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ix. deer dolly
see all chapters here apologies for the delay! this SHORT chapter is all about the long-awaited reunion, filled with steamy scenes. no plot points, just pure passion. if this portrayal isn't your cup of tea, feel free to skip to the next chapter: to be posted in a few days. tags: fem! reader, alastor being demisexual/demiromantic, allusions to marital activities, steamy bordering smut, mention of blood and injury, religious symbolism, love as a fucked up obsession
As you shut your eyes, the world around you dissolves into swirling shadows. The darkness envelops you, cocooning you in a sense of weightlessness. Pressed against Alastor, you bury your face into his suit, your cheek brushing against the smooth silk of his tie. The decrepit, torn building fades away, replaced by the crisp, clean ambiance of a hotel room. The air feels fresher, devoid of the musty odors that had clung to your senses before. Light streams in through the windows, casting delicate patterns on the walls that dance and sway with ethereal grace.
Rough lips press tenderly against the side of your temple and a heave escapes your chest, tears tracing silent paths down your cheeks, their presence unnoticed until they meet the fabric beneath your eyes, staining Alastors suit. The noise of your own blood rushing in your ears drowns out all other sounds, leaving you isolated in a world of agony.
Suddenly, the pain in your ankle resurges with a vicious intensity, sending waves of agony coursing through your body. A whimper escapes your lips, barely audible amidst the overwhelming sensation. It feels as though your very being is folding in on itself, ribs straining against flesh, breath catching in your throat. With the adrenaline long gone, every ache and throb becomes magnified, threatening to consume you whole.
"Al, it hurts," you manage to utter, your voice strained with anguish.
Alastor remains silent, his dilated, frenzied eyes locked onto your shaking form. His hand reaches up, lingering where your throat meets your jaw, the sharp points of his claws pressing down with a calculated pressure. You feel a sharp nip, and a bead of blood begins to seep from the small wound, a crimson offering that seems to stir something primal within him.
His mouth waters, and he swallows audibly, his gaze fixated on the trickle of blood.
"Sweet girl," he murmurs softly, the words a stark contrast to the hunger in his eyes. His thumb moves to gently swipe away the tears that streak down your cheeks, his touch oddly tender despite the predatory gleam in his gaze.
Leaning down, Alastor presses a tender kiss against the small wound, his lips a soothing balm against the raw edges of your suffering. A rush of conflicting emotions floods through you—pain, longing, and a desperate craving for his touch. With a soft sniffle, you raise a trembling hand to press against the back of his head, your fingers threading through his hair.
Alastor responds to your desperate craving, his hands flying to your hips as he lifts you effortlessly and lays you down onto a nearby chair. One of his shadows encircles your ankle, causing you to tense instinctively. However, instead of pain, you feel a cool sensation spreading through your skin, soothing the ache and tension. With a sigh of relief, you close your eyes, allowing yourself a moment to relax into the chair.
All the while, Alastor's gaze pierces through you, his eyes dark with desire and desperation.
You're right in front of him, vulnerable and exposed, a temptation too potent to resist. The taste of your blood still lingers on his tongue and he longs to sink his teeth into your soft flesh, to taste the sweetness of your essence as he consumes you with a fervor bordering on madness, leaving marks that brand you as his and his alone. Every fiber of his being yearns to ravage and possess you, to consume you in a frenzy of passion.
But he understands that to yield to his desires would mean risking further harm to you, and he cannot bear the thought of causing you any more pain.
And so, with a tortured soul and a heavy heart, he fights against the primal instincts that surge within him, denying himself the one thing he craves above all else.
As the minutes pass and the pain begins to dissipate, you find yourself panting softly, your chest rising and falling with each ragged breath. Exhaustion and relief wash over you in waves, mingling with the lingering ache that still echoes through your body.
Gazing up at Alastor, you smile, your hands instinctively moving to rest on his lower abdomen, seeking the reassuring warmth of his touch in the dimly lit room.
A silence stretched between you, thick and suffocating.
Alastor's hands remain clenched at his sides, the strain evident in the way his claws dig into his palms, threatening to break through the surface of his flesh. The protection of his gloves is the only barrier preventing the sharp tips from drawing blood.
His intense gaze, like twin flames burning in the shadows, enveloped you in their fiery embrace. Crimson eyes, almost glowing with intensity, held you captive, trapping you in a cage of his unspoken desires.
With each passing moment, it became increasingly apparent that he was relinquishing control, leaving you with the reins in your hands and him at your mercy.
Straightening yourself, you let your nails graze over his abdomen before landing on his beating chest. The rhythmic pulse beneath your touch erratic. Finally, after what feels like an eternity to Alastor, you break the stifling stillness with a voice barely above a whisper. "On your knees."
Alastor's gaze darkens, a predatory glint flashing in his eyes as he pauses for a moment, as if considering your request. Then, with a slow, deliberate movement, your husband obeys, sinking to his knees before you.
Wasting no time, you seize him by the collar, pulling him close as your lips collide in a fevered kiss. The red lipstick you wear leaves its mark on his mouth, staining and smearing across his lips, cheek, and jaw. A low growl escapes him as he tugs off the jacket to his suit before his claws are grazing down your legs, leaving a trail of destruction as the fabric of your stockings tears with an audible rip.
With a breathless whimper, his name rolls off your lips, and Alastor freezes in place. It's as if something inside him shatters, a floodgate bursting open to release the pent-up longing and passion that he's kept restrained for so long.
Suddenly, his arms tighten around you, pulling you closer as he responds to the urgency of your kiss with equal fervor. With a low, primal grunt, your husband pushes against you. Every brush of his lips against yours, every press of his body against yours, speaking of a hunger that can no longer be contained. It's a hunger born of years of yearning and longing, a hunger that demands to be sated here and now.
Both of you lean back, lost in the intoxicating frenzy of desire. The chair beneath you groans and creaks ominously under the strain before finally giving way with a loud snap.
You yelp in surprise as the ground rushes up to meet you, but before you can hit the hard floor, Alastor's arms wrap around you protectively, catching you in a tight embrace. With a swift motion, he pulls you up into his embrace, effortlessly supporting your weight as he holds you close.
With deliberate steps, Alastor guides you to the edge of the bed before gently lowering you onto its soft surface. You land with a huff and a thud, the mattress embracing you like a comforting embrace.
As you settle onto the plush bedding, Alastor follows suit, hovering above you with his arms caging your head. Leaning down, he presses a trail of kisses down the valley of your breasts, each touch igniting a fire within you.
The straps of your white silk dress are tugged down, revealing the curve of your chest as you melt into the softness of the mattress. Your body instinctively arches towards his touch, every nerve alive with anticipation. As his hands explore the contours of your body, your mind succumbs to a blissful haze, thoughts dissolving into a fog of desire and need.
Alastor continued his ministrations, each kiss a fervent prayer offered up to the goddess beneath him. A reunion long overdue, it felt akin to a sacred ritual. With each tender touch of his lips, he sought to worship you in the most unholy of ways, offering himself up as a devoted supplicant at the altar of your desires.
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Lady Hell
(Lucifer x Fem!Reader x Lilith) NSFW THEMES AHEAD
Tumblr media
Hi! Omg, I just saw/read the lucixreaderxlili story and wondered if you could write a story about Charlie and some others catching them "in the act" and just Charlie dying. Of course, Lucifer would accidentally permanently scar his daughter (and Alastor the ace) by turning around to go comfort his child, forgetting the situation for a "brief" (get it lol 😆) moment, and then trying to hide the three of them. Could you do the reactions of the others, either by hearing about it or walking in on it?
@legendarylearner18 I hope you enjoy it. I hope this is what you were looking for. I wanted to try to keep it somewhat canon, lol. So unfortunately we only get a little bit of Lilith.
For being cast to an eternity in hell, as a Sinner, you couldn't exactly complain about your current situation. You were found by Lilith, The Queen of Succubi and the subsequent Queen of Hell. While the Sinners around you looked like different creatures, you looked more human than a demon. Most likely due to the way you died, it wasn’t traumatic or horrific, so you kept most of your human features. The only difference was a pair of horns growing out of your head, and a devil-like tail.
Lilith was enthralled by your pure innocence; she picked you up from the street (literally) and brought you home. She allowed you into her palace and introduced you to her husband, her hands trailing and resting tenderly on your back. "What's your name, darling?" She hummed softly, brushing your hair from your face; you flushed, staring at the man before you, feeling the pressure of the much taller woman pressed against you. Your throat felt dry as you introduced yourself with a little bow; the man hummed,
"Is this a new Sinner, Lili?"
"Indeed. Lucifer, and I'd like to keep her." Your face burned hot as you whipped your head to the woman,
"Excuse me-" You sputtered,
"Oh, sorry. Are you queer?" She hummed, her nails brushing against your cheek, and you could only sputter out a yes of confirmation. She cooed sweetly, pressing your face directly into her tits; you squeaked, "Luci isn't she just the cutest Sinner you've just ever seen!"
"I think you're suffocating her," Lucifer mused, removing his hat and resting it against one of the many hat hooks. "Let me get a good look at her," Lilith released you, gently nudging you towards who you could only assume to be the King of Hell. You made a soft sound as he grabbed your waist; the way he analyzed you made you squirm nervously. "How would you like to stay with us? You have a choice of course.”
"Like here?"
Lilith laughed, grabbing your face and tilting your head to look her in the eyes; Lucifer took your hands and brushed his thumbs across your knuckles. "Yes, like here," she mused. You can say no. We aren't forcing you into a relationship if it makes you uncomfortable."
"You're new to Hell. We can keep you safe, but as soon as you want to leave, we won't stop you." Lucifer reassured, "But we'd like the chance to romance you if you'd let us."
You let out a little laugh, "Romance me?" Lilith giggled behind you as you watched the King Of Hell turn red and fluster. Sputtering out what exactly he meant trying to salvage the situation.
"Oh, you're going to be fun."
"And dangerous," Lucifer added, trying to recover from his embarrassment.
Your life since then has been pretty good. You fell hard and fast for Lilith and Lucifer and quickly became a part of their couple. They never made you feel less than for joining their marriage; you were equally as important as them in the relationship, and most importantly you were happy. When Lilith and Lucifer had Charlie, you were there beside them; helping Lilith through every moment especially when Lucifer was busy. Charolette, the little bundle of joy, only improved all three of your lives. You swore to yourself you would never force Charlie to see you as another parent if she didn't want to, but much to your surprise she did. You were a constant in her life, acting like a third parent to the girl most or the time, one who was constantly there and she loved every bit of you.
Charlie hummed, tapping her fingers together, "So that's why asking my other mom to convince my dad is probably our best shot at getting a meeting with Heaven!" Vaggie and Angel Dust glanced at one another,
"Hold on, you're telling me that the king of hell is getting double the pussy, and we're out here struggling ta get any?"
"You don't even like pussy Angel," Husk grunted,
"Not true. I like a certain pussy." He batted his eyelashes at Husk, who grunted, rolling his eyes while dramatically taking a swig from his whiskey bottle.
“I’m a feline or cat. Call me a pussy again, and I’ll shove this bottle up your ass.”
“Kinky I like it daddy.”
Husk promptly flipped him off.
"Not the point!" Charlie huffed cheeks, flushing. She didn’t even like thinking about her parents like that. "I've been scared enough with them to last me a lifetime!"
"Ohhoho?" Angel Dust leaned forward on his knees, "Sounds like you have stories."
"What? Stories? No way, not me." Charlie shook her head rather dramatically, yelping as Niffty ran up her leg, grabbing the collar of her shirt,
"You have stories! Dirty, nasty stories! I can smell them on you! TELL US!"
"You all realize you're asking her to talk about her parents having sex right." Vaggie grunted, "That's fucking weird."
"Don't care what's the most embarrassing thing you've ever walked in on!" Angel shouted, slamming his hands on the table, "I need to know!” Charlie chewed on her bottom lip, "You always say sharing is caring, Princess. Now that it's your turn. Are you gonna share your trauma? I've shared mine." He definitely hadn't but Charlie wondered if this was his first step into Angel actually caring about the group redemption activities.
"I...suppose you're right." She cringed outwardly as Angel grinned delightedly and turned to look at Husk. He rolled his eyes at Angel,
"I'll make you drinks; I have a feeling we'll be here for a while."
"After this story we're talking to your mom are you sure you wanna tell them then go see her directly? You don't have too." Vaggie placed her hands on Charlie's shoulders giving them a squeeze,
"It's okay Vaggie, I can do this! For the Hotel!"
Lilith hummed quietly, running a brush tenderly through your hair and detangling the locks. You stared at her gentle movements in the mirror, feeling her slender fingers pet your scalp. "You're staring, my beautiful lamb," You felt your cheeks burn as you looked down into your lap. You heard her soft laugh, pressing herself against your back, feeling her chest push against you.
Jesus, you were better than no man.
"Don't get all shy on me." Her fingers lifted your chin so you could turn to look at her. "There's my pretty girl." She purred, and you could melt. She leaned forward to press a tender kiss to your lips. Her other hand cupped the back of your neck possessively. "Do you wanna know something?" She murmured against your lips; she pulled away to look into your eyes as you nodded. "You're my personal Eden." She trailed the back of her hand down your cheek before pressing her thumb against your bottom lip, pulling it down. "I want to devour you; you'll let me, won't you?"
You let out a loud whine, nodding furiously at her, "Anything for you Lili." She raised a perfectly styled brow, "Mistress."
"That's my girl." She pet the top of your head, "I'm sad to mess up your hair after I just worked so hard on it. But, I think it's worth it, don't you?" Lilith's lashes fluttered, and you nodded like the lovesick puppy you were for her. The dynamic you had with the Morningstar's would be peculiar to anyone outside the bedroom; Lilith enjoyed taking the dominant role, Lucifer was a switch, and while you preferred to be more submissive, sometimes it was fun to be more dominant when messing with the devil himself. You shivered in delight at the thought of taking both of them as Lilith's mouth placed kisses against your neck. "Oh, little lamb, did you think you could hide your desire from the queen of succubi herself? You want me to gather Luci for us?"
"Would you be mad if I say yes?" You spoke softly, and she smiled sweetly, pressing a kiss to your forehead.
"Not at all, my sweet thing. Why don't you get yourself ready for our return," She vanished, seeping elegantly into her shadow. You grinned, jumping on the abnormally sizeable plush bed you shared with the couple. Usually, Lucifer enjoyed undressing you, but what Lilith said goes, so you unbuttoned your shirt and slid off your skirt, leaving you just in your underthings. "Your gift is in here, Lucifer," you heard Lilith on the otherside of the door. The man let out a small laugh.
"Whenever you get me a gift, it always puts me on edge." He said lightheartedly, opening the bedroom door. His gaze landed on you immediately, and his cheeks burned scarlet.
"Do you like your gift?" She purred, leaning down to peck his cheek in a sultry manner.
"I mean, who wouldn't? Hi, Ducking!" He stammered, waving goofily. You giggled, waving back cheekily,
"Hi Luci, Mistress." You bowed your head, sprawling out on the bed seductively, your eyes trained on the growing tent in the king of hell's pants. "What role would you like me to take?" Your eyes trailed over to Lilith, who was slowly sliding down her dress.
She hummed thoughtfully, "What do you feel? Also, do you remember the safe word?" You nodded,
"Dominate with you and dominate with Lucifer. Is that alright?"
"M-more than," Lucifer stammered as Lilith reached around to place her hands on his shoulders, nipping at his neck. He let out a shaky groan at the sensation and you hopped off the bed kneeling before the King and Queen of Hell.
“Good girl.~” Lilith praised continuing to nip and suck on Lucifer’s neck her fingers moving to unbutton his top. Meanwhile he whimpered looking down at you as you undid his belt with ease fluttering your lashes innocently. You looked as beautiful as the day you arrived in Hell and he still couldn’t fathom what you’d done to end up in a place like this.
