pinkyjulien · 4 months
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━ Halsin 🐻
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mizartz · 1 year
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She feels like home.
fanart for the latest chapter of close enough to be whole again by @hailsatanacab​! jazz my beloved <3333333
and a bonus sketch:
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danny: he dont bite :) damian: YES I DO.
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ride-a-dromedary · 2 months
Again I know it's supposed to be a haha reference to the turns into a bear when he's too aroused thing, but in again refusing to brush just over the surface of this character: "I must be careful or I'll lose run of myself again. An Archdruid should show *some* restraint." comes across to me as more melancholy than perhaps intended when a. You take it into consideration that several lines imply that Halsin has issues with self control and self servitude, and presenting an "acceptable" version of himself as an outwards facing authority figure, to the point where he brushes over his own feelings, or pushes things that he wants down in the effort to reflect better what others want from him.
And b. Remember that Halsin was essentially just an apprentice when he was forcibly situationally promoted to Archdruid - he wasn't taught *how* to be an Archdruid or trained for it, or mentored; he was thrust into it because they didn't have any other choice. But they needed someone, so he stepped up. Halsin has spent the last century studying and learning things on the fly or through trial and error, and in a position of leadership like that, he is aware that every failure to uphold that mask *counts* and others *are* very much affected. How many times has he muttered that same mantra? Or heard it thrown around? An Archdruid not having control over their own magic is a big deal. Even when he is no longer Archdruid, he still grumbles it to himself. He's been at it over a century and he *still* doesn't feel like he's gotten it right. Even when he is in a place of progression, of trying to gain hold of himself again, those wisps of failure and self doubt still creep into everything. And that's sad to me.
#BG3 Musing#haha funny line in response to saucy line that man is about to go feral ooh se- HEY TRAUMA#it's like a med student being promoted to the head of emergency#or an admin assistant suddenly being put in a ceo role#like i know it's a meme scene!! but halsin sounds *humilated* when he accidentally wildshapes during his romance scene#he sounds flustered and embarrassed and is so quickly launching off excuses with a tone that indicates *he thinks it's over*#like he fucked up he fucked this up just when he was *starting* to come into himself again and it never stops#i keep thinking of that one lyric from big thief 'i can't find surrender/and i can't keep control'#and again i'm reading too deep into it but halsin's struggle with failure really is embedded here you just have to...like listen to him#Even when he *says* that there's little point in denying oneself#he does it literally all the time - he did it for a *century*#and i'm not saying he doesn't have fun or not enjoy things but he cuts himself off so early at the root#or buries himself so thoroughly in a self indulgence until it wrecks him and neither of these things are healthy#note that he says as long as others aren't affected - he doesn't say as long as i'm not affecting *myself*#anyway i'm unwell#maybe i was never meant to be archdruid - you weren't! you were meant to protect nature's spirit and roam with the wilds#and yet he still did the best he could and people *admire* him and followed him but he may never come to see it that way#you ruined a perfectly good wood elf - look it's got trauma and anxiety (and larian turned him into a meme and i won't forgive them)
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cbmagus49 · 1 year
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Thought it’d be fun to do a palette challenge so I decided to do one of Mabel for funsies ^^
Then I did another :) And a few more :):) I’ve been drawing nothing but Mabel for three days straight :):):)
Individual pictures with their respective palettes under the cut ^^
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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mrsthunderkin · 4 months
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He's not keeping it together, tho
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bruciemilf · 6 months
We all know how much Bruce likes claws raking down his back. So Miguel getting up his face and threatening him with his claws and Bruce standing there like 😳💦
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no-mi-botos · 3 months
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My god i pray, you call my name
Awake O Sleeper
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The muzzle that Ethan is put in in MI3 does something to me 🫠🫠
but also it cracks me up cuz like 😂😂wtf *why*
what did he do in the car back to IMF base that he got muzzled like a dog and then strapped to a table???
Like my guys. Y’all tased the fuck out of him just 10ish minutes ago. (no matter how high of a pain tolerance you have, getting hit THREE TIMES with THREE different tasers will take you out for a while. Sure he brushes off the first 2 but the last one takes him out.) he’s still shaking from the electrical current as you are handcuffing him.
I’m sooooo curious about what Ethan did to go from getting handcuffed like a normal arrest to fucking strapped down to a table and muzzled.
Can you imagine being the agent who had to undo Ethan’s cuffs and restrain him to a table and put that muzzle on him??? That’s hazard pay right there.
