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Imagine blinking and missing it馃槄馃ぃ
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bfbkg 2 days
okay fic idea of bakugou being so in love with you that he鈥檚 okay with being a booty call lol like whenever you text him indicating you wanna fuck he is ON IT hopping in his car and going over to yours. you don鈥檛 realise he loves you, you鈥檙e not at the stage of loving him yet. his routine with work and everything is already so PACKED and this booty call situation is low-key ruining his life but he can鈥檛 say no to you. comes to work tired as fuck and even more grumpy. becomes flaky with his friends because he said he鈥檒l come but wait you just texted him saying you鈥檙e feeling lonely :( feels a genuine pain in his chest, gnawing against his rib cage when he does have to say no to you because he鈥檚 in the middle of a shift because he鈥檚 paranoid you鈥檒l find someone else. has many a time contemplated disappearing in the middle of patrol without a care if trouble ensues and he鈥檚 not there. hasn鈥檛 yet, but if this is all you鈥檙e letting him have, he鈥檚 gonna make sure he keeps it.
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(Bugs Bunny voice activated)
鈥渨hat鈥檚 up cock?鈥 I am so sorry
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twitblr 2 days
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brookheimer 11 hours
hey. don鈥檛 cry. succession cast dancing to call me maybe by carly rae jepsen
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eidolons-stuff 1 day
Yoko: "I think you need to talk to Ajax"
Enid: "But everything is going to be awkward"
Bianca: "Trust me. It will be SOOO much worse if you avoid it"
Enid: "Fine. But I'm not doing it alone"
Bianca: "I'm not going with you"
Yoko: *tries to quickly think* "I have- homework to do"
Enid: *bitch really*
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19daysmemes 17 hours
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viejospellejos 15 hours
Epic win, fail, win, wait鈥
aporte: @c_nagrass3
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teaboot 2 days
With the new knowledge of your almost imaginary friend Zachariah sharing several similarities, this does make all the times you were nearly a horror movie protagonist rather suspect, does it not? ;)
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My bird took my beverage
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barzysunflower 7 hours
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now I want to know what the rest of his feed looks like 鈥 馃拃
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alskylark 1 day
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London buses be like 馃檭
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carrion1750 2 days
Can you draw Cesar and six fighting over mark?
Meanwhile, Mark is trying to figure out what went wrong in his life..
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