“Your Majesty may I?” You motioned to his hard cock straining against the confines of his briefs. He ran his fingers through your hair and you leaned into the touch,
“You may.” He watched you lick your lips hungrily as you pulled down his underwear, cock springing free bouncing against his stomach. He let out a shaky breath, as your hands groped his aching dick, “Ducking come on.” He whined as you slowly pumped him with a sadistic grin adorning your lips. He felt Lilith laugh against his neck and he huffed, she clicked her tongue grabbing his chin and tilting it up so she could press a kiss to his lips, it was heated as their tongues clashed in a fiery dance. He groaned into it giving Lilith control as he felt your hot mouth wrap around his cock. You bobbed your head skillfully taking him fully, your nose brushed against his pubic hair. You were always proud you could fit him in your mouth entirely, his hands dug into your hair pulling you somehow closer. You gagged but never thought about pulling away, you hollowed your cheeks making sure to use your tongue to trace the prominent veins underneath his shaft. His hips bucked into your mouth, he fucked your mouth with fervor groaning and whining the entire time. “That’s it, so close baby gonna cum-“
You pulled off with a significant pop, drool and pre-cum glistening on your lips and dripping from your chin. He made a heartbroken face in your direction as you licked your lips seductively, “oh my good girl, come to mommy.” Lilith purred as you rose to your feet, her hands wrapped around your waist as she pulled you onto the bed. Her dress had long since been discarded and her perfect breasts hung freely over you. “I’m gonna ride your face like the throne I deserve and Lucifer’s going to fuck that tight little pussy of yours.” It wasn’t a question but a command, “I’m sure you’re wet enough. I know how much you love sucking my husband’s cock.” You could only nod eagerly,
“Can I touch you?”
“You may.”
Your hands immediately shot forward, cupping her breasts between your fingers. She let out a sigh, beautiful and airy as your fingers brushed over her nipples. "That's a good girl," She purred as you began to massage her chest eagerly. Your tail swished wrapping around her waist urging her forward towards your mouth, "How impatient. Lucifer darling?"
"Y-yeah!" He sputtered removing his hand from his cock as Lilith turned to look at him. His shirt was hanging off his shoulders, unbuttoned and his pants were still down around his ankles. Face flushed red standing awkwardly, watching his two loves make out. She tutted and he flushed harder, "Sorry..."
"You're luckily out little lamb here has me in a good mood." She groaned a little as you leaned up as far as you could to nip at her breast. "Oh darling...Lucifer get over here and fuck her."
"Yes ma'am!" Lucifer grinned wiggling his leg and kicking his pants into the corner of the room...well tried to he ended up falling directly onto his face. Lilith sighed rubbing the bridge of her nose while you burst into a fit of giggles. You tried to cover you mouth with your hands as you tilted your head backwards, he raised his head with a nervous smile. "My bad," His voice cracked a little as he fumbled his way over to the both of you.
"You're such a goofball," Lilith sighed now trying to hide her smile from her husband. "You still alright to continue?" She was looking at Lucifer but you knew the question was for the both of you. Embarrassed Lucifer nodded as you responded with a resounding
"Good then let us continue." She mused clapping her hands together as the lights in the room dimmed and the candles flickered to life. She leaned forward connecting your lips together you moaned quietly against her, her hand coming up under your bra to squeeze your chest gently. "Ready?"
You felt Lucifer's nails trail your thighs and his lips pressing gentle kisses to the skin there. You shivered at the touch and felt him smile against your flesh, "Yes Mistress." You saw her smile, beautiful like the sky back on Earth. She moved with the grace of a queen as she moved to sit on your face, squeezing her thighs against your head. Lilith let out a loud intake of breath as your tongue prodded at her entrance. Your hands moved to dig your nails into her thighs as you ate her out like a woman starved. Meanwhile you felt Lucifer bite at your inner thighs causing you to moan against Lilith, she let out an elegant groan as her hips began to roll into against your mouth. You heard the devil snap his fingers as your bottom half got much breezier, he had snapped your underwear away, thank god they weren't your favorite pair.
He was making sure to mark you up before licking a stripe up your pussy his snake like tongue moving circles on your clit. Your thighs unconsciously clamped around your head and you felt him tut against you yanking your thighs away from his skull. You wined as Lilith ground down on her, filling your mouth with her wetness, nose brushing against her clit. You felt the dynamic switch as Lucifer leaned back thumb massaging your bud and fingers teasing your entrance mercilessly. You tried to get out a mumble out a please, but Lilith's body made your plea sound like nothing but a mumble, "You trying to beg Duckling? It's a shame you can't."
"Aw Luci don't be mean to the poor girl, she's working hard to please me-" She was cut off with a moan eyes fluttering, "I'm close. Don't be mean to her when she's doing such a good job. Unless she's somehow not wet enough but I doubt that."
"Oh she's dripping." Lucifer mused, "But if you allow it I'll fuck her immediately. After all, it's her turn to be throughly bred." You moaned hotly into her and her sweet sounds tangled with your own, her entire body pressed hard into you as she climaxed into your mouth. Her chest heaved as she slid off you, your mouth wet with her juices, as your tongue came to swipe at your lips.
"Lili!~" You moaned your hand reaching out towards her, she hushed you softly intertwining her hand within your own, she looked over at Lucifer, "Please."
She hummed turning to face Lucifer giving a nod, his entire face lit up like the stars, he leaned foward to kiss you tenderly. "I love you,"
"I love you too," You purred cupping his cheeks sweetly. "Don't make me beg,"
"I won't you've been plenty good." He pressed a kiss to your nose causing you to giggle. He gave himself a few pumps before sliding into you with relatively ease. Your eyes rolled back in your head fluttered with a sharp intake of breath. "Fuck...baby-" He moaned, "You're alway so tight around me." You didn't get a chance to respond before Lilith placed her lips onto yours and her hands under your bra; palming at your chest. Lucifer sucked in a needy breath at the sight and your hips began to buck up against him continuing to flutter around him. He took your hint and began to pump in and out of you, you broke away from Lilith spit still connecting the two of you as you let out a loud moan. "That's it...my good girl."
He always felt so big inside you, you swore he'd break you in half, as your toes curled once he hit the spongey spot inside of you. "More." You demanded as Lilith giggled, "Fill me up."
"As you wish, you wanna make me another Daddy-"
"FUCK ME!" Lucifer yelped his wings suddenly sprouting out of his back in a panic, pulling out of you in a hurry. Your eyes widened into saucers clamping down on him in surprise which caused him to cum prematurely over your stomach. Lilith cursed under her breath, frantically looking around for a blanket.
"Lucifer!" He was snapped back to life by the sound of Lilith's voice his wings quickly shifted covering the both of you.
"Oh God!" Charlie shrieked once she fully processed what was going on, she covered her eyes. The teenager's cheeks were flushed, "What the fuck!"
"We're so sorry!" Lucifer sputtered, moving to get up to explain himself.
"Lucifer!" Lilith hissed,
"I'm leaving!" Charlie squeaked out, "Sorry! Sorry! Oh god my eyes!" The door slammed shut with a bang as Lucifer's wings disappeared and buried his face in his hands.
It wasn't a surprise that she first came to you with her hotel idea to rehabilitate sinners instead of her father. You shuffled uncomfortably as she held out her drawing cards; she was pointing eagerly to her plans. By her side was her girlfriend Vaggie, the girlfriend Lucifer didn't know about.
She had you wrapped around her finger, and she knew it.
"Charlie, you know I love you and admire your ambition; I always have, but..." You trailed off as she frowned, lowering her papers. Your heart ached, "Shouldn't you be talking to your father about this- and don't say I'm your mother, you know what I mean." You held your finger up to stop her, “it's just. I don’t know how I can help you sweetheart.”
“Well I was…ya know thinking. That you could maybe possibly I don’t know, convince dad it’s a good plan. And well I don't know get me a meeting with Heaven.”
You winced, “Charlie…” she pouted giving you her saddest puppy dog face, “I only have so much power when he comes to controlling your father.”
“But we’re making SUCH good progress. Angel Dust is on the road to redemption as we speak!” She exclaimed, “right Vaggie?”
“Right.” She smiled reassuringly up at her girlfriend before turning to you, “just…try please. If it doesn’t work Charlie will call him and figure something else out. We aren’t asking for him to help,” Charlie opened her mouth to protest, “without seeing it himself first.” She corrected and her girlfriend nodded in approval.
“You two I swear.” You stood on your toes grabbing Charlie’s red cheeks kissing both as she flushed. “If your father kills me it’s your fault,”
“He’d never!” Charlie looked aghast, “he loves you like he loved Mom!”
“I know, Hon. Don’t worry, figure of speech.”
“Oh,” she frowned. “Well, try not to talk like that. Think positive!” Charlie grabbed your hands and opened her mouth,
"I love you, but please don't sing right now." You kissed her knuckles softly, "I need all my brainpower to talk to your dad."
"Understood!" She squealed, "I love you!"
"I love you too. Now shoo, your dad will call you later." She wrapped you in another hug, and Vaggie nodded her head in your direction with a little smile. Charlie pulled away and interlocked her hand with her girlfriend before scampering off. You rubbed your face tiredly; Lucifer and your relationship had been strained since Lilith left. You still loved one another dearly, but her leaving had taken a toll on both of you. While he retreated to isolate himself in his room, you coped in other ways, namely, running his kingdom for him to the best of your ability. The only things you didn't do were meetings and phone calls with the Seraphim or the Angels.
So, things between the both of you have been a little more than awkward and tense. Not knowing how Charlie would react, you both decided it was better to try to deal with your emotions privately instead of telling her outright that you were having relationship issues. You still slept in the same bed, but most of the time, it felt like he was barely there...reminding you that you were just a lover and not a wife.
Cursing inwardly at the thought, you loved Lilith; you missed her smile, her voice, and her kindness. But it was hard not to feel bitter at times; she left you and Lucifer...alone...for going on seven years.
It had not only devastated him, but Charlie, and you as well. Despite your wishes those bitter thoughts, were getting more and more common.
You let out a shaky sigh before you smoothed out any wrinkles in your dress as you approached his workshop. You knocked softly on the door. You heard frantic rustling and fumbling of what you could only assume was another rubber duck project before the door was hurriedly thrown open. His eyes squinted like he was trying to gather what you were doing here before he let out a panicked, nervous laugh.
"Duckling!" you could hear the nervous tremor in his voice, "What-ugh- what are you doing here?"
"I live here? We sleep in the same bed." You deadpanned,
"No, I mean! Er, my workshop,"
"Charlie stopped by-"
"She did?!" The panic in his voice was even more evident now that you mentioned the possibility that his daughter was here you watched as he ran his fingers through his hair. "Is she still here? You got her to leave right? Did she ask about me? I'm not prepared and-"
"Luci," Your tone softened, cupping his cheeks and running his thumb across the apples of them, "She's not here. She had a message she wanted me to relay to you."
"She...asked you and not me?" He murmured, and you chewed the inside of his cheek,
"It wasn't a long visit; you were very busy."
"Yes...I was busy."
You both stared at one another, tension seeping into your bones. Your tail flicked restlessly, and Lucifer's claws drummed nervously on the wood of the doorframe. "Welp!" He clapped his hands together, "If that's all." He moved to spin around back into his duck-filled workshop,
"I didn't even tell you what she wanted..." You spoke quietly, reaching out to touch his shoulder but he flinched away before you could make contact again.
"Fuck, I didn't mean to flinch. It's just Lilith and...and I know we haven't been intimate- It's just-" He rambled,
"No, please don't apologize." Your smile was strained, and your hands clutched the top of your dress. "I understand completely, Your Majesty."
He said your name, pained, "Don't do this-"
You held up your hand, silencing him, "It's fine." You doubled down on the earlier statement before sighing, shoulders slumping, your entire body felt heavy. "I love you but I don't know if I can keep doing this..."
"Please stop." He reached forward to grab your shoulders, in a frantic way to prove he wasn't afraid to touch you.
"Lucifer, I'm tired." You looked up at him and already felt the stinging behind your eyes, "I miss her so much it hurts...I miss you. I'm so lonely I feel like I could die again."
"Don't say that." He said seriously, hands moving from shoulders to your cheeks, "Never say that. If you died, I couldn't bear it."
"The great Lucifer Morningstar would live, I'm sure. Although he'd have to rule his own kingdom again." Your lips twitched in a sad smile,
"I don't think I would." He chose to ignore the second part of the statement, "I know." You watched his throat bob, "I haven't been fair to you. I've shut you out, and I shouldn't have, and it breaks my heart that I made you doubt my love for you." His fingers brushed against your cheek, wiping away tears that began to roll.
"Lilith is your wife, and I can't imagine what you're going through-"
"Out of everyone, I think you're the only one who can relate to what I'm going through." He laughed airily, "I'm a mess. I'm depressed, and what kind of man am I? My wife left, our daughter hates me, and you can't stand to be in the same room as me."
"But that's all I've wanted!" You shouted, not unkindly, "I want to be with you, I'm meant to be your rock, your support how can I do that if you shut me out."
"I never meant to!" He exclaimed, "I just- I hate myself all the time-"
"Join the club!"
"Fuck. We're both messes, aren't we?"
"More than," You laughed, rubbing your eyes. "Look, Luci..." He blushed a bit at the nickname, and it made you smile. "Can you promise me we'll work on it, work on everything, together? No more shutting one another out."
"Promise." He stood on his tip toes and leaned forward, hesitating slightly, "I don't want to pressure-" You grabbed his lapels and pulled him close, pressing a hot kiss to his lips. He groaned a bit into it, his arms wrapping around your waist, pulling you close. "I missed this, I missed you," He mumbled against your lips. "I'll be better. To both of you-"
"Oh." You snapped your fingers, pulling away from him, and he made an 'eh' like sound. "Speaking of Charlie wants you to get her a meeting with Heaven."
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─ ★Cockwarming Overlord!Husk, he told you not to tease him....that there would be consequences. But since when did you ever listen. He would never hurt you, oh no but he will make sure that everyone know's you are his.
"Such a pretty little thing you are."Overlord!Husk dug his nails into your hips. A collar he made just for you around you, your shinny golden dress raised past your hips. He didn't thrust, not yet at least. The Overlord wanted the others to see, he wanted them to hear your yelps, the little mewl's that spilled past your swollen lips. "Go ahead darlin...let em hear, I want you to sing for em'."
A small cry tore past your lips, your body arching into his chest. You lost count, lost count of how many orgasm's your lover had given you. You felt light headed, giddy, you felt like you just won the jackpot with how good Husk made you feel.
But you knew this was not going to be the end as you felt the eye of the poor soul that was getting scammed drinking in your form as Husk pulled you back down on his cock. "You're gonna stay here, you're my good luck charm." He whispered against your ear.
You felt his cock twitch within your pussy again as his name spilled from your lips as a whisper, you could feel his knot swell, filling you, keeping you in place.
True to his word, you weren't about to complain, not when it felt so good.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
A/n: it is not 7am....I am gonna sleep for a little! Just wanted to post something small.
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a-hazbin-soul · 2 days
Hi! I was wondering if you could do some angst with the hazbin hotel characters? Like we get into an argument and they yell and notice we went silent, looking as if we were gonna break down into tears, IM SORRY I JUST LIVE FOR ANGST AHHH
Hazbin Hotel characters making their S/O cry
Tumblr media
He was preparing for tomorrow night's broadcast when he heard the door open.
He had been working on his radio broadcast and hotel things for the whole day. He was under so much stress and took it out on you.
"Darling, you know I've been in here all day. Is it that difficult to knock?! You know these things are important! Why must you interrupt me?!"
He didn't get an answer. You just slammed the door and ran out.
He felt terrible as soon as he saw sadness in your eyes.
He ran after you and hugged you, rubbing circles on your back and telling you how sorry he was.
Tumblr media
He was very pissed at how much Alastor and Charlie got along.
He was working on his rubber ducks, not hearing you walk in.
He didn't know you were in the room until you hugged him from behind.
"What? What is it now?!" He shouted, dropping his rubber duck to the floor.
"Could you leave me alone for five minutes when you know I'm busy?!"
"Wow, fuck you!" You said before slamming the door and using your powers to get to the hotel.
Alastor opened the door to see you crying and brought you to the couch, giving you a hug.
You barely got the chance to finish telling Alastor what happened before Lucifer ran to you, crying and apologizing.
You were able to talk things out and agreed to be more open about feelings.
Sir Pentious
Tumblr media
Pentious was working on a new invention. But, since he was trying to get redeemed, it couldn't be for evil.
He was trying to build things to help with the hotel. Right now, he was making something to lift Niffty up around the hotel.
You were trying to help while also keeping the egg bois under control, not realizing you were distracting him.
"Will you please stop already! You're supposed to be watching them, but you're just as annoying!!"
You had tears in your eyes as soon as you turned around.
"Fine!" You yelled before running off.
"That wasn't very nice, boss. You should apologize."
When Pentious saw you, you were sitting on the couch by the TV with Charlie hugging you.
