whack-patty · 2 months
Is there perhaps
A Fullbody ref of Le human lad (and Le feathery lad too-)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
because my dumb self fully drew the ref, posted it on the wrong social media, and then fully forgot that the ask came from here. i am so sorry hAHAHFJDK
anyway finally did a version on a magma! ill refine it another time but here's the gist of it + do a proper bird ref somewhere down the line.
not drawn here but he's got a set of gloves that are whitey-yellow with dark stained fingers to parallel his actual feathery hands! the rag in his back pocket kinda parallels his tail.
((what is it stained with? you decide))
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idv-tricksterisopu · 2 years
So all the blogs aesops and everyone uve interracted is whom that caught ur interest?
So by default u only take interest in aesops n victors?
Did i seem that way? Hmmm noted.
Rambles under the cut!
But no im not only interested in aesops n victors only. Im interested in many other blogs.
Its just a coincidence that I mostly seem to interract with aesops and victors just cuz their mods are whom I became friends with.
I am planning to befriend other people here and interract with their muses :3
I like stalk- following them and checking out their blogs and just waiting for an oppurtunity to kill introduce myself. Not only that, Im suddenly suffering in burnout cycle syndrome where my brain keeps giving me alot of ideas but my hands refuse to do anything at any given free time only to regret it later- a m a z i n g .
The one thing i need to remind myself. STOP R U S H I N G - all my goddamn answers and replies are so rushed that the art can litterally be seen deteriorating by itself. N the rps o god i think i still has some left idk ill have to do a count check later.
Which is why i havent been trying to rp with others or reply to the dead ones for awhile because of this inner g u i l t. Wether its okay for noot(lilgray's mun) or not- Its not okay for me.
Anyways i didnt think this would get long sorry i just gotta let off some steam. Life is stressful yknow.
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kazashiiii · 4 years
What’s that ?
part 2
Tumblr media
previously on ‘ what’s that ? ‘
“ tell me where is Mark right now ? ” Tzuyu asked
“ i-i dont know , probably working " Sana replied
Tzuyu tired to calm herself down after knowing what Mark did to Sana
it’s currently 12:50AM
“ Sana , cmon lets go to bed ” Tzuyu said while dragging Sana
- time skipped -
Morning 9:45AM
Sana woke up aggressively knowing that Tzuyu wasnt beside her she was worried and she quickly ran down the stairs to check if Tzuyu was there but her presence wasnt there
Tzuyu’s POV
chaeyoung and i are currently at some random cafe , im ranting stuffs to chaeyoung cause i didnt have anyone else to rant to
“ so what happend ? “ chaeyoung asked in concern
“ s-she was raped “ i said while breaking down
“ WHAT ?! " chaeyoung said loudly
“ she was raped , by Mark “ i cried even more
“ W-WHAT ?! MARK ?! “ Chaeyoung was shocked knowing that it was Mark who did that to Sana
Sana’s POV
" should i call her ? ” i mumbled to myself
“ but what if she’s busy with work ? wait it’s saturday tho ”
suddenly my phone rang , i quickly picked it up without checking the caller ID
“ hello ?? Tzuyu-ah~ "
“ Tzuyu ? nahh babe don’t u miss me ? " the person on the other line said
“ w-who are you ?? where is Tzuyu ?? ” i asked in concern
“ shushh bbygirl , how can u forget me ? we did so much that night u even enjoyed it ”
“ m-mark ?! ” i said shockingly
“ thats right babygirl ” Mark said
“ h-how did y- ” Sana was about to finish her sentence when Mark interfered
“ not important babygirl , i miss you . i miss touching you and inse- " before Mark could finish i quickly end the call
“ oh my jissos , how the fuck he have my number ?! ”
No one’s POV
“ Chae , i think i better go off first im scared Sana is worried abt me ” Tzuyu told Chaeyoung
“ you didnt tell her where u were going ? ” Chae asked
“ nah she was sleeping ” Tzuyu answered
“ alrightt2 take care let’s settle Mark tonite i’ll drop by ur place ” Chae said
“ do you know where is Mark’s hangout place ? ” Tzuyu asked
“ hmm probably Canvas Club ” Chae said
Tzuyu then waved Chaeyoung goodbye and drove back to her house
Sana is currently nagging at herself , when Tzuyu appeared at the door Sana quickly run up to Tzuyu and hugged her
Tzuyu hugged back
“ sorry i didn’t inform u where i was ” Tzuyu apologised
“ where did u go ? ” Sana asked curiously
“ meet up with Chaeyoung , she has a problem with Minari ” Tzuyu lied
suddenly Sana’s turned into a worried face as if a mom had lost their kids
“ heyy , what’s wrongg ?? ” Tzuyu asked in concern
“ n-nothingg ” Sana replied
“ are you sure ? cmon tell me what’s wrong “ Tzuyu said while caressing Sana’s back
“ w-well , M-mark called me just now ” Sana said
“ WHAT ?! ” Tzuyu said loudly
“ h-he called me and- ” Sana was cut off by Tzuyu
“ Sana listen to me im gonna kill that asshole alright , im gonna make sure he doesn’t bother you anymore okay " Tzuyu said while caressing Sana’s cheeks
“ T-tzuyu please don’t get yourself in trouble , lets just hand him over to the police ” Sana said
“ shh , let’s eat breakfast i bought u some breakfast ” Tzuyu said
“ komawo~ ” Sana said while clinging onto Tzuyu’s arms
-time skipped -
“ Sana-ah ? ”
“ yess chewyy~ "
“ do you mind going to bed first ? cause Chaeyoung wanna rant to me about Mina ”
“ o-ouhh , right now ? ”
“ yea “
“ but its late tho “
“ she really need someone go rant to right now she got into a big fight with Minari "
“ ahh okay , ill be waiting for you “
“ you should sleep first “
Sana didn’t say anything , before Tzuyu take her leave she kissed Sana’s forehead and walked out the door & entered Chaeyoung’s car
Sana’s POV
“ Minari and Chaeyoung got into a fight ? but they looked like they’re in good terms " Sana thought
meanwhile Tzuyu & Chaeyoung are now heading to Canvas Club to whack that asshole
suddenly Sana’s phone rang
“ h-hello ? ” Sana said
“ Sanake , its me Minari ”
“ phew i thought it was someone else ”
“ i wonder who u were expecting "
“ yahh why did you called me ? ”
“ have you seen Chaeyoung ? ”
“ she’s with Tzuyu "
“ ahh i see , she didn’t told me where she was going tho ”
“ im also not sure , Tzuyu told me that you both had a huge fight ”
“ fight ?? we’re in good terms tho ”
“ huhh ? Tzuyu told me yall had a huhe fight tho “
“ no we didn’t “
“ ohh , ill call u back “
meanwhile , Chae & Tzu have arrived the club Tzuyu was so ready to beat that asshole until Mark noticed them
“ well , well , well look what we got here “ Mark said
“ YOU ! ” Tzuyu said while pointing at Mark
“ yes ? ohh wait u’re Tzuyu right ? and you are ? ” Mark looked towards Chaeyoung
“ none of you business ! ”
“ ohh wow , Tzuyu your girlfriend is Sana am i right ? damn just let go of her i can give her more satisfaction “
“ you raped Sana didn’t you ! ”
“ woah2 i didn’t rape her , she wants it so you know i just gotta go cause why nott “
“ she didn’t wants it you idiot ! ” Tzuyu’s blood boils , her fists was clenching tight
“ tell you what , i really did have a great time with her it was fun and i wish i could do it again ”
“ dont you dare . ”
“ why not ? she likes it too , i bet she’s begging for it more though right now “
“ enough “
Tzuyu then threw a punch on Mark’s cheeks which cause his lips to bleed
“ woah someone is angry , wanna know something i fuck her better then you ! ”
Tzuyu wanted to punch Mark’s cheekbone but eventually Mark managed to block and he hits Tzuyu’s stomach very hard and cause Tzuyu to fall to the ground .
Chaeyoung quickly ran towards Tzuyu wanting to help Tzuyu get up but Mark managed to kick Chaeyoung on the stomach
“ Tzuyu , tzuyu tzuyu . enough just let her go she can have more fun with me i have a dick unlike u ure using ure useless fingers to fuck her “
and with that Tzuyu got really mad and she tooked the wine bottle and hit Mark’s head
but for some reason Mark’s head is made of metal he still managed to punch Tzuyu on the stomach
Tzuyu quickly got up and punched Mark’s face as hard as she could which caused Mark to fell to the ground
Chaeyoung got up slowly and held Tzuyu up walking back towards Chae’s car , they’re going back to Tzuyu’s house
Tzuyu checked her phone and 15 missed calls & 35 texts from ‘ Sana Bibi 💘 ‘
“ shit2 ” Tzuyu said in pain
“ w-whyy ? ” chae asked
“ S-sana ”
-time skipped-
Tzuyu’s house
*cough* Tzuyu coughs due to pain on her stomach
“ T-tzuyu ?! what happend ??! ” Sana asked in concern
“ nothing , why are u sleeping at the couch ? ”
“ i was waiting for you , Tzuyu why are there bruises ?? what happend ?! ”
suddenly Tzuyu faints .
omg , i feel like i did a really bad job here so sorry hope y’all enjoy this quick update will probably update when im free .
Tumblr media
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rvnjun · 5 years
nct 127 reacts: having a really big fight with their s/o in front of their members
Requested: nct 127’s reaction to having a really big fight with s/o? and in front of the members? i love angst xD
Genre: Angst and in some cases Fluff
Warnings: Fighting
A/n: So for some of them I don’t think I made it angsty? Like it some cases they make up and in others they don’t; so if you don’t like that then you can send another ask and I’ll fix it!!
Tumblr media
T a e i l
Taeil fiddled with the straps of his bag, his members all stared at him with wide eyes. “Uh Taeil,,,that was uncalled for,” Yuta said, staring at the door of which you had just run out of. You and Taeil got into a heavy fight infront of his members, he really didn’t know why but in the heat of the moment he said he was breaking up with you. Now he was really regretting it because he really really loved you. He wiped some hot tears from his cheeks and glanced at his members “Pitful, I know. Guys what do I do I really messed up?” He asked feeling completely hopeless. “Apologize, Y/n was in the right. Tell Y/n how much you love them, you just dumped them so how are they supposed to know you’re telling the truth?” Johnny replied
T a e y o n g
Taeyong was doing his best to stay calm. He didn’t want to cause a scene with his members around. However there was so much he needed to get off his chest and his manager said he couldn’t leave the room. Your conservation was calm but as the topics changed and you both got more heated you started to yell at eachother. His members sat back with their eyes wide, the tension was so thick that even non of them knew what to do or say. “Hey guys,,,are you okay?” Mark innocently asked despite it being obvious you weren’t. Once his words hit the both you you both were able to calm down and come back to your senses. “I’m sorry babe, I didn’t mean it,” Taeyong said we’re pulling you in for a hug
J o h h n y
What was a peaceful adult conversation with Johnny turned into a obnoxious fight. “I don’t think you understand what I’m trying to say!” You yelled so loud the members could hear. “Hey Johnny,,maybe you should go to a different room if you’re gonna fight,” Yuta said with a sigh. You stopped in your tracks when you heard Yuta words. You had been so caught up in yelling that you didn’t realize how loud and uncivil you were being. Johnny looked straight into Yutas eyes while speaking “There isn’t a need-“ he said before locking eye contact with you “Because like this conversation, we are over.”
