#I'll still be terrified the night before my next class for no reason
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Hi Becca! I would literally die for you blog. It’s my go to any time I need some good self care😉. You’re incredibly talented!
But I’ve had this idea bouncing around in my head. It boils down to just Bucky and cock warming. Like the reader is on him begging for more but he is just having way to much fun playing with their clit to start moving. Making them cum on him with out thrusting once.
Just an idea I thought you might like. I love you work, have a great day!!
I'm really glad you've been enjoying my stuff so much!! That's so sweet!💗 and I keep getting told I can get ✨filthier✨ so I'd love to mess with this is little bit
Because I love the thought of Bucky making you start off with a dildo that's just a little bit smaller in size than he is. Maybe one of those dildos with a suction cup on the bottom so it's stuck on a wooden chair.
"Good girl, take it all." He encourages, kneeling between your legs, watching your cunt greedily swallow the toy. It's a sight he doesn't often get to see and he's really not sure why he doesn't make a point of watching it more often.
You whine quietly, feeling the toy bottom out. Your ass makes contact with the cool, varnished wood beneath you and you can't help but roll your hips a little, enjoying the feeling of the tip rubbing against your velvety walls.
"If I wanted you to fuck yourself on that, I'd tell you to. Did I tell you to?" Bucky's voice has a sharp edge that almost knocks you out of your daze.
"N-no... But-" You begin, trying to justify your movement but he cuts you off.
"No. So don't. I want you to keep your cunt stuffed and take what I give you." He watches up at you as he presses your knees apart, keeping his eyes on your face until he can't bare it anymore.
You gasp quietly at the feeling of his hot breath on your exposed, slick sex and there's nothing you can do but whimper at the feeling of his tongue gently grazing your clit.
Fuck, it's good. It's not long before he's licking you like he's starving, lapping and sucking gently on your clit before forcing your legs wider apart to lick your arousal from the base of the toy.
"Bucky, please. Please let me move." You didn't mean to sound so pathetic but with each lick, you get closer and closer to an orgasm you won't be able to stop. An orgasm you've been warned you're not allowed to have.
You're almost surprised he takes pity on you, giving you permission to get off the toy. He removes it from the chair and sits down in it's place, offering his cock as a replacement.
You sit back down as you had earlier with your back to his chest but you can't help but feel amazed at how much better his dick feels. He's slightly bigger and while that's nice, nothing beats the way he throbs inside you and the hot, breathy groans against your ear at the feeling of your body taking all of him.
"Such a good girl." He smirks against your neck, littering your skin with kisses between his soft praises. You feel one of his hands on your chin, gently directing you to look to your right, over in the direction of the full length mirror.
The reflection you're looking at makes your walls flutter involuntarily because fuck, you really are stuffed full of his cock and he's making sure you're not able to fully enjoy it yet.
With one hand still holding your head in place, making sure you keep watching, Bucky's free hand trails down between your legs, flicking and rubbing your clit again.
"Oh f-fuck." You whine, watching Bucky's smirk widen. You can't sit still. You just can't. You want to grind your hips and take what you need and in that moment, his pleasure and all the instructions he's given you come second. You need to get off, consequences be damned.
"Don't even fucking think about it." He warns, delivering one harsh slap to your clit. It's not overly hard but it's enough to shock you. "You know you're not allowed to cum. I want to feel this pretty pussy dripping first. Don't worry though. Once you're wet and messy enough, I'll fuck you stupid on the carpet, right in front of the mirror. Want you to watch yourself cum so hard you forget your own name."
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Hey honey! You are doing really good with your writings you are by far one of my favourite writers. In that case I was wondering if you could please write a fic with Bakugou and Denki (separate) with a s/o that goes to a different school from them and the boys in their s/o’s class are perverts and they talk about how they wanna touch reader. I was wondering how Bakugou and Denki would react if they visited reader and overheard the boys conversation. Sorry if it’s confusing or makes you uncomfy
I appreciate it so much kami, thank you~ I'm proud to have that title, and hope you are having a good rest of 2021 :) I read 'Denki' as 'Deku' a few times, my brain enjoys mixing up words sometimes. Currently, in some downtime, I'm queueing up more posts for you lovely readers! Some late Christmas gifts, if you'd like to consider them that✨✨
Requests are still very much open! Check out the rules in my bio for more information, all of the details are there! Speaking of my bio, check out those lovely links in my bio to my masterlist and RedBubble (products with art designs I made myself from various forms of media)
Remember to keep yourselves safe and enjoy the rest of the year!
-Despite always seeing you in each other's dorms at night, you still hide something from him
-He isn't sure what it could be, and he's asked before about it
-You always tell him not to worry, and that nothing is going on
-He doesn't doubt your love from him or anything, but he feels like something personal is going on in your life
-One afternoon, he decided to visit you
-Your school had just had its midterms, and you were probably exhausted
-Grabbing your mutual takeout favourite, he made his way to your dorm
-Standing outside were a group of boys, clearing caging in another person
-Bakugou strained to listen, whipping around in their direction
-Hearing some words he didn't like he recognized you, and the boys weren't going to live to see another day if they kept talking about you in such a disgusting way
- "You damn extras better have a damn good reason you're harassing my s/o", he said, pushing one of them away from you
-They scoffed, one of them looking like they were reeling up to punch Bakugou, but the boys recognized him from the terrifying sports festival
- "It's the UA monster!" one yelled, running away as quickly as possible from you with his little gang
-Bakugou yelled after them, startling them further with an explosion
-Cooling himself off, he turned to you, taking your hand and dragging you to your dorm
-After shutting the door behind him, he turned to you once more
- "That what's been bothering you lately?" he asked, pointing towards the door
-You nodded, not wanting to make eye contact, feeling guilty about the entire thing
-He sighed, pulling you into a hug
- "I'm not mad at you. I just want you to tell me when someone's harassing you next time. That way I can do something about it. Or, at least look out for you baby", he said, pulling away to catch your head in his hands
- "I'm sorry Katsuki"
- "Don't be", he said, giving you a quick kiss on the forehead, "Not for some assholes' actions like those extras. You're fucking perfect, and if they ever lay a hand on your again I'll kick their asses!"
-You smiled, and he returned the look
- "How about some food? You look exhausted (Name). Put on a damn movie, I'll find your paper plates."
- "Thank you Katsuki."
- "Anytime princess."
-Typically you were matching with Denki's energy, always so happy and bubbly around everyone
-But lately, you've been rather quiet and it's started to worry Denki
-Normally you'd tell him when something was bothering you, but something was different about whatever this was
- "Are you sure you're feeling okay?" He asked one night at dinner, "You're being pretty quiet and I wanna make sure I didn't hurt your feelings with any of my jokes."
- "I promise you didn't do anything Kaminari. I love you, so don't worry about anything, okay?"
-He wanted to believe you, but something school has taught him was to question certain things
-He had a gut feeling about this, and he definitely wasn't going to let it go until you told him or he found out
-UA was let out early after an exam day, and he made his way across town to your school to pick you up after your own classes had ended
-While waiting for you to get out, he noticed a group of boys also waiting across the way, directly outside your classroom door
-He watched as they began to coo and say rather inappropriate things to you
- "Hey! Get away from them!" Denki shouted, shoving one of them, off of you, "What the hell is your problem? That's pretty disgusting of you to say."
- "And who the hell are you?"
- "The guy who's going to both short circuit your brain and report you to the school of you don't walk away right now", he said, doing just that to one of the boys
-The other three stepped back and followed his instructions, dragging their fried friend with them
- "Kaminari, you shouldn't have-"
- "He'll be fine. I just temporarily fried his brain. Just wait a few hours", he assured, taking you into his arms
-He began walking with you to the train station, wanting to make certain you made it home okay
- "Tell me when something like that is happening (Name)", he said as you stepped onto the train, sitting down in a vacant seat, "You shouldn't ever just put up with someone harassing you like that."
- "I just didn't want you to worry", you said, "But they do that all the time. Nothing I do stops them."
- "If they do it again, I'll do something about it then", he said, taking your hand in his, "How about I walk you home from now on?"
-You shook your head, "It's too far for you to make it from UA every day..."
- "Don't worry", Denki said, kissing your hand and giving it a small squeeze, "I'll find a way. For you, I'll always figure it out."
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hiddens-eden · 2 years
The Last Tune (Emmett Cullen x Male!Reader) Pt 1
Tumblr media
Paring; Emmett Cullen x Male Reader + Cullen Family x Male Reader (PLATONIC)
Warning: Cursing, Abuse, Tramua, Angst
Pronouns; He/Him
Spelling checked; No
Summary; Y/N is a quiet boy that's had his fair share of physical and emotional trauma, so he loves to keep to himself. He barely interacts with anyone unless needed and prefers to listen to music and sketch in peace. So imagine his surprise when some of the most popular kids in school want to be around him! They heard him singing along with his music and were immediately entranced. One of them in particular has his eyes set on him. Though, they are not the only ones who have an interest in Y/N.
A/N; Hello, my little Otaku's! Welcome to my first fic! I hope you enjoy, and feedback is always appreciated! Just be kind! I'm sorry if it seems at all rushed! On my next stories I do plan on switching PoV's so it'll be easier to write and more entertaining. Enjoy!
"Who are they?"a dark haired girl asked her friend that was sitting just across from their lunch table
"Those are some of the most popular people in school, the Cullen's. Not only are they hot as hell, but they're charming to boot! They do disappear for long periods of time, which gives them an air of mystery."
At the Cullen's table, they softly chuckled at the description the new girl was given. After all, it's only natural considering what they are. They are a being talked about in many fantasy tales. Known for their taste for blood. Vampires, a creature of the night that feasts on humans. However, they in particular don't drink human blood
They went back to softly talking to each other, but a few minutes later something caught their attention. A soft voice echoed in their eardrums. It was enchanting and beautiful, it was like nothing they've ever heard of. They all simultaneously started looking around for the source of the pleasant sound when the new girl asked about someone else.
"Who is that?" she asked, pointing to a table where a boy sat by himself
"Oh! That's (Y/N), (L/N)! He doesn't talk much, but when he does, you can't help but feel so tranquil and at peace!"
That caught the vampire's attention, and they whipped their heads to where the brunette was pointing. Noticing that that was where the sound is coming from.
"What do you mean?"
"His voice is so soft, like silk! But it has a sort of firmness to it! That's not the only thing, though. He is so kind, adorable, and smart as well! He even helps who ask for him to tutor them. His personality makes everyone want to be around him!"
That rose some questions in the vampires heads. If he is that well-liked, why is no one sitting near him?
"Then why is he alone?"
~The vampires will have to thank the new girl for asking so many questions~
"Well, whenever people come near him, he gets anxious and tries to get away as soon as possible. Someone grabbed him on accident, and he started having a panic attack, falling to the ground, and hyperventilating."
The Cullen's were a little shocked when they heard this. That wasn't normal for sure
"Holy shit. Was he okay?"
"Yeah, he was sent home early. But, some students saw his face as he was leaving and said that he looked terrified. We think something is going on where he lives, though we can't know for sure" she shrugged
"Once he came to school the next day, he was wearing long-sleeves. I thought it was weird considering he never wore them before, but the rest of the school shrugged it off as it being in the winter months making it reasonable. The person apologized the next day and (Y/N) just said it was fine, and he just likes being alone, so now that's what we do"
Right when the girl finished, the bell rang, signaling the end of lunch. Making everyone get up and start to throw away their trash and head to class. All except one person...
"I don't think he heard the bell" Emmett said
"Gee, none of us would've guessed!" Rosalie responded, causing the other Cullen's to chuckle
Suddenly, Jasper's sight shifted to his wife Alice because he felt her stiffening up, a tell-tale sign of her power activating. The other vampires looked at her as well, waiting for her to relay what she saw. After a little bit she came to and, slowly, turned to Emmett grinning
"Emmett, why don't you go over and tell him class is about to start? Maybe even ask him to tutor you! We all know you need it." she remarked, still grinning
Starting to understand why she was acting like the way she was, Emmett sighed, wanting to protest, but he knew Alice's visions almost always came true, or they would end at the same conclusion.
He made his way over to where the boy was sitting
"Remember not to grab him!" Alice semi-shouted from where she was standing
Emmett waved her off, still approaching (Y/N)
He gently tapped (Y/N)'s shoulder, making the smaller boy jump in surprise and what Emmett can only assume is fear
(Y/N) turned his head around fast enough to give him whiplash and that's when he met the golden eyes of the person that startled him
He took his earbud out before speaking, "I-Is there s-something I can do for you?" (Y/N) asked shakily
Emmett stood there for a moment. He had never seen someone so hot and cute at the same time. The girl was right, too. His voice is the embodiment of angelic. Emmett took this chance to take in all the boys features, from his soft (S/C) skin that reflected the light of the cafeteria. To his intoxicating (E/C) eyes that he could get lost in over and over again. Emmett felt a small pull to (Y/N), and he knew exactly what it meant.
“H-hello? Are you alright?” (Y/N) asked
“I-I um…class is about to start…”
(Y/N) looked at the time and blushed
“So it is…” (Y/N) stood up and started collecting his things “T-thanks for letting me know” (Y/N) stood to leave but was stopped as Emmett stood in front of him
“I was wondering if you could help me study for chemistry? I’m currently failing” Emmett chuckled, rubbing the back of his head
"I-I don't mind, where should we meet?"
"How about the Library after school?"
(Y/N) smiled the slightest bit "Sounds good, now if you don't mind I need to get to class" and with that (Y/N) left the cafeteria heading to his next class. Emmett slowly rejoined his family, still in awe from the recent interaction.
Jasper grinned from the emotions Emmett was emulating
"It seems Emmett is very interested in that guy"
"Hell yeah I am! Did you see him?!"
"We did" Edward answered him, "But"
"But what?" Emmett asked
"I can't read his mind, same with the new girl"
"Does that mean they're a supernatural?" Rosalie asked
"No, they aren't. The new girl is a weird case, but (Y/N) seems to just have fantastic mental walls and barriers. Which is concerning..."
"Then I'll have to break them" Emmett smirked
The rest of the Cullen's let out a collective sigh as they made their way to their respective classes. Still wondering what was going on with the mysterious (Y/N).
The final bell rang, indicating the end of the school day. Students started to funnel out of their classes and into the hallways. Emmett was waiting outside (Y/N)'s classroom, ready to head to the library.
After waiting awhile of waiting, (Y/N) came out of the classroom books and binder in hand
(Y/N) jumped and turned around to see Emmett, a look of relief claimed his face
"You ready to go?"
As they made their way to the library, they made some just talked about their interests and things of that nature, eventually arriving at their destination. After they settled in their seats with the necessary books, they started the study session.
Emmett found it cute, they way (Y/N) would nervously try and help him understand the complex formula's and equations. After a few explanations, (Y/N) sat down and started to work on his homework. Unconsciously, (Y/N) started to sing to himself, making Emmett perk up and look at him.
"You're a good singer"
(Y/N) blushed, "Thanks...but others don't think so..."
"Are you kidding me?!" Emmett stood up, causing (Y/N) to jump a little, "Your voice is amazing!"
(Y/N) blushed at the praise he was given. He'd never been complimented before, so this was new to him.
"Thank you" (Y/N) smiled, making Emmett's cold and dead heart swell with something he's never felt before
"N-no problem" Emmett said before sitting down, and starting to work again, still thinking of that cute-ass smile
Soon, the sun started to set and that was their cue to wrap things up.
"Could you tutor me again tomorrow? If you're free, that is" Emmett asked
"Sure, I should be open. Meet here after school?"
"Then I'll see you tomorrow" (Y/N) smiled at Emmett before walking to his place
To say Emmett was giddy is an understatement. He was over the moon. Not only did he get to be tutored by his adorable mate, but he also got him to open up and be more relaxed around him! He made his way back to his own house and entered with his head still stuck in the clouds. Unaware of the fact that the whole family was sitting in the living room
"It seems that Emmett had an amazing time" Jasper couldn't help but let out his own smile from Emmett's emotions
"Something good happen, Emmett?" Carlisle asked, intrigued by Jasper's comment
"I think he's the one"
"The One?" Esme questioned
Alice snickered, clearly happy that her vision seemed to have came true
"My mate" Emmett replied, still thinking about the fun time he had studying with (Y/N)
"Congrats!! But, make sure you claim him before anyone else!" Esme explained
"He's not an object, Esme" Carlisle chastised
"I know, but humans may not understand their feelings"
"I just have to take things slow. I don't want to scare him off"
~Next Day at School~
"Hey (Y/N)!"
"Hmm? Oh, hey Emmett!" (Y/N) smiled sweetly
As Emmett got closer to (Y/N) he noticed a very distinct smell coming from the boy. "(Y/N) are you alright?" he asked concern lacing his voice
(Y/N) visibly tensed and started to shake slightly. "U-um ye-yeah? I'm f-fine"
Emmett was less than convinced. He needed to know who or what hurt his mate, so he could end it's pitiful existence, then and there. Though, he decided not to add anymore fuel to the fire...yet.
"If you say so. We should head to to class"
"Are we still on for tonight?"
"If you still want to, then yes" (Y/N) smiled at Emmett causing him to absolutely gush at his adorableness
"Yep! Totally!" (Y/N) chuckled at Emmett's response
While heading to class they just talked about whatever was on their minds. Well, mostly Emmett since (Y/N) is a closed off little bean <3. But, that didn't stop either of them from enjoying themselves. Even once they where in class they softly whispered to each other. Their teacher didn't care much because (Y/N) is a model student and Emmett is a popular kid (you know those teachers that try and get in with the cool kids? Yeah, that's their teacher). When they went their seperate way's for their second block (Y/N) though that was it, like all of the other people he's tutored. He just thought Emmett was being kind and he'd see him after school for their study session. But he was proven wrong at lunchtime.
(Y/N) was eating by himself at a table listening to music and singing along softly when he felt vibrations coming from next to him. He looked over to not only see Emmett, but the whole Cullen entourage in tow. He was shocked to say the very least.
"Can we sit here?"
Collecting himself he responded with a soft "Yeah". The Cullen's then sat down, Emmett sitting on your right and Alice on your left. She squealed and looked twoards you "I've wanted to actually talk to you for a while now! Emmett talks about you and your singing too! I hope I can hear you one day!" This, this was how (Y/N).exe has stopped working. You where an embarassed blushing mess while looking at Emmett in mock betrayal. 'He talks about me?' you thought. He just smirked enjoying your cuteness.
"Ahh!!! He's soo adorable!!" Now you were a even darker red. Only provoking Alice more as she got slightly closer to you. You were about to curl in on yourself when you felt that you were being griped by the waist and pulled into a solid chest.
"Alice, your going to make him explode" Emmett said slightly, just slightly defensive
She laughed "My my what about you then?"
"What do you mean?"
"Look down, bonehead" Rosalie butted in amused
Emmett did what she said and saw you an absolute wreck. If a cherry was a person it would be you at this point-
Now he was trying to compose himself. The sight of both of you made everyone at the table start chuckling. After that whole fiasco you got to know Emmett's family and started to enjoy their presence. Something you never really had the pleasure of experiencing...
Over the next few weeks, Emmett did everything he could to be even remotely close to (Y/N). They would do studying sessions at the library, and after they would get something to eat. Well, only (Y/N) did. He thought it was weird Emmett never ate anything, but Emmett assured (Y/N) that he was eating well. They would often go to parks and just have fun too. However, all fun things come to an end. When one day (Y/N) didn't show up to school. Emmett just thought (Y/N) got a cold, but soon days turned to weeks and he was getting worried. He didn't know where (Y/N) lived so he couldn't go to his house and see if he was alright, but one day Carlise came home a little later than usual which was not unnoticed by his family.
"You're back late" Esme commented
"Well there is a teenager in critical condition. He came in with severe lacerations all over his body and what seemed to be marks of repeated tramua as well. He came in a couple of weeks ago and was in a coma until he flatlined earlier this morning" Carlise took off his doctor coat and placed it on the chair making his way to Esme. As he stood next to her he looked over to see his "children" with wide eyes
"Is something wrong?" Carlise asked a bit worried
"When did that patient come into the hospital?" Emmett asked urgently
"(Date). Why?"
With that all of the vampires stood up and started to get ready to go to the hospital
"What's wrong? Where are you guys going?" Esme asked
"That's most likely my mate" Emmett replied, making it clear he was irritated
"Well then what are we waiting for?" Esme rushed everyone out the door and to the hospital
At the hospital, they made their way to the room (Y/N) was at. Once there, Carlisle motioned for Emmett to enter first. Emmett went in and was shocked by what he saw. (Y/N) had many tubes attached to him. His body was wrapped in bandages and his breathing was hitching. Emmett walked over to the resting (Y/N) and reached out for his hand, grasping it softly. He rubbed his thumb over the boy's knuckles in a reassuring manner, then sat down next to the bed, still holding (Y/N)'s hand. He could only think about how much he failed his mate. How could he let this happen? He knew there was something going on, but he did nothing? He turned a blind eye to it all. How can he face (Y/N) when he wakes up? Emmett's thoughts were interrupted by someone's voice
"Who are you?"
"I should be asking you that" Emmett replied
"I'm (Y/N)'s boyfriend"
With that, Emmett's world stopped. Boyfriend? How? Why? Was I to late? Emmett turned to (Y/N) conflicted, but that's when he saw the heart monitor. His heart rate was not that high a while ago.
"Can you leave me with my boyfriend?" (B/F/N) asked harshly
Emmett reluctantly stood up and made his way to the door, but not before taking one last look at (Y/N). Once he was out of the room, Emmett started walking down the hallway back to his family.
