#I'd never met her before and we were the only two in the room
becca-e-barnes · 2 months
Hi Becca! I would literally die for you blog. It’s my go to any time I need some good self care😉. You’re incredibly talented!
But I’ve had this idea bouncing around in my head. It boils down to just Bucky and cock warming. Like the reader is on him begging for more but he is just having way to much fun playing with their clit to start moving. Making them cum on him with out thrusting once.
Just an idea I thought you might like. I love you work, have a great day!!
I'm really glad you've been enjoying my stuff so much!! That's so sweet!💗 and I keep getting told I can get ✨filthier✨ so I'd love to mess with this is little bit
Because I love the thought of Bucky making you start off with a dildo that's just a little bit smaller in size than he is. Maybe one of those dildos with a suction cup on the bottom so it's stuck on a wooden chair.
"Good girl, take it all." He encourages, kneeling between your legs, watching your cunt greedily swallow the toy. It's a sight he doesn't often get to see and he's really not sure why he doesn't make a point of watching it more often.
You whine quietly, feeling the toy bottom out. Your ass makes contact with the cool, varnished wood beneath you and you can't help but roll your hips a little, enjoying the feeling of the tip rubbing against your velvety walls.
"If I wanted you to fuck yourself on that, I'd tell you to. Did I tell you to?" Bucky's voice has a sharp edge that almost knocks you out of your daze.
"N-no... But-" You begin, trying to justify your movement but he cuts you off.
"No. So don't. I want you to keep your cunt stuffed and take what I give you." He watches up at you as he presses your knees apart, keeping his eyes on your face until he can't bare it anymore.
You gasp quietly at the feeling of his hot breath on your exposed, slick sex and there's nothing you can do but whimper at the feeling of his tongue gently grazing your clit.
Fuck, it's good. It's not long before he's licking you like he's starving, lapping and sucking gently on your clit before forcing your legs wider apart to lick your arousal from the base of the toy.
"Bucky, please. Please let me move." You didn't mean to sound so pathetic but with each lick, you get closer and closer to an orgasm you won't be able to stop. An orgasm you've been warned you're not allowed to have.
You're almost surprised he takes pity on you, giving you permission to get off the toy. He removes it from the chair and sits down in it's place, offering his cock as a replacement.
You sit back down as you had earlier with your back to his chest but you can't help but feel amazed at how much better his dick feels. He's slightly bigger and while that's nice, nothing beats the way he throbs inside you and the hot, breathy groans against your ear at the feeling of your body taking all of him.
"Such a good girl." He smirks against your neck, littering your skin with kisses between his soft praises. You feel one of his hands on your chin, gently directing you to look to your right, over in the direction of the full length mirror.
The reflection you're looking at makes your walls flutter involuntarily because fuck, you really are stuffed full of his cock and he's making sure you're not able to fully enjoy it yet.
With one hand still holding your head in place, making sure you keep watching, Bucky's free hand trails down between your legs, flicking and rubbing your clit again.
"Oh f-fuck." You whine, watching Bucky's smirk widen. You can't sit still. You just can't. You want to grind your hips and take what you need and in that moment, his pleasure and all the instructions he's given you come second. You need to get off, consequences be damned.
"Don't even fucking think about it." He warns, delivering one harsh slap to your clit. It's not overly hard but it's enough to shock you. "You know you're not allowed to cum. I want to feel this pretty pussy dripping first. Don't worry though. Once you're wet and messy enough, I'll fuck you stupid on the carpet, right in front of the mirror. Want you to watch yourself cum so hard you forget your own name."
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burn for you.
Tumblr media
aemond targaryen x fem!reader
when your family is summoned to court you find yourself caught in the middle of your brother's and uncles conflicts
note: didn't think I'd ever be writing on here again then I discovered aemond and here we are lmao, also I just noticed that I reached 4k followers I don't deserve y'all tysm <;3 this fic has enemies to lovers type beat cuz I can't help myself. Also, I'm a sucker for Daemon speaking valyrian to Rhaenyra so there's plenty of that type of dialogue between the reader and Aemond not to worry though the translations are all written behind the text, enjoy
wc: 3.8k
warnings: foul language, asshole!aemond, incest, family drama, Aegon being a creep y'know the usual
Tumblr media
You fiddled with the hems of your sleeves, the inky fabric wrapping itself firmly around your arms, the dress you wore cascading down your figure all the way down to your boots, the ridiculously tight corset beneath causing you to exhale a much-needed breath, you were nervous, that much was apparent.
You just moments earlier, along with everyone else in the throne room had been left permanently scarred after having witnessed Daemon cut your great uncle's head clean in half. You didn’t disagree with Daemon’s actions quite on the contrary you just weren’t privy to witnessing such violence firsthand, it was something you hated about attending court, everyone here seemed to be in a dick-measuring competition.
You let out a huff, you had no interest whatsoever in attending the family dinner Viserys had planned for tonight, you wanted nothing more than to mount your dragon and fly back to Dragonstone this instant. Your thoughts of escape were interrupted by a light knock on your door, you glanced over your shoulder immediately feeling your shoulders tense because you knew it was time to go.
"Are you ready my love?" your mother's voice could be heard from behind you as she peered her head into your room, pushing the door fully open once she saw you were decent. "Ready as can be, mother" you turned towards her walking into her outstretched arms as she engulfed you in her embrace. “You look wonderful” her soft fingers ran down your arms straightening the fabric as she fussed over you for a bit only stopping when you swatted her hands away, sighing she stepped aside allowing you to exit your chambers.
You’d only been walking for a short moment when you felt the need to ask, “when do we return home?” her eyes met yours as she raised an eyebrow at you “we’ve only just arrived” you rolled your eyes at her reply, she knew you hated it here.
You’d never been particularly close to the other side of your family, mostly because of the treatment your mother had to endure from them specially the queen herself.
You knew of their friendship in the past and had even suspected it might have been more than that though never daring to bring it up to your mother since the mere mention of her name seemed to put her on edge. You'd been privy to the many times Alicent had unfairly treated your mother and you cared not to pretend her cruelness was justified, never mind what had happened in the past.
"I know, I know just… play nice, okay? I don't want any trouble tonight, not in the state your grandsire is in" you looked down at your feet, frowning as you pondered the stress this might all be causing him, he was barely hanging on by a thread surely all this drama wasn’t helping.
"I'll play nice if they do" you muttered, glancing up at your mother who gave you a stern look "I jest" you finally caved coming to a halt before the large double doors that led into the dining hall. "It'll be fine" you heard your mother mutter, more to herself rather than to you. You smiled at the two guards posted outside the doors as they each grabbed a handle and pulled them open allowing you to enter.
The greens were already there, sitting patiently awaiting your arrival. You immediately felt yourself shrinking underneath their harsh glances, having to remind yourself you were no longer a mere girl of six like the last time you’d dined with them. You raised your chin as your mother reluctantly let her hand fall from yours taking her usual seat next to Daemon at the dinner table.
You looked around the room frowning once you made eye contact with Aegon, he was leering at you the same way he had been ever since you’d arrived at court, his eyes roamed your figure from top to bottom coming to a dead stop at your bust. You felt sick under his gaze, he had no shame whatsoever in looking at you however he pleased, eyes following you the entire way to your seat which much to your dismay and discomfort, was the one opposite his.
"Ah my dear niece" he slurred slamming his golden wine goblet onto the table, the liquid sloshing around the rims of it, he'd clearly not been shy on the alcohol. "You look absolutely ravishing" the compliment made you squirm in your seat your eyes darting around the room before landing on Daemon who was glaring daggers at the boy in front of you.
"Thank you, uncle" you forced out through gritted teeth trying your hardest to maintain a smile on your face, your mother’s words from earlier refraining you from calling him a creep and splashing that wine in his face.
You looked around the table then for the first time properly since you sat down, smiling at Helaena as she offered an apologetic look clearly ashamed of the man she had been forced to marry. You felt for the girl she didn't deserve someone like Aegon, although it could easily be argued that no one deserved someone like him.
It was Aemond who captured your attention next, he had certainly changed since the last time you’d met him, grown. You made eye contact with him for the first time since you’d arrived stopping yourself from cringing at the eyepatch he wore, the foul memory of the event now in the forefront of your mind and you immediately looked away feeling ashamed as soon as you did, it was him who had to suffer the horrendous aftermath of that night, not you.
You were snapped out of your thoughts when the doors opened revealing the king in his dire state. He was being carried by four guards, barely being able to keep his own head up let alone walk.
Everyone round the table stood including you, brushing down the skirts of your dress finding something to distract yourself with as you could barely bare to look at him in this state. Once the king had been placed at the center of the table all of you finally sat.
“How good it is, to see you all tonight, together” he was breathing heavily already out of breath from the few words he uttered.
“Prayer before we begin” you heard Alicent declare, your brows furrowing as your eyes met your mothers who seemed to be just as bewildered at these new customs as you. You couldn’t help the smile creeping onto your face it was almost comedic the flummoxed expressions on both Daemon’s and Rhaenyra’s faces
“May the mother smile down on this gathering of love…” you drowned out her words as you snuck a glance over at Aemond who had his eye closed and hands pressed together diligently listening to his mother’s prayer. He'd grown quite handsome over the years that had passed, you shook your head pushing those thoughts into the back of your mind as you looked back down at your hands, before closing your eyes once more.
“And to Vaemond Velaryon may the Gods give him rest”
Your eyes shot open at that, immediately darting over towards Daemon who couldn’t seem to help his amused expression, he looked over at you and you both gave each other sly smiles before you closed your eyes again resuming your praying stance.
Once Alicent had finally finished Viserys peeped up from next to her “this is certainly an occasion of celebration. My grandsons Jace and Luke are to marry their cousins Baela and Rhaena, further strengthening the bond between our houses. A toast to the young princes and their betrothed's” you grinned at Jace as you raised your own goblet, Daemons ‘hear, hear’ causing both your brothers to smile at their future wives proudly.
The moment didn’t last for long with Aegon feeling the need to lean over towards your brother muttering “well done Jace you’ll finally get to lie with a woman” you rolled your eyes, your uncle’s horrid personality never ceasing to amaze you. “You do know how the act is done, I presume” he continued “at least in principle, where to put your cock and all that”.
“Let it be cousin” Baela warned shooting Aegon a menacing glance as she placed her hand over Jace’s in an attempt to quell his rising anger.
“You can play the jester if you wish but hold your tongue before my betrothed” Jace cautioned seeming satisfied as Aegon backed down leaning back into his seat, raising his hands up in mock surrender.
You painfully sat through the remainder of the dinner having completely lost your appetite when Viserys had removed his golden mask revealing the decay hidden underneath. You listened to your family make their toasts, smiling at your mother in support when she tried to make common ground with Alicent who in turn surprisingly seemed to appreciate Rhaenyra’s declarations.
You were toying with the vegetables on your plate bored out of your mind when you noticed trouble seeming to brew on Aegons face as he downed the remainder of his cup in a split second, pushing his chair back and making his way towards the wine jug that sat between Baela and Jace.
You looked over at Aemond who was already starring at Aegon knowing his brother well enough to predict the upcoming wrangle.
“I…” Aegon started as he poured a decent amount of wine into his goblet. “I regret the disappointment you are soon to suffer. But if you ever wish to know what it is to be well satisfied, all you have to do is ask” your eyes widened at your uncle's audacity, but before you could say anything Jace had slammed his hands down onto the table his chair almost falling back at the speed in which he got up.
You shook your head at Jace and he seemed to bite his tongue his knuckles turning white as he forcibly held his hands at his sides. Your head turned at the sound of another chair being pushed back, Aemond had now also stood more than ready to come to his brother's defense if need be. His violet eye held a warning as if daring Jace to try something.
The aroma in the room felt suffocating the only person who seemed to be oblivious to the boys’ conflict was the king himself.
Goosebumps crawled up your skin as you felt Aemond’s eye on you. You squeezed your eyes shut taking in a breath before returning his gaze. He seemed to be intrigued by you, you figured it was because you didn’t look like your brothers, instead bearing the Targaryen features, silky white hair to match his own, violet eyes mirroring his as they bore into yours.
You raised your eyebrow in question wondering what he could possibly be thinking about, his lip upturned slightly at your expression, eye scanning you as he took in your new form, he seemed impressed and you didn’t know how to feel about it.
“To prince Aegon and Prince Aemond” Jace’s words snapped you out of your trance as you turned back towards your brother, his goblet raised in his hand as he continued. “We have not seen each other in years, but I have fond memories of our shared youth. And as men, I hope we may yet be friends and allies. To you and your family’s good health dear uncles”
You smiled proudly at your brother who gave you a knowing wink before taking a sip out of his goblet, giving Aegon a ‘friendly’ punch on the shoulder as he did. Aegon put on a tight-lipped smile at your brothers’ words not even looking at him as he muttered “to you as well”.
Aemond reluctantly sat back down as the building tension finally seemed to dissipate until Helaena stood a slight wobble in her step as she steadied herself against the table clearly feeling the effects of the wine she had drunk, placing one hand atop the wooden structure she raised the other squeezing the cup she held tightly between her fingers.
“I would like to toast to Baela and Rhaena. They’ll be married soon. It isn’t so bad, mostly he just ignores you… except sometimes when he’s drunk”.
Your eyes widened at her words and you couldn’t help the chuckle that escaped your lips, quickly covering it up with a cough when you made eye contact with your mother who held a warning look.
“Good” you heard Otto tell her and for the first time in your life, you agreed with him.
You looked over at Jace and you could immediately tell that he was considering something, silent debate written all over his face until he eventually seemed to come to a conclusion standing up and excusing himself to Baela before he made his way around the table over to Helaena who seemed genuinely shocked as Jace reached out it his hand for her to take, an offer to dance.
You smiled lovingly at the scene before you, your niece who seemed for the first time since you got here to be enjoying herself. Jace had always had a talent for making people smile, it was truly a gift it was like he radiated happiness and it infected everyone around him.
Servants soon began to fill the room, each carrying silver platters of delicious cuisines as they made room on the already stuffed table for the added refreshments.
You heard your younger brother giggle from across the table and as you followed his gaze you soon realized why. A pig had just been placed in front of Aemond and you immediately recalled the time your brothers and Aegon had gifted him a pig claiming they had finally found him a dragon. 'The pink dread' they had called it, a cruel childish prank, you shook your head at Luke and it seemed to quell his giggles, you hoped that would have been the end of it.
You jumped when Aemond was suddenly slamming his fist into the table causing the entire thing to shake at his sheer strength. “Final tribute” he declared a mischievous glint in his eye as he smirked at his uncles gods you thought, here we go.
Aemond raised his goblet into the air his eye meeting yours as he spoke “to the health of my niece” he gave you a smile before turning to your brother “and to my nephews... Jace, Luke, and Joffrey” he trailed off “each of them handsome, wise…” there was a long pause as he turned to face Luke seemingly taking in his appearance his head vaguely tilting to one side as he smirked he wouldn’t you thought “Strong” he did.
Your eyes immediately widened in alarm as did your mother's. Alicent's warning tone as she muttered Aemond's name didn't seem to face him in the slightest.
“Let us drain our cups to these three, Strong boys” he continued clearly trying to get a rise out of your brothers. He succeeded but before Jace could say anything Alicent had called for the guards to remove the king clearly not wanting him to bear witness to the upcoming conflict.
“I dare you to say that again” Jace warned as soon as the doors had closed signaling Viserys’ exit from the room, Aemond feigned surprise at his words. “Why? ‘Twas only a compliment” Aemond put his cup down as he made his way over to Jace and you immediately stood up, coming to your brother’s defense.
“Do you not think yourself Strong?” Aemond kept pushing and before you could reach them Jace had punched Aemond square in the face earning a gasp from you as you stopped dead in your tracks.
Aemond let out a low laugh not having been affected in the least by your brother's assault and in retaliation easily pushed him to the ground. You finally unfroze at the thud that echoed around the room as Jace landed on the floor and hurried to stand between them stopping Aemond's stride as he attempted to get at your brother again.
“Dīnagon” move he warned, a glint of challenge in his eye.
“Kesan daor rual ao naejot ilagon iā ondos va ñuha lēkia” I will not allow you to lay a hand on my brother.
A low laugh rumbled in his throat, and though he seemed to be impressed as you stood your ground he easily pushed you aside but before you could come to your own defense Jace had sprung up from the floor immediately stepping in front of you and pushing you behind him.
“Don’t you dare touch my sister” he was seething you could feel the way his chest was heaving as you stood behind him.
“Mm… I don’t know, I think she wants me to touch her, don’t you gevie” beautiful your brother lunged at him, but Aemond easily moved out of the way shaking his head in amusement as he did.