"Y/N, may I speak with you? I would like to apologize."
You silently nodded, standing up next to him.
"I'm sorry, my dearest, can you ever forgive me?"
"As long as you promise to tell me what's wrong and how to properly help in the future."
He pulled you into a hug and wrapped his tail around you.
Tumblr media
The bar was open way later than usual because Charlie decided to have an open house for the hotel.
Free drinks were pretty much a necessity when you're trying to lure in sinners.
Husk seemed fine/ his usual brand of grumpy.... Until he saw you talking and laughing with some guy and pulled you into an empty hallway.
"What the fuck was that? Did you really think I would be too busy to see you flirting like a whore?"
Even with tears in your eyes, you could tell he's been drinking vodka straight.
You pushed him away from you.
"That's my cousin, you asshole! He was asking me about the hotel."
You ran away, going right to the room you shared with Husk and trying to go to sleep.
Husk spent the rest of the party drinking water and eating a few snacks to fight the future hangover.
When you woke up, Husk had his wings and arms wrapped around you. He didn't even bother trying to sleep.
"I'm sorry, Y/N. I was such an idiot and I hurt the best person who's ever been in my life. I freaked out about seeing you with someone else..... because I know I don't deserve you, and I don't want to lose you."
He was crying into your shoulder, and you pulled him into a hug.
"You couldn't lose me if you wanted to. Just remember, I love you more than anything, and I'd rather die again than lose you.
(A/N : This sucks ass and I'm sorry this took me so long. I hope you like it, though. )
Requests open
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chocopokkie · 15 hours
Tumblr media
Alastor x Fem! Reader Getting Caught in the Act NSFW
It was one of those rare moments when you and Alastor found yourselves alone in the bustling chaos of the Hotel. Amidst fulfilling various requests for Charlie, Vaggie, and other residents, you two managed to steal away into Alastor's room. As the door closed behind you, a hush settled over the room, filled only with the crackling of distant fires and the occasional echo of laughter from the lobby.
In the dim light filtering through the curtains, Alastor's crimson eyes gleamed with a playful spark as he moved on top of you on his bed, his presence casting a captivating aura around him. You felt the weight of his gaze as he reached out to gently brush a strand of hair from your face.
"Oh, my sweet doe," he murmured, his voice a velvet caress against your skin. "It seems I've been neglecting you. However, can I make it up to you?" His breath danced across your lips, sending a shiver down your spine as he leaned in, his hands lightly restraining yours, pinning them down on either side of your head.
Your heart pounded in your chest as you met his gaze, the intensity of his stare igniting a fierce longing within you. "Alastor," you breathed, the sound barely a whisper in the stillness of the room. "Just being here with you is enough."
But he shook his head, a mischievous glint flickering in his eyes. "Nonsense, my dear. I intend to spoil you thoroughly," he replied, his voice low and husky with promise. "Tell me, what is it that you desire?" His lips curved into a smirk, a challenge glinting in his gaze as he awaited your response.
"I want you..." you said, your voice barely above a whisper, the words tinged with a mixture of desire and uncertainty.
"I'm sorry, my dear, I don't think I heard you!" Alastor teased, his tone playful yet tinged with a hint of mischief. "I can't give you what you want unless you properly tell me." Crimson eyes dancing with amusement as he awaited your response, his hands still gently holding yours in place, the warmth of his touch sending a wave of anticipation coursing through you.
"Please... I want y-you!" you say, your voice now laced with more confidence, the words spilling forth from your lips with a newfound determination.
"There we go! Now, was that so hard?" Alastor chuckled, a hint of amusement dancing in his eyes as he savored your response.
You roll your eyes at his condescending tone, a smirk playing on your lips as you meet his gaze with defiance. But before you can retort, he leans down, his lips capturing yours in a passionate kiss. The world around you fades into oblivion as you lose yourself in the intoxicating sensation of his touch, the heat of his embrace enveloping you in a blissful haze.
His hands leave yours and roam around your body, tracing every curve and contour with a feather-light touch that sends shivers down your spine. There's an urgency in his movements, a hunger that matches your own, as he explores every inch of your being with a reverence that leaves you breathless. His burning touch sets your body ablaze with a newfound arousal you hadn't felt in a while, igniting a fire within you that threatens to consume all reason and restraint. Each caress, each whispered promise, only serves to fuel the flames of desire that rage between you.
Alastor wastes no time in removing your clothes, his movements swift, as if he had been longing for this moment as much as you. "Oh, little fawn, you're so perfect," he murmurs, his voice a low rumble of appreciation as he admires your naked form, his intense gaze tracing every curve and contour with a hunger that sets your skin ablaze. You feel exposed beneath his penetrating stare, a flush of heat rising to your cheeks as you squirm beneath him, overwhelmed by the intensity of his gaze.
His hands reach lower to your nether regions, his touch sending sparks of electricity dancing across your skin as he slides a finger over your folds, already sopping wet with anticipation. "My, my dear, already this wet for me?" he teases, his voice dripping with amusement and arousal as he revels in the sight before him.
"Shut-shut up," you retort breathlessly, your words barely coherent as desire clouds your mind and steals your breath away. But any further protest is lost as he dips a finger inside of you, the sensation sending a jolt of pleasure coursing through your veins. With agonizing slowness, he begins to pump his finger in and out of you, each movement deliberate and measured, drawing out the exquisite torture of anticipation.
"How rude you are, maybe I should stop?" he threatens darkly, a mischievous glint dancing in his eyes as his smile widens, teasing you with the prospect of withholding his touch.
"NO! Okay, I'm sorry!" you say loudly, desperation lacing your voice as you realize the gravity of your words. Panic floods your senses as he removes his fingers from your dripping core, leaving you achingly empty, the absence of his touch a cruel reminder of the pleasure denied.
"Alright then, let me hear you then," he says absentmindedly, his fingers deftly unzipping his pants before pulling out his hard cock, the sight leaving you breathless with anticipation.
"Huh? Hear what?" you reply, a knot of apprehension forming in the pit of your stomach as you pray that he wouldn't say what you think he's going to say.
"Beg for it, my dear," he states firmly, his voice laced with expectation as he gazes down at you, waiting for your response. "I need to hear you beg before I give you anything." The challenge in his eyes sends a thrill of excitement coursing through you, mingled with a sense of vulnerability as you contemplate what he's asking of you.
"P-please.." you mumble quietly, your face flushing with embarrassment as you struggle to voice your desires.
"Please what?" he quips back in a teasing tone, his gaze lingering on you expectantly. "Say it properly or you get nothing."
"Please, Alastor, I need you to fuck me," you finally manage to articulate, the words tumbling from your lips in a desperate plea.
Finally hearing what he wanted, Alastor lets out a low chuckle, his amusement evident in the glint of his eyes. "That's my good girl~" he purrs, his voice sending a shiver of anticipation down your spine.
Before you can fully comprehend his words, he moves driving himself into you with a sharp thrust that steals the breath from your lungs, plunging you into a whirlwind of ecstasy and desire.
"That's it, that's my good girl taking me so well~," he mutters, his voice a low growl of satisfaction as he continues to thrust in and out of you with a delicious pace, each movement sending waves of pleasure coursing through your body.
With each powerful thrust, he delves deeper, his hips meeting yours in a rhythmic dance of desire that threatens to consume you both. You cling to him desperately, lost in the intoxicating haze of pleasure as he drives you to the brink of ecstasy and beyond.
Suddenly, the door opens without any warning, and in strides Vaggie, "Alastor, Charlie needs your help with- OH WHAT THE FUCK," she exclaims, her voice trailing off as her eyes widen in disbelief at the sight before her.
"I-I, we uh," you stammer, desperately trying to find the right words to explain yourselves, but before you can utter another syllable, Alastor beats you to it. "Don't you know it's rude to enter without permission?" he growls menacingly, his crimson eyes flashing with irritation as an ominous red "X" appears on his forehead.
As quick as Vaggie had interrupted, she was gone, swallowed up by black tendrils that wrapped around her, pulling her out of the room with a forceful yank and slamming the door shut with a resounding bang, the lock clicking into place.
"Now, where were we~" Alastor purrs, his gaze shifting back to you with a hunger that sends a thrill of anticipation coursing through your veins, the interruption only serving to heighten the intensity of the moment.
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radioisntdead · 3 days
I don't know if you do parental asks, but if you do, could you bless me eyes by writing a father Alastor and child!reader who is a toy/doll demon? Reader is hyperactive but very clumsy so Alastor always has to keep an eye on her so she doesn't hurt herself and sometimes he resorts to having one of his shadows watching over her if he's busy. Reader is small so they always seem to get stuck in cabinets or closet, which scares the hotel residents when they see Reader in a random place. [Not me trying to cure my daddy issues] 😂😂
Good evening my dear! I've been expecting someone to request a parental Alastor, [No seriously I have, I had a feeling someone was gonna request it, it was only a matter of time] I'VE BEEN READY FOR THIS, Not to mention I'm related to a hyperactive child so taking inspo from that! (Please help me he bites)
Tumblr media
Father! Alastor & child! Reader
Platonic, obviously.
Fanon, I'm going fanon for this, mild cannibalism, feral, reader is based off a porcelain doll but I am TERRIFIED of porcelain dolls, anyways feral reader, injuries etc etc Alastor scooped reader up from the side of the street, I like how I've had every parental hazbin character with a child figure reader just scoop them off the street, I should draw that later
Tumblr media
No one knows how exactly how you ended up below, it was theorized that there was probably a mix-up or maybe you were one of those deranged child serial killers or maybe you WERE hellborn that just aged really slow, like concerningly slow, but from some of the things you say it was suspected you were indeed a sinner.
Anyways that's up to you to figure out, but what we do know is that Alastor stumbled upon you absolutely tearing apart a grown sinner in some alleyway, despite looking like a porcelain doll that could break if dropped on carpet, the radio static coming from him caught your attention,
And then you saw those big fluffy ears that sat on the top of his head, you ran towards him with the speed of a feral child, because you were, infact a feral child
You immediately climbed onto him, little hands clinging onto the fabric of his suit before finally reaching for his ears,
He didn't even get a chance to get away from you. With a strained smile he grabbed you off him, and held you up as he inspected you, observing your appearance,
"How peculiar, don't do that."
He said as you continued reaching for his fluffy ears.
And that had sealed his fate, he could NOT get rid of you,
He left you back in that alley he found you? You showed up again two minutes later, he sent you into the Vee's tower? You are the reason Valentino has a messed up antenna.
Alastor became a father against his will, and honestly it could've been worse, you were a decently chaotic child, that would either follow him around or when in the hotel would climb up his back and play with his fluffy ears while maniacally whispering
"fluffy, fluffy, fluffy, fluffy"
"Dear, please get off me."
Your skin was covered in a light porcelain coating, like thin wax covering soft clay, If thrown harshly against something you could crack and bleed, it wouldn't make that much of a sound.
you were very much a fragile thing and as your reluctant caretaker Alastor made sure that you stayed out of trouble, safe and sound, and away from any sharp objects.
Unfortunately you were hellbent on getting into mischief, especially in the hotel where there were many things you could get into, like behind the bar where husk worked, He took a five minute break to grab something to eat and you had managed to slip yourself behind several bottles inside the cabinet, one wrong move and they all fall to the ground and shatter with the alcoholic beverages inside them,
He had to take out twenty bottles, place them on the counter then take you out, gently place you on the ground then put all the bottles back, it was a hassle, not to mention you had a thing for fluffy things, Husk was NOT an exception, if he wasn't paying attention you would claw your way up his back like a feral mongoose and just gently pet his ears while mumbling "Kitty cat, kitty cat kitty cat kitty ca-"
You got along well with Niffty, she was like a sadistic older sister but it was decided that she was a bad influence on you so whenever you're near her it needs to be supervised by someone.
You give Charlie mini heart attacks because either you'll be the sweetest little thing towards her, you'll draw with her, call her 'Big sister Charlie' or something like that and you will have her wrapped around your little fingers, or you'll be a source of stress because your playing on the railing and oops! Your falling twelve feet to the ground and she's rushing over to catch you, and after she catches you, probably breaking something in the process you just give her the biggest smile as you hug her saying she caught you, you've also terrified her and Vaggie more then once by hiding underneath their bed and popping out at the worst of times with confetti or something.
Speaking of Vaggie you had a similar relationship but she was more strict in a way, she has a soft spot for kids and she keeps an eye on you, she'll teach you how to spar as an attempt to burn any excess energy you have, she'll go for a run and take you with her, she'll have you on one of those child leashes because you can, will and have run into the road and almost got taken out, respawning was a very very painful process, it was like getting ripped apart, turned inside out, twisted and turned back out and put together again, there's a reason it can take time for a sinner to respawn.
A child like you should never have to deal with that, and Vaggie, while she can't respawn she understands and will prevent you from having too, Alastor may not like her all that much (Or at all) but she's proven to be a decent babysitter.
Sir Pentious was like a goofy older brother or that dork of a cousin, he'd probably invent something to entertain you or he'd read to you, you scare eggs out of him when he's working on something and BAM you pop up out of nowhere, the majority of the eggs were fearful of you too.
"uh, can you not bite me?" A egg asked as your unhinged jaw munched on him, slowly tearing away until he eventually cracked leaving you to run away from the yolk covered crime scene.
[He's the first person you go to when you are redeemed, a familiar face is what you need in an unknown place where you should've gone in the first place, the halo on your head makes him cry, you made it with him but that more then likely means you perished like he did]
Angel dust was no different from the others, he tones his language down a bunch but he's still Angel dust, a inappropriate joke can and will slip through the cracks but he doesn't mean any harm, he just panics and tells you not to tell your Pa, giving you some child-safe candy in return and if your running around like a manic Niffty he'll pick you up and try to find the more responsible residents, or you'd tug on his fluff, he was one of the fluffiest residents and that made him, a major target for your lil' grabby hands, if you ever want a snack your not supposed to have he'll give it to you, you want ice cream? Sure knock yourself out kid, He reminded you of someone you knew once.
What did they look like again? You couldn't remember..
When Alastor steps out of the hotel to go to a overlord meeting or whatever he does and no one is available to watch you, he'll have his shadows watch over you,
His shadows need a pay raise.
"I'll be back in a few hours, be good dear!" Alastor said patting you lightly on the head as you grinned up at him,
"Alrighty! Bye Papa!"
You wave as he leaves, as the door closes you turn around and wander around the hotel, everyone was busy preparing for something, you didn't quite know what yet though, but you were left to your own devices today! You ran up and down the staircases, you got a laundry basket and used it as a makeshift snowboard on the staircase which Alastor's shadow had to make sure it didn't fling up into the air, you jumped off a counter his shadow grabbed the collar of your shirt to stop you from face planting.
You eventually get bored of playing around and try to find Niffty to ask if she could make you something to eat but the hotel's resident housekeeper is nowhere to be found, so you enter the kitchen and it is a DANGER ZONE, you knew not to touch the stove or the sharp knives thankfully but that didn't stop you from dragging over a chair to climb up into the cabinet to grab a plate, a few cups falling in the process but the shadow caught them before they could shatter into the floor, You hopped down from the chair to get a tortilla, the shadow stood next to you ready to grab you if needed, you waddled over to the refrigerator and took out a pack of bacon bites and sour cream, you acquired a plastic knife to spread the sour cream onto the tortilla, sprinkling some bacon bits after before rolling it up and placing it onto the plate.
You grinned at your snack, this is what defined your childhood, you turn back to the refrigerator to grab a juicebox before taking the plate and booking it back into the main room of the hotel.
You sneakily made your way to the TV and looked around, you gave the shadow a 'shh' motion as you turned on the tv to vintage cartoons, like Popeye, Betty boop or if you were lucky to access more modern cartoons, you could watch Scooby doo!
This was the time Alastor's shadow could rest from protecting you, so it wouldn't snitch to Alastor about your consumption of cartoons.
It wished you would watch more cartoons because after your snack you were dangling from the chandelier! You didn't know how you even got up there?!
When Alastor finally returned from wherever he was you immediately ran, tackling the Radio demon in a hug, Alastor's smile tightened slightly but he bared with it, you were just an excited child that he cared for, like a pet.
"I take it you were behaved while I was away?"
You nodded, "Yep!"
The shadow would say otherwise because you were HANGING FROM THE CHANDELIER FOR AN HOUR, They had to lurk around in case you fell, which you did, Thankfully they didn't have to catch you, because Charlie had emerged at the right time to catch you as you dropped from the chandelier.
