#I was so close to writing this with Steve instead of a toy
becca-e-barnes · 2 months
Hi Becca! I would literally die for you blog. It’s my go to any time I need some good self care😉. You’re incredibly talented!
But I’ve had this idea bouncing around in my head. It boils down to just Bucky and cock warming. Like the reader is on him begging for more but he is just having way to much fun playing with their clit to start moving. Making them cum on him with out thrusting once.
Just an idea I thought you might like. I love you work, have a great day!!
I'm really glad you've been enjoying my stuff so much!! That's so sweet!💗 and I keep getting told I can get ✨filthier✨ so I'd love to mess with this is little bit
Because I love the thought of Bucky making you start off with a dildo that's just a little bit smaller in size than he is. Maybe one of those dildos with a suction cup on the bottom so it's stuck on a wooden chair.
"Good girl, take it all." He encourages, kneeling between your legs, watching your cunt greedily swallow the toy. It's a sight he doesn't often get to see and he's really not sure why he doesn't make a point of watching it more often.
You whine quietly, feeling the toy bottom out. Your ass makes contact with the cool, varnished wood beneath you and you can't help but roll your hips a little, enjoying the feeling of the tip rubbing against your velvety walls.
"If I wanted you to fuck yourself on that, I'd tell you to. Did I tell you to?" Bucky's voice has a sharp edge that almost knocks you out of your daze.
"N-no... But-" You begin, trying to justify your movement but he cuts you off.
"No. So don't. I want you to keep your cunt stuffed and take what I give you." He watches up at you as he presses your knees apart, keeping his eyes on your face until he can't bare it anymore.
You gasp quietly at the feeling of his hot breath on your exposed, slick sex and there's nothing you can do but whimper at the feeling of his tongue gently grazing your clit.
Fuck, it's good. It's not long before he's licking you like he's starving, lapping and sucking gently on your clit before forcing your legs wider apart to lick your arousal from the base of the toy.
"Bucky, please. Please let me move." You didn't mean to sound so pathetic but with each lick, you get closer and closer to an orgasm you won't be able to stop. An orgasm you've been warned you're not allowed to have.
You're almost surprised he takes pity on you, giving you permission to get off the toy. He removes it from the chair and sits down in it's place, offering his cock as a replacement.
You sit back down as you had earlier with your back to his chest but you can't help but feel amazed at how much better his dick feels. He's slightly bigger and while that's nice, nothing beats the way he throbs inside you and the hot, breathy groans against your ear at the feeling of your body taking all of him.
"Such a good girl." He smirks against your neck, littering your skin with kisses between his soft praises. You feel one of his hands on your chin, gently directing you to look to your right, over in the direction of the full length mirror.
The reflection you're looking at makes your walls flutter involuntarily because fuck, you really are stuffed full of his cock and he's making sure you're not able to fully enjoy it yet.
With one hand still holding your head in place, making sure you keep watching, Bucky's free hand trails down between your legs, flicking and rubbing your clit again.
"Oh f-fuck." You whine, watching Bucky's smirk widen. You can't sit still. You just can't. You want to grind your hips and take what you need and in that moment, his pleasure and all the instructions he's given you come second. You need to get off, consequences be damned.
"Don't even fucking think about it." He warns, delivering one harsh slap to your clit. It's not overly hard but it's enough to shock you. "You know you're not allowed to cum. I want to feel this pretty pussy dripping first. Don't worry though. Once you're wet and messy enough, I'll fuck you stupid on the carpet, right in front of the mirror. Want you to watch yourself cum so hard you forget your own name."
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tempestuous-lush · 14 days
daddy || f!reader x dark!Bucky
summary: You're a good girl. Dating Steve Rogers. In school pursuing a degree. You're a good girl. With a secret. You're a good girl who runs a cam show and when you meet Steve's friends you realize your best customer is also his best friend.
warnings: masturbation, daddy kink, breeding kink, creampie, bathroom sex, hints of cum play, underwear gagging, public play, demeaning sex, and dark!Bucky.
My first time writing a dark!Bucky.
I hope it lives up to the expectation.
tags: @sweetieswiftie @tarotwitchy-main
word count: 2,946 k
Tumblr media
You observed yourself in the full length mirror. 
A sigh escaped you. 
Why were you so nervous? 
No big deal. You were just meeting Steve’s friends. Captain America’s friends. You quickly slipped your dress off in frustration before landing face down in your bed and groaning into the mattress. You pushed yourself up though and flipped onto your back instead, your hair splayed out around you before exhaling again. 
“Screw this.”
You were talking to yourself. Very healthy. 
What you needed was a dose of confidence. You were trying to dress modestly, to avoid getting unwanted gazes. But you knew exactly what would make you feel bold and ready to take on the world. 
You pulled on a garter belt and clipped on your stockings in a delicate polka dot print, the seam running up the back. Next you pulled on a nude bralette that matched your stockings with the same delicate mesh and polka dot pattern. It was one of your favorite things to cam in for a reason. 
You looked good, and you knew it. 
There were matching panties, but you had sent those to someone only a week or so ago. So, you grabbed your loose fitting dress and slipped it back on your frame. You sat on the bed to slip on your heels, relishing in the way your dress pooled against your bare cunt. 
A smirk appeared on your face as you looked over at your streaming corner. The corner of your room had a camera set up, warm fairy lights along the background with a settee. You’d told Stebe this was your reading area when he’d come over, the equipment tucked away beneath the bed. 
You glanced at the clock and saw the time. You had forty minutes to spare. Turning on the camera, you looked at the screen with a fanning of eyelashes before backing up to be in full view. A small smile graced your lips as soon as you heard the sounds of notifications letting you know people were joining. You slowly unbuttoned your dress revealing your flesh and lingerie as you more or less purred, “just jumping in real quick to say hello…”
Unbuttoning the last button, you shrugged out of your dress before dragging your fingers along your body. A small moan escaped you as you ghosted along your slit. Part of you used to hate how wet this made you, playing with yourself on camera for money. But now? You didn’t even blink. 
You smiled as your favorite customer appeared in chat, knowing it was him by the message and not the handle.
Hello doll.
You had no idea what he looked like, but there had been multiple times he’d paid good money for you to chat with him privately. He’d talked you through more orgasms than you could count while you played his favorite roll: his doll. His bred, cum filled doll. 
You smiled at the message, “Hey baby.”
He typed back. Do you have time for me today doll?
“Always. I’ll send you the link as usual baby.”
You saw other comments coming through, begging you to stay for just a few more moments. Instead, you cup your breasts and roll your nipples through the mesh, giving a bit of a needier moan, “Don’t worry boys, this was impromptu. I will be back at my scheduled time.”
You move your camera to point towards your bed, making sure it was close enough for him to see well, before sending him an invite link. Before you came into frame you heard him, “I’ve missed our meetings doll.”
A small smile lingered on your lips as you pulled your favorite toy from the drawer, a guilty pang pulling at you as you thought of Steve.
You shoved it down though as you sat on the bed and slowly spread your legs for him, dragging your toy along your thighs. A breathy sigh escaped you as you asked him, “You’ve missed my wet little pussy, daddy?”
You heard a hiss escape him. Daddy. It’s the one thing he asked you to call him. You were taken aback at first but a part of you realized quickly how much you loved it. 
You heard a groan. 
“Is that big cock hard for me daddy?”
You heard him as he spit, his breath falling heavy as he began to stroke himself. He breath fell in heavy pants quickly, “Doll, gonna fuck you one day and when I do you’re gonna want my cock buried deep inside you all the time. But for now stuff that wet pussy with your little toy.”
His voice was strained, like he was trying hard to hold back. You teased yourself. You only rocked the head of your toy into your hole, walls clutching at nothing. Part of you enjoyed teasing him, “M’daddy…m’need something bigger. Need your cock. M’so wet.”
“Need my fucking cum deep inside you.”
At his words you sank your toy inside of you, your arousal letting you take it eagerly. Your back arched off the bed as you called out, “Fuck yes.”
“Look so good. Gonna cum. Can I cum on that pretty pussy doll? Gonna fuck me inside of you with your toy?”
“Mmm fuck. Gonna make me all messy with your cum daddy?” God you were so close. 
“Yebat!” He let out a heavy grunt before all you could hear was his breathing, heavy, erratic. 
You were so close. You flipped to your stomach and thrust your ass in the air, giving him the perfect view of your soaked core before you plunged your toy back inside. You rolled your hips and shuddered at the sensation. Then, you brought your ass down, thrusting up with your toy, and hitting the perfect spot you came hard, crying out incoherently… your cum squirting out of you as you pulled your toy from your spasming pussy. 
He followed right behind you. 
Bucky’s cum shot out of him as he inhaled the scent of the worn panties you sent him as a thanks for his “support”. It made it even better that the pair you sent him matched the set you currently were wearing.
His cock started getting hard again as he watched you lightly stroking your pussy, body jerking at every touch from over sensitive you were. He had never ached for anyone like this before. Bucky glanced down at his watch. Fuck. He didn’t want to be here but Steve was adamant he would be there. 
As you slowly came down from your high and caught your breath, you smiled at the camera shyly. 
Bucky’s head fell back in frustration before groaning, “M’sorry doll. Daddy has somewhere to be or else I’d happily pay to see you cumming again and again.”
“S’that so, daddy?”
You weren’t sure why you were doing this. You were about to go to dinner with Steve. Yet, you reached to your nightstand and pulled out a toy that only he would know. 
Bucky smirked knowingly as he saw it. 
You slipped the wearable vibrator inside of you, the slender arm of it nestled to you until it ended right at your clit. You sent him the link and he immediately cranked it high, causing you to double over at the sensation before he let off, nearly cooing, “Had to make sure it worked my little doll. Gonna tease you all night so you think of me.”
After smiling and saying goodbye, you watched as a notification came through that daddy left you $750. There was also an attachment. 
He had never sent one before, and so out of curiosity you opened it. 
A gasp left you as you were greeted with a picture of a heavy, thick cock with cum pooled beneath it. A blush erupted on your cheeks as you saw your panties draped over the base. You instinctively licked your lips at the sight of semen beaded at the tip. 
And that was when you felt it, the lowest setting. A warmth bloomed inside of you, even as you cleaned your thighs up and pulled a new dress on. It was a powder blue and despite the top of it fitting tightly, the bottom flowed to your knees. 
Just as you finished getting yourself together your doorbell rang and you opened it, smiling at Steve just as the setting went up one. A small gasp of surprise escaped you and Steve smiled, “You look beautiful, sweetheart.”
Suddenly feeling needy, you pull him by his shirt collar and give him a long, lingering kiss. Carding his hair with your fingers, you pull at the base of his skull which had him moaning against your lips before he pulled back, “As much as I’d like to explore this, we have to get to the restaurant on time, yeah?”
A small blush crept across the bridge of your nose before you nodded, and his hand enveloped your own and gently pulled you along. 
Bucky was already half through with his drink and talking to Natasha when you walked in, Steve’s arm draped across your shoulder. The first thing he spotted were those stockinged legs that he would recognize anywhere. Following the line of sight up, he noticed the dress, and then saw your face. He turned to his phone, nonchalantly saying something to Nat. It couldn’t be you, could it? He turned the setting up to the highest one without any warning and watched you react. Your breath caught and your legs pressed together momentarily before he turned the setting down to the lowest once more. Fuck. He knocked the rest of his whiskey back in one gulp. 
What are the fucking chances?
Just as Bucky motioned for another drink, Steve reached him and Nat looking like the proudest man around. He eyed you. Does he know, doll? Does he know you get paid by men to degrade yourself? Does he know you get off on begging your daddy?
You were distracted by the woman first. Beautiful. Curvy. Red hair. Just off that alone, you imagined this must be Natasha. You were about to say hello, the smile on your lips fading as you saw him. You didn’t know who this was. Hard, dark blue eyes staring at you. It almost felt like he could see your soul bared only to him. It was unsettling. As though he were the opposite of everything comforting you found in Steve. He had dark hair, hard lines, was silently judging, and devastatingly handsome. You saw the dim light of the Edison bulbs reflecting from the metal of his arm. Bucky. You held your hand out to Nat and introduced yourself. 
Bucky was watching you intently, not interested in the way Steve held his arm around you or laughed as Natasha introduced herself and said some ridiculous quip. No. He heard your name falling from your lips. It was beautiful. Perfect. Like you. Daddy’s little whore, begging to be filled to the brim with his cum.
Bucky snapped out of it when he heard Steve, “And the antisocial lump in the corner here is James Buchanan Barnes, Bucky for short, and my best friend.”
His smile was dazzling and took you off guard. 
He held out his hand and you took hold of it without question. Though, your grip faltered as he said his next words, “So nice to finally meet you, doll.”
You realized who this was at that word, that voice. 
The whole time you were sitting at the table, trying to hold a conversation with Natasha, Steve, and now Sam and Wanda. Bucky was knocking back drinks while absorbed in his phone. To everyone else, he seemed to be rudely absorbed in his phone. But to you? God fucking dammit. You were trying your best not to die, ignoring the ever growing ache growing between your thighs.  About half way through the meal though, you threw your napkin down, “Excuse me, m’not feeling well.” You walked swiftly, legs shaking, frantically asking the bartender where the bathroom was. And just as Steve got up to follow you, he got waylaid by a fan asking for a picture. 
Steve smiled in thanks as Bucky stood up and simply reassured his friend, “I’ll go check on her.”
You quickly found the bathroom and opened the door, slamming it shut and frantically clicking the lock. You sat on the toilet and spread your legs, resting the heel of your left foot on the sink to hold them open. You quickly removed the toy, throwing it to the side where it landed in the sink, your arousal dripping from your pussy now that the toy wasn’t plugging you up. 
You needed friction. 
Desperately, you sank your fingers inside of yourself, the noises as you crooked them to hit that sweet spot only driving your frenzied arousal. You mewled, needing more and not having it. Your slippery fingers against your sensitive clit didn’t help either. Then you stilled as you heard a knock, followed by a voice, “Doll, you okay? Steve sent me to check on you?”
His voice hit you just as you started to finger yourself again. The combination made you moan. Another knock as you frantically fucked your hand like a wild animal in heat, “Doll, if you unlock the door…I can help you. You’ll feel so much better.”
You stilled again before struggling to get to your feet, slowly walking to the door. You unlocked it and stepped back. The door slammed open and you were met by the sight of Bucky palming his cock through those tight fitting jeans, looking at you with nothing more than lust. Quickly walking in, he closed the door and locked it before taking something out of his pocket. Your fucking underwear. You weren’t sure what to feel about the fact that he carried them on him to dinner. 
But he roughly grabbed your cheeks and pressed so your mouth opened and he shoved them inside of your mouth. A muffled moan escaped you as he spun you around and pinned your hips against the sink. As you began to salivate over the delicate fabric, you realized…it tasted of his cum. Fresh. Salty. Musk. It was all him. 
You were reignited at the realization he must have cleaned up with them earlier. This was the fucking counter in the background of the picture he sent. And then you heard the zipper of his jeans and he lined up the head of his cock before snapping his hips up and you clamped his hand over your mouth as you cried out, muffled already by the fabric.
Bucky groaned in your ear, “Fucking hell doll, so wet for daddy. So needy. Nod yes for me doll if this is all from me playing with you.”
You nod into his hand, tears threatening to spill at the sensation of him fucking you. 
“Too much of a fucking whore for Steve to handle properly.”
Fuck me, fuck me. 
“Gonna make you cream daddy’s fat cock inside you, doll, and then gonna fill you with my cum. And we’re gonna do it fast, doll. Lest you want Steve to know how fucking filthy you are.”
Bucky watched as your eyes rolled into the back of your head. You felt more amazing than he even thought possible. He pulled his phone out again and turned the toy all the way up before grabbing hold of it and pulling your head back with the hand covering your mouth, his other held the toy firmly against your clit. It was your undoing. 
You came so fast, Bucky still driving deep inside of you even as you did. 
Suddenly, he grunted, “Ready for me doll? Pussy so greedy you’re gonna milk me dry. Smooth as silk with how wet you are for me.”
