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Cookie run fans will be like "omg rainbow shard god cookie just dropped" like bestie they aren't cookies anymore they don't even look like cookies You are playing People Run
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Come Out and Play
Pairings: Steve x Fem! Reader
Warnings: Fluff, mutual pining, friends to lovers trope, christmas vibess
Summary: You and Steve are sent into the deep woods for a mission, ending earlier than expected, and staying later than expected. Fearing you both won’t make it back in time for Christmas, you two try to make the best of the situation, Steve along the way, falling more and more in love with you each passing day…
A/N: I believe I first had this idea since January so I have been waiting practically a year to post this. This and another one that will be put up shortly :)) based on the song 'Come Out and Play' by Billie Eillish
Tumblr media
“It will be an up-to 4 week away mission. You two will be located in a small cabin in the middle of the woods in Canadian territory, in which they graciously let us work. Simple task, expose the supposed consulting hacker, turn him into the Canadian government. They will take it from there.” Maria Hill informed you and fellow Avenger Steve Rogers; formally known as Captain America. You took the vanilla folder that was debriefing every detail about the hacker meanwhile Steve looked puzzle. “Ma’am, with all do respect, why take up this mission? If in the end the Canadian government will take them into custody, why need our help? Plus, it’s almost the holidays.” Steve asked, you perking your head up to him along with Maria. He was never one to turn down a mission. He stole a glance at you before looking back at Maria. “Steve, we wouldn’t have assigned you to this if it wasn’t important. You and Agent Y/L/N are compatible in the field, we have seen how you two train. You two are the perfect candidates for this, plus I am just the messenger.” She exhaled, accepting the folder in which you handed back to her. Steve relented and nodded, Maria taking this as confirmation of his acceptance into the mission. You and Steve glanced at each other, his steel blue eye’s softening upon landing on you. “You guys leave at noon tomorrow, and no later than that.”
“I dunno Nat, he didn’t seem all too enthusiastic working along with me.” You told Natasha who was sitting on your bed watching you pack. “Maybe he just had a rough day. You know how Steve can be.” She told you, running her fingers through her vibrant iconic red hair. “But it’s so weird, he never turns down a mission. It’s like he DOESN’T even want to go with me! I mean, have you ever seen him turn down a mission before?” You said, turning to her as you took out a cozy sweater from your closet and held it up to her. She nodded, silently letting you know that the sweater was nice enough to wear. You placed it into your suitcase that laid on the floor. “It is close to the holidays Y/N...who wouldn’t want to be at home for Christmas?” She consoled you, trying to make the best of the situation you were stuck in. You sighed and went along with her words. “Maybe you are right.” You said, pulling out another top, this one with her shaking her head ‘no’. You put the top back into the closet. 
You plopped onto the bed next to her, you spread eagle as she sat criss-cross applesauce and looked on at you. “Think on the bright side, it’s you and Steve finally alone! Maybe this could be the perfect opportunity to ask him out??” Nat suggested, a playful smile now on her lips. You groaned and covered your face with your palms. “Ugh! As if he will say yes! Trust me Nat, it’s better that we stay friends, at least then I will still have my pride intact., plus I can barely stay afloat around the guy! I always get so flustered and nervous.” You complained. As much as you would hate to admit, you did like Steve. A lot. He was the one who showed you around the tower, training with you and often finding yourself by his side at many of Tony’s parties. He was the perfect man, a true gentlemen and golden boy; the title of Captain America fitting him quite well. You were just an MIT graduate turned S.H.I.E.L.D Agent who just got lucky enough to be recognised for your skill. You got along with everyone pretty quickly though, they were all so welcoming. “You will never know if you don’t try.” Nat said, nudging your leg a bit. You tried kicking her back, only to miss as she laughed at your futile attempts. 
In the room a few doors down, Steve was packing with Bucky in the room. 
“Jesus Buck I had a whole evening planned out and everything, it was going to be flowers then dinner then a carriage ride around the city. Maybe take her dancing too, although I'm not a huge fan of the places they got. Kinda wish it was like how it was back then.” Steve complained to his best friend. “Really? A carriage ride?” Bucky said, raising his eyebrows at America’s favorite golden boy. “It was a guess.” Steve said, scanning through his closet and picking simple clothes and sweaters. He smiled once he saw the white sweater you had bought him a year prior for the festive holiday. He was going to wear it when he took you out. He huffed out when he placed it in his suitcase and placed his hands on his hips. “Now I have this mission to go on and I don’t even know if we will be back in time for Christmas.” He huffed out. Bucky looked off, then came up with an idea. “So it’s just gonna be you and her there right? Make your move there! Bam, problem solved.” Bucky said, clapping his hands for more of an effect. “No way, work is strictly professional, I can’t risk either one of us being distracted.” Steve pointed out, finishing up his suitcase and zipping it closed. “Hey, it was just an idea punk. Just, consider it? You don’t know if you don’t try.” Bucky said, laying on Steve’s bed and Steve looked around his room. Maybe Bucky was right…
The mission itself only took 3 weeks, you had hacked the hacker’s daily plans and found out where they were going to be at what time. When you finally did return to your cabin, Steve had phoned Maria and told her of your two’s early success. Sadly, they notify you and Rogers that they couldn’t the Quinjet working. It was going to be a later stay than usual...