"Who was that guy that went in there?" Rosalie went up to Emmett
"Apparently, he's (Y/N)'s boyfriend"
The Cullen's looked at Emmett in sadness and pity, but they noticed something
"You don't seem that bothered about it" Jasper said
"Well, before he came in, (Y/N)'s heart rate was normal, but when he spoke his heart rate rose"
"So, you think-"
"Yeah, his 'boyfriend' must've done that to him"
"That's awful" Esme covered her mouth in shock
"We can't really do anything if we don't have proof though" Alice said irritated
"Then we'll just have to get some" Emmett smirked, making the other Cullen's nod
They made their plan's and put them on hold until you were sent home. In the meantime, Emmett came to visit whenever your 'boyfriend' was never there and if he was, Carlisle was keeping a closer eye on you than normal. He also noticed that (B/F/N) would only ever sit in the chair across the room and when he would glance at you a look of disgust would be present on his face. This further solidified his resolve to get you out of that situation.
~A few days later while Emmett is visiting you~
"We're going to help you (Y/N), Everything will be better soon" Emmett reassured the sleeping male whilst holding his hand. He then felt (Y/N) clench his hand and looked up to see those beautiful (E/C) orbs opening
"Shh, don't strain yourself yet" Emmett stood up and pressed the 'call' button just above (Y/N)'s head before sitting back down
"The hospital...can you tell me what happened to you?"
After a brief pause, (Y/N) shook his ever so slightly
"That's fine, just tell me when you're ready" Emmett smiled sweetly. He saw (Y/N)'s face contort into sadness as he started crying. "I-I'm sorry f-for worrying you" (Y/N) choked out between sobs. Emmett couldn't see him cry like this, so he started to comfort and reassure the other male. "You'll be okay...I won't let you get hurt anymore..."
A/N: I really hope you liked it! Please tell me your thoughts! Sorry it took way longer than I said! I will now be working on the requests I have gotten and a new series I've conjured up ;)By my little Otaku's!!
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➳all the king's men ♡ ☾
in which all the king's men couldn't put the pieces of y/n l/n together. we all have the days where we're insecure and broken, this is one of hers.
fred weasley x fem!reader
word count: ±1.8k
tw: insecurity, bullying
please if you are having overly harmful thoughts about yourself, talk to a friend or a professional. you are perfect the way you are and don't let anyone tell you otherwise!
drop a follow if you wanna see more of this content!!
my masterlist:D
Tumblr media
it's so sad that the best people tend to think the worst of themselves
all the king's men
y/n, for lack of a better description, was feeling like humpty dumpty. she had seen herself in the mirror last night, and felt positively traumatised. she had come back from a quidditch practice session, and the results were quite terrifying.
she didn't understand. quidditch made the guys more toned and even a few of her teammates had abs. what did it do to her? well, it made her shoulders broad, which she thought was highly unattractive to anyone, and not at all slim! sure, it was fun and kept her fit, but terribly horrible, in her opinion, in trying to fit in to the beautiful girls that went to hogwarts.
she admired angie johnson and cho chang and ginny. she really did. y/n knew how hard it was to be beautiful, and she liked when other people were so beautifully beautiful. it just made her feel terrible, because what was the chance of her keeping her boyfriend in fred weasley when fiercely pretty girls were dancing elegantly around her?
there wasn't any time to be mopey and sad, so she gathered all her books and immediately went to breakfast. she didn't even bother going over to fred and greeting him. she saw how happy he was laughing with george and lee. surely she wouldn't bother him. instead she plopped down next to alicia.
"you ok?" alicia spinnet asked her.
she nodded, "fine."
"you sure?"
"wanna talk about it?"
"do you think it's too early to get plastic surgery?" y/n joked in an attempt to lighten the mood.
"what the fuck, no. what's up?" alicia's eyes were lit with concern.
"i don't feel pretty," her voice was but a whisper.
alicia caught it.
"why? you're literally adorable."
"you're my best friend, you're supposed to tell me that."
"hmm, nah, i truly believe it."
"well i don't," y/n said miserably.
"oi, l/n, your hair down today?" adrian pucey snarled, "it's gonna give me aids."
a few students snorted.
"you can get aids then. shut your mouth," y/n retorted back.
the whole school look startled. was this the same, prefect, goody-two-shoes y/n l/n?
adrian pucey opened his mouth.
"i said shut. your. mouth."
fred weasley watched in a mixture of furiousness and pride. he knew that pucey had a crush on y/n too. he was just terrible in expressing it. fred didn't like the way y/n's eyes sadly flitted to alicia afterwards. and she hadn't come up to him and given him a kiss today. maybe she just wanted a bit of space??
"see?" y/n sighed, "not even my hair is pretty." she tied it up.
alicia laughed, "adrian just wants your attention."
that made y/n laugh. "why? why?" it was a rhetorical question. she got up, and smiled at adrian in the most menacing way that he shrunk.
"miss l/n, your outburst was quite rude-" snape began.
"my apologies professor, of course, i was in the wrong. adrian pucey brought the topic surrounding my hair up, called it ugly. now what would you do if a student called your hair ugly?" y/n said, eyes burning with fury but conscience too good to lose her temper.
"i-i would give them a scolding."
"likewise. good day, professor."
"fucking hell, he is such a sh-" alicia muttered as she got up and followed y/n out to class.
"ali, that's enough," their retreating voices could be heard.
fred kept his eye on y/n through the day, giving her the space he thought she needed.
she looked very like her normal self, until she encountered pucey again.
"l/n, nice squinty eyes," pucey laughed.
y/n's shoulders sagged. her eyes dimmed and she let her ponytail fall in front of her face.
"ponytail won't fix them," he laughed meanly, "can they fix your dumpling body?"
fred frowned deeply, "fuck off, adrian," he angrily said, "that's my girlfriend you're talking to."
"oh, you have someone like weasley to save you? i don't even think you deserve him as a boyfriend."
y/n didn't answer, fearing that tears would spill out of her eyes. she had just been feeling worse and worse about herself. instead, when the bell signalled the end of classes, she hurried quickly off to wherever, trying to pull herself together.
she felt like she was at the bottom of the earth. her eyes finally let go of the tears that needed to be spilt. she leant sobbing against a stout tree in the forbidden forest, head slumped gloomily against the trunk, eyes trying to find anything, anything, that could be remotely comforting and hands fiddling nervously with the flowers that bloomed happily around her. her whole body shook in anxiety. she wished she had her mum or dad here to help her. but they were back at home.
how did fred love her?
she wished she didn't have stupid hair or squinty eyes or a dumpling body. but she couldn't ignore the mean, yet so true, remarks about her body adrian made. they were morally wrong and he deserved to be stabbed, but they were factual. she used to just laugh and joke about him too, but now she realised that maybe she should pay more attention to the way she eats and works and the way she talks and looks and presents herself and put more makeup on and-
fred found her crying there, by the little pond, shrinking away from the mere sight of her own appearance. he didn't get it.
well, he did, but he didn't know why such a beautiful girl like his girlfriend was crying.
she flinched and stopped crying.
"sorry, i'll leave. i don't think you want a dumpling of a girlfriend sharing this nice space," she attempted to joke, but it fell short. she wasn't joking anymore. her tone was serious and genuine. the unexpected good nature pucey's remarks were received in usually was gone, and for good reason. it had broken her into the tiniest little pieces.
fred felt it. he felt his heart stop.
"is this about what pucey said to you, lovely?" he asked gently, cupping her cheek, and pulling her close to him.
she nodded, feeling immensely better already. the smell of him made her calm down insanely.
"so you don't want space?"
"n-no, i was just..." she trailed off uncertainly.
"mhm?" he looked at her and waited.
"it's silly."
"well, it's got you crying, i don't think so."
"the stuff a-adrian says is true," her voice was quiet and small.
fred frowned.
"i'm not cute or elegant or even hot," she continued, "i-i'm not as pretty as anyone here."
"well, my little love, if my opinion even matters, you are stunning. i think you're the prettiest person in the world, both on skin and in here," he patted his own heart, "do you know how long i pined after you?"
"i'm still pining after you, gorgeous."
"d-do you mean it when you say gorgeous?" her eyes were broken and teary.
"of course. it hurts me when you are upset. because you are gorgeous and much more because you are so nice and good to me and to everyone else too. pucey's a complete shithead and when i next see him i will bash his head in. i'm so sorry i didn't notice, love, i thought you were mad at me."
"no it's fine, i just don't understand. you're fred weasley. so many girl's want you and you-you choose...me?," a sad frown was etched on her face, her tone confused.
"y/n, you're my only choice. i don't want the other girls. i can see the appeal of you. i-i know i'm not the best with words like you, but i really care about you. i love you, i adore you, you're the bestest person i've ever met."
and he knows he's brought the happiness back in her. she giggled. he felt relieved, because he knew he wasn't good at all at comforting people and y/n was so special to him- why didn't he say that earlier to her?
"bestest isn't a word, freddie."
"well you get what i mean, right? you're really special to me," there it was.
she nodded slowly, a small smile forming on her lips as she kissed him on the lips, before snuggling closer to him.
"darling, wouldn't you rather go back to the castle to cuddle?"
hesitantly, she shook her head.
"'drian's there."
"adrian cannot hurt you, okay? whatever he tells you is wrong. he's wrong," he gently says, pulling her close to him, "besides, if he does, i'm here, and you're strong."
"i just cried about it, i can't be strong."
"crying doesn't mean you're weak, darling, sometimes we all cry and that's okay."
y/n nodded.
"here, i brought this for you, maybe it's a comfort??" he blushed as he handed her his quidditch hoodie.
she grinned and put it on.
he couldn't stop blushing at the sight of her, so he tilted his face away to save himself the embarrassment.
noticing and mistaking his turned away head for disgust, y/n took the hoodie off, downcastedly handing it back to him.
"sorry," she gave a smile that didn't quite reach her eyes as fred looked at her in confusion.
"y-you can have it back, yeah, there's no need to hide your shame, here, s-sorry," she stuttered out.
"shame?" he asked, looking worriedly down at her.
"mhm," she fiddled with the hem of her shirt, "sorry."
he finally understood.
"angel, look at me."
she reluctantly looked up at him.
"i wasn't feeling disgusted at all. i-i was actually embarrassed because i was blushing," his cheeks heated up again, "like i probably am right now. you're too beautiful. i was blushing too much."
"yeah. now put it back on," he demanded, as he cheekily tugged the jumper over her head, blushing again as he saw her standing there in his jumper.
"c'mon!" he said, carrying y/n's school bag as they made their way to the castle, his arm wrapped protectively around his waist and the bright gold letters on the back of his sweater shining for anyone and everyone to see.
they didn't see pucey, thank goodness and they ended up talking with george and katie bell and angie and alicia by the fire.
as y/n smiled and giggled with katie over something highly scandalous, fred had his eyes on her, not so much monitoring her, but he couldn't keep them off of her.
when he had noticed her words start to become short and slightly slurred by tiredness, he lead her back to her dormitory.
"feeling better princess?"
she nodded, "you're so good to me, freddie. i love you."
it made his heart swell with happiness.
"i'd go to the moon and back for you, y/n."
she smiled drowsily, "and i, you."
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moldisgoodforyou · 2 years
on my mom's grave
wordcount: 3.7k
warnings: n/a
Tumblr media
“How drunk do you think we’re going to get tonight?” Sophie asked, tipping back the last of a lemon White Claw as the two of them got ready for the night in her room.
“Dunno. I’m not really feeling it tonight.”
She paused, glancing back at him. “Do you not want to go?”
He shook his head and took the can from her, disappointed to realize there was nothing left. “No, no, it’s fine. I’m cool. Probably just won’t drink.”
“Is this about the phone call with your dad earlier?”
Rafe sighed, gritting his teeth. “It’s not - I’m fine, Soph.”
She crossed her arms and eyed him over, trying to get a read on his body language. “You’re sure.”
“I’m sure.” After Rafe tugged his shirt over his head, ready much faster than Sophie, he paced around the room for a few seconds before speaking up. "Hey, so...Sarah's getting presented at the annual deb ball in spring."
Sophie seemed unbothered, turning her back to him as she wrestled her way into a crop top to get ready for the night. "Those are still a thing? Cool, so you're going home for it?" She paused, glancing over at him in his polo. "Undo another button."
He did so, then rocked back on his heels with his hands in his pockets, trying to figure out what to say next.
She slowly turned back to him, realizing he was still tense across his shoulders. "What?"
Rafe rubbed the back of his neck, a tell-tale sign he was nervous and Sophie wasn't going to like what he was about to say. "Yeah...my dad wanted you to come home for it too."
"What? Ward? Why?"
"He, kinda, uh, wants you to be presented too?"
She just laughed, turning back to the mirror with her brow furrowed in slight concentration as she applied another coat of mascara. "Okay. Sure." But when he didn't elaborate, she turned back to him again, lips pursed. "Cameron. Tell me you told him no."
"...I didn't not not tell him no."
He cracked under her stare. "I'm sorry, okay! Look, it's easy, all you have to do is throw on a pretty white dress and gloves -"
"A dress that costs thousands of dollars -"
"Hundreds, but - I'll cover you, obviously -"
"No." She turned back to the mirror, shaking her head. "Fuck no. I'm not going."
"Sophie." He nearly begged, stepping closer and running his hand through his hair. "Baby. C'mon."
"Don't call me that. No. I don’t fit into that part of your world.”
"Not even for me?" He pleaded, giving her a half-hearted grin. He ignored her last sentence, knowing any argument he had for her point would be dismissed in two seconds. "I wouldn't ask you if it wasn't important, you know that."
She turned back to him with crossed arms, fixing him with a glare. "Do I know that?"
"Don't, Rafe." She warned, holding one hand out, but he stepped closer anyways.
"Angel. Please. For me." He forced a smile, tried cracking a joke. "I really don't want to have to call him up and get read the riot act."
She furrowed her brow and Rafe reached out and smoothed out the lines in between her eyebrows before he could stop himself, making her soften just a little. "If I were to say yes. What would I have to do?"
"Just wear the dress, attend a dinner, party the night before and party that night." He paused, thinking. "And stay at my house for the weekend. Be civil to my dad.” At her eyeroll, he fixed her with a more serious gaze. “Meet my grandparents. Hang with my sisters. C'mon, Wheezie adores you."
"You're lying."
"I'm not. She thinks you're cool. Sarah too, but she’s less likely to admit it." He kissed her forehead, hands going to her waist. "Please?"
"It's that important?"
"I swear. On my mom's grave."
Sophie frowned immediately, reaching up to fix his hair. "That's not necessary."
"You'll do it?"
"...Yes." When he made a small fist pump, she fixed him with a glare. "Only because I love you."
“I'll go down on you every night for the next two weeks -”
She rolled her eyes at his promise, shoving lightly at his chest. "You basically already do that anyways, Rafe -”
"Okay, fine, I'll tie you up, something, anything, god, thank you, Soph. You don't know how big of a favor this is. I mean it." He sighed in relief, the tension draining from his body.
She ignored him, turning back to the mirror to apply lip gloss, carefully smearing the wand across her lips. “Why does he want me to do this? I don’t understand.”
“Is that the sticky stuff? I hate that stuff, it gets all over me when we’re kissing -” He started, then quickly shut his mouth as she flipped him off without looking. “Uh, ‘to integrate you into our society.’ Direct quote.”
“Oh god.” She groaned, setting the lip gloss aside after applying it, then started searching through her jewelry case. “So I’m gonna have to be on my best kook behavior?”
He snorted. “Sophie Flint, a kook. Not likely.”
“Watch it.” She pointed a warning finger in his face. “You don’t see anything weird with this? Your dad hates me.”
“He doesn’t hate you.”
“Rose does.”
“That’s not true either.”
Sophie raised her eyebrows, challenging him.
He shrugged, relenting with a sigh. “You’re not her favorite person, no, but neither am I.”
“You think this was more her idea? For Sarah to do it too?”
“Nah, actually, pretty sure it was my grandparents’ idea. Probably Granddad. My mom went through all this, so…”
She turned her back to him and gathered her hair, offering the clasp of her gold chain to him. “Your mom was a debutante?” She questioned with interest.
Rafe rarely ever talked about his mom - Sophie had only found out how she died from a newspaper article in the online archives, and hadn’t wanted to bring it up since. All she knew was that Mrs. Cameron had passed away in a car accident when Rafe was fourteen.
Both Sophie and Rafe’s schools shared a building, despite them going to private academies, and overlapped for certain advanced placement classes. In freshman year, they were together for AP chemistry, with Sophie sitting proudly at the front of the class while Rafe sat in the back with a group of his friends, often cracking jokes at inappropriate times or throwing wads of paper at each other. Freshman year Sophie was the epitome of stuck-up - she resorted to insults instead of making friends and kept to herself, terrified someone might find out that she was on scholarship and wasn’t truly meant to be there.
The day after the car accident, Rafe was unusually quiet. Sophie hadn’t heard the news yet, it was barely second period and she wasn’t looped into the trail of gossip like the rest of the girls at Greenville. They were partnered for an experiment that day - Rafe had groaned when he heard Sophie’s name after his from the teacher, and Sophie barely suppressed a roll of her eyes. She took charge right away, getting all the supplies and set up their work station without even addressing him. After a few minutes, she slid the small glass of solution to Rafe, raising her eyebrows. “You can do the work too, you know.”
He was completely spaced out, only glancing up when she said something. “I wasn’t paying attention.”
Sophie rolled her eyes, lifting a beaker and extending it to him. “Yeah. I know. Just drop in 10 milliliters of the solution, it’s not hard.”
Rafe sighed as he rested his elbows on the edge of the table, rubbing his temples. “Look, can you just do it?”
She finally took note of the dark circles under his eyes, the way his shoulders were slumped, but misinterpreted it all. She smirked, taking on a taunting tone. “What, you’re still drunk from last night or something?”
He gritted his jaw, his entire body growing tense, and tugged at the collar of his polo. “Fuck off, Flint. Not in the mood today.”
She recoiled immediately, setting the beaker down with a little too much force. “Don’t be an asshole.”
“Don’t be a fucking bitch.” He spit back, standing abruptly. She winced as the stool squeaked across the floor, drawing everyone’s attention - as if they hadn’t had it already. Kelce stepped over and went to grab Rafe’s arm, possibly pull him away, but Rafe just wrenched his arm out of his grip. “I’m fine.” He growled, storming out of the classroom without looking back.
After a few moments of stunned silence, with Sophie on the verge of shocked tears, their teacher cleared her throat and redirected everyone’s attention, pointing one of the girls over to join Sophie instead. Molly made her way over, occupying Rafe’s seat in the space across from her. “Poor Rafe,” she murmured.
Sophie frowned, pulling her jacket tighter across her chest like a shield of armor. “Poor Rafe? What?”
Molly nodded, lowering her voice a little. “Yeah, you didn’t hear? I’m surprised he’s at school, honestly.”
“I didn’t...what happened?”
“Oh.” Molly frowned. “Um. You know that winding road, the one that goes downhill toward the ballet studio?”
Sophie didn’t, she didn’t even have a clue - the ballet studio was on the entire opposite side of the island from where she lived, the height of Figure 8, and she hadn’t ever had a reason to even venture that way. “Yeah? What does that have to do with Rafe?”
“Um, well, it was pouring last night, and his mom was driving down that road. I heard she lost control of the car and wrecked it. There was, like, a drunk driver that swerved into her lane, but she tried to avoid him and hit a tree.” Molly told her, careful on the details.
“I’m pretty sure the Camerons can replace a car.” Sophie replied, not wanting Molly to confirm where she thought she was going with the story. She dug her nails into the skin of her thigh anyways, feeling anxiety bubble up in her chest.
Molly shook her head, slowly. “Mrs. Cameron died, Sophie.”
Her heart dropped and she bit the inside of her cheek, hard. “Oh.”
“Yeah. I’m surprised you didn’t hear the sirens last night, I saw like eight police cars last night headed toward his house. I heard Sarah was in the car too, I think -”
“Is Sarah okay?” She couldn’t concentrate on anything but her ears ringing, her heart pounding in her chest.
“Oh, yeah, I think so. But god, how awful, right? The funeral is next weekend, Ward Cameron told my dad this morning. Is your family going?”
“Um...I don’t know.” Sophie glanced toward the door, hoping to god he would come back through the door and Molly would confess that it was all a joke, that she hadn’t just started something with Rafe on that day of all days.
Rafe nodded. “Yeah. ‘Course she was. I think she really enjoyed it, actually, she’d always tell Sarah when she was little about how pretty she would look in the dress, how important it was to learn the right etiquette and -” He cut himself off, realizing he was sharing too much, and deftly fastened the clasp before pressing a kiss to the top of her head, letting her step away. “All that.”
He smiled to himself, thinking about how his mom would let little Sarah play dress up in her old ballgown with gloves that went up to her armpits, wobbling around in high heels twice the size of her feet. His mom would tell Rafe he’d have to watch out for Sarah with her escort, keep him in line, and that when he was in college he’d be presenting a girl as well. But he was nine and didn’t think of girls in that way quite yet, so he always scowled and left the room.
“It’s kind of cool, I think. The tradition of it all.”
“The ball? Have you been?” She caught his eye in the mirror as she adjusted her top, not wanting to push for too much information before he’d shut down altogether.
“No...I was gonna present Brooklyn at the one here in Columbus, sophomore year’s normally when the girl gets presented, but. Yeah. No, I meant, it’s kind of cool that you’ll be doing something my mom did.” He rubbed the back of his neck, meeting her gaze for a moment then looked away.
“She would have liked you. I know it.”
Sophie perked up a little, cocking her head. “You really mean it?”
“Yeah. She would have liked that you have an attitude with me.” He grinned when she turned back around and took his hand, tugging him over to sit on the bed next to her. “She was always saying I needed to find someone to match my energy, keep me in check. I wish she could have met you.”
“I did meet her. Once.”
He perked up, cocking his head. “You did?”
“Yeah, I served her when I was working at the restaurant at the country club once, I was only fourteen. I remember she made some comment about me being too young to work and I told her I liked it. Then she asked my name, and I remember she seemed like she knew already when I told her.” Sophie nodded. “She was really nice, left way too big of a tip and wrote my name on the bill. I always thought that was funny.”