Then, with one final thrust deep inside of you, he came. His cum painted your walls and he turned off the toy, pulling out of you and taking his hand away with your underwear in his fingers. Reduced to panting, you pressed your legs together, inexplicably wanting his warm seed to stay inside of you. He handed you your panties, knowing, and you slipped them on. 
Tucking his cock back inside his jeans, he zipped them up before looking you over, “Funny that you think you’re worthy of Steve when you eagerly spread that pretty pussy for daddy, doll. The only thing that you’re worthy of is being daddy’s bred little bitch. Isn’t that right?” His words stung as you thought of Steve, who was so good to you. Tears threatened once more to spill.
“See you back at dinner, though you might want to clean up. It might be difficult to explain another man’s cum inside of you when you get back home, doll.”
That was all he said, and he left. 
Suddenly ashamed, you looked at the toy in the bathroom sink covered in your arousal. A sob escaped you before you began to clean up. Meanwhile, Steve ran into Bucky on his way back to the table. Bucky stopped him, “Hey man, I’d give her a little bit. The food didn’t agree with her very well. She’s a bit of a mess.” Torn, Steve slowly nodded and walked back to the table with his friend. He knew you’d want privacy if you were sick. 
By the time you got back to the table you immediately ordered a drink and downed it.
Steve rubbed your back affectionately before asking, “You okay?”
“Mhm, feel much better now, thank you for asking.”
Steve gave you a kiss on the cheek, leaving his hand on your back to trace the same path.
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imyourbratzdoll · 1 month
hi bestie 🥺👉👈 I saw that your requests are open so… yandere!nomad!Steve falling for someone while on the run, he still wears disguises and stays low profile so it’s easy to follow her around, but he grows tired of the distance and strikes !! me thinks… he has her swooning immediately (after all, he already knows everything about her), and goes full daddy mode during their first time: rough and nasty but sweet, a dash of mean and condescending bc she fell right into his trap 🫶✨
hi, baby! I really hope you like this, and I'm sorry it took so long, I wasn't expecting a literal writing goddess to request something, so I wanted to make it as good as possible!🥺
summary - the moment steve saw you, he knew he needed to have you. so he thought the best way to get to know you... was to stalk you, what happens when he finally makes his move?
warning - stalking, voyeurism, masturbation, semi-public, smut, daddy kink, potential kidnapping.
18+ only please, the gif I use isn't mine, divider by @newlips and @firefly-graphics
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Steve couldn’t stop. For months, he’s been following you wherever you go, watching you. He’s even gone as far as stalking you to your home, sneaking a peek through the windows. His favourite part was when you slept, well, the second favourite. Nothing could beat watching you shower and lathering your nude form with lotions afterwards or the fact you’d take out your pathetic excuse of a toy and shyly play with your pretty little cunt.
A grunt falls from his lips as he tugs on his throbbing member. Steve’s lust-filled eyes focus on your exposed cotton white knickers, balls tightening as the cloth sticks to your folds. The thought of getting caught excites him even more. Steve watches your soft breasts bounce when you stand, and the sight causes him to pick up the pace. 
When Steve feels his end approach, he stops and tucks his hard cock back into his pants. A dark smile forms on his face as he stands at full height. Steve’s grown tired of just watching you. He wants to feel you under him. He wants to make you moan his name instead of those pathetic ones you let out with your small toy.
The burly man takes long strides toward the naive woman. When he gets close enough, your vanilla perfume fills his senses. His cock twitches, and the excitement of finally talking to you, makes him nearly cum. He clears his throat as he stands behind you, needing your attention.
The squeak that leaves your mouth and how you look up at him with those doe-like eyes as you spin around. Nearly make Steve go feral, he offers a charming smile, hoping not to scare you away. Steve holds back a smirk as you relax under his gaze, “sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you. I just couldn’t help but notice how beautiful you look and had to come to introduce myself.” He puts a handout, nearly groaning when you slip your small one onto his. “I’m Steve.” 
“I’m Y–Y/n” He brings her hand to his lips and gently kisses her flesh, enjoying how her cheeks turn a rosy pink. 
“That’s a beautiful name, which doesn’t surprise me as you look like a goddess.” A smooth chuckle leaves his lips, his hand still holding yours as he looks down at you. “Would a gorgeous woman like yourself be willing to let me take her out?” A dark smile appears on Steve’s face when you nod, cheeks turning a darker shade of pink.
Tumblr media
“D–Daddy! Too much! Ohhh.” Steve growls, slowly pulling his cock from your tight cunt only to thrust back in roughly. One hand grips your hip while the other pulls the front of your dress down, groaning as your breasts bounce free. Steve leans down and latches onto your nipple, grunting as you pulse around his thick, throbbing member. 
“T–Too much? Is my cock too big for the poor baby?” His large form leans over your tiny body, squashing you further into the bed as his thrusts continue. “Weren’t you just begging me to fuck you, baby? I thought you said you could take me. Were you lying to me, sweetheart?” His cock throbs as you whimper, feeling his cock throb as thick tears roll down your face. You feel so full and split open at the same time your mind begins to go dumb. “C’mon, sweetheart. I know you can answer me. Don’t you want to make daddy happy?”
“I do! I do! I wan’ make daddy happy! F–Feels good, so good!” You babble, drool leaking out of your mouth and eyes rolling to the back of your head, legs tightening around his waist, wanting to feel him deeper. A whine escapes you as his thrusts become more brutal, causing your body to move up the bed. “Daddy! M–my daddy!” 
Steve grunts, his darkened blue eyes glaring down at your sopping cunt, watching his cock pierce in and out of you. “That’s right, sweetheart. All yours, just like you’ll always be mine.” Your hands curl and grip the blankets, biting into your lip as you stare up at the god-like man. Steve deepens his thrusts. “You going to be my good girl and cum? Cover daddy’s cock with your juices?” You nod, whimpering and crying as your walls tighten and spasm around him. Steve groans as it becomes harder for him to pound into you. Using some of his super soldier strength, he pushes through. His eyes roll back as you squeeze his thick member. Juices squirt from your used hole, covering him and the sheets around you. Your body sags into the bed, and exhausted moans leave you when he continues to pound into you, taking his bottom lip between his teeth as his balls tighten and his cock twitches. Steve buries deep inside you, letting go, spurts of his thick cum filling and leaking out of you. 
You whimper when Steve pulls out of you, tiredly watching as he lifts his finger and collects the cum that leaks from your hole and pushes it back in with a curl of his finger. “D–Daddy…” Steve continues to thrust and curl his finger until you twitch and more of your juices coat him.
He takes his finger out and puts it into his mouth, groaning as he tastes you. His eyes roll back, sucking your juices off of his finger. Steve crawls beside you and pulls your used body against his large one, stroking your hair as you slowly drift off to sleep. “It’s okay, sweetheart….” He looks down at you and smirks, “You have no idea how much I have been holding myself back from you.” Steve leans down and presses a kiss on the top of your head whilst whispering. “And now that I’ve finally had you, I’m never letting you go. I love you too much to let you slip from my fingers, my sweet baby doll.”
He lies back, slowly drifting to sleep with you in his arms, smiling as he thinks of the cute little sounds you’ll make as you cry when you wake up and find yourself in an unknown place. Steve found you once and won’t let the last of his happiness disappear. 
You will be Steve’s forever… whether you like it or not.
Tumblr media
thank you for reading!
feedback and reblogs are greatly appreciated.
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buckyalpine · 8 months
Bad Habits
Tumblr media
Bucky x female reader
Bucky’s developed some bad habits after he discovered something about your boobs. My second request from the lovely @slutforsexyseabass​ this was SO cute that I did 3 parts :)
Warnings: BOOBS AND FLUFF, pierced nipples, implied smut 
Word count: 750
Part 1: Personal Pillow  Part 2: Personal Pillow 2 
Personal Pillow 3
Personal Pillow antics
“What the hell are you doing”
Bucky continued to mindlessly squish and play with your boobs as you tried to write your mission report, his hand up your shirt, toying with your nipples.
“I have to finish these reports, you’re distracting me!”
“No I’m not, I’m being quiet” Bucky said matter of factly.
“I’m not a fidget toy Bucky”
“You’re right, this is better”
“Oh my god, I’ll get you a fidget spinner”
“No. Not squishy”
“Fine, a stress ball then”
“Nope. Want to hold you”  
Ever since Bucky had seen your pierced nipples, his hands found their way up your shirt. Something about the way your warm skin felt, twirling the nipple around your ring took his stress his away. If his head wasn’t up your shirt, his hand definitely was; he was insatiable.
It got the point you were so used to it, you forgot what others might think if they saw. Which is exactly what happened the first time Sam walked in on you both in the kitchen. You stood by the counter making a cup of coffee while Bucky held you from behind, his head resting on your shoulder, his hands up your shirt.
“Hey y/n, you think you can- WOAH WOAH HOLD UP”
“What?!” Your eyes shot up as you looked around the room, seeing nothing out of the ordinary “What happened?!”
“He- Bucky what the hell?!” Sam gawked as Bucky shrugged, giving your boob a squish moving his hands to protectively wrap around your waist instead.
“Feels nice, never felt a tit before Wilson?”
You cackled as Sam ran out, mumbling something about scheduling a therapy appointment.
The next incident was with Steve, though you hadn’t actually been awake when it happened.  Steve walked by the living room, sighing happily as he saw you both asleep, cuddled on the couch. Until….where was Bucky’s hand?…his eyes nearly popped out of his head when he saw Bucky had one hand under your shirt holding onto your boob, squishing it every so often in his sleep.  He refused to look either of you in the eye after that for days.
Tony was the least bothered, having seen many more colorful things in this life. He actually found it sort of sweet, who the hell wouldn’t want to be touching boobs?!
You slipped under the covers, nuzzling against Bucky as he wrapped his arm over you pulling you close to him.
“I have a question”
“What’s that?”
Bucky sat up with a shit eating on his face, twirling the barbells in his fingers, his mind wandering places, wondering how pretty your boobs would look with a little something else…
“Can you change the jewellery? 
“Yes…what are you thinking you perv”
You shook your head knowing the gears in his head were turning as his eyes shifted between the crystals you’d recently changed to.
“Just wonderin’”
“I can see that”
“Can we get custom ones?”
You’re Birthday
“Open this later okay?” Bucky whispered to you, slipping a tiny black box into your hands, kissing your shoulder while you shook your head, swaying together on the dance floor at the party Tony arranged.
“You already gave me a gift Bucky” You looked at the gold necklace that sat around your neck, a dainty rose pendent sitting perfectly above your cleavage.
“Mhm, this is a present for me” Bucky smirked, trailing kisses up your neck, “Want to go up and put it on for me?”
You looked up at Bucky, his eyes twinkling mischievously as he led you the elevator, whisking you to his room. You opened the box, gasping while he held your waist, biting his lip.
“Oh my god!”
In the box sat two gold nipple rings with his initials JBB on both ends. You blushed, wiggling out of his hold to put them on. He undid the straps that held the top of your dress up before you slipped into the bathroom, quickly changing the jewellery. You took the dress off, sauntering back into the room where Bucky was laying down, smirking as you straddled him.
“And what gave you the idea for this Mr. Barnes?”
“Hmm thought it’d look pretty baby, prettiest tits I’ve ever seen”
“You know you’re the only one that’ll see them right?”
“And we’re going to keep it that way” Bucky grabbed you, flipping you under him, tugging your nipples in his teeth as you moaned “You’re mine doll”
It was going to be a long night.
Part 1: Personal Pillow Part 2: Personal Pillow 2
Personal Pillow 3
Personal Pillow antics
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timidpumpkin · 3 months
Can’t sleep (Stucky x reader thoughts) Little Light universe blurb
(Basically I can’t sleeeeep so I apologize if there are mistakes but I wanted to write it :))))❤️💙❤️)
(It’s very fluff ✨💙✨)
Just thinking about reader not being able to sleep (like absolutely cannot fall asleep) and trying to sneak into Steve and Buckys room to tell them. But bucky hears you before you even make it to the door. You know you’re supposed to be in bed, and you expect him to reiterate that to you. Instead, when he finds you staring up at him, stuffie and blankie clutched tightly in your arms, he swiftly picks you and asks “what’s wrong doll? Can’t sleep?”
You’re not sure if he can just read it on your face or if he’s—somehow—able to read your mind. That notion continues when he asks you if you’d like to watch something in the living room. It’s late. Much too late. And you’re more than positive that if Steve was awake he’s be marching you back to your crib. Most likely.
Yet, Bucky quietly closes the door behind him, and with you still in his arms, carries you to the couch. He settles you perfectly with him. Laying your body across his feels more comfortable than any memory foam bed. (certainly more so than the one you’ve been tossing in for hours and hours)
Your favorite show plays softly, the lights are dimmed for your sensitive eyes, and Bucky rubs his warm hand across your back, ever so slightly rubbing tender spots as he goes. Though it feels amazing, and relaxes your body into his, you’re just still not sleepy.
“Daddy?” You turn your body around to him, gazing up as his blue lit face. He gives you all his attention, silently telling you to continue. “I’m sorry I can’t sleep” you say, guilt lacing your face and tone. He caresses your head then.
“That’s okay, doll.” He says, giving you a soft and genuine smile. “Sometimes,” he pauses, looking back to the tv absently. “Sometimes Daddy can’t sleep either.” He says seriously, almost somberly, before turning back to you and giving you a reassuring smile. A small one. One that you know tells you ‘don’t worry about daddy doll.’ Yet still, your face drops, eyes laced with concern, as he continues to pet your head.
You glance to his shoulder, the one where skin meets metal in a mutilating fashion. You know he doesn’t like to talk to you about certain things. Things you know have hurt him. It’s not like you haven’t asked. But he always distracts you with kisses or toys, telling you those kinds of stories aren’t for little girls like you.
You give him a tender smile, before climbing your way up so you can wrap your arms around his neck. He readily accepts this gesture, engulfing you with his arms, squeezing you just enough. As much as he can without hurting your frame. He could hold on to you forever. Just like this. His little girl was all he needed.
Of any of the reasons to be up much too late—you—you were the best one.
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moosereblogsfics · 2 months
No Motive
Tumblr media
pairing: serial killer! steve x serial killer!bucky x reader 
warnings: DUBCON, kind of non con, serial killer au, horror, slight dacryphilia, violence, smut, p in v, manipulation/coercion, facial, creampie, mentions of virginity loss, masturbation, MINORS DNI, dead dove do not eat. read at your own risk
summary:  “Surprise, Sidney!” 
a/n: this is a Scream / Grease inspired entry for @boxofbonesfic​ Friday The 13th challenge for Serial Killer! this is my first time writing anything dark but I had a lot of fun (i love horror/horror movies so this was a fun exercise). thank you so much bones for hosting this super fun challenge and i hope everyone had an absolutely spooktacular Friday the 13th!
word count: 1287 (cutting it close whew)
“Doors locked. Windows and blinds shut. No trips to anywhere but the grocery store or work, during daylight hours. No one is permitted to be outside of their homes after dark.”
That was what the police said. So why the hell were you outside right now? You snuck a quick glance at your boyfriend, who was driving carefree with the windows down.
“You cold, babe?” He shouted over the wind, looking over at you to flash you a cocky smirk. He looked beautiful, and that’s why you were here.
“No,” you mustered, but it was a lie. The anxiety caused by your forbidden outing induced a tremor in your hands as you pressed down your skirt. Steve would be so disappointed if he knew how you were feeling. Wasn’t this romantic? In the very least, it was what all the other couples did at school. 
It was what Steve’s ex-girlfriends did with him. 
You fought the urge to flip down the little vanity mirror and check your lipstick, make sure you looked pretty enough for him. Instead, you looked over at him with a smile and reached over to squeeze his thigh suggestively. That’s how you were supposed to do it, right? 
The crunching of gravel under Steve’s tires drew your attention to the little road that you’ve pulled off onto. You’ve never been here, but you recognized it from its infamy— Lover’s Lake, where all the couples used to come to get a little… privacy. Nobody came here anymore, though.
Not since the killings started. 
Your tongue darted out to wet your dry lips nervously, and you felt your heart pounding in fear. 
“Steve, is this a good idea?” you eked out, taking your bottom lip between your teeth and nibbling at the flesh nervously. Without even looking at you, Steve grasped your chin in his forefinger and eased your lip out from your teeth before running over it with his thumb. 
