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some pages from R.F. Fox’s classic children’s novel, Deltarune. I remember being so scared of Susie when I was little
Tumblr media
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How to write experience with zine, secret santa, writing projects etc. to your resume
All work is work. All work is valid to your resume. You have deadlines to follow, you have to manage your own time, you have specific requirements you need to respect and if you are in the mod team you have to organize, market, manage etc.
Here’s guide how to add hobby projects into your resume as a work experience, as that’s what it is. I will concentrate on zine experience as modern zines are pretty much professionally made and organized projects, whether the result is a printed or a PDF book.
General tips
- Always add international there, as all online projects WILL have people all around the world (unless it’s a very underground fandom project). Even if you had just one foreigner there, it’s an international project. Sounds fancy and resume’s purpose is to make mundane things sound really fancy.
- If it’s a fanfic zine, you can use a novel anthology.
- If possible, add the number of participants. It’s a really good polish to your reputation if you can say that you organized a project with 60 international participant than just say you organized a random event.
- For Secret Santa and other non-zine events, you can use these same examples. I have written to my resume Secret Santa event hosting as “Event organizer, an international online art project with 100 participants, 2022″.
- Your drawing and writing time is work, too. You can utilize these in your resume.
- You CAN and SHOULD act as each others’ referee in resume and work application from events and zines! Includes beta readers and their work!
Tumblr media
Working Experience in Non-Fandom Language
Shortly you write what did you do, in what field, year, and what the project was. You can edit these to fit your resume, as every country emphasis different information in the resumes.
You can also specifying what you did; Marketing material designer, 2022, an international art book project. Printed merchandise material designing, key chains, posters, stickers.
Event or Zine organizer: Event and project manager, 2022, an international art book project (with XXX amount of participants). For events, like Secret Santa: Event and project manager, 2022, and international online art/writing project (with XXX amount of people)
Zine’s social media moderator: Social media manager, Social media marketing, 2022, an international art book project (with XXX amount of participants). [Add here the social media platforms you used if you want; Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram interest businesses the most]
Zine artist/author: Artist/author, an international art book project, 2022.
Merch artist: Marketing material designer, 2022, an international art book project.
Discord manager / Person managing the applications / person checking the participants how they’re doing: Team manager, 2022, an international art book project (with XXX amount of participants)
Web page designing: Web page designer, 2022, an international art book project.
Designing event banners, social media icons etc.: Graphic designers, social media and web page, 2022, 2022, an international art book project. [Add here what social media platforms were used; Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest interest businessses the most]
Layout maker: Graphic designer, a book layout, 2022, an international art book project.
Cover artist: Graphic designer/Artist (depending which you did), 2022, an international art book project.
Any mod position were you are in the management position and others help you out or follow your lead: (XXX*) Team manager, 2022, an international art book project. [*Specify, if possible, what kind of a team you managed like Social media team manager]
Handling a physical zine and its shipments: Online shop manager, order distributions, 2022, an international art book project.
Making videos: Video editor,  social media marketing*, 2022, an international art book project.  (*if the videos are for something else, for example just for fun, you can leave this out)
Animations: Animator, social media marketing*, 2022, an international art book project. (*if the animations are for something else, for example just for fun, you can leave this out)
Gif making: Graphic designing, small animations/gifs, 2022, an international art book project. (*if the gifs are for something else, for example just for fun, you can leave this out)
Calendar: Graphic designer, marketing material, 2022, an international art book project.
Streaming: Streamer / Stream management, Social media marketing*,  2022, an international art book project. (*if the streams are for something else, for example just for fun, you can leave this out)
Beta reading: Proofreading, communications, 2022, an international art book project.
Tumblr media
How to Tell More About Your Fandom Project(s) To Normal People
If you are asked to tell more about the project you participated in, don’t worry. You don’t have to start to explain what a zine is, what shipping is, why these characters are kissing steamily, or why the fic you wrote was explicit hurt-comfort otp fic.
You can simply use general terms: Zine = a book or an anthology project. Secret Santa = an online art or writing project Fan video = a full video made for purpose X by editing or drawing fully.
“I participated as an artist/author to a zine of my OTP and drew/wrote this kind of art of them” = I participated in an international art book project/anthology book project. I applied and was selected from many applicants*. The book was put together in X month by multiple people and it was printed. I’m familiar with print requirements, time management, following dead lines and managing my own work.”
*If there was no application process but the event was open for all, you don’t have to speak about the application process at all. If asked, you can say that the event called for artists/authors and I decided to join in.
What you want to emphasis, no matter what you did, is that you can manage your own time, you can follow dead lines and you can follow given requirements. You wouldn’t believe how much there are people at paid jobs who can’t manage their time, hassle with dead lines and require lots of guidance. If you can honestly do something you are asked by a deadline given by the needed requirements - like write a 1500 word fic in 3 months - that IS an asset! You DID manage your time, manage yourself and respected the dead line. As remote work is increasing in many fields, employees who can do those three important things are gold nuggets to companies.
If you are in a mod position, you want to emphasis that you can lead and manage projects, communicate with everyone, keep up with dead lines and schedules, organize, and think also what risks might appear and how to prevent or handle them (like in zine; how many artists/authors might drop out and what do we do in that case?).
What every business and employer needs, no matter what the field, is good communication, proofreading, social media management and marketing, content creators, graphic designs, web designs, and marketing materials.
And those, my friends, are what every single zine project and fandom event contains.
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Synopsis: In his twenties and finally getting himself in a committed relationship means the lack of experience. And for being the best step sister you are, you help him get better by teaching him. A twisted way to have him wrapped around your finger.
Warning: SMUT . Stepbrother!Haechan x Stepsister!Reader. Cheating, swear word usage, manipulation, dumbification, jealousy, squirting, nonconsented recording, reader overall an antagonist, a hater and just not a good person. A slight Mean Girls reference ;)
Pairing: Haechan x reader
Tumblr media
The spoon in your hand was gripped tightly. A large scowl on your face that you find impossible to cover up, eyes icy cold as you watch Haechan feed his girlfriend as if she isn’t capable of doing it herself. A scoff leaves your mouth as you manage to cover it up with a cough. Looking down at your food you continue eating. It’s not that your not happy for him, heck it’s a miracle the boy finally managed to get himself a girlfriend. The family worrying that with Haechan’s overly jokester side may result with him staying single forever and yet now that he’s finally here, with a girl by his side you really wished you’d go back in time to the times where you gave him hell for not being able to pull anyone. And now as the days go by you have no peace in your own house. Every damn day she’s here and her high pitched laugh makes your eyes roll once again, how you haven’t strained them yet is a mystery. You and Haechan don’t have the most solid relationship. I mean he’s a bit of a nerd. His friends have even created their own club because no other real clubs would accept them even though he claims they’re ‘too cool’ for the real deal. Hours constantly spent playing video games and binge watching anime. Reading whatever special edition comic book they purchased and spending all night on the phone squealing like little girls talking about their favorite part.
You were used to the boy that you constantly fought to get to the bathroom first. The one you bang on your wall to get him to shut the fuck up and the one you’ve encountered a few interesting run ins with. Several times you seen your step brother wearing little to no pieces of clothing. And while you, someone whose completely different from him. One who dares pretend you too aren’t ‘family’ because of how much of a loser he is, you have to admit he has a smoking body. One you tend to fantasize doing such vulgar things to you. Nights and nights spent locked in your room, hand down your shorts and eyes closed shut as your mind runs wild with the image of Haechan and his body. So maybe seeing him with a girlfriend is just ruining that for you. You no longer can see him as the dork who tries to prove to you that he can be considered hot. Trying to flex his arms and take cringy selfies. Now he’s Haechan, the guy with a girlfriend that can’t seem to stop sucking his face. She’s ruined him. Her disgusting lips on his, always finding a way to climb on his lap right as you enter the area. Pouting her lip injected lips to feed her and fake a baby voice to get him to do whatever she wants. He’s a loser yes but not a bitch.
And if he were to become a bitch. It certainly wouldn’t be with someone who has spent her daddy’s money to shove plastic in parts of her body that didn’t need them in the first place. And so when his girlfriend finally leaves and he comes back with a goofy looking grin on his face, you simply throw a pillow at his face to remove the idiot look off him. Without a word, retrieving yourself back to your room.
In college you’d expect it to be different from high school and in some cases yes. Thing is, the one thing that hasn’t changed yet is the status one has. Haechan is bunched with the geeks, nerds, and losers. Bottom of the list that is far from where you stand. Popular, rebellious, daring and witty. Many know you for many reasons. Good and bad and it’s why so many want to get a piece of you. To have the glory and say they got close with you. As ‘friends’ or hookups. You were seen as an ultimate trophy. And while you have a reputation to maintain, Haechan cared for no such thing. Partying? Nah. Getting high with friends on a random Tuesday? Nope. Shoplifting on a Thursday night? Nuh uh.
You don’t really understand where your mother and his father got the idea that you two would mix well. You two lived two completely different worlds, you always held some sort of resentment toward him. He was too good, too nice and too pure. You hated how caring he was. How forgiving he seems to be and it irritates the hell out of you. You practically see the bright white aura vibrating off him. But it’s also something you find endearing about him. A Friday night can end with you stumbling into the arms of said guy. Calling him in the middle of the night, pleading for him to give you a ride home and even though he told you the previous party it’d be his last time and with you promising that you wouldn’t get too drunk he still came to pick you up regardless. A hoodie over him, looking so soft and cuddly that has you craving him all over again. Wrapping your arms around him as you give his cheek a big smooch.
“Haechanie!” You squeal excitedly as you walk out the large house and into his arms. A small disappointed sigh comes from him but helps you stand regardless. “My feet hurt.” You pout, “Well you shouldn’t have worn heels and especially be out this late. Thought you promised no more.” Whining when he begins to nag, you nuzzle your face in his neck. “Carry me?” A thing you also know about the said boy is how difficult it is for him to say no. And at times like these, almost every attempt of yours end in your favor. Arm gripping behind your thighs, lifting you off the ground as he wraps your legs around your waist you try to ignore the throbbing feeling. Biting your lip as he makes his way back to his car. The lust was obviously building and the closer the proximity was the closer you just wanted to rip his clothes off him.
Coming home, Haechan managed to walk in without getting you two caught. House dark and quiet as he makes his way upstairs. You still cradled, arms secretly around his neck as your hot breath blows his skin. Chills that rises down his spine. Gulping as he tries to kick your door open and settle you down. You didn’t want to pull away, fuck you just wanted to beg him to take you right then and there. His messy fluffy hair and glasses propped on his nose was too much to you. How does the dork manage to get you so turned on? Taking off your heels and grabbing a wipe to take the makeup off. Pulling at the duvets to get you under but you whine, “Haechanie the dress.” Helping you get out of it, you lean in closer until your faces are only an inch apart. You hold back the smugness when you notice him gulp. Eyes going back and forth between your eyes and your lips. “Goodnight.” He quickly kisses your forehead and walks out. A bit confused that you didn’t give back a snappy remark at how soft he is. Something you always made it clear you hated.
You couldn’t take it anymore. Another fucking day with her here, hands gripped tight as she was practically grinding her ass on him. So ticked by her presence you made your way out of the living room and into the bathroom. Dialing a number you least expected, “Hello?” Lee Jeno, one of Haechan’s loser friends. Also apart of his dorky club, also a hacker. “It’s me y/n.” You say monotonously. “Oh! H-Hey y/n, I didn’t expect a call from you.” “Were you expecting any calls at all today?” Before he can stutter out another response you cut him off. “Listen I need a number, can you find it for me?” Hearing rustling from the other line, “Yeah sure! From who?” “The mother of Haechan’s girlfriend.” “Jenna’s mom? Why do you-“ “Jeno can you give it to me or not?” “N-No! No! I can, hold on just give me a second.”
A few minutes go by before another number was dialed. A few seconds later and the phone picked up. “Hello?” “Hey! Is this Jenna?” “No, Jenna isn’t here this is her mother. Who’s this?” “Oh! Well I’m Katie from Planned Parenthood, I was just calling to say that I have her test results. Please have her call at the earliest convenience, thank you!” Hanging up the call right after, you walk out the bathroom and back into the god forsaken living room in which didn’t take much for another phone call to happen. Eyes directly at the tv screen as Jenna answered, beginning to panic when she can’t seem to make her mother calm down. “I don’t understand? What are you talking about?” You can hear the shouting coming from the other line and with a proud smirk, you quickly wipe it off as she stands up abruptly. “I’m sorry I got to go, something’s come up. Sorry babe.” “Oh it’s okay! We can always hang out tomorrow-“
“Tomorrow? But Haechanie I thought you were going to come to my recital?” You say sadly, sad eyes as you stare into Haechan’s. “Oh that’s right I did say yes to that. I’m sorry Jenna, some other time?” Nodding her head, she grabs her things and goes to lean in for a kiss but you’re quick to stand up and ‘accidently’ knock into her. “Oops I’m sorry! Man I can be very clumsy.” “It’s okay.” She whispers, giving him one last goodbye as he walks her out. When the door finally closes you relax. Watching Haechan go back to the living room, you eye him. Hands to himself and pink cheeks. It’s obvious how inexperienced this boy is and how easily flustered he gets.
