下、路面は濡れている。ステージ中にサービスが無い一日で、リグループの際のタイヤ交換が認められている。選択と予備の本数が悩ましい1日だ。 SS10 ミヘリン1(Myherin1 20.28km) オジェ組がトップタイムを奪い、順位を総合3位迄挽回する。ヘイデン・パッドン/セバスチャン・マーシャル組(ヒュンダイi20クーペWRC)が2位。タナク組は3.1秒遅れの3位だが総合首位は安泰。また、ラッピ組がラトバラ組を逆転、4位浮上と順位がめまぐるしく入れ替わる。 SS11 スイートラムハフレン1(Sweet Lamb Hafren1 19.95km) ヌービルがSS内でオーバーラン・路肩にスタック。観客の手を借りて復帰するも50秒以上遅れ、総合2位から8位迄後退する。トップはマッズ・オストベルグ/トルステイン・エリクセン(シトロエンC3 WRC)組だが1.7秒落ちのタナク組が後続を更に引き離し、オジェ組との差は43.2秒迄広がった。 SS12 ディフィー1(Dyfi1 10:28km) トップタイムはタナク組。オジェ組との差は45.7秒に広がる。 SS13  ガルデイノーグ1(Gartheiniog1 11.26km) アンドレアス・ミケルセン/アンデルス・ヤーゲル組(ヒュンダイi20クーペWRC)がトップ。だが、タナク組はオジェ組を更に2秒引き離す。 SS14 ディブナント(Dyfnant 8.3km) 総合3位に浮上したラトバラ組がトップタイムで、オジェ組との差を1.7秒迄詰める。次のSSの前にタイヤ交換を各選手自身が行い、窓や車体の泥を落として午後に挑むが、この頃から天候が回復し、路面が乾いて行く。 SS15 ミヘリン2(Myherin2 20.28km) オジェ組がトップタイム、同ステージ8位に終わったタナク組との差を6.1秒詰める。 SS16  スイートラムハフレン2(Sweet Lamb Hafren 2km) SS2からここ迄総合首位を守り続けたタナク組だがジャンプ後、着地の衝撃でラジエーターを破損する。そしてそのままエンジンを壊さない為にデイリタイアを選択するという大波乱が起きた。これにより総合首位はオジェ組。以下ラトバラ組、ラッピ組、ブリーン組と続く。5位以下は30秒以上後方に離れ、表彰台を争えるメンバーも絞られつつある。 SS17  ディフィー2(Dyfi 2 19.48km) 「タナクの速さは別次元だった」と望外のトップに立ったオジェは語った。しかし乾いた路面を攻めるもトップタイムはラトバラ組が奪う。 SS18  ガルデイノーグ2(Gartheiniog 2 11.26km) 1位オジェ組と2位ラトバラ組の差は4.4秒。SSの残りは4つ。未だ諦めるタイム差ではない。 10/7(日)晴天の元で最終日の競技が始まる。タナク組は既定のペナルティを受け、トップから20分07.7秒遅れ総合22位で復帰した。ヌービル組は7位だが、5位オストベルグ組,6位ミケルセン組はヒュンダイ勢。選手権終盤・ポイントリーダーだけにチームオーダーで順位を入れ替える可能性が高い。 SS19 エルシー(Elsi 10.06km) トップはラッピ組、2位のラトバラ組がオジェ組との差を1.7秒に迫る。 SS20 グウィディール1(Gwydir1 14.76km(Power Stage)) ボーナスポイントの掛かるパワーステージ(今回は最終SSではない)。トップはラトバラ組、2位のタナク組。ラトバラ組は3位に終わったオジェ組を5.2秒引き離し、首位に浮上。オジェ組が3.6秒追う側に替わる。4位にはヌービル組が、5位にはラッピ組が入り、それぞれボーナスポイント(2,1)を獲得した。 SS21 グレート・オーム・ランディドノー1(Great Orme Llandudno1 8.03km) オジェ組がトップタイムを奪い、ラトバラ組が3.4秒差の2位。その差は0.2秒に詰まる。 SS22 グウィディール2(Gwydir2 14.76km) トップはまたもオジェ組!ラトバラ組は3.3秒遅れの2位。再び首位が入れ替わり、ラトバラ組は3.1秒差で追う側となる。3位ラッピは25.8秒後方、4位ブリーン組は1分以上離れており、1,2位以外の順位はほぼ決した。 SS23 グレート・オーム・ランディドノー2(Great Orme Llandudno2 8.03km) オジェ組は3分59.3秒で駆け抜けたが、ラトバラ組は2km地点で縁石をヒット、ここからフィニッシュを優先して7.5秒遅れの7番手タイムで総合2位を確定させ、セバスチャン・オジエ/ジュリアン・イングラシア(フォード・フィエスタWRC)組が第4戦ツール・ド・コルス以来の4勝目を挙げた。 