Of course she knew, Rafe thought as he smiled to himself. She knew, because Rafe had come home and complained about a girl getting on his nerves every single week since seventh grade. She knew, when the complaints turned to “why won’t just be nice to me” and his mom had quipped that Sophie probably liked him - he had scoffed and walked away. She knew, because his mom had come home from the country club and told him Sophie Flint was a much nicer girl than Rafe painted her to be, and Rafe had immediately turned bright red and been embarrassed that his mom sought her out.
“I like that.” She leaned into him, taking his hand to play with his rings. “Will your grandparents be there? At the ball?”
“Oh, yeah. They sit on the board, I’m pretty sure, it’s this gigantic charity event. I’ll introduce you, but don’t worry, they’re chill. Nothing like my dad.” He adjusted himself so she was comfortable, then pressed a kiss to the top of her head.
She chewed on the inside of her lip, treading carefully. “I thought your dad grew up on the Cut.”
“He did. But my mom, no way. Kook through and through. That’s, uh, where a lot of my trust is from. After she died, um. She wanted to be sure me and Sarah were set.” He shrugged, ears turning red as he felt his throat getting tight.
Sophie frowned, feeling him closing off, and leaned closer to hug him, arms wrapped tight around his waist. “You know you can talk to me about this stuff whenever, Rafe? I’d like to hear more about your mom. She sounds like an amazing woman.”
“She was.” He nodded, settling his arms around her shoulders and rested his chin on the top of her head, closing his eyes for a moment. “Thanks, Soph. This is a really big deal to me, that you’ll go. I know it’s not your scene.”
“Love you.” She murmured. “You’d better buy me a pretty dress.”
He laughed, leaning back just enough to tip up her chin with one finger and kiss her. “You’ll be the best looking one there. I swear.”
“Oh, I already knew that.”
“Okay, okay, big head -”
She swatted his arm, laughing as she ducked out from under him. “Watch it, or I won’t go -”
“I was kidding!” He exclaimed, wrestling with her for a moment before grabbing both her hands and pinning them above her head.
Sophie sucked in a breath, caught off guard. “We are going to be late.”
“We’re already late.” He pointed out, taking a moment to realize the lack of innocence in the position, then slowly smirked. “We could be later. They’re not gonna miss us.”
“You’re positive?”
She just gave him a look, staring him dead in the eyes and willing herself not to react when he leaned down with a grin and kissed the bridge of her nose.
“Fine. The ball or sex right now. You choose.” She raised her eyebrows, arching her back a little on purpose, pressing her hips up against his.
“That’s not fair.” He frowned, immediately shifting his hips away and moving so both his knees were on either side of her instead. “This is blackmail.”
“Your choice.” She reminded him, biting her lip for good measure.
He faltered, sitting back on her thighs and letting go of her wrists. “Soph, it’s - it’s for my mom. I swear. Not for my dad, Rose, anyone else.”
Sophie dropped the teasing act right away, propping herself up on her elbows. “Right, right, sorry. I won’t push it.”
“It’s alright.” He climbed off her, standing, and offered his hands. “Five bucks James makes some joke about us being late because we were having sex.”
“I’m not taking you up on that.” She rolled her eyes, accepting his hand and pulled him into a hug. “Love you long time, Cameron.”
He smiled, pressing a kiss to the top of her head. “Love you too, favorite girl.”
“What do the dresses look like?”
“Uh...white?” Rafe shrugged, tugging on her hand to get her to follow him downstairs. “I dunno. When we go home for Thanksgiving I’ll book you an appointment to get fitted, I think it’s at some bridal shop on the mainland.”
“Sounds expensive.” She muttered, shaking her head.
“It’s…yeah. It’s not cheap.” He admitted, then shrugged as she followed him out the door, starting their walk toward the bars. “I’ll take care of it though. All of it. By the way, have you booked your flight home for Thanksgiving yet?”
“Um...no. I was going to look this week, it’s probably too late now though.”
“Hm? Why, are you going home?”
Rafe nodded, not looking her in the eye. “Taking the plane.”
“Oh. Of course.”
“The plane...that no one else will be on...and it’s kinda ridiculous for you to waste money and carbon emissions on a separate flight…” He tried convincing her, a small smile playing on his lips as she rolled her eyes.
“You need to learn how carbon emissions work if you’re going to use that as an argument with me.”
“So that’s a no to sex on the plane?”
Sophie stopped in her tracks, confused. “That wasn’t - Rafe, what?”
“You, me, alone on the plane. Sorry, was I not clear enough?”
“I didn’t even say yes -”
“Oh, so you’re going to leave me all by myself on our one-year anniversary -”
She raised her eyebrows, challenging him. “When’s our anniversary, Rafe?”
He raised his back, stopping on the sidewalk to face her. “On my terms or yours? Because if we’re going with mine, it’s Halloween -”
“No, I had to ask you to be my boyfriend, it’s November 18th -”
“That is such an arbitrary thing, Sophie -”
“Hey! Stop stealing my vocabulary.” She interjected, pushing at his chest. “It’s the 18th, because I had to ask you out.”
“Okay. Whatever story makes you happy.” He shrugged, laughing when she shoved at him again. “Come on the plane with me.”
“...Fine. Only because I don’t want to miss our class reunion party on Wednesday night, I’m pretty sure some people still don’t believe we’re together.”
Rafe laughed loud at that, looping his arm around her shoulders and started walking again. “Pretty sure Topper still thinks it’s all an elaborate lie.”
“Does he know that we nearly hooked up in his room last winter break?”
“No.” He grinned. “Are you forgetting that you had to sprint into his bathroom right when I was about to kiss you because of some tequila thing you had?”
She tilted her head slightly. “You’re remembering wrong. That was sophomore year, before we were dating, I barely drank last year...you almost kissed me?”
“What? No, I think...remember, we were arguing over something, then you whispered in my ear to go up to his room and left. I went up a couple minutes later.” He shook his head. “I wasn’t going to make a move, Brooklyn and I were together then.”
Sophie scowled at the mention of Brooklyn. “I must have been hammered, I don’t remember any of this.”
“You wanted me.” He smirked, trailing his fingers along her collarbone. “One might say desperate.”
“No, no. All I remember is waking up in Topper’s bed feeling like shit, I had some crewneck on from your academy.” She ignored the blush creeping up her neck.
“How do you think you got there and got the sweatshirt?” He frowned. “I took care of you, Sophie. You really don’t remember?”
“I think I blacked out.” She confessed, shaking her head. “You took care of me?”
“Of course I did. Plus, I thought I was about to get some, I would have done anything for you.” He grinned, laughing when she shoved his shoulder. “Really thought that was the night I’d finally win you over.”
“Yeah, well, you can blame Sarah for her heavy pour that night.” She shook her head, smiling fondly. “I really wish I remembered that.”
“I wish you remembered too. Maybe you would have given me a chance before then instead of setting me up with Julia.”
“I - no! She asked to be set up with you, no, I did not instigate that at all.” She defended herself straightaway, cheeks flushing pink. “She said if I wasn’t going to make a move, then she was going to.”
“Sure. Whatever you believe.” He teased, pressing a kiss to the top of her head as they arrived at the bar. “Hey, Soph.”
She rolled her eyes, going to get in the winding line outside until he tugged her wrist back, pulling her to his chest. “What?”
“Thank you. I mean it.”
Sophie softened, smiling as she rose up on her toes to kiss him. “Of course, baby. I’ve got your back.”
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sweetestlamb · 2 years
Put On A Show
Tumblr media
Summary: Cha-young goes to her high school reunion and brings a certain mafia guest. 
Author's note: I heard someone wanted a on top and in control CY so here it is! I already had this idea about a HS reunion so I simply combined the two ideas and got this smutty brainchild. This is rated E for extremely dirty so read at your own discretion, I planned on writing more fics of them pining but I really do love a women in control so I took a break from my cockblocking to fill this prompt. Hope you enjoy ;) 
Dear class of 2005,
That time has come once again, our class reunion! This year's reunion will be held in the Phoenix Hall in honor of us all rising from the ashes of this pandemic and being reborn stronger than ever before! Tickets available for purchase below. There are separate tickets for food and drinks and this year's theme will be luxury: a life of decadence. We look forward to seeing you all.
Cha-young skims the email that had initially landed in her spam folder, only the name of her old high school attached in the subject line catches her attention enough to make her open the otherwise nondescript email.
Another high school reunion.
She had been evading these gatherings like the plague itself, ever since the last time she'd made the mistake of going to one. She had just landed her job at Wusang Firm and finally felt confident in herself, in high school she'd always been the loud one and the weird one but now she was a lawyer and a damn good one if she said could say so herself. Nobody could dismiss her now or jokingly remind her of the bowl cut she had sported before, she was always the butt of their jokes and she was tired of feeling small beneath their condescending thumb. She finally had something worth bragging about. 
She'd stepped in with a smirk on her face, tight black dress and heels clicking as she walked waving at people she knew but didn't deign important enough to stop her entrance for a chat. The buffet table was her sole destination but she'd been intercepted by familiar annoying high pitched voices, Chang Ae-ram and Bom Min-he, the popular girls in her school and the banes of her existence both rushed over to her with drinks in their hands.
They never had anything kind to say to her and seemed to seek her out simply to put her down or remind her of how much of a “pathethic loser” she was in high school, as if she hadn’t been the one living her life. 
The verbal sparring began almost immediately, with them all battling for lead in the "my life is going great" contest, coyly listing their accolades and accomplishment and assertively she told them both about her new job at one of Korea's most successful and well known law firm.
"Oh." Ae-ram answered with a tight smile that pulled her surgically enhanced face into a wrinkleless grin. 
She sipped her drink feeling victorious as they both avoided her brazen eye contact. She had just opened her mouth to make her leave when a vindictive smile stretched over Min-he's face, "A job is so important but what about a family? Surely you don't plan on dying alone, how come you never bring anyone with you? We're all so sad that you don't have anyone still." She gripped the stem of her wine glass at the fake concern, suddenly the group was larger and everyone was congratulating Min-he on her engagement, the other woman waving the huge diamond on her finger in her face.
It was so vapid and stupid and she knew that it didn't make her any less of a woman that she didn't have a man but those words still burned. She had noticed that everyone was paired up and she was one of the only people who came alone, she'd been seeing someone before the reunion but at her mention of the gathering he had told her that "things were getting too serious for him" rolling out of her bed while tugging on his underwear and that had been the last she heard from him.
She'd spent the rest of the night on the outskirts avoiding her college mates and later stumbled out on her heels unsteady from the amount of liquor she'd consumed.
That had been her last reunion. She'd pointedly ignored all the invitations since then, the shame of that night still stinging all those years later. They only served as a reminder that she still had no one and regardless of how successful she was at her career she would be deemed undesirable by others.
It was such a fucking joke but she couldn't shake the insecurity despite knowing how false it was.
The sound of keys jingling near the front door knock her free from her reminiscing and she spins around to the sight of Vincenzo struggling to squeeze through the entrance with several bags in his arms, he never wants to make more than one trip- the overachiever. She nods her head in hello before trudging over to him without closing her laptop, greeting him easily with a peck on the lips freeing a few bags from his hands.
"Did you get my cookies?" She asks again despite the various text messages she had sent reminding him about her sweet treats, he rolls his eyes at her again swinging another bag into her waiting hands.
"Here. When I told you to text me necessities, cookies are not what I had in mind." He flicks her forehead lightly silencing her cry of pain with a follow-up kiss to the spot, she grumbles but stuffs the soft baked chocolate chip cookies into her mouth, cheeks puffing out like a chipmunk hoarding food for the winter.
Smooth as a well-oiled machine they put the groceries away, the sound of cabinets opening and closing the soundtrack for their movements. When everything is correctly put away, she makes her way back over to her laptop only then remembering what she'd been doing.
She stares at the screen contemplating her next move before she feels a familiar heavy weight on her shoulder, his breath is hot on her neck when he speaks, "What are you looking at?" He barely waits for her reply covering her hand on the sleek mouse, scrolling down to read the entire email. She waits anxiously in her seat as he reads the words out loud, obviously she had thought about him when she first received the email but her last experience had made her nervous about asking him to attend.
They hadn't been officially dating for long. They'd been too focused on taking down Babel and the aftermath had left them both with unanswered questions about the nature of their relationship. 
Only this time when she asked him the same question she'd been asking since he crash landed into her life unexpectedly, after everything  was over, he'd looked over at her and said in a small voice "Not if you want me to stay."
She'd been a coward and he had taken her silence as rejection and it had taken a dramatic and honestly cliché airport interruption, complete with her pushing past airport staff and screaming his name crying as they told her that the plane to Malta had already taken off.
She'd returned to her house with red rimmed eyes that widened into huge saucers at the sight of him in front of her house, large suitcase beside him.
Gasping she ran into his arms, as terrified as she'd felt that fateful night so long ago in the underpass. 
"I couldn't go."
He tugged her closer, burrowing his face in her thick hair and breathing harshly his voice was raw and rough like he'd been crying too.
"Because of me?" She asked shock laden in her words and that's when he drew away to stare into her eyes and with a defeated nod he said, "Because of you."
The rest had been history. He came inside with her and he hadn't left since.
"Are you going?"
She stills at the inquiry, head dizzy from the memories racing through her mind.
He places a finger on the computer screen, "This reunion. Are you going?"
She feels a small sting in her chest at his words, with a sad smile she starts to shake her head in decline but then he chuckles, "We should go. I'll be your arm candy." He teases wagging his eyebrows in her peripheral.
"You want to come with me?" She repeats stunned by his casual offer, this seemed huge for some reason and she could feel her heart pounding erratically in her brittle chest.
He finally straightens up walking off to the kitchen grabbing a cup, pulling the fridge open.
"Yeah I mean unless you have another boyfriend you want to bring with you."
She laughs at his joke but internally her blood sings, she didn't want to get her hopes up but now she can barely contain her happiness.
She can always count him to have her back.
Slamming the laptop shut she circumvents the chair running over to him, he looks at her with a raised eyebrow prying the cup of water from his hands she pulls him down into a grateful kiss. He hums low when she slips her tongue into his lax mouth, this kiss vastly different from the peck she'd greeted him with at the door.
She can taste the caffeine on his tongue, the strong flavor of his favorite espresso swirling around her taste buds, pushing him firmer into the counter she laps at his mouth eager for a deeper exploration. He melts under her touch letting her manhandle him and move his head as she sees fit, his complete surrender makes her hot under the collar.
It's with reluctance that she pulls away from his addicting lips.
She smirks as he sways into her body as if intoxicated.
"Sorry. We have to go soon, it's game night."
It's a weekly tradition at the plaza, tonight they're playing Taboo, it had been announced in the group chat that Mr. Nam had forced them to join. It was chaotic with so many different voices there but it made her feel warm, like they were their own little family.
He groans disappointed but nods slowly, adjusting himself discretely but not enough for her vigilant eyes. She stares at the hardon visible through the thin material of his sweatpants.
"Let's go before you get me any more excited." He grumbles, picking up the snacks he'd purchased for tonight. She smiles triumphantly at his back still in disbelief that she has that kind of power over the great Corn Salad, Vincenzo Cassano.
Game night is a success, filled with laughter and playful arguing. They all work together in pairs and their team loses horribly with her accidentally shouting out all the taboo words every time it's her turn. Mi-Ri and Larry Kang- from the dance studio make a great team using dance moves and inside jokes to solve their words in seconds much to everyone’s shock, they both adamantly deny any change in their relationship at the groups subsequent teasing.
Nobody believes them. 
Just like they hadn’t believed her and Vincenzo. 
They get home at midnight and both collapse before they can finish what they started earlier in the kitchen, but cuddling is great too. He’s always the little spoon. 
The reunion isn't a point of conversation again and she almost forgets about it completely until it's Saturday, the day of the event and she wakes up alone. It's not totally abnormal with him being a morning person but she still groans in annoyance at his disappearance. The bed is so cold without his body letting off heat like a human furnace.
The sun is high in the sky when she finally pulls herself out of bed much later, 12:45pm according to her phone and she sits up with a full body stretch, body popping and cracking.
"Vincenzo? Are you here?" She calls out to the empty house, receiving no reply.
With a sigh she goes to shower and brush her teeth, he should be back soon from wherever he went.
When she finally comes out of the bathroom, a cloud of steam following her she pauses at the package on the bed. A huge white box catches her eye, the gold silken bow striking across the large rectangle. Taking a closer step she runs a finger across the smooth material in wonder.
There's a note and immediately she recognizes the distinctive penmanship.
Open me.
Not needing to be told twice she tugs the bow watching it unraveling before lifting the top of the box, peering inside with glowing eyes.
She lets out a soft gasp at the sight of the piercing white material that is almost perfectly camouflaged in the matching box. She lifts it with awe, watching material unfurl until she can see it clearly. It's a dress made from expensive fabric based on the its luxurious feel in her hands and her eyes widen at the cape that hangs lower than the dress itself.
"He was listening to me."
She remembers her group chat with the ladies from the plaza, sending them different options for her reunion and letting them help to pick it her outfit. She wanted something that would garner attention but that still felt like her, and that's when she'd seen it. The new Alexander Wang collection, all white blazer dress with a cape and button details, it looked like luxury and she knew it had to be hers.
Tumblr media
The ladies had all been in agreement sending her thumbs up emojis and demanding that she purchase the stunning dress. She'd quickly added it to her cart but much to her dismay as she'd been entering her card information, that dreaded message popped up at the top of her screen.
This item is no longer available. Sorry, try again. 
Her heart had sunk and despite Miri's computer savvy and Yeon-Jin 's online shopping prowess they had not been able to locate the dress on any other site. It was sold out, everywhere.
Or so she thought.
Wordlessly she slips into the dress and surprisingly it fits like a glove, as if it was tailored just for her but that can't be.
"I'll zip that up for you."
She jumps at the dark voice behind her and then a chill runs up her spine at his fingertips on her bare back. He slides the thick curtain of her hair to the side to zip it up the rest of the way, their eyes meet in the full length mirror across the room.
"You look beautiful." He compliments easily, eyes caressing her body from her head down to her bare toes.
She feels like a goddess under his eyes.
"Where did you get this? It was sold out everywhere." She stares at him in wonder and he smiles at her gaping mouth, "I called in a favor. I knew a designer who owed me a favor." He shrugs as if it's nothing that he knows designers who are connected to the Alexander Wang, she's still not used to his influence.
"Do you know Alexander Wang?" She shouts in surprise spinning to stare at him and his easy smile and open hand gesture is enough of an answer.
"I got your measurements from Mr.Tak. I wanted tonight to be perfect for you."
Her nerves have been shot all week, it's true that they haven't discussed the reunion at all but that doesn't mean it hasn't been on a mind even haunting her dreams.
She didn't want to be embarrassed again. She knew that she shouldn't let them get to her, she didn't have to prove herself to anyone but for once she just wanted to make them all eat those condescending words. She wanted to show them that she was the same weird girl from high school but she was even more now, also a successful woman and there was nothing wrong with being both sides of those coins. 
Without her even saying one word he'd been able to detect how important this night was for her.
"Thank you." She breathes tears glistening on her eyes, he wraps both arms around her waist beaming at her in the mirror.
"Don't thank me yet you didn't even see the shoes yet."
Without waiting for her answer he steps away to lift a pair of sparkling shoes from the box, the red soles immediately notifying her of the exorbitant brand.
Tumblr media
She gapes at the shoes and then a smirking Vincenzo and then back at the shoes, "Are you crazy? Are those Louboutin's?" She asks the obvious question turning the shoes over to stare at the vibrant scarlet soles. A certain Bronxite’s voice blaring in her head about blood shoes. 
"They did say the theme was luxury. I thought these were just right for you." Squealing like a kid in candy store she sits down on the bed with both shoes in hand, but before she can slip them on he's lowering himself to his knees. The sight is enough to stop her in her tracks, her traitorous imagination running wild at the implications and possibilities. When he takes the shoes from her loose grip she merely watches as he slides the shoes onto her feet, just like the dress they too fit perfectly.
"I feel like Cinderella." She chuckles trying to break the tension and the swell in her chest but his bright smile only makes her chest constrict tighter, she doesn't know if she'll survive tonight.
Tumblr media
"Hong Cha-young!" She freezes at the sound of Ae-ram's squealing voice only pausing for a moment before turning with a tense smile.
Here we go.
The woman is flagged by her usual posse and parrots, who are always ready to echo her biting remarks and she gulps down her dirty martini needing some liquid courage.
As if sensing her unease instantly Vincenzo takes the hand that was artistically placed in the pocket of his fitting white dress pants and curls it around her waist, grounding her with the simple touch. She turns to him and he greets her with a calming smile that she can't help but return.
I've got your back. He says with only a slight lift of his lips.
She takes a deep breath.
Ae-ram's smile dims as she gets closer to them, her eyes honed on the hand on her hip and she leans fully into the warm body pressed against her side.
Min-he speaks first, an equally constipated smile on her face, "Who's this? You've never brought anyone before. Is this a work friend?" She almost rolls her eyes at the ridiculous question, as if work friends would be this comfortable with each other. They're already finding excuses, grasping at straws and creating complicated solutions for something that is easy to understand simply because they don’t think she’s worthy of attention. That large hand tightens lightly before a light chuckle reaches her ear, “Vincenzo Cassano, lawyer and the lucky man who gets to call her my mine.” She fidgets in his hold blushing at his bold introduction and watching all eyes widen at them, nobody speaks at first clearly in shock at the revelation. 
“Vinshenzo? What kind of name is that?” Someone harps from the back of the crowd and she feels her hackles rise, yes she might have struggled with the pronunciation of his name at first but it felt petty and intentional right now not an honest mistake like her mispronunciation had been. 
But before she can unleash her anger, another old classmates breaks the tense stalemate.
“Oh you’re the Italian lawyer I heard about on the new, who took down Babel! Great job!” 
She had also helped with that, them being a team but nobody seems to care about that all focusing on Vincenzo, all herding around her Italian like he’s a celebrity and she watches shock as he easily wins them over. 
