#Jason is bad at naming dogs
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Not a Dog!
A competition was set up to award the best dog between Gotham and Amity Park, probably because the judges were quite aware that the two cities were a little crazy and decided to unite their competitions.
Damian bragged that he shouldn't be participating since obviously Titus would beat everyone. Jason snorted and commented that Dog was much better than Titus and would win the competition easily, the rest of the siblings walked away from the discussion, but Dick felt left out and called his friend.
Beast Boy, better known as "Gar" wasn't too happy about Dick using his favor to make him pretend to be a dog in a pet contest, but he agreed. Dick signed him up as his own pet while Jason and Damian complained about how silly the idea was.
When Gotham competitors list was released on Amity, Danny noticed that one contestant had a green dog and smiled. He could compete with Cujo! His father told him something about wanting to compete too but the halfa denied and said that he needed a dog for that.
On the day of the competition the judges tried not to flinch at the two obviously green dogs and a contestant who had decided to enter with a peculiar type of dog, they decided to judge them as best as possible. A rivalry ensued between all the contestants while Danny tried to avoid looking at his father's eyes, why was he participating with a fridge?
To everyone's surprise, none of the dogs won. The winner was Jack Fenton, with his very alive and aggressive sausages. The judges couldn't disqualify him because "hot dog" was technically a type of "dog" even if they didn't know how it was possible, and Jack taught the hot dogs a few tricks.
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Au where Danny gets deaged by a magical artifact in the GZ and gets lost in a different dimension with Cujo. While exploring Gotham as Phantom he decides to play up the little kid routine and use his puppy friend to do it.
At this point Danny had finally trained the pup and he actually listened to him. Needless to say there's a certain flock of bats and birds who keep pestering him at night. All he's trying to do is explore the city and play with his dog. Is that so bad?
Danny doesnt usually bother hiding from them. Not much point considering he shines like a spotlight in Gothams gloom anytime he's in his phantom form. Plus Cujo is glowy and green, so that doesn't help matters.
Danny usually runs them on a wild goose chase in the name of "Tag" before disappearing. He stole Batmans cape by phasing it off of him and he now uses it as a blanket at night (its surprisingly warm), he stole another one at Red Hoods request and gave it to him, he's set up play dates between Cujo and Harleys hyenas, he's pied Joker in the face, he's pet Penguins pet penguins right in front of him, he's been trapped in an elevator with Brucie Wayne for two hours, he's had a tea party with Catwomans cats and may have broken into her apartment to do it, he's kidnapped Red Robin and made him go to the park and play on the swings with him, he's gotten into actual fights with Robin and last but not least, he came up with the Puppy Paw of Approval.
Nightwing stared at the kid they had been chasing every other night for the last three months now, confused. "Whats the Puppy Paw of Approval?"
The kid moved the puppy, Cujo (which Jason finds hilarious) up in front of his face, holding him there by his armpits.
The dog was making the "no thoughts head empty" face with his tongue sticking out just a smidge. Dick was tempted to coo. "The Puppy Paw of Approval is an award! Arf!" The kid said in a higher pitched pretend voice.
"Its awarded to people we really really like! Arf!"
Nightwing gasped dramatically, playing along with the boy, "You really like me that much?"
"Of course!" The boy floated over to Dick and places one of the dogs paws on the man's chest. "Da da da daaa!" The kid sang, "You now have the Puppy Paw of Approval!"
The vigilante sniffled, "I will always cherish this! Thank you!"
The kid giggled and Cujo barked at him. The little green rottweiler panted up at him with a giants smile and his little nub tail wagging a mile and minute.
God, Nightwing couldn't wait for his newest little brother to join the family.
Dick was dismayed to learn he was actually the second person to get the PPA. The first being Tim, the third being Harley and the forth being Catwoman. Ivy was apparently salty about not getting one but the kid was scared of her for some reason.
Danny makes friends with lots of people throughout the city. Scarecrow learns of the bats recruitment attempts on this boy and decides to use the fear toxin on him. This has the unexpected outcome of making the child cry.
And then the whole city was out for his head.
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Like Betta Fish Do - Part 13
Part 1 and prompt, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10 , Part 11, Part 12 WC: 1563 (Ch 10 when on ao3)
Jason settled in, legs draped over the edge of the building, and unwrapped sandwich enough to take a large bite. Next to him, Dick did the same.
They had gotten back into the habit slowly— in fits and starts and Jason turning down Dick’s gentle inquiry (plea, it was a plea) more often than not— but now, once a month at least, Red Hood and Nightwing could be found perched on a rooftop, sharing a meal. Chili dogs to burgers to sandwiches— anything that could be easily held, quickly eaten, and was open late to serve the night owls of Gotham.
Tonight it was bahn mi sandwiches from an amazing little Vietnamese place in Blüdhaven.
It was easier to take these moments in Blüdhaven.
Jason knew that tonight's ‘Big Brother Bonding Binge’ (Dick’s name for it), had been purposefully arranged. Nightwing would have had no issue handling that bust on his own. Jason wanted to resent it— Dick had been more a mother hen than usual since Jason had been ‘sick’— but Jason… Jason wanted someone to talk to.
Every since driving Danny out to the ocean, Jason had been thinking. His little revelation that he didn’t want to stop living… no, that he need to actively start living, had been rattling around in his brain. It was leading to all sorts of thoughts and plans that he didn’t know how to handle anymore.
It was still a struggle some days to think about the fact that he had a future to look forward to.
Jason could practically feel Dick vibrating with the need to ask next to him, so he threw his brother a bone. “I’ve… been thinking about going to college?”
He hadn’t meant it to come out like a question.
���Really?” Dick asked, perking up like a damn puppy. “That’s great Jay. Are you thinking Gotham U? What do you want to major in? Wait— do you’ll need a GED—”
“Got my GED as soon as I was officially back from the dead,” Jason said, cutting off Dick’s rambling. “I was… I mean, probably Gotham U eventually? I was thinking maybe just online classes first? There’s still days that…”
There were still days that Jason just couldn’t handle people very well or that the pain was too bad.
“Online classes sound like a great way to start,” Dick said. “Are you thinking about just doing gen eds then?”
“To start, yeah. But I was… I guess there are a few things I’m considering? Mostly thinking that I could maybe get something in social sciences that would be good for nonprofit work. I’ve been doing that stuff with the foundation, but I know I’m not really qualified to do a lot. And if I got a degree that could help out maybe.” Jason made himself take a breath. “Maybe I could do some real good as me and not just as Red Hood.”
“I know you could, little wing,” Dick said with one of his soft smiles; the type that always made Jason ache a little.
Jason elbowed him lightly, more to jostle him than to wound. Dick just laughed for Jason’s efforts.
“B is going to be ecstatic,” Dick said after polishing off the last bite of his sandwich.
“You mean insufferable,” Jason grumbled.
“Overenthusiastic,” Dick corrected. Jason gave in with a little shrug. “I’ll try to hold him back, but you know he just gets happy whenever he can do something for you.”
“You’re talking like I’m going to take his help.”
“You are— you’re smart enough not to wrack up that sort of debt when you can use B’s money instead.”
Jason sighed, exaggerating the sound so that the full effect would come through his respirator. There were still nights when he missed his helmet and the anonymity it provided, but the respirator, domino, and literal hood did make it easier to express himself when he wanted to. “Fine. But you getter try to make him tone it down.”
“Cross my heart,” Dick said, complete with the motion. “You’re best off telling him at a family dinner then.”
He had a point. “Next month then.”
“Or,” Dick said, drawing the word out as he leaned into Jason’s side. “You could come by sooner. You don’t have to only come once a month, Jay.”
“Wing,” Jason said, the name a sigh.
“Think about it. I promise to be there if you want to— and I’ll call in favors to get whoever else you want there too.”
Jason was a little touched despite himself. Favors were no small matter in the Wayne family. “Thanks—”
“Nightwing, Hood,” Oracle cut in across the comms.
Both vigilantes straightened up at her tone.
“Here,” Jason answered for both of. His voice roughened as he slipped back into being Red Hood. There was no room for Jason in a mission that had Oracle sounding that serious.
“Two-Face escaped from Arkham.”
Jason could sense Dick stop breathing next to him. Two-Face wasn’t Joker level, no one really was, but Two-Face was still Dick’s Joker. They had talked about it, one bad night— too cold and too haunted up on top of a bridge. Dick had spoken in hushed, short sentences— as it by saying the words quick enough and letting the frigid winter wind rip them away he could finally be free of it.
It didn’t work.
Nothing ever would.
Jason shifted just enough to press his knee against Dick’s. The forceful intake of breath the nudge caused was so sharp that it must have hurt.
Jason slammed the hidden door in the back of his closet closed as he shoved through it.
He had gotten through patrol.
Somehow, he had gotten through patrol while holding off the worst of the Pit Rage.
Now the green was crowding out most of his vision as he stalked into his apartment. He fisted a hand in his hair, yanking as he tried to ground himself. He should be able to get a handle on himself.
It shouldn’t be this bad.
Nothing happened.
Maybe it was worse that nothing had happened.
Every missed chance of catching up with Two-Face, every bust of his henchmen that went nowhere, every empty warehouse— Jason had been forced to watch Dick grow tenser and tenser. Jason had just wanted to take his big brother out of there— take him back to a safe house where Jason could protect him from everything.
But there was no protecting anyone from their own mind.
Jason knew that.
Jason knew that with every creeping flick of green on the edge of his vision.
He was helpless against it all: helpless to help Dick, helpless to stop this pain, helpless to stop his own—
What he needed to stop was this… this spiraling. He was home.
No one knew he’d been fighting the Rage.
No one was in danger.
Da- Batman would be looking into Two-Face relentlessly.
Jason just had to look after himself, just for the moment.
Fuck he was such a failure.
Stop that.
Stop stop stop.
Jason collapsed on his couch. He dragged the weighted blanket up over his shoulders. Fingers laced, shuddering, behind his neck Jason struggled to suck in a breath of air.
One more.
Just keep breathing.
Someone was knocking at his door.
The sound pulled Jason out of his haze and he blinked, listlessly. His world was sideways from where he had collapsed on the couch.
The knocking continued.
He ignored them.
“Jason?” Oh. It was Danny. He sounded panicked. “Come on Jason, if you don’t open up I’m coming in.”
He couldn’t let Danny in.
If Danny got in, Jason could hurt him.
He couldn’t hurt Danny.
Jason surged to his feet, stumbling into his coffee table as the world spun around him. The mug he’d been drinking tea out of before patrol rocked off the edge and shattered.
The cold tea seeped under Jason’s bare feet.
A drip of red bled into the liquid.
A shard of ceramic must have cut his foot.
His head jerked up.
Danny was inside his apartment.
No no no—
“Get out.” The growled words tore themselves from Jason’s throat before he even was aware of speaking.
Danny took a hesitant step forward instead, reaching out like he wanted to get closer and touch. “Jason, no. Your whole haunt is— I can feel how scared you are right now, I’m not leaving you alone.”
“Get out.”
“Maybe an ectoshot?”
Danny wasn’t listening.
“I know we were going to wait at least one more week but it might help you stabilize—”
Why wasn’t Danny listening? “Get out.”
“I can always project with my core. You said you could sense me before?”
“I said get out!” Jason roared. He lost the rest of his vision to the burning green as he stalked forward.
“Jason, I can help—”
A fist slammed into the door Danny was backed up against. Wood cracked under the now bleeding knuckles that were inches from Danny’s head. Jason crowded in close, teeth bared with a growl— close enough for the toxic green glow of his eyes to reflect off of Danny’s tan skin. With a quiet viciousness he hissed, “Get out.”
And Danny did. He phased right out through the door.
Alone in his apartment Jason sagged against the bloody door with a half screamed sob.
AN: We are back~ sorry for the longer than normal delay- health and work have both conspired against me. I’m sure this is still full of issues but that’s why we do a rewrite and beta before it goes on ao3~
It’s a small chapter, but it’s what it needed to be I think.
Hope you enjoyed and stay delightful, darlings!
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problem-bat · 6 months
Patched Up (Jason Todd x F!Reader)
Words: 6k
Tropes: hurt/comfort a little, fluff, domestic, "who did this to you" a little sprinkle of that
Summary: Roy is your best friend and when your best friends drops off a half dead Red Hood at your place you help and watch Avatar: The Last Airbender with him. But there always has to be a minor tragedy when Jason is involved.
TW: Canon typical violence, this is just my Jason watching ATLA propaganda lol, Jason being a Zutara stan, extremely soft and at ease Jason
You froze seeing the dark figure against the light seeping in from the window but before you could decide on your next more and panic the very familiar voice called your name.
"(Y/N)?" Roy's tone was barely a whisper.
You turned the lights on immediately to see him holding another body, trying his best to keep the passed out guy upright. You swallowed seeing the red bat on his chest.
"Roy, I told you I will patch you up, always, but–"
"I know. I know you said to not make you a hospital for vigilantes… but he's gonna die, (Y/N). Please help him," Roy pleaded and of course you wouldn't say no. You couldn't. You helped Roy get Red Hood to the kitchen table then you hurried to get your kit. Roy already stripped his friend.
