#Jason is having the time of his life
nelkcats · 24 days
Restraining order
Due to a problem in Amity Park with their parents, Jazz decided that it was in Danny's best interest to move in with her until she could have full custody of him, the legal process was really long when you had no connections, her brother was happy with that arrangement.
However when he decided to move to Gotham with Jazz, Danny heard rumors about Bruce Wayne and his entourage of black-haired, blue-eyed children, similarly there were other rumors about the "Gotham Knight" who kept adopting children and transforming them into "Robin", or at least, that's what the kids on the Alley told him.
So, he made the most logical decision possible: he applied for a restraining order, for both: Batman and Bruce Wayne, he justified in court that it was for his own safety and he had nothing against them but he preferred if they stayed far from him, considering his trauma it was for the better. Jazz supported him and gave her professional opinion which sped up the process; Harvey Dent found the case hilarious so he supported the siblings and they got the court order.
For his part, Bruce was extremely confused when he found Jason laughing at a document that had arrived in the mail at the mansion, his confusion only increased when his League communicator beeped, alerting him to an urgent call from Flash.
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hleamii · 17 days
And a gif if you'd like:
Tumblr media
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riot-ghost · 19 days
I'm losing my shit imagining full grown Local Feral Raccoon Man Fenton moving into the shitter of Gotham. He just took a look at Batman's 'no metals allowed' rule and thought there wouldn't be many issues to it. He's accidentally moved in right across from Red Hood's most common apartment.
Now Jason Todd has just gotten notified that someone suspicious moved in right across from the hall from one of his more frequent apartments. Oracle did some digging, and he immediately set off a bunch of red flags. The man is late twenties with, like, eight doctorates but no significant job. Came from some hick town that started as some government experiment some years back. An older sister who was a child physiatrist. A disconnect from birth parents, taken in as a ward by some local legend/myth barely mentioned globally. Former godfather is filthy fucking rich. Not in a good way, either.
So when Jason catches his first glance at the man, it immediately pings him that something is just overall wrong with him. He's average height, around five seven or eight. He looks taller, given the fact that he's thin. Skin and bones, hasn't eaten in a week kind of thin. His hair is fluffy, shaven on the sides but not the back. His hair poofs up, giving him odd horns. His skin is tan, coated in freckles, something that definitely wasn't something you saw in Gotham. He always had a brown rat somewhere on him too, which made Jason really confused the first time he'd seen it.
The way he dressed? Screamed for Jason to punch him in the face. He wore baggy black cargo pants, with a loose band shirt with cut out sleeves. His boots had inch-tall platforms but he walked with hardly any sound. He always wore long fingerless gloves, always black. What really got Jason? Was the fucking cartoon lab-coat the man always wore. The slightly off-kilter safety goggles that were always on his forehead. The man had to have different lab coats, too, because some had different stains, or tears.
It had to be a fucking joke, Jason thought. That or he was cooking meth. But the man was good. His door had eight different locks, his windows were practically bolted shut and had a one-way tint on them. His walls were sound proofed, and Jason only ever got minimal glances inside of it.
Jason's suspicion for the man jumped when he got hired as the new Chemistry teacher at Gotham Academy. The school Timothy and Damian both currently went to.
So Jason leaned against the hall, right beside his door. He waited, patiently, until Daniel emerged from the stairwell. He was looking down at his severely out-dated phone, carrying a backpack over his shoulder. Jason figured he didn't see him as the man walked closer.
"Any reason you're waiting for me?" Daniel snapped his flip phone closed, looking up at Jason with tired eyes.
"Just waitin' for you, babe." Jason grinned, winking. It was just recon, he told himself. Another part of himself called him a big, fat, fucking liar.
"Oh?" Daniel shifted, raising an eyebrow. A little smirk came to his face and Jason grinned a little wider, leaning towards him. Jason tried not to laugh seeing his rat in his hair, glaring daggers at him.
"I figured I'd do the neighborly thing and welcome you to the building." Jason says.
"Really?" Danny steps closer and Jason feels absolutely feral.