He’s so good to you. He knew you so well. So why didn’t you feel safe right now? 
But your stomach roiled when he sighed, clearly disappointed in you as he spared an irritated look before pulling the car to stop facing the lake. “Babe, I told you this already, remember? We can’t let the killer win. When we let them control us, let them make us afraid, they win.” 
“But Steve, what if the killer shows up?”
“Hey,” he said, placing a warm hand on the back of your neck and letting his fingers press on your spine. “I’m here, baby. Now go get your cute ass in the backseat.” Steve laughed when you squeaked at the pat on your butt as you made your way to the backseat. 
As you sat down, you couldn’t get over how… wrong it felt. Like the ghosts of the three girls that died here were watching you, telling you to get out of here. It was disrespectful at best, dangerous for a fact. But you didn’t have it in you to say no to Steve. 
He settled next to you, slinging an arm over your shoulders as the two of you looked out to the lake. Your heart beat faster when his fingers toyed with the straps of your dress and bra, before he inched them off your shoulder. 
“Oops,” he laughed. It sounded harsher than you were used to, and you couldn’t hold back your discomfort anymore. You turned to him, ready to voice your objections when he captured your lips with his own. 
“Shh, baby,” he interrupted you, pulling down your top entirely to expose your tits to him. He kneaded the flesh between his palms, groaning and watching your nipples peak in response to his ministrations. “God, you’re so pretty. So innocent. Knew you’d be the best girlfriend a fella could ever have.” The pride that swelled within you at his words squashed the discomfort within you, and you leaned in to kiss him with a smile. 
You shut your eyes, allowing yourself to get lost in his kisses as his hands wandered up and down your body. You didn’t object when he pulled your dress and bra off, pulled your panties off and laid you down on the leather seats of his car. 
“You see how hard I am for you, baby?” Steve groans, grabbing your hand and putting it on his bulge as he rocked his clothed thigh against your bare core. Steve Rogers, the one guy that everyone wanted, the captain of the football team, the all-American golden boy wanted you. 
Steve slid his jeans off, sitting in one of the seats as he pumped his shaft twice and pulled your hips between his legs, aligning your slick cunt with his tip and driving his hips up to inch into you. You stifled your discomfort, trying to hide your winces and the tears that sprung in your eyes as he eased into your tight hole. You couldn’t let him know that you were a virgin, what would he think? 
But you knew when you met Steve’s wolfish gaze, it wasn’t something you could hide from him. 
“Are you a virgin, baby?” He cooed at you, condescension lacing his tone. You nodded and shut your eyes, when the sound of the door opening forced your eyes open.
Bucky, Steve’s best friend, slid into the seat next to yours. “Getting started without me, huh, pal?” Steve laughed harshly at that, exposing your body for Bucky to see. Mortification sent blood rushing through your body but Steve didn’t seem to care as he squeezed and flicked your tits, continuing to fuck into you. “You gonna let me join in, Stevie?” 
“Not this time,” Steve grunted, turning to Bucky as he used your body. “This one’s a virgin.” 
“Lucky,” Bucky asserted, unbuckling and sliding his already-hard cock out from his jeans. “Spit,” he instructed you, putting his hand in front of your mouth then using it as lubrication to stroke himself as he watched Steve fuck you. “You wanna cry, baby?” he asked you as he watched you, noting the stiffness of your body. “Yeah, I bet it hurts. C’mon, then, cry.” 
You let the tears flow freely from you as Steve picked up the pace, uncaring about your pain as he drove further into you. But it didn’t take long for the pain to shift to pleasure, the fullness from Steve making your head loll against his shoulder. 
Bucky pulled you down to face his cock, surprising you as he sprayed his release on your face, almost making you cry again as his cum mixed with your lipstick. Inexplicably, though, it triggered that blissful feeling that you’ve only felt on your own, clenching tighter on Steve’s cock as your vision whited out. 
“Shit, you like that?” Steve snickered, cumming into you as your body slacked. He pulled you off unceremoniously, swinging you into his arms only to dump your nude body in the passenger seat. “I gotta go piss,” he called out, slamming the door as Bucky trailed behind him. 
Bored, you opened the glovebox in search of napkins to clean your face, but when your fingers brushed against dainty metal, your heart stuttered. 
Inside Steve’s glovebox lay three bloodstained necklaces, ones that you knew belonged to the dead girls because you recognized each little pendant— Darla’s pink rhinestone, Charlotte’s teddy bear, Jeanie’s heart locket. 
“You weren’t supposed to see that, sweetheart,” Steve said from behind you. You saw the blood from your neck spray onto the windshield before you got the chance to scream.  
“That’s gonna be a pain to get out,” Bucky commented, before the darkness swallowed you whole.
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familyvideostevie · 7 months
hi! are your baby blurps still open? if so, can i request a 19 or 36 with steve? (i hope you haven't done them yet, im sorry if you have) thank you so much and your writing is beautiful btw 💓
hi my dear!! i did 19 here but 36 is all yours :) hope you like! steamy again, so 16+ please!
stopping a kiss when it gets too heated __ The party is in full force but you're ready to go home. Not because it's not fun, not because you're not feeling well. It's simple: Steve looks so hot you want to jump his bones. You've got one beer in you and you're watching him across the room where he talks to Jonathan. His polo is tighter than it should be, clinging to his biceps and the muscles of his back. He's wearing that pair of Levi's that make you flush and his hair is messy after a full day of work and a night of fun.
He laughs and you swear you can hear the sound over all the other noise. He takes a sip of the cup he's holding -- water since he's driving -- and his swallow makes his adam's apple bob and your mouth dry. Okay, that's enough. You've got to have him. And while you know that you just need to say the word and Steve will take you home immediately, you think maybe you could rile him up first as payback.
You make your way through the crowd, saying small hellos as you go, eyes never leaving Steve. He seems to sense you coming since he looks up to find your face and smiles that smile that's just for you.
"Hi, Jonathan," you say once you get there. Steve's arm slides around you as you fit into his side. "Can I steal him for a second?"
"He's all yours," your friend says. He looks between you both for a moment and laughs a little as you drag Steve away.
"Where are we going?" your boyfriend asks, his palm warm in yours.
"Didn't know you needed help," he teases. "Wait, are you okay?" He's more concerned this time, his other hand heavy on your back as you slide into a door off of the hallway and close it behind him, flicking on the light.
"I'm fine," you say brightly. His brows are furrowed and he still looks delicious even in the dull glow of the overhead. "Do you know how hot you look tonight, Steve?"
A flush travels up from his collar to pool in his cheeks and his hands settle on your hips as you back him up against the sink. "Is that so?" he says softly, concern gone. "I see what's going on here."
"You do?" You step between his legs and toy with his collar. "And what's that?" His pupils widen as you move even closer, so close that you can feel his breath on your skin.
"You just wanted to make out." He sounds so smug that you simply can't let him continue to talk, so you kiss him instead. Slowly, like you have all the time in the world, like you're not in the bathroom of someone's house with everyone you went to school with just a wall away.
Steve moans into your mouth, his hands sliding into your back pockets and squeezing just a little bit. You fight him for control, tongues swirling as you angle his jaw just the way you want, flipping the switch from lazy kisses to filthy ones. You can feel him through his jeans, feel yourself start to lose control a little as your breathing becomes panting. You trail open-mouthed kisses down Steve's jaw, his neck, sucking on this one spot that makes him keen.
"Hey--," he says. "I think--ah--I think we should take this show on the...fuck...road." He gently pushes you away, thumb trailing over your bottom lip as you blink once, twice, taking him in slowly. His hair is a mess and there's a bruise blooming where your lips were.
"Alright pretty boy," you say, voice hoarse. You're not even embarrassed that your mission to rile him up has got you just as good. You ghost one hand over the zipper of his jeans and he hisses. "Take me home."
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minnieves · 7 months
bj steve part one, two
new to the bj series? see here for the guide.
warnings: filiming, mutual masturbation, slight dom x sub dynamics, choking, unprotected sex, and use of toys.
summary: hidden feelings and hidden diaries.
soobin watch you sleep beside him. your head resting on your folded arms on top of the table. he mimicked your position. his hand trying to reach yours. his eyes scanning your features with a soft smile.
"my love," he thought to himself. his heart not beating fast. instead it was mellow, like it knew he was at peace. and that he is. watching you sleep knowing that no one can harm you there, worry him less.
he moved some of your stray hair away from your face. like he didn't just finish writing the most disgusting kinks he wanted to try out. or how your body reacted when you did something while you have sex.
if someone were to snatch and read his notebook. they would think, that you're soobin's lab rat. someone who is only with him because they are of use for him.
"a little more," you whined. riding soobin's cock inside one of the cubicles in your uni. your hand on his mouth since you knew how loud soobin can be. his huge hands guiding you to ride him better. "i'm so close."
soobin has his brows furrowed. eyes watching your pleased reaction while he guides you. he bit his lip under your hand. trying not to cum on the spot as he feels your flesh coil around his cock.
"cum," he told you. one hand holding your wirst. the other guiding your hips to move in back-and-forth motions. his cock spilling itself inside you. a small smirk is displayed on his lips as he suck a hickey on your chest. "so pretty, when marked."
"let's stay like this," you whispered. leaning forward, so that soobin himself is supporting both of you. making him press harder on your chest. not even caring about the amount of hickeys blooming there. "i'm too sensitive."
he pushed you backwards. enough so that you're face to face with him. your eyes meeting each other. making you feel shy, like his cock is not inside you. you leaned forward, catching him with a kiss.
your hips moving on their own. making both of you hiss from the sensitivity. your hand holding his chin to pull him more towards you. he raked his fingers through your hair. tugging on them while you makeout with him. the sudden pain making you moan.
entry 221 pull y/n's hair while making out. triggers a moan and a gasp. may lead to fucking.
soobin wrote down before closing his notebook. pulling his drawer open to toss it in. he closed it shut before standing up. walking to the room across him. he opened the ambiance light inside. his hand already on the cursor as he fix his mask with the other.
bj steve is live...
you look at your screen. still busy fixing yourself like he could see you. trying to pull the most presenting version of yourself. you comb through your hair as you listen to steve making his introduction.
"do you like that?" his voice asked. making you look at him in confusion. obviously not following his introduction. you rest your head on your hand while you watch. "not being in control?"
"maybe," you whispered. knowing that you do. soobin let's you do whatever you want. being asked by steve like this makes you feel like you're somehow submitting to him.
"what toy do you have with you today?" he asked. grabbing something from behind the screen to move in forward. he stood up, face going off view. hands busy fidgeting with the belt that he was using. "i bought something with me today."
"it's just a dildo," you scoffed. lubing your toy as well. you sat more comfortably. legs parting as your hand descend to your cut. going under your panties as you rub your clit is slow circular motions. "your cock looks nice."
"thank you. you're not bad yourself," he said. sounding almost sarcastic than flattered. he sat back down. an obvious fleshlight in his hand. lube on the other. he placed his toy in his lap. "mimic me. you're a good girl right? you'd be good at this."
you immediately remove your underwear. eyes stuck to how his hand move on the 'flesh' around the hole. making you trace around yours as well. he inserted two fingers in. slowly pumping them in little by little with every thrust.
"what the fuck?" you said in familiarity. this action feeling too familiar to fly past your head. your fingers moving inside you in the motion you knew he does. you bit your lip with your hips moving in soft waves. "still so good."
"take another," he whispered. making you do. not even struggling since you're so used to fucking a certain someone. smiling to yourself when you think about him. "do you do this often?"
"someone does it for me," you answered. your other hand moving to your clothed nipples. tugging on them while you finger yourself. feeling your body move on its own. "fuck, close."
"already?" he mocked. laughing lightly that his dipples are showing slightly. he moved his fingers faster, making you do the same. "cum."
you did. not as intense as you needed it to be. making his voice hard to miss with how he sound. his voice being similar to someone who moans and whines on your ear when he cums.
"we're not done," he said. motioning to his cock. your eyes trained to see how they twitch in front of the camera. his hand grasping it. moving them in up and down motions. his thumb occasionally rubbing hit slit. his lip in between his teeth sometimes. "join me."
you align your dildo at your entrance. eyes watching him as you wait for further instructions. wanting to be lead by him instead of masturbating just on your own.
beeniebunny: fuck the fleshlight (+€200,00)
"disgusting," he muttered. still this was picked up by the mic. you don't care if that was for you. rolling your eyes as you sink the dildo inside you the same way he sinks the fleshlight on his cock. "you're getting filthier and filthier."
"you appease me," you answered. switching your position. your toy now on the arm rest. allowing yourself to slide on it. mimicking thr movements he guides his toy in. "i'm good at this."
"oh? a pro whore, what a surpise," he said. biting his lip as he roll his hip. making his movement look sharper in the camera, in reality he was fucking his toy fast and much harder. "i'll wrap my hands around you as you ride me."
you closed your hand as you placed your hand around your throat. giving yourself the pressure he was talking about. head thrown back as you move your hips.
"i like this," you whispered. the pressure from being choked mixing with the pleasure on your cunt. your hand sliding down the arm rest to stabilise yourself as you ride your toy. "fuck, steve, please."
"hold it," he said. his voice firmer and deeper now. making you bite your lip as you move. slower this time to make yourself last longer. "do you want to cum?"
"yes!" you gasped
"beg for me," he said.
"please, steve, please. can i cum?" you whispered. hips picking up pace once more. following the rhythm he has with his toy. "let me cum."
"oh, how pathetic can you be?" he asked. his voice strained but clear in your ear. like he enjoys this. yet his hand on his toy faltering. indicating that he'd ask you to cum. "go ahead, cum for me."
you moaned as you cum. your high hitting much harder due to being edged a little. your hips moving slower to ride your high. watching his cum drio out of his fleshlight. his hand smearing his cum all over his cock messily.
"you'd love to taste me in your mouth, don't you?" he asked before you left his live.
"do you like how i taste?" you asked soobin. pulling his hair back from eating you out. the sides of his mouth messy. so far from the guy who just demolished you during recit. smirking when you saw him kneeling under you.
"i love how you taste on my tongue," he said softly. his eyes glasses as he watch you. checking out boxes and noting out your reactions in his head. he pushing himself back to your cunt. smirking as he heard you control your noise while he eats you out.
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ilovewriting06 · 2 months
Hi, I see that you write stuff for Steve McGarrett and wanted to make a request where the reader (female please) is someone new to the team and has a crush on Steve but since he’s the boss tries to hide it. Then it just so happens that for a case they are working they have to go undercover as a couple because the suspect had already seen the other female agents. You can develop the idea further however you see fit. Thanks for writing for him I’ve been looking for a while and I’m do glad I found your blog. :)
Tumblr media
A/N: This is the dress Y/N wears ☝️
I cough as I choke on my water at Tani’s words, “So did you fuck him yet?” She laughs and pats my back, “I’m just saying it’s bound to happen.” I wipe the water off of my chin before standing up from the couch and go to the kitchen. I sigh when Tani comes in and apologizes, “Look I’m sorry, I just know you’re really into him and you deserve to be happy.” I turn and force a smile, “Thanks Tani but you’ve done enough already.” It’s true, Tani is how I got the job at 5-0 two and a half months ago and how I met Steve. Not long after meeting Steve, three hours to be exact, he saved my life and I found myself falling for him. At first I thought it was a hero crush of sorts, ya know the thing when you form a crush on someone that saves your life? Yeah, no that wasn’t the case. Instead of going away the more time I spent with Steve the more my feelings for him grew, and Tani being the ever present pest friend that she is quickly noticed.
I hum as I prop open my office door before I sit down at my desk to finish some paperwork from the small case we closed a couple days ago. I tap my fingers as I look up and see Steve, Junior, and Eddie walk in. I laugh as I watch Eddie’s body wiggle when he barks and runs into my office. I push back from my desk as Eddie comes barreling into my lap. Steve walks into my office with crossed arms and a playful smile, “Eddie come on leave her alone.” Eddie looks at him and whines and grumbles before nuzzling his head on my lap for more ear scratches. I oblige Eddie and talk to him in a baby voice, “Aww, poor Eddie, is daddy being mean?” Eddie smiles and wags his tail and I shake his head before continuing with a fake pout, “Yes I know daddy’s no fun is he? Is he?”