"You'll be fine, bud," Roy whispered, stroking over Red Hood's forehead. "You're in the best of hands."
You immediately got to work, assessing the situation and damn, it was bad. You bit your tongue, you did not need to know who or what did that now. Putting on gloves, you started to patch him up.
"(Y/N), I have to go," Roy knew you wouldn't like that and your face said it all. "I have to lead a trail out of Gotham to be sure he is safe."
"You wanna leave me alone with freaking Red Hood?!" You shot.
"I vouch for him. He's my best friend. He is harmless. I will owe you the biggest favor," he already moved to the window.
"Take his guns with you. I don't want them here," you said. "Be safe, okay?"
"You know me," Roy chuckled.
Roy left and it took you about two hours to care for all of Red Hood’s injures. He lost a lot of blood, your kitchen floor was spotted in crimson and your clothes were soaked. He would make the night and the rest depended on his strength alone.
"Uh," you took off your gloves, tossed them aside and rubbed your face. You couldn't believe Roy would just drop a half dead body on your kitchen table and leave. No information or any context. And on top of it all, the Red Hood… a whole crime boss who shoved heads into a duffle bag. Your dog, Ares, was laying close by and his calmness helped you. You never had doubts in Roy… why wouldn't you trust him now?
You hurried to your bedroom and prepared the bed for him, laying down a few towels just in case. "How the hell am I supposed to get him over there?" You mumbled on your way back through the hallway but once you stood in the kitchen again Red Hood was trying to get to his feet. Ares had gotten up from his place as well and looked at you confused only knowing the stranger was in pain.
"Are you crazy!" You shot and ran the distance to catch his huge frame, supporting him.
"Who are you?" He whispered faintly. The strain was audible in his tone.
"I'm Roy's friend," you assured him and walked him to your bedroom.
"No," Red Hood shook his head. "I am Roy's friend."
You chuckled and laid him down. "You lost a lot of blood, pal." You made sure his head was comfortable and put the blankets over him. "Rest now."
He blinked at you and reached for your hand, squeezing tightly for support. Your heart broke a little for him.
Jason woke up to a dog staring him down. It was a Doberman, guarding the bed Jason was laying on with focused determination. Jason stirred a bit but his body wouldn't allow that then the dog trotted out of the room. 
Jason was in pain, but it was only faint, shoved way back behind a wall of sedatives. He knew the feeling of that. Been through it a few times, this wasn't his first rodeo. Jason's eyes wandered around the room. There were posters and pictures on the wall, bookshelf, a pile of clothes tugged in the corner, art supplies and a messy desk. It looked like the room of someone who had a life… a real life. Not like Jason. 
"Hi," you said, drawing his attention. You were standing by the door with the dog right beside you. You looked stressed.
"Hi?" Jason was confused. Why was he here? Where was Roy? "What's going on?"
You rolled the chair by the desk to the edge of the bed and after checking the IV sat down. "Roy dropped you off here last night," you said and it clicked for Jason.
"(Y/N). He talks about you." Every chance he got and to this day Jason still had no clue if you were his ex or not, the only thing Jason knew for sure was that Roy trusted you with his life.
"Your body needs to compensate for the blood loss… it's pretty bad," you said. "Who did this to you?"
"Batman," Jason said below a breath as memories started to flood in from last night. Bruce crossed a line… Jason was just not sure which one. He could see the shock in your eyes and he couldn't blame you. Batman was the hero and Jason was the bad guy. "Where is Roy?" If Roy wouldn't have come for Jason's aid last night, well, Jason would be done for, for sure.
"He said he needed to lead a trail out of Gotham?" You frowned.
"Makes sense," Jason nodded. "I…Thank you."
You only gave a nod back and stood up. "Are you okay with dogs?"
Jason's eyes turned back to the door noticing only now that the dog never walked in and stayed outside of the bedroom. "I love dogs." Jason watched how you gave a simple nod and the dog now walked in, coming for the bed and sniffing Jason.
"He is suspicious of strangers, but you don't have to worry."
"As he should be," Jason watched as he laid down in the sun that spilled in from the window, completely relaxing. Jason knew a good dog when he saw one.
"Do I have to keep something in mind food wise for you? Nut allergy? Halal? Vegan? Kosher?"
"No, I just don't like mushrooms," Jason rasped, laying his head back.
"Me neither," you pointed with your finger. "If you need to use the bathroom, call me… if you collapse we have a problem."
"Will do," Jason nodded.
"I have to work a bit now," you took your laptop but gave Jason a tablet and some food. "If you need entertainment."
"Thank you," he met your eyes and only now realized how tense you were. You flashed a quick and forced smile then left the room, keeping the door open. 
Were you scared of him?
Jason was staring at the dog, trying to figure out how to get his attention. He really needed to use the bathroom but his voice would simply not raise above a rasp.
"You look like a Zeus," no response. "Apollo? Hades? Ace?" Jason, not all dogs are called Ace. "Dog?" Nothing. "Get your mom!" Jason said. "Please, boy."
The dog yawned, a real big one then got up walking to the living room. A few moments later you came in. You put on gloves and freed Jason from the IV.
"You okay?" Jason said looking at the tight frown on your face. The question seemed to confuse you for a second.
You sighed, "my client is a real Karen, there is no other way to say it. She wants a yellow that's not yellow… that could mean anything! I'm a graphic designer."
"You don't work as a doc?" Jason frowned. Roy always made it seem like that.
"I never finished my studies. Roy never told you the story, huh?" You smiled. 
"Apparently not," Jason groaned when you pulled him to stand. "I'm good," he said right after. "I had worse. What's your dog's name?"
"Ha! I knew it was a Greek god name," Jason narrowed his eyes at Ares. "I was close enough, boy." Ares let out a sharp sigh.
You laughed softly, "I'm that basic, hm?"
"Your collection of Greek Myth retellings and the Wonder Woman biography gave you away," he chuckled softly.
Jason caught himself in the bathroom mirror. He looked like absolute shit. You have tried your best to get him clean but dried blood was still in his hair and stuck to his skin. He wanted to burst into tears at what happened and how he felt and how absolutely dog shit this situation was. His heart was broken. Why couldn't Bruce just trust him for once?
Jason washed his face then practically fell into your arms when he came back out. You got him back to the room and sat him down. You were so gentle with him it was hard to grasp when Jason still felt Bruce's violence lingering.
"I am sorry that Roy just dropped me here," Jason felt the need to apologize. "You don't know me and I get blood all over your place. I– I appreciate all you're doing."
"I couldn't just let you die, right?" You walked out of the room and came back with food. You sat down on your desk and watched how Ares jumped up on the bed. He curled up next to Jason and laid his head on Jason's thigh. "And apparently my dog likes you. I'm happy to help Roy."
"We had a dog when I was little," Jason reminisced. "When my parents fought– well, he was my only friend."
You gave him a sympathetic look, "I got Ares to protect me… dogs are great. You wanna watch something? I always do when I eat."
He gave a nod. 
"Something on your watchlist?"
"I don't really watch things," Jason admitted. "I have so much to catch up on since I came back from the dead… it's kinda overwhelming."
You blinked at him, "since you what now? You died? Like actually gone?"
"It.. it's complicated," Jason nodded. "But yes."
You were staring off into the distance for a moment before it clicked, "you're the second Robin!"
Jason narrowed his eyes at you, trying to read your body language. "How did you connect the dots on that one now?"
"Well… I was wondering why Roy called you his best friend… I mean, you're not really the crowd he goes for usually but you knew each other since the Speedy/Robin days."
"What do you mean?" Jason was confused and his brows knit together. The crowd he goes for?
"Well, a crime lord."
Jason clicked his tongue and chuckled. Of course. How could he forget. "I am not a crime lord," he sounded defensive.
"But you were at some point."
"In my dark days… but that was never me. I only did it to help Gotham," Jason looked up meeting your intense gaze like you tried to peel his layers, figuring out if that was the truth.
"But you didn't," your eyes widened as you realized you let your anger get the better of you. The tension in the room shifted drastically, leaving heaviness lingering in the air. "Sorry," you sighed. "When you just disappeared the power needed to be redistributed between the gangs and… a lot of people I knew got killed in the crossfire. Rationally I know it wasn't your fault–"
"But it is always easier to blame someone. I know that one," Jason sighed. He felt awful now but commemorated how mature you could be about it. You could have refused to help, treat him like shit instead of the kindness you displayed.
"Okay," you took a deep breath and put your plate down. "What can I catch you up on? How about a cartoon?"
"I am open," Jason nodded.
"Good," you clicked around Netflix. "This is probably one of the most important cartoons of our generation, if not the most important." You clicked play and Avatar: The Last Airbender started to play.
"Ah," Jason chuckled. It started and after the introduction he turned to look at you. "A kids cartoon about colonial war?"
You hummed.
After the first few moments you noticed Jason was getting hooked and his commentary was extremely entertaining to you.
After a while you excused yourself and worked for some more then you took Ares on a long walk and got some groceries. When you returned a few hours later Jason had made it all the way to the last three episodes.
"Oh, I'm glad I made it back in time," you said and quickly checked his wounds and vitals. He already looked so much better.
"For a kids show there is some heavy stuff in there," Jason said.
"Can we talk about the Jet episode? That one broke me as a kid," you sat down beside him. "Because Jet had me, on the hook like a fish."
He laughed but quickly stopped himself at the pain that caused. "The way he swooshed Katara in his arms… felt that."
"I'll give you some more painkiller," you told him and got the IV ready again.
Jason watched you closely, then his eyes wandered. "You know… I think there was a time Jet and I weren't all that different actually."
You met his eyes, seeing the regret.
"I like to think I fight for the victims… that by killing those who have chosen their path, I help the innocent… I save them. But I took it too far."
You thought for a moment, trying to lay your words out. "I think… you are helping the victims. The thought of you as the one who saves us, who gives the perpetrators what they deserve… is comforting. I think you are right, some people deserve to die. But at the same time… Batman is right too. Two things can be right at the same time. Jet's anger was justified, his want to make the fire nation pay was as well, his actions were not."
Jason looked at you and a sly smile crept on his lips, "we are having a deeply philosophical conversation about morals because of a cartoon starring a bald kid."
You giggled and Jason felt his stomach twist. It was a soft sound, melodic and reached into the depths of Jason's soul.
"I make dinner and then we finish the season?" You said. "I can't wait for you to see the ba sing se arc, Red… Hood–"
"Jason. Can you help me to the bathroom?" 
"Jason," you smiled. "Of course. When should we worry for Roy?" You wrapped your arms around him and helped him to his feet.
"I give him a few more hours," he said. "He's smart."
You made soup, just something quick then you settled back in your room. Jason noticed you were trying to get comfortable on the chair.
"This is your bed, right?" He said.
You looked at him for a moment then took your bowl and sat beside him. Ares hopped on the bed laying between you.
"You ready for heartache?" You pressed play.
"Heartache?" Jason looked at you in horror. "No? If they get hurt I'll cry. I'm not joking."
You chuckled and started the episode. You watched in silence only letting out small laughs at first but Jason seemed to want to talk.
"I have met many people like Master Paku in my life," Jason said.
"I can imagine."
"Zhao is getting on my damn nerves. I am so happy Katara finally gets training."
"Oh sure," you held your laugh knowing in a second his hopes will be crushed.
Paku: In our tribe it is forbidden for women to learn waterbending.
"You're fucking kidding me," Jason shot. You giggled.
"No they won't accept that, will they? Yue and Sokka… I feel it," he smiled. "That water can heal is super interesting but Katara is a fighter, no way!"
You loved to hear his thoughts. You were almost certain he didn't get to just be silly often.
"Zuko really needs to get his act together. He has so much potential," Jason said and second later the ship blows up. He looked at you with his mouth open. "Say he's alright!"
You shrugged, "he is fine."
You then made it to the scene where Katara was supposed to apologize.
Katara: Fine. 
Paku: I'm waiting, little girl.
"If I was Katara, personally, it would have been a fist fight," Jason leaned back against the pillows. 
Katara: I'll be outside if you're man enough to fight me!
Jason's mouth fell open, "hell yeah!"
Paku: Go back to the healing huts with the other women where you belong. 
"What did he say!?"
The fight between Katara and Paku happened and Jason enjoyed it thoroughly. He let out a joyous "I knew it" at the reveal of the necklace being Paku's and another when Iroh and Zuko talked on the ship.
"Yue has to join team Avatar."
Your eyes moved away from Jason. He was in for a ride.
"Yue and Sokka are killing me, stop," he whined. "Oh shit." The sut appeared. "Is that what you meant? But look, the northern tribe has the technical advantage, right? All that water around."
Jason was getting all tense as the net pulled tighter and tighter. "Zuko and Iroh will meet again right? What is Zuko's plan? The moon was the first waterbender? That's beautiful."
Jason soon realized where this was heading. "Oh not a stand off between team Avatar and Zuko. I can't do this."
Zuko: Well… aren't you a big girl now.
Jason shrieked and you burst into laughter, reaching for his arm.
"I am losing it. I am sure this isn't beneficial for my recovery. Anyway, Katara can take him… easy."
