#Hope is probably sick of that shit but its FACTS THO
cinamun · 2 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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chubearr · 8 months
》 you have been warned ���️
》 to start off, WHAT A RIDE THIS SEASON WAS!!! theres lots of opinions, like the finale pacing etc, but tbh; with 12 episodes i think they did pretty well ending the show with the time they had! to me personally it didnt feel rushed at all, i actually wanted everything to pick up the pace so the kids could be happy and safe again 😭 with that out of the way, lets get to it!
》story & mr.kon
- s5 continues off right from the end of the previous season, where the camp fam meet Mr. Daniel Kon, Kenji's father!!!
- right off the bat mr.kon seems pretty trusting and relieved to see his son, but theres still hesitancy to trust him from the kids and quite frankly, the fandom as well. the kids out kash on all of his BS and mrkon rightfully so punishes him, and gets the kids to safety with food and SHOWERSSSS YESSSSS THEY CAN FINALLY SHOWER!! (kenji shaved and also brooklyn redyed her hair idk how) but at what cost.... its just too good to be true! ep1 is pretty tame, it gives the kids a break FINALLY and mae gets patched up!
- the story from then on goes to the kids doing their thing, sussing mr.kon out, rightfully so, while being torn on breaking kenjis heart abt the truth abt his dad and saving dinos, usual jwcc shenanigans ensue.
- I THINK MRKON WAS WELL DONE. his manipulation game is off the charts and he knows how to act fr, the way he can flip sides when hearing things he does not like in a second, he does it to kenji too. and hes not unhinged like kash, mr.kon IS the mastermind, hes very smart and knows how to manipulate kenji— its so heart breaking. in my s5 predictions post i said it could go two ways; mr.kon as an ally to the kids against kash, or mr.kon being the real enemy. LOOKS LIKE THE LATTER...
- my only gripe is i wish they showed more abt how mr.kon got this way— like was it the mothers death, or is it a trait that got passed down by his own father, or is it just simply greed?? who knows. its never really answered if he does care for his son or not? to me i think it was just convenient at the time for kenji to be around— i didnt see any signs mrkon ever showed affection for kenji when it didnt benefit him 😭😭 which is DEVASTATING. mrkon was out of the parenthood game fr...
- as usual, all the adults die fr but theyre badguys and death-by-dino is sick asf so i love it! EVEN KASH GOT GOT and that was sooo satisfying. mae was safe tho and as she should!!
- ok so apart of me really wanted mr.kon to get a redemption arc or smth— like a bigger bad makes him ally with the kids and he really bonds with kenji.. but then kash dies so im like "WELL there goes that possibility" and then i had hope for the investors to turn on mr.kon— nope they all died except for the lady IN WHICH the antagonist from jw:dominion comes in (the guy who runs biosyn i forgot his name) but then obv cant be possible bc they cant kill him off since he has to appear in his own movie... IN THE END, no redemption for mr.kon and fine. thats fine im fine.
- OK ill be honest MR.KON IS KINDA.. BAD OK? LIKE.. 😳 HELP  IM SORRYYYY its just the way he grabbed kash by his the back of his neck and was "go back to whatever hole u came from" IT MADE ME FEEL SMTH A LITTLE OK.. he lookin for a stepmom for kenji or... 🤭.... IM SORRY HES AN ATTRACTIVE SINGLE DAD ALSO A VILLAIN, WHAT DO U WANT FROM ME 😭😭 i was taking notes while watching the season and if you see them its just me simping for mr.kon HELp
- ok ANYWAY the fact that he was legit willing to let the kids die and even LET DARIUS GET KILLED in front of kenji i knew... it was over..
- final confrontation between kenji and mrkon was sad😭 HE LEGIT JUST LEFT HIS SON ON AN ISLAND THAT HE BELIEVED WAS GONNA GO TO SHIT... apart of me wants to be like "oh he probably thought kenji was better off with them" but its pretty much apparent ig that he does not give a shit abt kenji— which is why i wish theyd spent some time showing kenjis history w/him bc we know mrkon was not present most of his life, but there SEEMED to be something more. oh well. bye bye mrkon!! AND HE GETS ARRESTED OFFSCREEN TOO, which is just sad for kenji 😭
- THE LAST EPISODE is absolutely my favorite and the ENDING is amazing ill tell u why in a sec just u wait!!
》kenji vs campfam
- to start off I THINK BOTH SIDES HAD THEIR FAULTS AND RIGHTS BUT ohh my godd kenji deserved a break ok.. i may be biased bc he is my favorite son
- IT WAS SO OBVIOUS HE WAS MANIPULATED and has daddy issues, and im so glad brooklyn saw that. I WAS PISSED that no one else did, like ur telling me ben and yas couldnt see it? i think they were a bit dramatic on their hatred for kenji but ig its understandable bc out of everyone they arent that close w/ him....  BUT STILL. messy.
- I WAS SO PISSED AT SAMMY AT FIRST FOR BEING INDECISIVE bc shes torn between her bestie kenji, and her other besties+yasmina. tho i do believe she never blamed kenji by the way their reunion went (she was just happy he was back w/them) so ill give her a pass.
- IM CONFLICTED ABT DARIUS bc i thought originally he was just too heartbroken abt kenji yet hes not used to talking abt his feelings hence needing the dinosaur interaction. but he just said he didnt care??? like bro... why r u lyin.
- darius at least shouldve stepped up a little bc other than brooklyn, he knows kenji had issues with his dad... oh well.. dino lovers are crazzzzy
- im at least glad he was the one who stayed mad at kenji for the longest #payback my broken boys... BUT it paid off when darius forgave kenji THEY BOTH CRIED?! i cried. it was so sweet and idc if anyone thinks "kenji was forgiven too early and it was rushed", bc truth is hes a kid with dad issues and the others are kids and they are family and they! need! each other!!
》yasammy (& kenlynn)
- yasminas whole crush arc was just adorable and so fitting for her to open up to ben 😭 bc ben is like so chill right
- i like how they didnt make it a big deal, it was just abt yasmina figuring herself out and when she made her move, IT WAS REWARDING!! i screamed at the kiss... they r so adorable.. silly gfs 💖
- im so glad they didnt shy away from shoving it in our faces bc THOSE GIRLS DESERVE ITTTT FRRR,, THE KISS!!! THE KISSSSSSSSS
- as equally cute as kenlynn, they both have equal screentime which was a blessing!
- kenlynn pained me so bad when brooklyn was broken abt kenji 😭 its what i love, angst, but gdi i wish she held on a little longer but understandble bc kenji was kinda wack himself for staying with his dad that long...
- AND YET IT WAS HEARTBREAKING...he got stood up... smh... its fine.. it all got healed when he gave her the flower fr <3
- THE LAST EP KISS... i cried and threw up i love my kids... HOW COULD U HATE THEM THEYRE SO SOFT AND SWEET im holding them both in my arms 💖💖
- THIS IS LEGIT ALL I WANTED, A TIMESKIP TO END THE SHOW (u can see my previous posts i mention this shit a lot and i even have my own au and older designs for them..)
- YASAMMY IN TEXAS THIS IS SO TRUE.. STAY SAFE GFS... im so mad sammy didnt change her clothes HELP shes still wearing thay goddamn shirt and has similar length hair but its fine yasmina being gorgeous made up for it 👍
- KENLYNN GOIN STRONG longdistance relationship goals, i love their designs so much😭😭 kenji w/his hair down AND brooklyn short hair?!?! short haired women rights its all i wanted 💃
- in my timeskip au i had darius work with dinos back on the island but its more fitting that ben has that role (working w/mae) which is so adorable...
- IM GLAD I PREDICTED BENRIUS WOULDNT HAPPEN bc theyre too innocent and busy being dino obsessed obv!! we didnt get timeskip benrius but theres still hope 😌 theyre just both aro-ace theyll work smth out..
- they fact they keep in touch is so sweet HELPP in my au they all drifted apart 💀 it was for the angst im sorry
- KENJI GETS ADOPTED INTO THE BOWMAN FAMILY SO TRUE... its so sad that with no mom or dad (jail) hes p much an orphan but at least he got darius,, it was so sweet when the mom hugged him at the mainland reunion 🥲 ALSO KENJI STILL OWNS MANTAH CORP?? OR SMTH LIKE IT BC ITS MENTIONED HES KEEPING THE PRIVATE ISLAND RUNNING so mae n ben can work there... SO TRUE
ok so from my research since the show goes alone the movies timeline, s1 takes place in 2015!! fallen kingdom is 3yrs after, and dominion (which i assume begins when darius sees the dinosaur outside his house) is 4 years later making the year 2022.
》so its like jwcc s1 age/ fallen kingdom(s5 timeskip) age/ dominion age
• darius: 12/15/19
• brooklyn: 13/16/20
• ben: 14/17/21
• sammy: 14/17/21
• yasmina: 15/18/22
• kenji: 15/18/22
- me sobbing.. they grew up so fast.. i love my kids... my age theory also may be sooo wrong but it makes more sense if theyre all in their 20s by the end! livin the adult life #goodluck
》final thoughts and thanks
- from s1 to the end i never got tired of it or it never swayed from my interests, i drew fanart so quick, more than ive done for a lot of other fandoms i was in 😭💖
- i wouldnt mind a sequel with the older camp fam, but if its thats it thats okay too!! lets not get greedy guys...
- EXPECT GIFSETS AND FANART IN THE FUTURE!! my life is so busy crazy rn but i will make time for jwcc shit if its the last thing i do!!!
- lastly, thank you for joining me on this ride! jwcc brought me lots of new tumblr followers which was a surprise! 💖
i know somehow toxicity will find its way to this season, but what else would i expect LMAO idc i will fight with all ive got as usual 😉
- lets all take this W fr, this show was so good. also, sorry for any spelling and grammar errors in the review!
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trashcanfanfics · 2 years
Overlords (all + Stolas and Stella) with an S/o who is an extremely powerful and well-known demon, but who likes to disguise himself as an imp (or any low class demon) with their reaction upon discovering it. :)
All of them? Alright!!
*Honestly thought something was up when you didn't flinch at the carnage he caused on one of your dates
*Like normal people would be horrified, in fact he was kinda disappointed when you didn't have more of a reaction
*He quickly got over it though because he was now even MORE curious about you intrigue him to no end
*When he does find out, its when he did a surprise visit to your place
*You were just about to disguise yourself when he popped up into existance
*At first he thought you were there to cause trouble to his darling little imp but quickly came to the conclusion that his s/o and this powerful being are one and the same
*Intrigue through the roof and not to mention how more enamoured he was with you
*Would ask tons of questions, why would you hide yourself? What else can you do? Does anyone else know?