"Well, yeah. There's so much to tell you about this place. Like how the elevator has been out for thirty years. Or the rat on the third floor does a little dance if you give him mozzarella cheese, but won't take pepperoni."
"Why don't you tell me more?" Daniel moves in closer, teasing Jason before ducking under his arm to unlock his door. "I'm Danny Nightingale, by the way."
"You can call me Jay. Or anything you want, really." Jason turns around to him. "Going to invite me in?" He asks.
"What are you? A vampire? I left the door open for a reason." Danny drops his bag by the door, and Jason is filled with a sense of victory. Danny takes off his shoes and Jason is a little caught off guard with how much the shoes are lifted. He does a hand symbol over his chest, and brings his hand to his forehead. He holds his arm out and his rat clambers down and onto the side table he has by the door, scrambling down and further into the apartment.
The apartment is... Surprisingly normal. The loveseat has a hand-crocheted blanket on it with a floral pattern on it. Plants hang from the ceiling, like. A lot of plants. The TV is outdated, with a curved screen and a VCR. A laundry basket sits overflowing next to the couch, and the kitchen is clean and pristine.
Danny steps into the kitchen, starting a kettle with hot water. "Anything I need to know about you Jay?" He asks. Jason gives a little grin watching him half-climb the counter to get to his tea collection. Jason takes note of the collection- a very well stocked kitchen. Several different teas, mostly centered in helping sleeping, relaxation, to fight anxiety.
"Well, I've got a wild family."
Danny scoffs, setting two mugs on the counter. "Don't we all."
"Anything I should know about you, Danny?" Jason asks.
"Nothing that comes to mind." Danny hums. He takes off his lab coat and peels the gloves off his arms. Jason finds himself watching Danny watch him analyze his electrical scarring. Jason takes off his jacket, setting it besides Danny's as he joins Danny in the kitchen. "Nothing to say?"
"I have plenty of my own, trust me." Jason watches Danny pour the water. "This one? My younger brother got a new sword." Jason lifts the bottom edge of his shirt, pointing to the stab wound Damian had given him. "This one, my first time taking off a tire." Jason lifted the shirt to his chest, pointing at the one he got when he was four.
It's a night that Jason finds himself enjoying. Danny fixes breakfast in the morning, and Jason thinks he'd be okay with Danny being around forever. Then thinks about what Roy would say, that he always fell hard and fast.
Then Danny comes back into the bedroom, wearing Jason's shirt, and Jason thinks he's absolutely screwed if this man turns out to be a villain.
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its-minart · 1 year
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Batkids bullying (or vibing with) Gotham villains (or antiheroes)
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ledtasso · 6 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Jason Sudeikis during MJ Delaney's acceptance speech.
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aviatrickss · 24 days
*takes a deep breath and leans in so close that my lips touch the microphone*
the tragedy of dick and jason’s relationship as brothers is not that they hated each other and then jason died, or that they were super close and then jason died. the tragedy is that dick did not know enough about jason to know how to mourn him. were they brothers? were they rivals? dick sure doesn’t know, and jason doesn’t either! but it’s fine bc they have plenty of time to figure that shit out, they don’t need to know each other right now bc there will be time to know each other later.
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xysidhequeen · 3 months
Can't wait for Jason to use his guns to banish the Joker to the shadow realm where he belongs <3
God I love your Fanfiction <3
Danny, pulling out a Yu-Gi-Oh card that upon close inspection is a very well made fake trap card with a gun on it, called 'The Nightmare Gun': looks like it's time to send you to the shadow realm, Joker.
I honestly can't wait either. Sadly the Joker is going to take a few more parts to get to. Dick is really loving the attention he's currently getting and is loathe to let Danny and Jason leave.
Also since you sent me an ask anon I'll gift you with a snippet of one of my favorite parts of part 14 so far (it's not even half done and it's already so long. Help)
"Yeah, we did. Dude, Nightwing, Dick, my man, my friend, my once upon a time idol, my brother in spandex," Danny turned his attention to Dick, leaning forward with an earnestness on his face that Dick wasn't experienced enough in Danny's brand of dramatics to be wary of yet, "are you secretly a supervillain attempting to conquer the world with super-mold?" Danny asked with all the blunt honesty of a small child approaching a stranger in a grocery store to ask them why their cart was filled with only ice cream.
