#I remember stuff I watched as a child and... yeah nothing I watched was as high quality as this until I was a teen.
vetinarini · 3 months
Soooo after I reblogged some of OSP's JttW content, I get the Lego Monkie Kid recommended posts and blogs thrown at me every 4 minutes on my dash. Fiiiine, I went to check out the pilot.
And ok.
Tumblr was right.
The pilot episode is hilarious and the animation ABSOLUTELY SLAPS. I keep rewinding because there are so many good gags happening in the background, or just because the animation was so pretty I wanted to see it thrice. This is like a crackfic with the production value of movie theater animated blockbusters.
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dawndelion-winery · 8 months
You Too? I Hope
Them as things my crushes have done
Ft. Arlecchino, Capitano, Childe, Dottore, Pantalone
Tumblr media
She remembers all your food preferences and diet restrictions you mention, even the ones in passing
Hanging out with friends? Hold on a moment, didn't you say you can't eat that ingredient?
Yeah, she's stopping you
She'll get you something else that's just as nice, so don't worry about missing out
"I promise you, it's not even that good, and definitely not amazing enough to sacrifice your health over."
She won't eat it either, to make sure you don't feel left out, so she'll have whatever you're having
He carries you around if you're injured
No, you're not too heavy, certainly not for him
He can't have you making your sprained ankle worse, now can he?
When you finally relent, he leans his face closer to yours as though expecting a kiss before remembering you aren't dating yet and quickly pulling away again
"Ahaha, whoops. My bad, that one, err, if you could forget I did that, it'd be great."
He's clearly flustered and trying to distance himself before remembering he's carrying you
You offer to walk yourself but no, he insists
"We're going to the same places anyway, it's no trouble for me."
Did I mention he's also carrying your stuff?
Follows you around like he's lost to have an excuse to talk to you and walk you places
He tells you about his ideal type while looking you in the eye with some sort of expectancy like he's waiting for you to realise something
Maybe if you'd paid more attention you'd notice how he only ever describes the physical features while looking at you
Hands that interlock with his perfectly? His hand is slipped in yours
"Yeah, and of course they'd have to have pretty eyes that look like they hold my future for me to jump right in with them."
Sends you pictures of his solo trip overseas to flex on you how he can travel alone
And takes pictures of plushies at the gift store telling you how stupid they look, knowing you like them
Asks you which one he should take as a souvenir since he's not that into plushies but wants to get something
Then when he returns he chucks the plushie you chose at the back of your head before you realise he's there, acting as though he had no part to play in the plushie currently in your lap
"Thanks for the plushie~"
"What plushie? I've never seen this ugly thing in my life. It's yours."
"Oh, sure then."
"Do you like it though..?"
You told him there was another one you preferred, and that you thought that one suited him more
To which he still insisted you keep it so you'd think of him whenever you saw it
Nothing short of sweet to you, it was no wonder you fell for him
And it was pretty obvious to everyone just how close you were, leading to his subordinates mistakenly assuming you were together
A rumour he never bothered to clarify
He even played into them sometimes, thinking it was amusing to watch the people around lose their shit when he slips his hand in yours instead of denying their suspicions
Sometimes even you weren't sure just what he was trying to pull
You'd brush it off as am act to mess with people if not for the fact that he behaved the same when it was just the two of you
"Special treatment? You're not wrong, I do treat you differently, but shouldn't it be expected when you're that much dearer to me than everyone else?"
Tumblr media
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leztrangem · 5 months
Hey, horror community. Here’s your daily reminder that someone talking about the horror films they like is not an invitation for you to insult their taste and try to get them to watch something they are uncomfortable with.
My limit with gore pretty much ends with the Terrifier franchise. I won’t watch anything gorier than that because I know I probably wouldn’t be able to handle it. Some people have even smaller limits and that’s okay. It’s completely normal and okay to have boundaries when it comes to what horror movies you want to watch.
If I say, “Yeah, my favorite horror movie is The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, but I’m a big fan of more modern movies too, like Hereditary or Terrifer.”
That is NOT an invitation for you to try to coax me into trying to watch A Serbian Film or something else that’s equally as fucked up.
Instead of saying something like, “Man, your movie taste is shit. That’s nothing compared to [insert movie here].”
You should say something more like this: “Oh, that’s cool.”
And leave it at that.
I’m really not interested in watching edge lord horror movies. I have a limit. I know my limit. And guess what? It’s normal for people to have limits. Just because I like a gorey movie like Terrifier 2 doesn’t mean I want to watch something beyond that.
Horror isn’t a competition on who can sit through the most gut wrenching stuff.
When I say my favorite horror movie is a 70s slasher, I’m not looking for an argument where I have to defend myself against some angry guy on the internet.
If you’re reading this (especially if you’re new to horror), remember what I said. Horror isn’t a competition. Don’t feel pressured to watch something you’re uncomfortable with. Enjoy your slasher films, enjoy your psychological films, your grindhouse films, etc., etc. Just don’t feel like you have to expose yourself to something you don’t feel comfortable watching.
(Also another note: People’s limits have a lot to do with subject matter as well. I can watch Terrifier but still to this day one of the Saw movies makes me extremely sick, even though it has less gore. It’s all about context and subject matter. For example, I used to be terrified of the Child’s Play series when I was younger but I had no issue watching Hellraiser when I was younger. )
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mangishii · 1 month
Watch your back : chapter 4
Tumblr media
Once you don’t value what you have someone else learns how to take care of what used to be yours
Synopsis : 8 men supposed to give her all the love they promised end up leaving her behind without a valid reason
Pairing : girlfriend Reader x PolyAteez !
Warnings : this chapter contains mentions of, reader ignoring Seonghwa for weeks , deep talk , arguing with Rin , flashbacks etc Please reminding me if I forgot something
Tag list : @legbouk , @scarfac3 , @m4rsluv , @hcyaa , @jackinmyarea , @layzfeelit , @loverlele , @mulletjoonsupremacy , @veneziamadness , @belle643 , @gugggu6gvai , @atinytinaa , @voidcupidz , @atinyreads , @baguette-atiny , @parkthothwa8 ,
This series is going to be posted together with the Psychiatric series, which means one chapter after another
Word count : 1,5k
Tumblr media
She woke up tiredly going into the bathroom leaving her tidy bed behind
It's been some weeks since the incident , she stopped caring for anything else
It was only school , home , work and sleep in , to the point it got concerning for him
The quietness was starting to bother Seonghwa he at least expected for her to spare him a glance but nothing, neither did she talk to him or anything not even a single interaction
The only thing she smiled about was when she watched baking videos , was with the others or texted her new friend
Who felt bad seeing her down when they went to the cinema , she fell asleep there not even paying attention to him at all
Hey look the best part their about to-
There she was asleep with her head on his shoulder looking like a toddler who just had started it's nap time
She put on a big sweater that belonged to Seonghwa and some of his nike pants , despite the rage she felt and heart break she kept these pair of clothes it was the only thing she felt comfortable with from him at the moment
The girl went down into the kitchen and made herself some cereal before sitting down on the floor in  the living room
It was quiet as she enjoyed the alone time since everyone was asleep obviously since it was 6am
She went on her gallery and scrolled through the pictures and stumbled on her Seonghwa albums she somehow didn't want to get rid off
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
She chuckled at the last one remembering that day as if it was yesterday
Can't I get any ? Why not I'm the one paying
Because it will take us a lot of time to stand in line  and our train will arrive soon
But we can catch the other one
Seonghwa my feet are sore I want to go home and finally sleep
Baby please I'll be sad if I don't get that Star Wars lightsaber , I really need it
Seonghwa please I- you owe me a feet massage, and now we have to look for a hotel or something because that was our last train
Thank you ! Come on let's go before it's gone
Both walked back to the toys shop where a huge line of adults with their kids where
Seonghwa look at the line it's so long
But baby it's going to be worth it just wait
They stood in line for like a hour and half , Seonghwa ended up fighting with a kid that wanted the same color as he wanted
I was in line first so I get the purple one
But sir your to old to like these stuff and I'm a kid who's still growing up
I don't care if your a kid I was here first
Daddy he doesn't want to give me the purple lightsaber it's rare and I want it !
Yeah exactly it's rare that's why I deserve it after waiting for hours in line
The kid kicked him on his leg hard grabbing the lightsaber and ran away to the cashier where his parents payed for it
Hey that was my lightsaber!
His lips started to tremble from the pain and that his purple lightsaber had been taken away
Seonghwa let's go it's gone already
She grabbed his hand leaving with him out the store as he waddled behind her like a child who's just had the worst day of its life
Baby please it's just a toy
It's not just a toy ! It's a rare purple lightsaber
He leaned on a pole crossing his arms looking away with his black hair slightly covering his eyes making him look a lot cuter than he already was in her eyes
Seonghwa baby please cheer up I'll see if I can find you another one I'll do anything for it
He looked to the side allowing her to  snap a quick picture
Really? , you better not play with me
I promise baby don't worry
She pulled his mask down and kissed him making him smile and hold her
Thank you love
She smiled and scrolled through other pictures each one telling its own story in her mind , she looked at her wallpaper it was a cute picture he took with one of the boys
Tumblr media
Placing her phone beside her she continued to eat and watched a random show on Netflix
" Why are you awake at this hour "
Jongho walked towards her as she sat there eating unbothered
" I couldn't sleep anymore "
He sighed sitting down next to her and kissed her forehead
" You guys need to fix it soon "
" If you came here because of this you just wasted your time "
She placed her finished bowl on the table and laid her head down on his lap
" Honestly, you both are being immature just talk to each other and see where it goes "
" Listen to me I don't want to make a move he hurt me by saying that , he needs to apologize "
" And you don't think you've hurt him with doing what you did and saying what you said?"
He rubbed her cheek
" I don't think so ,  he said it first "
" Come on baby think about it just talk to each other and you'll be fine again "
He stood up and went back to his room not before stopping somewhere else
She sighed and drew her attention back to the television , but her phone soon started ringing
Incoming call from " Tall prince "
Ah Y/n~~ are you awake ?
He yawned into the phone making her chuckle
Mhm I woke up hours ago why are you calling me this early in the morning?
I missed my strawberry besides I wanted to take you on a morning jog you in ?
Are you for real? it’s 6am
Ay just get ready I'll buy you breakfast too
I just ate cereal what else do you offer
I'll get us a nice waffle breakfast mhm ?
Ok I'll get ready , is Taeyang coming?
I show you my friends once and your already heads over heals , kidding he's asleep I don't think it will be the best idea to wake him now or he'll start nagging
He laughed quietly and smiled as she let out a sad sigh
I'll tell him to come next time don't be sad
You better , you know how much I enjoy jogging with him
I know I know now get ready so we can meet at your doorstep
They both said goodbye and hung up
She got up and went inside her room to change into her sports bra and some track pants , despite it being chilly outside she was going to warm up eventually from the jogging
" Don't you feel ashamed of yourself for going behind their backs with another guy ? "
Rin stood in front of her with showing her phone with the wallpaper on display
" Why are you going through my phone for ? , and he's just a friend of mine "
She tried snatching her phone back but failed
"Should I call San again , even better Yeosang ? I'm pretty sure they would be pissed "
The girl chuckled raising her voice on purpose
" I'm not a child to be controlled , I'm allowed to have friends it's not like I'm dating him or anything we are just friends "
" Yeah "friends" don't really save each other as Tall Prince on their phones "
" I don't know what type of mentality you have but friends do that , maybe you just don't have any of them that's why your acting up "
She approached the slight taller girl trying to snatch her phone back but again to no use
" Maybe I'll just call Yeosang right now and see what he'll think about you seeing other guys "
" I don't care about his opinion either his or San's , I may love them but I make my own decisions on who I want to be friends with "
She took her phone back before putting it inside the pocket of her pants
" I'd be surprised why Seonghwa said what he said last time but I'm not , I mean your indeed boring and less attractive  "
Y/n chuckled looking at the girl
" Is that what you care about ? being attractive and entertaining ? look the one who's boring is Seonghwa and he isn't that entertaining either but I did not choose to love him because of these little perfections I wanted to love him because of what he presented me and that being his true charms neither of them being attractiveness or entertainment"
" Well that's what you think- "
" I've dated them for like 4 years  while you are just on your first year with them , I know I'm starting to get boring no wonder they started dating you without letting me know which is ok because I'm not holding them back ”
Y/n grabbed one of her tracksuit jackets and went down the hall taking her keys  before finally exiting the house
Someone watched her from above out their window how she smiled brightly before hugging the boy that had been waiting for her a while now to come out so they could go jog
" What took you so long to come out "
" I'm sorry I just fell asleep "
She smiled telling him something else before they started jogging away from the apartment
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userquinn · 7 months
Could you do a love triangle between reader, Steve and Eddie? Like she can't decide who she's more attracted too and spin the bottle goes south really quick. Because they're jealous when someone dares the reader to kiss the other or someone else.
author's note: uh, yeah...i got carried away. this took on a life of it's own. i also got halfway through and tumblr deleted it and i had retype all of it, so if it seems a little disjointed, i'm sorry. hopefully it isn't too noticeable
cw: 18+ (to be safe), background!ronance, lots of making out and some suggestive touching, but nothing too crazy. there's not any interaction outside of the reader between steve & eddie, other than talking, ect, but i tried leaving the ending a little ambiguous for a reason :p
word count: 3.6k
Tumblr media
You weren’t entirely too sure how you ended up in this situation—scratch that—you were definitely aware of how, but why was the real issue. A small group of teenagers huddled around a fire during of those infamous senior year parties, drinking until you couldn’t see straight and making far too many irrational decisions—which is the how on you ending up here, staring directly at the two boys you couldn’t stop thinking about, sans the few other kids who didn’t really matter—not to you, anyways. You hadn’t spoke to half these kids the entire school year, but spin the bottle was harmless, practically child’s play. What was the worst thing that could happen?
“So, how are we doing this?” Steve asks after a long silence. Everyone shares a glance around the circle, not a single word spoken. “Come on, at least one of you has to have some idea of how to play.”
You sigh, taking the bait. “Let’s do—spinner chooses the person to kiss for whoever it lands on. Fair enough?” There’s a collective shrug from everyone in response. “Great—I’ll go first.” No one argues against it.
It lands on Nancy first, who takes a small sip of her beer—liquid courage, maybe? Though, she already looked like she been through a few by the slight flush in her face. You glance over at your quirky, fast talking friend and an idea strikes you.
“Robin.” You grin, staring Nancy down. Part of you expects Nancy to back out, but she crosses the path to Robin, who sitting beside you. It’s a quick kiss—close mouthed and simple. Nancy offered a comforting smile to her friend before turning on her heels and returning to her seat—and if it weren’t for the four beers Robin had consumed in the time you had been here, she’d be shaking in her converse after being kissed—and by Nancy Wheeler, of all people. You nudge her shoulder comfortingly, watching the blush creep up her neck toward her face. “Alright, who’s next?” Robin asks, desperately hoping to avert the attention away from her.
A young blonde girl who’s name you couldn’t remember spun the bottle, landing on Jason, and to no surprise—she picked herself. You’ve never been more happy that Chrissy wasn’t much of a partier, she didn’t deserve this—Jason really didn’t deserve her. You couldn’t be bothered to watch, eyes averting to Eddie who was just as equally uncomfortable, but it didn’t seem like it was for the same reason. He rarely ever took part in group stuff or socialized outside of his D&D club—but he had you, Nancy, Robin, and Steve to thank for finally helping him branch out—even if it was against his own will most of the time.
Jason took the next turn, spinning the bottle. It spun and spun, lasting for what felt like hours until it stopped on you. You looked at Jason, bracing for whatever stupid choice he was about to.
“Harrington.” He says smugly, smirk covering his annoying face. “You get to kiss Harrington.”