*If he's the only one who knows, he'd be honored but would want to tell everyone about you
*He'd keep it a secret if you wanted to tho
*Loves when you're in your imp form because you're so tiny but also loves the dangerous aura you have in your true form
*Probably wouldn't read into why you would have to leave whenever there was a news report about your territory being attacked
*She just figured you lived there, which isn't wrong
*The only way she'll ever find out is if you tell/show her
*She respects privacy and secrets
*When you eventually show her she just smiles says you look lovely and asks if you want tea
*Thinks it's no big deal and will keep your secret
*She loves you in any form you take, no preference on that
*She is relieved that she doesn't have to worry about you when you're out and about
*Loves that you can take care of yourself and how you both have one more thing in common
*She was PISSED when she first realized her feelings were for an imp the same way she was pissed with her husband for sleeping with one
*She got over it and decided that it's basically just karma (she totally gets Stolas now)
*Doesn't notice anything strange because she's not used to prolonged contacts with imps
*Would walk into the guest bedroom you've been using and just see you transform
*Is extremely pleased because now she knows she's not dating an imp and her impecible taste isn't flawed
*Not that she didn't love you before, it's just now, she can hold the imp thing over Stolas's head again.
*What? You want to keep it a secret?? Why???
*Will keep the secret begrudgingly because she loves you and would do anything for you, even throw away her pride
*Loves your true form more but that's only because she thinks you look sexy and secretly likes being the only one to see it
*Honestly doesn't give a single fuck what you are as long as he gets to hold you and give you kisses
*Lowkey kinda oblivious but he makes up for it with sweet words
*It happened when you two were out in the shopping district
*Someone grabbed you and pulled you into the alley as you passed and just as Stolas goes into the alley to fuck shit up, he sees you transform
*LOTS of questions after that but also he's kinda horny now :/
*Would totally want to be dominated by your true form but doesn't mind your imp form either
*Is kind of torn because the imp version of you is who he fell in love with and he's still reeling from you actually looking another way
*Still loves you tho, no matter what, he loves your personality more than your body so he'll get over it pretty quick
*Listen, he teased you to no end about how small you were
*He'd pick you up and carry you everywhere and you were sick of it
*So when he was in the middle of teasing you, you transformed to show him who you really were
*It took some convincing for him to actually believe you, thinking this was a prank or some sort of kidnapping thing
*You'd have to try again later, bringing in the big guns, an inside joke you two have with each other
*Once he was sure it was really you, he'd be like "why an imp??" and you'd say your reason but he still wouldn't get it
*Doesn't change that he still makes fun of your height and isn't even slightly intimidated by your power
*He's still gonna pick you up and carry you everywhere
*Understands wanting to disguise yourself, publicity's a bitch
*Won't tell anyone, your secret's safe with him
*Doesnt really care which form you take because he finds you hot as fuck either way
*You two were out on the town for date night when suddenly someone comes up to threaten you
*Yeah you transformed real quick and put the fucker in his place
*Velvet would take care of the witnesses if you were really bothered
*She's bouncing in place and looking at you with excitement, she wants to know EVERYTHING
*Will ask why, what made you pick an imp, how did you find out about these disguising powers, it's like an interrogation
*Will soak up anything you say
*Is excited because now she can buy you twice as many outfits in both your sizes, you'll look great in any form!
*Likes your imp form so she can easily pick you up but that doesn't stop her from picking up your other form though!
*Calls your imp form your travel size
*Is literally the BIGGEST blabber mouth in all of Hell but will keep your secret even though it'd be tough for her
*He was ranting about your powerful form, saying how he's trying to figure out the weakness of this big baddie
*You casually, while on your phone, tell him that your biggest weakness is him
*Doesn't catch it at first, replying back with a "that's cute, hun" before looking over at you, flabbergasted
*You'd smile and transform infront of him and hes awestruck
*Would whine about how you didn't tell him sooner and how he could have been fucking your true form all this time
*Slightly pouty for the rest of the evening, until you give him a kiss
*Prefers your true form because he really likes that you wanted to show him and only him, it boosts his ego
*Likes that it's a secret between you two and you make inside jokes about it
*Thinks you look hot as fuck when you use your powers
Alright! I hope you enjoy these!! I had a lot of fun writing these actually!!
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realpapaemeritusiv · 2 months
🔫 Tell everyone about gianni rn or I’ll shoot (it’s full of water) (just regular water but it’s like just slightly cold)
damn guess i gotta tell the world about my main boy gianni. it'll be under a cut bc its long as shit
okay so this right here
Tumblr media
is gianni (technically gianni copia emeritus if we're going by full legal names here). we've made our own lore and i hope eventually you'll make a masterpost of it so if i write stuff later on i can include the link as a reference for anyone that might choose to read it bc honestly i think the lore that we've altered and made up is really interesting and i think people might enjoy reading it one day. anyway, onto the meat and potatoes of this.
so, with the lore that we've created, gianni is the twin brother of copia (named giorgio/gio in our lore bc honestly he needed a name and that name slaps) born to nihil and lucifer (i am 100% down to answer more questions on this bc this slaps also ik owen will def be down to answer questions about that little tidbit or it might be in the headcanon tag on their blog).
there's a bit of a branching path with him because i go back and forth between having them be raised together until they're both 10 or until they're both 5, but the constant is nihil having to send away one son to keep them safe from imperator (named cirice in our lore and will be called that for the duration of this post just to keep things streamlined). from 5/10 until his mid to late 30s, gianni worked his way up in the ranks of an abbey in italy that i think i made up. honestly, he was completely taken advantage of in that abbey, being worked to near death by the cardinals and siblings of sin (fun fact this man is a people pleaser to the max and also physically cannot take a single day off and has actually almost died from it). while literally being overworked by pure luck he managed to meet a special someone (you'll shit when you find out who it is) and starts a little sneaky relationship with them.
the person? temptesa, aka our own rain ghoul. (i'm sure owen's posted lore about it so go check it for more deets). they probably get a good year or two together and exchange rings before his beloved is sent away without his knowledge (to Linköping by pure luck where they're later reunited and i'll def expand on that if anyone wants to know more)
so he's eventually asked to return to the abbey as a cardinal (that we placed in Linköping just for simplicities sake and to have one cohesive area anytime the abbey's mentioned) and arrives back home after 25-30 years to one of 2 things
the previous papas already having been executed by cirice and prepared for the veneration of relics and everyone in the abbey absolutely depressed
during anti christmas :)
i haven't really taken the time to build the lore on everything that happens immediately after he's returned home, but he does continue his work as a cardinal and watching as his twin becomes papa and tours the world spreading the word of the church
he gets to play papa one time because his brother's way too sick to perform the ritual/show and he's the only one available who can fill the role. he literally crams learning all the songs in like 11 hours and is such a nervous wreck before that first show and he def barfs at least once before he goes on stage for the first time.
this man is a whole ass natural at being on that stage. talks to the crowd, puts his whole self into every song, and literally stays a few hours after that first show just to talk to anyone who stays after bc this man loves the fans, adores them tbh.
he finally gets his chance to be papa when gio wants to step down and focus on starting a family with his wife (who i am also 100% down to talk about later, not rn tho this is gianni time) and this man puts his entire being into being a good papa. he doesn't take a salary, pushes for the ghouls to be equal to him, defends the ghouls (and there's a ton of stuff i could talk about when it comes to him with the ghouls bc this man is lowkey a whore), and just pretty much revamps the church from the ground up and has the ghouls finally be equals to everyone else.
that's just a lil taste of gianni tbh bc there's so much more i could talk about but i gotta workshop some of it still
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literaphobe · 7 months
Any team with purpled or ITLW or ranboo for various different reasons
10. Any team with jojo or hannah or sylvee
my list
1. red
- i just cannot have this team win im so sick of it im sorry i dont even hate purpled i just cannot watch him become S tier before jojo. this is about feminism at this point like i cannot let the dudebros on reddit win and i cannot hear them go SHE SHOULD’VE NEVER BEEN IN CONTENTION FOR S TIER 😡😡😡 like i need them to DIE FR . also ranboo and wilbur missing dodgebolt every time is so funny. i would completely be ok w them getting 3rd so long as purpled is not 1st individual. Im sorry
2. green
- TAPL MY BABY IM SO SORRY ☹️☹️☹️ i want tapl to do well fr and i don’t hate 5up at all in fact i even agree it doesn’t matter if he knows the other teams well or not as long as he plays well but i just KNOW his ego would be sky fucking high if he won and its not that i don’t like seeing the mcc reddit get embarrassed but also it’s like… maybe they can win this round. they’re also allowed to get 3rd and i want tapl to do so well bc im sick of the reddit mfs saying he fell off and isn’t allowed to be A+ tier anymore or whatever the fuck like SHUT UPPPP
3. pink
- i don’t really have very many feelings here. i could easily swap 3. and 4. it’s like if u guys won fine whatever but id prefer it if u didn’t . Sorry
4. aqua
- im pretty indifferent towards fruit. scar seems really nice tho i forgot he was on this team like a second ago but i can’t pretend i’ve watched his content and am invested in his victory. i hope he does okay tho <3 like tubbo loves him n i thought that was really sweet
5. lime
- i did not expect to put this team here. but u know what. they’re a little TOO statistically overpowered for a canon event so it’s like… hm. and like yeah i like krtzyy and i think he’s due for a win but i won’t be shedding tears if they don’t get it done. also they will def be voting and campaigning for build mart which i understand but by principle i cannot root for that
6. purple
- illumina my beloved <3 but i don’t care about the rest of these guys enough to want them to win… i want them to do well tho ^_^ if dream doesn’t get first i in all honesty would rather see illumina get first (individual) than anyone else and if he’s not against yellow in dodgebolt i will probably root for him unless a team ifl deserves it more is also in dodgebolt
7. orange
- i like this team a lot but orange winning would prob mean dream didn’t win SoT and that’s simply unacceptable. No one is allowed to beat dream at SoT i have to wish on ur downfall Slightly
8. blue
- sapnap has enough wins like he has nothing to prove anymore he can just place well and sylvee and foolish can do well and be proud of themselves but im not exactly dying for them to win Sorry
9. cyan
- the redditors would LOSE their shit also Women ^_^ and jojo deserves to be taken more seriously and credited for how cracked she is
10. yellow
- i have demons -> in love w dream and NEED dnf to win
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idontblushsrry · 2 years
Uhh may I make a request for Ouran High School Host club? Just a headcanon for how the host would react to meeting someone how is a big time animal lover. (Like they pretty much live there life like the Irwin family)
A/N: I was thinking about how I’d write this and my brain just went ‘they lost their shit at the sight of instant coffee’, so uhh I hope this is to your liking. I tried to get as much animal variety as I could even though I didn’t really touch on marine animals that much)
Warnings: Like 2 swear words (pinky promise), slight drug mention(literally so small you might not even notice it), spoilers (minor) for Tamaki’s mom
Word Count: 1292
Tumblr media
So this is under the assumption that like the Irwin family, Reader (or their family) has access to a wide variety of animals (from domestic to wild)
All of them respect the passion you have for animals
While they all might have various feelings on animals (see below), they can’t deny that you truly do love animals
Your family’s sanctuary focuses on healing injured animals and rehabilitating them so they can go back into the wild
Of course, your family has many sanctuaries around the world and some focus more on conservation while others focus on research
The one closest to the school focuses mainly on conservation and as such, is massive and functions like a zoo ( in terms of having people come in and see the animals)
Anyways, the host club is very supportive and often helps you with organizing donation events
Oftentimes, your family will collaborate with them and allow them to rent out parts of the conservation center for events
Aside from the conservation center though, your family owns a few ranches and farms (not for commercial profit, although yall have sold a few animals)
The farms and ranches are relatively small scale but they make great venues for the host club and a great place for getaways/vacations
Your main house is where you keep most of your favorite animals
You have an aviary attached to your room (connected through a hallway that connects to your room) as well as a butterfly garden in the backyard
You also have an aquarium tank, 2 dogs, 1 cat, 1 snake, and a hamster that visits on weekends
You had to be stopped at some point
Tamaki loves animals
He was never really around animals growing up because of how sensitive his mom’s immune system is
So when he sees that you’re an animal person, he’s super excited
Like this man is already planning playdates between Antoinette and your pets/animals
You love his enthusiasm, just one small problem
It’s a little too much enthusiasm
Yes the animals are well trained, but how would you react if a 6′0 giant with long arms came barreling towards you screaming showing its teeth?