ラリーGB 最終成績 順位 No. ドライバー/コドライバー(車名) タイム タイム差 1. 1 セバスチャン・オジエ/ジュリアン・イングラシア(フォード・フィエスタWRC) 3:06:12.5 2. 7 ヤリ‐マティ・ラトバラ/ミーカ・アンティラ(トヨタ・ヤリスWRC) 3:06:23.1 +10.6 3. 9 エサペッカ・ラッピ/ヤンネ・フェルム(トヨタ・ヤリスWRC) 3:06:47.6 +35.1 4. 11 クレイグ・ブリーン/スコット・マーティン(シトロエンC3 WRC) 3:07:22.9 +1:10.4 5. 5 ティエリー・ヌービル/ニコラ・ジルソー(ヒュンダイi20クーペWRC) 3:07:26.9 +1:14.4 6. 4 アンドレアス・ミケルセン/アンデルス・ヤーゲル(ヒュンダイi20クーペWRC) 3:07:28.4 +1:15.9 7. 6 ヘイデン・パッドン/セバスチャン・マーシャル組(ヒュンダイi20クーペWRC) 3:07:30.9 +1:18.4 8. 10 マッズ・オストベルグ/トルステイン・エリクセン(シトロエンC3 WRC) 3:07:34.1 +1:21.6 19. 8 オット・タナク/マルティン・ヤルベオヤ(トヨタ・ヤリスWRC) 3:26:51.4 +20:38.9 20. 2 エルフィン・エバンス/ダニエル・バリット(フォード・フィエスタWRC) 3:27:40.5 +21:28.0 今回の結果、ドライバーズランキング首位のティエリー・ヌービルは5位+パワーステージ4位(10+2)12pt加算で189ポイントとなった。2位だったオット・タナクはパワーステージ2位の4ptのみ加算され、168ポイント。3位のセバスチャン・オジェは優勝+パワーステージ3位で(25+3)で28ptを獲得、合計182ポイントでタナクを逆転し2位に浮上した。 タナク選手のタイトル獲得の条件が絞られてきた。残り2戦を優勝し、パワーステ―ジが満点(10pt)で60pt加算するとポイントを228迄伸ばす事が可能だ。ヌービル選手は2戦2位なら36pt加算して225ポイント。2戦合せてパワーステージで4pt獲得されると、229ポイントとなり追いつけない。オジェ選手にも2戦2位だとパワーステージで合計9ポイント獲得されると自力優勝の芽が無くなる。タナクのタイトル獲得には残り2戦、2連勝が最低条件となった。 一方、マニュファクチャラーズランキングではトヨタは2位,3位を獲得した事から33pt加算し317ポイント、2位ヒュンダイ(297ポイント)を20ポイント引き離す事に成功した。次戦のタイトル確定は無いが、表彰台を獲得出来るとトヨタのマニュファクチャラーズタイトル獲得の可能性が濃厚になる。 WRC次戦は第12戦ラリー・デ・エスパーニャ(カタルーニャ)。スペイン東部、カタルーニャ州の観光都市サロウを中心に10月25日から28日にかけて開催される。エスパーニャはグラベルとターマックの両路面を走行する、シーズン唯一のミックスサーフェス・ラリーとなる。競技の途中でクルマをグラベルからターマック仕様に変更する必要がある。メカニックは夜のサービスで仕様変更を75分間で行なわなければならないメカニックにとってもチャレンジングなラリーだ。 (川崎BASE/写真:TOYOTA GAZOO RACING/Jaanus Ree/RedBull ContentPool) あわせて読みたい * WRC日本2019年は実現せず! 2020年以降開催へ期待 * 2019年登場のトヨタ・ヴィッツ次期型は「ヤリス」に! 最強GRMNも設定か? * 【東京モーターフェス2018】WRC最強マシン・ヤリスが衝撃のデモラン。ドライバーはもちろん、あの人! * Wタイトルが見えた!? タナク組のヤリスWRCがサバイバルのトルコを制して3連勝【WRCラリートルコ】 * アロンソに会える!TOYOTA GAZOO RacingがWEC Fan Meetingを10月10日に開催 http://dlvr.it/QnTL6W
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autoring · 4 years
WALES RALLY GB (3. – 6.10.2019)
Povzbuzený nedávným double v Turecku a plný sebevědomí míří Citroën Total World Rally Team na Wales Rally GB. Sébastien Ogier – Julien Ingrassia a Esapekka Lappi – Janne Ferm, kteří zde loni dojeli první a třetí, chtějí být na čele i tentokráte a posunout se v celkovém hodnocení mistrovství světa.