Steve eyes you wearily, immediately feeling uncomfortable with all eyes on him. Luckily, it wasn’t that big of a deal. Had he been the Steve of two years ago, he would’ve had no shame, kissing you square on the mouth in front of the entire school if he needed to, just to prove a point. But this Steve, he was hesitant. You had been through a lot, together and apart.
“Lucky me.” You joke, flashing a sweet smile in Steve’s direction. You chug the rest of the beer, throwing the bottle off toward the other growing pile of empty bottles. You contemplate whether a simple kiss was enough, but the way Jason was staring you down—you just had to stick it to him, shove it right in his face.
Steve’s leg spread slightly as you moved forward, allowing you the space you needed to take a careful seat on his leg, one arm hung loosely around his back. “You can hate me later.” You whisper, hand coming up to cradle the side of his face before leaning in, pressing you lips against his own with all the confidence in the world.
You really don’t expect the pressure the Steve returns, parting your lips slightly. But, he seems to catch on to why you were putting on such a show—he would play along either way. And even if you did have the teensiest of crushes on Steve, you would never find the courage to act on it alone. Steve spent all of his time talking about girls that there was no reason for you to be anywhere on his radar. He sighs quietly, bring you in closer, hand gripping onto your waist gently.
Jason clears his throat awkwardly, “If you two want to get a room that’s fine.” Of course the jerk couldn’t take what he wanted to dish out. You pull away slowly, eyes immediately connecting with his.
“Sorry. Who’s next?” You ask simply, standing to smooth out your shirt where it had ridden up from Steve’s hand. “Robin?”
“Me?” She asks, voice shaken. Robin was always so inherently nervous, but it was part of her charm. "I, uh--Okay."
You could hear a pin drop as soon as it landed on Eddie, the entire group snapping their attention in his direction. He was fiddling with the neck of the bottle, not realizing everyone was staring at him until Steve nudges him.
He laughs lightly, not even the slightest bit uncomfortable. You would never understand how easily he brushed everything off. "Choose wisely, Robin." He teases, pointing a tantalizing finger her direction. Robin forces a laugh, eyes wandering around the group slowly, categorizing every person.
Not Jason, not Nancy, not to mention all the other kids who were vehemently making an effort to avoid Robin's gaze. She stops on Steve for half a second, considering--before she snaps to you. She mumbles a sheepish, "Sorry--I love you, please don't hate me."
But, there wasn't any reason to hate her. It was a game--a silly, stupid little game, right? You shrug, throwing your arms up in the air. "Rules are rules." You assure her, "Pucker up, Munson."
Much similar to your approach to Steve, Eddie widens his legs. But, he's perched higher, allowing his head to be level with you while he sat. "It's an honor, sweetheart." His voice dripping with honey, warm and entirely too welcoming--and now you really can't ignore the shiver that runs down your spine. It wasn't the alcohol this time, not even in the slightest.
He yanks you toward him gently, fingers carding their way through the hair at nape of your neck, pulling you in for a slow, searing kiss. You yelp quietly at the action, caught off guard by the way Eddie manhandled you into place--not that you were complaining.
The kiss quickly turns into something else, a mess of tongues and not much else. It was probably time to cut off the alcohol. Robin whistles loudly from behind you, the rest of the teenagers joining in quickly, pulling you both out of whatever trance you had both entered. You quickly stepped back from Eddie, pointedly avoiding his eyes--unfortunately, locking right onto Steve's. Except he's not looking back, he's staring directly at Eddie. And it's then, in the midst of all your drunkenness, that your existential crisis hits you.
Steve was jealous and Eddie wanted to make Steve jealous. It had worked perfectly, assuming by the look on Steve's face. But, what doesn't make sense, is why Steve couldn't bare to look at you now. Eddie coughs softly, causing you to separate further. "Sorry, sweetheart. Kinda got ahead of myself." You wanted to blame it on the alcohol, but it couldn't have been more obvious--the problem was literally staring you directly in the face.
They were both jealous. They couldn't even share a glance with each other anymore, after an entire night of pointless chatting, it was like they couldn't be on further points of the universe, all over a harmless game.
"Well, I think that's enough for one night." Nancy finally says, breaking the tension that had been created between the three of you. "Robin?" She asks, making an effort to hope she would catch on.
"Yep!" She claps, standing up from her spot and immediately snatching Nancy away from the group. "God, please fill me in on whatever is going on with those two." Robin whispers into your ear before she finally flees, following Nancy toward the drink table, against her better judgement.
After a few minutes of silence and stolen glances between each other, no one speaks. You sigh loudly, hands thrown out to your side. "I'm not dealing with you two. I'm not--I'm just gonna go find somewhere to sober up." You weren't sure what had brought out the behavior from Steve--well, Eddie had--but, you hadn't done a single thing to him. And Eddie, he couldn't even be bothered to look Steve's way.
You turn, stomping off into the deep brush of forest, desperate to escape the chaos of the party and calm your nerves. "Wait!" You hear Steve call out, but you don't stop. To no one's surprise, Steve trails closely behind--a quiet Eddie sticking behind, staring at the dirty, scuffed white sneakers he wore.
"Wait, please," Steve's voice is softer this time, but louder, void of all the loud music and chatter. He's staring at you with his soft, brown eyes--the type of look that would make any girl melt. But not you, not now, "stuff got weird back there, I'm sorry."
"Stuff got weird? Is that the excuse you're using?" You ask, entirely unconvinced by what he was telling you. "So, you staring down Eddie like you wanted to murder him isn't important? I shouldn't be worried about that?"
Steve looks away, jaw clenching. "I didn't think it would feel weird. But, I couldn't help it." He replies lamely, still not looking your way.
"Couldn't help what?" You ask, arms crossing over your chest, "Acting like a complete douche? It was a game, Steve." But, you were far past the point of it just being a game--you knew it was more to Steve, maybe not before, but definitely now.
"Just a game? So when you had your tongue shoved down Eddie's throat, that was just a game?" Steve turns toward you, eyes narrowing. You set yourself, brows furrowing in anger.
"So, you are jealous." Steve shakes his head in frustration, back turned toward you. "You're jealous that I kissed Eddie? Steve, I kissed you too, how does that make any sense?" He didn't even have the courage to look at you now, even after being so confrontational. "Steve, seriously?"
"Fuck this." He snaps, turning on his heels and stalking toward you, legs hitting the back of the worn out picnic table, sending you stumbling back, arm extended out in an effort to catch yourself, but Steve's hands are around you before you can even think, pulling you into him.
You hesitate for a split second, seeing his eyes scan over the expanse of your face, silently checking if you were okay--you were furious, but you couldn't help but want to lean in further, the tingle of alcohol filling your body. You sigh into Steve's mouth the moment it touches yours, immediately wrapping your arms around the expanse of his neck, allowing his hands to slip under your thighs and force you to be fully seated on the table now, wrapping your legs around his hips.
His tongue traces a line against your top lip, idle hand squeezing at the soft flesh of your waist, before delving into your mouth like he was a man dying of thirst, ready to bleed you dry. You fight back, lips pressing against his in an effort to gain an upper hand, fingers gently pulling at his hair. Steve moans outwardly, a filthy laugh slipping from his lips at the effort you were giving. "I guess I had a reason to be jealous, yeah?" He asks teasingly, his voice low and soft, only for your ears.
"Shut up." You bite back, pulling him back in for another kiss, leaving you practically breathless.
"Well, seems you two had a couple issues to work through." A voice bleeds through the trees, the familiar crackle of leaves coming closer and closer until..."Didn't think you had it in you, Harrington."
"Eddie." It's a warning. He knows it.
Eddie throws his hands up in defeat before resting them behind his back, slowly stepping closer. Steve was still pressed between your legs, but both of you were glued on Eddie and that stupid smirk he had.
"Don't act so innocent, sweetheart." He chides, his voice soft but condescending in it's tone. "You knew exactly what you were doing."
A step closer, than another, until he's practically kneeling on the bench beside you both, only a few inches away. "Steve's definitely got it out for you--problem is, I do too."
It couldn't have been more obvious, but the reality of hearing it fall from Eddie's mouth has your heart skipping a beat. Two of you bestfriends, two people you loved--it should feel wrong.
Eddie lets out a short chuckle, eyes dark, not soft like they usually are. He wasn't mad, you've known him long enough to understand what that looks like, but this--it was something else entirely. He leans in slowly, lips brushing the shell of your ear.
You were too hyperaware of your position now--Steve crowded over you, Eddie pushed in beside you. Steve hadn't even bothered to move, to enraptured by the show Eddie was putting on, almost like he was amused by it. You glance over at Steve, his mouth hung open slightly, still caught up in all the emotion of the moment, his grip never faltering.
"You think Harrington likes to watch? Or maybe he'll join in?" Eddie asks teasingly, eyes glancing toward Steve. Steve's eyes flit toward Eddie quickly, before returning to your own, eyes glossing over slightly. "He does get a little feisty when he drinks, doesn't he?"
"Eddie, just get to the point." You beg tiredly, glancing up toward him now. Eddie smiles, but it's slight, barely noticeable at all. He's thinking, contemplating. But, it doesn't take long before Eddie's leaning forward, chin grasped between his fingers in an effort to maneuver your face toward him. It's surprisingly gentle, despite how aggressive it would look to anyone passing by, luckily you three were completely alone.
"Just couldn't resist another taste, sweetheart." Eddie flirted entirely to well, it was one of his more annoying traits. He flirted with everyone, anything, it wasn't something you ever put much thought into. But, this--this was dirty, this was real. "I'll let myself regret it in the morning."
But, it's you who closes that gap, hand reaching up to graze the side of Eddie's face, fingers catching in one of his curls. Steve's grip on your waist tightens, but he doesn't move, doesn't let go. He hasn't even made a sound. Eddie licks into your mouth, desperate for more of you, teeth grazing against your bottom lip, nipping gently. Eddie was messy with passion in the way that Steve was slightly more coordinated--and the idea that you were even comparing the two was insane, but that was a thought for a later time. There were more pressing issues at hand--like, Eddie pulling away to suck at a particular spot on your neck, allowing you to finally lock eyes with Steve again.
"Can I kiss you?" His voice was rough, eyes drawn to where Eddie was sucking along your neck. You couldn't even be bothered to answer, nodding quickly in response. He pulls you in carefully, the hand that wasn't holding your waist a featherlight touch against your thigh, pulling your leg higher up his hip. He didn't seem to mind that Eddie wanted to join in, but he wanted to make sure his presence was still known. Not like you could forget it--this would be burned into your mind forever.
You sigh, desperate for more and more touch, from either of them. It was driving you wild, the way Eddie was whispering in your ear, taking the time to claim up your skin with his own mouth, all while being devoured by Steve’s, his tongue breaching past your lips, desperate to pull any little sound he could out of you. Words were pointless, you couldn’t even form one. It wasn’t like you were drunk enough to the point where you couldn’t make a rational decision, not that anything was making sense right now, but you were definitely aware.
“Switch me, Harrington.” Eddie sighs out, hand reaching around to grip at the thigh that Steve wasn’t occupying, squeezing at the sensitive flesh. You whine softly, the cold sting of his rings a very prominent reminder. This was Eddie, your best friend, and Steve—also your best friend—how were you going to recover from this?
Steve doesn’t put up a fight, surprisingly, switching with Eddie quickly, hand wandering up your chest, slipping under the thin material of your shirt. “This okay?” He asks into crown of your head, mouth buried into your hair, squeezing at your breast, over the flimsy bralette that covered them.
“So okay. So much better than okay.” You confess, pleasure having taken over your rational thinking completely. You catch the glance that Eddie sends Steve's way, watching his hand disappear under your shirt. And for a split second, Steve locks eyes with him. They could've buried you six feet under at this point, not even feeling like you were in control of yourself anymore. But, the feeling of Eddie's lips brushing against your own has you jolting back to reality, your hand coming up to push his hair out of his face, delving into his mouth, a sloppy mess of tongue and spit, just like before.
It was a stark contrast, the way Eddie was ready to devour you whole, compared to Steve, who was sure of himself, but never taking a step too far without checking in with you. It had you reeling, two of the boys you care about most, drawing sounds out of you that you had no idea existed. You had to stop this at some point, before you three woke up the next morning, unable to look at each other.
You sighed, reaching back to rub tenderly at Steve's arm, pulling his attention away from where his face was buried in your neck, barely grazing Eddie's, but it's enough to interrupt him. He pulls back, eyes softer now.
"We have to stop." You say, regretfully. As much as you wanted to let the alcohol think for you, some things just couldn't get out of control, not this. "We can't do this."
They both pull back slowly, slightly dejected. "Sorry." Steve says softly, attempting to subtly adjust the front of his pants, but he fails.
"Damn, Harrington." Eddie laughs, finally pulling back, fishing his pack of cigarettes out of his pocket. "You just keep surprising me."
"Shut up." Steve shoots back, but there's no real emotion behind it. He almost laughs at the absurdity of the situation, not having fully processed everything either.
"I need to get back before Robin comes looking for me." You tell them both, the flick of Eddie's lighter louder in the silence that had settled.
"Eh, I don't know about that." Eddie gives you a playful look, taking a long drag from the cigarette. "She might be a little busy."
"With?" You ask, eyeing him carefully.
"Let's just say, Wheeler was pretty eager to run off with her earlier," He glances over at Steve, then back at you, "and I definitely didn't catch them making out over by the parking lot."
"Damn, I didn't think Robin had it in her." Steve comments offhandedly, seemingly proud of his friend.
"God," You sigh, rubbing your hands over your face tiredly, "this is the last party I'm ever tagging along on."
"Probably a good idea," Eddie says, smiling down at you, "you might end up falling in love with us." It's a lame attempt at a joke, but the way your heart flutters scares you.
"Yeah." You force a laugh, pushing yourself off the table and attempting to walk back toward the wild group of drunk teenagers. The boys trail closely behind, exchanging glances between each other unbeknownst you. Steve shakes his head in disbelief.
"Hey!" You hear Robin yells, jogging toward you. Nancy was close behind her, an obvious pep in her step. You gave Robin a suspicious look, eyeing her up and down. "So, these two ever stop acting so grumpy?"
"Yeah." You say slowly, glancing over at Nancy, who was forcing herself to hide the obvious smile on her face. "They'll be okay, we talked it out."
"Good, at least they finally figured their shit out." Robin whispers to you, glancing up at the two boys who were both wearing the same pair of shit-eating grins on their face at the sight of their other two friends.
"I could say the same for you."
The look on Robin's face is priceless, sending you running in the direction of Steve's car at the startled yell of your name. "She's gonna kill you for that." Eddie comments, gasping for breath when you finally come to a stop, arm draped over your shoulder gently.
"I told you, she just needed a nudge." Steve smirks, jingling the keys to his car in front of you. "Need a ride?"
It didn't matter if you three ended up in the back of Steve's car that night, somehow in the same situation as earlier, you could regret it in the morning. But truthfully, that wasn't the last time—and none of you ever regretted it.
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Amalthea "Thea" Munson
"So, have you thought of any names yet?" Steve asked as he pushed the cart down the Walmart aisle. The baby in Eddie's arms looked around the store with wide eyes. Eagerly taking in her new surroundings with the quiet joy, only a child could have.
"A few. You think Amalthea is a mouthful?"
"Amalthea? What kind of name is that?"
"You know, The Last Unicorn?"
"Oh! Yeah, I've seen that movie." Steve had taken Julie Wilson to see it sophomore year, but he barely remembered anything about it. They were busy doing...other things. "I mean, she's your kid. You can name her whatever you want. But you could call her Thea for short." The kid looked like a Thea.
"Thea...yeah." Eddie smiled as he ran a hand through the girl's hair. She let out a content gurgle in response. Thea really was a cute baby. Steve didn't say anything, but he had a sneaking suspicion that he knew who the mom was. He remembered going to Nancy's house and Mrs. Wheeler bringing out the family photo album, much to his ex-girlfriend's dismay. The many, many baby photos of her as a baby with similar light brown hair and chubby cheeks.
