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PEDRO PASCAL in Malta | via caindapippos
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231211 - taehyung's instagram story: "hyung in going first take care and go safe tomorrow"
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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231209 baekhyunee_exo Instagram Story Update: "Let's love ❤️" EXO members attended the wedding of their long-time manager Noh Yongmin.
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231211 V’s Instagram Story
형 먼저 간다 내일 조심히 들어가라
Hyung is gonna go first Get there safely tomorrow
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Weekend mood by Rhys Darby preparing for his scene in OFMD S2 finale! (hello, Taika!)
Source: Lindsay Cantrell on IG
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Palestinian people being attacked in the US.
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Taylor Swift has removed her ''1989 TV'' layout from her socials and replaced it with Midnights!
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THE BLUE ── tom blyth x actress!reader
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I never could've seen you coming. I think you're everything I've wanted.
౨ৎ Type: Social Media Au
Warnings: Language
Notes: You play a tribute from District 5 named Mahda in the movie! // Not edited!
I think this will have only one part!
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yourusername this past year has been indescribable. the people i have met, the ways in which i’ve grown, and everyone’s love on this app has meant so much to me <333 getting to work on tbosas with these amazing people is a gift i’ll never be able to get over and i thought it deserved its own post before 2023 concludes. love you all. (and rachel’s very own post is already being written as we speak - i love you our lucy gray <3333)
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user can’t imagine a world where a day doesn’t go by without yn professing her love for rachel
📌 pinned
user haven’t been able to stop thinking abt tom and yn’s scenes since i saw the movie
⤷ user “a lot of people are fooled by this persona, coriolanus, but i’m not one of them. i know a show when i see one.” ATEEE
⤷ user she had him gagged every time she was on screen 😭😭😭
user your 10 minutes of screen time changed lives girl
hunterschafer babyyyyy
⤷ yourusername ❤️❤️❤️❤️
user she’s so pretty
user majored in serveology with a minor in motherhood
user the chemistry with this cast >>>
user this post being about how great of year it’s been and tom getting two pictures to himself…i’m not gonna say anything but i’m thinking it
rachelzegler LOVE YOUUU
⤷ yourusername can’t wait to see you in a week <3
user gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous
user no thoughts except coryo’s inner monologue over mahda in the book
tchalamet district 5 tributes rise up!
⤷ yourusername we came, we served, we died !!
user the happiest she’s ever been
user tom having 2 pictures…we see you yn
user obSESSED 🤩
user oh he’s looking a bit too good with those curls
user pretty girls all over my feed
tomblyth i can’t believe i was granted 2 photos on one of your meticulously crafted posts
⤷ yourusername ok … and let’s see if i ever post you again for that comment
⤷ user love their friendship
⤷ user friendship???? oh that’s not-
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INTERVIEWER. The Hunger Games has been part of pop culture since the books were released. I’m sure we’re both aware of the hesitance towards this newest addition to the series. Did you share that hesitance? How did you feel throughout the process?
YN: I mean, yeah. [Laughs] I’ve adored these books and films since childhood and they definitely hold a special place in my heart. That type of nostalgia can easily give way to resistance, but I also knew we had something special when I first read the script. Suzanne Collin is such a devoted writer and I think to second guess her would be a travesty.
INTERVIEWER. And the other actors?
YN. Obviously. They’re all amazing. There is not enough words in the dictionary for me to fully sing their praises. I was very lucky.
INTERVIEWER. Your character in specific, Mahda, plays a huge role in reminding the audience of who Coriolanus becomes.
YN. Yes. I love that about her. I thought it was so … beautiful how we’d start to, like, fall in love with him only for her to come in and say, “I know who you are. I know what you’re capable of.” It’s a slap back to reality. It’s also such a juxtaposition to Sejanus and Lucy Gray who wanted to see the best in him.
INTERVIEWER. Your death scene was one that really got to me. It was so impactful. Was that something that made you nervous leading up to filming?
YN. Yes and no. I think most of the emphasis was on Coriolanus. Mahda dying and him having to physically push himself away and look away from screen was the most important part of it to me. It’s such a big insight to how Coriolanus feels. And that’s all Tom. He’s brilliant. He’s an amazing actor.
INTERVIEWER. Your scenes together were very intense. Was that easy to film?
YN. Working with him was a dream come true. I think we both make each other better.
INTERVIEWER. Your roles are so important for the other so I’m sure that’s needed.
YN. Yeah. I mean, at the end of the day Coriolanus only loves Lucy Gray and it’s in his own unhealthy way, but he definitely feels something for Mahda that scares him. I think he could kind of write off his attraction to Lucy Gray due to her being Covey and, in a way, that suited how he wanted to be presented. But then you have him feeling attraction to Mahda who is unapologetically District. These emotions ostracized him further from the Capitol and those around him — at least in his mind. That’s where a lot of his anger towards Mahda comes from. It was very interesting to play with.
INTERVIEWER. You guys played it very well.
YN. Thank you.
INTERVIEWER. You posted on Instagram just a few weeks ago describing the year as “indescribable.” Does Tom have anything to do with that?
YN. [Laughs] I know what you’re trying to do. [Laughs] Um. I think, sometimes, people come into your life and they immediately make it better. I think I’m very lucky and I’m very happy.
INTERVIEWER. I’m glad. You’ve always been very honest about your mental health in the past. How are you doing now?
YN. Thank you. Good. I’m content. Content sounds bad, but I promise it’s a very good thing!
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yourusername you came out of the blue and threw all my plans out the window with one look. i never saw you coming and i’m so thankful for that wonderful surprise. this week in venice has been unreal. so, the happiest of birthdays to the one who makes me the happiest <33
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user they’re sooooo
user love how this is a birthday post and he’s not even in half the pictures 😭
⤷ user she’s everything and he’s just ken
⤷ user tom didn’t lie about the meticulously crafted post ig lmao
rachelzegler cute cute cute
⤷ yourusername love you to the moon <3
⤷ rachelzegler and to saturn!!
user she’s unreal omg
user she’s so real for posting that last pic!! i would do it too!!!
user no you don’t understand. i’m obsessed.
hunterschafer ❤️
user girl 😭😭😭 the last pic
⤷ yourusername it needed to be said idk
joshandresrivera is this the confirmation we have been waiting for????? the world needs to know
⤷ yourusername ok.
user i love them and her and them
user unwell
user pretty picture after pretty picture
tomblyth you’re unreal!
tomblyth i love you ❤️
⤷ yourusername i love you more
user she’s so down bad jfocijwlfb girl stand up !!
user a pretty couple
user the caption was so paper rings of her
── please interact & let me know what you think! i’m new to this and would love prompts and such! thank you!! <3
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Ashton's new IG profile pic
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231211 - rpwprpwprpwp on instagram
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Young Turks are losing it over there. Good for them.
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Harry with Florence Pugh and Chris Pine on the set of Don't Worry Darling. (2022)
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231207 RM's Instagram Story
@/official_theboyz 💙
Main text: To RM hyung!! Hello hyung! This is Eric from The Boyz. This is our second full album. I've always had a lot of respect for you and I've learnt a lot from you as well. You've lent an ear to my worries and given me a lot of advice and for that I'm really thankful. Hyung… come back safe and in good health!! I'll continue improving to become an even cooler artist!!
From, The Boyz. Eric
Top right corner: (Please keep supporting The Boyz!)
Trans cr; Eisha @ bts-trans © TAKE OUT WITH FULL CREDITS
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