“Jace!” your mother yelped as both she and Alicent finally intervened.
“That is enough!” Alicent could be heard from the other side of the room as she made her way around the table reaching for Aemond and instantly grabbing his arm as she scolded him, “why would you say such a thing before these people?” Aemond easily ripped his arm out of her grasp turning back towards Jace who was now being held back by one of the guards.
“I was merely expressing how proud I am of my family mother. Mm, though it seems my nephews aren’t quite as proud of theirs.” Jace finally managed to wriggle himself out of the guards hold just as Aemond finished his sentence but before he could lunge at him once more Daemon stepped in front of him finger raised in the air "wait" and Jace listened planting like a tree behind Daemon.
You walked to stand next to your brother, Aemond and Daemon's face-off had turned the entire room quiet. Your mother didn't seem to want you or your siblings bearing witness to this debacle any longer as she ordered all of you to return to your quarters.
You reluctantly obeyed knowing that putting up a fight would get you nowhere. You followed your siblings out of the room but before you left you snuck a quick glance over your shoulder turning your head back immediately once you saw Aemond's eye was already trained on you.
You got no sleep the following night, the previous events playing over and over again in your head, you raised yourself up pushing the covers off of you as you got out of bed.
Fresh air that's all I needed you thought, hastily getting up as you grabbed the cloak that lay on the chair in front of your vanity, pulling on your boots as you quietly exited your chambers.
The castle walls were only lit by a few flames littered along the walls, you let your fingertips brush along the cold stone surface as you planned to make your way down to the god's wood.
The moonlight shining through the windows was now the only thing brightening up your path as you neared your destination taking careful steps down the seemingly endless castle stairs.
"Can't sleep?" you stopped dead in your tracks at the familiar voice behind you, slowly turning around your eyes meeting Aemond's. He pushed himself off the stone pillar he was currently leaning against how did you not see him? slowly making his way toward you only coming to a halt when you were nearly chest to chest.
The blue moonlight lit up his features which were carefully hidden underneath the hood of his cloak.
"Issi ao pikagon nyke?" are you following me? he chuckled at your words, intertwining his hands behind his back as he slowly began to circle you.
He came to a halt when he stood behind you leaning close to your ear as he whispered "you think too highly of yourself dear niece" you shuttered as his breath fanned over your ear, turning your head to face him as he slowly made his way back in front of you.
"You think you're the only one troubled by sleep?" he tuts reaching his arm up to pull down his hood, he looked absolutely breathtaking. "No, I suppose not" you admitted eyes narrowing at him as he tilted his head giving you a one-over.
"That was quite the scene you made earlier" you commented crossing your arms over your chest as you looked up at him. "Tell me uncle, does that make you feel powerful? Bringing down your cousins in front of the entire family, in front of the king" his lip twitched at your words and you could immediately tell you struck a nerve so against your better judgment you kept pushing.
"Are you so desperate for daddy's approval that you-" he cut you off, fury in his eye as he grabbed you by the throat pushing you up against the stone pillar behind you, it wasn't enough force to hurt you, but it still took you by surprise, the wind knocked out of you momentarily as you clawed at his arm in an attempt to free yourself, with no avail.
He towered over you outmatching you in both height and strength "you've no business speaking to me that way dear niece" he leaned in closer, lips hovering above your ear as he whispered "don't think I won't gut you right here in this corridor and gift your heart to your bastard brothers"
He pulled back slightly to take you in, he seemed to be content with the state of you, chest heaving as you glared up at him hatred boiling in your tummy as you pushed with all your might against his chest, he didn't move instead he dropped his hand from your throat at his own accord before taking a step back, your shove having not affected his retrieval in the least.
You let out a long breath as oxygen now circled normally in your lungs once more. It took you a second to gather yourself but when you finally did you straightened your posture closing the distance between the two of you, once more
"Iksan daor zūgagon hen ao, kepos" i'm not scared of you, uncle.
"Ao yenka sagon" you should be.
You didn't dare be the one to back down first so you held his stare, his lip upturning slightly as he raised his hand up to clasp your cheek gently running his fingers down your throat, his feather-like touch a complete 180 from the way he had manhandled you only moments prior.
He finally stepped back out of your personal space a low 'mm' vibrating in his chest as he turned to leave. "You should get some sleep gevie" there was that word again beautiful "I'll see you in the morning".
let me know if you guys would like a part 2!
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cuffmeinblack · 28 days
hi! i love all of your ominis fics - if your requests are open could you please write something about ominis being a parseltongue? like maybe the reader/mc loves snakes or maybe even has a little snake as a pet, and they think his ability his incredible.
(also just a fun concept: imagine the mc being a parseltongue as well, and they send each other messages through snakes)
1) Sorry this took so long
2) I kinda love it and want to make it a full-length fic??
Kindred spirits
Ominis Gaunt x reader
Fluff, 1.4k words
Ominis sat in the common room, trying his best to ignore Sebastian's constant whining about his new love interest. The new fifth year was certainly a distraction, and he was still fuming over their invasion of the Undercroft, a place that felt almost sacred to Ominis. Sebastian had never been one to think too much about anything, and Ominis worried about whatever the two were getting up to in their meetings alone. Sebastian sighed next to him and Ominis suppressed a smirk, when he heard a voice from near the arm of the sofa.
"Hello, nice to meet you," it said. It was unfamiliar, and different in a way he couldn't pinpoint.
"Are you talking to me?" Ominis said, tilting his head toward the sound.
"Who are you? Sorry, I don't recognise your voice," Ominis said.
"Ominis what the hell are you doing?" Sebastian said from beside him.
Ominis frowned at the stupid question.
"Talking to someone, obviously," Ominis said testily.
"Ominis, you're speaking Parseltongue," he replied quietly.
Ominis felt the sofa shift as Sebastian stood up and started shuffling around, presumably looking for the source of the mysterious voice Ominis had been talking to.
"I'm sorry, he doesn't usually venture down into the common room," another unfamiliar voice said.
Sebastian made a quietly disgusted noise.
"He's not dangerous, you know," the voice said, soft and quiet. Sebastian had obviously hurt her feelings.
"Doesn't have to be dangerous to be disgusting," Sebastian replied.
Ominis frowned at his friend's insensitivity. Whilst not the biggest fan of snakes, Ominis couldn't say he was disgusted by them. Quite the opposite, he had enjoyed many encounters with the creatures in his childhood, but his disdain for the association with dark wizards had led to Ominis avoiding using this particular inherited gift.
"Do be quiet, Sebastian. It's a snake, not a dugbog," Ominis said, pushing himself off the sofa.
Sebastian huffed and Ominis heard the swish of his cloak as he departed.
"Don't mind him, he's having girl trouble," Ominis said with a smile.
The voice giggled, an enjoyable musical sound.
"I never thought I'd meet another Parselmouth," she said as she introduced herself.
"It's quite the rarity, even by Slytherin standards. I'm Ominis, Ominis Gaunt," he said.
"Oh of course, I've heard about you…in passing. I suppose we wouldn't have met, being in different years," she replied.
"Well, I'm glad we're meeting now," Ominis said truthfully.
"I'd better return Caius to my dormitory before we get into trouble, but it was lovely to meet you, Ominis."
"Don't be a stranger."
"I won't."
You couldn't help but break into a wide smile as you head back to your bedroom, Caius wrapped around your arm. Ominis Gaunt. Of course you knew who he was, he might be a year younger than you but you'd admired him from afar ever since last Summer when you'd noticed he'd put on quite the growth spurt. His young face had matured into something you could only describe as hauntingly beautiful, with his almost pearlescent eyes and ivory skin. Your heart fluttered in your chest at the thought.
"I suppose I should thank you for the introduction," you said to your friend.
"Glad to be of ssservice," he responded.
Ominis found himself unusually distracted the following day, the unexpected encounter with who Sebastian had termed 'snake girl' was playing on his mind. As such, his performance in Potions was even more woeful than usual, turning his Wiggenweld potion into a thick paste exuding what could only be described as fumes of rotten egg.
"Something on your mind, Ominis?" Sebastian asked, knowingly.
"Nothing," Ominis lied.
"In all my years I have never seen you so affected by a girl," Sebastian jibed.
"You're one to talk," Ominis huffed.
"So we're both hopelessly afflicted. What are you going to do about it?"
Ominis wasn't sure—he had no experience wooing the fairer sex, and the thought of mimicking some of Sebastian's flirtatious nature was utterly laughable. He supposed he would have to find her again, get to know her. Find out if this was more than a mere passing fancy. He decided to find her at dinner—it shouldn't be hard if Sebastian could point him in the right direction. 
His stomach turned over from more than mere hunger as he approached the Slytherin table in the great hall that evening. As it turned out, he didn't need Sebastian's help, as he heard the familiar melodic voice call him.
Sebastian patted him on the arm to say goodbye and he followed the voice.
"I was wondering if you wanted to join me? Sorry if that's presumptuous," she said shyly.
"I was hoping to find you, in fact," he said as they settled at the table.
The smell of the food did nothing to stir his appetite as his nerves had gotten the best of him. He helped himself to a small serving of pie and vegetables, but left the plate untouched as he turned his attention to his companion.
"How is Caius?" he asked.
"Fine, safe in the dormitory. He has free reign in there but some of the other students don't like him roaming the common room. Luckily my roommates aren't unnerved by him," she said.
"I can't imagine being unnerved by him," Ominis frowned at the irony of being sorted into Slytherin and being scared of snakes.
"I think it's the Parseltongue that freaks a lot of people out, honestly," she said quietly.
Ominis could understand that. He'd encountered many people in his life who found the language eerie or downright evil. The association with dark wizards had tainted their perception of it, including Ominis' own. He'd considered it a curse rather than a gift for years, now.
"But you disagree?"
"I love being able to talk to them, they're such beautiful and misunderstood creatures. Most people would jump at the chance to speak to their favourite animal."
Ominis nodded, he couldn't fault her logic.
"I know from experience just how strong the prejudice can be," Ominis muttered.
"Me too," she whispered.
Ominis smiled at the feeling of kinship, as he had the overwhelming urge to hold out his hand for her, but resisted the temptation. Instead he picked up his fork and began to eat, his nervousness abated by the friendly conversation.
Over the next few weeks you spent most of your free hours with Ominis, making up for lost time. Caius was pleased to have another human to talk to, and you'd taken him to Ominis' dormitory on more than one occasion. You talked about everything, learning about his family and his favourite subjects, his taste in food and his strange but endearing friendship with Sebastian, who was at least friendly toward you now.
One evening when you had returned to your bed, you noticed something missing. Caius. He must have slithered down to the common room again. Sighing, you head out of the door and come face to face with the serpent hanging from a light fixture.
"How did you get up there?"
"Ominisss," he replied.
"And what were you doing with him?"
"He wanted me to tell you something."
"Oh?" you said with a smile, your curiosity piqued.
"He said he misses your beautiful voice," Caius hissed.
You let out a loud and entirely unexpected giggle, nervously turning to see if anyone had heard you. You blushed furiously at the words as you unhooked the snake from the light and carried him back towards the bedroom, letting him slither onto the mattress.
"I'm going to find him," you said giddily.
"Good luck."
You head out of the door once again with a new route in mind, crossing the halls to the boys' dormitories. Thankfully, girls were deemed trustworthy enough to allow access to the boys' rooms, which was an amusing insight into the founders' attitudes. You knocked on the door and heard a voice telling you to enter.
Ominis sat on his bed, already in his pyjamas. He looked relaxed but strange in the casual outfit, and you briefly swept your eyes over his elegantly slim frame leaning against his headboard.
"I got your message," you said, making your way to the side of his bed and perching on the edge of the mattress.
"Oh?" Ominis smiled.
"I missed your beautiful voice, too," you said, leaning in and kissing him.
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words-4u · 1 year
oscars 2022 - t.c
pairing: timothée chalamet x actress!reader
wc: 1.2k
warning: swearing
a/n: sunday night's oscars was crazyyyy. timothée coming topless... yeah that was everything i ever needed. this is just a little thing that has been being in my head since then, enjoy!
Tumblr media
[not my gif!!]
"y/n/n? you ready?" timothée called out as he entered your very messy hotel room. you were getting prepped and ready for the 94th academy awards today and you couldn't be more excited.
it came as such a shock to you when you got your invite to the oscars because you were only in a handful of stuff. you had only recently come on to the scene as an actor and had met timothée in the chemistry read for 'bones & all'. however, your first feature film was with taylor russell in escape room: tournament of champions and both of you were so happy to work together again.
"yeah, come in," you said as you stuck in your diamond earrings.
you turned around to timothée shirtless in a sparkly louis vuitton blazer and a silver necklace going down his chest. "holy shit," you swore back.
timothée had to stand back with a hand covering his mouth as he drank you in. unbeknownst to you, your stylist had chosen a dress that complemented timothée's ensemble. they stuck you in a floor-length black sparkly dress. it had a pretty high thigh slit and a diagonal chest cutout that wrapped around your neck.
you have never felt more pretty than in that moment, seeing the effect that you had on timothée. poor guy couldn't even compose a proper sentence together.
"i don't ev-i mean you're so...wow," he stuttered. this time he approached you and took ahold of your hands. you laughed and spun for him.
"i can't believe you're going topless. that's kinda sexy," you lightly stroked his chest with a finger. you were gonna drag it further before you were interrupted by your agent. it was go time.
"to be continued?" he smirked.
Tumblr media
the carpet went smoothly. this wasn't the first time you and timothée walked a red carpet together but it was your first oscars carpet.
the photographers were eating you two up but there were many times when some of them yelled at you to step aside to get solo pics of timothée which only made him pull you closer to his body. it wasn't until you were further down the carpet that yall separated for all of 20 seconds until his arm found your waist.
entering the building was such as surreal moment. you had always dreamed of getting glammed up and going to this event and here you were now with your favourite person by your side standing in a roomful of legends.
"y/n, you look stunning!" a voice came from behind you.
your mouth dropped as halle bailey approached. "you know who i am?!"
"girl of course, i do! you look amazing," she opened her arms and you gladly went in for that hug.
"that is all you, babe. i mean this colour on you... incredible." you said about her aqua dress.
"i don't know if you've met but halle, timothée," you introduced the two watching as they exchanged pleasantries.
"i have to be seated but we should definitely grab lunch one of these days,"
"omg i'd love that!" you replied. "i got you on ig, i'll dm you."
she hugged you again before flitting off to her seat.
"halle bailey wants to hang out with me, no big deal," you dusted your shoulders.
"oh this is gonna be a long night," he humorously rolled his eyes as he walked you to your table.
Tumblr media
this year's hosts were regina hall, wanda sykes and amy shumer and they were doing pretty well but what took you by surprise was regina's bit in the middle of the show. she started off by saying there were missing covid tests from certain people and those people had to redo their tests backstage. she called up bradley cooper, simu liu, tyler perry and the one and only timothée chalamet. with this lineup of men, it was clear to everyone what the nature of this joke would be.
"y/n sweetie, you don't mind if i steal him do you?" regina asked. you laughed and shook your head giving timothée the okay to let go of your hand and go up. "i promise i'll return him... maybe not." she muttered that last part earning another laugh from the crowd.
regina hall continued with her bit once all men, including your man, were on stage. "i don't want any of you to worry, it's gonna be a typical quick covid test. you'll come backstage, take your masks off if you have one, and your clothes and then i'm gonna swab–no it's simple, i'm gonna swab the back of your mouth with my tongue and we're just gonna do some other freaky stuff which i will record for academy protocol really this isn't up to me. you know the truth is we're still in a pandemic..."
you couldn't help but giggle as timothée walked back with the most confused and astonished face. "i have no idea what just happened..." timothée whispered, taking his seat as jason mamoa and josh brolin took the stage.
"oh it's very clear what happened and to be quite honest i am kinda jealous THE regina hall wanted you and not me," you exclaimed.
timothée chuckled at that confession. "well, when i'm doing my covid test back there, i'll tell her all about you."
"that would be greatly appreciated,"
the rest of the night was eventful, to say the least with the whole will smith/chris rock smackdown but the best part of the ceremony for you was when jesscia chastain, your favourite actor and the person you look up to the most in the industry, finally won her academy award. you'd think you were in the movie yourself, the way you cheered and clapped for jessica as she got on stage.
since dune went away with 6 oscars you and timothée were in the mood to celebrate, so it was a quick outfit change and then you were off to the iconic vanity fair after-party.
after being in a dress for 5 plus hours you chose to spend the rest of of the night in a pantsuit attire while timothée chose an all-black leather and denim combo two-piece.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
the second you stepped foot in the room, zendaya had grabbed both your hands and dragged you to where she was with hunter schafer and her boyfriend dominic fike.
as timothée and dominic were getting acquainted, hunter had wrapped you in a hug. "y/n, it's so nice to finally meet you! z has gushed about you for so long."