Y u t a
It had been 2 days since you got into a bad fight with Yuta. Honestly, you didn’t know what set it off. One minute you were eating lunch with his members and the next Yuta was yelling at you for being to clingy. You two probably would have yelled at eachother for hours if Winwin hadn’t broken it up. You sat on the floor of your apartment and started to cry thinking about Yuta again. Your phone rang, his name popped up brightly. You hesitated to answer but you missed his voice. Before you could even say hello Yutas voice loudly bursted in your ear, his voice was low and scratchy. “I’m so so fuckin sorry I miss you so much please forgive me”
D o y o u n g 
“Well maybe if you were around more, you'd notice!” you yelled while packing up your stuff. It wasn't like you to get angry, especially not ignorant of other people. You just really had enough. “Oh really? So you're just gonna use that classic line one me? You knew what you were getting into,” he yelled back making the members cringe. The wet hot tears formed, you turned to face Doyoung one last time “Im breaking up with you. I knew what I was getting into but I thought we agreed that you would still be around when you could,” you opened and slammed the door on him, not giving him a chance to reply. “Are you okay?” Taeyong asked through the silence. Doyoung didnt say anything, instead he opened the door and left to follow after you. 
J a e h y u n
Jaehyun and you sat in silence, there had been so much on your mind that you wanted to say but you didn't know how. Jaehyun must have felt the same way, he stopped what he was doing and looked up at you. “Just say it! I know you want to,” be sharp voice caught you off guard. “What am I supposed to say jaehyun, we both are thinking the same thing,” your words came out sharper that you were intending. The members glanced over at you two, not knowing what to expect. “Should we stop it?’ Mark leaned over and whispered in Taeyong sear. Before Taeyong could reply Jaehyun stood up and spoek “Just leave if you're going to act like a bitch.” Everyone including you gasped at his words. ‘If that's what you want,” you quickly stood up and ran out of there so he couldn't see your tears 
W i n w i n
You looked between Winwin and his members, of felt like you were being alienated against. “You guys do know Sicheng isn’t the saint you all think he is?” You wiped your tears. “Y/n-“ Taeyong started to say but you cut him off “God Sicheng I really loved you, I really thought we had something,” you said, pushing past him to get out of the door. Sichengs mouth fell open in surprise, that was the first time you ever said I love you to eachother. “Wait, Y/n,” he tired to go after you but Yuta string grip on him prevented him from doing so. “I really don’t think it’s worth it,” Taeyong said with a sight, casually going back to practice. Sicheng wiped the tears from his eyes “I really loved you too, Y/n”
J u n g w o o
You felt your heart shatter with every intake of breath. “I’m not trying to discourage your hard work and I understand that it’s your dream but it just feels like you’re forgetting about me,” you were in hysterics. Jungwoo wiped his tears “Are you sure because it really feels like you only are thinking about yourself,” he let out a deep breath. Haechan unnecessarily piped up and said “I have to agree with Jungwoo on this one, Y/n I think you’re being selfish,” he so casually added. It even caught Jungwoo buy surprise “You think so Haechan? Then fine I guess I’ll be selfish again and make the decision to break up, unnegotiable,” you stared straight into Jungwoos eyes before pushing past him and taking your leave. “Oh shit wait,” Haechan said while watching you leave. Jungwoo turned to face him with red puffy eyes “Haechan what do I do?” He asked, chest shaking with tears. Haechan looked around the room, no one was in sight. “Do I really look like the kind of guy who I has answers? I literally just called them selfish,” Haechan shrugged and then added “But if I were you I’d go after Y/n” once his words left his mouth Jungwoo was gone out the door searching for you
M a r k
“Mark you promised that we would be able to have a date. We haven’t been able to go on a real date for months now,” your voice sounded exasperated. You did your best to hold back your tears, you weren’t mad but you were very sad. Something in Mark snapped, you had never seen him get this angry before. He sighed heavily and dropped his chopsticks “Sometimes promises are broken for a reason. Now if you would please leave me alone and stop being so whiny I’d greatly appreciate it,” he didn’t look at you but instead continued to look at the notebook where he wrote lyrics. You felt your heart shatter, standing up you yelled “You know what Mark Lee, I know I deserve better than this! I have done nothing but bust my ass just so you could be happy and I will not let you walk all over me like this!” You went running out of the room, tears cascading down your cheeks. Marks eye widened as he watched you leave “Go after them,” Johnny said while a shake of his head. He slowly got up, hesitating to follow after you because he realized that he was unnecessarily rude to you
H a e c h a n
Haechan rolled his eyes at you for the 3rd time that night. “Can you stop rolling your eyes at me?” You asked feeling even more upset that he wasn’t taking you seriously. You couldnt hold back, raising your voice you sternly yelled “Can you not be childish for once!” You threw your hands into the air and stomped out of the room. All the members watched as you leave “What happened?” Taeyong asked while moving to where the younger member sat. Haechan looked away and scoffed “Nothing they were just being a bitch and couldn’t take a joke. I want being childish, I knew what they were trying to say, it’s there fault for not listening to me.”
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ynajun · 6 years
abc tag! ♡
tagged by: @caixukunkun​ ♡ thank you!!
rules: answer the questions in a new post + tag 10 blogs you’d like to know better
a)ge: 19
b)irthplace: washington dc
c)urrent time: 10:31 pm
d)rink you last had: strawberry watermelon seltzer
e)asiest person to talk to: my sister + best friends
f)av song: o shit i have so many but to name a few,,, house of cards (bts), for you (3racha), 2! 3! (bts), and glow (stray kids) <33
g)rossest memory: when i was in second grade we had those beds that you could lift up and store things under it, and my siblings and i would often open it and climb on top to play on it. this one time i was standing on the side, with my foot at the edge of the bed while it was open, and my sister went on top of it and the top came down and landed on my foot,,, and half of my big toenail came off and it was like hella bloody and gross and i had to bandage it up for like Months until it grew back,,,,,,,,,,, rip
h)ogwarts house: ravenclaw!
i)n love: with aj  i didnt say anything
j)ealous of people: not often :oo but if i do it’s usually if said person is really social or good at interacting with others,, bc i am So Awkward it pains me
k)illed someone: what
l)ove at first sight or walk by again: i can acknowledge if i find someone attractive upon first sight but it takes a while of getting to know them to really fall for them :’))
m)iddle name: rebecca
n)umber of siblings: 2; younger sister (16) + younger brother (13)
o)ne wish: nyu pls let me graduate
p)erson you last called: mom
q)uestion you ask most: (to my parents, if i’m planning on going out) do we have anything to do today?
r)eason to smile: stray kids :’)
s)ong you last sang: 3racha’s placebo <33
t)ime you woke up: 8:15am bc i had to go to work rip
u)nderwear colour: grey
v)acation destination: pls let me move back to taipei i don’t need to travel just bring me back and let me go to tbc again  thank u
w)orst habit: cracking my knuckles (my mom gets so mad at me for doing it for some reason jfkldjlakf)
x)-rays: i guess i took like?? mouth x-rays?? bc i needed them for making my invisalign trays
y)our fav food: UM FUCK I HAVE A LOT TOO but some of my faves are stinky tofu, 小籠包 (soup dumplings, except nothing can top din tai fung sorry), shao bing you tiao + soy milk, 蚵仔麵線 + 大腸 (i googled it to look for the english trans and it says?? oyster vermicelli + pig intestines which sounds very odd to me but i guess that’s right), and acai bowls (this was a result of moving to california)
z)odiac sign: scorpio
tagging: @princeruibin @tanqram @jarpark @qinfour @chaeunwoo @strgaykids<3 
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n1chijou · 6 years
abc tag
rules: answer the questions, and tag blogs you would like to get to know better
tagged by:〈 @c-huuu 〉thank u rey!!!! u da best!!
A - age: 19!
B - birthplace: oregon
C - current time: 9:38pm
D - drink you last had: water
E - easiest person to talk to: hmm probably my friend claire! 
F - favourite songs: waaaaaaahhh ummm rn im into office lady by toshiki kadomatsu, cherry by rina sawayama, sunflower by rex orange county, 1998 truman by brockhampton + love trip by takako mamiya
G - grossest memory: STORY TIME one morning I was walking my parents skittish full sized greyhound bernie before school + I realize I ran out of poop bags. I spot a lady walking her 2 dogs and ask where they keep them! well she has 2 HUGE DOGS and one of them lunges at bernie, causing her to freak out and knock me the fuck over! the adrenaline and need to just like run away in shame makes me just be like “its ok!!!! im fine1!!!! :)” when the lady is fakely like “are u ok???” meanwhile at least 4/7 layers of skin have been removed from my right foot/ankle. I dont even notice how badly im bleeding and how deep the scrape is until I finally get to my apartment + am literally gushing blood. I dont like blood!!!!! so this is terrible!!!! it literally didnt heal for over a month + 4ish months later its still tender to touch and I have a massive discolored scar. it turned so many gross colors and would constantly reopen every time I walked (I was a cosmetology student at the time so I was ALWAYS standing) so I was just like constantly bleeding and hurting. I remember id have to wrap it w gauze....but then the gauze would fuse into the wound...and id have to............pull it off..........erwren2qrenpqerjkn2q32rn23iuoifnpejncmk
H - horror yes or horror no: horror yes! but also no bc i get stressed out lmao
I - in love: no but I WANNA BE
J - jealous: I guess!
K - kiss or be kissed: be kissed uwu
L - love at first sight or should I walk by again: idk i dont like the concept of love at first sight bc I like to start out in a relationship as friends first! I wanna see u grow! I wanna see how u react to conflict or adversity! I feel like -love at first sight- suggests that you jump into a relationship in a romantic context w/o really getting to know someone and I feel like its something thirsty straight guys would do....maybe im being overly analytic tho lmao
M - middle name: faith!
N - number of siblings: 1
O - one wish: employment!!!!!! please!!!
P - last person you called: my stepmom!
Q - question you are always asked: “is that a tattoo of the buster/master/??? sword?” ITS NOT
R - reasons to smile: my cat!!!!!
S - song you last sang: chinese restaurant by takako mamiya!
T - time you woke up: this morning I woke up at 7 and it was way harder than I would like to admit lol 
U - underwhelming experience: matador in smt 3....its the only thing I could think of im sorry,,,
V - vacation destination: somewhere where I dont have to do anything!!
W - worst habit: I HATE doing dishes....its my fatal flaw...please fix me..
X - x-ray: I think I got one when I was 6 and ate shit down a flight of concrete stairs lmao 
Y - your favourite food: hmm either dim sum style beef honeycomb or bun thit nuong w a big ol egg roll on top!! 