I look up as Eddie happy barks before sitting at my feet. I look as Steve to see him staring at me with dark eyes. I blush under his gaze before clearing my throat as he says, “So, is that why Eddie likes you so much? You agree with him that I’m a buzzkill.” I go to say something and notice Danny standing in the hall listening in. I roll my eyes before continuing with what I was going to say, “What can I say Seal, it’s just in your nature.” He rolls his eyes trying to hide a smile, “Oh ha ha ha.” I smile before leaning back in my chair, “But that’s not the only reason Eddie loves me.” He walks closer to the desk with a raised eyebrow, “Care to share?” I chuckle and motion him to my side of the desk.
When he’s standing beside me he sighs out an airy laugh, “Oh this explains a lot. No wonder I have to compete with you for his affection.” I look under my desk and see the dog bed and squeaky toys I had bought for Eddie a day after working here and no doubt the reason he loves my office so much. I look at Steve with a smirk and pull out the bottom left draw of my desk to reveal a tennis ball, a stuffed cactus with a sombrero, a rope toy, two other squeaky toys, a seal and a duck, along with two clear plastic containers of two different dog treats. His mouth drops as he looks at Eddie, “Damn Eddie you have it made. How did you sweet talk your way into Y/N/N’s heart?”
I chuckle as I watch Eddie pull the squeaky seal out of the draw and sit with it in his mouth before squeaking it once. I laugh and Eddie lays down to play with it and I look at Steve, “The seal is a nod to his daddy.” He goes to say something but Lou calls us out of the office.
“Why does Y/N have to be my girlfriend?”
I bite the inside of my cheek and look down to hide the hurt from Steve’s words before Tani rather aggressively explains that the target, Mark, knew Tani was 5-0 and I was the only other option. Steve looks at Tani confused at her aggression before nodding, “Okay, I didn’t mean to pluck a nerve.” Tani rolled her eyes before grabbing my arm and dragging me out the door as she yells at Steve, “She’ll be ready at 6, don’t be late.”
Steve’s POV
I furrow my eyebrows as Tani grabs Y/N and all but drags her out the door. I turn around as Lou shakes his head and Danny pats my shoulder and says, “You’re an idiot,” before walking to his office. I look at Lou as he walks to his office. I throw my hands up and yell, “What did I miss!?”
Junior looks at me awkwardly before clearing his throat, “Um, no offense sir, but I think you should just ask her out already.” I furrow my brows before storming to Danny’s office, “What was that about?” He sighs and crosses his arms before motioning to the seat in front of his desk, “Take a seat.”
I narrow my eyes suspiciously and sit down as he smiles like he’s got the biggest secret known to man in his head. “She likes you…and you like her. That’s why Tani all but yelled at you.” I rub my face confused, “What the hell are you talking about?”
He rolls his eyes and groans, “Oh for the love of god Steven. It’s plain as day to everyone except you and Y/N. Ever since she started you get all happy and gushy when she’s around and she gets all flustered and blushy when you’re around…you guys are the ushy’s.” I give him a disgusted look, “The what!? Did you just call us the ushy’s!?” He shrugged, “You’re gushy she’s blushy therefore you are the ushy’s.”
I go to stand up and he jumps up with his hands out, “Okay, okay, okay, I’ll stop, but listen to me for once in our goddamn relationship!” I stop and sit back down, “Okay.” He rubs his hands together, “Okay, I’m being serious you need to ask her out before it’s too late, she won’t be around forever,” I furrow my eyebrows when Danny continues, “She’s pretty, smart, kind, funny, can take an armed man down with her bare hands, something you find very attractive, and most importantly she is into you….I’m still confused as to how that happened but I’ll figure that out later. So see I'm thinking you ask her out tonight.”
I lean back in my chair and sigh, “See that would all be well and dandy if I liked her.” His face turns into an are you serious look before rolling his eyes, “Oh yes yes that’s why when she called you daddy when talking to Eddie you looked like you were going to ravage her on her desk.” I shifted in my seat and cleared my throat to try and ignore Danny’s comment when he continues, “Ask her out and I’ll forget it.” I sigh before getting up and leaving Danny’s office as I hear him grumble about me being an idiot and losing the best thing that ever happened to me.
I tap my foot as Tani drives toward some dress store, “I don’t get why we have to go shopping for a dress, I have some at home.” She glances at me and turns the radio off, “Y/N/N I have seen your closet, the closest thing you have to a formal dress is a pink and white summer dress. And that won’t work for tonight so, I’m going to pick out a dress that will have Steve drooling all over you.” I sigh and lean my head against the window, “Good luck with that.” She frowns and goes to say something but decides not to before turning the radio on muttering something that sounded like, “I can only deal with one stubborn jackass why did I have to get two?”
Time Skip
“Oh. My. God. Girl, you look so hot.” I blush from Tani’s words before I look in the mirror in my bedroom. I flatten the front of my dress, “I uh, I actually feel pretty.” She smiles and grabs my shoulders popping her head over my shoulder, “You’re dates here.” I roll my eyes before heading out of my apartment and down the stairs, almost dying from the fucking three and a half inch heels Tani shoved on my feet.
I open the door to step outside and felt my breath catch in my throat at the sight in front of me. Steve was in a suit which was hot enough but the bow tie just added something to it, it was almost…cute.
Steves POV
I glare as Danny fixes my bow tie, “You aren’t my mother Danny.” He flattens my bow tie and steps back with his hands on his hips, “Yes I’m aware but if you’re going to get the girl you can’t be running around with your bow tie all crooked.” I roll my eyes as I get in the car waiting for Danny to get in before heading to Y/N’s apartment. When we get there I text Tani and she says they’ll be down in a minute.
I stand by the car facing the door while Danny all but bounces in excitement at Y/N and I’s ‘date’. I roll my eyes and go to say something when the door opens and Tani rushes out followed by Y/N. “Holy shit.” Danny smacks my shoulder before whispering, “Still think she’s going to be single for long?” I shake my head without taking my eyes off of Y/N.
She walks up to me with a shy smile, “Hi.” I swallow and nod my head, “Hey.” I see Tani and Danny off to the side shaking their heads in disappointment. Danny comes over, “Alright in the car.” Y/N spins around popping her hip off to the side with her hand on her side, “I can tell you right now Williams, if you think I’m about to climb into the backseat of your Camaro you have a hard reality check coming your way. Get in the backseat.” He stares at her in disbelief as I smirk before he stutters, “But it’s my car.” She raises an eyebrow and crosses her arms, “Back. Seat.”
I bite back a laugh as Danny frowns and climbs into the back of his Camaro. Tani nudges my shoulder and I look at her and she takes me to the side as Y/N and Danny argue, “Listen Steve, I know you like her and I know she likes you whether you see it or not. But I’ll tell you she’s hiding it and she’s getting tired of it.” I look at her telling her to get to the point and she sighs, “Her neighbor plans on asking her out and he’s going to do it soon. So, make a move tonight or let her go.”
I grip the steering wheel as I drive to the gala after dropping Danny off with Grover to stake out the outside. I think about what Tani said and glance over at Y/N to see her looking at me already, “You okay?” I hum, “Yeah, yeah I’m fine.” She tilts her head in concern, damn it why does she have to be so adorable, “You sure? You can talk to me, I can tell something’s on your mind.” I bite my tongue as thoughts swirl around my head, “Yeah I’m good.” She frowns and nods before looking out the window still not believing me.
After about an hour of talking to Mark we get a confession to the murder of his ex partner and where he’s stashing the drugs, he just doesn’t know he gave us a confession. After he steps outside I get a text from Danny saying they have Mark in custody and to not forget to return his car tonight. I turn off my phone and slip it into my pocket before turning to Y/N who is staring at all the people dancing.
I turn off the one way comm before dropping it into my pocket and going up to Y/N. She looks up at me with a small smile and I hold out my hand, “May I have this dance?” She blushes and takes my hand with a nod. I smile as I lead her to the dance floor and start dancing, “I lied to you, back in the car.” She looks into my eyes, “What do you mean?” I sigh and pull her a little closer, “I was thinking about something,” she tilts her head while staring at me with her innocent doe eyes, “I was thinking about you.” She furrows her eyebrows in worry, “Did I do something?” I smile and shake my head, “No, I did something.”
“What did you do?”
“I developed feelings for you when I shouldn’t have,” her eyes give away her disappointment and I lift her chin up with my right hand that had previously been on her hip, “I never said I regretted it.” She looked up with wide eyes, “I know, Eddie would love to have a mom, and as far as dog moms go, I think you would be the best candidate. If you want to be that is?” She chuckles, “Commander, was that your botched up way of asking me out?”
I look at her and place my hand on my heart before putting it back on her hip, “Ouch, but maybe.” She smiles, “I would kiss you as an answer but I know thing one and thing two are watching us from the camera in the corner. So, yes I would love to go out with you and be Eddie’s mom, more so being Eddie’s mom but it’s a packaged deal.” I laugh and nod, “Fair enough.”
She lays her head on my shoulder before asking, “Now that we’re off duty, want to go back to my place drink some wine and talk about things that apparently need talked about?” I nod, “After the dance is over.”
I felt her smile into my shoulder as she hums out an okay.
Danny’s POV
I grab a drink from my water bottle in Tani’s car before looking back to see Steve turn his comm off. I smack Tani’s arm, “Yo I think he might be making a move.” Her head snaps over to the laptop displaying the video feed as we watch Steve hold out his hand and Y/N accepting before he leads her to the dance floor. I hear Tani gasp, “His hands, look at his hands!” I look at his hands and chuckle at how low they are before I snap back to their faces to see Y/N nod with a mischievous smirk before glancing into the camera and leaning in to whisper something to Steve. He throws his head back in a laugh and nods before he pulls her closer and they talk to each other as they sway back and forth. “Damn I wish I could read lips.” I look over at Tani and nod before she squeals, “Look, look, look! She put her head on his shoulder and he’s whispering to her! He is sooo flirting with her right now.” I nod, “You think he’ll ask her out.” Her eyes widen as she nods, “I’d say so.”
I glance at the laptop as Y/N grabs his hand and pulls him off the dance floor before grabbing the keys to my Camaro, “He literally looks like a lamb to slaughter.” Tani nods as she throws a chip in her mouth, “Most definitely, but she probably wants to talk to him and doesn’t want our prying eyes.” I nod in agreement as we watch them emerge from the doors and get into the car.
After the song is over we leave the party and head to my apartment. When Steve parks he comes around and opens my door before helping my up the stairs. When we get into my apartment I head to the kitchen to grab to wine glasses and one of my bottles of red wine. “I hope wine is okay, I don’t have any beer, Tani and Junior polished it off the other night and I haven’t made it to the store.”
He chuckles as I sit beside him on the couch and pour the wine, “It’s fine, I know how fast those two go through beers.” I laugh as I set the wine on the coffee table and hand Steve his glass, “So, why? Why tonight?” Steve takes a sip from his glass as he shrugs, “I don’t know, it felt right.” I raised and eyebrow, “You’re lying.” He groans, “No not really, partially maybe but it really did feel like the right time. And then Tani told me that ass of a neighbor was going to ask you out.” I smirk, “Ah, Liam pushed you over the edge.” He tilts his head side to side, “Yeah, maybe.” I chuckle and set my almost empty glass on the coffee table beside of Steve’s.
Before I’m fully turned around Steve grabs my face and pulls me into a kiss. I moan and reach for him effectively knocking my wine glass over. Usually I would freak out over the spilled wine but I was more worried about the man in front of me.
I push myself up the couch to rest against the arm quickly being followed by Steve’s mouth and wandering hands. I moan at the warmth of his hand when it lands on my leg in between the slit of my dress. I go to sit up a little more and throw my elbow back knocking my lamp off the stand. I pull away from the kiss at the sound of the lamp shattering, “Damn it! Maybe we should move it to the bedroom before we break the TV.”
He laughs as he stands and pulls me up with him. I lead him to the bedroom and close the door before throwing my shoes into my closet. I turn around to see Steve had discarded his as well as his socks and his suit jacket and was now staring at me. I feel vulnerable and shy under his gaze, “What?” He steps forward and grabs my hands, “Just admiring the view.” I blush and step back to take my dress off.
I bite my lip as I realize I can’t reach the zipper, “Could you, uh, unzip my dress?” He nods and steps forward as I turn around. I shudder as his hand grazes my neck when he brushes my hair to the side. I feel his hot breath on my neck as I feel the zipper slowly get pulled down. When it’s unzipped he brushed the straps off my shoulders and meets my eyes through the mirror in front of us. He places a kiss on my neck as the dress drops to the floor. I wasn’t wearing a bra because of the dress I was wearing so I was left in a pair of black lace underwear.
My insecurities get the best of me and I cover my chest with my arms blocking his view of my boobs. He runs his nose up my neck before stopping by my ear, “Don’t be shy, you’re beautiful.” I shake my head and he sighs before grabbing my arms and pulling them down and behind my back and pins them between our bodies, “Leave them there.” I bite my lip and whimper while nodding my head.
When he’s sure my hands are going to stay there his right hand holds my thigh and his left rests on my abdomen. He kisses up and down my neck sucking lurid marks into my skin with every other kiss. He releases my skin from his mouth before he whispers in my ear, “Look in the mirror.” I do and meet his eyes and he continues, “What do you see?” I swallow, “Y-you and me.” He hums, “What else?” I furrow my eyebrows and whisper, “I-I don’t know.”
He kisses right under my ear, “You know what I see?” I shake my head and he smiles, “I see the most beautiful woman I’ve ever met and despite what she thinks could rival even the most attractive model, and guess what?” I turn my head slightly as my face and chest turn red and whisper, “What?” He rests his chin on my shoulder and looks into my eyes through the mirror, “She’s all mine.”
I let out a small moan as his left hand cups my breast. I see the small smirk on Steve’s face before throwing my head back on his shoulder as his hand tweaks my nipple. I turn around when he steps back and my hands are free.
My confidence has increased from his words and the smile on his face tells me that he knows it. I watch as him before walking towards him. I get in front of him and he stares at me with love and lust filled eyes. I smirk before looping my fingers in his belt loops and pulling him into my front. He lets out a small growl as his lust blown pupils stare into mine, “You have no idea what you just did.”
A shiver runs through me as I rub up against his front and whisper, “You see, I think I do know…daddy.”
I smirk as his eyes darken, “Oh you don’t think I missed that do you? I saw the way your eyes darkened when I referred to you as daddy to Eddie. I just didn’t realize why they darkened until I called you commander earlier and got the same reaction.”
He nods looking a little apprehensive and I wrap my arms around his waist, “I like it.” He smiled as I untucked his shirt, “Now, the big question to me is if you’re as good at sex as you look like you are?” I tug on his bow tie and throw it to the side before I squeak as I’m thrown onto the bed and Steve is quick to crawl onto me.
The Next Morning
I hum as kisses are placed up and down my neck and a hand runs up and down my thigh. I roll over and open my eyes to meet clear blue eyes and a happy smile. I smile before wrapping my hand around his waist and intwining out legs together before cuddling into his chest, “Morning.” He smiles, “Morning.”
I bite my lip as I wrap my right hand around the back of his head and pulling him into a kiss. I feel him chuckle into the kiss before turning into a moan as I run my foot up his leg.
Minutes later I’m flipped over with Steve balls deep in me. I run my nails down his back with a moan of his name as he kisses up and down my neck. I whine as he nips my sweet spot and wrap my leg around his hips to give him a different angle, one that quickly has me screaming his name. Right as I’m at my peak my door is thrown open and I screech as Steve quickly covers us with a sheet and uses his body to shield me before turning his head and growling out at the intruders, “What the hell!? Get out!”
Danny’s POV
I sip on a cup of coffee and look out the window before grabbing my phone in worry. Steve was supposed to drop my car off and pick up his truck last night but my car is missing and his truck is still here.
I check my phone to see no new messages or missed calls. I try and call Steve’s phone but it goes straight to voicemail before I try Y/N’s phone and frown when I get the same results. I go to my last hope and call Tani, “Tani! Have you heard from Steve or Y/N!?”