"gushed you say?" as you turn to the woman in question.
"it's deserved, y/n/n. you are a rising star and i can't wait to see you kill in 'bones & all'."
you felt cheeks grow arm at zendaya's praise. "coming from you, it means the world."
after that moment, you, hunter and zendaya slipped into a discussion about the night's events but also audition horror stories. hunter's story was just starting to get interesting but someone decided to interrupt.
"mind if i steal my girl?" timothée asked kindly, appearing next to you in the minicircle you formed with the girls.
xo by beyonce started playing as you two approached the dancefloor. "god, i love this song."
"and i love you," his piercing eyes searched yours as you slowed danced to the chorus.
"oh timmy... i love you too,"
"no seriously, thank you for being here with me tonight. the oscars is always this elite a-list event and having you here... like i wouldn't want to share it with anyone else. you ground me."
there was so much you wanted to say back but couldn't find the words to so you showed him instead. grabbing his neck, you pulled him down to your lips and kissed him softly.
"this night was perfect. you are perfect," you said barely above a whisper.
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agirlwithdemonblood · 2 months
May I please request a Jensen x reader where she has a boyfriend and he’s abusive not physically just mentally and in result of that she’s really quiet and shy on set, like for example she sits by herself at lunch. Everyone tries to break her out of her shell not knowing what’s going on especially Jensen cause he has a crush on her. One day he invites her to watch a movie in his trailer and she agrees but then her bf shows up and becomes physical and Jensen breaks it up? They end up together 🥰
Choose you
Tumblr media
Pairings: Jensen x Reader
Warnings: Mean boyfriend, mental abuse, bullying, swearing, verbal assault, physical assault.
Check out my masterlist here!
A/N: I put a little spin on it, included time stamps I hope you like it!! Thank you for the request and the support. ❤️❤️
Jensen watched in anguish as you walked by him, a light "Hello." leaving your lips, but that was it. Again.
For the past two weeks, its been getting worse. Your usual "Good morning Jensen!" was replaced with "Good morning." to "Morning." and finally to "Hello." He didn't understand what he did or why this was happening.
It wasn't just the morning greetings either, you were pulling away fully. You stopped popping into his trailer at random times of the day. You stopped eating in the tent with all the others. You stopped inviting them out for drinks, you stopped communicating with Jensen and it tore him apart.
He's only known you a matter of five months now but he couldn't stop thinking about you. The day he met you was stuck on repeat in his mind.
-5 months ago-
"Everybody, I'd like to welcome the new cast member of supernatural, Y/N L/N. She will be playing Morgan and she will be here for a while so get to know her now."
You stood shyly behind the director, lifting your small hand to wave hi, and as soon as your eyes met his, you froze, a bright and nervous smile appearing on both of your faces.
Everybody introduced themselves before heading to the tent, leaving you and Jensen standing alone, awkwardly, in the room. His eyes never left yours. Yours never left his.
Finally after what felt like forever, you walked up to him. He smiled and stepped closer, holding out his hand. He was about to introduce himself before you held up your hand, a smug look on your face.
"Don't need to introduce yourself, I know exactly who you are."
He smirked and nodded, crossing his arms to let you continue.
You leaned closer as if you were telling a secret and placed your hand on his shoulder. "Your name is Dean Winchester, your an Aquarius and you enjoy sunsets, long walks on the beach and frisky women."
He froze, pulling back to stare at the comically huge smile on your face before you burst into laughter. He quickly joined, shaking his head at you. He knew right than and there, he liked you.
Since that day, his thoughts revolved around you. He couldn't help it. He thought you were the most beautiful girl he has ever laid eyes on, your humor matched his, you went out of your way to show respect and kindness to everybody around you and you two were inseparable.
He had it hard for you, but he missed his chance.
--Two months ago--
The daisy in his hand flopped over, but he didn't mind. He knew you would love it either way. You never really wore anything with flowers, but when you did-daisies. He found out that you loved them. You loved how simple yet beautiful they were. Like they didn't need to try, they were just naturally gorgeous. Just like you.
He walked across the set, catching your eye. You smiled and rushed forward, eyeing the daisy in his hand. "Is that for me?"
He smiled and nodded, leaning closer to place the flower in your hair. You touched it gently and stepped closer to give him a hug. It was the last one you've given him since that day.
"Hey Y/N, I was wondering if you wanted to go get a drink, maybe we could talk."
You frowned and let him go, "Damn, I have a date tonight or I totally would."
He froze, embarrassment and nervousness flooding him, of course you had a date, look at you. He couldn't be jealous or angry, he had three damn months to make a move but he never did. Until today, and it was too late.
You stepped closer, concern in your eyes. "I can cancel Jensen, it's totally fine."
He shook his head and plastered on the best fake smile he could. "Nono don't be silly. You go. I'll see you tomorrow."
Your eyebrows lifted in uncertainty, staring at him for a moment longer to try and read his mood. Something was off, you knew that. "Are you sure?"
He smiled and nodded, wrapping his arm around your shoulder to walk you to your car. "Yeah, more than sure. Good luck on your date, let me know how it goes."
You finally smiled and nodded, sitting in your car before rolling down the window. "Thanks Jensen, I'll see you tomorrow."
A week after that, he was finally introduced to your new boyfriend. Kyle. Ugh. Even the name made him angry.
He didn't know why, but he didn't like that guy. There was something about him that made him uneasy. Maybe it was the fact that every time he came by, he noticed your smile lessen and your shoulders lower. Or maybe its because when he met him for the first time, all he did was look Jensen up and down before smiling smugly.
Like he knew jensen had a crush on you, and he was showing off that he’s the one who landed you. He didn't like him. At all.
--Present Day--
And now, here we are.
Jensen kept up his efforts to be your friend, trying to control the thoughts about you, trying to remind himself that you and him are friends and that was all. It hurt a lot more than he wanted to admit, seeing you with him made something bubble underneath his skin. But he loved you enough to hold back and be there as much as he could.
It seemed like you didn't want him there anymore though, and it killed him. But he knew it wasn't just him. Everybody has noticed the change. You used to come in with a huge smile on your face, even in the early hours like 5:00 am shoots, nobody knew how you did it. You were always the one to bring the energy and positive vibes, lately you were like a ghost of a person. Quiet, shy, reserved.
Sad. You seemed sad.
He wanted to ask you, he was going to ask you but he was worried that you might tell him it's none of his business. He figured you would have told him eventually, but you never did and it got worse.
A long day of shooting was finally over with. He noticed the way you acted on stage compared to off camera, you were a really talented actor. In the happy scenes, you seemed genually happy. As soon as the director called cut, the smile disapeered.
He had enough, he knew something was wrong and he needed you to know he was here for you. Tonight, he would figure it out.
You walked back to your trailer to call it a night, jumping nearly out of your skin when Jensen's hand rested on your shoulder. He held his hands up in defense and chuckled, "Sorry! Just me."
You laughed lightly and turned to face him, a plastered smile appearing. "What's up."
"What's your plans for tonight?"
You frowned and checked the time. It was later than you thought. Kyle was going to hate that. He hated when you came home late, waking him up, messing up his sleep.
You frowned and lifted your head, "Not sure, probably just go home."
He shook his head and grabbed your hand, "Nah, want to go watch a movie together?"
You stood in your spot, eyes falling to the floor. Yes, you knew you were pushing Jensen away and you really did not want to. But things with Kyle were... complicated.
It started out amazing, one date turned into multiple, soon you two were exclusivly seeing eachother, and than he basically moved into your apartment with you. It was good.
Until you noticed little things change. His attitude getting rougher. His tone unimpressed. His distance. He barely touched you unless he wanted sex. You brushed it off, thinking it was just a rough patch.
Except it got worse without you realizing. His words became aggressive. His comments pushing you further and further down.
When you'd come home late after shooting, or being at the bar, he would yell. Scream. Sometimes if he was angry enough and could smell alcohol on your breathe, he would throw things.
He has never laid a hand on you, but the pain of hearing the man you have feelings for tell you that you are a shit actress and will never go anywhere, telling you that you are the ugliest celebrity he has ever met, wishing he never met you, convincing you that if you left, you'd be alone, that shit hurt more than anything. You would have rathered him used his fists, instead of breaking your spirit.
A hand waving in your face brought you back to reality, jumping slightly. "Earth to Y/N, where'd you go honey?"
"Oh, sorry. Um... I don't know Jensen it's pretty late."
He frowned and nodded before turning to leave, but you couldn't do it. You hated seeing him sad and either way, your going to get yelled at for staying out. You can't avoid that.
"Wait!" You yelled, watching him turn and walk back towards you. "Let's do it."
He sighed and shook his head, "You don't need to say yes just bec-"
"I want to." You interrupted, a genuine smile on your face. Jensen smiled back and waved towards your trailer, letting you lead the way.
You led Jensen to your trailer, opening the door to allow him to step inside. His eyes were following you again. Noticing that you seemed a little better, a little pep in your step and he knew it was because you two haven’t spent alone time together in… god knows how long.
As much as he tried to remind himself that you two were just friends and nothing more, he couldn't help but stare at you with the same admiration he has had since day one.
He cleared his throat before sitting on the couch, waiting patiently as you pulled out your phone, typed something and than set it down. You grabbed two bottles of beer from the fridge and brought it over. He accepted with a grateful smile, and you two fell right back into the friendship you used to have.
Laughter filling the trailer as you two argued over what movies were better, down to what scenes you thought were a little too extra, and than making fun of Jared, again. All in light fun of course.
You two totally forgot that you were even supposed to watch a movie together, you forgot what time it was, until a pounding at your trailer door scared the life out of you.
Standing from your spot, you glanced towards Jensen who was staring back in confusion. You opened the door and every part of you stilled when your eyes locked on Kyle. He looked pissed, tired and frustrated. If looks could kill, you would have definatly been 6ft under by now.
"K-Kyle! Hey babe. What are you doing here?" You attempted to keep the shake out of your voice.
His eyes glanced behind you and caught Jensen's gaze. He plastered a fake smile and stepped up the trailer's stairs. "Hey man. How are you doing?" He questioned.
Jensen's eyes glanced from your boyfriend to you, immedinatly taking in the way your hands slightly trembled and the glazed look in your eyes. You were scared, and he didn't know of what, yet.
He stood from his spot, holding his beer tightly in his fist. "Good good, we were just having a little movie night.”
Kyle didn’t move. He didn’t speak. He just glared at Jensen. Jensen did the same. Kept his gaze firm. You could cut the damn tension with a knife.
Finally, Kyle made the first move, his hand moving to yours, a smirk playing at his lips. He looked friendly, unharming but his eyes told you everything. You were in trouble. “Can I speak to you outside for a min baby?”
You turned towards Jensen and smiled awkwardly, “Give me a miniute?”
Jensen nodded and stayed standing, watching you leave, watching Kyle shut the door a little too hard for his comfortability. He wanted to do the respectful thing and give your space, but he was worried. There was something unsettling about the way Kyle was acting and he knew you were not okay.
He moved to the door, listening the best he could but most of it was jumbled, only some words coming in and out.
“…..3:00 am! …. Kidding me? ….Stupid!”
His jaw clenched as he listened to Kyle’s voice get louder and more angry. He hated that he was yelling at you. He hated that just because you were out with a friend, he felt the right to come here and pull you out, ruining your night. And finally he knew what was wrong.
This wasn’t the first time Kyle had acted like this. He could hear you apologizing and he cringed. You should never have to apologize, he thought.
The sounds of light crying shattered his heart and he fought against every fibre in his body not to walk out there and deck the guy. He knew he couldn’t let his feelings get in the way of yours. But things got drastic fast and he knew he needed to do something.
Kyle, very loudly screamed at you. “You think you can get anybody else but me? You should be fucking lucky I chose you, you ugly fucking bitch.”
Jensens eyes widened and he rushed towards the door, a loud smack echoing right outside the door before he opened it.
The trailer door slammed open and you nearly jumped out of your skin, your eyes quickly focusing on Jensen. He looked more angry than Kyle, and it scared you a bit.
Jensens gaze shifted to you, anger filling him when he noticed how you were pressed against the trailer, tears staining your cheeks and filled in your eyes, your face was red but only one side. He knew what that sound was.
He stepped down the stairs towards Kyle, instantly face to face with the guy. “Did you just fucking hit her?” He spit out angrily.
“Yo why don’t you go inside and let us finish our conversation.” Kyle spit, smirking at Jensen.
It took everything inside him not to punch him out right here, but he knew that wouldn’t help anything. Jensen turned towards you, his feautures softening a little. “You alright?” You nodded and bit your lip to push back the sob threatening to escape.
Jensen turned back towards Kyle and crossed his arms, standing in place. Refusing to back down. “I think you should go man.”
Kyle laughed loudly and shook his head, “Okay. C’mon Y/N.”
Before Jensen could speak, Kyle was already in front of you, aggressively pulling your arm towards him to the point where you nearly fell right on your face.
Jensen rushed forward and stepped an inch from Kyles face, eyes shooting daggers at him. “Let. Her. Go.” He spoke through gritted teeth.
Kyle pulled your arm harder causing you to whimper in pain, he pulled you to his chest and held you there. “You don’t tell me what to do. She’s my girl, not yours. Y/N let’s go.”
You stared at Jensen in desperation and fear, Kyle had never put hands on you before but now that he has, you could finally see how much danger you really were in.
When his eyes met yours, he knew that he needed to protect you at all costs. He knew that stepping in wasn’t a choice anymore, it was his responsibility. You were practically begging him to.
Jensen rushed forward and pushed Kyle, hard, on the ground. Successfully breaking your arm free from his grip. You grabbed your arm and rushed behind Jensen, his hand instantly wrapping around to hold you behind him.
Kyle jumped up and got in Jensens face, anger seeping through so visibly that it scared the hell out of you. “Back the fuck off man, Y/N last warning let’s go now.”
“She’s not going anywhere with you.”
Kyle stared at you hiding behind Jensen and laughed, “You seriously want to do this? End our relationship? Your a piece of fucking garbage nobody’s ever going to love you.”
You frowned and rested your head against Jensens back, feeling his hand press you closer like he was trying to reassure you that it would be okay.
Jensen shook his head and an angry smile appeared on his face, “Dude, you better leave now.”
Kyle smirked and stepped closer, “Or what? You gonna hit me? Do it.”
Jensen felt you tremble and he bit his lip, moving his hand to rub your back gently. “Leave.”
Kyle chuckled angrily and shook his head, “You think I don’t see what’s happening? Your only protecting her because you want to get into her pants. But trust me, she gives it way too easily and she’s not even good.”
That was it. The moment that Jensen couldn’t fight it anymore. He pushed you gently back and stepped forward, clocking Kyle square in the jaw.
Kyle flew to the ground, back hitting the cement with a sickening thud. His mouth was bloody and he looked pissed enough to kill and it scared the shit out of you. He stood from his spot and made eye contact with you pressed against the trailer. He walked closer and pointed straight in your face.
“You are a fucking cunt Y/N, thank god this is over and I don’t have to pretend I loved you anymore. Your nothing.”
You flinched at the words and shoved your head to the ground. Kyle spit on the cement before he glared at Jensen, and making his leave.
As soon as Jensen saw him leave the area, he sighed in relief. He turned to face you, his eyes widening and lowering when he saw you huddled on the ground, head on your knees.
You were shaking and your breathing was shallow. You were crying. Breaking down.
His heart broke at the sight, fighting off his own tears as he rushed forward, hand on your back and arm. “Hey he’s gone it’s okay.”
You shook your head and sob after sob came rushing out, bursting through you like a tsunami. Jensen panicked and picked you up, rushing inside the trailer and placed you on the couch.
His hands never left your back, his mouth leaned close to your ear to coach you through this. He knew you needed time and he would spend every miniute here comforting you if he had to.
Your sobs started slowing and your breathing was returning to normal, causing Jensen to release a deep breath he didn’t know he was holding. “You okay honey? Look at me.”
You shook your head and turned away, “I don’t want you to see me like this.”
He smiled sadly as his finger came to your chin, turning you towards him. His eyes glanced at the bright red mark on your face causing him to cringe. He wished Kyle would come back just so he could hit him one more damn time.
“I don’t see anything wrong with who you are honey. Your upset, I understand. I’m not going to let you do this alone.”
You laughed sadly and shook your head free from his grip. “You don’t have to do that.”
“Do what?” He stared back in confusion.