“Sì, ero io. Il piacere è tutto tuo.” Yes that was me, the pleasure is all yours. 
The group minus Ae-ram and Min-he all oh and ah at his effortless Italian despite having no clue what exactly he just said, she too is clueless at the quickly stated sentence but the mischievous smirk on his handsome face informs her of all that she needs to know, he is mocking them right to their faces. She hides a smile behind her hands, pretending to cough into her fingers. 
Wordlessly, the group separates based on sex-she watches helplessly as Vincenzo is tugged away in a boisterous discussion about the state of Korean football- and she is left alone with those harpies but unlike the other reunions suddenly she is the most interesting woman there, regardless of Ae-ram trying to steal the show with pictures of her new full breed dog. She watches amused as the other woman is pushed aside and she is accosted on both sides, questions firing off like rockets. 
“Where did you meet him?”
“Does he have a brother?”
“When are you getting married? You have to marry him!”
“Does he always smell that good?”
She turns flabbergasted to hear that question coming from Ae-ram’s right hand woman, Min-he and Ae-ram glares at her looking betrayed before she storms off with her professional head shots of her dog. She expects Min-he to trail after the spiteful primadonna but to her shock the other woman moves in closer, joining the firing brigade with their million questions about the handsome Italian. 
They all settle down when the man they are so curious about returns, hand back on her waist like that its resting place. 
Her ears ring from their coos and shrill “awws” but she leans into him nonetheless happy to have him back, already exhausted dealing with these people. 
Then she notes that the tone of the questions suddenly shift as they begin to bombard the Italian Korean all at once. There are....more flirtatious when speaking to him and she feels her blood curl at the unprecedented change. 
“Are all Italians this handsome?” Her eye twitches at the bold inquiry, subconsciously she feels her eyes narrow into slits as she glares at the woman who was brave stupid enough to ask that. The bitch blanches at her sneer but still flutters her eyelashes at Vincenzo waiting for his response, she clears her throat loudly answering for him, “He’s one of a kind and fortunately all mine. “ She can feel the smug bastard preening next to her practically buzzing from her compliment, and she quickly makes their escape, “Please excuse us.” Vincenzo smoothly tips his drinks at the women, “Addio,” he bids farewell in Italian arm still hooked around her waist as she sashays away, Louboutin's clicking on the marble tile floor. 
The scrap of Italian leaves them all in a frenzy, whispering wildly behind them. 
She drags them to the bar, ordering two shots of soju and another dirty martini ignoring his examining stare. 
“You’re enjoying this aren’t you?” She already knows the answer to her question, it’s written all over him and she tries to stifle the jealousy that wants to rear its  ugly head. 
He looks over at her with a lazy grin, trying to appear innocent. She isn’t fooled for one second. 
“Me? I’m not doing anything. I’m only here for you.” 
She scoffs at him, staring at his annoyingly handsome face and his gleaming white suit he discarded the jacket earlier and his arms have been distracting her all night. 
“You love the attention.” 
He rubs his neck before turning to her fully, leaning on the bar counter. 
“What? Are you jealous of the attention I’m getting? isn’t that why you brought me to make you look good?” 
She wants to deny it and laugh at him, but even now she can hear the voices in the distance all intrigued by the Italian and the bartender’s eyes linger just a minute too long as the smooth Lawyer throws his free shot back in one fluid motion. She should be used to it by now, everyone in a ten mile radius getting a hard on for the Korean Italian. She understands why he gets all this attention, he is gorgeous that was one of the many reasons that she had fallen for him too but sometimes it can be intimidating to be with someone that so many others desire and so obviously too. 
She wonders if she even deserves him. 
Was she enough for him? 
“What’s going on in that pretty little head?” He taps her on her forehead dragging her from her self-deprecation. “Do you know why they’re all so mean to you?” He suddenly asks and she stares at him before shaking her head no. 
Probably because she’s a hot fucking mess. 
“They’re jealous of you.” 
A burst of laughter slips free at this speculation and she watches as his face tightens, “You really don’t know do you?” His voice is liquid fire, smoky and dark like the tendrils from a cigarette. 
“What are you talking about?” She manages to get out despite being lost in his voice. 
“How sexy you are.” He leans over to whisper directly in her heated ears, she moans lightly at his breath on her skin. 
That is hardly ever a word that she has heard used to describe her, Hong Cha-young. 
Clumsy. Forgetful. Selfish. Loud. Demanding. Too Much. 
Those words she had heard all her life but never sexy. She was too strange to be sexy. 
“You’re smart and beautiful and you have a successful career. You aren’t afraid to be yourself and now you have me on your arm. You have everything and they wish they were you, they’re jealous.” He repeats firmer this time, rubbing a large thumb across her bottom lip and grinning down at her with barely contained glee. 
She starts to deny his claim but then she looks behind her and sees nothing but a sea of envy, women and men both looking at them and she notes not all eyes are on Vincenzo a few men seemed lost in the low cut dip of her dress and the miles of naked skin on display. 
She gasps at the hard line that pokes at her bottom when he leans into her back, standing flush her back to his front. She shivers when he leans down to breathily say, “Everyone is watching, why don’t we give them a show?” 
This is not like her, at all. 
She has never been a fan of public displays of affection, even screaming at horny strangers in the past to get a room but she feels all that restraint leave her body at his challenge. Driving her body back into his jutting erection she slowly grinds in perfect rhythm to the song playing over the stereo. 
She feels seductive as the music curls around her and she lifts her arms to wrap around his neck, bringing him ever closer and pushing back harder delighted at the groan that escapes his lips. He is coiled tightly behind her but he doesn’t move a muscle letting her have complete control over their interaction and she has never felt more powerful. Continuing to sway she leans back when he tightens his grip around her waist, mewling as his nose rubs at her earlobe and letting out a soft gasp when he blows on the tender flesh. 
When she peels her heavy lids open, there are so many hungry and watchful eyes on them. 
Ae-ram looks scandalized and she can see the woman pointing at them but she can’t hear a word that she’s saying the blood in her ears is too loud, drowning out all other sounds. 
It must be the liquor in her veins because seeing all the voyeurs only makes her bolder, before she can second guess herself she spins around much to Vincenzo’s chagrin but she silences him with a finger on his lip. 
“Follow me.” 
He arches a thin eyebrow but eagerly obeys her command when she tugs him in the direction of the bathroom. 
She hears several gasps behind her as she tugs open the door stepping inside, dragging him right behind her the silence is deafening when he closes the door behind them, turning the lock with a metallic snap. 
Her breath comes out in hurried puffs. 
What the fuck am I doing? She asks herself, wondering if this is what people call an out of body experience. 
“We don’t have to do anything. Their imaginations will do the rest.” 
He’s giving her an out. 
Gripping his hands tighter, she pulls him over to the toilet which is thankfully clean using her feet to slam the seat down before pushing down him to sit. He looks up at her with inquisitive eyes, waiting for her next move but lets himself be manhandled the second time this night. 
“Thank you for everything tonight,” she covers his mouth with her hands as she climbs into his lap, whatever words he had on his tongue evaporate when their groins meet. 
“I know I don’t say this enough, but I love you.”  
She has only ever said it once before and he’d been sleeping, they both knew he wasn’t truly asleep but he let her pretend and she appreciated it but there was no way she couldn’t say it now, tonight. He had been her prince charming when she had expected nothing. 
“Are you serious? You say it to me in her-” She pops open his pants button cutting off his stunned response and he stares at her, making her feel hot. 
“Talk later?” She begs and her request is backed by her hand disappearing through the slit in his pants and wrapping around his dick, the hot muscle twitching fiercely in her hold. 
He chokes out word that sounds like a jumbled “yes” and that’s all the consent she needs to stroke him harder, using his precum to glide her hand down from the tip to the base and then back up again, he lets out a punched out groan at her purposeful handling of his imported goods. 
Shifting back marginally, she gives herself more room tugging his pants down further to get a better look at the pretty pink cock, it’s standing at attention and weeping for her and rubs harder twisting in a corkscrew motion on the mushroom head much to his pleasure, he thrusts up into her hand and immediately she lets go. 
“Please,” he whines so prettily and she tsks at him, “Don’t move, you can only take what I give you. You said you were mine right?” 
She doesn’t know what has come over her but seeing all those women and men lusting over her boyfriend makes her want to remind them and him, just who he belongs to. 
She expects him to put up some sort of fight, instead he nods eagerly at her command stilling his hip and she can see the strain in his white knuckled grip on the toilet edge. 
“Good boy.” She praises and notes with stunned satisfaction the way his dick jumps at the praise too, interesting. 
She starts with a light pace, stroking with the barest amount of pressure before she starts to grip him tighter when he groans at the dryness of her hands she leans over to spit on his head, this makes him hiss and fight to stay still in her grip she rewards him with a kiss to his flushed red head. The wet sounds of her hands stroking his hot meat fills the small space of the bathroom and lifting one hand she grabs his tie using it to yank him into a hard kiss, he opens up for her immediately letting her tongue explore his mouth. 
She has never seen this mafia man so docile, it’s like seeing a lion behave like a house cat. 
With a hard suck at his bottom lip, she breaks their kiss leaving them to pant into each other’s mouth harshly. 
She didn’t know how far she actually planned on going but now nothing seems like enough, she needs more. 
Staring deep into his eyes, she stands up releasing her grip on him and he sighs watching her confused before she slides both hands under her dress and slowly pulls down her panties, they are tiny, white and lace, matching her bra and he looks mesmerized as they are pried down her legs. 
“Are you sure?” He’s still checking on her and she smiles at him, stepping out of the panties and cheekily putting them in his pocket, “Give them safe for me,” she doesn’t give him a chance to reply before sinking back down onto him, his dick is hard and thick but she’s so wet that he glides into her like they are two matching pieces of a puzzle.  An erotic puzzle. 
“Fuck!” He shouts when he bottoms out and his cock is completely encased in her tight walls, his voice echoes off the bathroom walls. 
She grabs his tie, making his eyes pop open and she watches amused as he sputters as she stuffs the expensive material into his mouth. 
“You’re being too loud.” She teases remembering all the times he had been the one admonishing her as she screamed beneath him. 
“You’re enjoying this aren’t you?” He echoes her words from spitting out the tie and she can’t deny it, so instead she rocks forward taking even more of him simultaneously shoving the wet tie back into his mouth listening to his barely muffled grunts. She rises up on the tips of her toes, her red bottoms giving her that extra bit of height, his hard tip popping free with a wet squelch before she slams back down onto him titling her head back and moaning to the ceiling. 
He’s being so good, not moving at all simply letting her fuck down on him and she can tell his control is slipping every time he grips her waist too tightly, painfully. 
She continues to ride him, chasing her own pleasure and whimpering when his blunt head slides across her engorged bead, rocking vigorously up and down as she feels the end drawing near. She tightens her hold on his shoulder, using him as leverage to ride him faster, his thighs tense under the weight of her body and her rapid pace. 
The wet smacks fill the air filthily and she feels dirty, absolutely nasty but instead of shame an intense wave of pride barrels over her. 
“You’re mine.” She whispers out loud to herself but he misinterprets the words and eagerly nods at the statement thinking she wants him to declare that he’s hers, “Yes I am yours, all yours,” and she loses her mind, pistoning herself rapidly on his lap before pleasure surges through her body, starting in her toes and curling up her thighs and she rocks her nipples into his chest through their layers of clothes, she muffles her cry in his throat roughly pulling at the skin there to silence her deafening screams. 
It’s only then that he breaks the rules, reaching up to grab her shoulders and yanking her down to meet his vicious upward thrust and waves and waves of thick streams fill her up until she feels it leaking at the sides. 
There is no sound besides their louds pants. 
Then two loud knocks make them both jump from their wrecked state, his softening length falling from her grip. 
“This is the only bathroom.” A voice calls out disgusted and with a gasp she stands up straightening her dress and running a hand through her hair before realizing that it’s still sticky, great. 
Vincenzo is a puddle on the toilet, legs spread apart and softened dick not yet tugged away, he looks like sin reincarnated and it takes everything not to initiate another round. 
“Come on lover boy,” she tugs him up pulling him up and zipping up his pants, then she moves him over to the sink washing her hands and making him do the same. Their eyes meet in the mirror and that’s when she sees much how debauched they truly look, when he turns to look at the hickey she sucked into his pale skin while trying to be quiet she finally feels the ability to be embarrassed returning. 
it’s huge and red, almost purple, covering the thick column of his throat and he winces when he rubs at it. 
“I’m sorry, I got carried away.” She apologizes but its for naught because he grins at her proudly, “You were just claiming what’s yours.” 
His words light another fire under her skin and it’s only the pounding on the door that stops her from jumping him again. 
When they finally pull the door open, none other than a blanched face Ae-ram is on the other side. The woman looks shocked to see them both standing in front of her and the gears begin to slowly turn and a bright blush rushes up her unnaturally high cheekbones while color evacuates the rest of her face. 
“Are you serious?!” 
She doesn’t stay to hear the rest of the woman’s snide remark, all eyes are on them as she walks over to the bar to grab her discarded purse and Vincenzo’s jacket, the bartender winks knowingly at them looking equal parts aroused and jealous and she chortles, winking back. 
He hands them two shots, “It’s on the house,” he looks them up and down languidly licking his lips and she slams back the bitter liquid before turning to Vincenzo, his lips are shiny and now wet under the bright lights. 
“Let’s get out of here.” She slams the shot glass on the counter, pulling him out the door. 
He hastily swallows his drink, letting her tug him out the door into the cool night air. 
“You didn’t let me answer you before, but me too.” 
She looks at him from the corner of her eye, the wind causing her to sober up and it takes a minute to understand what he’s talking about. She shifts awkwardly when she ultimately realizes nodding while looking away, their cab is three minutes away. 
“I love you too, Hong Cha- young.” 
As if she didn’t already know. It was too obvious after tonight. 
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Ship: Freed x Laxus
Rating: Mature [Blackmail]
Prompt: Masters
Summary: Magnolia House was an odd place. Owned by the reclusive madman Dreyar, and run by his supposed lover Freed, getting an invitation was seen as a death sentence. So when the letter arrived at Lucy's door after months of anonymous blackmail, she felt her life was over. How wrong she was.
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The Masters Of Magnolia House
Year: 1835
Location: Athens, Greece
When you lived in the upper classes, there were certain unwritten rules that you needed to follow, particularly when you were a lady. You were expected to keep your emotions to yourself, nobody wanted a hysterical woman. You were to flirt with a man to keep his favour, if acting stupid got you there then you did that. You were to do as you're told and keep the equilibrium; sometimes leaving the room was better anyway. Men probably had rules that they had to follow, but Lucy didn't care to learn them. They would hardly help her.
But one rule, unwritten and without explanation, was true for men, women, and children. If you get an invitation to Magnolia House, you attend.
Master Dreyar was a reclusive lord, who had removed himself from polite society and crossed the sea to live on the continent. The stories of his person were ride-ranged and never complimentary. Some claimed him to be a prolific blackmailer, who could bring countries to their knees should the mood strike him. Others called him mad, with manners that could change with the wind and a temper that made him strike first and not apologise.
When the lord had left England, the gentry had held a collective sigh of relief.
That was until the first letter arrived.
Stories were wide spread and perhaps exaggerated. A young lord, known for drunken behaviour and general disrespect to the elders of the country, was invited to stay at Magnolia House in Athens for a week. His declined the request, apparently sending another letter claiming that 'the rule of Dreyar is over' and a multitude of suggestions on what the lord should do to himself; none of them kind. Within a month, a newspaper local to the lord's home had mysteriously gotten wind of the letter sent, as well as written testimonies from barmaids, shop clerks, housemaids and the youngest daughter of a nearby respectable home all showing a pattern of aggressive and forceful behaviour. The scandal was quick to take root, and spread like flames across oil. The lord's reputation was rightfully ruined, and a president was set.
The rule of Dreyar was not over, simply redefined. If Lord Dreyar sent you a letter, you took the trip or suffered the consequences.
Lucy had gotten such a letter, and as such was terrified.
For months, other letters had been arriving at her home. At first they were vague, requesting favours of her father with the hinted suggestions that her life would be in ruins if the orders not followed. She ignored them, but they kept coming. Each time, they were less subtle and more overt with what would happen. Lucy's… affair with the daughter of her father's valet – Cana Alberona– would be made public. And then when the threats became more personal, more vicious, the other letter came. A letter demanding Lucy's presence in Greece for the last two weeks of July. Dread had overtaken her, and she was slightly ashamed to admit she cried that night in her lover's arms, but now her head was held high and her spine straight. She would hold her dignity throughout this if nothing else.
As she approached the front door to the austere, white stoned house, it opened, and a man walked through it. He was tall, had long flowing hair that rested below his waist, and wore a suit Lucy expected to be uncomfortable given the heat. He walked to her with a professional smile, footsteps long and confident.
"Miss Heartfilia, I presume," The man spoke with an accent not quite English, but not quite Greek either. "May I take your bags?"
"Oh, yes, thank you," Lucy spoke a little higher than she normally would, and put on the slightest show of struggling to hand them to him, so he could feel better about himself when he lifted them. She would do this with dignity, yes, but she would not be ashamed of trying to find some solace in the situation. If someone was on her side, that was at least something.
"Thank you ma'am," The man said as he took the bags and turned to the door. "If you'd like to follow me, I can show you to your room."
"Thank you, very much," She smiled, and batted her eyelids.
The man seemed more patient than flattered in his responding smile, and Lucy could guess why. The man was handsome, and no doubt had women fawning over him; all the more reason to flirt, Lucy thought. It was better to flirt with a man uninterested than to not flirt with a man who expected it and would act with anger and a raised hand if he didn't get what he wanted. When he started to walk to the house, Lucy followed in step and kept pace, looking at the admittedly beautiful building that would be her home for two weeks.
"During your stay here, if there's anything you need assistance with, I'll be happy to oblige as best I can," The man spoke again, and Lucy glanced to see him looking forward with a polite smile. "My name is Freed Justine. I am the master of the home."
"It's a pleasure to meet you," Lucy said on instinct, then confusedly she continued. "I thought Lord Dreyar was the master of the house."
"He is," Freed nodded. "Perhaps I was misleading, the terminology for my job doesn't exists in polite society. I am the master of this house in the same way a butler is the master of their house. I control what happens, to suit the Master Dreyar's needs. I am his mouthpiece to the staff when needs be, when the master is unavailable or unwilling to make a decision about day-to-day goings on then I will speak in his place, and, as you can tell, I am the personal representative for the house, hence why I'm greeting you today."
"That sounds like a lot of work," Lucy said, blinking as the shadow of the house hit her. "I must admit, I can't quite see how that differs from a butler."
"There are more aspects to my job. I also act as the master's valet, a job with which I take great pride," Freed's smile grew a little, Lucy noticed. "But I suppose the greatest difference between a butler and what I consider myself to do if obedience. A butler follows his master's word to the letter, unquestioningly and without complaint. I do anything but."
"Oh," Lucy said, not entirely sure what to say to that. "That's… agreeable to Master Dreyar?"
"Agreeable? No, not agreeable," Freed laughed a little. "But he's long since stopped trying to argue the matter with me. He knows when I'm right."
Lucy saw no further road for the conversation, though her interest was piqued. Lord Dreyar was someone she knew more by reputation rather than by interaction, and she had made the man into this monolithic beast who would tear others down for his own amusement. That seemed to be what all of England thought of the man, and yet a member of his staff claimed he was accepting of criticism and would amend his ways. Even if untrue – which it probably was – Lucy would have expected anyone working for the Lord Dreyar she believed in would be scared to death of making such a comment. If nothing else, this would be an eye-opening fortnight.
The inside of the building was as beautiful as the outside. It had many large windows that let in the sun, plants were strewn in pots with calculated haphazardness, and it seemed like a conscious rejection of Englishness. It was rather beautiful.
Freed walked to the grand staircase and climbed it, and Lucy kept pace with him, resisting the urge to look around and sate her curiosity about Greek culture. There would be enough time for that during the next two weeks, and she was still making her first impression with the supposed master of the house. If Freed were as close to Master Dreyar as he suggested, the mouthpiece aspects of their relationship may work both ways. Freed might be greeting the guests to get a good sense of them on his master's behalf.
Within a few minutes, Lucy was escorted to what would be her room for the next two weeks. Freed placed her bags beside the bed, and two maids seemed to appear out of nowhere to unpack them. Before her clothing could be seen, Freed stepped out and stood beside the door; perhaps as not to see her underthing's. Lucy joined him, rather than getting under the maids' feet.
"I might need to rely on you to show me around," Lucy laughed falsely. "It's something of a maze."
Freed paused for a moment, and Lucy wondered if she'd made a mistake.
"Miss Heartfilia, if I may speak candidly, you needn't do that here," Freed spoke, the professionally rigid tone slipping a little. "Many people come to Greece to get away from the confines of England. Be that the confines of the people, the culture, or even simply the weather. I suggest you take the chance to shake off the restraints of English culture."
"I'm sorry, I'm not quite sure what you mean."
"It probably won't shock you to know we've looked into you," Freed smiled. "And in our research, we found you to be an incredibly intelligent woman. Well read, intuitive, and quick to solve a puzzle. You're not in England, you're in Greece. For two weeks. It's a grace period for you. For these two weeks, you're an unknown person living with a madman. Prioritize yourself how you wish, not how society wishes."
Was this a test? It felt like a means to an end, not an offer. "I'm still not sure what you mean, Mister Justine."
"You may be whoever you wish to be while you're here, Miss Heartfilia. Batting your eyelids and acting the naïve darling to flatter me isn't as important as it would be at home. If you wish to be intelligent and advertise your intellectual superiority, then do so," Freed smiled, stepping from the door and walking across the hall. "In the spirit of that, you will have free reign to use this room however you wish."
He opened the door, revealing what Lucy could only describe as a library. It was hardly larger than a bedroom, but with high shelves of dust-less books covering almost all the space. A small table and cushioned chair sat by a window, and a teapot and teacup were placed atop it. It was idyllic, with the sun hitting it.
