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ourpleova · 28 days
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Hot Dog Gyy My baby…❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
digital art.. how are we feeling…
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b1uetrees · 4 days
I love stories that are batshit but honest. Like! A story can be literally anything, but it will only work if it's honest, if you believe in what you're saying and aren't afraid to say it! Not to be cynical!! But open and fearless!!!! Who gives a shit! We're all here for a short time and everybody wants to sell you something! Let's make something real!!
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raedear · 1 year
You asked for meetcute prompts, so how about Joe's internet stops working but he's expecting an important email or needs to download something so he can work offline and so goes to his neighbour to ask if he can use his wifi real quick, and ends up just staying there all day because his neighbour is a hot Italian.
Because my internet has been broken since yesterday and I had to go to the office to work today, and really could have done with a sexy neighbour with wifi instead.
'Oh no-no no no no no,' Joe chanted, looking frantically between his router and the cheerful little dinosaur on his screen informing him the wifi he'd paid an outrageous sum of money to have installed the day before he moved into his new flat was no longer working.
In the tiny oasis he'd carved between moving boxes and wrapped up furniture, just a rug and his laptop and the final handwritten edits of his thesis, Joe pressed his hands to his cheeks and fought against the sudden and consuming need to cry.
This couldn't be happening. Not with half an hour to go before the deadline. It was some cruel cosmic joke, that the wifi had worked perfectly when all he'd asked it to do was keep spotify running as he moved his boxes in, only to give up the second he truly needed it.
Joe ground the heels of his hands into his eyes and breathed. He'd already tried restarting the router, twice, but maybe the third time would be the charm? Maybe he could--
Someone knocked on the door. For a moment, Joe considered ignoring it. Time was running away from him, he needed to focus.
The tiny pixel dinosaur blinked at him from the useless brick of his laptop, and Joe heaved himself to his feet, putting space between himself and it before he did something he'd truly regret.
'Ah-' the man at Joe's front door stepped back in surprise when Joe yanked it open. He hadn't been particularly close, but Joe supposed he had been quite brisk in opening the door. 'Hello. I'm Nicky.'
Joe blinked at him. In less fraught circumstances he would have had very different thoughts about Nicky's face. Right now however, all he could manage was confusion.
'Can I help you?' Joe managed, struggling to force an expression of polite interest onto his face. He could feel eye twitch, but hoped it would come across as some kind of charming affectation. From the look on Nicky's face, he wasn't particularly successful.
'I'm sorry to bother you,' Nicky said, still looking at him strangely. Joe couldn't blame him. 'I saw you moving in as I was leaving earlier, but couldn't stop. I just wanted to offer my assistance, should you need it, in getting settled.'
That was... unexpected. Sweet. Somewhat useless at the moment, but very nice.
'That's kind of you,' Joe said on a sigh, pushing his hand into his hair to rub at his scalp. Nicky watched the movement of his hand, and Joe wondered just how wild his curls had gotten to attract a stranger's attention like that. 'I would be grateful for some help later, probably, but I'm having a bit of a crisis at the moment and I can't even begin to think about moving in.'
'A crisis?' asked Nicky, looking away from Joe's hair sharply. Joe hadn't realised how intense Nicky's grey eyes were until he was looking directly into them. 'Are you sure there's nothing I can do?'
Joe laughed, a horrible little pained sound.
'Unless you happen to be a genius when it comes to fixing wifi, I think I'm out of luck.'
Nicky clicked his tongue sympathetically, and nodded.
'It is a nightmare when it rains,' said Nicky, like that was a completely normal thing to say when someone tells you their wifi is broken.
'Rain?' Joe hadn't even noticed, but with his attention drawn to it, suddenly all he could hear was the clatter of rain against the windows.
'It breaks the wifi in the building. Something to do with the copper wires, I don't truly understand,' Nicky said, smiling very slightly. 'I can help though, I think.'
'You can fix it?' asked Joe, seizing on the one part of the conversation he had the brain space to process.
'Not fix it, no,' said Nicky, but he continued speaking before disappointment could fully choke Joe. 'But it happens enough that my friend gave me a.. a... thing. I do not remember what he called it. It gives wifi, but not wifi like you get from the phone line? For short times only.'
It was like hearing his baba try to explain something technical, Joe couldn't help but smile at him.