Going to sit next to him, you gain his attention immediately. “Hey.” He smiles warmly at you. “Are you a virgin?” His eyes widen at the sudden question, “What? Why would you ask such a question?” He laughs nervously. Face turning red with embarrassment. The little control you had quickly goes out the window as you climb onto his lap. Hands raised as he grows rigid. “Y/n! What are you doing?!” Cupping his face you lean in closer, “Have you ever wondered what it feels like to have your dick wrapped in a nice tight hole?” Gulping, he finds it hard to place his eyes at. Too embarrassed to look at you and too flustered to look below your face. And yet pathetically, his cock hardens at your naughty words. “Don’t say such things!” He tries to scold you. “Why?” “Because this is wrong- oh!” Tilting his head back as he feels you grind on him, face leaning down to peck kisses on his neck. Tiny hairs lifting at the touch. “My pussy’s throbbing for you baby.” Shaking his head, he sets his hand in your hips. Wanting to push your away and instead keeping you in place.
“We can’t do this y/n, we’re family now.” “We’ve never been family Haechan. Don’t act like you haven’t peaked through my door while I was in nothing but in a bralette and panties. Like you don’t fuck your pillow and whine my name.” Tsking, you take his hand and shove it down your shorts. A small groan escapes him as his fingers immediately gets covered in your slick. “My baby boy is all grown up, he’s got himself a pathetic girlfriend who’s obviously trying to take things further but you won’t. Tell me Haechanie, is it cuz you never been inside a cunt before?” Moaning he drops his head to rest on top of your breast and nods. Patting his soft hair, biting your lip as his large hand grips firmly on your hips. Loving the feeling of his hands, feeling yourself slowly go crazy for him.
“Poor baby so inexperienced, you want a lesson from me mhm? Want to learn how to fuck like a man?” Nodding his head pathetically he mumbles a soft please. “Can’t hear you.” “Please y/n. Please teach me.” Satisfied with his answer, you get off his lap. About to protest but he shuts himself off when you pull him by his collar. “Let’s go to your room baby, want the memory of finally becoming a man to stay in the bed you sleep in.” Haechan was painfully hard, pants tight for his comfort and it’s sad just how quick he fell under your trap. Eyes filled with nothing but a plead to fuck him senselessly. Pushing him back on the bed as you lock the door behind him. Climbing on top of him when you begin your assault on his neck. His breathing quickening as his chest heaved. Hands going back to holding onto you for dear life, eyes closed as he savors the feeling of your lips on his skin. Growing oblivious to you pulling out your phone and propping it on his nightstand. Camera app opened and facing you two in which you press play. A little gift you plan to make for his dearest Jenna.
“Touch me Haechan. Feel my breasts.” Guiding him up to cup your boobs , love seeing the hunger in his eyes. Love how captivated you have him. Taking your shirt off to give him a better view, push up bra working wonders for you. Giggling, you wipe the slight drool that falls out of his mouth. “So cute, all needy and drooling. You want me Haechanie?” Not trusting his voice he goes to nod but you have none of that. “No Hyuck, use your words. You want me?” “Want you so much.” He whimpers. Pecking his nose, you sit up and take off your bra. Letting your breasts fall freely, grabbing his hands to squeeze them. “Play with them baby, pinch my nipples feel how hard and sensitive they are for you.” He couldn’t help but arch his hips up. His hands felt great against your tits so great it’s sending shock waves to his dick. A rather loud moan emits from you from the unexpected thrust. “Fuck Haechan do that again.”
Obeying you he lifts his hips and he too lets out noises of pleasure. Biting his bottom lip to keep him quieter but a slight slap from you as you grip his cheek. “I wanna hear you Hyuck, be a good boy and be as loud as you can fucking get.” Taking off his shirt you lean in to start sucking large red hickies from his neck, not going lower until you find his soft spot he can’t stop taking large deep breathes. A red trail going down his chest, licking right above his waistline as you look up at him. Meeting contact with him as you proceed to undue his belt. Pulling his jeans back, a wet patch there that you can’t resist to lick. “Oh fuck!” He gasps at the sudden feeling. Head thrown back as his thrusts up again. “Hold my hair back baby while I suck every last drop out of you.” You tell him and go to pull down his briefs. His hard cock springing back to lay flat on his chest. Tip red and veiny, large and screaming to be touched. Feeling bad for the many years it’s only action it received was Haechan’s hand. Feeling his warm hands come to take a hold of your hair, gentle with it as he makes sure to hold every strand of it. Watching a few drops of precum ooze out of him, a hiss coming from him when you grab his dick, hips out of control as his legs begin to squeeze you in place. A smack to his thigh has him releasing his hold on you.
“Be good Haechan.” You tell him sternly as you lick his entire underside of his dick. A loud moan can be heard throughout the room, a proud smirk as you look over to the camera. Haechan in all his glory shown naked on his bed with his stepsister giving him head. Noises one never heard come from him. Dropping your saliva down on his tip as you use your hand to cover his entire eight inches wet. Veins getting more prominent and glistening by it. Tiny little feathery kisses planted on his tip, love teasing the shit out of him. Love seeing how far gone he’s getting. How loud you can make Haechan when it’s all just begun. Love how you are pleasuring Haechan and not her. You were going to take his virginity away and you will be showing Haechan no other woman is good enough for him. A silent promise that by the end of the night, Haechan will become yours and no one else’s.
“Please!” Haechan pleads as the teasing is getting too overwhelming. Tears begin to brim his sockets as he tries very hard to not hurt you by fisting his hand. “Fuck my throat Haechan.” “Don’t wanna hurt you.” He mumbles. “You wanna fuck like a man? Then satisfy your lady, and I say. Fuck. My. Throat.” Having no other self control, he fists your hair and begins to force his inches up your mouth. Beautiful grunts come out of him with how great your mouth felt wrapped around his cock. His hand can’t fucking compare to the warmth and wetness of your mouth. Your tongue licking his cock even when it’s brutally slamming the back of your throat. The feeling so great he’s nearing his release so soon. Feeling blessed having no reflex, you let Haechan fuck your throat until his body pleads no more. Eyes always on him and his face scrunching. Brows furrowing and Adam’s apple becoming prominent. Sweat beginning to form on his forehead, a sight heavenly to you. “Angel I’m close.” He whines. Going to pull out, you grip his hand and push it away. Gasping when you begin to bob your head, sucking your lips to tightening your lips around his large girth. Tongue flickering back and forth around his tip as your hand goes to work for the rest that can’t fit your small mouth.
Going so fast Haechan is left gripping the sheets tightly. “Fuck, fuck, fuck.” He chants like a mantra. Head thrown back as he feels himself pour his semen down your throat. Looking back down and falling in love with you swallowing every last drop. Licking his tip clean and opening your mouth to show him not a single drop was left. Kissing his lips, he kisses you back just as needy and with want. Growing more confident he wraps his arms around you. Pulling you closer as he shoves his tongue in your mouth. Feeling and tasting himself, large hands cupping your face as his thumbs caress your cheeks softly. When letting you pull away for air you feel sex driven like never before. You’ve never felt so much desire to fuck someone until now nor the thrill of foreplay. And yet currently in your step brothers bed, him lying obediently underneath you. You just want to fuck him all day and night, with absolutely no breaks.
But this is all a teaching lesson. Haechan can’t be experienced if he doesn’t learn and while you really just want to hop on his dick, you force yourself to be patient. “Lay back down baby.” Doing as he was told, he waits needily for your next decision. Surprised when you begin to crawl up to his face. “Wanna be good? It’s time you repay me baby, eat my pussy.” He froze, confused on what to do next and he doesn’t start working you up until he feels your hand pull him closer to you. Shocked by how well he was doing, a pro working his game as if he’s done it a million times before. Room getting louder and louder with the combination of your moans and the slurping sounds Haechan’s creating. Hands gripping you down firmly on top of his face, needier than ever and hungry for more of you. Never did he think he’d love pussy so much and now here he is going crazy for it. For you.
This wasn’t his ideal way of losing his virginity. He always wanted it to be special and for that he thought special meant romantic and soft and yet having you suffocating his face with your cunt couldn’t get anymore romantic for him. Sucking and nibbling has your thighs shaking, body screaming for the upcoming release. Mouth hanging wide as your head is thrown back. In pure bliss by his mouth working wonders. “So good!” You praise him, something you notice brings him great joy. Proven right when he begins to nuzzle his face closer, refusing to tilt his head back for a breather. Loud sucking noises are heard and your moans turn into slight screams. Hands gripping the bed frame tightly as your entire body jolts. Hips lifting off his face that he quickly pulls back down. Forcing you to take every inch of his tongue shoving its way up your hole. Walls clenching and the familiar euphoric feelings washing over you. So strong you begin to see spots. So much spots. Finally pulling away to breathe, Haechan still doesn’t stop his assault on your clit. Rubbing harsh circles to get you to cum again. The idea of squirting on his face fascinating him. And with scrunched brows, he rubs figure eights quicker and continues to lick until you couldn’t anymore.
“Baby no more - God!” Words cracking and short breathes squeaking you feel another strong build up and before you can fully process it, you’re climaxing all over his face. So wet it was underneath you. Pillow drenched and thighs covered in your essence and still Haechan took every drop gratefully. Cute puppy eyes looking up at you, silently asking if he did alright as if he didn’t just get done fucking the daylights out of you with just his tongue. Climbing off him, chest heaving as you lie on the bed on the opposite end of him. Desperate to try and catch your breath that you don’t predict Haechan’s sudden moves. Chucking the drenched pillow off the bed and wrap your legs around his waist, he leans down to suck dark hickies on your neck. A confidence you never seen in him. Taken you by surprised but still enticed by it. A hand lazily run through his now wet hair. Hips softly grinding into yours, a moan from both mouths when your sensitive genitals touch.
“Need you y/n.” He whines in your ear. Lifting his head to look you directly in the eyes. Not being able to contain himself and leans down to kiss your lips. Loving the taste of your lips, obsessed with every part of you he can’t seem to feign ignorance after today. Feeling the passion through his kisses, a loving attraction one that screams how whipped he is for you. Pupils dilated as his brown orbs showed softness. Vulnerable looking face that looks at you for reassurance and guidance. His touches so gentle and kisses holding lots of meaning, how on earth could you ever deny him?
“Fuck me Hyuck.”
He does it gladly.
“Oh ! My…f-fuck…” Haechan can’t seem to put words together as the feeling of your walls wrapping themselves around his girth. So sensitive he fears he won’t last as long as he hopes. Having to freeze and compose himself which you give him time. A hand caressing his cheek, legs spread wide for him to have as much space as he wishes. “Take your time- Shit!” You didn’t expect the sudden hard thrust into your core. Each one, another harder and faster thrust has his pelvis coming in contact with yours. Your arousal completly covering his entire dick. So wet you’re almost confident the neighbors could hear. You couldn’t control yourself, your moans keep getting louder the more your stepbrother pounds you. He knows your body so damn well in such a short time. Knows how to angle his hips to fuck the blissful feeling into you. Thighs smacking into his as his hands keep you firmly on the bed. Wanting to see your face contort into pleasure every time he plunges his cock into you. Needs to know he’s doing a good job in satisfying you.
His thrust begin to falter its pace. Sloppier and quicker as he begins to reach for his high, shaking his head as he keeps tensing. “Not coming until you do.” He says huskily, eyes drawn between your swollen cunt and his slick covered cock. How well you fit him even with how big he is, proud you took him so nicely . Like you were meant for him and only him. Leaning down to peck your forehead, even with his lustful eyes he still shows fondness for you. “My angel.” He mumbles as he begins to shake from the need to fuck his cum in you. An arm wraps behind his neck, “Cum with me baby.” You whisper to him, nodding he applies most of his weight on top of you. Arms hugging you closer to him as he rests his chin on your shoulder. Soft kisses trailing up to your neck as he keeps pounding into you, biting his lip when he is reaching his end.
“Fuck! Fuck!” He breathes out as ropes of his warm white cum shoots deep in you, a slight bulge forming in your abdomen of the tip of his dick. Releasing around his dick you feel yourself get full. When you thought it was over he continued shooting more cum into you, so much pent up he concludes. Looking down to seeing some oozing out of you. Groaning as he lazily fucks into you, a slight frown forms when he sees more of his cum is slipping out of you. Pulling out, he is quick to salvage some of it with his fingers and shove them inside you. Pecking your stomach in comfort when you let out a loud whine. Gripping the messy sheets, eyes forced shut and head laid flat on the bed. Trying your hardest to not fall into subspace.
Feeling arms wrap themselves around you, you are picked up and engulfed in Haechan’s warm embrace. Plump lips pecking your temple as he pushes back your hair from your face. “Did I do good?” He asks nervously. “So fucking good. My good boy.” You play with his hair, seeing a small twinkle. The cute adorable smile and dorkiness making its comeback to him. Cheek covered in tiny kisses from him, you lay in his chest happy you achieved your goal.
You haven’t sent the video yet. You felt it was too soon, you wanted to make sure Haechan was yours all the way and it seemed to be proven correct by the subtle touches and clinginess he shows. “I see you two are really getting along!” Your mother claps her hands happily as Haechan’s father smiles warmly. She wasn’t totally wrong. The days they aren’t home it’s spent with your back blown and Haechan close to losing his voice by how well you suck him. As the days go on it’s even gotten riskier. At night when the desires are high, you couldn’t give a damn that they were in the next room to Haechan’s. A hand covering his mouth as you bring a finger to your lips. Bouncing on his cock as the bed slightly rocks into the wall, his hands already gripping tightly and securely around your hips.