“No, why?”
“Because, Steve hasn’t came for his truck yet and my car is still missing. Oh yeah and their phones are going straight to voicemail so that’s a bit worrisome.” I hear something clink, probably a cup onto a surface of some kind, before she answers, “No I haven’t heard anything from them, I’ll be right over and we can go to Y/N/N’s and see if they made it home.” I quickly agree and hang up the phone before downing my coffee and waiting outside for Tani.
On the way to Y/N’s I look at Tani, “You think they just spent the night together, doing you know what?” She glances over with a thinky face before shrugging, “Highly doubtful, Y/N isn’t one to do that with someone, especially someone who isn’t her boyfriend. She’s iffy with that stuff.” I sigh and nod my head, “Yeah, that’s what I figured.”
When we get to Y/N’s Tani grabs her key for Y/N’s apartment but looks at me with a deep frown and worried eyes when the door knob turns, “She never leaves the door unlocked.” I nod but take in a gasp at the sight. Tani looks to see the broken lamp and I see her eyes fill with dread. When we walk further in she closes her eyes and sighs, “There’s spilt wine on the coffee table, Y/N would have lost her shit and cleaned it up while ranting about it.”
I go to say something when we hear something from the bedroom. Tani glances at me before slinking down the hallway with me close behind. She looks at me and with a nod the door is flung open and a screech is heard followed by a pissed off Steve yelling.
Tani look’s surprised at them before clearing her throat, “Well, this is unexpected.” I look at her and nod as I look back at Steve to see him ready to rip us to pieces but I see Y/N’s hand curl around his bicep and he tilts his head down towards her. I see him nod slightly before turning his head again, “Living room, we’ll be out in a minute.”
Tani and I look at each other terrified before nodding frantically and all but running out the door before Tani loops back to slam the door shut after Steve’s voice yells, “Door!”
We stand in the living room and she looks at me, “I would have never guessed. I’m happy but this is very much unlike Y/N.” I shrug and she continues, “Although she’s been pining over Steve for months so she’s probably so worked up she figured it wouldn’t screw with her system.” Tani and I gag at the image that ran through our minds but stops when we hear the bedroom door open.
Once Danny and Tani leave I squirm under Steve as his finger hasn’t stopped circling my clit, which is why I didn’t talk loud, that and the fact my voice is very hoarse. He smirks down at me as my nails dig into the back of his neck begging him for release. He nods and slams into my once sending me over the edge with a muffled moan thanks to Steve’s hand.
We get out of bed and I pout, “But you didn’t cum.” He chuckles and pulls me in by the hips, “It’s okay we can fix that later.”
I prance around the room to grab a new pair of underwear since mine are laying ripped in two on my floor and then swoop Steve’s shirt from the floor. He throws me a look as I button the buttons, “What?” He shakes his head as he pulls on his dress pants, “Nothing, just trying to figure out what I did to deserve you.” I giggle and stand by the door waiting for him. As I follow him down the hall my eyes widen at the marks on his back and the new ones on the back of his neck. When we get to the living room Tani and Danny are standing there wide eyed and terrified. I stand beside Steve and yawn as he glares, “Care to explain why you interrupted our morning.” Danny snorts, “Well it’s not like you were sleeping.” I blush and shift closer to Steve from embarrassment which causes him to be more agitated. Tani and Danny quickly realize what happened and if they embarrass me more Steve may kill them.
Danny stands up straight remembering Steve is his partner and he knew him best so he knew when to lay off, “Well for starters my car was not in my driveway and your truck was and then your phones, both of you, went straight to voicemail, and then the door was open, lamp was broken, wine was spilt, and then we heard a noise in the bedroom.”
I nod before my eyes widen. I run to the kitchen to see my phone on the counter. I grab it and sure enough it’s dead. I groan and grab my charger and plug it in while tapping my foot. Danny and Steve look confused and Tani explains, “Her parents call her every morning and if she doesn’t answer and she calls them back they drill her asking where she was, and Y/N cannot lie to them for some reason without feeling extremely guilty and crying until she calls them back and tells them the truth.”
Steve’s POV
I smile not surprised but worried as she taps her foot and bites her nail. I walk over and wrap my hands around her waist and whisper, “Its okay, just relax.”
She relaxes into me and nods but stiffens when Tani speaks, “I think I’m gonna go.” Danny nods, “Yeah same here.” I pull away from Y/N/N and grab Danny’s keys of the coffee table and throw them to him, “There leave us alone, I’ll get my truck at some point.” He nods before shuffling out the door followed by Tani.
When they’re out the door I go over and lock it before going back to Y/N. She is putting in her password and she whines, “Noo, I missed their calll.” I chuckle as she plops down on the couch, “Just tell them your phone died last night.” She nods, “Yeah, yeah that’s a good idea.” She jumps up and kisses me before sitting back down to text her parents, “Thank you babe.” I blush at the pet name but respond and sit beside her. I look at her phone and bite my lip to hold back a laugh at the whine that leaves her lips from the text which read, ‘Well if it died last night why didn’t you charge it? Are you okay? Are you sick? Did you get shot? Should I be worried? You know what I’m FaceTiming you through your laptop thing.’ She turns into my side, “This isn’t going to go well.”
She jumps up and returns holding out my white t-shirt I wore under my dress shirt before setting up her laptop on the coffee table, “Do you want me to stay or go?” She looks at me, “Stay, they’ll find out eventually and I really can’t lie to them so you’ll help explain everything.” I nod and get up to get a drink, “You want a drink.” She smiles at me with a happy and content smile, “Yeah, thank you.”
As I get the water I hear Y/N answer the call from her parents before her mother starts bombarding her with questions before she cuts her off, “Ma, I’m fine. I just forgot to charge it.” I smile as I grab her water and head back out to the living room. I round the coffee table and sit beside her before handing her her water. She takes it with a smile before groaning at her moms words, “Ohhhh is that a boy!? Did my beautiful daughter finally land a hunk?”
I blush from embarrassment before rubbing my nose, “Mom,” I’m interrupted by my dad, “What did you say!? She got a boyfriend!? Lemme see him!” I whimper and throw my head back as Steve chuckles. I look at him and growl, “Shut up.” He smiles, “What? You’re adorable when you’re mad or annoyed. Why do you think I annoy you so much?” I look at him with my mouth open, “That’s why you always screw up my desk or take Eddie mid scratching session!?” He nods and I cross my arms before my mom speaks up, “Oh my, I like him already.” I grumble, “Yeah well I did.” He shoots me a glare, “Ha ha jokes on you I leave Eddie goes too.” I giggle at our banter, “Well on second thought you can stick around.”
I look back at my laptop to see my parents with huge grins before my dad speaks, “Come on now we haven’t got all day, show us the boy.” I roll my eyes but grab Steve’s arm and pull him into frame until he’s practically leaning on me. I slap his arm, “Get off of me you big oaf, you’re too muscly for my small body.” He chuckles and sits up, “Hey I was just leaning over the way you guided me. Not my fault you would be a horrible guide. That reminds me, can you watch Eddie tomorrow, Juniors going out of town and I have a meeting with the governor which could take God knows how long?”
I smile and nod frantically, “I would love to watch my boy.” He raises and eyebrow, “No more than three treats.” I slump down into the couch, “No need to be a buzzkill Steven.”
At the reveal of his name my mom perks up, “Did you just say Steven? Like as in your boss Steve?” I nod and she claps her hand, “You weren’t lying he is cute!” I shrink and blush under Steve’s gaze, “Oh so you talk about me? I’m flattered.” I punch his arm and shake my hand while he just looks at me amused, “Curse you and your titanium muscles.”
I look back while my dad scans Steve, “You in the military son?” At this Steve sits up straight, “I was, I was in the Navy.” My dad purses his lips and nods, “Thought so, you have that look.” I smile and look at Steve with a proud girlfriend look, “Tell them what you did in the Navy.” He chuckles and pinches my side causing me to screech and then laugh, “I was a SEAL.”
Dad smiles and look at mom, “You hear that honey, he was a SEAL. One of the more tedious branches to get in let alone survive in.” Steve nods and I squeeze his hand knowing he’s thinking about all of the fallen soldiers he fought along side of.
“You have my respect young man, and my permission to see my daughter.” I look at dad wide eyed, he has never once condoned one of my relationships let alone respected the man I dated. Steve smiles and nods, “Thank you sir.” Dad waves his hand, “Enough with the formalities just call me Michael.”
After another thirty minutes we got off of the call with my parents telling me they’re planning on visiting in a month. I close my laptop and turn to Steve before straddling his lap, “Woah, there princess, what are you doing?” I smirk before sliding to the ground, “Finishing what we started.”
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Curiosity Killed the Cat
Fandom: Marvel
Pairing: Stucky x Reader
Request summary: you are not happy about your daddies new way of keeping track of you, but maybe you could warm up to the idea of it
Warnings: Age regression; pacifier mention; sort of leashes but its like a baby leash connected to a backpack; baby has hurt feelings; I could have missed something so please read at your own risk.
Word Count: 2.6K
A/N: I really hope you like it nonnie, I really enjoyed writing it. love you buggy boos <3
You wanted to look at everything not matter where you went with your daddies. At the park it was every dog, every leaf. At the store it was every fluffy thing you could find, every piece of candy or toy. If you saw something you wanted to look at, you were gone. Steve and Bucky had discussed their options after the fifth time you'd run off from them. It wasn't that they didn't want you to look, but you're their baby and you needed one of your daddies to go with you. The problem with that? You forgot in your excitement; a lot.
That's how you've found yourself in this predicament.
You were ready to go to the zoo, tattered thigh jean shorts and a pretty tie-dye shirt with SpongeBob's crew with cute purple shoes. You were bouncing on your heels at the door, waiting impatiently on your daddies. You know better than to go out the door and wait for them by the car, so you're whining, rushing your daddies.
"Papaaaa, it's time to go! We not gonna get to see eb'ryfin'!" Steve came rounding the corner, Bucky trailing right behind him with a lavender backpack in his hand that seemed a little full. Steve picked you up, balancing you on his hip, "We're almost ready little one," he wiggled his finger on your tummy, "we just want to show you something before we go." Bucky held the backpack up, smiling innocently.
It was so cute, it was a shade lighter than your shoes to match perfectly. It was plain, other than the pins and small keychain fidget toys your daddies had surely put on. He opened it up and it had a coloring book, a pack of colored pencils, your favorite pacifier and Lincoln the Ram, the oldest stuffie you had. You reached for the ram, and when you'd pulled him out you saw a bag of candy. Bucky laughed when your eyes lit up, "No baby, that's for today, you can have some later." You jutted your lip out and he shook his head, "Nice try, but puppy dog eyes only work on papa."
When you accepted that, Steve spoke up, "This is a special backpack sweetness." Your brows furrowed as you looked at it, not seeing anything about it. Bucky pulled out a stretchy cord that ended in a scrunchy like bracelet. "When you put this backpack on, daddy or papa will put this on." He slid it on his wrist and tugged at the cord close to his wrist, "So you can't go wondering off like you always do." You whined loudly, "Won' run off!" Your face in Steve's neck, letting out another loud whine.
“Oh silly baby,” Steve kissed your hair, “it’s okay, you’re not in trouble for being curious, we’re just trying to protect our kitty.” You let out a heavy groan, “No, don’ wanna wear it.” You clutched to Lincoln, your chin wobbling on edge of tears. “Dollie,” Bucky said softly, stepping forwards to rub your back, “it’s dangerous when you run away from us, you forget in the pretty head to tell your daddies where you’re going and we can’t find you.” You let out a long groan in protest and stayed in the crook of Steve’s neck, Bucky’s hand still on your back, “We can stay home instead of going and seeing all the animals, would you like that better?” Your head rose and you shook your head at him, “No daddy, I’ll wear it.” Bucky felt a strain on his heart when he saw the way your pout still rested on your face. “You won’t hardly notice it baby,” he kissed your nose, “not with all the pretty animals we’re gonna see.”
When you got to the zoo, Bucky unbuckled you in the back. You always sat in the middle because that’s where you were most protected, so he had to drag you out of the car a bit. “Okay baby,” he held the backpack up, “put ‘em in there.” You just stared at him a minute, “What if I pinky p’omise to be good?” He shakes his head, “Baby, you already are good. You agreed to wear it to be safe, we can’t go in if you’re not going to be safe.”
You huffed and put your arms in it, the band already around Bucky’s wrist. “Good girl, now listen to me baby, you gotta keep your backpack on, it can’t come off or it defeats the whole purpose.” You nodded deftly, body now trained on bouncing towards the gate. As you got around more people, Steve grabbed your shoulder and bent down to your face. “Did you hear daddy baby? That backpack doesn’t come off until we are back in this parking lot or you're in one of our arms, understood?” You nodded and Steve raises his eyebrows, “Yes papa, I understand.” He rubs your cheek with his thumb before giving you a quick kiss, standing back up.
It had worked remarkably well, you’d gotten distracted by all the animals as suspected. You were pulling Bucky around everywhere, and of course with Bucky came Steve. You pulled them to the lions rather quickly, jumping up and down, changing positions all over the outside of the enclosure to see them. “Daddy!” You ran to near the end of the enclosure, stopped dead in your tracks by the leash.
Bucky chuckled, but to you it was no laughing matter. “Wha’ you doin?” You pulled on him, shaking your bag roughly, “Baby, slow down okay, we’ve got plenty of time to look at the lions.” You made an angry face at him and continued to pull at the leash, “Come on! Wanna walk wif it!” You stomped your feet until he finally caught up with you. “Dis’ is why I always look wifout you, you too slow.” Bucky ignores your comment, mainly because you grab his hand and intertwined your fingers with his, shaking his arm and pointing at the big cat, “Take it home wif us?” Steve, who stood behind you, laughed in shock, “That’s a no from me bug, come on, let’s go see what’s next.”
With his recommendation you remember that there are so many more animals at the zoo. You squeak out a high pitched okay and take off skipping. Your long legged daddies had no problem keeping up throughout the next few hours, but then you had to potty. Truth be told, you were tired of looking at the giraffes anyway.
You glanced up to your daddy, who's whispering something in Steve's ear and laughing. You tug on him, and he turns toward you, "Gotta go potty." He smiled, nodding his head, "Of course bug, thank you for telling us without trying to run off." You grumbled and started walking to the bathroom, keeping the leash taught the entire time. You started to shrug off your backpack, irritation creeping up your spine before stopping.
You turned around to Steve and Bucky, a frown plastered on your face. You waited until they were dead in front of you, you slid off the backpack and pushed it roughly into their chest, stomping away to the bathroom. Both of them stared at each other for a moment, Steve commenting lowly, "Awfully grumpy." Bucky's mind swirled, you're not one to be outrageously bratty, so when you came back out, he knelt down and grabbed your hand.
"What's going on my buggy boo? Is something bothering you? You not feeling good?" You shrugged, pulling your hand back and taking the backpack with a wobbling lip. He made a clicking noise, smiling and took the backpack from you. "How about papa wears the backpack and I'll carry you, it's about time for lunch anyway, right?" You seem to instantly relax and let Bucky balance you on his hip, kissing your cheeks.
Steve slipped on the backpack, an odd and tight fit on his body but with the straps completely loosened, it had a millimeter of wiggle room. He starts to lead the way and Bucky whistles sharply at him. Steve turns around with raised eyebrows, but Bucky is looking at you with a 'can-you-believe-him' look.
Bucky turns to Steve, grabbing the bracelet part of the backpack and sliding it on your wrist, "You can't go running off either," Bucky looks down to you, giggling into his shoulder, "isn't that right sweetness?" You nod, looking up to Steve, shaking your wrist, "Papa we gots tuh know you safe!" Steve immediately catches on to what Bucky's doing, and smacks his forehead playfully, "How silly of me, huh dovey?" You pointedly nod, a smug look on your face, "Uh-huh, now nommies please!"
You're in a much better mood being carried by your daddy, shaking the leash playfully at Steve when you sit down at the table. He slid the backpack off of his back, laying it down on the table. "I thought maybe you'd like a dum dum while we wait on Daddy to come back?" Steve was bouncing you on his knee, already popping the sucker into your mouth. You laid your head on his shoulder, your eyes fluttering closed while enjoying the sweet lemon in your mouth, too asleep to notice it disappearing from your mouth.
