#I just want a relationship
moonshadow-thoughts · 8 months
Do you ever feel like you miss out on life, because you are not able to socialize the way most people do?
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i just want a commited relationship with someone. like we just spend time and know almost every single thing about each other. and like be super close, physically and emotionally. and like just be with and have them there and be comforted by their presence.
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rat-n1 · 7 months
my sexuality? i love women and sad and miserable fictional men
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rovermcfly · 9 months
I really wish that "asexuals don't have to want sex but lot of them will still have it with their partner!" wasn't centered in like every asexuality acceptance post. I think it's genuinely damaging to asexuals and their relationships. A lot of us don't want sex. A lot of us are sex repulsed. A lot of us don't even wanna talk or hear about sex. A lot of us don't enjoy porn or wanna "hand out drinks at the orgy". Some of us have sexual-related trauma. Some of us are sex repulsed, not 💖✨sex repulsed but actually really cool about it✨💖
Allos are out here getting into relationships with aces and then pull a pikachu-surprise-face when their partner doesn't wanna have sex with them bc everyone constantly emphasises says how we totally will do it for them. Some of us won't. That's okay. That doesn't constantly need to be followed up with "but a lot of aces will so don't worry!!!!!" We don't have to make every post about us in a way that makes allos comfortable. It's not necessary to reassure allos at every turn that we're not all that asexual and they don't have to worry about us being different in a way they might notice. Allos need to accept and internalise that some people aren't gonna want to have sex. No terms and conditions. No "unless" "but" or "except". Just none.
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inkskinned · 2 months
pay attention to how your partner values your time.
i mean this beyond things like how much time you spend at work or how often you answer their text messages.
if you spend hours getting ready for them, do they value that effort? if you plan a meal and do all the shopping and prep and cooking for it, is it just dinner for them? do they notice the small chores you're always doing, or does it just magically "get done" when they're not looking? do they notice when you've spent time for them, or is it just something that is expected to happen?
my ex understood our relationship as some kind of credit service. he would do something large and nice for me maybe once or twice a season - and then "collect" on that credit for a while. my time was not as valuable as his - i was expected to give up my time for things like the upkeep of our relationship, chores, everything. even though i was in school and employed (and honestly doing more than he was), he assumed my time couldn't be better spent. he used to say i was just "better" at the daily stuff. he was my first longterm boyfriend - i hadn't been taught it. it didn't come naturally. it's just that if i didn't do it, he valued his time too much to do it for me.
recently i saw a video of a man smashing a cake into his new wife's face after she explicitly asked him not to. i'm glad that these days, most people don't find it funny. but still, someone comments: girl, just wipe it off and jump back into the party! but the fact of the matter is - even if it wiped off perfectly, even if the makeup only took a few minutes to reapply, even if the dress wasn't ruined by the oil in the icing - she would have to spend time away from her own wedding in order to do it. her new husband - he gets to laugh and sit around and party. she has to leave her loved ones and go be alone to handle the results of his prank. it might be the only day she gets to see some of these people; but that time spent (the makeup, the dress) is just valued less. it's seen as inconsequential.
just... pay attention. is it normal for you to give up your time, but they wouldn't reciprocate? do they consider their hobbies essential while yours are just "useless ways to fill the day"? is going out with their friends a hallowed event that must not be interrupted - but at the same time, you find that you're punished for or banned from similar events. do you do most of the upkeep? do you trust that if you needed to take a break, they'd absolutely pick up the weight? if you spend time and energy and effort on something, is that valued; or is it just a thursday to them.
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measuringbliss · 5 months
People are acting so weird and possessive of Markiplier for the whole OnlyFans situation. He's an adult. He's an adult who's been a celebrity for years. He knows people thirst on him. That's why he had this idea in the first place. He's not some naive kid you must protect. He's not some innocent soul that the evil sluts of Tumblr and Twitter will corrupt. He knows the Internet, he knows his fans and he knows his job.
He's an adult and he can make his own choices.
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bluegiragi · 3 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
konig: why was that attractive
support me on patreon (nsfw)
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sk3let0nguez · 11 months
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what i mean when i say i want a relationship 😩❤️
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comradekatara · 2 months
listen to me carefully. a key part of toph’s arc is going from dismissing sokka outright bc he’s not a bender to thinking that he is the coolest person ever. you do not understand toph if you don’t get this.
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raeofgayshine · 7 months
Bruce Wayne, drunk and full on Brucie mood in the middle of a gala: You know, that accent doesn’t really fit in around here. It’s cute. Where are you from?
Clark, internally debating every life choice that led him to this moment: I’m from Smallville. Kansas.
Bruce, leaning closer to Clark with a flirty smile: Oh you’re cute and funny. You know, I like that in a man.
Clark, very confused but trying to just go along with it: Thank you??
Bruce: I mean, everyone knows that Kansas isn’t real but I do always enjoy a good laugh.
Clark: What.
Bruce: What? Everyone knows that Kansas was made up for Wizard of Oz.
Clark, unsure if Bruce is fucking with him or if he’s just really deep into this dumb act: Bruce, Kansas is a real place. It’s one of the 50 states that make up America.
Bruce, tilting his head a little confused: There’s 50 states? Since when?