During the day when they’re downstairs doing god knows what while you’re too busy being railed by Haechan in the bathroom. A leg lifted as he fucks you up on the sink, large mirror giving you two a full view of the sins you two were continuously making. Even in the same room as them you two dared touch each other. A movie night that has you two sharing a blanket ends with him shoving his fingers in your cunt and you fisting your hand around his hard cock. Finger furiously teasing the tip. At school you two even ditch your friends to go have sex. Janitors closet, bathroom stall, empty classroom. You two were sex addicts for the other. Haechan can’t stay away from you he needs you all the time. He feels sad when he can’t hold you. Something as simple as hugging you is a necessity for him and so when his girlfriend comes around and she’s the one hogging him rather than you he can’t help but find it irritating. He wants you and only you. No woman not even his girlfriend who he thought the world of can compare anymore. He’s falling in love with you and he doesn’t know whether he should worry or not but when the day ends and he’s back in your arms he know longer cares.
And so when Saturday came, roughly awaken from his dream of you. A loud shouting coming from the front door, he isn’t as bothered for the reasoning behind it. An angry looking Jenna, phone in hand showing him the video you sent her. An hour and a half of you two fucking each other’s brains out. Eyes bloodshot and hot tears smearing her mascara, arms wrapping around his mid waist that he soon identifies them as yours. A prideful look on your face as you lay soft kisses on his bicep. You weren’t worried nor anxious. Sending her the video was just the confirmation that Haechan was now officially yours and no matter what she has to reprimand him of, he won’t care.
“How could you!”
A shrug from him, had him closing the door in her face. Turning around and smiling down at you. Both parents out on a five day business trip, five days to show each other some more how well you two mix. Five days to show you how much he loves you and five days to show him you indeed have him wrapped around your finger.
“I love you.” He plants a kiss to your lips.
“So much.”
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armandaniels · 4 months
After the finale i’ve seen a lot of posts both here and on twitter and reddit suggesting that we can’t trust anything we saw actually happened, and/or Armand brainwashed Louis and implanted and removed memories, and that Lestat was nothing like he was shown and nothing in this season was real. I really don’t think that’s what’s happening and how we’re meant to interpret the show for various reasons:
1) It would be bad writing. Like it would be textbook bad writing. ‘She woke up and it was all just a dream’ is often mocked and used as an example of what you should never do for a reason. Pulling the rug and saying what you earlier wrote never happened almost never works. It takes away your audience’s emotional investment, removes good scenes, creates incoherence and aimlessness in your narrative and basically renders your story meaningless. With Louis we know he��s an unreliable narrator and we’ve seen how that manifests: he emphasizes things that support the narrative he wants to convey and omits things that challenge that narrative, he wants to protect Claudia and himself, he’s uncomfortable talking about his love for Lestat, he’s a master of hypocrisy and self-deception, and trauma and the passage of time have influenced his memories. But i don’t really get an impression that he’s untrustworthy in that sense that he literally actively lies or his memories are literally false. Lestat’s version of the events will probably be rather different but that doesn’t mean neither of them is ‘wrong’. I believe that most of the events in this season need to be true so that emotional and narrative integrity is maintained. I think this show’s writers are too good to erase their own story for a twist.
2) I know that some fans dislike the decision to make Lestat more blatantly abusive and are hoping that Louis or Armand is trying make him seem worse than he was, but that doesn’t make sense to me when you consider how the abuse is portrayed in the show. You can disagree with Lestat’s characterization but the way domestic abuse itself is depicted is very careful, consistent, accurate and realistic. Lestat’s abusiveness is not some extraneous detail you can remove by cutting a couple of scenes; it’s an inherent part of his character and the whole story from the beginning. I would go as far as saying abuse if one of the most important parts of this story. If you somehow take it out it becomes a completely different relationship and different show. Again we come back to the point where it would mean undermining the whole narrative. I also think that since the writers have been portraying this subject so well they know better than to insinuate that abuse victims are lying or imagining things. The DV scene in 1.05 has been endlessly analyzed and i do think we’re going to revisit it later from a different POV because it’s edited in the way that implies that there’s more to it. But i really don’t think they’re going to pull ‘none of this ever happened!’ twist with that or any other scene depicting abuse. That would be just cheap and offensive. I think we will in later season see things from Lestat’s perspective that make him more sympathetic (for example revelation that he really loved Claudia like in the books is something i’m almost certain we’ll see) but i don’t see them erasing something that has been so central for Lestat’s characterization.
3) Portraying Louis as some kidnapped brainwashed slave for Armand is at odds with his character and the themes of the show and would also, again, be bad writing because passive characters with no agency are boring, and relationships based on pure mind control are boring as well. Louis at times comes across passive because of his depression and exhaustion caused by trauma and abuse but he’s never been without agency. One of the most compelling and realistic parts of the show’s depiction of abuse is that Louis, like many victims, seeks and stays in toxic situations and relationships by his own volition. Lestat doesn’t coerce him into anything. Louis chooses to get together with him, to stay with him year after year even though they’re unhappy, and to take him back after his assault. Louis is always the one literally and metaphorically locking them in his coffin. I think whatever Louis and Armand’s relationship is like it’s in some ways similar to his relationship with Lestat. I think if Armand is using his powers on Louis it’s relatively minor rather than total brainwashing and quite possibly he’s even doing it by Louis’ own request. I feel that Louis could leave that Dubai coffin house whenever he wanted and Armand or no one else would physically prevent him. But because of how his own mind works he chooses not to. He and Armand are each other’s prisoners and i think that’s much more interesting than Armand just keeping him under psychic mind control.
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copperbadge · 14 days
Some Discourse On Fictional Chefs
I collected up all the discussion of Simon’s potential love interest in the Shivadhverse (and one about Twelve Points) and threw it in a post :D 
If it is realistic at all, I’d love to be able to hand 12 Points to my musician daughter when she gets home from college around the 18th of May. That’s also the week after Eurovision. No pressure, I’m just excited for her to read it!
For a second I was like “If the book is realistic? Well, it kinda is, I’m working on that now” and then I realized you meant datewise :D I hope it is -- the book’s in final edits but a few of them are taking some time. I have to finish the edits, typeset, design the cover, upload, order proofs, approve the proofs, and then the thing can go out, which is not NOT doable by May, but it’s slightly iffy only because my April is super hectic. But most of the delay is usually in ordering the proofs (they take longer than they used to, to print and ship) so if I can get shit done BEFORE the hectic, we should be good. 
And now on to the chefs. I was a little amused, admittedly, because I didn’t vocalize clearly what I was asking about when I asked what people would like to see -- I was thinking more in terms of gender, sexuality, disability, race, etc. but I didn’t specify that, so instead I mostly got fascinating ideas for backstories and character aspects. Which is so fandom! I love it, I’m not mad or dismayed, it’s just also really funny. :D 
Are you thinking someone from Eddie's TV Chef circles, or more along Simon's own, more classical background?
A protégé of Eddie's who has taken over his show comes to do a special on the Country that Stole Our Star and had gotten a little big for his britches?
It's probably too close to Eddie's character, but... What about one of those chef's that travel the world cooking the most awful (or best) local dishes with home chef's. Or maybe just a National Geographic photographer in country to do a piece on the 'One Highland' 😁
I’d like them to be a native Shivadh, only because most of the books to date have involved either total foreigners or expats returning, and both Royals/Ramblers and the football novel will as well. I’m hoping for someone who has moved to Fons-Askaz from the rural backcountry, but the idea is that Simon comes into conflict with someone who has a much less “fancy food from a classical background” style -- part of the conflict comes from each of them initially assuming the other has the inferior way of cooking. So -- more on Eddie’s line BUT not one of Eddie’s folks, because whoever this person is, they’re relatively local. 
Mind you, I do like the National Geographic angle. And I do kind of like the idea that someone else took over Truly Tasty. Eddie said that might happen. And that’s something I’d need to work into Royals/Ramblers so hmmm, making a note. 
(Or you could steal from the foodieverse! A classically trained hipster with a Michelin-starred food truck! A chain pizza scion with a flair for molecular gastronomy!)
Actually nicking some from the Foodieverse might be helpful -- maybe taking and twisting around Steve’s plotline from that universe a bit, though that doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be a Hot Male Hipster. But perhaps someone who trained classically and then decided it was all bullshit. 
It's in my brain because it's what I'm writing, but I bet someone who's a little bit New Agey and leans hard into the symbolism of EVERY dish, whether from a "traditional foods of XYZ culture" standpoint or a "historically used for $magickal effect" standpoint, and like, talks about the energy of the kitchen, would be a great and interesting counterpoint to Simon's lack of that. And it's such a GOOD romance trope. (to be clear, I'm writing two different stories right now where no one ever cooks a food because they're hungry and want to eat A Food, it's all "well, basil is good prosperity magic, but cabbage is good prosperity magic and also the traditional food of my people, and...")
On the whole it’s an idea I like, but I’m not sure it’s fitted to this particular plot -- might be something to revisit with another character at some point, though. 
I’m discovering just how difficult it is to write hippie/new-age characters with Royals/Ramblers in part because so much of that mythology eventually traipses around towards anti-Semitism. Not necessarily food symbolism, and not ALL new age stuff is that way, but it really is a razor-fine line at times. 
My first thought was that terrifying lady chef from Ratatouille, she was fantastic. Someone with her personality, maybe? Cactus with a heart of gold who will absolutely stab you anyway.
My instinct is along those lines, at the least someone who is a trifle confrontational, but I feel like so much of it depends on other aspects of who they are, which is what I’m struggling to pin down. 
it would be funny if Simon's "nemesis" was, like, lactose intolerant or something so they have objections to French cuisine (so heavy on cheese and butter) but Simon doesn't know this at first and is mortally offended
What if Simon falls for a bodybuilder or a ballerina or someone on a really restrictive diet? If they were older and getting ready to retire, he could reintroduce them to good food.
I like both of these -- I think there’s particularly something to the idea of an athlete who has eaten a restricted diet, since that’s something that can alter more easily than allergies. But to make the story work they really do need to be a fellow chef. Which, there’s no reason they couldn’t have dietary restrictions AND be a chef, but I’m not sure I’d do either side of them justice that way. 
Ooh, I just had the thought of Simon’s nemesis as a French chef which was actually an espionage cover. Think Julia Child, Cold War edition. (I also think of Simon as 5-10 years older than Michaelis which may or may not be accurate.)
Man, there is something to the idea of a spy. I’d say from Galia, but I don’t think Ofelia either wants or needs someone to spy on Fons-Askaz for her, she could just like, ask Alanna if she needs to know something :D Might turn this over in my head a bit, although it would again mean someone coming from outside the country. 
Simon is actually a trifle younger than Michaelis -- Michaelis was around 34, 35 when he hired him, and Simon and Hugo were both in their twenties. It still puts him in his fifties -- I do enjoy writing romances for older people, especially because there is something of a dearth of romance novels specifically featuring older men (they do exist but you run face-first into the “daddy” trope a lot, and “older man” in romance-speak often clocks in at “definitely under fifty”). Older women as the POV character are more common, I would imagine because older women are a huge target audience for romances. 
Thinking about the love interest for Simon, someone who Absolutely Does Not Have A Media Presence beyond their cookbooks, and there is a Very Good Reason for that. That reason may be anything from an acerbic personality whenever someone points a camera in their direction to being just not good at Peopleing. Hmm. How international is the idea of Witness Protection Makeovers?
They could also just be crap at social media -- I’ve come to realize that every social platform EXCEPT tumblr is basically incompatible with my brain, and even the ones marginally compatible like Reddit, I just don’t find a ton of value in them a lot of the time. Which would be a nice foil to Simon starting up a recipe blog at the same time. 
I wish for Simon's love interest to be a salt-and-pepper-haired butch woman *shakes the genie's lamp*
There’s definitely a salt-and-pepper butch woman coming into the Shivadhverse at some point. :D I had her set for a later book, and not sure that’d be right for Simon, but I’m not ruling it out -- a fairly mouthy, fairly masc woman about Simon’s age is one of the strong potential characters I’m considering. 
Anonymous asked:
Shivadhverse: Concerning Simon’s love interest: would you consider someone like Catherine Bordey, owner of La Kaz,  from “Death in Paradise”? Or possibly even a French POC like her daughter? I’d really love 💕 to see a character who is both French and a POC. 😊
I’ve seen an episode or two of Death in Paradise but I don’t think I’ve encountered those two characters! I’ll have to see if my folks can educate me on them, they love that show. I am trying to figure out how to work more racial diversity into the books, so that’s a thought. Not necessarily French, but French-Shivadh; they do share a border. 
Anonymous asked:
maybe not a fit but I'll try anyway. what i'd like in a chef character is someone who tried something, really got into it, then backed out of it so hard. like the foraging culture, which could net you a research hole into local greens. what if they believe it's now too polluted to forage safely? and yet they have an encyclopedic knowledge of the seasons and life cycles of sidewalk dandelions. tl;dr cursed knowledge
As an aspect of the character that could work, although it gets difficult because like...the deeper someone is in something, the more I have to learn in order to put it out there :D I was looking at something along those lines, or at least something similar that might make them a bit brusque. Lots to mull on overall, anyhow. 
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ittybittyhogan · 7 months
Just Friends - Cedric Diggory Imagine
Tumblr media
This is a edited version of Series of Pleasant Firsts by shadowbriar, so if you like this story you should go check out their blog.
Pairing: Cedric Diggory x Fem!Reader Word Count: 3k Warnings: None. Notes: When the walls between love and friendship start to crumble, will either of them be brave enough to take a leap of faith and tear it to shambles? Idk how to describe this story. It’s just fluff.