'A dongle?' Joe suggested, feeling his smile grow wider when Nicky shrugged his shoulders. They were very broad shoulders, Joe noticed distantly.
'As you say. If you need it, you are welcome to use it? I only live one floor up.'
'Are you serious?' asked Joe, already halfway back into his flat to throw his things together. Nicky laughed from the doorway.
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drunk-poets-society · 1 month
Thanks to Bungo stray dogs I will now never be able to picture all these prolific classic literature authors as anything other than twinks dilfs lesbians or menaces to society.
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xcatmo · 1 year
Tumblr media
day 3 of the @miraculousfanworks rare pair month! Hot Dog Dan x Miss Bustier... 👀 new OTP? /hj
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doberbutts · 1 year
Also it's a really fucking dick move to take a post talking about how money becomes an accessibility barrier even if the 'product' is overall worth the price and deride it by pointing out the person saying so has never titled a dog competitively. Maybe because the point of the post was that titling competitively costs more money than many novices make and so of course 'pet titles' that cost ten bucks with training anyone with even mild experience can do at home are going to be prioritized over training and titling costing into the thousands.
Maybe that's why someone who understands the worth of the expensive option but doesn't actually have the money for it buys the book written by that person and takes a cheaper class from someone adjacent to that person instead 🤷‍♂️
Anyway I loved it when I had a conversation with the mondio club I'm checking out after the holidays regarding club dues etc and the very first thing they said was 'we understand novices often cannot afford dues and we will work with any novice experiencing financial barriers to good training to ensure accessibility and inclusivity'. It's the conversation I keep having over and over. If people want these sports to survive then there is going to need to be a serious discussion regarding cost and availability to the people you're trying to get to buy. I can afford dues now but I used to not be able to. You know why I could afford to train in MD and not in PA or CT? Because the clubs in MD said I didn't need to start paying until I started trialing.
People *are* being prevented from getting their feet wet with novice level titles if the training is so expensive it costs more than rent. It can be well worth the price but it still costs more than rent. If you want novices and especially disadvantaged novices to be interested in your sport it needs to not cost more than rent or you need to work out a scholarship program or something.
#anyway titles also like...#aren't the only way to measure someone's worth as a trainer#oh I'm sorry I didn't realize sport dogs are trained on a higher standard than service dogs 💀#yes I train pet dogs at my job#and I train fucking MEDICAL EQUIPMENT to SAVE MY LIFE in my personal pack#when money is tight the training I'm paying for is the stuff that keeps me from dying sorry#do *you* have your dog's name cared into a national monument and a plaque sent from the national breed club?#I don't think I'm hot shit I know I'm a novice and a filthy casual at that#but it's interesting that people are so willing to spit on my accomplishments with so little to their own names 👀#anyway I said what I said zero to CD is out of reach for disadvantaged novices#and it's a shame#because they're who the program would help the most#so can we really complain when said disadvantaged novices go to someone cheaper#just because 'someone cheaper' doesn't train the +R way?#or when disadvangaged novices choose not to pursue competition#because they can't even afford the 'pet titles' you just spat on?#that was the point of my post#if you think it was about my ego then that speaks to your own privilege that you can't see what was actually being said#hey show of hands who has 1.5k right now that they can drop on something that isn't a bill or repair?#okay now who has 200 to drop on something that isn't bills or repair?#final show of hands who haa 10 bucks a week they could drop on something that isn't bills or repair?#look at all those people we could get into dog training a kinder way than the majority of those 10 buck drop ins#a shame someone who never competitively titled partially due to finances is the one who brought it up tho rite 💀
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its a new year and the only thing i have to show for it is my new fucked up little creacher
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goldiipond · 2 years
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finally drew some rough refs for all of my pmtok gijinkas so far !!! also dog
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konmari-dogs · 6 months
This has been a great return to the training and sport season after 2 years in lockdown but ohmygod I’m so tired and looking forward to us dialling back on physical training and turning our focus to just chilling together for a couple of months and taking training theory and methods classes
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tiredsadpeach · 3 months
May not feel great rn but tomorrow I get to see my best friend and we’re exchanging gifts and then afterward I’m going with my sister to pick up a cat