Steve couldn't blame Eddie for having a crush on Nancy. She was strong, smart, and beautiful. He hadn't dated her in almost a year now and he still couldn't stop thinking about her. Honestly, he was surprised he wasn't the one who ended up with a wish baby. But that wasn't any of his business. Snapping out of his thoughts, Steve turned to see Eddie looking at the cans of formula that lined the metal shelves.
"Similac, Enfamil, Fred Meyer...Jesus there's so many brands. How do I know which one to choose?" The metalhead asked exasperated. "They're all so expensive."
"Don't get Enfamil." Steve reached over and grabbed two containers of Similac before tossing them in the cart. "Nancy showed me this news story about the messed up stuff Nestlé does to babies in Africa." Steve watched Eddie for a reaction to Nancy's name but there was nothing.
"Hey, you know more about this stuff than I do." Eddie admitted. Steve saw the way his eyes lingered on the items' price tags. Baby stuff was expensive. Steve could afford it, but he couldn't imagine trying to raise a kid alone on his salary from Family Video in a cramped trailer without anyone to help take care of the kid. Sure, he had his uncle, but Eddie said he worked all the time. Steve doubted he would be able to do much. At least he could help him get started.
Diapers, baby wipes, assorted onesies, and a car seat were near the top of the list. They were about to turn into the next aisle when a voice called out.
"Holy shit, Harrington, is that you?" Steve froze at the familiar voice calling out. Turning around only confirmed Steve's fears as he came face to face with Tommy Hagan.
"Damn it." Steve muttered under his breath loud enough to make Eddie turn. "Hey, Tommy." Steve managed to grit out as his former friend sauntered over to the duo. "What do you want?"
"What? I can't say hi to an old friend?" Not when they hadn't talked to each other in over three years because Tommy was a total dickhead. The last time they even said anything to each other was back when hus former best friend attached himself to Billy Hargrove to mock him about Nancy Wheeler. Steve watched as his eyes drifted over to Eddie. "Jesus Steve, are you seriously hanging out with Munson?" Steve saw the way Eddie visibly stiffened at the use of his last name. Steve watched his former friend's eyes widen when he finally registered the baby in Eddie's arms. Tommy looked between him, the baby, and Eddie before letting out a loud laugh. "Oh, I get it now."
"Get what?" Eddie snapped but he visibly tensed up as he spoke. Thea noticed her father's reaction, squirming in the blankets as she started to whine.
"You knocked some chick up and came begging to Steve for some cash." Tommy rolled his eyes as he turned to Steve. "Seriously, dude? I know you tried to impress Wheeler with whole "nice guy" act, but wow. You know he probably killed people, right?" Steve frowned as Tommy smirked at him. People around them stopped moving to listen in on the group. Eddie glared at the other jock but bit his lip. At this point, Thea was full-on crying as Eddie tried to comfort her. It made Steve angry as he let go of the cart and walked over to Tommy until they were almost nose to nose. Steve barely stopped himself from grabbing the guy and instead settled for jabbing a finger in his chest.
"Listen Thomas," Steve knew damn well, no one except for Tommy by his full name except for his mom when she got angry, "I don't care what you think. And I know you're probably not up to date on current events, but they proved Eddie didn't kill those people. Even if he did, I'd rather hang out with him than you because at least he talks about things that aren't himself or the girls he fucked. So how about you do us all a favor and leave before you make any more babies cry with that sad excuse you call a face."
"I, what the hell-?" Tommy sputtered for a moment as he went red in the face. He looked ready to fight, but with everyone staring at him, he started to back away. Muttering something under his breath as he stalked off. Steve internally winced, memories of the way he acted in high school, especially towards people like Eddie, came rushing back. He was only brought back to reality by a hand on his shoulder.
"Damn Stevie." He turned back to see Eddie grinning at him. Thea had calmed down and was now far more interested in the length of Eddie's hair she was currently playing with. "Thanks for the save, not gonna lie, I was just gonna punch the guy...probably not a great example for Thea. Who knew you could use school bully tactics for good."
"Hey, I learned from the best. You should see my mom and aunts passive aggressively fighting each other at our Christmas parties."
"No thanks, one Harrington is more than enough for me." Steve didn't notice the way Eddie stared at Thea when he said that.
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heerocks · 5 months
CURIOUS CAT — what could possibly go wrong?
Tumblr media
SYNOPSIS! Curious Cat is an app that peaked three years ago where people use it to flirt with their crush anonymously and then suddenly forgot about it.
or wherein, Y/N was devastated when her crush, Lee Heeseung indirectly rejecting her in highschool. Three years later, both of them have this unknown beef in between them that even their friends don't know the real reason behind. One day, Y/N suddenly remembered and opened her C.C account, and saw that someone by the name 'Ethan' confessed to her three years ago.
Tumblr media
"I'll just meet you outside building c later" ning nodded, handing the notes you wanted to borrow from the class you two have together.
"what's your sched for today?"
You shrugged, "just this and that. I have to attend this first walkthrough for a subject, that's the last for this day"
"that one minor subject?" you nodded, ning hummed before nodding. "take care okay? just meet me later" she remind you before patting your head despite you being taller than her. her older sister complex is showing up again and you love her for that.
After bidding her goodbyes, you finally decided to walk inside the building and into the assigned room. It was half filled with people mixed into labels of 'you know' and 'not' but otherwise, you bid them a small smile as you choose your chair on the corner then busying yourself with your phone.
Minutes passed by and you felt another presence on the door; thought it was finally the professor and so, you decided to look up.
Your gaze met as he turn to the door and step inside the room. Then you see him, Lee Heeseung. You definitely forgot you have this class together.
It was cheesy, yes but you can't deny how electrifying it felt when both of your eyes met as heeseung walked inside the room. Kinda funny how his eyes met yours from all the people in the room as if your eyes were what he was looking for the first time he took a step inside.
You scoffed internally when he kept his watch at you — which you did the same before his friend greeted him and finally cut your silent 'eye contact competition'.
He's still weird in your eyes since you can't really forget what happened. It seems like only yesterday that he couldn't look at you while having his face beet red whenever you're around and then yesterday, he came back from bitching at you. Not to mention the fact that he called you 'baby' all in the same day like you don't get him honestly. And now, he's here again, walking around as if nothing happened.
Okay, stop. Just don't stress yourself, breathe.
Well, that's what you originally wanted to do but it was ruined when you felt his presence walking toward you and sitting on the chair right behind you.
You can't help but look behind at him from your phone, and heeseung just greets you with his smirk... smile or whatever it is.
"Don't talk to me" You replied, rolling your eyes at him before facing front but not after you heard him chuckle in pure amusement and saw how he left both his arms up silently announcing his foreswear.
Someone was calling your name so you look up and saw ryujin. You're not an assuming person but you swear you felt the man on your back also looking up to the same person who was now walking in front of you. It felt like his whole attention was on you, it was making you crazy.
"Well, I heard from the first block that Mr. Choi will give a project today for this subject and it would be a group of two people so I wonder if you are up to being partnered with me?"
"Yeah, no problem. I gotchu" You replied, pointing a cute little handgun on her way which she laughed at.
Other minutes passed and finally, the professor walked inside the room. He just swiftly went through all the stuff the block needed to know and now he was going about the project. Like ryujin told you, it will need two people to do this project. You look at her on the side row and she did the same, smiling at you like an excited child.
"But I'm the one who'll partner all of you up..." Series of groans and protests was heard across the room. Even you can't help but silently look dumbfounded at the male professor in front. It doesn't make sense, you're in a university, in a college setting so it was rare for professors to still be the ones to partner all the students,
Mr. Choi calmed all of you down telling the students that it was final. So, the names are getting called up and you were currently calling all the Gods you know to grace you with their blessings and just let you be partnered with ryujin.
Even 'the man who must not be named' find it amusing how your hands clasped together as you wait for your name to be called. You can feel his eyes on you, not kidding but you don't really care as of the moment.
"Kim Y/N and Lee Heeseung"
"What?! No way!" You unconsciously shouted that making all eyes shift to you. "Is there any problem with your partner, miss kim?" Shock. You were so shocked but the faint chuckle you heard behind made your mind wake up and look at him. Your eyes are basically begging him to protest about the whole fiasco but he just smirked. Fuck.
"I believe we don't have any problem, sir" Heeseung answered not removing his gaze from you. He was so chill about it, arms crossed as he lays comfortably on his sit. What an asshole. He was obviously enjoying this.
"Oh, I forgot to tell all of you. These groups will be permanent until the end of the semester." Another fuck. You swear life hates you so much.
Mr. Choi continued listing the name but you still glaring at him. Heeseung raised his brows, smirk getting wider as your frustrations rise together. You can't help but just rolled your eyes at him, that's the only thing you can do as of now, anyways.
God. This is not happening.
The class didn't finish to the fullest, Mr. Choi leave after reminding the whole class about the first project and its deadline then leave the class to have a meeting with their partners using the remaining time.
You were not moving an inch, still there sitting on the same spot as you bit your thumb. A very action you always do if you're anxious. You didn't know where heeseung go and you didn't really care.
The whole idea of being stuck with him for the rest of the semester wants you to die. Okay, you guess that's a little bit overboard but come on. It's Heeseung, you definitely don't know how this whole 'I hate you and you hate me too' plot started but one day, you just found out yourself that he was being the number 1 source of your frustrations and you wanted to stay it that way.
You sighed grabbing your phone to maybe update your friends.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
"y/n..." You are never wrong. You did feel the devil's presence and now heeseung was on your side.
"What do you want?" You asked, voice lacing with sharp glares. He sighed, rolling his eyes. "Relax, okay. I just wanted to have your number for the project"
You grab the phone from his hands and started typing your number but then your number shows up on his phone. "lmolt?" you read confused. "my number's in there, lee. how do you even have my number? and what's lmolt?" you squinted your eyes at him as you hand his phone to him. "you're cursing me aren't you?"
Maybe, he was flustered since he started stuttering, "N-no! I didn't even know that I have your number. Maybe... our block mates la-last year put it in my phone but I didn't know whose it is so I just put random letters as the caller id!"
You slightly push your head back from him when his voice gets louder as he finishes his sentence. "You're the one who needs to chill, I'm just asking you. No need to shout at me!" It makes total sense, why is he so agitated?
"Well, then you have my number so bye, just text me the details later or whatever." You added before grabbing your bag and starting to walk towards the door, fortunately, the bell rang at the right moment.
You turned around calling the dumbfounded heeseung still standing in the same spot. He turned around revealing his face. Wait, is he blushing? "And change my caller id to a decent one!" You shouted again making sure he heard you. It made you chuckle when he absentmindedly nodded.
"You're so cute and dumb at the same time, lee" You whispered shaking your head before finally walking out of the room not realizing the new fondness raising slowly.
Tumblr media
chapter 24 — what could possibly go wrong?
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behold, heey/n's physical bonding is finally happening!!! and lol, 'lmolt' caller ID is so lame
𖥻𖥻 taglist!
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A Fateful Encounter (8/?)
Tumblr media
“I hate potatoes.”
“Nobody hates potatoes, Markl.” 
You were really starting to get worried that he was taking after Howl and his dramatics. “How many times have you even had potatoes to have taken such a disliking to them?”
“...Once,” he frowned, “b-but I just need to have it once to know I don't like something! If it’s bad peeled, it’s gonna be bad cooked anyways.”
You stopped looking at the fish for a second, staring at the boy in front of you. “Markl, did you just eat the potato raw?”
“Well, yeah. Master Howl never has time anymore to make food so I did it myself. I washed it, peeled it, and ate it. It was bleh.”
You shook your head, wondering how this poor boy survived under the care of the irresponsible man-child of a wizard that he called “Master”. Resuming your inspection of the fresh-caught fish, your eyes traveled down to see a huge blue fish displayed on the ground, with its eyes seemingly staring into your soul. Grimacing, you slowly backed away, inching towards Markl.
“Umm, I’ll take this one.” you quickly said, pointing to one of the fish you had been looking at earlier. 
“Great choice, ma'am,” the seller complimented as he took the coins from Markl, before moving to start wrapping the said fish for you.
A sudden commotion from behind, paired with an increasingly strong burning smell grabbed the attention of everyone at the market. Even the fish seller stopped midway in his wrapping, hurrying out of his stall to get closer to the harbor to watch what was going on. 
“But my fish,” you frowned, just staring at the half-wrapped fish with Markl. You looked down at the child and shrugged, before pushing up your sleeves to finish the wrapping. You had already paid for it anyways.
“Can we go look too?” Markl asked, as you placed the wrapped fish in the basket and took the basket from his hands.
“I have a feeling Sophie’s going to need our help back home right about now.” you frowned, remembering what was soon to come. “Also remember, we run away from bombs, not towards them, Markl.”
“Huh?” he replied confused, as you led the way back home with the basket in one hand and Markl’s hand in the other.
When the two of you had reached the castle door, a sudden series of explosions sounded from the harbor making you both jump. 
“Are those-”
“How did you-”
You merely shrug, opening the door before it started raining flyers on the streets.
“Are you sure you’re not a witch?” Markl asked, suspiciously squinting his eyes at you.
“Do you want me to be?” you laughed, placing the basket near the sink to prepare later. “Sophie?” you called out, wondering what your friend was doing.
“Here!” she called out, from somewhere. A few seconds later, she finally popped out from behind the curtain in the makeshift bedroom. “Just organizing some stuff. Oh,” she noticed the basket, “you should have woken me up. I could have gone too.”
You shook your head, placing a hand on her shoulder for support. “No, no. You need your energy. There’s a greater evil coming upon us soon.” 
And as if right on time, a shriek pierced through the air as the castle shook in fright. Crying sounds accompanied by bumping into the wall noises sounded from above, quickly travelling to the stairwell.
“Sophie, you-you sabotaged me!” Howl shouted, glaring at the young girl. “Look!” And running to her, with no sense of personal space, butted his head to her face in anger. “It’s hideous!” he cried, with nothing but a towel on his waist.
Orange, orange, orange. Keep your eyes on the hair, (Y/N). Do not go any lower.
You definitely were not watching the drops of water cascading down his smooth chest and back, until the droplets disappeared behind the towel. And you definitely did not notice how the towel was barely hanging on to the man’s waist due to his wild movements. Hair. You were only paying attention to his hair. Nothing else.
“Now I’m repulsive. I can’t live like this.” he whined, sagging into the chair behind him.
Black. Now the color was bla- wow, that towel deserved an award for how it stayed on him without falling off. And oh look, there’s his back. His very wide shoulders on full display- no. Focus, (Y/N). Stop ogling.
“I give up. I see no point in living, if I can’t be beautiful.”
Coming to your senses, you looked in disgust as the man sat slouched over, moping. And having a tantrum over what? His hair. 
A child- he was a literal man-child.
Sophie and Markl looked in fear at the shadows lurking along the walls that were growing by the second, encasing the castle in darkness. Calcifer tried to save his logs from the slime that was quickly getting everywhere. Howl didn’t listen, what a surprise, continuing his murmuring- his pale skin turning increasingly green and slimy. You didn’t even want to know what the slime was made up of.
“Alright, that’s enough for today.” Rolling your eyes at the man’s childish meltdown, you stopped Sophie just in time from touching the slime on Howl’s back. “I’ll take of him, don't you worry.” you ensured her.
Suddenly grabbing the back of the chair, you pulled Howl’s weight towards the door. The only sound heard in the castle now was the screeching sound of the wooden chair being dragged across the floor.
The rest of the group remained in their positions, Calcifer really having no choice though, as you turned the dial to the purple color.
“(Y/N), what are you doing?” the fire demon asked, hesitantly. Half curious, half afraid for Howl’s well-being.
