#I don't think there's been a single time where we've said something that made the other person go 'YEAH'
birdmenmanga · 5 months
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some kind of moodboard
@birdmenanime @kitsoa
#just thinking thoughts...#sorry. the phrase 'bird mom loves you both' was so fucking evocative#and then once I started drawing it turned out I had a lot of feelings about this#if either of you want me to take this down let me know#yeah so I've been sitting on that edit of the conversation between takayama and karasuma for ages. like 4 months.#but at that time ghost was still on hiatus I think and also we weren't that close. so it didn't feel right to show it. but it existed.#my mental image of ghostpun is actually largely just that chibi takayama actually#but like that would cause confusion. so i used your discord pfp. your goat person is really nice to draw actually#as for kitsoa. it's supposed to be your fox from tumblr. but I also really associate you with sora(?)'s silhouette so.#it's that. and then hair that COULD be fox ears if you so desired. the ponytail is the tail... the shape is more or less the same.#fistfighting on top of a ferris wheel is a reference to detective conan movie 20: darkest nightmare#it's just so stupid and ridiculous it's my go-to for ludicrous conflicts#yeah anyways onto the actual subject.#to ghost: sorry about this. generally when it comes to fandoms I read most text posts and nod my head thoughtfully and sip my drink#but I guess because I have more cohesive and coherent thoughts about this series in particular I'm less good at just nodding my head#I don't think there's been a single time where we've said something that made the other person go 'YEAH'#like it's always '......well...............'#some nights I wonder whether we read the same series or not. and I feel like you probably feel this way sometimes too#sorry for being so pedantic. I am really not trying to pick a fight with you I promise.#yeah I have no clue what I want to say actually#we go to the same church for worship and like what are we gonna do??? stop going??? fuck no#I don't hate you. I respect you. still trying my damnest to like you. we're still working on that last one#like look I want to be besties so bad but I feel like we just have a boatload of ideological differences to work through#so I guess. what I'm trying to say is. here's to being insane together for the next few years. cheers!#(additional apology for the brutal honesty. I'm not good at white lies.)#to kitsoa: uh. sorry about. This. I don't even know if you were aware we had a rivalry (???) going on#Uh I wish I didn't stir up trouble in your house (bm fandom) but I'm stubborn. for better or for worse. sorry...#I am going to be careful to keep discussions respectful etc. etc. so as not to cultivate a toxic workplace or whatever. prommy.#(but you have to admit. this is kind of funny) <- guy addicted to doing things for the bit#yeah that's all. I can't do anything in a normal way but I hope you guys can understand somewhat.
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negrowhat · 8 days
Rain as Payu's Lover
This was requested by @25shadesoffebruary (TYLER I'M SORRY THIS HAS TAKEN SO LONG!)
I am in no way an expert; merely a spectator with thoughts and opinions. Just something to chew on for people with PayuRain headcanons. Just here for your enjoyment, you don't have to agree or disagree.
I've been trying to figure out what type of lover to classify Rain as when really he has the capacity to be any type of lover since he's just being introduced to sex with Payu. He's still in a stage of exploration, and trying new things, and trial and error.
Tumblr media
He's definitely starting off as a bratty sub but given that his partner is clearly a Dom it would make sense that he would fall into that role of submission because he knows it's what his P'Payu likes and what P'Payu likes he gets...when Rain says so...
Not to say that Rain doesn't like being a sub, he obviously seems to enjoy being a mouthy yet obedient lover to Payu...but maybe he likes other things too?
Let's talk a bit more about the sub thing; their everyday relationship leans towards a D/s one. Rain constantly talks about being a good and obedient boy and speaks to Payu with the respect that Payu has set as a clear expectation from him. But we've also seen instances where Rain purposefully uses foul language to get a rise out of Payu in the hopes of being taught a lesson in the bedroom.
He seems to enjoy Payu's punishments as much as he enjoys the rewards and the praises. Like that one episode where Rain was texting Payu right before his test and Payu promised him a reward if he passed his exam and then Rain asked him what would happen if he failed and Payu said that he should be prepared for a punishment. The SMILE on Rain's face as this text conversation takes place, he's way into it. He's giddy at the thought of being covered in kisses and drenched in praises or maybe risk the chance of finding out what punishments Payu has cooked up for him...he knows Payu has ways of straightening him out. He's as easy as a coin toss in some moments.
Tumblr media
When Rain is feeling like being P'Payu's good boy then I imagine he's extremely submissive; on his best behavior. He speaks to Payu gently and formally and I'm sure he's wallowing in Payu's praises and he loves every second of the pampering. He turns into a pillow princess, perfectly pliable and at his boyfriend's mercy; we see that in their first love scene. I honestly think Rain really, really loves being under Payu, that's why he's always holding onto his neck and pulling him down. I think Rain enjoys how big Payu, he needs those broad shoulders to grip and scratch and keep him anchored.
He'll do and say anything Payu commands with ease if it means Payu will treat him like royalty as a reward. He loves being told, "You're doing so well Rain," and "Look at this cute boy, he's perfect for P'Payu." Especially if it's close to his ears. I'm sure Rain slips in a good, "P'Payu, you're the best for me." Anything to solidify how he was made for Payu and belongs next to him and Rain is a pile of goo in the man's hands every single time.
Tumblr media
But what about when he's feeling rebellious and rambunctious and defiant? Sometimes Rain is in the mood to annoy his boyfriend and is more than willing to accept the consequences, eager even. I'm sure he's thrilled to find out how creative Payu gets with his punishments and explore his limits and then pushes them. Does Rainy Boy have a favorite punishment? Being bound? Edging? Spanking? No touching as he's being pleasured until he's babbling? No talking as he's being pleasured until he's crying?
Speaking of talking, Rain seems really talkative too. It's not a reach, the boy is a motor mouth in general. I think he finds that he likes Payu's responses to what he says. He knows exactly what to say to get a reaction from his man. He knows how to push his buttons like a phone operator. "P'Payu you're so deep, I can feel you in my soul." "P'Payu, I'm so full." "P'Payu fuck me" (which is everyone's personal favorite). He's not going to shy away from talking and it's just going to get more vulgar and less playful as they go on until he's not speaking in sentences anymore, just moaning Payu's name over and over...or better yet switching to call him 'Daddy'. Anything to make Payu lose his mind and find it at the same time.
Tumblr media
I honestly think that once he gets more and more comfortable with being Payu's lover then he will challenge Payu's dominance more and more. It'll start off with little things like the riding and controlling the pace and holding Payu's hands down. He'll graduate to ordering Payu not to touch him. He'll soon have Payu begging to do things to him.
He could really have Payu on his knees before him if he worked hard enough to take the control. I think if Rain kept that level of respect with the way he speaks to Payu during these times then it could really work in his favor. I think if Rain tried to take control and also spoke improperly it would turn Payu off and Payu would turn everything back around since he's the true Dom in their relationship. But if Rain played his cards right he could very well be the one administering the punishments.
I honestly think that IF Rain truly wanted to, he could get Payu to bottom for him. He could. He really could.
Rain might not fully understand it, but he holds more power and persuasion than he thinks. Like he has some idea, but not enough to really flip the script just yet. The power balance between them really sits on a scale, it could teeter and totter to be in either man's favor. Rain could tip that scale if he truly wanted to put his mind to it.
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iamfakeu · 1 month
feel special
020. — you’re in love
NOTE : sorry for not updating i got tired from a roadtrip so thisbis the best thing i wrote atm
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
This was bullshit. Everything was bullshit
'I'm here for you' ? What a joke.
You still couldn't get over with the situation. Everything your friends say all seem like one huge lie from the looks of it.
To think that it all happened because you decided to move into Sumeru to study in the Akademiya and live together with Kaeya was laughable yet saddening.
A knock could be heard from the outside as your brother's voice soon came right after, "Y/N! I made you breakfast! Come eat!"
Oh right, you were staying at Baizhu's house. It had been a while ever since you three had a meal together so you wiped your tears and you decided to finally get up from bed and go downstairs to his dining hall.
There, revealed Pantalone and Baizhu with aprons on trying to somehow make the food presentable.
"It seems like you both upgraded your cooking skills since the last time we all had a meal."
The meal itself was a classic among Liyue's households. Jade parcels.
"Well, I really had to learn since I'm a single dad now."
You almost choked on water when you heard what Baizhu said.
"Wait, you're a dad now?! What's the name of the child? Did you finally have a significant other?!—"
"Calm down, Y/N. I know you want to know more but she's at mum's house right now. I couldn't just leave her behind alone home."
Pantalone chuckled seeing how you were too eager to know about your new niece.
"I adopted her when she was 3. She is now 6. And before you ask again if I'm dating anyone then I'm proud to say that I don't need a s/o to raise Qiqi. She's enough company for now."
While you were disappointed that your brother was still single at his old person age, you can't really say much. You're single yourself.
"Enough about Baizhu," Pantalone interrupts. "What about you? What's the reason you came home?"
Ah, the question you weren't looking forward to. "Well, you know! I just missed Liyue!"
"Y/N, I see your activities online. Did it involve Kaeya?"
Gods, you hate how smart Pantalone was. "Well, me and him broke up like a year ago. I can't really get into it but it's been a tough month. I needed an escape from everything."
"Well that is understandable." Baizhu says. "You're welcomed to stay here for a while. I can't guarantee to always be here though since the hospital demands my attention."
Although he seemed to brush away the topic at hand, he really seemed to offer you help. It must be him trying to repair the horrible relationship you and him had when your parents were newlyweds.
"Well, no matter what happens, we've got your back. If someone's trying to harm you in anyway, we're one call away." Pantalone gives you a smile.
Tumblr media
As hours pass, so too Alhaitham's patience. Why have you been ignoring his texts? The last text you sent him was in the morning, when he offered you comfort and trust.
And your response to that was rather weird. It wasn't like how you usually type.
And your response... that was another odd thing about it. He just can't wrap his head around it.
He tried calling you as well but it all went to voicemail.
To say he wasn't scared for you was an understatement. What if you got kidnapped by people in Liyue? Or what if Kaeya did something bad to you? Now that was concerning.