So yeah, Tamaki tends to set the animals off/ make them nervous
Because of that he’s only allowed around certain animals (ex. certain monkeys, certain birds, etc.)
He’s happy that he’s allowed around some animals but he still pouts every time there’s an animal he can’t be around
This man
Kyoya does not fuck with animals. Like at all
The first time the host club went to your house, you were holding a hamster and Kyoya moved back about 10 feet
When you asked him what was wrong, he just said “Rats are carriers of many of the most deadly diseases”
You told him that you were holding a hamster and that while hamsters were rodents, the worst he’d get sick with would be salmonella
He doesn’t believe you, but yeah sure whatever
For Kyoya it just gets worse after that
The first time he sees you holding a tarantula, he loses his shit
“Look how cute it is Kyoya!”
“Get that vermin away from me!”
I could go on and on about how much Kyoya doesn’t like animals (even domestic ones like cats and dogs)
He hates going to your house, but he often has to go there in order to set up events for the host club, what a nightmare
While he doesn’t care for animals, the business side of his brain can’t help but think of a marketing opportunity
Is one of two hosts that are going to be chill about it
He doesn’t feel one way or the other about animals and thinks it’s cool that you’re interested in them
Only thing is; if Honey’s afraid of your animals, he will have to ask you to leave he won’t hesitate to step in “harm’s” way
Surprisingly though, that actually makes him the chillest with your animals
Much to your surprise (and Tamaki’s sorrow), the animals love him
He just has this calming vibe that sets the animals at ease
It also helps that he smells nice and is super tall
For most of them it’s like sitting on a giant tree
He’s not really complaining though, it makes his job of protecting Honey that much easier
Oh boy
He might actually be the worst with animals
It’s not even an issue of being unable to defend against aggressive animals (Honey could probably solo a grizzly bear)
It’s just he has a very strict “cute” animal policy that changes wildly depending on his mood, the temperature, the angle of the wind, the humidity, etc.
He’s very bougie when it comes to what animals he will tolerate and what animals he will refuse to see
The general safe choices are rabbits (especially bunnies), kittens, cows, tits (the bird species), and baby animals of almost every domestic mammal species)
Him and the hamster you see on weekends are best friends
Also, you have had issues with him trying to feed the animals sweets
Explaining to Honey why rabbits can’t have carrot cake was not an easy conversation, nor was it one you thought you’d need to have
Because of how specific he is about what animals he finds cute, you likened him to a crocodile (because of how sensitive they are to temp. changes in egg)
Needless to say...he was not pleased
So him and Kaoru don’t really care for animals but they try to relate to you in somewhat similar but different ways
Hikaru is always trying to get you to do/recreate stunts with the animals
“Hey Y/N, we should-”
“No Hikaru”
“You don’t even know what I was gonna say”
“No you cannot use the dolphins for hoop tricks, no you cannot teach the gorillas how to roll blunts, no you cannot “bribe” the koalas with eucalyptus...”
Yeah he’s a menace
It’s mostly all in good fun though
Hikaru doesn’t really care for animals but he does find it hilarious that the animals like him more than Tamaki
Also, completely random but Hikaru definitely send you those “horse-sized duck vs duck sized horses” memes
Kaoru also tries to use animals on the internet to relate to you, but he’s a lot tamer than Kaoru
Kaoru is kind of like the parent who learns one thing you like and is like “that’s your entire personality right?”
Poor bby is trying his best
Anyways, whereas Hikaru tries to recreate memes, Kaoru sends you them
They range in quality and format; from top text, bottom text to “is this a ____”
At least once a day, Kaoru will send you a meme or picture of an animal with a caption that says ‘this reminded me of u :)’
It’s so endearing that you can’t even be mad about it
Is the only other one who’s kind of cool about the whole thing
She’s really only been around animals in the park or the occasional pet store
Growing up, she didn’t really have the time (or money) to go to the zoo, that and the fact that Ranka doesn’t care at all for animals (she thinks they’re weird and gross)
When Tamaki hears this, he works himself up into a frenzy, torn that his “daughter” has never been to a zoo (even tho he hasn’t either)
But she likes the fact that you’re so passionate about animals
At heart, she’s a scholar, so she loves learning new things she didn’t know before, she could spend all day just listening to you talk about animals
Not to mention the fact that you’re basically giving her a free informational tour  every time you see an animal
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natsukitakama · 2 years
Headcanon : Reader being nice to Floch even though he is jerk
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Request : Well since Floch seem to be a type of guy who criticize people then how about he criticize s/o as well but instead of her getting offensive, she actually thank him for being honest since she’s a type of person who’s okay with criticism and also want the truth since some people usually don’t do it because they’ll feel bad that they know it’ll hurt people and that s/o is also a type of person who sees good on everyone including Floch even tho he seem like a jerk guy she still sees good on him and really curious in how would he react 👀
Author note : Hi there I’m sorry for taking so long, I needed some time of my own hope you’ll understand. I found your request quite interesting considering this part of his personality isn’t the most attractive. But still it’s part of who he is. Anyway hope you’ll enjoy this (to be honest I struggled to finish it lmao also yeah I'm trying a new way to present my post one day I'll be satisfied) 
Update : Because I got so much fun writing his reaction from a reader who is thanking him for his opinion while he was harsh on them. In this headcanon, they started as companion but then it would be imply that both of them are together or at least something is happening. Hope you’re fine with that. 
Warning : Cursing / Floch being a mean / mention of something that happened in season 3 but its vague 
Disclaimer :  Not because I’m writing about Floch means I understand what’s he done, I won’t accept his action but I still believe he wasn’t developed enough. I won’t accept any criticism because my anon asked for Floch or because I write for him. If you don’t like it then do not read it ♡ 
I got a headcanon that look like this so see this as the other version ♡ 
Tumblr media
The way you seemed to always accept every criticism never felt to amaze Floch. No matter who criticizes you, you’re always acting like it wasn’t a big deal. Worst he even noticed that you were glad to be critized. His first thought when he discovered that you were taking different opinion with a smile was something like « what the fuck ? » 
How could you take negative though that easily ? What was your secret ? 
For weeks he strongly believed that you were acting tough but when you were alone, you were crying over each word you’ve been hit on. 
He wouldn’t be surprised I mean, everyone hates being criticized it’s part of our nature. 
But you weren’t like this, after weeks of believing you were a liar at pretending that critics didn’t affect you, he then discovered that in fact you were taking it with serenity. 
« It would help me to be a better a person » you once said to him
He didn’t get it. Like who do you think you are ?
Why aren’t you acting like Eren or Jean ? Why weren’t you angry at him ? Worst, why weren’t you defending yourself ? What was wrong with you ? 
The fact that you were smiling everytime he was mean to you was getting on his nerve. For fuck sake could you at least yell at him ? At least he’ll know you were human. 
He didn’t why but seeing you smiling at him, thanking him for his negative opinion got his sick. He could feel his stomach twisted as if he could throw because of your sympathy. Did you pity him ? 
He even once heard a conversation between you, Eren and his crew that makes him even more sick : 
« You know, you shouldn’t let him talk to you the way he did. This isn’t respectful. » 
« Eren is right, want me to teach him some manners ? If it’s for you i’ll do it » 
«  *chuckle* Thank you Mikasa but I don’t think it would be necessary. I mean yeah he got a way to say things - » 
« He is talking to you like you were shit » 
« I wouldn’t say it like this Eren but yeah you got a point. Y/N I know you saw good in everyone but you have to admit that recently he is being mean to you » 
« *sigh* As I was trying to say, yeah he is being mean with me but his opinion was actually good. I mean yeah I’ve been too slow during our training and yes I shouldn’t forgot to pack some gas with us. My point is he was right, he just got a way to talk to people » 
« Come on everyone makes mistake and it wasn’t like HE thought about taking Gas bottle too. He got some balls to says that » 
« Eren is right Y/N. » 
« But he was still right. I mean he forgot but I forgot too, if no one is meticulous in real battle it could be dangerous. Besides he is not as mean as everyone thinks. I can see it, there is good in him »
« Well he is doing a good job at hiding it. Remembered how he talked to Armin when he woke up ? That piss of sh- » 
« *sigh* Yeah he shouldn’t say it the way he did but you need to understand his point too. He was all alone with his friends and his commander which he used to worship by the way, he had to run with his friends knowing he would die either from stone or because he’ll be eaten by a Titan. For him Erwin was a hero, of course his first reaction was to want him to survive. Caporal Levi did it too, he wanted Erwin to survive he only have the injection because Erwin told him too. » 
«  Maybe. But I still believe this man has no education » 
« *chuckle* you used to be a little shit too when you first came, acting all cocky because you were about to kill titans but everyone looked through it and now we all love our precious angry soldier » 
Eren then proceed to grumble something about not being angry while everyone was laughing. How could you say that ? Why were you protecting him ? Did he ask you to protect him ? No ? Then why are you seeing all those things at him ? Why were you saying that he got a point when all he did was telling you how shitty you were. He was bullying you why were you nice to him ? 