Thoughts?? Opinions???
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queen-mabs-revenge · 7 months
on the one hand the fact that james lance's personal style is such a vibe that the line between his wardrobe and trent's is non-existent is next level shit and i love that he basically took this one-off character and built them from the ground up with like a full backstory and ocs and the whole thing. absolutely unhinged behavior worthy of every award.
on the other hand, my semiotic analysis brainrot mourns the fact that while wardrobe and prop choices signifying things about trent's character most likely still stand, this probably dilutes the idea that certain costuming choices are intended to signify narrative intentions specifically related to the greater plot.
but i'm still gonna go full clown on them regardless soooooo
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frodo-with-glasses · 1 year
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“He stood up, and it looked to Sam as if he was clothed in flame: his naked skin was scarlet in the light of the lamp above.”
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loki-hargreeves · 1 year
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this is what the inside of my brain looks like rn
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glitter50000 · 7 months
Fic inspiration
Ulla ducks her head and gives a humorless chuckle. “It was never the mother, was it?” 
Her father regards her with a pained smile. “No, it wasn’t.” 
He loved Ulla, truly, grey skin and all, she was still his child. Her laughs and giggles would fill the air with a joyous melody. He knew Ulla showed more promise as a baby than most sildroher ever have during that age. 
On dark days a small, ugly part of him thinks of taking her back to shore, finding her birth mother, and thrusting the baby in her hands without a word as she did him, never visiting again. 
During the times when Ulla’s wails would bounce across the walls and make the flowers shrivel and rot. He didn’t have a problem with it, she had a strong voice after all, but when the others complained it was a different story. How they glared at the two of them or sneered at the baby for the tone of her cries. 
The times when his wife would look at Ulla with an odd look, something akin to fear, repulsion, or pity. When that specific look would be on him instead. He remembers squashing down the hurt at the time she recoiled at Ulla reaching her little hands out to her or having just stood there as the baby cried. 
He would never want to give Ulla away though, for he never regrets her in the first place. 
“You can hold her if you want.” 
She’s broken out of some trance by his voice as he comes over to the crib. He chuckles a little at that, recalling the occasions when she would hold Ulla with a smile on her face, entertaining her with a song almost as if she forgets about the baby’s heritage. Though now it seems she remembers the other half. 
“She won’t bite,” he says amusedly. 
“I know that,” she mumbles, glancing at Ulla’s tail and his. He sighs and moves to pick Ulla up instead, scooping her up in his arms. 
“You must think I’m a whore.” He tells her bluntly. Sometimes he sees her looking at him with what could be a trace of disgust. Remembers how uncomfortable she seemed when they were courting each other and she first met Ulla and he confided in her about Ulla’s true parentage. Still, she wanted to marry him and look after her like she was her own, despite it all. 
“What,” she’s taken aback, “no, no I don’t think that's all, it’s just…” she trails off, gripping the edges of the crib tightly. It’s silent for a moment before his wife speaks again. 
“I wish she had been mine.” She whispers.
He still thinks about her at times, the shadow summoner, either with anger or nostalgia. Looking back to when she made him sing symphonies during their lovemaking.
Sometimes he wonders if he ever would’ve met Ulla had she not been born with a tail. Or would she have taken her away wherever she went and he would still be waiting for the bell to ring? 
Brave little Ulla. Coming home on the bad days when there’s too much teasing with tears in her eyes, yet still acting strong and holding her head high. 
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margoshansons · 2 years
Can men…stop writing grieving women as villains?
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The sequel only I asked for
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silverdragonoid · 3 months
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sockeyesoren · 3 months
fish symbolism in jjk has me ripping my hair out Like I stumbled upon this post when looking for the symbolism of this fish, since I saw it behind Rika's head in s2 ep3 and recognized it from s1 opening.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Like the reddit post said this fish dies before winter. I'm actually not sure what exact month she dies in but given the context of what they do in that episode (play on the beach, walk around a garden etc.) I think it's safe to say she dies before winter. But I guess it could just also mean death in general like it did with Junpei, although it looks like Junpei died before winter too
Tumblr media
And these betta fish I'm not okay. The black one representing Geto and the Blue eyed white one representing Gojo.
The black betta having torn up fins as a sign of poor health and a sign that it's dying, the fact that you can't put two male bettas in the same tank because they will fight to death..........
Tumblr media
Gojo's eyes following the Geto betta while Geto looks away is also so ughdghgfghrhggfhreghfr
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I'm not okay
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