#LIKE wrong wrong incorrect! it's great!
emeraldcas · 4 months
if you don't think jingle all the way is a great movie well then you're actually just wrong
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*Dick hangs up*
Bruce: Huh.
Duke: Uh oh. What's going on, B?
Bruce: Dick usually says "I love you" when we hang up. And then he sings it and then he whispers it. This time he just said, "gotta go, dad"
Cass: Well, maybe... He's gotta go?
Bruce: Yeah, maybe. It just feels like Dick hasn't been around as much lately. Last week, he only came to four out of seven breakfasts, and he missed bat-equitment maintenance day to, and I quote, "train with Wally." He didn't even come over to watch that other unrelated Wayne family on Family Feud.
Damian: Their performance was- survey says- disgraceful.
Bruce: I mean, I don't want to just throw around the D-word but...
Steph: *Gasp* Dracula disorder?
Bruce: Drifting. As in we're all drifting apart. This was my worry when Dick moved out to Blüdhaven, that we'd see him less and less. And then from there, who knows what would happen?
Jason: oh my god, is it me driving him away? I'm always pestering Dick with annoying questions like "How much do you think your arms weigh? Like if you took them off your body and weighed them separately?"
Tim: *gasp* it could be my fault. The other day, when Dick and I went to the movies, I got a small popcorn to share and he said, "I wish you'd gotten a medium."
Damian: well, I know it's not me. I'm amazing.
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Hawks: We’re kind of missing something, guys.
Dabi: Cohesion?
Toga: Teamwork?
Spinner: A general sense of what we’re doing?
Sako: And Tomura isn't here.
Dabi: Oh, and that, yeah.
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stellarwaffles · 8 months
Tumblr media
Lloyd showing Nya where he found the serpentine tombs
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castielinpastel · 7 months
“you’re pretending like everything’s okay, like we didn’t kill barb? like it’s great, like we’re in love and we’re partying. yeah let’s party, we’re partying. it’s bullshit.”
nancy doesn’t deserve all of the hate she gets for this scene. she feels guilty for leaving barb that night and she feels guilty that she can’t tell barb’s parents what actually happened to her. she didn’t say that she wasn’t in love with steve or that they were pretending to be in love, she just said that they were acting like what happened with barb didn’t happen.
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funnyincorrectmcu · 2 years
Tony: I just tried to type out “I know right?!” but it autocorrected to “I know I’m right!” Pepper: I’m not understanding how that’s different from your normal conversations. Tony: Point taken.
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lilnasxvevo · 5 months
Thought of nieyao modern AU where Meng Yao is Huaisang’s babysitter/nanny and I was like well why the fuck hasn’t anyone written THAT yet (maybe they have, I admit I haven’t looked super hard) and then I had to drive for half an hour and just kept thinking about it and by the time I had gotten to my destination I had shifted to “Meng Yao as Huaisang’s babysitter and also working for Jin Guangshan as a corporate spy trying to get sensitive information about Nie Mingjue’s business” and then shifted again to “what If instead of corporate spies they were regular spies”
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Five: I’m gonna make breakfast for my stunning husband.
[ten minutes later]
Peter: Who the fuck is burning down the kitchen?!
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acediscowlng · 2 years
me to my friend: i am not a jgy apologist!!!
my friend: .....
me: *looks at my ao3 fics*
me: ..... i may be a jgy apologist
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lokigodofaces · 2 years
Finally found out what was weird about the Shang-chi trailer! The only live action kung fu movies I’ve seen before were super low budget or are older so they didn’t have too great of special effects. So I thought it was weird when I saw Simu Liu do all of that, when really Marvel just has the money to make this not look like trash. It just took me a few hours to realize it.
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William:Got third of green burns on my car yesterday.
William:No, it was just the third time Lenox roasted me while I was driving.