The worst when he started to have a crush on you. Was he a sadist or something ? Why was he looking at you everytime you were training ? Why was he offended when someone compliment you ? You’re just in love bitch
Did he stop being mean at you ? No not at all, it would be out of character for him. BUT he started to be « gentle » about the way he critices you. For example he won’t told you that you suck at being a soldier because you were starting to feel tired because of the training instead he would scold you for not sleeping enough. 
See ? He still gives you critics and some time he is a bit harsh but now you’ve noticed (even though you already did) that he was actually carrying about you. 
So you started to thank him even more for his kind word, which disgust him. Why were you thanking him anyway ? 
At some point he stopped trying to figure out if you were a masochist or just silly, he keeps scolding you everytime you did something wrong and he just shrugs each time you were thanking him. 
But then you started to defend him even more, you weren’t just trying to justify his action by analyzing his behavior. 
Now you were arguing with people who were telling some shit about him which surprised him. Why do you care ?  He didn’t give a damn about some fools’ opinion nor should you. 
But here you were explaining your point, trying to make them understand that no he wasn’t just a jerk and there were something more important to get to know. He froze. 
« Come on Y/N don’t fool yourself Floch is a jerk have you seen him ? All he cares is himself. He is so fool of himself. Did you notice the way he is talking to you ? How could you defend someone like him ? » 
« Because he cares about him and because I care about him too. You asked if I noticed the way he was talking to me, I did. He stopped being mean at me, and started to give me advice to help me during my training. He noticed my lack of stamina and told me to practice and sleep better. He scold be for always forgetting something and now I’m careful. All he need was to help me, how am I supposed to avoid fight when you’re clearly misunderstanding him. He is someone good, you just need to get to know him » 
This time instead of feeling sick, he felt a little warm running into his body especially on his face. He felt … good ? He couldn’t explain it but yeah he felt right to hear you saying this even though he still didn’t understand why you were like this while you two barely talk together. 
He wanted to confront you about. 
Especially because he started to dream about you even more than before. That scene when you were defending him was keeping playing in his head, again and again. At this point you were always on his dream. Not that he will complain but he felt silly to be like this, like to him they were no way you were into him. 
So one day when you two were cleaning the training room, Floch decided it was now or never. So after closing the door to be in « peace », he walked into your direction. Step by step he noticed that he got trouble at taking a deep breath probably because he was scared or anxious. 
When he finally was in front of you, you noticed his frown and started to ask yourself what was wrong with him. He wasn’t so anxious, usually he came talk to you all cocky to correct you but now it was as if he was talking to Caporal Levi. 
« Are you okay ? » 
« Of course I am why wouldn’t I ? » 
« I don’t know you look like tense. Did I do something wrong ? » 
« Obviously yeah. I mean you’re always doing something wrong but that’s not why I’m here » 
«  Oh yeah ? » 
« Yeah. »
« Then ? »
« Then what ? » 
« Why are you here ? If you’re not here to scold me » 
«  I wanted to know why you’re acting so nice » 
«  I’m acting nice ? » 
« Yeah don’t play dumb to me. I heard you talking with Eren and that bunch of shitty friends also I saw you with those stupid soldiers talking dirty about me. Why were you defending me ? » 
« Why not ? I mean they are not angel either so I don’t see the point of being mean » 
« But i’am » 
« Excuse me ? » 
« You said there’s no point of being mean about someone but I’m mean. Especially with you I remember correctly telling you that you being a soldier was a shame for humanity » 
« Yeah that wasn’t nice by the way » 
« See ? You’re smiling ! Why is wrong with you ? » 
« What ? Because I can’t smile ? » 
« No ! Not when I’m being mean at you that completely strange » 
« Well then I’m a weirdo I guess » 
« Okay I’m done I knew I couldn’t get anything from you » 
«  I’m sorry but I don’t see what’s wrong with my behavior ? » 
« You can’t smile when someone is saying bad things about you » 
« Why not ? You’re being honest. » 
« But it’s mean » 
« Yeah and ? At least you’re not trying to be nice with me when in fact you can’t stand me. I hate hypocrite I prefer when people are honest with me. Besides as I said before your critics were interesting it helps me getting better so I don’t see why I would be mad at me » 
«  I don’t get it I’m sorry, even if it helps you. You could at least slap me for being mean at you » 
« Do you want me to spank you Floch ? » 
«  I- I say slap me and not like this I-I oh my god I can’t » 
«  *laugh* but you’re the one talking about slapping I’m sorry I didn’t know it was your thing I’ll take it in mind » 
« YOU … Wait are you making fun of me ? » 
« Maybe ? » 
Then you just laugh and finish your duty, leaving a completely frozen Floch. 
You’re kinda broke him, he didn’t know how to behave with you anymore. 
Should he be glad because you’re not angry at him for being a jerk ? Or should he be concerned because you figure out something he didn’t want to admit ? 
Again, he started to be less a jerk around you. But you noticed that it worked only for you. Floch was still… Floch around other people. He just tends to be soft with you, he stopped scolding you and in fact correct you each time you were doing a wrong move. And when you were loosing or forgetting something, he just gave you what you needed without complaining. 
People were surprised, like they weren’t used to see Floch not acting like a jerk. They also didn’t understand why you weren’t treated like everyone else. Some of them got their theory but for now all they could notice was Floch not being as mean as usual with you while you were acting nice with him. For both of you that’s all matter 
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harley-michaels-main · 9 months
Hi! Can I please have a Haikyuu matchup? It is absolutely fine if you cant!
Hogwarts house: Hufflepuff
Random fact: I’m associated with the color pink a lot and I’m bi 🏳️‍🌈 she/her prounouns
Looks: 4’11 female, pear body type, brown skin, dark brown eyes, dark brown short hair, long lashes, eye bags, thunder thighs, Big pouty lips (the one thing I actually like about my face) and a few freckles. I also have reading glasses
Personality: I’m very shy and reserved at first, you will definitely have to make the first move cause I refuse. But once you get to know me it’s a 180, I go on long rants about literally anything and everything, (if I have a shit day I recommend ear plugs) Im dramatic, loud, energetic, super Sarcastic, Honest, funny, childish, forgetful, and pretty go with the flow! I’m a pretty rational And logical person I think about pros and cons and probability and am usually aware of what is going on around me. I will try to break down what the problem is and find a way to solve it. I can adapt pretty well in social situations I know what to put out for certain groups and can just adapt to situations generally. Then there is the other part of me that is completely impulse and emotional even tho rational wins most times if I’m stressed good luck with getting me to make good decisions. I like playing around but have hard lines with boundaries when it comes to physical touch at first. I have anxiety real bad and I’m worried that my friends actually hate me and have a hard time being myself. I love making people laugh I think I’m pretty smart but I have no common sense. I’ll tell you random facts I just learned for the hell of it. If I was to describe myself in another way I’d say burnt out gifted kid who just said F it. I’m sneaky. I thrive off praise and people cheering me on especially at sports events and will work harder for criticism. Im a “I’ll do anything for 5 dollars” kinda person. Im low key kinda a know it all and a smart ass I always have something to say and I am not one to sugar coat. I’m a huge foodie! My love language is physical touch and giving gifts, especially food! I’m pretty caring if your sad I’ll bake for you and try to emotionally comfort you as much as possible and friends have told me I give good advice, I’m very protective of all my friends and family, Im pretty creative I laugh at pretty much anything.
Cons: i accidentally overshare, I get frustrated really easy.I am prone to procrastinating and giving up sometimes even if Ik the deadline is tomorrow, its hard to get motivated to do anything without someone being on my ass about it but once I start I can continue without much pushing as long as I don’t have too many distractions. I’m emotional I’ll cry without realizing it, I’m very stubborn. Behind closed doors I’m very clingy.
Likes: working out, reading, sleeping, going out to party’s with friends ( yea ik a girl with social anxiety loves partying and people I’m just as confused), milkshakes, fashion, world building, drawing, animated movies, STUFFED ANIMALS!!! I love cuddles, sports (cross country, volleyball, and wrestling) writing story’s, blankets, cheesy romance novels, I love cooking and eating new food from new places! Shopping, fantasy stuff.
Dislikes: being dirty. I can get sweaty, muddy, messy but if I don’t have a shower there will be hell to pay, I don’t like eating or drinking after people, felt fabric, dolls, The cold in general, sad movies, coffee, being sick, being picked at for my height.
Random fact: I’m the shortest girl on all my sports teams, I played all around for my volleyball team and then got moved to right back and server.
Hi Darling. I hope you're doing good and I have to say, I wish you would love more than just your lips because you sound like a beautiful girl and I'm sure anyone would find you gorgeous and if they don't, then they must be blind.
Your Haikyuu Match Up is...
Sugawara Koshi
Tumblr media
Y'all are the type of couple that people thought you were going out before you actually started going out.
You two simply compliment each other so well that it's hard not to think so. Honestly, there was no drastic change when you two started dating.
In the words of Grey's Anatomy, he is your person. You person that you can tell anything to and the person you go to when you have trouble. He is the person that you trust with your life.
Koshi is always the one who will be at your side in times of happiness and sorrow. He will wake up in the morning and his first words will be telling you how beautiful you are.
He knows the feeling of self-doubt and he understands it well which is why he constantly will be there to help you.
However, he will need the help as well. He may try to hide it, but he isn't the best liar in the world.
For those times when you are dared to do something dangerous, he will pull you away before you attempt to make a fool of yourself because let's be honest, we all make fools of ourselves.
Koshi will always be there to lend an ear when you feel the need to rant. He loves to listen to you talk and if you want his advice he is more than willing to give it to you.
Koshi's love language is words of affirmation so it feels nice to him whenever you talk to him about your troubles. It makes him feel more validated in a way.
Don't fret though because he will always be there to tell you how much you mean to him and how much you help him even if you don't think you do.
He also loves to get you small memorabilia for every date. Anything from a quick photo to some jewelry, he likes to know that you have something to look at and remember these moments buy.
However, Koshi isn't perfect and does have his flaws. He tends to push you away when he has his rougher days. He says it's because he doesn't want to burden you when in reality he is too scared to show you that he is afraid of a lot of things.
It definitely takes time, but he has gotten better at opening up to you and realizing that he isn't a second choice to you.
Altogether, he is someone who will be your person as you will be to him.
Alternate Choices
Osamu Miya
Keiji Akaashi
Daichi Sawamura
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benryphobic · 2 years
tell me ur thoughts on... Darnry
💐 Who tends to worry the most?
Darnold. He has anxiety! He's very uncomfortable with sudden change, too, so anything extreme happening out of his schedule makes him freak out
💋 Who is the most physically affectionate?