Z - zodiac sign: gemini
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jaebeomsmullet · 6 years
Tagged by: @jaefuck
Rules: Answer the questions and tag 10 blogs you would like to know better
A. Age: 24
B. Birthplace: Glasgow,Scotland
C. Current Time: 3:55pm
D. Last drink you had: strawberry milk
E. Easiest person to talk to: on tumblr? then it’s @dalgikisses, @cookiedrive, @jaebumsmullet, @jaefuck and @jj-nyoung
F. Favorite song atm: I have three atm: EXO-CBX-Blooming Day, NCT-Black on Black and Mino and Zico-Okey Dokey
G. Grossest memory I can think of: This is embarrassing but I’ll tell the story anyway: on a uni trip to Latvia we were in a small ass town in the middle of nowhere doing research for my degree and my uni pals had to decided to spend the night drinking( because there was nothing interesting to do in this town,it was an actual ghost town)
 anyway so we spend the night drinking and the next day we had to get up and interview locals about this big ass Nazi memorial they have (yeah gross and a lot of people support idk anyway)  me and one other uni friend didnt feel particularly great but got through the interviews, then we had to go and visit this disgusting memorial and my friend ended up throwing up over the memorial because he still felt ill  but then it triggered me and a few others to throw up (in my case if i smell sick i am sick lol) and well i think this is one big reason why british people shouldnt be allowed to travel anywhere.
H. Hogwarts house: I’m ngl I hate Harry Potter, sorry 🤷🏻‍♀️
I. In love: with Jaebum’s mullet
J. Jealous: I can be a jealous person when I need to
K. Killed someone: lol no but if i was going to confess, i guess tumblr would be the place to do it
L. Love at first sight: never experienced it and idk if i believe in it
M. Middle name: Anne
N. Number of siblings: 1 younger brother
O. One wish: To get out of this country and have a stable career
R. Reasons to smile: food and got7
S. Song you last sang: Bang Bang Bang-Big Bang
T. Time you woke up: 11 am
U. Underwear color: black
V. Vacation destination: anywhere outside of the UK, i’m not picky
X. X-rays: I’ve had too many to remember tbh
Y. Fave food: I can live off pasta for the rest of my life, also cheese I can’t live without cheese
Z. Zodiac sign: Pisces
i’m tagging @dalgikisses, @jj-nyoung, @jaebumsmullet, @gotqi, @cookiedrive and @leaderjaebum
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gohyuck · 7 years
Sleepovers with NCT Dream
anon asked: Am I allowed to request sleepover/slumber parties with NCT Dream? Just somethin cute n fluffy
okay so i’m not sure if this is like each individual member or with the group as a whole so i did...both? 
uh for each of them the other members aren’t present because just...assume that the specific member kicked them out for the night or they dont wanna bother member/reader haha
under the cut
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“fight me mark lee”
you regret the words like...as soon as they leave you because the moment you finish your sentence you get a face full of pillow
youd forgotten your clothes in the excitement of being able to sleepover at your boyfriend’s so long story short you’re decked out in one of his thinner t-shirts and a pair of his sweatpants
moments before disaster (aka The Pillow) struck you’d been chilling out on the couch and you both were pigging out just watching tv or something 
then mark decided to s t e a l a c h i p f r o m y o u r b o w l 
you couldn’t just TAKE THAT 
so yeah you mouth off and then get pillowed in the face and after the initial shock wears off you kinda just calmly get up and walk slowly towards the kitchen counter to put your food away so it doesnt spill
all the while mark is shaking in his boots the fear is BUILDING
because hes going over the scenarios of what you might do next in his head he doesnt notice you discretely picking up a pillow
he does feel it tho when you hit him upside the head with it
W A R ensues its like... Armageddon 
until you pin mark down because hes laughing way too hard to fight back
“cry uncle” “NEVER” tickles him once “uNCLE”
he calls for a truce and you give him one with a warning about stealing food and hes like ok fine ill get my own chips next time and you guys resume watching the movie
his arms around you and youre just using him as a headrest/backrest and its overall a really soft time tbh
mark is really comfortable tbh
and you guys have been dating for a while (dream’s parents) so it’s just like a normal date, practically
its just really chill like you guys dont do much other than marathon movies and pillow fight and pig out 
and make small talk 
and steal kisses
playing random games like ispy or something just seems like a mark thing
planning future hang outs and dates lol
“hey on our next date im taking you out to dinner” “and a movie” “you bet” “mark i was kiddi-” “its my treat”
it gets late fast though (time flies when you’re having fun) and you notice this and look over to say that maybe you guys should sleep only to find your bf knocked out on the other side of the couch
you cant help but smile at the sight
he’s so overworked, you don’t have the heart to wake him up
instead you turn off the tv, put up all the foodstuffs and clean the area quickly, put the pillows up and lay a pillow out on the ground by the couch and find a blanket and then turn off the lights before lying down
when mark wakes up the next morning he wakes up before you and sighs before stepping over you lightly to brush and stuff and to pour cereal for the two of you (hes not even going to TRY to cook)
once you wake up hes like “why didnt you wake me i wouldve taken the floor” and youre just like “yeah thats why i didnt wake you” and he just shakes his head because he cant argue with you and honestly hes
kinda touched, just a little
you have to leave all too soon but you dont go before getting a goodbye kiss and a promise to have another sleepover very soon
just....soft..soft times
Tumblr media
board game central
hes just 
head in the game lolol (dont kill me for that joke)
monopoly? clue? sorry? you name it he’s got it like...this boy doesn’t play when it comes to board games
no pun intended
the first half of the night is just you guys playing random board games as best you can with just two people
and then he brings out the chess board
that’s when it gets bumpin tbh
by bumpin i mean you and your boyfriend nearly wring each others throats during the match...but with your minds...because neither of you are speaking you’re THAT concentrated
it’s.....2 hours long
and in the end you guys have to call a draw and like you sit back and just stare at each other blinking and eventually renjun speaks
and his voice is hoarse because neither of you have spoken in a while and the first thing he says (very matter-of-factly, too) is “i’m going to flip the board now”
and you just go “go ahead” hoarsely as well because you’re just in mild shock that nobody won that intense ass match
he flips the board and looks up and stares at you and you stare back and suddenly the two of you are crying of laughter like
majorly uncontrollable you’re just rolling on the floor wheezing 
after you both calm down renjun goes to the kitchen to find something to eat and he’s like “it’s 1 in the morning oh my god we haven’t even eaten dinner what the heck” and that sends you into another fit of laughter
“wait but we still have to have like a pillow fight and watch dumb romcoms and horrors and stuff we have so much to do and so little time” “renjun we don’t have to do all the cliche sleepover stuff” “ok but consider this: itll be fun” “its like ass thirty in the morning though/??” “are you saying we cant do it because if so now we HAVE to do it” “...you get the pillows i’ll get the popcorn put the worst movie you can find into the dvd player”
after a few movies its like 5: 30 am and the two of you are still awake
“are you still up” “no are you” “no”
neither of you wants to be the first to fall asleep
competitive couple af
you guys start a two person game of truth or dare and it ends up getting mushy because for a truth renjun asks you like how you knew you wanted to date him
and you get serious and stuff (which he didn’t foresee he expected an answer like “well you look like moomin and like....i love moomin”) and you come at him with like “when i started noticing that your eyes sparkle when you sing and just how happy you make other people and how you love what you do and how-”
he attacks you with a massive hug because oh my god you’re so sweet he’s getting a cavity 
“i like you a lot, you know”  “i’d hope so i just ate like 90% of your snack stash renjun”  “i take that back”
you guys are still awake when mark comes back to the dorm
when he gets out of the shower, however, is a different story - you and renjun are dead asleep while sitting on the couch, awkwardly wrapped around each other
a photoshoot courtesy of mark’s phone camera ensues
(mark goes to sleep to ice cubes in his pillow that night, courtesy of you and renjun)
Tumblr media
king of planning 
like he mentally knows everything that can and will go wrong and stuff and knows where the extra pillows and blankets are and is aware of what you’re gonna wanna do and just...he Knows
the first thing you guys do when you get to the dorm is bake brownies 
he makes sure to take videos of the whole process and send them to the other members
jeno: guess what yall are missing out on ;) jisung: i hate this family
the kind of bf to try to feed you the brownies and get the food literally everywhere but your mouth
for as put together as he is you guys end up having brownies and ice cream for dinner lol neither of you can be bothered to cook dinner
“babe should we order out” “i mean you can if you want to” “...but jenoooo that means getting up and getting to my phone” “that’s what i thought”
has a cache of games and movies and shows 
“take your pick”
you guys end up playing random card games like ERS or blackjack for a while 
it honestly is never boring tho because you and jeno are just so comfortable with each other every moment is great no matter what you’re doing
i feel like jeno’s the kind of guy to call his SO a bunch of cute nicknames like he just wants you to know how cute he thinks you are and he does that thru nicknames
“love...” “babe...” “sweetheart...”