But Alastor didn't need to know that right now, he'll find out on his own when he's making dinner and he goes to check on you to see you dangling from the chandelier again with Angel and Husk scrambling beneath trying to catch you if you were to slip and fall.
"Aren't you a little troublemaker?" He would say as he snapped his fingers and you were brought down from the chandelier, safe and sound, he'd bring a clawed hand to your face as he gently pitched your check, tutting like a old lady before turning around and bringing you to assist him in the kitchen and give huskerdust a break.
Alastor didn't see himself ever having a child before you, and he could see you growing into a powerful overlord one day, he'd be there to guide you as you grew, you would've grown up loved, watching as sinners entered the hotel and left as saints,
For now you were standing behind him in the kitchen carefully mixing rolling out some type of dough as music played from the radio and you told your Papa about your day.
Once the dough was rolled out and cut Alastor pat your head saying that you did a good job before moving to dip the dough into hot oil, as you watched, a tentacle holding the back of your 1930's themed attire making sure you didn't dive into the oil by accident.
Within the hour you were sat at a table with freshly made beignets Infront of you,
"Thank you Papa!"
You said before digging into one of the beignets as Alastor smiled per usual, it was a nice treat, you liked moments like these, you hoped you could stay in the hazbin hotel with it's residents and your Papa forever, they were your family and family stays together right?
Tumblr media
Good evening folks! Thank you for tuning in! I was supposed to post this last night but I passed out, and We may be adopting a dog soon! I'm not using that as an excuse I'm just excited, anyways I'm working on requests, part twos and all that good stuff! Tune on in for that later on!
Also I may have added sprinkles of angst here but we don't talk about that =]
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silasours · 2 days
Tumblr media
#pairing : alastor x gn reader. #cw : may include adult content. enemies to lovers trope. #summary : you were a detective when you were a human! but uh oh, you died.. and you meet the target that you were on to before your death? #note : I feel bad for not posting for so long, here's a little sneak peek at what I'm working on! i received this prompt from an anon in my inbox and do i love it very much. i have so many ideas for this fic, it'll be my first ever long fic on this blog! i'll reply to the ask once I'm done with the fic :3
Tumblr media
“my, isn’t it my favorite detective!” you hear a static, loud voice speak from behind you. you quirk a brow, slowly turning your head to see a demon that somehow resembles a deer. a red deer, that is. he wears this wide smile that stretches from ear to ear, his whole attire so formal it makes you question if you’re underdressed. he holds a cane in his hands; it looks like a speaker that he got custom-made. confusion bubbles inside of you, and multiple questions float across your mind. who is this man, that so happens to know what you work as when you were still alive?
and, out of all demons, why are you his favorite?
“I’m sorry, but have we met?” you turn your body to face him fully, your eyes scanning from head to toe wondering if it’s just a fuzzy memory of yours. the demon steps closer to you, a sense of uneasiness instantly rushes through your veins. you shudder suddenly..
“aha, of course we have! you were even so interested in me back when we were alive!” his words only made your confusion grow. you, being interested in someone? in what way? your work has never allowed you any extra space to catch feelings for anyone around you, so surely it’s not a crush unless you’ve misunderstood. It’s like he read your thoughts, he quickly adds in with a light chuckle.
“constantly trying to gather information about me, pinpointing my location, guessing my next move. fun times! I truly enjoyed watching you do so.” something clicked in your head. so this demon was presumably a target of yours before he died, but how could you know exactly which? you had so many targets, so many psychopaths you had to track down and lock them up for good. though, something about his deer features brings a blurry memory of a specific target that you currently can’t quite put a name to his face.
everyone in the hotel watches your interaction with the red demon quietly. the air is tense, nobody dared to breathe any harder than they are now. charlie is the most anxious one out of everyone in the room; angel is starting to doubt whether he should’ve brought you back to the hotel. but, surely, the manager is smarter than to kill off someone interested in staying, no?
“care to remind me which one are you?” your hands instinctively hide themselves in your pockets as a habit. your tone isn’t as friendly as it was when you spoke to the others, and the demon is loving the reaction he’s getting from you.
“gladly, my dear friend! i’d say my case was the one you spent the most time on,” you suddenly feel a strong tug on your hand before realizing that you’re shaking hands with the demon. his smile widens as you grow more uncomfortable. “the name’s alastor! pleasure to be meeting you, quite a pleasure! I was there to witness your lovely slash boring death,”
you pull your hand back from his grasp, face scrunching at the mention of your death. he witnessed your death? what is he hinting? Is he trying to tell you that it was he who took the life of yours?
“I watched as you were murdered by one petty man i convinced, it was one of the most boring deaths i’ve ever seen! but dear, was i disappointed that you’ll never be able to put a close to my case when i thought you’d do better at fighting back.” you freeze suddenly, blood running cold from your face as he carries on.
“I was the last target you had before dying, it was a joy toying with you like a little mouse.”
so that’s what all the familiarity you felt was. his demeanor and personality, all that was jotted down in the notebook you had for research. he matches everything you wrote; you remember word by word from the number of times you’ve reread it, the times at night when you’re desperate to finally put the case to a stop. you feel anger and disgust pound in your chest, feet stepping back a couple of times.
he’s the reason why you died. you stare at his mocking smile, his expression that clearly shows his enjoyment while watching your reaction. a growl bubbles from your chest, and you see the spider demon hesitantly approach you. he stays beside you, rubbing his arm nervously while trying to think of a reason to pull you away from this scene.
“I died because of you,” you breathe out, body shaking not from fear but anger and realization. you suddenly leap forward when angel is about to reach out for your arm, your fingers curl tightly around the collar of alastor’s shirt. his smile only widens at your actions, a light hum that slides out so smoothly and audibly. “and it was purely for fun?” it’s even possible to notice every small feature you have on your face from how close you’ve pulled his face to yours. you earn a mere shrug from the demon.
“woah! babes, hey, calm down would’ja? let’s head somewhere else.” you feel a tug at your arm, but you don’t budge. you want to hurt this demon, to beat him until he’s curled up into a ball on the ground, but you can’t. there’s something holding you back, something telling you to not go any further than what you’re currently doing. he reeks of danger and mystery, hell knows what would he do to you if you were to cross his line. with another growl, you harshly push him away and he stumbles back a few steps with a small ‘oh!’.
angel sees this and takes the chance to quickly drag you away from the scene, and you let him. Everyone in the hall watches angel drag you all the way to the kitchen until alastor is out of your sight. his clawed fingers release your arm, a concerned gaze fixated on your slumping figure as you let out a deep sigh while pressing your face onto the surface of your palms.
now, you’ll really have to think it through whether you want to stay in this hotel. having so many things to take in so suddenly messes up your thoughts, something you’re unfamiliar with considering how you’re always sharp and organized.
Tumblr media
© silas ( @silasours ). all rights reserved. every work posted on this account belongs to me, and only me. please refrain from reposting, plagiarizing, translating, or reproducing my work in any form possible.
Tumblr media
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angelltheninth · 6 hours
hi^^ requesting for the second time here hshs. i love what you did from my last request ack! may i request alastor and fem!reader having sex for the first time and reader knows that al's a bit cautious and not up to much physical contact so mid a heated kiss, reader already stripped off most of her clothes(by al) asks if she could undress him. (idk but consent is sexy~) so he lets her be and once undone, she continues to adore his scars and flaws by tracing them, peppering them with praises and kisses. and the rest will be up to you^^ thank the alastor brainrot is consuming me like the plague
Yes, of course, Alastor deserves good, soft sex.
Pairing: Alastor x Fem!Reader
Tags: nsfw, smut, kissing scars, body worship, stripping, blowjob, gentle sex, Alastor has a tail
A/N: Tbh, he would probably fight against the good things cause he doesn't know how to process them.
Tumblr media
Alastor always treated you with more care and gentleness the almost any other demon he's met
It's not strange that such treatment extends to sex as well
Doesn't matter how much experience you have he will treat you gently
Knows you have to be wet enough so he spends a lot of time between your legs to prepare you
Swears he's never tasted anything as good as your pussy
Is confused when you push him away right as he's about to push his cock inside
He's still got all his clothes on and you don't think it's fair that you're the only one naked for your first time
Because the first one is special you want to feel his naked body against your own, he can wear clothes after if he wants to
As a good boyfriend he wants to make you happy
You came to a compromise, he won't be fully naked but you can take off his coat, fully unbutton his shirt and he'll agree to have his pants down past his knees
This has to be done slowly, you're taking your time, kissing each scar on his body, the front first, then going to the back
As you unbuckle his belt and take his hard cock in your hands you kiss his neck and shoulder blades, feeling his whole body stiffen and relax
You san feel his fluffy, soft deer tail twitching against your lower stomach, tickling you
He almost falls backwards as you return to the front again and take his cock in your mouth
Well the tip, because he's still not comfortable with your mouth on the whole thing
The little tongue flutters are more than enough to get his cock dripping with salty cum
But he doesn't let you stay down there for long, he needs to get you off too
What kind of boyfriend would he be if he neglected his girlfriends needs when she's been so caring
One thing that hasn't changed yet is the no touch rule
You can pull on his shirt while he's thrusting his hips against yours, but you can't touch him anywhere on his body
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lqveharrington · 2 days
Nothing Left to Lose | L.M.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
summary: You and Lucifer have an argument about the exterminations that happen in Hell, and it just so happens your daughter heard you through the crack of the doorway.
pairing: Lucifer Morningstar x Wife!reader
includes: ANGST, couples arguing, charlie basically being the family’s mediator and glue, some fluff, (let me know if i missed any!)
a/n: i’m on a hazbin streak omg 💁‍♀️
Tumblr media
“Lucifer, stop!”
You were in a fight for what seemed like the nth time in a month. It had been exactly 3,500 years since you and Lucifer were cast out of Heaven to rule over the hellborne and sinners. This kept your patience thin the entire month. Especially with Lucifer pushing and pushing for a better way to have sinners saved from exterminations and sending them to Heaven completely broke you.
“Just stop.” You lean against the railing of your balcony, hands gripping on the metal. “Heaven won’t listen to us—“
“They will if we just ask for a meeting.” He ran his fingers through his ruffled hair, growing frustrated at your unwavering discouragement. “We’ve done this before. They listened and—“
“LOOK WHERE THAT GOT US!” You throw your hand up in frustration, eyes flashing crimson for one second. “They cast us away for caring for the human souls on Earth! What are they going to do to us when we send sinners up to Heaven?”
“I don’t know!” Lucifer let his horns poke out, tail whipping violently. “I don’t know, but if we don’t try—“
“Mom?” A quiet voice came through the yelling match you and Lucifer started, making you both turn to the door. “Are you okay?”
You rub your temple before stepping away from the balcony, not sparing a glance at your beloved. “I’m fine, baby. Your dad and I are just talking.” You take her in your arms, running your fingers through her blonde locks.
She looked back at her father, watching him sigh before his horns and tail disappeared. “Is Dad okay?”
“I’m fine, apple pie.” He kissed her forehead, making her giggle at the feeling. “Can you let us have a few more minutes? We’ll come find you when we’re done.”
“Okay.” Charlie gave you both curious looks, not realizing the tense situation she walked in on.
You press a kiss to her temple, “Wait in your room, baby.”
Charlie silently left as you stood from your previous position. You moved back to the balcony, messing with the wedding ring on your finger as the wind blew roughly on your skin.
“My love, we have nothing left to lose if we take this risk and ask for our people to be redeemed instead of letting them die again.” Lucifer took your hands in his, speaking softly this time.
Your crimson and gold eyes meet his, “We risk Charlie, Lucifer. What if they take her away from us?” You shut your eyes, hiding the red sky from your sight. “I don’t know how I’m supposed to go up there and face the Heavens when my daughter is hellborne. What if the exterminations keep happening even if they accept your proposal? They might target us—“
“I signed the papers, they know they can’t touch the hellborne or our family.” He squeezed your hands. “Just—“ Lucifer let his head fall on your shoulder. “Let me try. If it doesn’t work, we’ll come up with another solution.”
“Luce…” You murmur, blinking back the tears from the fear of losing your family. “I can’t lose you or Charlie.”
“And you won’t!” He cupped your face, frowning at your words. “You will never lose us. I promise, beautiful…” He rubbed your cheek, “I know you hate the Heavens for casting us here. I know you hate being here. But these souls are our people. We have a duty to protect them.”
“Lucifer…” You sigh and hold his hands in yours. “You need to listen to my reasoning. What if the Heavens refuse to do this and make the exterminations worse than they already are? We can’t know what they might do to our people! To our daughter!”
Lucifer removes his hands from you, “Can you just listen to me?” He walks toward the other end of the balcony, leaning against the railing. “This is a situation where we never know what’s going to happen. It might be good, it might make things worse. But we can’t know unless we try.”
You watch him run his fingers through his disheveled hair, knitting your brows at his actions. “Okay.”
“Okay?” He nods slowly, looking up at you. “I can do it?”
You nod, wringing your hands together. “I trust you… If you say we’ll be okay then… You can go through with your plans.”
“Thank you, my love.” He took long strides over to you and scooped you up in his arms, peppering kisses over your face. “Thank you.”
“Mhm.” You smile and thread your fingers in his hair, “Let’s go find Charlie, darling.”
“Our caring little girl.” He nudged your cheek with his nose. “Who might be as strong-willed as her mother.”
“Hush.” You press a soft kiss to his lips.
Tumblr media
©lqveharrington - all rights reserved. do not copy, translate or share my work on other media platforms
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safination · 1 day
Partners in Death...And Life
Part 5: Glimpse of me and you: Part i
|Part 4: The Radio Stars' Co-Host Just Wants To Do The Dishes| |Part 5: Gimpse of me and you: Part ii| |Masterlist| Ao3| Taglist| Pairings: Alastor x wife! Reader Tags: fem!reader, established relationships, Asexual! Alastor, Reader is in hell for a reason Warning: Blood and dead bodies <3| A little bit suggestive Now, I know what you must be thinking. Part 1? Yeah…this chapter is supposed to actually be much longer, but the second part of the fic isn’t complete yet and I have like two more exams. And biochemistry isn’t something to laugh about. I am slowly losing my mind. I close my eyes and I see aldehydes and hemiketals. Anyway, part two of this will be posted in like two or three days. It’s already drafted, just need to edit it. So here’s a bite size chapter. It contains marriage years 1930 and 1931. 1932 isn't complete yet, sadly. It was quite long, so part 2 will just be 1932.
ﮩ٨ـﮩﮩ٨ـ♡ﮩ٨ـﮩﮩ٨ـ ﮩ٨ـﮩﮩ٨ـ♡ﮩ٨ـﮩﮩ٨ـ
 That blasted car is too far.
With each step, the tip of your heels scrape the pavement. Shoe maintenance tells you that dragging the rubber tip shortens its lifespan, but your toes pinch when you lift your shoe. Alastor takes long strides, walking with the pace of a man with his ass on fire. Pick a struggle. One either walks fast but takes short strides, or walks slow but takes long strides. It’s unethical to have both.
Streetlamps illuminate the sidewalk. The dried leaves scattered around catch on your shoe, and the city’s smog particles stick on your skin.
The city sucks ass.
Alastor will have to drag you by the hair to force you to take another step on this cockroach infested streets. One taste of that fresh air surrounding your shared home, and suddenly, you’ve gone soft. Gone are the days where second-hand smoke reminded you of home. Now, home is the radio’s volume turned up in ungodly hours.
Alastor tightens his arm around yours, pulling you closer to him.
He’s wearing his favorite bowtie tonight. Everything from the shine of his shoes to the way he combed his hair screams fancy…except for that bowtie. It’s not something meant for exquisite dinners with your wife. You didn’t understand his instance. It was something you picked up on your way home one day, a measly scrap of fabric you purchased back when you didn’t know what good quality bow ties were. Alastor should know of its poor quality, yet he calls it his favorite.
Alastor lowers closer to your ear. “Is this your way of telling me you wish to visit the city’s zoo?”
“Zoo…?” you echo. These shoes are going straight in the garbage bin once you get home. “Why would I want to go there?”
Alastor presses a kiss on your cheek. “I thought you were doing a penguin impression. It's a rather fabulous one, might I add.”
“Ha…Ha…Ha. It’s because I’m walking like a penguin. Not your best one, dearest,” you say, patting his biceps. They’re firmer than they look. “That’s a little bit on the nose. Is it an off night for you?”