You looked up from tugging on the chair, to give him a thin smile.
“It’s raining.” 
“Well, I thought since Howl didn’t like the bath, maybe a shower would be more to his liking.” And with a smile, you opened the door to face the pouring rain outside. “Markl honey, can you help me with the umbrella?”
The boy hurried to the door, grabbing the propped up umbrella and going ahead outside. Opening it, he held it up to make sure the two of you were shielded from the rain. Sophie and Calcifer stared from the doorway, as you pulled Howl out of the castle and into the pouring rain.
“She’s not going to kill him outside, is she?” Calcifer whispered to Sophie, while munching on a log.
“No. At least, not in front of Markl.” Sophie responded thoughtfully.
Once fully under the rain, Markl whispered to you from under the umbrella.  “Is he dead?”
“No, he’s just throwing a tantrum.” you responded, watching the green slime wash off his back from the rain. “Are you sure he doesn’t have a spell or something like your cloak, that makes him look older but he’s actually a child. Because I could believe that.”
Markl laughed at your theory. “No, I don’t think so.”
Sudden rustling in the grass made you look over to see Prince Justin hopping over with another umbrella in hand- honestly having no clue where he kept getting his things from- using it to cover Sophie who was coming out of the castle as well.
“Oh, thank you Turnip- Justin.” Sophie smiled, correcting herself.
Hehe, I did that, Justin. You can thank me later by giving me a high-paying, low work job in the palace after all of this is over.
“Justin, are you okay to be out in the rain like this? Can a scarecrow get a cold?” you asked when the two came near. He just bounced up and down a few times, so you assumed it meant he was okay.
Turning your attention back on the moping wizard, you thankfully saw that most of the slime was washing off his body with the rain. 
“Should we just throw him in the lake, and check on him tomorrow?” you whispered to Sophie. She slapped your arm at your suggestion with a forced frown that soon turned into a giggle. “Okay, next time then.” you laugh.
When Sophie and Markl soon left to clean up the mess Howl had made by the fireplace and to start a bath for him, you were tasked to drag him back in once he finished his “shower”. 
The rain felt nice on your face and for the small headache that was forming, once you had decided to forego the umbrella, and it was peaceful with Howl still unresponsive and spacing out. 
Laughter. A child’s laughter. Your headache grew a bit more painful.
“Markl, are you back to play in the rain?” you laughed, turning around expecting to see the boy in a raincoat. But there was no one. 
Another laughter. Two distinct ones this time. You rubbed your temples in an effort to relieve the continually growing headache.
“Markl? Sophie?” you called out, hoping they were playing a trick on you.
But there was still no one. 
“(Y/N).” A child’s voice whispered in your ear.
You whipped around to see only rain and the lake. Now you were getting paranoid. And your headache was feeling like a migraine now. 
Is this place haunted?
“(Y/N).” The same voice sounded from beside you. But only Howl was there, unresponsive as ever still.
With the headache worsening, and hearing children voices in the rain not being a normal occurrence, you quickly grabbed the back of the chair, pulling Howl back into the castle with haste. 
Just as you stepped foot in the castle, the voices and pain stopped. 
Maybe it was the rain that was causing the headache? But the voices? 
“-him up the stairs.” Sophie waved her hand in front of your face to grab your attention. “(Y/N)? I said I need help taking him up the stairs.”
Though still perturbed, you grabbed ahold of one side of Howl, lugging him up the stairs with Sophie’s help. A sudden wet plop sound from behind made Sophie turn her head to see a small wet towel on the floor, making her suddenly lock eyes with the ceiling.
“(Y/N), don’t look down.” she warned, keeping her eyes above and ahead. 
“Hmm, what?” you asked, moving your eyes down to look at what she was talking about. 
Your eyes wandered around until they landed on something that took you a second to realize what you were staring at. Your eyes shot up to the ceiling, face burning red.
“You looked didn’t you?” Sophie laughed.
*(A/N):  it is currently 2:39 am and i tried to do naked howl justice so just know that i tried.  ty to anyone still out there reading this, this is for you. i wrote this just for you but also for me cause yeah. happy december, stay warm and cozy
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mrsstruggle · 1 year
The Lost Child - Chapter 11 // Teen Wolf x Marvel AU
Summary: Y/N Stark was taken from her family when she was three years old. It's fifteen years later and her family believes she is dead. Then how is she living in Beacon Hills?
Warnings: Langauge, Discussions of Death, Mentions of Needles/Being Injected, Mentions of Drugs, Kidnapping, Discussions of Murder, Discussions of Child Kidnapping, Mentions of Experimenting on People, Possible Grammar Mistakes (please let me know if there is anything else)
Pairings: Derek Hale x Reader, Steve Rogers x Bucky Barnes, Bruce Banner x Natasha Romanoff, Vision x Wanda Maximoff, & More To Come!
Previous Pairings: Tony Stark x Pepper Potts, Scott McCall x Allison Argent
Words: 2.4k
Note: I am posting every 2-3 days! I am terribly sorry that this is late! I meant to post yesterday!
Additional Note: While this is a Teen Wolf x Marvel AU, not everything is true to the shows/movies/comics. I had to change things for the story. This also loosely follows Teen Wolf Season 4.
One Last Note: Y/N was adopted by Tony Stark and Pepper Potts. I did this so that more people can see themselves in this story.
***I do not own Teen Wolf or Marvel or any related characters. This is a work of fanfiction and is meant for entertainment only.***
The Lost Child Masterlist
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When Y/N opens her eyes again, she notices she’s no longer in the empty room she was in before. She’s now strapped to a chair and Peter is strapped to another one in front of her. He was staring at her with a scared look in his eyes.
“Oh thank god,” Peter sighs in relief when he notices Y/N awake, “I thought you might’ve been dead.”
“Not yet,” she mumbles, looking around the room they were in.
She and Peter were the only ones in the room. It was a lot brighter than the previous room she was in, but it was just as empty.
“I guess we’re even now.” Peter states.
Y/N gives him a confused look, “Why do you say that?”
“Well, I got mixed up with your hunters. Now, you're mixed up with my hunters. Well, technically they aren’t my hunters and I have no idea why they attacked us, but they’re a part of my world and not yours. I’m going to stop talking now because I feel like I’m rambling.” Peter says in one breath.
“Yeah, I’m still so confused,” Y/N laughs a little.
“We’ve been captured by Hydra.” Peter informs her, “I know because of the logo on the clothes they were wearing. They’re a terrorist organization. They experimented on my uncle Bucky and my aunt Wanda. They also experimented on my aunt’s brother, but he’s kinda dead now. They are also the reason my sister is dead.”
Y/N thinks back to what the voice she heard said to her, “I think they know me or maybe they have me confused with someone else. They kept calling me Shadow Wolf. They also asked if I remembered them.”
“Who did you see?” Peter asks with a concerned look on his face.
“I didn’t see anyone. They spoke to me from like a speaker or something. I couldn’t recognize their voice, but I think they expected me to.” She struggles against the straps holding her down.
“Good luck trying to get out,” Peter states as he watches her struggle, “I tried for about ten minutes until you woke up.”
Y/N continues to struggle against the straps holding her arms and legs against her chair, “I’m sure werewolf strength is better than spider strength.”
She stops struggling for a moment to try and conjure a knife out of her shadow behind her but nothing happens. She tries again and nothing happens again.
“I think they drugged us with something,” Peter tells her, “I can’t even feel my spider tingle.”
“Oh, ew, I don’t want to know about your tingles,” Y/N pulls a disgusted look on her face.
“I’m not talking about those kinds of tingles!” Peter quickly exclaims, “My spider tingle helps me sense danger and stuff.”
Y/N signs in relief, “I was very concerned as to why you were worried about your tingles at a time like this.”
They chuckle a bit until the only door in the room opens. A masked man wearing all black steps into the room. He has a syringe in his hand.
Y/N rolls her eyes, “Is that supposed to scare us?”
The masked man silently walks over to Peter.
“Don’t touch him!” Y/N exclaims, struggling against her straps in an attempt to break free and help Peter.
The man injects the yellowish liquid into Peter’s neck before exiting silently exiting the room.
“Oh my god,” Peter starts freaking out thinking of all the possibilities of what the injection could be, “I’m gonna die. I’m so going to die”
“Calm down. Maybe it’s nothing,” Y/N tries to soothe him, "You'll be okay. We'll either get out of here soon or my friends will find us."
“Shadow Wolf, I hope you’re ready to play my favorite game,” The same voice from before booms throughout the room, “Earlier we gave you a little something to null yours and Spiderman’s powers. In about an hour or so, that drug will wear off but the one we just gave Peter won’t. Can you save him, Shadow Wolf?”
“Oh my god. I knew it. I’m dead.” Peter mutters under his breath.
The wall beside them starts to shake before moving slowly to the side. Y/N assumes it’s just a black wall until several lights flick on revealing a large room. At the back of the room, she can see a small safe in the wall. Sitting against the same wall, she can see three boys huddled closely together. The only thing separating her and Peter from them was a large glass wall.
She doesn’t understand what they want her to do. None of it makes any sense.
The ceiling above her starts to shake as it opens up to reveal the sky, “We’ve been perfecting the werewolf DNA. They’re stronger and faster than any normal wolf. At the back of the room, you will see a safe. Inside that safe is the cure for your brother. The problem is, you’ll have to get through three new werewolves who have never felt the moon since they were turned a year ago. They also have a mission. Their mission is to kill their targets. You and Peter. Now, will you let them kill you and Peter, or will you kill them to save your brother? It’s your choice.”
The boys looked like they were teenagers. One of them even reminded her of Stiles. She’s not a killer and she never has been. Even with hunters, she hurts them but she doesn’t kill them. Her eyes may be blue, but she doesn’t even know why.
She can’t let Peter die but she can’t kill some brainwashed kids either. If it was Stiles or Derek here with her it would be an easier choice, but she barely knows Peter. They are asking her to save one stranger and kill three others.
They must be confused because they called Peter her brother, but he’s not. She's also not Shadow Wolf. She's Y/N.
“Don’t do it,” Peter looks at her with tears in his eyes, “Don’t kill them.”
“I don’t want to.” Y/N whispers out, her mind is too busy thinking of different outcomes, “What if it’s my only choice?”
“Don’t. There’s always another way.”
Y/N scoffs, “You sound like Scott.”
“You can save me and you can save them,” Peter pleads with her.
“This is bullshit!” Y/N yells in hopes someone from Hydra can hear her, “I’m not doing this.”
The voice booms through the room again, “Either they live or you do. You decide.”
“I’m so confused,” Scott mutters, looking around at the shocked faces of the Avengers.
Tony’s shaky hand grabs Stiles’s shoulder and forces him to look at him, “Tell me everything you know about Y/N. What's she like?”
“I’m not telling you anything about my sister until you tell us what’s going on,” Stiles removes himself from Tony’s tight grip.
“Sister?” Bucky looks at Stiles with an indifferent look on his face.
“Yes, my sister.” Stiles states.
“Was she adopted?” Tony questions.
“Why do you care?” Stiles asks back defensively.
“You know a lot about us, right? Y/N mentioned something about a brother telling her all about the Avengers.” Steve steps in between Tony and Stiles as Stiles nods his head, “You know exactly why we care. You just don’t want to believe it.”
Stiles huffs in anger, “She’s not her. I’m sorry for your loss and all but she’s dead, she’s not my sister. You are out of your mind.”
“What are you talking about?” Lydia asks with a confused look on her face.
“But she’s not dead,” Tony informs Stiles.
“You buried her! Her funeral was broadcasted! They said you found her remains!” Stiles exclaims.
“I thought I found her,” Natasha walks over to Stiles with tears in her eyes, “but they lied. They told us that it was but we just found out that it was all one big lie.”
“I had someone I trusted look me in the eye and tell me that my daughter was dead.” Everyone can see the anger and the hurt in Tony’s eyes, “That same person just told us that they lied and they have no idea if she’s alive or dead. Like he just told us about an hour ago. All he gave us are some files from when Hydra took her. Do you know what the project was called? Project Shadow Wolf.”
“You’re lying,” Stiles states as Scott, Derek, and Lydia give each other confused looks.
“Why would I lie?” Tony asks, “You said that her funeral was broadcasted. Did you watch it?”
“But you saw pictures, didn’t you? Her face was plastered everywhere and you recognized her as the girl you call your sister. You recognized the bear. I bet you have old photos of her when she was a kid and she looked exactly the same.” Tony was desperately trying to get Stiles to realize the truth, “You convinced yourself that it was just a coincidence. People look similar to others all the time, but in the back of your mind, you knew that it was her. You just didn’t want to accept it as the truth.”
Stiles takes a step back away from Tony, “You’re wrong.”
“See for yourself,” Steve hands Stiles one of the Hydra folders off of the coffee table.
Stiles slowly takes the folder from Steve. He opens the file to a picture of a young Y/N with glowing yellow-gold eyes and her fangs growling at the camera. While she looks younger than when he first met her when she showed up on his front doorstep wearing tattered clothes and holding a note and her favorite teddy bear, he knows that it’s her. She’s wearing the same clothes in the picture that she wore the day she showed up. The ones in the picture just look new.
He notices the name typed on the bottom right side of the photo, Y/N Stark, “This can’t be real.”
Steve hands Stiles a picture of him and Y/N at her third birthday party. She’s holding the exact same teddy bear in her arms that she is in the photo Bucky took from Derek’s garage, the same bear she had when she showed up in his life, and the same bear he recognized in the picture used at Y/N Stark's funeral.
“Stiles, what’s going on?” Scott asks. He doesn’t understand what’s happening.
“The other day, I told you about how Tony Stark had a daughter who was kidnapped when she was three years old,” Stiles looks at Scott with tears in his eyes.
“Her name was Y/N Stark,” He holds up the picture of a young Y/N and Steve.
“Again, so?”
“Look at the bear in the photo,” Stiles hands the picture to Scott.
Scotts looks closely at the bear in the photo as Derek and Lydia look at it over his shoulders. While it’s not the best quality, he can still recognize the bear that Y/N cried about when he and Stiles hid it from her when they were eight.
“It’s just a stupid bear,” Lydia states, confused about the fuss around a simple teddy bear.
“It’s not just some stupid bear!” Thor speaks up from his spot on the armchair, “I gave her that bear. She never went anywhere without it.”
“Her name is embroidered on its right paw and her nickname is embroidered on the left,” Wanda informs them.
“I already said that,” Bucky mutters under his breath.
“She calls her bear Petal.” Stiles states, “She thought its name was on it so she’d never forget.”
“This still doesn’t mean anything,” Lydia looks around the room in hopes of finding someone on her side.
“How old was Y/N when she was adopted?” Steve questions.
“She was five.”
“Technically, she was either four or five,” Stiles informs them, “They didn’t know her exact age so they assumed that she was five.”
“She was taken from us when she was three. She was taken from Hydra when she was four.” Bucky stares at the photo of Y/N in his hands.
“These are just coincidences,” Lydia states, “Her name, the bear, the age she came to Beacon Hills, the name her kidnappers called her. None of that means anything.”
“Does she have a scar on the right side of her back?” Steve questions.
“How should I know?”
“She does,” Derek says, “It’s small and she has no idea how she got it.”
“She got that scar when she fell onto our glass table and it broke,” Steve informs them.
“I’m still waiting for some concrete evidence that our Y/N just happens to be your lost daughter or niece or whatever.” Lydia huffs in frustration.
“Don’t believe us.” Tony shrugs his shoulders, over the conversation, “When we find her, which we will, we will DNA test her and we will prove to you she’s my daughter.”
“I’m just sayin–”
“Lydia, stop.” Derek interrupts Lydia, “We are wasting our time discussing this. Y/N is gone and we should be searching for her right now, not fighting about who she is.”