“Pretend you care.”
He froze and he felt like you stabbed him in the heart, why would you ever think he didn’t care about you?
You saw the hesitation to speak and you felt bad, but your mind was convincing you that it was true. The damage Kyle did on your brain was immense, but you couldn’t fix it.
“Jensen… Kyle wasn’t being untruthful. Not all the time. I am not a good actress, and-“
He leaned closer before you could go on, his hand coming up to your cheek. “Stop. Don’t do that. Kyle wasn’t truthful about anything. He didn’t know anything. Your an amazing actress, you are an amazing person. And there’s so many people out there who would love you.”
You laughed under your breath and shook your head. “Oh yeah, because they are just lining up to be with me. I’ve only been with one other man since Kyle. Nobody is interested in me, he is right.”
He stared deep in your eyes and frowned, you really believed it. If he could just show you how much he adored and loved you, it would be hardcore proof that you were too amazing to let go. His eyes lowered to your lips before he made his choice.
He leaned in slowly, hearing your breathing hitch but you didn’t back away. He hesitated, his heart pounding out of his chest. He was suddenly so nervous and so anxious. He’s been wanting to do this since he met you, he wanted it to be perfect.
He was scared, freezing between wanting to kiss you and not wanting to traumatize you or take advantage of a vulnerable girl. He didn’t know what to do. His lip shook in nervousness, his hand on your cheek trembling slightly.
You smiled shyly, taking in his condition. It was adorable seeing him so shy, so flustered. And it all became clear. Jensen really did like you. You noticed all the things he would say and do, and it made sense.
Without hesitation, you moved your head and stared into his eyes, seeing the love filled beneath them. You smiled and dipped forwards, your lips catching his in the best first kiss you could ever ask for.
He gasped in surprise before his hand moved to the back of your head, deepening the kiss as much as he could. Kissing Jensen unlocked something inside of you, something you didn’t know was there. You felt love, real love. And safe.
Jensen broke the kiss, resting his forehead against yours, a bright smile on his lips. “Wow.”
You giggled and lifted your head, “Yeah, wow. Jesus Jensen, what were you waiting for?”
He frowned and shook his head, “The right moment I guess, a sign that you were into me.”
You laughed lightly, “Jensen, I have been into you since day 1. Since you laughed at my stupid intro about quoting Dean Winchester. I’ve liked you since than and never stopped but you never made a move.”
He shook his head at himself, if he knew that you had feelings for him, he would have acted sooner but he had no idea. He didn’t want to move too fast and scare you. He didn’t want to mess things up for the show, he loved working with you.
Suddenly, it clued in. Daisies. He tried, he really did. You frowned and pushed your head down, Jensens eyes worriedly staring back at you.
“Daisies.” You whispered, shaking your head.
He smiled and leaned closer, “Yup, Daisies.”
“I should have cancelled. I should have stayed.”
He shook his head, “No, I think this is how it needed to happen. I think we know eachother way better now, and feelings are stronger.”
You smiled and nodded, leaning close to kiss his lips. You could feel him smiling into the kiss and everything inside of you melted. “Thank you for choosing me.” You whispered
He pushed another kiss before his hands moved to your cheeks. “I’ll always choose you Y/N.”
Tumblr media
Thank you for reading I hope you liked it ❤️
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suckerforcate · 3 months
Hello I would love to see you writting more with Larisa Weems ,
It's new year and reader is teacher at school,she is sad cause last new year she come out an all family abandoned her. Larisa would comfort her and maybe they could share new years eve kiss ?
New Year
Pairing: Larissa Weems x Reader
Word Count: 731
Warning: abandoning after coming out
A/n: I just wanted to finish this before midnight, at least its not yet midnight were I live. I wish everyone a very happy New Year!! Ly all! <3
Tumblr media
You stood on the small balcony of your classroom. Alone. The students and most of the teachers went home over Christmas break, but you knew you weren't welcome there anymore. Larissa told you that she would stay at Nevermore over the holiday, so you decided to do that as well.
Christmas had been a delight, it was just the two of you under the Christmas tree. She had gifted you her favourite book and the sweetest pullover. You had baked together and cooked the Christmas dinner. You had wished for it to never end but now?
You felt horrible. You hated New Year.
You weren't surprised as Larissa suddenly stood next to you. You two were the only ones in the whole school, where else was she supposed to go?
"I searched for you. I had expected you to come to my room again. What's wrong?"
Larissa probably was the best person you had ever met. Her whole being just radiated love and comfort for whomever might need it. She was kind, patient and supportive of everyone and everything. It was a rule that you could trust her with your heart. She had open ear at all times, and often it happened that students cane to her for help. And maybe right now you should do that too.
"I hate New Year. I used to love it, when I was younger we always used to play games. The whole family, all together. We had fun, cooked together and laughed a lot. It was the only time were we all were together. And last I had the brilliant idea to use this moment to come out to them. To all of them. I thought if I have them all together for it, I just have to rip of a bandage once. You know? But they took it horribly. The hate me and they made it very clear that they didn't want me home anymore. So now they are having fun, just like always while I'm standing in the cold alone. Hated by everyone, just because some stupid god I don't even believe in decided to make me gay." A few stray tears were falling down your tears. You could feel an arm around your waist, gently pulling you into a side hug. You turned to her and hugged her fully. Crying into her coat, leaving a slight mascara stain.
"Oh, I'm sorry. Can I do anything right?" You started crying again, a complete mess at this point. You just had to finally let it all out.
Larissa gently moved your head up to look at her.
"(Y/n), listen to me. You aren't hated by everyone. Your family is just foolish if they let such an amazing person go for a reason so stupid. I don't hate you, your students don't hate you, your friends and colleagues don't hate you, okay? And they won't even if they'll eventually find out that you are gay. This school is a safe place for everyone. And if you want it to be, it can be your home." She dried your tears with her coat and pulled you in another hug.
"I'd like that very much. Thank you." You mumbled into her coat, nearly inaudible.
"I think you are an incredible woman. You are kind, funny, strong, intelligent, beautiful. You have so many amazing qualities and I wouldn't want to spend my New Year with anyone else." You were so incredibly thankful for this woman. You couldn't put it into words. A quick look on the clock told you that it was 11:59. Maybe you could show her with actions. Right before the firework started you stood up on your tiptoes and pulled her in for a kiss.
Startled at first, she didn't move. You already thought you had ruined it all again, but suddenly she put her hands on your waist to steady you and kissed you back. It was your first New Year kiss ever. To be quite exact it was your first kiss ever in general. But you couldn't complain. It was perfect. Larissa pulled back and looked you in the eyes, a little out of breath.
"I hope that was alright, I didn't ask you-" you couldn't finish as she hungrily pulled you back in for another kiss.
Maybe you could love New Year again, if this was going to be a tradition.
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writerstradedy · 7 months
Mystery Jacket
Superboy (Kon-El Kent) x Batsis! Reader
━━━━ what happens when her brothers find superboys jacket in their sisters room?
warnings: suggestive content, 18+ characters.
You did a little twirl, you looked nice. Making sure your attire was comfortable enough for your preference. You planned to sneak out again tonight to see Kon. It was kept a secret in fear of your families reaction. Mainly because they were extremely protective over you. Most of the time it was sweet, cute, harmless things they would do but knowing you're in a relationship might be too much for them to handle. You and him have been together for some time now. When everyone was gone on patrol or sleeping you would leave. Occasionally you would also meet in your hero personas. Regardless, Bruce gave you the day off and you're taking full advantage.
You looked yourself over one last time before leaving. You two were supposed to meet at a cafe, then you'll both go to your secret place in the woods. As cheesy as it sounds this was actually where you two met. It was unknown to anyone else and had a beautiful view of a lake overseeing a hill. You looked around to make sure your family didn't happen to patrol and see you. Luckily you made it just in time, Kon waved at you from the window with a dorky grin on his face. You smile back and enter sitting down in front of him at the booth.
"Hey, babe," Kon reached out to kiss your hand, "Hows the most beautiful gal in the universe doing?" You snorted, "better now that I'm with you, you cheese ball." His grin grew, "yeah but that's the part you love about me!" Bashfully you looked away a small smile playing in your lips. "Yeah, yeah.. we should get going before my family patrols neer here." You both got up, holding each other's hands as he held the door open for you. "Well aren't you a gentleman," You teased. "Thank you."
"No problem, gorgeous." He later scooped you up and you wrapped your arms around his neck. "Ready?" You gave a nod and he jumped up in the air, the wind was blowing and you held onto him tighter. You know that he would never drop you but it still made you feel more secure to be so close to him. You cracked open your eyes seeing the city down below, "if I could fly, I'd do it all day if this is what I see." He chuckles, "beautiful, right?"
"Yes, very." Soon enough you both landed at your secret location, there already was a picnic set up for the both of you-- curtsey of Kon. He sets you down and you gasp, "Kon, this is amazing!" Quickly you give him a peck on the lips, catching him by surprise. A light blush came on his face as he scratched the back of his head. "Well you always said you wanted to have a picnic here, so..." Smiling you grab his hand and pulled him down to sit on the blanket. "The view is breath taking!" You could see all the city lights, from afar it doesn't look to bad. Just a regular city. For a minute you just let the peace sink in and you let your guard down. You rest your hand on his, staring in his eyes. With him you feel safe, a comfort you didn't know you needed. Your other hand held his cheek, "I feel like the luckiest girl in the world." You pull him in for a kiss, which he happily returns. You break apart only to climb onto his lap and kiss again.
Your hands roamed over his clothed chest, while his went down to your lower back. It wouldn't be the first time both of you had gotten into a heated makeout session, but you both have been so busy. The built of tension from weeks of not being able to see each other finally coming out tonight.
Despite the cold air and breeze every so often, you felt warm, heating off of one anothers bodies. It was easy to get lost in pleasure like this.
You were both left panting by the end of it. Embracing each other, cooling off your bodies. You kissed his nose, "I wish we could stay we forever..." he nods, "same, the things we could do.." he trails off, and you playfully smirk. "Oh, let what?" Kon looks over at you, "I think you know what I mean."
You slowly untangled yourselves, putting back on your clothes. Unfortunately for you, you were still cold. Kon noticed this and offered you his jacket which you gladly accepted. You opened the basket, seeing pop, water and some cookies and sandwiches. You both dig in, eating whatever you desired. The night was starting to come to an end, and as much as you wanted to stay forever-- your family would soon notice your disappearance.
He scooped you up like he had before, leaping in the air to take flight. He flew with you in his arms, and you took note of the time.
2:34 AM
They should be retiring for the night, assuming that it was a slow night. It wasn't uncommon for some of the family to pull all nighters to keep up with the criminals. You saw the mansion and made sure that Kon was careful with the highly advanced security. Your window was open for you to climb through.
You quietly crept inside, turning back to give Kon one last kiss. "Thanks, and be safe flying." He signed, "okay, that bird incident was one time." You laughed, "love you, Kon- good night." You blew him a kiss with he caught before flying off. You shut your window. Only realizing that you are still wearing his jacket. You rush back to the window to see if he is still there. Nope, he's gone.
You sighed, "I'll make sure to give it back next time I see him." You shut your curtains and take off his jacket. You looked around, before taking a smell of his jacket. As weird and embarrassing as it sounded you did enjoy wearing his things. You ended up throwing the jacket on your desk and plopped down on the bed. You were far too exhausted to do anything else.
The next morning you were greeted with sunlight peaking in through the curtains. It was the weekend-- thankfully. You didn't feel like dealing with your professors today. You changed into something more comfortable and did your normal morning routine. You looked over at the jacket on your desk, you family very rarely enters your room-- plus you didn't feel like hiding it. So instead you walked into the hallway. Jason and Dick left the mansion awhile ago to leave on there own.
However, they do drop by now and again. You sat down at the breakfast table, "Mornin' Tim." You grab some coffee and Tim looks up at you, "what is that on your neck?" You stop, "what?"
"It looks like you have a hickey on your neck." Tim gets up and walks over to you, probably to get a closer look. You slap your hand over your neck, "oh yeah that-- it is just a burn from my curling iron. Yeah... that." He doesn't look like he believes you in the slightest. "Well bye!" You rush out forgetting your coffee. You turn down the hall and bump into Dick, "wow, there kiddo- what's the rush?"
"Oh nothing," you say quickly. He eyes your suspiciously. You never were good at lying. Tim comes around the corner sipping his coffee. "She is in a rush because of the hickey on her neck." You glare at him. "What???" Dick looks at you then Tim. "Where?" Tim takes another long sip. "Her hand is covering it."
"Y/N, move your hand." Dick demands. You freeze. "Uh- no." You duck past him and make a bee line for the door. The front door opens and you run into Jason. "Hey- watch it!"
You hear Dick yell, "Stop her!" Jason confused let's you pass and you run away. You hear Dick arguing with Jason the further you get.
Dick sighs, "well she is gone now." Jason looks around, "can someone please tell me what is going on??" Bruce walks down the stairs. "Yes, tell me, what is happening? And where is Y/N?"
Damian approaches from behind Bruce, "Todd, what did you do?" Jason glares, "what did I do? I just got here!" Tim takes a loud sip, far to tried to care. "Y/N is dating someone- we don't know who." Bruce laughs, "very funny, I am sure that if she was she tell us."
Dick looks over at him. "She has a hickey, Bruce."
Bruce stops, his face paling. "What."
The next thing they did was go to "investigate" your room. Where they had found Superboys jacket. "Shes dating Superboy?" Tim asks holding up his jacket. Damian recoils in disgust. "And I thought father had bad taste."
"Well she is legally an adult- she can make adult decisions." Jason defended. "But why not tell us?" Dick intervened. "Does she not trust us?" He was kinda hurt by this. He would never judge you- you're family to him.
Damian tsked, "clearly she is embarrassed by her choice that she hid it." Jason rolled his eyes. "Bruce how are you handling this?"
Bruce had not talked yet. He finally says, "Get the kryptonite."
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its-vannah · 23 days
Along For The Ride | Graham Dunne x Reader
A/N: Y'all need to prepare yourselves, this is as devastating as it gets. Also the CHOKEHOLD this man has over me. I'm posting an alternate version of the same prompt sometime later today, I had two ideas that I just couldn't merge.
Warnings: Groupie lifestyle, angst, implied sex, drug use, alcohol consumption, smoking, OD
Daisy Jones and The Six Masterlist
Tumblr media
Warren: Being on the road was fun, and it wasn't just because of the drugs and cheap booze. We had girls from thirty different directions coming at us. That had never happened before.
Eddie: The groupie scene was enjoyable, but I never really got into it. I'd see some of them, but I didn't take it to the level Warren or Graham did. One slept with every girl in a fifty mile radius and the other fell for one he couldn't have.
Warren: We had a few girls go to almost all of our concerts, at least the ones in the states. They couldn't all afford going overseas and we sure as hell weren't going to pay for it. There's no shortage of women who love a guy that can play the guitar, sing, or in my case, play the drums.
Eddie: Graham became infatuated with this one girl, Y/N, while we were touring. It was nice to see him actually get a girl, but he never shut up about it. It was enough to drive you crazy.
Graham: Y/N wasn't just a groupie. Not to me, at least. She was different.
Warren: The thing about groupies is that they only care about one thing: sex. I know from experience. That's not a complaint, by the way.
Graham: Y/N was only seventeen when I met her, and she had ready been through so much. I just wanted to help her.
Eddie: Graham thought he could "fix broken women". He was convinced. None of us had the heart to tell him that some women just don't want to be fixed.
Graham: She'd grown up loving music. In that way, she was just like us. The only difference is that she followed bands around. She got taken advantage of.
Warren: Y/N was a sweet girl. Easy on the eyes, had a fire to her. But she was sad. You could see it. Something wasn't right.
Graham: She sort of just melded right into the band. Started going on tours with us. She'd sit in the backseat with me, laying her head on my chest. It was a good feeling, being with a woman who saw you. Really saw you.
Eddie: Graham was caught up in his feelings for her. He didn't realize how self-destructive she was.
Graham: I found out she was addicted to coke not long after meeting her. She was doing lines in the bathroom while I slept in one of the hotels we were staying at. I begged her to stop, to think it through. I told her I'd be there to help her. She walked out.
Eddie: When I heard she had left, I wasn't surprised. That's what girls like her did. And when Graham told me what happened, I knew why she did.
Graham: I don't think anyone had ever told her they'd help her. It scared her.
Warren: It was quiet without her. Graham wasn't as chatty as he usually was, which was great for Billy, but it made tours boring.
Eddie: Graham started seeing Karen after Y/N left, something we didn't find out until much later. I think he was trying to heal from losing her. Not that he didn't love Karen, he did, but he was so lost. He really wanted to help her.
