#I think it won't and the comics are already incredible but!
stardustedknuckles · 1 year
Oh man I didn't realize until literally just now that Vox Machina is the definitive first commercially successful dnd based show. There's no other dnd phenomenon that's come out this way. This could be the start of so much to come - for them and maybe even for some of the other ttrpg shows that have swept through popular culture these past few years.
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genericpuff · 12 days
I've come to the stunning realization-
-that Lore Olympus is basically to the webtoons industry what Youtube Kids is to Youtube.
And I'm not talking about the general "Youtube Kids" label, I'm talking about those videos - Elsagate, Johny Johny, Cocomelon, Mickey Mouse tattooing Spongebob or whatever other weird example you can think of - which are explicitly designed to game the algorithm, turn views into money, and most of all, gain and keep the attention of the one demographic that won't question what they're consuming - children.
I mean, this is undoubtedly just a tinfoil hat theory, but think about it:
Bright oversaturated colors that are attention-grabbing.
Tumblr media
Meme faces and 'lol rAnDoM' humor even when it doesn't suit the situation at all.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Art that's all around ugly and cheap on a technical level but still stands out due to its color design and prioritized advertising.
Tumblr media
Vapid surface level scene-to-scene writing that doesn't connect or have any meaning in any coherent way.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
One-dimensional projection characters who are easy to manipulate and sway for audience sympathy or anger even if those opinions change on a dime based on actions in the moment.
Tumblr media
Cliffhangers that are less like true cliffhangers and more like clickbait. Episodes nowadays tend to be filled with drawn out plotlines, vague hints that can be applied to just about any school of thought, and non-sequitur memes to fill the time until they can hook the reader with another cliffhanger to keep them coming back next week.
Tumblr media
Coin prices have gone up but episode length, substance, and quality have noticeably gone down. Even if they reach the same panel count they usually have, dialogue is minimal and pacing is brutally inconsistent to the point that plot progression is often non-existent.
Tumblr media
Banner ads that run constantly, often in the first or second (or both) slots, with push notifications and pop-up ads also becoming more frequent whether you're subscribed to the comic or not.
Tumblr media
And underneath ALL of that, we've got blatant objectifying and sexualization of female characters regardless of context, misogyny that claims to be progressive, racist undertones, borderline fetish content that constantly toes the Terms of Services line, normalization of problematic/toxic relationship dynamics, a creator who's more interested in 'getting back' at critics than writing an actual story, and underlying messaging both from the characters' and the creator's behavior that encourage witch-hunting, rejection of accountability, and blind devotion.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
All this is essentially why I've given up consuming LO entirely, beyond just on a critical level as of late. There was a time long ago when I stuck around in the hopes it was going to get better, that maybe it was just going through a "rough patch" as some stories do. After that I stuck around because I wanted to see how it could possibly pull off its ending. And then after that, I simply stuck around for the laughs and community banter. But now I don't even find it funny anymore, the punchline of how bad it is has gotten incredibly old. And at this rate, as much as we'd like to believe it's going to end in its third season as it's been mentioned in the past, we also were told it was going to end between 100-200 episodes prior to that - the way it's going, I can't even stick around "for the ending" because LO is going to be around for as long as WT tries to milk it, despite it no longer having a heartbeat.
As much as I've loved talking shit about this comic and it's undoubtedly the main reason so many of you followed me here in the first place, I'm not going to lock myself in some kind of purgatory hell just to be proven what I already know is going to happen - either the comic continues on forever, doomed to be a lifeless mascot for the zombie corporation that is WT, or RS eats shit while trying to stick the landing with a plane that has no functional parts.
There's a quote from Caddicarus that I couldn't help but think of as I typed this up, from his nearly-decade-old review of Dalmations 3 (oh god, it's nearly been a decade since that video came out what the actual fuck-)
"And this is where I officially lost all fucking care. I realized it wasn't going to end anytime soon. It's one of those rare instances where the novelty of how awful everything is actually gets really tiresome and unfunny." - Caddicarus
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Imagine # 921
Gifs NOT mine.
If either gif is yours (or you know who's it is) please let me know, so I can give you/them credit.
Gif credit goes to - @lady-weiss & @rasputinaillyanna (Unless told otherwise.)
Year posted - 2022
• It's so fucking chaotic it's both heaven and hell.
• They are constantly fighting over you, hurling insults at one another while you sit there quietly. Waiting patiently before you get the chance to cut in, and voice what you want to do, or who you want to go with.
• When you choose one of them, the other gets so so fucking jealous, but they know deep down you'll come back to them, you always do.
• God forbid you ever come back from one of the others complex with any kind of injury.
• One time you did come back from Heisenberg's factory with a small cut on your arm, and Alcina nearly tore him to shreds.
• Even though the injury was technically your fault. As you had tripped over your own feet, and when you're reflexes kicked in, you tried grabbing onto a nearby Soldat to steady yourself.
• And of course when you did that you managed to grab his drill arm, thus cutting your arm in the process.
• Oh boy but when Karl found puncture wounds on your shoulder a few weeks later, a result of some late night fun with Alcina, he was on the brink of marching his army to the Dimitrescu Castle.
• This is a constant thing! Hope you can handle that.
• Their so night and day it's almost comical!
• When you are with Alcina you are quite literally wrapped in luxury you could only dream of before meeting Lady D.
• And when you're with Karl you're surrounded by nothing but metal and blazing furnaces, which results in you wearing very little clothes half the time, trying desperately to keep cool.
• It's kinda really nice though tbh. You get a nice balance of luxury and organized chaos.
• When you're with Alcina you wear the best of the best, because her sweet little pet deserves nothing less, and you more or less don't have a real choice on the matter.
• While with Karl you can wear sweats and a hoodie, or shorts and a t-shirt, or whatever comfy clothes you wanna wear. Because Karl doesn't care what you're in, as long as your happy he's happy.
• And honestly you could wear a potato sack and Karl would still find you hot as fuck, no matter what you're in he's gonna flirt with you like a horny fuck, and if given the opportunity he'd dry hump you without hesitation... The man's horny okay...
• Where's with Alcina that just won't do. Don't get me wrong she really loves you, and she'll always find you incredibly sexy, but she still draws the line somewhere on what she'll allow you to wear.
• In her defense she's been surrounded with top quality luxury for so long, that nothing less than perfect is enough. She's accustomed to the best of the best, and she wants you to enjoy that with her.
• Alcina didn't think she could fall for you any further than she already had, not until she found you trying on one of her shorter nightgowns.
• You had forgotten that the maids were cleaning all of your sleepwear, and you'd decided impulsively to try on her smallest gown.
• The gown was essentially lingerie on Alcina, but on you it was a proper gown! And you looked so freaking adorable to her in that moment.
• When you noticed her presence you blushed like a dope, having been caught red handed. But the hungry look in Alcinas eyes nearly took your breath away.
• Neither of you got much sleep that night. (^_−)
• Karl caught you wearing his hat once, and he teased you for it of course, but deep down he found it incredibly sexy.
• You looked better with it on than he did! And he wasn't to salty about that, but he acted like it with his teasing.
• The thought of you giving him head while wearing his hat popped into his mind, and Karl wasn't ashamed to voice the new fantasy.
• Needless to say if you wear either of their clothes they both react the same way, they fall deeper in love with you, and become very horny.
• However if one sees you wearing something of the others, they will roll their eyes and act indifferent about it, trying desperately to ignore the article of clothing.
• God food at the Dimitrescu Castle is so so fucking good, well as long as Mila the middle aged maid that runs the kitchen cooks it.
• The Dimitrescu daughters have tried cooking for you a few times, which resulted in undercooked food, chard black food, bland food, and over seasoned foods being served to you.
• They always try fixing what they messed up the last time, which results in a new mess up. But they try so very hard, maybe one day they'll get it right.
• Now if Alcina tries cooking for you, it's not that bad. However it looks like death, the food she cooks weirdly always looks horrible.
• No one knows why it looks that way, and she tries her damnedest to make it look better, but in the end it looks terrible.
• But again the taste is pretty good, it's not exactly ground breaking, mind melting flavor, but it's pretty good considering she rarely cooks.
• Now food at Karl's factory is surprisingly mind melting, who knew that dirty foulmouthed man was a really really good cook.
• Like Gordon Ramsay look out! Okay maybe not that good, but like seriously it's good enough to make you literally drool when you smell it.
• You have no idea how he's able to cook like that, but apparently he was born to cook, and also build crazy half robot human monsters.
• Not to mention Karl loves impressing you with his cooking skills, so he insists on buying only the best possible ingredients that the Duke has to offer.
• And when you're around Karl totally ignores working on his army, and instead enjoys cooking for you, or cuddling with you, or you know indulging in other activities.
