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Can I request a headcanon for how good or bad each of the Pedro character are at helping around the house? I'm thinking Marcus Pike is great with chores but probably can't cook (I always remember him eating takeout or diner food in the show) and Max Philips definitely hires a cleaning service.
Helping Around The House:
Javier: Did you see how clean his apartment could be? This man helps out. He’s not the typical bachelor slob and that transfers over into a relationships. Come on? That toothbrush cup and his razor was neatly placed on the little mirror ledge. However, he does NOT cook. You don’t want him to. This man burned water, literally started reading a report and boiled all the water out of the pot and scorched it. But he won’t complain about a hot dog if you really don’t cook either. 
Ezra: Ummmm, you guys don’t have much. Your pod is nice and neat, but thats by necessity. There’s not a whole hell of a lot that you carry that isn’t for survival, so there isn’t a lot of mess. However, he does set up the camp marvelously efficiently. Cooking isn’t any better either. Those Nutri packs or bars is about as fancy as it gets when you are roughing it out on the Green. 
Mando: Mando is....militaristic. Everything has a place but beyond the neatly organized weapons locker, he’s not exactly domestic? Like meals are broths or packaged meals. The Crest has cargo containers with stuff, but it’s all organized so he knows exactly where everything is when he needs it. It’s more about you staying out of things than anything else honestly. At least at the beginning. You start bringing things in the ship, making him sigh and start reorganizing to find a place for it. Although he was really upset when the Crest was destroyed because you lost all your stuff. 
Frankie: He was in the military. The man knows how to keep an area clean. Things are not white glove clean since the baby, but he helps out. There's not really a chore list between the two of you. It’s just more of a ‘if it needs doing at that moment, do it’ type of attitude. He’s not going to ignore a full dishwasher or dryer because that’s ‘your’ chore. Although all the small fix it type chores around the house are his. He doesn’t trust you not to lose his tools. 😂
Tovar: You are kidding right? He is a man, his job is to provide for you. Your job is to take what he’s provided and turn it into a warm and welcoming home for him. It’s the time of course that lends him to adhere to this ideal of what the roles are. HOWEVER...this man also chops the wood and hauls the water, literally builds the house, breaks the ground for the garden every spring, and takes care of the hunting the meat. It’s not that he doesn’t help you, it’s more that you each play your roles very well and they compliment each other. 
Agent Whiskey: Jack absolutely hires a cleaning service. He’s never home. Always away on missions. And when he is home, he wants to spend every moment he can with his sugar, not worrying about cleaning a house. He has someone come in every couple of days to take care of the cleaning so you don’t have to worry about. Although, when he’s home, Jack will fire up the grill to make you a mean ribeye to go with that bottle of Statesman. 
Max Phillips: Cleaning service. You really think he’s going to clean up all that blood? Although it’s more that he turned the cleaning lady into a vampire. Hasn’t cooked since he's become a vampire, so you are on your own with that. Just, dear God, go easy on the garlic. That shit stinks. 
Marcus Pike: Of course Marcus will help. He’s going to assist any way that he can, maybe take on the chores that you hate the most because it will make you happy. Chore chart? Would that make it easier? Whatever it is, he’s in this 50/50. Although....he can order a mean take out, he cannot cook - bless him. Maybe a cooking lesson as a date night?
Oberyn: Chores? Things around the castle? That’s the servants responsibilities. Your job it so be by his side and his job is to do a lot of things, but none of them require either one of you to worry about washing clothes or preparing food. Your days of thinking you will live a hard life breaking your back for some shit lord are over. 
Dave York: He takes the trash out. When he’s in town. Honestly, with his schedule, he knows that a lot of the day to day gets put on your shoulders. He appreciates that, so when he is home on the weekends, he gives the girls strict instructions that they aren’t to bother you with anything, Mr. Mom mode is activated. It’s the least he can do for you holding down the fort while he was out being sexy murder daddy. 
Zach: What are you talking about? You barely do anything. Zach is so damn proud of having a roof over his head, he’s going to be hard pressed to let you do anything. Seriously. He loves the fact that he has a place to clean and chores to do in order to maintain a home. It takes a little while and a few arguments to get him to relinquish the almost iron grip he has over the household cleaning.
Marcus Moreno: He’s honesty relieved to have a little help with the household chores to be honest. Missy has her chores, but he’s so very happy to have help with cooking and just the general cleaning of the house. Just tell him how to you want to pitch in and he will make sure that he tells you how much he appreciates it. 
Max Lord: To be honest, Max isn’t present even when he’s at home. He’s in his home office, working, burying his head in paperwork to find that dream stone. His dreams for you, for Alistair hinge on him finding that artifact and making sure that he has everything he’s ever wanted, and that he can give you the world. Sitting in his paper littered office, he doesn’t understand that you want him to help now, with the little things. Taking out the trash is more important that the riches he seeks in your eyes. He just can’t see it. 
Javi G: Javi doesn’t clean. Not because he’s an ass, but that is what they have hired people to do. He doesn’t make intentional messes, he cleans up after himself and he doesn’t leave his clothes scattered floor everywhere, but it’s just not on his radar to do chores. However, he does clean his memorabilia room himself. Does that count?
Dieter: Cleaning??? The only cleaning this man does is when he cuts neat little lines in his cocaine to snort up. He’s living in hotels most of the year and then when he’s home, he’s got the most amazing housekeeper at his house in Sherman Oaks. She comes in everyday and is witness to what a messy slob Dieter can be. This man child is absolutely useless with domesticity. 
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Hello 👋
Eric Bittle, Paris, December 2019
Hello! Have some cavity-inducing morning fluff <3
_X_ _X_ _X_
Paris, Dec. 2019
Bitty steps out onto the balcony of the hotel and breathes in deeply, grinning delightedly at the scent of fresh bread in the air. He’s in fucking France, home of croissants and baguettes and patisserie and almost more baking than Bitty can handle.
And he’s got a smokin’ hot husband to translate for him during the most perfect trip Bitty could have ever asked for.
The Falcs have a weird two-week gap in their schedule after Christmas this year, and Jack had surprised him with plane tickets and hotel reservations and all manner of booked tours of wineries and bakeries and dairy farms for ten straight days. Their hotel is on the outskirts of Paris, and surrounded by more tiny, cute cafes than Bitty can count. He wants to try them all even though that’s impractical at best. 
It’s early. So early that Jack didn’t even stir when Bitty eased himself out of bed. He hasn’t been up at this hour since Jack stopped waking him up for 5 AM checking practice back at Samwell. He sips at his frankly decadent coffee and watches the street start to come alive below him. The lack of sleep is worth it for Bitty to see all his French fantasies come to life. The local shopkeepers are teasing each other and there are people with tiny dogs and baguettes in the baskets of their bikes and across the way a kind-faced older woman is watering her window boxes and humming. 
Bitty watches it all and doesn’t keep track of time, content to observe the domestic scene playing out below him. He’s so at peace he doesn’t startle when two strong arms wrap around him from behind, the smell of Jack’s aftershave surrounding him. He feels Jack press his smile into the side of his head and sighs happily.
“You’re up early, bud,” Jack mumbles.
“Was jus’ watchin’ everything down there,” says Bitty, not taking his eyes from where a cat is stretching in the window of the little bookshop.
“Shoulda bribed you with a baguette to get you up for checking practice, eh?” chirps Jack.
“That wouldn’t have cut it. One of those chocolate croissants I can smell, however, might have gotten me out of bed a whole ten minutes earlier.”
Jack snorts before stealing a sip of coffee. “I’m pretty pleased with how things turned out, chocolate or no chocolat.”
“Me too, sugar.”
Jack steps back, tugs lightly on Bitty’s wrist to get him to turn. “Come get dressed and we’ll go pick a table outside to sit at so you can keep people watching, okay?”
Bitty grins and reels him in for a quick good morning kiss, stretching up on his toes to make the angle better. He pulls back, glad to see Jack’s eyes shining with love back at him. 
“Mr. Bittle, you’ve got yourself a deal,” he says, and lets himself be pulled back inside.
_X_ _X_ _X_
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dean’s knees pop as he crouches down to prepare a fire. his hands are softer than they used to be, so he tries his best to avoid splinters as cas hands him the wood from out on the deck. it’s a domestic picture. their home smells of pine and apple pie.
dean takes his lighter and flicks it on, he sets fire to electric bills used as tinder and watches as the flames lick up onto the dry of the wood.
fire is a gentle act now.
he stays down on his knees for just a moment longer before he’s standing with a groan and letting cas put a hand on his shoulder to steady him.
“i’m getting too damn old to handle this cold, cas”
but cas just smiles, eyes wrinkling at the sides. says “and isn’t that wonderful?”
dean’s about to reply when the doorbell rings.
jack’s here with salem. dean stands at the top of the stairs while cas goes down to the entry to welcome them in. the cold air blasts in from outside and dean grumbles about ‘what’s the point of a fire if you’re gonna keep the damn door open?’ cas shoots him a look from the entry way and dean feels any amount of resentment melt away.
salem is the first to reach him, bounding up the stairs and wrapping themself around dean’s leg like some kind of vine.
‘hey kiddo’ he grins down and ruffles their hair.
‘hi grampy!’
salem’s getting big, bigger every time he sees them, and damn he swore he wouldn’t cry, but his vision blurs behind his glasses anyways.
he decides to walk towards the fire and salem giggles, clinging to his leg. he loves messing with the kid, he’ll be damned if he ain’t the fun grandpa.
he’s trying to wiggle salem and his leg around the living room when jack and cas emerge from the staircase into the hall. dean grins like he’s been caught with his hand in the cookie jar and cas grins back. then he’s looking at jack.
jack is taller than cas and broad. the kid used to be a string bean, but he’s filled out. it’s probably from all the hunting he’s been doing (dean does not approve) but you gotta pick your battles when your son is god.
jack smiles and cas takes his hand off from where it was resting on his shoulder so jack can move towards dean and pull him into a hug. salem giggles as they are squished between jack and dean, but dean barely notices.
his son is strong, and he’s so fucking proud of him.
“hey son.” he murmurs.
jack pulls back, keeping his hands on dean’s shoulders.
“hello dad”
cas looks on and his heart swells.
the day passes by. snow starts falling at half-past noon, and the apple pie is finished not long after, despite being meant for after dinner. they play the game of life, salem loves driving the little car game pieces around the board and declaring that they can have whatever house they want from the card deck.
dean and jack drink hot coffee while cas brings out a few old toy sets to show salem. they all end up on the carpet putting together legos and laying wooden train tracks all around the floor.
when night falls, jack decides to stay the night as the snow is falling in flurries and the drive home isn’t very safe.
dean admires his caution, that despite everything, jack remains humble, aware of the risks living a true life can bring.
jack keeps trying to put salem to sleep but they keep running down into the living room to hear what the adults are talking about, ‘cause they don’t wanna miss out.
the third time it happens, before jack can sigh and go to stand, dean calls salem to his side on the couch. they curl up next to him, small hands fisting in his soft cable knit sweater. the light of the fire is flickering, but dean thinks it’ll do.
he gives castiel a look, and that’s all cas needs to stand and head to their bedroom to grab something.
he returns with a book in hand, a worn, small book with yellow dog-eared pages.
dean’s heart thumps in his chest, all these years and cas knowing him, really knowing him, is all it takes to start the butterflies.
damn, he loves him.
dean gazes up at cas as he hands him the book, and admires him for a moment. jack hums and breaks the moment. cas settles down on dean’s other side, pressing close and warm.
salem has been waiting patiently when they ask “what’s that grampaw?”
“a story, kid. would you like me to read it to you?”
“is it a good story?”
cas interjects, “a very good story, salem.”
dean glances over at cas and gives him a quick kiss to the cheek. he hears salem snort but they don’t say anything to tease.
dean looks over at where jack is admiring the scene before him, at his dads cuddling up to his most precious creation, his child. his heart pitter patters in his chest, his soul in tact and filling with deep affection. he’s the luckiest son on earth.
jack is broken out of his reverie when the fire pops and dean clears his throat to begin reading. he adjusts his glasses, pulls salem in closer with one hand and holds the book in the other.
so it goes:
“In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit. Not a nasty, dirty, wet hole, filled with the ends of worms and an oozy smell, nor yet a dry, bare, sandy hole with nothing in it to sit down on or to eat: it was a hobbit-hole, and that means comfort.”