“If they called her Shadow Wolf, then Hydra took her.” Bucky angrily states.
“Bruce, you and Nat go out to the jet and start searching for anything. We’ll stay here and start digging through her files and looking for any indication of where they could have taken her.” Steve orders the Avengers.
“Who’s going to tell Sam?” Bruce asks.
Bucky sighs, glancing down at the photo in his hands, “I’ll tell him.”
“What can you do?” Steve looks at Stiles, Scott, Derek, and Lydia.
Stiles nervously looks back at Scott, “Um, well, we can–”
“Shh,” Lydia shushes Stiles, staring curiously at the fireplace.
Everyone quietly watches Lydia as she curiously walks towards the fire going in the fireplace. As she gets closer and closer, the voices that she hears get louder and louder.
“Lydia, what do you hear?” Scott asks, slowly walking towards her.
“Get me a laptop,” she mumbles loud enough for everyone to hear.
Stiles looks around the room before noticing an open laptop on the kitchen table. He grabs the laptop before running it over to Lydia. He sits it down on the coffee table next to her and pulls out his phone to type in the code for the third Deadpool list.
Stiles steps away from the laptop after he types in the code. Lydia sits in front of the laptop and types in the third key. She hits enter and the third list pops up.
“Oh my god,” Scott mumbles in disbelief.
Stiles shakily backs up against the wall before sliding down in complete shock.
“What was it,” Derek asks.
“The key for the third list.” Lydia didn’t want this to be real, “It was Y/N.”
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lunearobservatory · 2 months
Yk what, I shall fancy you by asking about Idaho and Oregon. Tell me your head cannons about the two of them.
And I mean all of it.
Whether it's crazy, angsty, or something else, I. Don't. Care.
Give me passion for the specific things you love or give me nothing
Grabs you firmly by the shoulders. You have given me Power. STRAP IN FUCKERS!
I'll start with Oregon. Little warning now for weed nicotine alcohol and a small hunting mention i guess? Just in case <3
He's chill! He's cool, he's doing alright. In his own words "good, not great". He seems pretty tight with Washington, they're besties.
The West Coast really do scream "dysfunctional family dynamics" don't they? Cool stoner oldest Washington friends with middle child "i smoke too but i stole Wash's weed" Oregon, youngest Cal who is a loud shithead (affectionate) that the other two dunk on.
(Aka, my three girlfriends West Coast boys, and yes, they smoke weed.)
Anyway, he's with Washington the most. That bit of them hanging out together alone while ignoring California's calls? Yeah, that's them all the time. Washington info dumps about tech and Oregon is a little book nerd who absorbs info (Powell's city of books) and it's a very good combo. They share local coffee shop and microbrew recs and go hiking they are!! Hiking bros!!! They are also couch locked high as fuck watching runbacks of 2004 Cartoon Network bros!!! That La Niña bond!!!
Definitely get very philosophical a lot in conversation, like Wash gets viscerally emotional over space stuff and cried over Spirit the rover being shut down (rip to the real ones i miss them all) and Oregon is like god yeah man human attachment to inanimate objects is so wild. They'll either talk about it for hours OR bounce between topics so stupidly fast they don't even remember why they're talking about what they are or how they got on the topic from where they started.
Sorry for talking abt them forever I just think they're best friends.
As I mentioned Oregon is a big book nerd, he likes nature, probably has a house plant problem (they are all named), he hikes, and HUNTS!
This mf bow hunts, drag this out of my cold hands. Gun too sure but BOW HUNT OREGON. Washington gets icked about blood and killing animals probably so Oregon goes alone. Or maybe with Alaska sometimes? I really love Alaska and the PNW getting along for some reason.
Or, he goes with Ida :)
Idaho is Built Ford Tough thats for fuckin sure, this man's a farmer. And he fishes. He unironically owns several dad joke fishing shirts and a women love me, fish fear me hat. I love him. He's pretty outgoing, he Wyoming and Montana are all fairly good pals, hunting buddies and football friends definitely. Sometimes Colorado is alright to hang with, mostly when Denver is a little quieter.
And in a similar fashion, he and Oregon will get into bitchy fights bc Oregon really is still centered around Portland. Married couple spats yk?
Honestly they're just like. Domestic? I guess? They'll go on weekend hunting trips, Idaho really likes to cook esp with game, Oregon likes to try and pair whatever they're eating with a beer if applicable. It's usually applicable, they're "it's past five pm so it's socially acceptable to have a beer now, right?" people. They definitely have a wicked sourdough starter. Oregon likes kombucha sometimes and Ida thinks it's a hell liquid. They go to fuckin Albertsons and bring back like eight things they didn't need.
I've got a hc I've mentioned somewhere before that the West Coast/PNW including Ida have horrific nicotine addictions, and that Ida goes straight for cigarettes or steals off Oregon, who vapes and has a Juul that they scratched their names into with a pin. They're like That couple.
Idk they're in a way like the country/city boy dynamic but also not? Like Oregon is a bit rough and tumble he isn't a pure city boy. And Ida is like not country per se, more game hunting fisher boy. But it's similar yk? A little bit
Their dates are CUTE, they got that weekend hunting trip, Idaho is land locked so Oregon takes him down the coast, or like to an obscure distillery for flight tasting. Otherwise they just do movie nights and nice dinners. Oregon has taken them hiking to a nice place to see stars and has re-info dumped information from Wash about the stars and stuff and Ida is like wow that's so neat, absolutely not looking at the stars he's looking at Oregon.
I could get into angst but maybe i save that for now since I'm talkin about them bein cute and happy and i want them to have that rn tbh
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otomiya-tickles · 4 months
Revenge on Naruto
Naruto x Sasuke
Tumblr media
A/N: [Sequel to Serial Tickler - 6K Followers Celebration] - Thank you anon for the request! Like many of my fics this one doesn’t make any sense at all, but I kinda like that style so wooppp.
Summary: Sasuke wants to punish Naruto for ruining the training camp in the worst way possible, so he plots his revenge to make him suffer. Or well, suffer..? (Also on Ao3)
Word Count: 2551
Tumblr media
Days. Weeks passed after the training camp of horror. Sasuke didn’t know what pissed him off more. That Naruto and the Naruto clones shamelessly tickled him to death that night, how he was also the one responsible for the random tickle attacks on others and got away with it with his sneaky stinky little ass, or the hard and painful fact that he kissed Sasuke and acted like nothing happened after that.
...That evil, annoying little jerk! Sasuke stared at his collection of coins that lay on his table. His most recent savings. It wasn’t much. Was it worth spending what he had on... On something like this? 
He sighed and closed his eyes, frowning and feeling his veins twitch as he recalled Naruto’s merry giggles when he asked why Sasuke looked so tired that one morning after. He also remembered his smug grin when people were speculating about the ‘serial tickler’ that never made its appearance again after the training camp and that it must’ve been a local terror from the forest. He also thought of the way Naruto would poke Sasuke’s side whenever he found the chance, making Sasuke bounce. 
Damn that guy! Yes. He grabbed all the coins and counted. It was worth it for sure. Every single coin. He counted again to confirm and he nodded. This would equal at least seven bowls of ramen at Ichiraku’s on their discount night. Sasuke smirked. Oh yeah. He was going to feed him to his death. 
Why? It was not until Sasuke overheard Naruto’s conversation with Sakura the other day that he came up with his plan. Kakashi was inviting them for lunch and was considering to let them try the new spicy curry at a restaurant in town, when Naruto asked how spicy it was.
Not that he couldn’t stand spicy food, but too much spicy food and - “I would pass out! Not literally of course, but I sleep so tight after I eat too much spicy food, it’s unbelievable! Now I don’t want to fall asleep during the mission!”.
Sakura immediately argued that Naruto should not eat ‘too much’ to begin with and why did he always feel the need to completely stuff himself? But Sasuke quietly noted that little remark in his mind. Too much spicy food = passed out Naruto? He needed that to happen actually. 
The fact that Naruto didn’t even suspect anything when Sasuke invited him to join him at Ichiraku’s was even more annoying. Sasuke would never invite Naruto like this, yet here the little hungry beast was, accepting the offer and following him merrily like a child following a stranger.
Even when Sasuke added a condition to his offer: “We only try the spiciest ones.... It’s said it makes us strong, I don’t want a weak team member.” He made that up on the spot. Naruto blinked.
“The spiciest ramen? Sure, why not. I rarely get the spicy one here!” he said, again clueless. Sasuke smirked and placed his money on the counter.
“Two bowls of your spiciest ramen, please.” 
He watched how Naruto slurped the noodles hungrily, his lips turning visibly red from the heat.
“Whew, that’s spicy!” he chirped. Sasuke scoffed as he ate his own portion.
“It’s not that spicy. Surely you won’t eat just one bowl huh?” he said cockily, and Naruto looked at him with an ugly expression.
“You want more?” he asked, surprised.
“Figured you’d want more. It’s not everyday I would treat you for dinner,” Sasuke suggested. He basically gave away how rare this situation was, but Naruto did not suspect anything and he giggled.
“Sure then, if you insist, I’ll have more!” As if Sasuke would have any reason to treat him to meals besides scheming his little plan. Sasuke smirked and ordered more while Naruto was still eating the last bits of his first bowl. 
Naruto was a dangerous foe. He was full of energy, annoying strength, not to mention those awfully tickly clones he had. Sasuke couldn’t risk a thing. He needed Naruto to pass out and sleep like a log.
He was so focused on his plan for revenge that he didn’t even notice that the two of them having dinner together like this could be seen as a date. Especially since they kissed... 
A thought that made Sasuke stare at Naruto’s rosy lips while his own felt like they were burning from the spice as well. He quickly turned away again. 
“Another!” Naruto chirped. Heh. Even with the spicy noodles, this guy was a little beast. Sasuke bought him another, smirking when Naruto continued to eat obliviously. 
“You’re so nice, Sasuke!” 
Very nice indeed. Sasuke was starting to lose patience, but at last Naruto ate five bowls of Ichiraku’s spiciest ramen (and Sasuke two). Naruto patted his stomach.
“I’m not even that full yet. But my mouth is on fire!” he admitted. Sasuke rolled his eyes while he took out his wallet. 
“Not that full yet huh? Sure you aren’t,” he groaned. Naruto could eat way too much. But he sure hoped the spicy food had the effect like Naruto had said it would have, and that it wasn’t a nasty exaggerated little lie that made him waste his money. It was a gamble after all: Naruto was a blabbermouth, but not a liar. 
"No! I do feel I could take a long, looong nap though,” Naruto said as he stretched his arms and yawned. 
See! Not a lie. Bingo. Sasuke grinned. “I’ll be counting this for a while, so why don’t you just close your eyes then,” he said while he took out his money, but to his surprise, Naruto did so immediately and defenselessly dropped his head on the counter. Asleep.
“The little lad ate so much he passed out!” an old geezer said, and Sasuke chuckled, feeling too proud of his mission to even be embarrassed. 
“He doesn’t know when to stop,” he said. He paid for the food and poked Naruto’s shoulder softly.
“Hmmmmmh....” Naruto hummed. Very well. Sasuke helped him off his chair and supported his half-sleeping body. Naruto was half awake, half asleep as his legs moved a long, dragging very slowly while Sasuke guided him home. To his own home to be exact.
“Hmmhmhm. Where are we going~? Eat dessert? Sasuke~?” Naruto asked with his eyes closed. 
“Home,” he said, relieved that Naruto didn’t wake up fully and continued to go with him. 
“Heeeehe, home.....” Naruto sang, but after that his head fell on Sasuke’s shoulder and his legs almost lost their strength, so Sasuke quickly started to carry him on his back. Heavy bastard! 
Still half awake, Naruto suddenly grabbed Sasuke’s shoulders and massaged them. “Is this.... still Sasuke-kuuuuun? The ticklish Sasuke?” he murmured. 
Sasuke felt a little intrigued by the partial sleep talk, but mostly angry and annoyed. 
“Shut up!” he hissed, feeling even more motivated to continue what he was doing. Kidnap Naruto - except not really, he was just going to take him home because that was a reasonable thing to do with this passed out glutton - and then at home he was going to feed him even more by giving him a taste of his very own disgusting medicine. 
Naruto went home with him effortlessly. He babbled some more in his sleep, but luckily not about how ticklish Sasuke was.
“You are unbelievable,” Sasuke muttered when he took him inside and placed him on his futon. He sighed as he studied Naruto’s sleeping figure.
“You always this defenseless?” Sasuke wondered as he poked Naruto softly, but Naruto only let out a soft little noise as he hugged Sasuke’s pillow. Hey! Flustered, Sasuke grabbed Naruto’s arms and pried them back. 
Holding them down, he quickly took the rope he had prepared for this and tied his wrists together. For extra security he used bandage to tie his fingers together as well, leaving his hands completely helpless and unable to move a bit.
He then did the same to his ankles, binding them together with rope so he couldn’t get up and leave that easily.
“Done,” he sighed, rubbing his hands together and watching how even getting tied up didn’t wake Naruto from his very deep post-dinner nap. And that called himself a ninja?
Without warning, Sasuke sat by his side and started to tickle. It was funny that it took a while for Naruto’s body to respond, but then he awoke with a loud startled yelp.
“HEHEHA!” he cried out, twitching because of the sudden ticklish sensations invading his body.
“Welcome back,” Sasuke said dryly and he smirked. “Had a good nap?” he asked, feeling very smug and powerful now that Naruto was at his mercy. 
“Huuuh? Why am I tied up?” he asked without even struggling or asking why Sasuke just tickled him. Sasuke scoffed.
“You’re here so I can teach you a lesson. For that night,” he said. Naruto stared at him with the dumbest expression.
“What night?” 
Sasuke angrily tickled him again, digging firmly into his sides and making him struggle while loud annoying cackles left him instantly.
“BAHAhaha! Sahahhahasukehehe!” 
“What night, huh? I dare you to say that again,” he warned, shamefully using some of Naruto’s tickle tactics he had memorized so he could tickle him well. It did work.
“HAahahahh! Whahat- what night?!?!” Naruto cried. Sasuke almost gasped out loud. The audacity.
“You stupid little...” he grunted, and he flipped Naruto over on his stomach and began to claw up and down his sides and ribs. Naruto squealed and shrieked, his bound feet kicking slightly but unable to do anything about the fact that he was getting tickled - and would get tickled tons more.
“HAHahhaha! Sahaahahahsukeeheheh!” Naruto laughed.
“Laughing this much with a full stomach, must be uncofortable hm? I’ll be here when you want to beg for mercy,” Sasuke said cockily, not giving up the relentless tickling. Naruto squirmed and writhed, his loud voice filling the room as he let out more of those hysterical bouts of laughter.
“Hahhahaa ihihit’s ahahalright!” he laughed. “Not thahahat uncomfortahahable!” 
Sasuke frowned. Eh... What? He shoved his hands under Naruto’s arms and started to tickle his armpits the best way he could. Naruto shrieked. When this got too annoying, Sasuke roughly flipped Naruto on his back again and pinned his bound arms above his head. He tickled him to death - he thought. Wiggling his fingers without mercy in his exposed armpits and making him howl for his ticklish life.
“HOhoohoho! Hhahahaha Sahahasuke!” 
Apart from just ‘Sasuke’ there was little resistance though. Even when he paused the tickling for one moment and asked, “Do you give up?” there was only Naruto’s goofy grin he could see from upside down as he shrugged and let out a happy hum. Sasuke continued to tickle him.
Naruto couldn’t like this, could he? He was tied up, only here for Sasuke to tickle the snot out of him, it was torture! Supposed to be torture!
“Do - you - beg - for - mercy?” Sasuke huffed, digging his thumbs into Naruto’s helpless underarms. Naruto was trembling and squirming while he continued to laugh, but he shook his head defiantly.