• The only thing they have in common is how they fuck you, like seriously they are weirdly in sync with the mood their in.
• Like most of the time, their pretty fucking rough, seriously your legs are shaking so bad afterwards, and you've definitely got bruises on your thighs.
• But periodically their mood switches and their so so gentle with you, and they always end up switching like that around the same time.
• Perhaps it's because they can tell that you need it a bit softer, or their just weird like that and they just sync up for some mysterious and weird reason, that not even Miranda can explain.
• Their both absolute cuddle bugs, both of them are so so freaking comfy and warm, and they can both envelope you in their arms with ease.
• They've both got serious anger issues, but they never intentionally direct their anger at you, but sometimes it happens.
• But they would never, they will never ever hurt you, eachother yeah probably, but not you.
• Alcina loves reading to you, or better yet she adores drawing you, or painting either way she loves loves loves it.
• Especially if you let her draw/paint you in the nude, those pictures are locked away securely in her room, because those are for yours and her eyes only!
• Even though Heisenberg has seen you naked just as often as Alcina has, she will never allow that filthy man thing to see those pictures.
• Karl loves watching movies reels with you, or teaching you how to engineer little robot companions.
• You literally have a mini army of tiny robots that follow you around like excited puppies, their so freaking cute yet chaotic it's very amusing.
• Karl also enjoys drawing you, although the drawings aren't as good as Alcinas, his sketches are still very impressive.
• Karl also really enjoys drawing you in the nude of course, and he also refuses to allow anyone else to see the sketches, especially Alcina!
• So yeah being shared between the two Lords is both heaven and hell... But in the best possible way.
• They adore you and will do anything for you, including putting up with the other just for you.
• Because at the end of the day as long as they have you, and you're happy their happy.
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ctitan98 · 7 months
18+ Minors DNI Y/N gets Alcina pregnant part 2
Credit to @rainyautumn-cronchleaf for coming up with the name for Alcina's child!
Alcina was so excited upon learning about the baby... Y/N was also overjoyed, but they were kind of freaking out. They had serious self-doubts about how good of a parent they would be...
"I'm gonna suck as a parent!" They lamented one afternoon as they sat on Alcina's lap and snuggled into her growing belly. "What if they ask to play with my action figures, break one, and then they get their sticky fingers all over my comic books?! I'll have to say yes to them or I'll look like an asshole!"
Alcina laughed. "Everything will be fine, draga. We'll keep your most prized possessions away from them." She said and rubbed Y/N's back. "You're going to be a wonderful parent. Besides, you'll have someone new to play with, won't that be fun?" She asked and titled Y/N's chin to look at them better.
Y/N crossed their arms. "Yes, I'm looking forward to that." They said and thought for a minute. "Oh! What if we give the baby to Donna so she can do all the gross stuff and we can just go over to play with it?!" Y/N suggested.
Alcina rolled her eyes, getting annoyed. "Y/N, I'm tired of you trying to dodge your responsibilities! I am having this baby and you will be a GREAT PARENT! Okay?!" Alcina yelled and growled at Y/N.
Alcina's not just a dragon, she's a mama-bear too. 100%
Y/N whimpered. "Okay, okay!" They said. "You're right, babe. I was just kidding about giving the baby to Donna!" They said trying to calm Alcina down.
Y/N was still incredibly worried they were gonna screw this kid up. "Alci... I'm just very scared, you know?" They said and gently rubbed Alcina's tummy.
Alcina placed her hand on top of Y/N's and guided it to where she felt the baby kicking. "Y/N, the baby will love you so much. You have nothing to fear, okay? I'll be right by your side, draga." She promised.
Y/N smiled at feeling the baby kick and they nodded. Talking with Alcina always seemed to make them feel a lot better.
"Hey Alci, what should we even name the baby?" Y/N asked and tilted their head up at her.
Alcina smirked. "I've already picked out the perfect name, draga." She said and rubbed her belly. "Evangeline." She sighed wistfully. "Oh, isn't just so perfect, Y/N?!" She gushed. "I needed a name that starts with E... You know, to match me and the girls' alphabetical names? Evangeline is so beautiful, don't you think?" She smiled in contentment.
Y/N nodded but then wrinkled their nose the more they thought about it. "It sounds so fancy... I'm probably gonna shorten it to Evie or something." They said and laid their head back on Alcina as they thought. "Hehe, like the pokemon except spelled a little differently."
That comment made absolutely no sense to Alcina. "What is a-"
"Wait!" Y/N suddenly exclaimed. "What if it's a boy?" They asked.
Alcina was silent for a moment. "The baby will be a girl, Y/N." Alcina said with finality.
"But, how do you know? It could be-"
"A girl, Y/N. I simply refuse to have a boy." She said and crossed her arms.
Y/N was about to pipe up one more time, but the glare Alcina shot them had them rethink that decision. They huffed and snuggled back into Alcina's front. "Whatever you say, babe." They shrugged.
Alcina smiled. "Now, that's what I like to hear." She said triumphantly and stroked Y/N's hair.
Y/N then thought of something else much more important. "Hey, babe! Are your boobs getting any bigger now?" They asked and tried to grab Alcina's breasts.
Alcina winced. "Careful, draga! They're tender." She softly guided Y/N's hands away before they could touch them and pressed a kiss to their lips.
"I hope they get a lot bigger!" Y/N laughed and rubbed their hands together. "I'm very good at massages too, so if you think your boobs need a little-"
"Enough, Y/N." Alcina groaned.
The girls were feeling a bit weird about the news of the baby.
Dani and Cass were trying to stay positive, but they were still unsettled. Bela felt a bit jealous about how much of Alcina's time the baby would take up, but tried not to show it. The three of them found that talking with each other about it seemed to help a little, though.
"I bet it'll be loud." Cass said one evening as the three of them lounged on Bela's bed.
"Yeah! And bratty!" Dani agreed.
Bela rolled her eyes. "You basically just described yourselves, idiots." She said, inspecting her nails.
"Come on, Bela! What's something you'll dread the most when the baby's born. Share with us!" Dani urged.
Bela just picked up a book, seeming disinterested.
Cass laughed. "Yeah, I'm all for slandering babies! They literally shit up their own backs and then laugh about it."
Bela shot Cass a glare that clearly said 'What the fuck?' before clearing her throat. "Well..." She began, sitting up and turning to her sisters. "I guess I'm mostly worried that the baby will turn out like Y/N. I mean, I don't think the entire universe can house double that amount of stupidity."
Cass and Dani were silent for a moment before busting out laughing.
"Oh, man! It's gonna be a fucking dumbass!" Cass said, almost in tears from laughter.
Dani fell off the bed she was laughing so hard.
Bela chuckled at their reactions before suddenly tensing and going completely still.
Cass was about to question Bela until she looked up and saw what her sister was looking at. "Shit." She murmured.
Dani, who was on the floor, still laughing, peeked her head up over the bed to see why her sisters had gone so quiet. What she didn't expect to see was Y/N standing in the doorway looking incredibly hurt.
Bela was the first to speak. "Y/N! I didn't mean it. I'm sorry!" She exclaimed.
Y/N just bawled. "You called me stupid! I'm telling Alci!" They yelled as they ran out to find her.
The sisters looked at each other in alarm. The last thing they needed was Y/N telling their very pregnant and hormonal mother about what they said.
This was them running out to chase Y/N:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Y/N ran into Alcina's room and found her reading a book in bed.
Alcina turned to look at Y/N in surprise. "Draga, what's the-"
Y/N dashed over to her bed and jumped on the unoccupied side before smooshing their face in her breasts and sobbing.
Alcina was dumbfounded. She tried to adjust herself into a better position, but she really couldn't because of her baby bump and Y/N crying on top of her.
She let out a resigned sigh, before softly rubbing Y/N's back.
"Now, what is the matter, Y/N-"
Before Alcina could even finish her sentence, a huge crash was heard in the hallway followed by Bela lecturing Cass, who was cussing like a sailor after breaking a vase, and Dani laughing because she thought it was funny.
Alcina growled. This was too much chaos for her to handle at the moment. "GIIIIIRRRRLLLLSSS!" She roared.
The girls ran into Alcina's room and noticed Y/N was already there. "Damn it!" They all yelled at the same time.
Alcina raised an eyebrow and narrowed her eyes. "Excuse me?" She questioned, unamused.
The girls all started talking over each other before Y/N's head shot up. "The girls called me stupid!" They tattled.
Dani and Cass were ready to duct tape Y/N's mouth permanently, but Bela nervously flicked her eyes to Alcina to gauge her reaction. She had been extremely emotional over the last couple of months. Bela didn't want her to start crying uncontrollably or get all worked up like she had recently made a habit of doing over little things.