Zuko: You rise with the moon. I rise with the sun.
"Shut up," Jason threw his head back. "I don't know how to say this but if Zuko and Katara don't kiss."
"I see you are a man of taste," you peered at him and Jason met your eyes getting lost in them for a second. It was ridiculous. You were just being nice and just allowing him to forget the whole vigilante thing.
Ares now stirred and ran into the living room. You paused the show but didn't get up, it wasn't long after you heard Roy greeting Ares enthusiastically. You and Jason both sighed in relief, relaxing to the point all tension in the air vanished.
"What are you guys– man, I told you to watch ATLA for ages!" Roy said when he saw the screen. "Is that the end of season one? Did Yue–"
"Noo!" You shouted and waved your hands.
"Did Yue what?" Jason was concerned, then you all burst into laughter. 
Roy took off his weapons and plopped down on the bed as well. "You'll be fine, bud. The Bat won't find us so easily."
Jason gave a nod, "Roy… I don't know how to thank you."
"Ah," Roy waved Jason off then turned his head to you. "He's not that bad after all, right? Thank you, (Y/N). I know I disrespected your boundaries."
"You shall be forgiven. Jason is Team Zutara."
Roy bursted into laughter, "oh boy. Cmon then let's get to the ba sing se arc!"
Jason didn't know how to feel. Well, not physically, he was in fucking pain on that end but seeing you sleeping soundly in Roy's arms stirred something in him. It was not jealousy, it was sadness. The kind that crushed and disillusioned the soul. He could never have that… it was so unlikely.
"Jason?" You blinked and raised your head, your hair a mess. "You ok?"
"Yes," Jason realized his voice displayed too much pain and you were awake a second later getting up climbing over Jason out of the bed. Roy didn't wake.
"The painkillers are wearing off, hm?" You reached your hand out softly touching his sweaty forehead. Jason looked at you with wide eyes. Your touch was like balm.
You helped Jason to the bathroom and sat him down on a chair. Ares settled next to him and Jason started to pet him. "I need to check your wounds anyway," you told him, then reached around him from behind to unwrap the bandage. It was like a hug.
"Why aren't you working as a doc? The way Roy talked about you performing whole surgeries made it seem–," he hissed in pain.
"I was in my last year of med school and worked at Gotham Central. I knew that being in the ER in Gotham was hard but nothing can prepare you, you know." Your hands tenderly brushed across Jason's back and goosebumps formed. "Having to deal with kids as young as 5 ODing… I could not take it. And I know… I lived on the streets for a bit, too. I know the reality but I guess that nothing changed, just made me bitter."
"You did?"
"Home was not safe with my mom bringing home a new dealer boyfriend every week," you sneered.
"I know," Jason whispered and found your eyes in the mirror.
"You do, don't you?" You gave him a sad smile. "Well," you turned to your kit and got some stuff out then worked on Jason's wounds. "I started to drink… yeah. Met Roy in some self help group, at the time he was going through it too, as Roy Harper but also as Arsenal and I don't know how many times I stitched him up during that time period. He was reckless. I decided to quit, it was what I had to do… I am in severe debt now but at least I don't wanna die anymore. Roy got better too. We both left a life behind but our friendship stayed."
"He never told me," Jason breathed.
"I guess why? It doesn't matter."
"It doesn't," Jason agreed. "So, you're… you know?"
You smiled, "no… we were for a while but we work better as friends."
Jason's heart skipped a beat. "Roy's pretty charming."
You nodded agreeing. "You wanna know an ATLA theory some people have that breaks me?"
"Hit me."
"Yue was born lifeless like that because she was supposed to be the next Avatar. She had no spirit because the Avatar spirit was supposed to inhibit her."
Jason let out a groan and leaned his head back into you, you hands moved into hid hair. "No. No. I still can't believe she turned into the moon."
"Will you manage tonight without pain meds? I don't want to give you too much."
Jason nodded and smiled softly, "thank you… for everything… again."
You smiled, "it's therapeutic for myself too. Seeing you as a human and so innocently watching ATLA for the first time, about to get your heart broken in the ba sing se arc."
"You and Roy need to stop," Jason sighed.
You wrapped the bandage back around his chest and helped him up and something happened. You stood there looking at each other, caged in a web of desire and hesitation.
"Well," you sighed and broke from his gaze, a blush crept onto your cheeks.
Jason lost his balance and fell toward you but you caught him. "Sorry." Jason didn't know for what exactly he apologized.
"I got you," you smiled.
It's been a week and Jason felt a lot better. You agreed to let them stay at your place until this whole thing blew over and Jason didn't want to ever leave. It was like this damned apartment was his safe place where he could be a normal young adult and Gotham didn't even exist.
Jason heard your laughter from the kitchen as you and Roy fought about what music to listen to. Jason knew Roy's music and he kept trying to play something only to have you try to play your chosen song. 
"Let Jason play something then," you eventually said when Jason walked in.
"I win! Jason only listens to the playlist I make for him," Roy crossed his arms then gave Jason his phone.
"Let's see," Jason said, knowing exactly what to play. 
You and Roy stopped cutting vegetables and turned to him. "Is that Avatar Lofi?" You said then laughed softly and started to sway softly. "I love you Jason."
Jason breathed thoroughly at that and sat down catching Ares giving him a weird stare down. "Come here," Jason called but Ares did not budge.
"Roy, what do you say now that we finished ATLA. Going into Legend of Korra immediately or Adventure Time?"
"I think we need to give Jason a little time to linger on Avatar. However, Steven Universe, Game of Thrones, TWD, any Gibli movie, Naruto. He has seen nothing of that."
"I can't do Naruto right now, nope," you shook your head. "What about Cowboy Bebop? Have you seen Arcane?"
"I haven't yet," Roy said and you dropped your knife pulling at his shoulder.
"Roy, it's so fucking good! It's the best thing I've seen this year!"
Jason laughed softly and you and Roy looked at him. "I just love how excited you are about shows," Jason explained. 
Ares got up and stretched then walked to the door. "Oh, is it time already, boy?" You said. "Will you finish cooking?" You looked at Roy and he of course nodded.
You put on your coat and boots, then Ares harness. Jason admired how particular you were about sticking to your routine because it was what Ares needed. It was raining outside.
"Since this vicious dog hates rain. We will be back quickly," you announced then left.
"Roy," Jason breathed the second the lock clicked into place. "Look, I don't know how to tell you this–"
"You have a thing for (Y/N)? I know," Roy chuckled. "Your softness since we crashed here has grown exponentially."
Jason could only blink at his best friend. He should have known that Roy picked up on the lingering gazes and sparkling eyes. It was ridiculous. Jason had to think about his life outside there, on the streets of Gotham. It wouldn't be fair to you.
"It's cool. If you worry about me," Roy leaned on the kitchen counter. "You're a good guy."
"But my life isn't good… and I have managed to fuck people over again and again."
"Then just don't this time," Roy shrugged. "You get too much in your head."
Perhaps Roy was right. Perhaps Jason could make this work. Well, if you wanted that. If you felt the same which Jason couldn't know. Because what if you were truly just being nice to him and by asking you out things would get weird. That would be worse.
"You're doing it again… aren't you?" Roy laughed.
Jason was starting to get antsy when you didn't return after 2 hours. He took note that you went on long walks with Ares but in the rain and that you already said you'd be back quick. Something was not right and Jason felt uneasy.
"Can you call her?" Jason eventually said. "Please."
Roy picked up on the seriousness in Jason's tone and dialed your number. First try nothing… second try the line connected but it wasn't you speaking on the other end of the line.
Jason knew something was wrong simply by the way Roy's face twisted, the way his eyes pilled with subtle panic. Jason got up from his seat watching how Roy put the phone down.
"Jason, everything will be alright, okay," was the first thing Roy said.
"Who was that?"
Jason felt a world crush down on him. It couldn't be. How did Wilson make the connection? It was impossible.
"Suit up," Jason said but Roy quickly walked to him, stopping him.
"You are still weak."
"You need back up."
"I'll call Dick."
"You realize they wanna lock us up right now."
"Jason," Roy said sternly and Jason realized he was being irresponsible. He couldn't handle a stand off with Wilson right now.
"Okay. I trust you. Just do not go alone, Roy. I am serious."
"Everything is gonna be alright," Roy ran to grab his stuff then exited out of the window. Jason paced. How could this happen? The whole thing why Bruce and Jason had the fight was because Roy and him tried to uncover some sleazy scheme that was going on behind the scenes but Bruce just wouldn't trust Jason. Roy suspected Deathstroke was in on it and he was right.
Jason felt his body tense when he heard barking coming from the streets. He could not just wait here… he simply couldn't. Jason threw his ripped up suit on, grabbed his guns and helmet and headed to the street where Ares desperately tried to get into the building.
"Boy!" Jason called and Ares never once hesitated knowing Jason was the one to ask for help. He was a bit wary of the mask so Jason took it off and took the dog's face in his gloved hands, giving Ares a few calming pets. Blood was sticking to Ares' fur but it wasn't his.
"You tried to protect her, didn't you? Good boy," Jason rose again and unbuckled the leash, hanging it across his chest. "Show me the way, Ares!" And the dog ran at a speed Jason's weakened body could barely keep up with.
You held Deathstroke's stare when he took your chin into his hand forcefully tilting your head up. Your hands were bound behind your back with a rope as you kneeled on the ground of some abandoned building. Your head was buzzing and blood was dripping from a wound on your temple.
"Getting involved with stupid civilians always comes back to bite you," he laughed. "But don't worry, darling. I just want Arsenal and Red Hood. You might get out of here relatively unharmed." The wiped the blood across your cheek.
"If I gotta wait for Arsenal and Red Hood to get here and humiliate you, at least tell me what all of this is about," you crooked an eyebrow. "You know, villain courtesy."
Slade laughed and let go of you. He turned his back to you and you quickly retrieved your phone which he had tossed beside you after talking to Roy. You started to record then reached your thumb up to your pointer finger where you wore your self defense ring. You pressed a button and a small knife jumped out then you started to cut the rope. All the while Deathstroke kept monologuing, too occupied hearing himself talk to notice what you were doing.
Ares had led Jason to an abandoned building not far from you apartment. He found a save place for Ares and leashed him down. "I know you wanna help, bud. You already did. Stay!" 
Jason then called Roy but only Dick picked up. "Jason… it's enough. Turn yourself in."
"Don't tell me you morons–" Jason was furious. Not only did Dick simply ignore Roy's request for help but Jason knew Roy wouldn't be mad… not the way that he should. Jason knew there was no reasoning. He only had one chance. He gave Dick his location, "come and get me, Dickhead."
Jason climbed onto the roof next, trying to assess the situation. He knew he needed to stay collected. He wanted to storm in, shoot Slade in the head for laying a finger on you but he was alone and weakened… it would be dumb. 
Jason could see four goons patrolling the on the catwalks and Deathstroke flashy attire made him visible in the pit. Then Jason saw you, kneeling on the ground with your hands cuffed back. From the distance it looked like you were holding your composure well enough and Jason did not expect any less.
He couldn't take these guys alone but when he felt Bruce's presence on the roof he realized he didn't need to if he forced Bruce to fight for him. 
Jason bolted for the skylight but gave Bruce enough time to be right behind. Jason jumped onto the first catwalk leaving Bruce to deal with the goons then swung to the next where he took the goons out.
Your heart stopped when Jason and Batman crashed through the skylight. The shots fired made your skin crawl but you knew it was now or never. You got yourself free and bolted for the ladder that led to the roof. Deathstroke got a hold of your arm but you shoved the tiny knife at his face giving you the split second you needed to jump on the ladder and climb.
Jason saw you going for the room and immediately followed you, jolting himself through the crack in the skylight.
"(Y/N)!" Jason called but he saw the fear in your eyes and that your gaze fell behind him. Dammit.
Bruce grabbed Jason by his leather jacket and yanked him to the ground hard. "It is enough! Your games end here, Red Hood!"
Jason watched how you charged at Bruce getting yourself in between him and Jason.
"He just wanted to help you!" You shouted but your voice was weak. You tossed your phone to Bruce then fell to your knees. Bruce pressed play listening to Wilson reveal the whole ordeal.
Jason ran to your side and cupped your face. "(Y/N)," Jason whispered looking you over, registering all the wounds on your face. You brought your hands up to his, holding onto his wrists.
"I'm okay," you breathed and tried to smile but your eyes filled with tears.
Jason brought his forehead to yours. He felt overcome with anger, thinking about a million different ways to kill Deathstroke for laying a finger on you. Jason rose and withdrew his touch, furying present in every muscle.
But you grabbed his hand. "Don't leave me now," you pleaded with glossy eyes looking up at him and something clicked in Jason.
You didn't need his vengeance right now, you didn't need him to go out there and hunt Deathstroke. You needed his care and support right now.
"I won't," Jason breathed and helped you up, pulling you close to him.
"Jason… I," Bruce was searching for the appropriate thing to say.
"You should have trusted me," Jason said sharply. It hurt, but he had other things on his mind right now. "Can you lend me the car so I can get her home?"
