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🖤 Heartless - the Wonders 🖤
For this week’s video, I officially closed the book on the “Heartless” chapter of my Concept Corner series by delving into the dark powers and potential pasts of the story’s villains, the Wonders! 🖤🤍💛🧡❤️💚
This is a compilation of all the finished pieces -- it’s wild to think how long its been since this silly lil' video series started, but I can’t wait to see where it goes next! Hope you’ll keep an eye out for whatever may come along on the horizon 💖
▶️ The full speedpaint is available NOW over on YouTube! ▶️
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sometimes i think about an AA universe where Edgeworth didn't have to be shuffled off every 5 seconds so he could maintain credibility as a rival....where Phoenix didn't have to win every case...yes AA is a game yes i understand why it did that for the narrative. but when I look at those lonely scared 24 year olds from AA1 i can't help but think that their version of a happy ending would be to be able to get used to each other. to face each other over stupid cases and small things. Sometimes one winning, sometimes the other, until it hardly matters anymore, all that matters is finding the truth together. I want them to take each other for granted!!! i want them to look at the other across the courtroom and say "time to face this bitch for the hundredth time i guess!!" these poor bastards have never had anything approaching emotional stability before let them have each other damn it
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h0estar · 19 days
We have seen Yukine's journey toward acceptance of the life that was robbed of him many times in the manga. However, this time you can tell it is pretty different as it seems final. The heaviness of having to accept an early and unjustified death has been portrayed beautifully in the entirety of his character arc.
Yukine finally accepting the reality of his death. Yukine stepping out from the fridge that contained memories of what was once his life. Yukine freeing himself from the shackles of his trauma. Yukine running to protect the person he cherished the most in the world. Yukine standing up to an abusive father. Yukine wholeheartedly apologizing. Yukine's acceptance and growth and Yato tearing up as he stretches his little arms to pull him for a sincere hug.
Yukine's gratitude for what Yato did for him is evident throughout the series. He was given a name more precious than any other. He was treated like a human--an ordinary teenage boy. And life after that was one exciting journey after another. Now, Yukine can no longer be entirely consumed by the horrors of his past because he knows that his reality with Yato is so much brighter. Far brighter.
Yukine could break out from that refrigerator because of the true, sincere, and nurturing love shown by the only father figure in his life. Yato has said multiple times throughout the series that Yukine was his priority above all else, and Yukine was the only person he swore to protect the most. Hell, he even went straight for the hug after Yukine apologized for turning into that form! Yato did not need to summon Yukine. Yukine came to protect Yato on his own decision. As he always did.
The journey to their healing will be painful, and this chapter shows that Yato and Yukine will face it together. No more secrets and no more miscommunication. They will help and be by each other's side as they always have, not only as god and shinki but, this time, as family.
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"I will not let him die. Not Yato. No matter what happens... I swear I won't let anyone take him from me!" -Yukine, Noragami Vol. 17 Chapter 67.
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keenobservationsuit · 10 days
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Omg guys, he’s so cute! What do I say to them?
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somersetshat · 4 months
happy mighty nein day !! have some wizards ✨✨
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eletainart · 4 months
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My favorite boy and his most favorite thing Used pictures of possums with bananas as a reference XD
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ghosted-jazz · 2 years
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Alexa play Able Sisters seventeen times
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padfootastic · 2 months
in a turn of events that doesn’t surprise anyone im sure, @impishtubist has caused yet another scene to be stuck in my head until i wrote it down. so, have some sexy, greying sirius; a deeply thirsty, appreciative james who won’t let him dye it; and a very-fed-up-of-his-parents-antics harry for prongsfoot wednesday!
Harry entered the house with ‘I’m home!’ on his lips that died an instant death as soon as he registered what he was seeing.
“Er,” he hesitated. Does he really want to—? One more look at the scene in front of him and he decided to bite the bullet. Better to clear the air now than keep stewing on it later.
“Um. Is this a—kink? A fetish? Should I leave and never come back?”
In any other scenario, the way both his parents froze and looked at him with wide eyes would’ve been comical.
If only Dad wasn’t straddling his Papa on the ground, one of his hands holding both of Papa’s above him with disturbing ease.
“It’s not what it looks like, Haz!” Dad yelped, cutting across Papa who’s face and neck were turning a steady pink. “I swear.”
“Then why are you still—like that?” Harry asked, deciding to play it safe and look at the boring grey couch in the living room instead. Nothing scandalous going on there.
He could hear the scrambling of feet, a few thumps, and a mini-yelp, absently wondering about the amount of noise the simple act of getting up could produce.