However, Alcina surprised them all by laughing harder than anybody had ever heard before. She laughed for a solid minute before she was even able to speak.
Y/N was freaked out. They slowly started to move away from Alcina, in case she made any sudden moves, but she grabbed their face and pulled them in for an unexpected kiss.
Alcina pulled away and looked at Y/N lovingly. "Aww, my poor little Y/N. Did you get your feelings hurt, draga?" She asked with a smile on her face.
Y/N was kind of breathless from the kiss. "Umm... What were we talking about again??" They said, now somewhat unsure of what happened before Alcina's laughing fit.
Dani laughed at Y/N proving the sisters' earlier point about their intelligence, but Bela rolled her eyes and dragged Cass and Dani out of the room to avoid any further embarrassment.
"Lie down, draga. You look tired." Alcina said as she ran her fingers through Y/N's hair.
Y/N yawned and rubbed their eyes. "I am kind of sleepy." They said and began to get comfortable before quickly sitting up. "Wait, I wanna say goodnight to the baby!" They suddenly remembered.
Alcina smiled. She loved when Y/N spoke to their newest child. "Go ahead, draga." She prompted and placed their hands on her belly.
"Good night, squirt!" They said. Alcina tutted and Y/N looked over to see that she had an eyebrow raised.
"Y/N, the baby has a name now." She reminded with a playful smirk.
Y/N chuckled. "Oh, yeah! Good night, Evangeline. Oops, I mean Evie!" Y/N smiled mischievously at Alcina.
Alcina just rolled her eyes in mock annoyance. She actually thought it would be really cute for Evangeline to have her own special nickname handpicked by Y/N.
"I can't wait to play with you and hold you. I love you very much!" Y/N finished and placed a kiss on Alcina's tummy. "I love you too, Alci!"
Alcina grinned. "We both love you, draga." She said and cupped their face. "Come lie down next to me." She patted the spot next to her on the bed.
Y/N snuggled into Alcina's side and she wrapped her arm around them before returning to her reading.
Y/N tried to nonchalantly grab one of Alcina's tiddies, but she reached up with the hand she was using to hold Y/N and flicked them on the forehead before they had the chance.
"Ow!" Y/N exclaimed and held their face in pain.
"Nice try, draga." Alcina said without looking up from her book.
Note: Fucking chaotic, bruh O.o Again, special thanks to @rainyautumn-cronchleaf for coming up with the name for the baby in this one! I still need names for Miranda's, Bela's, Cass's, and Dani's children for this series. Feel free to pop your ideas in the comments or reblog this post with your ideas!
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omnybus · 5 months
So, a while back, I wrote about how I really appreciate my watchers and commission clients for being so respectful to me, and how I've never dealt with an especially unpleasant client before.
Well, seems I jinxed myself!
The other day I was messaged by someone who asked if I wanted to take part in an unpaid collaborative art project. Normally I would turn down unpaid work, but I figured I might as well hear out what his project was and maybe give it a shout-out to others (I'm too polite; that's my problem). So he sends me a PDF detailing the project in question.
Basically he wanted to make a series of MLP comics starring his OCs along with 20-30 second animations to introduce each one. He also listed several jobs for the members of this project to fulfill: sketching, inking, coloring, cover art, lettering, scriptwriting, character design, prop design, 2D animators, 3D animators... even a "scientist" to help explain the workings of magic and tech in this series as well as "roleplayers" to help with writing character interactions. Like 30+ jobs in total.
While he did give a brief summery of the setting (sci-fi fantasy set 1000 years in the future) and stated there was no set time limit, at no point did he say what the plot of these stories are, how long these comics are supposed to be, how many there were going to be, or really any kind of framework to build off of. Hell, he didn't even name his OCs, let alone provide reference pics. The only thing he offered was the "privilege" of "showcase your own OCs" (which I can already do in my own gallery), "improving your art skills" (which I do literally every time I draw), and the opportunity to "help someone achieve their dream" (no comment).
Overall, everything about this project was incredibly vague and nondescript, and was essentially all going to be made up on the fly every step of the way. I even asked if he had a way to communicate with the other members of this project and all he said was "I have my ways of communicating". Like... why not just tell me? I felt like someone was trying to indoctrinate me into a cult, but they forgot that cult leaders are supposed to be charismatic. It seemed that all he had to offer were a bunch of lofty but nebulous ideas, and this clown was expecting a bunch of people to waste their time and talents helping him write self-insert fanfiction for his OCs and waifus.
But the most audacious part of the whole thing was that included in the PDF was a link to another PDF that was essentially a list of reasons for turning him down, and his explanations on why he won't accept them. They're listed below the cut:
“I’m too Busy, So I have no time to do this.” Reason.
As I’ve explain that Time isn’t an Issue for there is no time limit in my Project.
“I only do Commission’s because I really needed money to pay my Bills and Foods.” Reason.
I’m guessing that you don’t get out much then, surely there’s a Job vacancies around your places somewhere.
“I don’t do Freebies for stranger’s, only Friend’s” Reason.
That’s good rhem because I asked for a Collaboration, NOT a Request nor a Commission for that matter.
“I only draw what I want, I don’t do others and I’m not accepting Commission's either.” Reason.
Then I don’t see what’s the reason or why you posted your Artworks online then for everyone to see, unless of course, you want people to be jealous of you.
“What you just stated IS a Free Project, I’m not wasting my times and patiences for a Project who knows how long that will not help me Pay my Bills.” Reason.
…………, So what’s the problem then?; Please re-read my explanation to know what I mean.
“I appreciate you’ll willing to invite me for such a Big Project but I don’t think my Skills in Artwork’s is impressive enough.” Reason.
If your Artwork’s isn’t impressive enough for me then please tell me these 2 things:
why do you think I invite you to join my Project then?
if you’re that low on confidences about your Artworks, why bother posting it online for everyone to see?
“I just don’t want.” Reason.
Explain specifically and in details why not? please
Which one is your Reason or do you have any other “Reasons” that I miss or don’t know about?
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stealingyourbones · 5 months
Just saw the Gotham Knights trailer (while i dont agree with all of the character design) the sneak peeks i saw seems like it nailed the characterization
I have been excitedly talking back and forth with some of my buddies about it. I am so excited to see how they do the Court of Owls because my god the trailers are incredible. the characterization of EVERYONE is lovely. Sure, there's some critique on some gameplay choices for various characters. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do to make each character balanced with abilities and playable so it's fine.
(Sure, Jason uses magic I'm not fully vibin with that, but what else does he use that the others haven't got? Dick already has electricity so he can’t do that, and he's used magic in the comics before so the devs aren't pulling that idea out of their ass.)
Even if the game story positively sucks I won't be too miffed. the cinematic trailer really shows that the devs have the characters in the right place in their heads.
Unpopular opinion but I really enjoy Jason's design. People keep saying that he looks like a bully and I will throw hands with them. they got the body design PERFECT. Jason should be a BIG dude. Bruce should be second in size and mass compared to Jason, not first. Jason is wide, built, and a big guy.
Sure, it's not the same as the comics, but also comic artists manage to spew out raw dogshit that looks like they've never learned what the words Visually Appealing means *cough cough*
Tumblr media
*cough* oh sorry, accidentally slipped and hit ctrl V. well guess I'll keep it there because for some reason it just feels just a bit like it's relevant to the convo (If you can't tell im just a little bit salty about this shit ass artstyle choice.)
People say that Jason looks like a bully. WELL GUESS WHAT?! HE IS ONE! Dudes meant to be built like a big mean tank and I'm glad they didn't just zap him with a pretty boyify machine. He should be big, mean, and intimidating. guys who are that big size and wide frame are the guys who can pull trains with their teeth. People built like Tim or Dick can't reach the amount of muscle mass that Jason could put on.
I think is face design is perfect. Dude has been through some shit and it shows. Do I vibe with the haircut? not fully. But it fits the face of this version of Jason. The long hair up top wouldn't work as well as the buzz. would I prefer a tad more hair on the sides? Yes. But It's a part of the design that shows you a part of how his character acts without even saying a word. It tells you the life he's lived and how he views himself and how he fights.
Anon I know you didn't put this here for me to rant about Jason's design but I have feelings about the matter.