Bucky sits down with Steve, smiling at your tired form, "I told you she'd tucker herself out and we wouldn't be able to get through the whole zoo today." Steve scoffed, "You act as if she's going to be willing to leave." Bucky kissed Steve softly before planting kisses all over your face, rousing you from sleep.
As much as you don't want to be grumpy, you can't help but frowning at Bucky. He just kisses your nose and tilts his head towards the food at the table. Your eyes land on the chicken strips first and your whole body bounces at sight of the large slushy on the table. "I-Buh-'S mine?" Bucky laughs at your apprehension to breaking the rules, don't have too much sugar. "Of course baby, we thought you'd like something sweet, like yourself."
When you are done eating lunch, Bucky tries to help you put your backpack on, but you run away from him, around the table. "Nuh-uh," you cross your arms over your chest and look to Steve with puppy eyes. "Baby," he starts, coming over to you, sitting on the metal seat, "what's going on? Don't you like your new backpack?" Your bottom lip wiggles again, tears in your eyes, "'S ugly." Steve looks shocked, "Honey, you love purple, what's really going on?"
That's when the damn broke, tears falling from your face and broken sobs coming out. Steve's holding his arms around you, and Bucky's found his way to rub your back. "Shhh, dove, tell papa what's got your head going so fast." You're hiccuping, letting out broken coughs with small gags, unable to form coherent words. Bucky grabs your chin, holding your straw to your lips, "Here baby, take a drink of your slushy." Somehow you listen to him, sugar is always a good bribe for you.
"Dollie," Bucky pulls you onto his lap, "what's wrong?" His eyebrows are raised, forehead against yours, noses almost touching. He's waiting for you to regain a normal breath to press harder. He doesn't get the chance, because you start talking before he can ask again. "J-jus- 'nother reason tuh ignore me."
Bucky's heart breaks, Steve's expression matching the hurt Bucky feels deep inside him. "What on earth are you talking about honey?" Your eyes start to tear up again and Bucky scolds you gently, "No, no more of that you hear me?" You nod and let Bucky wipe away one of your stray tears. "Honey, we bought the backpack because we were so worried, not so we could ignore you. You run around and poke at everything, you forget to tell your daddies what you're doing and it scares us. You understand baby?" You shrugged and Bucky sighed, kissing your cheek. He's about to say something else when Steve picks you up from Bucky's lap.
"Bucky, put the backpack on, let's go," he's gentle about it, but you're still upset. "No! Wanna see more pets!" Steve tries to lightheartedly chuckle, but it comes out dry, "Oh dove, we're not leaving the zoo, we're just moving on." When Bucky has the backpack on he puts the leash on your wrist, just as it was when Steve wore it.
Steve catches you shaking the band around your arm, and a lightbulb goes off in his head. "You see baby?" Steve starts, and you're confused, so he continues, "You're constantly playing with it, that means your eyes are on daddy at all times." You furrow your brows, a pout still resting on your face. "Go on Bucky," Steve nods in an opposite direction, and Bucky starts walking. When the leash reaches the end of its rope, your arm is pulled until Bucky turns around to face you.
You're hesitant, eyes flickering between Steve and Bucky, "No forgettin' me?" You're looking up into Steve's eyes, swimming with love, "Dove, you're everything on our mind every second of every day. We got it so if anything happened, anyone tried talking to me or Bucky, or we argued over dark or milk chocolate, we'd never be too distracted for you." You instinctively wrap your arms around his neck, cuddling closely to him.
You can feel the leash pulling on you, and it takes your attention away from Steve. Steve doesn't move his feet though, Bucky playfully moving side to side to pull at the cord around your wrist. "Papa, daddy's tryin' to run off!" You could hear Bucky laugh as Steve caught up to you. "Whatdya say we get some of that ice cream you love so much Dollie, before we go see the rest of the animals?"
You beam at Bucky, a genuine smile crossing your face that lights up your eyes. "Dippin' Dots!" You shake and dance in Steve's arms, "Lemmee down, lemme down! Dippin' Dots! Dippin' Dots! Dippin Dots!" Steve lets your feet hit the ground, and you pout a little, glancing to the backpack. Steve seems to pick up on your hesitation, "How about daddy wears the backpack, you wear the bracelet and hold my hand? That way everyone is kept together and safe?"
You happily take his hand, all wariness thrown to the wind when you started skipping. "Dollie," Bucky stops, making you and Steve stop in place. He looks stern for a minute, but then breaks into a laughing fit, pointing to the righthand turn at the intersection. "You were so excited," he kept laughing, moving you to see the stand with many balloons and a sign that says 'Dippin' Dots', "that you ran right by it!"
You take off running, Bucky and Steve quick to follow. They didn't bother trying to gently reprimand you, they didn't care if you were excited and couldn't contain yourself. In fact, they loved it, as much as they needed a way to keep track of you with the leash, they wanted a way to make sure they never miss your bubbling excitement.
When you've made it to the stand, you are tugging on Steve. He looks down to you, watching your eyes flicker to the balloons. He smiles at you, adding your favorite color balloon to the order. Once you'd all sat on a bench, he starts to tie the balloon around your free wrist but you jerk away. "Daddy," you turn to Bucky, "we switch." You starting pulling the backpack off Bucky without waiting for a response, causing him to struggle to shuffle around his dippin' dots while laughing at you.
You've safely switched who holds what, now chowing on your dippin' dots in your hand and a y/f/c balloon on your wrist. You're starting to think the backpack isn't so bad, maybe you can convince them to buy you more of the things you want if they see you so excited over them.
Or you could always pout about the backpack and get what you wanted any ways.
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buckys-little-belle · 7 months
Do you thing Bub and Bug would have play dates together once they get settled into their relationships with Steve and Bucky? Maybe Bug would show Bub a bunch of cool facts about bugs and flowers and Bub would color pictures and make flower crowns for Bug? They’re just so cute and sweet that my brain just supplies nothing but fluffy thoughts for them. I love them so much 🥹
I’m just going to do a few head-cannons for now, because I do want to write a full fic of this when the right time comes!
Bub definitely brings a bunch of her colouring books, the original my little pony one, and a few new ones Bucky got her. She gives a page to Bug and he immediately starts listing off the different plant names and facts of the ones on his page. Getting a crayon that’s “Fern Green” and going on a little rant about the different ferns and how “Fern Green” is too broad a term for one shade of green.
Bug and Steve definitely bring a set of matching Pins for everyone, maybe a pin representing both Bucky and Steve, the shield in the colour way of Bucky’s new arm. (Black and Gold.) Bub putting the pin on her backpack, starting a collection of pins Bug gives her.
When Buck and Steve take the two littles to the park, it’s of course a crazy adventure, Bug running off to pick some wild flowers, Bub finding the swings immediately. Steve begins to get frustrated at Bug for picking flowers for no reason, but Bub steps in immediately. Pulling out all summer camp/craft skills she has. Creating flower crowns for the two of them. The two crowns as close to matching as possible.
The two littles definitely play dolls, both of them playing different storylines at the same time. Bug’s doll owns a museum/library, and talks in a botched british accent, because “The owl in animal crossing looks British Stevie, so I’m British too.” Bub playing ‘store’ instead, selling fake plants, and every doll shoe she can get her hands on. The two of them fighting over footwear, Bub insisting money, while Bug explains capitalism as best he can.
Bub and Bug definitely like different movies, though they both agree on the movie ‘Epic’, it has enough greenery for Bub, and enough adventure for Bug, the two of them holding each other close when it get’s scary, hiding behind pillows and each other when needed.
Sleepovers definitely also happen, the two are inseparable, sleeping side by side in the same bed, sharing stuffies and silly stories about their caregivers. Steve and Bucky sitting downstairs enjoying their quite time as their littles get up to no good on their own upstairs. Their super soldier hearing coming in handy when things go wrong.
Bub definitely makes her and Bug friendship bracelets, the beads random, but each one picked for a reason, whether it be the colour, shape, size, or sparkle level, it was chosen for a reason. The two of them definitely always wear them, never taking them off, except for in bath-time, because Bub didn’t take hers off once and it fell off, the bath filled with bubbles and her and Bucky unable to find it. She was so scared it would go down the drain, which it almost did, so she made Bug pinky promise to never wear his in the bath.
They definitely convince Bucky and Steve to buy silly things all the time. New juice box flavours, fun gummy snacks, random toys on the ends of aisles, everything, and they have such cute faces, how could Bucky and Steve say no?
Bug and Bub always get each other socks for their birthdays and christmas, they save up their own money and head to the stores, buying a fun pair of socks each time, always getting the colour and print right somehow. They just know their best friend well, always picking the right thing.
They also share toys like crazy, to the point Bucky and Steve have to put labels on the toys so they know who’s is who’s. Bug ended up with an entire collection of Littlest Pet Shops he didn’t have before, and Bug ended up having an entire set of lego star wars figures, something she also didn’t have before.
Basically they are two peas in a pod, and two menaces in the Avengers inner circle. The two of them together was basically a caution sign, in the best way possible.
Tumblr media
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mianorth · 2 years
Uhm so I saw that your request are open and I was wondering if you can do a stucky drabble with a little reader and it's her first night at the Avengers compound with her Daddies🥺
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Thank you for the requests!💜💜💜 And I really hope that this turned out the way you wanted! I tried to make all of them fit because your requests were similar! Peter is always over the age of 18 in my fics(around 23 or so)!!!
||| drabble ||| warning: lactation kink
“No,” You shook your head, arms crossed and nose scrunched up. The piece of red paprika was close to your lips, but you refused to eat it, no matter what. “I don't wanna!”
Natasha sighed, still holding the fork up with hopes that you'll eat. You've already eaten everything else on the plate, but the vegetables. She gave you some time, thinking you'll eat it afterward but you didn't, instead you sat on the chair waiting for her to let you go.
“You need to eat them, otherwise you won't be strong like I am.”
“No,” You pouted.
Steve walked it with Bucky following behind and they seemed serious, perhaps busy with all the work they have, which is why you came along. This mission needed more work to be done, and they couldn't leave you alone at the house.
“Steve, I think you might wanna talk to this stubborn little girl over here,” Natasha said loudly, making the two men stop their own conversation, and glance over at you.
“What's wrong? Has she eaten?” Steve came closer, standing by Natasha's side with his hands on his hips. That's when he looked down at your plate, sighing in disappointment before glancing back up at you. “Princess, we've talked about this. You need to eat your veggies.”
“No, no, no, no!” You cried, feeling tears running down your cheeks at how mean they were. Why didn't they understand? You don't wanna eat the veggies.
Bucky came forth, arms crossed and eyebrow raised.
“Don't act up now,” He crouched down next to you, looking up and placing his hand on your naked thigh. You had to quickly get dressed before leaving the house; wearing only a short red-checkered dress with thin straps, and a pair of Mary Jane's. “Or we'll have to bring Tony here, and you don't want that, do you?”
The thought of Tony coming over and scolding you was humiliating, knowing that the older man was hard-headed and wouldn't give in to your whines and cries.
You gulped, shaking your head 'no'.
“Good, eat your veggies now.”
The whine that escaped your throat made Steve give you a look, one that said 'don't you dare'. Natasha brought the fork up again, and you ate the red paprika with no complaints now, munching it with a frown.
“Good girl, that wasn't difficult now was it?” Bucky kissed your cheek, before nodding toward Steve, a sign for them to get back to work. “We'll be back, doll, be a good girl and listen to Nat.”
Steve went over and kissed your other cheek, going away with Bucky as they took off again. It didn't make you cry, because you enjoy being with Natasha. She gave you a certain comfort that made you feel safe.
You ate all of the veggies, drowning the taste away with water and giving Natasha puppy-eyes.
“Wanna play now.”
She would have scolded you for not using your manners, but she let you go to play, watching you run over to the toys placed on the mat in the living room. She went to set the dishes in the dishwasher, turning it on before going to where you were, and sat down on the couch.
Suddenly Tony came in, seriousness written all over his face, his footsteps were quick and marching. He appeared into the living room, looking between you and Natasha, but stopped to glare at her.
“We need to talk,” He said in a hurry, and she nodded.
Standing up, she glanced at you and smiled, bending down to caress your cheek lovingly. “Behave now, I'll only be gone for a moment.”
You nodded.
Before she could say anything, Tony spoke up.
“Why don't you go and find Peter, he has some cool stuff you can distract yourself with.”
With a single nod, you watched as the two avengers left, and you got up to search for Peter.
You hummed whilst walking down the hallway, finally finding Peter's playroom where he usually is. You stepped inside, seeing the brown-haired man wearing a striped collared shirt with jeans shorts, and his back was turned to you.
His head hit against the lamp that was above him, turning around as he rubbed his hair. He let out a sigh of relief and dropped his toy helicopter as he paced closer to you.
“Why are you here?”
He stood there awkwardly, shifting a bit on his feet.
“Whatʼre doing?” You had your hands behind your back, lips pursed and you came closer to him.
“Playing,” He rolled his eyes, he would have left a snarky comment but he knew the outcomes of being a brat. Tony would certainly not like that. Besides, Peter felt lonely and needed some company.
Glancing over his shoulder, you saw a bunch of toy cars and action figures, and you wanted to play with him as well.
“Oh,” He followed your gaze, looking behind him. “Wanna play cars with me?” He pointed, and you nodded with a smile.
The two of you sat on your knees, playing with the toys; giggles and chuckles erupted from you. Peter is usually very protective of his cars, not letting you play with them even if you begged on your knees. Somehow, today was different. Though, he ordered you around, telling you what to do and how to play.
“You're doing it all wrong,” He whined, bouncing on his knees out of frustration. “You're driving it slow, it's a sports car, it goes fast!”
“But I wanna drive it like this,” You demonstrated the speed that you wanted the small car to go, holding it on the toy racing track.
“Well, it's wrong.” He huffed and continued to push his car faster than yours.
You frowned, feeling slightly annoyed by his pushy and spoiled behavior. But your voice never made it out of your lips, as it felt hidden by your shyness. Usually, you're talkative with Peter, but at times you feel as though it was difficult.
Suddenly, a knock on the door was heard, and it made you jolt, but Peter simply whipped his head around.
“Having fun here, sweets?” It was Bucky, and your head turned immediately. He was leaning against the doorway, arms crossed and lips turned upwards.
You gave Bucky a nod.
“And you were playing nice right?”
You nodded, again.
“Words, princess.”
You pouted, shifting a bit on your knees. Sometimes, you had a difficult time talking, you'd rather nod or even write it all down on a piece of paper. “Yes, daddy...”
“That's good, lovebug, but it's getting late now,” He entered the room, picking you up with ease, the inhumane strength that he has still shocks you. Suddenly, you began to feel sleepy, resting your head on his shoulder. “Say goodbye to Peter, sweetness.”
Raising your hand, you waved. “Bye-bye, Peter.”
The boy stayed quiet, sounds of his toy cars racing were heard and not his voice, perhaps only a grunt in response.
“Good girl, let's get you prepared for bedtime.” Turning around, he began to walk out of the room, and you watched Peter play alone with his cars, his back turned to you.
Somehow, you felt bad for Peter, he's usually alone, and you knew that deep inside, he loved playing with you.
“Oh shit,” Bucky whispered, halting his steps, throwing his head back with a soft groan, and then slowly continued to walk again. He suddenly remembered the late meeting with Tony and Natasha, as they had asked him and Steve to have this meeting alone. No other avenger. “Sweetheart?”
You sleepily hummed in response.
“What do you feel about Wanda reading you a bedtime story tonight, hm?” He asked, unlocking the door to enter the large room.
“Yeah, Daddies need to leave for just one more meeting,” Bucky let you down, kissing your forehead. “Is that alright with you?”
It wasn't, and you wanted to tell him. But you knew that they had a lot going on, that's why they brought you along with them to the tower.
You nodded with a pout, and Bucky kissed your nose this time.
“We'll be back before you know it.”
Steve showed up, his footsteps behind you made you turn and raise your arms to get one last hug before they left. With a smile, he wrapped his arms around you tightly and whispered sweet words into your ear.