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Do you have any Harlivy fic recommendations? Preferably something that is already completed?
okay okay so quick little tangent fact !! I actually just finished my undergrad degree in "english literature analysis & writing" and reading fics is so fun bc I get to analyze them and break them down and if it's particularly well written the stars align and it's just UGH so good. 
ratings are: E (explicit) M (mature) T (teens and up) and G (everyone) anyways here is a HUGE list of my favorite fics to date, their stats/details/plots, reasonings as to why they're on the list to begin with, and a short analysis:
SHORT STORIES (less than 30k words)
for your convenience they’re in order of length bc I’m focusing on this super hard rn
KISS YOUR BEST FRIEND CHALLENGE (T)  STATS — 340 words, shenanigans, fluff PLOT — Harley, TikTok and general Social Media queen, decides to do the trending challenge to kiss your best friend. The best friend? Her roommate and the woman she’s been crushing on for fucking ever: Poison Ivy.
AM I TOO CLOSE? (CAUSE YOU FOLD INTO ME LIKE A HEART WITH A BEAT) (G) STATS — 839 words, fluff, shenanigans PLOT — Harley genuinely wasn’t looking for trouble, but it’s hard to just have a day out when you’re one of Gotham’s most wanted. Running into Ivy, she takes drastic measures (and her hoodie into the mix) to distract the police from looking in their direction.
I’M HOME (G) STATS — 892 words, domestic fluff PLOT — After a long and rough day at work, Ivy comes home to Harley. Relaying the details of her day, she basks in the comfort of her girlfriend, who provides gentle questions and is a phenomenal listener. General cuteness.
CONFLICT DIAMONDS (G) STATS — 990 words, wedding shenanigans, banter, humor PLOT — Batman and Renee Montoya respond to a break-in at a jewelry store, except even though the owner is duct-taped to the wall, it isn’t really a break-in; Harley’s just trying to shop for a ring for Ivy, and that’s difficult to do when the owner is screaming in the corner. Batman and Renee both pitch in to help pick something nice for Harley’s girl, resulting in hilarious banter.
OF COURSE (T) STATS — 1.1k words, hurt/comfort (kinda), harley quinn animated tv show centric PLOT — In the aftermath of Ivy’s death, rebirth, and the fall of Joker Tower, Harley collapses onto the ground. Since she never mentioned that her parents are the reason for most of her injuries, Ivy isn’t sure why she’s so out of it.
PERFECT MORNINGS (T) STATS — 1.1k words, domestic fluff/bliss PLOT — Ivy, who usually wakes up early and before Harley, takes a moment to look at the countless muscles, ridges, scars, and tattoos on Harley’s body as she sleeps. General cuteness.
I’D LOVE TO CHECK YOU OUT (T) STATS — 1.7k words, university au, fluff PLOT — Harley visits the library virtually every day, and it’s definitely not because she needs to work on her university courses and homework. She finally works up the courage to speak to the alluring redhead she sees there every day while absentmindedly looking at a book on sharks. 
I’LL LOVE YOU IN THE MORNING (NOON, NIGHT) (T) STATS — 2.1k words, angst, hurt/comfort PLOT — A snapshot look into Ivy and how she comes to know, care, and love all the sides of Harley—from psychiatrist to criminal to girlfriend. She loves her throughout it all. 
DAY-DREAMING (T) STATS — 2.2k words, shenanigans, psychiatrist Harleen PLOT — Ivy’s falling for her psychiatrist—her humorous, intelligent, caring, and downright gorgeous psychiatrist. It’s difficult, to say the least.
WHAT HAPPENS IN THEMYSCIRA (DOESN’T) STAY IN THEMYSCIRA (T) STATS — 2.3k words, humor, wedding shenanigans, angst with a happy ending PLOT — In a surprise twist of events, Harley and Ivy were drunkenly married at Themyscira. When asked at the wedding if anybody had objections to the union of Ivy and Chuck, Wonder Woman and the Queen of Themyscira herself come to object. Ivy, for lack of a better word, wants to die a little.
NOT A ROCKER CHICK (T) STATS — 3.1k words, rock band au, fluff PLOT — The last thing Ivy wants to do is go to a rock band concert with her best friend, Selina. Despite her best efforts, she can’t help but completely fall into the rhythm of the band and their music, so different than her own norm. And okay, maybe the singer (who Selina was friends with and called “Harley”) was also kinda hot...
A TENDER HEART AMONG THE GREEN (T) STATS — 3.2k words, gotham city sirens raise Lucy au, domestic bliss PLOT — Harley and Selina come back home to the apartment to find Ivy passed out asleep with Lucy cuddling into the crook of her neck and Selina’s cats cuddling her legs. Knowing that Ivy would rather be caught dead than in such a compromising situation (after all, she is the Poison Ivy, who “hates humans”) the two take a photo, since it lasts longer. Shenanigans and cuteness ensue.
BUILDING YOUR GIRL’S SECOND STORY (M) STATS — 3.3k words, university/grad school au, angst with a happy ending PLOT — Snapshots of Harley’s battle with her violent and abusive boyfriend, Jack, and the way in which Bruce, his boyfriend Clark, and her best friend (and potentially lover) Pamela all love Harley and will do anything, anything, to make sure she gets the help, care, and love she needs.
A DIFFERENT KIND OF NORMAL (T) STATS — 3.6k words, coronavirus pandemic/quarantine au, family au PLOT — Ivy is requested by the Justice League to help create and manufacture a vaccine for the COVID-19 virus. As she works on the vaccine, she video calls Harley and their daughter Lucy, both of whom miss her very much. 
RABBIT IN THE GARDEN (T) STATS — 4.4k words, implied suicide attempt, hard angst PLOT — Winters are difficult to Ivy. When Harley comes home one day to see her submerged fully in water in the bathtub, the only thing Harley can do is cry and take her out. Ultimately Ivy is alright—but it doesn’t make it any easier.
WE WILL BE (EVERYTHING THAT WE’D EVER NEED) (T) STATS — 5.8k words, high school au, angst, hurt/comfort PLOT — Harley and Ivy are best friends from high school, living in the middle of Arizona. Ivy is absolutely head over heels for Harley, but the latter is in a growing and increasingly abusive relationship with the older “bad-boy” (literally) Jack. Eventually, the two grow together in more ways than one.  
WHERE THE RED FERN GROWS (EXCEPT NO DOGS DIE) (M) STATS — 9.7k words, domestic bliss, no powers just botanist & psychiatrist au PLOT — After her abusive ex-boyfriend tries to maniacally tear down the front door of her apartment with an ax as her best friend, Selina, pushes the table against the splintering wood, Bruce recommends that Harley gets a dog. She gets two German Shepard brothers—Bud and Lou—who lead her one day on their walk to the most beautiful flower shop owner Harley’s ever seen. The story of Harley and Ivy, told with Bud and Lou present to witness every moment.
THE MOMENT I AWAKEN GHOSTS (T) STATS — 11.7k words, falling in love, feelings & realizations PLOT — A deep look into Ivy’s feelings and how they evolve from general hatred against Harleen the psychiatrist at Arkham to a blooming, kind and gentle love towards Harley Quinn, the crown jester of crime. 
HARLEQUIN’S ISLE (T) STATS — 17.5k words, hurt/comfort, happy ending, shenanigans, humor PLOT — Harley and Ivy decide to go on a vacation on Bruce Wayne’s new eco-friendly plane, but in a surprise twist of events, things go terribly wrong, Ivy falls out of the plane, and the two (as well as all the other rich and wealthy big-name CEOS on the plane) get stranded on an island with someone actively trying to rob the investors. Harley and Ivy will fight them, god damn it, because they deserve this vacation and they will have it.
LONGER STORIES (30k words to 100k words)
YOUR LOVE (DÉJÀ VU) (G) STATS — 33k words, slow burn, mild angst, canon divergence PLOT — A what-if-Harley-found-Ivy-first fic, YOUR LOVE wonderfully illustrates Dr. Harleen Quinzel treating Ivy in a wonderfully humane and kind way, including learning floriography, the language of flowers, in order to better relate to her. Ivy is taken aback by her doctor's genuine care and begins to develop feelings, all the while Harleen falls hard and fast which wholly confuses and frightens her. The one caveat is that while this is happening, Harleen is also treating the Joker as well, who tries (keyword: tries) to manipulate her. Ivy and Harley dance a timid tango around one another as they try to navigate this new playing field of romantic feelings for one another, and things come to a breaking point when Harleen realizes that, perhaps, all of her patients have a point and that the real villains are not the ones inside the asylum, but rather the ones running it. FAVORITE DETAILS — I just love the way this is written. It provides a wonderful and almost skinny-love like romance (except this takes place in an insane asylum) as Harleen and Ivy both try to understand their strong feelings for one another. The way in which the rogues and other inmates/patients all look out for one another was very heartwarming, and Waylon and Eddie's thinly veiled camaraderie with Ivy—and her thinly veiled appreciation for it—were both lovely and created a really warm environment. It really underlined why Harley loved them because you love them too in the process, and see how she reaches her breaking point.  CHARACTER DEPICTIONS — Harley, as she is in all of my favorite fics, is depicted as an incredibly intelligent and talented psychiatrist. Her caring nature is wonderfully outlined in this fic as she helps Waylon, Eddie, Ivy, and everybody else in the asylum be treated with genuine respect and care, going as far as to get them personalized gifts. Her psyche fracturing slowly never once makes her seem unintelligent to the reader, even as she actively places a ditz persona in order to fool the rest of the asylum staff (and the Joker). Ivy, on the other hand, is illustrated in a way that perfectly shows how all she genuinely needed was someone to listen. She's sometimes harsh and crass but you can see how she begins to soften as Harley helps her and treats her with: you guessed it, genuine respect. FINAL VERDICT — I would get this tattooed on my ass if I could
NOVEL LENGTH WORKS (100k+ words)
ACROSS THE WAY (M) STATS — 128.7k words, slow-burn, tattoo artist & flower shop owner au  PLOT — Botanist and flower shop owner Pamela Isley moves to Gotham from Seattle in search of a new life. Her shop is located directly next to a tattoo shop—one that is incredibly loud and bothersome. Upon walking in to give the shop a piece of her mind, she meets one of the resident artsits, Harley Quinzel, and cannot get her out of her mind. The two become best friends, and feelings slowly start to develop. On a night when Harley is most vulnerable and in need of a place to escape, Pam offers her apartment as a refuge, and from that point on things are never the same again (in the best way possible).  FAVORITE DETAILS — The SIT sessions were a wonderful touch and I loved seeing the recovery of both Ivy and Harley, because it was so real. I also loved how once Harley got out, she did everything in her power to protect both herself and Ivy from Jack, and we got to see her and Ivy grow into their wonderful, healthy romance. CHARACTER DEPICTIONS — I love how all of the characters are illustrated; Selina, who is the caring best friend and genuinely does her best to help others around her all the while being her cocky, usual self. Pam, who escaped Seattle and started anew in Gotham and is the crass botanist and also the insanely kind and caring lover. Barbara is the adorable coffee shop owner, Floyd is the caring figure for Harley that she never had, and everyone is just wonderful.  FINAL VERDICT — literally go read this rn, what are you even doing
MAD LOVE: THE BEGINNING & MAD LOVE: THE FINAL CHAPTER (M) STATS — nearly 400k words total, angst, canon divergence, domestic fluff, slice of life PLOT — imagine YOUR LOVE except this is much longer, much more heart-wrenching, a whole lot more angsty, and Harleen's break with Harley is a lot more prevalent. Another what-if scenario of Dr. Harleen Quinzel meeting and treating the illusive Poison Ivy instead of the Joker, MAD LOVE shows an interesting depiction of the way they manipulate, hurt, care, and love one another. The entire story is riddled with well placed metaphors, recurring themes, and both Ivy and Harley's characters are illustrated in the most complex and interesting way. All throughout both the initial and the sequel, Ivy and Harleen play a metaphorical chess game in manipulation as a means to gain the upper-hand on the other, which creates a dangerous foundation for their following love story. In the sequel, "The Final Chapter," the story starts with Harley and Ivy—already married near the end of "A New Beginning"—having two kids and the entire piece spans over Harley's lifetime until she's on her deathbed, with Ivy still stuck at 33 years old beside her. I personally stopped reading the story after Harley died (I was too emotionally vulnerable to continue on) but if you continue reading on, you get to see Ivy move on and appreciate Harley's impact on her life as she finds love and happiness again after the loss of her wife. FAVORITE DETAILS — We get insight into both Ivy and Harleen's trauma, and how not everything can be fixed with love. Neither Harleen nor Ivy (or their actions for that matter) are characterized as perfect in any way, and the story never excuses any of their more-than-questionable actions; in fact they make MANY mistakes and manipulate one another throughout the story, and both have power over the other (Harleen is her psychiatrist, but Ivy could easily kill her, so emotional power over someone with immense physical power). CHARACTER DEPICTIONS — Harleen is depicted as an incredibly intelligent and capable psychiatrist, and the story somehow wonderfully mixes Harley's desire for violent chaos with Harleen's desire to help others. v Ivy is illustrated as the epitome of "I hate you and will not be nice unless you're literally either my wife or kids." She is seldom kind to others, is often crass, but an entire softy when it comes to Harleen and their children. She's a hard worker and is heavily involved in her research. Harleen, on the other hand, is equally cunning but more lighthearted, extremely athletic and active, the "fun" mom, and less into power trips (unless it's about Ivy). FINAL VERDICT — definitely the most interesting fics I've ever read in my entire fucking life, it's so complex and wonderful and a literal minefield of analysis worthy literature, I'd also get this tattooed on my ass if I could
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yanderes-galore · 2 years
Yandere Leona with a nekomimi reader; and yandere jack with an inumimi reader.... please
Yes :) These are HCs, btw.