after a while though you run out of card games to play and jeno’s about to suggest watching something on tv when he sees your expression
“...what’s on your mind” “...we could mess with your members a little...” “prank calls?” “you know me so well”
within an hour the two of you have convinced yuta that aliens are real and can use cellphones and gotten taeyong to believe that “swag” is a polish swear word and that donghyuck needs to be punished whenever he says it
and jaemin thinks he’s being relentlessly contacted by clowns from a circus in the next town over who think that he’s stolen their tiny car
you guys pass more time just talking and stuff 
and putting on songs and dancing to them it’s Good Fun
he makes you take his bed and sleeps on the floor in a sleeping bag 
you feel awful about it though so when you’re sure he asleep you go find the other sleeping bag and take your pillow and sleep beside him on the floor
he’s super shook when he wakes up but when he realizes that you didn’t want him to be lonely on the floor his smile is as bright as the sun
texts his friends for help on how to cook a nice breakfast
jeno: yo does anyone know how to make breakfast haechan: yeah jeno: cool what are the directions haechan: i didn’t say i’d give them to you
by this time you’re awake and just like “ok let me handle breakfast” 
the two of you just end up eating plain rice and eggs (because you aren’t confident in your kitchen skills) and giggling over the crappy pictures you’re taking of each other eating 
all in all the perfect date/sleepover
Tumblr media
the moment you walk in the first thing that happens is that haechan pulls you into a hug
the second thing that happens is he holds you at an arm’s length, looks you straight in the eyes, and goes “we have to make a pillow fort”
you 100% agree it’s a necessity 
after putting your bag down on the kitchen he basically drags you to the living room 
the couch gets pushed back against the wall, the coffee table is moved to the side and chairs are moved back so there’s just a big floorspace directly in front of the tv 
“let’s use four chairs as like pillars to hold up the blankets and bring all our food, phones, everything in so we don’t have to leave the fort the whole night” “i like the way you think.. we should go out some time, get to know each other better” “hyuck we’re dating”
i feel like haechan’s the type to be reserved with pda and stick to handholding (only sometimes, even then) because he’s embarrassed around the other members because they like teasing y’all
BUT when you guys are alone he’s totally different 
like after the fort is finished and there are blankets above your heads and you’re both changed into makeshift pjs (just shorts and shirts tbh) and theres pillows around the fort’s perimeter and the tv is on he’ll like
grab whatever you’re currently eating and hold it up and whenever you lean over to reach it he’ll just lean back or move it just out of your reach again
“give it backkkk” “only if you kiss me” “...honestly i was going to do that anyways but now that you’re asking i don’t want to”
leaning into him and him closing his eyes because he expects a kiss and his arm naturally lowering lolol you grab the food and move back without even a peck on the cheek
a pouty haechan emerges
he wont talk to you again unless you kiss him and youre like ugh this big baby
but you dont wanna spend the whole night conversationless so you comply and he pulls you in
suddenly yall are rolling around in the fort laughing and having a play fight just cute af tbh
“hey hyuck we have approximately 9 hours before the other guys come back and i have to go and we have to sleep sometime so we basically have 3 hours to pull some amazing prank” “not to worry, sweetheart - i already have an idea”
and thats when you two set about to turn literally everything upside down in everyone’s rooms 
it takes forever because he puts music on while you guys are working and you both end up ballroom dancing to michael jackson
once its done neither of you can breathe from laughing so hard 
he makes a really quick dinner and the two of you eat it in the fort
while trading stories from the past couple weeks
“so you’re telling me she just...drank the entire cup of coffee after pouring two monster energies into it” “yeah she straight up chugged it i was in AWE”
all of this is done facing each other while holding hands on one side and eating with the other
“hey is that my shirt” “might be? i just found it in my drawers” “it’s definitely mine” “no wonder it’s so soft”
you guys fall asleep really late (or early, depending on how you look at it) because you spend so much time just TALKING
there’s 80s movies playing on the tv in the background
you fall asleep on your pillow but wake up like sideways using haechan’s chest as a footrest or something just...weird sleep position couple
the two of you wake up to confused exclamations from the other members
“hey maybe we should eat breakfast somewhere else so they don’t kill us for the upside downness” “get your keys i’ll grab money” 
Tumblr media
buys a telescope just for your sleepover
“what’s the point of having a roof if you can’t climb on top of it and stargaze”
has you go up the stairs to the roof first so he can keep a steady hand on your back since the stairs are narrow
you guys have to make like three trips up and down from the roof before settling down
the first trip you guys set the telescope and blankets up and you go down because you need to go back and bring the food up
the second time is because you have to bring pillows up
the third time is because jaemin forgets his phone oops
its still kind of light out when you guys get up on the roof so you pass time by taking selfies and talking and stuff
its cold af outside and youre freezing despite your jacket so jaemin bundles the both of you up in a blanket (or 4) 
“so the best time to watch the meteor shower is between midnight and dawn but we can just look at other cool spacey stuff before then” “why would i look at other stars when the brightest star is right in front of me” “that’s the cheesiest thing i’ve ever heard i’m breaking up with you” “aw jaemin you know you love me”
you have to stop him from trying to eat what is essentially just a whole bunch of tomatoes in rice paper in one bite
jaemin forgets to bring games up to the roof and hes too lazy to go downstairs and get anything
youre not bored anyways tho
once it gets darker you guys start pointing out some cool stars and constellations
“babe it’s orion’s belt” “nana look at that star, it looks so bright!” “almost as bright as you” “i already said that about you earlier, try again”
play fighting over the telescope
he lets you look first though
when the meteor shower starts you’re both in serious awe
“can you believe that we’re so small and just..tiny and pliable and insignificant in this universe and there are huge things like meteors just streaking through this vast space of nothingness and just wow” “i’m just glad i exist at the same time as you” “jaemin that’s...that’s not even corny or anything that’s just super cute i can’t even make fun of you for it” “it’s true, though”
both of you forget to take videos of the shower
because you’re just enthralled with the fact that the literal sky is like...on fire and shit
jaemin the type to press chaste kisses to your cheek and pull you ever closer to him at random intervals
Soft BF Alert
eating dinner while watching
he points at like every meteor and is like “look at it goooo”
“gotta go fast” “jae if it was possible to literally delete somebody i’d do that right now...blocked” “you love me”
sings under his breath and you record a vid of him doing it without him knowing because its so cute and just...hes so good at singing youre shook
once it starts getting really late and youre yawning and stuff hes like ok maybe we should go downstairs and sleep
it takes two trips to get everything back down to the dorm rip 
at least jaemin doesnt forget his phone this time
once you guys get back neither of you can decide who gets the bed
“you can have it babe i sleep here everyday” “no way i cant do that to you, ill take the floor i practically live here its like home”
its wayyy too late to argue tho you both end up sharing the bed
overall an amazing date like???? meteor shower AND a sleepover with your bf in one night?
thats one successful night
Tumblr media
theres an unspoken meme war between the two of you
like nobody really mentions it its there...looming...constantly...
meme war as in you guys constantly taken ABSOLUTELY HORRENDOUS pictures of each other and use them as reaction images
throughout the night each of you take/send pics of each other to the other dream members 
“we should cuddle” “ok how do i know youre not gonna like...lick me or something for a picture of my expression” “you...well you dont but-”
you convince him to watch the ouija movies that are out
he makes it through them but like...
chenle’s either screaming throughout the whole movie or totally shell shocked and you’re just lol @ him
“this isn’t even that scary” “speak for yourself” “i am - come out from under the blanket babe i swear it’s not that scary”
after the movies he’s like “im never letting you choose what to do ever again ever” and you get him saying it on video for the Jokes
its his turn to choose
his immediate response is karaoke
chenle sets everything up for it while you order in dinner because lbr neither of you are looking up the directions to anything with cooking 
he screams directly into the mic while youre on the phone to test it
(and takes a pic of your eyes going wide and you jumping a little bit)
“is everything alright on your side” “yeah just ...make that three orders of chicken im gonna be eating my woes away tonight”
chenle gets out the hoverboard and tries to teach you the dance moves to chewing gum
that quickly stops because you fall onto him
within a span of four and a half minutes
nobodys there to roast though so you guys laugh as hard as you want
a lot of screaming
you love his laugh its so bright and happy just!!! wow
ngl since you started dating him his laugh kind of influenced yours so you laugh a lot louder than you did before chenle
when your food comes in youre too busy screaming lyrics to a song to get the door so chenle grabs the food
and tips the deliveryboy even more than he usually would 
“you’re going to scare away the neighbors with that singing” “i’m surprised people still live here after you moved in chenle, dolphin sounding little-”
eating on the floor while facing each other
“close your mouth while chewing” “ok hon but to tell me that you spoke while eating” “listen, zhong chenle-”
having a staring contest 
loser has to wash dishes
spoiler alert: you lose because he starts smiling and you cant stare straight at him when he smiles without smiling back and blinking really hard its like looking straight at the actual sun
hes super loving and cuddly so while youre washing dishes chenle backhugs you instead of cleaning up the karaoke equipment
“yah you’re sidetracking me” “we should dance instead of being boring and washing dishes like an old married couple” “you can dance while i’m being productive”
he does just that - tries to sidetrack you EVEN MORE by dancing ridiculously while you try to wash dishes 
ends up in a soap and water fight 
i feel like chenle would sleep a little earlier than the other guys so when youre done cleaning up your (late) dinner and hes done mopping the floor of the remnants of soap hes like maybe we should sleep
you agree because its almost like 1 am and youre tired too
pulling out a big family size sleeping bag in the middle of the living room floor and finding pillows
putting on light instrumental sleep music
waking up to chenle taking like a million pictures of your terrible bedhead and sending them to all of his friends
chenle’s just so fun to be around alfskjdk
Tumblr media
ngl i feel like the night would start off just a little bit awk with jisung
like not awkward to where no conversation is being made awkward just more like small talk while sitting a good foot away from each other on the couch and friends is running on the tv in the background awkward 
you get tired of that really fast tho
bc you and jisung have been best friends for a g e s it shouldnt be like this
so you bean him with a throw pillow
straight upside the head like hes an alarm clock that wont shut up
it takes him a second to react but once he does its chaos 
he hits you back with like twice as much speed and power
suddenly both of you are on the floor fending for yourselves while trying to attack the other
you fight valiantly but hes just
so dang tall that eventually he grabs the weaponized pillow right out of your hand and holds it way high above your head
“checkmate” “...oh shut up :/”
after that though its a lot more comfortable like you settle into your usual pattern of relentlessly teasing each other
“lets put on mickey mouse cartoons jisung you’ll be able to relate” “are you even tall enough to see the tv” “not everyone can be a beansprout”
jisung pops popcorn for the movies and instead of eating it while watching the movie the two of you just throw kernels at each other and laugh at how dumb the other looks with popcorn in their hair
after a while jisung’s like “we should go out back there’s like... a singular tree and some grass and we can just chill” and you’re like well that’s new in the city so it’s a good opportunity so you agree
bringing a needle and thread outside so you can sew together flower crowns of leaves, grass, and dandelions
jisung leans against the tree while watching you make a mildly lopsided crown 
he cant help but laugh when you put it on his head
“hold on im gonna take a picture” “do i look like a beautiful princess” “like a model, jisung, the prettiest princess ever” “will you be the frog to my princess?” “that’s the worst pick up line i’ve ever heard i’m considering taking back my flower crown”
you almost go inside after that but jisung’s like wait what about a flower crown for you
and you’re like oh i forgot i wasn’t really focusing on making one for myself haha
so jisung takes the needle and thread and makes you one
it’s not as pretty as the one that’s on his head but itll do
taking like 20 selfies together with the flower crowns before going back inside
after that he teaches you some of the nct dances
including stuff from the other subunits
“can you teach me taeil-ssi’s cheerleader dance from paju” “...this lesson is over”
jisung making rice and meat for dinner
you fry vegetables and try your hardest not to make anything explode
afterwards you’re lying down on the couch and he’s on the floor below you
the lights are out and its been a while since theyve been off
youre halfway asleep when
“i know youre my best friend but i think i want to date you”
aaaaand youre wide awake again
“wait, jisung, what?” “i thouGHT YOU WERE ASLEEP OH NO” “did i hear you correctly???” “im so sorry i’ll-” “i like you too you absolute idiot oh my god i cant believe neither of us said anything i-” “-move to cuba and change my name you’ll never have to hear from me again-” “-we are SO DUMB wow okay well we have to get together now its the next logical step-” “-and i’ll cut all connection off and. wait. wait, you like me back?” “-and. dude wait have you not been listening to me at all?? yes??”