He decided that he would fly to Liyue himself. After all, you can’t stop him from reaching you. He’s friends with Zhongli so it would be easy to find you.
“Hey Alhaitham where’s my keys—“ Kaveh walked into his room only to see him packing his luggage. “What are you doing?”
“I’m going to look for them myself.”
“You’re insane. They won’t even tell me where they’re staying at.”
“That’s why I’ll go there myself. I have a feeling that they’re feeling horrible right now. What they need is a friend.”
“You’re right but flying to another country just to be there for them— Oh my gods. You’re in love with them.”
“No, I’m not.”
“Your actions says otherwise.”
“I guess… You’re right.”
While he feels like he’s in love with you, would he accept your judgement of him? Would you like him back after what happened?
Who knows?
Only time will tell.
Tumblr media
🖋 # list : @makimakimi @toqbio @starryeyedkoko @baelloraa @sammybeefangirls @haithamlove @akagism2 @prefesro @catgirlwannabe @ittosoneandoniwife @sukunasrealgf @sharkiestory @kunikuzushisbeloved @thelonelyarchon @i4fliss @sunsethw4 @achilleas-dream @ieathairs @hypernovaxx @sassy-cat-in-town @crowbird @im-bili @xiaossocksniffer @imkaaayy @certaindreampost @prime-yumi @amaruthine @nambii @kaoyamamegami @danseidol @victoria1676 @nesskers @burningstarfishdonut @phoenix-eclipses @angelkazusstuff <3
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vsenyatargaryen · 9 months
Living Past
Soldier Boy is the last person you expect to see
Tumblr media
Characters: Soldier Boy x Female!Supe!Reader Warnings: soldier boy, smut, 18+, explicit language, derogatory language, rough sex, squirting, mentions drug use, the boys spoilers Word count: 1,062 ✖✖✖✖
"Look at you. Haven't aged a day."
You thought you were hallucinating. It wouldn't be the first time you'd pictured him, either when you were high or dreaming. It didn't matter how many years passed, or how hard you tried to move on, he was still etched in your mind, in your body. There was no escaping him, no escaping the past. 
Here he was in the flesh, Ben, soldier boy, standing in your kitchen with his suit on and shield by his side, like a single day had not gone by. Other than the beard and slightly longer hair, he looked exactly the same - but something else seemed different about him.
Something inside. 
"You - you're alive," you breathed, a million questions running through your head.
It was all over the news when he died on that mission with payback, the same superhero group you were kicked out of. They replaced you with Mindstorm. He was an 'upgrade', they said. Sure, you could read minds and use telekinesis, but he could trap people in their own memories until they died. It was always about the dramatics. 
 "I don't understand, what happened?" 
"Long story for another day," he answered.
His signature smirk didn't quite meet his eyes as he put down his shield and walked closer, "and before you even think of using that pretty little head of yours to read my mind, don't," he warned.
You frowned.  "I wasn't going to."  Even though it had crossed your mind. 
Ben closed the space between you and there was a somewhat comforting familiarity in the way he asserted his authority and took hold of your jaw, eyes darkening with hunger as his gaze trailed up and down your body. The way he looked at you alone had your pulse racing and pussy throbbing, almost begging to be filled. Preferably by him. 
"I fucking missed this," Ben reached to undo your satin robe and pull it off your shoulders, revealing your naked body. 
You stifled a moan as he roughly groped your breast with his free hand, his other still holding your jaw as his callous touch brought back all those distant memories of you two together. Those heated nights where your pleasured cries and screams bounced off the walls as he fucked you senseless. 
"Saw the photos in the hallway, looks like you're all settled down with some asshole and playing happy fucking families. Does he know what a dirty slut you are? Hell, I bet he can't even get it up, can he?" you felt his hold on your jaw tighten as he spoke, the obvious added strength he now had made your stomach churn. What the fuck had happened to him while he was gone? 
"Did you forget about me?" Ben accused, jealousy in his voice.
 You hated to admit it, but he had nothing to be jealous of. Jacob was a nice guy, nothing like Ben - but he wasn't your boyfriend anymore. You'd just been too preoccupied to take the framed pictures down. 
 "N-no. I never forgot about you." 
His grip loosened a little and you took the chance to make a move, using your telekinesis to undo his pants and push them down his legs, freeing the raging erection he had hidden underneath. God, you almost forgot how good he looked and how big he was.
"Fuck, we've got some long years to make up for," Ben growled, capturing your lips in a rough, messy kiss. 
All coherent thoughts about his sudden return sunk to the back of your mind, needing nothing more than for him to use you however he wanted. 
Time was a lost concept as he took control, one orgasm leading to another, and another. You became nothing but a moaning mess for him, breasts and neck covered in bite marks as he reclaimed you. 
Soldier boy soon had you sprawled across the kitchen table with one leg hooked over his shoulder as he pounded your dripping, used pussy, his thick cock stretching you open like it was the first time all over again. 
"Wish you could see yourself right now, creaming all over this fucking dick like some desperate whore. That's all you are, isn't it, my little whore," he grunted as he ground his hips against you, purposely pushing deeper while he held a strong grip around your thigh with one hand and rubbed at your clit with the other. 
"Fuuuck- Ben!"you cried out as your back arched off the wooden surface, the pleasure consuming you like a drug. You couldn't control yourself, the pressure building to breaking point as you squirted over him. 
"Oh, that's the fucking spot. Such a messy bitch," Ben smirked at his handiwork, admiring the sight as you soaked him. 
He gave you no time to recover from the high, his thrusts punishing as he seeked out his own near release, the sloppy sound of wet sex and your ragged moans filling the kitchen. 
'Gonna keep her close this time. Maybe I won't have to blow her to shit like Crimson. It would be a shame to lose a pussy as good as this.' 
You blinked, half conscious, at the sound of his thoughts suddenly invading your head. A part of you prayed you'd imagined it, but you'd given up on prayers a very long time ago.  
Ben pulled out, jerking his cock with a yell as he covered your breasts with his cum. 
 "Damn. That's some good fucking pussy," he chuckled, barely breathless or breaking a sweat. "You got a shower, yeah? Those things are fucking genius." 
"Uh, yeah," you managed, far from experiencing any post bliss haze as you sat up, messy and slightly aching. "Up the stairs, first door on the left." 
Ben looked at you, expectantly. 
"I'm not some hostess, asshole," you scoffed, trying to buy yourself a moment alone. 
He rolled his eyes as he picked you up, carrying you over his shoulder and up the stairs. 
While Ben was swearing and trying to work out how to turn off the shower, you were sitting on your bed, wrapped in a towel with your phone in your hand, anxiously re-reading your current text conversation,
'We need to talk.'
B; 'Little busy right now, love.'
'Soldier boy's alive. He’s killed Crimson Countess.'
B; 'Ah, about that..'
'What the fuck did you do Butcher!'
Tumblr media
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weirdmarioenemies · 27 days
Tumblr media
Name: DK Pass Debut: Mario Kart DS
DK Pass is your average Mario Kart snow course. There is nothing all that special about it. It's not a bad track, by any stretch of the imagination (even if getting run over by a snowball after a blind turn can feel a little cheap), but I do find it a pretty forgettable one.
Anyway. Isn't it weird that this is a Donkey Kong course for some reason?
Tumblr media
Yes, that is literally the entire reason I am talking about this course!
The Mario Kart series has always loved excising its god-given right to arbitrarily name generic courses after whatever character they so feel like. Toad has a turnpike, Yoshi has a desert, and Donkey Kong has a snowy mountainside! This is Mario Kart after all! They gotta remind people that this series is about these guys:
Tumblr media
But I end up singling out DK Pass because out of all the courses arbitrarily named after characters, it easily feels the most arbitrary. At least Toad's Turnpike had pictures of Toad on some billboards, and Yoshi Desert had the big Yoshi Sphinx! The only thing that makes DK Pass a Donkey Kong course is the name. If you renamed this course to "Cool Cool Mountain" or something, it would have no connection to Donkey Kong whatsoever.
I mean, when you think "Donkey Kong" and "places you'd associate Donkey Kong with" you don't really think "big snowy mountain", do you? Maybe you do. Maybe your only exposure to this character is the existence of DK Pass. I'm not judging.
DK Pass wasn't always a winter wonderland, though! Early on in development, DK Pass was a more standard mountain track, with green grass and everything. This version of DK Pass is generically named donkey_course, and while it's clearly early on in development here, you could argue that this version may have been a jungle course reminiscent of DK Mountain, or that it could be set on Donkey Kong Island or something.
But at some point in development, a developer said "Hey! We don't have our obligatory Snow Course yet! We can't have a Mario Kart game without an obligatory Snow Course!" And another developer said "You're right. Let's turn this Donkey Kong course into our obligatory snow course. And let's keep it a Donkey Kong course because he has such a lovable face."
It was either that, or they didn't want a course called "DK Mountain" two games in a row. But if that was a concern...
Tumblr media
Then why did they give Donkey Kong ANOTHER snowy mountain course in Mario Kart Wii?! This is DK Summit (known as DK's Snowboard Cross in PAL regions), and while I think its Donkey Kong theming is marginally less arbitrary (this course does have a barrel cannon after all!) it's still weird that there was a period in Mario Kart history where the go-to theme for a Donkey Kong course was "snowy mountaintop".
Tumblr media
Of course, since the release of these courses, we've gotten Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, which aside from being one of the best games of all time, is also all about Donkey Kong Island being frozen over!
Tumblr media
I'm not trying to suggest either of these courses are set on Donkey Kong Island, that would be silly. However! I do think it'd be a fun way to re-theme DK Pass if they ever bring it back again! It would go a long way to make the course feel a lot more memorable, especially since DK Summit does everything it does and does it better. Plus the name would actually make sense now! Bonus!
The only concerns would be places that localize the name as "DK Alps" or "DK Ski Resort," but the original Japanese version is generically "DK Snow Mountain," and that feels like the most important one. Sorry to the other localizers that made perfectly reasonable decisions before this course became Tropical Freeze themed in my imagination!
But I wouldn't get my hopes up, since both these courses are in Mario Kart Tour, and both retain their original designs there. As far as Nintendo is concerned, DK Pass shall remain one of the most bafflingly-named courses forever... And maybe it doesn't really matter all that much! I mean, it'd take someone really pedantic to make such a big deal about this course's name, right?