Leona and Jack With A Hybrid Darling
Pairing: Romantic
Possible Trigger Warnings: Female Darling, Scenting, Yandere behavior, Jealousy, Mentioned pheromones, Mentions of heat/breeding but nothing graphic, Possessive,
Tumblr media
Yandere! Leona with Cat Hybrid! Darling 🦁🐱
- Leona is incredibly possessive.
- Especially if you're a domestic cat hybrid and not a wild cat.
- He likes to tease you about being domestic sometimes, but also enjoys it because you're just so much more submissive....
- Your pheromones make the lion go wild, too.
- You reside mostly in his dorm room, as he isn't too keen on letting you go out alone.
- What if the other Savannaclaw members smell your pheromones? Then there's problems.
- Leona loves to sleep, so expect him to force you to join him.
- He's curled up around you, tail wrapped tight around your form.
- You're forced into burying your face into his chest.
- His purrs are loud and like growls, it intimidates you but the warmth makes your purr, too.
- Your purr is so much more quieter than his, but he loves to listen to it.
- Leona hates it when he notices Ruggie, Jack, or anyone else take an interest in you.
- You're his. They need to learn their place.
- You being part cat helps with heats, too.
- You are sensitive to his pheromones just as much as he is to yours.
- This makes you more compliant to breeding, which Leona enjoys.
- Small little HC but Leona would love to lick you in private.
- His rough tongue swipes across your ears and he nibbles on your neck.
- Both of you are purring as he nuzzles into your neck.
- Leona would love a cat hybrid darling as you would be so much more similar to him.
Tumblr media
Yandere! Jack with Dog Hybrid! Darling 🐺🐶
- Jack doesn't mind a dog hybrid darling.
- He finds it endearing when you cling to him with excitement.
- Your tail is wagging excitedly when you speak to people, causing Jack's tail to sway, too.
- Although, he wishes it would only wag for him...
- He gets along with you well as you are both in the canine family.
- You and him are around each other all the time, maybe even playing a sport.
- In private, Jack likes to pet your ears and lay next to each other.
- Massages are a common thing in private. (*cough* belly rubs-)
- Jack is pretty shy when it comes to heats, but he finds more comfort when you're a dog hybrid.
- You're feeling the same hot feeling as him, tail swaying and skin red.
- As a dog hybrid, you're more excitable during heats (or just in general-)
- Jack can be possessive, especially when your normal behavior is being nice to everyone and being a ball of energy.
- Everyone would want a piece of you, so Jack always finds himself growling at others during class.
- Jack doesn't want to lock you in his dorm room, as he knows you'll be upset because you can't move.
- But in public he's awfully close to you, golden eyes glaring at others who look too long.
- He'd love a domestic dog hybrid, as you just get so attached to him.
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forlove2020 · 1 year
Suptober Day 4 - Secrets
Dean is bed-warm and bleary-eyed, but it's not too much of a problem because cooking seems to be one of those things that comes to him naturally, like breathing or reloading his gun. He can do all of these with his eyes closed, which, in this case is pretty handy as his eyes are mostly closed this morning.
He's still barely awake as he beats the buttermilk into the eggs, adding flour, baking powder, sugar, oil, salt. The first of two frying pans gets hot fast, and Dean places the bacon down, enjoying the crackling sound of meat becoming crispy. 
His life depends on remembering to turn on the coffee pot, and he is sure to double check and see if it has begun brewing before he moves on to ladling the batter into the pan.
This is the time of day Dean likes best: the slow, quiet mornings in the dim sunlight of his own kitchen where he can finally just breathe. The years of misery and grief had worn him down, but as the saying goes, coal makes diamonds, and since there was so much damn coal in his life before, he is now one fine diamond.
Or, anyhow, something along those lines. Dean's too tired for frickin' metaphors right now, okay?
The clatter of dog paws on wooden flooring makes Dean smile. Miracle has awoken and joined him in the kitchen; she is eyeing Dean expectantly, sniffing at the bacon-scented air with hopefulness.
"Hey there, girl," Dean murmurs quietly, so as not to wake the other occupants of the household. She wags as she greets him and he pats her head fondly.  Never once, in all of the years preceding had Dean ever considered adopting a dog but now he knows that Miracle, in his unbiased opinion, is definitely a cut above the rest of those flea-bitten mongrels.
Fine, so maybe he is a little biased but Dean still believes he has the best dog in the world.
Miracle lies on the floor at his feet as he finishes cooking breakfast, she sleepily watches him flip pancakes but her cute little ears perk with interest as he places a couple slices of bacon on each of the three glass plates. 
Dean darts a quick look down the hallway that leads toward the staircase, then glances at the backdoor to make sure it is still locked. He can't hear anyone stirring upstairs, so he raises his eyebrow at Miracle, who leaps to her feet with all the stealthy grace of an apex predator. She is ready and waiting for what has become their morning ritual.
Dean tosses her a piece of crisp bacon, and Miracle snaps it up mid-air, her body wriggling with glee as she wolfs it down.
"Remember, this is our secret, ma'am," he murmurs, giving her a gentle scritch behind the ears. Her tail thu-thumps on the floor, and Dean grins. 
Light footsteps fall on the creaking stairs, and Dean sticks his hands behind his back like a naughty child caught misbehaving.
Jack is wearing one of Sam's old t-shirts and it's so comically big on him that it seems almost more of a nightgown. He's rubbing his eyes as he stumbles into the kitchen, but his smile is as bright as ever as he goes immediately to hug Dean.
There are many good things in this world that Dean doesn't believe he deserves, and Jack's forgiveness and love is pretty much the top of that list. But Dean's really making an effort to treat him better now and god, if the kid doesn't deserve every last good thing in this world. Jack had offered Dean a fresh start when he came back from Heaven; it was a second chance to make things right between them and Dean had taken the offer with no hesitation. He would rather throw himself into the Pit headfirst than hurt Jack again. Dean knows he can't erase the past but he sure as Hell can do whatever it takes to make things up to his kid.
He presses a kiss to the top of Jack's head; he smells like sleepy sweat and that expensive lemony shampoo Sam had sent him for his fourth birthday. "Sleep okay?"
Jack nods, and yawns. "No nightmares last night, so that was nice." He breaks their hug to pet Miracle, who fawns over him.
"Good," Dean says firmly. "Maybe that spell Sammy used actually can help." Jack nods, but doesn't answer, still attempting to wake up. He reaches for the coffee pot.
"Hey," Dean scolds gently, and Jack pauses, confused. "Wait until I pour your Dad a mug first."
A wry smile comes to Jack's face. They've both seen what happens on mornings where Cas doesn't get hot coffee and Dean and Jack have a silent agreement to avoid the circumstances causing those events at all costs.
"Help yourself to some pancakes," Dean pops half a slice of bacon into his mouth and continues talking while chewing, "Me n’ Cas will eat later. I'm gonna take Sunshine his elixir of life first."
Jack chuckles while Dean pours a very full cup of black coffee into an ugly, handmade pea-green mug, and carefully climbs the staircase he made with his own two hands over the past summer. 
Their bedroom is upstairs and on the left in this little house that Dean built. He nudges the door he'd partially left open with his foot, maneuvering cautiously around the dresser and the clothes that were tossed onto the floor last night. 
Cas is asleep, more or less, when Dean sits down beside him and places the coffee mug on the bedside table. He mumbles something that Dean can't quite understand, either because he is drowsy or because he may be speaking Enochian. It’s hard to tell with his face half-pressed into the pillow. 
Dean lets his fingers drift up Cas’ shoulder and neck and then brushes his hair away from his face. He's going to have a bad case of bedhead when he gets up, Dean thinks with amusement.
"Wake up, Sweetheart," Dean tells him. "There's coffee." 
Cas' breathes out slowly, his nose scrunches up, and then he's waking, shifting under the covers, squinting at Dean in the early morning light sneaking through the blinds.
"Heya, Cas." Dean is ridiculously in love with him. The confused look Cas gets when he first wakes up makes Dean think about crazy things, like saying 'screw the world' and crawling back into bed and burrowing under the covers with him. These are things that a younger, sadder Dean Winchester had never known and never would have believed he could have, ten, fifteen - hell, even just two years ago.
(Today's Dean Winchester is a much happier man.)
Cas stares deep in Dean's eyes as he half sits up, rumbling out the familiar, "Hello Dean," and moves closer to kiss Dean good-morning very thoroughly.
After a long minute Cas pulls back, breathless, and asks, "Wait, what did you just say about coffee?"
Still gathering his wits, Dean gestures vaguely to the steaming mug, and Cas turns back to him with a faint smile. "Have I mentioned that I love you, Dean?" 
"Guh...not, uh, yet today," he manages to stutter out and Cas smirks as he raises the mug to take his first sip.
They go downstairs together, both so they can eat breakfast and so that Cas can get a refill, and in the process, they catch Jack in the act of handing Miracle a piece of bacon and a chunk of pancake. 
Everyone freezes in a domestic tableau; the hunter, the angel, the nephilim-god, and the world's best dog.
Cas recovers first, and sighs. "You know, he gets this from you," he accuses Dean dryly, and goes straight over to refill his coffee mug.
"Traitor," Dean tells a wagging Miracle. 
She isn't ashamed in the slightest.
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plvtarch · 1 year
give me the 2000s and 2010s ken thoooooo !!
also hmmm! maybe your favourite "ken with emma" movie? (i am an uneducated i only know about the shakespeare one ahahaha)
OOO GOOD CHOICES!! Thank you!!! And I did the Ken with Emma movies here! :D
Ranking 2000s and 2010s Kenneth Branagh based on HOTNESS!!
Woo!!! I have not seen all of these movies, so I will just go based off of Google Images and gifs made by my fellow lovely Ken Friends <3
1. Love Labour's Lost (2000) - oh god, i need to see this. he's so pretty and he sings and dances, and he's SO PEAK SHAKESPEARE LOVER BOY KEN (gif source)
Tumblr media
2. Tenet (2020) - i can't believe i haven't seen this yet...... he's such a fine ass evil russian daddy and UHHHH him w a belt and a gun does certain things to me uwu (gif source)
Tumblr media
3. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (2002) - i mean, he did win witch weekly's most charming smile award 5 times. himbo rights (gif source)
Tumblr media
4. Valkyrie (2008) - ken is ALWAYS good in a suit and gray hair. my weakness. and those blue eyes. WOOF (gif source)
Tumblr media
5. How to Kill Your Neighbor's Dog (2000) - DOMESTIC PLAYWRITE HUSBAND KEN. there's like no good pics online but he's REALLY REALLY HOT with a beard and glasses in the trailer. he's also married to robin wright. bi rights. i need to watch this movie ASAP
Tumblr media
(more under the cut)
6. My Week with Marilyn (2011) - bruh. i -- i need to see this too. DILF rights
Tumblr media
7. Dunkirk (2017) - listen, i watched dunkirk before i was into ken. barely knew him besides his name. but when i watched this, i was like DAMN that officer is HOT. sorry harry styles and thank you christopher nolan for serving some of the hottest ken looks ever (gif source)
Tumblr media
8. Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit (2014) - this movie has ken, chris pine, AND keira knightley? i have to watch it. for the plot obviously. and evil russian ken, the best ken <3
Tumblr media
9. Murder on the Orient Express (2017) and Death on the Nile (2022) - poirot is so lovely and cute <3 i love his mannerisms and french accent and his blue eyes sm <3 (gif source)
Tumblr media
10. The Boat That Rocked (2009) - mmmmm i'm good SORRY LOL would still smash tho ofc
Tumblr media
11. Five Children & It (2004) - i can't upload a picture bc the max on tumblr is 10. but no <3
Thank you so much again! I didn't include every single movie/role, but I have almost all of them.
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ohheyitsokay · 1 year
thunder (drabble)
pairing: Agent Whiskey (Jack Daniels) x reader
warnings: established relationship, domesticity, in my mind this is after my set "slowly" and "softly" but can easily be read alone
wordcount: less than 1k
summary: evening moments, romanticizing simple things
note: this is obviously inspired by @scribbledghost 's fic rain
To be honest, you barely even notice the thick rumble of rain against your rooftop, too absorbed in the sudden soreness in your throat to enjoy it.