Graham: I found out she overdosed a few months after she left. I was devestated. The band had already split up, and music couldn't pull me out of that sinking feeling in my chest anymore.
Warren: I don't think he ever really got over her. Even now, she's in the back of his mind.
Graham: I started a foundation to help women struggling with addiction. We get them in counseling, room and board until they get a job that can support them, teach them life skills they may not have been taught when they were younger. It's all to prepare them for adulthood, even if theyre already in it.
Billy: One thing about Graham is that he's got a heart of gold. A part of me always knew it, but I never really acknowledged it. I'm proud of him, being able to turn something that overtook his mind into something that can help other women.
Graham: I don't want another girl's life lost to overdose or addiction. I don't think I could handle seeing it happen again. The band will always be an important part of my life, but I think the foundation is where my heart is.
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call-sign-shark · 2 months
shark should rlly drop whatever it is in her drafts about tom / mav now dont you guys thinks? 👀
If I'd listen to myself this account would be the lair of all my Tom Cruise fantasies 🥵 But for sure more Mav content is coming. I also plan to write his story with Shark but as Reader insert. Anyway, here is a little something to help you wait and to fulfill us; Tom Cruise's wives :B
Please like and/or reblog if ya liked it 💚
════ ⋆★⋆ ════
Tumblr media
Summary:  You see Mav wearing a suit for the very first time during Rooster's wedding, and it fucking turns you on
Words: 1.3k
Tags: pure smut, unprotected sex, daddy kink, creampie, fluff, Mav doing a magic trick??? , self-indulgence
════ ⋆★⋆ ════
Rooster's wedding had been a much-awaited event.
All the Dagger squad, alongside Penny, had helped the adorable engaged couple in their wedding preparations. Ridiculously anxious about the whole matter, Penny Benjamin took care of the most important aspects of the party and, fortunately enough, every single thing went according to her plans. She was a hell of an organizer.
"Oh my god, where's the key?" Amelia asked, awe-struck by Pete's silly little tricks. She looked at you, confused, then at her mother before shifting back her focus on Mav.
"I don't know, maybe... Here?" Pete snapped his fingers and the shiny golden key appeared miraculously between his thumb and index finger right in front of Amelia's astonished eyes. The teenager snatched the key from the Captain's hand and gazed at it very closely as if the trick's explanations were written on it.
"What the hell! How did you do that?"
"A magician never reveals his secrets" Mav teased, wiggling his eyebrows.
The whole sight was too adorable for your heart to handle. You've been flirting and sleeping with Pete Mitchell for one solid year, but it became official only a few weeks ago. Obviously, some were a bit surprised by your relationship, for you were twenty-five years younger than him - on top of being one of his students. Yet, everyone had been supportive, especially Penny. She knew he had fallen for you the first time she saw you talking together.
"So, did I impress you?" Mav cooed, catching your hips between his two large and warm hands. His face lighted up and his lips stretched in a wide toothy smile when his beautiful emerald eyes met yours.
"Hm?" It was all you managed to answer, for he had pulled you out of your thoughts. The lights were reflecting on his seductive face, rendering the green of his eyes lighter, and sublimating the lovely marks time left on his skin. Mesmerized by how good-looking he was, you had barely listened to him.
"You haven't heard what I said, right?" He chuckled and shook his head, knowing how dreamy you could be, "I wonder what occupies your mind..." He almost purred in your ear, kissing your cheek. He could not help but touch you. He was addicted to the feeling of your skin against his.
"I thought about you in that stupid suit. Seriously Mitchell, seeing you dressed like that turns me on so much it's torture to wait for the end of the wedding to feel you inside me..." You whispered, your words candy-coated with burning desire. Something snapped in Mav's brain, for he suddenly felt weak. He brought his warm lips to your forehead to lay a gentle kiss on it, and smell the intoxicating fragrance of your shampoo.
"Who asked you to wait?"
"Pete..." You retorted, one brow raised when he moved his head back to stare at your right in the eyes. His wide smile had turned into a small, seductive smirk, "Pete, no. We are at a wedding. We don't do that at a wedding..." Your voice broke at the sensation of his hands grabbing your hips with more fervor. Blood rushed between your legs at his arousing touch, "Don't give me that look."
"It's the only one I got, kitten." He quickly glanced around him to make sure no one would notice you, then he wrapped his muscular arm around your shoulders to leave the room.
Both of you were making out in the janitor's closet. Maverick was pinning you against the wall, your legs tightly wrapped around his waist. You could feel his hard and fierce shaft slipping into your wet slit. Trying to hold your moan, you crashed your lips again his and parted them to let his fury tongue in your mouth. One of your hands ran through his perfectly combed brown hair while the other clenched on his back, your nails digging into the fabric of his blazer.
"You're so wet for Daddy." He whispered in a low voice, his charming smile making you blush, "What a naughty kitten you are, wanting me to fuck you during your best friend's wedding..." Your skin heated up as you felt the smooth head of his cock pushing against your tiny wet hole. He thrust it slowly, to feel your pulsing walls stretch as he buried the thick tip in your weeping pussy.
"D-daddy don't tease... Please" You begged. He could feel your legs trembling around him. Your pleading brought a sadistic smile to his face.
" You know I love to tease you, to turn you into a crying and frustrated mess. Fuck, you can't imagine how I want you to beg for me to ruin your body. But gotta be quick, Shark." He purred, licking the corner of your lips in a wet and warm stroke of his tongue.
Mav invaded you in one brutal movement. His hard cock stretched your walls in one sudden thrust, making you roll your eyes and bit your lips not to yell with pleasure: "Oh Daddy! " You moaned, torn between the relief of his dick filling you entirely and the frustration of him not moving.
"Fuck I missed that tight, young pussy of yours kitten... " He growled, trying to keep a bit of self-control. He was so enamored and so aroused by you, that he tended to forget about everything else than the carnal urge he felt for you. His hips bucked, fucking your poor delicate flower with a brutal and merciless rhythm.
You almost sobbed at his violence, for he was hitting that spot that usually made you drool on the pillow, "Daddy, daddy, daddy!" Your moans were like a divine chant psalming your love for carnal lust. There he was, hypnotized by your mermaid's song, mixed with the delicious sound of flesh smacking, pussy crying, and his own growls. The sensual melody of your love filled the room.
Heat pooling in your belly, you tried to chase your upcoming climax to keep Captain Mitchell's hard cock a bit longer inside you - it felt so good to have him buried deep in your cunt that each time he pulled out something broke in your soul. You felt empty.
"Oh fuck, Kitten... " He gasped in pleasure, breath hitching and hips snapping. You felt his cock throbbing inside your walls and you knew he was about to cum.
"N-No Mav, don't! We are at a ..." You begged but he was not listening. Maverick moaned louder and, arching his back, he filled your hole with his warm cum in one final thrust. The sensation of his hot and milky seed made your toes curls in your heels. You threw your head back and cried as a hell of a climax almost knock you out. You panted, stars dangling in your vision, as your body cool down. You felt like you were floating.
"Good girl, Shark. Daddy's proud." Mav praised you and pulled out. Cum soon overflowed from your weeping pussy, forming long milky streams which ran down your thighs. You were back on your shaky legs, fighting not to collapse on the ground.
"We need to go back, they are about to bring the cake." He said, buckling his belt without looking at you. You shook your head.
"Wait, I can't go back like that! I'm... " Words are stuck in your throat.
"Your cunt is drooling with cum, I know." Mav raised one brow and smiled, a wide smile with perfect white teeth. You tried to reach your panties but he is quicker, and hid them in the pocket of his blazer, "Nope, you don't need that. I want you to come back to the room and have fun, acting like you are not filled like the bratty slut you are."
"But- but-" You panicked, and he gently caressed one of your blushed cheeks with his thumb.
"Keep your legs closed, Kitten. And I hope it will teach you not to call me Mav during sex. It's Sir or Daddy. Nothing else. Understand?"
"Yes Sir," You whispered.
Tumblr media
Notes: this was inspired by the 2017 interview of Tom Cruise in the Quotidien. It's about 26 minutes long, and I only squealed for 25 minutes teeheeeeeee~ Seriously gimme that man pls
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little-diable · 2 months
Addicted to You - Tommy Shelby (smut)
Somwhat inspired by the song and music video "Addicted to You" by Avicii, it fits just perfectly. Please like and reblog if you enjoyed reading this. Enjoy my loves. xxx
Summary: The reader and Tommy have shared a few intimate nights, he doesn't ask any questions and she doesn't speak much. At least till Sergeant Moss consults Tommy about a woman causing trouble in the Blinder's area.
Warnings: 18+, smut, unprotected sex, typical Peaky Blinders crime, somewhat of an open end
Pairing: Tommy Shelby x fem!reader (2k words)
Divider by @firefly-graphics
Tumblr media
I don't know just how it happened, I let down my guard, swore I'd never fall in love again, but I fell hard
“You don’t know where she’s from? Are you out of your mind?” Polly’s voice echoed through the room, loud and clear like a shot ringing in one’s ears, and yet the woman was by far more dangerous than any bullet piercing one's skin, leaving behind scars that may eventually fade with time. It took a few moments before a reply was heard, spoken softer than Polly’s words, and yet the reply carried more meaning than one could have ever imagined when listening from afar. 
“No, and I won’t ask. We need help around here, she fits right in. That’s all we need for now.” (Y/n) wished to see the expression tugging on Polly’s features, wondering how she’d react to Tommy’s reply, and yet all (y/n) could do was stare at the door leading to his office, no longer paying attention to her task at hand. 
She had weasled her way into Tommy’s life weeks ago, finding shelter in the Garrison when the sky had opened up, making rain pour from the sky like blood being shed on the streets of Birmingham. How ironic that the place owned by the Peaky Blinders had appeared safer than the darkness lingering in the streets outside. 
It had only taken the two of them a few days to find their way back to one another, still remembering the words they’ve shared, the intrigue that had burned in Tommy’s pupils and the smile that had tugged on (y/n)’s lips. He had fallen for her the second she had looked at him for the first time, like a siren luring him into the soaring waves of the cold ocean, forcing him to give into death’s call without asking for any help. 
The two had shared a few nights with their limbs quivering, their hearts racing and their thoughts drowned out by the pleasure thumping through their veins. He hadn’t asked any questions and she hadn’t said much – besides the sweet nothings overcoming her painted lips like a song echoing through the Garrison. It had been easy, almost too easy, and yet Tommy Shelby had been desperate for this kind of distraction, something he could drown himself in for a few hours, not having to worry about the blood clinging to his hands and the list of sinners he’d eventually work on, taking lives like chess figures taken from a chessboard. 
“Don’t tell me you’re fucking her. You men are all the same, thinking with your cocks rather than your brains. By now I’m no longer sure you’re even capable of forming a proper thought.” The door to his office fell open, exposing Polly’s frame storming out of the room. She didn’t spare (y/n) a glance, leaving the building with hurried steps as if God himself was calling her home. A home she had fled from decades ago, welcomed in the home down below with open arms. 
Lost in your eyes, drowning in blue, out of control, what can I do?
His eyes met hers, drawn to her like a moth to a flame, wordlessly calling her into his office. No words were shared as he pulled her in for a kiss, not giving (y/n) the chance to ask any questions, to share the confessions lingering on the tips of their tongues. Both were more similar than one could guess, and yet Tommy was oblivious to the darkness of her soul, distracted by the features he’d see the second he closed his eyes, forced to think of her – like a parasite nestling inside his system, not letting him rest. 
“Fuck, here?” Tommy didn’t reply, gave her a push to press her front against his table, forced to spread her legs for the man desperate to claim her. (Y/n) didn’t fight his rough touches, allowing Tommy to push into her without another warning spoken. He fucked her ruthlessly, making bruises form on her hips, pushed against the strong wood of his table with every ferocious thrust. 
The sound of their bodies meeting reverberated through the office, echoing off the walls as if to taint Polly, proving his point to the woman that hadn’t listened to him. There was nothing to worry about, Tommy knew how to separate the good ones from the bad ones – at least that’s what he was convinced of, the one thing he could trust on, his gut. 
Her walls clamped down around his cock, begging him to push her over the edge without speaking another word. He groaned for her, set on marking the woman he selfishly wanted to own, not daring to even think of sharing her with those staring for a few moments too long. Tommy Shelby had rarely felt this possessive, he wasn’t used to chasing people, wasn’t used to having to fight for somebody’s attention, and yet he was awfully aware of the possibility of (y/n) eventually leaving him before he could bind her to him. 
“Cum, let go for me, love.” His raspy voice made goosebumps appear on her skin, eyes fluttering shut as her orgasm clashed through her. Tommy fucked her through her high, pulling out seconds before his release could rip him down the stream, leaving his stain on her bare behind. Both were heavily panting, giving into the silence that was once again lingering in his office, a silence Tommy was all too used to by now.
And yet, before either one of them could speak up, the sound of somebody calling Tommy’s name rang in their ears. But while he reached for a cigarette, patiently waiting for Sergeant Moss to find his way to the office, (y/n) froze, darting out of the office before Tommy could inhale another breath.  His piercing eyes were focused on the spot where she had been standing moments ago, wondering where she had just disappeared to, without speaking another word. 
“Please, come in.” Tommy watched the sergeant step into the office, eyes hooked onto Tommy’s as he stepped closer and shut the door. The man neared the table Tommy had fucked (y/n) against moments ago, mind still focused on her, the way she had moaned for him, making him feel like an ethereal being. 
“We’re looking for somebody; somebody who may have tried to blend in with the ones cherishing the Garrison.” The sergeant watched the smoke leave Tommy’s nostrils, like a river of blood he’d leave behind after doing deals with those no sane man nor woman would even dare to speak of. “A woman,” the man kept describing the one they were looking for, a woman just like (y/n). 
“We’ve been looking for her for a while, she keeps on making trouble, robbing places and stealing too many things. If you hear something, I’d appreciate you telling me.” 
Tumblr media
I couldn't live without you now, I know I'd go insane
It had been days since the day where Moss had found his way to Tommy, days where he hadn’t seen her face – only in his dreams. Ever since he had heard of the things a woman like her had done, Tommy had started paying more attention to the crimes he normally wouldn’t focus on, robberies he found himself bored by. 
“It’s her, right?” Polly’s eyes were zoning in on Tommy’s emotionless features, scoffing at the man that barely spoke a word, too deep in thought. Arthur’s chuckles filled the office, forcing all eyes towards him. 
“It’s almost ironic, isn’t it? She played with you, while you were oblivious to the things she’s doing. I doubt we’ll see her again.” With a sigh spilling from his lips, Tommy closed his eyes, sorting through his thoughts. He wouldn’t be able to rest, not until he spoke to her again, asking the questions keeping him awake for the past days.
Why hadn’t she put her trust in him? She knew of the things he was doing, knew of the blood clinging to his hands, why not share the crimes tainting her life? 
“Tell me if you hear anything, I don’t think she’ll leave yet.” Something dripped from his voice, something neither Arthur nor Polly could decipher, not able to see through his facade. His heart clenched in his chest, forced to accept that he may never see her again, that he may never get to stare into the eyes he’d search from afar, telling secrets to the night only those willing to listen would pick up on.
I wouldn't last one night alone, baby, I couldn't stand the pain
The night was dark as Tommy and a few of his men made their way through the streets, eyes focused ahead, inhaling the smoke of their cigarettes. No words were spoken as they moved ahead, eyes set on the bank, hands placed on their revolvers. Light was illuminating the bank, the big windows gave a clear view of a few people crouching on the ground and a woman standing on a desk, holding a gun in her hand. A woman with the same hair as (y/n), a woman with the same height as (y/n), a woman with the same dark smirk as (y/n) once wore around him. 
“Don’t kill her,” was the only thing Tommy said as they stepped into the bank, eyes finding hers before they could even try to focus on the crying men and women on the ground. It took Tommy a few moments to speak up, not trusting his voice just yet. 
“Drop the gun, (y/n).” He spoke calmly, softer than ever before, at least with his men surrounding them. She tried to wordlessly communicate with him, hoping that he’ll guide her through this situation, clinging to the man she had lured into her trap weeks ago. 
“I can’t, you’ll shoot me.” Tommy’s gaze wandered down to her hand, clinging to the bag filled with money. A sigh left him, not sparing his men and how they guided the other people into safety any attention. She grew nervous, gaze flickering to the door, wondering how long it would take the police to turn up. Time was running out, and her only hope was the reaper of Small Health. 
“How much’s in the bag?” The amount rolled off her tongue without thinking twice, praying that he’ll make a deal with her – money for her freedom. “You know how I deal with those causing trouble in my area, don’t you?” 