She watches as he tries to break his own record at stone skipping with a wide smile. He’s always been so gifted with outdoor activities. Both muggle and wizard sports. His cheeks are always tinted with rose color from the burn of the sun, his skin gleams from the sheer layer of sweat. Cedric Diggory is a beautiful boy, indeed.
She misses this. Spending quality time with him, just the two of them. Having separate houses in Hogwarts was starting to create distance between them. And it didn’t help that the friends they made were not in the same circle. Him with his popular little Miss and Mister Perfect friends while she finds comfort with the more quiet and reserved flock.
“Come and take a dip with me.” Cedric says with a smile, panting as he takes his top off.
“No.” She says shortly, looking back to her book “I’d rather stay dry, thank you very much.”
“Oh, come on! You’ve even got your swimsuit on! It’d be a shame to not test the water.”
She didn’t budge, glueing her eyes to the pages.
“I promise your book will still be here once we’re done.” Cedric says, as he gently takes her book away and tosses it to the picnic basket. “Besides, you kind of owe it to this lake. Remember how we would go here every other weekend? It’s been ages, so you have to take a dip.”
He didn’t let her have another minute of thought as he pulled her by the waist, practically dragging her to the water. Her screams echo as he throws her in, soaking her entire body with the cold water. She wanted to be angry at him for not giving her the chance to take her cardigan off, but it’s hard to stay mad at him. Especially when his eyes glisten as he laughs like this.
Their smiles bloom even wider as she begins to splash water on him. They playfully drown each other until he admits defeat, evidently letting her win just to please her. Now they’re standing close in front of each other with smiles still tugging on their lips, making the most of time to study each other’s features.
He's changed a lot. Cedric was always a beautiful boy and yet somehow he’s grown even more handsome, if it was even possible. His jawline is more defined, cheeks more hollow as he lost his baby fat. It was as if his face was sculpted by the Greek Gods and Goddesses themselves.
“You’re staring.” He says, biting down a smile.
“So are you.”
“Have I ever told you how pretty you are?”
She blushes.
“Any guy would be lucky to have you.”
And there it is. Any guy. Not I would be lucky to have you.
It’s frustrating at times how gentle and tender Cedric’s gesture could lead her on. There are more than a handful occasions where she could have sworn that he sees her more than a best friend. The way he treats her is different than how he did when they were still children. She feels like Cedric is treating her like a lady instead of a mere friend.
A lady, whose heart he wishes to win.
“Let’s not talk about boys. I have enough girlfriends chirping in my ears about them at school.” She says, rolling her eyes as she walked to the edge of the lake “I wouldn't be able to bear you lecturing me about them, too."
Cedric smiles, amused as he swims further to the middle “Why, what do your friends talk to you about?”
“You know, how everyone is apparently dating everybody else. How they’ve had their first kisses already and how pleasant a date in Madam Puddifoot’s Tea Shop is. All those sappy things I’m sure your friends are also on about.”
“You say it like it’s a bad thing.” He chuckles lightly “I’m sure they’re not half as bad as you say they are.”
“Easy for you to say. You’re always swarmed with beautiful girls who are willing to drop their knickers down for you anytime. I, on the other hand, am not so lucky when it comes to romance.”
“Come on, that’s hardly true. I've heard every single one of my guy friends talk about you at some time or another."
“Well, the next time you hear any of them talk about me, do send them my way. I’m tired of waiting for some guy to ask me on a date.” She groans. “I haven’t even had my first kiss yet.”
Cedric raises his brows, “You haven’t had your first kiss?”
“Nope.” She says while shaking her head. “Pathetic, right?”
She walks to their picnic spot, placing her wet cardigan on a tree nearby tree so it could dry. She dries herself with a towel, brows slightly furrowed at the sight of Cedric coming out of the lake too. He’s usually not out until the sun’s down.
“I have an idea.” He says, looking quite unsure of himself “But you have to promise me you won't kill me and throw my body in the lake.”
She raises an eyebrow, “What do you mean?”
“To tell you the truth, I haven’t had my first kiss yet either.” Cedric admits, cheeks looking rosy at the confession “I’ve only lied to my friends to get them off my back.”
“Who did you tell them you had your first kiss with?”
She went mute.
The flush on her cheeks was probably more crimson than his now. His eyes were still glued on her, intently examining her reaction. For the first time in her life, she’s seen Cedric flustered.
“So seeing that we have a common problem and how I've dragged your name into my lie, I was thinking.. Maybe we could just.. You know, have this over with?”
She blinks rapidly, trying to process his words. He’s still standing there, unnerved. His eyes were awaiting an answer, fingers fidgeting as he waited patiently for a sign.
She hesitantly asked him, “You want to.. Kiss me?”
“Only if you’re ok with it.”
She silently pinched herself, trying to make sure that she wasn’t dreaming. Cedric Diggory is really asking if he can kiss her. Though his reasoning is plainly based as a friendly favour, she still finds it hard to accept the fact that he wanted to kiss her.
He grins, sighing in relief, “Brilliant.”
“So how would we do this?”
“I- I don’t know.” He admits, sounding unsure himself “I mean, we’d just.. You know, kiss.”
“Okay. Of course. Right.” She nods timidly, trying to maintain her composure “Should I keep my eyes open? Or would you find it more comfortable if I close them?”
“Open them, please.” He says softly as he takes a step closer, placing her hand on her jawline “I’d like to see your eyes.”
She nods.
It’s getting harder for her to stay relaxed. With every inch he’s closing in, she finds her body to be more rigid, afraid that one wrong movement would make him pull away and change his mind. She wanted this to happen so badly. She's prayed about this moment for years, and now her dream was going to become a reality. She could only hope that he wouldn’t hear her racing heart.
“I’m going in, okay?”
She could only reply with a nod.
She closes her eyes as he leans in. Within seconds she could feel Cedric’s soft lips touching hers, gently brushing over each other. She could feel the electricity jolting through her body with every peck. For a first kiss, he sure knows his way around.
“Wow.” He breathed as he pulled away, eyes still closed as if he tried to cling onto the feelings longer “We should’ve done that sooner.”
“Shut up.”
She shoves his shoulder playfully, trying to hide her tomato face.
The kiss would certainly haunt her mind for weeks, if not months.
“So, uh, we’re still friends, right?” Cedric asks, rubbing his neck “I mean, the kiss.. It didn’t change our friendship, right?”
She bites down the heartbreak, nodding and smiling, “Of course.”
Again, she could have sworn she saw disappointment in his eyes. As if he was feeling the very same bitterness she’s feeling right now. But as he said it himself, the kiss changes nothing. They’re still friends. Just like they’ve always been.
Just friends.
The Hufflepuff boy runs to her, a smile plastered on his face. The fact that he's been searching for her all over the castle is evident by the sweat trickling down his forehead. His face was slightly red, panting as he tried to control his breathing.
“Hey there Champion.” She teases, fixing his tie, which crooked from all the running. “Fancy seeing you here.”
“I’ve been looking for you.” He says between pants “You would not believe what just happened.”
Her brows furrow, intrigued at what he’s saying, "What happened?”
“I asked Cho Chang to be my date for the Yule Ball and she said yes!”
The smile on her face starts to dissipate. Her eyes were starting to look blank as she let the words sink in. He’s asked another girl to be his date. How foolish of her to think he was going to ask her instead.
“That’s brilliant, Ced.” She says with fake excitement, smiling, though it could not reach her eyes “I’m really happy for you.”
“Thanks.” He nods, looking proud of himself “I have to be honest with you, I was worried she'd say no, because I heard Potter was planning on asking her too. Thank Merlin she chose me instead.”
She nods, still forcing a smile, “Good for you, Ced.”
The rest of his word become a background noise she tries so hard not to show how heartbroken she is, feeling suffocated as the pounding of her heart rings in her ears. Though he’s always been surrounded with girls, there has never been one Cedric was evidently interested in. Everyone just comes and goes, becoming one of the many names mentioned in his stories.
She’s always known that one day or another she would have to face the fact that he would find a girl and have his world gravitate toward her, leaving her alone as a lost satellite. No matter how much she wanted him to know that he is her sun, she knows that in his universe, she was just another passing star.
“So, uh, how about you? I heard you're going with McLaggen.” Cedric says, bringing her back to reality “I didn’t know you two are close.”
“No, no we’re not.” She says flatly, not looking at him “He asked me but I haven’t said yes. I was waiting for someone else but I supposed I’ve kept him waiting too long, I should give him an answer now.”
“Wait, you were waiting for someone else?” Cedric asked, stopping her as she begins to walk away. “Who?”
“It doesn’t matter, Ced.”
The sparkle in his eyes dulls as he puts the pieces together, “You were waiting for me, weren’t you?”
“Just forget it. It’s not like we owe each other anything.” She says harshly, her tone coming out a little bit more rude than she intended “Besides, not everything has to be shared with a friend.”
Cedric’s eyebrows rose, looking offended, “What’s that supposed to mean?”
“I’m just saying,” She turns to him, hands balled into a fist as she tries to control her disappointment that is now turning to anger “We should stop gatekeeping each other's feelings because it’s getting toxic.”
Cedric was appalled. He doesn’t understand where all her anger was coming from. If anything, he should be the one to be angry at her. She was the one who’s gotten a date first before him. He should be the one saying all these hurtful truths.
“Fine. Consider said feelings gone. From now on we don’t know each other.”
She nods, choking back the tears threatening to spill from her beautiful eyes. “Done.”
Ever since their fallout about their Yule Ball date, they haven't exchanged a word. Still, that doesn't mean he hasn't gotten her full support through his tasks. Her worry was growing deeper and deeper with each task passed. Though Cedric won first place on the second task, knowing how Harry barely got out of the water in time was enough of a nightmare for her to live with.
Screw their argument, she thought. She’d rather have him break her heart daily than to live with the thought of him away, not knowing if he was safe or not. If she has to live the rest of her life with him being oblivious to her feelings then so be it. Any of that would be better than not being able to comfort him when he’s in trouble.
And so she finds herself struggling to meet Cedric. She squeezed herself into the crowd of Champions and their supporters but the Hufflepuff boy was nowhere to be seen. Perhaps he went somewhere right after the second task score announcement was made. Helping Cho to get warm or something.
But just before her heart turns desperate, she hears her name being called.
She could recognize his voice anywhere, anytime. Before she could say anything, Cedric has already wrapped his arms around her, engulfing her in a big wet hug as he pulls her close. Her body heat is his only source of warmth, gritting his teeth in coldness as he rests his head on the crook of her neck.
“I was so worried they’d taken you to the lake.” He says, frantically examining her face “Are you alright?”
“I’m fine. It’s you I’m worried about!”
“Merlin.” Cedric sighs in relief, pulling her back close to his chest “They’re trying to get me killed, for real. If not from the tasks then from a heart attack, I swear.”
“Don’t say things like that.” She protested, feeling scared of the thought “You know I hate it.”
Cedric couldn’t find the right words, so instead he just chuckles lightly, tightening his embrace on her. Helga knows how much he'd missed having her in his arms. He peppers her forehead with kisses, trying to ease both of their worries.
She didn’t know why, but the waves of emotions made her cry. The worry, the stress, and frustration of not being able to be there with him has driven her crazy. Now that he’s here, giving her the very embrace she’s longed for, she couldn’t help but to shed a tear or two.
“Hey, listen,” Cedric says, breaking the hug as cups her face, gazing into her eyes deeply “I know that things haven’t been pretty lately and I know I have the bigger part at fault for that, but I really can’t spend another day without you. If you want to hate me, then hate me but hate me close enough that I can still see and touch you.”
“No, I’m not done.” He cuts her off, still frantic from the adrenaline “I know we’ve been friends for as long as I can remember but I’m willing to burn that bridge and build another one with you. I don’t want us to be just friends anymore. I want you to continue being my first. My first friend, my first kiss, my first heartbreak, my first everything.”
She nods at his words, and begins crying harder.
“And if you’d have me, I’ll try my best to be your very last. I know we’re still young, but being there in the lake- Screw it.”
Not wasting another second, he finally connects their lips. The very same feelings they felt years ago when they shared their first kiss by the lake washes over them. In fact, this time the feelings were magnified. Their despair and crave for one another has certainly enhanced their hunger.
She finds herself melting under his touch. Cedric’s kiss was more demanding than she remembered. This time he kisses her with greed, trying to make sure that she knows just how lost he is without her. He wanted her to know that she is the only remedy to his broken heart.
“Wait,” She says as she breaks the kiss, earning a confused and disappointed look from him “What about Cho?”
“She understands.”
Cedric paid no mind to his words before continuing the kiss. He has certainly found something new he hates most in this entire universe- being interrupted as they kiss.
“Wait, Ced.”
Cedric lets out a huff of exasperation, “What? What is it this time?”
“Mr. Diggory.” An authoritative voice calls from behind. Cedric has to bite the embarrassment down when he turns to see Professor McGonagall eyeing them with her strict eyes “You are expected at the Headmaster’s office along with the other Champions. I’m sure the two of you can continue your business later.”
Cedric nods, pursing his lips in embarrassment, “Yes, Professor.”
Professor McGonagall gives one last nod before turning on her heels to return to the castle.
She has to bite down her laughter as Cedric turns back to see her. Her cheeks were pink, embarrassed yet blissful at the same time.
“I have to go now.” Cedric says softly, smiling before adding “I’ll find you once I’m done.”
She nods, grinning, “Alright.”
He quickly plants another kiss on her lips.
“Just go.” She says with a giggle, smiling in between his kisses.
Cedric smiles, pulling her into another kiss before finally walking away.