It had come suddenly at any rate, and you and Jack had been running around past nightfall trying to get everything in order for the Statesman’s latest initiative. Your few quiet moments before getting ready for bed were spent letting your dog Cassie out into your yard and making cups of tea. So occupied were you ears, listening to his ramble about how you need to “nip this cold in the bud”, that the smell of damp earth was left unappreciated. 
But still, it was a lovely evening.
Jack had bought a large bed but it was overfull of blankets and pillows, even though the day’s were just starting to cool.
You settle in, relishing the softness of the sheets against your skin and the gentle weight of the blankets. There’s a book at your bedside table, and a large mug a friend had made for you years ago. Humming to yourself, you realize you left your spoon in the kitchen, and as you turn to shout for Jack, you see him in the doorway, running his hand over his mustache.
“Hey handsome,” you say instead.
“Hey gorgeous,” he responds, moving forward leaning across a mound of pillows. Your cowboy isn’t even dressed for bed yet, but he can’t resist a kiss before he moves on.
“Could you get me a spoon?”
“Won’t it taste weird, babydoll?”
You smile and he almost misses it, as he’s already on his way. He was the one insistent that you drink tea before bed, after all, and it was his idea to break open a new jar of good honey.
He can’t deny you, even with the kitchen shrouded in darkness already, but he chuckles, low and slow.
Then you hear it, the quiet song of millions of water droplets splashing against your rooftop. It seems ridiculous that you missed it until now, but nevertheless you have, and you’re determined not to waste another second. You aren't sure when you started appreciating the racket of raindrops, or when it became soothing to see the streaks in the sky, but your bed suddenly seems twice as cozy, three times more comforting.
That is, until you have a small coughing fit, and Jack enters the room with a spoon and long strides, and his brow thoroughly furrowed.
You gulp the too-hot tea, reaching for the spoon with a gasped “Thank you.”  The skin of your neck warms under his gaze as he climbs in the bed, watching you carefully.
Surprisingly patient, Jack waits until your tea is finished before his hands move beyond your back, but not a moment passes between it’s gentle thud against the coaster before he’s pulling you down, down, down. The lights are flicked off and you find yourself firmly wrapped in his arms, pressed against the expanse of his chest.
It’s soft, but Jack is murmuring words into your hair and neck quiet almost-prayers that your cold will pass and incomprehensible instructions for the universe to take care of you. There are times Jack declares that he himself will stop anything - even nature - from harming you, and you almost think he could. He gets this look in his eyes, and his beautiful jaw just sets, and you wonder if he’s truly human – but now it not one of those times.
His hands are too focused on holding you tight, on squeezing handfuls of your flesh, and you realize he’s having… a moment. Under the rain-dressed roof, your lover is reminding himself that you are real, thanking his lucky stars for it.
It’s not that he doesn’t care about your cold, but it was simply a catalyst, his caring far too large to be contained, even in the barrel of his chest.
There's a clap of thunder, and you hear the patter of little paws across rugs and hardwood. Normally she's polite, but she leaps right onto the bed, and as you feel her circle and settle between your ankles, you feel Jack laugh.
Life can never be perfect, but as the rumble of the sky rolls alongside your lover's , you think the three of you are pretty damn close.
hey friends thank yall for your patience 😌
@fangirl-316 @scribbledghost @writeforfandoms @beautyagegoodnesssize @princess76179 @mrsbentallmadge @horton-hears-a-honk @saradika @0celestialbitch0 @evyiione
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foxilayde · 8 months
For the ask thing:
*drops the blorbos and runs* 🧡
Luna! Tysm for the ask, I love this combo.
Husband: Cecil without a doubt. He's domestic in the way a dog is domestic. Cuddly, affectionate, effusive tail wagging compliments. He's also a bit of a dog in the derogatory sense, and he's not too bright.... but he's a better option than Jack and Orderly Blue for a life partner. He also would be a really fun dad and gives lots of piggyback rides (yes with a beer in his hand, but he's LEARNING) Plus the date nights at Applebees are low-key fire. $1 Margaritas? That has Cecil written all over it.
One Night Stand: I'm not ashamed to admit that its gotta be John "Jack" Jackson. This boi learned some tricks out in the desert I'm sure of it. It's going to be grimy and gritty. Literally. All that sand? Definitely an unforgettable experience. And afterward he can play a Jack Original on his 'gee-tarra'
Best Friend: Orderly Blue. The way this blorbo has transmogrified in my mind... Orderly Blue has become nothing more than a Hot-Pocket-loving comedic relief character complete with his pet rat Gunther, and a summer-job at the Haunted Mansion ride. Best friend for sure. He's weird and he's gross and he creeps the whole family out but he's oddly sensitive too. Always good for a movie marathon or to set something on fire.
TYSM for the ask, that was fun!
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venexus-archive · 4 months
All of my favs r the best cuddlers obvi ♥️ n e way real actual answers sticking to twst bc I think I’m like the only twst girlie around pfft
Leona is the best cuddler ever but if u Ever said that aloud to Anyone he would actually slit ur throat. He’s all warm n soft n clingy 👉👈 def uses u as a pillow, likes to lay his head on ur chest or in the crook of your neck, no big spoon for him he Needs to lay On Top of you or he will Die. and ik lions can’t purr or whatever but fuck u I do what I want he purrs 🙄 it’s all deep and low and u can’t hear it super well unless he does one of those big deep sighs as he’s drifting off. All the cat impulses come out when he’s tired, he’s rubbing his head on u and almost kneeding at all ur soft spots, rlly likes when u stroke his hair and scratch at his ears but again this is ONLY because he’s all tired and out of sorts do NOT tell him about it when he’s functioning.
In a similar vein I think Jack is a rlly great cuddler too 🫣 he’s so BIG, def runs soooo hot so it’s like having a big ol space heater pfft. Kinda curls around u??? Like a giant dog yk??? And his tail omg it always ways so so so much it’s the cutest thing ever esp when u shuffle in closer and press ur face into his chest or wiggle up to kiss his nose. And when he finally nods off u can feel his tail slowly stop.
Malleus is so clingy in general I can’t imagine him as anything but an enormous cuddler but. Not very flexible :( he’s gotta be big spoon on account of those horns. Which is rlly sad because I do think he’d enjoy being little spoon if it didn’t run the very real risk of putting ur eye out 😭😭😭 still he can barely stand to be away from ur presence for a few minutes he DEFINITELY has be holding you in bed at all times. Likes it both when ur turned away from him or curled into his chest but probably prefers the latter bc he likes being able to see ur face easier and he likes that it’s easier to kiss u ♥️
Floyd!!! Obvi!!! Absolutely loves holding u and squeezing u and never letting u go ever ever. Pros to this: hes all big and lanky and rlly loves touching you. Cons to this: he’s so hyperactive ur not getting any sleep. Even if he’s just holding u he’ll be chattering away abt what happened during the day or some customer’s face. He’s always practically buzzing in bed w u for hrs after u get in before he’s finally dozing off. But it’s sooooo worth it when he does bc he gets all clingy and latches onto you and gives u so many compliments he’s so cute.
Silver is also a natural choice honestly!!! Bc he’s always falling asleep and if ur near him he Is using u as a pillow in some capacity u do Not have a choice in the matter he is Already gone. Always smthn diff w him, he legit nods off however ur both positioned so sometimes that means ur trying to shove him over in the bed while he’s latching onto u like a giant koala. But also he’s so alert that sometimes u move a lil funny and he is Up and Ready To Fight The Threat when u literally just like. Sneezed. It’s cute tho. He gives u the cutest puppy-dog eyes and apologizes to disturbing ur sleep and then oh he’s gone again out like a light
Finally and ik ur gonna hate me for saying this but. Trey is a solid choice. Absolutely loves holding u, not even necessarily to go to sleep he rlly likes cuddling on the couches or dragging u into his lap to study. Makes him feel all soft and domestic and like he’s taking care of u djdnksnd v much the opposite of Leona and Silver and rlly prefers you to be laying on him. Idk idk the man’s a baker his arms are made to kneed bread and hold me ♥️ he wakes up early too!!! Just out of habit even when he doesn’t rlly have to!!! And he likes to watch u sleep away 🥺 thinks ur just the prettiest damn thing and wow ur rlly here in his arms oops now he wants to kiss u real bad but ur still asleep—
N e way. There u go 😌 my twst cuddle analysis.
omfg plu ;-; i intended to, like, add on to this or smth but i CANT its all too perfect
the beeg boys of course would just be so very good at cuddling,,, all wrapped up warm and safe and cosy,,, and silver!!!! my sleepy beloved,, he would be the top tier napping partner so true
also ur right i hate it but i hate it bc ur CORRECT !! trey would be so very good at cuddling and that thought drives me insane,,, my enemies to lovers arc w that man is so real i swear to god
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expectingtofly · 2 years
What It Means to Love, 3k
established dean/cas, hurt/comfort, post 15x20, human!cas
day 2 of @thiscastielhasflown and i's follower celebration
prompt: hurt/comfort
“Dean, I am perfectly fine, I—” Cas paused, face scrunching up, then he sneezed before he could finish his sentence.
Dean took a step backwards. “Dude, gross! Seriously? Sneeze into your elbow. That’s like preschool 101.”
“Oh, then it’s so great that I went to preschool,” Cas said, managing to sound sarcastic even with his nose stuffed up. Dean winced as he wiped his nose on the sleeve of his trenchcoat. “It’s not like I haven’t been a human for only three months.”
Right. “Yeah, well, guess this is the perfect introduction." How the hell did Cas manage to still look so adorable slumped against the kitchen counter, clothes wrinkled and nose red? “Welcome to humanity, you have a cold. Here, stop that.” He couldn't watch Cas wipe his nose on his sleeve again. They didn’t have tissues in the kitchen, but he grabbed a napkin and handed it to him. Dutifully, Cas took it and blew his nose. “What you need is to get in some comfier clothes, lay down, and get some sleep.”
Violating the few feet he'd put between them to stay clear of the germs, he stepped closer to loosen Cas' tie. Cas let him, saying, "I can still help research—"
"No, no." Cas leveled him with a glare, but it had lost its bite now that Dean knew he couldn't strike him dead with his angel grace. Okay, it was still pretty menacing. "I'm trying to save your ass. Sam will kill you if you sneeze on his laptop or precious books. Come on, take off the coat, you gotta be burning up."
He was helping Cas slip it off when Sam walked into the kitchen. “Ew, gross," he complained, covering his eyes with his hand, and Dean realized he was essentially undressing Cas in front of the kitchen island. "Get a room."
"Grow up," Dean said, draping Cas' coat and tie over his arm. Okay, so maybe they’d given Sam a reason to be on-guard now, but, "It's not what it looks like."
Sam lowered his hand, then frowned at Cas. "Woah. What happened to you?"
"I'm sick," Cas answered, as if that wasn't obvious enough by his glassy eyes and disheveled appearance.
"Well, uh, wash your hands," Sam said, stepping back as Cas started for the door, Dean following. "Don't wanna spread any germs. And try to stay out of the library."
"Told you," Dean whispered to Cas as they went down the hallway. In their room, he gestured for Cas to sit on the bed as he rummaged through their dresser. “T-shirt and sweatpants,” he said, handing them over.
Cas unbuttoned his white button-down which was identical to the dress shirts he always wore as an angel. Apparently old habits died hard—in this case, an affinity for business casual. Actually, maybe Cas getting sick and out of his old clothes was a good thing. Dean didn't know the last time the trenchcoat had been washed.
Collecting Cas' shirt and pants, he said, “I’ll get rid of these disease-ridden clothes.” He thought he caught Cas rolling his eyes as he pulled Dean’s sweatshirt over his head. "You watch TV or something, I’ll go see if we have cold medicine.”
After starting a load of laundry and raiding the medicine cabinets in the bathroom and cabinets in the kitchen, he returned to the room to find Cas sitting cross-legged under the covers of the bed, remote in his hands.
“Here, you go,” Dean said, handing over a warm mug. Ancient Aliens played on the TV; one of Cas' favorite pastimes was refuting every crazy claim and theory the show presented with his own recollections of the ancient times. “Sam said this tea will help. He ran out to get some medicine.”
Eagerly, Cas took the mug from him and took a large gulp, then coughed. "Ow. It's hot."
"Drink it slowly, idiot."
Cas took a more hesitant sip, then squinted up at him. "This tea is incredibly flavorless."
Dean snorted. "’Cause your nose’s clogged up. And you probably burned your tongue. Another joy of being human."
Groaning, Cas dropped his head back on the pillows and stared at the ceiling. "Why is being human so difficult?"