(Y/n) couldn’t reply, mouth dry as she watched him alight a new cigarette, “You lied to me, you played a game with me. A game you’re losing just now. How much is your freedom worth to you, (y/n)?” 
“Everything.” And with a hum rumbling through Tommy, he reached out his hand, helping her down from the table. Their eyes didn’t break contact once, making a small smile tug on her lips as she followed him out into the night, exhaling the air she had been holding. Darkness engulfed them, wrapping her in a blanket of false comfort, mind hooked onto the past moments, how her life could have ended right there and then. 
“You see,” Tommy wrapped an arm around her, mouth pressed against her ear. “Everything isn’t good enough, (y/n). Not in my game.” 
And with the sound of a gun being cocked, she was forced to freeze in his grasp, cursing herself for being addicted to the man that had no mercy lingering in his system.
Lost in your eyes, drowning in blue Out of control, what can I do? I'm addicted to you
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kneexcutter · 2 months
Started with one mission
Tumblr media
Before you continue, for the record, I've never played COD nor do I plan to. I cracked because of all the other stories and Tiktoks. If things are inaccurate I apologize in advance.
Inspiration: surprise by @kovieky (I found it on Ao3) and you make me nervous by @kovieky
Price x 141 reader
Call sign: Ironhide
The day you joined task force 141 it was one hell of an experience. The day you met the people who would go to any length for you, just as you would do for them. They were your friends, your family, and your determination to keep fighting. It's always something unexpected when you wake up every day.
You were in the mess hall with Soap, Gaz, and Ghost not long ago. While Price was in his office, Soap was telling you all a story about his upbringing.
"How about you, guys? Think about having little ones one day?” Soap inquires, a smirk on his face.
Gaz hummed as he chewed into his food. "I don't know, I've always dreamed to raise a family but having one, not sure."
"With our line of work, it'd be impossible," Ghost remarked.
Soap smiled at you with a cheeky optimistic grin. "How about you, lass? Imagine having kids?"
“Uh… I considered it. I'd like to have children, but I haven't found the right person yet, like Ghost said it'd be  difficult in this line of work." You responded by fiddling with your fingers. You lied; you did find the right guy, but he was your boss, your superior, and the team's captain.
"There were a couple, but they weren't really worth my time," you stated frankly. Besides, none of them compared to Price. They could never be. Price had your attention from the moment you met. Something in his eyes had you wrapped around his finger, and you were surprised that only Kate had noticed.
"I think you'd be a great parent," Gaz says with a warming smile, while Soap chuckles. "I'm sure those kids would be afraid of you."
"They would not!" you laughed. " Kids adore me, Johnny."
“Oh really?”
“That’s something I want to see.”
Price entered the room while carrying a file of paperwork, just as you and Soap started to prod at one another. He whistled, capturing your attention.
Right now, you're standing in an empty house with a little girl clutching onto you, sobbing and whimpering to stay silent as the gunshots became increasingly closer.
"Ironhide! Do you copy?!"
The sound of your captain's voice made you wince. While inspecting the tiny house, you tightened your hold on the girl. Three bodies were there, two of which were likely the girl's parents—a man and a woman.
The other was an adversary you killed while trying to find a hiding place. It was then that the girl clung to you, wailing and shouting.
Price could be heard giving you directions to the chopper. They were still looking for you… You exhaled in relief but were quickly reminded that this was wrong. They were scheduled to go, which meant that you would be left behind and would never see them again.
"All right, we're going to run now. Hold on to me and don't let go." As you began to position the little girl on your back, you whispered to her. She nodded and placed her arms tightly around you, her hands on your vest.
“Copy.” That was all you said before leaving the house.
. . .
“Anything?” Gaz inquired, peering out the window of the chopper. "It's approximately 40 minutes."
“She’s coming.” Price stated firmly. "I know she is. Ironhide always pulls through."
Gaz nods and turns around to see Ghost and Soap approaching them. Soap shook his head. “Nothing.”
"We need to be going, sir, it's getting destructive out there," Ghost remarked. "If we spend any more time out here, they'll find us."
Price's heart ached as he realized they had to depart. They had to leave, and the sound of the chopper jolted Price into the present moment,  followed by a shout.
He came to a halt, it sounded like you. Was he losing his mind? He turned his head now, noticing someone running towards them.
“Ironhide… KID, HOLY FUCK!"
Price dashed towards you, catching you just as you were about to collapse.
"There's more…  coming… we need to…" you attempted to speak. When Price noticed the small girl on your back, he merely nodded his head, guiding you to the chopper.
Soap cheerfully greeted you before pausing mid-sentence to look at the child. Price assisted you in sitting down, while the girl sat on your lap, still crying.
You encircled her, hugging her close, doing your best to soothe her. Eventually, you were unable to maintain your open eyelids and fell asleep. Having the girl in your arms while you both slept caught Price's attention.
Price tenderly stroked the side of your cheek before gently touching your shoulder as you all returned to base. Instead of you, the little girl awoke, slightly yawning and rubbing her eyes, which appeared to bother her due to the grime on her face.
"Hey, sweetheart," Price said quietly.
Price's hand was kicked away from your sleeping form by the little girl. Price glanced at the girl in disbelief as he heard unexpected laughing from behind him.
"The tiny one doesn't like you, captain," Soap grinned.
"Right, so why don't you come get her then, mate?" Price sneered at Soap before stepping aside.
“Watch an learn.” Soap gave the little girl a friendly smile. "Hey beautiful, aren't you a cute one ay, come on out here so we can wake up our lass, yeah?"
The girl merely shouted at Soap's attempt to get closer to you before kicking him hard in the nose.  Soap fell backwards, clutching his nose, while Gaz and Price burst out laughing.
"What should we do now?" In order to avoid getting booted, Gaz questioned.
Ghost and Price exchanged glances before Ghost nodded, approached the girl, and pulled her away from you. The girl began to kick and scream.
"NO, MAMA!" As she witnessed Price begin to take you in his arms, the girl cried louder and louder.
"Did she just-" Gaz asks, his eyes wide.
"She did, indeed…" Soap laughed in response. "After all, Ironhide did say she wanted children."
"Is this even permitted?" Gaz inquired. Surely there was something about bringing a kid back to base. “Dunno, we’ll have to see.”
. . .
When you opened your eyes, you were met with a dazzling white light. As you heard beeping and a small child giggling, you sighed. You winced as you sat up, noticing the little girl playing with Price's bucket hat.
You locked your gaze on them for a moment, a warm smile spreading across your face. You couldn't deny you were in love with your captain. This sight was something you never wanted to forget.
Price turned to face you, a look of relief on his face. "Well look who's awake," he said as he tapped the girl.
With a wave of sparkle in her eyes, the tiny girl swung around and ran towards you, virtually belly flopping on top of you and putting her arms around your neck. "Mama's up!"
You froze, did she just…call you mama…as in mom?! A tidal rush of emotions slammed through you, and you put your arms around the girl as tears streamed down your face. You started to cry hysterically, and Price leaned over and caressed the side of your head.
“Why sad?” The girl asked, moving back to look at you. She started wiping your tears away with her fingers. You observed that she was wearing several bandages, including two that were wrapped over her arms and face.
"I'm just glad you're okay…" You mumbled.
When the door was knocked on, Price turned to see the doctor. "I apologize for bothering you, but may I borrow the girl?"
Your brows furrowed as you regarded Price. "Why do they need her?"
Price returned her gaze to you, "They're only running a few tests, sweetheart, to make sure she's not carrying anything."
"She's just a kid." You protested while clutching the girl.
"I know, darlin, I know," Price sighed. " She'll return immediately after she's finished, I assure you."
You locked your gaze on Price for a split second before heaving a defeated sigh. "Sir, yes."
"Bye, mama," the girl said before hugging you once more then taking Price's hand.  Soap, Gaz, and Ghost walked into the room, Soap waved at the small girl, who stuck her tongue out at him. Gaz laughed loudly, and Ghsot chuckled.
"Hey Ironhide," Gaz replied as he laughed. "How are you feeling?"
"Tired," you chuckled. "She called me as Mom…"
"We were surprised, too," Gaz adds. "When Ghost had to get her off of you, she started crying for you and went out the room to find you. Price had to stay her the entire time."
You laughed at the thought of a group of trained military soldiers being outpaced by a little girl.
"How long did it last?" You inquired.
"Two days," Ghost said. "I'm not sure how long we could keep that girl under wraps for."
"Well, the captain sure handled it well," Soap chuckled. "You three looked like a family, you know."
Your face flushed, and you opened your eyes wide. “JOHNNY!
“What? It's true, isn't it, Gaz?"
Your gaze was drawn to Gaz, who began to nod his head up and down.
“You sons of bitches.” You grumbled.
"Woah, watch your language mama, don't want the young one picking up on your language," Soap giggled as you tried to throw your pillow at him.
"What are you muppets yapping your traps about?"
"Nothing, sir," both Gaz and Soap replied.
"All right, now all of you out," Price replied, stepping aside.
"Feel better, Ironhide," Soap said as Ghost pushed him out. Gaz closed the door behind them.
Price sat down next to your bed and crossed his arms. "You realize what you did was a stupid and risky move, solider."
"And you violated protocol by staying when you were supposed to leave, sir."
"I'm liable for you, it's my job to make sure you all come back in one piece and alive," Price sighed.
You lowered your gaze to the IV in your arm. "Am I in trouble, sir?"
"That depends," Price responded. "You scared the hell out of me, darlin', you showed up about half dead with a child on your back…"
"She wasn't that heavy," you quietly giggled. "I tried to leave her, but she wouldn't let go… I know I shouldn't have become attached, but-"
You felt a hand clutch onto yours, squeezing it tightly as if you were about to go any second. You turned to meet Price's gaze. Your body tingled as he stared at you. "John…" you murmured.
Your breath caught as you scratched your eyes as Price leaned forward and rested his forehead against yours.
He mumbled, "Never do something like that again, do you copy?"
You smiled, "I copy."
With his arms crossed, Price pulled away from you. "All we have to do now is figure out what to do with the girl."
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kii-003 · 3 months
This was requested for Zhou a while back, but I think I accidentally deleted the request because I can't find it!!
5. "My family thinks we are dating."
25. "My mother adores you."
40." You want to have kids with me?"-"Who else am I going to have them with?"
Pairing: Zhou Guanyu x F!Reader.
Summary: You and Zhou are very close friends who live together. Zhou planning a vacation with his family is what it took for you two to reveal your feelings.
You and Zhou had been great friends for almost five years now. You even lived together, traveled together, and went on vacations together. Both you and Zhou were also on amazing terms with each other's families.
There was always speculation about your relationship with Zhou, and most of his fans shipped you two together. But a romantic relationship was never something you and Zhou talked about, despite you both wanting it.
It was summer break for the Formula one driver and he had been making plans to go on vacation to Venice with a few of his family members.
You were happy that he was going to get to spend time with his family after all his hard work and not being able to see them through the year, but you felt a bit disappointed knowing you weren't going to see him for a few weeks.
A few days before he had to leave, you two were having breakfast in the kitchen, talking about anything and everything before you brought the topic up.
"So, are you excited about Venice?" You asked as you finished up your breakfast, never once glancing in Zhou's direction.
"Yeah... Ummm there's something we have to talk about concerning Venice." He muttered hesitantly as he looked over at you.
You met his gaze, your eyebrows furrowing at his sudden shy demeanor." What?" You asked.
"So...my mom wants you to come with us." He explained as a shy smile tugged at his lips and he began fiddling with his hands.
Your heart almost leaped in your chest as your eyes widened." She...she wants me to come with?" You asked in surprise."Really?"
"Don't look so surprised, my mother adores you." He insisted, his smile only growing the longer he stared at you.
You smiled and sassily shrugged your shoulders, flipping your hair over your shoulder." I don't blame her...I'm such a breath of fresh air from you." You teased
He huffed in fake offense as he threw you with a grape from his bowl of fruit." I'm a breath of fresh air!" He argued before he smiled softly at you again." So are you coming with?"
"You think I'd pass up an opportunity to see your family?" You asked with raised eyebrows as you stood up, taking your empty bowl to the sink where you stayed standing, your gaze on Zhou.
"I'm feeling so much love right now." He muttered in a teasingly bitter tone before he began to fiddle with his hands again."There's just one catch...my mom booked us one room."
Your eyebrows furrowed as you crossed your arms over your chest." Why?" You asked, tilting your head in confusion.
"I think my family thinks we are dating." He muttered hesitantly, giving you a shy smile while struggling to keep eye contact with you.
Your eyes slightly widened." Why would they think that?" You asked as your heart knotted uncomfortably in your chest.
"Well...because of our living arrangements and relationship." He explained as he picked at his nails, still not meeting your gaze yet." I'll talk to them, tell them what's up and book you a separate room."
"No...no." You denied with a shake of your head, feeling a little flustered as he met your gaze now with furrowed eyebrows."It's fine...we've shared a bed before. I mean...unless you don't want to."
"No...I want to." He spoke as he swallowed harshly at the lump forming in his throat, his eyes widening like a deer caught in headlights." I mean...why wouldn't I."
"What do you mean?" You asked softly as your eyebrows furrowed and your head tilted to the side in confusion mixed with curiosity.
Zhou sighed, lowering his head and closing his eyes for a brief second, taking a deep breath before looking up at you again."Why wouldn't I want to share a bed with the girl I like...more than just as friends." He muttered softly.
Your heart nearly leaped out of your chest, your stomach knotting, and your eyes widening again." You like me?" You asked.
"As more than a friend." He added awkwardly as he mustered up a shy smile, still picking at his nails.
A smile slowly tugged at your lips the longer you let his words settle into your mind and heart." You should've said something sooner, Zhou." You insisted."Because I like you too...as more than just a friend."
Zhou's smile grew on his face." Does that mean I don't have to correct them if they say we're dating?" He asked with a hint of teasing in his voice.
"Are you asking me out right now?" You asked as you raised your eyebrows at him.
"If I am, would you say yes?" He asked as he slowly got up from his chair and made his way over to you with small steps.
"I would." You nodded, swallowing thickly at the lump forming in your throat when he stopped right in front of you, he gripped the counter on either side of you, trapping you between his arms." Do you want me to be your girlfriend?" You asked softly.
"I want you to be a lot more than just my girlfriend one day." He admitted as he stared down at you, his beautiful brown eyes filled with love and adoration.
"Oh? Like?" You asked, a smile tugging at your lips again as you looked up at him with curious eyes.
"When I think about you, I see my future Y/n. My fiance, my wife...the mother to my children." He explained softly, nervously glancing around as he struggled to keep eye contact with you." I see a life with you."
"You want to have kids with me?" You asked as your eyes widened again, your heart pounding deep in your chest with shock and happiness.
"Who else am I going to have them with?" He asked as he slowly shrugged his shoulders." I don't want anyone else."
Your smile grew into a full grin as you reached out and wrapped your arms around his shoulders." As long as we only have two." You insisted jokingly, you're heart fluttering when he wrapped his arms around your waist.
"Two it is." He agreed before slowly leaning his face closer to yours until your noses brushed up against each other." Can I kiss you?" He asked softly.
"Yes." You agreed as you nodded your head and he softly pressed his lips to yours.
The kiss was warm and gentle, sending your mind into a haze as you only focused on his soft lips, his gentle touch, his warmth, and the smell of his sweet cologne.
You felt safe and loved at that moment. You felt happy. After a long time, you were getting your happy ending with the man you truly loved so much.
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paperpeacock · 7 months
Hello! I hope you're having a good day (ˊ˘ˋ*) I would like to request headcanons/oneshot of Gn-reader x Keith kogane, where reader is Allura's younger sister please (๑•̀ᴗ-)
Hi! I hope YOU are having a good day ♡, I loved this request so much! thank you for sending it to me, I hope you enjoy it!
Keith x Reader - Notice me
♡Summary - being the younger sibling to Allura meant no eyes were on you, that is until Keith met your gaze.
Tumblr media
Princess Allura of Altea, commander of the castle and explorer of the stars, conquering evil and a guide to Voltron. She took charge and pride in her work, striving for victory whilst pushing those around her to do the same. These qualities are just a testament to the future queen that lies inside her, oh how great her reign could have been. However, more often than not, when one shines so brightly, they in turn must cast a long shadow that despite her good intentions, fell upon her beloved young sibling. Y/N was cast into the darkness, with little attention to their name. But a flower needs sunlight for how will it ever grow? No, it shall wither and wilt, eventually perish. Only then would Allura see the carnage of her brilliance. But by then it would be too late. 