Wake up and smell the coffee
The day after you two received the call, the skies were gray and snow drifted down softly. Steve moaned as he stirred awake in his bed, duvets thrown across him as he laid half bare. He grabbed a random t-shirt of his and exited his room. His fingers stroking through his now tad longer hair. He only looked up for a second, but did a double take as he saw you in the kitchen preparing coffee. You turned and smiled at him. He swore his heart beat two times faster. 
Is your cup half full or empty?
“Morning Cap, I made your favorite. I’ll be in the lounge area if you need me.” You said, beaming up to him as you passed with a mug in your hand. Steve managed to utter a thank you, smiling as he saw the mug that was waiting for him. 
When we talk, you say it softly
But I love it when you're awfully quiet
For the next day, you and Steve read books in peace near the fireplace, enjoying each other’s company in silent bliss. 
Show me what you could make her
You'll never know until you try it
The next morning, Steve had prepared breakfast for you both, a surprise to you in which you accepted. You had pulled him into a hug, not realising it until you felt him tense. You felt embarrassed, meanwhile Steve was mentally kicking himself as to why he didn’t react sooner and hug you back.
And you don't have to keep it quiet
And I know it makes you nervous
Later on, Steve was wandering around the house; confused as he couldn’t find you any where. He later found where you were by looking out the window and watching you make a snowman. He laughed as you tried to roll a giant snowball to add onto the beginning form. You spotted him and laughed, him waving at you with a smile of his own. You signaled for him to come out, him shaking his head yet grabbing his coat. How could he resist you? 
But I promise you, it's worth it
To show 'em everything you kept inside
He helped you finish the festive task, you both hugging at the accomplishment, this time Steve hugging back. For the rest of the evening, you both spent outside; either making snow angels or having endless fun with snowball fights. 
Don't hide, don't hide
Too shy to say, but I hope you stay
Later that night, you two warmed up with hot cocoa and blankets. You wanted to show Steve the many Christmas movies he missed, starting with your favorites. “So this kid is stuck in family’s house while they are in Paris?” Steve asked. You nodded as you threw a popcorn into your mouth. “Why didn’t he just-””Shh! It’s starting!” He laughs at your enthusiasm. Once the movie finishes, he goes to stand up but hears you stir. Over the course of watching the film, he didn't notice that you had gotten closer over time and fell asleep on his chest. Steve didn’t move for the rest of the night, finding comfortness in your presence and kissing your temple. “Good night Y/N”. He said, slowly falling asleep beside you.
Look up, out of your window
See snow, won't let it in though
You don't have to keep it quiet
For the next day, you two stayed indoors, baking cookies and homemade treats. During the end, you had put some frosting on Steve’s face, resulting in him chasing you around the cabin as you laughed. He finally caught up to you, taking you down as he smeared frosting all over your face as you laughed, not even realising how tight and close he was holding you. He laughed himself as he watched your to lick all of the frosting off near your mouth. He helped you get up and you two returned to the kitchen, cleaning off the remnants of the sweet treat from you guy’s faces. That night, you both didn’t bother returning to your rooms, falling asleep once again in each other’s arms on the sofa surrounded by batches of gingerbread and chocolate chip cookies.
Yeah, I know it makes you nervous
But I promise you, it's worth it
The fifth day after the call, you two received another one notifying you both that the Quinjet will be arriving in the next day or so. You were supposed to be ecstatic to go home, yet you also dreaded it. You’re time with Steve had made you feel more appreciated and happy in a long time.  You felt like at home with Steve, always waking up in his arms and him never failing to make you laugh. Steve had felt the same. He did not want these days with you slip through his fingers, finding himself enjoying each moment with you. Seeing your smile, hearing your laughter, it made his heart swoon at the thought. He had never felt this type of love with anyone, not even Peggy. You had stirred so many emotions in him than he could have never predicted. He had fallen in love with you. And unbeknownst to him, you had fallen in love with him.
To show 'em everything you kept inside
Don't hide, don't hide
The next day, you two packed, the cabin now stripped of the joyous laughter and sounds from the previous days. You two had spent the whole day packing, that you two barely had time for one another. You two slept in separate rooms, craving for the other’s warm embrace, yet only to meet with an empty bed only they occupied themselves.