“Right.” Dad cleared his throat. “So, Harry, would you please tell your Papa that he is, under no circumstances, allowed to dye his hair?”
Harry blinks, turning to his other, exasperated, father in silent question.
“Harry, will you please tell your Dad that this is my hair and I can do with it as I please?”
“Not when you promised yourself to me!” Dad yelps and Harry is hit with an intense wave of regret at instigating this.
“Yes! Our wedding, you said, and I quote, ‘I give myself to you, James Potter, mind, body and soul’, don’t tell me you forgot.”
“Of course I didn’t forget,” Papa throws his hands up in the air. “But c’mon James—this is not what I meant when I said body!”
“What, you think I only wanted you for that ars—“
“Dad!” Harry, yelps, mortified. He can feel his cheeks heating in a violent blush. He can feel a similar flush creeping up Papa’s neck. Sadly, his words don’t have the deterring effect he’d intended.
“I mean, it is spectacular, don’t get me wrong, but you’re more than just a beautiful body, Si!”
“James, please, have some mercy for our child, if not me,” Papa says. Thankfully, this seems to register as Dad’s eye widened, part horror and part apology. Harry waves it away tiredly; though he’s no less embarrassed every time it happens, growing up in the Potter household with two extremely affectionate parents has exposed him to much worse. He’s accepted it as his lot in life.
“Er—yeah, anyway,” he coughs, ruffling his hair, “Bottom line—Sirius isn’t allowed to dye his hair.”
“I literally never agreed to that.”
“Too bad because you will,” Dad says, slowly moving towards Papa with a look on his face that Harry is loath to describe as predatory. If only it wasn’t so true.
“Oh?” Papa’s left eyebrow rises extraordinarily high, as it tends to do quite often. He crosses his arms over his chest in challenge. The motion makes his Dad smile.
“Mhm.” The two of them are chest-to-chest by this point, staring into each other’s eyes. Harry could probably conduct a whole rave party right here, right then, and they wouldn’t even notice. That is when he decides it’s high time he should step in—not literally, Merlin, no—before they end up doing something that makes him try to run away (again).
“So I was right—it is a kink,” Harry says dryly, once again regretting starting this entire conversation in the first place. He should’ve just turned back around and gone to the Weasleys instead.
“Harry, no—“
Three years later, Harry—who’s almost blissfully forgotten about the entire incident—walks into his parents’ house to an almost identical scene, just with his Papa on top this time. This time, he makes the sensible choice he still regrets not making all those years ago, and walks right back out the door.
Let those two sort it out on their own. Merlin knows his intervention hadn’t helped a bit the last time around.
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melonnexus · 14 days
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More bunny from my AU :)
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razzpinksocks · 3 months
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favorite scene: white showing as himself in from of sean for the first time
"where are you going now? aren't you going to say anything? you should at least tell me what your name is."
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marymekpop · 8 months
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eyes on you [3/?]
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bylertruther · 3 months
modern au mike would be the repressed internalized homophobia harboring kind of gay that says shit like "it's not gay to kiss ur homies goodnight 🙄 that's just being a good bro" and is essentially playing gay chicken with will 24/7 which is why will never suspects anything and thinks it's totally unrequited. bc they have Always been like this . and still mike insists he's straight and who is will to say Um Actually esp when mike made a big stink abt dating his sister n also gets super defensive abt it any time they talk abt it or get anywhere even remotely close to talking abt it. hope this helps 👍
#the kind of enthusiastic ally tht makes those jokes n all of tht and after doing the gayest thing ever he's like well. i just love my gay#best friend and support him is that so wrong..... (proceeds to get jealous when someone flirts with will + comments n likes his every#selfie + actually lets will take pictures of them and post them whenever they hang out n go somewhere jsut the two of them + makes collab#playlists with will that are full of love songs tht will totally pokes fun at him about + all other Clearly Boyfriendisms stuff)#and max just Blinks at him.#with the tiktok sound and all#eventually will gets SICK of it bc a good boy a Kind and very pretty guy is actually interested in him for real and ISN'T deterred by mike#and his mikeness bc he likes him That much and will just . he's so conflicted. bc he can't do this with this new guy if he still loves#mike and still feels like... like there's this Thing between them tht's all in his head and he just. he needs to hear mike say it. he needs#to hear mike say that there's nothing here and that there will never be something here so that he can at least TRY to move on.#and mike... can't do that :( because. well. well us ee. he opens his mouth but the words don't come out bc they just Feel Wrong.#and then bada bing bada boom Gay Shit Happens#but also not rly bc they have always been gay. it's just that now it's Official. nods at u#upside down shenanigans doesn't happen in this specific au so i'm going based off of s1 and s2 mike tht is Very Clingy n Loving#mine