Benry. he gives his *friends* kisses, man. he would give Darnold so much physical affection it would be annoying (sometimes)
⛈ Do they enjoy dancing?
They do! Darnold dances like an old man, just kinda swaying side to side, while benry dances like a teenage girl. they have really different tastes in music, but can come together with dancing to r&b!
🌹⛈Who has the most nightmares and how do they deal with them?
Darnold has the most nightmares. Mostly about being terrified and trapped. Benry helps him by just kinda playing games with him, cos neither of them are too good at talking about feelings
🌺 Do they go to sleep at the same time as each other?
They do initially, bc Benry just. never slept. he doesn't need to. But then Benry started to appreciate the fine art of being able to cuddle and doze with a comfy body in his arms
⚡ What are their nicknames for each other?
I can't really think of anything but benry probably calls him like. D. Arnold. as a bit. otherwise i can't see them using any nicknames
🍃 What do they do when the other is stressed?
play video games....if that doesn't work, then they just talk about nothing. if it gets really bad, benry uses sweet voice for him, but thats not super often. darnold helps benry by just being his friend (homosexual)
🌻 How do they spend time if the other is gone?
Darnold does his science shit, goes back to school to become a professor, plays video games etc etc. benry plays video games, listens to music, probably makes his own music, talks to his friends, etc
🎮 Do they have a favourite video game they enjoy playing together?
team fortress 2.....they both go medic and do this
💍 Would they ever get married?
probably! no big wedding or anything, but they would get a little dressed up
✨ Who proposes?
benry! he does it very casually but very heartfelt
👑 Who is the meme lover?
darnold laughs at minion memes and cat memes. benry does not go on the internet.
📚 Who likes to read?
Darnold! he's fascinated with his field of study, but also in a lot of different things. he reads a lot to calm down and as a hobby
🎩 Who bothers the other person while the other person reads?
haha benry. if benry needs attention (which is often) he'll bother darnold like an immature child.
🌼 How do their personalities complement each other?
i think both are very matter of fact while saying the craziest shit. the difference is you can kinda tell when benry is joking (unless youre gordon) , while you cannot tell at All when Darnold is. Plus i kinda see them both as quiet people, maybe ambiverts at most, so they just kinda chill most of the time. theyre absurd in different ways, and its great :)
🔥 Who will punch someone out if they are rude to their partner?
neither? i think benry would shoot someone just for picking their nose
💀 What would they dress up as, for Halloween?
oooohghuhghhhhh the cheesiest costumes ever. the first year theyre dating they go as a medic and solider duo, but years after theyd do like. cishet costumes bc they both think its funny (harley quinn and joker, Frankenstein and the bride of frakenstein, jack and sally, etc) they still really like dressing up as video game characters tho, so they do that too to mix it up
🌈 What are their favourite colours?
darnold likes green! benry........does not have a favorite
🌹 Who is the hopeless romantic?
Neither! Darnold is a man of science, a man of work. he was very happy being single, benry just kinda added a new dynamic in his life that he very much enjoyed. benry is just....not a romantic. if he has a crush on someone he's like "well.....lol" and usually pursues like a 5 year old
🎭 Who is the dramatic one?
benry. he sounds like he's eternally pouting
🎈 Who makes jokes during inappropriate times?
benry, duh. hes kind of a dick. darnold cannot take him to funerals
💝 What do they love about each other the most?
the sick gamer strats. idk this is a weird question cos when u love someone, i feel like u love....all of them? or at least a lot of them. theres not really a favorite trait. they just go "yo this is nice as fuck" when u spend time with each other and like. cuddle.
👓 Who googles everything?
darnold uses Google as a research engine for his work and hobbies
🌙 How do they comfort each other when they are helpless to do anything about the situation?
they r there for each other. if its truly helpless, i think that's enough.
🍂 What is an inside joke they have?
pyro airpoof.....whether or not Darnolds potions are g fuel bc Powerade is kinda close to Gatorade
💟 What do you think makes them perfect for one another?
i dont think theyre perfect for one another! benrys an annoying jackass, Darnold is a nice man. but i think if benry got a huge loser crush, hed feel the need not to pull on darnolds metaphorical pigtails. its respect
🌷 Are you nervous to talk about your OTP? Why?
kinda nervous! but only bc i have trouble thinking about their dynamic. my favorite genre of romance is just.....dudes that hang out and kiss. i also don't want it to sound like knock off frenrey. Darnold is the only one who seemed a little annoyed by benry too, in a very different, polite way, but i find it difficult to differentiate the dynamic. Darnold is a little bit of a straight man to the straight man. not to say he isnt absurd. but id find it reallt funny for benry to do some crazy shit and Darnold to go "uhm. ok."
Is your OTP Oc x Canon?
hmm difficult question. hlvrai characterization in general is making an oc and hoping it adheres to Canon. just by shipping darnold and benry im basically making some sort of oc x oc for myself, since their characterizations don't imply theyd ever end up in a romantic relationship
🎵 What's a song (or songs) that remind you of your OTP?
i need more songs for my darnrey playlist 😩😩😩😩
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quidfree · 11 months
Hello Im the hp anon I'm sorry my message made you uncomfortable I didnt mean to i understand your feelings about hp and being in the fandom again im sorry xoxo
I cant remember if it was you who liked lord of the rings but if it was you maybe legolas and aragon seeing each other again years after lotr. If it wasn't you dont worry about it or even if u do like lotr but don't feel like doing it its okay please continue and have a good day
hi anon dont worry abt it at all your message was very nice i just wanted to explain my position on hp stuff in general nothing to do w you :)
i do love lotr well remembered ! my high fantasy is a bit rusty so im wary of writing in tolkien voice but i will give you my general thoughts on them post canon below and hope that you vibe with it. sorry this is so late i forgot it was in my drafts 
this isnt prompt specific but i want to say i love that the movies have legolas keep jumping people who even raise an eyebrow at the shaggy unwashed dude whos apparently gondor’s promised king bc iirc canonically they are not really friends pre fellowship and at most have like met once or twice after aragorn tracks gollum to mirkwood or something. legolas is just very ride or die for people ig?? tracks with his threatening the riders of rohirrim later. we love movie characterisation. really went in on the ‘besties w a heart shaped locket of their initials’ vibe.
also the fact that aragorn and legolas are both royalty avoiding courtly duties in hilariously similar yet distinct ways. like yes they are both on a mission for the greater good so its not like theyre irresponsible leaders (and legolas’ father approved his going) but up until moria legolas is fully like ooh roadtrip with humans and dwarves and shit. fun. while aragorn is brooding immensely about the shadow of responsibility creeping closer to him daily. its just funny to me. legolas is so young in elf time.
after mordor falls i totally believe legolas and aragorn keep in close contact tho. like yes they are busy what with legolas skipping off home to report that he survived the fall of evil and also made some new friends or whatever and aragorn trying to rebuild the ruins of gondor but also i think they probably exchange heartfelt letters across middle earth and legolas visits often. esp in early years bc gotta keep track of those hobbits and their very short little lives. legolas loves inventing Elf Songs ™ off the top of his head that are just odes to his fav human. aragorn not so secretly also loves elvish poetry so he appreciates it.
also this goes for all surviving fellowship members but legolas def has a place of honour in gondor w increasingly dramatic titles & whenever he comes by aragorn will spend his nights with him walking the top walls of minas tirith talking philosophy and history and counsel. legolas is a prince too of course. sometimes they go for fun hikes bc they’re both roamers. no one else thinks it’s fun when the king and his elf bff decide to trek across countries on foot but they enjoy it. (arwen very reasonably prefers horseback and sometimes if he’s coming too they let gimli pretend he’s keeping her company when he’s sick of keeping up with their long legs.)
at certain points legolas is busy wandering for a while and the next time he’s over he has to meet aragorn and arwen’s kids. i think he’d be so obsessed w the concept. like gimli would be the best uncle easily but legolas would be like Woooowww omg little freak children i love them. aragorn look. omg it can talk. cool. he def teaches them mirkwood elvish slang and songs to balance out the rivendell influence. aragorn and arwen both find it funny but lowkey arwen sometimes gossips w him abt it because like . yeah half-human babies Are weird. even hers. at least one of their sons is reciprocally obsessed w legolas and spends his infancy viciously pulling at his hair. eowyn finds this very funny as the other token blonde often in gondor.
i refuse to go into angst so i’m not going to talk abt fellowship deaths but i think legolas stays on middle earth longer than he would have liked to help arwen cope after aragorn bc he is Equally Devastated. esp after the kids go. their last goodbye before legolas and gimli leave at the grey havens will have lasted a very long and sad time i think. very weepy on all sides. but she gets it. legolas can’t lose his last close friend to death.
in a modern human au aragorn n legolas r annoying hiking obsessives & post each other on their stories so much you’d assume they’re dating. legolas fights trolls on aragorn’s socials daily despite aragorn’s attempts to convince him he could not care less. they have matching tattoos of like, constellations on their ankles. aragorn is the only person who can memorise legolas’ ever-changing and very weird coffee orders.
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silentxxsoul · 11 months
After the sneak peek at the equestrian park I can say honestly I’m not ready but also completely ready so ahhhh
Tumblr media
How she gonna fall over the rails up that high??
Oh yall dumb dumb lmao wtf
He just fuckin let go ?!??????/
And pointing at her like no one can clearly see she's hanging for her life
Chimney!!!!!!! The gang is so, so close to being back together yessssss
WAIT -- ??? WHAT???????
Tumblr media
I'm personally sending y'all my therapy bills you assholes oh my god whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
"You're always dying" - I - excuse you?! FOX WE NEED TO TALK
I expect that from fanfic not on my screen! It hits harder in canon tho holy shit
Bobby, I'm so fucking glad to see you and Eddie together y'all don't even know
Pls I actually like poor Jonah :(
That's not dumb luck, that's just being dumb with shitty luck
Taking this commercial break to reflect on how well Fox pulled the rug out from under us with the happy kitchen scene but bitches I expect to finally get a happy kitchen scene okay?
Tumblr media
Again I'll say, dumb decision with shitty luck lol
That has Chimney written all over it lmao
Karen on my screen, for real real? GIMME MORE OF HER PLSS
It's a full moon, suddenly all this chaos makes sense
I'm desperately trying NOT to make a "here's your sign joke"
Tumblr media
The Hen/Chim sass is back ahhh I love ittttttt god I missed it
Eddie, talking with Chris about Frank and therapy my heart ♥♥♥
I swear if this is another bait and switch I will riot
Baby Chris noooooooooooooooo never ever
And now sick Jee-Yun, I'm gonna go sob now
Oh shit she's going the Daniel route oh no oh no oh no
Tumblr media
Fox I'll square up if you hurt a single hair on Jee or Chris' heads I STG
Tumblr media
Like they really aren't fucking around with the punches today, huh
(I dig it tho)
They had to keep his ass in frame huh
I mean I'm not complaining but lol perfect position for some respectful looking
Madney bbies ily ♥
Kenneth and JLH are knocking this out of the park!!!