"Goodness," Lucy breathed as she walked inside. "The Lord of the house must enjoy reading. I wouldn't like to intrude on his private space."
"You wouldn't be, he hardly uses the place," Freed said, standing by the door. "These are mainly for me, but I'm happy to share them with you. I've read them all twice over; I should perhaps insist on him buying me something new."
"Are you sure this is okay?" Lucy asked, eyes looking over the spines of books she wanted to attack. "I'm a guest here."
"I chose the room allocations, I put you here so the books would be at your convenience," Freed assured here. "They're yours for your time here."
Lucy found herself inclined to argue the point further, but bit her tongue. This house was already a completely different place to what she had been expecting, as was the Lord's reputation. She had been thrown to the mouth of a beast she could not understand, and she expected her life to be ruined by the end of it all. If she was going to be offered a library of books that she'd never be able to read at home as a consolation prize, then she would damned well make the most of it.
But of course, that could wait. She had eyed three particular books that she would read first – two in English, one in French – and could probably finish them within the first two days. She turned to Freed and smiled.
"Thank you, Mister Justine."
"It's a pleasure, Miss Heartfilia," Freed smiled, though it dropped a little. "I feel it only fair to warn you, we've another guest who will be arriving next week. He's not got the most stellar reputation, I must say."
"Oh?" Lucy asked.
"He'll most likely behave while he's here – he's known to be snivelly, you see – but only to those he sees as his better. To people he sees as inferior, he can be insipid. That includes, unfortunately, every woman but the Queen herself."
"I've met men like that," Lucy admitted.
"I'm sure you have," Freed sighed. "He's rather a dog backed into a corner right now, so he may be unpredictable. If I can offer you advice, don't be alone with him. He won't touch you, but he'd dangerous in other ways."
"Then why is he here?" Lucy asked, wondering if Freed would be offended. He apparently wasn't, so perhaps his request that she not act like the fool was genuine.
"You've heard the stories of this house," Freed smirked a little. "This is where the cruel and untouchable meet their fate. He's here to be brought to heel."
"And what am I here for?" Lucy asked, meeting Freed's eye. Freed smiled.
"I can hardly tell you that," Freed said, voice going professional again. "Think on what I've said. This is an opportunity to put your best foot forward, don't squander it."
"I intend not to."
"I'm delighted," Freed smiled. "I hope you enjoy your stay, Miss Heartfilia."
Freed turned and was walking away, and Lucy could only watch, not entirely sure what to think of the house, the man, or the lord he served.
Meeting Lord Dreyar came the next morning, and in the most unexpected of places. The first day in Greece had been spent mainly alone, as Freed had informed Lucy that the Lord had been called away for the day and wouldn't be seen until the late hours of the night. Most of the day had been spent in the library, though she had ventured into the nearby town square and taken supper at a restaurant; she got a thrill at the fact she hadn't even asked if a meal had been prepared in the house for her, and instead had just went.
In the morning, Freed had woken her at the time she'd wanted, given her time to ready herself for the day with less makeup and more comfortable clothes, and had then asked her to accompany him to the kitchen. She had done so unquestioningly, though the oddness of the request did strike her.
When they'd entered, the Lord Dreyar had been sitting at a small table, eating eggs.
Lucy had been blind sighted, and immediately decided that this was some sort of ambush. Lord Dreyar was an odd man, but he was rich, and the rich never entered the kitchen. He should have spoken to Freed, and Freed would speak to the cooking staff on his behalf. He shouldn't be eating while surrounded by cooks. The Lord was there because it was the last place Lucy would expect her to be, and this would wrongfoot her.
"Master Dreyar," Freed said in greeting, getting the attention of the man. "Your guest is here to take breakfast with you."
"Of course," The man spoke, voice a low grumble. "Please, Miss, take a seat. Freed, your excused."
"Yes, Master," Freed nodded, then he removed himself from the room.
Lucy looked around for a moment. She was slightly shamefaced to admit that she hadn't spent much time in kitchens in her life, and there was something of a spectacle to be in one. There were so many devices scattered around, all for different purposes that she couldn't guess. And the three cooks – two women and a man – scuttled from counter to counter, preparing food with a level of proficiency that Lucy found awe-inspiring. She felt like she could watch them for hours, but a quick glance towards the Lord refocused her attention.
The Lord was younger than she expected, though just as intimidating. He was incredibly tall, incredibly broad and had an impassively mean expression. The scar across his face gave Lucy pause, as did the peaking line of ink that slid up his collarbone. Hardly befitting an English gentleman. She quickly took a seat at the table before she could anger the man.
They sat in silence for a moment, the Lord eating his breakfast and Lucy waiting for hers to be brought to her. Lucy was waiting for him to speak, as a Lord must always speak before a Lady, but no conversation came. It was only when she forced herself to remember Freed's words that she spoke.
"I've never eaten in a kitchen before," She spoke without wavering in her tone. "Is it a Greek custom?"
"It is in this house," The Lord shrugged. "Don't know about the other houses, don't really go to other people's houses if I can avoid it, certainly not for breakfast. But in this house, I always prefer eating in the kitchen."
"Right," Lucy said hesitantly. "May I ask why?"
"You may," The lord shrugged, but said nothing more. He took a bite from his plate, chewed, swallowed, and looked to Lucy again. "Will you?"
"Will I what?"
"Ask me why."
"Oh, that," Lucy frowned. She had asked him; he was being obtuse. "Why do you eat in here, my lord?"
"Blurs the line between my position and there's," He nodded to the staff. "England likes to keep the rich and the regular split, I don't. This is a little way for me to keep everything a little more balanced," He smirked then. "And there's also the fact I know damn well the way I take my eggs is the best way for them to be prepared. Guests aren't as brave about complaining about that when the chefs in the room holding a knife."
He had a slightly manic grin when he said that, and Lucy found herself amused rather than scared. It was an attitude she couldn't have in this place, not when it was likely that the man sitting across from her was the blackmailer. Although, what would the great and powerful Lord Dreyar need from her father of all people?
"That's quite the reason," Lucy said, and the Lord nodded.
They sat in silence again, and Lucy watched as the Lord ate. It was… interesting. A gentleman worth his salt would have been trained from birth how to eat with precision and class. They wouldn't scarf down eggs, then drag a chunk of bread over the plate, cover it in the remaining sauce and then bite into it like a street child.
The Lord didn't seem to care that he was being watched, and raised a glass of orange juice which he finished in a single upturn. Lucy was half disgusted half fascinated, and was quickly coming to understand why the Lord had left England. Everything he'd done since Lucy had entered the room would leave him shunned and outcasted from the polite society of England; no wonder he was quick to leave it.
Around her, the chef's seemed to be cooking her meal, and she found her eyes wandering towards them. Their movements were quick and fluid, and Lucy wondered if she could ever learn to do that. She might have to if Lord Dreyar was going to do what she thought he would.
"Why am I here, Lord Dreyar?" She asked, and the Lord stopped eating for a moment.
"You're here for two weeks, you'll figure it out by the end of it," Was all the Lord said, but Lucy didn't want to finish the conversation there, so he pushed.
"I'd rather know now."
"Sure you would, but that ain't how this house works," The man grinned at her again, and Lucy didn't know if it was amused or malicious. "Two weeks, and it's all over. I'm sure you can wait that long."
Lucy didn't think she could, but she felt no reason to argue the point. She needed the Lord in her favour, and not annoying him would do wonders to help that.
Before she could think of a conversation to bring up, one of the three chefs in the room placed a plate of eggs – prepared as an omelette, placed on toasted bread, garnished with parsley and salt - and a set of simple, inelegant cutlery was put beside the plate. It was hardly how she would have had her breakfast if she'd been given the choice, but an omelette done well could be nice. The glass of juice she had been given was at least fresh and vibrant looking. She picked up the cutlery and cut a small piece of the omelette out for herself. As she brought it to her lips, the Lord spoke again.
"How do you have your eggs?" He asked, apropos of nothing.
"Excuse me?"
"Your eggs, how would you have them if you'd been given the choice," The Lord pushed.
"I thought that you had the art of eggs perfected?" Lucy asked, deciding that a light, joking tone was best to get out of the oddness of the situation. "Why wouldn't I want to try them if that's true."
"Because they've got garlic in them, and you're allergic," The Lord smirked a little, and Lucy halted, dropped the fork, and left the chair, looking at the plate of food that she was, indeed, very allergic to. Laxus kept up the expression as he spoke. "If you ate that, you could've died."
"Yes, I could have," Lucy uttered, anger flashing though her.
"And all because you didn't wanna argue with me," The Lord said, reaching over, taking the fork Lucy had dropped, and ate the egg impaled on it. "See, that's what England does to women. Puts them in fancy dresses and tells 'em to look pretty. Makes 'em impassive and quiet, tells them to shut up because they're weak and don't have anything interesting to say. That's all they get, and even the strong ones eventually start believing it all. Fucking country."
"What's the point of this?" Lucy demanded, still looking at the eggs.
"The point is, you can push back against things sometimes," The Lord sighed. "Everything you did before you became fifteen showed you as a fighter. Then you grew up, your father saw you as a way to expand his empire through marriage, and you became docile," The blonde smirked a little. "But fuck him. Be a fighter, push back against bullshit, and take yer damn eggs how you want 'em."
Oh. That was not at all what Lucy had expected, and she couldn't quite think of what to say to the advice. It was good advice, not entirely practical given her situation in life, but the urge to fight back against English constraints had never really left her. Still, had nearly killing her been necessary for proving his point.
She hadn't smelt the garlic though. Normally her nose was rather good when garlic was involved.
"Was there really garlic?" She asked, and the Lord smirked.
"You think I'm the type of man who'd risk poisoning someone to make a statement?" The lord quirked an eyebrow, and Lucy didn't answer. That made the man laugh. "Call me Laxus from now on, you've earned it," He then looked to one of his chefs. "Get the woman what she wants."
Lucy then smiled, sat back at the table once the plate was taken away, and looked to the waiting chef. "Two poached eggs. With salmon."
Four nights into her stay, a ridiculous urge for a glass of milk struck Lucy in the middle of the night. For a few minutes she tried to fight it – she was a grown woman for heaven's sake, not a child with no impulse control – but forcing herself to think of other things just made it worse. Perhaps it was Greece's fault; the heat was making cold drinks seem more refreshing and therefore more appealing.
She tried to make as little noise as she could, the landing of the building's upper floor creaking slightly as she walked down the hallway. She winced a little as the stairs cut through the silence, but she continued on, walking to the kitchen. She quickly found the larder where the milk was stored, poured herself a glass, and began her walk back to her bedroom, hoping she would be quieter.
Apparently, it was a baseless hope, because each creak and squeak was louder than it had been before.
It almost didn't matter, but when she was quietly walking down the hallway and she stood on a particularly loud floor panel, the door to Laxus' office opened, and Freed walked out. He was wearing his usual suit, looking as well put together as always though with slightly heavy breathing and the smallest of flushes on his cheeks. They looked at one another for a moment, Freed closing the office door behind him so the only light illuminating them both was the candle that Lucy was holding. Freed spoke first.
"Miss Heartfilia," He was gentle in his tone, quiet for the time of night. "You're up rather late."
"I was having trouble sleeping; getting accustomed to the new environment I suppose. My throat became dry and, well," She raised her milk in explanation. Freed nodded. "You seem rather awake too, what time do you sleep?"
"Normally, I'd be asleep by now, but Master Dreyar is keeping me up," Freed explained, smile bordering on a smirk. "He's, well, he's a little tied up at the moment. Work gets on top of him, you see, and the stresses sometimes can be overwhelming. I do what I can to keep him sane."
"You really do whatever it is you can to help him, don't you,?" Lucy laughed.
"I take great pleasure in my duties," Freed said enigmatically. "You should get to sleep, Miss Heartfilia. I believe that the lord plans to take you to a nearby village tomorrow, you'll need to be well rested."
"Of course," Lucy agreed. "Goodnight Freed."
"Goodnight Miss Heartfilia," Freed responded.
Lucy walked back to her bedroom, still trying not to be loud as not to distract Laxus from whatever work he was doing. As she climbed into her bed and nestled herself into the covers, she found herself wondering what Freed's odd smiles and slight state of disrepair meant. Were this any other house, she might have believed that Freed was sneaking into Laxus' study to do something illegal – it wasn't unheard of for butlers to turn on their masters – but Magnolia House was different. Freed seemed devoted to his master, and that devotion might go both ways. She didn't think for a second that Freed would betray the man.
Eventually, she would have to leave this house, and she had to wonder if she would understand what the hell was going on in the place. She hoped so; she loved nothing more than a puzzle and everything about this place raised more questions than they answered.
Maybe the other guest would have the answers when he came.
"We'll be taking dinner in the dining room today, Miss Heartfilia."
Lucy turned to look at Freed, who had approached her as she walked to the kitchen. She halted slightly; it had been a week since she had arrived at the house and her meals had always been taken in the kitchen, or outside of the house somewhere. She honestly hadn't been sure if the house had a dining room. It would have been in keeping of the week for Laxus to have taken the dining room and replaced it with a horse's stable or something equally absurd.
She followed Freed towards the dining room, deciding not to ask why. Both Freed and Laxus seemed to enjoy giving non-answers to anything she would ask, and ass such she'd given up trying. It was best to just allow herself to be swept up in everything.
The dining room itself was a small place, sparsely decorated but pleasant. Plants bordered the room but didn't encroach on the table itself, and despite being perhaps the most formal room in the house that Lucy had seen, it made every dining room in England seem stuffy in comparison. She walked inside, allowing Freed to pull out a seat for her and taking it. Only when she looked up did she see that not only was Laxus sitting at the table, but another man, someone who Lucy had known very well for most of her life.
Jiemma Orland.
Another member of the aristocracy, their paths had crossed many times. During the dances she'd been forced to attend in her childhood, Lucy had often found his daughter Minerva and they'd spent nights playing and laughing. He had always scared Lucy when she was young – he seemed nasty, vindictive even – and she'd avoided her when she could. It had been years since they'd seen each other, but that chill still ran down her spine.
He must have been Laxus' other guest. Was it a coincidence?
"Lucy," Laxus greeted, sitting at the head of the table. "This is Mister Orland; I believe that you-"
"Lord Orland," Jiemma corrected, and Lucy saw Laxus narrow his eyes slightly. "Not mister."
"Right. As I was saying," Laxus spoke again with a growl. "The great and respectable Lord, Mister Orland, is the guest that I was telling you about. I think you might have met him a few times in your past, your circles seemed to have intertwined."
"They have," Lucy agreed, forcing her fake smile on again. Her cheeks hurt; she hadn't smiled like that for the week she'd been there. "Hello Lord Orland, it's a pleasure to see you again."
"And you, ma'am," Jiemma responded, not even trying to sound polite. He turned towards Laxus, face a scowl. "As I was saying, I hardly see why you want me here, Lord Dreyar. This is quite the imposition."
"I'm glad," Laxus grinned. "And you do know why you're here, I think. But that's for the end of the week, so try not to torture yourself about it now," The grin turned a little nasty for only a moment, but the normal smile returned when he looked back to Lucy. "How's your day been? Freed informed me that the two of you decided to visit the Parthenon toady. Was it what you expected it to be?"
"It was beautiful," Lucy smiled a little. "Freed's very knowledgeable about its history, and quite the storyteller too. I hope you don't mind that I took him away from the house for the day."
"Of course not," Laxus smiled. "What sort of a man would I be if I couldn't survive a day without my manservant. Hardly a man at all."
Laxus looked directly towards Jiemma when he said that, and the older man tensed, and his face became thunderous. He made a wave of his hand and a well-dressed man who Lucy vaguely remembered seeing around Jiemma's house when she'd visited Minerva nodded and left. Lucy was almost certain that he was Jiemma's manservant. She laughed a little too loud, and quickly schooled herself. Jiemma turned his glare to her, but Laxus spoke before he could say anything.
"The city really is a sight to behold this time of year. The tourists can make it a little crowded, but the history seeps through either way," Laxus said, and a plate was placed in front of him. "I typically leave the summer months without having guests so I can better enjoy myself. The two of you should feel quite honoured."
"Hardly," Jiemma muttered almost imperceptibly, but both Lucy and Laxus seemed to have heard him.
"Speak up, man," Laxus demanded, looking into his eyes without wavering. "How can your words be respected if you're not standing with them, but hiding behind them?"
"You don't think I stand by my words?" Jiemma snapped, and Lucy halted slightly, not wanting to make her presence known. She had been aware that Jiemma could be a bully, but never witnessed it. Laxus didn't seem bothered.
"I don't," Laxus grinned. "And I think you should be cordial to your host, no?"
"Cordial. You of all people wish to speak to me about how to act in polite society," Jiemma was shouting, and his anger seemed to come so abruptly that Lucy felt knocked down by it. Freed had mentioned that Jiemma was backed into a corner, of course, but this level of anger bubbling up without much provocation was disconcerting. "You, a man who leaves society for your… your perversions, have the gall to say anything. And not only speak down to others, but to demand the presence of others at your home half way across the world. To hold half the respectable country to ransom for your sick enjoyment. And yet you speak to me of cordiality, Mister Dreyar."
"It's Lord Dreyar, actually," Laxus corrected, grinning.
Jiemma looked ready to storm to Laxus and strike him, and Lucy found herself grabbing the side of the table just for distraction. Laxus and Jiemma were having an argument with their eyes only, Laxus all but goading Jiemma to do anything that might give him cause to attack. Lucy didn't know what to do. Passive aggressive dinners were one thing, but openly yelling was unheard of.
Freed walked into the room holding a plate of light food, and placed it in front of Lucy. She looked to him for reprieve, and he smiled at her handsomely. It was a comfort, and she whispered low enough only for him to hear.
"What's happening between them?"
"Mister Orland's character is being tested," Freed whispered equally quietly, adjusting the plate so to elongate his time near her. "Everyone who comes here undergoes a test of some time. They can get rather explosive, as you can see."
"I wasn't tested," Lucy frowned.
"Not in a way that you noticed, no," Freed smiled again, taking a bottle of wine from a cooler and filling Lucy's glass with it. "If the two of them start to overwhelm you, feel free to dismiss yourself and say you need to powder your nose or something of the like. Laxus won't be offended, and I suspect Mister Orland won't care for you either way."
"Thank you," Lucy whispered, smile a little weak as she wondered what her 'test' had been.
"Of course, though I recommend you see it through to the end," Freed suggested as he placed the wine back into the cooler. "You might regret it if you don't."
Freed was out of the room within a moment, and Lucy was left floundering as to what that meant. The letters she'd received hit her again, and dread filled through her as she remembered all the stories she'd heard from people who had been to this house. This was the house where reputations were ruined, and lives were upended. She had become complacent, but this had been the reminder she needed to know that this house wasn't safe.
Maybe Freed's words had been a threat, or maybe they'd been a warning. Either way, Lucy needed to be careful in this place, and not allow herself to make a mistake.
"Why the hell are you here?"
Three days into the second week of her visit, Jiemma hissed the words as he stormed into Lucy's room. He was swaying slightly on his feet, face flushed from alcohol and jaw tight and rigid. Lucy shot up, covering herself with her sheets on instinct as the man thrashed into her bedroom. She looked at him frozen for a moment before she regained her senses and spoke.
"I was invited by Lord Dreyar," She answered, blinking away the remains of sleep.
"He is not a Lord," Jiemma shouted, and Lucy had to flinch back when he stormed to her bed. "He left England and left his title with it! He had no right to call himself that name. Has no right to act like he has power. Like he's too good to be English but still has influence over us. He can't."
"Mister Orland-"
"I am a fucking Lord!" Jiemma roared. "I am a Lord of the realm, woman. Respect me!"
"Lord Orland, I don't know why I have been called here but you need to leave my bedroom this instant," Lucy said firmly, trying not to let her voice waver as he took another step closer. He was a large and brutish man, and drunk out of his mind. "This is most improper and if Laxus or Freed are woken up then I expect they'll not be please."
"You need to leave now," Jiemma demanded. "Get out of this damnable house this instant. It's manageable without you, so leave. Get out of here and don't show your face. Then we can sort this out."
"I don't know what you're talking about," Lucy stammered slightly.
"You need to get the hell away from me and leave my daughter alone," Jiemma growled, lurching forward, and grabbing hold of the sheets Lucy held to her chest. "You're all the same, looking for your next-"
"Mister Orland," A curt voice cut him off, and Lucy looked to see Freed standing at the door, well dressed despite the time of night. Lucy felt safer with him there, and Freed quickly stormed into the room with barely restrained anger. "It is three in the morning, and you are in bedroom of an unmarried woman who clearly does not want you there. There is no justification for such actions, and I won't give you the time to attempt it. You're to return to your room and repent for your actions immediately."
"What," Jiemma turned to Freed and walked into his space. Lucy tried to recover her breath, eyes a little wide. Was Jiemma going to hit Freed? He looked as though he was. "You think you can order me? A houseboy? Not even a man, neither of you are, not with what you do together."
"Return to your bed, Mister Orland," Freed repeated sternly. "If you don't, I'll have no choice but to leave you to the streets tonight, and let me tell you that the authorities here have perfected the art of dealing with an English drunkard and they do so with great enthusiasm."
"Make me," Jiemma taunted, leaning forward, and breathing right into Freed's face. Lucy could only guess how horrid a smell that would be.
Freed placed a hand on Jiemma's shoulder, probably to guide him back to his bedroom. Jiemma immediately shrugged Freed off him, taking a stumbling step back and looking to Freed like he was dirt. Freed kept the man's gaze without blinking, and Lucy watched in panic, not knowing what else to do because Jiemma was angry and drunk.
"Return to your room," Freed spoke firmly. "Or I will do just that."
Jiemma scoffed, but stumbled past Freed while barging his shoulder against Freed's. The door was slammed behind them both, leaving Freed alone with Lucy. She watched as Freed untensed himself, either out of relief or because of dwindling adrenaline. Lucy quickly reached for the candle that lay on the counter, striking a match and lighting it to replace the light lost from the hallway. Freed was looking at her with professional concern when his face was lit again, the moment of anger gone and his impassive looks back again.