and that kids is how you and jisung end up together
jisung texts all of his members before you both really do go to sleep (after an awkward hug and a massive bout of embarrassed laughter) that he finally confessed
you wake up to 89 texts and 2 missed calls 
“taeyong says i have to keep you safe and make sure you eat three square meals a day” “is it disrespectful if i block my hyung and surrogate mother”
!! youre dating park jisung congr a t s
Tumblr media
you open the door immediately to hug bombardment by chenle and jaemin
mark closes it behind you (and shrugs apologetically) considering you cant because youre sandwiched in between the two other members
the first thing all of you do is eat because haechan’s made dinner (with, as jeno keeps reminding everyone, jeno’s help)
hc: all he did was heat the water jn: but it was necessary and helpful, wasn’t it
the second order of business is to push everything out of the way in the living room so the floorspace is entirely open
there are, after all, eight people there and its getting tight on the chairs 
everyones just like eliminate the seating options and thats best - then everyone will just have to sit on the floor 
you: so whats next rj: lets play monopoly everyone, collectively: NO mk: i still have nightmares from last time
jisung suggests twister and everyone (foolishly) agrees
jaemin calls out the colors and limbs and soon you find your left arm reaching over chenle’s right leg and your legs trapped under jisung’s torso
hc, monotonously but muffled as his face is somewhere under renjun’s right armpit: wow this is so wild
after that ends badly (mark nearly suffocates from jeno’s left foot being literally in his mouth) everyone agrees on never taking a suggestion from jisung again (including jisung) 
you suggest a movie marathon and everyone throws pillows at you because that’s “basic”
jm: what about truth or dare jn: wow nana that’s actually a good idea jm: im going to ignore your tone and take it as a compliment anyways
truth or dare quickly causes everyone to become absolute messes because stuff like this happens -
you: renjun, truth or dare rj: truth you: so if you had to gently caress anyone here’s bellybutton, whose bellybutton would it be rj: i
mark and haechan and chenle can each barely breathe because theyre laughing too hard
meanwhile renjun’s mentally going through his brain files of everyone’s bellybuttons and ruing the day he was born, not necessarily in that order
jeno’s videotaping the entire game for future blackmail
hc: jisung if everyone here was a redwood tree who would you set on fire js: you hc: you..you couldnt have hesitated? for even just a secon d
jn: chenle go out in the street and yodel cl: you didnt even ask me truth or d- jn: do it
by the time truth or dare ends its pretty late but youre all way too hopped up on each others embarrassment and general having fun with friends to sleep
cl: karaoke? hc: karaoke. you: maybe karaoke will be our always
the noise level grows like exponentially once karaoke comes on
and it was already pretty freaking loud to start out with
mark’s halfway through a particularly soulful rendition of eminem’s lose yourself when you take a look at the clock
you: guys its almost 3 in the morning jm: sleep is for the WEAK js: chenle’s been knocked out for at least a half hour jm: exactly
mark and jeno move chenle onto the couch and put a blanket over him while you, haechan, and renjun set up sleeping bags and pillow and blankets on the living room floor 
jaemin and jisung turn the music off and make sure the kitchen and everything is clean (and twister is put away)
you turn off the lights and lie down in the bag between mark and renjun
you: we should do this another time jm: minus the twister everyone: minus the twister
jeno wakes you up by stepping on your stomach the next morning while trying to escape renjun and his Pillow of Wrath
the pillow fight’s a little late but hey
8 am is better late than never
a quick breakfast is had while everyone takes turns brushing/showering/changing and it hits 10 am quicker than expected
everyones sad when you have to go back home but!! you all had fun and thats what counts
youre not surprised when mark texts the group chat later about hanging out again soon
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toxururira · 6 years
alphabet tag game
Rules: answer the questions in a new post and tag 10 blogs you would like to get to know better
Tagged by @gs0uls​ fdkfjdf thank u for tagging me i lov talking abt myself
im just gonna tag @versacejins @1dalgom @yichor @seoub   thats all i can think of rn sorry, u dont have to do it + sorry if i tagged u and u already did it LMAOO 
A: age | 20
B: birthplace | ohio, usa
C: current time | 9 pm
D: drink you had last | water rip
E: easiest person to talk to | hayami and logan
F: favorite song | uhhh rn its a-cha by suju
G: grossest memory |  my grandpa owns a few houses along a canal and u can go fishing right off the edge of it, and my Baby Child ass (i was like 7) was running along the canal barefoot as fuck and i stepped on fish bones and they went into my foot ksdfjksdf and when i STARTED SCREAMING IN PAIN my mom and step dad didnt even come get me like i was on the ground SOBBING and they made me get up n stumble to them like bitch i got fish bones in my foot!!! anyways, my step dad had to get them out and it was The grossest thing that has ever happened to me to this day.
H: hogwarts house | slytherin bitch Hehe
I: in love? | yes w yesung duh
J: jealous of people? | not really? i dont have a reason to be lmao
K: killed someone | no what the fuck
L: love at first sight or should I walk by again? | do u know how long it took me to understand this
M: middle name | nikole
N: number of siblings | 4, a half brother from my mom and 3 half sisters from my dad
O: one wish | to stop being so Fuuuucking unstable like im Tired!! also i want everyone to fall in love with me .  thats two wishes but if i had to choose one ill go for the second
P: person you called last | my grandma 
R: reasons to smile | yesung     idk
S: song you sang last | likey by twice dont @ me 
T: time you woke up |  like 5 am even though i didnt fall asleep until like 2 am but then i came home and napped from 3 pm until like.  2 hours ago
U: underwear color | grey lol
V: vacation destination | i really wanna go to germany, nyc, california  anywhere in california LMAO, and china preferably like   Shenzhen
W: worst habit | toUCHING MY FACE
X: x-rays | i had to get an xray on my chest/ribs once   idr why 
Y: your favorite food | anything chicken bc its that one food that u LITERALLY cant fuck up like its always good
Z: zodiac sign | scorpio 😔✊
Ultimate bias: yesung kangin and kyungwon.  and chanyeol but i havent been as into exo lately so i havent been giving him much attention :( 
Favorite kpop song: Rn Its Still A-cha by Suju    Sorry
First kpop song:  stop it by bap skfjkdsf
Favorite kpop album: exodus 
Hard or soft fan: mostly hard but i get Ultra Soft for kangin 
Favorite kpop company: idk i dont rly care abt companies .  ill just say sm since 2/3 of my ult groups are from sm LMAOO
Backstory of how I got into kpop: i was dating this guy named tj and he was a FAT kpop stan (which i ?? oddly didnt find out until like 3 months into our relationship) and he Loved BAP and was obsessed with yongguk (which is weird because he was/still is friends with yongguk’s sister but anyways) he made me listen to bap and i really liked them n then he made me listen to bts too then i just     got sucked in I Guess oddly enough i dont stan Any of the groups Now that i stanned back then  like i dropped literally all of them i m just a   fat Exol Elf HIgh  . 
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tag time
mel tagged me in a lot thanks bro
aye aye aye thanks to he homegirl @starlightjeongin ily so much melly and you’re an angel <333 eskgetit!!!
also,,, there are like,,,, 4 tags in this so uhhhhh have fun
i dont have a name for this tag
1ST RULE: Tag 9 people you want to get to know better
> so um if you read this you are tagged now congrats <
2ND RULE: BOLD the statements that are true.
APPEARANCE: - I am 5'7 or taller - I wear glasses - I have at least one tattoo - I have at least one piercing - I have blonde hair - I have brown eyes - I have short hair - My abs are at least somewhat defined - I have or had braces
PERSONALITY: - I love meeting new people - People tell me I am funny - Helping others with their problems is a big priority of mine - I enjoy physical challenges - I enjoy mental challenges - I am playfully rude to people I know - I started saying something ironically and now I can’t stop saying it - There is something I would change about my personality
ABILITY: - I can sing well - I can play an instrument - I can do over 30 pushups without stopping - I am a fast runner - I can draw well - I have a good memory - I am good at doing maths in my head - I can hold my breath underwater for over a minute - I have beaten at least 2 people arm wrestling - I can make at least 3 recipes from scratch - I know how to throw a proper punch
HOBBIES: - I enjoy sports - I’m on a sports team at my school or somewhere else - I’m in a orchestra or choir at my school or somewhere else - I have learned a new song in the past week - I exercise at least once a week - I have gone for runs at least once a week in warmer months - I have drawn something in the past month - I enjoy writing - Fandoms are my #1 priority - I do some form of Martial arts
EXPERIENCES: - I have had my first kiss - I have had alcohol - I have scored a winning point in a sport - I have watched an entire TV series in one sitting - I have been at an overnight event - I have been in a taxi - I have been in the hospital or ER in the past year - I have beaten a video game in one day - I have visited another country - I have been to one of my favorite band’s concerts
MY LIFE: - I have one person that I consider to be my Best Friend - I live close to my school/work - My parents are still together - I have at least one sibling - I live in the United States - There is snow where I live right now - I have hung out with a friend in the past month - I have a smart phone - I own at least 15 CDs - I share my room with someone
RELATIONSHIPS: - I am in a Relationship - I have a crush on a celebrity - I have a crush on someone I know - I’ve been in at least 3 relationships - I have never been in a Relationship - I have admitted my feelings to a crush - I get crushes easily - I have had a crush for over a year - I have been in a relationship for over a year - I have had feelings for a friend
RANDOM: - I have break-danced - I know a person named Jamie - I have had a teacher that has a name that is hard to pronounce - I have dyed my hair - I’m listening to a song on repeat right now - I have punched someone in the past week - I know someone who has gone to jail - I have broken a bone - I have eaten a waffle today - I know what I want to do in life - I speak at least two languages - I have made a new friend in the past year
alphabet tag
Rules: answer the questions in a new post and tag 10 blogs you would like to get to know better
> i dont know/remember enough blogs to tag im sorry <
A: age? > 15!!! <
B: birthplace? > californiaaaa <
C: current time? > 4:43 pm <
D: drink you had last? > water bc its good for you <
E: easiest person to talk to? > my irl homie @realmzenith , the most fantastic perosn i have ever met on this site and of whom my soul burns with affection for @starlightjeongin , and my rad friends in my got7 amino groupchat - selena, haru, apple, and emi :) <
F: favorite song? > oh boy i dont have a favorite favorite song bro i guess the first things i can think of is either danzon no. 2 by arturo marquez, martini blue by dpr live, and home run by got7 <
G: grossest memory? > asdf uhh when i went hiking with my pathfinder club and we went through a “long-cut” and went off the trail and we had to walk up this super long river, and then to get out of the river to land we had to walk through these riverbed plants and this gray mud stuff and i had to put on my socks and sneakers and it was disgusting <
H: hogwarts house? > i say that im a hufflepuff, lately i got placed in ravenclaw but i dont agree <
I: in love? > in love with the fact that im old enough to be a little free, in love with my kpop faves, in love with all of my friends who tell me they appreciate me, in love with the idea of being productive, in love with music and daydreaming <
J: jealous of people? > tbh i catch myself being jealous of other people’s artistic abilities, but i turn that into a need to become better/daydream about myself being that good so uhh???? yeah <
K: killed someone? > i was playing overwatch with a friend late last night and one of our comp matches there were these two dudes who played tank, one in particular imma call CTL who was rude to me and the whole team (my mic doesnt work so i couldn’t talk back but he was still a bing bond :( ), a few rounds after we left that one we got placed against the two mean tanks, and me, a mercy main with crappy aim, 1v1ed CTL who was playing mccree and i was HAPPY. we lost but binch i teabagged the heck out of his douchy body <
L: love at first sight or should i walk by again? > walk by again im staring at you either way <
M: middle name? > danielle!! <
N: number of siblings? > i have a younger sister!! <
O: one wish? > tbh to be better at what i want to be better at, like someone please give me like a stat 100 potion or something <
P: person you called last? > last person i called was my friend mikey of whom i was playing overwatch with lmao <
R: reasons to smile? > music!!! art!!! alan menken said that there will be a musical production of hercules in the future!! <
S: song you sang last? > the finale of newsies bc my sister left it playing on the tv as i ate nine (9) quesedillas
T: time you woke up? > techinally 6:30 am bc my dog was scratching my door, then 9, then 11 am <
U: underwear color? > mint blue and gray <
V: vacation destination? > i think i would love to go to the places in europe where composers lived, that or i would love to visit every place my internet friends live :D <
W: worst habit? > probably sleeping until noon, forgetting to do important responsibility things, reading a text message/email and then not responding bc i forgot about reading it
X: x-rays? > i got an x-ray on my right arm when i fractured it in kindergarten, some on my stomach when i ate like three whole mangoes with the skin on them, and some of my teeth before i got my braces <
Y: your favorite food? > thai food, stuff from panera bread, or pretty much warm foods with rice <
Z: zodiac sign? > im a virgo!!! <
✨ Fun Facts Tag ✨
Rules for this are:
Have fun with it!