Ok I'm gonna add a photo of the design here and I just want to say that you're fully free to disagree and tell me why you think so in the comments or replies. I'm fully down for a healthy discussion of opinions. Keyword healthy. Present it in a non-aggressive manner. I am so down to chat character designs but not when you're being a dick.
without further ado I present to you; Jason Todd
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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coconutmochii · 7 months
Hair day with Usopp🧡🧡🧡
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Pairing: Usopp x Black f! reader
Tw: Angst??? I think? fluff/ comfort, possible spoilers if you haven't gotten to the thriller bark arc
Word count: 1.7k
Notes: reader comforts Usopp when he's feeling guilty/ inadequate, there are technically no pronouns used for reader in this, the only thing that might indicate that reader is black is her hair, no skin tones or ethnicities are actually mentioned, and as always, it's proofread but there may still be mistakes 🧡🧡🧡
Tumblr media
"Ow! Ow! Ow! Y/n that hurts y'know!" Usopp yelps as you pull the comb through a particularly difficult tangle in his hair.
The gang had just gotten back from yet another incredible adventure, this one being from a haunted island where you all picked up another oddball crew member, and although you were all safe there were still a few other problems. Problems like the bird nests both you and Usopp's hair had turned into. So the two of you decided that you'd take this free time to do one another's hair.
So that's why you and Usopp are currently sitting in the middle of the deck with towels wrapped around your hair and his shoulders,struggling to de-tangle his hair first.
" I know Usopp, I'm going as light as I can!" You wince while trying to gently pull the comb through the section of hair. Usopp's shoulders tense up as you pull the comb further down the hair in your hand.
"It's just gotten so…….tangled!!" You struggle to say before finally yanking the comb through his hair, making you fall back a little.
"YOW!!" Usopp shouts and rushes to scratch at that part of his scalp. You huff out a breath before leaning forward again and helping him massage his sore head. The both of you were surrounded with leave-in conditioners and oils but it was still painful for him. It doesn't help that he's tender headed though. The rest of the crew look at you two and sigh simultaneously. It's never a quiet day when you and Usopp have to do your hair. Not that there was ever a quiet day in the straw hat crew anyway though.
" Oi! Would you two keep it down? You always whine whenever you do that stuff! It can't be that bad." Zoro grumbles from where he was trying to nap. Both you and Usopp immediately whip your heads towards him and frown.
"Shut up Zoro! You have no idea what it's like!" You both cry at the same time, comically sporting tears on your lashes. What would he know about getting tangles out of thick hair? What would he know about doing hair at all? Considering the fact that he doesn't even brush his.
" Oi! Marimo! Don't talk to y/n-chan like that when you don't even take the time to brush the moss growing from your own head!" Sanji suddenly speaks up, voicing the thought you both had just shared. Sanji stands in front of you both with his hands in his pockets and starts to mean-mug Zoro. Sanji won't tolerate him undermining your pain. Not when it tears at his heart to hear even one wince from you when you try to comb through the coils on that pretty head of yours.
"Eh?!" Zoro growls before they both start to swing and holler at one another. You watch them for a moment then turn back to look at Usopp, who's already occupied with something else. You frown and stare at him before leaning back and crossing your arms.
" You know what would make this easier?" You ask him, one of your eyebrows twitching angrily.
" What's that?" Usopp asks back with his tongue sticking out in concentration. Your eyebrow twitches again before you slowly grab his shoulders.
" You! Actually keeping your head up!" You yell and pull his hunched shoulders back between your thighs, taking his attention off of the mat between his own legs.
The first thing Usopp likes to do once you all get back from an adventure is sit down and tinker with his gadgets. He spends most of his time the first few days back from a journey to mess around and upgrade his gags and weapons. That unfortunately includes the time you spend doing his hair, and since Usopp was between your legs and his gadgets were on the floor between his, it was a real struggle to keep him from looking down. So now you had to keep leaning forward to reach his hair, which was making your back hurt.( Now you know why your mom used to scold you for that).
"Sorry babe! I just really need to add this new piece to your daggers! I'm thinking of adding a magnetic chain between them that can detach in the middle of battle ...." He apologizes before beginning to mumble as he started to drift back into thought. While doing so though, he leans back into you and you take advantage of the shortened distance between you both and part another section of his hair.
" Heh shouldn't you be working on your own weapon bubs?" You laugh a little as you begin to start combing out that part at the bottom again. You've always thought it was sweet how Usopp is quick to upgrade your weapons after a battle before even glancing at his own. Both you and Usopp fight in battles together a lot, so Usopp gets a front row seat to see how efficient your daggers are and when or how they fall short. Since he designed them, he always takes that info and uses it to make adjustments after you all manage to escape danger. Usopp is silent for a moment.
" No. I shouldn't be." He says lowly and the tone of his voice startles you a bit. You put down the spray bottle you were about to use and look at him. You observe his side profile and notice he's biting down on his lip, then look at his shoulders and see that he's trembling. You then scan the deck and make sure that the rest of the crew are far enough away and are occupied with their own things before bending down next to his ear.
"Usopp?" You ask and look at the side of his face. Usopp sighs, knowing that you're asking him what's wrong.
" I just- I just don't want you to get hurt." Usopp whispers quietly. " I want you to be able to protect yourself. If I had thought about adding these things to your weapons sooner, you would've escaped that battle with less injuries." He says darkly, while scowling down at his lap. You sit there and look down at him, stunned.
 Every one of you had been severely injured at the battle in thriller bark, if not by oars and moria then later on when Bartholomew kuma showed up. You too, had been really scared for your boyfriend during the battle and clung to him towards the end of it when you thought all was lost, but since you all had made it out alive you thought everything was alright. You never considered that Usopp might blame himself when he has to watch you take a blow, or the guilt he might feel when you're too injured to get up off the ground. You're snapped out of your thoughts when Usopp speaks up again.
" I'm a sorry excuse of a boyfriend that can't even protect you when you need me too. I should at least make a weapon adequate enough for you to protect yourself with." Usopp says hoarsely, clenching his fists tightly. He's biting his lip to hold back tears when he feels your arms wrap around his shoulders and your cheek press against his.
"Y/n?" He says, about to look over at you but you just shush him before starting to rock gently. Usopp relaxes in your hold and you both stay like that for a moment before you take a deep breath.
" They were really strong, you know." You say softly. " Oars, Gecko Moria,.... Bartholomew Kuma." You shudder when you remember how helpless you had felt that day. " They were so strong that even Luffy was incapacitated by the end of the battle and there was nothing any of us could do for him … or eachother." You continue and Usopp listens quietly.
"Usopp if I hadn't had the weapons you made for me I wouldn't have escaped that battle at all." You tell him and drop your head onto his shoulder, thinking of all the times you were sure you were done for but then one of Usopp's special features rescued you. He presses his face into you as you go on talking.
" I just wasn't strong enough, none of us were. But even so, having the weapons you made with me in mind was more than I could ever ask for. The security of having the love of my life in battle with me at all times." You mumble into his shoulder. Usopp feels heat spread throughout his chest at your words when you suddenly lift up off his shoulder. Usopp looks up at you, the sun positioned right behind you, making you look like some sort of angel, his eyes filled with adoration and affection for you.
" So don't worry about it, dummy!" You sniff and wipe at your eyes. " You're the best boyfriend one could ask for! The great captain Usopp!" You accidentally say loud enough for the rest of the crew to hear, with a proud smile. He just looks at you, in a daze, before blinking and computing the last part you just said. His eyes widen and his blush spreads from the tips of his ears to the end of his nose. He quickly turns away and covers his face with his hand. You look at him confused, oblivious to how much that last sentence affected him.
" Jeez y/n, do you even know what you just did?" Usopp grumbles into his hand.
"Huh?" You ask right before Usopp turns to you and pulls you down into a kiss, tilting his head so he doesn't accidentally poke you in the eye with his nose. You're only shocked for a second before melting into the kiss and pressing it back. He pulls away and looks at you with a frown, red still dusting his cheeks.
" I love you y'know." He tells you while still holding your face. You look at him before breaking into a happy smile.
" I love you too!" You laugh and a few of the crew watch fondly as you both share another soft kiss. A few excluding Sanji who had just walked out to announce that he was starting dinner, and was now running off sobbing.
It's later in the afternoon when you finish braiding down Usopp's hair so it can fit into his cap. You stand up to stretch and Usopp does the same before taking your hand and leading you up to the kitchen, where Sanji had dinner waiting.
" We really need to see if Chopper can come up with some sort of detangling cream." Usopp winces as you both walk, and rubs his sore scalp through his cap.
"For real." You agree, knowing that it's your turn to get your hair done next.