“Your feet are hurting,” Alastor tells you like you don’t feel the way your toes slowly lose blood circulation. “I wonder…. Will you deny it? Or are you willing to humble yourself before me, and ask for a seat? There’s still a few more blocks until we reach the car.”
Now, there’s absolutely no way you are going to tell Alastor how your feet pinch and your ankle wobble. With a bright smile, and sheer acting, you continue walking. “Did you do this on purpose?”
Alastor raises his eyebrows. “You were the one who insisted on accompanying me.”
“Well, my feet feel perfectly normal,” you say as your toes buzz. “This is nothing. You should see how long I’m on my feet during work.”
“Yes, because that is a perfectly acceptable thing to happen in workplaces, dearest.” Alastor tightens his arm once more. His thumb brushes up and down your arm. “I would say it pains me to say this, but we both know that would be a lie. I told you so.”
“You did not, actually,” you say, shaking your foot to dislodge the leaves sticking to the bottom of your shoe. “You barely took one glance and said, ‘Those look lovely, dear!’.”
Alastor pauses his steps, and turns to you with a smile. The night does little to dull how bright his brown eyes shine like stardust to you.
He reaches out towards you, tucking a strand of hair behind your ear. He tugs on your ear, and you slap his hand away. Alastor massages his hand. “That hurt, you know,” he says. “But I meant about waiting. You should still be enjoying your drink.”
“And leaves my dearest, darling husband out here? Alone?” you snort, pulling him to continue walking. “I think I remember someone telling me that thieves don’t dissolve in the sun. Imagine them in the dark!”
“And what would be your plan if we both get robbed?”
You show Alastor your biggest smile. “It’s a good thing I have such a big and scary husband to protect me …. .You…You would protect me, right?”
Alastor’s laughter rings across the air. It’s breathy and light and absolutely everything to you.
Alastor grabs your hand and intertwine his fingers around yours. He leads you further into the streets. Soon, smooth pavements replace the pot holes. Leaves replace the scattered beer cans. Grass replace the asphalt roads. Treen replace the buildings. Alastor pulls you deeper into some tiny park where the streetlamps are brighter, and the air smells closer to home.
You follow him, squeezing his hand.
Alastor squeezes back.
At the corner of this park, a children’s playground stands.
The dark does little to dull the bright colors of the seesaw and monkey bars. In the middle, a pirate-shim themed deck connects to a slide. The swing sways lazily with the nudge of the night’s breeze. There’s not a single living soul except for you and him. It’s eerie to see such a place empty when it should be filled to the brim with the life of children’s laughter.
Alastor’s strides become longer, and his pace even faster as he pulls you closer to the playground’s swing.
He releases his grip, and suddenly, your hand belongs to you once more. Alastor brushes the sand off the swing, and offers you a seat with a bow and outstretched arms.
You take the seat. The pressure lifts from your buzzing toes. It’s almost heavenly.
Alastor slides his coat off his shoulders. With soft giggles and a stupid smile, you watch him pull his arm out. Sleeve garters are worn for practical uses, but as a fashion piece….Hmmm, it’s a great look on him. It’s a shame Alastor often hides how those garters compliment his biceps with a coat. How long would it take to hide every single coat he owns?
Alastor slides his eyes to you. It lingers. “Stop that.”
You offer him your most innocent smile as a reply.
Alastor inches close enough for you to inhale his scent. He drapes his coat over your shoulders, pulling on the lapels to secure it around your shoulders.
You press your lips on the corner of his mouth. “Thank you.”
Alastor kneels on the ground. He pulls your ankle towards him, sliding off your heel. “That’s all you’re going to say?”
You kiss his cheek. “Was there something else I needed to say?” you ask. “That seemed like a proper response.”
He glides his thumb over the reddened parts of your skin, massaging your foot. “Exactly….It was a proper response,” he tells you. “Aren’t you going to question me? Demand to know if I’m going to kill you?”
“I think what you’re doing is rather obvious.”
Alastor stores your shoes to the side, and leaves your feet hanging out in the air. He circles behind you, hovering close enough to feel his presence, even with the coat. He wraps his hands around the metal chain connected to the swing, and sways you back and forth. “Did you enjoy the restaurant? A co-worker recommended it to me.”
“And in the off chance I don’t, will I be seeing that co-worker lying in the middle of our basement?”
Alastor smiles at you. “That depends,” he says. “Did you enjoy yourself?”
You tilt your head backwards to catch his eyes. “Is this a trick question? Am I supposed to say that nothing can compare to your cooking, or something along those lines?”
Alastor shakes the chains, jerking the swing. “You’re supposed to give me an actual answer,” he says, rolling his eyes. “We can come back if you liked it.”
You lean on Alastor’s leg, using it as a backrest. “Every meal is enjoyable when I am in your company, my love” you say. “But that crab was something else. It looked expensive.…We’re, uh, not suddenly going to become poor, right?”
Alastor stares at you. “I’m going to push you off.”
You wrap your hands around Alastor’s, keeping his hold around the chains firm. “What did I do this time?”
Alastor sighs, and swings you gently. “I can afford nice dinners with you.”
“Just me?”
“Only you.”
Alastor pulls you to your feet. Sand pools around your toes. You pull his coat closer around your shoulders as he drags you closer to the pirate-ship themed deck. He releases his hold on your hand, and your fingers brush against each other.
He walks to the platform. The entrance was made for children, so Alastor has to crawl and duck underneath to access the slide.
You fiddle with the lapels of his coat. “What are you doing?”
Alastor glances back at you, smiling as he crawls underneath the entrance. His ass sticks out when he does. “What does it look like I’m doing?”
“If your ass gets stuck,” you begin, crossing your arms, “I’m going to leave you here.”
Alastor rolls his eyes, shimmying further into the entrance. “How lucky then that it’s, apparently, horrendously flat,” he says. “There’s nothing there to get stuck.”
“There’s nothing horrendous about it,” you say with a smile. “I see you’re wearing the pants I like.”
Alastor snorts. “Oh, shut up.”
“Not a chance.” Your smile twists brighter.
Alastor grabs the railing, and pulls himself up. His biceps contract when he does. Sleeve garters and railing are for practical uses, but the only thing echoing through your mind were impractical uses right now. Un-practical but exciting....You need to get it together.
“…Flirting,” Alastor says, pulling your mind from wherever it wandered off to. “Really?”
“That was hardly flirting, dearest.”
Alastor ducks into the slide. His ass lands on the sand, and he curses into the air.  You cough to stifle a laugh.
He hops to his feet, brushing the sand off his pants. His lips twist and his eyebrows furrow as he cringes in pain. “This is a hazard,” he says, glaring at the slide. He turns to you and smiles. “You should try it.”
“How brave of you to risk a shattered tailbone for me,” you say. “But I’m not sliding down that thing when you just called it a hazard.”
“You are an incredibly boring person,” he tells you. “Is it not a fad nowadays to be loose and goofy against these depressing times of economic downfall?”
Your raise your eyebrow.” You want me to crawl up there and slide down in this outfit?”
Alastor leans on the side of the slide. “I don’t see any good reason not to.”
“If you wish to ogle my undergarments, there’s no need to concoct such a scheme,” you say, smiling at him. “You merely need to ask.”
Alastor’s lips twist. “I’m not—”
“Oh, calm down, I’m just pulling your leg,” you say, snorting. “You would need to think of someone besides yourself to do such a thing. So, there’s no need to get your perfect little head into such a fuss.”
“Stop it.”
You smile innocently. “No.”
Alastor walks closer to you. “And you wonder why no one wanted to play with you as a child.”
You take steps to walk closer to him as well, meeting him halfway. “Everyone wanted to play with me,” you say. “I’ll have you know that I was quite the delight.”
You stand before each other, inches apart.
Alastor stares at you. What do those eyes tell him as he watches you stand before him, buried into his coat? He leans closer to you. “I doubt that.”
You take a step closer and slide your arms around him to bury yourself into his hold.
“How rude,” you say with a smile. You look up at him to hold his gaze, propping your chin on his chest. His arms tighten around your back. “I was such a delightful child that I would have played with you, even when no other kid wanted to do so.”
Alastor leans down, pecking your lips. You inch upwards to chase his lips, but self-control takes over. “You are and always will be a nerd,” he says. “You were probably the type to read during the afternoon.”
You tighten your hug on him. “What an incredible assumption to make.”
Alastor places a hand on your head. “Am I wrong?”
“I’m not telling you that,” you say, leaning your head into his chest.
Alastor pulls away from the hug, grabbing your hand to drag you to the monkey bars.
He climbs to the very top, and swings his legs to sit between the bars. He offers his hand, and you take it. His thumb brushes over your fingers and you climb up the steps and onto the bars. It’s difficult to maneuver with such a fancy outfit. Alastor keeps a steady hand on you, and the other goes on your waist as you slide to sit next to him.
The whole playground can be seen from the top of the monkey bars.
“If you weren’t a nerd,” Alastor begins, bumping your shoulder with his, “then you were probably a bully.”
You grip the bar, leaning back to stare. His hair brushes over his eyes. Alastor runs a hand over the strands to push it back. You reach out and push his glasses up his nose. “What makes you say that?”
Alastor boops your nose. “You’re a pretty little thing who works in healthcare. Isn’t there a stereotype for that?”
You blink at him a bit dumbly, cheeks flushed and tingling. Heat trails up your skin, and you have to turn away to hide from his gaze. “You think I’m pretty?” you ask rather idiotically. Deep breaths are needed to calm yourself. “Look…look who’s flirting now.”
Alastor hooks his legs on the bar, and swings backwards. He hangs in the air, the force of his legs the only thing keeping him from falling.
 “Don’t do that,” you say, hissing. “You could break your neck.”
Alastor catches your eye with a wild smile. “I won’t.”
“And I’ll be sure to tell that to my next husband as we’re spending all your money,” you tell him. “Now get down from there before you make me a widow!”
Alastor releases his legs from the bar, and his body smacks on the ground. He lies motionless on the sand.
With a sigh, you carefully climb down the monkey bars. You nudge Alastor’s bicep with your foot when you reach him. “You’re not fooling anyone.”
You fold the skirt of your dress, and sit across him. You slam your head onto him, using his chest as a pillow.
“Oof!” Alastor curls into you a bit, eyes twitching. He drapes an arm over your stomach, and draws spirals with his finger.
“I think we could have been friends when we were children,” you say, smiling as you feel the way his chest rises up and down with each breath he takes.
Alastor studies the sky. There are no stars to look at here in the city. It’s covered by the lights and the smog. “We wouldn’t. I probably would have hated you.”
“You—Hate me? Impossible!” you say with a laugh. “You think I’m pretty.”
“Ha. Ha,” he says. “You think you’re so clever.”
You intertwine your fingers with his, tracing the ring on his finger. “Sadly, I think I’ll have to agree,” you say. “I probably would have hated you as well.”
“I’m impossible to hate.”
“I'm sure I, of all people, could find a way,” you say with a smile. “Kids can be mean. And you were probably a really weird one.”
Alastor raises his hand to the air, studying his ring against the dark sky. You do the same. Both rings shimmer in the night. “Yet…,” he starts, “here we are, married.”
“I can’t believe we actually got married.”
“I can.”
“Is this where you’ll tell me all about how you fell in love with me at first sight?” your snort. “That my smile and incredible stitching told you I was the woman you were going to wash dishes with for the rest of your life.”
Alastor laughs and his chest rises and falls. “Well, it wasn't flirting.”
“I did not flirt with you.”
“You did.”
“I didn’t.”
“On our third meeting, you told me we walked to the wrong house, just to spend four hours with me in the rain,” Alastor says, and you see the smile creeping on his lips. “You were so entrapped by my very being that you couldn’t bear to spend another second without me. You looked like you wanted to kis—”
You slam your head down into his chest. “Oh, shut up.”
Alastor glances at you. “Not a chance.”
“Okay then, well I remember two people underneath that umbrella,” you say with a huff. “You accepted my invitation.”
“I did,” he says. “Although, I had the excuse of needing to gather information on such a suspicious person. That was purely professional.”
“And you decided that an additional four hours of walking was necessary,” you say. “You could have stopped entertaining me in the first hour or even the second, but you spent all four hours getting your shoulders wet.”
“I did, indeed.”
Laughter rings into the air. With each and every of Alastor’s laugh, your head bounces up and down. You bury your face deeper into his chest, laughing against it.
“We’ve been married for more than a year,” you say. “How has it been for you?”
“Nothing much has changed, surprisingly,” Alastor says, shrugging his shoulders. “The only thing that’s different is I get to say the most ridiculous thing like how completing it is to be able to just exist with you.”
You take his hand, bringing it closer to your mouth to brush a soft kiss. “There’s nothing ridiculous about it, my love. I enjoy how completing it is to be able to just exist when you are with me,” you say, and Alastor caresses your cheek, trailing the back of his fingers down your skin. “Shall we head home?”
There’s a brightness in Alastor’s eyes when he smiles. “Not yet,” he says. “Let’s stay like this for a moment.”
Maybe the city isn’t so awful. Alastor could ask you to stay in this park forever, and you would happily breathe in the smog. Later, you will have to stand and grab your shoes, and finally head home to prepare for the next day. But that’s later. This is now.
You giggle against his chest. “You think I’m pretty.”
Alastor groans, placing a hand over his eyes.
There will be a lifetime of moments like this waiting for you in a world where you both just exist.
ﮩ٨ـﮩﮩ٨ـ♡ﮩ٨ـﮩﮩ٨ـ ﮩ٨ـﮩﮩ٨ـ♡ﮩ٨ـﮩﮩ٨ـ
The needle pierces through the fabric. You tug on it, pulling the blue thread up and then around to create a simple back stitch. The cat’s outline pieces together. Later, you’ll fill the cloth with grass and flowers, and a little butterfly to give the cat a friend. Should you gift this to Alastor? Well, either way, he’ll find a way to display it around the house sooner or later.
The radio crackles, and music fades into the background.
Soft taps sound on the speaker. “Before I leave for the night,” Alastor’s voice rings from the radio, “I would like to call any attention to any wives out there, especially the one married to me.”
It doesn’t matter that Alastor is all the way at work, miles away, you still roll your eyes at him…but you turn the volume up, listening closely to what he has to say.
“I know my voice can get, oh, so, entrapping,” he says, and you swear you can hear him smile. “Thus, this is a gentle encouragement to complete any tasks you are putting off. For example, you could take out the trash like what was agreed upon.”
You glare at the radio, flicking its wood. “Oh, I hate you,” you mutter. “I hate you so much.”
“Now, now, dearest, we both know that is a lie,” Alastor says. “Don’t wait up!”
The music fades back in, and the broadcast ends for the night.
He likes to think he’s so clever. Let’s see how clever he’ll be when you kill him in his sleep. It will be easy, barely an inconvenience. You’ll drop a pillow right over that handsome face of his, and laugh as he chokes on his own ego.
However,…with a sigh…you take out the trash…like what was agreed upon.
The air is cold at this time of night. The moon looks beautiful tonight, it’s light illuminating the garden. It would be a shame to waste such a breathtaking sight. A part of you wishes to share this with Alastor, that he could be here, right now, and stare at the moon next to you. And the two of you will exist in each other’s company.
You grab the unfinished art piece, and continue on the rocking chair, stitching and listening to the crickets.
It takes hours of stitching and sore fingers, but Alastor’s car finally pulls up the driveway. The engine dies, and he hops out of the car, circling to the trunk and popping it open.
You drop your things, and take a seat on the porch steps to watch him, the moon no longer being the most breathtaking sight.
Alastor’s still wearing his favorite bowtie. It’s too dark to see clearly, but you think he’s pulling out a body from the car’s trunk. He grabs the straps of the obviously filled cadaver bag, letting it drag across the floor.
A good wife would help their husbands carry a very heavy and very dead body. But…if it means being able to sit and stare at your husband hauling a very, very dead person, then maybe, being a good wife is overrated.
Alastor pauses when he sees you, dropping the straps of the cadaver bag. “What are—Is something wrong?”
You smile at the urgency in his voice. “No, not one bit,” you say, leaning on your head on your hand. “Don’t stop on my account.”
“You should be in bed,” he says, crossing his arms. “I told you not to wait for me.”
Your huff, blowing strands of your hair off your face. “Did you? This is the first I’m hearing of this.”
“I did,” Alastor tells you. “Did you not catch tonight’s broadcast?”