“You're such a good girl, daddies love you so much. Once we're back we can play all day tomorrow.”
You whispered an 'okay', hugging him tightly as well.
“We'll call Wanda, she'll be here in a second,” Bucky led you to the toys that you left in the living room. “Make sure to drink your bottle properly this time, you didn't finish it last night.”
With one last kiss, the two men left, probably calling Wanda to get to your care.
And within minutes, the door opened, revealing a loving, motherly bright woman.
“Juna's family always had a large jar of kimchi in their fridge. After they finished eating all the kimchi, Juna sometimes got to keep the empty jar.” Wanda read the story, Junar Jar, with her butter-like voice, her soft tongue sounding like music to your ears. You were cuddled up on the bed, wearing a new set of pajamas and laying on her chest, her arms around you whilst holding the book. You held the bottle, sucking the formula out of it.
Once it was finished, Wanda placed it on the bedside table and continued reading. You yawned, eyes fluttered and your breaths got heavier. But you still had some energy left.
Wanda stopped reading, looking down with a smile.
“Feeling sleepy?”
You shook your head 'no'.
“There, there,” She hushed you, rubbing your tummy under the covers. The book fell from her hands and she still held you close.
You couldn't sleep, wanting your Daddies instead. You squirmed slightly, the sleep almost leaving your system, but Wanda was quick to fix it.
“Do you want some more milk, honey?”
You understood what she meant; Natasha would breastfeed you whenever she would take care of you late at night, it would immediately put you off to sleep.
You nodded, and Wanda sat up to push her hair back, removing her shirt, leaving her in a white tank top, she removed her bra, but left the top on, she simply lifted it to reveal her breast; her nipples were a soft shade of pink, perky and full of milk dripping down. She helped you onto her lap, laying sideways with the covers over you, she encouraged you to latch on, pushing your head slightly.
“Don't worry, darling, you'll sleep in no time.”
You close your eyes and latch, drinking slowly and carefully. Her taste was similar to Natasha's; sweet and delicious, yet Wanda's chest was much fuller of milk, as there was no one to drink from it from what you knew.
She hummed a lullaby, instantly making you fall deeper into slumber, and eventually you stopped sucking, her nipple falling from your lips and she was quick to grab your pacifier, placing it inside your mouth before slowly unwrapping her arms from you, letting go of the book before moving you down on the bed, your head resting on the pillow.
“Your daddies are so lucky to have such a precious girl.”
They really were.
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mosquito-queen · 7 months
could you write out the scene where nancy and robin are chilling with dionysus trying to find a way to get to the underworld n nancy cant handle her wine
cue ‘better get ur wife home’
sooo this is the end of a chapter? that's sitting at 2000 words rn but is taking forever to write....
Robin's thoughts twisted and squirreled away from her. The sweet stick of wine fogged the space in her head behind her eyes. Dionysus was smiling like he had won something, like he was toying with something. He was playing them. Robin's brain stuttered like a river: choppy, sloshing, spilling. Shame burned her cheeks. Of course, Nancy could stay composed from drinking; she was a priestess! It was the God, bending the wine to his will. He thought Nancy had the fairer shot of besting his tasks. She glanced at Nancy's face, her cheek flush against Robin's thigh, curls slick from the sweat on her face. The fit of loss quelled as she moved her fingers to smooth out Nancy's hair.
No, it wasn't over. Robin fought through the settling haze. She would figure this out; there was no other option. Her inclination was to answer Dionysus's riddle with the name of his brother, Apollo, in the same way she might say Steve. There was something more though to his puzzle that told Robin to find a different solution. She was pulled from her thoughts when Nancy brushed her nose ever so softly against Robin's leg, sighing into her drunken sleep. The fondness in Robin's chest hardened her resolve. She wasn't Nancy, but she was just as capable of solving this final puzzle. The God knew it too, or he wouldn't be spiking the wine in her blood.
"Go ahead and give up. I'm doing you a favor," There's something genuine in Dionysus's tone that kept her anger from bubbling up. He quirked his lips, tapping two fingers on his temple before tipping them towards Robin, "A word to the wise, Athena always has her own motive."
Robin frowned at his warning and let her gaze rest on the sleeping girl in her lap. Nancy's injured arm was slack in its sling, the bandages speckled with dry blood from the day's exertion. Robin knew under those wrappings were gruesome gouges bound by catgut. What other business did Athena have with her priestess? Something heated and poignant needled Robin's stomach as her mouth turned sour. She would protect Nancy in this life and the next. Gods be damned.
Realization dawned.
"Ariadne!" Robin blurted, slapping her hands on the table. Her wine cup sloshed at the impact, spilling rivulets down the table, and spattering near Nancy's face. The priestess was scowling, jolted up on her good arm and glaring incredulously at the grinning girl. In her joy, Robin could almost kiss her. Instead, she gave Nancy an apologetic smile, lowering her hands and turning her attention back to the God, "Sorry, sorry. It's Ariadne, isn't it? That's the answer."
There was surprise quickly dissipating in Dionysus's eyes. He nodded, watching as Nancy gave a last pointed look at Robin before resting her head back in her lap. A fond smile chased away the remnants of surprise and he accepted his defeat, "Isn't it always the name of our wife that is the answer?"
Robin stuttered, her face burning red. She wanted to say it wasn't that way; she wanted to correct the God. However, Nancy was pressed so sweetly into her lap, her breath hot and eyelashes fluttering closed again. The denial never made it past her heart.
"The nymphs tell me you have a voice reminiscent of poor Orpheus. Sing me a song then of my beloved," He shoved his well-loved lyre into her hands, "and I will tell you the way to the Underworld."
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panicatthediaz · 2 months
Tumblr media
Now here's to a POV change. The more I write the more I think it's going to take ages to get to the actual point of this fic. Enjoy!
[Part 1] – [Part 3] – [Part 5]
@madaboutmunson @lamburrito @benjaminrussell @xxfiction-is-my-realityxx @dijkstraspath @swiftiebuckleys @spectrum-spectre [Let me know if you want to be tagged!]
Pin a String to My Chest – 4
What the fuck was Eddie thinking?!
This was. It just—
He wasn't sure what to think. Eddie had just stopped responding, and Dustin wanted to be angry at him for cutting the rope, for turning back around on his own.
But he kind of got why he did. The bats were too close to the gate. He just wished they had talked about it, come up with a plan, so Eddie hadn't become a bat chew toy.
He was trying really hard to ignore the blood on his hands.
He wasn't sure how much time passed, for how long he was uselessly pressing against a wound — or where he thought a wound might be, there was too much blood.
Eddie was already gone, wasn't he? He wasn't talking, there might be more blood out than in, and was he even breathing? Dustin couldn't tell, he refused to move his hands from Eddie's side, and his vision was blurry with tears he wasn't supposed to be shedding because Eddie wasn't supposed to have turned back around!
Well, at least there was the anger he wanted to be feeling instead. It was better. He thought it was better than the rest of his feelings at the moment.
The silence Dustin had barely acknowledged was broken by laughter. Two or three voices talking in the distance, confident that nothing was going to attack them right now.
He had forgotten, or at the very least ignored, the countless demobats surrounding Eddie. Some unhurt, but still unmoving. Dead. It was… Was it over?
"Hey!" The voices trailed off at his shout. He wasn't sure where they were, but most noises were loud right now. "Steve?!"
He didn't expect a clear reply, they were too far away. But he heard footsteps.
While looking around, trying to see the spot the Vecna Slaying Team was supposed to come through, Dustin noticed that even the vines were not moving anymore.
There was no red lightning.
"Dustin?" Steve called, coming from the other side of the trailer. He froze, just for a second, before running toward them with renewed vigor and dropping next to Eddie. "What the fuck happened?"
"The... The bats," Dustin started, watching as Steve looked Eddie over. He took a deep breath, trying to get the words out.  "They were coming in through the vents." He could see Steve's head snap up to look at him, and it seemed that Nancy and Robin had tensed behind Steve. "He—He cut the rope." He cleared his throat, drew in another deep breath.
Nancy said something to Robin, and then she was off, running into the trailer.
"He made me climb," he continued, ignoring Steve. "Then he went and cut the rope." At some other point in time, Dustin might have felt bad for finishing the destruction of Eddie's Hellfire shirt. Right now, he couldn't let go, gripping the fabric rather than putting pressure in any wound. "He turned back, Steve, and lured the bats away from the gate."
The cycle of emotions on Steve's face was hard to parse through with the tears, but it seemed to settle on understanding and sympathy.
It really wasn't a mix he wanted right now.
"Henderson," Steve called softly, lightly keeping a hand on Eddie's chest. "I need you to let go."
He was shaking his head before he even processed every word. He knew what was coming, and he refused.
"I'm not—"
"Here!" Robin exclaimed, almost tossing the remains of the rope at Nancy and Steve once she reached them. "I grabbed the half he cut, they looked the cleanest, and I figured we could remake the rope from this side instead of using Upside Down stuff for bandages."
"Thanks," Steve told her, smiling slightly at her rambling. He turned to Dustin, face serious once more. "Henderson, I need you to let go. You and Robin need to figure a way to get us out," he said pointedly, "While Nancy and I bandage him."
Dustin would never admit that it took a moment for Steve's words to sink in, but once they did, he was up and, well, hobbling his way toward the trailer.
Eddie was still alive. Barely, he was sure, but he wasn't gone. That's what mattered right now. He would need to be taken to the hospital right away, but he was a wanted man… He hoped medical care took precedent.
Robin stayed behind him, making sure he didn't fall along the way. He'd complain about it, about Robin not running ahead to get started on that second rope, but as it stood, he did kind of need the help.
Hopefully, he would never have to jump up-down through a ceiling again. His ankle fucking hurt.
They reached the trailer in silence, and then things became a blur. Robin grabbed the Upside Down version of sheets per his directions. Dustin tried to move what he could to create makeshift stairs. Steve and Nancy ran inside, Eddie on Steve's back.
The gate began shrinking.
Robin went through first, then Nancy ushered him to climb the stairs he'd made before grabbing the rope close to the ceiling.
His ankle fucking hurt.
Then Nancy was through. Steve made it up-down the same way Dustin had, but he let himself fall face first onto the mattress lest Eddie be crushed under him.
It was only at the RV that Dustin thought, no one wanted to leave Eddie behind. He was fully part of the party.
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purple-babygirl · 2 years
First of all… who told you that you could toy with my heart over your latest work: SamBucky and the injuries Little. Talk about the angst but fluff. Just mwah!
But will all that angst especially with Sam and Bucky—they are just a perfect combo, btw. I now am needy for angst to fluff (oops…). All I can think about is an insecure little who think that her daddies don’t love her after a misunderstanding, so she pack up her things and runs away. (But a happy ending is ensured) when Sam and Bucky are able to find her
Love you.
Pairing: SamBucky x little!f!reader
Word Count: 2,796
Warnings: polyamory, ddlg dynamics, a dash of angst, and a pinch of fluff
A/N: Hello, Nonnie! Thank you for reading, and thank you for sharing this idea with me and allowing me to toy with your heart over it!💜💜 I was a puddle writing this one. I'm really sorry if this took me too long; I hope it's to your liking and I love you too *ghost kisses*💜 please enjoy xx
“That's enough. Go to your room.” Sam demanded angrily, looking down at the cheerios covering the kitchen floor that he now would have to clean up.
“All you do is cause trouble and I'm done! To your room, now!”
She's been bad again. It was the third time this week. She has been disobedient and impatient. Whenever Papa and Daddy told her to do anything she somehow managed to mess it up. Sam had told her not to touch anything but she wanted to help nevertheless. She couldn’t reach the cupboard though and ended up spilling the box of cereal all over the place.
Her gaze dropped and she walked to her room without another word and a few minutes later, Bucky came to give her lunch and collect her phone and tablet, taking away her screen time for the day.
“But daddy-”
“No, doll. I'm taking them away. You never listen anymore and it needs to stop.”
Papa and Daddy are mad at you. They don't love you no more. They're sick of you. You never listen and you're always bad. They could be so much happier and calmer if it wasn't for you always riling them up. They were done. It needed to stop. They don't love you no more. They don't want you no more. They don't love you. They don't want you.
She sat wallowing in her room, tears gathering in her eyes as her own mind attacked her. Maybe it was all true. All she does is cause trouble.
So maybe if she left…
She got up and got her big girl backpack out of the closet.
Maybe if she left Papa and Daddy would be better off without her.
Tears streamed down her cheeks as she gathered and pushed items into her bag.
Maybe if she was gone they would be less angry.
She zipped the bag up before sloppily slipping her socks on and picking up her stuffed friend.
Maybe if she escaped the house she could escape her thoughts too; leave them all in her room and go.
She wiped her cheeks, tiptoed out of her room, found her shoes by the front door and quietly got into them. She could hear Daddy and Papa lowly laughing together while they got things done in the backyard. Leaving really was the right decision then; they were happier without her.
Taking one, last, tear-blurred look at the house, she stepped outside and quietly closed the door behind her. She held her small white bunny to her chest and sniffed before taking off, walking to the only place that would bring her comfort.
“She's going to be so happy. I can't wait to see her face.” Sam smiled proudly, hands on his waist as he took one last look at the swing he and Bucky have put together for their baby girl in the backyard.
“I really hope she likes it.” Bucky smiled back in agreement before opening the door for Sam and walking inside behind him.
They felt they were too hard on her that morning and she was usually a good girl, only intending to do good for her Daddy and Papa. So they decided to build the swing earlier than they’d previously planned to lighten things up again.
“Is it just me or is it awfully quiet in here?” Bucky murmured, bringing the water bottle down from his mouth and looking around the living room in slight suspicion.
“I mean, she is in a timeout and you did take away her phone,” Sam reminded him, trying not to let himself panic as he got himself a water bottle from the fridge.
But it wasn’t that. Bucky could still hear her presence no matter how quiet. He could hear her crayons gliding on paper when she would sit down to color. He could hear her hum as she organized her toys around the table for tea parties. This quietness wasn’t normal.
Bucky jogged up the stairs to her room and just as he feared, she wasn't in there. Her sandwich was untouched. Her closet was open and her backpack and favourite blankie were missing.
“Sam!” He called for his husband, taking long strides to their bedroom to find she wasn't there either.
Sam ran up the stairs at Bucky's freaked tone and saw him pacing through the hallway.
“She's not here.”
“What?” Sam’s heart sank into his stomach.
“I can't find her.” Bucky shook his head at Sam, running his fingers through his hair in growing panic.
“Hey, calm down. We're gonna find her.” Sam rubbed a hand down Bucky's back, trying to hide his own fright for Bucky's sake as his mind ran to every single place she knew how to get to on her own.
“How? How are we gonna find her? We don't even know where she went or if she's okay-”
Sam put a hand on Bucky’s shoulder, the other cupping his cheek.
“Hey, breathe,” Sam instructed, slowly breathing so Bucky could copy him, trying to send away the panic attack ready to take over him. Bucky nuzzled his palm, his breath coming out shaky.
“That's it, Buck. In and out.” He moved his hands to Bucky’s.
“But she was so little when we sent her to her room and she probably doesn't even have any ID or money with her-”
“Bucky,” Sam squeezed his husband’s hands.
“We can't lose her, Sam. I can't- I took her phone away- if she's in trouble, she won't be able to-”
“Bucky, baby, we're gonna find her and she's gonna be okay. I promise.” Sam reassured him with words he himself wasn't sure would turn out to be true, his large palm stroking up and down the tense muscles of Bucky’s back, “I need you to keep breathing for me.”
Bucky tried to manage his breathing, slightly calming down to the thought of getting to hold her again.
“She couldn't have gotten that far, so we're gonna look around and I'm gonna call Steve, okay?” Bucky nodded at Sam's words, glossy eyes closing as Sam planted a kiss to the side of his forehead, “okay, baby. Let's go.”
Sam took the car, driving slowly, roaming the neighborhood to see if she was anywhere around the area. He was asking anyone and everyone who passed by his car if they've seen her. But apparently, no one has. Not even the old couple at the end of the street with the dog she loved to pet so much.