Tumblr media
Another revised fic from almost two years back! I definitely like this one a lot more now, even if it doesn't have much to do with hair anymore. Maybe I'll make a new one called 'wash day with Usopp' that really is just about doing hair and having a relaxing spa day or something idk. Thanks for reading!🧡🧡🧡
Tumblr media
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carlyraejepsans · 8 months
im so happy to see you reblogging that handplates comic cus ive been meaning to ask fr your opinion on handplates for a while but you've talked a lot of smack about aus (within full reason!) and i was afraid of looking stupid for liking handplates HEKDEJ so. hi handplates am i right? def one of my fav interps of gaster! i am unfortunately a very 'i can fix him' kind of guy so im VERY excited to see where his redemption arc is gonna go AND i cant wait until he gets to see the surface again i bet hes gonna cry SO hard
oh handplates is NOTHING like my interpretation of gaster, sans NOR papyrus, especially not now that I've put some genuine thought into theories myself, but i love it anyway because zarla can spin one hell of a story together. I won't lie, it's not something I would've enjoyed if I'd gotten into it NOW, but already knowing the story from when i was literally 12 years old sure helped sweeten the pill with those parts of it I don't agree with 😅 handplates is just its own thing in my mind now.
i love how it actually involves the game's code, variables and the concept of "the player" in the narrative, now in the later chapters, and I'm incredibly impressed she went so far as involve herself as the player. that's not somewhere most fancomics are willing to go with their plot! it keeps one element of UT's "videogame" vibe that gets otherwise lost in other works
and it's funny you mention my indifference towards AUs because i was just thinking about handplates the other day and how I wouldn't even classify it as an AU. In the end, it's just a backstory, meant to end up EXACTLY as we see the game when we boot it up (or when zarla did, that is). it's not really taking that many liberties with the canon As It Stands, which is something an alternate universe does, it's just filling in the blanks. with... VERY outlandish what-ifs LMAO. u get what i mean?
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gwenstrikesagain · 23 days
vecna slash henry slash one
When Robin starts to rant about how they were wrong about Vecna, she refers to all of the names we know him as:
and One.
Robin asks what they're calling him now, and I think it is interesting who picks which name.
Erica calls him Vecna.
Dustin and Lucas call him One.
Nancy calls him Henry.
So why are they picking each of these names? and why is that interesting to us as viewers?
First of all, up until this point, Erica has been shielded from most Upside Down gore. She saw El's leg in S3, but she never saw the Mind Flayer in the mall, nor did she see a Demogorgon. She was told what was happening by Dustin. The story was laid out for her, a story that she hasn't lived yet. Dustin acted as a DM for her, laying out the story.
Canonically, Erica is still 11 years old. At her age, Erica's brain will protect her from trauma by considering these things a game, or relating them to a game. Which game would she relate the horror she's hearing about and seeing? The one she has become so passionate about since S3 and the one that directly correlates to the victory she just had. She calls him Vecna, because in her mind they've already defeated Vecna. It is the safest option for Erica.
This is why the very end of E9 is a transforming moment. When Erica breaks into the attic and finds Max dying in her brother's arms, there is a dramatic shift we can see in her eyes (serious kudos to Priah, she's incredible). In that moment, the gravity of the Upside Down hits her as she sees it cause the death of someone she loves in front of her eyes. For the first time, it isn't a game anymore.
Next on the docket: Dustin and Lucas. Unlike Erica, they have seen the gore and horrors of the Upside Down first hand. They have seen the Demogorgon attack and El kill in S1 and the Demodogs that almost killed them in S2. In S3, Lucas sees the Mind Flayer several times. He throws fireworks at it, cuts it off of his friend, and watches it possess and kill his girlfriend's brother in front of her. Meanwhile, in S3, Dustin sees the gate opening, and knows that the roaring he hears over Cerebro promises imminent death for his friends. For those two, and the others, this battle is no longer a game or a comic book.
Dustin and Lucas have seen Eleven defend them on countless occasions. They have seen the power she holds first hand. For Lucas, he has even been on the receiving end of what her powers can do. For those two, and the kids who aren't present, One is the most familiar and understandable way to refer to and understand him. To them, El is their superhero, and One is the villain. Much like the comic books they read, and the games they play, he is a big bad that the good guys will overcome. They've saved the day every other time, and they will do it again.
They have a lot of trauma in their past. Compartmentalizing and placing One in the same box as Eleven is the most comfortable option. One is the big bad, and El is their hero. It is the safest option for them.
Also, they themselves are 14/15. Developmentally, Lucas and Dustin will rely on the familiar as a coping mechanism. Comic books and D&D are the reference they will rely on. In those, however, death is not final. No 14/15 year old boy acts in self preservation. Mortality isn't real to them. Just like in the comics and in their games, danger is not real. They won't die, nor will their friends. In their stage of life, death isn't an option.
But, in E9, they both lose. Dustin loses Eddie, and Lucas loses Max. Both of them watch as the big bad wins, and the ones they love most die in their arms. This is no longer a comic book with classic heroes and villains. They have escaped relatively unscathed in the past, but now? Now the danger is in their faith and it is throwing their mortality in their faces. Not only is death final, but it is personal. This is human, and this battle is no longer safe.
Finally, Nancy refers to him as Henry. When she is cursed by Henry, he shows her his childhood. Specifically, he shows her what he looked like as a human child. In S3, when Max and Mike are arguing, Nancy reminds Mike that El is her own person in control of her own decisions. In the moment, we get a glimpse into how Nancy sees El. Unlike Mike, she doesn't look at El and see a superhero or only her powers. Nancy sees that El is a kid, and a young woman making her own decisions. In the same way, Nancy sees Henry as a boy who has made his own decisions.
To Nancy, he is human. He isn't the antagonist in a D&D match, or the supervillian in a superhero's comic book story: he is Henry. Nancy sees Henry as a man who has chosen evil, and has chosen to torture.
She never had the luxury of seeing this as a game, or heroes verses villains, like the others. This has been human and real to Nancy from the moment Barb disappeared. She never had the luxury of ignoring mortality. Her best friend was killed at the very beginning of all of this.
Developmentally, at 17/18, Nancy is coming to terms with adulthood and what that means for her. With it, she is facing the fact that she is mortal, and her decisions will influence her future. The college she goes to, the friends she choses, and who she decides to love are things that do not feel safe: they feel vulnerable.
Of them all, Nancy is the most in tune with what they are facing. As such, she immediately jumps into action. Nancy makes the decision to go into the Upside Down, to allow Max to be bait, to assign Eddie and Dustin to distraction duty, to step forward and pull the trigger on someone she sees as a man, not a monster.
Nancy is the leader this season. Robin says it herself, Nance is in charge. That responsibility, and the choices that came with it, will haunt her. She made the plan, and assigned tasks just as she would at the school newspaper. The deaths and injuries that occurred under her orders will follow her, just as Barb's death had followed her.
Next season, it will be interesting to see if the group unites in what they refer to Henry/Vecna/One as. Will they be a united front, facing an enemy they see in the same light, or will they still be divided?
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millenniumlesbian · 9 months
You have piqued my interest, I would like to humbly request you tell me the blood colors and powers of their troll counterparts that you mentioned in the classpect post
can't believe it took like over a year of running this blog for someone to ask me this. homestuck AU go. welcome to my cringe era I guess
Yugi is teal. Symbol is a stylized puzzle without the eye. Is one of the rare higher-blooded psychics and has the weak ability to talk to ghosts.
Atem is of course a tyrian and the dead ghost who won't leave Yugi alone. His symbol is the puzzle's eye. also since I think trolls always have an empress that means Atem is trans in this AU? good for him.
Jonouchi is a rock-bottom maroon with really powerful pyrokinetics, which would be formidable if he wasn't hilariously bad at controlling them. Either his temper goes off and you're a dead man or he's like "hey watch THIS!" only to produce pitiful smoke. he's working on it
Honda is brown/orange. No powers besides really basic telekinetics.
Anzu is olive. No powers. Dreams of one day becoming a dancer in the empire's great class of ballerinassassins.
No one knows what Bakura's caste is because he only wears gray and politely dodges any questions about it. What a mysterious guy! His symbol is the outline of the ring.
Kaiba is a blueblood (natch) whose lusus died when he was young. He thought he was done for, orphans don't live long on alternia, until miraculously a white dragon found and took him in, despite already having a small pupa herself! She just...has two? That's weird. Everyone agrees bewdmom having two is weird. But like she seems fine with it. Kaiba and Mokuba are now '''brothers,''' an ancient form of mentorship and companionship he doesn't expect you lowblooded losers to understand. (Two kids, though! It's weird! Are you sure she isn't planning to eat one of you?)
Marik and Ishizu are both seadwellers and chosen as part of a secret order created by an empress thousands of years ago. Rishid is in it while being a landweller but he's still really purple, creating a comical dissonance wherein he's legit an incredibly high-ranking person on land but is like pitied and bossed around because everyone he hangs out with is fish nobility. Also they're really dramatic about ~accommodating~ the fact that he doesn't breathe underwater while he, y'know, serves them.