She watches as his figure slowly drifts away. Her heart is still swelling from the new reality she’s trying so hard to comprehend. She bites her lower lip, trying to prevent herself from grinning like a lunatic. From then on, she knows that whatever first she has to do, she’s sure that they would only be a series of pleasant firsts with him.
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poetrylovinglesbian · 8 months
- 𝐫𝐨𝐧𝐚𝐧𝐜𝐞 𝐡𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐜𝐚𝐧𝐨𝐧𝐬 -
𝐩𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠: nancy wheeler x robin buckley
𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬: lots of fluff :) + smut (only in the nsfw section tho!)
𝐚/𝐧: i love ronance so i just had to- anyway keep in mind that those are my hcs so if you don’t agree with them, that’s totally fine :) also please don’t mind the spelling errors, i didn’t edit it yet!!
Tumblr media
robin is the one to fall first, therefore nancy is the one to say “i love you” first.
nancy is robin’s first kiss!
friends to lovers
even after months of dating, robin still gets incredibly nervous around nancy -she thinks it’s adorable!
robin calls nancy either “wheeler” & “nance” or “babe” / “baby” and stuff like “pretty girl”
i also love the idea of robin, using pet names in different languages (spanish, french, Italian, maybe even russian)
nancy calls robin “love”/ “darling” etc.
sometimes she calls her “buckley”, just to mock her for constantly calling her “wheeler”
nancy is THE supportive gf, believing in all of robin’s ideas, no matter how silly they might be.
robin always wants to choose which movie to watch, only to end up falling asleep on nancy’s lap.
nancy secretly steals robin’s clothes to wear them to sleep & robin pretends not to notice.
robin loves to play with nancy’s hair, while nancy loves to play with robin’s rings.
robin annotates nancy’s favorite books and gives them to her as presents!
nancy makes robin read them to her, because she loves to hear her voice.
robin loves to take nancy out on dates, she always comes up with the cutest ideas!
when one of them isn’t feeling well, the other always knows what to do.
nancy drives robin to work every morning and picks her up every evening, since she doesn’t have a license.
it doesn’t matter how much nancy talks, because robin will always do enough talking for both of them.
nancy spends all of her money on little presents for her girlfriend.
nancy blushes super easily and robin knows that a little too well-
robin isn’t a morning person at all while nancy gets up early every day.
nancy keeps a little night light on to sleep, which robin finds adorable!
they hold hands so much <3
sometimes when they lay face to face, robin takes nancy’s hand and kisses each one of her fingers all over!
nancy loves to put make up & nail polish on robin.
nancy always wants robin to teach her new french words.
- 𝐧𝐬𝐟𝐰 𝐡𝐜’𝐬 -
𝐚/𝐧: this is where the nsfw section begins! (16+ please!) also the trigger warnings are down below!
𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬: smut! (obviously?), virginity loss, fingering (f! receiving), oral sex (f! receiving)
nancy is robin’s first time & robin is nancy’s first time with a girl
the first time they have sex is at nancy’s!!
it all starts out as a fun movie night, when suddenly, robin’s hand finds its way to nancy’s thigh, and BOOM make out session!
when they make out, nancy normally sits over robin, straddling her hips.
robin likes to use this opportunity to rock nancy’s hips against her-
but nancy does that all on her own most of the time, chasing the bit of friction she can get from it
nancy is definitely the more vocal one, and damn it turns robin on so much to hear her girl moan into her ear-
the first time nancy goes down on robin, she’s very nervous, but robin is there to help her…
…she guides her hands to where she likes to be touched, pulls her head closer to where she needs her etc.
“yes, right there baby” / “you’re doing such a good job” AAAAH
nancy is great at it tho- like really really great
the first time robin gets to touch nancy, she’s extremely careful. that’s until nancy grabs her by the wrist and picks up the pace of her fingers…
robin loves to tease nancy…she WILL put her hand between her legs under the table while they’re having dinner or while they are watching a movie with friends-
but then robin is the one who ends up pressed up against a wall only a couple of minutes/hours later…
they both love to show their affection for the other while they have sex. they will literally kiss the others body all over, whispering against the others skin etc.
“so so beautiful” / “you’re the most beautiful girl on earth” / “i love every part of your body” stuff like that!
if the strap existed back then, robin would’ve loved it. i said what i said.
hear me out: moaning into the others mouth while intensely making out in the back of nancy’s car.
𝐚/𝐧: okay these are by far not all (both soft & nsfw) hc’s that i can come up with! i will probably add some more from time to time! also i STILL didn’t edit them. just ignore the typos lmao
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clovenhoofbindery · 1 year
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
The Prison and the Glaive Series by @purplewitch156 
 ↳ Of Your Making
An unexpected twist during the final battle has Harry trapped inside a magical artifact with only his greatest enemy for company. The Carcerem will release them, but the requirement for freedom is an impossible one, for neither Harry Potter nor Tom Riddle will ever forgive the other.
↳ When the Phoenix Cries
When Fawkes’ unexpected arrival upends their vacation, Harry and Tom find themselves flung into a parallel world, a world where Lord Voldemort rules Wizarding Britain with a young Death Eater named Harry Potter at his command. Now, they must out maneuver the dangers of this world and find a way back home, but when a mysterious artifact known as the Silence falls into Harry’s hands, returning home might be the least of their problems.
For design info / materials / binding process, read below the cut.
181,640 Words / 5.5 x 8.5 Paper
Title Font for Of Your Making: Midnight Tales
Title Font for When the Phoenix Cries: Acris
Body Font: Adobe Jenson Pro
Designed, typeset, and bound by me. I’d like to point out and credit that the cover design idea was very much inspired by @aetherseer​​. The book in particular will be shown in the typesetting section.​
Designed in Illustrator and typeset in InDesign.
Please also check out the author’s own copies that she made for her fics here! Of Your Making | When the Phoenix Cries
This is the fic that made me go for this ship and damn if I didn’t fall hard. I expect a lot from my fics, especially in regards to characterization, grammar, and writing style. Purple really nailed that on the head in regards to making me believe in this story. In the past when I had read for this ship the relationship either happened too fast, I didn’t consider Voldemort intelligent and impulsive/irrational enough, or Harry was obviously a self-insert or doormat. Since this fic, I’ve only found a couple of Tomarry/Harrymort fics that really resonate with me.
This has been my biggest project so far and there’s a lot going on. (I also hella procrastinated on this lol).
For Of Your Making we have chromo gold bookcloth, gold heat reactive foil, and this really pretty black Nepalese paper from Mulberry. Headbands are sewn in silk/cotton black and a thin metallic gold thread. On the endpapers are names that may have been in the carcerem’s ledger. 
The edge coloring was the most time consuming bit. I put two coats of black (making sure to let dry between each coat) of Liquitex acrylic ink and then two very even coats of gold acrylic ink. Without the black undercoat I do not think the gold would have appeared well. When I was separating the pages for some reason more ink came up on Purple’s copy than mine? Not quite sure why that is will have to try a different technique in the future.
Tumblr media
The ink lifting ended up not being an issue because I messed up Purple’s copy so bad that I’m giving her mine. Usually my authors copies are way better but for some reason this was not the case for Of Your Making.
This may not seem important but I set my personal copies and author’s copies apart by two different things: 1) an edition number in the “copyright” area and then in the colophon at the back of the book I put “This is Author’s Name’s personal copy.” or “This is Cloven Hoof Bindery’s personal copy.” plus the copy number. I just tipped in a page that has the correct info to solve this. It is not perfect because it is not trimmed down to size and the edges are not colored.
For Phoenix we got some “homemade” (meaning I ironed some heat n bond on the back of some fabric) red bookcloth, red heat reactive foil, and the same black cover paper as Of Your Making. Headbands are sewn in silk/cotton red and black thread. Edge coloring for this one was much simpler: just three coats of red acrylic ink.
Please be aware of spoilers for the series below.
Designing for this was a struggle. They’re a series but they’re both so different from each other. You could read Phoenix without ever reading Of Your Making and although some things would slip through, it would still make sense. I therefore decided that the design skeleton would remain the same, but their “skin” (for lack of a better term, sorry?) would be different. Different font, different design elements, etc.
The typesetting theme for both books is a really subtle nod to one of the first pages you see in the book (the epigraph shown below). Both brackets were “illustrated” (I use the term lightly, I can’t draw at all but I can use the pen tool damn well lol) by me since both fonts’ base brackets were plain. No offense to the designers, just wanted something with more oomph.
Tumblr media
The carcerem design I’m using belongs to the author! When they’re in the carcerem, the design is spinning on the ceiling above them in the common room and there are runes that circle both with, and counter to the inner circle and petals. I originally sketched out my own but didn’t like them and found a font that I thought was similar-ish.
Dark Speech Font
Tumblr media
My Runes
Tumblr media
And that’s basically it? Hours and hours later and you get some books lol. 
Once Of Your Making was done Phoenix was much easier to follow. Just found a different font and changed the imagery to, well, a phoenix and feathers lol.
One thing that was different was adding the feather to the various feather/story chapters. 
Illustrator file mess below.
Tumblr media
Some process photos that I took for a friend below that I’m including just cause lol.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Here is Aether’s book as promised!
Tumblr media
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pertinax--loculos · 3 months
Re-(Updated) Writeblr Re-Introduction
Tumblr media
...so that title's getting a little funky. Still, we press on! ^_^
Call me Pockets. I'm a writer in my early 30s who's been tapping out stories since my family had a monstrous desktop in our lounge room.
My primary genre is what could be called urban fantasy (possibly contemporary fantasy?), though I prefer to classify it as our world, but to the left. Think modern-day technology alongside magic systems and whatnot. I'm particularly drawn to mysteries and thrillers, and as a result try to incorporate those elements into most of my WIPs. (Whether that's successful or not is up for debate.) I dabble in most genres, however, including sci-fi and high fantasy, with the notable exception of contemporary.
Some quick facts:
I'm starting a double degree next year, having not completed any of the previous three university courses I've started. To say I'm unsure what I want to do with my life is an understatement.
I'm generally working a minimum of two jobs, and I Do Not Thrive under capitalism (ugh). This does tend to impact my activity on here.
That said, I'm a huge fan of tag games, asks, interaction in general! I'm pretty bad with actually doing any of it, but every notification brings me great joy.
I primarily post excerpts, and out-of-context musing about my WIPs. Starting from nowish I'd like also to up my reblogging-other-people's-writing game.
I'm a Horse Girl (worked with them professionally for years), a Dinosaur Person (I spend way too much money on books and action figures), and a Country Kid (though I'm now living in a city for the first time in my life and I love it).
I'll read just about anything, but I've got a soft spot for thrillers and urban fantasy.
A quick warning regarding content: I curse, frequently and without thought, so it isn’t tagged for. I try to tag all other possible warnings (if I miss a big one, let me know), but also this is a blog run by an adult writing about crimes and other adult themes, so. Peruse at your own risk as well.
With that out of the way; my Works In Progress!
Active WIP ___RISK IT (tagged: WIP: Risk It) Urban fantasy-ish friends-to-lovers romance(ish) Dec is from the Hill, but he doesn't belong there. He's Barren, for one -- lacking the Imbued essence that sets the rest of the Hill apart from (and above) everybody else. Then there's the circumstances that resulted in his being paired with his gard, Ilya. There's also, according to his mother, his attitude. But him and Ilya have made a life for themselves in the Hollows, one quite different from the lies he spins to placate his family. Between them they're able to eke out a living doing PI work. But running from reality has never really ended well for anybody, and when a case keeps circling back to history long buried on the Hill, Dec is going to be forced to face the truths he's spent most of his life hiding from.
Backburner Forgotten Fates (tagged: WIP: FF; WIP: Forgotten Fates) High fantasy experiment, backburnered due to uni, yet to pick back up. When Prax is nearly killed by a heretofore unknown gang, she finds her already complicated life suddenly saturated with strangers. Rallying against misinformation, assorted attempted assaults, and a nagging feeling that the people she can trust are dwindling, Prax seeks to discover just what it is about her that has attracted Jhisedkett’s interest. She discovers a tangled web that stretches back past her, to her parents and the devastating War that ended over twelve years ago, but that isn’t the worst of it. Because in order to find out more, she’s going to have to make some sacrifices. She’s going to have to choose who to trust. And the wrong choice could be her last.
Absent That Night (tagged WIP: ATN) Completed first draft. Needs a huge overhaul for second draft, so sitting percolating for the moment. Definitely my next editing project. A kinda thriller-ish idea set in the ‘Orn Universe’ (the same universe as CASCADE). Mapped vaguely onto the beats of a thriller but probably technically more of a mystery. Agent Latrell has been chasing the thief known as Nox for more than three years; but when bodies start turning up at his crime scenes, he’s the only one who believes Nox isn’t responsible. Unfortunately, he’s also the only other suspect. In order to clear his name, he’s going to have to find the real killer; and the only way to do that is to team up with a criminal who, it turns out, he knows absolutely nothing about.
ATN2 (no tag) The sequel to Absent That Night. I’ve yet to say much about it on here, but it’s mostly plotted and it crops up in my musings occasionally. Possibly my next drafting project.
CASCADE (Phase One Intro, Phase Two Intro) Unbelieveably long first draft in progress (currently sitting at 173k while ~half complete). Tegotex offers criminals ten years of servitude instead of their harsher sentence, but the offer comes with caveats. Jay isn’t alone in not being a fan of this, but he is the only one bold – or reckless, or insane – enough to take a stand.
Miles To Go (tagged: WIP: MTG) Completed first draft. Not sure if I can overhaul it into something salvageable, although it does have some interesting conceits that I still like. Percolating.