*slides the rest of this post under the rug*
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babiiface95 · 3 months
Happy New Year!
We made it! Another year down, congrats to you all. I hope you're proud of yourself because I sure am. Life is hard, but you fought your way to another years end. You go! You're awesome!
Obligatory reminder that while it's common practice for people to "restart" and set yearly goals this time of year, it's not necessary to only do so during this season. If you want a refresh or to start something new at any point in the year, you can. There's no limit. And if you do set a goal but don't complete that specific goal in the year, don't be too hard on yourself. You can change and restart whenever you choose to. You decide, just take care of yourself no matter what.
***Sorry if I missed anyone!
Not soFun fact. I was planning on skipping this kind of post this year because it really feels like most of what I have to say gets completely ignored. Idk what's happened, but tumblr feels lonely more often than not these days. But then @thecornerlot reblogged my year in review post with probably one of the sweetest messages I've ever received and put a huge smile on my face. Sometimes all it takes is one person to remind you that you aren't an after thought. So Em, thank you for that. From the bottom of my heart.
So let's start with the person of the hour and reason for this post @thecornerlot ! Em, I have no clue how long we've been interacting on here but you feel like a cornerstone of good vibes at this point. You always have perfect timing with sending sweet messages just when I need them, out of the blue, and I appreciate that so so much. My confidence in communicating with people has taken a bit of a hit this year so bear with me, but I'm gonna try my best to chat more with you (if that's what you're into lol). Regardless, please know you are loved appreciated and cherished, because as I've said countless times before you are an absolute gem of a person. I hope the new year brings you all the goodness and peace that you deserve💙💚
@upcloseandchaotic Emily! What can I say that you don't already know? I basically hand you my bleeding heart on a weekly basis, not only because I love you more than words can describe but also because I'm dramatic as hell lol. Thank you so much for being along with me since we were 13 years old. Thank you for sticking around through multiple growth periods (for us both). We've changed so much over the years, but our puzzle pieces still fit, and I'll forever be grateful for that. Love you! Here's to another year being the wonder twins lol
@targaryenvampireslayer Suz!!!! I think I said this in last years post, but we kind of had a speed run into friendship. This year, we just doubled down on that. We ramble to each other almost everyday, and tbh if I go a day without a voice note from you the day sort of feels off. Thank you for being a comfort to me in ways that I don't think you really know. Life is weird, and it's just so lovely to know there are people like you who are constants and really care. So thank you again, and get ready I'm coming across the pond so I can get my attack hug!
@a-little-counter-esperanto Lauren!!!! You my dear friend are always a joy. I think we feed off of each others feral energy over the pretty men we like, and I love that for us. Thank you for always being so sweet and always checking in. I hope that this coming year goes no where but up for you. You deserve all good things, all the soft things, and all the gentle things you desire. I'd fight the universe on your behalf if it came to it. Much love!
@verdandis-blog V! I love your enthusiasm and childlike joy for the things you love. I'm a bit of a grump, and it's getting worse with age, so it always makes me smile when you message me about the games you're excited about and the characters you're into. Never change that, it's a joy to see and a reminder to just enjoy things. Thank you for that constant reminder, and thank you for being my friend.
I unfortunately will never be able to write personal notes to every single person who has been a positive light through the year, but don't think that means I don't appreciate you. And all kind interactions, no matter how brief, mean more to me than any of you know. So thank you. Have a wonderful and safe new year everyone!💚💙💚💙
@quica-quica-quica @juletheghoul @just-here-for-the-moment @pedropascalito @petlaufeyson @artpoppstar @deadhumourist @flightlessangelwings @honeyed-hedonist @iccedays @jaseminedenise @jokersfangirl84 @katareyoudrilling @loki-hargreeves @lgumdrop @mandobi @navybrat817 @tolkienblackgirl @maladaptivexxdaydreaming @ladytarotheart @silverinkandstardust @oonajaeadira
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emorychase · 1 month
Last Night
This is the most angsty thing I’ve ever written! I’ve been obsessed with this song and wanted to give it a story since I first heard it, so here she is! Hope y’all love it as much as I do 💕
Tumblr media
Last night we let the liquor talk, can't remember everything we said but we said it all
It’s way before her wake up time, so I know her phone is on sleep mode when I hit her contact. The call rolls straight through to voicemail, just as I expected, and hearing her happy voice is a sucker punch to my stomach. I start talking as soon as the recording ends.
"Uhh, hey. It's me...obviously, since you have a phone made after 2005. Anyway, I just...wanted to tell you I hate the way we left things last night. Forgot there was a reason I don't drink too much tequila, it makes me an insecure asshole."
You said you wish I was someone that you never met, but baby something's tellin' me this ain't over yet
"I'm shit with emotions, I know. And it's not an excuse! But hearing you say that you wish you'd gone to a different bar instead of the Hard Deck that night? That...that's something that will haunt me forever. I hate that I hurt you that bad. I wouldn't trade a single second with you for anything and I know we've got so much more in store for us."
No way it was the last night I kissed your lips, made you grip the sheets with your fingertips
"The first time we barreled through the door, leaving a trail of clothes to the bedroom, I knew you were it for me. The thought of never seeing you with white knuckles, hands tangled in the sheet and my hair as you try to keep quiet since Javy is asleep in the other room punches a hole in my chest."
Last bottle of Jack we split a fifth, talkin' bout life and goin' sip for sip
"How could I let something that I only associate with happiness become so bitter? Fuck, I hope I didn't ruin that memory. The one on a blanket in the sand, you sitting between my knees and leaning back against my chest by the bonfire a few dates in. Sharing secrets and dreams along with shots straight from the bottle."
You know you love to fight, and I say shit I don't mean
"You're the only person that can honestly call me out when I'm being a dick and you keep me on my toes. Nobody's ever been able to keep up with me, verbally throw down with me the way you do. And I don't think there will ever be anyone who can. I know I talk out of my ass a lot, but I took it too far and I know it. I just...I know you're too good for me. Rooster tells me I don't deserve you and that you could do so much better all the time. I'll deny it till I die if you repeat this, but he's right. You could have anyone in the world, yet you chose my dumbass. I guess I thought if I could be the one who did the hurting, it wouldn't hurt me."
But I'm still gonna wake up wantin' you and me
"I just keep waiting for you to wake up and realize you don't want me anymore. I got scared and took it out on you and I'm so sorry. I woke up yesterday wanting a life with you, and I still do today. I want all my tomorrows to have you in them. You're it for me, darlin'. Fuck, I shouldn't be dumping this on your voicemail, but I couldn't go another second without telling you this, didn't want your day to start without knowing how much you mean to me. You were sleeping so peacefully when I left this morning that I didn't have the heart to wake you. Let me know when you wake up, yeah? I'll try and get my lunch to be whatever time works for you so we can eat together. If you want, I mean. You have every right to be mad at me and want some space. I'm not above bribery and groveling, so I'm offering a trip to the food truck market where I'll buy you all the things and won't even complain if you spill ranch in the passenger seat! Um, anyway. I'm about to walk into the hangar so I guess I gotta go. You're the best part of my life, honey. I love you so much. Hopefully I'll talk to you soon. Umm ok, bye."
"Uhhh, hey. It's me, obviously..."
My back is leaned against Jake's chest, a nearly empty bottle of tequila is dangling precariously between his fingertips and hovering above the sand.  I don't even remember what caused our conversation to end up where it did when Jake replies to whatever I just said.  "Yeah yeah, we both know you're just biding your time with me until something better comes along."  The bite in his reply throws me for a loop.  "...what?"
"I'm shit with emotions, I know."
"We both know I'm just a stepping stone, the one you're only meant to have fun with before you move onto the forever guy."
"What the actual fuck, Jake?!  After all the plans we've made, together might I add, you really think that about us?" 
"I'm not the forever guy.  I've accepted it, it's fine honey.  I just wish you'd cut me loose sooner rather than later."
"Wow, I don't like this version of you at all.  If this is the you I can expect, I'd tell the me from the night we met to find a different bar to drown my sorrows in."
"The first time we barreled through the door, leaving a trail of clothes to the bedroom, I knew you were it for me."
"You're not as subtle as you think, you guys!" I wake up to find myself sprawled across Jake, my cheek plastered to his bare chest that's rumbling with laughter. I look up to see a horrified Javy standing in the doorway, burnt orange lace pinched between his fingers stretched out in front of him. "Jake, honey, you really shouldn't leave your unmentionables out for anyone to see." I manage to make it through the sentence without laughing but burst into hysterics the second the last word leaves my mouth, the boys tumbling into laughter themselves.
"Sharing secrets and dreams along with shots straight from the bottle."
"I'm terrified of being Maverick. In the words of Rooster, with nobody to mourn me when I burn in." The look on Jake's face is somber, revealing the unabashed truth to his statement.
"I'm scared of being convenient. Growing up, my dad only spent time with me when it worked for him. He never went out of his way to do something with me like he did my brother. He never missed a single baseball game of his, but I couldn't tell you how many cheer competitions he missed because he was too tired to come." We'd promised each other then and there to never let that happen. He'd never be alone while I was on this planet and he'd go out of his way to make me feel wanted and important.
"You're the only person that can honestly call me out when I'm being a dick and you keep me on my toes."
"Jacob Tyler Seresin! That is a crock of shit and you know it, now go hug and make up." I'd yelled at him when he shamefully told me about the less than savory things he'd popped off about to Rooster and Phoenix. I'd bought them a hug it out shirt last time and had every intention of whipping it back out if need be and he knew it. "Yes ma'am." He'd huffed before making his way across the bar to do as I asked. Before he could get too far, I grabbed his wrist and pulled him back to me. I'd leaned up to his ear and whispered "don't forget, good boys get rewarded by their orally fixated girlfriends." With a wink and a kiss to his cheek, I'd shoved him off in his original direction.
"You're the best part of my life, honey. I love you so much."