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karahalloway · 9 months
(Un)Common Attraction: When the Lights Go Down Comic
The amazingly talented @blueberryarts18 has done it yet again! 🤗 She created a truly magical-looking comic that captures another important moment from (Un)Common Attraction - when Drake decides to own up to how he feels about Harper!
This... this might just be the proverbial icing on an already decadent cake. The other comics she made for me have been incredible, but this just has something special - maybe it’s the dawn sky... maybe it’s the way she captured Harper and Drake’s interactions... maybe it’s the topic being covered... Whatever it is, it is absolute perfection, and I honestly cannot stop staring at it! 😭
Tumblr media
Extract of accompanying scene below the cut.
Extract from Chapter 36: When the Lights Go Down
The first tendrils of dawn find me perched on top a stone balustrade, dangling my bare feet over the edge as I gaze out over the Beaumont's rolling vineyards from one the House's balconies, extracting the pins from my hair.
Listening to the opening notes of the dawn chorus, a wry smile forms on my lips as I think back to the craziest night of my life.
As the sky lightens from inky blue to red and then to gold, I take a deep inhale of the crisp morning air, marvelling at the beauty of the Beaumonts' estate as the majestic sunrise paints the rolling hills into colour once more.
As Drake would say, it was one helluva view...
Given that this could very well be one of my last nights in Cordonia, I had been determined to make the most of it, especially since the Bash had been nothing like the stiff, formal balls and the fancy high-brow gatherings that had dominated the social season to date.
Letting my breath out, I take one last look at the beautiful vista spread out in front of me before grabbing my heels from where I had placed them beside me.
Lifting my legs up onto the stone, I feel warm hands wrap around my waist.
"Easy there, Gale. Don't want to go tumbling off now."
Glancing up, I see Drake looking down at me with that impenetrable gaze of his as he helps spin me around to face him.
"What are you doing here?" I query, gazing up at his ruggedly handsome face as it becomes illuminated by the golden light of the early morning sun. "I thought you had called it quits hours ago."
"And miss the view?" he asks, brushing a stray lock of hair from my face, his eyes boring into mine.
"Haven't you seen it dozens of times before?" I breathe, running my hands up his chest as I inhale his heady scent.
At some point during the night, he had ditched his suit jacket and tie and had reverted to his preferred array of rolled-up sleeves and top two buttons left undone on his shirt. If anything, he looked even better like this than he had at the start of the night.
"I never get tired of it," he murmurs, cupping my face in his hands.
Dipping his head, his mouth finds mine in a heart-stopping kiss. As he pulls me closer to him, my lips part in a soft sigh as my body arches into his.
Whereas our previous kisses had been full of pent-up desire and much too brief, this one was truly awe inspiring in its langorous tenderness. Time slows to a crawl and I feel myself melt as he explores every inch of my mouth with a delicate slowness the likes of which I had never experienced before.
"D-Drake..." I moan in protest when he pulls slowly away.
"Yes, Gale?"
Opening my eyes with some difficulty, I see him looking down at me with a self-satisfied quirk to his lips.
"Wh-where did that come from?" I ask breathlessly, my lips on fire in the wake of his kiss. "I thought you said—"
"I've decided to tell Chris."
My jaw drops into my lap. "Really?"
He nods. "I'm going to arrange some time to talk to him after the Coronation."
"Oh, my God...! I don't believe it!" I gasp, throwing my hands over my mouth. "What made you decide to tell him?"
He flashes me a rueful smirk as he takes my hand in his. "I've been trying to convince myself to do the honourable thing and let you go back to the States, so Chris won't feel like I've screwed him over. But when I saw you sitting here with your hair down and your shoes next to you, I realised that as much as I wanted to avoid the potential press scandal and the definite fallout with my best friend, what I wanted even more was to walk up here and kiss you like I wanted to from the start. Because I'm tired of being careful all the time, of having to hide how I feel. Plus, you're the only girl I've ever met who's ever given me the time of day when I've been stood next Chris... and I'd be a monumental dumbass to let someone like that go."
"Damn straight, cowboy," I grin as I reach up to pull him in for another kiss.
Permatags (let me know if you want to be added):
@twinkleallnight @lovingchoices14 @kingliam2019 @petiteboheme @aussiegurl1234 @queen-arabella-of-cordonia @tessa-liam @alyshak92 @secretaryunpaid @princessleac1 @walkerdrakewalker @angelasscribbles @drakewalkerisreal @nestledonthaveone @tinkie1973 @twinkle-320 @lunaseasblog @indiana-jr @knaussal @differenttyphoonwerewolf @texaskitten30 @pinklipsandmasonjars @sillydg @spookycolorpeanut @peonierose @mrsnazariowrites @shellybee85 @3pawandme @honey358luv @atha68 @deepestphantomstranger @xpandass420x @choicesficwriterscreations @ficloverevie @alexabeta @veebug8​ @kingliamandmia @fangirling12566
(Less Than) Noble Intentions only (let me know if you want to be added!)
@thetruthisthatiloveyou @anakjaybon-blog
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milfpoisonivys · 4 months
"the irreversible damage hqtas did to ivy </3" Would it be ok if u elaborate more? Cuz i think I'm thinking the same thing
ok this is mainly about one thing really: that she would easily cheat on her partners. which ok ivy is a lot of bad things but she's never been a cheater. hqtas is an incredibly popular version of ivy at this point and a lot of people's first exposure to the character and it really leaves a bad taste in my mouth that they keep playing the cheater card every time they need drama. i mean she essentially cheated on her fiancé (even if the whole relationship was a super obvious case of comphet) and according to the new comic she emotionally cheated on bella with woodrue and (even tho i know they won't go through with it this time) they're pretty much alluding to her emotionally cheating on harley too. which obviously sucks! i really don't care about the "oh but she's a villain!!!" argument, the character has never been a cheater!!!!!! and as i said before hqtas is very popular and has already influenced how things work in the main comicsverse so i Really don't want something like that becoming canon in the comicsverse!!!
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kirame90 · 5 months
I've been meaning to send this to you for a while now but I've been having a depressive episode lately and everything, including sending messages, has been out of my reach.
I just wanted to say I love your comic! Waiting for a new update is something that gives me reason to look forward to a new week. I also appreciate how you've been making it for such a long time and still going all until the conclusion (so by that regard you're already doing a better job than Valve 😆 ... 7th issue "To be concluded". *sniff*) Seriously, this is why TF2 fandom is so great: even when the game is ancient by the industry standards, fans keep putting out new content.
SniperSpy (opposite teams) is such a fun ship because it's pretty much bound to be an enemies-turned-lovers story but every artist has their own way of doing it, so it's always interesting to see how each person handles it. The starting premise of your comic is one of the more unique ones I've seen 😆 And on a good way, mind you: TF2 is a game known for its sometimes very absurd humour ("When the patient woke up, his skeleton was missing"... Medic, HOW???), so the lifetime supply of Spy fits that tone just perfectly. So does the reason why Heavy the wish-fulfilling fairy is banned for good now, I laughed a good while at that.
I Finnish too but wrote this in English, so all your followers would be able to understand it. But feel free to message me in Finnish if you feel like it, I'm all for making new fandom friends. 👋
Oh fudge, depression is a bitch. I'm sorry to hear you're struggling with that, it can get incredibly exhausting at times. Or all the time... Have a SniperSpy hug
Tumblr media
Thank you for taking the time to write this message, even when you're having a hard time. It truly means the world to me to know I can bring some joy into people's lives with this little comic of mine.
Yeeaaaaaahhhh the official comic... The One Who Must Not Be Named and Probably Will Never Be Finished. If it makes you feel any better (I know it won't) I came up with an idiot-proof plot that would have ended the comic before we even got to the second part: Soldier beats Olivia (who has disappeared into thin air from the actual comic) because he has no sense of morality like Saxton does so he becomes the head of the company. Then Saxton beats him up immediately after and they chase Grey and Olivia away along with their robot army. The end!
Long story told in less than one full comic. You're welcome, Valve!
Tumblr media
Now where was I?
Oh yeah the point.
Enemy Sniper/Spy is so much fun in every possible way of how much potential it has when it comes to smut, drama, humor and well... EVERYTHING! You can do pretty much anything you want with it, depending on what you like. And I just happened to like senseless slapstick that later on turned into drama fest and now it's on fluff mode.
I seriously don't even know what I'm rambling on, this is one of those replies that just goes on and on because I don't know how to stop. Very much like my comic the more I think about it...
And since you are literally the first one who thought the FBI banning Medic from giving Kritzkrieg fumes to Heavy after sex (booyyy people didn't like that twist!), have a sneak peek of the next week's page
Tumblr media
Again, thank you so very much for your feedback, it's always a great pleasure to hear people's comments. And I know it's such a cliché to say this but I genuinely do hope you'll feel better soon. Even if just a little bit.