We get MORE therapy Eddie ?! M O R E ???
Logically I knew this but also the showrunners/writers love having shit happen off screen so ya know
Buck, babe that wasn't even close to the assignment but cute AF
The fact that theres so much 'Buck and Chris drawing together' in fanon and now its CANON is a WIN!!!!
If Eddie puts that on the fridge I will LOSE it
Jee being okay and the handholding is giving me a lot of hope for the Buckley-Han family going forward ♥♥♥
Oh shit he isn't going to make it, is he
I'm hoping he makes it -- wait is that the first chick ? She was the doc?? Damn, did not see that coming
I'm so glad the kid didn't die
How the fuck is Buck holding those things straight out of the oven
Tumblr media
Its like the sink pizza all over again lmao
MORE BATHENA MOMENTS TOO?? What did we deserve to get served so well today??
(suffer through 5A and the BT/L drama, probably)
Shoulda fessed up dumbass, just sayin. We all know Taylor doesn't just give up a leaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad
Buck, it was def you bud
How they gonna just end there I need another hour !!!
Honestly this felt like OG 911 and I loved it so damn much. Get back to the fast paced action and feature all the cast. I've missed the Bathena moments and we seriously need way more Karen. That game night was so much fun! I missed Chimney and Hen teaming up so much more than I thought I did and I'm so happy to see it back.
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ollieakana · 2 years
so a few days ago i found out my ps4 does subtitles for dvds that don't supply them.. so i can watch wild force with subtitles now :^)
i have 8 episodes to get through and all of them will be under the cut - i'm still taking breaks between episodes dw lmao
Tumblr media
episodes 33-40
the soul of humanity
oh yeah this is after they lost the wild zords
fuck animus fr
this team deserves better than this bullshit
jindrax and toxica, my beloveds
ik she's basically ""dead"" but hearing alyssa talk to shayla like she's actually dead really causes me pain
oh right merrick didn't know shayla went back to sleep
fuck yeah alyssa!! tell 'em!! you can't give up yet!!!
okay but what the fuck is this org it's like a weird, enlarged, wind-up toy robot
oh fuck you, animus
merrick being from a different time is completely irrelevant go fuck yourself
i know this is a kid's show, but i really want merrick to tell animus to fuck off
get fucked mandilok you were WRONG abt humans
conveniently, merrick hears cole on the lunar caller talking abt the natural goodness of humans
merrick isn't gonna ditch his friends for you, dipshit
okay cool, you woke shayla up animus, thanks. that doesn't change the fact that you're a massive douchebag
i still think the predazord is super badass
i'm sorry but the cut to merrick in the cockpit after the rangers ask their wild zords to lend him their strength is very funny
i really hate animus, the stupid bitch
of course the rangers are dedicated to protecting the earth, THEY'VE SPENT THE LAST 32 EPISODES DOING IT
fuck you and your gifts animus
animus doesn't deserve friends
"will we see you again?" god i hope not
good, now we never have to deal with that dipshit again for the remaining 7 episodes
(i took a break to make popcorn lmao)
forever red
andros my beloved <3
oh fun fact this is the only ep of wild force i've ever watched until i decided to watch it all the way through back in early high school
omg it's thee kings themselves bulk and skull
still thinkin abt the fact that they (allegedly) would have made rocky tommy's butler if both steve and asj were available for this episode and now i'm annoyed lmao
okay now i'm thinkin abt this fic and now it's at the top of my reread list
omg carter <3 hi king <3
oh i'm also happy this episode has minimal tommy dick sucking (wish we could have that in current era team ups involving him)
i Will admit that it is kinda cool that tommy stays in touch with the other reds
obviously you don't know a lot abt spaceships and machine empires, cole.. YOU GREW UP IN THE JUNGLE
andros there are TWO other reds on earth show some respect
still wondering what happened to the zeo powers
ah yes, serpentera and its weak as fuck batteries
sure, they might have enough power to destroy the earth, but serpentera is gonna run out of battery power by the time they actually get their hands on it
okay but the use of the masked rider, big bad beetleborgs, and vr troopers suits is actually kinda cool
also i never realized how much i miss ranger fights without unnecessary puns/quips/jokes/commentary from the rangers until i got to this fight scene bc that's like.. all we get from current pr
yooo leo and aurico are here now sick
also i had to look up aurico's name and that reminded me i literally Only remember delphine and cestro from the alien ranger mini series oops
now it's fight time!!!!!!!!
i still think the zeo suits are really badass
also idc what anyone says the turbo suits are good (BUT I STILL WANNA KNOW WHY THEY WERE GIVEN THESE POWERS)
you may still have serpentera, but will it even work??
oh boy:
Tumblr media
(from r/powerrangers)
the fucking 2000s cgi omg
oh hey my favorite scene (the ending)
ripping on tommy is the best way to end an episode lmao
trust me wes, you do have a fanclub, it just isn't as big as tommy's
tj and the pizza story never fails to be funny
(this time i took a break to shower lmao)
the master's herald, part 1
leave jindrax and toxica ALONE!!!
onikage is a cool name actually
oh shit they're scheming to kidnap shayla
once again i love toxica's makeup and i wanna cosplay her so bad
danny just fuckin hits max with his pillow to wake him up
the rangers gonna wear their jammas
oh fun fact, which i'm sure everyone knows at this point, but the wild force morph sequence is the Exact same as the gaoranger henshin, to the point that when the visors of their helmets are see through when the helmets materialize, you can see some of their sentai counterparts - also they pasted in taylor waist-up over her sentai counterpart, and everyone else just had their heads pasted over their counterparts
fuck you mandilok toxica is great
damn welcome back previously destroyed orgs
merrick came to protect shayla 🥺💕
wait that wasn't him
oh fuck shayla's gonna get kidnapped fr this time
nvm fuck it up shayla!!!!
queen behaviors frm shayla what a legend
toxica maybe you should reflect on why you blindly follow orders from your masters
pov: shayla murders toxica
okay but why does onikage sound like ikutsuki frm persona 3
toxica honey noo
shayla they're heartless villains, of course they betray their own
mandilok fucking DIE CHALLENGE
i'm in emotional pain toxica deserves so much better wtf
god but imagine being jindrax and watching your best friend get fucking murdered like that
glad all of us are havin a major emo moment after the events of this episode
(now took a reg 5 min break to look at socials)
the master's herald, part 2
jindrax :^(
merrick :^(
always the quarry with this show
nothing happened YET, max
these shadowy versions of them look weird but in a cool way
idk all black except the belt and tops of the helmets is a look
onikage is a little bitch
[both laughing evilly]
you won't forgive him don't lie
shayla/jindrax bonding moment? in MY wild force?
you're the master incel, now shut up
jindrax you always have a choice, hon
jindrax make him eat dirt!!!! please!!!!
!!!!! jindrax isn't dead!!
and he's giving master incel the reason you suck speech!!!
nice use of the mirror jindrax
i love when you can see the change from american to japanese footage lmao
aaaand now they're in a shadow dimension
spirit world*
shayla :^(
oh fuck the wild zords are coming together let's GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!
king behavior from the pegasus megazord
fuck yeah, let's go merrick!!
shayla is team mom <3 and we love her
(another break to check socials)
fishing for a friend
shayla ain't afraid of an incel mf and i respect that
cole talking to red lion <3
jindrax gettinn scared by a cat
oh boy train org
"hi. get lost. good job." jindrax my beloved
jindrax's fucking wallet
jindrax's credit card expires in 2022 and the credit card number is 5532 6730 0098 1238
i love how confused they all are by jindrax helping them
okay but i like i love the predazord's cockpit
the train theme of this org is making me mad that they probably won't adapt toqger
hell yeah new megazord combo!!!!!! let's get it!!!!
they are. they are best friends
swings moment!!
(another break, brought to you by org express)
sealing the nexus
shayla he's doing this bc he's a VILLAIN
incel doesn't deserve forgiveness shayla
can the lesson this season be that not everyone deserves forgiveness, and not some preachy environmentalism thing?
(ik there's more to this season than that, but still. it's very prevalent)
toxica welcome back to the battlefield queen <3
jindrax and toxica/rangers team up to save shayla let's go!!
me, seeing the wings on taylor's ranger suit: :0!! just like in jetman
alyssa is honestly such a good motivator i think that's one of the best things abt her character
hell yeah, they destroyed the statues now let's see if jindrax and toxica are gonna hold up their end
they do!! i love them <3
is it really over tho? we have 2 more episodes
it's good to see jindrax and toxica leaving the rangers on a positive note
was that a motherfucking fall out boy reference?
(ik that song didn't come out until '07 but shh)
"i'll totally forget about it tomorrow." ME TOO
(one more break for checking socials)
the end of the power rangers, part 1
loving all the party decorations
goddammit max now i'm depressed
wow shayla had to clean up by herself how rude
oh shit the fountain just made a giant splash
tf there are vines Everywhere
master incel's new form looks kinda badass
if he looked like this from the beginning i'd find him more threatening
oh yay animus is here /s
merrick i don't think now is the time for survivor's guilt/hero issues
oh no oh no oh no merrick's animal crystals shattered
"is kite going to be okay?" i don't care, honestly. like yeah, a kid dying sucks, but this is animus
"master org is on the animarium" ooooooof course he is
okay watching the wild zords get destroyed is actually causing me intense emotional pain
oooo new morph sequence :0
let's murder master org
and then he explodes and leaves jizz everywhere... okay...
now the jizz turned back into master org okay then
the animal crystals deadass shattered
what the fuck
now the main zords are going to die too that's just great /s
i am REALLY goin thru it rn
my emotional support zords....... gone.
surprised the crystal shards didn't like.. cut up cole's hand with the way he was holding it
and now animarium is like?? abt to crash into earth, i guess???
aaaand the tbc nice
(final break oh fuck)
the end of the power rangers, part 2
okay it just lands on earth
i think this is my favorite "rangers decide to not give up even though they've lost everything" moment in power rangers history so far
was ripping your shirt off really necessary, cole?
i'm crying so hard
you're a little bitch is what you are master incel
they're back :,^) <3
this is power rangers, dipshit. ANYTHING is possible
let merrick go with you shayla!!!!!!!!!