Tears were pouring from my eyes by the time the voicemail ended. Jake Seresin is the cockiest, most intelligent dumbass I know, but he's the love of my life. Every single glimpse of my future has him in it and I wouldn't change that for anything. A quick check at the time says it's a little before 7, meaning he left a little over an hour ago. I think over my schedule for the day as I go through my morning routine. I have a doctor's appointment at 10 but should be done well before noon and am off the rest of the day. I send Jake a message real quick and move to dry my hair.
Tumblr media
I run a few errands after the appointment and Jake meets me at the house at noon on the dot. He walks through the door with a sheepish look on his face that borders on fearful.
"I have a bone to pick with you, and you're gonna sit down and listen to me, ok?" I demand and he nods, sitting on a barstool at the counter.
"You're it for me too, Jake.  You have been since you charmed your way into my life by teaching me the proper way to throw a dart.  You gotta talk to me, though.  Because our baby isn't gonna grow up with parents who don't communicate and sporadically blow up at each other.  Ok?" I question.
"Absolutely, darlin'.  Never again," he promises.
I don't waver from my spot opposite from him at the kitchen counter and pin him with an expectant look. He raises his eyebrow, silently questioning me back. 
"Wait a minute.  Did you just say our baby??"  He hops out of his seat at the realization and makes his way around to me.
"I was wondering how long it'd take you to pick up on that," I smile as his hands land on my hips.  "You were so busy throwing your pity party last night that you didn't even notice I wasn't drinking.  That's what the appointment was for this morning.  Looks like you'll be getting a new wingman in about 8 months."
Jake's palms find my cheeks and pull me impossibly closer as his watery eyes land on mine.  "God, I don't deserve you."  He tells me as he wraps me in a tight hug. 
"Hey!  Don't you talk about my baby's daddy that way," I smirk.  "I was before I even found out about the little nugget, but we're in it for the long run, cowboy."
Jake steals my breath with a passionate kiss.  My lips pull the desperate fear from his body and replace it with unyielding love.  I break away and look into his bright green eyes.
"Now, I recall you mentioning food trucks?  It would appear peanut has their daddy's appetite.  Also, I texted Mav and told him you'll be out the rest of the day.  Let's go, lover boy!"  I slap his ass to bring him out of his stupor and we make our way to the truck hand in hand. 
There was never another night like last night.
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Against an Endless Tide
Draco squared his shoulders, straightening his robes as he looked in the mirror. He looked good, his hair was clean and tidy; it just brushed his chin now, and he'd left it down. His face was freshly shaven, nails trimmed, a bit of concealer under the eyes to hide the exhaustion from being a single dad chasing around a two year-old.
"We can do this," he whispered to himself, before heading into Scorpius' bedroom where Harry was still trying to wrestle him into his clothes for the day.
He stood in the doorway, watching Harry laugh at Scorpius' antics as he chased him around with a tiny pair of trousers. "Scorp," he said, grabbing at him and eliciting a delighted little baby giggle when he didn't manage to fully capture him, "We've got to get your trousers on! You can't go to Memere and Grandfather half dressed."
"Perish the thought," Draco said, startling them both.
Scropius came running over, that sweet toddling run that made Draco's entire bone structure turn to goop. "Dada, dada, dada, dada!" he chanted! "Less run!"
"I can’t run right now, my darling," he said, scooping his squirming little body up and squatting as he took his trousers from Harry so he could wrangle him into them.
"Sorry," Harry said apologetically, "We were just having too much fun."
Draco looked up at the other man, it was still fairly new, this thing between them. They'd dated for four months before he'd even let Harry meet Scorpius, and it had only been a couple of weeks since he'd started letting Harry spend the night a few times a week. Harry was fantastic but he hadn't wanted Scorpius to get attached unless he felt like this might work. "Don't be sorry," he said with a little smile. "A month ago, I would have been getting both of us ready at the same time."
He released Scorpius and let him run over to the corner of the room where his toys were.
"Alright?" Harry asked softly, brushing a thumb over Draco's cheek.
"Fine," he said. Then he corrected himself, "Well, not really." They'd been working on this, telling the truth about their emotions, being honest about what they were thinking and feeling. "I honestly hate seeing them. But Scorp adores them and they adore him, so I can put it aside for the morning."
(Read more below the cut)
Harry hummed sympathetically, "Want me to come with you?" he asked.
He shook his head, "I haven't told them about you yet."
"Not because I'm ashamed of you," he hastened to add, looking away from Scorpius working on building a tower with his blocks (a very short tower, but a tower nonetheless) and over at Harry. "The expectations have just always been a lot, and I-"
"It's okay," Harry said earnestly, glancing over at him with warm, understanding eyes. "You don't have to justify it. We said we were taking this slow. There's no rush to tell them." He leaned in and pressed a kiss to Draco's cheek, "Although, I have told my parents," he said lightly.
He laughed and leaned his shoulder against Harry's as they watched Scorpius play.
"I actually did," he confessed softly, in the intensely honest way he had when he was talking about something difficult, Draco had a hard time looking straight at him in moments like this. "I sat down on a blanket in front of their grave and chatted for a while. It's different though," he added softly. "They've got the benefit of a better perspective than your parents do, seeing as they're dead and all."
Draco shook his head, "Bit dark," he commented lightly, "even for you."
He shrugged, "Death isn't all that dark. Not when you get to the other side anyway."
"Someday," Draco said, bumping Harry's shoulder with his, "I am going to make you tell me all about your particular brand of madness surrounding death."
"I'll let you," Harry replied, catching his hand and bringing it up to his lips to press a kiss to his palm.
And the easy way that Harry showed affection snagged and tugged at something behind his breastbone, leaving him a little breathless and dizzy.
"You should go," Harry said softly, "or you're going to be late. And while I certainly wouldn't mind spending the morning with my two favorite humans, I'm sure your parents would."
His heart rattled around in his chest, and surely it mustn't be normal for a heart to feel like it was a bludger ramming against its case. He sighed, "We should get going, you're right."
"Would you two like to go to dinner tonight?" he asked. "There's a great muggle diner a few blocks from my flat, the pancakes are to die for."
"Pa-cakes?" Scorpius asked, attention successfully taken from the blocks as he walked straight through them and over to Harry, grasping his trousers in his chubby little fists. "Pa-cakes?" he repeated eagerly.
"Oops," Harry said, scooping Scorpius up. "Maybe later, if it's okay with dada."
"Dada, pa-cakes?" he asked, turning his pleading, grey eyes on Draco, bottom lip protruding slightly. "Pease, dada? pa-cakes, boo-bebes?"
"Pancakes and blueberries?!" Draco said in mock outrage, "Pancakes and blueberries?!" he tickled Scorpius' tummy and he burst into peals of giggles. "Do you think I love you enough to give you pancakes and blueberries?" he asked, letting the sound of his child's laughter wash back some of his own anxiety.
"Yah!" Scorpius cheered.
"Well," he said as he scooped Scorpius out of Harry's arms and balanced him on a hip, "I suppose you're right. I do love you enough to give you pancakes and blueberries for dinner. You're on, Potter."
He glanced over to see Harry watching him with the softest expression and something in Draco melted completely, "What is that face?" he asked.
"I think I love you," Harry said, like it wasn't something absolutely fucking earth shattering.
"Lub you!" Scorpius repeated to Harry, "Lub you!"
"Love you, buddy," Harry replied with a little smile, tousling his hair.
Draco stared at him, "Do you really think now was the right time to say this?" he asked incredulously.
"It wasn't planned," Harry said. "You asked, though, and I just," he shrugged, "I've never felt like this. You make me feel like every inch of me is sunshine."
Draco spluttered at him, "You can't just say things like that!" he protested.
"Yeah!" Scorpius agreed. "No say things!" he added, shaking a finger at Harry.
Laughing, Harry asked, "Why not?"
"Because I'm supposed to be going to my parents and I have a two year old in my arms and all I want to do is drag you to," he paused and covered Scorpius' ears, "my bed," he whispered, before uncovering his ears again, "And make you keep saying lovely, beautiful words to me."
"Lob wors," Scorpius added.
"Just saying lovely, beautiful words?" Harry teased, green eyes sparkling with mischief.
"Among other things," Draco sniffed.
Harry leaned in and pecked a kiss on Draco's cheek, resting his hand on Scoprius' back as he did. And for a heart-stopping moment, it felt just like the family that Draco had always dreamed of having. It was exhilarating.
It was terrifying.
"Go," Harry's said softly. "It'll keep."
He sighed. "Ready to see Memere and Grandfather?"
"Mehmeh! Granfavah!" he exclaimed, bouncing in Draco's arms.
"See you later," Draco said, peaking around Scorpius at Harry.
"See you," Harry replied.
"Ug! Ug!" Scorpius cried, whining as he reached for Harry.
"Yes, hug," Draco conceded, handing him over and letting him wrap his arms around Harry's neck.
Harry squeezed him tight, "Thanks, buddy. See you later, yeah?"
"See you!" he said, reaching for Draco again.
With one last backward glance, Draco stepped over to the fireplace and took a breath, putting on his mental armor before dropping a handful of floo powder in the fireplace and stepping through.
To be continued...
Part 2
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evansreality · 2 months
• 𝐼𝑡'𝑠 𝑊𝑟𝑜𝑛𝑔 •
𝑒𝑣𝑎𝑛 𝑝𝑒𝑡𝑒𝑟𝑠 𝑖𝑚𝑎𝑔𝑖𝑛𝑒
your perspective:
I heard three knocks on my door and I sighed knowing who it was. I walked over to the door and as soon as I opened it, Evan stood there with a small grin on his face. I invite him in and he looks at me with lust in his eyes. "So.." he says, coming closer to me and closing the front door. "Where's your little boyfriend, huh?" He said in a playful manner. "Kyle is at work, he won't get off until late tonight." I said, sighing.
Evan smiles, "That's perfect." He places his lips onto mine but I pull away. He stared at me with confusion, "Why are you acting like that?" He asked, concerned. "It's wrong, Evan..we can't keep doing this.." I said, sternly. "It's not right." Evan scoffed, "What makes you say that now?" He asked, "I just think it's getting out of hand. I can't keep doing this to Kyle, I love him."