Tag some of your mutuals
1) Favourite colours:
> green or purple!!! or like whatever im feeling lmao but those are my first choices <
2) Favourite song at the moment:
> asdkfjas;ldfkjsdlkfj bro i cant choose okay im going to shuffle my fav songs playlist adn put the first thing that comes up: damdadi by golden child
3) Last book you read:
> i think its my history textbook lmao finals are this week for me <
4) Last TV show you watched:
> my friend’s younger sister showed me clips from Stranger Things but i never have watch it before, i also watched a few dramas at a friend’s house but idk the names of them lmao
5) Last movie you watched:
> oh golly uhhh i think its enemies in-laws on netflix <
6) If you have a pet whats their name?:
> i have a doggo(?) named tucker <
7) If you have siblings how many?
> i have one younger sister!1! <
8) Favourite thing to do on a weekend:
> i think resting, getting up to date with my million notifications, just scrolling through the internet, or writing <
9) Best tumblr friends:
> on tumblr i have the amazing wonderful fantastic showstopping gravity-defying dabtastical @starlightjeongin aka mel aka melly aka melmel aka infant aka like the coolest and raddest person i have ever meet 
10) Favourite thing about yourself:
> idk if this is hard to explain but sometimes i do things people dont expect, like i was using my friend’s neighbor’s airsoft gun and like they were surprised that i have pretty good aim and that just makes me feel really good yknow <
11) Favourite memory:
> back in april 2017, during my band’s new york tour, in our hotel when i asked my friend what she was watching (it was got7′s m/v hard carry)
12) 3 weird habits:
> i turn on all of my nightlights in a specific order, when its dark in my room i like to dance to music and watch myself in the mirror, i tend to randomly scream i think <
13) What would you call your style?:
> i like to wear large clothes, even though im like a medium small bc ahaha i have slight body dysphoria, i also like to wear button-ups from the men’s section that have weird designs, suspenders, and i guess things that make me feel aesthetic and free < 
14) Odd talent:
> i can clap with one hand and me fingers bend weirdly <
15) Do you have a tumblr crush?:
> i have a big ol friend crush on my dear friend mel and a lot on the gr8 ppl of the aroha fandom <
the stray kids tag
Rules: answer the questions in a new post, and tag 10 blogs you would like to get to know better.
I’ve decided that in celebration of Stray Kids pre-debut album I needed to create a tag. The ultimate goal for The Stray Kids Tag is to learn about your Tumblr mutuals, and have fun answering the Stray Kids related questions! Here we go:
1: When did you decide to join the Stray kids fandom?
> lmao i learned about them when it was rumored that jyp was going to have a new boy group, and i followed the updates until the announcement of the webseries/release of hellevator. i didnt want more ppl to remember on my plate until december 30ish when i finally gave in to mel so here i am <
2: What is your favorite episode of Stray Kids? 
> im actually going to watch it right after i finish this tag post lmao ive never watched it before but i think ive seen clips??? when the boys were vlogging themselves packing idk if thats part of the webseries but thats cute <
3: Who would you say is your bias in Stray kids?
> I DONT HAVE ONE OKAY I DONT WANT TO TRY TO FIGURE IT OUT YET IM SCARED i legit like,,, dont know a whole lot about each member but i know their names but,,,,,, i think,,,,, before i start truly getting into them myself,,,, is probably seungmin,,,,, i think,,,,,,,, maybe,,,, whoops i just remembered woojin existed uhhhHHHH idk <
4: Who would you say is your bias wrecker in Stray kids?
> (im listening to ailee’s i will go to you like the first snow rn and im so emo while doing this tag) i love all of them!!!! probs chan or changbin or jeongin bc they are so sweet!!! <
5: What line would you want to be apart of in Stray kids? 
> idk the team compositions of stray kids so i will get back to you on that one until i watch the series lmao <
6: What is the first song you heard of Stray kids?
> of course hellevator lmao <
7: What is the first song you heard of 3racha? 
> FRICK actually i dont know bc melly showed me vids of them performing live but i dont know what the song was :( <
8: What is your favorite song on their pre-debut album?
> legit only have listened to hellevator and grrr so um ill say grrr?? <
9: What is a concept you’d like to see Stray Kids try in the future?
> SUSPENSE!!! idk if that ‘s hard to explain but like something with a story in the background, maybe like a spy concept with a nice orchestration i think they can do it <
10: if you could meet with the members of Stray kids for one day what would you say to them?
> ahhh!!! i dont know they all too too well but i would love to tell them that i feel that they are different from any other kpop group i have ever seen, bc they all seem genuinely happy and they are like the coolest bros and their friendship with each other is something that i could only dream of!! also ive heard that their songs have rad lyrics and they work super hard so i look up to them for that!!!1!!! <
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byunbells · 7 years
alphabet soup tag
 I was tagged by sarah @booyunbaekhyun to do the alphabet soup tag! Thank you!! <3
Answer the questions in a new post and tag 10 blogs you would like to get to know better.
A : Age | 18
B : Birthplace | Florida, USA
C : Current time | 2:59 PM EST
D : Drink you had last | passion tea lemonade from Starbucks 
E : Easiest person to talk to | @eveksoo
F : Favorite song | Take You Home - Baekhyun also Heaven - EXO
G : Grossest memory | my 6th grade science teacher did an experiment involving the temperature of ketchup and since then i can’t even look at ketchup without gagging
H : Hogwarts house | ravenclaw
I : In love? | married to baekhyun ty
J : Jealous of people? | i only really get jealous of people who can so easily be themselves in public i really wish i could be like that
K : Killed someone | nah
L : Love at first sight or do I walk again? | walk again 
M : Middle name | nicole
N : Number of siblings | i’m and only child so none for me!
O : One wish | that i can actually get my life together and take care of myself
P : Person you called last | my roommate!
Q : Question you are always asked | “what is your name short for?” the answer is nothing
R : Reason to smile | always baekhyun <3 if im feeling sad or discouraged i just listen to his voice or think about his smile and its so cheesy ik but it makes me so happy
S : Song you sang last | for some reason its apologize by one republic i always have that song stuck in my head lol
T : Time you woke up | 9:40 AM (i have class @ 10)
U : Underwear color | blue and gray
V : Vacation destination | my favorite place to travel to is paris i really want to go back
W : Worst habit | dermatophagia lmao i bite the skin around my nails and my lips constantly bc of anxiety
X : Xrays | what does this mean?? ill just make it up - the only bone i have ever broken is my pinkie toe
Y : Your favorite food | honestly pasta or crepes or cheesecake (i could list more)
Z : Zodiac sign | leo :P
i tag @baekenstein @eveksoo @witchydae @trickortao @bbhslove @ultdaes @ratbyun @kokobaekhyun @starsehun @junmyeons-fursona (i can’t believe i actually tagged 10 people) anyways sorry if you already did it / didnt want to be tagged! I love you all <3
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tomtheangel-blog · 7 years
Room 396 Bed B
pairing: peter parker x reader word count: 840 (sis im sorry this is so short its my first one gbiushfgvr) warnings: hospital stuff? its in a hospital!! summary:  basically about this volunteer at a hospital and she has to tend to the patients and guess who is one of the patients…..you know who dont play lmao
the hospital was bustling with activity as more and more new admissions came rolling in. This chaos was caused by an accident in a near by park. Someone had created a bomb that contained alien technology and was set of at 2:34 pm. The bomb destroyed an entire professional soccer field in one sweep. Many were injured, but luckily no casualties…..yet. 
You, a volunteer at that the hospital, had to tend to all of the call bells of the patients that came up on the intercom screen, asking for anything they needed. And depending on what they needed, you could tend to them. If the patient had asked for a medical emergency you would call the nurse for that specific patient and inform them of their patients needs. During this surge of patients, you were getting call bells from both sides of the nursing floor, including calls from the hallway (there wasn’t enough space in the rooms for patients, therefore makeshift rooms were created in the hallway with the curtains that were installed years ago). You answered every call and tended to all of the patients you could. You called nurses left and right and were getting overwhelmed. 
But finally, you reached the last patient on the screen, room 396 bed B, Peter Parker. You clicked the blinking box and asked the patient, “ How may i help you?” The patient didn’t respond, meaning you needed to go to their room personally to inquire what they needed. 
You passed by the other rooms down the hall, 392, 393, 394, 395, 396. 
You walked in and smiled at the patient on the side closest to you, A bed. You walked to the far end of the room slowly and knocked on the wall before you checked on the patient. 
“Come in,” the patient said, you could tell that the patient was male, but sounded fairly young. You pulled the curtain aside to see a man in about his twenties. The first thing you noticed was his face. Then you saw his body, half naked. Practically sculpted by sculptors. 
“H-hello, i was just wondering if i could speak to my nurse about my discharge?”
 You didn’t hear a word he said, you were too busy memorizing his pulchritudinous face. His face was so breathtakingly beautiful that you just couldn’t look away. 
“Hey? you okay?” His words snapped you back to reality and once you realized that you were staring you immediately blushed a deep red . “U-uh? Can you repeat that?” He let out a breathy chuckle and asked you again for his nurse. “Y-yeah sure, let me j-just…g-go page your nurse o-okay?” you mentally face palmed and cursed your wicked mouth for not agreeing with you. 
You stepped outside of the room and freaked out internally while holding one hand to your chest. He was a dream. But first you had to get his nurse. 
You walked swiftly to the machine to page the patients nurse. “Nurse Adam to room 396 bed B, Nurse Adam to room 396 bed B,” you announced. Nurse Adam looked at you from her desk and smiled, signaling a ‘thank you’ through her smile. Then you saw her walk away to her patients room.
After a few minutes, you saw Nurse Adam making her way to the nurses station, where you sat. She smiled at you when she reached you, giving you a message, “ The patient, Parker, wants to speak with you. Probably wants more ice water or something.” So, again, you walked to room 396 bed B. Standing outside the door you began to hyperventilate. He was so handsome and seemed so kind, you didn’t want to embar- 'Hold on…,’ you thought, ’ Why am I freaking out? He’s one of my patients…..’ At that you calmed down….but just a bit. 