Dean inwardly winced at that. Or thought he did so inwardly, but his expression must've revealed something because Cas glanced over at him, then straightened up, nearly spilling his tea. "Dean, I didn't mean anything by that."
Clearing his throat, Dean shrugged and sat down on the other side of the bed. "No, it's fine. You're right, being human sucks."
"And I wouldn't trade it for the world," Cas said.
"Yeah, yeah. I know."
Cas seemed about to say more, but then he sneezed. Into his elbow this time. Progress.
Ancient Aliens finished, and they got halfway through an episode of UFO Hunters before Cas started to nod off. Dean took the mug from him, and his eyes fluttered open, head jerking up. "I'm fine," he said.
"I know you're tired because you missed them saying aliens created the lost city of Atlantis."
Cas sniffled. "That's ridiculous. Everyone knows Atlantis was formed by—" He was interrupted by a yawn, and Dean made a mental note to return to that subject later.
“Come on, take a nap.”
“I am not a small child, Dean,” Cas protested, but he settled down anyway. Dean couldn’t resist adjusting the covers, essentially tucking him in. He wasn’t trying to baby him, but it was second nature seeing how miserable the guy looked. Turning off the lights, he went to the door. "You good? Need anything else?"
"No." Cas squinted one eye open to look at Dean over the blanket pulled up to his shoulders, and, fuck, if he wasn't still the most beautiful man Dean had ever seen, even sick as a dog. "Thank you."
A tiny alarm went off in Dean's brain about germs, but he returned to the bed to kiss Cas on the forehead anyway. True love, and all that. God, he was getting sappy in his old age.
Cas looked marginally better when he woke up from his nap. If marginally better meant pillow hair and pillow lines on his cheek. Well-rested, at least. He swallowed down the cold medicine Sam had brought home, complaining that he could taste enough to know the flavor was not, quote, "similar to anything occurring organically in nature."
"Whaddya wanna eat?" Dean asked him as he drained his glass of water. "And don't say PB and J," he added before Cas could speak.
Cas set his glass down on the nightstand and slid further down under the covers. "Anything that won't make my throat hurt more."
"My, uh, mom used to make me soup when I was sick."
"That sounds wonderful."
"Whatcha making?" Sam asked, coming into the kitchen. He lifted the lid of the pot on the stove and Dean snapped him with the towel.
"That's for Cas, back off."
"Wow," Sam said, leaning against the counter and crossing his arms. "Look at you."
"Look at me what?" Setting aside the pot lid, he scraped the celery he'd been dicing from the cutting board into the pot.
Sam shrugged. "Taking care of Cas, making dinner, you're almost domestic."
Dean turned red and scrambled furiously for a comeback. "Yeah, and you're, you're still a little shit." Nailed it.
Sam laughed. "Wasn't an insult. Just meant, I don't know. Different for you, I guess."
Dean eyed him, stirring the soup. "Don't have much of a choice. Poor guy just turned human and he's already going through it."
"I think he's dealt with worse than a cold before."
"Yeah, well, wish he didn't have to deal with any of it." Any of it meant plenty. Between Dean’s own fuckups, world apocalypses, and near-death and actual death experiences, Cas had been through the ringer several times over. And now he was human—which, by all counts, wasn’t the worst thing he’d been through, but it wasn’t ideal. It’d been a rough transition, anyway.
Cas seemed better recently, though, since getting somewhat used to being human. And things were going well between them. Getting sick was just one tiny wrinkle compared to everything they’d been through, right?
He stared at the soup and startled when Sam straightened off the counter with a comment that Jack was out with friends, he was leaving for Eileen’s, have fun giving Cas a sponge bath. Dean flipped him off as he headed out the door.
When the soup was finished, he ladled a bowl full and returned to the bedroom. Cas looked up from his phone when Dean entered with the bowl of steaming soup. “Hear from Claire?” Dean asked, nudging the door shut with his foot.
“She says she and Kaia have almost closed up the case." He set his phone aside. “They’ll be able to visit soon.”
“You tell her you’re sick?”
“She was incredibly non-sympathetic—thank you." Cas took the bowl from him. “She seemed to find it amusing that I once ruled garrisons and now can’t go five minutes without sneezing.”
Dean tensed, hoping Cas wasn’t hurt by the comparison, but Cas didn’t look offended. “Sounds like her.”
"Yes.” He breathed in the steam coming from the bowl. “This smells incredible.”
"Family recipe," Dean joked, sitting down next to him. "Well, someone's family. Straight from some blog online. Think it's pretty close to what my mom would make." He watched Cas pick up his spoon, and added, "Don't tell Sam." He'd never hear the end of it if Sam knew he was reading mommy blogs.
"Your secret is safe with me."
Dean picked up the remote as Cas ate, wondering if he should give Claire a piece of his mind. Sure, Cas was pretty easy-going about the whole giving up his grace thing, but no need to rub it in his face. Becoming human had to feel pretty pitiful after ages of being an angel.
He was trying to make it better where he could, though. “You wanna watch a movie tonight? I'll let you pick because you're bedridden."
"I am not," Cas protested, though he looked more than a little pleased at the idea of getting to choose. Dean braced himself for whatever ridiculous romance or musical Cas insisted on watching now—to date, he'd been subjected to La La Land , the ending of which had reduced Cas to tears for the rest of the night; Pride and Prejudice, okay not too bad, though he'd never admit it; and You’ve Got Mail, dammit not bad enough for him to hate either.
Instead of suggesting a movie, though, Cas said, "You're very caring, Dean."
"Uh." Dean turned from cycling through the movie options on the TV to look at Cas. He felt himself turn red under the look Cas was giving him, head tilted, that fond almost-smile he got. "Yeah, uh. What I do."
"Yes," Cas agreed. "It is what you do. You're very good at taking care of others."
"Oh, God, don't start that." By that, he meant the long compliments Cas so shamelessly gave him now, like he'd been storing them up for a long time and was finally able to hand them out. It was like the dam had broken that night when Billie and the Empty—
But he didn't want to think about that. Not when all the events since that day had led to Cas now sitting in bed blowing his nose, the trashcan by the bed overflowing with tissues. Poor bastard; he'd gone through one whole Kleenex box already.
"I'm only going to stop because talking hurts too much," Cas told him, tossing a tissue at the trashcan and missing sorely. Dean grimaced.
They nearly got through Mama Mia before Cas dozed off, head resting on Dean’s shoulder. It wasn’t the most comfortable position and Dean’s arm was half-asleep, but he refused to move. The mere fact that they were sitting together in bed, pressed against each other, was still enough to send him into shock anytime he thought about it too much. Cas—a literal former angel—had fallen in love with him. It was almost too good to be true.
But Cas was currently slumped against him, drooling on his shoulder, so he guessed it really was true.
As the credits rolled, he turned off the TV and touched Cas’ forehead with the back of his hand. Not as warm as before. At his touch, Cas blinked awake.
“It’s over already?”
“Whaddya mean, already? I just had to sit through two hours of singing and dancing.” It hadn’t been that torturous, but he couldn’t admit that—he had a reputation to uphold. Straightening, Cas rolled his eyes. “Feel any better?"
Cas’ expression turned thoughtful, as if taking stock of every physical sensation in his body, and Dean had to grin at his seriousness. He nodded. "Yes."
"Great.” He glanced at the time on the clock and realized it was later than he’d expected. “You probably wanna get some rest.”
Cas nodded with a yawn. "You don't have to sleep here if you don't want to."
Dean froze in the middle of pulling back the covers, mind immediately spinning out. "What?" They'd only started sharing a room a month ago, oh God, he'd known it was too good to be true, Cas was sick of him—
"I want you to," Cas said quickly, as if sensing Dean's downward spiraling. "I just don't want you to get sick."
Oh. Oh. Feeling a little sheepish for immediately jumping to the worst conclusions—one of his greatest talents, if he did say so himself—he shook his head. "Nah, I have a great immune system."
Cas' expression turned guilty and Dean narrowed his eyes. "What?"
"About that..." Cas started slowly. Dean gave him a look. "Well, uh... Your immune system isn't quite as healthy as you think. I've been giving it a boost for the past several years, every time you started to get sick."
"What?" Looking back, it was pretty remarkable that he'd never gotten even a common cold with all the other shit they dealt with. "Fuck."
"No, don't apologize. I should be thanking you. So, uh. Thanks."
"You're welcome."
Of course Cas had been taking care of him for years, Dean thought, when they settled in bed and he turned off the lights. Cas told him he was caring, but it was Cas who was the caring one. He’d sacrificed his life for him, for Christ’s sake. Then gave up his grace to return to Earth because he wanted to be with Dean and Jack and Sam and everyone. The guy didn’t have a selfish bone in his body.
The thought should’ve been a comforting one, but instead he felt antsy, unable to stay still, shifting under the blankets.
Turning onto his side, he nudged Cas, whose eyes had fallen shut. With a grunt, Cas opened his eyes and looked over at him.
“You alright?” Dean asked, which wasn’t really what he wanted to say, but he wasn’t sure how to say it.
“I was when I was falling asleep,” Cas grumbled. But he shifted to face Dean. In the faint light coming from the bunker hallway, Dean could see the concern in his eyes. It sent a pang through him. Cas had given up so much, and Dean was doing all he could to make sure he never regretted it, and Cas told him all the time that he was content with his choice, but still the worry sat heavy in his stomach.
"Listen,” he started. “I just wanna let you know that being human isn’t all bad. I swear it won’t be miserable forever. I know you've been introduced to the bad shit first, but—"
"That's not true," Cas interrupted, touching Dean’s hand resting between them. Dean raised an eyebrow. "Dean, being human has been the single most rewarding experience in my entire life second only to raising Jack. It started with you rescuing me from the Empty and revealing my feelings weren't unreciprocated like I thought. I would say that's far from miserable.”
"Yeah, but you had to adjust to living without your grace, and eating food, and getting sick..."
"It's been difficult, yes. I won't lie and say I enjoy bodily functions or sneezing or headaches. But I do enjoy being with you and eating chicken soup and watching absurd TV shows. I wouldn't change this for anything. Whatever happened in our lives, it led us here. And I’m happy with where we are.” He studied Dean for a moment before asking, quieter, “Are you happy?”
“Yes, yeah, of course,” Dean hastened to say, because it was true. Fuck, it couldn’t be truer. “Of course. Just feel bad, I guess. That you gave up your grace and all that. Feel like I’ve hardly done anything.”
Castiel’s expression softened. “You’ve given me more than I could’ve ever dreamt of. And anyway, it’s not a competition, Dean. I take care of you, you take care of me. That’s what love is.”
Throwing that word around, love, still made Dean’s heart skip a beat. But it was true. He loved Cas and he’d do anything for him. The same, he knew, was true on Cas’ end.
Cas said it best, so he settled for lifting Cas’ hand and kissing his knuckles.
“I would kiss you," Cas said, smiling, "but I don’t want to get you sick.”
“Screw it," Dean said, and propped himself up on an elbow to kiss him. Then he shifted, turning over and pulling Cas’ arm to wrap around him. Even if the bastard was sick, Dean was making him be the big spoon.
"For the record,” he said, feeling Cas curl around him. “I wouldn't change anything either."
And he meant it. Even when he woke up the next morning with a sore throat and stuffed up nose. Cas—who seemed to have gotten over the worst of his cold—took only one look at him before declaring it was his turn to play doctor, throwing extra blankets at him and demanding the chicken soup recipe in a flurry of activity.
He’d take care of Cas, and Cas would take care of him. It sounded like a good life, Dean thought, settling back against the pillows with a smile. He wouldn't change a thing.
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bourbonbees · 1 year
Suptober Day 16- Delightful D-Bags
Meatballs and Mishaps
Summary: Dean Winchester is a delight, delightful douchebag, one that somehow gets roped into making the trip to IKEA. Cas is thrilled to finally bring his dreams of making the bunker homey to life. Jack gets what he wants and what he wants is an insane amount of food and maybe a ginormous teddy bear. Sam and Eileen just need them to pick up the crib they ordered. Will Dean and Cas pass the ultimate relationship test of assembling IKEA furniture?
This fic is technically a continuation of my story from Day 15, Patience and Pie, but it also stands on it's own. I hope you enjoy this pure indulgent domestic fluff!
Read on Ao3 or below the cut
“Heya Cas, it’s your lucky day!” Dean announces as Cas makes his way into the kitchen in the bunker, still wearing his pajamas, a matching blue and grey striped set Dean bought him. He purchased the set after Cas kept stealing his pajamas. It’s not that he doesn’t like seeing them on him, it’s just he’s kinda attached to his hot dog pants.