Evan laughed bitterly, "You love him?" He says, giving a fake smile. "Yes, I do." I nodded. He chuckles and puts his face closer to mine, "Well, tell me this, Y/n," He starts. "If you love Kyle so much, tell me why I'm here. Tell me why we've been sleeping together for the past two months." He said. I stared at him with a hurt expression.
"You know why?....It's because you don't love him, you keep trying to convince yourself you do but you really don't. You want this just as much as I do." He said quietly in my ear. "No, Evan..no.." I said but he doesn't listen. He kisses me passionately and my body starts to respond in ways it shouldn't. Against my better judgement, I kiss him back
It was wrong, so very wrong but we couldn't help ourselves. Every time Kyle left for work, Evan would come over and we would fall into the same passionate embrace. We knew it wasn't right but we couldn't resist each other. The thrill of doing something forbidden was too strong to ignore.
Evan picks me up and takes me to my bedroom and once we get there he removes every single piece of clothing I had on and started to leave wet kisses all over my body. The feeling was immaculate, and greatly satisfying.
He gently pushed me down onto the bed and climbed on top of me, and instantly put his lips against mine. He slipped his tongue inside and we were both fighting for control. His hands grasped at my breasts as he continued to make out with me. I could feel his clothed erection pressing against my leg and slowly rubbing it up and down my thigh.
We made out like that for a few minutes before he stopped kissing me and just stared into my eyes. He then proceeded to place his hand between my legs, sliding a finger inside of me. It felt so good. He inserted another finger and this time he began to move them around in circular motions, going deeper each time.
"Evan.." I moaned out lightly, not wanting him to stop. I threw my head back in ecstasy and grasped onto the sheets firmly, as he continued to pleasure me. After a while, he stopped moving his fingers inside of me completely and instead started to rub my clit slowly and steadily, my moans got louder, I could not contain myself I was getting closer and closer to my high. "Oh..Evan..." I whispered. He leaned down and kissed me again, he then took off his boxers and soon I felt him slowly sliding into me.
I gasped at his size, and grabbed onto his arms tightly, no matter how many times we do this I could never get used to that feeling. My mind couldn't even comprehend how it would feel being full of him. He pulled out slightly and thrust back in, causing me to cry out in bliss. "Shit." He hissed, thrusting harder into me. My moans got so loud to the point he covered my mouth with his hand. My eyes became heavy, and I couldn't think straight.
I could barely keep my eyes open, let alone see anything. I clenched myself around him, causing him to start moaning, "You feel so good.." he muttered. I could feel him starting to pulsate inside me, I was so close to my climax. Evan continued to thrust hardly, he was breathing loudly and whispering profanities in my ear.
"Fuck, I-im cumming.." he grunted softly. Soon, I felt a warm sensation fill me, it was too much for me to handle, the sensations and emotions were too powerful. I quickly reached my peak and gripped onto Evan's arms tightly, my orgasm rushed through my entire body. I squeezed him tightly and cried out incoherently.
I felt Evan begin to tense up inside of me, his face went red, and I knew he came. I felt his warmth going deep inside of me, and I bit my lip to hold back my crying. I loved the feeling of his release, it felt amazing. After a few minutes, he pulled out, laid on top of me and wrapped his arms around me.
"I love you, Evan." I quietly said, he looks at me for a moment and plants a kiss on my lips. "I know, I love you too, baby."
A/n: What even was this??? Smh, I might delete.
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waywardgoddess666 · 8 months
The most terrible loneliness is in loving someone completely, deeply, and without reserve; and knowing that you are not loved that way in return.
A/N - Feedback is always welcome, let me know what you think!
Characters - Dean, Sam Y/n
Chapter Eleven
I froze. "What?"
"You need to leave." Dean repeated, looking me dead in the eyes.
I stared at him and frowned. He was joking, right? "Haha, very funny Dean."
He continued to look me in the eyes, his stare as cold as ice and his stance stiff. "I'm not joking Y/n. I want you to leave."
"Is this why you've been avoiding my calls?" I asked, trying hard not to burst into tears at his coldness towards me.
"I wasn't avoiding your calls. I just didn't want to talk to you."
My brows raised and I took a small step back. "Oh. Ok..."
He slung his bag over his shoulder and went to walk past me. "You have an hour to pack up your shit and leave."
"Excuse me?" I blocked his path. "You're actually serious about this? You want to throw me, your supposed best friend, out of the only home I've known for the past two years?"
"This was never your home, it was always temporary. And I was never your friend. You were just a pathetic cling on that I felt sorry for."
That one stung. Hard. "So, everything we've been through together means nothing to you? All the times I confided in you about my life, my family, Sam; it all meant nothing? You're a god damn liar Dean Winchester." I said angrily. "why did you let me stay here for so long? Why let me think you cared?"
His stare was emotionless. "I told you, I felt sorry for you. And now I'm sick of hearing your constant whining. You've overstayed your welcome."
I wanted to punch him, I wanted to kick his ass all over the bunker, I was so angry. "Is this some kind of stupid macho thing where you think you're protecting me? Because I don't need protection Dean! I'm just as good a hunter as you! How many times have I saved your ass? How many times have I stitched you up? You better be damn sure this is what you want Winchester, because if I leave, you will never see me again."
He looked pained for a minute, glancing down at his feet like there was a fight going on inside of him and I thought for a second he was going to change his mind and make everything better again. But I was wrong. He looked back up, his face quickly going back to being emotionless and cold. "I don't ever want to see your ugly face again. You were nothing but a bit of amusement to pass the time and now I'm sick of seeing your pathetic, whiny self. This was never your home and now, it's time for you to leave."
I turned to go to my room to get my things, blinking back the tears filling my eyes. "Well, then I guess there's nothing else left to say." I left him standing there as I rushed to my room, shoving my clothes angrily into a bag. Dumping every single fake badge I had used when hunting with them onto the bed, throwing my cell phone on top of the pile too before reaching for a pad and pen and writing out a quick note for Sam. I was going to miss the giant.
Taking one last look at my room, I walked to the bunker door, Dean having disappeared to his own room. Fuck him, I thought as I fought the urge to break down. It was all just a game to him. The last two years meant nothing to him at all. My life was just something for him to mess with when he got bored.
I made a vow to myself then to never let anybody get as close to me as Dean Winchester had, to never let my guard down enough for someone to climb over the wall surrounding my now shattered heart.
I closed the bunker door behind me, walking down the stairs, surprised at how quiet the place was considering Dean was back. "Y/n! Dean!"
Neither answered and I wondered if maybe they had went out somewhere together. Wandering through the corridor towards my room, I noticed Y/n's door open and her room a mess. She was usually so tidy, I thought stepping into the chaos. My eyes immediately landed on the pile of badges on her bed, her cell phone placed on top of them along with a note addressed to me.
By the time you read this I'll be long gone. Please don't look for me, your brother has made it quite clear that I'm not wanted.
I'm glad we had the time to talk and set things straight. I'd have loved to get to know Stacey better and to see you truly happy. She's a lucky lady to have you in her life.
Knowing you has been a pleasure and I will miss you dearly.
Love Y/n
I flew out of her room, walking quickly to Dean's room, slamming my fists on the door and not bothering to wait for an answer before I swung it open.
He was lying on his bed with his headphones on and his eyes closed. I threw Y/n's cell at him, watching as it landed on his chest and he opened his eyes.
"What did you do?" I demanded angrily.
He removed his headphones before picking up the cell and throwing it in the trash. "What I had to.
I threw the note at him. "She was waiting for you to come home. She was waiting to tell you she loved you. So, I'll ask you again. What did you do?"
Dean opened the note, reading it quickly and closed his eyes for a second before taking a deep breath and throwing the note in the trash too. "Do I need to spell it out to you? What. I. Had. To." He enuciated each word. "I did the right thing."
I let out an exasperated sigh. "The right thing, huh? She heard us talking Dean. She heard every single word, including you admitting to me that you loved her. So, no. You didn't do the right thing." I shook my head. "She loved you Dean, she always did. And you've just thrown her out like trash with no explanation as to why? Too far, Dean, you've took it too far."
His expression never changed. "It doesn't matter what she heard because I know she didn't love me. She loved you. She told me enough times, whining at me constantly about how much she loved you. How could she have changed her mind so fast? Because it was you! And she didn't say anything to me, so she's better off without us. She will only get hurt."
"You didn't give her a chance to tell you by the sounds of it! And she's been with us for two god damn years Dean! Only now you've decided that she's better off without us? So everything you told me was a lie? The way you've acted around her for the past two years, two whole years Dean, your friendship, that was all a lie too? You just cant handle the fact that she loves you and you're scared because you love her too. So your decision? Bullshit. And now, you've probably lost her forever." I said sadly.
"Can't you see? I'm poison! Sam, people get close to me, they get killed. Or worse. So, she's better off getting as faraway from me as possible. I don't want to see her get hurt."
"I'm assuming that whatever you said to her, you made damn sure it hurt her." I turned to walk out of the room, pausing to look back at him. "You know, she was my friend too. I hope your happy now Dean, because you've just lost the best thing that ever happened to you."
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meltic-daze · 1 year
AITA for getting into a fight with my wife?
(This is a long post pls read I'm DESPERATE) 
Me (M22) and my beautiful amazing wife (F27) have been together for about four years. We were forced to secretly elope due to the religion I used to following banning any and all romantic entanglements. For all the time we've been married there hasn't been a single fight. Usually my wife and I are able to sort our differences calmly and rationally and this time our fight has me super worried. 
I've been having dreams of my wife dying while giving birth to our son. My dreams are prophetic and always come true so this is INCREDIBLY horrifying. It already happened to my mom and I couldn't save her (long story) and I can't let that happen again or I might actually lose my mind. She's all I have left. 
I tried to talk to my boss (M877) about it but he just brushed me off. He said "Letting go is the will of the force" or whatever, he's an inconsiderate prick. I've always disliked the little guy since we first met and he made fun of me for missing my mom. My boss was no help and really he's the only one I could ask. My teacher (M38) would brush me off too since mister perfect never goes against what the bossman says. Asshole. He'd also push the same bullshit and expect me to be okay with potentially losing someone I love AGAIN. I guess he wouldn't understand since he never loved anyone at all. 
