one-time-i-dreamt · 2 days
Disney posted a teaser trailer for a new Disney Princess movie that took place in Ireland. It was taken down an hour later because there was a car bomb joke.
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aloebrea · 2 days
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dunluce castle, northern ireland (built around 1500)
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Ireland, europe
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abitirish · 1 day
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For decades, a legion of Gaeilgeoirí and government institutions told us that “the way it's being taught” was not the problem and sharing our experiences of mandatory depressing Irish classes was unhelpful. Now it looks like Irish language organisations and teachers are finally coming around.
Irish language organisations such as Conradh na Gaeilge and An Gréasán with the support of second and third-level student unions USI and ISSU, as well as teacher unions the TUI and ASTI, have said that Irish language education is a “broken system”.
The TL;DR is that learning Irish solves no problems. For more on this, see my previous blog posts: 
Why No One Speaks Irish
My Position on the Irish Language
None Of This Is New
Marketing In Irish Advertises A Disaster
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ghostingalongtempest · 14 hours
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Feeling good!
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panoramicireland · 10 hours
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From yesterday's wander through Dublin.
The Four Courts with lone swan on the River Liffey in bright March sunshine.
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congsecond · 9 hours
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moss appreciation
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nik-nefarious · 2 days
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hammyletto · 2 months
its me scotland im the ireland speaking to you inside your brain listen to me scotland leave the uk we don’t need it—
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hera-the-something · 7 months
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holy shit
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It’s coming
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reasonsforhope · 3 months
“The Irish government is offering a €325 weekly basic income trial for artists which will last for three years. As part of the trial 2,000 artists will be randomly selected from all of the applicants. The government definition of artists is broad and covers any creative or interpretative expression, including: visual arts, theatre, literature, music, dance, opera, film, circus and architecture.
The trial hopes to minimise the loss of skill and experience from the arts sector whilst also recognising the value that artists contributes to society. In addition, the trial is aiming to prove that a basic income enables artists to focus on projects without their projects being impacted from the stress of needing to look for work in other sectors to sustain them. Artists who receive the payment are also free to obtain additional work if they please without affecting the payment, however the payment is taxed so additional work may change their tax rate...
The policy was announced by Ireland’s Minster for the Arts Catherine Martin who is a member of Ireland’s Green Party. The Green party are one of three parties in a coalition government in Ireland. When launching the policy Martin said,
“I believe that this scheme is the start of a fundamental change in the way Ireland supports and recognises her artists and arts community.”
Martin went on to say,
“This pilot scheme represents a groundbreaking opportunity for us to explore how the role of the artist in Irish society can be protected and nurtured so we can continue to be inspired by great art for generations to come.”” -via The Good News Hub, 4/30/22
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irishthings · 3 months
So Linus Tech Tips built a PC for the YouTuber The Spiffing Brit, liquid cooled it with tea, lots of Union Jack flag decals and stuff right
And then they hid this on the inside
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muddyandfoxgloved · 7 months
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Edit: link to tweet
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chuutoro · 7 months
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the queen is dead: an internet round-up (plus: argentinian journalist celebrates her death)
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fleaofthedreaming · 7 months
From Whale Whisperer on Instagram.
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Psst. See them pull millions - if not a billion - pounds from nowhere for this funeral.
NHS? Cost of living crisis? The everyday person will suffer. I'm behind ye all the way. I think I would not be the only Irish person who will also stand behind you to get those fucks out of the position they have.
That died with the Queen. Do with them like the rest of the world. Only royal I like is that King with the funky hats
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