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martyrtrinity · 5 months
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the man who falls – secret origins (1989)
[ID: Two cropped comic pages of Bruce Wayne as a child after falling into a cave and being ambushed by a swarm of bats. There's multiple narration boxes over the pages:
Page One: a three panel sequence of Bruce being rescued by his father. In the first panel, Bruce is screaming with his eyes squeezed shut in fear. He has his fists clenched in front of him and is wearing a reddish pink turtleneck sweater. The narration says, ‘Again, he shrieked — not in terror, but in despair...’ In the second panel, Thomas Wayne is shown from behind in a low angle. He's wearing a red sweater similar to Bruce and is holding a flashlight as he jerks Bruce into him. Above them is bats surrounding them and the broken wood floors that Bruce fell through. The narration continues, ‘The arm curled around him, muffling his voice, and his cheek rubbed against the rough wool of his father's jacket... He squeezed his eyes shut, willing himself to be away from here—’. In the third panel, they're standing outside. The narration reads, ‘When he opened them, he was in the area behind the mansion, in the pale light of the autumn afternoon, and his father's words pounded at him—’. Thomas is kneeling down in front of Bruce in front of the hole he fell in. He's gripping the child's shoulders as he scolds him, “Idiot! I told you never, never to go off alone. Didn't I? Didn't I?” Martha Wayne is behind them with her hand on the side of her face as she looks at them with relief that Bruce is okay.
Page Two: Martha is defending Bruce as Bruce has his head down. Thomas is still squeezing Bruce's shoulders as Martha tells him, “Thomas, he's frightened.” Thomas replies, “He damn well ought to be. He could have been killed.” Martha replaces Thomas's spot in front of Bruce, kneeling to gently place a hand on his upper arm and using a handkerchief to wipe his forehead. Bruce is standing with his fist still clenched and grimacing as Thomas angrily says, “He's got to learn.” Bruce is shown in a low angle, looking up at his mother with wide eyes. The narration continues, ‘He listened to his father's boots crushing the dead grass, and when he could no longer hear them, he dared to ask:’ “Mommy, was I in hell?” Martha soothes, “No, baby, that was just some old cave. You're safe now,” as she hugs him. His cheek is pressed against hers and she has her eyes closed as Bruce still looks uncertain. END ID]
#once again pushing my 'thomas wayne was a piece of shit' propaganda#tied in with the panel of him hitting bruce#and then the alt timeline where they live and martha expresses concern that her eight year old has an obsession with criminology now#and stopped being talkative or wanting to see some train (his special interest) and thomas says good and that it was worth the scare#and ! being autistic. for me when im emotional all sound is so much louder and more overwhelming#the fact that he waited until he couldnt hear his father walking away before asking his mother if he was in hell....#and being no older than 8 and still waiting. just tensed and taking the verbal lashing and them fighting before speaking up?? yeah.#also think it'll be interesting in the 'bruce is constantly seeing the best in people even shitty people that dont 'deserve' a second#chance or for someone to fully believe they can change. that you do bad things but aren't a bad person. that you can do good and not#be a good person. that its making a choice and that anyone can choose and decide to do better than they were yesterday'#sorta deal yknow?#just the conditioning of forgiveness for something theyre not sorry for and wanting to believe everyone is capable of being good#that traumatized 'mommy was i in hell' like god sorry brucie for the trauma but itll have a payoff in a decade or so trust me kid#also martha?? love her. hes the biggest mama's boy you cant change my mind.#bruce wayne#thomas wayne#martha wayne#baby brucie#crypt's panels#c: secret origins | the man who falls
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pokimoko · 2 months
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🥲 They're having a nice chat. And nothing bad ever happened.
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yukipri · 2 years
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The 212th and their General
PLEASE DO NOT REPOST, EDIT, TRANSLATE, OR OTHERWISE USE MY ART. To share, please reblog! Reblogs and comments greatly appreciated!!!
❀ You can see the rest of my art through the Masterpost pinned to the top of my blog!
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myyla-x · 3 months
last writing thing of the year 🤭✨
Sonic huffed and crossed his arms, pretending to look at a watch on his wrist while his foot tapped an impatient rhythm. 1 second..
2 seconds..
3 seconds. 
4 seconds..  ‘Jeez, pal, you’re really taking your time. Don’t make me wait for ten seconds!’ The hedgehog thought, glancing up at the sky in hopes to spot his companion.
After 6 seconds, a slight movement of grass from behind told him his buddy had finally scoped out the area.