“Alright Paladins, with that settled, this meeting is adjourned!” She beamed; the rest of the team smiled at her. You watched from your corner hiding, gimlet gaze eyeing your sister's every move. You hadn't a reason to attend the meetings, according to Allura they ‘didn't require your insight’ but that never stopped you, After all you cared about the paladins, they were your friends, so a situation involving their livelihood might pique your interest just a little.  
“Shouldn't we come through the third route instead?” An ashen voice snapped. 
OfCourse, you had an ulterior motive to attending these meetings. The red paladin stood, crossed arm clad in annoyance, his fiery gaze shrouded in his raven bangs.  
“Keith, I think it's best we stick to our original plan, it’ll take longer, yes but it's just so we don’t get noticed” Shiro encouraged, Keith, let out a huff, complying with his reasoning. It was then his sable eyes flickered to you, peering from behind the corner. You let out a small gasp before sticking your back to the wall, shielding yourself from further embarrassment. Little did you know, the red paladin found this quite amusing. 
With that the meeting finally met its close, with everyone ready to head back to their rooms. Allura and Coran also left, yes believe it or not but the princess doesn't stand on her perch the whole day. So, you took this as an opportunity to use the castles computer system, you were shy about asking for it.  
You swiftly padded towards it, small jolts of excitement with each bouncy step. Your fingers quickly got to work, swapping out all Allura's bits and bobs and going on to your desired tabs. You let out a quiet laugh as you reached your data point. However, without your awareness, the red paladin stood propped up upon the doorframe, silently studying you.  
“Are you allowed to use the castles control system?”  
Your heart leapt through your throat! And thus, your fingers followed, fumbling with unknown buttons and keys. You spun round to face him, his midnight gaze filled with laughter. 
“Well, this castle is also mine” You reminded, straightening your posture as he drew nearer. You heart ran laps beneath your chest, pumping extra blood towards your cheeks. 
“True...” he nodded, now standing next to your figure. There was a silence between you two, as your fingers drummed upon the glass top. 
“So, why did you stay behind” you timidly pried, unable to meet his gaze. Now it was his turn to feel fluster as a scarlet shade was painted upon his face. 
“I-...I just wanted to see what you were up to” 
“Well, you were staring at me the whole the meeting, so I thought I'd come talk to you” 
Your eyes widened in embarrassment, his only grew in amusement.  
“I-I was just-” 
“You were just what?” 
His face grew closer to yours as the space between the two of you shrunk. Today a surge of confidence as filled Keith and with it he could finally approach his timid admirer. 
“O-okay now you're just pushing it” You nervously laughed, shrinking beneath him. 
“Am I? 
He took a strand of your hair between his index and thumb, fiddling with it gently. If your heart drummed any faster your bloodstream might burst. 
“Keith” you placed your hand upon his own, prying it off your hair. 
Suddenly, the sound of sliding doors gliding open rung through the room, paired with a very distinguishable gasp. 
“Keith? Y/N?” She cried. As if the magnets were reversed you both snapped away from each other. Even Allura had scarlet upon her face after witnessing such an intimate sight. 
“Its not what you think-” 
“Nothing happened!” you both tried to reason with her, but the princess was having none of it. 
“Y/N, I'd like to speak with you. Now.” and with that, you lent Keith a sorrowful gaze before having to face your sister. But even with the looming dread that followed you, your heart still fluttered and bubbled in excitement. Because for the first time someone chose to notice you, and not your sister. 
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proseinborderland · 2 months
Chishiya x OFC (MATURE / 18+ ONLY!) Part 4
Please feel free to like, comment, re-blog, and share!
✨ Part 4 is now up! ✨
Summary: Chishiya walks into his room one night and finds you in his bed, yet again.
Warnings: Heterosexual sex between two consenting, fictional adults in the form of smutty prose. + All warnings for the Netflix show Alice in Borderland.
"Beneath Me"
Part IV
"Look at you assuming they'll even be a next time?" She quipped apprehensively and leaned forward to grab a bottle of water on my nightstand, taking a drink herself, then passed it to me so I could finish it off.
"Ah, so you have no faith I will return from the games tomorrow night?" I questioned, aiming the now crushed up empty water bottle at the waste bin, and smiled to myself as it landed directly inside. 
"No, I have some, but I'm a realist like you. So, let's just be real." She sighed, while running her fingers through her hair, “...nice shot … you’ve good hand eye coordination.” 
I wanted to laugh, but instead simply chose to accept her compliment, so I nodded, “It’s a talent.” 
I watched as she stood from the bed, walked over to grab a tissue from my desk. Quickly tossing it into the wastebin and checking her face in the mirror that hung above the console furniture in my suite at The Beach. Her long wavy hair flowed down her slender back, curling at the ends just as they met the curve of her heart shaped ass, which still flaunted the bright red imprint of my hand.
The hand that still held my cock began pumping once more in long, slow strokes. 
She walked over and began kissing me, without abandon, growing harsh, hurried, rushed. I let her nudge me back until my legs hit the back of the chair I'd originally been seated in and then the weight of her hands on my shoulders, easing me down until I fell into the position she so craved as she began to hover over me, her legs straddling the chair, but not quite straddling me. 
When I felt her reach down between us to grab my cock, both of my hands reached out for her hips, squeezing the skin rough enough to leave behind marks, then grabbed her ass, scratching the flesh there lightly, yet eliciting a reminder of the mark I'd recently left as a moan escaped her and her legs shook infinitesimally.
None of this seemed to stop her though as she guided me through her folds that were still wet from my earlier ministrations.
Once she'd guided me inside, just enough to hold me there like a parlor trick, enough to rock back and forth against me without giving me what she knew I really wanted. 
And I let her, reveling in our own salacious version of a game of cat and mouse. 
Even when I would attempt to try and push past her entrance, I would wind up clenched in her tight, erotic hold, squeezing the head of my cock and forcing me back into the submissive role I've given her - for the time being.
Honestly, I'd never met a woman like her before. She was so uninhibited and free. She let me do and say things to her I'd only ever dreamt of before waking up in this world. And here we were together and even then, even so, even here and now, she fed my desires so willingly. 
Her breathing increased as she let the tip of my cock bob in and out of her, I could feel her dripping onto my thigh. 
Once, I felt I could no longer resist her, I guided her back on the bed, placing a pillow behind her head and one under her ass, allowing me the access I desired, and slid inside her in one swift thrust and began fucking her slowly.
"You look so pretty when you fuck my pussy like this." She moaned.
"I have my cock inside of a beautiful, slutty, seductress of a woman, ...forgive me for being human." I laughed, following up with, "and if I'm being the realist you so desire, then let me also confess that I've now decided to cum inside of your tight little pussy," I purred into her ear while feeling her body still - 'ever so slightly' under my own as both her heart beat and small, slow breaths increased. 
"You told me 3 days ago I should consider getting fucked by your bare cock to be an honor since The Beach has run out of condoms." She laughed. "Just now, not even 10 minutes ago, you told me you wanted to cum in my mouth." I could feel her grip tighten around me. My heart was pounding along with hers, radiating little quakes throughout our bodies that began somewhere incorporeal and ended at the exact place we were joined.  
"Why now?" She questioned.
"Why ask?" I retorted. 
She learned early on how much I abhorred questions, while I quickly discovered her impatience.  It shouldn't have been a surprise when she became quite eager regarding her need.
"I want to know what it feels like." I laughed ...I smiled ...I blushed. 
We both inhaled sharply as her wetness pooled down between us.
I slid out and back into her heat again, deeply and our rhythm began once more - although this time, it was with a blushing conviction. An unasked question. Our faces were close enough that I brushed my nose up against hers, feeling the smile on her cheeks grow to meet my own. Our mouths found their rightful places, fighting for control of the other's lips, sucking and biting and tasting one another hungrily.  
Her hands, which had previously been stationed at my hips, moved to brush back the damp hair on my forehead, and tucked it behind my ears before meeting my eyes with a genuinely bashful smile. 
"I want to know what it feels like too." she whispered. And then said the most intoxicatingly sensual sentence I've ever been told:
"Shuntarō, I want us to both feel you cum deep inside of me." 
A fire grew inside of me, engulfing me within its flames, and that fire was her - my repeated thrusts into her wetness were bringing me out of this world and somewhere safe, protective, and so inviting - a place devoid of spoken needs and filled with an unhinged desire to keep going deeper and deeper - feeling my cock at its peak, nearing the pinnacle that had been climbing again within her. 
So carnal, or - maybe more-so, - connected?
We collide together, and then - I'm unhinged, and almost instantaneously erupt, my orgasm emptying myself completely inside of her pussy, and she's letting me. An excited look and the temporary widening of her eyes, followed with the tiny pulses I felt as another orgasm shook through her, told me she had felt my climax too. My eyes squeeze tight and sounds I can't hear escape me as I feel the greatest release I've ever imagined and at how transcendent it could be to feel so to be connected like this after having given her all of my energy, my attention, and my myself -- physically, so to speak. 
I even let her curl up to me as I drifted off, oddly delighted in knowing that part of me was still inside of her.  
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ravenssh1t · 3 months
Midnight Kisses - X.T.
telekenesis!reader, Wednesday’s twin!reader, gn!reader, mindreader!reader (lmao), fluffy, SFW
AN: hey beautiful people! this is my first fic that im acc publishing so please be kind. that being said i am always open to constructive criticism. if you enjoy this, please let me know, and if you’d like me to write more, or for other characters, just drop me a message or an ask! I will write for a whole plethora of characters so just let me know which characters and maybe a small prompt if you so desire!! i hope you enjoy!! <333
I looked over at my alarm clock. The bright red number glared 00:34 back at me. I'd only been at Nevermore for a week or so, and already it was a torturous experience. The glares from Barclay and her minions, the rumours, everyone walking on eggshells around Wednesday and I. It's a miracle neither of us had pulled another 'piranha incident'. There was one thing that never seemed to care about the rumours though. Well, one person. Xavier Thorpe. 
Wednesday had met him before.  His godmother's funeral. Allegedly, she saved his life, which is rather unlike my dear sister. However, in the long run it's been rather helpful.
Since starting at Nevermore, I had only really become close to two people. If you could even call it close. Our new roommate, Enid. And Wednesday's old acquaintance, Xavier. 
Right now, I need a distraction. From the thoughts that clouded my mind and prevented the graceful release of sleep from my grasp. Enid, Wednesday and Thing were all asleep. I decided to head down to Xavier's dorm. Since Rowan was expelled (killed, left, whatever) I've ended up in Xavier's room a few times. Once for stalking purposes, once for homework, once for... well I'm not entirely sure how to define it. But I know that he's what I need right now. 
I crept out of the window, and distracted the housemaster with an illusion of a hamster that I know he loves. I crept up the stairs and knocked on Xavier's door. No answer. I knock again and poke my head in and softly say "Thorpe? You in here?" Nothing again. He must be in his art shed. 
The brisk walk through the grounds was not unwelcome. It gave me quiet. I saw the lights on in Xavier's shed and picked up my pace a little. Something about that man makes me feel a weird tingling in my stomach. It's a new unfeeling. But not unpleasant. 
He doesn't answer when I knock, but I can hear the not-so-delicate sound of Deftones playing through decrepit doors, so I doubt he heard me. I decide to just walk in, and he's got his back towards the door, so I just take a seat on one of the stools and watch him paint. Something about him seems to draw me in. I can't help but admire the way his hair looks in a messy bun with the front strands poking out. The way his tall stature towers over his canvas. His masterful hands sweep the paint in particular ways just to fit his liking. 
I accidentally knock over a plastic cup full of multicoloured paint brushes and he jumps and turns around swiftly and catches me and says “Jesus Christ, Y/N! Do you make a living out of scaring this shit out of people?” and I smirk and say “No, but that is the goal.” He scoffs at my retort and saunters over to me while he asks “What’s wrong?” 
“Who said there’s anything wrong?” I ask slightly bitterly albeit unintentionally.
“Drop the tough guy facade, we both know that Wednesday and Enid are asleep, so you found me. Now, what’s wrong?” Damn. He read me like a small children’s book. 
“I couldn’t sleep. Needed a distraction. For some reason my brain seems to find your company tolerable.” 
He decides to ignore the last statement and instead questions “Do you want to see my new painting?” 
“If I must.” 
We walk over to one of his canvases and he spins it round. It’s me. Well, my hand. My hand in the middle of culminating an illusion with my powers. The deep crimsons and maroons contrast against the vibrant scarlet just like they do in real life. He even got the rings I wear down to a T. 
It’s incredibly rare that I am rendered speechless. But alas, here I am. My mouth ever so slightly agape, mind void of all language. Just pure astonishment. He breaks me out of my trance by saying “Sorry. I know it’s a bit creepy. I can get rid of it if you want-”
“Xavier,” I interject. “It’s beautiful. I love it.”
He smiles at this and the tip of his nose and his cheeks turn a distinct rose-tinted pink. He lifts his hand over the portrait and animates the picture. It moves exactly as mine do. The astonishment I first felt came sweeping back over me like a tidal wave. “Thank you, Xavier. This is amazing.” 
“Amazing enough for a hug?” He questions boldly. 
“Fine.” My reluctance is entirely feigned because the one thing I need right now is a hug. He practically jogs over to me in excitement and wraps his long arms around me tightly. My head sits just at the nave of his chest and it feels like the final two puzzle pieces finally slotted together. “You can hug back, you know?” He (not so) subtly hints as his chin rests on the top of my head. “I know.” I grumble back stubbornly. I hesitantly wrap my arms around him. Oddly comforting. Something in me tells me this is exactly where I’m meant to be at this moment. I don’t notice myself relaxing into the embrace and tucking my head impossibly closer to his chest, but he does. “We can do this more often if you need it.” 
“I may just take you up on that, Thorpe.” We stay there for a few seconds longer, then he lets go, and I do too. I wander back over to the desk and take a seat on the oak plank. He follows me and leans over me to ‘grab a paintbrush’ or so he says. He gently places his hand on my hip as he does, and I feel my face flush bright pink. He catches this and says “Am I that good?” 
“You wish you had that effect on me, Thorpe.” 
“Oh, I know I do, Addams.”
“How’s that then?” I query, genuinely hoping he is completely oblivious to the way I feel about him. 
“You’re a dick to pretty much everyone here. But with me? You had a soft spot almost immediately. You blush every single time I touch you. You watch me paint for hours on end while pretending that you’re doing homework because you don’t want me to notice that you’re staring at me. It’s obvious!” He chuckles out the last statement with the cockiest smirk on his smug, beautiful face. 
“Well, what about you Mr Loner who can’t seem to want to spend enough time with me? You touch me every chance you get. You painted a picture of my hand for God’s sake!” It’s possible I may have gotten slightly defensive. 
“Y/N. I never said it was a bad thing.” He etched ever so much closer to me until he was only two inches away from my face. He placed his strong hands on my delicate shoulders and gazed into my eyes. “Can I kiss you?” Speechless once again. I try to force out something, anything coherent, but I just stammer silently. “Ok, answer me this,” He notices my nerves. “Do you want to kiss me?” 
‘Yes! Yes, Xavier Thorpe! Of course I want to kiss you! It’s my dream, my livelihood, my reason for being alive!’ is what I want to say. No. What I want to scream from the rooftops. But all that comes out is a hushed and hesitant “Yes.” 
He puts his long pointer finger under my chin and lifts my head towards his face so I have no choice but to stare into his beautiful green eyes once again. “Speak up, sweetheart.” If he wasn’t standing in between my legs right now, I would be forcing them closed. “Yes, you dick.” I force out, it comes out slightly louder than I expected, but the excitement is evident in my voice. “Then can I kiss you?” 
“Yes.” I assert firmly this time. 
His hands move down to my hips, and he squeezes them gently. He leans down and pecks me on the cheek, then the lips. Feeling unsatisfied, a sudden overwhelming confidence regains control of me. I wrap my hands around the back of his neck and suggest that “If you’re going to kiss me, you should at least do it properly.” He smirks again. God, he loves doing that. If it wasn’t so attractive I might just complain about it. “Like this?” He asks, grasping my hips harder this time and before I know it, our lips collide again. This time, it’s not as soft and fast-lived. It’s passionate, deep. If I thought the hug felt like two puzzle pieces fitting together, this is ,oh, so much better. Our lips move together in perfect harmony. My hand moves up into his hair, and I tug it gently, which covets a deep groan from the bottom of his throat into my mouth. I had never heard such a beautiful noise in my life. 
He pulled away softly. “Yeah. Like that.” I mutter breathlessly. 
“Thought so. Let’s go back to my dorm.” Yet another bold move from him. 
“I’m not that easy, Thorpe.” 