The Monstrosity and Le Ridiculous Thing Two utterly self-indulgent projects that I don’t think anything will ever come of. Set in the same universe. The Monstrosity has a completed first draft with significant chunks missing, and Le Ridiculous Thing is actually about a third of the way complete. Only putting them here cuz I still mention them occasionally.
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duckprintspress · 2 years
Giving Quality, Motivating Feedback
A guest post by @shealynn88!
The new writer in your writing group just sent out their latest story and it’s...not exciting. You know it needs work, but you’re not sure why, or where they should focus.
This is the blog post for you!
Before we get started, it’s important to note that this post isn’t aimed at people doing paid editing work. In the professional world, there are developmental editors, line editors, and copy editors, who all have a different focus. That is not what we’re covering here. Today, we want to help you informally give quality, detailed, encouraging feedback to your fellow writers.
The Unwritten Rules
Everyone seems to have a different understanding of what it means to beta, edit, or give feedback on a piece, so it’s best to be on the same page with your writer before you get started.
Think about what type of work you’re willing and able to do, how much time you have, and how much emotional labor you’re willing to take on. Then talk to your writer about their expectations.
Responsibilities as an editor/beta may include:
Know what the author’s expectation is and don’t overstep. Different people in different stages of writing are looking for, and will need, different types of support. It’s important to know what pieces of the story they want feedback on. If they tell you they don’t want feedback on dialogue, don’t give them feedback on dialogue. Since many terms are ambiguous or misunderstood, it may help you to use the list of story components in the next section to come to an agreement with your writer on what you’ll review.
Don’t offer expertise you don’t have. If your friend needs advice on their horse book and you know nothing about horses, be clear that your read through will not include any horse fact checking. Don’t offer grammar advice if you’re not good at grammar. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give feedback on things you do notice, but don’t misrepresent yourself, and understand your own limits.
Give positive and constructive feedback. It is important for a writer to know when something is working well. Don’t skimp on specific positive feedback — this is how you keep writers motivated. On the other hand, giving constructive feedback indicates where there are issues. Be specific on what you’re seeing and why it’s an issue. It can be hard for someone to improve if they don’t understand what’s wrong.
Be clear about your timing and availability, and provide updates if either changes. Typically, you’ll be doing this for free, as you’re able to fit it in your schedule. But it can be nerve wracking to hand your writing over for feedback and then hear nothing. For everyone’s sanity, keep the writer up to date on your expected timeline and let them know if you’re delayed for some reason. If you cannot complete the project for them, let them know. This could be for any reason — needing to withdraw, whatever the cause, is valid! It could be because working with the writer is tough, you don’t enjoy the story, life got tough, you got tired, etc. All of that is fine; just let them know that you won’t be able to continue working on the project.
Be honest if there are story aspects you can’t be objective about. Nearly all of your feedback is going to be personal opinion. There are some story elements that will evoke strong personal feelings. They can be tropes, styles, specific characterizations, or squicks. In these cases, ask the writer to get another opinion on that particular aspect, or, if you really want to continue, find similar published content to review and see if you can get a better sense of how other writers have handled it.
Don’t get personal. Your feedback should talk about the characters, the narrator, the plotline, the sentence structure, or other aspects of the story. Avoid making ‘you’ statements or judgements, suggested or explicit, in your feedback. Unless you’re looking at grammar or spelling, most of the feedback you’ll have will be your opinion. Don’t present it as fact.
Your expectations of the writer/friend/group member you are working with may include:
Being gracious in accepting feedback. A writer may provide explanations for an issue you noticed or seek to discuss your suggestions. However, if they constantly argue with you, that may be an indicator to step back.
Being responsible for emotional reactions to getting feedback. While getting feedback can be hard on the ego and self esteem, that is something the writer needs to work on themselves. While you can provide reassurance and do emotional labor if you’re comfortable, it is also very reasonable to step back if the writer isn’t ready to do that work.
Making the final choice regarding changes to the work. The writer should have a degree of confidence in accepting or rejecting your feedback based on their own sense of the story. While they may consult you on this, the onus is on them to make changes that preserve the core of the story they want to tell.
Some people aren’t ready for feedback, even though they’re seeking it. You’re not signing up to be a psychologist, a best friend, or an emotional support editor. You can let people know in advance that these are your expectations, or you can just keep them in mind for your own mental health. As stated above, you can always step back from a project, and if writers aren’t able to follow these few guidelines, it might be a good time to do that. (It’s also worth making sure that, as a writer, you’re able to give these things to your beta/editor.)
Specificity is Key
One of the hardest things in editing is pinning down the ‘whys’ of unexciting work, so let’s split the writing into several components and talk about evaluations you can make for each one.
You can also give this list to your writer ahead of time as a checklist, to see which things they want your feedback on.
Generally, your goal is going to be to help people improve incrementally. Each story they write should be better than the previous one, so you don’t need to go through every component for every story you edit. Generally, I wouldn’t suggest more than 3 editing rounds on any single story that isn’t intended for publication. Think of the ‘many pots’ theory — people who are honing their craft will improve more quickly by writing a lot of stories instead of incessantly polishing one.
With this in mind, try addressing issues in the order below, from general to precise. It doesn’t make sense to critique grammar and sentence structure if the plot isn’t solid, and it can be very hard on a writer to get feedback on all these components at once. If a piece is an early or rough draft, try evaluating no more than four components at a time, and give specific feedback on what does and doesn’t work, and why.
High Level Components
Character arc/motivation:
Does each character have a unique voice, or do they all sound the same?
In dialogue, are character voices preserved? Do they make vocabulary and sentence-structure choices that fit with how they’re being portrayed?
Does each character have specific motivations and focuses that are theirs alone?
Does each character move through the plot naturally, or do they seem to be shoehorned/railroaded into situations or decisions for the sake of the plot? Be specific about which character actions work and which don’t. Tell the writer what you see as their motivation/arc and why—and point out specific lines that indicate that motivation to you.
Does each character's motivation seem to come naturally from your knowledge of them?
Are you invested (either positively or negatively) in the characters? If not, why not? Is it that they have nothing in common with you? Do you not understand where they’re coming from? Are they too perfect or too unsympathetic?
It’s a good idea to summarize the story and its moral from your point of view and provide that insight to the writer. This can help them understand if the points they were trying to make come through. The theme should tie in closely with the character arcs. If not, provide detailed feedback on where it does and doesn’t tie in.
Plot Structure:
For most issues with plot structure, you can narrow them down to pacing, characterization, logical progression, or unsatisfying resolution. Be specific about the issues you see and, when things are working well, point that out, too.
Is there conflict that interests you? Does it feel real?
Is there a climax? Do you feel drawn into it?
Do the plot points feel like logical steps within the story?
Is the resolution tied to the characters and their growth? Typically this will feel more real and relevant and satisfying than something you could never have seen coming.
Is the end satisfying? If not, is it because you felt the end sooner and the story kept going? Is it because too many threads were left unresolved? Is it just a matter of that last sentence or two being lackluster?
Point Of View:
Is the point of view clear and consistent?
Is the writing style and structure consistent with that point of view? For example, if a writer is working in first person or close third person, the style of the writing should reflect the way the character thinks. This extends to grammar, sentence structure, general vocabulary and profanity outside of the dialogue.
If there is head hopping (where the point of view changes from chapter to chapter or section to section), is it clear in the first few sentences whose point of view you’re now in? Chapter headers can be helpful, but it should be clear using structural, emotional, and stylistic changes that you’re with a new character now.
Are all five senses engaged? Does the character in question interact with their environment in realistic, consistent ways that reflect how people actually interact with the world?
Sometimes the point of view can feel odd if it’s too consistent. Humans don’t typically think logically and linearly all the time, so being in someone’s head may sometimes be contradictory or illogical. If it’s too straightforward, it might not ‘feel’ real.
Be specific about the areas that don’t work and break them down based on the questions above.
Does the story jump around, leaving you confused about what took place when?
Do some scenes move quickly where others drag, and does that make sense within the story?
If pacing isn’t working, often it’s about the level of detail or the sentence structure. Provide detailed feedback about what you care about in a given scene to help a writer focus in.
Is the setting clear and specific? Writing with specific place details is typically more rooted, interesting, and unique. If you find the setting vague and/or uninteresting and/or irrelevant, you might suggest replacing vague references — ‘favorite band’, ‘coffee shop on the corner’, ‘the office building’ — with specific names to ground the setting and make it feel more real.
It might also be a lack of specific detail in a scene that provides context beyond the characters themselves. Provide specific suggestions of what you feel like you’re missing. Is it in a specific scene, or throughout the story? Are there scenes that work well within the story, where others feel less grounded? Why?
Low Level Components
Flow/Sentence Structure:
Sentence length and paragraph length should vary. The flow should feel natural.
When finding yourself ‘sticking’ on certain sentences, provide specific feedback on why they aren’t working. Examples are rhythm, vocabulary, subject matter (maybe something is off topic), ‘action’ vs ‘explanation’, passive vs. active voice.
Writing style should be consistent with the story — flowery prose works well for mythic or historical pieces and stories that use that type of language are typically slower moving. Quick action and short sentences are a better fit for murder mysteries, suspense, or modern, lighter fiction.
Style should be consistent within the story — it may vary slightly to show how quickly action is happening, but you shouldn’t feel like you’re reading two different stories.
SPAG (Spelling and Grammar):
Consider spelling and grammar in the context of the point of view, style and location of the story (eg, England vs. America vs. Australia).
If a point of view typically uses incorrect grammar, a SPAG check will include making sure that it doesn’t suddenly fall into perfect grammar for a while. In this case, consistency is going to be important to the story feeling authentic.
Word Count Requirements:
If the story has been written for a project, bang, anthology, zine, or other format that involves a required word count minimum or maximum, and the story is significantly over or under the aimed-for word count (30% or more/less), it may not make sense to go through larger edits until the sizing is closer to requirements. But, as a general rule, I’d say word count is one of the last things to worry about.
The best thing we can do for another writer is to keep them writing. Every single person will improve if they keep going. Encouragement is the most important feedback of all.
I hope this has helped you think about how you provide feedback. Let us know if you have other tips or tricks! This works best as a collaborative process where we all can support one another!
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rphelperblog · 5 months
Random Page YA Book Quote Rp Meme
Tumblr media
Part one-I opened one of my 42 large moving boxes of books to a random page and wrote down the quote for Rp Meme- feel free to edit quotes or change pronoun or person
“knock knock! I just happened to have my ear pressed to this door. I might have overheard some things, and I have a suggestion!” 
“Libraries were full of ideas—perhaps the most dangerous and powerful of all weapons.”
“She was a pistol wrapped up in silk. She was a blade disguised as a girl.” 
“But how will we learn from our mistakes if we don't make any?
“Hope is the most dangerous thing you can give someone.”
“You don't go into battle because you're sure of victory. You go into battle because it's the right thing to do.”
“Silent acquiescence in the face of tyranny is no better than outright agreement.” 
“Truth be told, I liked that blurriness. That line where reality and fiction jutted up against each other.” 
“There’s not much to be afraid of when you’ve already lost everything that matters.”
“Let's have a toast. To the incompetence of our enemies.” 
“Instead of being afraid, I could become something to fear.” 
“I want everyone to meet you. You're my favorite person of all time.” 
“Sometimes things that appear very different on the surface are actually exactly the same at their core.”
“We find things, just as we lose things. If you’ve lost your honor, you’ll find it again.” 
“Hope is the most dangerous thing you can give someone.”
“Love is a drop in the ocean of what I feel for her. Love is a single sun in a heaven full of stars.” 
“I'll be your family now,"
“Girls hunger. And we’re taught, from the moment our brains can take it, that there isn’t enough food for us all.” 
“I am me because I choose to be me. I am what I want. Some people say you have to find yourself. Not I. I believe we create ourselves to be what we want.” 
“They trained me for this. It's their own fault. They helped make their own doom.” 
“It’s weird how we have to get a little older to realize that people are just people. It should be obvious, but it’s not.” 
“The right thing and the easy thing are never the same.” 
Because of me. Because I let fear make decisions for me. Because I’ve chosen to let the world push me around instead of pushing my way through the world.” 
“I am often told I defy expectations.” 
“All the time in the world is worth nothing if I don't get to spend it with you.” 
“...Because the voices in your head that say otherwise are just fear talking. Never listen to fear.” 
“Do not accept an evil you can change.” 
“How can a man be so handsome and annoying at the same time” 
“I don't know why it's so hard for people to admit that sometimes they're just assholes who screw up because they don't expect to get caught.” 
“Apparently she's got revenge on her mind, and it's really annoying when people try to talk at you while you're feeling murderish.” 
“Reasons we should get married:Because I love you.We both look good in black boots.I spent some time without you, and I didn’t like it.You make me happy.I make you laugh.I like the way you fight.You see through my masks.I really love you.You love me, too. “
“Do not cry for me, I am already dead."
“If by a moment, you mean me not wanting to strangle you for the first time since we met, then I guess we are.”
“Why do we desire, above all other things, that which has the greatest power to destroy us?” 
“There are so many worse things than death. Not to be loved or not to be able to love: that is worse.” 
" I couldn't find you. And I will never forgive myself for that. Ever.” 
“Yeah, but broken isn't the same as unfixable.” 
“I do believe in fate and destiny, but I also believe we are only fated to do the things that we'd choose anyway.” 
“I mean, most people want to escape. Get out of their heads. Out of their lives. Stories are the easiest way to do that.” 
“Are you like the girls in the book too? Because I think I am.” 