You walked to the far end of the room and knocked on the wall again to signal you had arrived. “Come on in” You shuffled to the side of the curtain that was open with your hands held together in front of you, looking slightly down. “Y-you asked for m-…me? D-do you need ice water? " 
You usually weren’t this nervous around patients, but this particular patient, was different. And he had his shirt off so that made it ten times harder for you to speak. He smiled a small adorable smile, that you unfortunately couldn’t see……
 "N-no…..i just wanted s-someone to talk to,” you looked up a bit to see his face.
 You grinned a little because darn was he adorable. “O-okay, do you want me t-…to get your nurse?,” you asked. He looked at you then directly down to his hands in his lap.
He cleared this throat and said,“ W-….well if it’s okay with y-you…….can you stay and talk with m-me…………..wellimeanonlyifyouwanttoiwasjusthinkingsinceweseemlikethesameage!" 
Peter blushed uncontrollably and smiled like a dork. You giggled at how fast he spoke, covering your smile. "Y-yeah sure Mr.Parker, I’ll stay a-and we can talk.” He grinned and said, “Peter, you can call me Peter it’s okay.” You blushed lightly, “O-okay.”
AN - Alright so this is my first fic that i kinda sorta like. Idk tbh. I dont really think my writing is great so im really nervous to upload this. PLEATH let me know what you think and what things i can improve in and if i should continue this!! I might make the next chap longer but idk. im sorry this is so short.  I tried my best egivuethuibserg Also i didnt really spell check this wighiwurgh
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claire-starsword · 6 years
tag meme thingy
I must have been tagged at like five tag memes lately but i didnt have the energy sorry lmao I’m cool with doing one today tho
Tagged by @luna-myth​, thanks ^^
A - Age: 19  B - Birthplace: São Paulo, Brazil C - Current time: 23:22 PM when I started, 00:08 now. I hate that it takes me so long to type out something this simple but yikes here we are. D - Drink you last had: soda/pop/whatever the hell you say on english i guess every region has a different word lmao why are you like this E- Easiest person to talk to: probably my friend @neecha​ though to be honest I still suck at talking like, always. F - Favorite song: I can’t pick just one but Heir of Grief from Homestuck and Dialga’s Fight to the Finish! from PMD: Explorers of Sky have been the mood recently. Gotta love final boss songs. G - Grossest memory: idk if it’s the grossest but it’s the one on my mind right now: last year, one of my cats had the brilliant idea of eating over 50cm of string, and the stuff... doesn’t come out nicely. I thankfully wasn’t there to see the worst part but still came home to a panicked family, a bunch of dirty bed sheets (because of course he vomited in the bed. where else would it be) and a cat with string dangling from his butt. If that’s the kind of stuff emergency vets deal with all the time then I really don’t envy them. (he ended up fine tho. Despite the panic and the mess he did poop most of the thing at home and the last centimeters came out two days later. I never thought that a piece of string mixed with poop in a litter box would ever be a relieving sight, but apparently that’s what the pet owner life teaches you)  H - Horror yes or Horror no: usual horror? no. weird glitchy game creepypasta stuff? hell yes I’ll always watch and always love it and always mock how utterly silly and cliche it is and always be unable to sleep for a week anyway. That stuff is ridiculous and only babies would get scared of it. And I’m the baby, oh what a baby I am.
I - In love?: nah this is an aroace zone J - Jealous of people?: Hardly. Anytime I get jealous of people’s achievements I remember that to achieve the same they did I would have to live life the way they do, dedicating myself to the same things they like, and I don’t want that. Overall I like the way I’ve been living and my own interests, so I wouldn’t trade them. L - Love at first sight or should I walk by again?: again, aroace zone.  M - Middle name: don’t have that. Actually I’m pretty sure these aren’t a thing here in Brazil, but I could be wrong I guess. N - Number of siblings: one (1) older sister  O - One wish: uh the world peace thing would be a cliche and sounds fake but damn if it wouldn’t be nice, if you want a personal thing tho it would be being able to meet and talk to my pokemon, and if you actually want a realistic thing, it would be really nice if one day people loved my works as much as I love my favorite series. Like, at this point it’s basically my life goal I think. P - Person you called last: My dad Q - Question you are always asked: “So, how is it going at college?” is basically a greeting at this point. The good part is that it immediately gives me a subject to start the conversation, the bad one is that I’m never sure what and how much about college people actually want to hear. R - Reason to smile: Pokemon S - Song you last sang: King Dice’s theme from Cuphead but I don’t actually know much of the lyrics yet so I just sing the first verse a billion times.  T - Time you woke up: 10am U - Underwear colour: I don’t care much, but anything darker tends to be cooler. gosh I can’t believe I just sounded this edgy about panties and boxers. I can only hope the ‘gosh’ up there balance things out. You gotta have your edgy and dork levels properly evened out that’s how it works. V - Vacation destination: no clue, just being able to take a vacation sounds good enough already. W - Worst habit: This biting nails things went a bit too far i would like it to stop  X - X-rays: Only dentist stuff. I’m actually kinda lucky at this stuff and never broke or hurt bones or anything. It’s half cool for obvious reasons but half scary because I have no idea how I’ll react if I ever get that kind of injury. F - Favourite food: see this is a terrible question because the answer is technically ‘mayo salad’ but I think there’s a billion different mayo salads out there and I don’t know if any of them is the one my mom makes. Either way, it’s got potatoes and carrots and apples and eggs and string beans and etceteras and it’s awesome. (btw I love how this ‘alphabet questions’ thing was doing so well until here and then it all goes to hell here with this second F. I wonder how many other alphabetically themed things get wrecked by the solid fact that there’s nothing to do with a goddamn ‘Y’, even if it sorta sounds like a question all by itself. y this)
Z - Zodiac Sign: Virgo 
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ynajun · 6 years
tagged by @baewenjun <3333 thank u beb ily even tho you make me suffer daily
Rules: Answer the questions below and tag 10 blogs you would like to get to know better!
A: age - 19
B: birthplace - washington dc
C: current time - 2:58pm
D: drink you had last - peach snapple
E: easiest person to talk to - ooooo prb my friendos + sister :’)
F: favorite song of all time - kljDS ITS SO HARD TO CHOOSE but probably bts’  house of cards
G: grossest memory - when i was like 6 i had one of those beds that you could lift up to store stuff underneath and one time it was open and my foot was on the edge and then my cousins climbed on top of the bed to close it bc they didnt see me there and then the toP HALF JUST SLAMMED SHUT ON MY FOOT and then i lost one of my big toenails it was Nasty
H: hogwarts house - raveNCLAW BITCH
I: in love? - with lin yanjun  no
J: jealous of people - i try not to be :ooo
K: killed someone? - if i did i wouldn’t be here bc i’m too dumb to be able to hide it
L: love at first sight or should I walk by again? - prb get to know people better first :oo
M: middle name - rebecca I KNOW IT SOUNDS WHITE I KNOW
N: number of siblings - 2!! my sister is 15 and my brother is 12 i am an Old Bitch
O: one wish - pls give me my degree @ nyu
P: person you called last - sister to make sure she was still alive after snorkeling bc she doesn’t know how to swim or breathe
Q: question you are always asked - somehow whether i’m in taiwan or in the us people from both sides think i’m a foreigner??? like i’m fluent in both english and mandarin WITH THE DAMN TAIWANESE DIALECT TOO every single time they’re like “oH ARE YOU FRom [insert country i’ve never been to]” (bonus; in taiwan: me: no i’m from here // them: ooh are you mixed? // me: ???????? no)
R: reason to smile - park jimin???? exists????????? HEART EYES
S: song you sang last - jkklfda i was singing xiao ban to myself on the way to class
T: time you woke up - 5,,,,,,,,,, am,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
U: underwear color - mint green lmao
W: worst habit - screaming in public and disrupting everyone sorry thats my bad
X: x-rays? - before i came to college i was a math nerd and didn’t do shit lmao so nope!!
Y: your favorite food - pig intestine / stinky tofU / SHAO BING YOU TIAO / TARO BALL / SUGAR CANE JUICE?? I CANT CHOOSE
Z: zodiac sign - scorpio!! i am a Chaotic
tagging @satanbagel @spaceboy-yuta @jarpark!! sorry if you’ve already been tagged rippy
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craft-rose · 7 years
change (pt. 3)
Title: change
Pairing: Seokjin/Reader
Genre: Romance, Fluff, Smut.
Description: One ordinary night, your friend Seokjin approaches you with a surprising matter and a rather unorthodox solution.
Tumblr media
You knocked gently on the bedroom door. “Everything okay in here?”
Seokjin bounced a look at you, quickly draping the covers over Taehyung’s drunken form before meeting you in the empty, dimly lit hallway of the Bangtan dorm.
“Thanks for your help tonight,” he uttered to you quietly, keeping his voice down as to not wake the other members. “I had no idea anyone Taehyung’s size could consume that much alcohol and live to tell the tale.”
You pressed your lips together to keep from laughing, quietly following him through the hallway and into the kitchen. Given the fact that the boys had spent the past three months preparing for an album, their dorm was in a less than presentable state. There were clothes, phone chargers, shoes, hats and all sorts of items scattered all over the place.
With immense effort you avoided stepping on anything, leaning against the kitchen counter after, bouncing a quick, unnoticeable look at your friend as he grabbed two bottles of beer, popping the caps off of them before handing one to you.
Although you had work in the morning, you were already too far gone to give a fuck.
Leaning against the counter opposite you, Seokjin tilted back a mouthful of beer, exhaling after. “What a crazy night.”
You nodded. “I’m sure Taehyung’s going to have fun at practice tomorrow.”
Seokjin chuckled into his beer, using the back of his hand to wipe the dribble from his chin after. “That’s what he gets for not staying at home like I told him to.”
“Yeah, absolu — wait, what? He told me that you asked him to go to the club with you tonight,” You interjected, suddenly confused. “That’s the reason I came out in the first place. He said he needed company while you were hanging out with that girl from the bar.”
The idol raised an eyebrow at you, thinking for no longer than a moment before the answer came crashing down on him. “Ah.”
“He did this on purpose,” Seokjin explained, nodding to you, cheeks flushing with colour. “I, uh, I told him what happened the other night, after I dropped you off, and I guess this was his way of trying to mend the situation.”
You gulped down some beer. “I had no idea the situation required mending.”
“__________-ah, I propositioned you,” Seokjin reminded you with a small laugh at the end.
Covering your mouth to keep from dribbling beer, you quickly nodded, chuckling. “Good point.”
“I’m starting to wonder if he’s even that drunk,” the idol voiced, pointing a look into the hallway as if contemplating whether he should check.
The silence that followed lasted only a few seconds. You leisurely glanced around, allowing your gaze to shift towards your friend as he knocked back another mouthful of beer. His hair was all messy and out of place, his cheeks were flushed from dancing and drinking all night and his shirt was untucked, clinging to his broad shoulders as he lifted the bottom part to wipe the sweat from his face.
You felt your skin turn hot at the sight of his abdominal muscles, the image of them burned deep into the depths of your subconscious as you quietly drank, allowing the beer to cool your insides.