Bucky chose to go on foot as he walked in the other direction, preferring to depend on his enhanced senses instead of talking to other people. Even if he did talk to them for help, no one would understand that while her picture looked like that of a grown lady, she was a mere baby. They would never understand their panic.
Sam rubbed his forehead in frustration, leaning it against the wheel. He’d just hung up with Steve. He said she didn't come to his place; didn't even stop by. In fact, he hasn’t heard from her at all and got worried when Sam called. He took an uneven breath, trying to maintain his cool before he lifted his head up and started the car again.
Leaning back on the big tree, she wrapped her soft blankie tighter around her frame. It was getting kind of chilly and she was starting to regret leaving now that it wasn't that sunny anymore. The tears drying on her cheeks made her shiver even more and she sniffled, kissing her bunny's head and tugging the stuffed animal under her chin. She hoped Daddy and Papa were feeling better now that she was no longer there with them.
“Doll?” She heard Bucky's voice and before she could wonder if she'd imagined it, she was pressed to a hard chest.
“Oh, thank god,” Bucky sighed, kissing the side of her head over and over again, his hands tight around her back, holding her and her bunny close to his frantically beating heart.
“Baby, why'd you leave like that? We were so worried! We looked everywhere, we called everyone.” Bucky kissed her forehead a bunch before “-oh right!”
He got his phone out of his pocket with one arm, the other still firmly holding her to his chest. She kept holding onto her bunny, not really getting what was happening. Was she in trouble for leaving unannounced or not? Why would Daddy and Papa want to find her? She was nothing but trouble.
“Sam, I found her! We're in our secret place in the park.”
At Bucky's call, Sam took a sharp turn, stepping on the gas to get to the park as fast as he could.
“Are you okay, doll? Are you hurt anywhere?” Bucky asked her after hanging up, anxiously checking her head, face, arms and legs for injuries.
She shook her head silently, fresh, hot tears burning at the brims of her eyes.
“Thank god.” Bucky hugged her to his chest again, “we were so scared, doll. We were so scared.”
He kissed her damp cheeks and chin as she kept biting her lip, quietly sniveling.
She'd scared them. She'd worried them. Why was it always that she did something wrong while trying to do anything right? She was no good.
“It’s okay, love. I found you. I’m right here.” Bucky kissed her eyelids, then her nose, thinking she was crying because she was lost alone.
He pulled her on his lap and adjusted himself in her place, his back to the tree trunk as he held her close, fearing she’d disappear if he were to loosen his grip around her.
“Sugar!” Sam’s voice echoed through the empty part of the park when he saw her burrito-wrapped body in Bucky’s lap.
“Papa’s here, doll. It’s okay.” Bucky whispered to her when she didn’t stop crying.
She turned around and her eyes met Sam’s watery, brown ones.
“Hey, sugar,” Sam greeted softly, getting down on his knees before her.
Her lower lip jutted out further as new tears soaked her pretty face. It hasn’t even been a whole day and she’s missed Papa and Daddy so much. How was she ever planning on running away from them or being without them?
“Aww, no, no, baby, it’s okay,” Sam cooed, bringing her to his chest and engulfing her in a protective hug.
Her blanket fell in Bucky’s lap and she dropped her bunny to cling to Sam, barely quieting her sobs.
Not able to hold himself together any longer, a tear escaped Sam’s eye his gaze met Bucky’s. He buried his nose in her hair and squeezed her closer to him, sighing in relief that they’ve found her. His mind kept torturing him with scenarios of her getting hurt and not getting help. He didn’t know what he would’ve done if they’d actually lost her.
“You’re okay, sugar. Papa’s here with you. I’m sorry it took us so long, baby. We were looking in a lot of places.” Sam sniffled, pulling back to pepper featherlike kisses all over her face.
“You wanted to find me?” Her small, brittle voice asked, doe eyes staring up sadly.
“What? Of course we wanted to find you, baby! Why would you think otherwise?!”
“But I was bad. You w-were done. It needed to stop,” she repeated his and Bucky’s words on him and Sam felt shame cover him from head to toe, Bucky not any different as he bit down to stop his tears.
“Doll,” Bucky went to hold her hands only to find they were freezing.
“Shit! She’s too cold,” he told Sam, who immediately started taking off his jacket.
“Dada, bad word,” she softly reminded Bucky, covering her mouth with her hand before Sam got out of his jacket.
Sam slipped his warm jacket on her and pulled the zipper up, her small hands disappearing inside the long sleeves.
“Good girl, sugar. It is a bad word.” He rolled the sleeves back just enough to get her palms out so she could still hold her bunny.
“But you don’t see me asking daddy to leave because he was bad, do you?” Sam asked tenderly and she shook her head no.
“Exactly, I’m not. You know why?” Sam pressed kisses to both of her hands multiple times, rubbing them between his palms to warm her up.
“Why, papa?” she asked as he carried her in his arms; Bucky gathering the rest of her stuff.
“Because I love him so much." Sam wiped her tears. "And both me and daddy love you so so so much, sugar.” He pressed a firm kiss to her temple.
Bucky handed her the small bunny back after patting any dust or leaves out of it.
“We never want you to go, doll.” Bucky pressed a kiss to her shoulder.
“Even when I’m really really bad?”
“Even if you’re really really bad,” Sam guaranteed, kissing her temple again.
“But- I thought papa and daddy would be happier and not so angry no more if I left,” she mumbled innocently as Sam started walking to the car with her in his arms.
“That could never be true, doll. We’re only happy as long as we have you,” Bucky reassured her, opening the backseat door so Papa could slip in with her on his lap.
“And you still love me?” Her pout, teary puppy eyes and words were just killing both men inside.
“Of course we love you, doll! We will always love you. We can never afford to lose you,” Bucky told her, his eyes searching hers to offer them comfort.
“Baby, we love you so much it’s uncountable, remember?” Sam ran his thumb over the knuckles of her stuffie-holding hands.
She nodded, her eyes teary but her smile comforted and reassured. “I love you too, Papa,” she mumbled, grabbing onto Sam’s thumb, her eyelids barely staying open.
“I’m sorry I left,” she sniffled.
“It’s alright, baby. We’re all together now and we're going home.” Sam kissed her forehead once more, wanting her to forget all about it and know everything was okay again.
“Told you we’d find her,” Sam said, drawing Bucky inside the car by the cheek and brushing his lips against his.
“You did.” Bucky nodded, pressing his forehead to Sam’s and kissing him again.
Bucky pulled back and smiled adoringly at her sleepy eyes fighting to stay open as she leaned onto Sam's chest before getting in the driver’s seat to take them home. Sam was caressing her hair and before she knew it her eyes were fluttering closed.
All the crying all day had drained her and her body could finally give up and relax now that she was in Papa’s hold; she was out like a light.
“You’re so important to me and daddy, sugar. Never ever forget that,” Sam whispered against her forehead before pressing a slow kiss to her skin.
She might've had no idea how adored and cherished she actually was, but that was okay. Sam and Bucky had a lifetime ahead of them where they could show her again and again that they loved and needed her just as much as she did them.
“Dada! Papa! Wake up! We have a swing!”
She’d fallen asleep pretty early in the car last night and neither Sam nor Bucky had the heart to wake her up when they got home. So they took her shoes and socks off and tucked her in in their bed.
Now they had to deal with her waking up way too early. She’d gone to the bathroom on her own like a good girl before her stomach hungrily grumbled. And when she got to the kitchen for a cup of water and maybe the plate of fruit in the fridge, her eyes fell on the swing showing outside the small window on the kitchen door.
Bucky rolled over and opened his eyes first, her jumping on her knees on the bed beside him pulling him out of his dreams. Sam, however, didn’t move a muscle. The man slept so soundly that sometimes Bucky was jealous. How heavy of a sleeper could a person be?
“Yes, we do, baby.” Bucky chuckled. “Me and papa built it just for you.” He smiled sleepily at her excited face before annoyingly poking Sam’s back, “Sam, wake up.”
“Tank you, dada.” She settled back on her ankles though still buzzing with joy.
“You like it, sugar?” Bucky opened his arms wide for her.
“Yes, I love it.” She nodded happily before perching herself on his hard chest, cutely kissing his jaw, “and I love you, dada.”
“Sam.” He affectionately punched his sleeping husband’s shoulder, smirking when he heard him groan, “she likes the swing.”
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shrxmps · 10 months
eddie "the freak" munson
Tumblr media
summary: you and your popular friends decide to go to one of his shows, and oh boy what a show will it be.
⚠️WARNINGS: contains smut, dirty language, mentions of cheating, eddie taking your ability to walk straight and c*mming inside you, also a slight mention of drugs
word count: 1.7 k
disclaimer!!: english isnt my first language so sorry for any mistakes :( also ive just got back from a writing slump, hope u enjoy my attempt at getting back into it
Well, it wasn't supposed to turn out like this. But you're sure as hell you ain't complaining.
As you changed in your normal clothes in the locker after cheer practice, you heard some of your friends whispering about going to one of Eddie "The Freak" Munson's concerts with his little irrelevant band, as they liked to call it. You get to see Eddie and also hang out with your friends? Obviously, you said yes. Even though the second parts souns less appealing. A lot less appealing.
Ok, yeah, maybe your friends didn't know that you have had the fattest crush on him since 5th grade when he threw food at you at lunch break and ruined your new clothes. And maybe they didn't know about the countless nights where you told your jock boyfriend you'd go to sleep early because you had a test paper the next day, only to finger yourself for the rest of the night while thinking about Eddie absolutely demolishing your insides and your mouth. And maybe they didn't know the fact that only the simple presence of him got you so hooked up that you never wanted to leave. Like you just got bit by a snake and he's the only cure available.
You hurried to your house, struggling to pick an outfit that would most definitely catch his attention, but also one that wasn't too slutty, so your friends don't think you want Eddie to notice you (which is the biggest lie ever to exist). You finally decided on a black skirt and a white top, something simple and a little revealing. After doing your hair and makeup, you left your house and ran to your friend's car, who was already waiting for you.
Shutting the car door, you turned on the radio and relaxed into the car seat, smiling uncontrollably while thinking about how you're going to finally see Eddie live. Playing his guitar. With his fingers full of rings.
"Excited, aren't we?" your friend joked, giggling a bit while taking a turn, which made you blush a little.
"I've never been to a rock concert before, so yes, I am a little nervous," you responded, toying with the hem of your skirt.
"If you can even consider it a rock concert..."
You rolled your eyes and fell back into the seat, closing your eyes and bobbing your head to the music. It was going to be the most exciting night you had in a while.
Not surprisingly, not a lot people showed up. You could recognise Mike Wheeler, Dustin Henderson and even Steve Harrington, though his fabulous hair could be spotted from a mile away.
Oh yeah, and of course your "perfect" boyfriend was there too.
It's not that he wasn't attractive, he was actually handsome, with a squared jaw and big muscles. He was a jerk, had an IQ of one and was...bland. There wasn't anything interesting about him, really. And you all knew that tonight Eddie's band was going to get booed.
"I'm going through the bathroom," you told your boyfriend, who wasn't even paying attention to you, and instead was talking to one of your dumb blonde friends.
Well, now you had to find Eddie- you mean the bathroom. He had to be somewhere around, either practicing before the show or just laying around, wondering who would come to see them play tonight. You weren't even sure why you went to find him- you had nothing in particular to tell him. Just his simple presence filled your stomach with butterflies, apparently.
Wandering around the house, you suddenly got pulled into a room by a strong hand, shutting the door behind you. Oh- I guess you found what you were looking for.
Eddie Munson was now staring at you with an annoyed face expression, waiting for you to speak. You felt your legs getting wobbly, and your voice came out weak.
"Don't you <<Hey>> me, Y/N," he hissed back, blocking the door with his back. Oh, his back was kind of big. "You guys never come to our shows, you want me to believe you suddenly got an interest in metal music?"
"Well, maybe, yeah!" you responded irritated, putting your hands on your hips. And that's all you managed to get out.
Eddie crossed his arms, making them appear even bigger and veinier than before. Oh god, you're not sure you could last too long without literally jumping on him.
"So? Are you gonna tell me why you and your friends came to our concert?" he asked again, getting visibly more annoyed. "Is it about your boyfriend? Does he want to, you know, kill me again?"
"No! It's not about him! I swear!" you said in a high pitched tone, getting closer to Eddie and grabbing his arms.  "I just.."
Were you about to tell Eddie Munson that you were quite literally in love with him since you first laid eyes on him? You only live once, so, fuck it.
"I'm in love with you."
There. You said it. Now it's out in the air. The air that seems to be getting even more dense that before.
He's staring at you with wide eyes and an open mouth, which he closes with his palm. A good 5 minutes pass before either one of you speaks again. The tension was so thick you could cut it with a knife- not even a knife, a really sharp nail. You finally built up the courage to speak again.
"Look, I-"
"I have to be high. No, I think you're  high. Or we're both tripping," he said, interrupting  you and putting his hands on his head, looking around aimlessly in the room."Y/N, do you do drugs? Did I accidentally sell you drugs? Please just quit the-"
"No, idiot, I'm not on drugs!" you screamed, walking up to him angrily. "I am in love with you. I think I've almost accidentally called your name while my boyfriend was fucking me at least 10 times. And I remember every time you looked at me. I even noted it down my calendar. Do you believe me now?"
Without answering, Eddie grabbed your face and latched his lips onto yours, lapping at your tongue and putting his hand on your ass, squeezing tight before lifting you up and putting you on the nearest table.
"This feels like a dream come true," he said in between breaths, pulling your top down to reveal your tits and pinching your nipples, in which you could only respond with soft yelps and moans.
You put your hand on his crotch, only to feel the hard, throbbing erection he had, which only made you even more wet. Removing his pants, and boxers, his cock finally sprung free. And Oh.My.God. It was twice the size your boyfriend had. You weren't sure how it was gonna fit in, but you were most definitely prepared to find out.
Eddie flipped you around and bend you over, running his fingers around your clothed clit, feeling how wet you are before ripping your panties with a loud "rip" sound, which emitted a high pitched noise from you.
"Sorry, I will buy you new ones, but right now I'm going to break if I don't cum inside you faster," he said, positioning his head at your entrance.
You could only clench around air at his dirty words, feeling water dripping down your thighs because of how wet you were. He entered you with a sudden slap, groaning as he adjusted himself inside your tight pussy.
"Is this okay?" he asked, at which you could only moan and look at him with your doll eyes, which he took as a "yes".
Before you knew it, your insides were demolished by him, thrusting in and out of you at a rapid pace, ocasionally slipping out of your hole  only to slap it on your clit a couple of times before entering you again. Loud groans and moans from both of you filled the room, not caring if someone from outside heard you. After all, they did come for a show.
You put your hand on your mouth, attempting to cover your pathetic moans, but before you could even do it properly Eddie put both of your hands behind your back, holding them tightly while bending over to whisper something in your ear.
"Stop trying to muffle your moans," he whispered hungrily in your ear, "I want to hear you scream my name, mk?"
Oh. Those where the only words you needed to hear. As he flipped you around and attacked your mouth with his, Eddie repeatedly kept hitting your g-spot, making you almost scream of pleasure in his mouth. He held your hands on top of you with one of his hands, the other going up to your neck to choke you ligthly. Everything was perfect, from the way his hair sticked to his forehead because of him sweating from the way he stared face and body with half lidded eyes while panting, you felt like you were about to explode on his cock at any given moment.
"I'm gonna c-" he said through his teeth as he finally released his hot cum inside you, painting your walls white. You came a couple of seconds later, clenching all over him and loudly moaning his name.
Eddie remained inside of you for a couple of minutes, kissing your lips softly, and you could swear you caught him smiling in between some of the kisses, before pulling his cock out and pushing his cum back inside you with two of his fingers.
He scrambled around the room for his clothes, and while he struggled to put them on you both awkwardly laughed, as if he wasn't balls deep inside you and you weren't screaming his name just a couple of minutes ago. The atmosphere was interrupted by the voice of your boyfriend calling your name and looking for you outside, sounding really worried, fearing something might had had happened to you. Though, you could care less.
"I think you should go, Y/N, I don't want both of us to be killed," Eddie chuckled, opening the door for you.
You knew this little charade wasn't over yet, as he slapped your ass while you walked through the door.
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