Too shy to say but I hope you stay
Don't hide away
On the evening of the last day, you had received a knock on your room door. You opened it to find Steve covered in snow and in his jacket. “Steve, wha-” “I need you to do me a favor.” He said, making you puzzled and confused. “Of course Steve, what’s up?” You asked. “Get dressed and be ready in an hour, trust me I’ll have everything taken care of.” You were going to protest more until he scurried off back to his room, you closing the room door and sitting against it. You wondered what he meant but followed his instructions either way. You showered, drying off and dressing into a white turtleneck and black skirt with knee high boots. Natasha must have packed it for you when you weren’t looking. You let your hair down and did a soft makeup look, not needing much as you preferred it that way and wore a silver bracelet. When you were finished, you heard a knock at your door. You opened it to find Steve on the other side dressed in the white sweater that you had bought him a year prior and black slacks. He had shaved the scruff that was growing but couldn’t do much about his slightly longer hair. You ‘awed’ once you saw the flowers that he was holding in his hands and beamed up to him. You were most likely blushing at this point, but still managed to look up to him. Steve was in awe of how you were standing in front of him. He couldn’t believe how he was so lucky to be right there in front of you, to know the sound of your laughter and to be graced with the comfort of your being. “Steve?” You had snapped him out of his trance like state, making you laugh and close your eyes. Steve smiled and handed you the flowers, watching you smile at them and their colors. Blue, red, and white roses. “Shall we get going?” Steve asked you, not wanting to waste a second more to make his plans into action. “Depends Captain, where are we heading?” You cooed. Steve smiled. “Somewhere special.”
Steve had taken the car that was left by both of you and drive you to the small town that was nearby. You remember talking to Steve about it when you two first came, happy that now you were being able to visit it.  The town was beautiful, full of purple and gold hues, christmas colors sprinkled here and there. Steve had parked the car and, being the gentleman he was, rushed over to your side and opened the passenger door for you. You accepted the gesture and took his hand while stepping out. Truth being, Steve had never actually been on a date before. Sure there was a time in the 40s with Bucky and the dames he brought, but is wasn’t exactly enjoyable for him. He was new to this and had lots to learn. 
He lead you towards a small diner. Not exactly the fancy restaurant back in New York that he had booked, but you seemed to love the idea of the quaint little place. You two found a booth and talked while you both waited for the waiter to visit. Often, Steve would find himself staring at you. He couldn’t help but admire your beauty as you sat there before him on the crimson red booth seat. You found yourself looking at the man before you. You couldn’t tell if this was a date or not, but you weren’t one to waste an opportunity like this. 
The food at the diner was better than Steve could ask for as it tasted better than any other diner he went to nowadays. He smiled as he saw you eat waffles instead of any dinner type food. 
After diner, you looked up and saw a ferris wheel in the town centre. Steve smiled as you turned back to him. He nodded towards it, silently letting you know that you two were walking there next but you couldn’t wait a second longer. You grabbed his hand and ran towards it, Steve laughing as he was being pulled along. He thought it was funny, Captain America, the same man who fought Nazis and Hydra, being pulled along by you.
You two arrived at the wheel, Steve buying two tickets for you both. You went in first, Steve talking to the worker before following behind you and entering the cab. He sat right next to you, you scooting closer and looking out the windows. You were so adorable, being so enthusiastic and full of life. The cab had slowed to a stop near the top, stopping all the way as your cab was the highest one. You smiled and looked back to Steve, who was already smiling at you. “What?” You asked, wondering if you had any powdered sugar left on your face still. “You are just so gorgeous.” Yeah, Steve could have came up with so many other things to say something like “I like you” or say “I can’t picture my life without you.”But he said what was on his mind, despite all being true. You were absolutely stunning, no one could deny it. And he was lucky to even be right there next to you. You blushed at his words, your lips breaking into a smile. Steve’s emotions faltered, now he was shy. He was acting like a school boy now, nervous as hell. “Hey Steve?” “Y-Yeah?” Silence filled the frosty air, you biting your lip and considering if you should say what is on your mind. You took a deep breath. “I, uh, I-” You tried to find the right words to say, but opting for another option. Instead you breathed in and connected the space between you two, attaching your lips to his. Steve was taken back, but kissed you right back. He didn’t realise how long he had waited to do that until now. You, realising all the pent up emotion that was built upon not only the past week, but for as long as you knew Steve. You two broke apart, you laughing into his chest as he smiled and pulled you into a soft hug. “Merry Christmas Eve Y/N.” he said, shifting so you both were sitting side by side, your head on his shoulder and his head leaning on yours. “Merry Christmas Eve Steve.” You whispered back.
The Quinjet came late at night, you two arriving at the compound near 1 am and waking up at 7 am. While everyone conversed, you couldn’t help but sneak looks at the super soldier as he did the same for you. When it was time for opening presents, you two sat next to each other, holding hands as you rested your head upon his shoulder. He kissed your temple, just like he did when you fell asleep on his chest for the first time. He couldn’t wish for a better place to be. You feeling the exact same...
Come out and play
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