"Are you okay, Miss Heartfilia?" He asked, voice calm again. "He didn't touch you, did he?"
"No, just scared me," She admitted, looking down slightly. "Are you okay?"
"Perfectly fine, Miss," Freed dismissed the question without giving a moment to think. "If you'd prefer it, we have a smaller bedroom for you to sleep in for tonight. If you can give me a few moments to make the bed for you, it might be a better fit. It's closer to Lord Dreyar's room and has a bolt on the door, for your safety."
"That won't be necessary," Lucy answered, even if she was tempted. "Those men are all the same. Drunkards like acting strong, but they're not. He'll be stewing about how you stood up against him. He won't bother me again."
"If you insist," Freed nodded. "If you change your mind, just call for me and I'll have the bed ready for you."
"Thank you, Freed," Lucy smiled a little, relaxing as she placed the candle back onto her bedside table. "I must say, you don't seem to ever sleep. This is the second time in as many weeks that you've been ready for an issue in the night."
"It's my job, Miss," Freed dismissed. "I must say, I did expect that Mister Orland might come back in a drunken state and do something regrettable. I thought it would be against Master Dreyar, given their antagonism, but he seemed to focus on you. I'm terribly sorry it took me so long to come to you."
"Don't worry," Lucy assured him. "He just scared me, nothing more."
"As you say," Freed agreed. "I'll leave you to sleep. Master Dreyar might wish to speak with you both tomorrow morning after this. I'll wake up if he does."
"Thank you," Lucy smiled. "Goodnight Freed."
"Goodnight Miss Heartfilia."
"So, I think it's time we all have a talk."
Laxus was the first to speak, breaking the silence that had befallen the small office. He was sat behind his large desk in a leather chair, with Freed standing beside him and to his right: they looked every part like the Lord of the House and his ever-present shadow. Lucy was sat at the other side of the desk in one of the smaller chairs provided, nervously fiddling with the lap of her dress, and occasionally glancing towards Jiemma, who sat at her side in another of the chairs.
After the interruption the night before, her sleep had been uneven and broken. She had been half tempted to take Freed's offer for the other room, but by the time the decision had been made it was nearly four, and that wouldn't be fair on the man. She'd instead jammed the door with a chair and done her best to rest.
When she'd been told Lord Dreyar wished to speak with her, she had been happy to oblige. She was less happy when she saw Jiemma sitting there as well.
"I need to leave," Jiemma said in retort. "I don't understand why you dragged me here in the first place. After the way your houseboy spoke to me last night I don't see why I should suffer the indignity of being here a moment more."
"Rather eloquent, aren't you?" Laxus posed the question with a smile. "Not quite as eloquent when you're drunk though, are you? I heard what you were saying last night. I suspect that half the city did the way you were yelling. Hardly behaviour that befits a lord, I don't think."
"What are you implying?" Jiemma demanded.
"That you should shut your mouth because I have something to say," Laxus grinned a nasty grin. "Can you agree to that?"
"I've a hotel booked for the rest of my stay," Jiemma said firmly. "I intend to be there within the hour."
"This won't take too long," Laxus assured him. He looked towards Freed for a moment, who walked to one of the sets of cupboards lining the walls to the room. Lucy followed the man's actions, but turned back to Laxus when he spoke again. "You've both been asking why you were invited here. I don't doubt you both know the reputation that this house has; particularly that I invite people here because I have a problem with them. That's true."
Lucy found her breath caught in her throat. She had known this would happen, of course she did, but had expected it to take place on the last day of the trip. Maybe that was the intention, but Jiemma's activities the night before had pushed them into action.
She was just going to have to deal with it. That's all she could do.
"I believe that this might be enough of an explanation as to why you're both here," Laxus continued, taking a single piece of paper from Freed and placing it on the table. Lucy went to look at it, but Jiemma snatched it away. Laxus didn't seem bothered, and allowed Jiemma to look at it for a moment. "You seeing my point, Mister Orland?" Jiemma didn't react, his grasp on the paper tensing. "You've known from the moment you saw Miss Heartfilia, didn't you, so no need to hoard the letter. Hand it to Lucy, please."
Jiemma looked like he was going to argue, but did as he was told indignantly. Lucy looked down to see a handwritten letter, and frowned. It was apparently Jiemma's response to Laxus' request for his visit. A polite but curt letter than didn't seem important.
It took Lucy a few moments to see the significance, and bile rose in her throat when she did.
The handwriting. It was the same handwriting as the letters she'd been getting threatening to expose her relationship with Cana. Jiemma had been the one doing it.
"You?" She asked, voice quiet. "You're the person who's been harassing me?"
"You're sick, all of you," Jiemma growled, standing up and looming over Lucy. Panic gave way to anger, and she felt her blood rushing throughout her body as she looked at the man who caused her so many sleepless nights. "Queers, perverts. You couldn't even be trusted to do a simple thing, to speak to your father and tell him to sign a damn contract. No, instead you turn to that bastard," He turned to Laxus, who was stone-faced now. "You all work together don't you, it's disgusting. I should have never let my daughter near you!"
Months of fear and anger and looking over her shoulder seemed to strike Lucy at once. This man – this power-hungry brute who drank too much and held his lordship above all else – had been the one to torture her for months. That… that…
Without thinking, she picked up a decorative crystal from Laxus' desk that seemed to be keeping his papers in order. She brought it up and slammed it hard against the man's head. He yelled in pain, and Lucy saw blood spurt from where a jagged edge slashed at his forehead. He staggered back, and she did it again because it had felt good, and it had felt deserved. This man had hurt her, she deserved to hurt him.
He stumbled, and Lucy watched as he crumpled to the ground. She dropped the crystal and began to kick him, leaning on the desk so she could slam her shoe into the man's stomach again and again. It felt good, and she didn't recognise a cathartic scream parting her throat as she did it.
Freed pulled her away after ten or so kicks, and Laxus looked ready to intervene further if Freed needed it. Lucy let it happen, panting as tears she didn't know had fallen fell down her cheeks. The man who had been the tormenter of her life for months was in front of her, crumpled on the floor, struggling to get up, couching and spluttering and bleeding. He was pathetic and yet he had caused so much strife for her.
"What the hell is the point of this?" Jiemma coughed, leaning on the desk to stand up again. "Just to insult me. To have the bitch attack me. I'll have everyone know about you and that barmaid within a week's time. Your life is over."
"No it isn't," Laxus said firmly, and Jiemma glared towards him.
"You can't stop me."
"I can, actually, but I don't need to," Laxus smirked. "You see, if you do it – and you won't – then nobody's going to believe you. I don't waste my time, you understand. The moment we met I knew you were exactly the type of man I thought you'd be. Aggressive, cruel, without restraint nor respect. You think the fact that you've got a lordship to your name gives you permission to take anyone down if it's advantageous to you. So, the moment we finished eating, I sent the word to England to have your true self exposed."
"What does that mean?"
"It means what I said, Mister Orland," Laxus laughed. "Every nasty side of you will be the focus of gossip for weeks to come. Your bullying attitudes towards your staff, to women in general actually. Your failure as a businessman and how you need to blackmail people. I was particular with the latter piece of gossip, not to give names as to whom you've blackmailed. Because there's been a lot of people who you've threatened, and they'll all be happy to back up the gossip if they think it's them being spoken about."
"It won't be believed," Jiemma growled, looking towards Laxus with a glare.
"It will. You throw enough shit at a wall and some sticks," Laxus' glare became particularly nasty at that. "Especially when people want so much to hate you. That's the problem with being cruel; people don't forget it. They'll jump at the chance to hurt you. They have, and it won't end."
Panic flushed over Jiemma's face, and he flushed red with anger. "I'll still tell everyone about her."
"Doesn't matter if you do, nobody's going to believe you," Laxus laughed, sitting back down. Lucy watched with fear, because Jiemma was panicked and angry and would do anything. People would believe him; he was still a lord. "I sent a letter to some of my friends back home, explaining what happened last night. With a few amendments, of course. The respectable and kind Miss Heartfilia, only daughter of the Heartfilia family, politely refused your unwanted advances. You, in a drunken haze, stormed into her room in the dead of night to do who knows what to her. You wouldn't leave her room, were acting aggressive. It took a member of my household staff to drag you away. That's akin to a pot of gold to the gossips of our country, and it will spread like wildfire," Laxus leant back in his chair, smirk nasty and wide. "You saying anything about Lucy will be the words of a stilted, embarrassed old man who got turned down by a young woman who could do better. Who would take anything you say seriously?"
"You… you demon," Jiemma yelled, and Lauxs actually laughed at him. "I should have you thrashed on the streets. You liar. Slanderer! No wonder you left the country, no man like you could exist in a land of honest men."
"Honest men who blackmail women? Who beat them and seclude their children from the world," Lucy snapped, because she felt safe now. Jiemma turned to her, but she didn't cower. "You're not an honest man. You're a parasite."
"Where's this voice come from, girl?"
"It's come from people like you treating me like some doll they can play with to suit their whims," Lucy yelled, and didn't miss when Laxus moved the paperweight out of reach. "I hope you can never show your face in England again, you bastard!"
"How dare you," Jiemma growled and walked towards Lucy. Freed stepped forward, holding a letter opener that caused the man to halt. "What kind of a place is this?"
"A place you should leave," Laxus answered, standing up again and opening the study door. "Freed, escort the man out of the house please."
"No," Jiemma argued, but Freed approached him, holding the knife up and brandishing it. "I won't go."
"You will," Laxus dismissed him. Freed took the old man by the shoulder and pushed him forward with a jerk. Jiemma growled, but when the knife was pushed further into his back, he allowed himself to be pushed. Freed halted when he was at the door, forcing Jiemma to look towards Laxus. "If you do say anything about Miss Heartfilia, and I find out about it, I'll make sure you regret it. Do you understand me?"
"You've already slandered me, what else could you do," Jiemma snarled. "Bitch's affair will be all over the country by August."
"The people I employ will slander, as you put it, the aristocracy for a very small amount of money," Laxus taunted. "What d'you think they'll be willing to do if I offer them something more substantial."
Lucy watched as the knife was pushed further into Jiemma's back, and the man hissed as he was pushed forward again. Lucy only watched as the man who had been her tormenter was marched away, hopefully for good.
"How did you know?" Lucy asked Freed as he sat opposite her at the patio. "What he was doing, I mean?"
"Miss Cana Alberona contacted Master Dreyar around a month ago," Freed explained, pouring them both a cup of tea as the evening sun began to set. Lucy took the cup that was offered to her with a confused frown. "She and Laxus used to drink together when he lived in England, I believe. She asked for his assistance in dealing with the problem of your letters. Laxus took some time to discover who was to blame, eventually found a letter with handwriting matching the letter Cana sent to him as an example, and decided that he would settle things himself."
"Cana did it?" Lucy exclaimed, frowning. "Why wouldn't she have told me?"
"I suspect she didn't want you involved if it could be helped. Given Laxus' reputation being somewhat unpalatable, him acting on your behalf could have been unnerving," Freed smiled as he drank his own tea. "Laxus however thought you might want closure, which was partly why he invited you here in the first place."
"Laxus cares very strongly for the people he loves, and Cana is one such person," Freed looked somewhat wistful about his employer. "He wanted to make sure you're a good enough person for her. He's somewhat cynical about members of polite society, as you can expect, so he wished to see you for himself," He laughed a little. "Why he couldn't trust my judgment on you I don't know, he's rather headstrong, but he's given you his approval."
"He has?"
"He has," Freed parroted. "The first breakfast you shared together was enough for him to be sure of your character. No doubt he'll offer you a permanent room here, should you like to visit with Miss Alberona. The Greek are much more accepting of a relationship such as yours."
"How do you know that?"
"Laxus and I have been seen together multiple times," Freed shrugged, and Lucy turned towards him with shock. "It's why we chose to live here. Much less fuss."
"You and the lord? You're in a relationship."
"Of course," Freed nodded, smiling.
And that, it seemed, was that.
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houseisekai · 2 years
House Isekai: A Realm Reborn - Part 2, Through the Maelstrom (2 of 3)
House Isekai ARR Masterlist Here
Tumblr media
Client: Hilda Valentin Goneril
Refusing to work with the newly reformed House Isekai due to Class VII, Duvalie takes her orders and storms off to Goneril territory, trying to get home faster. Not wanting to leave Duvalie completely alone, Raelyn and Fireteam Alpha-Nine accompany her.
Reports indicate of a giant serpent-like beast terrorizing the ocean trade routes near Goneril territory, and an unknown entity accompanying it…
(Raelyn) “I will accompany her to ensure their survival. Until then, House Isekai.”
Raelyn turned to the portal and walked through it.
After getting the minimum knowledge required about the Abyss Mages, Buck and his squad followed her through the portal.
(Kazuma) “…Wait a second, none of them knows anything about Fodlan. Why did we let them go anywhere alone?”
(Sitri) “…That’s a good question.”
When Duvalie stepped through the portal, she was still muttering to herself angrily.
(Duvalie) "Ugh, the nerve of those people! As if we can work hand in hand like nothing's ever happened!"
Her ranting continued, even when Raelyn stepped in behind her, looking around his environment.
(Raelyn) "...Duvalie, was it?"
(Duvalie) "And that jackass, Rean! What on EARTH ever made him think we were friends?! I ought to-"
Raelyn sighed and holstered his bolter. Even his footsteps didn't alert her.
(Raelyn) "Cease your complaints."
Duvalie spun around and opened her mouth about to continue until she realized she was only up to his lower chest. Her head tilted all the way up for her to even see Raelyn's helmet.
(Duvalie) "Listen you giant yellow tin can, you don't know what they're like!"
(Raelyn) "They seem calmer than you."
(Duvalie) "Tch, whatever. Why are you even here anyway? I can handle this on my own!"
(Raelyn) "Ah, then I assume you know the layout of the land? The person we're supposed to meet? What the state of the world even is?"
(Duvalie) "...I-I...I can just figure it out myself!"
(Raelyn) "Indeed."
Raelyn turned to the portal and saw the ODST squad walk in.
(Buck) "Right, we got the information we need. As for lay of the land, think one of the locals is about to tag along."
Aigis and Kazuma were on the other side nodding about to say something before the portal suddenly closed.
(Mickey) "...Or not."
Everyone was confused on why the portal closed.
Sitri made sure no one was looking at her as she whispered.
(Sitri) "Sothis?"
(Sothis) "Uh, don't look at me. I wasn't even the one who opened it."
(Sitri) "Wait, then where did...?"
(Romeo) "Great. Now we gotta wander around and pray to god it's the right way."
(Dutch) "Not even sure the good lord would poke his head out in wherever this is."
(Raelyn) "You were the one who wanted to do this alone."
(Buck) "Enough of the shouting already! Complaining isn't going to do us any good. Besides, we got the data we need, we'll be fine...probably."
(Duvalie) "Fine, whatever."
Duvalie had her hand on the sword sheathe as she stormed off.
(Duvalie) "Let's get going then."
(Mickey) "Wrong way. It's behind us."
Duvalie quickly marched towards the direction Mickey pointed to, muttering something.
Raelyn slowly walked up to the squad.
(Raelyn) "I cannot speak for her, but it is a pleasure to fight alongside you."
(Buck) "Feeling's mutual. Come on, we should hurry before she pops a vein."
The five walked casually behind Duvalie who stayed in the front.
Fodlan, Goneril Territory, Evening...
[Stilness of Night - Trails of Cold Steel 3 OST]
The group eventually found a path leading towards a town inside Goneril territory, and continued on it until the sun began setting.
(Buck) "Huh. Place doesn't look half bad with a sunset."
(Dutch) "Yeah, somethin' you'd see from a storybook."
(Raelyn) "I have not had the pleasure of experiencing a world as quiet as this before."
(Duvalie) "Hm. My world was something kind of like this, but not as primitive to not have lamp posts at least."
(Romeo) "Think you're the most primitive out of all of us here, lady."
(Duvalie) "Excuse me?!"
(Mickey) "Changing the subject, just how far is this place?"
(Buck) "Shouldn't be more than a few minutes. The town according to that Sitri lady is about to come into view right about...Ah, there we go."
They eventually reached the top of a hill and saw a small fishing town with the sunset directly shining on top of it.
(Raelyn) "Excellent. We should reach the town by nightfall."
They all continued walking silently until Dutch spoke up.
(Dutch) "So uh, any idea what that creature is like?"
Everyone had read the report given to them by Sitri, but no one actually knew what they were in for.
(Romeo) "It said a serpent, so maybe an underwater snake or something."
(Mickey) "We aren't strangers to alien life, but I doubt it'd be simple to kill. This place seems to have magic after all."
(Raelyn) "It matters not. If our guns can work, then we can kill it."
(Duvalie) "I'm more concerned about those weird floating chubby things the Knights of Favonius mentioned."
(Buck) "What did they call them...Abyss mages?"
(Dutch) "Think that's it. They don't seem that tough to beat."
(Romeo) "Especially when we can put a round between their eyes from a hundred yards away."
(Duvalie) "If that's the case, then why are they so dangerous?"
(Mickey) "Guess we'll find out soon. Until we actually fight one, don't think we can properly assess the situation."
Finally, they reached the town's entrance. The concrete path shook beneath their equipment, gathering strange looks from the townsfolk.
Some mothers hid their children behind them while some of the men passing by whispered to each other.
(Romeo) "Think we might be standing out a little."
(Duvalie) "You all maybe, I look perfectly fine. Might be mustard bottle over here that's getting all the looks."
(Raelyn) "...You are referring to me?"
(Duvalie) "Duh! Who did you think I meant?"
(Raelyn) "What is 'mustard'?"
(Buck) "Good lord man, just how far in the future are you?"
(Raelyn) "It is the 42nd millennium."
(Dutch) "...Damn. That explains why you don't really seem to lighten up."
They made their way to the center of town, where multiple people kept staring at them.
(Romeo) "Any particular reason why we're standing out in the open like this? Not exactly doing us any favors with the people here."
(Duvalie) "Shut it, trying to find a tavern or something. There's gotta be one here."
Mickey and Buck helped Duvalie look around their surroundings to try and find a tavern. Romeo and Dutch shrugged and made sure the townspeople weren't going to try anything.
Raelyn was about to help when he heard small footsteps approaching.
It was two children who were chasing each other, most likely playing. They had failed to notice the offworlders they were running towards until a girl hit her head on Raelyn's leg.
(Girl) "Ow...! What in-"
Her eyes went wide when she stared up at the 8 foot tall Space Marine looking down on her.
Both the kids look terrified until Raelyn knelt down, trying to get on their eye level the best he could while taking off his helmet. He made sure his Bolter was strapped to his back.
(Raelyn) "My apologies. Are you hurt?"
(Girl) "N-...No sir."
Raelyn offered a hand to the girl. His hand was massive compared to the child, he could effortlessly crush her head with one hand.
Yet, he was extremely gentle in making sure not to harm or intimidate the children, the girl grabbing his hand and standing up.
(Raelyn) "If I can bother you for a moment more, do you know where the Tavern is?"
(Boy) "Um...It's to your right, mister. The building next to the docks."
Raelyn nodded and motioned away from them.
(Raelyn) "Thank you. Get home safe, now."
(Girl) "Thank you, mister."
The two kids appeared to be put at ease despite the size difference, and continued playing as if nothing happened. Something that shocked the adults watching.
The ODST's and Duvalie watched the exchange and were surprised that this walking ton of armor managed not to utterly terrify the two kids.
(Raelyn) "You have your tavern. Let us get to it."
(Duvalie) "...Right."
They continued off to the Tavern, still noticing all the adults watching them, albeit slightly more at ease.
(Romeo) "Now that sweet moment's over, time to see how well you work with a bar full of drunkards, big guy."
(Dutch) "Come on, I'm great with people."
(Mickey) "Sure, you are. How about Raelyn? Actually can he even get through the door?"
Duvalie was the first to enter, followed by the ODST's with Raelyn the last one.
He stared awkwardly at the doorframe, and back to his armor.
Even if he tried to crouch, he would break the doorframe.
(Raelyn) "I...will keep watch out here."
(Romeo) "Put those people skills to work."
(Buck) "Think you should be worried about doing that yourself."
[Another Round - Final Fantasy XIV OST]
Everyone inside the bar stopped talking when they saw Duvalie march in with the ODST's.
Duvalie saw the bartender and sat down on a stool.
The bartender was a bald middle aged man who had clearly seen better days. He had a scar over his left eye and a beard that was barely kept clean.
(Bartender) "...Can I help you with something missie?"
(Duvalie) "We're here on request of...what was her name?"
Buck stood next to Duvalie, making his visor visible so the bartender could see his mouth.
(Buck) "Hilda. Ring a bell?"
(Bartender) "Ah, Lord Holst's sister. And who exactly do I owe the pleasure of speaking to?"
(Duvalie) "I'm Duvalie."
(Buck) "Call me Buck, and this is my Squad. Fella outside is with us too."
(Bartender) "I see. And another question, who exactly ya workin' for? Don't see people dressed like yer group at all."
The people in the nearby tables began whispering. Mickey was the furthest from the group but he was only able to hear snippets of conversations.
(Man) "Hey, you think those are those House Isekai freaks? The ones from the calamity?"
(Man 2) "They sure as hell don't belong here, that's for sure!"
(Man 3) "Worse, they could be spies for the seppies'!"
(Mickey) "Think we might got a problem..."
Duvalie was clearly getting impatient, and before she could open her mouth and start a bar brawl, Buck butted in.
(Buck) "Mercenaries. We work for money."
The bartender raised an eyebrow as he eyed them up and down. Finally shrugging, he dropped the question.
(Bartender) "Fair enough. We'll send a letter to let 'em know people have arrived to take care of the problem. Shouldn't be more than a day or so. Now, ya buying something or am I going to have ta' throw your asses out?"