“Noohohooho!” he laughed. Sasuke sighed. Even after being so successful, his plan was starting to fail. Eating that many bowls of ramen only to wake up all tied up and get tickled to death - Sasuke would die for sure. But why did Naruto hold out like this?
Sasuke tried different tactics. Even tickling his full stomach didn’t do the trick and Naruto seemed only little affected by how much he ate. Sasuke tickled his feet with quick and merciless scribbles, but it made Naruto’s laughter sound happier than ever. 
And when he returned to tickle his armpits and ribs because those gave him the best reactions earlier, Naruto was just laughing again but did not seem more tired, and still did not ask for mercy, or for him to stop in the first place. 
“Hehehehehe! Ahahaha!” Sasuke rolled his eyes. 
“Don’t tell me you’re actually liking this, you psycho?” Sasuke sighed when his fingers were just getting too tired.
“Yehehehes!” Naruto giggled. Sasuke stared at him in shock. What! He stopped tickling him abruptly and blused as he stared at Naruto’s heaving body. Naruto’s face had gotten slightly red, tears were in the corners of his eyes and he had the biggest goofy smile still plastered on his face.
“What? You can keep going, I don’t mind,” Naruto panted. 
Sasuke stared at him and clenched his fist. “Y-you’re unbelievable!” he said. Naruto looked shocked and offended.
“Why? Of course I like tickling. Why would I tickle others if I don’t like it myself?” he asked, not seeming a bit breathless. 
Sasuke felt flustered but still managed to say: “S-so you admit that you tickled them?” 
“Yes I admit.”
“....And you did it to me too,” Sasuke said, clenching his teeth.
“Sure I did, yes,” Naruto said shamelessly.
“Are going to apologize?” 
“No, why? Do you really want me to? You even treated me to ramen and tickled me back so I thought ー HMh!” 
Sasuke felt pissed, at both Naruto and himself for not knowing what to do with this crazy little brat, so in the heat of the moment he grabbed Naruto’s shirt and pulled him up to kiss him roughly. Not in the slightest was it the logical thing to do, but at that moment it kind of felt like it was.
“So, not going to apologize for that, either?” he said breathlessly while he lowered Naruto a little so their lips were no longer connected. Damn, he was more breathless than this dork was. 
Naruto stared up at him and smiled. “Of course not. Again, why would I kiss you if I don’t want you to kiss me? You can do it again~” Naruto said smugly. Sasuke couldn’t believe it. Here this guy was, tied up, fed and tickled to death - pretty much - and he was still this shameless.
“.....S-so you admit that you kissed me,” Sasuke muttered, blushing like crazy. Naruto nodded.
“I did. And you kissed me back, so we’re even now.”
Sasuke frowned. Even...? It did not feel like they were even. He rolled his eyes and kissed Naruto again, purely out of frustration, and he only minded a little when Naruto started kissing him back. The kiss lasted longer, felt better, and made Sasuke hate Naruto at least a little less.
“So, are you doing to untie me now?” Naruto asked cheerfully when they broke apart for air. Sasuke glared at him.
“Nah,” he said, and he pinned him back down and resumed the tickle torture, making the guy scream at the sudden continuation of the relentless tickles.
“PFHAHAHA! Sahahasuke!” 
Well it was definitely not entirely a punishment if he enjoyed it this much, but coming to terms with that, Sasuke found that even in that case it wasn’t such a bad way to spend time: tickling Naruto and hearing the guy squeal and howl like an animal.
“Teheheehehee! Hahahahaaa!” 
Sasuke grinned. Alright, Naruto’s laugh and also his crazy behavior might be a bit contagious after all. What kind of hell that would drag him into, he had no idea, but for now he liked to embrace this exact moment of his, eh, not entirely successful yet interesting revenge on Naruto. 
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thronesforkings · 3 months
Title: Playground
Requested?: No
Genre: Angst to Fluff 
Characters: Bonten!Male!Reader x Bonten!Haitani Rindou; Haitani Ran
TW/CW: Swearing, Bonten, violence (mentions of blood), mentions of rape and abuse (Only like two lines, it will be between !!** so y’all can skip over it if wanted.)
Notes: I’m a whore for making family stuff or domestic shit (also Bonten/making big scary criminals soft). Also if I ever write siblings wrong then my excuse is I’m an only child.
Word Count: 1,239
Notes 2.0: This is kinda shit, I’m not too proud of it but I’m still posting it since I figured that someone would at least get the happy chemicals from this.
“They’re my fucking kids!” A woman hissed at (Name). The two were outside near a park and it was dark outside. (Name) had managed to get out of work early and was able to have a night with his kids, the three of them ate dinner before going to the park and (Name) was more than happy to let his kids stay up late tonight. He was having a ton of fun until his ex came out of the living complexes nearby. 
“They are not, the court took your custody away. Just because it's been two years doesn’t mean the court order is still active. You are actively breaking the restraining order and I want to do this in a calm way. So, you can leave and I won’t report this or I can call the police to come and get you.” (Name) spoke, his eyes darting back to the playground where his kids were having fun. 
Ran and Rindou were tired, staying later than normal to finish some paperwork that got shoved onto them. Ran was the one to notice the two young children seemingly unsupervised at the park. Rin was confused as he watched his brother go to the playground but soon saw the tiny humans moving around. 
“Hey kiddos, you know that it’s dangerous to be out at night. Do your parents know you are out here?” Ran asked. He was a criminal but he had some morals. 
“DAD!” A young girl called out after looking at Ran for a moment. Rin stood not too far behind the male and noticed the boy looking at him. 
“Shit. Leave now. If you stay I will call the police.” (Name) hissed and jogged over to where his kids were and stopped when he saw his co-workers.
“The short haired one is creepy. He tried to tell us that it’s bad to be out at night.” The young boy spoke and (Name) sighed. 
“Well, good job for calling me right away. As for these two, they are my friends. Actually, Ran-San, there is a woman off to the side near the residential buildings, she refuses to leave and I have a restraining order against her, could you help me with that?” (Name) asked, feeling slightly bad for asking the older male to help him with something he knew nothing about but he wanted to spend time with his kids, sue him. 
“The bitch is still here?” (Name) choked on his spit while Rin snorted, Ran grinning and the girl confused as to what caused those reactions.
“Yes, though remember the rules. You can swear but not to put down other people.” Ran smiled as he walked off. Rin got closer and the girl went up to him.
“We’ll be right with you sir, we need to cook up what our dishes are for the day!” She spoke with a smile before running off to her brother and the two mimicked working in a kitchen. 
“Kids?” Rin broke the silence between the two and (Name) nodded. 
!!**“Yeah, the woman that Ran went to go deal with is their birth mother. Before I started working with you guys I got raped at my old job, she never told me about the kids and it wasn’t until I got a phone call from the police asking if I was able to take the two kids into my care. That was two years ago, apparently she was abusing them physically and emotionally. It was a teacher at school that had reported it and so I took them in.”**!! (Name) spoke with a soft voice and Rin smiled. 
“Rika loves to cook and bake. She wants to be a baker. Yuta is the quieter of the two, he really likes maths and logic puzzles.” Rin heard (Name) speak again, changing the subject and Rin looked at the two getting along. 
“They seem nice. I think Rika claimed me.” Rin said with a smile and (Name) laughed. As if on cue, Rika came over and grabbed Rin’s hand (more so two of his fingers since her hands were small) and dragged him to the little counter in the structure. (Name) followed and sat on the ground, Rin doing the same after he was pulled by Rika. The two were given a couple pieces of the rubber that was the ground. 
“Very delicious, my compliments to the chef.” (Name) spoke after he pretended that he ate the ‘food’. Rin blushed lightly at this and fell harder in love. He was going to need to learn what these kids were into if he wanted to win them over and have permission to date their dad. 
The two played with the kids for a little bit, that was until (Name) noticed Yuta not using one of his hands. 
“Hey kiddo, I noticed that you haven’t been using your left hand. You also kept it covered during dinner. Are you hurt?” (Name) asked, the five year old nodded and lifted his sleeve up to show the bruises that covered his hand. His fingers were the most bruised and he was surprised that they weren’t broken.
“Some kids were mean to me at school. Rika helped me. They were hitting me with the hard toys and I used my hand to try and take most of the hits. My arms also hurt. It’s fine though, Rika scared them away and I just need to wait for it to get better. That’s what the teacher said.” Yuta spoke as (Name) looked at his hand carefully and sighed. 
“Why wasn’t I informed right away?” He asked, looking at Rika who shrugged. 
“Yuta said he wouldn’t bother me in the kitchen for a week if I didn’t tell you. I took care of it though, I threw a toy truck at them. They started it so I wouldn’t have been told that I started the fight. What you explained to us!” Rika said and had a toothy smile on her face. Rin bit the inside of his mouth to keep himself from smiling at the cleverness of the kid. 
“Alright, let’s call it a night then. You two have chores to do this weekend. I’ll wrap your hand up kiddo once we get home.” (Name) spoke, the two families splitting after a little bit. 
Ran came back and had blood on his knuckles and some on his face. 
“Oh, did he leave? That woman wouldn’t shut up so I taught her what happens when you don’t listen to Bonten. I’ll tell him at work. Come on, I’m tired and want to order some take out.”
“Is the long haired one you talk about? The one you want to kiss?” Rika asked in the morning and (Name) blushed, gripping the pan tighter as he was making pancakes for breakfast. 
“Obviously, did you see the way Dad looked at him? It’s like the guys from the show. Now we have to do what they did in the show and make them go on a date.” Yuta spoke with a grin and (Name) squeaked. 
“Hah? Did I just hear that you wanted your chores doubled today?” (Name) tried to retaliate but the two kids laughed. 
“Once we finish our chores we can watch it some more to get ideas.” Rika spoke, the two ignoring their flushed dad (who was proud of them for getting this idea and found it adorable how they wanted to help him).
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glassartpeasants · 25 days
Monsters In The Dark
Monsterhaul x F!Reader
Warnings: Toxic family, family abuse, depression, isolation?,small mention of drug abuse
A/N: I wish this was better on god. I had so much hope for this fic but I hope you guys enjoy it a little bit. I'm not really proud of this i just didn't want it sitting and collecting dust
Wait for me to come home.
Such simple words carry such a heavy burden. Knowing that those were the last words you heard him say to you before you found out. Nothing can break your heart more than knowing that he wasn’t coming home anytime soon.
You missed the way he would wrap his arms around you. How he would sometimes hum in his sleep, making a little lullaby. It always lulled you off to sleep, knowing that he was right beside you, watching over you. But now, that wasn’t the case. 
You thought monsters mated for life? Where could he be going out so late now that he no longers wants to be by your side at night?
The cold side of the bed reminded you of all the cold and sleepless nights of your childhood. Knowing mommy wasn’t coming home to say goodnight cause she was buying something down the street while your father banged on the door yelling at you for hiding. 
All these feelings made your heart constrict even more than it already was. You can remember what your parents used to tell you. You’ll never be worthy enough to call their child. How you’d become a drugged-out deadbeat found dead in a ditch.
Memories flooded your brain as the childhood you had flashed before your eyes and you felt tears pour down your face.
You might as well be a deadbeat at this point. Living in a cold, dreary cave waiting for him to return. Relying on him to bring you food and water cause you weren’t allowed to go anywhere past the forest line where the road met the forest.
It was so cold and lonely in the cave with no light to shine for warmth that you wish you’d at least be able to see car headlights for some company.
Waking up to the shining sun in your eyes made a smile appear on yoru face. Daylight had arrived once again, meaning you could leave the cave and go out to the woods on your own. He wasn’t here to stop you so what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him.
You excitingly brush all the dust off your clothes after stretching before making your way outside. 
The sun shown beautifully today and you just knew id be the perfect day for foraging some berries and wood for fire. Grabbing your roughly made basket, you started your trek around the woods.
You had found some wild yama ichigo about ¾ of a mile from the cave. You haven’t gone this way yet, so who knows how much more stuff there is to explore around this area!
“Excuse me, ma’am, are you okay?” You immediately stop what your doing and twist your head toward the noise. A young man not much older than you stood with a helmet in his hands as he was sitting on what you believed was a dirt bike.
“M-Me? Yeah I’m okay haha…” You’ve never seen another person in these woods before. You thought everyone was too afraid to come in.
“You covered head to toe in dirt miss. Plus this forest is dangerous for someone like yourself. Don’t you know what types of horrors hide in this forest?”
“I’ve been here awhile. I have yet to see anything horrific?” Anything more horrific than the monster you lived with, at least.
“Well you sure are a brave one. Do you want a ride home so you’d be able to clean off?” You weren’t surprised that you were covered in dirt. It’s been dry the past few days, so dust is just attaching itself to you in any way it can. You also did take a tumble after tripping on a tree root trying to grab some yomogi. 
“It’s okay. This is a very common look on me from how much i forage from here.” You try sending him a smile to calm his nerves so he can be on his way. The thought of him getting caught up in a horrible situation with your monster made guilt rumble in your stomach.
“I guess if you say so. The name is Todoroki Touya. Hope to see you again forest girl.” And before you could say anything else, he put on his helmet and drove back the way he came.
‘The name sounds so familiar. It’s was nice to speak to another human after lacking communication for so long.’ You simply continued foraging more before your basket got too full for anything else.
The way back was quiet as you thought on what you could make with everything you’ve foraged from today’s gathering. You could certainly make some jelly or jam maybe? Or if your love manages to find some other food materials, who knows what you could make!
You didn’t need electricity to make anything thankfully as your quiek took care of that! Well as long as you were warm that is.
Your quirk was that you were able to make type of food, as long as you knew how to make it and had the ingredients. It always came out depending on how you were feeling emotionally. Feeling happy? Perfect! Feeling sad? Not good.
Having a quirk such as yours was a blessing when it came to living in the woods with no electricity. You’d still be able to create good meals for yourself and your love. 
Just then, while thoughts roamed your mind, the sound of growling and loud running footsteps coming up behind you alerted your whole body as you spun around to see what it was. You weren’t too far from the cave now! You could probably run to it even!
So you did exactly that.
You held onto your basket tightly as you ran over weeds and jumped over protruding rocks and tree roots. You could see the cave so clearly, before the feeling of a strong arm hitting your back caught you off guard, making you fly through the air before landing on the dirt in front of the cave. Your basket surprisingly landed just right so that only minor bits and pieces fell out. 
Now you were lying on the ground gasping for air as you tried to find your assailant. To your shock, you see your love standing there with an angry glint in his eyes. What could he be so mad about that caused him to use his strength against you?
“What were you doing out of the cave?!” His voice seemed to boom across the forest, scaring small mammals and birds away from teh scene. 
“I-I was just getting some berries and stuff! I didn’t venture past the forest lines as you said!” Your words were barely audible as you couldn’t seem to gather back air in your lungs. 
“Then why do I smell another man on you!” He only got closer and you could feel the earth trembling as he walked angrily towards your form.
“Some man was driving a dirt bike! He drove past me! I swear!” All he did was look at you before stomping away towards the cave.
“Pick up your basket. Im too tired to deal with you right now.” Hot tears poured down your face as you struggled to lift your body up. This was the first time he’d acted this violently towards you. 
You grab your basket and limp towards the entrance of the cave. Pain rippled through your body as your left arm felt like it had been smashed to dust. Whimpers left your throat when slightly moved it when trying to put down your basket. 
Laying down on the makeshift bed had your thoughts running wild. 
“Kai? Can we talk please?” Your voice sickeningly sweet echoed through the cave trying to grab his attention. 
“Didn’t you hear what i said? I said I don’t want to deal with you right now!” His voice made you wince as you curled up in a fetal position. What was so wrong with wanting to talk about the miscommunication? Isnt that how every relationship works? With communication? 
Maybe he’ll be calmer to talk about it tomorrow. 
“God your so fucking stupid! Now when i tell you to lay down, you lay down! You got that?!”