“It was a rather busy day. I had things to do, people to see, and all that.”
Even in the dark, you see the way Alastor’s grin widens. He steps towards the garbage bin, opening the lid to check its content. “You are such a horrible liar,” he says, snorting. “I see you got my message.”
Alastor steps into the light.
Part of his hair slicks back. It’s different from its usually neat look. His sleeves are pulled up, folded until his elbow. There are several red stains on him. It’s on his hair, stains his clothes, and paints his face. His eyes have never looked so brown before. How does Alastor manage to make murder…into…into…. You clear your throat a bit, already counting the day until the next time he goes on his hunts.
“Why, hello there, stranger,” you say, not bothering to fight the smile on your lips. “It’s rather cold tonight. Would you mind keeping a lady company?”
Alastor rolls his eyes, brushing back his hair. “I’m a mess.”
“Red’s a great look,” you say. “The seat next to me is empty.”
“Flirting, really?” he says, but he sits next to you. “You’re getting shameless these days.”
You press your lips on his cheek. “For you?” Another kiss. “Always.”
Alastor takes off his coat. The fabric pools around his broad shoulders and down his back before he pulls out his arms. He throws it at your face, smacking you with it. “I hope you don’t go around saying stuff like that to every man you see,” he says, smiling at you. “I might get jealous.”
You peel off his coat from your face, wrapping it around your shoulders. “Only the one married to me,” you tell him. “You should see how I flirt with my husband.”
Alastor props an arm on the steps, leaning back to meet your eyes. “How disappointing to hear you’re married.”
“Don’t be! This current one won’t be alive for very long, so there’s going to be an open spot,” you say, waving your hands. “Are you interested in taking his place? I hope you are—you’re much more handsome than he is.”
Alastor flicks your nose. “Funny.”
You rub your nose a bit. “So…,” you begin, propping your legs across Alastor’s lap, “what is a charming thing like you doing in these woods?”
A strong breeze sways his hair into his eyes. Alastor pushes the strands away, smiling at you like he always does. “What an honor it is to be called charming by you.”
“Oh, not just charming!” you say, clutching your heart as you swoon. “Has anyone ever told you how handsome you are?”
Alastor laughs, and his glasses slide down his nose. You push it up for him. “Not nearly enough,” he says. “Maybe I should take your husband’s open spot, afterall. My wife never compliments me as much as you do.”
He traces circles on the skin of your legs. You give him a little kick for what he said. “Maybe she would say it more if your ego didn’t inflate every time,” you say. “I would go as far as to say she’s doing God’s work by keeping you humble.”
Alastor pushes your legs off his lap.
He reaches into his pocket and takes out his handkerchief. Your eyes catch on the little design embroidered on the fabric. “Since you insist on keeping me here, you should at least help clean me up,” he says, offering the cloth to you. “I would do it myself, but there’s no mirror here.”
“Why clean such a masterpiece?” you say, but accept the handkerchief anyway. “May I?”
Alastor nods, inching close enough for the smell of rusted copper and iron to hit your nose. Intoxicating. It was just plainly and simply…divine. Like a rose that fell straight from heaven’s garden.
You wipe blood off his face. Some of the streaks had already dried. There’s a stubborn spot right on his jaw. You brush the back of your fingers down his cheek, trailing it down until you hook it right under his chin.
How does your face look right now for Alastor to stare at you with wide eyes?
The smudge line of blood that paints his jaw isn’t clearing. It’s too dry. You inch your face closer, brushing your nose on his skin as you inhale the dangerous combination of Alastor mixing with the strong undertones of iron.  Soft exhales land on his skin. Your lips part, giving way to moisten that dried spot with your tongue, trailing it up his jaw.
The hints of metal tingle against your tongue. It was sweet and salty, and it combined with Alastor to create something akin to aged fine wine. But not even the most expensive wine could be as intoxicating as this.
Alastor grabs your face, pulling you to meet his eyes. He squishes your cheeks. “That’s unsanitary!” he says, hissing. “You don’t know what type of bacteria mixed in it.”
You pull your face away from his hold, giving him your most innocent smile.
Hopping to your feet, you circle around the dead body that lies in a very dead position on the ground. You kneel, heart thumping, and pull the zipper down.
“Oh…,” you say, taking in the violence this man experienced, “…wow.”
Alastor was not kind to this man, for this one died screaming.
Alastor leans his arms on his knees, smiling at you. “ I got a little carried away,” he says. “Will you still be able to use him?”
“I think he’ll agree that got more than a little carried away,” you say, snorting as you zip the body back into its bag. “Shall I fetch the bone saw?”
“It’s that bad?”
You walk over to where Alastor sits on the steps, climbing to hover on top of him. The only thing keeping you from crashing down on his chest are the way your hands grip the wood behind him. Inches of space separate your bodies. How far will Alastor entertain you?
You smile down at him, trapping him on the steps between your arms. “I can have this one in pieces by sunrise,” you say, voice barely a whisper. “You can grab the spare, and we can call it a date.”
Alastor tilts his chin up to meet your eyes as he smiles at you. “And tell me,” he begins, voice just as soft as yours. He settles his hands on your waist to steady you above him, “how do you plan on achieving his?”
You trace his shoulder, trailing your fingers up his clavicle bone. “It’s like cutting a chicken,” you say. “All I need to do is take my knife and pound the edge across the joints to disconnect his limbs in one swift motion. Smaller pieces would require the saw.”
Alastor pushes himself upwards, and presses a kiss on your cheek. “And you would spend all night cutting this man for me?”
You hum with delight. “Only for you.”
Alastor tugs your waist, and you come crashing on top of him. You curse as your hands slip, and your face lands on his chest. Alastor hugs you, his laughter ringing in the air, breathy and light and so full of delight. “You are the most ridiculous person to be able to exist with.”
You laugh, accepting how Alastor is the one doing the trapping now. “I’m honored you think so.”
“I think that was the most romantic thing I have ever heard in my life,” he says. “I think I could kiss you right now.”
“Don’t let your wife catch you saying that.” You snake your arms around Alastor’s back, tightening the hug he shares with you. “I hear she gets extremely jealous, and it’s never a smart idea to cross a woman who owns a bone saw.”
Alastor’s back digs into the edges of the porch steps. If your added weight lodges the wood deeper into his back, then he makes no complaints. “That’s truly an idiotic thing to do.”
You press yourself deeper into his hold. It’s quite ridiculous. Hugging you on top of the steps must be uncomfortable, but Alastor does so anyway.
In the end, it’s you who pulls away first, but only to save him from an aching back.
 Grasping the steps, you climb higher and press your lips on his forehead. You take the seat next to him. Alastor reaches for you, adjusting his coat around your shoulders to secure you from the night’s cold breeze.
“Bad day at work?” you say, leaning your head on his shoulder.
Alastor leans his head on top of yours. “I’m better now.”
You press deeper into him, laughing against his dress shirt. It’s stained with blood, but you don’t mind. “So, tell me, who is this unfortunate fellow that was on the receiving end of your stress,” you say. “And should I be jealous?”
“I don’t know if I should answer that—Do you happen to own a bone saw?”
You swat his arm, rolling your eyes as you do.
Alastor presses his body closer against yours. “I would love to hear you guess.”
“Hmmm….Well, this is Larry, and he comes from humble beginnings,” you tell him. “He’s a self-made man who met this pretty little thing.”
Alastor takes your hand, thumbing the ring on your finger. “You’re getting better at this.”
There are too many stains on Alastor’s shirt. It’s beyond saving. You’ll have to burn his whole outfit. “Larry met this most darling belle. They were happy until tragedy struck.”
Alastor pulls off his gloves, intertwining his bare fingers with yours. “I do love a tragedy.”
“They fell in love.”
“That’s not tragic,” he says, snorting.
“Then you are a fool, dearest. Love can kill in a way no one has ever been able to describe. Not even the greatest poets can describe the true depths of loss,” you tell him, squeezing his hand. “Homes have been burned in its name.”
Alastor kisses your cheek. “And how did Larry suffer?”
“His darling got taken away from him, in more ways than one,” you say. “Even on her deathbed, she could not recognize him.”
Alastor clutches his heart. “How truly heartbreak!”
You glance up at Alastor. He’s looking at the moon. “Yet, here you are smiling.”
“That’s because you are the most fantastic story teller.”
You pull away to stand, and your fingers brush as it slips out of his.
The porch stairs creak with every step. You reach for the radio on the windowsill, turning the knob until a faint click. Alastor’s lips twist when you change his pre-set station for softer melodies. That man and his radios—Always so particular.
You offer a hand to Alastor, giving him a small bow. “Dance with me?”
“I’m not exactly dressed for the occasion,” Alastor tells you, yet he takes your hand in his.
“There’s no need to worry about such trifling things,” you say. “I think you look divine, like a rose straight from heaven made just for me.”
Alastor wraps his hand around your own, and settles the other on your waist. Dancing can barely describe what you’re doing, not when the both of you only had the energy to sway to the music. But nevertheless, Alastor takes the lead on this dance.
He raises his arm, twirling you underneath. Your eyes lock together when you face him. “Hi.”
You smile at him. “Hi.”
“I’ve been wondering…How did you know work was stressing me?” he says, as you dance to the radio’s music. “Why say work specifically?”
You tilt your head, motioning to the window behind you. “That radio over there,” you say. “The one you keep by your chair. You were listening to it this morning when I gave you coffee.”
You hum the lyrics of the song that plays on the radio. It’s quite nice. Maybe you’ll ask Alastor to play it during his broadcast as a dedication to you. But knowing him, he’ll take this opportunity to become a nuisance made for you, and find something to poke fun about.
His eyebrows furrow. “I don’t understand.”
“You listen to that specific radio when you’re happy,” you say. Those brown eyes of his shift to you. In your most humble opinion, they shine brighter than the stars. “You were fine when you left but somewhere between leaving and coming home to me, your mood turned sour.”
Alastor presses a kiss on your fingers, brushing his lips over your skin with each word. “I would love to hear more about this.”
“The one in the kitchen, that’s for when you’re tired,” you say, chuckling. “The one in the office is for when you’re bored. You listen to the one on our nightstand when you’re thinking or upset.”
“Then what about the radio in the basement?” he asks with a smile that could rival the moon. “Tell me when I listen to that one.”
“That one is for me. You leave it there so I have something to keep me company,” you say. “The saxophone, on the other hand, is for when you’re frustrated.”
“And now, you’re just a master of what I’m feeling.”
“Not at all,” you say with a shrug. “I don’t know how you feel right now.”
Alastor inches closer, leaning down to meet your eyes. “Would you like to know?”
Alastor places a hand on your cheek, caressing you with his thumb. You lean into how gently he traces your face. He leans closer, nudging his nose against your own. Alastor brushes his lips over you, and the cracks on his lip prick you. Why he decided to torture you with soft touches and hovering inches away exceeds your understanding.
The strong scent of copper and iron on his skin intoxicate every molecule that makes up your body. He’s unfair. Too unfair of him to hold such power over you. Alastor would love to know how he makes your skin buzz with each and every glance of those too brown eyes that shine brighter than starlight. This is a fact you will take to your grave.
Your eyes flutter to a close. Alastor decides to show you mercy, finally kissing your lips.
The demand drums across your mind.
Your eyelids stay shut as you kiss him back. The need to look at Alastor’s too brown eyes shout at you. What face is Alastor making right now? How does he look? What do those eyes see?
But he kisses you gently. Oh…so…gently. Alastor kisses you like he had something to say. There are words being whispered across your skin as your lips move together. His thumb brushes your skin, and you can’t open your eyes.
Kissing him makes you wish you spent your youth studying poems and soft metaphors instead of the role of hexokinase in turning Glucose into Glucose-6-phosphate. This wish comes suddenly and out of nowhere. Not once have you ever wished for a different pursuit. But you would forfeit all your knowledge to be able to describe the way Alastor’s lips strike you to your very soul.
That thought disappears quickly, mind too preoccupied with the overwhelming sensation of soft lips placing kiss after kiss. The arm around your waist pulls you close, your body pressing against his own as if it was the most natural thing to place you there, as if the Seraphim creating your bodies carved you to belong.
Alastor pulls away with a soft smile.
It takes every ounce of your self-control not to chase after his lips and pull him back to you. Heat flushes your face. You can’t find the strength to open your eyes, not with how much he makes your cheeks tingle.
“You’ve been observing me.” Alastor brushes your eyelids with his thumb. “Open your eyes.”
Your eyes flutter, heeding to his demand. There it is, your favorite sight looking straight at you, holding a beauty that the moon cannot compete against—his eyes. “Hi.”
Alastor’s smile widens. “Hi.”
There are words that bubble on your lips. Words that are begging to be said. Three words that could very well make this man run when he understands just how deep those words mean for him.
And there it is again, that wish to become a poet because those three words can never truly describe what is imprinted on your soul’s very essence. Those three words are not enough for a man who deserves poems full of soft metaphors and sweet analogies.
“That’s because I…I…,” you trail off, hiding your face in his chest. “I think that’s just called marriage, and I always was weak to such radiant beauty.”
Coward…You are a coward.
That’s okay.
You don’t mind the word being shouted to you by your heart, not when it means you can guard it with walls.
It’s okay to be a coward, because it means there will always be a tomorrow. There will always be another chance, another moment, another day to be brave. Another tomorrow. Another next week. Another next month. Another next year.
There’s no need to tell Alastor the word your soul desperately wants him to understand. Not right now, at least.
Not when the evidence is already there: You and him.
There will be a lifetime of moments like this waiting for you in a world where you are his.
Don't be shy to talk to me. I don't bite at all! I would love to hear your thoughts on the chapter. And all comments really motivate me to work <3. 1932 will be posted in a few days. 1933 on the other hand….Well, let’s just say that such a grand year needs its own chapter. As I was writing this, I kept going back to the idea that Reader can flirt, but can't handle being flirted back. It was too funny not to add. And like I swear heart appear on my eyes, as well as Reaader's eyes everytime Alastor does anything just slightly unhinged. That too was too funny not to add. Taglist: @mybrainautocorrect @ray-rook @teavibesaf @valentique @qardasngan @alastorssimp @aestheticgals-blog @slaggylemon @reikamasama @obessivlyonline @okay-babe @lyralibra @holymusicalmothman @amoraneuro @tobyisher3
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kaisntbreathing · 22 hours
Hello, I was curious, can you do Lucifer Morningstar(Hazbin Hotel) x Reader, Reader making a little scrapbook of every treasured memory together and giving it to him, saying" I love the idea of growing old with you."
Anyways here have these ❤️🧡💛💚💙🩵💜🩷
Love u all
Lucifer. M x GN! Reader
Tumblr media
Plot summary:
You (Reader) and Lucifer having all sorts of dates and adventures together over the past century you'd been together and you collected one or more things from every memory <3
Lucifer being too wholesome.
✦ .  ⁺   . ✦ .  ⁺   . ✦
Over the last century in Hell, you'd always had thought would've been the worst time of you're entire existence, but no you we're so wrong, it'd been the best time of you're entire (after) life, you had met the love of your life Lucifer Morningstar the king of Hell himself and he loved you back tenfold.
Every date, adventure, outing, and anniversary you'd collected at least one or more things from that time, you had a ticket from Hell's carnival date you'd gone on with Lucifer, you had a stuffy from your first Valentine's, you had so many pictures of you two as well.
You used your magic to combine the scrapbook together while Lucifer was out with Charlie at the Hazbin Hotel as you worked you hummed softly.
Eventually after many hours of working, you'd finally finished your creation as you were overly excited about it as you put it down safely on the nightstand as you waited for Lucifer to come back.
After a few hours of waiting he did finally come back as you greeted him happily.
"Hello my love."
"Hello my dear."
Excited, you quickly told him you had something to show him, which immediately caught his attention. He always loved whenever you made anything especially if it was for him, no matter how bad or small it was he always loved it.
You showed off the scrapbook you'd made and spent so hard and long on as he slowly went through it, analyzing every single page in the book as he smiled happily you saw tears formed in his eyes.
"It's beautiful my darling."
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1-helluva-hazbin · 1 day
Never Willingly
Tumblr media
Lucifer x Reader
Content warning: fluff, trauma, trust building, slow burn, fast proofread (please excuse the errors) Summary: Lucifer's comes to you for comfort after having a recurrent nightmare.