Sébastien Ogier a Julien Ingrassia zvýšili v loňském ročníku počet jejich vítězství na pět (2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 a 2018) a předběhli Hannu Mikkolu a Pettera Solberga se čtyřmi prvenstvími a mají tak k britské soutěži opravdu zvláštní vztah. Bylo to právě na ostrovech, kde tento pár absolvoval svůj debut ve WRC na konci roku 2008 v C4, když už v tu dobu měli zajištěný světový titul mezi juniory na voze C2 Super 1600. Blýskli se dokonce vedením v soutěži po vyhrané zahajovací rychlostní zkoušce a vydrželo jim až do RZ 5. Stejnou energii budou chtít bezpochyby vydat také s C3 WRC v tomto roce. Tentokrát budou na trať vyjíždět jako druzí, což se ale nejeví jako největší handicap. Podmínky se na blátivých cestách Walesu budou zhoršovat s narůstajícím počtem projetých vozů. A tak se šestinásobní mistři světa soustředí na to, aby vytěžili maximum z jejich pozice ke snížení ztráty v aktuálním pořadí světového šampionátu.
V rally, na které se tolik dařilo spoustě jejich krajanů, se Esapekka Lappi a Jenne Ferm také neztratili, když tu v roce 2016 vyhráli třídu WRC2 hned při jejich prvním startu. Finové zde dopadli ještě lépe v loňské sezoně, kdy skončili třetí celkově, vyhráli dvě rychlostní zkoušky a dokonale předvedli své schopnosti. Nepřekvapuje, že do tohoto ročníku vstupují s velkými šancemi na velmi dobrý výsledek, zejména díky tomu, že se v poslední době s C3 WRC skvěle sžili a předvedli vynikající výkony ve Finsku a Turecku. Jejich osmá pozice v celkovém hodnocení šampionátu sice nemusí být pro startovní pozici ideální v případě, že bude pršet, nicméně by si měli udržet jejich dobrou formu posledních týdnů.
Citroën Total World Rally Team by měl těžit z třídenního předstartovního testování ve Walesu, během něhož se adaptovalo nastavení C3 WRC na místní podmínky. Tradiční čtvrteční shakedown bude příležitostí k finálnímu doladění posledních detailů.