(Duvalie) "Hmph. Thought bartenders were supposed to be friendly."
(Bartender) "And I thought customers were supposed to be paying."
Now Dutch decided to intervene.
(Dutch) "Apologies for the lady. She's got a temper on her. Surprise us."
(Bartender) "Can do. You got gold?"
Everyone looked at each other awkwardly.
(Romeo) "Oh you have got to be kidding..."
(Buck) "Think we can get this one on the house?"
(Bartender) "This isn't a charity. And you're mercenaries, right? Surely you got some gold on you to get all the equipment on yourselves."
This got more people talking, and it was clear some of them were getting riled up.
Raelyn could hear the conversation from outside, and saw some of the adults from earlier getting a closer look at him.
(Raelyn) "..."
Raelyn's visor picked up more signatures. Some of them were armed. He used one hand to knock on the doorframe, alerting Romeo and Mickey.
(Romeo) "Hey, Gunny. Think things are about to get real ugly."
One of the customers stood up from his table and shouted with an ale cup in hand.
(Man) "Come on, pay the damn drink and quit causing a scene! Mercs always got coin on them! You one of those damn offworlders?!"
(Man 2) "Nah, worse than one, he's a seppie!"
More and more people riled up, making the ODST's keep a finger on their triggers.
Duvalie kept her cool on the outside, ready to lash out if someone dared make a move.
Raelyn grabbed his Bolter and calmly held it in his hands, watching everyone suddenly stiffen up.
(Bartender) "...Well?"
(Woman's voice) "Sorry, sorry. We'll pay, they're with us."
Everyone suddenly turned to a girl who seemingly appeared out of nowhere, putting gold onto the table.
Duvalie made a noise that no one could decipher if it was a swear or a gasp.
Buck turned to the girl who had just saved them from a potential firefight.
[End Song]
Tumblr media
(White-haired girl) "They just forgot to bring their gold with them...Again."
(Bartender) "Hmph. Aren't you a little young to be the boss of a mercenary team, kid?"
(White-haired girl) "Could say the same for the second Blade Breaker."
(Bartender) "Hah, got me there."
(Duvalie) "I...You...!?"
(White-haired girl) "If you wanna complain, do it later and not in front of customers. Gives us a bad rep."
(Buck) "...Thanks boss."
Everyone quickly played along.
As Raelyn was about to point the Bolter at everyone, two more people got in front of him, motioning to the left.
(Blue haired girl) "Hey, got our room. Quit standing around all scary-like."
(Orange haired boy) "Come on, it's this way!"
The orange haired boy winked at Raelyn, and having no better idea, he played along.
The blue haired girl looked at Fie and nodded.
The white haired girl slid the gold to the Bartender and sighed.
(White-haired girl) "We'll take it to go. Keep the change."
The white haired girl turned to the group and pointed at the blue haired girl.
(White-haired girl) "Follow her and don't cause a scene again."
Duvalie looked like she was about to scream when she saw the blue haired girl. Not wanting to deal with this mob, Buck shoved her along.
(Duvalie) "H-Hey, what the?!"
(Buck) "Shut the hell up and move it, the last thing we want to do is start a fight!"
The ODST's, Raelyn, and Duvalie followed the orange haired boy to what appeared to be a rented out building. Amazingly, Raelyn could actually fit through the door.
When everyone was situated, the blue haired girl put a device on the door and window, and with a little static noise, she nodded in satisfaction.
Tumblr media
(Elliot) "Whew, man! Things looked SUPER bad there..."
Tumblr media
(Laura) "Oh...It's you. That would explain how the townspeople became aggravated so quickly."
(Duvalie) "Believe me, you lot are doing the same to me...!"
(Elliot) "Wait...Duvalie?!"
(Romeo) "Jesus lady, just who DON'T you know?"
(Raelyn) "More friends like Rean, I presume?"
(Buck) "Clearly. Anyways, thanks for pulling our asses out the fire. Where's that white haired one?"
The door opened, and she was carrying some mugs of ale in her hand.
Tumblr media
(Fie) "...Hey."
She casually gave most of the group their mugs, leaving Duvalie without one.
(Duvalie) "...Really?"
(Fie) "Figured you didn't want one...Actually, we didn't figure you'd be here at all."
(Romeo) "That's great and all, but mind explaining just who you people are?"
(Elliot) "I'm Elliot! That's Fie and Laura, and we were part of the original House Isekai. Class VII, to be specific."
(Dutch) "And clearly you know Duvalie."
(Laura) "For better or worse..."
(Raelyn) "Seeing the situation we are in, I would rather not alienate the only help at talking to the locals here."
Despite the fact he had a helmet, she could feel a piercing gaze shoot straight through her.
(Buck) "Agreed. So, what brings people such as yourselves here?"
(Fie) "Hm. Long story short-..."
Doomguy's Base, 1 Day Earlier...
Tumblr media
[Briefing Time - Trails of Cold Steel 3 OST]
(VEGA) "All attempts of establishing a secure line has failed. It appears something is blocking our ability to respond."
Doomguy frowned as he checked the screens. Nothing was damaged on anyone's end, yet he was only able to receive Sitri's distress call.
He said nothing as he turned to the teleporter. It appears someone was finally arriving.
(VEGA) "Signatures detected. Class VII members: Elliot, Laura, and Fie. Authorize access?"
Doomguy nodded as he put his helmet on, letting the three former House Isekai members materialize onto the pad.
The first one was Laura, quickly followed by Elliot and Fie. Elliot appeared to be staggered while the other two were barely fazed.
(Elliot) "Oh man, still not used to that!"
(Fie) "Doubt we ever will."
(Laura) "Instructor. It's been quite some time."
They turned their attention to Doomguy who gave them a nod.
(VEGA) "It is a pleasure to see you all well."
(Laura) "Likewise. I only wish the circumstances were better."
(Fie) "Tried contacting everyone else we could, but they were either busy or didn't respond at all, so for now we're all you're getting.
(Elliot) "We received a distress call from Sitri. Is everything alright in Fodlan?"
Doomguy shrugged and motioned for them to follow him out the room.
(VEGA) "A distress signal was sent out, and normally we would have been able to respond, but an unknown variable has been preventing us from doing so. However, we are still able to keep track of any movement via teleportation of former House Isekai members."
(Fie) "If it has the ability to block dimensional calling, that's pretty strong, whatever it is."
(Laura) "Has anyone else been able to respond this entire time?
(VEGA) "Yes. Rean Schwarzer, Towa Herschel, Satou Kazuma, and Aigis have been the only four to do so."
(Elliot) "That explains why we couldn't call Rean and Towa."
(Laura) "Aigis I can understand, but for Kazuma to show up? That surprises me."
(Fie) "Guessing you haven't been able to ask them what's going on either?"
(VEGA) "Your assumption is correct."
(Fie) "Guess that means we gotta get our hands dirty."
Fie checked her gunblades and stretched her arms.
(Laura) "Hopefully combat won't be necessary."
(Elliot) "Buuut that doesn't really seem possible, if I'm being honest. Trouble tends to follow us no matter where we go."
Doomguy checked his shotgun's ammo as he opened up the door to another teleportation chamber.
(VEGA) "We thank you for responding regardless, but we will ask if you may investigate this phenomenon on our behalf."
(Fie) "Sure. Things are pretty stable back home."
(Elliot) "So, if we're going into Fodlan, how are we going to keep in contact?"
(VEGA) "We are assuming there will be a total communications blackout. If you do not respond within a week in Fodlan's time, we will directly intervene."
(Laura) "All right then. Looks like our goals are to find former House Isekai members and find out what's going on."
(VEGA) "Affirmative."
(Fie) "Mission parameters established then. Let's begin."
(VEGA) "...Strange. There appears to be a teleportation to the Goneril territory."
(Elliot) "What's so weird about it?"
(VEGA) "It was not activated by Sothis, but rather the tower itself."
(Everyone) ?
(Laura) "But there is no one there. Right? Instructor Byleth made sure of that."
(Fie) "Guess that's another thing we gotta investigate. First let's head to where that teleportation took place.."
(Elliot) "That's Hilda's last name, isn't it?"
(VEGA) "Hilda Valentine Goneril. Unofficial retainer to Claude Von Riegan."
Doomguy stood behind a console and pressed several buttons and looked at the members of Class VII.
(Elliot) "So three things to do, got it! We'll see you soon!"
(VEGA) "Good luck, Class VII."
Doomguy gave them a thumbs up before he pulled the lever.
They were absorbed into a beam of light and were taken to the location VEGA reported...
(Buck) "So...that portal wasn't theirs?"
(Fie) "No. Something else pulled you here, and we came to find out why, among other things."
(Elliot) "On top of that, we have to find out specifically why you all were brought here. Our group didn't have much reason other than it being chance but yours it seems almost deliberate."
(Raelyn) "I fail to think of anything unique happening to where I'd be brought into a world like this."
(Dutch) "Same with us."
(Duvalie) "Agreed..."
(Laura) "Well, despite the unusual circumstances that has brought us here, the former members of House Isekai ask to join forces with your group."
(Raelyn) "No objections here."
(Romeo) "It's either work together or be stuck in this place forever, so we might as well."
(Mickey) "You got our support."
The ODST's and Raelyn turned to Duvalie.
She crossed her arms, barely able to keep her anger down.
(Buck) "How old are you, exactly?"
(Elliot) "Hah...g-glad to see she hasn't...changed?"
(Raelyn) "There is nothing about her personality that I have seen thus far that you should be glad about, Elliot."
(Duvalie) "EXCUSE ME?!-"
Tumblr media
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evil-giggling · 2 years
Langa VS. the Assholes Who Hurt Reki
Summary: Langa and Reki have finally made up! But that doesn't mean that they no longer have problems.
(or, Langa just wants Reki to be happy, but for some reason people are very against that.)
Warnings: Swearing (Langa has has enough), Mentions of violence, Ad*m.
Words: 1.7k
(haha wdym the title is a star vs the forces of evil pun,,, no it isnt haha)
The stars in Okinawa reflected the sea, and the sound of their laughter along with the scraping of wheels against the cement ground is one that symbolizes peace, unity, and pure, unadulterated love.
Langa and Reki are alright again, and everything is right with the world.
"You... What?" Langa looked befuddled, an unidentifiable look on his features, as Reki nervously fiddled with his fingers, blushing from embarrassment. From what? He doesn't know.
"It's— it's not as bad as you think!" Reki said hurriedly, but by now there was a prominent frown on Langa's face, "it's— I was just ran over by a car—"
"Just," Langa emphasized, his voice uncharacteristically firmer and louder, "ran over by a car? Reki, do you think everyone just gets run over by a car? And do you think people who get run over by a car wake up in a love hotel? With a stranger?"
It's the next day since Langa and Reki's making up from their fight, and neither of them quite expected that the comeback of their roof-top lunches would start with Reki accidentally spilling that he was in a love hotel. Much less brought to a love hotel because he was ran over. By a stranger.
Everything was all so suddenly not-right, and Langa couldn't decide if this was better, or worse.
"—Langa? Hey, earth to Prince Langa!" Reki snapped his fingers in front of Langa's face, and the latter blinked, wondering when he started to get lost in his thoughts, and—wow. Reki seemed a bit too close to his face right now. Not that he was complaining.
There was a cute pout on Reki's lips, Langa guessed it was caused by his own neglect of their conversation. The former, though, upon noticing that his companion's eyes were on his lips, blushed bright red again, and brought back distance between them. Langa didn't stop the disappointed sigh from his lips, but the disappointment didn't last long.
His face once again etched up in concern, looking at Reki, who was facing down at the ground, his headband covering his cheeks, in an attempt to cool them down. Langa let a small, fond smile on his lips, before shaking it off once he remembered what Reki mentioned earlier.
"Reki, you can't just brush this off," Langa said, eyebrows furrowing and his chest hardening in both concern and frustration, "what else happened to you when I wasn't around?"
Reki sneaked a glance at Langa, before sheepishly turning away.
"Nothing," Reki said, but the lie obvious to Langa, "and you're talking a lot about this, like last night."
Langa frowned, "of course I am, you worry me a lot when you say 'it's nothing' or 'I'm fine'," he played with the hem of his shirt, before letting go and continuing, "because most of the time, you're lying."
Reki said nothing, only burrowing farther in himself. Langa huffed, frustration building up in him. If Reki thought it was surprising to see him chatty, he'll definitely have a heart attack after this.
Langa engulfed Reki in a hug, and it wasn't only the latter who gasped in surprise. Perhaps they've gathered some nosy onlookers?
Who cares?, Langa thought, Reki's the only thing that's important right now.
"Reki, be honest please?" Langa said, voice muffled, as he buried his face on Reki's shoulder.
"O-okay! Langa, okay, I'll tell you!" Reki stuttered out, a flustered mess, from the way he spoke, "just, let go, please?" He whispered to Langa, "people are kind of looking at us right now."
Langa didn't care who saw them, honestly. But he got what he wanted, and he didn't want Reki to be embarrassed too bad, so he let go of Reki's waist, and sat back to where he was positioned earlier.
He looked at Reki expectantly, but with patience. The latter picked at his nails in nervousness, wherein Langa took one of his hands to ease his anxiety.
Reki brought back Langa's hands, and started staring down at them and playing with them. He seemed to calm down, as his cheeks were no longer red, and Langa sent a dirty look to the passersby who were looking at them with keen interest, when Reki wasn't looking.
Reki swallowed, and looked up at him.
He scrunched up his face and looked away for a second, scratching his cheek with a finger, a small flush on his cheeks, "uhm..." letting out a sigh, Reki collected his thoughts and said, "erm, before I met you, I used to be in this sort of team? Gang? Thing... It was for skating." Reki added, upon the worried and horrified look on Langa's face, and the latter let out a sigh of relief, and encouraged him to continue.
"Er, they were sort of—they weren't really people I wanted to hang out with?" Reki mumbled, sheepishly, "they, uhm, they weren't really ones who enjoyed skating? They did it for the aesthetic, basically, and it made them sort of lame for me.
"So, I quit after three days."
Langa only seemed confused, so Reki added, "and well, I saw them while walking through the market and they kind of..." Reki mumbled the last part, and Langa blinked.
"'They kind of' what?" Langa pressed on, and Reki swallowed.
"They jumped me, but—" Reki immediately started to add, silencing a seething Langa with the palm of his hand.
Langa was nothing short of furious, and he was ready to tell Joe about this development to gang up on the little fucks that put a hand on Reki. And you know what? He'll do the same to that stranger! He'll make them have hell to pay, damn it, how dare they hurt his Reki.
But he couldn't express any of this right now, with Reki's hand on his mouth, so he (begrudgingly) let Reki continue.
"—but, it's fine! It's all in the past now. 'Sides, I kind of felt like I deserved it? I mean, I didn't actually deserve it—" he said, at the furious glare Langa sent to him, "it's just—well, it didn't compare to the people at S, y'know I—oops."
Reki flustered, detaching his palm from Langa's mouth to cover his own. Langa squashed the giddy feeling of that indirect kiss, and firmly, but with a gentleness Reki absolutely deserved, placed his hands on both of Reki's shoulders.
"What did 'the people of S' do, Reki?" Langa grounded out, tired of all of these people out to hurt Reki. Out of everyone he knew, Reki was the last one to deserve this much abuse.
Reki looked up at Langa, and knew he couldn't just lie his way out of not telling him. He looked down for a moment, simmering in guilt—of what?— and looked back up at Langa, setting his hands on his lap.
"They, uh. They would talk behind my back, and uhm, and talk about... How I'm just... A useless... Er," Reki struggled to find the words, and he felt tears sting at his eyes, and he looked up, not wanting them to fall. Langa felt guilty at making him relive these memories, but he needs to know exactly how he'll hurt these assholes.
Reki looked down, at his hands, and then at Langa, then he said, "they'd say that I'm no one... That I'm just... 'the guy who hangs around Snow'... Or just..." Reki bit his lip, "the one who's not Snow."
Langa was reminded of a meme, back from when he was still very much devoid of Reki and his kindness, talent, and all around amazing-ness. It was a dubbed line from an anime, wasn't it?
This is the first time in my life that I've been provoked to hit a woman.
Except they weren't a woman, in fact, they were the plethora of annoying assholes who made Reki feel worse than he already did.
Talk about kicking a guy while he was down.
"Names." Langa said, plain and simple.
"Huh?" Reki said, confused and flustered.
"I want their names, Reki."
"Langa, they were total strangers! Which makes it even more pathetic that their words got to me, honestly—"
"Don't blame yourself for them being stupid and blind." Langa said firmly, "you're amazing, Reki. Don't let them make you think otherwise."
At that, Reki smiled, and playfully punched Langa's shoulder, "thanks, Langa."
Before Reki could pull his hand away, Langa took it in both of his own, "I'm serious. You're so amazing Reki—"
Reki blushed, "th-thanks man, you're amazing too—"
"—you really don't understand, when you skate, you're the only thing I see—"
"—that's really enough!"
"—and you know exactly what I need, and you don't even have to try that hard to figure it out—"
"—is this even about skating anymore, Langa?"
"—and I think your headband is neat, but you look so cute without it, and your hair is a lot more fluffy—"
"Alright!" Reki squeaked out, just as the bell rang, signalling the end of the lunch period, "we'll talk about this later, we have to go back to school—er, class!" Flustered, Reki fixed his headband, and stomped his way back to the classroom.
Langa let out blissful laughter, and for now, he was satisfied with his work. He hoped it'd be enough for Reki to temporarily forget what those people did and said to him. Hoped it distracted Reki enough to not figure out that Langa was planning to find out everything with the rest of the gang, and would be punishing the ones who offended Reki accordingly.
He ran up to Reki, and offered his hand to the latter, whose cheeks were still flushed.
To his delight, Reki took his hand, and they walked down back to their classroom, hand in hand.
Later that evening, uncannily enough, Adam proposed an idea to the duo. A rematch, he had said, to redeem Reki of his loss in their last beef. There was an obvious, underlying malice, in his offer, though. Reki looked terrified, yet determined, but before he could agree, Langa had stepped in front of him, a chilling glower directed at Adam, who only smirked.
Langa had enough of people wanting to hurt Reki, and hated that smug face on Adam's features so much (it promised to hurt Reki to the point that he would be irreparable, and Langa was furious), that before Adam could even comment at Langa's protective stance, he had been punched in the face by the latter.
And, well, Joe seemed a bit inspired to do the same.
A/N: haha i dont know how to make titles someone help
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She chuckled a bit for the obvious question before starting to get serious at him.
"Sir, before I tell you about myself. Promise me that you will and must tell no one, not a single soul or corpse about our conversation for what you might hear will be a bit baffling and not likely to believed at first." She said as she leaned forward to him a bit.
He nodded, slowly getting intrigued. Then she relaxed and sat down one of the chairs.
"Let's start then. First, you already have figured out that I am not like the others or am I even normal. My eyes are one of the few examples and evidence that I am indeed not a regular soul though I try to be." She told him then she started to take off her blindfold for him to see the colors clearly.
"When my eyes have transitioned into full black eyes, it means that I am using my demonic powers. Yes, I have some powers from hell but not all of them." She told him as she changed her eyes to black ones. It made her very terrifying.
"Then there's my snake eyes which are mostly used when I think someone is following me hence our situation now, sir and how I know that you were following me since the library. I can only see thermal signatures and apparently, it's supposed to help me with the language of the snakes to which I know you know what it is." She told him as she changed her eyes to snake ones, smirking at herself before it disappeared.
"Then there's the gold irises ones, well, we all know about magic and The Goddess of Magic, right? Well. She gave me," (in her mind: more like forced me) ", these eyes for me to be in touch more with nature and my magic becoming more powerful than it should. And let me tell you professor, I don't particularly use this that much, since it is too overpowered and personally, I like to struggle once in a while." She told him after she she changed it again with normal eyes with gold irises.
She then changed her eyes to these beautiful gray eyes before she explained it. "Then there's the gray eyes, I only use them for seeing a person's aura and such. This helps me know which person to trust and to be allies with which is very useful. They also help me see secrets in a person but not the specifics. They would just help me see how many secrets they have and what kind, just not the whole picture, but most the secrets that I've seen from Hogwarts are either sexual fantasies or others which is a bit annoying."
"Now, my blue eyes," she said as she changed her eyes to blue irises glowing a bit, "are the exact opposite from the black ones. For me to be using these blue eyes are only for emergencies, like we're all going to die emergency or someone is about to get killed by me emergency. Blue eyes indicates an Angel's Grace or the magic core of an Angel. And lucky me," she said with scoff "had to inherit one of the eyes of seraphim. The first of the first triad on the hierarchy of angels." She then turned her eyes back to normal before wrapping the blindfold back.
"Then there is the red eyes." She deeply sighed like she doesn't want him to know.
"The red eyes are the most dangerous one of them all. I mostly don't have control over my body if I use them, my body changes into something more. If you ever saw me with red eyes before the transformation, run as fast as you can and get help. Try to restrain me until I calm down. The red eyes are the most sinister of them all and I hate them. I don't know why He gave it to me and expect me to be okay with when I am already have been weighed with enough burdens for me to carry. With red eyes, well, I only see pure red blocking my vision if I can be awake though most of the time, I am unconscious during that and by the time I am done using it, I'll be very exhausted, vulnerable, and making my immune system very weak, that even like the normal flu can even kill me. So take me to the Hospital ward immediately. This is also the reason why I'm not showing you for the sake of this school and for your safety, sir." She told him with a small frown on her face.
"There are also some other colors that I don't know off or haven't even explored it yet since I'm still finding myself out." She told him.
"I'm not going to be surprised if you wouldn't believe in any of this. To which I would as well if I was in your position but you know that I'm telling the truth. Anything else you would like to ask because I can do this all night." She added as she relaxed herself.
"I will answer all of your questions about me then after you have no more, I will ask you next." She told him.