Tumblr media
A knock at your door quietly echoed across your room. Your heavy eyes, burning as your head lulled toward the door. “Come in.” you called softly, slowly forcing yourself to sit up. 
The door creaked open and even in the darkness you know who it is. Lucifer’s pale skin is almost luminescent even in the almost total darkness of your quarters. “I didn’t wake you, right?” he whispered as the door clicked shut.
“You never do.” you let out a breathy laugh. As if your insomnia would really let you. He lingered near the door, his eyes still adjusting to the new level of darkness he had plunged himself into. “Another nightmare?”
He looked towards the direction of your voice and slowly started making his way over. “Yeah.” he mumbled, holding a hand out. The moment he was close enough you reach out, gently taking his hand in yours. He sighs softly, the tiniest amount of tension easing from his shoulders. He laughs pitifully at himself, “I’m sorry I pop in so often. I really should have gotten used to this by now.” He slides his foot forward finding the edge of the bed as you pull the covers back.
“I offered my company whenever you need it because nightmares aren’t something you can control. I can’t control my insomnia either so I’m up. It works out for both of us. Stop saying sorry.” you click your tongue as he climbs in next to you. This conversation almost a routine now. He nestled in as you dropped the covers over him. “How do you want to lay tonight?”
He hesitated a moment. “I… liked how we did it last time.” he mumbled. 
“Okay.” You shuffled, propping up a few pillows behind you so you’re laying at almost a 30 degree angle. The spare blanket you have at the end of your bed suddenly yanked up and pulled over your shoulders before you grab another pillow and place it on your stomach and spread your legs. “Ready.”
He had patiently waited as you prepared and quickly scuttled between your legs the moment you gave the okay. He scooted down and laid on his stomach, his face finding the pillow as his arms wrapped around your waist. As soon as it seemed like he had settled, you gently pressed your legs into his body. You fixed the sheets before your own hands found their positions. One hand lightly resting on one of his arms and the other stroking his hair. 
As you both laid there, you felt more of the tension ease from his body. “Did you want to talk about it?” you pry gently, curious but giving him an out.
“It’s… mostly the same stuff.” his arms around you tightened. “Lillith leaving. Charlie following after her. Me being left alone. Being hunted by angels and demons.”
Your fingers splayed out as you started to massage his scalp. He hummed, leaning up towards your hand. “This time you were hunting me too.” 
Your hand stopped a moment before you started the motion back up. “Oh Lucifer… is that what you think of me?” you asked, attempting a bit of dry humor already knowing he didn’t.
“No!” he gasped, pulling away to sit up. The panic evident in his voice. “No. I wouldn’t be here right now if I did.”
“Fuck. Sorry,” you whispered, attempting damage control, “I shouldn’t have done that. I was just trying to play a bit to lighten the mood. Not the right time for that.”
You reach out to cup his face, thumb lightly caressing his cheek. “Awful time for that.” he scoffed leaning into your hand. Slowly easing back into the pillow. Your hands finding his shoulders, lightly beginning to message them over his pjs.
“I’m sorry.” you say again, digging into his muscles a little harder. “If you still want to talk about it I do want to hear it. I won’t make anymore jokes.”
You could tell he was pouting even through the silence. You smiled into the darkness, letting your fingers work their magic. You close your heavy eyes. “If you want me to do something different with my hands by the way just let me know.”
“That’s…what she said?” he asked slowly, trying his hand at the aged joke he heard from who knows where, causing you to roll your closed eyes.
“Stick to dad jokes.” you laugh out at his attempt.
“Hey, it still got a laugh.”
You hum in response, shaking your head at the fact that he wasn’t wrong but it wasn’t a laugh for the right reason. Your hands continue working, moving out towards his biceps before slowly sliding down towards his shoulder blades. You feel his hands lightly slid up under your shirt, his thumbs caressing the skin of your sides.
“Can you… run your fingers through my hair? Like you were before…?” 
You do as he asked. Your hands slowly easing out of the message before both hands trailed up his back and into his hair. Lightly raking their way from the base of his skull upwards and slowly back down. Shifting them occasionally to ensure you were covering his entire scalp. You continued doing that for awhile. You could hear his breathing slow. His thumbs had stopped tracing their arched pathway coming to a stop resting against your skin.
“I didn’t realize it at first.” he muttered, slightly surprising you. You had started to think he had drifted off. “That you were one of the ones hunting me.”
You opened your eyes to look down at the silhouette of him, your hands unfaltering.
“You had a smile on your face. I was running towards you, knowing there were angels chasing me, thinking you would help me when you suddenly threw an angelic spear at me.” his fingers twitched. “It caught one of my wings. Then you…poof.” he pressed his fingertips against your sides and did a popping motion. You heard him swallow hard pausing. As he continued, he started choking out words. “Dis-disappeared. Just… just like Lilith. Just like-e… Charlie.”
He forced his hands between you and then bed, pulling you tightly into an embrace. Your fingers religiously continuing their mission. His breathing jagged. You continue to caress him attempting to ground him physically. 
He started pitifully laughing, his grip remaining tight. “Sorry…”
“Don’t.” you say quickly. Sternly. One hand moving to lightly caress his face with feather light fingertips as the other continued running through his hair. “You’ve been through a fuck ton of wild shit. I’m here to help support you through these dreams. To remind you I’m here…that Charlie’s here. You aren’t a burden for wanting or needing this and I don’t think of you as one. You don’t need to say sorry.”
Lucifer snuggling into the pillow, his grip on you unrelenting. “Thank you.”
“Anything for you.” you reply as a smile tugged at your lips.  You held back adding on a playful ‘my king’ to the end. You didn’t need to be the ass of another moment.
The hand that had been caressing his face moved back to his hair, sliding into the rhythm with ease. Your eyes slowly closing again, your focus going to the motion and sensation of his hair in your hands. As time lulled on, you half expected him to start talking again. Surprise you by being awake one more time. His breathing was slow and consistent. His body had started to twitch here and there as it relaxed into deeper unconsciousness. All you needed to confirm he had actually fallen asleep.
Your mind ran through how he described his dream. Thinking about how he had dreamed of you turning against him and disappearing. You wondered if he worried about you being redeemed -if it was even possible- and that was why you turned against him before disappearing. Slung an angelic spear at him. You had never directly talked with him about you being redeemed but, you had voiced your skepticism on if it was even possible which he had echoed.
What if it was actually possible?
Sure, you were at the hotel to be redeemed. You hadn’t ever believed it was possible but figured, what the hell. It couldn’t hurt to be better. What did you have to lose? In the process  though you had found a community unlike any other. A community that was supportive in their own sometimes twisted ways. All still trying to be a little better in the ways they could. Some inadvertently being better for someone else or even second hand from Charlie. You enjoyed being with them. Celebrating their successes and milestones. Motivating them to do better and challenging them when they could have been and chose not to. Having them challenge you in return.
Being redeemed would mean leaving it all behind though. The community. The purpose. The friends. Charlie and Lucifer.
“The grass isn’t always greener, Luc.” you whisper, knowing you were risking him being awake or waking him up. You were willing to gamble it though. “I’m not going anywhere willingly.”
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bigfatbimbo · 3 days
soft vox hc but I imagine he can become very clingy and cuddly the way a nurse shark is <3
sdhgdhjd this is so cute! I love this idea actually so much you don’t even know. I think i’ve talked about shark!vox before (here!) but the nurse shake headcanon is the cutest.
I feel like every once in a blue moon, he gets super duper unusually clingy. Like a specifically hard day at work and then he comes home and is all over you. Like resting his head on your head and wrapping his arms around you. I live for little spoon Vox so he would literally hold your arms down once you wrap them around him, just to make sure you don’t leave.
Ugh, and he doesn’t even let you get up either he’s just that clingy.
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multi-fandom-imagine · 15 hours
─ ★Cockwarming Vox, he told you that he was busy. That he'll "be with ya later babe", he had important things to deal with. Like that asshole Valentino couldn't handle his own shit, no fuck that? Of Vox wanted to play his little games, well you can play em too. So what did you do? You picked one of the play rooms, one where you knew held his camera's and thats where you set your little plan in motion.
It was so easy too, you were already worked up from the events that happened earlier. Your fingers gracing your thighs, teasing yourself. You knew he had to be watching and if he wasn't well at least you would still be satisfied but of course that didn't last long. A arm gripping your wrist, something tugging your legs open. Vox's cock brushing your entrance until he slammed in.
Soon he was thrusting, deep grows escaping him as he told you how dirty you were, that he was going to punish you. You didn't care, you got what you wanted.
And now here you were, sitting in Vox's lap as the demon looked over the monitors. His cock stretching you, buried deep within your pussy. You weren't sure what orgasm you were on, you were to distracted by the buzzing hitting your clit as Vox lent further into his seat.
"You look so fucking hot, Ya know Val asked me to up load our little movies but nah fuck ya. These tits, this pussy is all for me."
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
A/n: Enjoy
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simp-ly-writes · 2 days
Personal Hell: Epilogue
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Can be read as a standalone: Personal Hell Series (pt.10)
Pairing: (Hazbin Hotel) Lucifer Morningstar x demon overlord!Reader
Summary: It is the end... or is it?
Warnings: 4241 words, depictions of blood, gore, death, injury, trauma and abuse (some fluff too). NSFW (18+) I MEAN IT (OR I SWEAR TO GOD-). cliffhanger?
A/N: I can't believe this story has come to a close (for now possibly... no promises) yet I have kept the door open... who knows? Thank you all, seriously for the support- I have never received such wonderful comments and suggestions in any other writing of mine. I hope you all enjoy, I will deeply miss sitting down and writing this fic.
Masterlist | Taglist | edited.
Hazbin Hotel Masterlist
Tumblr media
Various warriors, hotel staff, and even the King himself sat in the large dining hall. Candle-lit chandeliers floated amongst magical black clouds covering the ceiling- casting their warm light towards the steaming food and fresh vegetables. The centerpiece of the table sat a leaning tower of pancakes, wobbling with each breeze that casted through the cracked windows. The curtains drifted as you became lost in your thoughts, watching invested as they rolled like waves- a shiver casted down your spine before a warm hand eased the tension. 
Lucifer places his head on your shoulder, giving your cheek a lingering kiss as you smile and lean backwards in towards his touch. You had yet to enter the dining hall taking a moment to stroll through the halls as your body was still pumped with adrenaline from the war that you knew deep down was only the beginning. 
Within your personal tour of the palace, you were surprised to find the gardens in a ruined state as you turned, raising an eyebrow towards the King who acted like he had nothing to do with it. As he inspired his fingernails, tapped his cane against the hardwood floors, and adjusted his tophat with a wide smile as he casted you a wink. Shaking your head, you followed him back towards the dining hall as various glasses were raised to your presence, they cheered- they roared as Charlie ran forward and pulled you both into a tight squeeze. 
You smiled watching as Lucifer patted the top of her head in loving motions as you rubbed her back. Family… the term drifted through your head while looking between them both before Charlie was running with your hand in your own towards the head of the table, a seat left empty to the King’s right side as he and Charlie switched grasps on you. Lucifer pulls your hand upwards, sealing the back of it with a kiss before pulling your chair closer to his own. 
With a click of your fingers, food is summoned to your plate as your wine glass is filled. You take a stand, banging your knife to the glass with a series of chimes. Heads turn upwards, beginning to raise their own glasses, “To those of us with fighting spirit- may the blood be shed but never our spirits- our family, and may we pray never ourselves. I ask you to take a drink for those who have fallen, tie their names to your soul as you fight another day for we are now their protectors- we are the fighting spirit!” Lucifer stands up abruptly, causing you to snap your head to see pride flowing through his veins as he raises his glass with a cheer before slamming his drink down as you copy his actions. 
The glasses are refilled almost instantly as you take back to your seat and finish your meal, you and Lucifer have interlocked ankles as you begin to tease up his leg before falling back at the knee. He casts you a pointed look, cheeks flushed a light pink that he blames on the booze as you snort- covering your mouth in an instant as your eyes go wide. 
Lucifer looks to you, eyes wide as well before his head slams back with laughter, you face plant into the table, your shoulders rising in falling in silent chuckles before gripping the table and then your stomach. As you show your head to gain air, the King leans over- brushing your hair from out of your eyes as you whisper a thanks. You both are un-noticing to the table that has quitted, watching as you both interact and leave a teasing kiss before taking your last bite of pancake. 
Charlie leans towards Vaggie, their hands interlocked on the table as they sneak the fruits off each other's plates. “What I would give for this to be forever…” Charlie notes, head tilted thoughtfully to Vaggies shoulder as she tenses for the slightest moment at the comment. “We shouldn’t wish for anything- leads to disappointment babe,” She comments in a low voice, wincing as her girlfriend winces in recognition. “I guess you’re right… didn’t work out the greatest when I did that last time right?” The Princess chuckles to herself, her late deal with the dream lord still fresh on her mind after the battle as she looks towards her hands and at Vaggie who seems already lost in her own world. 
You have failed me, Alastor. Their voice echoes in the abyss as the Radio Demon struggles to stand, tentacles of water tighten across his skin- soaking him to the bone as he shivers to the lack of sun in the domain. Fabric shuts his mouth, wrapping tightly all the way down his neck as he can barely intake air, small shuddering breaths is all he receives. “Lord, I have now failed you-”
Oh but you have, they are not dead- the hotel is still alive and that bastard princess has managed to send a demon to heaven, your little mortal brain must not comprehend the severity of the situation. Oh, little one- do you need me to explain it to you slowly? Alastor kicks and screams, trying to escape, black tears beginning to slip from between his eye lashes as he casts his head down- trying to appear as small as possible. Oh I think I do, you precious thing. 
The constraints are roughly ripped away, the waves cutting through clothing in skin like thousands of razor sharp knives. Their cuts burn as Alastor bleeds, his hands gripping at the ground, between the Dreamer’s shows as he leans down, looming over the slowly dying demon with a yellow tooth-smile gleaming down like moonlight. Alastor begins to cough up water as its flood never stops from his lungs, his legs begin to kick out helplessly as he now rips their lower pant leg. The White fabric now a deep red as the Lord takes a seat beside their figure, their claws now delicately tracing up and down his back as they coo out. You are doing such an amazing job and are learning sweetheart, you should be proud of yourself Radio Demon. They mock in a light and loving tone as Alastors spine rattles in his back, he begins to scream before he feels nothing, hears nothing for he simply floats as a white-gloved hand extends itself out from the darkness once more, fingers dancing as their smile opens from down below like a shark swimming up for a bite. 
Alastor does his best to swim, body aching, brain spirling to newfound insanity as he grips the hand and is suddenly thrown back into the hotel, a lilac note resting upon his bed with a bright red apple shining in his face- a singular bite taken out of it as the Radio Demon rips open the seal and begins to read. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Alastor- I have read many of reports on your little adventures and now, it seems, we are to embark on one of our own. See I need you to- 
Lucifer opens a large portal in the throne room as one by one, everyone makes their way back to the hotel, or yet the remnants of it. You stand at the broken steps as they are flipped upside down. KeyKey runs between your legs and towards Charlie who stands with their arms ready and open as silent tears ruin her makeup and stream down to the soil below. Vaggie starts to account for the dead with Angel Dust and Husk by her side, clipboards in hand as they move through the rubble and write down names. 
You walk further into the hotel, now standing in what would be your room, your breath hitches seeing only the metal frames of your artwork still left standing, you frown, kicking the frame so it clatters to the ground as Lucifer leans against a withstanding post, jacket nowhere to be seen except for the newfound weight on your shoulders as you cast him a bittersweet smile and continue to sort through the remainder of your personal items. 
At sudden you both turn, claws raised at the sound of Charlie's violent cry outwards as she falls to her knees in the lobby, darting over and taking a knee in front of her, she falls into your arms, head shaking into your shoulder as you look towards Lucifer who already began a scan of the local area, your shadows now searching the skies above to return back with nothing. “I-I lost it all… I am a failure…” she cries to you between hiccups as you violently shake your head, “remember what I said, you are not a failure for you have made the progress no one else has been able to make.” 
“Your parent-,” Lucifer coughs, gaze casted towards his boots, “they are right, Charlie. All of this-” He casts his arms widely around as Vaggie and crew make their way towards you all. “-is merely aesthetic, I have seen the work you have done, all the souls you’ve touched, you can do this, I know it…” The King extends his hand, pulling Charlie from your loose arms as he takes a stand and steps abc, watching as their voices mix into the rising sun. Its pink rays casting over your vision as you imagine life always being like this. Angel Dust has wrapped an arm around your shoulders, another arm teasing your hair as you shove him away playfully and summon Husk a bottle of liquor as he casts you an appreciative smile, beginning to portion out the bottle in the withstanding glasses he found in the Hotel’s basement. 