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taxinealkaloids · 1 month
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harrianthe + sewing (variations on a theme)
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idiealotdontworry · 7 months
queerplatonic in a "i feel a deep desire for an intimate but non-romantic/sexual life partnership" way, but also queerplatonic in a "i take all my platonic relationships way more seriously than most people do and this has led to so much heartache oh god" way
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lesbiacebian · 7 months
“queer spaces should be inclusive of people who don’t enjoy sex and who have “strange”, negative or repulsed relationships with sex” and “sex is an important aspect of lgbt community, history, and activism and queer people should be allowed and able to talk freely about sex without stigma or shame” are ideas that can and should coexist.
#‘queer people were banned from and shamed for having sex and that’s where a lot of our activism stemmed from’ and#‘not liking or having sex is considered abnormal and a mental illness and also needs to be destigmatized’ are concepts that not only can but#often do coalign#it’s esp important to consider that a lot of lgbt ppl who have a tricky and strained relationship with sex are like that because of trauma#which is very common for queer folks#it’s really not an ace-only thing#like i am sex repulsed but it’s very hard to discern if it’s because i’m asexual or if it’s the trauma. either way i deserve to have those#feelings and be included in lgbt spaces and discussions about sex and treated as just another queer person with a different experience#instead of being alienated because my feelings about sex don’t directly line up with yours#im so sick of people in this community trying to pit us against each other. as an ace lesbian that shit is so toxic and harmful#my relationship with sex is fluid. im sex-positive always‚ but i often find myself sex repulsed. im otherwise neutral about it but im sick#of people acting like it’s either you enjoy sex and have it frequently or you hate it and you shame everyone who has it like youre a puritan#and it’s often aphobes who bought into that ‘aces are puritanical celibate straights who want ppl who have gay sex to die or think they’re#‘dirty’ or some shit. and it was literally 90% crypto-aphobes pretending to be aces to get people to adopt that into their belief system#the same way crypto-t/rfs pretend to be trans women who want to prey on the ‘innocent women’#and y’all will use those posts/screenshots as ‘evidence’ that whatever scapegoat you’ve selected is actually inherently bad/homophobic/#misogynistic/etc and not even#acknowledge the giant hole in your logic cuz you’re too busy trying to find a scapegoat#it’s the same tactics and y’all fall for it every time#text post#like. lesbians are CONSTANTLY getting hounded and told that we’re broken or mentally i’ll for not showing interest in (having sex with) men#for the same reason asexuality is considered bad or wrong or weird#not showing interest in heterosexual relationships or sex is why this is so important#anyone that falls outside the scope of heterosexuality is part of this community whether you like it or not
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bitchthefuck1 · 5 days
Okay but do you see how Jesper saying they're like brothers and Kaz saying yes doesn't have nearly the same level of drama as Kaz accidentally calling him his dead brother's name in an argument that ends with them trying to beat the shit out of each other
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dreamlings · 4 months
it’s the ‘Dream is very intense in his love and can’t stand being away from his lover for too long’ and ‘Hob has abandonment issues and is also very intense and therefore also can’t stay away from his lover too long’ that does it for me
#hob gadling#dreamling#the sandman#dream of the endless#they’re both so intense they’re made for each other me thinks#I think in the beginning dream would try to tone himself down because he’s scared to chase hob away bc look at what happened to his other#relationships clearly he is the problem#so they have a date like twice a week and dream makes sure he has only nice dreams and sends him flowers to his office at the university#every monday and this is fine he’s going#slow they’ve only been dating for two weeks he doesn’t need to give hob a crown yet#for outsiders who don’t know dream it seems like he’s going all in of course#matthew is looking at Lucienne like ‘is he already going too far?’ and Lucienne is like ‘I know but also this is him going slow’#Hobs coworkers are looking at all the flowers and the gifts and are like ‘you’ve only been dating for two weeks you say…’#meanwhile Hob is like they’re right we’ve only been dating for two weeks it’s unreasonable of me to want him to be around 24/7:( I shouldn’t#chase him away by telling him I love him already right?:( and he’s very glad that dream is such an attentive lover! he shouldn’t expect more#from such a busy entity it’s not dreams fault that hob is so intense in his love:(#anyway slight angst until they realise they’re both intense motherfuckers#from then on dream sits in on most of hobs lectures because he loves to hear his love talk<3 when he can’t follow a lecture he’s waiting at#Hobs office with flowers<3 hob can’t have one conversation with someone without mentioning his amazing boyfriend isn’t he amazing?<3 dream#is giving some emissaries a tour of the dreaming and he’s like ‘now I’m gonna show you all the most beautiful part of my realm’ and he just#points to Hob who’s reading a book in the library#Lucienne has to do the rest of the tour because dream is to busy making out with his boyfriend<3#about two months into dating (yes dream is very proud of how he managed to wait that long) he presents hob with a crown of his realm and a#ring falls on the ground and dream is like ‘oops must be my engagement ring for you’ and Hob is ‘oh no that’s my engagement ring for you’#dream and hob when anyone asks: yes we know it’s a big decision to get married but that’s why we waited so long:)
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itsclolostinstereo · 9 months
Season 1 Luther and Diego about Viktor: I hate you and hope you die
Season 3 Luther and Diego: if anyone even looks at Viktor the wrong way I’ll kill everyone in this room and then myself
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