Pierre Budar, šéf Citroën Racing Teamu
„Sébastien startuje jako druhý, Esapekka jako osmý, takže bude-li pršet, nebudeme mít všechna vejce v jednom košíku. Nicméně cíl je pro oba stejný – vytěžit ze svých pozic maximum a vylepšit postavení v mistrovství světa. Sébastien už ve Walesu bojoval mnohokrát, má spoustu zkušeností a vidí odlišnosti, zatímco Esapekka prokázal své schopnosti přizpůsobit se, což ho vyneslo na třetí příčku v loňském ročníku. Myslím, že jsme dobře vyzbrojeni k tomu, abychom přivezli velmi dobrý výsledek. Zvláště poté, co jsme absolvovali velmi dobré testování s C3 WRC.“
Sébastien Ogier, pilot Citroën Total WRT
„Cíl je jasný – využít ve Walesu impulsu z Turecka a dál co nejvíc pokračovat v tlaku na Otta. Na této rally se mi vždy dařilo. Jsem odhodlaný udělat pro úspěch maximum možného. Je to pokaždé o schopnosti číst změny gripu v závislosti na měnících se podmínkách, které jsou záludné zvláště v pomalejších pasážích. Mně trvalo poměrně dlouho, než jsem se naučil, jak na to. V každém případě se už těším.“
Počet startů: 11
Počet vítězství: 5 (2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 a 2018)
Esapekka Lappi, pilot Citroën Total WRT
„Tato rally je ikonickým testem. Máte tu všechno, rychlostní zkoušky za tmy, mlhy, deště a větru – to je pokaždé velká výzva. Musíte na to mít odvahu, protože rychlostní zkoušky jsou velmi rychlé a plynulé. Jednou z klíčových věcí bude mít auto, které nebude příliš náchylné na změny v přilnavosti, neboť to je zde na denním pořádku. Hodně jsme zapracovali při testování, byť cesty byly v tu dobu suché. Vzhledem k našemu startovnímu postavení by déšť nebyl moc výhodou. Musím říci, že v Turecku jsme se s C3 WRC cítili dobře při dešti na dlouhé páteční rychlostní zkoušce.“
Počet startů: 3
Nejlepší výsledek: 3. (2018)
22 měřených úseků na celkem 309,76 km
151,24 km rychlostních zkoušek je na programu v sobotu bez možnosti servisu
32 pneumatik Michelin mají k dispozici posádky a mohou vybírat mezi 32 s medium směsí a 16 soft.
3 celková vítězství pro Citroën na Wales Rally GB-C4 WRC (2008 až 2010)
Podnik často provázejí zrádné povětrnostní podmínky – déšť a mlha k Walesu v tomto ročním období patří už samozřejmě, přilnavost na místních cestách je proměnlivá a nepředvídatelná, takže tato rally představuje každoročně ohromnou výzvu. Je to také jedna z mála rally, která má rychlostní zkoušky za tmy, a tak přijdou vhod přídavné reflektory. Velice zvláštní příležitost piloti mají, když se pojede v hustých a vlhkých lesích Walesu, kde za daného počasí čekají velké záludnosti. Po novém namixování povrchů pro rychlostní zkoušky (šotolina a asfalt) v Oulton Parku se pojede čtvrteční večerní zahajovací etapa před dlouhou páteční etapou s 116,52 km rychlostních zkoušek. Vše nasvědčuje tomu, že rozhodujícím dnem víkendu bude sobota s bezkonkurenční kilometráží testů (151,24) pouze s poledním servisem pro výměnu pneumatik a bez jiné možnosti servisu. Posádky a týmy tak musí krotit předčasný optimismus na téma spolehlivost, která může být během druhého dne klíčová. Naproti tomu je nedělní etapa sprintem k cíli jen s 38,42 kilometry a krátkými rychlostními zkouškami.
Kromě nové superspeciálky v Oulton Parku (3,58 km), tento rok přibude úvodní Colwyn Bay RZ (2,40 km), která se jede exkluzivně jen na asfaltu. Zbytek itineráře je více méně důvěrně známý s několika rychlostními zkouškami, které se jedou v opačném gardu oproti loňsku a některé jsou nové.