Due to all this, I decided to leave my former religious apprenticeship behind. My workplace never appreciated me like I deserved anyway and it pissed me off every. Single. Day. My teacher (more like slave master) never sympathized with me and mocked my struggles. I hate him and his stupid beard and haughty attitude and constant judgements. My wonderful wife is the only person who supported me during these difficult times. She has really pretty eyes and hair and she's the wisest person in the whole wide world. Wait where am I going with this. 
Anyway. My new boss (M63) offered me a new position directly under him as his student which I immediately accepted. He showed me that my former leaders were all LIARS who never understood what really mattered in the universe- power and the means by which to grasp it. 
The most IMPORTANT part of this is that under his leadership I would be able to protect my wife from dying. She's all that matters, I would set the world on fire if it meant she'd stay warm. What other choice could I make? 
My boss told me to do some stuff like clear out my former workplace which I agreed to. It sucked herding out the younger members but thinking of my wife's loving hands got me through it. She would be so happy that we could finally be together in public. 
Or I THOUGHT she would be. When we met up again a couple planets over she was furious. I tried to explain that everything I did was for not only our future but the galaxy's - I planned on overthrowing my old boss for her the first second I got- and that we could carry out her dream together. 
BUT she refused to listen. My wife just said stuff about how "democracy is sacred how could you do this?" and "you're going down a path I can't follow."
I just want us to be together again I love her so much. Was I the bad guy here?
Edit: I forgot to mention my old teacher crawled out of her ship which didn't help matters. For a hot second I thought she betrayed me did something wrong but I swear I regretted it immediately and didn't mean it!
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hekateinhell · 4 months
Can you list (as a proof) some instances of book-Daniel using non-flowery, day-to-day, prosaic language to show his smartness? I didn't buy show-Louis's spine but the Daniel-erasure is getting real.
This Pulitzer prize-winning imposter getting touted as some "upgraded" audience-mouthpiece (Daniel in IWTV) with a few cheap sassy one-liners, is highly painful.
I'm just going to breeze past what you said about Louis's spine, and I'll also try to resist the urge to copy and paste every single line of dialogue from Devil's Minion.
The Classics from QotD
"What do you mean, millions!" Daniel had scoffed. "You throw your clothes away after you wear them, you rent apartments and forget where they are. Do you know what a zip code is, or a tax bracket? I'm the one who buys all the goddamned airline tickets. Millions. How are we going to get millions! Steal another Maserati and be done with it, for God's sakes!"
"Goddamn it, do it yourself," Daniel had roared. "You're five hundred years old and you can't use a telephone? Read the directions. What are you, an immortal idiot? I will do no such thing!"
"You think you can drive me crazy, don't you?" Daniel had snarled. "Well, you can't. Let me tell you. Every time I lay eyes on you, I realize that I didn't invent you, and that I'm sane!"
"Lies, you bastard. Say that you wanted me. You'll torment me forever, won't you, and then you'll watch me die, and you'll find I that interesting, won't you? It was true what Louis said. You watch them die, your mortal slaves, they mean nothing to you. You'll watch the colors change in my face as I die."
"I don't want to be alive, Armand, I want to live forever, and then I will tell you whether life is better than death."
"Give up immortality, just to live one life? I don't believe you. This is the first time you have told me an out- and-out lie."
"How can I help it? I can't get away from your voice when you want me to listen; it's like a tiny microphone inside my head. What is this, tears? You're going to weep over me?"
"I work with limited equipment. The cells in my body are subject to deterioration, to a process called aging and-"
"What does it matter if you give it to me and it's wrong! There is no wrong! There is only desperation, and I would have it! I want to live forever with you."
The More Obscure from IWTV
“Sure, if it’s a good life. Sometimes I interview as many as three or four people a night if I’m lucky. But it has to be a good story. That’s only fair, isn’t it?”
“This really happened, didn’t it?” the boy whispered. “You’re telling me something...that’s true.”
“Excuse me,” said the boy. “I just got the impression suddenly that your arm was...abnormally long. You reached so far without moving!”
“That doesn’t matter. I’ll throw the tapes away if you want!” The boy rose. “I can’t say I understand all you’re telling me. You’d know I was lying if I said I did. So how can I ask you to go on, except to say what I do understand...what I do understand is like nothing I’ve ever understood before.”
“Don’t you see how you made it sound? It was an adventure like I’ll never know in my whole life! You talk about passion, you talk about longing! You talk about things that millions of us won’t ever taste or come to understand. And then you tell me it ends like that. I tell you...” And he stood over the vampire now, his hands outstretched before him. “If you were to give me that power! The power to see and feel and live forever!”
I loved Daniel in IWTV because he's this innocent fresh-faced college-aged kid! Just so young and naive before finding his new dark gods in Armand, Lestat, and Louis. The fact that he's so gentle and excitable is why Louis chose him as his therapist to tell his life story. The fact that he was "strangely defiant and beseeching in the same breath" is what caught the attention and affections of such a terrifying, utterly damaged vampire like Armand.
I don't recognize the new guy, but we've been over that already... It is what it is.
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igot-sarang-ggg · 2 months
Hey hey! Requesting a one shot of Yoshikage Kira x a fem reader who is a reporter in morioh trying to find a scoop about the large number of missing person cases?
Thank you for your request! I hope you like it.
Tumblr media
Reporting From Morioh (Yoshikage Kira x Reader)
Tumblr media
Small Summary: You're a well known reporter in Morioh taking a case on the rise of missing people
Small mentions: SPOILERS, f!reader, murder, hand fetish... (It's Yoshikage Kira what do you expect lol), Yandere, mention of stalking, a bit of strong language
Tumblr media
"Hello, Morioh my name is Y/n, reporting to you live from the recent site disappearance. Last reported that a man and woman that live here in this apartment complex have not been seen in over a week. We've spoken to the landlord and other neighbors none of them knows where about it. But, one neighbor reported having seen another man enter the apartment before running off and not being seen again. Authorities have stated that a curfew has been placed until further notice." I looked at the camera, "Thank you Y/n for your scope in this serious matter. Be safe on your way back home..." The camera guy did a single letting me know it was over, and the red light over the camera turned off. "Good job Y/n. You wanna go for drinks today with us?" They packed away the equipment. "No thanks, maybe next time. I'll see you guys tomorrow." We said our goodbyes, they drove off.
I looked at the apartment building, this is the twentieth case of someone going missing since I became a reporter. How can someone just disappear without leaving a trace behind? Murders normally go back to the place where they've killed their victim, I'll just have to stay near the area and hopefully find something useful that's worth a case or will get more views. I waited until Ten PM and found nothing. I headed home for the night and went to sleep.
It was now morning, I don't work today which gives me time to look at the killer's next location and interview some people as well. I prepared my breakfast, and afterward I took a look at the map of Morioh. The last disappearance took place at those apartment complexes which means that whoever is causing this disappearance has moved to that area now. Taking a look at the map his next target is most of within that area or possibly where that Cafe is. I have to go to Cafe De Maigot to get a better look and maybe ask some questions while I'm there. I took out the sketch I drew of the description that was given to me by the neighbor that saw that man the other night. I looked at the drawing carefully capturing the features best I could. He looked like the type of man who could blend into the background and no one would suspect him.
I made my way to the cafe but kept feeling like someone was watching me, I push the feeling aside and continued walking, "Have you seen Yoshikage Kira?" I overheard two women talking. "I hope he's okay. I haven't seen him in a while... Not since his hand was missing." A missing hand? How did he lose it? "That image still haunts me." I need to talk to them, "Excuse me ladies can I have a word with you?"
"Oh, you're that reporter Y/n. What can we help with?"
"I wanted to know if any of know you may know about the disappearance that is taking place in Morioh or if someone you know has gone missing?" I took out a small recording device I have disguised as my pen. "Well, we do have a friend that we haven't seen in a while. Last we saw him he was in terrible condition and even had a missing hand. We haven't seen him since."
"Do you think you could describe his appearance and his name, please? I'd like to find him and ask him a few questions." The girls gave me information about his address, and what he wears, and even mentioned that today was also his day from work. "Thank you, ladies. I'll see you around." I waved goodbye and walked to the address they gave me but there were what seemed to be police and officers at his home. I guess the police might have been tipped off.
"Excuse me..." I called to one of the officers, "I'm a reporter, I just had a question. Does Yoshikage Kira live here?" I showed him the sketch, "He did. We haven't been able to find him. You should quit while you're ahead. He's a dangerous man." I gave the officer thanks and walked home.
Is Yoshikage Kira that dangerous? From what those ladies told the he was a man that didn't try hard to stick out, even as to turn down an invention from them to get lunch together. It does seem like he tends to fade in the background... Could he be...
I bumped into a man knocking over some of his papers, "I'm so sorry sir." I was so lost in thought I wasn't looking where I was going. I bent down picking up his papers, "It's quite alright..." He got down and started picking them up, "Hey aren't you that Y/n the new reporter lady?" I gave him the papers I picked up. "Yes, I am. Just taking a walk around town." He stood up placing the papers away. He took out his hand, I placed mine in his and he helped me up. "Well, you shouldn't be out here by yourself. A lot of people have been disappearing in this town." I removed my hand from his. "I know. Just needed to get some air is all."
"Would it be okay if I walk you home?" I looked at him, studying his features, He does slightly resemble the description that the neighbor had given me... but his hair doesn't quite match it or the height they mentioned. "If that's okay. I know we just meant and it's a bit weird for a strange to offer such a service... But we have to protect each other to avoid any more losses." He is right, "Sure but just up to the Morioh train station."
We began walking together, "I never got your name." I looked at the man briefly, "It's Kosaku Kawajiri. It's a pleasure to meet you Y/n. I'm a huge fan of your reports. It's an honor getting to meet you in person."
"Thank you watch our channel." I smiled slightly... something was off about this man.
"Twenty missing people..."
"I'm sorry..." What did he say? "A total of twenty people have gone missing since you became a reporter. A useless child, a hairdresser, some douchebag, and his girlfriend are the most recent cases... Am I wrong?" He looked at me, my heart began to race. He was the one that killed those people, it wasn't that they ran away from home, he must have killed them all. "Judging by your reaction, I'd amuse I was right." We continued walking; since there were people around I couldn't make a scene since I wasn't sure how others would react or what he would do. "What do you want?" He got closer to me. "Make a turn to your left in that alleyway over there." I did as he said and we entered the alley. "So... Are you gonna kill me like the other... Kosaku Kawajiri?"