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goldensunset · 2 months
"What happened in SWSH" WELL,
Plot? What plot lmao nothing fucking happens in this game. You can sometimes make your pokemon very big, you have access to a sort of open world area but it's bland and boring, the 'evil team' are a bunch of annoying fanboys/girls that simp over a gym challenger and are literal road blocks to you. They just stand in the way it's embarrassing.
Then towards the end of the game the 'plot' kicks in and basically the prime minister tries to bring about the apocalypse to solve an energy crisis that none of the characters of the game will be present for and neither will their nearest descendants because it won't happen for A THOUSAND YEARS.
Don't get me started on the post game. Look at these fucking idiots. Imagine having a hairdo that looks like a penis
Tumblr media
see i honestly think those designs would be PEAK if they were intended as comic relief cuz c’mon. that’s hilarious honestly. also they look better there than they do in their in-game renders. stupid mischief little guys
anyway alright that’s unfortunate. i already kind of knew how much people disliked this game but i never knew exactly what it was. i won’t proceed to dunk on it myself bc i don’t have the right but i will take y’all’s word for it lol
rose my guy i’m glad you care about the environment but it kind of seems like you’re making it worse??? incredible conclusions to jump to here
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skyward-floored · 6 months
For Incredibles AU, this Legend idea won't leave me alone;
Okay so in canon, it seems that Legend was exceptionally close to his Uncle. Losing him was devastating for a young Legend
This in turn led to tgis idea; Legend's uncle is his godfather in Incredibles. When Legend discovers his bunny power, he was upset because "It wasn't something cool like Twilight!" When Uncle vanished (thanks Dink), it starts Legend's angsty teenage phase. He was so bright and upbeat in your Wild origins despite typically being portrayed as a bitter and jaded salt mine, so what if his Uncle vanishing just crushed him? His uncle was the one who helped him accept the bunny powers, made the most time for him, maybe even understood Legend the best. And then he's gone
But then the train of thought picked tgis up at the next stop; make Sky Legend's uncle. This adds even more flavor to Sky's disappearance, maybe Legend envies his brothers for still having their favorite Uncles around (Rusl for Twilight, Wars for Wind, Mido for Hyrule because who else would teach him "Well excuuuuuuse me princess!", etc) and he's the only one who lost his. THAT could be the biggest reason he's a moody emo and thus him and Hyrule finding Sky makes him an emotional wreck
Excellent ideas all around!
I think you mentioned the idea of making Legend’s uncle his godfather before, and I like it a lot, especially along with him helping Legend understand just because one of his powers isn’t “cool” doesn’t mean it isn’t useful. He spends lots of time with him, both helping with his powers and just hanging out with him. If supers were still legal he’d probably take Legend on as a sidekick.
And yes, the loss of him crushes Legend, and definitely kicks off his angsty teenager phase.
Showing Legend being a very bright and upbeat kid is a direct nod to the main lu comic, when Twilight mentions all of Legend’s quips being a front, and Legend replies with “I wasn’t always like this.” In this au instead of it being Marin who causes his attitude change, it’s a mix of first losing his godfather, and later on Sky.
Sky grew up with Warriors and is his brother in everything but name (though they refer to each other as brothers, so...), so all of the Lon boys call him uncle and treat him as such.
Sky’s loss hits them all hard, but with Legend already dealing with the loss of his godfather (just starting to come to terms with it) and seeing his brothers all turn to people they still have in their lives while he doesn’t really have that option... there we go. Moody Legend.
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katsumatsu4 · 3 months
@squib-2006 happy holidays! Here’s your secret santa gift :)
It was my first time writing skylor, so I hope it’s not too awkward :’)
Operation "Fire escape"
Lloyd didn't have anything against Skylor.
Really! She was determined, resolute and knew how to stood her ground, loyal, trustworthy – what's not to like?
Which is not to say he's going to regret anything he does tonight.
"Why, exactly, are you doing this?" said Cole, eyes following the various items disappearing inside Lloyd's black backpack.
Lloyd grinned impishly. He didn't worry that Cole would rat him out; his silence was already bought with two weeks worth of desserts.
"Ah, it's their first official date. And, as the youngest sibling,"-his face morphed into the display of seriousness so sincere it had to be fake-"it is my sacred duty to make it unforgettable."
Okay, maybe the snakes were a mistake.
Lloyd watched as the panicked crowd tried to get away from the love ride. He barely heard the screams, more focused on two figures at the edge of the mass of people. They were scanning their surroundings and the boy knew he has hidden too slow. Shit, they must have noticed me.
He brought it upon himself, to be honest.
Weird lights in the mirror room? Innocent enough.
Smoke bombs in the haunted house? A little suspicious, but easy to wave off.
Kelp falling from the ceiling? Weird, but not that uncommon, the tunnel was filled with water after all.
But fake snakes in the river? Lloyd wanted to bash his head against the wall. That was his signature move! Of course Kai connected the dots!
They stopped looking around, now talking to themselves. He let himself have a silver of hope. Maybe they didn't notice after all...
And then they bolted to the exit.
Startled, Lloyd reacted too slow and before he knew it he lost sight of either of them.
Ah, damn. He had so much more planned.
Oh well, there was nothing he could do now. As far as he was concerned, today's work was a job well done. He went to collect his things around the amusement park.
Now it's just waiting for Kai to go back home he thought mischievously.
When they stopped running, they were almost half a city away. Kai leaned against the brick wall, trying to catch his breath. Beside him Skylor was doing the same.
"Think we lost him?"
He shrugged. "I mean, probably? We went fast but kid's pretty resilient." He looked over the rooftops and along the street. Thankfully there was no suspicious flashes of green and black in sight.
Kai shuffled his feet, unable to look up at Skylor. That... wasn't how he envisioned this evening.
"Sorry it turned out like that. I don't know what he was thinking!" he grunted, eyes locked on the ground.
She laughed heartily at that. "What are you talking about? It was delightful!" She smirked and run her hand over his furrowed brow. "I won't forget this day to the end of my life."
He sighed but smiled and looked up.
"Yeah, I should have expected that; of course you would find this psychological warfare entertaining."
Skylor wiggled her fingers comically: "Ooooo, how evil I am! Truly, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree!" she finished in a sinister voice.
It was his turn to laugh.
"Geez, no wonder you and Lloyd get along so nicely. True menaces."
She nudged him in the side.
"Come on tiger, we probably lost the kid already, there should be no more surprises. How about we go and find some cafe? My treat."
He puffed indignantly.
She quirked her eyebrow. "Now, before you try to be a gentleman or whatever, remind me. which one of us is the heir to the incredibly prosperous noodle empire? And which one doesn't know what taxes are?"
He stuck his tongue at her. The brow went higher.
"Okay okay, let it be your way, your highness." He bent into the mocking half-bow. "Lead the way!"
The cafe was surprisingly empty for the hour, only a few customers scattered by the tables. The woman behind the counter flashed a smile when they strolled through the door.
"Welcome! What can I get you?"
Skylor stared at the menu, suddenly uncertain.
"Hmm, maybe... Coffee. No no, not coffee. Tea maybe? Ugh.."
Kai snorted.
"You really hadn't think it through."
"Shut up, I was trying to be smooth." She shifted. "It's not like I was visiting places like that a lot, you know." She turned to him. "How about you order first, smart-ass?"
He looked at the board.
"Well... maybe hot chocolate? With double marshmallows."
"Sweet tooth much?" she chuckled and turned to the counter. "The same for me please. But just normal amount of marshmallows please."
"Double marshmallows is the normal amount of marshmallows!"
"Yeah, sure, whatever you say tiger."
The barista gave them a knowing look. "Two chocolates, got it." She gestured to the tables. "Take a seat, I will bring your order in a moment."
Skylor nodded and lead them to the table for two a little on the left. They sat down and finally relaxed. She run her fingers through her hair, trying to get all the green stuff out. She smelled it and smirked.
"Thank the spirits, it's just some sort of seaweed. I was worried it was going to be paint or some other shit."
Kai rummaged through his hair and pulled out some more plants.
"Yeah that was pretty tame compared to what he could do. He must really like you."
"I guess that's good?"
He scowled.
"For you? Sure. But for me it probably means more pranks back home.
"That bad?"
Kai waved it off.
"Eh, nothing I hadn't faced before." Then a shadow appeared on his face. "Unless he convinced others to help. Then it will be a cataclysm." He rubbed his chin. "Maybe i should sleep outside today, just to be sure."
She snorted.
"Come on, you're exaggerating now."
"Yeah, maybe a little. But can you blame me."
Skylor thought back at the snakes in the love tunnel.
Kai nodded solemnly at that.