8.00: Shakedown Gwydir (4,68 km)
12.30: Start v asistenčním parku (Llandudno)
16.00: Slavnostní start (Liverpool)
19.08: RZ 1–Dayinsure Oulton Park (3,58 km)
21.17: Uzavření parku (Llandudno)
6.10: Start a asistence A (Llandudno–17’)
7.18: RZ 2 – Elsi 1 (11,65 km)
7.46: RZ 3 – Penmachno 1 (16,19 km)
9.56: RZ 4 – Dyfnant 1 (19,36 km)
10.53: RZ 5 – Aberhirnant 1 (10,26 km)
13.07: Asistence B (Llandudno – 42’)
14.40: RZ 6 – Elsi 2 (11,65 km)
15.08: RZ 7 – Penmachno 2 (16,19 km)
15.57: RZ 8 – Slate Moutain (1,60 km)
18.11: RZ 9 – Dyfnant 2 (19,36 km)
19.08: RZ 10 – Aberhirnant 2 (10,26 km)
21.11: Flexi asistence C (Llandudno – 47′)
5.40: Start a asistence D (Llandudno – 17’)
8.06: RZ 11 – Dyfi 1 (25,86 km)
10.08: RZ 12 – Myherin 1 (22,91 km)
11.02: RZ 13 – Sweet Lamb Hafren 1 (25,65 km)
12.18: Zóna výměny pneu (Newtown – 15′)
14.08: RZ 14 – Myherin 2 (22,91 km)
15.02: RZ 15 – Sweet Lamb Hafren 2 (25,65 km)
16.19: RZ 16 – Dyfi 2 (25,86 km)
19.13: RZ 17 – Colwyn Bay (2,40 km)
19.49: Flexi asistence E (Llandudno – 47’)
6.00: Start a asistence F (Llandudno – 17’)
7.28: RZ 18 – Alwen 1 (10,41 km)
8.08: RZ 19 – Brenig 1 (6,43 km)
9.26: RZ 20 – Great Orme (4,74 km)
9.42: Asistence G (Llandudno – 17’)
11.10: RZ 21 – Alwen 2 (10,41 km)
12.18: RZ 22 – Brenig 2 Power Stage (6,43 km)
13.32: Cíl (Llandudno)
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occasionalvlog · 11 months
Tumblr media
Although we are very much at the starting point of the river Severn, no Severn Bore here, with a large amount of rain we have had here over the last couple of weeks the river is doing everything it can to remind you how powerful this river will become before it reaches the sea down near Bristol.⁠ ⁠⁠.⁠ .⁠ .⁠ @occasionalvlog @visitwales⁠ ⁠ #hafrenforest #occasionalvlog⁠ ⁠ #woodland #forest #nature #trees #visitwales #midwales #forestry #freedom #freshair #travel #cymru #scenery #leaves #hiking #explore #evergreen #meadow #wilderness #landscapephotography #naturephotography #outdoors #adventure #landscape #getoutside #water #walking #naturelovers #instatravel⁠ ⁠ [Image description: The river crashes over some rocks.] (at Hafren Forest) https://www.instagram.com/p/CnDL1LKNpuG/?igshid=NGJjMDIxMWI=
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vivirasturias · 6 years
El Campeonato se traslada a Gran Bretaña para la penúltima cita, el Dayinsure Rallye de Gales GB [26 – 29 de octubre], y una clásica selección de especiales de tierra de alta velocidad.
Se disputó por primera vez en 1932, este es uno de los rallyes más antiguos del calendario, y las especiales en los bosques y el impredecible clima de otoño lo convierten en uno de los más duros.
Basado principalmente en Gales desde 2000, el itinerario de este año se centra en las regiones del centro y norte del país.
Deeside nuevamente alberga el parque de asistencia, a la vista de la planta de fabricación de motores de Toyota, y la acción comienza el jueves por la noche con una corta súper especial a 50 km de distancia en el hipódromo de Tir Prince.