"I-what?!" Dick choked out, thrown off by both the question and the manner in which Danny asked it. Jason coughed to disguise a laugh, feeling the amusement rolling off Danny in waves.
"It's okay if you are. We'll accept you no matter what you choose to be. But we really might want to workshop your methods. Mold just isn't a good look, y'know? I've come to realize after several harrowing and near death experiences in the past few hours that it might be horrifyingly effective, but do you really want to be known as Mold Man?" Danny kept his sincere expression and tone, somehow shifting subtly towards the realm of concerned close friend staging an intervention.
"What is happening?!" Dick muttered, looking at Jason with a face that screamed 'help me'.
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cainware · 9 months
I want Jason refusing to help the batfamily. Jason, who's picked up what little bit is left of his life after coming to the understanding that the love and care of most of the bats is entirely conditional, and moved away from Gotham to fully start healing. He doesn't have to contact them, and not having to appeal to their grandiose sense of morality makes his healing so much easier. It's messy still, but he finds that he's happy when he's away from the bats.
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frownyalfred · 11 months
Dude, any thoughts on Redhood kidnaping Bruce Wayne to hold him ransom and demand Batman come in person to hear his demands just to be a little shit.
…only thought is that I really suddenly wanna write this, anon, preferably from some henchman outsider!POV…
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yvtro · 2 months
i genuinely think that jason could and would be content with an ordinary life, especially if bruce were a civilian too. in another life i would have really enjoyed just being your son. a 10pm bedtime and slippers instead of pixie boots.
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amaraudermind · 9 days
Something something Bruce love Gotham because it's his home, jason loves Gotham because it's in his soul, Duke loves Gotham because it's his family, Steph loves Gotham on purpose
#the void screams#duke thomas#bruce wayne#jason todd#stephanie brown#each member of the batfam having a complicated relationship with gotham is something that can be so personal-#but yeah bruce loves gotham because this is where his family has always lived. leaving would mean leaving them behind.#he loves gotham because it's the only home he's ever known#i don't know what fucked up tether there is between gotham and jason. compells me though.#even when he leaves he can't stay away along. gotham's in his head. in his soul. it's where he's alive and it's where his life is drained#the people of gotham are duke's family and he wants to protect them the way they've always tried to protect him#the city is the people and duke knows these people. he's one of them. he's seen what they go through to survive because#he goes through it too. he loves gotham because it's his whole world. his family. and he'll protect that family#until he dies.#steph though? steph grew up here and hated it. hated the city. resented the people. resented the heroes.#and still every fibre of her being goes into loving this city. into hoping for it.#on purpose. she's going to love this city on purpose. even when it hurts. even when she'd rather die.#even when the whole CITY turns against her. time and again. because she's already decided.#she's going to love gotham. even if gotham never loves her back.#don't mind me i am just rambling nonsensically. i am right though by the way. it doesn't make sense but it's Correct
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batcavescolony · 9 months
It looks like Damian is joining Dick And Tim in the "we have to hold a 48yo man's hand to make sure he doesn't f up" club
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martyrtrinity · 3 months
Tumblr media
Bodies in Motion and at Rest – Thomas Lynch
[TEXT ID: It hurts so bad to think I cannot save him, protect him, keep him out of harm's way, shield him from pain. What good are fathers if not for these things? Why can't he be a boy again, safe from these perils and disasters? Lately I'm always on the brink of breaking.]
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ohtendril · 1 year
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
"So, uh, what now?"