“Is it? You didn’t find another rabbit’s foot, did you? As I recall from your stories, the last time you did it went very poorly for you and Sam. Sam still talks about losing that shoe.” Cas frowns, grabbing a mug and pouring himself some coffee. It’s a cute habit that endears Dean impossibly further to the angel. He doesn’t have to sleep or drink coffee, but he does, he does it because Dean does and he enjoys the simple ritual. He loves that they share a routine, it’s all very domestic.
“For the record, those shoes were fugly. The damn thing did him a favor. But no, no rabbit’s foot.” Dean chuckles, kissing Cas on the cheek and handing him the coffee creamer that he insists on adding. It’s too sweet for Dean, but he supposes maybe angels love corn syrup on the account that Jack pretty much exclusively lives on candy and cookie crunch.
“Then what is it? Are you proposing?” Cas asks with chuckle, causing Dean to immediately go as white as a sheet. Dean has considered it, many times, but he still can’t seem to wrap his head around how or when to do it. Mostly, he’s scared shitless of the idea of that level of commitment. Cas lets him suffer for a few more moments before breaking the silence. “I’m kidding Dean.” He says fondly, giving his hip a squeeze.
“I-uh, it’s not that I don’t, I mean, I do. Yeah-not today.” Dean fumbles, looking down at his slippers. “Good work douchebag, you’re breaking his heart before 9:00 AM,” he thinks to himself. He hopes this isn’t one of those moments Cas can hear his thoughts.
“Hey, Dean, I don’t need that. I don’t need a proposal, a marriage, or even a wedding. To be alive, to be with you, with Jack, and safe. That is enough.” They have this conversation every few weeks, always ending the same way. Dean wishes he could find the words to tell Cas that he’s wrong, that Dean wants so much more. He wants to marry him in theory, it’s just fucking hard in practice. Instead, today, he settles for giving him firm kiss on the lips.
“I love you.” Dean smiles, looking into his eyes for a beat before stepping back. “So, as I was saying, it’s your lucky day because Sam and Eileen ordered a crib from Ikea and it costs a fortune to ship. So, you and I get to go pick it up. Time to finally stop looking at those catalogues and start making this place homey.” He adds, pushing over the Ikea catalogue he found under their bed. Cas has circled the things he likes, little notes written in blue pen about what room he would put it in.
“Really?” Cas says excitedly, holding the catalogue to his chest.
“Really. So, drink up. I’ll go wrangle the kid. I swear, he’d sleep through the next apocalypse if we let him.” Dean is used to this routine, he is always the one to drag Jack out of bed since he is eager to please Dean and will do anything he asks. Cas learns the hard way that Jack has no interest in listening to him. The kid goes as far as freaking banishing him with angel warding one time when Cas dares to wake him before noon.
“I sincerely hope to never see another apocalypse.” Cas says with furrowed brows, sipping his coffee, his hair adorably ruffled.
“Me too, babe. Me too.” Dean nods, rubbing Cas’ back and kissing his temple before going to fetch Jack.
Jack takes some convincing to wake up, its only after Dean promises him he’ll buy him one of those sugary Frappuccino things from Starbucks on the way, that Jack even stirs. “What’s an Ikea anyway?” Jack asks as he stumbles out of bed.
“It’s a store, it’s European, they sell cheap furniture. I don’t really know kid, but your dad is excited about it. Besides, this is a special trip. Sam and Eileen need us to pick up the crib they ordered. So, you’ll be helping them out.” Dean knows that the baby is Jack’s weak spot, he’s been talking non-stop to anyone who would listen about how he was going to be an uncle. Dean doesn’t have the heart to explain that he’s actually going to be a cousin.
“Oh well, then I’ll be ready quick!” Jack nods dutifully, waving Dean out of his room.
Dean rejoins Cas in the kitchen, using the quiet moment alone to steal some more kisses, he likes kissing Cas, he’s pretty good at it too. Once Cas is sufficiently flustered, his lips swollen, and his cheeks red, Dean sends him off to get dressed, gently patting his ass as he walked away.
“You’re the worst.” Cas groans, looking over his shoulder at Dean longingly.
“Really I would say I’m delightful.” Dean shrugs, turning to put their mugs into the sink.
“A delightful douchebag.” Cas chuckles, turning the corner into the hallway.
“Where did you learn that word-wait, you were listening to my thoughts before! Ass! I’ll get you for that later!” Dean shouts after Cas, shaking his head as he washes the mugs.
“I wish you would.” Cas replies, making Dean regret that they had to go anywhere that wasn’t their bedroom. He clears his throat and closes his eyes for a moment, trying to clear his mind of any ideas that did not include getting through this shopping trip.
Jack gets to the kitchen first, sitting down at the table and finishing a bowl of cookie crunch in record time. Dean is both slightly proud and horrified. “Nuh-uh, not so fast, you wash your own dishes. Yeah? I’m not Mrs. Butters.” Dean chastises when Jack tries to sneak away without washing his dishes.
“Ugh, fine.” Jack groans, rolling his eyes at Dean. Sometimes Dean wonders if he would have been like Jack, if he was able to have a normal childhood. He’s happy he can at least give Jack the opportunity to be a teenager, to be annoyed with his parents and rebel a little now and then.
Cas arrives shortly after that, dressed in an old pair of Dean’s jeans and a soft blue sweater that Eileen had bought for him last Christmas. “Hey, you’re going to blend right in. You look like a suburban dad, like you’re ready for a school bake sale or something.” Dean teases, giving him a hug.
“I am a dad. You know that.” Cas groans, rolling his eyes at Dean, resting his chin on his shoulder.
“Not you too. Both of you and that eye roll.” Dean complains. “We’re going to need your truck today. Can you drive?” He asks Cas, already handing him the keys.
“Yeah, seems you’ve already decided. I’m honored though, you never let anyone else drive.” Cas points out with a raised brow, leading the way to the garage.
“Well since you’re my guardian angel and all that, I figure I’m safe with you.” Dean shrugs, Jack following along behind him, carrying Cas’ catalogue.
“More like the one that gripped you tight and,” Cas begins, Dean and Jack both saying “and raised you from perdition” in unison with him.
“I know and you never let me forget. Pain in my ass.” Dean nods, getting into the truck after Jack squeezes into the middle of the seat.
“I do like your ass. Though I never wish to cause it pain.” Cas responds, taking things literally as always, much to Dean’s chagrin.
“Gross, as Claire would say, TMI.” Jack interjects, turning on the radio and grinning widely when Taylor Swift started playing.
“No, no, not today.” Dean mumbles, facepalming as both Cas and Jack sing along, terribly out of tune. He reaches to turn the knob on the radio and Cas gently smacks his hand away.
“Driver picks the tunes, shotgun shuts his cake hole.” Cas smirks, screw him, using Dean’s own line against him. He leans back against the seat with his arms crossed and tries to resist smiling when Jack gets the words completely wrong. This is his life, he thinks, and he wouldn’t trade it for anything, Taylor Swift sing-a-longs and all.
The rest of the drive, Dean is treated to several rousing performances of pop diva songs. He is especially intrigued when Cas somehow knows all of the words to Lizzo’s “Truth Hurts.” Something about an angel of the lord referring to himself as a “bad bitch” just really amuses him. It’s also kind of adorable, he’ll never admit that though, not even under the threat of death.
“What the fuck! You didn’t warn me that this place is huge!” Dean says with wide eyes when they finally park outside Ikea, the massive blue and yellow building causing him to have a slight internal panic.
“Jar! Well, suppose the jar isn’t here. But jar!” Jack calls out, Dean begrudgingly handing Jack a dollar bill which he takes and folds neatly before putting it into his pocket.
“Dollar well spent. Where the hell are we?” Dean mumbles as he gets out of the truck and follows as Cas and Jack make their way toward the store.
Once they’re inside, Dean looks around for any sort of sign that might direct them to where they would pick up the crib. They follow a bunch of yellow arrows on the floor for a good twenty minutes before he realizes he’s passed something called a “Malm” twice. “Who named this stuff, the Swedish Chef?” Dean muses as he looks at another tag proclaiming a basic white table was called a “Meltorp.”
“You’re half right, Ikea is Swedish. They’ve got the balls to prove it.” Cas says, pointing to a sign outside the café proclaiming they had a sale on Swedish meatballs.
“There’s a better way to phrase that.” Dean laughs, blushing a bit as a couple stops and gives Cas a dirty look.
“Meat in ball form? I have to try that!” Jack says excitedly, pulling Dean by the sleeve of his flannel toward the café.
“Easy kid, you just ate half of your weight in cookie crunch. How are you still hungry?” Dean says with wide eyes as he allows Jack to pull him along.
“This coming from the meat man?” Cas smirks, already pulling out his wallet as Jack looks over the menu.
“You can’t say stuff like that in public.” Dean blanches, as a mother sitting at a table with her son, gives them a curious look.
“What am I turning you on?” Cas whispers in Dean’s ear, making him swallow hard and chuckle nervously.
“No, the opposite.” Dean’s voice cracks. Damn it, play it cool Winchester, he tells himself as he watches Jack order a large tray of food.
“I can feel your longing, like a prayer. Don’t lie to me.” Cas winks, bumping his hip against Dean’s and then stepping forward to pay for Jack’s food. “Want any balls?” He offers Dean.
“Come on man.” Dean mutters, shaking his head at Cas and walking away before he could embarrass him further. He finds Jack, already seated at table and holding a whole meatball on his fork and eating it in one bite.
“Jesus kid, make sure you chew. You’re not a snake.” Dean reminds him, remembering the brief stint when Jack kept a pet snake and asked him slew of snake related questions. Dean hates snakes, in retrospect, he’s thankful the kid Thanos snapped the creepy crawly.
“These are good, the Swedish understand me. Look they gave me jelly! See, sugar does belong on savory foods.” Jack smiles proudly, continuing to eat his food.
“Here darling, I got you some coffee, black, just how you like it. Thought you might need more caffeine to make it through today.” Cas says as he deposits a cup of coffee in front of Dean. Okay maybe he will keep Cas, even if he loves embarrassing him in public.
They sit for a while, Cas and Dean looking over the catalogue he brought with, while Jack finishes his food. They decide to check out the furniture once they’re up and moving again. Cas actually succeeds in finding the sofas, they stop and sit on a black sectional, trying it out.
“All I’m saying is, I’ve been to purgatory and this store might somehow be worse than that.” Dean groans as he puts his feet up on the chaise.
“Dean, no shoes on the sofa!” Cas corrects, swatting at his thigh with the rolled-up catalogue.
“Sheesh, okay, okay.” Dean mutters, shifting his weight to test the comfort of the cushions.
“This is nice, I like this. It’s perfect for movie nights in the Dean Cave. I think we should buy it.” Jack decides, picking up a fake apple from a bowl on the coffee table in the mock living room and tossing it up and down.
“Put that down.” Cas scolds, catching the fake fruit with cat like reflexes and putting it back. “This is nice though. I agree, I’m going to add it to the list.” He hums, pulling out a little sheet of paper and a tiny pencil. “Jack read me the number on the tag.” He commands.
“I guess we’re getting a couch.” Dean muses, satisfied with the idea. The current couch they have is second hand and it is a little lumpy. He’s a man of simple pleasures, one of them being comfy furniture, especially the kind that fits his whole family.
They walk around some more after that, Cas finding a cart and filling it with throw pillows, new bedding, lamps, and other various decorative items that Dean doesn’t pretend to understand. They eventually find themselves in the kid’s section, that’s when Jack spots it, a comically large teddy bear. He rushes right over to the damn thing and picks it up, hugging it around the middle.
“Christ, that thing is almost as big as you are!” Dean fish mouths as Jack walks over to them.
“I want it! Can I have it?” Jack says with wide doe eyes, directing them at Cas since he knew he was most susceptible to emotional manipulation.
“Jack, if we buy that bear, either you or the bear will have to ride in the bed of the truck.” Cas says fondly, shaking his head at his son.
“I must have this bear, if you don’t buy it, I will smite you. You know I can.” Jack says teasingly, smiling as he knew he was winning when Cas sighs heavily and gestures for him to put the bear into the cart.
“You’re spoiled, you know.” Dean laughs, patting Jack on the shoulder.
“So are you, dad always gives you whatever you want. He bought you those expensive cowboy boots. I haven’t forgotten.” Jack smirks, looking back at Cas.
“I just want you both to be happy, giving gifts is one of my love languages.” Cas explains, earning a peck from Dean.
They finish up their shopping uneventfully, going to the ground level to collect their couch, pay for their things, and finally pick up the crib for Sam and Eileen. They struggle to pack it all into Cas’ truck, the bear ends up strapped to the couch, much to Jack’s amusement.
“Well, looks like you had a successful trip.” Sam laughs when they pull up to his house and meet him in the driveway. “Thanks for picking up the crib for us. Eileen is on strict bed rest for a while, I didn’t want to leave her.” He says softly, leading them all into his house.