"Of course," Bruce gave a single nod then watched Jason leave with you.
"I sent Ares to get help… is he–" that's when you heard his barking and you immediately ran. "Boy," you couldn't hold yourself together and began to cry, hugging him.
"He did exactly what he was supposed to do," Jason kneeled beside you and smiled. "He got me here."
You turned to look at Jason. He was so close and with all the emotions you felt right now you didn't want to hold back longer. You closed the little distance between you and him and pressed your lips onto his. Jason's hands immediately found your face, cradling your cheeks as he reciprocated the kiss, pulling you even closer.
Ares then barked and jumped at Jason's chest making him fall on his back.
Your eyes met and both of you erupted into laughter.
Later that night when Roy returned you burst into tears all over again, just relieved to see him. He was your family. Roy then excused himself, saying he was going out with Dick and by the wink he gave Jason you knew that was only half the truth.
Jason offered to give Ares a bath to get blood off him and the mere conversation coming from the bathroom filled your heart with joy.
Ares curled up in his bed after having an extensive post shower zoomie session and then Jason finally laid beside you. 
You were staring at each other for a while until you finally spoke. "And now?"
"Yeah… and now?" Jason repeated. "(Y/N), I don't ever want this to happen to you again–"
"Don't pull that card on me now," you smiled softly and shook your head.
"I get in my head easily," Jason admitted. "And then… I just think about all the things that can go wrong. And there is so much that could go wrong dating me."
You reached one hand out and stroked through his hair. "But… if there is potential for bad things to happen… there is potential for good things too?"
Jason smiled, "you are right." It was the truth, just that thinking about all the good things that could happen wasn't what Jason did. You launched yourself at Batman for Jason, you were braver than Jason knew. You were touch.
"And now?" You asked again and watched how Jason's smile turned into a grin.
"Well, I guess we can start with dressing up as Zuko and Katara for Halloween." Jason watched how you closed your eyes and laughed softly then he brought his lips to yours.
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daily-hayley568 · 8 months
Knight In Leather Jacket|Billy Hargrove
Pairings: billy Hargrove x fem!reader, brother!Steve Harrington x sister!reader
Summary: billy hargrove is your knight in leather jacket
Warnings: smut!!, p in v, unprotected sex, car sex, riding, fingering, degrading, use of pet names, swearing, smoking, plot not just smut, jason carver, oral sex (both)
A/N: hands and knees for dacre.
Tumblr media
Let’s be honest. You were always into Billy Hargrove. The first time you noticed him was when you were babysitting for Max Mayfield.
Your friends always ran around with his friends and your friends were always fanning themselves when he walked past in the hallway. He was an asshole, but his ass was nice when he walked away. You didn’t embarrass yourself like your friends did.
It was a fact he was hot. You thought Eddie Munson was too. It didn’t mean anything, it’s just you thought he was.
The first time you actually talked to him was in the kitchen of their house, you swallowed, “So, sorry, excuse me.” You went to move past him.
“Y/N Harrington?” He chuckled, turning on his heel following you.
You hummed gently, “Hi.”
“Looking for me?” He grinned tilting his head, a cigarette between his lips.
“You wish, Hargrove.” You rolled your eyes, “I’m not one of your fangirls.”
He rose his eyebrows in interest, your moment was interrupted by a redhead walking in, “Ready, Y/N/N?” She looked at you with wide eyes before she turned to her step-brother, “oh, hey, Billy.”
“Hey, Max.” You walked towards the front door. Max said bye to Billy. Once Max exited, he winked at you. You have a gentle smile before closing the door behind you.
Billy was planning on ruining you.
You planned on taking Max to the arcade, you liked her younger group of friends anyway. Sad, you were hanging out with middle schoolers. Not like you cared, they were more real then your friend group between the walls of Hawkins High. A wretched place.
Max smirked at you, which you saw out of the corner of your eye, “Billy has never been that nice to anyone.”
“Really? I’m not surprised.” Your eyebrows rose, never taking your eyes off the road.
“It was like something kicked into him or something, just by the way he looked at you?”
“Like what? A piece of meat to a hungry dog? It’s how teenage boys like Billy Hargrove look at girls. They can’t control their dick in their pants.”
You glanced at her before looking back to the road.
“It was different then the usual ‘one night stand’ look. It was more of something I want a guy to look at me that one day.”
“Look, I’ve been in high school the last three years and I’ve never had a boyfriend. It’s ok, no matter the wait.”
You parked the car and hopped out, walking towards the front door. “No way! There’s no way you haven’t had a boyfriend? I mean.. I mean look at you.”
“Thank you, Max. I’ve been on dates, none of them were my type. Too preppy, too much like me. I need some kind of danger to my set-out life.”
Max nodded and you two didn’t speak of the subject much more when she saw her friends at the arcade. Dustin Henderson showed you how to destroy at Pac-Man.
The next time was when you went out with your brother’s friends. It was a loud party, that’s for sure. You always attended these things because your brother loved them.
Steve was off with his girlfriend, Nancy Wheeler. You felt bad, noticing Nancy was acting odder and odder. You conversed with Robin Buckley, a peer who you partnered with projects a lot.
After she went off to her friends, you stayed in the corner playing with an alcoholic drink. You caught Jason Carver’s eye standing there, just apparently looking so desperate for a man.
“Hi there, Doll.” He smirked, leaning against the wall adjacent to you.
“Hi, Jason.” You nodded, curtly. Your mother taught you well about manners, a pretty girl with a pretty attitude. Your brother taught you to fight fierce, with claws.
“You looked lonely.”
“Did I? That’s unpleasant.” You frowned. He was thicker than your brothers hair, you realized, when he didn’t get your sarcastic comment.
“Maybe, we could head back up to my room? Ditch the party…” he was in front of you now. His fingers trailing down your jawline down to the spaghetti strap of your top. “..ditch the clothes.” He pulled the strap letting it pop against your skin. You tried leaning away from his touch, but it didn’t work.
You prayed Steve would notice this. If he was even around. You didn’t know Nancy was telling him their relationship was bullshit.
You were a big girl, you could get out of this situation politely. You put your hands on his chest, pushing his back. “Sorry, Jason. I don’t want my brother skin you.”
Yes you do. Anyway.
“Come on, Darling. You know I’ve been crushing on you for awhile.”
“How sweet, tell me when you’re sober, Jason.” You tried walking away, he latched his hand around your wrist.
“Just one night?”
“Look, Jason, I said-“
“She said no, now get your hands off you before I rip them off you.” Billy Hargrove, knight in leather jacket to your rescue.
Jason, who practically kneeled before Billy let go of you. “Sorry, Y/N.”
You frowned. Jason would only apologize because you had a man behind you. Jason stalked off and you turned to Billy.
You let out a breath of air, “Thank you.”
“Course, Y/N. You were minding your own business and he had the nerve. I’m just glad, Harrington didn’t see this scene. As much as I would love for your brother to lose another fight, you are worth winning.”
You giggled and he grinned. Your laugh was so pretty.
“Do you want to leave this place? Not quite my scene? We can grab a bottle of tequila here and then find a secluded spot?”
“Are you trying to get in my pants, Hargrove?” You rose a brow, and he gave a cheeky grin.
“If you want me to be.” You rolled your eyes shoving him in the chest.
“Come on, Lover Boy.” You were walking towards his car.
As Billy drove, you leaned back in the seat, enjoying the wind from the open window. Billy had a cigarette hanging from his lips, speeding through the back roads. You leaned forward, grabbing his cigarette, putting it between your lips taking a long drag.
His jaw clenched and his pants tightened. You were so hot.
He chuckled pulling over to a grassy hill, putting the car in park. “I didn’t know the Harrington sister would smoke?”
“I do a lot of things that’d disgrace the Harrington name.”
He smirked to himself taking the cigarette back.
That night you really got to know Billy. You two were talking until sunrise and you turned out to really like who he was. He dropped you off at your house and you pecked his cheek before walking inside to the Harrington residence.
You might be the death of him.
Billy Hargrove found you in crowds easier. He’d wink and you’d roll your eyes when your friends fought over who he winked at.
Max wanted to have a movie night when you were babysitting her and her friends came over. They didn’t even think of you as a babysitter but more of a friend.
Billy walked in asking if he could join. Max said sure and shot you a look when he sat next to you on the couch.
Billy whispered dirty jokes, you swatted him in the chest. “There’s kids!” Even through your scolding you couldn’t find the blush in your cheeks.
He shrugged with a knowing grin.
Billy even asked Tommy and Carol about you. They were surprised in his interest about you. That’s when those two started showing up at your locker, sweet-talking you.
Your friends had wanted to go to the theaters and you agreed. Billy was there, when you got bored. You and him left the showing room hiding in the bathroom, giggling like school girls.
“Oh billy! You’re so strong, carrying that popcorn.” You mimicked one your friends which had said that.
Billy chuckled, “Jealous?”
You paused.
His smirk grew wider. He asked if you wanted to go on one of your drives where you guys would share a cigarette. Tonight, in that grassy lot, Billy and you were in the backseat making out. He hands were exploring your body. Your tongues fighting in the kiss.
You pulled back, you two sharing idiotic smiles. Billy had his mouth open, his tongue out. You flicked your gaze from his to the tongue back to his. You took your chance and licked up his tongue.
That’s about how far you went that night. Though there were more nights that led to more.
After a party, Billy was trying to keep his eyes on the road, but he couldn’t for the whole time. Not with you leaning your head out the window, your hair catching the wind.
Giggling you pulled back in, his cigarette in your lips. You took a drag settling back in.
“How far is our spot?”
“Ten minutes, why?” You smirked leaning back of the console to Billy to let him take a drag. While you were close enough, you whispered.
“I’m not wearing panties under this dress, y’know? Maybe I can get started.” His hands tightened thinking about how your dress hardly fell over the curve of your ass and you had no panties.
Trying to recover, he smirked, “Naughty girl, Harrington.”
“Very.” You agreed leaning back against the headrest. Your hand traveling down to your cunt, swiping up your arousal. You showed him your sticky fingers. “Look, Billy,” you cooed. “Already. Just for you.”
“Fuck, Y/N.”
You smiled, placing your fingers in your mouth, moaning at the taste. “If only if you could taste it right now.”
You took your fingers toying with your clit, you put two fingers into you, thrusting them in and out. Your moans causing Billy to press the gas pedal harder. “Oh, Billy!” You cried, imagining it was his dick thrusting into you.
Your fingers sped up, Billy groaned at you moaning for him. “Do not cum yet, Y/N.”
You pulled your fingers out, sticking them in his mouth to let him suck on your taste. “Sir, yes sir.”
Billy pulled into your spot unbuckling you both pulling you out of the vehicle. Setting you on his hood , hiking your dress up.
“Fuck, you’re so pretty, baby.” He murmured kissing down your sternum. “But such a slut for fingering yourself in front of me. Did you wish it was my dick in that cunt? Do you want my fingers in you?” You whined.
“Yes, dammit, Billy. Fuck me or I’ll fuck myself.” He chuckled, squatting down, eye level with your cunt. He pulled your legs forward closer. You laid out on the hood of his blue car. He swirled his tongue in your cunt lapping like a hungry man.
You screamed in the hills, crying his name out. “Billy, billy, fuck, billy.” You cried, grabbing his hair trying to get as much friction as possible.
“I’m almost there, shit.” He added two fingers.
“Come on baby, cum in my mouth.” His words sent you over the edge into your high, his tongue fucking you. You were exhausted coming off of it, but you wanted more.
You unzipped him, palming him in his boxers, he groaned. “Fuck, sweetheart.” You pulled down the boxers. You hopped off the car, getting on your knees.
You licked the pre-cum, “Oh, baby.”
You took him in his mouth, moving up and down bobbing. He groaned feral-like, tossing his head back.
His fingers grabbed your hair making you take him whole, you gagged but then you were able to bob on him again.
“Almost there. I want you to swallow it.” You licked up the shaft before taking him in your mouth again. You hollowed your cheeks moving faster. He came with a loud moan, you swallowed his cum.
The next time you were at the grassy hill. You didn’t leave the car, back in the backseat. Billy was sitting up and you were riding him.
You bounced up and down, panting and sweating. You thrusting him into you, continually hitting your sweet spot. “So good, taking all of me. Aren’t you?”
You were cockdrunk, dumbly nodding trying you best to please him.”
You rolled your hips before back to bouncing. Billy took a drag in your face and you whimpered.
“Want a drag? Here, baby.” He held the cigarette to your lips and you took a drag. You leaned down making marks on him.
“Everyone better fucking know that you belong to me. Even my fucking friends.” He grinned beginning to make marks on your neck.
“I am yours and you are mine.”
You came and he released shortly after. You fell asleep in his arms that night.
You and Billy weren’t official but you didn’t know what you were. Max smirked at the love bites on your neck. “Billy has matching ones?”
You blushed avoiding the questions.
Billy rang your doorbell with flowers, but you didn’t answer. Steve did.
“Steve Harrington, hey.”
Steve was confused, “You need something?”
“I’m here to ask your sister to be my girlfriend. These are for your mom, but do I have your blessing? I’m still going to ask her if you give it or not.”