“Sorry I just-” A sharp pain hit your cheek, causing tears to streak down yoru face instantly.
“I don’t wanna hear your bullshit excuses! God yoru just like your mom! Always got an excuse for something! And stop your crying or I’ll give you something to cry about!” Your fathers voice striked fear into yoru core as you ran to your room as fast as you could. 
Closing the door gently, you lock it before sliding down it and crying. You couldn’t stop crying even if you wanted to. The screams coming from yoru fathers throat was just so scary. Just as you were cowering, the sound of the front door opening made you open yoru ears a little bit.
“Jesus woman! There you are! Get in the kitchen and make me something I’m starving!” 
“Make something yourself you lazy piece of shit! Ive been out all day!”
“If you mean out all day getting drugged out on who knows what! Be useful for once and make me soem damn dinner!”
“I’m not doing shit for you bastard!” The sounds of your parents arguing rang through the house as you cried in yoru room.  You hated when they fought. You would sometimes get so scared that you hid a home phone in your room. Just in case you needed to call someone.
Just then, the sounds of your mother screaming echoed throughout the house. You knew those kinds of screams. You hated those screams. So against your better judgement, you picked up the phone and dialed one of the only numbers you knew.
“Hello 119?”
You wake up with a scream as you quickly look around your surroundings. Darkness engulfed you except for the light of the moon peaking in through the opening off the cave and the small embers of a burned out fire. 
Rubbign your eyes you noticed tears covered yoru hands. You sighed as you laid back down. 
Almost every night. Every fucking night was a nightmare of your past that you couldn’t escape from. That's why you preferred the day. At least it had promise and it was always something new. At least it use to be. 
You tried blocking out any more negative thoughts from your mind as you tried to go back to sleep. Deserpate that maybe for once you’ll be able to sleep peacefully. 
Sunshine poured into the cave causing you to wake up. Letting out a big yawn you slightly stretched before remembering the pain in your arm. You wince as you brought it close to yoru chest. 
The familiar feeling that you desperately tried to forget started creeping back into your life again after yesterday. You couldn’t let that happen. Your WOULDN’t let that happen.
“Kai? Are you awake love?” You gently rubbed the beasts next to yoru shoulder as you spoke to him softly. 
“Well now I am. What do you want?”
“We need to talk about last night.”
“There's nothing to talk about.”
“But there is! Last night you literally threw me across the woods and made me land hard enough to give me bruises and knock the wind outta me. Not to mention my arm.”
“I was mad.”
“That doesn’t give you the right still. Instead of using violence, can we use words? Communication is key in every relationship. Even ours.” You slowly moved your hand to his hair as your began to gently caress his head. 
“Whatever. As long as you’ll stop nagging at me.” Not what you wanted to hear, but it was the closes yes you were going to get, probably.
“Thank you sweetie.”
It's been a good month since your important conversation with your love. The relationship has been going extremely well since then! Well enough to the point where you both decided to try for child. 
Being a mother wasn’t something you saw yourself doing growing up. The fear of turning like your own ruined it for you for so long. But you found someone, someone that you know loves you and cares for you. That would do anything to protect his child. 
You didn’t know if you were truly pregnant yet as you only had one late period. It happens a lot but you were still very careful regardless. You knew that you would love whatever was growing inside of you and that you’d be better than your parents ever were. 
You knew that you were definitely pregnant by now. 9 weeks seem to go by quickly. Your belly has grown a bit and you’ve gotten strange cravings that you would never think about eating normally. 
Being pregnant was a lot cooler in the shows than it was. You weren’t much of a fan having to go to the bathroom every 30 minutes or not being able to lay certain ways. Along with other things that you couldn’t think of at the moment.
Your love has been out a lot ever since you started showing the signs. He keeps telling you hes getting supplies  but yet he never brings home anything. He was a monster after all, how would he bring home anything anyways? He always manages to do it but its so strange. 
Even though you didn’t want to leave the bed as you were so comfy, you decided to get some fresh air. It’ll be good for the baby and you.
Getting up proved to be a challenge but it was worth it to see the colorful leaves falling off the trees. 
“Isn’t it pretty? Fall is my favorite as it always brought me a sort of calm. I actually met your father during fall years back.” You liked talking to your offspring, even if it wasn’t really developed enough to hear or understand it.
The sounds of leaves crunchign under yoru foot soon turned even louder as the sound of an engine roared near you. You turned your head only to see a familiar dirt bike and helmet making it’s way towards you.
“So we met again huh forest girl? I see you’ve been busy haha.” A heat burned your cheeks as you laughed nervously as well.
“Nice to see you again. Didn’t think I would. And yeah, I guess you could say so huh?”
“Hope your not foraging while being like that are ya? Having to get on your knees and getting back up must be hell for your back and such.”
“Your right. Sadly my foraging days are over until they come out. So now i just walk around and enjoy the fresh forest air.”
“Sounds lovely.” A beeping interrupted the conversation as you saw the man look down at his bike. 
“Ah shit. Wish I could stay and chat more but running low on fuel. Gotta head back before i get stuck out here ya know?” You only nod as he puts his helmet back on and starts his bike.
“See ya later forest girl. Better start coming up with names 'cause I wanna hear them.”
“Will do.” Without another word, the man took off into the forest until you couldn’t see him anymore. 
You wanted to stay out and roam more but you soon started to feel sick so you try to walk yoru way back towards the cave. For it simply being the first trimester, it surely gets you sick.
Sitting by the campfire planning dinner is when you heard an angry roar echo through the cave. Looking up, you see your monster coming towards you with an enraged look on it’s face.
“What's wrong, love?”
“You were outside the forest lines again!”
“What? The forest lines are so far from here do you think that i’d be able to walk that far?”
“Obivoulsly if I can smell another man on you!”
“No need to worry darling, that man simply drove past me again and stopped to chat for a second. Nothing else. Why don’t you come sit near the fire and I’ll make you somethign to eat?” You send him a smile but that did nothing to difuse his unjustifide rage.
“I’d rather eat dinner with a slug. At least they look nicer than you.” his words caught you off guard and only survived to bring memories of your childhood flood back into your mind.
“No man will ever love an ugly creature such as yourself understand? They’d probably rather jump off a bridge.”
Your mothers voice rang through your head as tears threatened to spill from your eyes. Choking them back down you take a deep breath as you look at the monster in front of you.
“That's no way to talk to the mother of your child. We’ve talked about this. I apologize if I upset you but i would like one back for calling me ugly please.” You got no response—only the sound of him throwing his body onto the makeshift bed. 
Maybe it’d be best if you just slept the night away and forgot about everything that happened.
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snoopdoodle · 2 years
Tumblr media
collab with : @sunflowerdaisybee
so glad we could do this!!
Stop I live for this type of stuff :D also if you like it enough id love to do a part 2 !!
Dad, but not
platonic!ranboo x dad!reader
pronouns: he/him
summary: Ranboo's dad (reader) is in town.
You raised Ranboo, like a father would to a child. Although, you weren't his birth-father, or related to him in anyway possible, he still considered you his dad. You had gon through all of his accomplishments with himHe’d brag about you on and no on stream, and when chat would ask to mean you, he'd flat out reject their request with a hard no…. seriously, there's a compilation of it on youtube. He had told you this previously, but soon enough, he would be leaving for the UK to meet up with his friends, you remember their names. Tommy, Tubbo, and Philza. You think back to it.
“I wish you could come with me, dad. You and Phil would get along well…. Probably.” He had said, and you smiled at the thought, it was funny to you. Meeting up with your… kid’s friends and having nothing to talk about. “What would we talk about? I don’t enjoy playing Minecraft like those people.” You spoke, laughing as Ranboo groaned. You laughed whole-heartedly again as you heard the banging on his desk. It was probably his fist. You’d yet to hell him, but you’d be going to Europe for a business trip in a few weeks. Actually, it was the same week as him. It was just 2 days off that your company scheduled the flight. You were ready to tell him, but you heard his “Streaming alarm” go off, so you had to wait.
Your thoughts were ripped away from you by a ping from your phone. You smiled as you looked at it, it was Ranboo and his friend, Tubbo, in the car. Poor kid, he was too tall for the car so he had to slouch down a mile. It made you laugh, so you sent a simple text, being tired and not knowing how to work the phone well enough when you’re sleepy.
My kid sent a message at 6:13am, 9/14/21
You sent a message at 6:15am, 9/14/21
Lol, happy you’re happy, kid. Keep making me laugh and I won’t be able to sleep.
My kid sent a message at 6:16am, 9/14/21
You sent a message at 6:16am, 9/14/21
Grammar, you’re smart.
My kid sent a message at 6:17am, 9/14/21
Ok grandpa, love you too. 🙄
You sent a message at 6:16am, 9/14/21
That’s my boy. Love ya’, kid. ❤
You smiled at your phone, falling asleep shortly after. You’d need it for the 12 hour plane ride.
You woke up tired, there was still 3 hours left on the plane ride. The sun was shining in your face and you could see the clouds close up. You unplugged your phone from the airplane’s charger and chuckled as you saw the notifications. “7 unread messages from him? Jeez kid, I was asleep.” You laughed again as you read the messages. “Met with Tommy, watched a movie, cat… jeez, updating me on every part of your life, aren’t we.” you mumbled. It was funny, so the person beside you laughed. “Sorry, sorry, I heard your mumbling and I thought it was funny, I’m Kristin.” The woman smiled and held out her hand for a handshake. You contoured your body to shake her hand. She smiled and laughed again, shaking her head.
You smiled at the woman, and decided to start a conversation. “So,” you started, “Why are you headed to England?” She smiled, opening her phone. “Well, I’m on my way to see my husband. Just doing a surprise visit, then heading back to work in America.” She spoke, pulling up an image of her husband. ‘He looks familiar…’ You thought before it hit you. “Oh… my lord..” You dragged out, smiling. “Do you know Ranboo? Has your husband talked about him?” You asked. She looked confused, but nodded. You smiled even wider, happy about this situation. “I’m Ranboo’s dad. Well, not biologically, but I know he talks about me in his streams.” Kristin’s eyes lit up in delight and realization, and you two started talking while exchanging phone numbers in the process.
By the time you all stopped talking, the plane had landed and you were both smiling messes. You were happy to be seated by someone who could understand living with a streamer. “Bye Kristin!” You yelled as she walked to her car. Your face blossomed with a smile as she turned around and waved back. You went to the baggage claim area, walking to go get your [color] bag. You grinned as you saw your bag, the doodles from ranboo were littered on the [color] bag. Speed walking over to it, you picked it up and set it on the floor. Adjusting the backpack that was settled on your shoulders, you grabbed the suitcase’s handle and sped off to find your company’s rental car. You walked through the crowds, laughing as you could see over almost everyones’ head. You were really tall amongst these people, at the raging height of 6’2.
You smirked as you reached your company’s car, biting the inner part of your lips. You hopped into the car, it was a Subaru, so this should be fun. You drove right out of the parking garage and sped to your hotel. Once you go there, unpacking all of your things, you decide to walk around the town. You were feeling pretty hungry after only being able to eat crummy plane food, so you wme with your next best bet. Although, throughout this whole time, you didn't tell Ranboo that you would be in England. You only realized this when you heard him. “Y/N?” Your eyes shot open, and you turned around to face him. You could see his confused smile through his mask. “Y/N?” He asked again, and this time you walked right to him, dragged him down, and nuggied his head. “Kid! You scared the crap outta me!” You yelled. Ranboo was hitting your hand, wanting you to let go.
“Hey, man. Get off our friend.” A dark voice spoke. You turned to look at who it was, but a wave of surprise hit you. It was Tommy, with Tubbo and Wilbur behind him. You frowned and flicked Ranboo on his forehead. His hands rushed to cover the spot. “Ow! What the hell, dad?!” The confusion and relief washed over the group’s faces. They know you're not a stranger, but you're his dad? Realization hit Tubbo before anyone else. “Wait!! You're the guy ranboo always talks about on streams!” He shouted. Tommy and Wilbur realized this as well, and smiled. “Oh yeah, I should probably introduce myself.” You started, clearing your throat. “I’m Ranboo's dad…. but not.” You said. The 3 boys gave a roar of laughter to that sentence, and you had to give your two cents of chuckles as well. These next weeks are gonna be amazing.
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vumming · 1 year
all of us are dead — han gyeong-su & lee cheong-san “love, diamond” warning : spoiler, cringe, cliché, angst ( very terrible lol )
Tumblr media
You after the boy, he was quick on his feet being a few inches taller than you, seven years old Gyeong-su howled in laughter as he ran across the field. “Stop! You're so mean!”
“Haha! You can't catch me!” He cheekily threw at you, pulling out his tongue to further annoy you.
“Noo!!” You cried, watching as your stuff toy get further away from you, in the hands of the very boy whom you tried to chase. Exhaustion hitting you on your whole body, you pant, sitting down without a grain of energy left to spare before crying.
Gyeong-su looked back to where you are, finding you crying as he panicked. Running to your side and giving the doll back, “h-here! You can have it now, I'm sorry, please don't cry..” He awkwardly pats your back.
“Don't cry now... sorry, I took your doll without your permission.” He apologized, hopeful eyes looking at you as you rub your eyes. “That's why, let's make up, yeah?”
“Mhmm..” You sniffed, opening one eye to take the doll from his hands to embrace it. “I forgive you but promise me you won't do it again!”
“Make you sad?”
“Well.. yes and.. steal my doll!” You huffed, sternly stating the last of your sentence with confidence to which Gyeong-su nodded at.
“Alright! I won't make you sad and take your doll again!” A smile erupted from both of your lips, him jokingly pointing out your puffy eyes and red nose. “You look silly, hehe!” He bops your nose with his finger, a chuckle left his mouth.
It was a normal paced childhood, you and him being friends on first grade—it was a very nice friendship.
The tune of Auld Lang Syne tuning in your surrounding, you and Gyeong-su laid on the grass on all fours. Eventually, you found yourself closing your eyes.. easing into the comforting presence of your precious friend and the hum that echoes in your ear.
Tumblr media
White and blue, the sky is so clear, it looks so pretty like this. Even much more when relief then washes in your heart, alike to a child getting their first wish granted, water flowing out of a pristine goblet made of diamond and gold. You remember..
The day you open your eyes to look at the carefree sky. The old hum of Auld Lang Syne. The familiar whisper of the wind and the light caress of the grass beneath you.
But what you are gazing now is complete darkness. Nothing shines in the dark, but it made you feel at ease. The throb of your heart echoes in your head.
Saline water fell out of your eyes but they did not hit the ground, no, they stayed afloat with you like feathers blown by the wind.
That mortified look— the hand that reaches out to grab your own. Fingers touched against yours but never secured.
“Why are you here?! Go back, please.. It's not your time yet!”
There were red strings all around you, enveloping you, entangled to each other as they circle around your figure. A big scissor slowly approaches, terrifying yet at the same time, comforting in a way. Blinding, the best way to describe the lolling strings that surrounds you. A lifeline.
And then,
It cuts the string.
“Stay safe no matter what.”
“I'm home, Gyeong-su.”
Tumblr media
Nam On-jo, childhood friend of Lee Cheong-san. A very pretty, brave, and stubborn girl who've been through Cheong-san's side through thick or thin.
You can see in his eyes, the way he gazes at his friend, that lovelorn look that fills those beautiful look that makes you wish it was you whom he have his eyes set on. Even someone really stupid would be able to tell that he held deep romantic feelings for his childhood friend. You bit the inside of your cheek, looking away from the boy to avoid jealousy taking over your heart.
It hurts but you knew better.
You were an outsider who entered a close-knit friendship, what only pulls you in was Gyeong-su. Holding his hand out for you to take, like how you did years ago.
Flocked by darkness and locked by cages along with chains and shackles, the stone cold metal then infects your heart. Leaving no room for warmth, like a gemstone, so beautiful yet so hard—ahh.. This bound hatred fears you greatly.