“No problem, anything for my nephew!” Jack beams, helping Cas carry the box with the crib parts into the nursery.
“He’s not your,” Sam starts, about to correct Jack. Dean simply shakes his head at Sam who nods in understanding. “Thank you, you’re a good uncle, Jack.” He says genuinely, quickly turning when he hears Eileen step into the hall. “What are you doing? You’re supposed to be in bed!” He signs.
“I heard you all talking, I wanted to say hi.” Eileen smiles, leaning against the doorframe until Sam makes his way over to her, wrapping an arm around her protectively.
“Hey! You look tired.” Cas is unyieldingly honest as ever, making Eileen laugh and then groan, clutching at her back.
“I am tired, but happy. Thanks Cas.” Eileen nods, Sam looking her over in concern.
“Okay back to bed with you. I’ll get them set up and come back. I can rub your feet.” Sam offers, Eileen easily accepting and letting him lead her back to bed.
Dean watches them and gives a quiet “aww,” happy to see that his brother finally has his apple pie life that he’s always dreamed of.
Sam gives them all the tools they need, and further thanks, before leaving Cas, Dean, and Jack to set up the crib. Well mostly Dean and Cas, as Jack busies himself organizing all the toys and then sitting and reading the children’s books on the shelf.
“I don’t understand! How are these men smiling? This is not fun!” Cas grits through his teeth about an hour later as he struggles to find the panel that is allegedly labeled with a ‘g.’ “I can read Enochian, Latin, ancient Greek, but this, this is ridiculous!” He gives up, sitting on the floor.
“Give it to me.” Dean sighs, taking the instructions and following them with ease.
“How did you do that?” Cas muses when Dean has the crib finished fifteen minutes later.
“Good with my hands.” Dean winks.
“Ew, no. Stop.” Jack gags, sending Dean an annoyed look.
“Whatever kid, you got your bear, don’t complain.” Dean points out, tossing the instruction booklet at his head.
They spend some time with Sam after that, drinking beer, and talking about his baby to be, until Eileen texts him from their room, asking him to bring her ice cream. They excuse themselves after that and return to the bunker. Dean and Jack bring in the couch and Cas busies himself decorating with all his purchases. Later in the evening they all cozy up on the new couch, Jack’s teddy bear included.
“Well guess this is the real deal.” Dean mumbles once Jack was fully engrossed in the movie.
“What do you mean?” Cas asks, head tipped to the side.
“Well Eileen told me, before we went to the store, the true test of a relationship is if you can handle a trip to Ikea and assembling the furniture after. So, you and me, real deal.” Dean chuckles, holding Cas’ hand under their new fuzzy throw blanket.
“Real deal.” Cas agrees leaning in and kissing Dean lovingly.
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abarbaricyalp · 2 years
Idk if you are still taking prompts, but you know the vine two dudes chilling in a hot tub 5 feet apart cause they're not gay, and a girl quoting it in a park about two girls in the distance and one of them hearing and going "Actually I am gay" Like that scenario, only involving them fixing the boat? Maybe Sarah quoting it to give Sam shit when she thinks Bucky cant hear and Bucky goes "Wait, no I'm gay" or something, or just the general gist of that. Sorry if this us too specific, I've never sent anyone a prompt before :P
Hello Friend! Thank you so much for sending anything in at all! I know the vine you're talking about, but I couldn't find it on Youtube. (I did find a two day rabbit hole of old compilations though) This was also my first foray into writing Sarah as a fully fleshed character! I was excited to get the practice 'cause I had an idea bouncing around in my head about her and Bucky talking after he wakes up in the Wilson house. I kept her a little more like she had been in my other fics pre-show here. I so wish we got a little more of her!
Feel free, anyone, to send me Sambucky prompts!
The North American Superhero in a Domestic Situation
Sarah Wilson loved her brother deeply. The kind of soul crushing love that could only be formed through family, loss, and approximately four thousand brawls around the living room throughout their life. She looked up to her brother more than she could ever imagine looking up to anyone. Even when they were fighting or picking on each other, she couldn’t help but feel a swell in her chest when he came into her line of sight.
That didn’t mean she understood him. In fact, from the age of eight, watching her brother interact with the world had become her go-to pastime. Why did he have to roll every pea around the plate individually before eating them? Why did he and his friends spend seven years socking each other in the arm to prove friendship? Why did he talk to himself in the mirror, even when he knew Sarah or someone else was standing in the doorway?
Sam Wilson was just deeply weird. She had no idea how he had tricked the Avengers, a plethora of bad guys, and half of the media world into thinking he was remotely cool. She saw a news story once that had King T’Challa standing on a platform with Sam and the newscasters talked about how impressive Sam’s suit was. It was unnatural, the effect he had on people.
And in all her years, she never thought she’d see anyone weirder than Sam. But then James Barnes had showed up. It was like a complete reversal of Sam. Sarah was taken in for approximately three hours by his charm and face before she realized he too was deeply, deeply weird.
She justified sitting on the edge of the Paul and Darlene, watching her brother and James Barnes spar off about some dumb trivia fact, by deciding it was an anthropological expedition. The North American Superhero in a Domestic Situation. She watched Sam watch Barnes take a long pull off his beer. She watched Barnes kick his feet up near Sam’s legs and then draw them back quickly when a current jolted the boat. She watched Barnes’ fingers tap-tap-tap against the edge of the boat, inching closer to Sam’s shoulder before he chickened out and brought his hand back to his own lap. She watched Sam suggest Bucky take his jacket off, ‘unless you plan on sun blinding me with the robocop arm.’ She watched Sam look away when Barnes did shrug his jacket off.
When she was seventeen and Sam was fifteen, she had found Sam crying in his room, pillow pressed to his face to muffle the noise. They were at the age where going into each other’s rooms uninvited started international conflicts, but Sarah, who watched her brother intently, felt like she knew what was going on. So she let herself in through their Jack-and-Jill bathroom and shut the door behind her.
Sam didn’t stop crying, not even to yell at her to get out, so she sat on the end of his bed and rolled a baseball under her foot for a while. Finally, she’d said, “You don’t have to tell Mom and Dad, y’know.”
Sam had just about wailed and bit the corner of his pillow to stop himself.
“That’s gross, stop it,” Sarah ordered and pushed Sam’s shoulder back enough to yank his pillow free and then reached over to wipe the tears from his cheeks. “I should make you do the laundry this week so I know I’m not touching your snot germs,” she teased softly.
“How did you know?” Sam hiccuped out. Tears were still brimming at his eyes, but they didn’t fall.
“I’m your older sister. I made you. Like a doll. You think there’s something about you that I don’t know?” she joked. And when the tears did spill over his long lashes, she sighed and pulled him closer to her side. “I just know the way you interact with that boy from the basketball team ain’t just friendly.”
“Jesus, do you think he can tell?” Sam asked and she could hear the mortification in his voice.
“Sam, he’s a freshman in high school. The only thing he knows is that he’s scared of everything too. No one’s paying that much attention to you.”
“Screw you,” Sam muttered.
“What’re all these tears for you if you didn’t make a move and get shot down?”
“God, Sarah, can you not say things like that?”
“Watch your mouth,” Sarah warned with no heat in her voice. “Come on, tell me what’s wrong. I’m not leaving until you do.”
“I just…” Sam sat up and worked his jaw for a while. His chin dimpled and his eyes watered but he managed to control himself. “I’m scared, Sarah. I’m scared of never being in love. Of having to leave if I am. I’m scared to say something and I’m scared not to say something. I’m so scared of...losing any of it.”
“Sam,” Sarah sighed and pulled Sam into another hug. “You’re fifteen. You’re not supposed to be in love yet. You don’t have to think about any of that. You just have to focus on passing Geometry, alright? Mom’ll whoop your ass more for failing than anything else.”
“I have a B+, that’s not failing!” Sam snapped. He kept his face against her shoulder for a second long before he sat up and wiped his tears away. “Please don’t tell anyone.”
“Who am I gonna tell? I told you, my friends don’t like you as much as you think they do.”
“Your friends like me more than they like you,” Sam shot back and he almost sounded normal.
Sarah smiled softly and patted Sam’s cheek. “I won’t tell Mom or Dad. Of course not. That’s for you to do. But--”
“I’m always going to tell them when you sneak out the window.”
“No! Sam! You can’t! You owe me now!”
“Going to field parties is not the same thing!” Sam said in a shriek as Sarah leaned over to pinch his sides. They grappled for a second before Sam managed to push Sarah off the bed.
“You owe me,” she reminded him as she walked back to the bathroom.
Sam wiped his eyes again and nodded. “Sure, Sarah. I do.”
Sam almost had the same look on his face now. Like there was something he wanted to reach for that he thought was too impossible to hold. The Older Sister Instinct to Antagonize into a Solution kicked in.
“Two bros, chilling on a boat, five feet apart ‘cause they’re not gay,” she sing-songed. Sam looked mortified again but masked his face into something more irritated with a roll of his eyes when Barnes looked over at him.
“Ignore her. It’s this old video--” Sam started.
But Bucky interrupted to say, “Actually I am gay,” as he looked back over at Sarah. “Sorry if I got your hopes up,” he added with a grin that really did get the hopes up.
“What?” Sam asked and Sarah, ever watchful, could see the beer bottle shaking in his hand.
“What?” Bucky repeated innocently.
“He said he’s gay,” Sarah clarified.
“Thank you, Sarah,” Sam ground out. “Why didn’t you say anything?”
Bucky snorted. “When would I have said anything? ‘Sorry for ripping your wings off and kicking you off of a hellicarrier, by the way I’m gay.’?”
“You did what?” Sarah asked.
“‘Sorry for claiming I didn’t bomb the UN only to be reverted back to the assassin who would have done that and then fighting you again. By the way I’m gay.’ ‘Thanks for saving my life. Sorry about the giant undersea prison. By the way I’m gay.’ ‘There’s an imminent battle with weird ass space dogs that want to eat our faces. By the way I’m gay.’ ‘Sorry about Tony Stark, whose life I kind of ruined. Lovely funeral. By the way I’m gay.’ ‘I’m in the middle of being pissed at you about the Shield. By the way I’m gay.’ ‘Maybe don’t take me rolling through a field of flowers. It does things to me ‘cause I’m gay.’ ‘John Walker’s fucking insane. I’m gay, but definitely not for this bullshit.’ I mean, come on, Sam.”
“Flowers?” Sarah asked.
“Besides, why would you care? I don’t make it a habit of telling straight guys I’m into guys.”
“You don’t seem to make a habit of telling many people that,” Sarah pointed out. “I googled you. Nothing suggesting that came up.”
Bucky shrugged. “I’m a guy from the 30s. It was trained out of me.”
“Wait, wait, wait,” Sarah said quickly. “Back up away from that because we’re not gonna try to Oppression Olympics our way through our histories. Did you just say Sam was straight?”
“Sarah!” Sam hissed.
“Sure. I mean, I saw him with Romanov. Hill. He has Tinder on his phone.”
“Samuel Thomas, you better not,” Sarah warned lightly. “You’re better than that.”
“He’s a lady-killer.”
Sarah snorted and had to bring her hand up to her face. “He definitely is not. There has been no lady-killing on his end for a long time.”
“Sarah!” Sam tried again.
“You explain it to him then. Mr. 30s is gonna need the long way round explanation.”
Sam sighed and dragged his hand over his face. “Dammit. Fine. I’m not straight either, alright? I’m...bi, or something. It’s been a while since I’ve had to think about it.”
“What?” Bucky asked, not unlike Sam had.
“He said he’s bisexual. Interested in both parties. Swings either way. Hit a homerun and then hasn’t really swung since.”
“Sarah, Jesus Christ,” Sam groaned.
“What?” Bucky asked again.
“I was engaged. To a man,” Sam said.
“Why didn’t you tell me?” Bucky asked, clearly missing the irony.
“Oh, it was inconvenient for you but I had plenty of opportunities, huh?” Sam asked. “Ms. Tell-It-All over there wasn’t joking. I haven’t swung any direction in a while. Not since before I met Steve. My fiance died. And then it never came up.”
Bucky blinked at Sam. He kept bringing the bottle halfway up his body and then setting it back on his leg without ever taking a drink. “Fuck, Sam, I’m sorry,” Bucky said, which was not what Sarah was expecting and it clearly wasn’t what Sam was expecting because Sam finally moved closer to Bucky on the bench.
“What for? You didn’t do anything. This time.”
“Yeah, but if I’d known you were into me too, I woulda kissed you in Germany.”
“Oh, I am so not into you,” Sam denied. “And I wouldn’t have our first kiss ruined by immediately running into the government’s roving show monkey.”