“I figured, but I don’t care. Y/n!”
“What the fuck do you want Steve?”
“Your man is here.” They both heard running down the stairs,
“Hi.” You whispered breathlessly.” Billy handed the brother the flowers and Steve sighed getting a vase with water putting the bouquet in the vase.
Billy kissed you, “I figured I needed to do this right? Want to be mine, officially?” You giggled kissing him.
“Yes, my knight in a leather jacket.”
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angelltheninth · 3 months
NSFW Masterlist Part 4
Bruce Wayne x Fem!Reader - Roger That, Over
Jason Todd x Fem!Reader - Sweet Smoke
Being Friends with Benefits with Bruce, Nightwing, Red Hood and Oliver Queen
Dom!Druig Makes You Beg
Peter Parker x Fem!Reader - Wall Crawling Lover Boy
Namor x Fem!Reader - On the Waves of Pleasure
Steve Rogers x Fem!Reader - Warm on the Inside
Edging the Moon Boys
Moon Boys + Breeding and Creampies
Domestic Smut Headcanons with Ghost
Ghost Can't Keep Quiet
Sub!Ghost with a Mommy Kink
Ghost's Mask Stays on During Sex
Ghost Stamina Headcanons
Ghost Using Sex Toys
Ghost Marking You
Ghost + Condoms
Ghost with a Breeding Kink
One Night Stand with Ghost
König with a Breeding Kink
General NSFW Headcanons with John
Bondage with John
Task Force 141 and Alejandro being Overstimulated
Size Kink with König
Ghost and König + Primal Kink
First Time with Task Force 141 and Alejandro
Wedding Night with Tengen Uzui
Kidnapped by Akaza
Fun Under the Table with Tengen Uzui
Cockwaming Dazai
Overstimulation with Fyodor
Fyodor Punishes You
Worshiping Fyodor
Grog Strongjaw x Fem!Reader - Rough Around the Edges
NSFW Letters D, E, I, K, R with Percy de Rolo
First Time with Percy, Scanlan and Grog
Scanlan x Fem!Reader - Sing Me Your Song of Pleasure
Percy de Rolo with a Baby Fever
Daemon Targaryen x Fem!Reader - Put on Display
Daemon Targaryen x Fem!Reader - Conquest in the Sheets
Geralt x Fem!Reader - Bad Influence
First Time Having Someone as Big as Geralt
Bachira Using Your Panties to Masturbate
Friends with Benefits with Sae Itoshi
Chigiri Rails You Over the Table
Breaking up and Getting Back Together with Sae Itoshi
Bachira Going Feral on You
NSFW Letters B, F, J, K for Sae Itoshi
Praise + Cockwarming with Mikage Reo
Chigiri Blingfolding You
Reo and Nagi + Facesitting Headcanons
Rin Itoshi Wants You to be Loud
Threesome Blurb with Sae and Rin
Sukuna x Fem!Reader - In the Eyes of God
Sukuna x Fem!Reader - Disobedience Breeds Honestly
Yuuji Itadori x Fem!Reader x Sukuna - The Mirror Effect
JJK Men when You Have Big Boobs
Miles Quaritch x Fem!Reader - Alien Needs
Jake, Quaritch, Tsu'tey, Tonowari + Mating Season
Tonowari x Fem!Reader - How It Should Be
Aonung x Fem!Reader - Under the Surface
Leona Kingscholar x Fem!Reader - Hate You Fuck You
Malleus Draconia x Fem!Reader - Green Colored Lust
Leona Chases You Down
Malleus Draconia x Fem!Reader - Wedding Night Frenzy
Al-Haitham, Childe and Ayato when You Fake an Orgasm
Genshin Men when You Call Someone Else's Name During Sex
Dainsleif and Kaveh with Sex Pollen
Genshin Men with an S/O who Loves Their Big Chest
Ayato, Childe, Al-Haitham and Zhongli when Their S/O Cries After an Orgasm
Genshin Men with an S/O who likes to Hold Hands During Sex
Dottore x Fem!Reader - His Greatest Achievement
Closet Sex with Bodyguard!Capitano
Pregnancy sex with Childe, Al-Haitham and Zhongli
Genshin Men when You Laugh in the Middle of Having Sex
Scaramouche x Fem!Reader - Sit Down and Shut Up
Fatui Harbiger Men + Size Differance
Being Cumdrunk and Cockdrunk with Genshin Men
Threesomes with Genshin Men
Make-up Sex with Diluc, Xiao, Scaramouche and Al-Haitham
Diluc x Fem!Reader - Darknight's Undoing
Shower Sex with Childe, Dottore, Pantalone and Al-Haitham
Childe x Fem!Reader - A Bet and a Prize
Sneaking Around with Vander
Finn x Fem!Reader - Within These Halls
Vander with a Breeding Kink
First Time with Cassandra, Grayson and Ambessa
Vi x Fem!Reader - Brawler Who Got the Cream
Billy, Eddie, Steve Fingering Headcanons
Eddie Munson x Fem!Reader - Like Fire in My Skin
Steve Watches You Masturbate
Missionary Sex with Billy
Eddie, Steve and Billy + Being Loud or Quiet
Dabi x Fem!Reader - Dirty Dancing Through Life
BNHA Men Fingering You
Izuku "Deku" Midorya x Fem!Reader - Disciplinary Action
Din Djarin + Post Mission Sex Blurb
Din Djarin Blindfolds You
Darth Maul Catches You Masturbating
Din Djarin with a Baby Fever
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scaredsimp · 6 months
Damian Wayne relationship scenarios
Tumblr media
Warnings: mentions of sleeping on the highway as a joke, lmk if I missed anything else A/N: I imagine Damian's 16 in this. mentions celebrating Christmas briefly at the end, but it's not a theme throughout. so if you don't celebrate Christmas, you can still read.
you and Damian were asked to do the BuzzFeed puppy interview
you and him sat on the floor and answered questions as a litter of puppies chewed on your expensive heels and fell asleep on your and Damian's lap
a funny moment happened when you pointed to one of the puppies and said you were gonna name it after your favorite Wayne
Damian looked at you with a soft smile before you slapped your lap to get the dog's attention and, in a high-pitched voice, said, "c'mere Dick, come here, boy!"
Damian's smile comedically drops as you laugh
a little after that, you have a handful of puppies in your arms, and you look at Damian, asking if you could bring them home "no, maybe you should ask your favorite Wayne." he scoffs before his facade fades, and he starts laughing with you
never before has he been so open in an interview. He even called you beloved while the cameras were rolling, beloved is a name he solely uses in private, so for him to say it on camera is a really big deal
this fills the fan's love for you both, and a slew of edits became of your interactions, with each other and the puppies with captains like
"sleeping on the highway tn" "IF THEY BREAK UP IM GONNA LOSE FAITH IN LOVE," "get you someone who looks at you the way Damian looks at y/n"
Damian defiantly shows off for you
if you walk into him sparring, he will go from 0 to 100 because there is no way he's losing in front of you
on the off chance he does lose, he tries to not act but hurt, but he defiantly is
all you have to do is compliment his fighting or his technique, and he will be fine again
stupid idea activity rises 70% when you're around
yall will be chilling on the couch, and he will casually say, "want to steal the bat mobile?"
cue two hours of riding around Gotham listening to music and getting out once or twice to stop crime before hopping back in and continuing the drive
you were only stopped when none other than the big bad bat himself jumped on the roof of the batmobile as it was moving
and boy, did you both get an ear full not only did bruce have something to say about both of your reckless behavers but so did black canary, your mentor
you were both benched from crime fighting for the next week (not that it was going to you both)
after the chew out, Jason makes himself known from where he was leaning against the doorway "tsk tsk tsk you kids really should know better" "shut up, todd," Damian shoots back
if you celebrate Christmas, Damian will invite you to Christmas with his family
sometimes it surprises you just how many people are in his family, and Christmas at the Waynes can get a little crazy
you guys have ugly sweater competitions that get extremely competitive, and Alfred makes the most amazing Christmas cookies
all around, you and Damian have a great time together in and out of costume
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makethatelevenrings · 1 month
Bff!reader finally tell her growing *more than friends* feeling to Jason for Valentine's day please! (Hope my prompt get pick up)
I feel like a love confession with Jason would come on the heels of a fight
You're chewing him out for being a self-sacrificial idiot as he's being all "why do you care so much" and you whip around and snarl out "because I cannot bury the love of my life. I won't survive it."
You turn away, both to hide your shame and your tears. You cannot believe you just blurted that out. Jason and you had been friends for years.
He had been there for your shitty exes and you were there for his daddy issues. He had seen you in a clay mask with a glass of apple juice in your hand after a bad day and you had kept his eyes on you as you held his hand as Leslie stitched him up. He was your best fucking friend and you just ruined everything.
"What did you say?" His voice is calm. Careful. Quiet.
"Forget it." You laugh. You laugh because you can't think of any other emotion you're supposed to have at this moment other than pure, unadulterated fear. You just ruined the one good relationship going for you. You just ended your friendship because you couldn't keep your stupid fucking mouth shut.
"No, I won't forget it." You can feel him press up behind you. The scent of gunpowder, grease, and cinnamon invades your nose but you can't. You can't look at him. You can't turn around.
"I love you, Jason Peter Todd." You say his full name with such sorrow and such depth that you feel as though you're free falling from a skyscraper, your outstretched hand grasping for one of their infamous grappling hooks.
"I love the way you dog ear your pages and highlight your favorite quotes. I love how you cook pozole when you're sad because it reminds you of good times. I love how you hum show tunes when you clean and I love how you bring a newspaper to the neighbor at 2B every morning." A hiccupping sob escapes you. "I love how you refuse to be cruel no matter how much the world has hurt you. I love how you see the good in people who don't see that in themselves and I love that you protect those who can't protect themselves and I love you. I have always loved you and I'm terrified that I always will love you. Because someday, maybe today, you're going to leave me, Jason Todd and I don't know if I can handle that so please, if you're going to break my heart, do it now. Walk out before I can embarrass myself anym-"
He cups your cheek and brings your lips up to meet his. He tastes like the strawberries you had cut up earlier to add to your pancakes and he had stolen a few pieces. You savor the lingering sweetness as you turn in his hold so your chest presses against his. Jason's other hand settles on your waist and he keeps you close, impossibly close.
"I'm not going anywhere that you can't follow," he whispers once you pull away. Foreheads pressed together, he presses a featherlight kiss to the tip of your nose. "I swear to you."
He can't bring himself to say those three words. He's heard it be repeated too many times followed by empty promises and backstabbings, but you know by the tender way he holds you that night, he feels it too.
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fryingpan1234567 · 3 months
Batboys ships feat. the morning after New Years (happy 2023 everyone!!)
~ ”Ughhh…” Dick Grayson took half the covers with him when he fell out of the bed, sore and completely hungover.
Because of this, Wally was forced to actually move and look over the edge at him.
“What the shit was that for?” he grumped. His condition wasn’t much better. He yanked the covers back, but Dick didn’t move.
He groaned. “M’ skull has a heartbeat…” he mumbled into the carpet.
Wally huffed in solidarity. “That speedster alcohol works. Remind me to thank and then punch Cisco later.”
“What, you’re leaving the house today?” Dick joked, finally managing to crawl back up into bed. Thankfully, the windows were closed, and they could probably go back to sleep. He faceplanted into Wally’s chest. “Shtay.”
“Yeah, yeah.” There was a serene pause. Not even the dog was up. “If you puke on me, I’m breaking up with you.”
“I would nev- maybe we should go to the bathroom.”
~ Lian knew her dads were going to be hungover the morning after. She did not count on taking care of and reverse-parenting the shit out of them, though. It was sort of validating.
“Li, I’m buying you the fucking Wonka factory after this,” Roy groaned, half hanging out of the bed.
“You’re my favorite child,” Jason agreed, (barely) catching the water bottle she tossed him.
Lian grinned, leaning against the bed. “Don’t repay me in chocolate, repay me in solo patrol time!”
“Don’t push your luck,” Roy grumbled, taking the bottle Jay passed over.
“I’ll make you Nutella sandwiches for lunch.”
“I hate that you know my weakness.”
When Tim woke up, the house was quiet.
Normally he’s not the first one up anyways. The Manor always had the sound of training, yelling, busy hallways. Unless it was early enough, anyways.
Kon’s arm was draped over his chest, and he was still snoring peacefully.
“Kon,” Tim whispered, poking at his bicep. “Conner, we’re up first.”
Conner mumbled something like, “You’re up first. I’m asleep.”
Tim sighed, tracing patterns on his boyfriend’s arm. More sleep didn’t sound too bad, although late nights weren’t an excuse. Late nights were every night.
Still. It was New Years last night. He figured no one would be up until at least nine, which was the latest anyone usually slept in the Manor.
“Turn your brain off,” Kon hummed. “I can feel you thinking. It’s distracting.”
“I thought you were asleep,” Tim teased, lolling his head over to check the actual time.
Oh. Oh, no.
Tim sat bolt upright in bed, startling Kon off of him.
“What-?” he started to say in a panic, but Tim cut him off.