#I don’t talk about this best friend on here a lot lately but he’s great and I love him#platonically and romantically#I’ve had a crush on him for uhh 9 years teehee#he doesn’t know I still feel that way or at least I hope he doesn’t because I don’t wanna make him uncomfy#we dated back in 2013 but I was a pos then and cheated on him because I give in to peer pressure#I’m serious about that btw like the chick that convinced me to cheat when we were official I went over to a friends house and she thought I#would cheat on her because I was so easy to convince the first time lmao#anyway that was forever ago and I am very very different now and would kill past me tbh for that teehee#this is the best friend that stayed with me after I cut off everyone because they stayed friends with my abuser#he’s literally the fucking best and I love him so much and I hope we always stay friends despite my Crazy lol#but also CAT INFOOOO okay so me and my sister went to our local pet store and they partner with a specific shelter? idk I can’t give the#name out because the only pet store listed on their website is the one we go to and that’s too much info about where I live lmao#ANYWAY I was more just showing her the two 4 month old brothers I saw the other day because they’re cute and I was hoping I’d see they were#adopted which they weren’t but they’re chatty kittens they’ll be gone soon tbh probably snatched up for Christmas#but so I had just been there two days ago on the 16th and we went on the 18th and one new cat was there#a 1 1/2 year old black cat named Morticia!! she was so cute they had a hot pink collar and bell on her and her file said she gets along well#with dogs and other cats (perfect for us we live with our parents still so full house) and it said she loves to be held and talked to ☹️☹️☹️#and her arrival date? the 16th so I just missed her but ALSO that’s one of our family dog’s birthday he turned 5 that day!!#also learned today Morticia had three kittens who have all been adopted and you’ll never guess their names#Wednesday pugsly and thing teehee#the fact that cat is just named Thing is so fucking funny#anyway my sister was petting her and she rolled into it ☹️ got head scratches and ear rubs and THEN I was filling out the application for he#while we waited for our parents to call us back and Morticia LAID HER HEAD IN MY SISTERS HAND ☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️#so yeah my sister fell in love and the naming matches so well with her other cat who is about 2 years old now who’s a long haired tortoise#named Magnolia !! she’s a really chill cat who when it comes to other cats if the cat likes her she likes the cat but she’s also the younges#cat we have rn but my cats half adore her and half dgaf like my older two just want to be left alone by the animals and loved on by humans#but my younger two (8 and 5) still act like babies and run around like kittens so they love magnolia and she loves them so I have no doubt#Morticia is gonna fit in just fine and we don’t have to change her name!!#idk about y’all but we like always change our pets’ names when we adopt them and sometimes I’m glad we do because we have an anxious big#mutt doggie and we named him Chimmy which worked out well because he’s kinda silly and goofy and yknow neurodivergent but his og name?
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jadewyton · 2 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Introductory paragraphs for the narrating characters (+the town intro) for the novella I wrote to celebrate our year-long dnd campaign entering its final arc!
I still am really excited to have done this! Please check it out if you feel like reading something. Its got so many cute moments.
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boscobetty · 9 months
whaaaat did you play in marching band now you've got me eyes emoji curious for no reason
i played clarinet bc that’s what my grandpa bought me and i hated it but i was good at it and was first chair my senior year. i really liked and preferred the sound of alto sax but i didn’t get one until after i graduated and couldn’t afford lessons and then i had to sell it to help my mom pay rent so rip that potential sexciness
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notebooket · 4 months
Crossover Idea
Notebooket(OLO series) and Pizzadog(BOTO) double date
OLOs Notebook and Pizza being epic canon gay icons and talking abt how much they love their respective musician partners
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mewkwota · 8 months
There is no way to get rid of the “Check Out These Tags” thing, is there?
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fabulouslygaybean · 9 months
the first day of my new job was today and like 90% of it was spent driving a heavy duty golf cart and petting dogs
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discyours · 2 years
I have a flock of chickens and I purposely give them names that have fallen out of fashion. So far there's been Bunty, Beatrice, Penny, Gertrude, Calliope, Dorothy, and Blanche.
Not to be a downer but tbh I feel like that kind of contributes to older names being seen as ridiculous and no longer suitable as a name for actual women. Also giving animals completely normal, currently used names is 100x funnier IMO because you can be talking about your pets without anyone realising they're not human for an embarassingly long time.
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