badeyesightdog · 3 days
welcome home!
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jon-withnoh · 3 days
Forget about favourite musicals. Tell me about your travel musicals instead! Which shows do you sing along to on a roadtrip or listen to on the train?
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ovrarches · 1 day
You should draw bottom Tom! Jamilton. Make him super pathetic :)
whoops kinda forgot the amilton of jamilton
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ghosts-untold-tale · 3 days
Actual ending of Cabinet Battle #1
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binch-i-might-be · 14 hours
Gwash: every parent thinks their kids are the best.
Gwash: they're all wrong, of course. because MINE are the best.
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morganss · 3 days
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I saw this and couldn't not to...
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andyjoylol · 2 days
traditional sketches yup
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studying kills
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I will not be taking questions at this time
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cuteniaarts · 20 hours
In which Nia is making Hamilton fanart in 2023... this is a new low, even for me
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THE HOLD this woman had on 13 year old me, you don’t get it, I was absolutely OBSESSED
I called myself the #1 Maria Reynolds stan, defender and apologist, read every single fic on Ao3, FF.Net AND Wattpad, spent days digging through every historical record available on the internet to find out everything there is to know about her, made a presentation about her for school... If you ever need a detailed biography which includes accurate dates, a map of where she lived during her lifetime, and the names of, among others, all her siblings, stepchildren, sons-in-law and great granddaughter, you know who to call
A.k.a: When Nia’s mental health is in the gutter, she turns to Broadway musicals to cope
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lelif · 9 months
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on loving your siblings
I don't love anyone, Belle and Sebastian//The Reynolds Pamphlet, Hamilton by Lin-Manuel Miranda//The Other Boleyn Girl(2008)//Fleabag, 2x06//@earth-to-mothership //Rabbi Joseph Telushkin, Jewish Literacy//Antigone, Jean Anouilh//Maurice Sendak//Little Miss Sunshine (2006)//The Elektra Complex, @filmnoirsbian //NA
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badeyesightdog · 23 hours
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transgendercyborg · 1 year
i just spoke with thomas jefferson and he says he wears an among us binder now
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visit-ba-sing-se · 4 months
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This came to me in a vision & against my will (click for better quality)
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madrewrites · 11 months
les mis: takes place over 15+ years
phantom of the opera: at least 3 months
hamilton: 28-ish years
wicked: between 2 and 5 years
west side story: just a really stressful 48 hours for everyone involved
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whitesunlars · 5 months
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hermes after luke was born: look at my son, pride is not the word im looking for
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weaver-z · 2 years
I think that the Hamilton musical is objectively the funniest thing that could happen to that man's memory. Imagine dying of a gunshot wound infection in 1804 and learning from the afterlife that tweenage girls in 2017 are drawing thousands upon thousands of images of you making out with your fellow congressmen because someone wrote a 2-hour rap opera about you. I like to imagine that Hamilton found a monkey's paw and wished to leave a legacy, and this is what it did to him.
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