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scattered-winter · 3 months
ok winter...it's my turn now: jaykyle. i am intrigued, and i'd like to know as much as is feasible to tell me. (it's killing me to send something this open-ended but i feel like i don't actually know enough about them to be more specific.)
jaykyle is a ship between two of my favorite dc characters, jason todd and kyle rayner. they're both sooo fascinating on their own AND as a pairing and I just <3333 this is gonna get long because 1) they both have very long and complicated stories that's gonna take a bit to unpack and 2) I love them <33 and I love to talk about them <333 a bit of forewarning, but comics storylines are RIDICULOUSLY complicated and pretty much every single character has more origins, timelines, and personalities than you can shake a stick at. in the comics fandom we take marie kondo's words to heart because if we tried to stick to What Canon Says, we would be running in circles all day because everything contradicts itself. everything is canon and nothing is canon and if it doesn't spark joy, it isn't true <3 I'll explain everything to the best of my ability but it's gonna get Real Complicated Real Fast
tw for death (child and otherwise)
jason todd (playlist) is part of the batfam (group of vigilantes associated with batman) and he's also part of the wayne family (by adoption). I looked everywhere for the panels to show how he was introduced because it's objectively the funniest way to introduce any character but alas, they have eluded me so I'll just tell you: he grew up in the poorer parts of gotham city with his parents, catherine and willis todd. willis got caught up in two-face's gang (because gotham city as a whole has a trend of eating its people alive/forcing them to do crime because they're desperate and have no choice etc etc) and ended up getting killed because of it, and catherine died of an illness, leaving jason to fend for himself on the streets.* he is brought into the story by jacking the tires off the BATMOBILE, and getting caught by batman himself. in response to this he hits batman with a tire iron, calls him a big boob, and runs away (and in the process making bruce laugh out loud in the same place his parents died which makes me SOO OUGHOUGHOUGHOUGH)
*catherine and willis both loved jason very much, but recent comics have portrayed willis as abusive/catherine as neglectful, which doesn't spark joy for me personally so I tend to ignore those ones and stick to the others where they were genuinely loving parents who fell on hard times.
the original robin, dick grayson, recently moved on from the mantle and went to live somewhere else,* so bruce adopted jason and started training him as the new robin. he was a very bright, very loving boy who enthusiastically went to school and read books and loved bruce so so much and bruce loved him because that was his KID.**
*I can't remember if he went to live with the titans or went to gotham's sister city, bludhaven; but in any case he ends up in bludhaven eventually and operates there as nightwing
**In more recent comics, jason's robin days are portrayed as him being brash and violent (new drinking game: take a shot every time a comic describes robin jason as "angry" or "reckless" smfh) and of course while being a vigilante involves violence, and being a well-rounded character, jason did indeed have moments of anger, I strongly dislike this way of thinking because it takes so much away from his character and you'll see what I mean by that in a minute.
however, the happy days weren't gonna last. jason discovered that catherine todd wasn't his biological mother, and he had found some evidence pointing to who his birth mother was. (I think it was a birth certificate that was partially damaged so he couldn't see the whole name but it's been a while since I've read the comic where that happens so don't quote me on that) but regardless of how he found out, jason set out to find his real mother. he'd narrowed down the list of possible mothers to a few different women, so he found them each in turn and ruled them out as he went. he ran away from home to go on his little self-discovery mission, and the only reason bruce didn't go after him was because the joker had a big scheme with a nuclear missile that kinda took precedence. but by pure happenstance, they ran into each other and decided to work together for both their goals (stopping joker AND finding jason's mom). eventually jason and bruce narrowed the list down to one woman: sheila haywood. they travelled to ethiopia to find her, and jason actually did, but moments after meeting her, sheila betrayed him and handed him over to the joker, who proceeded to beat jason within an inch of his life with a crowbar while sheila watched.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
(batman: a death in the family)