god i just wanted them to be endgame :^(
girl what
they earned those jackets
the growl phones, i get but the jackets?? dick move, shayla
ngl i woulda kept my jacket out of spite
okay, i get that them returning the jackets is supposed to be symbolic of their journey as rangers coming to an end, but they 1000% earned those jackets and deserve to keep them idc
and now animarium is going back into the sky
in the good wild force that lives in my head, everything is the same except they keep their jackets and merrick goes with shayla
cole at his mom and dad's graves nooo
tbh while i don't like the idea of adler getting flowers on his grave (i don't think deserves them), it actually fits well with cole's character for him to put them there
wait how would taylor being going back into the airforce work?? if she was mia for as long as she was
yellow eagle still flies with taylor <3
i love that danny and max just go road tripping all around the world
so merrick gets followed around by his weird ex? okay
alyssa is a teacher now!!! i'm so proud of her <3
and with that, wild force has come to a close! i actually had a lot of fun watching this, despite a LOT of the complaining i did while watching this (mostly abt master org and animus). i get why some people consider this season not the greatest or "preachy," but i did enjoy my time watching wild force!
i think i'll watch gaoranger and compare/contrast it with wild force at some point kinda soon. this idea was mostly inspired by a post on r/powerrangers where someone just kinda?? trashed wild force and said gaoranger was better, and people in the comments brought up their grievances with gaoranger and why they preferred wild force. i'll probably live blog gao, then make a separate post comparing and contrasting them with one another
i won't be doing this right away tho bc i still have to finish goseiger, but i'd say expect it in the following weeks (at the latest, next month) bc, iirc, dino fury is going on hiatus soon-ish? and i need smth to do until that's over
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transsexualhamlet · 2 years
Sherlock Holmes Reactions As A Flaming Homosexual (part 5 lmao)
Again I will be putting this shit under the cut because it's gonna be So Long and also fair warning for sherlock is in fact a raging drug addict and I have a lot of yknow parts that talk about that so tread with caution but hi i am once again yelling. keep in mind i am deliriously ill while writing this one but i think i sound. just about as insane as usual. maybe it's a bit less organized tho lol
Tumblr media
like i think it's so funny that most people will look at those two and definitely think it's the other way around but no. sherlocks a virgin and watson has had sex with every woman ever and probably not limited to women
and another thing I somehow missed the first time around in sign of four. sherlock sherlock please honey this is serious get help
Tumblr media
Funniest thing is that watson tells him to stop and hes like Watson i Only do drugs when the Newspaper is boring
is the newspaper boring three times a day sherlock. is it really
And at the same time sherlock checks the paper like a goddamn phone notification he'll just run out and get the latest version to see if anything's changed just like on the hour. Wow that man is not neurotypical.
poor watson tbh
why are these men just batshit fucking insane I love them
So yeah back to some random funny bits i got from reading a ton of the short stories
Ok i must say it's quite funny just my experience being either reading something about sherlock and watson and going awww they're in love or just violently yelling S H E R L O C K
Cause i was like reading a bit where watson was talking about how he was on a nice little walk with sherlock, you know, the kind of walk where no one talks but it's really comfortable and you know only people who know each other Very Intimately like him and sherlock are that well together and i was just like aww
And then three seconds later I'm laughing my ass off about "how did you know my name" "IT WAS ON YOUR HAT"
And then he starts saying shit like "i hope your marriage doesn't change anything between us" like damn shawty what is that supposed to mean /homosexual
I also love how bc watson is the only one writing it when sherlock is talking about something that happened to him in the past with quotes and stuff there's just like seven fucking quotation marks around each other im dying
And when they make him clean his goddamn room im losing my mind why does he keep random shit from his old cases "in case it comes in handy" and "to remember that time i solved that thing" i am going to throw marie kondo at you
I feel so bad for him, hes just trying so hard to keep this idiot alive and it is Not Working
Ok so like this is something Im still absolutely reeling over because it's like. it doesn't even seem real to me but the fact that Sherlock has multiple times just like gone to watson's house in the middle of the night, climbed up his goddamn wall and into his window, been like "you better not be busy" and started Talking
Like. Man's in his nightgown and just sees this fucker climbing in the window like "WATSON WATSON YOU WON'T BELIEVE WHAT I FOUND" and not just that. he's like "I only came in because you don't fucking sleep with your wife and it appears that you don't have any men in here either so I thought it was ok" LIKE ONE, WTF IS THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN SHERLOCK WHY WOULD HE HAVE OTHER MEN IN HIS BEDROOM SEHGIHO:EWOHO:GHE BUT TWO, WHYYY ARE THEY GAY
He didn't even fucking ask or say he was gonna do that no watson just has no clue when hes gonna show up and start remarking upon watson's appearance what even. homosexuals
Sherlock honestly just baffles me sometimes.
Oh, also, I read the one with Mycroft in it, and wow, is the man just as boring as he is in yuumori. That's just hilarious that sherlock is this absolutely insane man and then in contrast his older brother Pays Money to Sit In A Completely Silent Room and Read The Paper
It's so funny how he's like. Straight up even smarter than sherlock but no one gives a shit about him because he just. Is so fucking boring and antisocial
Like, we don't know anything about Sherlock's childhood but like. Part of me wants to think that it must have been absolutely insane and then Mycroft's rebellious stage was to just be fucking boring. Like. I would believe that. Just imagine that
I am going to make the final problem stuff its own post just cause I went absolutely insane over it but yea this was certainly an experience
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kralkatorrik · 1 year
5:45 am still sick as a dog. just took my heavy duty meds tho so maybe that'll stop it. i'm so fucking angry and tired though.
i really don't get whats so hard about doctors just fucking believing their patients and not doing redundent tests. maybe its the american healthcare system. maybe its because im AFAB. maybe its because i live in west virginia. maybe its all of the above but for fucks sake i should not be in this much consistent pain with a consistent pattern and just be told "yep! you're certainly feeling." and then sent away.
i've been like this since i was 14 after my stomach shut down for over a year. it does this the most near my cycle. i have no idea if its paranoia but im honestly pretty hard pressed to say that i feel hard masses around my lower abdomen. i don't know why i need to be 23, and be in such agonizing pain when a gyno tries to stick a q-tip in me that i cry, that they finally decide to have an ultrasound to look in that region. you would think imaging would be the first thing any of them would do, but instead! no! heres colonoscopy after endoscopy after colonoscopy and its the same shit of "yeah thats a colon! probably just ibs just go away babe"
if you're telling me everyone else lives in this much dysfunction with their colon and that's normal then i'd love to know what the fuck i must be doing wrong to achieve this level of pain and agony that i cannot function over 2 weeks out of a month. i cannot hold a job. i cannot hold friendships. i can barely hold my fucking food. i ate gluten free bread and chicken scraps today for dinner. that's it. i do not think a normal colon is supposed to die from gluten free bread and chicken scraps.
im hoping and also dreading that they find something in my imaging on the 3rd. if they see a horrid mass, or endometrial tissue taking up my entire abdomen that would explain a lot. but the fact that now i have to remove it and also deal with the fact that it was that easy to find but you only chose to do so now at the age of 23 will emotionally wreck me for the rest of my life. i spent all of high school either at home or sitting in public stalls having panic attacks over how much pain i was in. no one should have to deal with this shit. especially not a child who should have focused on growing up and learning, not if they were going to shit themselves 11 hours out of the day.
i apologize for the long winded rant but fucks sake, i am incredibly tired of being in pain like this when i know if i was taken seriously, i could probably have this solved already. fuck doctors sometimes, fucking hell.
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pigeonxp · 2 years
YGCMA songs and how they relate to c!Wilbur based off of yesterday’s lore (in my biased opinion)
This is so dumb and i literally don’t care. I can’t think about anything else other than doing this synopsis even tho like 28480329204 other people are going to do it. idc. 
(I listened to the songs earlier, and i’m also listening to them as i write the opinions. these are basically just my thoughts while listening tbh. im also not doing the full song, just some things i feel relate within each song)
- Jubilee Line
the lines at the beginning of the song, “hate to see you leaving / a fate worse than dying” could relate to how wilbur feels after tommy gets pulled back into the overworld. or, he could be referencing L’Manburg and how he hates to see his country leaving him (ouch). 
then we have the lines “your city gave me asthma / so thats why im fucking leaving / and your water gave me cancer / and the pavements hurt my feelings”. This could be in relation to L’Manburg as a whole. He put everything he had into L’Manburg and it only ended up hurting him in the end. yikes. 
now we have “shout at the wall / ‘cause the walls dont fucking love you” repeated. This could be in reference to when he said he was fucking kicking and screaming to get out of the train station. hes screaming and he doesnt care because it doesnt matter to him. it doesnt love him just like how the people of L’Manburg didnt love him. wilbur get therapy challenge.
so based on the lore from yesterday, we know that c!wilbur’s limbo was a train station (props to fanartists. i love you.), presumably the YCGMA album cover type deal. when he sings “Theres a reason / that London puts barriers on the tube line / theres a reason / that London puts barriers on the rails” repeated. if the train station looks like how they do on the album cover, there could be barriers where he is. maybe hes trying his best to just kill himself over again by jumping onto the tracks. just in an attempt to escape. jfc 
“theres a reason they fail”. he was still in the train station, wasnt he?
- Saline Solution
for this one, i feel like hes pretty far into the void and regretting his decision to have phil kill him. hes tired of being in a fucking train station for years on end. 
“i think this time im dying / im not melodramatic / im just pragmatic beyond any / reasoning for thinking ive got / fuckin rabies or something.” hes so fucking sick of being in this goddamn train station and he thinks hes dying. hes so pent up and sick of being there, maybe hes just in so much pain that he feels like hes dying. if hes been there for a while, hes probably bound to go crazy at some point, hence the “pragmatic beyond any reasoning.”
“I think ive lost my mind / blurring the fact and the fictions” this feels like he really does believe hes going crazy and is mixing up the things he really knows and the things his mind is creating for him. maybe this is when tommy first arrived and he cant tell if he real or not (thats a stretch but i figured id share it anyway.)
“I think ive made my choice / im a deceased playing victim / slip the face, slip the victory” he quite literally says that hes a deceased playing victim. hes literally saying hes dead HAHHAHAH anyway. maybe hes blaming himself again, because us c!wilbur apologists all know that hes very good at doing that.
“Sit secluded in hatred /.../” hes sitting in a fucking train station for god knows how long beating himself up over and over again and just hating himself. hes all alone. with himself. someone he fucking loathes.
this is honestly all i have for Saline Solution, but i will definitely add more later if i get different theories. 
- Since I Saw Vienna
This is my favorite song on the album and my comfort song so that could factor into this bit ahaha
im going to skip through this one a little bit and go to the line “The roads are my home, horizons my target / if i keep on moving, never lose sight of it / treating my memory of you like a fire, let it / burn out, don’t fight it, try to move on” this sounds like hes reminiscing on his home in L’Manburg and his presidency was something he relied on and he would fight to get it back, but now that hes dead and said that it should remain that way that he should just let it go. trying to move on from his symphony, forever unfinished. 