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sixzeroes · 20 days
another rant bc it’s still 5am and i still hate reddit. why did i stay up all night reading reddit posts? idk, they’re kinda interesting ngl. ok thank u i’ll sleep now
#nabitxt#this one is about the ppl saying nct dream is sm’s weakest group / nct’s most lacklustre group 😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫 an insanely INCORRECT opinion#vocals? yeah nct dream are the weakest in sm no denying that ;; but they have great individuality and musicality which makes them very#valuable vocalists imo. their technique is subpar for sm but they all work and mesh tgt rly well which benefits them imo#rap? my dude they have mark - like sm’s best rapper ever. after mark there’s jeno who’s like nct’s 4th best rapper and we all know ncts top5#rappers are sm’s top5 rappers LMFAO so bam markno alone outraps every non-nct sm group which automatically drags them out of the ‘weak’#category. and lets not forget jaemin; he’s a good idol rapper and is def better than most of sm’s lead rappers too. honestly hes probs on#par with most of sm’s main rappers that aren’t from nct 😵‍💫😵‍💫 again ; weak where? rap? in sm? no. so incredibly wrong!#dance? JISUNG. GOD JISUNG. jisung and mark may not be sm’s strongest main dancers but they are certainly some of the strongest in nct. top5#for me! and lets take into consideration their entire dance line. imo dream minus jaemle are in nct’s top10 best dancers - maybe i’m#biased but then again many ppl also rank jeno haechan very high in terms of dance within nct#and honestly renjun is insanely good ppl just don’t know bc he’s hella underrated and gets like no centre time despite being a lead#jaemle also aren’t the worst dancers in nct either and both are actually very strong dancers ; jaemin especially is good and chenle is#amazing for holding his ground against baby shinki + renjun (he’s so prodigy love chenle)#nct dream arguably has one of the best dance line ups in sm#just bc their main dancers aren’t on par w other sm main dancers doesn’t mean their dance line isn’t on par with other sm dance lines#the dance line is not just one main person LOL#idk how else to explain it but nct dream is very much not sm’s weakest group nor nct’s most lacklustre group (no unit lacks either)#just bc dream is weaker in vocals doesn’t mean they’re weaker in every aspect LOL kpop is not just vocals just bc it’s sm doesn’t mean a#group’s talent is based solely on vocals. rap and dance are a huge part of it too#n e way sorry i’m so dream biased i can’t help myself
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queerenteen · 8 months
I love the headcanon that Talia is Jason's mom figure because that truly opens so many doors.
Jason: I need the Joker dead but I can't do it myself, I wish my parent would do it for me
Talia: *handing over bloodstained katana to minion assassin* Already done, would you like his decapitated head in a duffel bag?
Bruce: ...
Dick: I'm your favourite brother right Dami?
Jason: False. You're only 50% his brother while I am 100% and therefore the favourite.
Steph: *raiding the kitchen for whipped cream for her waffles* That math sounds wrong
Damian: For once Todd is not... Incorrect. Since he is considered as both Father and Mother's child, he is the only one who is 100% my sibling
Jason: Love ya too brat
Damian: Any less and I would have already murdered him
Tim: *after time with the League* What do you mean that Jason's the Demon's Daughter's Heir?
Jason: Well, Damian's eleven and since I'm the older son--
Tim: *absolutely done* Great can you stop your grandfather from being obsessed with me?
Damian: He's what--
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ranboolivesaysstuff · 3 months
(and as someone with aphantasia i’m fascinated how tf do you do it lmao)
Okay now that that safe guard is in place.
Okay so it starts out with like rain preferably facing towards the sky
The camera then pans down to reveal the restaurant, neon sign flickering, trash littered along the messy alleyways
Cuts to alleyway
A rat scurries across a newspaper which reveals a headline about missing children. A scream echos from presumably inside the building just as the viewer gets enough time to read what is on the newspaper
Cuts to interior of the restaurant, classic recognizable items are littered about, another scream but louder, another cut
The scream continues into the cut while a slow zoom from the first animatronic you are now able to see: Freddy with his mouth wide open, almost broken the scream is timed in such a way it appears to be coming from his mouth. In the zoom out you can see multiple animatronics all disassembled (I think that’s what happened before in the cutscenes in the games but idk)
You hear another scream another cut this time to an odd first person shot, you see that your body appears to be a man, he appears to be running from something all you can make out is a small ghostly figure as he looks back.