he then tied up sheila and left them both to die in the warehouse because he rigged it with a bomb. jason, despite being betrayed by her literally minutes before, stopped to untie her to get her out instead of saving himself. but the bomb went off with them both inside, just in time for batman (who had been frantically rushing to the warehouse as soon as he heard that jason had been captured) to see the explosion <3
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
(batman: a death in the family)
and the thing that REALLY fucks me up is that even after everything she did to him, jason still used himself as a human shield to try and protect sheila. these two panels have literally caused me lasting damage
Tumblr media Tumblr media
(batman: a death in the family)
this is also why the narrative of jason being reckless makes me so angry. he didn't die because he was a reckless idiot who rushed into danger without a thought, he died because he tried to save a woman who nearly got him killed. he died shielding her with his own body even though she betrayed him literally a few minutes earlier. some comic writers have rewritten the scene to take out sheila entirely, but that takes away a huge part of the story!!!! jason didn't die because he was reckless!! he died because he was trying to save someone!!!! I will literally fight people on that to my grave smh
bruce brought jason's body back to gotham and buried him, and was never really the same after that (but that's a topic for another ramble because this is about THE BOY <3)
this is where things get a little trippy <3 first thing you gotta know about comic books is that death is RARELY permanent. the exact details are lost on me since I tend to avoid the big crisis events (and the headache they give me) but basically superboy-prime punches the fabric of the universe and kinda .. breaks some things. and jason wakes up in his coffin (slightly zombified), six feet underground. after clawing his way out of his own fucking grave, jason gets hit by a fucking CAR and is then taken in by talia al ghul (one of bruce's past lovers, daughter of ra's al ghul [leader of the league of assassins]). talia put jason in something called a lazarus pit, which is basically a pool of green bubbly goo that can resurrect someone (ra's al ghul is hundreds of years old and keeps himself alive with the pits). jason came fully back to life and stayed with talia for a time, during which he travelled the world to be trained by some of the best/most notorious fighters and assassins all over the globe. at this point, he'd been dead for quite a while (a year AT LEAST) and so when he finds out that the joker is still fucking ALIVE, it's .... a shock, to say the least. it's a very complicated issue because batman's deepest-rooted rule is to Never Kill, and there were a lot of underlying circumstances preventing him from killing the joker right after jason's death (despite really, really wanting to) but the thing is. the joker just keeps killing and hurting people, and he gets put in arkham asylum, and escapes and kills more people, then gets put in arkham again, and it's just a vicious cycle where the joker just keeps hurting more and more people. and like. jason got murdered by the joker and the guy is still fucking alive and murdering more people. so he heads off to gotham with a huge plan to confront bruce and make him choose once and for all: kill the joker, or let jason die. this whole arc is my very favorite comic book of all time, batman: under the red hood <333 basically jason becomes a crime boss called red hood (which was the joker's old alias before he became...well, the joker) and plots CIRCLES around bruce, joker, and the other crime bosses. they're literally his pawns the entire time <3 but this all comes to a head when jason traps batman, the joker, and himself in a room where he finally reveals his identity to batman and gives him an ultimatum: kill the joker, or kill him. he had the whole place rigged with explosives so that no matter what bruce chose, they would still blow up (as a form of insurance? as a form of suicide? who knows!)
I'd like to point out the obvious and say that jason was NOT in a great state of mind during this whole thing. like. this post highlights it very well imo, but tl:dr jason didn't really...make a plan for after the showdown. it was clear that he had a single goal in mind, which was facing off with bruce and the joker once and for all, and it was also clear how it would end because he knew deep down that bruce would never kill the joker. so he knew he would die going into it but he didn't really care. he did in fact die at the end of under the red hood, since he was originally meant to be a one-off character, but he was so popular that dc sorta erased his death at the end of utrh and established him as a main batfam player.