“No, idiot. You’re staying in my dorm tonight. You’ll sleep better.” 
That makes me smile. “Okay,” I accept. “but I expect more kisses.” 
“You read my mind, Y/N.” Oh, the irony.
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Finding Home - Eris Vanserra - Part 4
A/N - Sorry for the wait on this! It's been a crazy week! I'm off to Disney World for two weeks so it's been crazy packing and getting ready! Got a 9 hour flight tomorrow so send me requests to write!!
T/W - I don't think there are any!
Enjoy ❤️
It had taken a week for Eris to recover enough that you could travel to Velaris. Rhys had not been happy that Nox was now his sons but he took one look at his son and knew he couldn't separate them. Eris, unsurprisingly, had fallen in love with the wolf puppy from the moment Kallias had brought him to the cottage. The little puppy you had affectionately named Blaze, an ode to Eris and his Fire magic and to the unusual reddish brown fur he had. Puppy and future High Lord had been inseparable since they met. "It's like he was made for Autumn, Y/N!" Eris has said, childlike excitement filling his voice as soon as Kallias was out of earshot and he was scooping the puppy into his arms, you'd laughed at him and you realised your mate had never been allowed to express himself like this as a child. "Have you ever had a birthday party, Eris?" He looked at you, confusion filling his gaze. "No sweetness, why do you ask?" Your heart was sad for him. "Not even as a child?" He shook his head. "No love, none of us did." You made a mental note to talk to Elain about throwing your mates a birthday party.
By the time you'd arrived in Velaris, Beron had already arrived in Hewn City. Rhys was going through plans with Eris, Lucien and his brothers about how to best manage the situation, Blaze trotting after your mate. Eris would only give up his Court if it was the only way to ensure your safety and you weren't about to let him do that. Mor had whisked you away, just as Rhys had done with your mate but for a very different reason.
She led you into a formal sitting room, where you found Elain and one of the most beautiful females you had ever seen. You thought Eris and Lucien were kissed by fire, this female was loved by it. You could see them in her face and dropped into a curtsy when she looked at you. "My Lady." She smiled at you warmly. "Daughter of Autumn, it is lovely to meet you." You must've looked confused as she continued talking. "Are you not the Cauldron made sister who is mated to my oldest son? The sister who has always stood by my youngest son?" Elain cringed and all you could do was nod. She turned her attention to Elain. "Fear not child, mating bonds are difficult and I know my Lucien can be intimidating, what with the eye and all." Elain smiled gently. "It's not that, My Lady, Lucien is wonderful and he's been so patient with me, but you see, it felt like the last choice I had was taken from me." The Lady of Autumn nodded at Elain. "I understand." She beckoned you to sit with them and you did. "It's funny, two sisters, mated to two brothers, just like with the Night Court, but two completely different reactions to their bonds."
Elain looked uncomfortable again so you spoke instead. "I struggled here, the life Rhysand built for Feyre, for me and my other sisters, it didn't fit me, I was drowning, My Lady and Eris pulled me out, truth be told I was in love with him long before I knew of the bond, I'd had time to accept what my sisters and I were, I had less than any of them when we were taken from the human realm, Elain was to be married, and in the course of one night she was no longer human and she had a mate." Eris' mother nodded. "My son, he's good to you?" You smiled widely thinking of him. "Yes My Lady, more than good, he's kind and gentle, everything is my choice, he treats me with nothing but love and respect." Her smile mirrored yours as you kept talking. "It's a true testament to you, how you raised him." Her smile was still there but it no longer reached her eyes. "I fear sometimes my husband's cruelty broke him." You shook your head. "It did not and I will not allow it to in the future."
Mor came back for the three of you an hour later, and the Lady of Autumn surprised you both by offering an arm to both you and Elain. You followed Mor into the dining room where the others were waiting to head to the Court of Nightmares to meet with the High Lord of Autumn. Eris had gotten changed since you'd arrived, his cosy jumper and loose fitting trousers had been replaced by a well fitting tunic in the most beautiful green with golden leaves embroidered around the collar and trousers, his favoured hunting boots on his feet and stopping at his knee. "Mother." He breathed out and ran at her like a child and wrapped her in his arms, Lucien wasn't far behind as he joined the reunion, it was heartwarming to see the three of them in such an embrace. "We must go now boys, before your father knows I'm gone." She said, kissing each of them on the forehead. She turned to Rhys. "Thank you, Rhysand, for allowing me to see your city, it is beautiful, I hope one day to see more of it." He smiled. "Of course, you are welcome here anytime, just send word, you will always have a safe place here in Velaris."
The Lady of Autumn had winnowed herself back to her chambers and Eris was by your side again. "I don't suppose you'll listen if I ask you not to come?" You shook your head. "Absolutely not, we do this together." You slipped your hand into his and he winnowed you down the mountain. Winnowing with Eris was different to with Rhys and Az, different from winnowing with Feyre. Rhys and Feyre were pure darkness, like the abyss had swallowed you whole. Az could only winnow due to his shadows, it wasn't as dark as with the High Lord and Lady but a murky darkness, as if you were stood in the thickest of fogs. Winnowing with Eris was wind, autumn leaves and fire, but it never burned. You were surprised to see Helion when you found your feet again. "Hello little lady." He said, shooting a flirty little smile at you, Eris' hand tightened around yours. It was petty but you loved the jealousy radiating off of him when you sent your own flirty smile back with a bat of your eyelashes. Beron was already in the meeting room when you entered with Helion, Lucien and Eris were to enter together, after Nesta and Elain, before Azriel and Cassian and Feyre and Rhys would enter last.
The High Lord of Autumn scoffed at you, giving you the dirtiest look you'd ever seen. "Now, now Beron, were here to play nice." Helion said as he put his hand on your back and guided you to a chair, pulling it out for you and taking the one on your left. Nesta and Elain entered, looking the polar opposite of each other, one radiating death, the other life, they took their seats, leaving a space between them, one for Cassian in the middle of your sisters and the one left empty next to Helion was for Azriel you assumed. The brothers of Autumn entered next, puppy trailing the oldest. Beron glaring at them both, neither paying any heed to their father, their faces masks of pure boredom. Lucien took the empty seat next to Elain and to your surprise, Eris took the one to your right, the one next to Rhys' chair, they would sit together, united. He dropped a kiss on your head as he walked behind you. A message to his father. This is my female and you will not take her from me. Cassian and Azriel were power incarnate as they entered the room, taking their respective seats. The air in the room stopped flowing as the High Lord and Lady entered, matching expressions on their faces. This was a game Rhys had been playing for hundreds of years, a game that Feyre had learned and perfected quickly. Rhys sat and Feyre offered her chair to the Lady of Autumn who had been expected to stand behind her husband for the whole meeting. "I insist, you are our guest, please, have a seat." Feyre had said and sat on Rhys' lap instead.
"Hello mother." Lucien broke the silence, smiling at his mother from across the table. "Do not acknowledge the boy. He forfeited the right to call you mother when he betrayed us." Beron spat at his wife. "Now, now father, you can't expect him to not want to talk to his mother after being apart from her for so long." Eris' voice mimicking the tone his father had used perfectly, his mask was fully in place now, not a shred of your Eris was left as he lent back in his chair and crossed his arms over his chest. "You're no better boy." His father shot back and you wondered how long Rhys would let this go on for. The answer was a while, Beron was going on and on, throwing harsh words and insults at your mate, with the odd one thrown in about Lucien, about his mother, about you and your blood was boiling. You weren't overly sure what had come over you when you stood abruptly and slammed your hands onto the table, all eyes snapping to you.
"How dare you?!" You seethed at the High Lord. "How dare you, send your lackeys into my home, take my mate, your son, your heir, chain him up, torture him and then sit there and act like you aren't the reason we are all here, you pathetic, angry little male!" Beron was red in the face but you continued. "You sit there and throw insults at your oldest and youngest son's, at your wife! You are the reason Lucien left, because he was happy and you couldn't stand it! Say what you want about me, I don't care, but you will not speak about your son's or your wife like this, you want respect? Try earning it, Autumn is a joke, and it will be until you're off the throne. You sit and make threats about picking a different heir, well go ahead, your best two options are in this room, Eris or Lucien! Your other sons couldn't make a bed between them, let alone run a court!" Your chest was heaving and Beron was on his feet by the time you finished. "I will not have you speak, whore. You dare disrespect me?!" You saw the High Lady of Autumn stand. "I disrespect you because you disrespect my mate! My friend and their mother!"
"Why should either one of these failures be the future of my court. The young, careless one, who's too soft, takes after his mother too much, she coddled him too much, babied him, let him think it was okay to love who he wanted to love, as if that has anything to do with it! Their mother is a stupid fool, a dreamer, it took her too long to learn her place and then there's Eris, so much like me, so ready to take my throne, but he won't, he's failed, by aligning himself with you girl." Everyone was silent. "Beron, that's enough, we're here to talk peace." The Lady of Autumn said quietly, his hand moved almost to quickly for you to follow as fire slapped her across the face, her head whipping to the side. Beron was on a tirade, screaming about his wife, about Lucien who had stood to go towards his mother, Eris was tense but didn't react knowing it would worsen the situation. You hadn't even notice Helion's hands curl into fists. "You say pick and heir girl?! Who would you have me choose? Both are aligned with the Night Court, both have insignificant mates, at least your sister has a gift. The Cauldron didn't consider you special enough for that did it?" Eris stood then. "Father-" He was cut off by his mother. "There is only one choice, Beron, because Lucien isn't your heir." For a split second, you could've heard a pin drop. "He's mine and you will not touch my son or my mate again, Beron." Helion broke the silence, his hands hitting the table as he stood and then all hell broke loose.
Lucien dove for his mother, moving her behind him, Eris pushed you at Rhys and went for his mother as well, Blaze going with him, growling. Cassian grabbed Elain and Nesta, Beron dove at Helion across the table, Az drew his dagger and the room was shrouded in darkness. "Enough!!" Rhys commanded the room with so much power that everyone stopped, darkness slipped away and your eyes adjusted back to the light, Helion's lip was split but he'd managed to get Beron to Az who was holding Truth Teller to his throat. "We are here to talk civilly!" Feyre commanded with just as much power as she spoke. "My sisters and the Lady shall leave us, Helion will return to Day, and those of us who remain will discuss this issue." She left no room to be argued with so instead, you walked over to the Lady of Autumn and offered her your hand. "Lady, your son's will be fine, I assure you, join me for tea? I know a wonderful little place, after we've had your face looked at of course." She took your hand and smiled. "I would like that, daughter." You made another move to irritate Beron as you kissed Eris. "I love you, mate." You'd never said that to him before, he'd never said it to you and you didn't give him a chance too as you glided out of the room with his mother, your sisters and Helion following.
Helion had winnowed you all back to Velaris to the River House at your request, you had gone with your sisters, allowing the two mates to have moment to themselves, he had healed her face before turning to you and Elain. "Ask Lucien to come and see me when he's ready." He said as he wrapped you in a hug. "Beautiful Elain you should come as well." He said as he smiled at her. "You would love the gardens." She smiled at him. "We would be honored to visit Helion." She thought for a second and then said "Write to him. Write anything at all, he'll appreciate the effort, he deserves the effort." Helion nodded at her and then winnowed home.
"Would the three of you consider showing me the City?" Eris' mother asked after a few moments of staring at the spot Helion had disappeared from. Elain agreed instantly, Nesta politely declined, more priestesses had joined training and Cassian had finally agreed that the three of them could finally do the training, he still supervised most days though, as did Azriel, but you knew he was mainly there to watch Gywn. You spotted Mor at the door of the house. "Elain, why don't you show the Lady your gardens, I'll join you shortly and we can walk into the city, I just have something to do quickly." They both nodded and Elain led the way to her gardens as you approached Mor.
"Mor, I should've spoken to you sooner, about Eris, do you absolutely hate me?" She looked surprised. "Of course not! He's your mate, Y/N." She sat on the bench next to the door and you joined her. "I wanted to hate him, for what he did to you, for not helping you but the more I saw of him, the more he let down his walls the harder it was to hate him." She sighed and took your hands in hers. "There was a kindness in what he did. Had he helped, had he touched me, we would've been married, that would've been no life for either of us. I know he's told you what really happened. I just hope you don't think less of me." You shook your head. "Of course not! He wants to explain himself to you though, apologise, but only when you're ready." She smiled. "I would like to put it behind us, to try and be his friend, for you, but it'll be a long path, one I'm not sure Rhys, Cass and Azriel are ready to go down yet." You smiled back at her. "I understand, but when we do go down it, I'll be there holding your hand the entire time." She hugged you then. "Oh and Mor, Eris has never been to Starfall, Feyre has said we can stay so he can see it, I'll need a dress." She perked up immediately."We'll go shopping tomorrow!" You laughed at her. "His mother would like to see the city, would you like to join us?" She pulled you up with her. "Absolutely!"
You'd just made it down the steps of the house when the others appeared, Eris spotted you immediately and ran at you, he picked you up and span you round in a circle. "My wonderful, brave, beautiful, crazy little mate!" You laughed at him. "I can't believe you told him off like that!" You met his eyes and saw nothing but pride in them. "No one talks to you like that." You smiled as he kissed you. "Speaking of my mother, where is she?" He murmured into the side of your head. "Elain is showing her the gardens, then we're taking her into the city, she asked to see it, but for the record, if she'd asked me to let her go with Helion, I would've one hundred percent allowed it to happen." He kissed the side of your head. "I know you would've sweetness." You sighed "I can't imagine being kept from you for that long." He pulled back from you and his gaze met yours again. "You never will be."
They had come to an accord, Eris was still heir, Lucien is to never step foot in Autumn again while Beron lives. The Lady of Autumn is allowed to stay for Starfall and then she must return home. You knew there was more that you hadn't been told, but for now, everyone seemed happy and you didn't want to ruin it. Rhys had decided that if the Lady of Autumn wanted to see the city it was best done at night, under the stars and had declared you would all be going for a meal at Rita's that evening once everyone had freshened up.
You were shrieking with laughter as Eris pulled you on top of him as soon as you were alone in your borrowed rooms. Peppering kissed all over your face. "Thank you for defending me." He mumbled over and over again, you smiled at him but you couldn't help the gnawing feeling in your chest that there was something he wasn't telling you. He'd followed Rhys into his office once they'd arrived back at the River House and Rhys had declared the evening plans. You'd tried to follow them in when you were stopped by Azriel stepping out of the shadows. "It's warded, you won't get in, or be able to hear anything if you linger out here." You huffed at the Shadowsinger and crossed your arms over your chest. "Do you remember where your room is? I'd be happy to walk you if you don't?" He asked, you sighed and headed towards your room.
"You look stunning, love." Eris smiled at you from his seat on the edge of the bed, Blaze staring up at him. You'd heard Eris arguing with the puppy from the bathing chambers where you were getting ready about how Blaze couldn't come tonight but he could stay here with Nox, Nyx and the twin wraith baby sitters, the puppy in turn was whining and huffing and it had sounded like they were having an actual conversation. It had taken everything in you not to break down into giggles.
You'd forgotten how amazing the atmosphere in Rita's was, you'd been for a lovely meal at one of the posher restaurants in the city and walked the entirety of it, Eris' hand in yours, his mother holding his other elbow as she took in Velaris, a look of wonderment on her face and then she had retired for the evening, Cassian flying her back to the house, she'd never flown and the General was more than happy to volunteer. Eris shouting after him to be careful as Cassian took off with his mother shreking in delight. Drinking and dancing was the next order of business for you all and it felt nice to relax and let go. Whatever Eris wasn't telling you, you'd fight that battle in the morning, he seemed relaxed now, with your friends and family, drinking and talking with Nesta of all people. Much to everyone's surprise, Mor had asked him to dance and you could've kissed her for the effort she was making with him, he looked to you before accepting her offer and you smiled widely and nodded at him. You had to give it to Beron, the two of them would've made a fabulous looking couple, all beauty and grace as they danced. You were pulled away from watching them when a scarred hand was offered to you. "Azriel, are you asking me to dance?" You raised an eyebrow at the Spymaster who you'd only ever seen dance once, with Nesta. He gave you a shy smile and nodded as you took his hand. "He's not going to kill me is he?" Az mumbled to you as you danced, you could see Eris watching the pair of you over Mor's shoulder. You sent him your most dazzling smile and his attention returned to Mor.
"You seem happy considering." Azriel said quietly into your ear. "Considering what?" You asked him, genuine confusing filling your tone. He froze. "That you can't go back to Autumn, like Lucien? It was part of Beron's terms." The world stopped, the music slipped away and your heart cleaved in two.
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