“Many boys will bring you flowers. But someday you'll meet a boy who will learn your favorite flower, your favorite song, your favorite sweet. And even if he is too poor to give you any of them, it won't matter because he will have taken the time to know you as no one else does. Only that boy earns your heart.” 
“The people you love weren’t algebra: to be calculated, subtracted, or held at arm’s length across a decimal point.”
“We want to prove things, in life, more than we want to disprove them. We want to believe.” 
“Strange how applause was just noise, when you were all alone.
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brainbuffering · 3 months
12 Days of Manga (2022)
Day 3: Favourite Villain/Antagonist - Akito Sohma from Fruits Basket by Natsuki Takaya
(Yen Press Edition T: Sheldon Drzka  L: Lys Blakeslee TokyoPop Edition T: Alethea & Athena Nibley L: Various)
Tumblr media
[ID: Panel 1) Akito Sohma (short black hair wearing a masculine kimono) leans out of the window of a traditional japanese house, their arm dangling languidly. A Camilla bush takes up the rest of the forground, and the petals fall throughout the page. Panel 2) A close up of Tohru’s face, her eyes are stitled and shocked looking, like she has seen a ghost 3) A close up of Akito’s face, the wind blows their hair out of their sharp, focussed eyes. There is a meanacing air to them.]
Akito Sohma, in my opinion, will forever be one of the most interesting and nuanced villains in all media. I’ll never forget the feeling I had reading that initial reveal in the beach arc where you finally learn the truth of the Sohma Curse. I remember putting the book down and immediately wanting to talk to SOMEONE about what I’d just read and what had happened to Tohru, but I only knew one other person who’d read that far, and I didn’t have her phone number! (2006 was a different time y’all) I loved seeing all the Anime Onlies’ reactions to in 2020, and I hope that when people in the future pick up the series, they’re not spoiled for anything too much either! Although now I know more about Hanakotoba (japanese flower symbolism) maybe it should have been more obvious from the start... 
Akito is a terrifying force in the manga. They start out almost as a ghost story, an evil spectre haunting the narrative from afar, right up to the Beach Arc occurs and they become a very real threat to everyone involved. That is, of course, until the impact of Tohru’s kindness, and the Zodiac’s efforts to work on their own trauma start to undo the curse that binds them together. We then learn that Akito has reasons for being how they are, and is just as trapped by the curse (read: the cycle of abuse within a literal cult) as everyone else. They have their own childhood trauma that was never dealt with, and also suffer under the Sohma Clan’s systematic abuse. Abuse they are allowed to get away with due to their power and influence within wider society, although of course this element is only hinted at within the narrative and never really expanded upon.
Of course, this doesn’t mean that Akito doesn’t continue to be a terrifying prescence. Nor is it an excuse for their behaviour. Tohru’s own trauma parallels Akito’s, and yet for Tohru it only made her kinder and more empathatic towards others. Although both do still have an ultimate fear of social rejection, their upbrining and their understanding of the world causes them to react in different ways. I believe that Takaya wants us to understand what a difference upbrining and social culture can have on a person, and to try to broaden her reader’s understanding on what brings a person to commit such attrocious acts.
Akito is still physically and emotionally abusive, right up until the very end of the manga. This behaviour is never excuseable, nor does Takaya ask you to excuse it. Yet, as a reader, there becomes a sense of pitty in their actions.You see the frightned child who never had a support network to show them how to live better. The child who lost their father young and had a mother who completely rejected them, and threatend to kill them on multiple occasions. You see the impact of what happens when someone is put on a pedastool, and not allowed to interact with people like an ordinary human. This last part is perhaps even more releavant in 2022 than it was in 2002, given the world we now live in of parasocial relationships with online figures. 
A lot of people will claim that Akito’s “redemption” is just abuse forgiveness, but I think that’s very dismissive of the message of the series. After all, both Kyoko and Arisa imply that in th past they also sent people to hospital too-- yet because the reader doesn’t see these atrocoties or know the victims personally, we don’t even begin to consider if they’re “worthy” of redemption because we know that the person they are today is not the person they were five years ago. With Akito, at the end of the manga, we’re only just seeing the start of that slow progress. We know from Chapter 13 of Fruits Basket Another that twenty years on, Akito is still working hard to repair the damage they did and reform the family. This helps get the message across that progress to redemption is slow, but it is always worthwhile and whilst change is hard, that doesn’t mean it’s not worth persuing.
The beauty of Fruits Basket as a whole is that nothing is straight forward. We’re not asked for forgive Akito, only to give them a chance to move on from who they were before. It’s not a series that deals in moral absolutes. There’s no ultimate evil, no final boss. Infact, our heroes aren’t always the best, most shining examples of humanity either! Yuki rejoices in casual cruelty. Haru is stil down to fist right anyone he comes in contact with. Hana will put a girl in bed for three days just for saying something mean to her friends. The series doesn’t ask you to be a perfect human free of all flaws, who never makes any mistakes, but rather encourages you to try and be a better person every day. It tells you to accept that you’re going to make mistakes, you are going to take wrong turns, but there is no point in beating yourself up about it. All you can do is try your hardest to pick yourself up again (or reach out a hand to let someone else pull you up) and to keep putting one foot in front of the other.
All that said... fuck Sawa’s Mum. She can go eat dirt.
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tittyblade · 2 years
tumblr etiquette 101
a list that is nowhere near exhaustive, from yours truly.
First off, welcome! Whether you’re a twitter veteran looking for anything but whatever twitter is, or a new user just done signing up, glad to see you in our ranks beloveds! Welcome home. Refer to this quick tour to make sure your fandom experience (or tumblr experience in general) is a positive one!
Disclaimer: I know it’s long, but please try to read or skim through til the end if you’re new here! This is by no means meant to be a rule book (for the most part lol), only a guide to help you get settled easier!
1) Your blog
This is where people will see and interact with you, so put some effort into it!
Try to choose a name (url) that’s simple. You can see it as your brand, it’s how people will perceive you and remember you. If you’d like to interact with other users here (and not use the site just for the content) it’s better to have something short and sweet, preferably without spaces. (Of course, these are only suggestions.) Rest assured, you can change it literally any time you want.
Have a theme. Utilize the tool that lets you edit your blog’s color or the font of your bio! You can make it match your profile picture, or your blog if it has a theme of its own. Make it feel homey :]
Fill in your bio. People will be checking out your profile probably more often than you think. Don’t leave it empty! Put in any information you’re comfortable with sharing and isn’t too personal (like your age if you’re a minor, or other TMI that can be found on other people’s carrds). It’s always better to add a name/nickname people can use to refer to you by, but feel free to use your blog description to shitpost still.
You can have an intro post. More often than not, you’ll see a blog have a pinned post, a post permanently appearing at the top of a blog until you pin another post or unpin it. You can make one of those, if you’d like to introduce yourself in more length, link any other socials or a carrd, and show others visiting your blog how you tag things so it’ll be easy for them to navigate. Not an obligation.
Keep your anonymity and your safety. It should go without saying, but there’s no harm in repeating it just in case. Your comfort, privacy and safety has the utmost importance. Don’t share any information you don’t want to. Don’t share your age if you’re a minor, or any other incredibly personal info. I’d encourage you to go by a nickname that’s not your real name, (blog name, your brand, remember?) since there’s safety in anonymity, and that’s lowkey one of the big deals of tumblr, but that’s up to you still.
Choose what you want to be visible. Your liked posts and who you follow are all things you can set to keep to yourself and hide from the publics eye, how handy! You should go through all the setting while you’re at it, set it to your comfort.
Side blogs are a thing. You can have multiple blogs that you can use for different things (see: different fandoms, art blog, etc) to keep them organized or away from your followers. Just remember that the replies and off-anon asks you send will be from your main blog, as well as where you follow other blogs from.
2) Interacting with others
You’ve set up your account, now comes the fun part!
Follow to your heart’s desire. If you care about others seeing who you follow, fear not! In tumblr, usually only two types of blogs keep their following visible to others: newbies, and big blogs using it to point people on other good blogs’ direction. Just turn it off, and go ham following people.
Customize your dashboard. Gonna mention just two things here: this is another reason why it’s really important that you follow blogs without sparing, your dash will collect dust otherwise; and you should turn off “best stuff first” in your dashboard settings, to have a better community here and all.
Follow tags. You can set it in your settings that posts with your followed tags appear on your dashboard.
You can check the og post for edits and context. When you see a reblogged post you don’t understand the context of (or don’t recognize the character in case of fanarts), click on the profile so it will take you to the original post. From there you can check the original poster’s tags to get the context, or see if there have been any edits made to the post, since when you edit a post it doesn’t update any past reblogs.
Send people asks... This is how you make mutuals, people! Do it off-anon if you’d like them to know your blog, or anon if you’d rather not! (You can still end your messages with a signature to show you’re the same person, -[name] is one example.) Send them nice messages, ask their opinion on something, discuss things, or just straight up shitpost lol. Go wild. The sky’s your limit and it’s definitely more than 280 characters.
...and let them ask you! You can set your preference in the settings, do it on desktop tumblr to access more settings tho! What you can customize on mobile is limited (like letting people ask you things anonymously, that’s only on desktop settings). In my personal opinion, it’s always better to tag their username (or a nickname you give them, if they’re a friend) on that post, since you wouldn’t want your interactions with your friends to get buried in your blog forever.
Comment on posts. If you have something to say but don’t want the post to appear on your blog you can add a comment. The owner of the post will get a notif for it, but for anyone else you need to tag them.
For the love of god, reblog. People will only see your liked posts if you have it visible to public and they specifically go on your blog to look at them. You like something? You reblog. It’s already hard for posts to circulate properly, if you don’t reblog them literally no one will see them. If not for anything do it for the artists. Just hold and drag on mobile to fast rb.
3) Your Posts
Finally here! Don’t be a lurker, post and engage!
Make use of “read more”. If your post is long, add it. That’s what you clicked on earlier to expand this post. On desktop leave an empty line and you’ll see three dots appear, and on mobile type :readmore: on that empty line.
Draft a post to come back to it later. Pretty self explanatory.
Queue your post. Whether it’s your own post or you’re reblogging, make use of the queue feature to a) not spam reblog and fill up the dashboard of people following you and b) keep your blog active while you’re gone. Mess around in the settings, it’s fairly easy to set up.
Schedule your post. Same as queueing, the only difference is you get to choose the exact time your post will go up. Handy if you want to schedule a post for certain dates like april fools, or 5 years in the future for some reason. 
Format your texts. You can do all kinds of fancy stuff here (that’s a link, try pressing on it). Twitter doesn’t have this, make use of it. Changes depending on whether you’re on mobile or desktop. (Desktop has less features.)
Check your stats. If you’re trying to understand the algorithm better or want to look at some pretty graphs you can get your data on that on desktop tumblr.
@ people in comments. You’ll get all the notifs when people comment on your posts but they won’t see your reply unless you tag them in your message.
4) Tags, and tagging a post
This is where my earlier statement “this isn’t a rule book” stops being applicable. It’s not a war crime to go against these, I won’t come chasing you (don’t take my word for this) but you’ll work up a bad rep. Just saying lol.
Do NOT crosstag posts. It’s really tempting to add unrelated tags to increase your posts’ interaction, I know, but that’s not what tumblr is about. Don’t be a dick and make other communities’ experience worse for them.
Always tag your posts with “crit/critical/discourse/etc” if it calls for it. There’s no exceptions to it. This is the reason you see people migrating to tumblr. Let people enjoy things.
Don’t main tag a critical/negative post. If your crit post is about “Thing”, you add the “Thing critical” tag, but not the “Thing” tag. People block crit tags if they don’t want to see it, don’t shove it in their faces by main tagging it. 
If you don’t want to see something, just block it. Another reason why people are able to survive on tumblr. You don’t start discourse, you don’t make call-outs, you block. You can find something for every community you can think of if you go looking for it. The worst of the worst probably won’t ever appear on your dash, but if you’re worried or feel the need for it, you know where the block button is.
Feel free to shitpost or ramble. More often than not you’ll see people rb a post with a comment, and their elaboration will be in the tags. The tags are only visible on your profile and the notifications of the owner of the og blog. Just a thing people do.
Reblog artists’ posts with nice comments in the tags! Commenting on a drawing is usually done through the tags (Not an obligation, again, just a thing people do. Feel free to add your comment on the rb itself if you’d want other people to see it tho!) and leave nice messages for the artists! It’s a win-win for everyone involved. 
If you have more than a single follower, always use the common tw warning tags. You don’t need to tw everything, but tw’ing some common things is the bare minimum human decency. Keep it safe for others. 
Tag a post “long post” if it’s really long. Pretty self explanatory. Don’t make people scroll through all that please lol. 
You can use them to organize your blog. This is more of a pro tip, if you’d like to not miss a post in your blog, cause they will start pilin’ up soon enough.
#Liveblogging is pretty fun. If you’d like to talk to people during streams, don’t forget to add the relevant tags still! Again, you won’t show up on people’s dash otherwise.