“That’s the worst,” Bucky agreed and also finally moved over on the bench until they were pressed thigh to thigh. “Tell me how much you don’t like me again,” he challenged.
“I can’t stand you,” Sam answered and brought his hand up to Bucky’s jaw.
Sarah couldn’t fight down the grin that came to her face and turned to prop her feet on the pier, back to Sam and Bucky. Just this once, she didn’t need to watch her brother to understand him.
Read on AO3 here!
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love-bokumono-fics · 9 months
Fresh Crops! Week of June 13 - June 19, 2022
This week's newest fics and chapter updates for Harvest Moon and Story of Seasons on AO3!
Earth and Rebirth - by TheBeckster; WIP, 18/?, 69k
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences; Archive Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply; Categories: Multi, Gen Fandoms: Trio of Towns Characters: Holly | Nanami, Frank, Marlena, Wayne, Ford, Lisette, Brad, Carrie, everyone Additional Tags: Undecided Relationship(s), Additional Tags to Be Added, lots of headcanons, Minor Character Death, Eventual Friends to Lovers, I'm not going to tag every single character, but they will all have a part in the story, Grief/Mourning, Emotional Hurt/Comfort, Slow Burn, Pregnancy, Unplanned Pregnancy, New friends and found family, world building, Angst with a Happy Ending, Holly is an extrovert, endgame ship tbd, Cover Art Summary: Holly considered herself fortunate to be living about as close to the dream as any young twenty-something could. A great family, a loving husband, and well, she'd admit their apartment was awful, but they'd be moving onto bigger and better things soon enough. She truthfully couldn't wish for more. But when an accident rips it all away from her, Holly finds herself seeking a change of scenery. Her Uncle's farm out in the middle of nowhere is the perfect place for her to hide to mourn. A familiar story with a twist or two.
Dog Days - by Chibimiie; WIP, 2/4, 4.5k
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences; Archive Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply; Category: Gen Fandoms: Friends of Mineral Town, Animal Parade Relationship: Past Kasey/Lumina; Characters: Kasey the Farmer, Claire, Pete | Jack, Molly the Farmer, Muffy(mentioned) Additional Tags: Past Character Death, Grief/Mourning, someday I will learn to tag properly, today is not that day, Jack and Muffy are kinda a hot mess, someone get them some couple's therapy or something Summary: A series of one-shots set around the dog days of summer, canon to my fic Sugar and Spice and (mostly) from the perspective of other characters who would normally not be in the spotlight. Set post-chapter 32 at the earliest so beware spoilers.
Miscommunication - by chewypetals; Complete, 1/1, 4.5k
Rating: Mature; Archive Warning: Graphic Depictions Of Violence; Category: M/M Fandoms: Pioneers of Olive Town Relationship: Male Farmer/Ralph; Characters: Male Farmer, Ralph Additional Tags: Flirting, Alcohol, Kissing, Minor Violence, Sexual Harassment, Misunderstandings, Miscommunication, Love Confessions, Fluff and Angst, Ralph gets violent btw but not at Eiji, Ralph slowly grows more unhinged (and in love), Eiji's job back at the city was a bodyguard and bouncer at clubs Summary: Ralph thought they were closer than ever before… until Eiji begins to avoid him. It hits him hard.
What are You? - by Shadow_Assassin; WIP, 6/?, 9.8k
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences; Archive Warning: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings; Category: F/M Fandoms: Island of Happiness, Sunshine Islands, The Enderings Relationship: Chelsea/Vaughn | Waltz, Julia/Elliot, Denny/Lanna; Characters: Chelsea, Vaughn | Waltz, Julia, Mirabelle | Maseru, Taro, Elliot | Eric, Natalie, Sabrina, Denny, Lanna | Lily, Vaughn, Stark, Nyxn, Neko, Vogsland Additional Tags: Fantasy, Secrets, hidden identity, Slow Burn, enemies to friends to lovers kind of, The secret we think is the secret isn't the secret, Shapeshifters, faintly implied past Vaughn/Neko, Sabrina creeps Vaughn out, Crossover, Mostly Island of Happiness settings, Vaughn is Canadian, bite me, shipwrecked, farming Summary: Armed with a stolen identity and threatened by an old man, a mystical creature finds herself in a position where she's been forced to take on the role of the new island rancher. She has to keep her identity hidden while she tries to adjust to a new and strange domestic life... Joy. Contracted by one of the shop owners on the island, Vaughn is an animal trader that steals Chelsea's attention despite his desperate attempts to avert it. He's a jerk, but she kind of likes him. He just wants to protect his secrets.
Peace and Quiet and Good Tilled Earth - by send_nudes; WIP, 3/?, 3.1k
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences; Archive Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply; Categories: F/F, F/M, Other Fandoms: Friends of Mineral Town, Harvest Moon DS Cute Characters: Claire, Thomas, Popuri, Zack, Doug | Dudley, Anna, Basil the Writer, Mary the Librarian | Marie, Ann the Innkeeper | Ran, Gotz | Gotts, Barley | Mugi, May | Mei, Cliff, Sasha, Jeff, Harris Summary: Claire has lived her whole life as a busy city girl. So much so, in fact, that she now finds herself a fully grown adult who’s never had a real friend—or romantic interest—in her entire life. And now an opportunity for her to uproot everything and move to a farm the countryside falls in her lap. It won’t be easy (Claire doesn’t know the first thing about farming), but it’s in her blood. With some hard work and a little magic, she just might make it. A tale of Claire’s adventures making friends (and possibly MORE than friends…) with the people of Mineral Town.
Trick Blue - by babygreenlizard; WIP, 1/?, <1k
Rating: General Audiences; Archive Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply; Category: F/M Fandoms: A Wonderful Life Relationship: Marlin | Mash/Pony | Aya | Jill; Characters: Pony | Aya | Jill, Marlin | Mash, Vesta, Celia | Seperia, Muffy Additional Tags: Very rough lol, bit choppy right now, rating may change or if i do write 18plus stuff ill post it separate, Who Knows? Summary: Audrey heads out to Forget-Me-Not Valley, a rural seaside village to take up her father's old farm with an old family friend, Takakura. There she meets an eclectic but closely-knitted town and three memorable bachelors but only one holds her lilac eyes -the resident pessimistic brother of Vista, Merlin.
Crush - by chewypetals; WIP, 1/7, <1k
Rating: General Audiences; Archive Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply; Category: M/M Fandoms: Pioneers of Olive Town Relationships: Male farmer/Damon, Male farmer/jack, Male Farmer/Ralph, Male Farmer/Emilio, Male Farmer/Iori, Male Farmer/Matsuyuki, Male Farmer/Clemens; Characters: Male Farmer, Ralph, Damon, Jack, Emilio, Iori, Clemens, Matsuyuki Additional Tags: Fluff, Crushes Summary: Series of short stories revolving around the bachelors developing or realizing their crush on Olive Town's favorite farmer.
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1-800-hellraiser · 1 year
Alright Lad how about a yandere David Alphabet you know from Camp Camp
Alrighty! One Yan!David alphabet coming right up! :)
Yandere Alphabet
Requested by: Sam Clumsy (on Tumblr)
Words: 1,314
Genre: Kinda misc.
Character: David (Camp Camp)
Credit: @mo0nfairy for the Yandere Alphabet prompt!
!Tws!: Y'all already know the drill for Yandere shit
A - Adventure (What are some things they do with their darling everyday?):
One of the things David loves to do with you most is hiking! The only downside to this is that he has to handcuff you to him so you won't leave him. Ever :)
B - Binoculars (How much do they stalk their darling? How do they go about it?):
Once David first laid his eyes on you, he knew he had to be with you. Whatever. It. Takes. He see's you in public a lot, so he managed to get your schedule for tour usual errands. Such as shopping, going to the laundromat, or even going out to treat yourself. This happens monthly.
C - Color (What color does their love for their darling represent?):
Hot pink. I say this because David's desire for you is sweet, yet passionate. 
D - Dream (What is their dream life with their darling?):
Living in a cozy house, married with a dog. David wants something very domestic to hide his demented relationship with you. So he can eventually trick you into thinking this is normal.
E - Eclipse (Do they build a relationship with their darling or hide in the shadows?):
David definitely builds up a relationship. Usually he doesn't rush anything, but you just so happen to be a bit...different. He craves you. So he tries to go as slow as possible. 
F - Fracture (How can you severely hurt them?):
If you get scared of him. He doesn't want you to be afraid of him. It hurts his soul when he accidentally makes you cry.  He'll most likely give you about an hour to calm down then try to comfort you. He'll most likely cry into you and apologize profusely. 
G - Gensis (What will life for their darling be like with them?):
David will try to keep his relationship with you as wholesome and domestic as possible. Of course he'll manipulate you into this sort of normality, he wants you to bend at his whim. He also has rules for you, like no going out without him, always having to introduce a new friend to him as well, etc. If you don't follow these rules, then you'll be punished :)
H - Headcanon (What is a random headcanon about the yandere?):
My headcanon for Yan!David is that he is actually a super unsuspecting yandere. Like, he's nice and chill with everyone around him and you. He never shows his twisted love for you in public or even around  you until you two are together. If you asked his co-workers, family, or friends about him being a yandere, they'd say it's impossible with his temperament.
I - Infatuation (When did they first realize they were in love with their darling?): 
He realizes it when you meet about the third or fourth time you meet. David's love isn't instant like other yandere's. He has to have time to think it over, you have to be the one he can spend an eternity with.
J - Jack-In-The-Box (How will they capture their darling?):
He'll wait until you move in with him. This is why he insists on you moving in with him, so you can be in his control at all times. That is, unless something else goes down. Like in the Yan!David oneshot, he has a side room in his basement he uses just in case something...not according to plan happens. 
K - Knockout (How do they treat people in their darling's life?):
He treats them with the upmost respect. He also subtlety manipulates them, just to make sure not even your closest friends or family members will believe you when you try to leave him :)
L - Lemon (How do they behave with their darling? How do they behave with others? Are they mean or nice?):
Like I mentioned above, David is so nice and charming that people fall for his guise. They will never see him as being a yandere. He's also very nice to you, unless you misbehave.
M - Moonlight (What is their innermost self like?): 
Very twisted. He wants you for him and only him. He will do anything, and I mean ANYTHING, to get you to be his. 
N - Nurture (How do they care for their darling?): 
David is a very physically loving person. He'll usually cuddle you to comfort you, he's also a phenomenal cook. He'll cook you your comfort/safe foods. 
O - Oasis (Where would they keep their darling?):
If you met him the natural way, in the house. He'll force you into his room if you've been particularly bad that day. If you meet a different way, in the side room in his basement. You'll probably have to stay in there for a month ir two until he can trust you enough to roam the house. He'll force you to go down there if you're extremely bad however.
P - Police (How will they protect their darling after kidnapping them?):
He'll make you stay in the basement for a month or two before he fully trusts you to be let upstairs into the rest if the house. He will kill anyone that finds out about you in the basement, no one should know about the basement but you and him. It's your little secret :)
Q - Quarter (Would they buy things for their darling? What kind of stuff would they give them?): 
He most certainly would buy gifts for you! He probably buys you lots of food and cute stuffed animals. If he knows your interests (which he probably does) he'll buy you everything he can find that relates to that interest. If you mad an Amazon wishlist for things you like, he'd probably find out and buy everything off of it.
R - Ring (How would they propose to their darling?):
He'd probably take you on a vacation to your favorite vacation spot. At sunset on a hike he would propose to you on the top of the hill/mountain you were hiking on. The ring would be a beautiful gold/silver with your birthstone in the middle.
S - Shelter (What measures would they go to protect their darling?):
We already know this man would kill for you.
T - Teddy Bear (How affectionate are they with their darling?): 
The most affectionate they can be with you. If you refuse his affection, he will of course be upset, but if he wants you to stay, he has to somewhat respect your boundaries.
U - Utopia (How much effort do they put into making their darling happy?):
David put's in all of his effort. As I mentioned, he will do anything for you.
V - Valentine (How do they act when they were first crushing on their darling?): 
He'll act very shy and cute. He will blush if he's around you, he'll stutter when talking to you, etc.
W - Willow (How much freedom do they grant their darling?):
He will grant you very little freedom. You'll be allowed out, but you have to hold his hand at all times. Unless you have to use the bathroom. There is a rare chance that he will let you go out ion your own, but that's when he knows absolutely with out a shadow of a doubt you won't leave him. 
X - Xylophone (What song reminds them of their darling?):
Fairytale by Alexander Rybak 
Y -Youth (What was life like without their darling?):
He was dead set in finding the one. Lots if lonely nights, one night stands, and blood on his hands.
Z - Zero (What will they fo if they have nothing left?):
David will probably not see a use in life anymore. Without you, he has nothing. He'd probably end it all.
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