You remembered, the need and want for him to look in your direction. Embracing Cheong-san romantically. Every touch burns, every second with him flares. It was a situation similar to a moth clinging to a candlelight.
And his mind muddled with you—pushing and pulling you alongside On-jo.
It eats you inside and out. The guilt knowing that you did something your moral doesn't like. Fuck, if only everything will burn. Then you won't have to worry about the consequences of your action. If only.. there is a border between fiction and reality, you'd jump into it with no hesitation.
“Hey, y/n. Do you like Cheong-san?”
You remember...
“Ah.. I see.. No, it was nothing! I was just curious..” Why does he look hurt? What does that mean?
“Gyeong-su! No!”
That time back where it all started to form ashes, where it all crumbles and die. The recording room. “Don't come near me! Stay away! Fuck- y/n! Stay away from me!” He was desperate, screaming his head so no one would go near him. He saw you, tears streaming down your eyes.
It burns.
It hurts.
This flame that does nothing but destroy all your hope. Your eyes drown in fog. Watching before your very eyes for him to turn into something you failed to recognize. Gyeong-su, who was always so cheeky and nice to you, no longer whom he used to be.
Our promise..
A grunt was all it took until everything fell down the drain, you, fighting him off despite the pain the prickles you to no end.
You flip him off, using your leg as a measure to keep him at a distance, his body hitting the table beside you. “I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I was wrong- Please come back.”
For auld lang syne, my dear.
The tune that haunts you. There it goes.
For auld lang syne.
You choked a sob, pulling Gyeong-su with your weight to the window where Cheong-san was. His thrashing didn't help either, attacking everyone in his line of vision.
We'll take a cup o' kindness yet.
A push, the need to eat and instinct of the virus completely took over him. His body hits the ground yet you didn't further look. Trudging to the nearest corner to think of what you have done.
For days of auld lang syne.
“I'm such a terrible person.. I couldn't even save someone precious to me.. I'm so useless.” You whispered to yourself. This wasn't the fire you wanted.
Tumblr media
You didn't know what came to you, kissing with the person whom your heart races for yet it didn't bring the happiness you chased. Fireworks and flowers weren't blown.
You part away, lids fluttering open as your grip remain on Cheong-san's clothes. His hand guiding your neck, you watch him lean in, running after your lips—missing your warmth despite the proximity of your bodies.
It truly felt wrong.
You don't want this anymore but your body did nothing of such, obeying its' own wishes, pulling the boy closer to you and your eyes closed.
Soft yet rough, Cheong-san bit your lower lip, asking for permission, waiting for you to part your lips. Your hands sneaking up their way to his shoulder, arms finding purchase of his neck. The tingling ablaze it cause was destructive.
What felt like minutes were blown away as soon as your lips part, granting the boy access as he groan, you, swallowing the sounds he made. It felt so right and so wrong. What is it that eats you? Guilt? Sorrow? Anger? You couldn't tell because another lock causes your mind to be as clear as a puddle.
Tumblr media
Gyeong-su pulls your hand, the two of you walking towards Cheong-san, I-sak, and On-jo. “Gyeong-su, hold on!”
“You look stupid looking at him with love sick eyes it's making me gag, at least confess to him already!”
“No wait- I am not ready yet!” You tug, trying to fight off your friend from completely dragging you to the three students that are occupied with their conversation. “Oi, you bastard!” You thrashed causing him to laugh.
“It's so pathetic seeing you so miserable, besides, I did promised not to make you sad, yeah?” He threw you a toothy grin, “So c'mon.”
Was he aware that Cheong-san himself held deep feelings for the girl? Or is Gyeong-su completely oblivious to that? “Ah.. I see.. No, it was nothing! I was just curious..”
And there's a hand, my trusty fiere.
“Gyeong-su.. was that why you asked me if I like him?” You pause in your steps, the boy halting once he heard your question, he didn't looked at you though, face held up but not towards you. “Yeah.. Yeah! that's the reason!”
He then continues to drag you. “Don't mess it up okay? I'll distract I-sak and On-jo for you as well! So you better thank me for this and buy me a lot of fried chicken later!”
You could only lightly smile even if he doesn't see it. His hands that clasped on yours, it felt nice, you shift your hand, lacing your fingers with his. “Sure!”
And gie's a hand o' thine.
“Y/n-ah.. to be honest... I still want to eat fried chicken with you after this is over..” He groans, sobbing as he looks at you. “We.. we can still do that, r-right?” Gyeong-su stammered, clinging unto the last string of hope.
And we'll tak a right gude-willy waught.
“So.. don't cry-” He cries, the same smile on his face plastered—the same that will always be locked in your memories. “You really look silly when you cry..”
“I'll go out on my own.. I- I will go out so..” He walks himself towards the door, stumbling to the furniture.
Our promise.. I'm sorry I couldn't fulfill it. In the end, I still made you sad.
For auld lang syne.
Tumblr media
“Be completely honest, do you like someone?”
Everyone stayed circle on the fire, looking at Cheong-san who cut off his previous sentence to an excuse. Your gaze locked on his contemplating face.
Personally, you don't know what to feel. A part of hopes he won't like someone else but a part of it wishes he does—which you are aware but couldn't help to think, will he really choose?
“I like you, Cheong-san!” You can vividly remember it, you confessing your love with a throbbing pain—you don't know why, but you didn't question the pain. Handling the boy your name tag before scurrying away, shy and flustered.
You stayed silent, tired and exhausted from all the running and fighting.
Listening to them, more or so, looking at the boy whom you like. Somehow, his eyes that used to sends your forlorn soul a dose of happiness couldn't be detected, lock with yours but no emotion held.
You looked away. Guilt eating you alive, you already have your answer.
“Really? You do?” On-jo couldn't believe her ears, leaning towards her childhood friend's direction in interest. Everyone looks between the two of them, already having a gist of what's the connection. “Yes.” Cheong-san once again confirmed.
“Why are you stalling, is it a crush?”
“Pretty much.”
“Pretty much? What does that mean? Who is she?”
You sucked a breath in, closing your eyes and resting your head on the palm of your hand. “No one.”
“Who is she? Do I know her?” The girl pressed forward. “Who?”
Your lids cracked open, seeing the boy you fancy with deep feeling held in his eyes while looking at On-jo. “You.” He admits.
“You. Nam On-jo.”
Does it hurt?
Does it not?
Why couldn't you feel anything?
“I like you.”
Yet On-jo didn't believed him, laughing it off as a joke—you could see how hurt the boy is, looking at her in pain at the deny. “He doesn't mean it, he's just kidding.”
No one believes it. Already set at how Cheong-san bravely admits his adoration.
“We were friends and neighbors since kindergarten, that's all.” How bittersweet.
“Stop joking.” She firmly states towards him, “I'm not joking.”
Having enough, On-jo stood up and walked near the edge of the building, Cheong-san following along her causing you to groan. He just smacks it right into my face indirectly with everyone around.
But that's alright, because...
While strange, for some reason it wasn't as hurtful as you expected it to be.
Tumblr media
“Follow my lead, y/n. This, like this!” Gyeong-su laid down on the snow, flapping his limbs back and forth before he stood up and showed you his master piece.
“I know how to do a snow angel Gyeong-su!”
“Just saying!” He pulls his tongue out towards your direction who's still busy tying the laces of your boots but the floof and big clothing you wore are kinda being a pain.
He goes near you, hot breath coming out in smog due to the cold. “Oh! You're such a slowpoke! Here, let the great Gyeong-su help you!” He chuckles, going down on one foot to tie your shoes.
“Your lace sucks.” You commented at his handiwork causing him to pout and playfully swat your incoming hands to tickle him. “Mean!”
You giggled at his reaction, watching his nose go more red than before, undoing your big scarf to circle it on his neck. “Wha- hey! You'll need this more than me! Look at you, you're much more fragile than the great Gyeong-su!”
Irked at his comment, you smack his arm, “Are you calling me weak?!”
“Duh!” Gyeong-su put the scarf back on you, rolling his eyes and heeding no mind to your scowl as he covers even your lower face with your fluffy clothing.
“But you're freezing! You can't be the great Gyeong-su if you get sick.” You pointed out causing his face to flush red, finishing the laces before cupping a snow to smack on your face, running away before you could even react to the cold.
“Why you-! Gyeong-su! Come back here!”
Tumblr media
“You're all dead.”
Gwi-nam showed up, towering everyone and throwing them left and right. Despite the fall from earlier. You charged towards him, grabbing a loose metal from a chair to smack him with, but Su-hyeok was going on par with the same speed, causing you to speed up and swipe your feet to knock Gwi-nam down.
Shit your feet hurts like a bitch but it was worth it when you saw his defense crumble for a bit.
Everyone did their best, including Nam-ra, holding on to the boy despite the pain she's receiving. Gasping for air, you hold your punched stomach, coughing up blood before charging back, using the pole to lock Gwi-nam's neck, strangling the hambie.
“You pesky vermin! Let go!”
Seeing your hand in the line of vision, Gwi-nam bit it as hard as he could causing you to scream, his teeth bared into your bones, cracking them but your grip hardened. “Aaaarghh!!”
Fuck fuck fuck- it hurts so bad!
Tears prickling your eyes as you drag yourself back to the edge of the school building. Gwi-nam let out a cough, digging his hands to your arm to get you off, persistently pulling him until your eyes locked with Nam-ra.
Pounding a fist on the concrete, she stood up, anger bubbling before kicking the delinquent by his solar plexus, you stumbling along with him.
“Noooo!!” The man in your hold screams. The last thing you could see in the warmly lit haven, was Su-hyeok, Cheong-san and Nam-ra, the former has his hand outstretched towards your direction.
A devastated look on his face.
“Cheong-san... Stay safe no matter what..”
You whispered, grip lessen on the thrashing boy. Tears floats with you. Time stilled.
The sky couldn't be even more beautiful. Your eyes closed, and the familiar tune of your favorite song fills in the abyss.
“Wait for me, Gyeong-su.”
Underneath the rubble of the ruined building, laid a torn piece of fabric. L/n Y/n. A momento, requiem for the dead flows alone the wind. A silent song.
For auld lang syne.
Tumblr media
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geekandmisandry · 7 months
How can millennials unlearn queer purity culture?
Empathy. We need to stop viewing online discourse as something we can "win" and recognise that even when we disagree with someone or they say something we think is uninformed they are a PERSON. Try talking to them about why you feel what they said might be insensitive, or ask them how they came to that view and share your view.
Why the fuck should we argue over what fanfic someone reads or if a historical figure was technically homo or bi sexual or whatever else we have done. We can just... dislike it and move on.
And I mean that, you really don't have to like the art someone else likes. And we can definitely talk about problematic art, but it doesn't mean that people who like it are bad people. And content creators can make mistakes and you can dislike them but saying "x person is y bigoted and if you follow them unfollow me" is...bad.
People might have a number of reasons to support a creator you think is a bad or did a bad, they might ultimately decide that the good outweighs the bad. Hell, some people still watch Roman Polanski movies and I'm OK with that. I'm not ok with Polanski himself or anyone who defends his actions, but if you are a cinephile that wants to watch Rosemary's baby then that is your personal call and it does not mean you are a "child abuse enabler".
If someone works at ShittyCorp as a janitor and ShittyCorp happens to sell baby formula cut with cocain to kids in Australia to get them hooked on the white stuff, the janitor is not "someone who is down with baby drug lords in the southern hemisphere". And while you could say that working there is an immoral or less moral choice, it is not the totality of who they are.
And remember that all of this behaviour, of being the good queer, the lefty leftist, being Mx Woke Congeniality will eventually make things harder for you. You have helped build a smaller box to put yourself in and it will eventually bite you. There is not a single person who has clean hands.
You know how edgelords accuse us of eating ourselves? I don't think they are entirely wrong. The way we dogpile on when someone is revealed to be less than perfect, the way we will compile a list of their sins to make it look lot a "pattern of behaviour "even though it is like 6 tweets and a video over a 15 year chronically online period.
The way we gatekeep forgiveness... yeah, no one is entitled to your forgiveness. But if you are still really holding shit against someone for something uninformed they said 5 years ago even though they eventually learned, apologised and wouldn't do it now... maybe you should look at why, and what benefit you get out of still talking about that one thing.
Because it does come around to us. We have all said something dumb, uninformed, way out of our lane and when the dogpile comes for you then you will realise that nothing you say matters. People don't really want you to improve, we are here for our pound of flesh. And we love watching a fall from grace.
If a creator did something Uninformed and there are 1000 people tweeting at them with suggestions and insults, ask what you could contribute. Has it already been said? Then maybe don't say anything. Because I can tell you from experience when 100 people are reacting in bad faith and insults, it becomes harder to hear the 2 or 3c that are genuinely making suggestions for improvement. It just feels like a wave. So don't be part of it.
Or be part of a positive wave and tweet "I know x creator made a mistake and I hope they are able to see it, adjust accordingly and keep making content, because they add so much value to our community".
We have got to start viewing each other complexly. Why did that person say That Thing? Is it because they are a bigot who hates x group? Are they uninformed? Was it taken out of context? Where they speaking from hurt and lashing out and accidentally hit out at another group? All of these things matter.
None of us are endlessly patient and no, it's not our "job" to educate anyone, but some of us need to start doing it more often because otherwise we end up in an echo chamber of purity. And if we don't talk to them, don't understand and empathise with them, do you know who will? People far away from the fringes of good intentions.
If someone tries to reach out with empathy to a group that we, rightly, fear or hate, they are very unlikely to be a bigot who enables them, they might be trying to deradicalise them or other well intended means.
I was once tagged, many years ago, to condemn someone who was talking to a paedophile. When I looked into it the person themselves had been a victim and was talking to them... not to enable them, but to try and adjust some of the things they (the paedophiles) thought were healthy interactions. During this the poster gave some advice that was... not very well thought through. It could have and SHOULD have been gently corrected. But instead they were, a victim themselves, labelled as an enabler and supporter.
I've been tagged or had asks telling me that someone I reblogged from once liked or reblogged some incest art or something.
And I totally get not liking that art, it's not for me either. But I don't feel the need to condemn those who do like it, for whatever reason, to the depths of hell.
Hell, I even saw callouts because people shipped some kids together in a fictional, animated kids show. Not even for anything nsfw, it was just... wanting them to wind up together in a show. And the person happened to be in their mid 20s and thus it was problematic.
I'm not saying you have to suddenly engage someone in the intricacies of the omegaverse and have them explain knotting to you in the name of tolerance and empathy.
But we need to learn that things can squick us out without deciding that someone needs to pay for it, that someone needs to be held accountable. We can examine trends, tropes and talk about of we think there are real life consequences of that kind of art or media, but we have got to stop trying to invent new ways to shit on each other so we don't truly have to engage in critical thinking.
Labelling someone homophobic, racist, antisemetic, biphobic, misogynistic, transphobic or another host of things and then dropping the mic is not a "win". And just because someone says something that falls within one or more of those claims doesn't mean the whole person is trash. If you find yourself wanting to do that, to label then as bad, to throw them away, to drag them and wanting that to happen... you need to take a step back because it sounds personal.
And that doesn't mean that shit should go unchecked or that a person shouldn't be deplatformed sometimes. It means you need to engage in good faith, are you interpreting things the way you want to? Why are you doing what you are doing? What do you think would be a good outcome here? Why? Is there an outcome that is good for everyone, including the person who did wrong? Can we strive for that?
This is already an extremely long post and I'm writing on mobile so chances are that I doubled up my points. But a breakdown is: empathy and critical thinking. What do you want and why? Is there a way to look at things more complexly? And is it possible that ignoring this situation and moving on is actually the best course of action? Can you add anything positive?
And for gods sakes, go easy on kids. Gentle corrections and modelling good behaviour is the way to deal with them.
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