“FUCK,” he yelped. “It’s one in the afternoon!”
Despite Drake’s shouting, Damian had managed to sleep in- and that never happened.
He lay staring at the door, a blush spreading across his face as memories from the night before replayed.
“Dami!” Admittedly, the Kryptonian had only found him because he’d paused to watch the countdown in Gotham’s city square. He couldn’t say he was mad, although he was maybe a bit ashamed someone had caught him lacking.
“Kent,” Damian greeted. He hated the butterflies that swarmed his stomach. He hoped it didn’t show in his voice.
“Can I sit?” Jon said obliviously. Damian gestured to the ledge beside him, where they could see the big billboard. Thirty seconds.
Dami glanced at him after a few moments of silence. “Why are you in Gotham?”
Jon shrugged. “Conner’s here. And maybe I wanted to see you.”
Twenty seconds. “Me?”
“Yeah… unless- if you don’t-“
“Jon.” Damian was startled into using his first name. He hesitantly laid a gloved hand on Jon’s. “I like to see you too, if it comforts you.”
Jon smiled. “Well, then- the countdown’s starting!”
Jon hopped up to his feet, pulling Dami with him by the hand. When they were standing, he didn’t let go.
Damian tried to ignore the short distance between them. He could feel the heat radiating from him.
When Jon leaned in, he may or may not have given Dami a heart attack.
He kissed him, right as the first fireworks went off and the crowd screamed.
Movement in the bed next to him scared him so bad he fell out of it.
There was a knife in Damian’s hand before he recognized the person there.
Jon was looking at him, pretty eyes half-lidded, with a sleepy smile. Dami tried not to melt.
“Tryna kill me already, Sunshine?” he mumbled, still buried in the covers. “After one date, too. Am I that bad at kissing?”
“I-“ Dami dropped the knife, mostly in shock. “No. No, of course not. To both questions.”
Jon hummed. “Well maybe you should stop trying to stab me and do it again.”
He did. For a long time. Father didn’t need to know why he never left his room that day.
~ can you tell who my favorite is lol
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eihwaz-y-d · 4 months
Twin Skeletons
Part IV
Beginning Previous Part
People who wanted to be tagged: @queenieofsouls @my-mom-calls-me-rat @daemonlogical @crystaldrops20
Again: I know nothing and do what I want.
The petty criminals were quickly dealt with, Jason just needed to walk in the alley and as soon as the wannabe muggers noticed the Red Hood they ran like a dog with its tail between its legs. 
Suits him just fine, now he just needs to deal with the teenagers with zero Self-preservation. Turning around he found himself facing the from the museum. The boy is hunched into himself and rubbing his temples as if to prevent or fight a bad headache, he pays no attention towards his surroundings at all. On closer inspection the kid does not look good, maybe he needs medical attention? 
"Hey kid, are you okay? Are you hurt somewhere?" the boy does not react at all. That is not a good sign, reaching out Jason tries again. "Hey kid?" 
But as soon as his hand makes contact with the tens shoulder the teen reacts immediately. 
The kids eyes flyes open -later Jason would swear his eyes flashed a toxic (Lazarus) green for a moment-, with one arm he beats Jason's hand off his shoulder and with the other he throws a punch towards his throat, then something like recognize, understanding and fear flickers other his face. He tries to pull his punch and let it land somewhere other than the throat, literally anywhere else.  Everything happened in a matter of seconds, Jason didn't have the time to react at all. The punch hit him just under his throat where his neck goes into his breast. Jason staggers back, a breathless cry /groan leaves his lips and for a moment it's difficult to breathe again. The pit shrieks and wither in fear and tries to hide deeper before it goes eerie quiet again - It nearly feels like it is gone and never was there in the first -. It takes a moment before air fills Jason's lungs again, he rubs his throat before sitting up again. 
A feral grin spread across his lips and Jason is glad for his helmet overwise he would look like a maniac. But Damn, possibly dangerous person or not, the kid is like a freaking messiah for Jason. One look and the pit trembles in fear and goes quiet, one punch and the pit disappears like it was never there. 
He feels jittery and happy but also at peace. It's like he got dosed with Dopamine, serotonin and Endorphin all at once. He can't remember the last time he feels this good. There was pain he did not notice till it was gone. It feels like heaven. He is high on the best drug and probably already addicted to it. 
" Damn kid, that was a mean punch." Despite the voice modulation his voice still sounds a little hoarse. 
The black haired teen seems almost panicked in his worries. " I'm so sorry, by the Ancients, I didn't mean to punch you. Are you okay? Do you have difficulty with the breathing? Do you need a Doctor? Where do one find a doc-"
A low chuckle - the red hood does not giggle and if anyone would say so, Jason will call them a liar - cuts the rambling short. " Relax, kid, you didn't punch me that hard. I wasn't expecting it and you just caught me off guard. "
Danny narrows his eyes suspiciously, his whole body language screams mistrust. "Are you sure?" 
"Yep." he answers way too cheerful for Red Hood's reputation as a crime lord but Jason simply did not care. He is still grinning like a loon under his helmet. 
After a minute of silence and awkward looking around from Danny and open staring from Jason - who is here to call him out on it? Nobody, he can look all he like-, Jason decides to break the ice, Danny looks rather uncomfortable. 
" Hey, you are the kid from the museum, aren't you? Did you get to see the exhibition you wanted to visit? "
" No."
" A shame, it's really good." 
" just rub it in, will' ya?" 
And Red Hood laughs again while Danny sulks. 
" Whatcha name kid?" 
" Alright Danny, what are you doing out here in the Narrows at this time?" 
" I got out, then I was attacked by some kind of ninja. I ran and got completely lost but at least I think I lost the ninja dude." 
" lost you say? Why are out and about anyway? Shouldn't little kids like you already been to bed? "
" I have no qualms with punching you again. Can you tell me how to get to the museum from there on I would probably find my way back. "
" I could take you directly to your hotel." 
" Thanks but no thanks. Have you heard of stranger danger? You are not really easy to read with the helm and the voice modification. This doesn't really inspire my confidence in you. I don't fancy being kidnapped again. Just tell me what way to go and I'm not your problem anymore. "
So Damian kidnapped Danny and the boy got away? That is surprising. 
Danny was once again holding his head and was breathing forcefully controlled, like he was trying to breath away pain. 
And the moment of silence was back, then Jason reached for his helm and pressed the mechanism before pulling it off. Luckily he still wore his domino mask underneath the helmet. He did it without thinking and the bat would not approve but who cares about the bat anyway, not Jason, thats for sure. 
"You don't look quite alright, let me help you?" 
" it's just a headache, I'll survive. So? Which way now?" 
Sighting, Jason pointed in the right direction. "That way." 
 Danny slowly moves towards the end of alley. "Nice. Thanks Mr Hero dude."
That brings a little smirke on Jason's lips. "You don't know who I am, or?" 
Looking back other his shoulders Danny replies with a little grin. " No! But with hair like yours I'm pretty sure I would recognize you out of your hero outfit." 
Shaking his head, Jason snorts. "Cheeky brat" 
"At your Service." the Teenager has the nerves to bow mockingly towards him and than he was gone.
As Danny got back at the hotel, it was nearly half past four in the morning and neither his core nor his mind had settled and he didn't believe he could sleep without some nightmares so he would better not try to sleep. Sneaking back in was easy. 
He took his sketch pad from his backpack and did was away does best after a nightmare, he let the memories take hold and just draw till his mind was quite again.
Soooo..... Fun fact. How Danny deals with his overwhelmed mind (and after nightmares) is how I deal with nightmares. I draw them and then they don't haunt me anymore. And one of my head canon of Danny Phantom is that Danny is really good at engineering. (in the Fenton household it is a necessary survival skill for Danny to be good at engineering, he needs to know how his parents technology works, how to manipulate the technology or straight up sabotage it so he dies not completely) but being good at engineering also means to know how to read the blueprints correctly or draw some himself, I think. And I assume one needs at least a little bit of drawing skills for that so for this fic Danny is decent at drawing and sketching.
And also. Someone once told me as I hit puberty if I am in the need of defending myself I should always goes for the soft parts like the throat and than run. So it becomes a habit of writing punching someone in the throat rather than punching in the face.
I hope you all enjoyed reading!
Edit : Next Part
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Just for the Weekend 4/10
Summary: You and Jason check into the hotel.
Pairs: Fem!Reader x Jason Todd.
Words: 2k
Warnings: Crappy men, fluff, fake dating, pet names, mutual pining, swearing.
Part 3.
Tumblr media
All too soon you reach the hotel and you don't want to be as pleased with yourself as you are. But you hadn't embarrassed yourself on the beach and you didn't even puke on the bike, your blood was full of adrenaline from the ride and somehow knowing that Jason wasn't going to do anything that would hurt you. Which was probably just the result of fear from what Dick would do to him if he killed his best friend.
You're grateful you don't run into anyone you know while checking in, and you thank Batman when the receptionist informs you that you are the first guests to arrive. Glad that you took the time to enjoy the pit stop, while still managing to miss the wedding arrivals. Jason takes the room key from the receptionist and you can't hide the giddily feeling that is still lurking in your chest. You’re getting along. Even better, you were kind of being friendly which is the last thing you expected from Dicks aloof brother.
"See wasn't so bad, " Jason says as you call the elevator, "told you it'd be fine toots. Didn't even get eaten by a shark,"
"You also promised to drop the pet names,"
"So I did, sorry baby girl. I may have lied."
"You know you can be a real asshole when you want to be," you want to think they're annoying, but really they’re clawing at that part of your brain that keeps reminding you that this is fake. It's not real and the pet names are not helping in selling that to your heart.
"Should've asked Dick to come with you instead, Pumpkin," he says, not looking at you, instead focusing hard on the numbers beside the lift.
"Yuk," you say, drawing his attention to you, "no offense to your big brother. Love the guy, but just no."
"Why me then, honey buns?"
"Why not you?"
"I just thought you always hated-," he's interrupted by a loud squeaking coming from across the lobby and the sound brings steam to your ears.
"Well, if it isn't the Princess of Gotham come to grace us with her holy presence," the vile piece of shit says as he approaches you, "and who's this you've brought with you? Another sucker for you to play with?"
"Hello Jonathon," you sneer through gritted teeth, "didn't realise you would be here," you feel your hand ball into a fist, even if it's just for show. You never had it in you to fight him back before.
He's Sunny's brother, of course he's here. But with all the excitement you had forgotten to ask if her estranged ass of a brother would be in attendance. How someone as kind as Sunny ended up with him for a brother blows your mind. Your fist tightens as he grows nearer, maybe this time you would knock him out.
You're shocked when Jason's long fingers weave their way around your waist, twisting into your hand. His fingers opening yours and ruining your perfect fist. A soothing ease seeps into your bones from Jason’s hand and washes over you and you feel like at least this time someone will have your back.
"James was it? I think you need to check in before entering the hotel," Jason tilts his head at Jonathan and the 2 men coming up behind him.
"Don't tell me what to do. I just want to catch up with an old flame," Jonathan says casually like he isn't dog shit incarnate.
"Oh thank christ," you breathe when the elevator dings behind you. You see the fury in Jonathan's eyes when he notices Jason's arm around your waist and his hand holding yours. You ignore him, moving yourself closer to Jason, you peer up at him, rubbing your forefinger over the tip of your nose.
"Best be off, got a room to break in and all that, '' Jason winks, blowing off Jonathan as he steps closer. He tugs your stiff body back, pulling you into the elevator with him and just as the doors are about to close he shouts "have the day you deserve."
Jason's demeanor completely changes when the doors slide shut. He's standing over you, your face in his hands, looking down at you like- like he's actually worried. "Are you alright?"
"Yeah, yeah. It's nothing. I just- I don't like him is all."
"Sounds like an understatement." He says, like he's talking to a spooked puppy, "you were about to hit him."
"Only if he came too close."
"Gotcha, kept away from that guy. How do you know that loser anyway?"
"We dated in college, he was- well he wasn't as bad. But to say he was kind would be a lie. I just,"
"Didn't know he was a jackass?"
"Hmm," Jason ponders, releasing your face and stepping back to give you some space. "This is us," he says as the lift opens, "let's go see how nice of a room Bruce's money can buy."
"Oh yeah, I had the clerk give us an upgrade on Bruce's card."
"Jason," you chide him but secretly excited to see exactly what Bruce Wayne money can buy.
"Holy shit," you both exclaim as you enter the suite. Yes. Suite. It's huge. The whole thing is open plan, covered in marble and the only door inside is what you assume leads to the washroom. Mostly because of its location leading off the open concept bathroom behind the massive bed. The only thing to give you some semblance of privacy is the large frosted glass divider behind the bed head.
The bed, shit, you think. Where are you going to sleep? The couch looks big enough, even the sun beds on the porch appear to be cushioned. You try not to think about it, instead focusing on the window line, the whole exterior wall and a large balcony that looks like it's almost leading into the ocean. "This is too much," you say, wandering around and touching all the fancy surfaces.
"Only the best for the Princess of Gotham," Jason teases, but stops when you turn and glare at him, he raises his hands in defense, "sorry, that's one's a hard no then."