“I’ve been meaning to apologize,” he suddenly said, breaking your train of thought.
Glancing up at him, you felt your eyebrows twitch upward. “For what?”
Seokjin rubbed the back of his neck. “For avoiding you these past few weeks.”
“Ah.” You nodded, quickly catching on. “Well, I guess it’s a good thing we have Tae. And beer.”
“To Tae and beer,” he announced.
You smiled, clinking bottles with him. “To Tae and beer.”
Swallowing another mouthful, you slowly found yourself thinking back to what Seokjin had said to you at the club. I’ve always felt a spark with you. At the time you had chalked it up to alcohol, a drunken confession in the corridor of a crowded, smoky club.
You pressed the opening of the beer bottle to your bottom lip, discreetly glancing over at Seokjin before you asked.
“Do you still want to?”
He looked to you, a brush of uncertainty in his gaze. “Want to what?”
“Do you still want to have sex with me?” You furthered.
Seokjin fell silent for a good, long moment, the uncertainty in his eyes slowly tapering away. “If I say yes, I’m a shitty friend, a creep and an opportunist,” he uttered into the quiet of the kitchen, the others fast asleep in their bedrooms. “And If I say no … well, then, I’m a liar, too.”
Ignoring the rapid beats of your chest, you emptied the slender glass bottle between your lips and then released it with a gentle pop as Seokjin watched.
Within moments, the atmosphere had changed completely.
The distant hum of traffic faded so deep into the background, you could barely hear it anymore.
“I’ve been thinking about it,” You said to him. “About everything you said to me the other night, your reasoning for why you want me to be the one, and I-I’m honestly surprised that you would even think of something so stupid and reckless, let alone suggest it to me.”
His face fell, but only briefly. “I-I understand.”
Sparing only a few seconds, you swallowed the nervous lump in your throat before uttering the rest. “I think I’m in the mood for something stupid and reckless tonight.”
He bounced a look at you, his expression unreadable. You weren’t sure what you expected out of him in that moment, but it certainly wasn't what came to be.
“_________-ah, I’m not going to have sex with you on a whim,” he said to you, unexpectedly.
Your cheeks flushed red. “But I-I thought you wanted t —”
“I do, but I don’t want you to wake up sober in the morning and regret it.”
“That’s assuming I wouldn’t want to sleep with you sober,” You countered.
“We both know you wouldn’t. That’s why you said no the first time.”
“It sounds to me like you’re the one saying no.”
His fixed his lips to the side. “You know I want you. That’s not the problem here.”
“Then what is the problem?” You asked. “I’m not drunk if that’s your concern.”
“Prove it.”
You snorted. “What, do you want me to recite the alphabet backwards or something?”
He folded his arms. “If that’s what it takes.”
“Fine,” You uttered, stepping up. “Z-Y-X-W-V-U-T-S-R-Q-P-O — this is seriously the most dull, unsexual thing that any guy has ever asked of me by the way — N-M-L-K-J-I-H-G-F-E-D-C-B-A. Happy?”
“Not quite,” he decided. “I’m going to need you to walk in a straight line, one foot in front of the other.”
You frowned for just a second, turning around and doing as he asked in perfect, undeniably sober fashion. “There. Are we good now or do you have a breathalyzer handy?”
“__________-ah, you know I’m only looking out for you.”
You absolutely did know that and you appreciated the fact that he was making you jump through hoops, but you felt embarrassed anyway. In the past, all you had ever had to do was vaguely hint at wanting to have sex with a guy before he whipped out a condom and got to work.
As expected, Seokjin was different.
His expression softened in the seconds that followed. “Come here.”
“What? Why do I have to go there? Why don’t you just come h —”
“__________-ah, get your ass over here right now.”
Your eyebrows bounced up, and you simply looked to him for a moment, shocked that he would use such a tone with you. The shock lasted only a second before your lips twitched with laughter at the same time as his did. You slowly came forward, stopping within a few inches of him as he tilted his head down and brushed your hair back, behind your ears.
“I’m sorry for embarrassing you,” he apologized to you, rather sincerely.
He was close enough now that you could smell hints of his cologne. The scent itself was soft and cool, like the rain, and the second you breathed it in, you felt your eyes flutter shut. On that same wavelength, Seokjin titled his head even further down, burying his head into the curve your neck and brushing his lips along your pulse.  
You sucked in, startled by the feeling of it. “Are you sure you’re a virgin?”
“Pretty sure,” he quipped, slowly and carefully coming back up again to meet your lips in a kiss.
It was light at first, tentative the way first kisses are. You almost weren’t sure where to place your hands, whether it was too soon to part your lips for him or to tell him how badly you wanted him just then and in how many ways.
Seemingly having read your thoughts, Seokjin pulled back for only a second, brushing his thumb down the middle of your bottom lip and then leaning in again, kissing you so deeply that you felt it everywhere.
Within seconds, you felt his tongue and your body ached for it elsewhere.
“S-seriously,” You panted, pulling back to catch your breath. “Are you sure you’re a … a …”
He kissed down your neck, chuckling. “I promise you, I am.”
“B-but virgins don’t kiss like this.”
“Maybe you were just kissing the wrong ones,” he teased.
You bit down on your bottom lip, tugging gently at his clothes and then grasping his shoulders as he lifted you up, carrying you out of the kitchen and onto the large couch in the living room.
Given that he shared a room with Yoongi, you figured it wasn’t going to happen on a bed. Either way, you didn’t care. The second he dropped you on the couch, you tugged him close, creating a tangled mess of clothes, limbs and body heat.
The silence was quickly interrupted by the sound of zippers and torn threads.
In a matter of seconds, he was shirtless, his jeans undone but still on, and you were on top of him in nothing but your bra and underwear.
You felt it all in that position, his size and how badly he wanted you.
He sat up very briefly, popping your bra open and taking your nipples into his mouth one by one, licking around them and sucking just hard enough to leave you grinding on his lap.
Okay, so he’s a virgin, but maybe not a full virgin.
You quickly regained control, pushing him back down, taking a second to enjoy it before shifting down the length of his body. Going by the way that he held his breath, he knew what was coming and you could see in his eyes that he wanted it badly.
Without a word, you slid your fingertips inside the waist of his jeans, and gently tugged at them, taking his boxers off at the same time. Slowly, every last inch of him was revealed to you. In all honesty, you had never really enjoyed giving blowjobs in the past. You enjoyed the control and you enjoyed giving your partners pleasure, but the actual act of having a dick in your mouth, had never really appealed to you beyond those two things.
But the second you grasped his dick and wrapped your lips around the tip, his leg and abdominal muscles tightening and then releasing, you loved it.
You decided to take it slow, lightly swirling your tongue around the tip while rubbing him up and down with your hand. The deeper you took him in, the harder it was for him to remain quiet.
Once you found a comfortable rhythm, gradually picking up the pace, releasing the tip from your lips with a gentle pop like you had the beer bottle, and then taking it all the way in again, Seokjin tilted his head forward and watched, biting down on his lip, inching closer with each second. He twitched and squirmed and panted so loudly, it was a miracle the others didn’t come rushing out to see what was going on.
You sucked and licked all the way down to his balls and back up his length, your eyes watering and the back of your throat contracting as you took him all the way inside.
“__________-ah,” he gasped, barely managing to get the words out. “I-I’m g-going to —”
You could pulled away but you didn’t. Instead you sucked harder and deeper and allowed him to come into the back of your throat as you hurriedly swallowed.
When you finally came back up to collect you breath — hair a wild mess, eyes bright and cheeks flushed as if you had just finished a workout — he shifted his body upright and met you face to face, brushing your hair back and kissing every inch of your face before making his way to your lips.
You knew he could taste himself on you, and you were really turned on by the fact that he didn’t care.
The moment he guided you back down onto the couch, tugged your underwear off and settled his mouth between your legs, you could sworn you blacked out from anticipation alone.
You were considerably wet already, and going by the way he groaned with his tongue and his lips grazing your clit, you could tell he loved the taste of it. His movements were slow and steady, in a way which proved to you that he had never done this before. He had never used his mouth on a girl before. This was the first time for him, and the more he tested you and teased you and tasted everywhere, the better it felt.
After only a few seconds of exploration, he slowly came to focus all of his attention on your clit, gently sucking and flicking on it as you tugged gently on his hair and squeezed his head between your thighs, mostly without meaning to.
Lips shaking around each moan, you gasped as he slid a finger inside you, and then another.
In a matter of seconds you were twisting and coming, and he kept going, making you twitch and  choke and squeeze until he finally stopped, his lips glistening as he lifted his head up to look at you.
“How was that?” he asked, as if he didn’t already know.
You resisted the urge to wipe that smirk off his face, far too breathless to think straight, let alone speak.
You weren’t sure when it happened, but at some point he got up and ducked into the kitchen, two glasses of ice cold water in he returned moments later. He handed one to you as you sat up, your insides thanking you the moment the cool liquid touched your mouth.
After a moment of thought, you decided to ask. “You’ve never done that before, have you?”
“Was it that obvious?”
“Not in a bad way. Honestly, I-I’ve never come that like from just oral before.”
He blinked his eyes wide, but only briefly. “Really?”
You nodded, thinking back to how it felt just a moment ago. Granted, you hadn’t slept with very many guys, but you had slept with enough to know that it felt different with Seokjin. There was a rush of feelings inside you that couldn’t explain.
The second you met eyes with him, you knew he felt it, too.
Setting your empty glass aside at the same time as him, you looped your hair up, allowing a few strands to fall loosely around your neck, and he grabbed his jeans from the pile of clothes on the floor, tearing open a tiny foil packet a moment later.
Once he rolled the condom on, his dick hard and ready again, you climbed on top and breathed in  as he gently kissed you.
“I don’t want this to be over,” You quietly confessed.
He deepened the kiss, pulling back but only to speak. “Neither do I.”
Within moments of that, you lowered yourself onto him, holding your breath as he gently pushed inside you.
Gasping at the last second, you felt yourself squeeze around him, tightening and then relaxing as you slowly began to ride him. As hard and as fast as you wanted to go, you held back. Although he had come not five minutes prior, you could tell he wasn’t going to last very long.
His lips were on you the entire time. On your mouth, neck and around your nipples, causing you to ride faster and harder, and to bring him so close to the edge, he could taste it.
“Y-you’re going to m-make me c-c —”
You timed it perfectly, using the upward curve of his dick to hit your spot with every motion, and after only about a minute or two of sex, you came at the same time he did, smothering your moan against his lips as the two of you kissed through it. His body felt hard everywhere, softening only as he released the breath that he had been holding in.
He couldn’t even speak properly. “That was … that was … you … we …”
I completely agree. 
“We … we might have to do this … again,” You managed to say, chest rising and falling as you tried to collect your breath. “Just to … just to make sure you get the … full … experience.”
He lifted an eyebrow at you, choking on a sudden burst of laughter at the same time you did, that same rush of feelings bubbling inside you as he cupped your cheeks and left a trail of kiss from your forehead to the bridge of your nose to your lips.
The End
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