La jornada de apertura del viernes es la más al sur, llevando los equipos a las áreas de Llanidloes y Aberystwyth para los tramos de Myherin, Sweet Lamb y Hafren. Todos son disputados dos veces, separados por una zona de cambio de neumáticos y para montar las parrillas de faros en Newtown, y no habrá asistencia hasta la noche.
El rallye consta de 21 especiales que sumarán 304.36 km
El sábado es un maratón de nueve tramos de 17 horas que pondrá a prueba la resistencia de los competidores al máximo. Concentrado en la región de Snowdonia, comienza con Aberhirnant, una de las especiales más rápidas y espectaculares del rallye, seguida de la famosa especial de Dyfnant.
Los equipos darán dos pasadas a través de las especiales de Gartheiniog y Dyfi antes de la súper especial en el castillo de Cholmondeley, una de las favoritas de los aficionados, al otro lado de la frontera, en Inglaterra. Después de una asistencia de 30 minutos, los competidores se dirigen de nuevo hacia un segundo pase a través de Dyfnant y Aberhirnant, esta vez de noche.
El final del domingo se basa completamente en el norte de Gales, cerca de los lagos de Brenig y Alwen. Los tramos de Alwen, Brenig y Gwydyr se corren consecutivamente antes de un repostaje. Luego se repiten Alwen y Brenig, este último como Power Stage televisado en directo y que ofrece vistas impresionantes imágenes junto al lago.
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walesmarine · 10 years
A Severn Barrage: good news for bad surfers, bad news for good surfers
We at Wales Marine have fallen prey to the temptation to use a tabloid headline to describe serious scientific research. The news is, of course, more nuanced than the headline suggests.
The boffins @LCRIMarine have published an article (paywall but see below) with the title "The effects of a Severn Barrage on wave conditions in the Bristol Channel", and they calculate that changes due to a large barrage would be - on average - no more than 5% of the 'natural' case. It's important to note that whilst waves on incoming tides would be slightly smaller, waves on outgoing tides would be slightly bigger, so in principle it would extend the daily surf 'season' (although it would also diminish the number of very large days which would presumably annoy the better surfers out there).
In other words, a barrage is bad news for the good surfers, and good news for the bad ones.
Sorry Swansea
That's not *quite* all there is to it. It turns out that there are winners and losers at particular sites.
The modeling demonstrates that these guys benefit from increased wave height:
North Somerset (+20%)
South Gower Coast
Vale of Glamorgan
The losers include:
Swansea to Porthcawl coastline (biggest decrease)
Llangennith (marginal decrease)
Scarweather Sands (marginal decrease)
Maybe it means that the Welsh coastline will be have to be divided into zones for beginners and advanced. 
Get the detail
There's too much detail in the document for us to do justice here, and before you get too concerned, I suggest that you read the document yourself. You can obtain a copy of the research by getting in touch with the researchers. 
What about flooding?
Natural Resources Wales and residents will be pleased to hear that a barrage and localised increases in wave height don't automatically mean a greater risk of flooding. That's because the increases in wave height are *not* coincident with high water. Good news for barrage advocates!
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Big name companies lined up for Severn Barrage project help develop the Severn Barrage project in the Bristol Channel
Hafren Power has named five major global companies that currently working to help develop the Severn Barrage project in the Bristol Channel
published on http://alternativeenergy.com.pk/international-news/big-name-companies-lined-up-for-severn-barrage-project-help-develop-the-severn-barrage-project-in-the-bristol-channel/
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christinamac1 · 2 years
Legal challenge launched to stop waste from nuclear plant construction being dumped in the Bristol Channel
Legal challenge launched to stop waste from nuclear plant construction being dumped in the Bristol Channel
News in brief: Legal challenge launched to stop waste from nuclear plantconstruction being dumped in the Bristol Channel. Campaigners from Englandand Wales have formed a new group to oppose the dumping of sediment fromthe construction of a nuclear power station in the Severn Estuary and aretaking legal action to block the plans. The Save the Severn Estuary /Cofiwch Môr Hafren campaign involves…
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