"Not quite... I've grown quite fond of you and your hands." He turned to face me. "My hands?" I looked at them and then at him. He grabbed my hands placing them close to his face and kissing them, "Yes, they're like nothing I've ever seen. So soft, so beautiful, I've always seen your hands on TV and thought about how much I'd want them for my own."
I pulled my hands away, "You're sick. Let me leave and I won't tell anyone about this okay." He loosened his tie, "I can't let you go since you know the true nature and identity of I Yoshikage Kira..." So he's Yoshikage Kira, "I'll let you live but only if you drop the case report you're working on." I started feeling like there was something heavy curling by my should, I could see tire tracks on my cloth. "What did you do!?" I tried removing the coat I was wearing to get the thing off my arm but it wasn't budging. "That's Sheer Heart Attack that's on your shoulder it's a type of bomb that I've created with the help of my stand Killer queen."What is talking about, "I'll make the bomb explode in a matter of ten seconds if you do not agree to drop that report you've done on me? If you don't then you'll explode and I'll take your beautiful hands with me."
"I- I'll -I'll drop the case! Just please let me live! I'll do anything you want please!" The heaviness went away, "Exceinlt chose My dear Y/n. Now you said you'd do anything. Take me to your house. I want to see the report file you've collected."
We took the train and made it to my house, "So you're not married judging by the furniture and state of your home." My house was a bit messy I had articles and other things on the table and the couch, "I'll be getting rid of all of these things." In a blink of an eye, the papers had turned into dust. "My, sweet Y/n," He took my hands again and kissed them, "How I waited for the chance to meet you in person. A woman such as yourself deserves the best anyone has to offer." He placed a ring on my finger. "Never take this off... The killer queen touched the ring and placed a bomb. If you remove it or have anyone touch it you will die and so will the person that touched it."
He let go of my hands pushing me against the wall, "You're mine Y/n. You belong to Yoshikage Kira."
After a few days after my encounter with Yoshikage Kira it was reported that a man had died via an ambulance crushing his scole. It was later revealed to be Yoshikage Kira himself that dies in that way.
"Excuse me?" I talked up to a group of high school students, "I'm a reporter for the Morioh new channel and would like to ask you a few questions about Yoshikage Kira. I heard one of them had a close encounter with him."
"Sure we'll answer some questions." The pompadour said, "Wait Josuke you can't just give random people information about him Mr. Jotaro said we needed to stay quiet about it. Sorry miss but we can't talk about that." The shortest one spoke.
"I understand... I just had an encounter with him myself before he died. He placed a ring on my fingers and told me that Killer queen has made it into a bomb, I haven't taken the ring off since then. Is there any chance you can help me? Or know someone who can?"
"We need proof of your encounter before we can help." I took out my recording pen, "My apologies, I recorded my encounter with him on my pen... Is that enough proof?" They all looked at each other, "Come with us we'll find someone who can help you." Josuke spoke. "Thank you boys so much."
They took me to a man name Jotaro and we all listened to the recording. "Y/n, remove the ring, Josuke you knew what to do."
"Wait what!?" Are they going to kill me for being a witness? "We're not gonna kill you, I have a stand that can heal you before you explode. I know it doesn't make sense now but it will later."
I nodded and removed the ring, it felt like I exploded but nothing happened, "There it's done." I thanked them all, "Is it okay if we take those recordings you've got? I need to send them to the speed wagon foundation." Asked Jotaro. "Yeah, sure I copy at home here." I handed him the pen. I thanked them all and headed home...
I think this is the last time I take on a reporting case on missing people in Morioh
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Request for One-shot are open!
Tumblr media
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stopitjon · 3 months
The second-weirdest thing about all the drama surrounding The Article (the first being Sean Howard's initial tweet reactions, obviously) is how people outside the fandom proper seem to truly believe that RQ had maintained a spotless reputation up to now and that the fandom is unwilling to accept that it's not perfectly unproblematic. Lol. Lmfao, even. You'd think the fact that posts criticizing The Article uniformly state "I'm completely sure there is some bullshit happening, just not as reported here" would be a clue, but WHOOOSH.
I mean...does anyone hate RQ more than RQ's fan base? A single one of their employees sneezes at an inopportune time and this fandom will go apeshit. This is the fandom that uncritically swallowed a callout post about RQ in which several Problematic Events being called out were perpetrated *by the writers of the callout post,* who didn't even bother to conceal the evidence. This is the fandom where fans decided that a (horror!) podcast should be their safe space and then harassed the shit out of the writer, company, and anyone in the general vicinity when said podcast dare portray things that upset them. MULTIPLE TIMES.
People haven't only ever been on RQ's case for stupid reasons, either. The company didn't really listen until the volunteer Discord mods walked out, but a lot of people were vocal about their disappointment with that whole situation beforehand (and afterward, of course). I actually don't think podcast transcripts would be such a prolific thing now if this hadn't been an issue people were raising about RQ podcasts for a long time. And there certainly have been some valid points made about racial stereotyping and representation along the way.
Anyway, it's really funny to see people act like we've all been frolicking about eating gumdrops up til someone on the outside dared say something negative about RQ. God I wish that were me.
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donutsupremacy · 3 months
Your clue is in my heart
[6] The mark of your lies
Arguement between partners
"I've already told you, I gave your notes to Kazuha! Ask him, not me!" You scoffed in annoyance, rubbing the temples of your head as you tried to focus on your notes and not snap your laptop in half everytime you hear his voice.
Your eyes stare intensely at the white screen with several letters and numbers, your brain trying it's best to memorize every single one while listening to your rival's voice. You could just hang up right here, right now, but you decided against it, just because you were curious on what he would say next.
His velvety chuckle made you almost slam your fist on the disconnected call button, you were impressed by how well you could hold yourself from running over to his dorm and attempt to murder him every time.
Yet, as much as he annoys you, you weren't aware of the small amused smile you wore on your face whenever you heard his laughter.
"Really? Kazu said that he suggested you take it to me yourself. You know, lying is a bad habit." You could even hear the smug grin on his face, as if he was treating you like some sort of toy for his entertainment purposes.
"Well, seems like your best friend has the same lying habit as me cause I sure as hell don't remember him saying that. Maybe we should hang out." You joked, muttering the lines from your screen underneath your breath in an attempt at memorizing your notes.
A loud and dramatic sigh nearly caused you to flinch, especially when your phone's speaker practically broke at the volume, most likely because he decided to be a nuisance to you by bringing his microphone close to his lips. "Oh, so you'd be buddies with Kazu and not me? We've been pals for nearly 2 years now!"
"Nearly. It's only been a year since we met, Shikanoin... and I still have to suffer knowing there's more to come." You groaned out loud, but even the detective could hear the smile on your face, secretly enjoying the conversationthat was unknowingly soothing your anxiety for the upcoming quiz.
He knows you can ace the quiz without breaking a sweat, the problem only stems from when you're trying to prepare for it. For you, there was no ppint in doing revisions, you're already considered the best student in the major, you're only torturing yourself with memorizing things that has already been engraved into your brain. He'll decide on telling you that he was lying about Kazuha not giving him the notes another time. For now, you need a distraction.
"Many more years to come where we can hang out, my little watson!" Heizou chirped, you could only reply with another groan. "Don't look so glum, we can hang out after the day of the quiz!"
You cringed, you and Kaeya had already planned a date for the aforementioned day. A romantic walk around the park, the regular dates you've had with him as it allows the two of you to chat more while relaxing.
You opened your mouth, prepared to turn down his offer when you heard your door getting unlocked. "Call you back, I think Thoma's here or something." You said as you bid a quick farewell before disconnecting the call, quickly checking to see your messages if the blonde had informed you about coming over or not.
"Surprise!~ Came here to see my adorable snowflake!" You squeaked in embarrasment, feeling a pair of beefy arms wrapped around your waist. "You thought I was Thoma? How upsetting, you didn't even thought about me?"
You chuckled when you turned to face him, only to see his lips pouting at you. "You don't come as often as Thoma because your lazy ass would want me to come over to you instead."
Just as you were about to send another playful remark, your nose twitches. The scent of alcohol reaches your nostrils, your hand coming up to gently nudge his face away from you while using the other to pinch your nose. "Archons, did you brush your teeth at all? Your breath smells like goddamn alcohol!"
"Seriously? I did, plus I used like... two bottles of mouthwash." Kaeya said as he reeled away from you, exhaling into his palm and smelling it. As he did, he turns his head away from you.
And just when your eyes drifted to his white fluffy scarf lazily draped around his neck, that all too familiar red patch had peaked out at the top of the accessory.
Your brain briefly stopped, trying to register the mark on his neck before your heart dropped, you stood up and reached out to grab his scarf and forcefully yanking it downwards. "Wh- H-Hey!" Kaeya exclaimed, stumbling a little from your strength, his arms reaching up to cover the mark. But the damage was already done.
"Kaeya! What the hell is this!?" You questioned, gesturing over to his hand that was desperately trying to cover it. "There's no point in covering it, i've already saw it!"
"A hickey." Kaeya replied, a shiver running down your spine at his cold tone. His hand lazily dropped from his neck and revealed the mark once more, his periwinkle eyes dulled, staring into your glossy confused ones. "What." It was less than a question and more of what sounded like a demand, a demand for you to speak.
Your lips quivered, backing away until you were trapped between him and your back hitting against the desk, you stared straight in his eyes. "What do you mean what? It's a fucking hickey! Where the hell did you get it from!?" You interrogated, your hands grabbing onto the edge if the desk, gripping it harshly until your knuckles turned white.
"...Wha-What!?" You almost laughed at his pathetic excuse, if it weren't for the dead yet dangerous look in his eyes. "What do you take me for? A moron? I'm not gonna fall for that bullshit, Kaeya, where the hell did you get this!?"
The blue haired male clicked in annoyance as he towered over you, casting you in his shadow. You shrank back, feeling so small compared to his well built frame. "You don't remember what happened back at Childe's party? You gave me this."