"Definitely off limits,"
"Good to know. So what are we doing?"
"I need to get this chapter finished before the weekend officially starts, so please yourself." You need to keep busy, need to not think about the fact that you may have to share a bed with him.
"I will, '' he smirks, taking off his jacket and throwing over the long leather couch. "Imma take a bath,"
Gathering up your laptop and pouring yourself a glass of wine at the kitchen counter, you find yourself focusing very hard on the colour of the wine, how the marble of the counter weaves together because you can hear Jason undressing behind you and it takes all your willpower not to look. God you wanna look so badly. But no, you need to get this in before your deadline and perving on him would be inappropriate. You move your thoughts, focusing on your editor, Amalie and how she is going to kill you if you're late again.
"What's this one about?" Jason calls, when he's seated in the bath, you turn on instinct, grateful that the tub is so big that you can only see his head poking out.
"This one what?"
"Your book, you're a writer right? Dicks always going on about it. So what's it about? As your pretend boyfriend, shouldn't I know?"
"I guess?" You think it over, should you just lie? Jason might be a secret romantic but he's definitely going to look at you differently when you tell him about the Succubus.
"So go on then," he leans his arms over the tub and you swear you're about to start drooling. His thick arms are soaking wet, dripping onto the door. You've seen them before, at the beach not even 2 hours ago, but not like this. Not knowing that he's just sitting meters away naked in the bath. Shit, this is worse than the beach. You had such a good time, just hanging out. But now it's like someone threw a lust potion in the air and you can't keep your head on straight.
"Right," you try to shake the horny thoughts from your head, "it's about a woman who falls for her captor."
"Like Stockholm syndrome?"
"No, more like, they’re the only one trying to help her while everyone is just using her and when she finds out she-"
"Lalalala," he clogs his ears, "no spoilers!"
"You asked!" You shout, but when you look back at Jason he's laughing.
"Forbidden type romance, got it.” he shrugs, “I'm getting so pruney, want to see?" He says lifting his hand towards you and yes you want to see. But instead you turn around, ignoring him.
"I'll be on the balcony while you get dressed. Dinner is smart casual, I'm sure Alfred taught you what that means," you say, not looking back. Because if you look back he's going to see how flushed you are. So you snatch your laptop and your glass and go and hide on the balcony.
Your phone buzzes and you see a message from Dick.
Dick - how's it going?
You - Good, you're never going to believe what happened?
Dick- you punched my brother?
You- I didn’t. It’s worse than that.
Dick- What could possibly be worse?
You- Jonathan is here
Dick- No fucking way! That asshole. I'm on my way.
You- Jason handled it.
Dick- oh did he now.
You- yes. It was actually very cool of him.
You- what?
Dick- nothing. Just maybe be wary of that. You know how you always call me mother hen. Jay's more like a mamma bear. K bye love you.
You- weirdo. Love you.
"That Dick?" Jason asks, coming up beside you dressed in a nice pair of black slacks and a black button up silk shirt. “Checking we didn’t kill each other yet?” He looks, well he looks like a fucking Wayne is what he looks like. Fuck, you forget every time how well these boys scrub up.
"Ah, yeah." You say, trying your best to hide just how his attire is affecting you. "I'm just going to go have a quick shower and get ready. Can you-"
"I will stay out here with my eyes shut." Even if he doubts his ability to do so. Fuck, after seeing you in that bikini he can barely wait to get his eyes on more of you. Knowing your just going to be inside, naked and wet and waiting..fuck, he can't believe he promised Dick he wouldn't get wasted. He doesn't know how he's going to sleep next to you sober and manage to keep his hands to himself. Maybe he shouldn't have agreed, this is a whole new level of torture.
"Cool, thanks." You smile at him and he can't begin to explain how it lights his insides up. Almost as much as seeing you ball your fist at a man much bigger than you and that clearly frightened you. Shit, you were so scared of that asshole, he's almost relieved that you can still smile. But the pang in his chest tells him something else, he got you to smile.
"Maybe before dinner we can go to the bar? Get a few more drinks in you so you're not so tense." He calls over his shoulder, not wanting to turn back. Knowing he won't be able to resist the urge to follow.
"Tense I'm not tense," you huff and puff your way into the bathroom. He can almost hear you loosening your shoulders in an attempt to look at ease, even though he can’t even see you.
You try to be as quick as you can, but you really want to look good. You want to appear put together and like you belong on Jason Todd's arm when you see Claire and her perfect life.
Wrapping the towel around you, you peek about the corner, and see Jason reading something on the deck.
He seems pretty wrapped up in it, so you take a bit longer doing your hair, picking out the little black dress you bought yesterday and slipping it on before approaching him.
"What cha reading?" You say making him nearly jump out of his skin.
"Holy fuckin jesus, Sweetheart you trying to kill me?" he throws the book and you notice the familiar cover page as it hits the deck.
"Not at all, just wanted to tell you I'm ready to go. How do I look?"
"You look like I should change into a red shirt in case I have to knock Joel out when he gets to close to you,"
"I'm sure it'll be fine. Let's just have a good time, and hope he's already passed out somewhere."
Part 5.
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frostbittenbucky · 1 year
During one of those weeks that Bruce is followed by cameras for a reality show
Bruce: [sitting at a bar with some friends. He’s obviously exhausted, kinda staring off]
Oliver: [nudging Bruce] “come on, lighten up. I know it must be so hard doing nothing all day, Brucie”
Bruce: [gulps his whisky down] “fuck off, Ollie”
Clark: [flashback to when he found Bruce sleeping in the batmobile so he could get some time away from his kids] “he’s a single father, he’s got a right to be tired”
Oliver: “half of them don’t even live with him! He should be celebrating. He’s only got the surprise stork drop off and and the girl living with him”
Bruce: “they have names. Damian, Cassandra, and Duke, Oliver. I only have three children living with me yet all of them are always fucking there”
Clark: “come on, B. Ignore him”
Bruce: [sitting up straighter] “I have Dick, Jason—which I’m thankful for— Tim, Damian, Cassandra, Duke, Stephanie, and all of their little friends in my house all the goddamn time”
Oliver: [leaning against the bar] “carry on, let’s hear how bad you have it, Brucie”
Bruce: [looking wild in the eyes] “my oldest is going to be in his damn thirties soon and my youngest is just starting high school this year-“
Clark: “gosh time flies”
Bruce: “-and they get along best! There’s like a-a… 15 year age difference? I’m not even sure, but do you not see the problem?”
Oliver: [shaking his head]
Bruce: “there’s a grown man with the mindset of a young teenager running around my house and there nothing I can do! I can’t ground him, I can’t take away his allowance, I can’t take his car privileges, he’s rouge”
Clark: [sips his coke]
Bruce: “and every day Tim sings with the dogs. He howls at every hour whenever he gets the urge to do so…I’m so tired of it. Then, then, Jason-I love having him back in my house, don’t get me wrong- but he’s… he’s Jason”
Clark: [nods in understanding]
Oliver: “dude, what can he do? How can you be upset by anything he does after everything?”
Bruce: [locks eyes with Oliver] “everything. He does everything to spite me. Then Tim, again…that little asshole”
Oliver: [passes a whiskey to Bruce]
Bruce: “that little shit found my stash, and you know what he did? He smoked all of it. All. Of. It. Who does that?”
Oliver: [looks into the camera and smirks]
Bruce: “then Damian! He keeps bringing wild animals in the house. Cats, dogs, fine whatever. There were three opossums in my kitchen last night— he doesn’t even ask!”
Clark: “maybe we should discuss something else?”
Bruce: [looks defeated] “ok” [phone rings] “hello?… goddam— I’m on my way” [hangs up] “he brought my cow inside the house again”
Clark: “oh no…”
Bruce: [faces Oliver] “did you know cows can’t walk down stairs? Because I sure didn’t until last year”
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bowiebond · 5 months
AU where Eddie ran to Jason when Chrissy died. He saw Jason’s girlfriend lift into the air and all her bones pop and crack; he’s shaking in his boots and the only thing that comes to mind is: this is the work of the Devil.
He never believed in God or Satan or any of that shit; hadn’t been raised into it like most of his peers. Wayne had faith but didn’t practice it. Eddie had always been agnostic at most, not really believing but hey, if there was a set of pearly gates on the other side, he’d put up his hat and concede it was all true as he was dropped down to his residence in hell.
But seeing Chrissy contort and break like that; it jarred his very soul. He’s shaking and wide eyed as he bangs on the door of late Benny’s diner. His driving had been wild, his bangs sticking out from all his tugging and running sweaty hands through his hair. He’s long past the point of tears; they’ve dried on his tears and threaten to renew when Jason opens the door, barely tipsy, his teammates still riling Lucas up to drink with them.
Eddie drops to his knees there and then, shaking hands grabbing at his letterman as he stares up at him, lips quivering so intensely that nothing he says makes sense.
Jason’s frozen. He can’t fathom the situation he’s in. All Eddie can get out after a struggle is “Save me.” Jason’s the golden boy. Goes to church every Sunday, the pastor loves him, he was a damn altar boy until high school.
If anyone can save him, surely it’s Carver, as degrading as it is to ask. He’s too shaken with fear and cold dread to care how he looks right now, begging, pleading, for Jason Carver to save him.
And Jason. Well, fuck, he’s a child of God. A preppy, snippy douchebag, but when someone comes to you for refuge, you give it.
Most of the team is perplexed when Jason brings him inside, sits him on the couch and snaps at Chase to pass him a damn blanket considering Eddie seems like he could be in shock. Lucas watches with concern, shocked by how small Eddie seems, huddled into himself with the blanket pulled taunt around him.
Most of the guys disperse further into the diner, finding the silence too awkward to bear despite their curiosity. Only a few stay, keeping space between themselves and Eddie and Jason.
Jason never thought he’d be rubbing Eddie Munson’s back, not in a million years, but he can’t think of anything else to do until he can get Eddie calm enough to talk.
“I don’t— I’m gonna sound crazy, man.” His voice wobbles through the whole sentence and Jason lowers his voice to soothe him (he’s losing his mind, the universe was throwing a wild card at him, he swore it).
“Hey, I’m listening, just tell me what happened, alright?”
“She— she just—“ He choked on his words, tears threatening to fall once more. “She just wanted drugs, man, s-she looked like she was— she was scared or something. I’m weak at heart, a popular pretty girl asks for something harder after looking that spooked, I-I-I’m gonna do whatever she wants.” He was rambling now and Jason frowned, putting a hand up. He’s practically pressed against Eddie now, thigh to thigh and arm around his trembling shoulders. “I just wanted her to feel better,” Eddie keeps going. “It makes me feel better, it’s nice sometimes to just get away from all the shit.”
“Who is she?” Jason pressed and Eddie’s lips clamped shut, thin and eyes like a wounded dog expecting to be hit again.
“Chrissy.” Just saying her name makes the tears fall, heavy and soaking his lashes as he squeezed his eyes shut and shook his head, his hand coming to cover his face, to smack himself and pull at his bangs. “She— she—“
Jason’s stomach is icy cold with dread.
“What happened to Chrissy?” Only a few hours ago she had said she wanted to take a break, just a break, said she had things she needed to focus on and that she loved him but she needed space.
Eddie looked him in the eye and he knew it had to be bad from how sad he looked, wide brown eyes glossy and red rimmed.
“I don’t know what happened.” Eddie keep his mouth open like he wanted to say something but nothing but air escaped for a long moment before he hiccuped softly and buried his face in his hands. “I left, I left for just a minute, and she— she wasn’t responding, I hadn’t even given her anything yet, man. Nothing.” He said it like he was begging him to believe him and Jason would have pulled away if Eddie didn’t grab his sleeve like a lifeline, staring into his soul.
“It was the devil.” He whispered like it could be the only answer. “I don’t even believe in that shit, but that— it had to be. A ghost, the devil, I don’t fuckin’ know, but it wasn’t natural.”
“What happened to Chrissy?” It was a warning now and Eddie cowered into himself like he realised now. That he was in his rivals clutches, in his den with his vipers surrounding him.
“I— the lights went crazy, and she just started floating. Her— her eyes rolled back and she started floating and then—“ He flinched with his eyes closed, hearing the snaps in his head like a horrific replay. “She— all her limbs started to- to snap. And her eyes— it was like something reached into her head and—“ He hesitated to say it, the memories playing behind his eyes. “Yanked then out.” The word was emphasised by his own hands fisting and pulling back to his core, shuddering out a breath.
“I didn’t know what to do so I…I just ran. Fuck, I left her there.” His voice broke at the realisation, covering his mouth as a sob wrenched from his lips, so sudden and loud Jason thought he might vomit. “I left her, I left her, Jason, I didn’t know what to do, all I could—“ His words came out so fast Jason could barely keep up. “All I could think was I’m next.”
Jason didn’t know what to say. He was trying to process the fact that Chrissy was apparently dead. He was still attempting to wrap his head around the fact that she had been seeking out to buy drugs from Eddie Munson. Chrissy was a straight laced girl. She didn’t even drink.