 “its been sixty weeks since i saw vienna / a bandage and a wide smile slapped across my face / ill pick up my hiking boots when i am ready / and ill put down my roots when im dead.” THESE LINES FUCK ME UP IN GENERAL BUT HOW THEY RELATE TO C!WILBUR RN IS JUST SUIBHYSBUSHDXNSKJDNHBD YK???? in the context that vienna is L’Manburg and he died, its saying that its been a long ass time since hes seen it and hes faking being okay about his death. he misses it but doesnt want to admit it. the picking up the hiking boots when hes ready is him moving on from his L’Manburg, and putting his roots down when hes dead is finally being okay with not living there/being an important part of it. he believed his death was the best for the people in L’Manburg and L’Manburg itself. it seems like hes still trying to convince himself. 
“Ill be gone then, for when you must be alone.” hes gone. hes dead. hes in the train station. he left the L’Manburgians alone and hes alone in his limbo. man. 
- Losing Face
this song is angry. hes so fucking angry. my thoughts are that this is about the following presidents after him. he feels like the L’Manburgians were happier without him and im pretty sure he believed that even when Schlatt was president. this is so evident in the lyric “Is he better than me?” Hes literally asking if the other presidents were better than he was. he doesnt believe he did everything he could to be the best president, even though we all know that he gave everything that he was into that country and then some. he broke himself for the L’Manburg but he doesnt believe hes enough. sheesh.
“Ive seen him / ive been him / ive felt the same way” even though he cant see the new presidents being president, he knows what its like. he knows that they might break under the pressure. hes been there. he knows how if feels. yikes. 
“Ive lost all meaning / ive lost my sense of hope” this feels like when he was nearing the end of L’Manburg when he blew it up, and that he feels like trying to win it back is pointless. he has no hope for it anymore, so why not give up? his mental state is already shit yk so i cant really blame him for feeling that way. 
“i dont care / i want you here / as long as youre happy, i dont care” this line. this fucking line. hes lost hope in being president, but he doesnt care. he just wants the L’Manburgians to be happy. that was his whole thought process while he was president. he didnt matter to himself, he just wanted them to be happy. he sacrificed his mental state for them. cries in wilbur apologist.
- Your Sister Was Right
this is my second favorite song on the album i think HAHAHAH
“I use everyone i ever meet / i cant find the perfect match / abuse those i love / while i ostracize the ones who love me / back.” wowie wow wow fucking ouchie. He feels like he uses his friends. this whole thing is a projection of his shit ass mental state rn fucking hell. he feels like hes abusive. thats what everyones been telling him. they tell him he was awful and a shit president and all that jazz even though hes been killing himself trying to be the best for them but its still not enough (pigeon projecting? more likely than you think)
“every time that i miss you / i feel the way you hurt / and i dont deserve you / you deserve the world / though it feels like we were built / from the same dirt.” man. hes dead lol. he misses the L’Manburgians. not only were they his supporters, but they were all his friends too. every time he misses his friends he feels their pain of when he first blew up L’Manburg. he feels like because he caused them all pain that they dont like him and that they never liked him and that he is undeserving of their friendship. he still wants to be friends with them. he still loves them. he still wants the best for them. he thinks theyre so much better than him even though they all created L’Manburg together. in reality they are all the same, but their actions impact each other and he feels that his actions make him worse than them or less than. fuckisonmdfnpbhife
“and i hate to say it / but your sister was right / dont trust english boys / with far too much free time” sister is dream mayhaps. fuckngeionsfjg that hurt sorry uhhh anyway yeah sister is dream?? he did say that wilbur would be a shit president and he believes that hes a shit president so he thinks they were all right about him being a shit president  fbhjebinfnejg. maybe sister is just everyone who didnt believe in wilbur. man....
“a fucking waste of time” do i even need to explain this one? he fr doesnt belive hes worth it anymore and that hes literally a waste of time. hjkfbhnfve
- La Jolla
this one feels pretty far into train station limbo to me as well. namely from “and im lonely / there i said it” this could either be him being lonely as president and feeling like he doesnt have anyone to talk to really because hes too busy trying to hold himself together for everyone. either that or hes lonely in the station and didnt want to admit it because this is what he wanted. he wanted to die. he wanted to be dead because he believed thats what everyone else wanted and he just wanted the best for them. 
“i could go away / i could pack my things and be gone before you wake” he could leave if they asked him to. he would do anything for them. 
“you know ive tried hard to love me too / it always seems to fall in, through” this line already physically pained me but now it hurts even more having to relate it to a character i love. we already know that his mental state was declining as his presidency continued, but this would confirm that hes just trying to love himself even though he can never seem to get it right. 
“my own personal sunset” this is just the ‘this is my sunrise’ line but different. my man misses the sun. fuck. 
- I’m Sorry Boris
this song is almost definitely from a long ass time in the limbo. 
“and im sorry / but, boris / im leaving / im not good for anyone here” boris represents L’Manburgians!! hes talking about how hes leaving the world by planning on killing himself. fuck. 
“we reached the end of a decade” mans been dead for a decade. sheesh. 
he then goes on to say that he cant believe hes leaving, he doesnt think he wants to leave them, but he thinks its whats best for them.
he talks about how they do all of these bullshit things before helping you and i know its in reference to london but for the sake of my sanity its about the presidency role and how it will fuck you up before bothering to help you not want to kill yourself.  
should i do a separate post about how i visualized it/about how i thought about the song in paragraph form like a lowkey explanation? idk how to explain it but in this one i wanted to just cover some of the lyrics of the songs and my thoughts on them. i think c!wilbur wrote these in the limbo after he died. i know this is also shit and Not Good, but i really just needed to get my thoughts out before it killed me. i also didnt reread this. its probably repetitive and shit yk. i do Not Care. id also love to hear thoughts on this if yall want to. if you made it this far i love you please hydrate and eat today and youre so sexy ahaha 
“and even though im finished / im not quite done with it” even though hes finishing his symphony by blowing it up, hes now realizing he wished he hadnt blown it up and that he hadnt killed himself. man. 
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embrassemoi · 2 years
(1/7) Hello, I had a super busy week and I took some time off of social media. But it was so nice to come back and see two new chapters of sbtmas! So first of all, it was so nice to see sirius's dog form (this sounds weird but you now what I mean) making a comeback. I also loved the fact that mc is the one who came up with the name snuffles. I always thought snuffles was some sort of inside joke and not some code name sirius made up on spot and this fits my headcanon perfectly.
Hello! It’s good to hear from you again! I hope this week is a little calmer and you have a chance to relax a bit!
(2/7) And also sirius using the same name years later is just... perfect. Mc's duel with Elway was great as always. It's so nice to see how much elway cares about her, especially after mc's mom. I cannot wait to see more scenes between them. And can we talk about how remus started to share his chocolate and then got very shy about it? Especially since we know from previous chapters that he does not share his chocolate. He really does have a huge crush, doesn't he?
Remus’ feelings are growing 🥳🥳🥳. AND ITS SO FUCKING EXCITING! I cannot wait - I REPEAT - I CANNOT WAIT to write the big moment where he's like "oh, fuck." and realizes the true extent of his feelings. AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!
(3/7) Oh and I'm so glad you added that bit about petunia! I feel like people don't talk about petunia and lily's relationship enough (probably bc we all hate petunia). But they are just as interesting as sirius and regulus. (Marauders era is just the era of messy sibling relationships, huh?) Okay now moving on to ch. 39...Aww... I feel so bad for marlene. There were always clues about this in earlier chapters and it was really nice finally seeing things from her perspective. Feeling replaced by
As complicated and interesting as Sirius and Regulus' relationship is (and I clearly love writing it), I feel like Lily and Petunia is almost equally as interesting. It's just that we don't get a lot of it since Petunia is a muggle.
What I like about having an MC that isn't 'officially' apart of the marauders is that I get to explore things outside of just them. And I think people underestimate how much of an important character Lily probably was in the Marauders era.
And yeah - I swear nobody in this era has a good family relationship aside from maybe James lmfao
(4/7) your friends is never an easy feeling. But I'm glad you didn't turn her jealousy into hatred and ugly feelings, I feel like this is such a common trope when it comes to deal with jealousy between girls. (Btw, is this an olivia rodrigo referance: "The comparison was killing her and Marlene was becoming sick of herself.") Anyways, I love marlene and dorcas' relationship. At least we know they are happy unlike... *silently glances towards mc, remus and sirius* Okay now let's talk about
I hate the trope where women are vicious between each other bc of jealousy. I think it promotes stereotypical ideals and can be very sexist at times. Although, yes, It does happens - jealousy is a very natural emotion but someone of Marlene’s character, I doubt she would do that. And yes, you can read that line as a reference!
I also love their relationship- or the small bit we get to see. I think it’s such a breath of fresh air not only seeing a gay couple, but a happy one at that too.
(5/7) that scene with regulus. I kinda knew that ring was suspicious but that was truly bone chilling. Reading that scene took me back to reading harry potter books for the first time and getting chills everytime something creepy happend. I really don't want to think the worst about regulus, since he seems to actually like her but... I cannot help but think about that cursed necklace from hbp. And Celeste seems to dislike regulus as well and I trust animals when it comes to recognizing
Thank you! that's a huge compliment and I'm glad my writing was able to convey that unnerving, creepy feeling.
(6/7) untrustworhy people. But on the other hand, he might know that someone's going to try to harm her so maybe he gave her a ring with some sort of protection charm? Idk, it all seems very weird. And the aftermath of it, when sirius tries to take her to hospital wing... it was such a tense moment and I don't even know where to start. Remus and james really don't trust sirius, don't they? Especially remus, when he tried to seperate mc from sirius... I knew things would be tense between them
Yes, that ring is very weird. everything will be unfolded eventually tho :D I like your predictions tho!
(7/7) now that they both have feelings for mc but that was difficult to read. But then the daily quarrel between sirius and mc and now I feel even worse for sirius: "I’d appreciate it if you could stop looking at me like I’m going to hurt someone.” Ugh, that line was painful. I feel like I sound like a broken record but I feel so sorry for him. I can see why he was running around his dog form in the pouring rain, it's probably better than common room. - 🌸
I know people are getting bored of Sirius VS literally everyone, but what he did almost lead to murder so I feel like everything being drawn out is fitting. Like that shit was traumatizing to Remus and James :( I swear they will make up :)
Also, I can't wait to actually start writing Remus VS Sirius over the MC. I think I will die. I just think the added tension from 'the prank' to their shared feelings and then the war would be a lot. ugh, I love it.
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