Caged between his arms, he leans closer to you with that angered look on his face, the faint scent of alcohol growing stronger as he neared your face. "I-I don't— Since when!? I remembered... making out y-yes, but not to the point where I gave you a damn hickey!"
You tried to push him away, hands planted firmly on his chest but no matter how much strength you were using, he wouldn't budge. At the same time, you were starting to feel overwhelmed, getting weaker the more you looked into his eyes.
"Maybe it's you who has to cut down on the alcohol, not me. You gave me this, yet, you didn't remember shit about that night." His voice grew sharper, like a dagger decorating your skin with clean cuts to the flesh.
"I... I doubt I actually gave you that! I know I don't... remember much but i'm a hundred percent sure I didn't give you one!" You denied, but at the same time, who's to say if it's true or not?
You blacked out, most of your memory from that night wiped away. No one, except Kaeya, was the only one who knew about what happened. You had no way of defending your denial due to the lack of witnesses. "Starting to get nervous, sweetheart?" His voice dripped with sarcasm, his eyes narrowing at you with a dangerous glint.
"Then, why don't you just prove it."
You let out a scoff, crossing your arms and returning him a glare of your own. Your fear now being replaced with annoyance at his persistence, it's a wonder how you could tolerate his stubborn behaviour all the time, but this is just too much at this point. "I blacked out, how the hell would I know? Why don't you prove that I gave you one."
The corner of his lips tugged upwards into a smirk, his hand reaching up to tug the collar of his shirt down, exposing his tanned skin that begged for you to have your lips one. You swallowed, your cheeks flaring up when he pushed your head closer to his skin. "Then, give me one and let's see if it matches."
"Wh-What the fuck!?" You stammered out, now using your elbows to push him away. "F-Fuck no! That shit doesn't work on me, Kaeya! Just tell me the truth!"
"I already did. What more can I say? You gave it to me, end of story" Kaeya awnsered nonchalantly while backing away from you, his arms crossed as he continued to glare at you. "You said it yourself, you can't remember jack shit that night. You can't prove that you didn't give the hickey to me as well. Besides, no one knows you like I do... I know you just love to make everyone know who I belong to."
You just didn't know how to respond, you did make out with him that night, that you remember. You also love to mark his neck quite a lot, you can't deny that.
As much as you'd want to continue to deny his accusations, you began questioning yourself. '...I'm probably overreacting...'
Before you could even say anything else, Kaeya clicked his tongue at your silence, his patience now wearing thin. "I can't believe you'd believe i'd cheat on you like that. You of all people should know that I love the shit out of you and would never leave you for anyone, yet, you still doubt me?"
"Wh-What? No! No, i'd never doubt you!" You frantically waved your hand, now getting worried about the thought of him actually breaking your relationship with him.
"You say that, but you literally interrogated me for something stupid. What kind of partner are you?" The blue haired boy questioned, your heart now stinging in pain at his words and swallowing you in guiit.
You remained silent, taking all of his harsh words in but deciding to noot fight back in hopes that he would forgive you for overreacting. Your eyes glued to the ground, holding the tears and your sobs. "..."
"...You know what? I'm heading back to my dorm, I really need a rest from all of your bullshit... Come find me when you've returned to your senses. Bye." Kaeya turned on his heels, walking out of the door without sparing you another glance.
"Kaeya..." You spoke, tone barely above whisper as you reached out to him but remained stuck in place, watching him exit your dorm and slamming the door shut.
You stood there and stared at the door in silence before you began quietly sobbing, sitting back down on your chair and looking over at your phone. The screen was lit up, showing a certain someone's text messages.
You briefly read his messages, but all you could think about were the hurtful words Kaeya said, shattering your heart more the more you thought about it. Now, all you could think about was him.
And whether or not you've been a good partner to him.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
A/N: How do you write manipulation—
Damn, not even halfway through the smau and i've already created drama. Haha, focus on Kaeya first and Heizou later go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr—
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Your clue is in my heart
[Heizou x GN!Reader]
❝ Everyone absolutely despised the two of you, two of Teyvat's most attractive students in a relationship, sounds like the definition of a perfect couple. But what happens when the Windblume festival on Valentine's day is just around the corner and a wave of disaster strikes, right as you're about to ask your 'loyal' boyfriend, Kaeya Alberich, out? Simple, you suffer the disaster with Shikanoin Heizou. It's such a shame, though. You would much rather drop dead than to breathe in the same air as him. ❞
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vousmevoyer · 1 year
Falling - Rafe Cameron
Tumblr media
Warnings: Mentions of drugs, fight, kinda canon-rafe, strong language, agnst with happy end, my english lol
Summary: You and Rafe have been working on his addiction problem for weeks, but after that one party it seems that everything is ruined
Words: 1.2K
Inspired by Falling from Chase Altantic
It's Friday Night at Figure Eight and like always you're accompanying Rafe in one of the most parties he goes, not saying you didn't enjoy parties but it wasn't your favorite way to spend the night with your boyfriend.
You two entered the party togheter, with one of his hands holding your waist, showing everyone you were his girl, but once y'all were in each one went looking for their own friend group. You spend most of the night with Sarah and the other girls dancing, gossiping and even having these slighty drunk reflections about life, every hour rafe would come to make sure if you were okay and leaving a kiss at the top of your head before coming back to topper and kelce doing whatever they were doing upstairs.
When time start wenting slow and you realized starting to get bored, you decided to look forward your boyfriend to tell him you wanted to go home. Actually it didn't even took so long to find him, making your way to the second floor's living room you saw the blonde one sitting on the couch laughing out loud about something Kelce said and then catching the rolled dollar bill taking a straigh line of cocaine, without even hesitate.
Your lips parted and small tears starting to appear on your eyes looking that scene, it was disappointing but the worst is that you weren't shocked at all. Suddenly feeling so dumb for trusting him and thinking he would change for you. Even with your legs shaking you made your way downstairs, saying a quick goodbye to your friends and walking fast to the door wanting to leave there as soon as possible.
"Universe must be kidding me" you said in annoyance after seeing how cold and moist the weather was, but even the rain wouldn't stop you so you just started running away from there, hoping Rafe didn't saw you.
Thirty minutes later and there you were, freezing in the middle of the street with your whole body covered in water, cursing every single little thing on this earth when a familiar car stopped beside you.
"Y/N, where the fuck you were? Why did you left the party like that?" a Rafe with bloodshot eyes and anxious tone asked you "You have no ideia how worried I was when I didn't found you anywhere" he continued and you just roled your eyes and start to walk again making him speed up and stopping right in front of you oppenning the car's door
"Get it in the car, babe, you're gonna get a cold like that" he said more soflty this time, the nickname making your heart flinching and with relutance enter the car, you stared at him realizing he was also looking direct at you, in these angle you could see better how red his eyes were and almost regretting have got in the car but it was too late, he already was locking the doors and driving away
Tension was the best word to describe that drive, the silence was almost akward and everytime he tried to touch you, you moved away looking at the window. Rafe was getting more and more annoyed and it didn't get better when Ward started to call him, the phone ringing over and over again making him get nervous and press his digits against the steering wheel
"Aren't u gonna answer?" you asked nervously and he just smirked sarcartically
"Oh, so now we're talking?" he looked at you and when the phone rang one last time he shout out "Just cut that shit out"
"I wasn't talking to you cause I tough you would be too out of your mind to talk" your voice cracking in anger and sadness, the tall guy sighed opening his mouth to try to explain but you interrupt him
"No, Rafe, not now, I don't wanna hear any of your excuses. You made ONE promise to me, we've been working on this FOR MONTHS, you know how many nights I spent trying to help you and now you fucked up everything cause you can't even keep your nose away from this shit"
Your voice was loud while you were doing your best to not cry and so are Rafe, he knew you were right but he didn't want to admit.
"Don't fucking yell at me, you don't get it, Y/N, things were so fucking complicated these days and I needed a distraction. I just wanted one night to distract myself, is that too much to ask?" He raised his voice while start speeding up the car, not even realizing he was doing it
"Are you kidding me? You don't need to use this shit everytime you get upset, one day you tell me you're getting better and next day go back to the same fucking shit again, I'm tired of this,  tired of freak out everytime we go to a party, tired of guessing wich side of you i'm gonna get, you keep falling and don't even figure out, it's starting to get exaustig helping you"
The fight stayed for minutes straight but it felt like hours, a knot forming in your throat of holding the tears all this time. Both saying things you would regret later but on the moment felt right and everytime you two screamed at each others faces he would step on the accelerator making the car go even faster
"Rafe, slow down..." you finally said getting scared but he didn't even looked at you, his digits starting turning red but it didn't matter "Rafe, I'm being serious...drive slow or I'm walking around" no answer again, and that's when you decided to unlock the doors. He stopped all of sudden looking at your direction like you were insane, but you couldn't care less, just unbuttoned the belt and jump off of the vehicle being followed by your boyfriend
"Are you fucking insane? you've could died" he grabbed your shoulder turning you in his direction
"I told you to stop, asshole, but like always my opnions don't worth anything for you" you breathed out starting to cry and seeing him taking a deep sight after saying anything
"Look, babe, I don't wanna fight anymore, okay? I know I fucked up real bad this time. You're the most important thing on my life and I keep fucking up with you, I'm really glad for you trying to help me, alright?! Y/N, if wasn't for you I would probably be dead at this time...You can get mad, scream at my face, hit me or whatever but just please, don't cry...I said this millions of times but I'm gonna get my shit togheter, I promise. I'm gonna be the best man for you, the man you deserve, you're gonna see, babe..."
Both of your tears mixing with the raindrops, you finally letting yourself relax at his touch, he quickly taking the opportunity to approach your figure, brushing your cheeks with his thumb trying remove the water there while looking at your eyes one more time before collide his lips with yours. The kiss was pasonate and needy, both of you needed this, especially Rafe, he needed to know that you were still his, that you weren't gonna leave.
Your heart still beating like crazy when he pulls alway, both of you looking deeply at each other withou saying anything for straight moments, just appreciating finally having a good moment togheter after all this fight.
"Watch this, it seems that we finally had our kiss on the rain like you always wanted, huh?"
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