jason's post-resurrection characterization is REALLY inconsistent, but really at his core, he's deeply traumatized and angry, and his driving motivation is to save gotham in what he deems is the "right" way: killing criminals so that they're no longer a problem. which, considering how many times supervillains break out of arkham and wreak havoc, isn't really that far of a stretch. but because of batman's firm moral stance on killing, the two have a very .... complicated relationship. but regardless jason has one of the coolest designs in the entire batfam in my opinion <3
Tumblr media
(batman: three jokers)
Tumblr media
(red hood and the outlaws) (I hate this comic for what it did to the other characters but the art was pretty at least)
sometimes he's drawn with a white streak in his hair (a side effect of the lazarus pit) which is one of my FAVORITE looks for him <33 and he's a regular contender for my icon because he's my blorbo bingus blob boy <3333
disclaimer: I haven't been reading kyle's comics as long as I have jason's (jason was my gateway character who first got me into comics in the first place so I had a lot more time to really dig into his comics and characterization) and there's a lot of info about each character that's kind of...absorbed over time. because there's so many different stories and comics about each character, it's hard to find everything they appear in, and since I haven't been reading kyle for as long, I don't consider myself an expert on him in any way but I'll do my best to talk about him because he's my favorite green lantern <3
(playlist) in order to explain kyle, first I need to explain hal jordan. he's the Original green lantern (meaning when you think of the dc superhero green lantern, he's probably the one who comes to mind despite there being more lanterns than I can count. he's the most well-known by FAR) but basically, the green lanterns are an intergalactic military/police force led by the guardians (a bunch of really tiny blue guys). they use green power rings that are fueled by willpower, and so only someone with a lot of willpower (specifically, the will to "overcome great fear") can be a green lantern. (there's a ring for every color on the spectrum, but that's another ramble for another day). hal jordan had been losing faith in the lantern corps for a long time, but the last straw was when his hometown, coast city, was destroyed. hal basically went into a massive grief spiral and tried to bring back the entire city and didn't have enough power to do that, so he took on the name parallax and murdered pretty much the entire corps, and most of the guardians to absorb the main green power source to get enough power to Resurrect The City. but one guardian managed to escape to earth, where he found kyle rayner and gave him the last green power ring.
being practically the only green lantern left, kyle had to defeat parallax and restore the corps practically by himself. and the thing about kyle is that he's the GOOFIEST guy on the planet (affectionate). upon finding out that he's now a superhero he proceeds to immediately go tell his ex-girlfriend about it (alex <333) and they have a photoshoot of him in his suit. I fucking love them <333
but alas!!! happy days don't last <3 kyle leaves alex alone for literally only a few minutes to go be a hero, and while he's gone, one of green lantern's biggest enemies breaks into her apartment and murders her. kyle comes back to find her dead body stuffed inside the fridge (fun fact: that's actually where the term "fridging" came from <3) and he proceeds to. torture and almost kill the guy who did it. we love an unhinged icon <3
Tumblr media Tumblr media
(green lantern #55)
it's been a while since I've read his origin comic, but kyle eventually defeats parallax. further down the line, he becomes a white lantern (mega-powerful because it has the powers of all the colors in the spectrum, not just green) and in my personal favorite comic, also becomes ion (basically the living embodiment of green lantern power. also basically a god) and tbh it's his BEST look of all time
Tumblr media Tumblr media
(ion: guardian of the universe)
like I said, I don't really have as clear of an idea of kyle's timeline since there's a few gaps in my reading, but the essentials is that he literally can't keep a girlfriend because they keep dying, and he continuously gets the power of a literal god and is so humble and heroic about it that it never goes to his head. but he also consistently tortures and kills without really showing any remorse whatsoever <33 he has the range <33
BUT. AT LAST. WE GET TO JAYKYLE. THE THING YOU ASKED ABOUT IN THE FIRST PLACE. there's only ONE comic that I know of where they actually interact on-panel, and that's countdown presents: the search for ray palmer. it's tied in with countdown to final crisis, which is one of the biggest dc events of all time, and I haven't read it and probably never will because the big crises always give me SUCH a headache to try and understand </3 but I HAVE read search for ray palmer because <3 of them <3
essentially it's a story where the atom (ray palmer) gets lost in the multiverse and so 3 people who are already kind of...Outside the Mainstream Timeline embark on a multiverse journey to find him. those 3 people? jason todd, kyle rayner, and donna troy. jason is only alive because the timeline shattered, kyle was literally a time-and-reality-altering god not just once, but multiple times, and donna troy has also died and come back and like. is the only comics character with Self Awareness (remember when I said every comic book character has a gazillion different origins and reboots? donna remembers ALL of them <3) and so all three of them are affectionately referred to as "cosmic mistakes" because. they're literally irregularities in the cosmic timestream. and I love them for it <3
the reason I'm a jaykyle truther is because. they're so fucking funny in that comic. they argue in pretty much every single panel they share, but their internal monologues are....very, very homoeretic.