Whew! That got out of hand. Hopefully I didn’t bore you too much. Check out blogs like @heritageposts and @hellsite-hall-of-fame to honor our past o7. @mcytblr-hall-of-fame too maybe :eyes:. Anyways, don’t forget the most important rule of them all:
Enjoy your stay! You’re meant to have fun on here while also making friends (if that’s your thing). Just be kind and respectful of others, you’ll get the hang of the rest! <3
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curatoroffiction · 2 months
Chaos Gremlin MC Ft. The Obey Me Cast Part 2
For part 1 of this story, please go here; link ----- Solomon arrives at the House of Lamentation and Lucifer is nowhere to be seen. Instead, he's sent Asmodeus and Satan in his stead to greet the sorcerer. "Oh Solly, it's absolutely horrible!!" Asmodeus drapes himself over Solomon's shoulders, whining. "That little gremlin destroyed my best polishes!" Solomon rubs small circles into the demon's back as he looks to Satan who is in demon form. "Yes, they're quite quick, but once I get my hands on them, I'll be tearing them limb from limb for the damage they did to MY collection." Solomon makes a mental note that he's going to need to keep you out of Satan's clutches. A human dying to the avatar of wrath wouldn't help the exchange program. And besides, maybe if he solves this, he'll be able to prove to Lucifer that he's someone worth working with in a pact. Asmo continues mourning the beauty products and makeups that you've wasted, telling Solomon how you've used them to paint the walls and clog his tub. Satan is quiet, but when Solomon inquires to the damage you've done to his things, he loses his cool completely. "They've destroyed countless priceless books! There are some copies of those books that are the only ones left of their iterations! They've ripped multiple books to shreds, paper-mache'ing their pages as a large 'Fuck you' on my wall!" He's huffing as he can barely think straight through the bubbling rage. "They want to die. They want to die! It's the only FUCKING answer!" Satan tears off through the house again, joining the other brothers in searching for you. Asmodeus stays behind with Solomon as he slowly makes his way into the house to find all the other brothers searching for you. "They've got to have tunnels through the walls or something." Mammon gripes, glaring at the wall as Belphegor stands beside him, glaring at the floor. Belphegor was released from the attic as an attempt to solve the problem in-house. Lucifer had gotten so tired, that he 'called Belphegor home from the exchange program' in hopes that his expertise on humans might help him find you. Instead, it just gave you another victim to torment. Belphegor may have blamed humans for his family's fate, but he didn't truly hate them until he endured you. Levi's also in demon form, scouring the halls with the calculated precision of a man of war. His time as the leader of Hell's navy wasn't for nothing. He can and will find you, it's only a matter of time. At least, that's what he keeps muttering to himself. The destruction of his volumes of the limited time original "The Magical Ruri Hana: Demon Girl" editions was too much to bear. He too will have your blood. Solomon notes as he walks through the house in thought, that you've been really good at pin-pointing the exact ways to annoy and cause each brother the most grief possible. With Mammon, not only did you destroy the things he loved, you purposefully ratted him out to Lucifer and destroyed his great plots. He'd missed out on so much money because of you! He couldn't prove it was you doing it, but he knew this string of 'bad luck' didn't start until you'd come along. Beelzebub, you'd been eating his food and escaping before he could do anything about it. He knew it was you because you kept leaving him notes about how delicious it was. He'd destroyed several portions of the House of Lamentation because of this, in inconsolable rage. It's like you want to make them as angry as possible. --- Solomon reaches the room that was meant to be yours. It was destroyed repeatedly by Beelzebub, and by the time he destroyed it mid-construction from the last time he'd destroyed it, Lucifer stopped fixing it. This won't make a good area for a trap. You probably never come here. "Who have they tormented the least?" "Belphegor." "Hmm... And what have they done to him?" "He.. actually won't talk about it." Asmodeus fiddles with his own hands, looking away anxiously. "He's been... different since he came back." ".. Interesting. I'll need to go talk to Belphegor." "That might not be a good idea." "Why's that?" "Belphegor hates humans." "Maybe he hates ___ more than he hates me, and will be willing to work with me." ".. I'm not so sure." --- Belphegor glares at Solomon as he approaches. Another human. This is what humans bring. What more damage could he want to do? "Get the fuck away from me." "We have to work together to figure out how to stop ___, right?" "Not with you. Never with you." Belphegor spits the words with a sneer, only to feel a gentle hand on his shoulder. Lucifer, looking to him. Belphegor shakes Lucifer's hand off and glares at the ground. He knows what'll happen if he doesn't at least play nice. "..." Solomon decides to continue and ask his questions; "I've noticed out of all of the brothers, I can't figure out what ___ has been doing to you. Can you please tell me?" "......." Belphegor's brow furrows at the thought. Beelzebub, who has been satiated by some Hell's burgers brought by Lucifer, is no longer on a rampage. He moves to stand by his brother, resting a hand on his shoulder. This one, Belphegor doesn't shrug off. His eyes get soft looking at Beelzebub. "..." "Maybe he can help." "....." Belphegor glares at the ground. "..... They haven't done shit to me." The room pauses in surprise. Solomon looks between Belphegor and the others. What set them apart? "Didn't they do something at your request?" Satan, who is now too curious about this mystery to give into his wrath, begins the line of questioning. "... Yeah, they threw a pie at Lucifer's face." Solomon looks to Lucifer as he asks "What sets Belphegor apart from the others?" Lucifer's face flickers with an unreadable emotion. The youngest looks upset. The room is at a standstill until they hear a flickering going on from the library. Satan goes demon mode and rushes to the site. Lucifer begins spilling everything as the brothers work to fix the fire you've set in the library. How he trapped Belphegor in the attic, which inevitably leads to him spilling the beans about Lilith as he explains himself. Amidst the flames, the demon brothers have a moment of reunition, all of their baggage bubbling to the surface. And for the first time since you arrived, you come to greet the entire group. "FINALLY!" You throw your hands up in exhaustion, causing all seven of the brothers to go demon mode as they perceive you as a threat. Solomon steps between you and them, now curious as to what the hell that means. "Before you die, as I can't stop all seven of these brothers from tearing you limb from limb... Care to explain yourself, ___?" "When I got here, I met Belphegor, and he told me that no one could know he was locked up there. I figured I'd create a problem so big that they'd have to let him out, but when Lucifer let him out, he didn't tell the others! So I've been tormenting them in hopes of getting him to spill the beans!" You look quite proud of yourself. The brothers stare at you in shock. "... There would have been infinitely better ways of doing this." "And put myself at risk? Hell naw." "You're still very at risk." Lucifer's eyes narrow on you. You grin sheepishly to Solomon. "I had no magic, so I had to get creative?" Solomon sighs, shaking his head. You're too much of a handful. Still, it sounds like you prevented a bloody war, so maybe your methods had something to them. --- You were relocated to the Hall of Purgatory for the remainder of the exchange program.
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milfzatannaz · 8 months
So you want to collect Sandman
Hi there! This post is a very loose and simple explanation of the multiple different versions of Sandman you can buy. The upside to how popular the series is is that there’s so many different printings!
This is not a reading guide. This is a buying guide. I buy most of my books from actual comic shops, because I’m an avid believer in supporting them locally, but a lot of Barnes and Nobles carry the series in different capacities! You can also use Amazon, although I personally will do that as my last resort for ethical reasons.
Trade paperbacks
Tumblr media
There are ten trade paperbacks in the main series and ones for Overture and Endless Nights and other add on stories. These trades are the simplest and cheapest single editions, and only encompass one arc each-the series having been broken up into 10 distinct volumes originally. Notice they have titles. Consider them like chapters if that’s more approachable. They’re great if you want to buy one at a time, and are more portable for on the go reading.
Prices- 17.99$ - 29.99$ depending
Also in the trade category are volumes that condense 2-3 arcs each, which I’ve seen at Barnes and Noble. They’re broken up into “books”. There are five of these. There’s a Barnes and Noble exclusive cover, if you’re into that.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Here’s mine, for size reference. (It’s also signed hehe) they’re a little thick but not huge.
Prices- 29.99$ -35.99$
Fancy Editions
What’s so fun for me when I’m collecting Sandman is the really cool editions you can get. As a comic collector, I mostly stick to trades. But I LOVE splurging when I can on bound and special versions.
Tumblr media
These are the Absolute Editions and Deluxe Editions. The Absolute ones are gorgeous. There are 5 for the series, and one extra for Death’s stories. They’re tall, have wonderful binding, great paper quality, and have their own bookmarking ribbons. The deluxe editions are smaller, but can still be bought in hardback. They have their own exclusive covers.
Absolute Edition: these fluctuate A LOT. A good starting range is 90$-100$ but used copies can be bought way cheaper. I saw one as low as 75$. Keep this in mind if you set your sights on these. Deluxe Edition: 34.99$ -49.99$
The Omnibus
Tumblr media
These are HUGE! There are four, and volumes 1 and 2 collect the entire 75 issues, the other two volumes collecting other stories in canon, like Death and Lucifer’s minis, or Endless Nights. These are the heaviest of the books you can get, but I like having the whole run in two large books, because I own volumes 1 and 2 personally.
Prices- These also vary, probably more so than the absolute editions. You can expect to pay anywhere from 90$-200$, depending. I got my first one for Christmas, and at the time, they were a little hard to find, especially volume 2. They were sold out online till the spring. Bear this in mind if you plan on getting these, because if you see one in person I’d jump and get it. My comic shop really couldn’t keep them in stock long.
The Annotated Sandman
Tumblr media
These aren’t as widely talked about, but they’re wonderful for any collector. I have the first one. Leslie Kinger collaborated with Neil to provide extra commentary and even script tidbits alongside the black and white inks. The info provided is super interesting and really adds depth to canon! They’re nice and wide, perfect for viewing.
Prices- These are pretty standard at 49.99$ but I’ve seen them as low as 27$ on eBay.
Final Notes
If you want some of the more rare and expensive copies, I highly recommend eBay! You can get box sets and even original single issues there. AbeBooks is great too for used copies.
Tumblr media
Here’s my collection, for anyone who is curious. My personal favorite is my Absolute Death, but I adore my signed copy of course.
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piosplayhouse · 9 months
god i just saw that “ymj has no children” post you mentioned a while back and it’s??? bad. it’s so bad 💀💀
nhs is the only nie that shows up and it’s bc “well we just don’t see a lot of the nie” even though they explicitly and intentionally visited qinghe (and nhs intentionally ran his sect’s reputation into the ground!!), but jc is the only jiang that shows up and “it’s bc there’s no kids in ymj bc jc is a classist serial killer uwu maybe if he didn’t torture people in public people wouldn’t fucking hate him (also ymj indiscriminately attacks ppl and they’re probably all egotistical thugs)” LIKE HELLO???? WHAT KIND OF JUMP IS THAT???
like. one of my biggest pet peeves is how ppl misuse “begging the question” to mean “raises the question.” but if i had to explain to someone what “begging the question” is, this is too perfect of an example, bc the ENTIRE THING is based on assumptions we don’t know to be true. ARE THERE no children at ymj? IS jc classist? IS he a serial killer? CAN we trust the credibility of rumors? is ANYTHING you just said actually true??
anyway i just remembered not being able to find the post at the time but WOW it’s just as bad as it sounded
(i was in the middle of writing a response to a different one of OP’s posts but now i’m wondering if i should even bother lol)
Yeah it's just like ?? Idk op's top posts seemed fairly reasonable so I guess this is just another "Jiang Cheng eats people's brains" scenario. I think the biggest issue I have with this kind of discourse in general is the notion that "Jiang Cheng is ruining the Jiang sect by being Jiang Cheng" which I feel is weird on a lot of levels that just indicate that you straight up didn't understand half of what was going on in mdzs.
1. The Jiang sect was already ruined. You read about it. It was burned down and everyone except the sect heirs and wwx were killed, what's not clicking. The main reason that Jiang sect doesn't have many junior disciples is most likely because idk , many of the vulnerable young denizens of ymj were killed and as hard as Jiang Cheng tries, he can't force everyone in lotus pier to repopulate like shinzo abe convincing people to get married with anime. This also connects to:
2. The way sects work in mdzs is explicitly hereditary. This is a HUGE point in the world-building-- sure jc could theoretically adopt a bunch of kids or something, but what's the precedent for that? Baoshan Sanren's mountain? Blood ties are everything in mdzs. And this leads into:
3. The implication that Jiang Cheng is ruining his own sect by not getting married and having kids. I don't think I need to elaborate much on this being ummm weird as hell in many ways and also wrong because guess who else doesn't have a wife or kids... Lan Xichen?
Unorganized notes:
- Idk where people are assuming that Yunmeng Jiang/Jiang Cheng are like. explicitly ultra classist? Please keep in mind that the entire WORLD of mdzs is classist, this is a huge point of critique in the book that you literally could not miss unless you didn't read it. Furthermore, honestly, the Jiang are PROGRESSIVE in this regard. First of all, Jiang Cheng explicitly respected Wei Wuxian on a deeply personal level that defied class standards. He wanted to make Wei Wuxian his right hand man!! By mdzs standards, this is huge!! If he was really so classist because of Yu Ziyuan, as the sect heir he wouldn't have sacrificed his own safety and golden core to lead the wen away from wwx, a mere servant! The Jiang sect structure was also explicitly casual in comparison to like, idk the Jin, the guys who are the literal epitome of classism-- descriptions of lotus pier note that the civilian children living nearby would play with lotus pier disciples, do you think the other sects would let their kids do that?
- LMFAO on your mention that nhs is out there purposefully running his sect into the ground someone make an edit of that meme where the soldiers protecting the sleeping kid with jc getting hit with "ruining his sect" "destroying his sects reputation" and nhs sleeping
Ok ummm I think that's everything I wanted to say if anyone has any corrections or things to add feel free to start a discussion in the notes !!! I haven't read mdzs in... 3 years now, so I wouldn't be surprised if I got evidence wrong ^^ also ofc be polite to everyone involved and don't go and harass the person we're talking about or you're peerless cucumber (/neg)
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