“There you are, Tails!” He exclaimed as he turned around, arms still crossed and his foot still tapping away. “I was waaaiting!” He sang, knowing it got a few giggles out of his charge every time he did it.
And sure enough, Sonic was rewarded with a few of his pal’s giggles for his efforts. “Sorry, Sonic. Thought I saw a buttnik, but it was jus’a bug.” Tails said, gesturing to a bush somewhere to the right.
“S’all clear?” He knew it was, he would’ve heard those dumb-bots by now if any were there. That, or they would’ve spotted Tails and attacked. Still, he waited for the kit to confirm it.
“Sure is!” The boy beamed and shot a thumbs up at the older, tails wagging when he received a few headpats in return. “There’s also a berry bush just there,” he pointed to a spot past Sonic, “I don’t remember what is and s’not okay to eat, though.”
“That’s alright, li’l bro, I can help jumpstart that big brain of yours.” The teen ruffled his bangs and grinned down at the boy before nodding to the clearing. “Let’s set up camp first, sound cool?”
“Way past!” His fluffy appendages still wagging, Tails grabbed hold of their bag and ran to the clearing. Only Sonic was still wearing the bag, so he ended up getting dragged with it.
“You really like settin’ up camp, huh pal?” The hedgehog commented with a light laugh, letting himself get tugged along since he knew the little fox could carry his weight, no sweat. The younger laughed nervously and let go of the bag once they were in the clearing.
“Sorry, Sonic,” He wrung his hands, his twin tails twisting behind him in a show of embarrassment, “I still can’t really contain my excitement.”
“No sweat about it, li’l bud.” Sonic assured him as he stood himself upright and pulled off the backpack he was wearing. “It’s normal for kits your age.”
“Is flying normal for kits my age?” Tails asked, holding his hands behind his back and leaning forward.
“Well, not kits,” The hedgehog set the bag on the ground so he could pull out their blankets and other necessities. “But other kids, yeah, sometimes.”
“Then what does that matter?” Sonic paused what he was doing to turn and look at his little buddy with a raised brown. The fox was just grinning back at him, rocking on his heels.
“Matters ‘cause it means you don’t gotta be ‘mbarrassed about it.” The teen countered, reaching to poke the fox’s stomach. The latter squeaked at the touch and ducked away, giggling from his new spot 5 feet away from the older.
“S’hat mean I should be embarrassed ‘bout what isn’t normal for kits my age?” Sonic sighed and shook his head. The kid was quite a handful sometimes.
“Not what I meant, and you know it.” He said, reaching out to poke the younger again, but he was quick enough to move away this time. The kit giggled and sat down while he watched the older pull out their camping supplies.
“What color were those berries you saw, Tails?” Sonic asked as he set down the pot they used to cook chili dogs in.
“Some kind’a pinkish red.” Tails’s namesakes twitched behind him. The hedgehog hummed and waved his hand, pulling out a bottle of water.
“Think those are raspberries. Go pick a couple so I can check ‘em out, will ya?” He asked, taking a small sip of the liquid.
“Sure thing, Sonic!” The fox beamed as his tails wound up, lifting him off the ground so he could fly to the bush of berries he saw earlier.
Sonic twisted the cap back onto the bottle and set it on the ground. He’ll have Tails drink some once he gets back with the berries. He reached into the bag and pulled out a jar that’s full of water, specifically for cooking chili dogs.
He poured a bit of it into the pot before replacing the lid and setting it back in the backpack. He quickly set up a spot for the campfire, and used his old lighter to start a fire. He then picked up the pot of water and suspended it above the crackling flame.
Sonic looked in the direction his little brother flew off in as he dumped a couple of hotdogs into the pot. The kid was only supposed to pick one or two for the hedgehog to examine, what was taking so long?
He didn’t have to wait much longer, though. He smiled when he saw the fox run back to the clearing, and, from the looks of his appearance, it was obvious what held him up.
“Sorry I wasn’t back in a Sonic Second,” Tails apologized, handing two berries to his hero, “my tails got caught.” Which was obvious, considering there were all kinds of knots, twigs, and leaves stuck in his fur that were definitely not there a few seconds ago.
“Don’t sweat it, little buddy.” Sonic said as he took one of the berries. He held it up to his face, only needing to study it for a few seconds to confirm it was, in fact, a raspberry. “Go ‘head and take a bite of that one, Tails.” He pointed at the pink berry in his brother’s hand.
“What’s it taste like?” He asked, but bit a piece of it off before he could get an answer. He would’ve done it anyway, he wasn’t one to turn down food! Especially not when Sonic said it was okay to eat.