Another cut to reveal the golden Bonnie suit. You hear footsteps getting louder as a door opens casting light onto it.
Another cut. This time to the rainfall again.
A single drop then falls, you watch it fall as it makes its way into the crack in the roof. It makes it’s way past the pipes and the vents and eventually drips down as time slows. The drop is now being viewed from the top down and you can see the man now wearing the springlock suit is being cornered by multiple ghostly figures however this is all out of focus.
As the drop gets close to the shoulder it cuts again, half of the face of springlock Bonnie Is visible as you can see the man inside smiling smugly, you zoom into the droplet as it hits his shoulder and makes its way in
You see it move past the complicated and tiny gears and into the incorrect one.
Cuts to black all you can hear are the sounds of mechanical failure, bones shattering, and the screaming of a man now trapped.
this is how I’d do it i think there’s another version with the gore bits but the tldr for that as I am tired is that its a bunch of different cuts between his screams and terror and the children’s unforgiving faces and it just has close ups of each metal rod being stabbed into him :D
Once again I have no idea what I’m doing yes this is just a fnaf movie scene it’s 6am and I’m having a great night I kind of thought of this as like a cool opening scene of sorts
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copperbadge · 1 year
I like to always have at least one nerdy theory that is both visibly, evidently incorrect and also completely impossible to disprove. My last theory was that Rey was Yoda’s daughter. It’s laughably wrong but for a good solid few years there it was also impossible to refute. 
I haven’t had a really great Prove Me Wrong theory for a while, but I think I just formulated my new one, which is that Taika Waititi wrote My Immortal. 
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the-anxiety-academy · 7 months
Five x TEEN!Y/n
Incorrect quotes pt4
⚠ Disclaimer⚠ I made these when I was 15 and I no longer make content about Five!
Y/n: We have a problem.
Five: No, YOU have a problem. I have an idiot who keeps making them.
Five: Is something burning?
Y/n, leaning seductively on the counter: Just my desire for you.
Five: Y/n, the toaster is literally on fire.
Y/n: Guess what I'm about to get!
Five: On my nerves.
Y/n: Are you busy?
Five: Yes.
Y/n: Cool, listen to this.
Y/n: You played me!
Five: Like the cheap kazoo you are!
Klaus: Hey, Y/n, are you free on Friday? Like around eight?
Y/n: Yeah.
Klaus: And you, Five?
Five: Umm... yes?
Klaus: Great! Because I'm not. You two go out without me. Enjoy your date!
Five: Did they just-
Teacher: Your child was in a fight.
Y/n: Oh no, that’s terrible!
Five: Did they win?
Five: You disgust me.
Y/n: *eating a kitkat sideways* I realize this and don’t care.
Five: Any idiot would know that.
Y/n: I knew that!
Five: See?
Y/n: We are not mad. We are just disappointed.
Five: No, we are mad.
Y/n: Yes. We are. We are livid. But we are going to let this one slide.
Five: No, we’re not!
Y/n: I am not a mind reader, Five!
Y/n: Can we go to a haunted house?
Five: What’s wrong with the one we live in?
Y/n: Wh-what?
Five: Goodnight, Y/n.
Y/n: When I get murdered, can you make sure I become an unsolved case?
Five: wHat?
Y/n: I want to be on Buzzfeed Unsolved.
Five: Can we go back to the part when you said "when I get murdered"?
Diego: So what, now I’m just supposed to do everything that Five does? What if they jump off a cliff?
Y/n: If Five were to jump off a cliff, he would have done his due diligence regarding the height of the cliff, the depth of the water, and the angle of entry. So yes, if you see Five jump off a cliff, by all means, jump off a cliff.
Diego: You jump off a cliff.
Y/n: Gladly, provided Five did first.
Five: I made tea.
Y/n: I don't want tea.
Five: I didn't make you tea. This is my tea.
Y/n: Then why did you tell me?
Five: It's a conversation starter.
Y/n: It's a horrible conversation starter.
Five: Oh, is it? We're conversing. Checkmate.
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