Tom nodded. “Certainly. This will remain between us.” He listened carefully as she spoke, saving any questions for the end. He almost interrupted to ask how she knew about his ability to speak parseltongue, but kept quiet. He smirked when he thought of all the teenage fantasies and secrets she must have heard here at hogwarts. 
“You saw my aura,” he said, not truly a question, merely a statement of fact. He thought of her comment about parseltongue. “So what - you know...everything about me?” Tom raised an eyebrow. “And you chose to tell me anyhow?” Did she truly know everything? The killings, the dark magic, the horcruxes, his ambitions...everything? He let out an almost nervous sounding laugh. “It must have been quite different, reading me as opposed to, say, the gryffindor fifth year class.” 
He sighed. “Well, Thirteen, I - Thirteen” he paused a moment, distracted by her name. “Does your name indicate a hereditary curse? I was thinking you were the thirteenth generation affected by this...magic. The mark of Cain - all the literature indicates that that is hereditary...So where are your parents now? Does the curse (do you consider it a curse?) ultimately kill you?”
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I’ll have to post super early and super late from now on( on weekdays) because of classes.
Domestic Violence
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Domestic Violence
Chapter 15: I only see black without you...
     "See you tomorrow," Alex waved as he and Willie walked out. "Hey, Luke, can I talk to you for a minute," Julie asked. Luke looked at Reggie; who was preoccupied talking to Flynn and nodded. "Sure," he said.
     They walked out on the porch and Julie shut the door. "Uhm," she started, "I...this is going to seem really weird." "Come on Julie, you can talk to me," he smiled. She blushed and looked away, "Do you Uhm...Uhm like Reggie? Like...like-like Reggie?"
     Luke cleared his throat and blushed, thankful for the very dim porch light. "Well, I mean..." he began. "Because I don't think so. I...I know that I act as I do, and at first, I did...but Uhm...recent events have foreshadowed me to think differently," she said.
     He raised an eyebrow, "What?" "I think I might...I think I might-..."
     "Hey Jules, ready to go," Flynn asked swinging the door open. She blushed and turned her back to both of them, "Yeah. Yeah, let's go."
     Luke just shrugged and walked back inside when the girls walked away. "Can I stay here and wait till my mom gets here," he asked. "Of course," Reggie smiled.
     There was a knock on the door. "I got it," Luke said. He walked to the door and opened it, "Oh hey Hayley." "Hey...Luke. What are you doing at Reggie's house? You banging my brother," she asked.
     "I'm your cousin!"
      "Yeah, him too," she corrected. Luke laughed and stepped aside, "Just come in will ya?" She smiled and walked in, "You here to help out an old lady and her nephew?"
     "Cousin," Reggie corrected again walking up to them. "Yeah that's what I said," she shrugged. He laughed, "You're not old Anyways." "Aw," she blushed, "Flattering me. Sorry boy but I'm not looking for anything right now."
     "Cousin," Reggie said. "Hm. That's right. What am I here for again," she asked. "To teleport me to and fro the dump so I can get rid of all of this," he said gesturing towards the boxes.
     "Oh that's right," she sighed. "Well, shall we start then," she asked. "Uhm...actually Luke's mom is running a tad late, can't we wait till he leaves. I don't wanna burden him," Reggie said. "Nonsense, I don't mind helping Reggie," Luke shrugged. "Are you sure," he asked.
     Luke nodded, "Of course. Least I could do." "Alright then, Hayley start on the boxes out here? Luke help me in their old room," he asked. They both nodded and went to work.
Reggie sighed and rolled up the sleeves of Luke's hoodie. Luke closed the door, causing Reggie to turn around.
     "What do you mean," Reggie asked. "You've had something on your mind all day," Luke said. "Is it that obvious," Reggie sighed. "To me," Luke shrugged.
     "I just...I just I'm sorry," he whispered. Luke smiled sympathetically, "For what?" "I didn't mean to get you in trouble with...well everyone," he said. "Oh," Luke whispered, "Hey...it's fine."
     Tears clouded his eyes trying not to cry, "Really?" Luke placed his thumb and index on Reggie's chin and tilted his head up, "Of course. You were feeling at least a little better when you left, right?"
     Reggie nodded, "Yeah." Luke kissed his lips and slowly pulled away, "Than that's all that matters." Reggie sniffled and pulled Luke into a hug. "How am I so lucky to have you," he mumbled.
     Luke laughed and returned the hug, "I could ask you the same thing." Reggie smiled and enjoyed the warmth only a little longer before they got cleaning.
Luke sighed as he flopped down on his bed. Only two more days of detention and he was already dreading them.
It's a wonder Reggie didn't get detention. But, then again, he was the smart kid. Luke was just...well Luke. He wasn't stupid but definitely not as smart as Reggie.
He took a shower, studied for a solid ten minutes, and was exhausted. He looked at his watch and groaned, it was only 9:00 pm. Then he, for some reason, looked at the date on his watch and his eyes widened.
Reggie was leaving in nine days?! And half of that Luke was stuck in detention for! Stupid principal stupid Carrie stupid...school attendants.
He had absolutely no idea how he would function without Reggie. It's been eleven years, he doesn't remember what life was like before that.
Who is going to awkwardly play in the background to annoy him? Who is going to text him every day and tell him an idea for a new song he had? Well, they could still do that. I guess.
Who was going to randomly call him just to sing a song and hang up? Okay, that too.
But who was going to fight about who's paying at lunch or dinner? Alex would try but if Luke said, "no", he shrugged. Like that's not what you're supposed to do. At least make the victory feel like...a victory.
Who was going to randomly hop over to his microphone so they could sing together? Who was going to call every band morning practice to see if he's awake?
     There is no band without Reggie. No matter how much Reggie insists there is.
     Luke turned on his side and turned off his lamp. In his usual sleeping attire; basketball shorts and...well that's all. Don't judge.
     He had just gotten comfortable when his phone began to ring. He groaned and smacked the blankets. He grabbed his phone and answered it.
      "Luke?! Luke get down here! Right now!"
      "Hayley," he questioned.
      "No! It's Santa Claus! Get down here!"
     "What," he groaned, "Why?"
     "It's Reggie! Luke I...I don't know what happened! We were talking about my house and suddenly he couldn't breathe! Get down here!"
     Luke jolted out of bed, and threw the covers off, "Okay, okay, listen? I think it's a panic attack, okay? You can't do anything...don't try and shake him out of it or anything. Just tell him something calmly. I'll be five minutes."
     He grabbed his blue jacket, with no sleeves, and rushed down the hall. "Mom, Dad, I'll be out for the night! Can't talk right now! Love you bye," he shouted grabbing the car keys.
      It was spot on. Five minutes and Luke pulled off to the side of the street. Not really caring enough to pull into the driveway.
     "Luke, thank god! It's gotten worse," Hayley shouted. And, before he could even think about it, he ran. Ran faster than he thought he could.
     And within a matter of seconds was by Reggie's side.
     "Hey," he fretted calmly. Reggie was breathing heavily, sweating even though it was cold in his house, shaking, and crying.  Definitely a panic attack, Luke thought.
     Suddenly Reggie's world was clouded in darkness. No one. Nothing. It terrified the crap out of him.
     Though he couldn't see any solid ground, he felt as if it was shaking. What's happening to him? One minute he was having a decent conversation with his cousin, the next he's here.
The darkness seemed to get a little lighter, but the difference was subtle. "Luke? Luke," he shouted.
"It's okay Reggie," he said.
Reggie gripped his hair and screamed, "Luke! Luke!"
He wanted to hold him, rock him, tell him everything was okay, but he knew he couldn't. One wrong touch and it could make it worse.
"It's okay Reggie," Luke's voice echoed in his head. The darkness quickly lessened, but only slightly.
Where was the voice coming from? He turned around and around, but he couldn't find Luke anywhere. "Luke? Luke, I can't find you! Where are you," he shouted.
"Reggie. Reggie, I'm right here. Open your eyes. I'm right here," he pleaded.
Slowly his eyes opened, and; without even knowing it tackled Luke on the couch.
Luke smiled and hugged him back. "Heya there Reggie," he whispered. He was still shaking and wasn't catching his breath.
"I'm just...gonna go. See you at work tomorrow little brother," she shouted. "Cousin," Luke corrected. "Right," she shouted shutting the door.
Minutes turned into hours. And they just laid there. Together.
"Reggie? You awake," Luke whispered. "Yeah," Reggie mumbled. Luke smiled and continued to rub Reggie back. "You're making it incredibly difficult though," he yawned.
"I'm sorry," Reggie whispered. "For what," Luke asked. "Always depending on you. After all, I've been through I should be able to handle stupid small things like panic attacks," he mumbled.
Luke laughed, "Nah. You're comfortable. I missed you anyway." Reggie chuckled, "You saw me an hour ago." "Yes, but that was a very long hour," he smiled.
"Luke," Emily shouted swinging open the door. They both tensed and looked at each other awkwardly.
"Good," she sighed as she and Mitch walked in, "We were worried sick." "Uhm," Luke began. Emily smiled and sat down in Reggie's dad's old recliner. "Your mom freaked out when you rushed out of the house without telling us where you were going. So we tried to call Reggie to see if he knew...well when he didn't answer we got worried."
"Of course. After you told us we were scared something happened to both of you," Emily whispered.
Reggie shot up and looked down at Luke, "You told them?!" Luke sighed and sat up, popping his back, "Listen..."
"No! Luke," Reggie sighed and held back tears, "You-...this was something I was so terrified to tell you, and you just tell everyone?! Who else did you tell?! Alex? Julie? Willie?!"
Reggie stood up and stormed off to his room, and slammed the door. Luke groaned, "Really? You couldn't leave me alone for one night?!"
     Luke ran down the hall and began to bang on Reggie's door, "Reg. Reggie come on open up! Let me explain! Please!"
     "Go away," he shouted. Luke sighed and opened the door, "Please just let me talk to you."
     "Mitch, dear, let's go wait in the car," Emily whispered. He nodded and they left, grabbing the keys off the table.
     "You didn't lock the door," Luke sighed sitting on the edge of Reggie's bed. "Damn it," Reggie mumbled.
     Luke placed a hand on Reggie's shoulder, which he quickly shoved off. "Give me a chance to explain, please," Luke whispered. Reggie sniffled and sat up, wiping the tears off his face, "Two minutes."
Luke let out a sigh of relief and smiled sadly at him, "Okay. When I got home yesterday they were beyond pissed at me. My mom kept making crazy accusations that I was with a girl or something like that. All I said was that I was helping you because your life has been turned upside down. But, they still wouldn't let it go, so I explained to them, in minimum detail, what happened. They let it go."
Reggie sniffled, "Is it true?" Luke nodded and suddenly Reggie was clinging to him. Luke smiled and softly stroked his hair. "I'm sorry," Reggie shouted into Luke's jacket. "No, I'm sorry. I should've told you," Luke whispered.
"Can...Can I stay the night with you," Reggie asked. Luke smiled down at him and nodded, "Of course. Come on, let's go." Reggie nodded and they both stood up off the bed.
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Part 12
(Around Three am the lab came in to check take Usagi's blood and nurse Rose came in to switch out his fluid and give him more antibiotics, surprisingly Usagi stayed asleep the whole time, but Misaki woke up).
Misaki: (Groggily) Rose, I can't believe they have you working all these hours.
Rose: Yeah (She stood against the wall near the doorway). Well the other Nurse was supposed to be working but she's been fired, a new nurse will be taking over later today and then I have my date with Eri. (She smiled, even in the dark Misaki could tell she was blushing). Do you have any recommendations?
Misaki: Usagi and I always go to IMI.
Rose: Isn't that expensive?
Misaki: It is when Usagi rents out the entire balcony. (Chuckles).
Rose: Well Thanks, I'll look into it.
Misaki: Yeah, good luck.
Rose: (Exits)
Misaki: (Closes eyes and tries to go back to sleep).
Aikawa: Don't just burst in there they might still be asleep.
Takahiro: No, They said we could come back at six am and it's six am, I'm going in (Slams door open)
Misaki: (Shoots up) Takahiro, What the fuck are you doing?
Takahiro: They said we could be back at six am.
Misaki: Do you have to be so loud? (Glaces at Usagi who is still fast asleep). I need to take a shower. (gets up, Grabs kaki shorts, a black hoodie, and boxers out of his backpack and walks into the bathroom).
Takahiro: God, what's his problem? (Walks over to be and starts fixing it back into a sofa.)
Aikawa: (Leans against wall, crossing arms) You burst in here at six am, they were sound asleep, Miskai has a test today, and who knows how late they were up).
Takahiro: Ew, why were they up late? They can't have sex.
Aikawa: (Angry face) Takahiro, they can't have sex, and they were up late because Misaki was probably studying and doctors and nurses were in and out all night. You have to get on board with their relships at some point or else you're going to lose them both.
Takahiro: It's just (Sigha and sits on sofa) He's my baby brother, my little baby brother, I never thought of him dating, especially dating my best friend. It's just-
Aikawa: (Sits beside Takahiro) I know it's strange, but have you seen how they look at each other? (Smiles) They're in love, and incredibly happy.
Takahiro: I know, I've never seen either one of them so happy, ever. (Smiles) I need to be okay with this.
Aikawa: Yeah, you do, they aren't going to break up ever, and they've been through a lot, it's been hard for them.
Takahiro: I didn't know that.
Aikawa: Yeah, we'll they were always scared to tell you.
Takahiro: How long have you known?
Aikawa: Eh, I kinda just figured it out. They aren't that good at hiding it.
Misaki: (Walking out of the bathroom rubbing a towel on his head). Maybe if you didn't have a key.
Aikawa: There are locks on other doors for a reason, and i'm not only talking about at your house.
Misaki: Whatever. (Walks over to chair beside Usagi, who's starting to stir).
Usagi: (Eyes slowly open, he smiles at Misaki and reaches out for him). Good Morning Misaki.
Misaki:(Grabs hand) Hey Baby.
Usagi: Did you sleep well?
Misaki: (Shrugs) I slept okay, you were out all night, they came in here around three am to do labs and stuff.
Usagi: (Chuckles) I was tired
Misaki: Good, you need your rest.
Usagi: What time is your test?
Misaki: It's at ten, but the doctor is going to come in here around eight to talk to you, and I'll leave after that.
Usagi: (Nods) Okay. (Looks over at sofa). Hey guys
Takahiro, Aikawa: Hello.
Usagi: When did they get here?
Misaki: Right at six.
Usagi: Did they wake you?
Miskai: (Sheepish look)
Usagi: (Runs thumb over back of hand) I'm sorry.
Misaki: (Shrugs) It's okay, I didn't sleep well anyway. (Sighs and rolls shoulders back)
Usagi: Hey, what's wrong
Misaki: Just the timing of all this sucks.
Usagi: I know.
Misaki: And I'm kinda pissed at you, you could've died, you're lucky you're appendix didn't actually burst.
Usagi: I know.
(There's a knock at the door and Dr. Takahashi walks in)
Dr. Takahashi: Good Morning everyone. (He walks over to the sink, washes his hands and puts on a pair of gloves). Akihiko, I'm going to look at your incision. (He walks over to Usagi and gently checks his incision). Okay, looks to be healing up nicely, your vitals look good and we can take you off the antibiotics, and have you had any pain?
Usagi: Um, no not at all.
Dr. Takahashi: Okay, perfect. I think we can get you out of here today, but it might be later this evening, I assume your fiance will be able to take care of you?
Misaki: Uh, yeah of course. I mean I have a test today at ten, I'm off tomorrow, I have another test Thursday, and next week I don't have any classes, and next saturday I graduate.
Usagi: Oh, speaking of, I'm supposed to speak at his graduation next saturday, is that okay?
Dr. Takahashi: Yes, that should be fine, No sexual activities for two weeks, stick to your regular diet, if you don't have anymore questions we can work on getting you out of here.
Usagi: Uh, wait, no sexual activities for two weeks?
Misaki: (Scoffs) Usagi, It'll be okay.
Usagi: Yeah but-
Misaki: Babe, I don't want you to die, so you can wait two weeks.
Usagi: (Sighs) Yeah, Fine. Oh what about bathing?
Dr. Takahashi: You can do all that normally, Oh and no heavy lifting.
Usagi: So what am I supposed to do?
Aikawa: You can do your work.
Usagi: Please, I'm at least four months ahead.
Aikawa: Damn I forgot about that.
Dr. Takahashi: You can drive tomorrow and walk some.
Usagi: Fine.
Misaki: (Glaces At Phone) Shit, it's Nine-Fifteen, i'm going to be late. Usagi, I'm taking your car.
Usagi: That's fine, my keys-
Misaki: Are in the table, I know I saw them yesterday. (Stands up, still holding on to Usagi's hand).
Usagi: Good luck on your Test. (Grins, swings his and Misaki's arm).
Misaki: Thank you. (Tries to let go of Usagi's hand) Usagiii, I have to go, I can't be late.
Usagi: (Releases Misaki's hand), Okay go.
Misaki: (Walks over to the table, grabs Usagi's keys, leans down to kiss Usagi). I love you, I'll see you later.
Usagi: I love you too. (Walks out of Usagi's room).
Dr. Takahashi: Okay, I'm going to start working on your discharge papers, anything else you need to ask?
Usagi: I think I'm okay.
Dr. Takahashi: Alright. (Exits).
Rose: (Walks in grinning at Aikawa). Eri, good morning.
Aikawa: Oh, Rose hey. (Blushes)
Rose: How are you?
Aikawa: I'm good, Akihiko gets to go home today.
Rose: I heard, Congrats.
Usagi: Thank you.
Rose: Where's Misaki?
Usagi: School, he had a test.
Rose: And Isaka?
Aikawa: He had to take care of some stuff at work.
Rose: Okay, well I was Just checking in. Um Eri, I have a short break, want to go get a snack?
Aikawa: (Blushes) Uh, sure. (Stands up grinning at Rose, following her out of the room).
Takahiro:(Clears throat). Usagi-San, I think I need to apologize.
Usagi: For what?
Takahiro: How I've been acting, not supporting your relationship with Misaki.
Usagi: We'll Thanks, but I'm not the one you need to apologize to.
Takahiro: What do you mean, aren't you upset. (Stands up, walks over by Usagi's bed lingering around him).
Usagi: No, not really, Misaki has been hiding this from you for almost five years, and he's been really scared to tell you.
Takahiro: Aikawa said it's been hard for you guys. Or maybe Misaki? I know how hard it can be for him to express his feelings and open up, di- did his fear of telling me and losing you maybe have something to do with it?
Usagi: Look, I've never ever doubted Misaki's feelings for me, not once. Sometimes I felt insecure and maybe wished he would've told me he loved me more, but I always knew he did. We've told you, and now He's extremely open and more affectionate, it maybe started before we told you, but-
Takahiro: So, it's kinda my fault he wasn't always affectionate?
Usagi: Look, he was terrified of having to give up what we had, and so was I, sometimes I still am, we still have to come out to the world, I want to do that soon, and that scares me, I haven't told him that. But we were both scared of ruining the relationship with you.
Takahiro: You were?
Usagi: Yes, Of course.
Takahiro: (Sits down) Did you think I would make you break up?
Usagi: We didn't know what was going to happen, We just know, we never want to let each other go, I really Really love Misaki, He's the love the of my life, my soulmate, my best friend, He's my person Takahiro.
Takahiro: (Grins) I guess I didn't completely understand how you guys felt about each other.
Usagi: Well, now you do.
Takahiro: He's just my baby brother, I want to protect him, I guess he doesn't need me anymore.
Usagi: Come on he'll always need you.
Takahiro: Yeah, but now he has you, you've been protecting him for the past four years.
Usagi: Almost five, not that it matters but after he next saturday is our anniversary.
Takahiro: Wait, his graduation day?
Usagi: Yeah.
Takahiro: (Smiles) That's really sweet.
Usagi: (Smirks) I, can't believe we've been together five years, and the two of us are getting married, I'm so happy.
Takahiro: I've known you a long time and I don't think i've ever seen you this generally happy... Wait (scoffs, Shocked look) i'm and idot. This, aurora of happiness started when you met Misaki. How didn't I figure it out?
Usagi: (Shrugs) I have no idea.
Takahiro: And Misaki changed a lot when he met you.
Usagi: (Nods)
Takahiro: Look, just keep him happy.
Usagi: I will, I'm not going to hurt him, I love him so much.
Takahiro: Good. Now let's talk kids.
Usagi: ugh
(Rose and Aikawa are sitting in the vending room finishing up their snack).
Rose: I think they should be done now
Aikawa: Eh, what are you talking about?
Rose: (Takes last sip of her soda, tossing the can in the trash behind her). Takahiro and Akihiko.
Aikawa: We came up here so they could talk?
Rose: We'll mostly so I could hang out with you, But I figured they should talk.
Aikawa: I'm sure they did talk. And I'm happy to be up here with you.
Rose: (Smiles, reaches out for Aikawa's hand)
Aikawa: (Bluses) This is nice, um can we still go on a date tonight?
Rose: Yeah, of course and it actually looks like I might get off early.
Aikawa: Oh, awesome!
Rose: (laughs) I- I'll let you know, but we should head back down. (Stands)
Aikawa: Yeah. (Stands up)
Rose: (Takes Aikawa's hand and they head back down to Usagi's room).
Misaki: (Drums fingers on the steering wheel of Usagi's car, while wating for him to pick up, he just got his grade back for his German exam and he passed with flying colors, he felt really good about his German exam and the last test he had was psychology).
Usagi: Misaki? Are you okay?
Misaki: Great acctally. I got a 95 on my German exam, I feel extremely confident about my Psychology exam on Thursday!
Usagi: Wow Misaki! I'm so proud of you!
Misaki: (Chuckles) Thanks Usagi, I'm on my way back now do you need anything?
Usagi: Just you.
Misaki: (Blushes) Shut up!
Usagi: I can tell you're blushing.
Misaki: (Laughs) You know me so well Usagi.
Usagi: Yes I do, and I love you.
Misaki: I love you too, I'll see you soon.
Usagi: Can't wait.
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