The teen laughed lightly at his buddy’s impatience and popped the raspberry he held into his mouth. “They’re sweet n’ tart. Not my favorite, but decent.” Noticing the kit’s wagging tails, he assumed the younger quite liked them.
“What is your favorite berry?” Tails asked, putting the rest of the berry in his mouth. He liked it a lot, but blueberries were better.
“Chilidogberries.” Sonic joked, sitting down next to the fire to watch the hotdogs cook.
“There’s no such thing as chilidogberries!” The fox crossed his arms and frowned.
“Is to!” The hedgehog argued, taking out a can of chili from the backpack. “They’re really good, li’l bro.” He picked up the water bottle and patted the ground next to him, signaling the other to come sit.
Tails huffed but did as he was told, taking the bottle when it was offered to him. He made sure to only take a sip of it like Sonic did, even though he told him to drink enough so he wasn’t thirsty anymore.
Sonic reached into the bag once more and pulled out a pink hair brush, a gift from a girl he had saved a few months ago so he could maintain Tails’s fur better.
“Alright, li’l bro, let’s fix up those tails of yours.” He turned back to the younger with a smile, holding up the brush.
“Fix them?” Tails repeated, his ears lowering as he set the water bottle down and glanced at the fluffy appendages behind him, completely missing the hairbrush. “There’s something wrong with them?”
“No, pal,” The hedgehog shook his head and tapped the kit’s nose with the flat end of the brush. “I meant cleaning them up. Getting rid of the twigs and leaves.”
“Oh,” The fox smiled sheepishly and rubbed the back of his neck, “will you be careful?”
“‘Course, little buddy!” Sonic ruffled his bangs before crawling behind his little brother so he could brush his tails easier. “‘Sides, you can alway tell me if it hurts. Keep an eye on the dogs for me, will ya?”
“Okay, Sonic.” Tails nodded and turned to watch the pot hanging above the fire, playing with his fingers as he waited.
Sonic smiled and set the hairbrush in his lap, deciding it’d be better to pull the tangled twigs and leaves out of his fur before brushing the knots out. He briefly wondered how often he would need to brush out his buddy’s tails, they were bound to get tangled up pretty often. Fur maintenance is a lot more of a hassle than quill maintenance.
Soon enough, the final stick was pulled and Sonic could start actually brushing the fluffy appendages. His ears twitched at a quiet sound, swiveling until he realized what it was.
Tails was humming the song Catty Carlisle made in Sonic’s tribute. The kit had been quick to dub Sonic’s Song as his all time favorite song, saying it was the coolest song ever. He decided that faster than the hedgehog could run a lap around Mobius!
Holding one of the tails in his left hand with his right gently brushing the fur, Sonic began humming along with his little brother. The song was catchy, how could he not! Also, it made the kid happy. That is, if the other tail softly wagging (which caused it to repeatedly hit Sonic’s side) was anything to go off of.
Before too long, the first tail was completely not free. Sonic sat the brush down once again to run his fingers through the fur to make sure he didn’t miss a single knot. Nodding in approval, he set it on the ground and picked up the other tail to repeat the process.
“Hey, Sonic?” Tails asked a few seconds after they had finished humming.
“S’up, li’l bud?” The hedgehog glanced at the kid briefly before returning his attention to the knotted up fur.
“I, uh– wanna say thank you s’all.” The kit’s voice was quieter now, a clear sign he was a bit embarrassed. The teen cocked a brow.
“What you thankin’ me for? I haven’t even cooked up your chili dog yet!” He poked the fox’s side with the tip of his shoe, earning a quiet giggle.
“Well, I know that, but” Tails swatted at his brother’s foot, “you do so much for me everyday, even though nobody else would. I think that deserves a thank you.” He said as he pulled his knees to his chest.
Sonic gave him a sympathetic look even though the younger couldn’t see it. “You don’t gotta thank me for that, li’l bro. It’s what heroes do!” He set the brush down so he could rub that little area behind the kit’s big yellow ears, earning a few quiet purrs from the action.
“It’s what brothers do.” He added in a whisper that was just loud enough for the younger to hear. He retreated his hand so he could finish brushing his tail, ignoring the few quiet sniffles that followed his words.
“Well.. I, uhm–” Tails hesitated, pulling his knot-free tail to his chest so he could hug it. “Love ya, big bro.” The older had a feeling it was so that it would muffle his words, too.
“Love ya too, li’l bro.” The kit squeaked and hid his face further into his tail. Sonic smiled before brushing out the last few knots, humming another song that came upon the radio regularly.
He really had the coolest little brother.
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