You clink your glasses, surprised as Lucifer spins you, taking a quick kiss to your lips as he mumbles the next few lyrics before running up a fallen wall, casting a hand towards Charlie as he begins to point out all the new renovations they could make together. You hand your glass to Husk with a nod, cracking your fingers as the ground rumbles- walls beginning to stand as Lucifer slips back down, running to a stand as he picks up KeeKee and soon everyone gets to work repairing the hotel. 
“The show must go on! We can do this, we can build it, the best hotel that you’ve ever seen!” You sing along with a wide smile, now drifting between the shadows as Lucifer’s wings pop up to life as he stables the foundation. “So long as I have all of you with me,” Charlie smiles up at you, taking your hand as you transport her inside the hotel and cast her a paint bucket. With the next tap of a foot, you make all the lights flicker to life as their glow warms your face. 
As you take a step back, admire the new lobby and take a stand in recognition to the late Sir. Pretentious. Lucifer wraps an arm around your waist, “I love you, darling,” he whispers in your ear, eyes appearing golden in the warm lighting as you take his cheek in your hand, beginning to lean in for a kiss just as Alastor appears suddenly between your both, peering down at you with a crooked smile as you flash him a shadow coated glare, the air turning cold in a sudden as Lucifer chuckles, shoving the demon aside before continuing to sing. 
“And then tomorrow it will be a fuckin’ happy day in hell!” you belt towards the rising sun, gripping Lucifer by the suspenders as you tip him back and into a deep kiss as Angel Dust groans from beside you, Husk giving the Spider a good shove as you teleport towards your new office, King in arms. 
You press Lucifer against the wall as he whines at the impact, cheeks gone impossibly more red, his skin as sweet as apples and you take a bite at his neck and kiss around the mark as he curses out from the sting. He feels you smile into his neck, hands dragging up his back as you playfully snap his suspenders to his body, watch as he twitches closer, brushing your lower halves against one another as your breath catches in your throat before pressing your forehead against his. 
Lucifer pulls away, eager to see your blush as his hooded eyes meet you with a lazy smile. He tilts his head, releasing the warmth of your skin against his own as he tips his mouth down towards your cheek- pressing a delicate kiss. Your hands grip at the fabric bunched up at his arms, hands trickling to the tops of his long gloves as you circle the sliver of skin poking out. You feel the small shiver that runs down his spine, how his legs begin to wrap around your thigh as you press your knee between his thighs. “You alright, darling?” you tease out in a light whisper as Lucifer curses out to your warm breath sticking to sweat beginning to form behind his ear. 
You watch his nod rapidly, eyes closing and squeezing as you draw imaginary doodles down his white dress shirt and play with the top of his pants, hands running across the various belt loops. Stopping half-way to wrap your fingers through the loops as you brush him against your thigh once more, chuckling as his head falls to your shoulder, breaths shuttering as your other hand begins to tug at the roots of his hair. 
“Please…” he begs, shaking his head into your shoulder as he applies more of his body weight atop of your own. You lock your legs into place, the small movement eliciting a moan from the King of Hell as you tease at him, “Is my little Luci enjoying himself?” He wines out, refusing to reply out in words as you pull his head back by the hair. “I need words, my love,” you press further watching as the gears turn in his head, his eyes casting away from yours for a split second before returning back to your own, slightly red ones. “Yes,” he manages in a weak tone before shadowing you both towards a desk as you place in the large leather chain, watching as it swivels into place. 
Lucifer leans back, legs extended wide as the bulge in his pants becomes ever-the-more evident. You sit against the desk behind your arms, caging in the King as you drag the chair closer to your body as you peer down at him. His hair is a mess, the bruises against his neck stand proud against his ivory skin as his chest rises and falls rapidly. Your hands fall towards his chest, circling around his collar bones before pressing a featherlight kiss between them both, trailing your way down his chest as you slowly unbutton each detail to his vest and shirt. His suspenders have fallen to the floor, much like his shoes as you place a hand to the centre of his heart, feeling it pick up the pace as he sends you a small smile, hand now resting atop of your own. 
“I live for you,” he speaks out softly as you close your eyes, listening as your heart follows the same beats before whispering out the same, “and I you.” In the next moment, you shove him back, Lucifer grips the arms of the chair, eyes going wide- his eyes casting to you kneeling before him - his mouth opening and closing, trying to find the words before a moan encompases them all. Your hands make quick work of his pants, with a snap of your fingers they are gone in an instant his small white briefs are the only article of clothing in the way as they have slowly become see-through by his excitement. 
Casting a smile while playing with the leg holes of the garment, hands drifting towards his inner thighs just before leaving just as quickly. “Please- stop teasing…” Lucifer pleads, legs beginning twitching and kicking out as your palms drift up and down his legs, starting from the ankles and making their way up to his waist as you coo, “oh, sweetheart, am I being mean?” 
“Yes,” Lucifer breaths out as your finger drifts down his length, stopping to cup his balls just as your mouth wraps around his covered top. Lucifer's hands now grip at your hair and head, applying pressure to keep your mouth against his as his hips twist upwards the slightest bit before you slap his thigh as he begins to sit nicely once more. 
With the next click of your fingers, air meets new hot and angry skin as you further your work, taking his length as far into your mouth and down your throat as you could. Tears start to well up in your eyes, your nose burns for air as you fight your gag reflex before pulling away, a line of your saliva connecting you both before falling at your skin and trailing its way down your neck and into your shirt. Lucifer watches this movement with dark eyes, within a blink, gold swirls around your vision before a sudden coldness halts your actions. You see yourself in his eyes, skin against skin, lips meeting your own in a passionate play coming up for air. 
You feel his hardness against your inner thigh as you sit in his lap, curious as to how he had yet to become distracted as he pinches your hips, causing your body to buckle against his own as you share a series of moans and pray that no-one had bothered to come find you both. “I think we should move this someplace else, though you do look rather stunning against mahogany,” Lucifer teases as you nod, stealing another kiss before you both become wrapped in a world of bliss under a canopy bed, it’s drapes flowing with the night wind as you swear to be in a state of dreaming as you slowly slides into you, allowing you a moment to relax against him before he rocks your bodies back and forth into the mattress. 
You crane your neck upwards, pressing a hiss to his chest as he leans down, pressing one to your forehead before shuffling the little baby hairs that stick to it away. Lucifer smiles, watching as your eyes slowly begin to close, a smile splitting your cheeks as your chest presses upwards into his own, hearts connecting once more. Your hands scratch at his back, your legs wrapping around the back of his thighs as you lock his movements to deep thrusts as he helps you to meet your climax. Rubbing at your skin, pressing open-mouthed kisses to your neck, your mouth forms a silent gasp as you find your high, body shuttering as you gradually become crashing down into a series of wines as Lucifer remains unrelenting. 
He continues his movement at a now faster pace, forcing you to reach yet another high just as you were flowing off the last. You don’t realise you are screaming before his mouth crashing down to your own, muffling any sounds as your eyes go wide, a series of footsteps trailing past the door and down the hall as you go stiff. Eyes wide and still dilated as Lucifer chuckles above you, “Don’t worry love, you sing ever-so beautifully for me.” Just as he makes you sing out once more as you both come crashing down, the deep bellowing moan rumbling in his chest as you pull his head into your shoulder, hands rubbing his back as you both catch your breaths. 
“I love you,” you whisper into his hair, feeling him smile into your shoulder before leaving a kiss as you close your eyes, “I love you too, more than anything.” 
Some time had passed since the new Hazbin Hotel had become operational among many other shared nights you and Lucifer made up for with one another. Things at the estate ran smoother than ever with your public position now back to full force as you commanded the courtroom to the throne room as Lucifer stood proudly as you side or forced his chair closer to your own before becoming bored from the lack of contact and pulling you into his lap much to your protest. The people loved it but most of all Charlie and all the other staff, seeing their King so full of life once more as you playfully shoved his face from pressing a kiss to your neck as you addressed a recourse chain issue between the rings of hell- the overlord looking very bored at the two of you all cozied up. 
You and Lucifer would walk the streets of Hell together, multiple guards positioned around the street in disguise as paranoia ate the King out alive watching as you shook the hands of many strangers and even did a spontaneous wine tasting in one of the orchards as he bit down on his nails, leaning in the doorway as you swirled and gulped down the wine without much of a second thought just as you poured out another glass and offered it his way with a smile that he could not refuse. Next thing you both knew you were stumbling your way back to the newly established gardens where you fell asleep in the grass together, a blanket somehow gracing against your skin in the middle of the night as you woke up cuddled together. 
You smiled down at Lucifers resting from, arm on a ninety-degree angle to view his profile as a staff member came forward with yet another blanket alongside a breakfast tray as you whispered a thanks. You did your best to hide a chuckle as they waved a hand in your face, raising their eyebrows up and down in a dance before shimmying away as you playfully shook your head. Setting the objects to the side before stilling in your actions to the warm arm wrapping its way around your waist and the head in your shoulder as their groggy-morning voice bellowed in your ear. 
“Goodmorning, darling,” Lucifer commented as your body relaxed into his touch, falling back into the grass and blanket mound you both had become situated in. “Mornin’” you replied back, going in for the kiss before shoving sliced apple into his mouth with a teasing smile as he glared back in reply, slowly chewing and gulping down the food before tackling you to the ground with a series of kisses to your face as you raised your hands in surrender. Laughter consuming you both as you stared up in between the canopy of trees above and into heavens light. 
Lucifer shuffled beside you, body now sitting upright as you paid no mind to his actions, enjoying the sky floating on by before a cough had your head tilting to the side, a gleam in the corner of your eye forcing you upright in an instant as a gasp was cut short by a shuttering cry emanating from your chest- hand falling atop your heart as tears fell down your cheeks. 
The King stood there on one knee, in front of the bench from all those nights ago, shirt dishevelled and falling off his shoulder, hair tousled yet his smile young and bright, his skin glowing as you felt yourself being transpired to your first time meeting one another all those years ago in your first life. You begin to laugh in between your cries as you crawl to pull him into a hug, hands gripping at the white dress shirt just as your tears stain the material. 
Lucifer grips the ring in his hand as he holds you, his other palm gently rubbing up and down your back before resting on the back of your head in gentle reassurance. So much had changed from that first meeting, you both were so naive to the world and its inhabitants. You shutter at the memory of the white-gloved hands against your skin. You remember every other lifetime that flashes before your eyes leading all the way up to this moment- to this life that you hope would become forever- however long forever really was as you nod your head, whispering out a yes into his ear just as your lips crash against one another, sealing away fate and future at the feeling of the band gliding and locking against the base of your finger.  
Pressing your forehead against one another in a second kiss, you feel each other’s light breaths against your skin before pulling away to admire the ring just as another magics itself against his hand as you smirk at the claim he ever-so-proudly wears while sending you a wink. You both clap your hands, a table set before the both of you as brunch is served piping hot. Your coffee mugs clink against one another, as you close your eyes into the first sip before a hot liquid is being spit across the table, staining the food before you- a cough killing the moment in an instant. You raise your gaze upwards, blood stirring cold, eyes gone wide as you swear to die in this lifetime just as it appears to start. Your heart has stopped, as they peer over you both, a killer-tight smile highlighting the blood red lipstick they had chosen to wear today. 
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Hazbin Hotel Masterlist
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Tumblr media
Alastor x Sensitive! Horned! Reader Pt. 2
Part 1 - here
Fem Reader, slight NSFW - enjoy! ^-^
As you walk back to your room in the dimly lit corridors of the hotel, the haunting echo of Alastor's words reverberates through your mind, leaving an indelible mark. "I do believe we shall have to explore this further," he had said, his voice dripping with intrigue and a hint of something darker.
Lost in thought, you barely register your surroundings until it's too late. Without warning, shadows coil around you, ensnaring you in their grasp and propelling you forward with an unnatural force. Panic surges through you as the tendrils guide you into your room, the heavy wooden door slamming shut behind you with a resounding thud.
Heart pounding, you find yourself face to face with the figure who had sparked this whirlwind of uncertainty within you. Alastor stands before you, his presence commanding yet tinged with an unsettling allure. His crimson eyes gleam with amusement as he regards you, a wicked grin playing at the corners of his lips.
"Why, hello again, my sweet doe~," he purrs, his voice a velvet melody laced with mischief and a hint of danger. Each syllable drips with an otherworldly charm, sending shivers down your spine as you struggle to find your voice amidst the turmoil of emotions swirling within you.
"What... what do you want from me?" you manage to stammer, your voice betraying a mixture of fear and curiosity. Every fiber of your being is on edge, poised on the precipice of the unknown as you await his response.
As you stand there, caught in the web of Alastor's mesmerizing presence, his words slice through the air like a knife, piercing the fragile veil of your composure.
"I do believe I said that we would have to explore this further! Or have you already forgotten~?" His voice rings out with a tantalizing blend of amusement and anticipation, each syllable laced with a subtle hint of coercion that sends a shiver down your spine.
Before you can even begin to formulate a response, his hand snakes upward, his fingers wrapping around one of your horns with a tantalizingly gentle touch. A gasp escapes your lips as he begins to caress it, his touch sending jolts of pleasure coursing through you. A soft, involuntary moan escapes your lips, the sound like sweet music to Alastor's ears, only encouraging him to continue his teasing ministrations.
"My my, so sensitive and I've barely even touched you!" Alastor's voice dances with amusement, his words a playful taunt that sends a jolt of heat coursing through your veins. Despite your efforts to maintain a semblance of composure, another involuntary moan escapes your lips, betraying the effect his mere presence has on you.
Desperate to regain control of your senses, you attempt to avert your gaze, seeking refuge in the familiar surroundings of your room. However, before you can fully retreat into yourself, Alastor's hand shoots out, seizing your face with a firm grip and forcing you to meet his gaze once more.
"Don't look away from me or I may have to punish you, (Y/n)," he murmurs, his tone laced with a dangerous edge that sends a shiver down your spine. His words hang in the air like a veiled threat, a stark reminder of the power he holds over you in this moment of vulnerability. "Unless, you want me to anyway, naughty girl".
"W-what!? N-n-no! I-" You stutter in protest, your words faltering under the weight of Alastor's presence, but before you can articulate any coherent response, a ripple of laughter escapes him, cutting through your feeble attempts at resistance.
Alastor's amusement only fuels his resolve as he effortlessly pulls you away from the door you had instinctively pressed yourself against. With a swift motion, he spins you around and pushes you onto the soft expanse of your bed, his movements fluid and commanding.
Before you can react, Alastor swiftly crawls on top of you, pinning you beneath his weight with an effortless grace that leaves you feeling utterly powerless. Panic surges through you as you realize the futility of struggling against him, your limbs feeling heavy and unresponsive as you succumb to the intoxicating allure of his presence.
Just as you were about to protest again, Alastor silences you with a sudden, fervent kiss that catches you off guard. Your breath catches in your throat as his lips meet yours with a searing intensity, sending sparks flying through every fiber of your being.
Shocked by the unexpectedness of his actions, you part your lips slightly, unwittingly granting him access that he eagerly seizes upon. With a predatory grace, Alastor slips his tongue into your mouth, the intrusion sending a jolt of electricity coursing through you. He explores every corner of your mouth with deliberate precision, savoring the taste of your essence as if committing it to memory.
As Alastor breaks the kiss, a trail of fire lingers on your lips, leaving you breathless and yearning for more. His attention shifts, and he positions himself above you, his gaze fixed on your horns with an unmistakable hunger.
With a delicate touch, he traces his fingers along the curve of one of your horns, eliciting a shiver of anticipation that courses through your entire body. Then, without warning, his tongue darts out, gliding along the length of the horn in a slow, tantalizing motion.
A gasp escapes your lips as a wave of pleasure washes over you, the sensation of his tongue against your sensitive horn sending sparks of ecstasy dancing along your nerve endings. Another moan spills from your lips, unbidden and unrestrained, as Alastor savors the sounds you make with undisguised delight.
"Such delicious noises you make, love," he murmurs, his voice laced with satisfaction. "I can't wait to hear what other sounds you can make for me." His words hang in the air, a promise of untold pleasures yet to come as you find yourself ensnared in the web of his dark desires.
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