"Here you go! Two chocolates with marshmallows, as ordered." The barista winked, putting the additional tray next to the mugs. "And something extra, on the house."
She walked away and they gazed at the tray. There, on the napkins decorated in hearts, laid ginger cookies. Every one looking like two people holding hands.
Subtle they thought simultaneously.
Kai took a first bite, his face lighting up.
"Man, they are good! We should come here more often."
Skylor took one for herself and find out that they were, in fact, delicious.
The munching filled the air for a while.
"Must be fun, huh? Having so many siblings."
He stopped at the question, gulped down the cookie and answered.
"Well, they're a lot sometimes, but I honestly don't know what I would do without them."
She smiled warmly. It was still amazing, seeing their family so close to each other and how much love they had for each other. Compared to her...
She shunned the thought before it could sour her mood and instead focused on the person in front of her.
"Say, are all younger siblings like this,"-she vaguely gestured at the leftover kelp still in her hair-"or is Lloyd a special case?"
Kai snickered.
"Oh, he definitely is not alone in it. You should have seen what Nya cooked up when I tried dating that one guy in middle school. I was finding glitter everywhere for the next month! As for Lloyd, he had a penchant for chaos for as long as I knew him. Have I ever told you how we first met?"
She furrowed her brow.
"What do you mean 'first met'? Didn't the three of you grow up together?"
He blinked slowly, trying to guess where she got that from.
"What? No? I mean, me and Nya did, but we met Lloyd like, four-five years ago?" His eyes widened. "Wait, did you thought we were related?"
"Maybe?! I didn't thought about it, I just assumed-"
"Us and the literal Son of the Dark Lord-"
"Shutupshutup it just didn't cross my mind-"
"Did you thought Garmadon-"
"No, obviously, well, maybe a little, you seemed close-"
"Oh my." He leaned on the table, choking with laughter. "I can't believe you thought Garmadon was my dad."
Her chicks reddened a little with embarrassment.
"Stop it. What was I supposed to think, I barely knew anything about your relationships."
"There there, I'm stopping, see."
His lips quivered with barely contained giggle. She scoffed but decided to let it slide.
"So, what's the story with Lloyd if that's not the case."
He leaned back, thoughtful.
"Well, he tried to imitate his father a lot when he was younger. The evil part, i mean. When we first met he was trying to scare villagers so they would, and brace yourself for that," He made a melodramatic pause. "give him all their candies." He shook his head. "Can you believe the extent of his dreadful deeds?"
Skylor chuckled.
"You're right, I wasn't expecting that. And what happened next?"
Kai smile faltered.
"Well, next..." He scratched his neck, suddenly uncomfortable. "We, I mean me and the guys, took the all the stuff back and kinda left him on his own there."
She froze. That didn't sound right.
"Yeah, I know, not my best decision there. I guess we just... didn't really think about all the implications of a nine year old with no one to look after him." He fell silent for a second, before resuming. "After that he somehow stumbled upon serpentine tombs." He shot her a look. "Though you probably heard that part already? With your dad and all."
She nodded.
"Okay, cool, uh. So, skipping that. Lloyd got in trouble with the snakes, Wu took him in and told us he's there to stay. We were a little annoyed by that, but we began warming up to him over the time. I think Nya was the first to really befriend him though. They seemed to get along pretty good compared to us."
Skylor watched him get silent, mindlessly stirring his drink with a spoon, and wondered if she should say something. Before she reached any decision he took the floor again.
"To be honest, I considered him a little more than a nuisance." Shame was pouring from his words. "But then I had a moment of, uh, clarity I guess. And I realized that I would give anything just to keep him safe." He let out a puff of air. "And that's the story. He's my brother now, as much as Nya is my sister. I just wish it didn't take me so long to get there."
She didn't say a word at first. It was a lot. She could hardly even image Kai being cold to Lloyd, but on the other hand...
"You know, I'm a little relieved."
He looked at her, confused.
"How do I put it? It maybe a little selfish, but I'm relived that even families like yours have their rough moments. When I first saw you all, it was unbelievable to me how close you were. I don't just mean you and Lloyd, but the whole team. You entered a competition designed to turn people against each other, but you still stood together, no matter the cost." She gazed at the window. "I knew my father and I didn't have the most loving relationship, but seeing you... I guess i was jealous. And ashamed, in a way. I thought I could never achieve a relationship like that, and maybe the fault for that was in me. But getting to know you," She caught glimpse of red in the corner of her eye. "Really getting to know you, and now hearing this story, it gives me hope." She turned to face him head-on. "I had an awful start, but I think there is still a chance for me to have something like that. Thank you."
He fidgeted a while before answering.
"You're an amazing person. I'm glad you're finally noticing it." He beamed at her. "Wait, was that a question if you can be part of our family?"
Skylor grunted some vague non-response. He smiled wider.
With nothing else to do with herself, she sipped her chocolate and winced.
"Aw shit, it got cold already."
Kai let his hand engulf in flames and winked flirtatiously.
"May I?"
"Show-off." She grinned and handed him the mug. They watched in warm silence as the liquid slowly boiled, until the small cloud of steam appeared above it.
"Here you go! Careful – it's still hot, you can burn yourself."
She rolled her eyes and reached for her chocolate. The second it touched her hand, she summoned fire to her palm and gasped in faked fright. "Oh FSM, you were right! It really burns!"
Kai blushed involuntarily.
"Oh, right, that. I forgot."
The air around them got significantly warmer.
What a dork she thought with fondness, gulping down her drink.
She set the mug on a table and looked at Kai.
"So, where were we?" she murmured.
She took his hand and kissed his knuckles. He blushed even harder.
She moved her other hand and caressed his face. The guy sitting a table away swept sweat from his forehead.
She leaned to him, eyes locked, hers playful and determined, his flustered but hopeful. Kai's breath hitched and he shifted, eager to meet her sooner. And then their lips gently touched. Skylor felt her blood rushing through her veins, burning like fire. Her heart jolted with joy when Kai deepened their kiss, as trembling as it was. The heat around them was turning uncomfortable, but she could hardly care at the moment, too focused on feeling him so close to her, touching. I wonder if this is his first kiss too she thought when he awkwardly struggled to move his tongue out of the way while she tried to put hers inside his mouth.
They broke apart when the smell of smoke tickled her nose. Looking down, where the moment ago was an immaculate wooden table top, the black scorch marks in the exact shape of three sweaty palms were adoring the surface. She searched for the missing fourth, still on Kai's face, and felt the laughter bubbe inside her chest.
"Well, we should probably leave the largest tip imaginable for that" she finally choked out.
That made him snap out of his stupor. He looked down too and appropriately snorted.
"Yeah." He fished out his wallet and checked out its contents. And then looked at her with a sheepish smile. "Uh, I think that might be a perfect opportunity to use that kingly funds of yours, I'm afraid."
"Probably." She lowered her voice, only now noticing the stares the other patrons were giving them. "And we should do it quick. Before someone asks for autographs. Or calls the police, whatever comes first."
Kai's eyes sparkled.
"You think they will want autographs? I'm joking, I'm joking" he quickly added when she gave him a disapproving look.
She glanced at the half eaten cookies on the tray, an excellent idea suddenly appearing in her head.
"Do you think they would let us have one more order before kicking us out?"
Lloyd sat on the couch, reading a comic, trying to look as innocent as possible when Kai entered the living room.
"Oh, you're back already? How was your date?"
At first the only response he got was a tired look.
I know what you did it said.
Oh? And what are you going to do about it? he responded in turn.
Kai sighed and plopped down next to Lloyd.
"You're lucky Skylor had a good time brat" he grunted, last ditch attempt to sound threatening, "or I would have kicked your ass right here and now."
Lloyd rolled his eyes.
"Yeah, sure you would."
"What, you don't believe me? You think I would be above it? Are you ready to temp fate?" With each question his brother pressed harder on him, until Lloyd was practically laying flat on a couch.
"You're crushing me!" he protested and attempted to shove him off. "I can't breathe!"
"If you have enough strength to wiggle around you have enough strength to breath!" Kai shot back, deeply amused, but pulled away. He then got up, stretched and yawned dramatically.
"I'm going to bed now. Thanks to someone," He threw Lloyd an accusatory glance. "that was a very eventful day. I'm out."
He headed to the door, but stopped halfway.
"Oh, I almost forgot." He pulled out a small package and threw it in Lloyd's general direction. He caught it flawlessly. "Skylor says hi. And that the next time you want to tag along just say it before." He winked and exited the room.
Lloyd glared at the package and tore it open. Inside a dozen of little ginger figures were smiling at him, every head adorned with a pair of horns. They also had tails and, upon closer inspection, little fangs.
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