But this reaction; he could tell it wasn’t fake. He’d seen Eddie act before for some dumb school production, just once, but he knew even he wasn’t this good. This whole act wasn’t a farce. Eddie had seen something horrifying happen and seemed to still be seeing it with the way he stared at the floor, wide eyed and afraid.
Lucas stepped forward, closer.
“Eddie…when she…you said something about lights—?”
“Sinclair.” Jason shot Lucas a sharp look. The boy snapped his mouth shut, pursing his lips. Lucas was by no means meek, but Jason had learnt early on that if he used the right tone, he’d back down temporarily. Whatever the kid wanted to say could wait.
He turned back to Eddie who was looking at Lucas, confused.
“Eddie.” That made him turn his eyes away, focusing on Jason. The blond had never used his first name before without his last name tacked on for a mocking effect. Jason scanned around the room, and despite the ache spreading through his chest that made him want to scream because Chrissy was dead, she was dead, and it had been painful, and Eddie witnessed it, he knew he had to calm him down.
He could have done it. The suspicion was in the back of his mind, in his bones, but if he had, why would he run to Jason? That was a death warrant.
‘Save me.’
‘All I could think was I’m next.’
No. Eddie hadn’t caused this. Jason had been a skeptic when it came to the satanic voodoo crap despite his upbringing, thought everyone who called themselves a satanist was delusional and ill, but now…Eddie was making him believe something was lurking in Hawkins. Something evil. Something that had taken Chrissy, whether as a warning or as punishment to the sinners in Hawkins. Crucify the sweetheart, the one with the heart of gold, to instil fear in the wicked.
Jason slowly took Eddie hand in his and clamped it tight. He folded his other hand over his, trapping the clammy palm between his.
“Repent.” His pastor spoke lowly in his own mind as he said it, memories of confessional visits coming to him. “You want to be saved? Beg for His forgiveness.”
Eddie’s breath hitched, eyes unblinking as he stared at Jason. The world seemed to vanish around them, trapped inside a needle of time. A camel fitting through the eye of a needle, Eddie thought idly. Something about a rich man.
“How…how do I repent?”
Jason smiled, a quirk of his lip.
“I’ll teach you. And I’ll keep you safe until the Devil leaves this town.”
Lucas watched them from across the room, face shrouded with the burdensome knowledge he had. The lights. It was always the lights. He had to tell the others...
Something squirmed in his gut as he took them in. Eddie’s transfixed gaze and tear stained cheeks, Jason’s serene smile and cool blue eyes. Both of Jason’s hands were swallowing Eddie’s hand whole.
His stomach rolled with nausea.
The longer he watched them, the more he feared Jason might skin the meat off of Eddie’s bones, and he had a feeling Eddie, in his desperation, might let him.
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msfcatlover · 9 days
Y’know, when PandaRedd said Jason Todd “isn’t that creative,” I thought it couldn’t possibly be that bad.
Then I found out Jason named his dog “Dog.”
Tumblr media
That when trying to come up with alternatives to Robin, PreCrisis!Jason’s names were all other birds, part of his costume, or literally also someone else’s nickname, with the most memorable name being “Bluejay” (which is a legit good name, but c’mon, it’s just his nickname shoved into the bird-theme.)
Tumblr media
And PostCrisis!Jason could only come up with “Batboy.”
Tumblr media
As much as I love the “Jason should be a writer” & “Jason writes fanfiction” headcanons, Jason Todd is not that creative.
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steverogerspocwife · 1 year
Your Savior
Pairing: Yandere Red Hood x Reader Summary: All he wanted to be was a savior, your savior.
He just wanted to be a hero. Ever since Jason became Bruce’s son, he always felt like a hero. He felt amazing but that was until his death occurred. Everything about Jason had changed. His previous hero complex became something even darker than the night sky. Boy wonder no longer, the creation of Red Hood appeared in steed. It seems like no matter what Jason had done; it would never be enough. He would always be at the bottom of the dirt. That mentality had changed ever since he saved you.
You had been stuck in the middle of a gang fight in the slums of Gotham. A complete innocent in the scenario. You only wanted to get home after a long day at work in the diner a few streets down. You had no idea that you would get into the mix of such a situation. You blamed it on your bad luck as you cowered in the hand of a gang member. “What’s a pretty little thing like you doing over? Don’t you know it’s dangerous out here?” You could smell the dusty musk and dog water that wavered through the air from the man’s breath. You couldn’t help but hold your tongue in disgust.
Before you knew it, you were pushed to the ground. A small grunt escaped your lips as you hit the ground. The sound of horrid screams and gunshots made you quickly cover your ears in fear. It didn’t take long for silence to be the only thing you hear. That’s when you hear a voice. “Hey, are you ok?”You unshielded your eyes and ears to reveal a man in combat clothing and a red mask. You were more than shocked by his appearance and the words just slip out your mouth. “Uh, Are you with Batman?” You couldn’t see but the hooded man’s eyebrow twitched. Even though he was annoyed with your response, he had continued to be kind. “No, I am not. Are you ok?” He asks once again, reaching his hand out to you. You gladly take it and nod your head.
“Yes, thanks to you. What’s your name? Are you a new hero in town?” The man shakes his head. “Just call me red hood.” You nod your head as you begin to gather yourself. Patting your clothing down, dusting falling onto the ground. Red Hood stands and watches the sight before him. “Do you- I mean, would you like for me to walk you home?” You are more than shocked by his words; it made you stop patting your clothing down and look up at him. A relieved grin upon your lips. “Could you really? I don’t want to impose, nor do I want to get in the way of your… hero work?” Red Hood chuckles at your hesitance but shakes his head. “Don’t worry about all that, sweetheart. Let me do my job correctly and take you home where it is safe and sound.”Your heart flutter at the sound of that. A grin appeared on your lips.
Ever since the meeting between you two, it had always seemed as though you both run into each other a little too often. The light that had previously faded in Jason’s life was revived by your presence. At first, you thought it was a coincidence but as the days move along. It felt purposeful. “Miss me?” Your whole body jumps at the sound of Jason’s voice. You nearly break your neck to turn around and see Red Hood laying on your couch, his feet on top of your coffee table, and his hands resting behind his neck. “What the-? Red, how many times do I have to tell you to tell me you’re coming? Or even knock on the door.” A chuckle escapes his lips. “Come on, don’t do me like that, Luv.” You let out a huff in annoyance. “I won’t tell you again, Red.”You state firmly. Red Hood rolls his eyes and places his feet off the table.
You turn your full attention to him, folding your arms. “So, what is it you need?” You leaned against your kitchen counter. A small smirk appeared on red hood’s lips. “I can’t just come to say hi to my favorite person?” You have come into terms with Red Hood’s trickery and charm. He stands up and makes his way towards you. Your eyes cautiously watch him. He softly grasps your hand. “You know, I think we have known each other for a while now. And I think we should get to know one another on a more…intimate level.” You jump at the words he suggests. You try to remove your hand from his grasp, but his grip is tight. “Red, come on this isn’t funny. Let me go.”You continue to try and remove your hand but to no avail. “I am tired of playing this cat and mouse with you. I don’t want to do this anymore, why can’t you see that? My love, I am trying to help you.”
Red begins to caress your body; you couldn’t see the way he eyed your body under the mask. You shake your head in response, tears beginning to run down your cheeks. “Please, Red. We can stop this right now and-and, we can pretend like none of this happened.” It appears Red wasn’t paying you any mind as he continued to run his fingers down your body. You tried to do anything and everything to get out of his hands. An irritated huff escapes Red’s lips.
“What don’t you understand, Luv? You’re mine and nothing can change that. Shouldn’t you feel grateful that I am going out of my way to protect specifically you? God knows the horrors of Gotham. You have seen them firsthand, why are you struggling against me? I would love for you to stop trying to fight me. Why can’t you understand that I am trying to protect you?” You continue to thrash in his arms, unwilling to submit. Red eventually gets fed up and ties your wrists and ankles.
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butwhyduh · 1 year
Spare Key
Jason Todd x reader who’s Dicks neighbor
Summary: your friend Dick gives you keys to his place but he didn’t tell you everything.
warning: mentions nudity and bad words
You’d been neighbors with Dick for a few years. He was a pretty nice guy. Traveled a lot and kept weird hours and used to be a cop. But he was always helpful and good to his neighbors. He had watered your plants when you went on vacation a few times. It wasn’t a huge surprise when he offered you a key to his place so that you could collect his mail and feed his dog on one of his big trips.
Dick’s apartment was across the hall. He didn’t do much as far as renovations. The original white paint covered the door that the apartment came with and you weren’t sure if he ever moved his furniture. But it made it easier because you knew where everything is.
So after you dropped off your few grocery bags, you went over to feed his brand new adorable puppy Haly. As you turned the key in the lock you were surprised that she didn’t start barking. She must be asleep.
You sat the keys in the key bowl and moved to go to the kitchen when-
“What the FUCK-“ a man yelped.
“Ahhhh-“ you shrieked at the sight of a fully naked full frontal view of a naked man making a sandwich in Dick’s kitchen.
“Who are you?!?”
“Why are you NAKED?”
“What are YOU doing in someone’s apartment?” He asked grabbing a hand towel to cover his junk. It did a pitiful job covering the body of a man that was probably the fittest person you’ve ever seen. He was covered in scars but it didn’t take away any of his beauty. You looked away quickly. He moved and you grabbed an umbrella by the front door.
“Oh great. What are you gonna do, hit me?” He asked with a rolled eye.
“I don’t know you. You could have a weapon,” you defended looking at him again. Safety over modesty. He look flabbergasted.
“Where?? Under the towel?” He asked bewildered. “Look lady, I don’t know why you’re here since you clearly aren’t my brother’s girlfriend-“
“And neither are- wait, you’re his brother?” You said as his words caught up.
“Yeah, I’m his brother. Care telling me know YOU are?” He asked.
“I’m his neighbor. I’m so sorry,” you stammered before turning away to avoid staring and sat the umbrella down. He grabbed a hoodie from a chair and tied it around his waist covering the front. “Dick asked me to feed his dog. I didn’t know anyone was here.”
“Oh, yeah. Dickhead forgot to tell me he was having a visitor. I’m Jason,” he said holding out his hand automatically without thinking. You flushed hot shaking the hand of a naked man you just met.
“Nice to meet you,” you said and then you mumbled out your name. You looked anywhere but at him. “Uh, since you’re uh… on it, I’ll just- I’ll go. Sorry to just barge in.”
“No, it’s okay,” he said running a hand in his hair awkwardly.
“Okay, yeah,” you said quickly leaving. You walked down to your apartment and quickly shut the door behind you. You leaned against the door and started laughing at the ridiculousness. Oh man, you had gone over to feed a dog and instead ran into a naked man.
A extremely handsome fit man who was blessed in the uhh, pants department. You weren’t trying to look but damn. He had nothing to be ashamed of there. Nope. A healthy man for sure.
A knock at the door made you jump. You quickly opened it to see him, fully clothed, standing outside. Hopefully he couldn’t read minds, you thought. You were a little ashamed to be thinking about his dick like that.
“Hi,” you said.
“Hey, sorry about earlier. I don’t usually walk around other people’s apartments naked,” he said with an embarrassed smile.
“Oh, uh no. It’s your brothers place. I don’t judge,” you replied.
“Sure. Uh, if you could just not tell Dick about this. They would be great. I’m not sure he’s uhh cool about that,” he grimaced.
“Mum’s the word,” you said. “As long as you don’t mention that I threatened you with an umbrella.”
He laughed. “Deal. And tell me to fuck off, but would you like to go get some coffee or something?” He asked looking at you with a fake casualness.
“Do I have to tell you to fuck off? I’d rather have the coffee,” you answered with a little smile.
“The fuck off, while an open invite, is not required,” he replied with a grin looking at the floor.
“Then I’ll decline and instead take the coffee offer,” you answered. “There’s a new place a few blocks away. We can just walk if you want.”
“That sounds nice.” He answered as you grabbed your coat.
“You know,” you started. “I’ve never gone on a date after seeing someone naked.”
3 weeks later
Dick turned the key to his apartment expecting Haly to bark like crazy. He’d had multiple people help care for her while he was gone but she always missed him like crazy when he got back.
“Girl? Haly?” He called to silence. Dick quickly went around the apartment to find her when he heard noises of people talk by the door. He walked to the front quietly.
You and Jason were holding hands. He had Haly’s leash in his other hand that he quickly let go of without paying her attention. She raced towards Dick who ruffled her hair while staring at you both. Jason grabbed you around the waist and pulled your coffee cup from your hand and sat it down before grasping you close to kiss you softly.
“What the HELL??” Dick asked. You jumped away from Jason rather violently.
“Jesus, Dick, what the fuck man,” Jason said after having jumped too.
“What is that? Why is this? You two,” he asked.
Jason shrugged and you flushed.
“Hi Dick,” you said softly when no words came to. “How was your trip?”
“That’s nice. I’m just gonna go. I’ll talk to you later,” you said awkwardly before leaving. You could hear Dick from behind the closed door.
“You took my suit. You took my bedroom. You took my glute-master 1000. And now my neighbor??? Get your own shit, bro!”
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