Tumblr media
(kyle, about jason) (countdown: search for ray palmer: wildstorm)
Tumblr media
(jason, about kyle) (countdown to final crisis #33)
and honestly, it's about how fucked up they would be together. they would tear each other apart and also tear apart everyone else and it would be a horrible time for everyone involved <3 there are ships for cute cuddles and then there are ships for fucking killing each other and jaykyle is the second one <3333
#i kind of. ran out of steam by the time it came to talk about jaykyle which is. funny. given that it's what you Asked about#but listen. they're so so messed up. it compels me <3#i wrote a lot of fic for them and tbh i didnt really lean into the fucked up-ness of their relationship as i could have <3#but like. they do care about each other in their own ways but they're both so headstrong and almost...Too different that it wouldn't last#like. jason is Very repressed. my mans is batman's kid he's learned from the best when it comes to Not Feeling Emotions#and kyle has literally mastered the entire emotional spectrum to the extent that he could wield the white ring.#you have one guy who's ruled by his emotions because he can't express/truly feel them on one end#and you have a guy who's ruled by his emotions because he wears his heart on his sleeve and follows his heart with everything he does#and factor in how they're both so stubborn? and how they're both so damaged and traumatized in their own ways??#they're a disaster <3#anyway. i lomve them <3#tysm for asking this literally took me hours to write but it was the BEST few hours of my life#typing with the biggest goofiest look on my face <3#jaykyle#leo 🌻#jason todd#kyle rayner#fun fact! for a while i was one of the top jaykyle blogs <33#probably not anymore since my 911 blogging has kinda taken over my dc blogging for the moment#but still. for a while there i was winning <3#there are also quite a few mutuals of mine who definitely could have explained this better but alas.#very very glad you came to me with this it made my day <3333333
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diddle-riddle · 4 months
Bruce: Did you spend the evening at Mad Hatter’s place again? Robin!Dick: Yup! He baked cookies and he invited buddies for his tea party! Since Victor was there too, I had tea, cookies and ice cream. That was super fun! Oh by the way, Jervis started renaming you the ‘Jabberwocky’, I hope you don’t mind? Bruce: Not like I had a choice in the matter... _____
Bruce: What do you mean, you had dinner already? Where were you? Robin!Jason: I hanged out at Eddie and Jon’s place! I thought I told you. I spent the evening playin’ Star Wars video games with Ed, then when his Spooky Scary Skeleton arrived he started cooing at him like an enamored schoolgirl. That was frankly embarrassing but also hilarious. Jon invited me to stay for dinner, Ed spent the whole time watching him with adoration and giggling when he spoke ‘bout his new experimental toxin formula. I really need to do something to bring those two together! Bruce: Great, now you are playing romance adviser for Riddler and Scarecrow... _____
Bruce: You did what for Penguin?! Robin!Tim: Mr Cobblepot has been enchanted to benefit from a little help from someone who has business savvy to order to optimize the repartition of his accounts and separate his mob boss schedule from his legal activities in his restaurant. He recruited me as his assistant, and so far he tells me every day I am a talented, brilliant young man with a promising future ahead of me. I like him a lot. Bruce: Sure you do... _____
Bruce: Why are you visiting him at Arkham every day?! Robin!Stephanie: Because I am super proud of him, why else? Plus he needs someone’s full support! Eddie is finally reforming for good but the procedure itself will take many more months, he needs to be encouraged at each step! Tomorrow I’m bringing a box of his favorite sweets, a detective comic and a science article he will entirely criticize, that’ll be funny. His doctor doesn’t want any riddle-based stuff in his cell, but I found other entertaining books. What B, did you forget Eddie is my dad, my mom, my big brother, has been my imaginary friend when I was little, is my childhood buddy and remains my all-time beloved BFF? Bruce: Unfortunately, you told me so already... _____
Bruce: Where do all those cats come from? Robin!Damian: Miss Kyle’s cat Isis had babies. She showed me how to care for kittens in her, Dr. Isley and Dr. Quinzel’s shared lair. I nursed them and watched over them the previous three months, that’s what I did whenever I pretended I sneaked out to ‘hang out with Collin’. Now that they are of age, I am adopting the five of them! Bruce: ... At least they’re cute.
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