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nelkcats · 5 days
Not a Dog!
A competition was set up to award the best dog between Gotham and Amity Park, probably because the judges were quite aware that the two cities were a little crazy and decided to unite their competitions.
Damian bragged that he shouldn't be participating since obviously Titus would beat everyone. Jason snorted and commented that Dog was much better than Titus and would win the competition easily, the rest of the siblings walked away from the discussion, but Dick felt left out and called his friend.
Beast Boy, better known as "Gar" wasn't too happy about Dick using his favor to make him pretend to be a dog in a pet contest, but he agreed. Dick signed him up as his own pet while Jason and Damian complained about how silly the idea was.
When Gotham competitors list was released on Amity, Danny noticed that one contestant had a green dog and smiled. He could compete with Cujo! His father told him something about wanting to compete too but the halfa denied and said that he needed a dog for that.
On the day of the competition the judges tried not to flinch at the two obviously green dogs and a contestant who had decided to enter with a peculiar type of dog, they decided to judge them as best as possible. A rivalry ensued between all the contestants while Danny tried to avoid looking at his father's eyes, why was he participating with a fridge?
To everyone's surprise, none of the dogs won. The winner was Jack Fenton, with his very alive and aggressive sausages. The judges couldn't disqualify him because "hot dog" was technically a type of "dog" even if they didn't know how it was possible, and Jack taught the hot dogs a few tricks.
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bisexual-horror-fan · 2 years
Hi yes hello I’m um…. here to mayhaps request some smut? 🥺👉🏻👈🏻
I’m a simple girl who is v much in love with one (1) bastard stabby mechanic. I was thinking something like Bo comes home after some particularly aggravating victims (putting up a fight and Bo is big mad™️) so, logically, the best way to have him relax is by letting him just so absolutely feral because 10/10 that man has a breeding kink and I’m here like hello sir hi 👀
MADDIE! I am SO fucking stoked you finally requested something of me! I had so much fucking fun doing this, been a hot ass minute since I have written for Bo and I am shocked no one has asked for breeding kink with him before because he sure as fuck has one no doubt.
I wanna give a shout-out to my husband, Mr.Bex, for some fantastic inspo the other night that helped fuel this fic, really feel like it elevated this piece.
Hope I did this prompt justice and that you all love it! Let’s get into it.
Rating. Explicit. Length. 3.8K. Bo Sinclair X AFAB! Reader. Warnings: Aggressive And Possessive Bo. Manhandling. Rough Sex. Vaginal Fingering. Vaginal Sex. Choking. Restrained Reader. Nipple Play. Masturbation. Dirty Talk. Breeding Kink. Mocking. Teasing. Hair Pulling. Throat Fucking. Blow Job. Rough Oral Sex. Gagging. Crying Reader. Praise. Mirror Sex. Orgasm Denial. Begging. Cum Play. Bo Being A Bastard.
Tumblr media
It could have gone so much better.
Could have gone so much worse too but certainly could have gone a hell of a lot better. Sometimes it was almost too easy, laughable, other times, like today, it was fucking awful. It was a struggle and not the fun kind of struggle he usually loved.
It took far longer than it should have, by the time he was done it was sundown, he was bruised, bloody, some of it was his, lip split and knuckles scraped up, he couldn’t have been in a worse mood. You heard him when he came in. Hearing the door slam and you hugging your knees a little closer, the urge to get up and run to him was so tempting but you didn’t know how it went, did not know what happened, if it was all done or was still going on. You had a hiding place that you were expected to stay in when people rolled into town, Bo was very insistent upon it, didn’t want you getting in harm's way, you were sitting in the small room, door locked, and all you could do was wait and listen.
It was Bo for sure. You listened as he stomped around, could hear him cursing up a storm, God, whatever happened it obviously didn’t go well.
You had this problem. Well, I say it is a problem but you really didn’t think so, not really. Whenever he got so upset, so mad, it reminded you of that first meeting of yours and every subsequent time where he would take said anger out on you. And with those reminders, it had one distinct effect on you, it made you wet. You weren’t sure if he quite realized just how badly it got to you.
You think he had an idea but did not think he knew the full extent.
It was then that you heard him on the bottom step, starting to come upstairs, you almost wanted to squirm already as he got closer to you. Soon the door was unlocked and pulled open, you took in the sight of him, eyes dragging up and seeing just how roughed up he was, you tried to look concerned, which you were but you were also trying to hide the definite excitement that was settling low inside you. The expression on his face, he looked so upset, you finally let go of your knees and allowed your feet to touch the floor. “Oh my God Bo, are you okay?”
A scoff and a roll of his eyes as you got up and started to come towards him, “Do I fuckin’ look okay?”
Fuck, that tone, you didn’t stop, coming forward and standing right in front of him, reaching out and taking one of his hands, fussing a bit over his hand. He started to vent, tell you all about what happened, the way they caught on far too early and gave him the runaround, had gotten the drop on him. As he was going off you led him to the bathroom to help clean him up a bit. You kept stealing glances at his face as he ranted and you worked on clearing up his hands, you shifted your weight from one foot to the other, trying to ignore the growing wet patch in your panties. It had been a while since you had seen him this angry and you think you had just the thing to help. You dropped his hand and your hands came to your shorts, starting to undo them and he took notice, it made his sentence stop short.
“An' then! That fucker-What are you doin’?”
Your eyes flicked up to him but you didn’t stop, “Trying to help.” Your shorts dropped and you kicked them aside, thumbs hooked into the waistband of your panties and you slid them down, maintaining eye contact you dragged them off, stepped out of them and stood back upright, you took his hand, put it palm up and set your panties into his hand, closing his fingers around it.
The look in your eyes combined with what you did made your intentions all too obvious. He could feel how wet your panties were, even with him already being able to feel it he still wanted to look, he opened his hand and he was the one to break your eye contact, glancing down and taking in the soaked garment, he brought it up, he smelled your soiled underwear, inhaled deep, eyes fell closed and you just barely caught the quiet, “Fuck.” that left him.
God that is good, you knew he loved the smell, the taste, the feel of you.
His eyes opened back up and he looked at you, panties still caught between his fingers. He addressed you with a gesture of the wet lace, “See I’m curious darlin’ just how you got so wet without me even touchin’ you.”
You gave a small shrug, pretending to not be so affected as with a sly smile you said, “Thought you could use some stress relief.”
You knew it had been a hard afternoon and you wanted to help, wanted him to take it out on you. He reached out, the backs of his fingers brushed over your cheek and you still felt some of the lingering dried blood that you hadn’t managed to get to caked there. You leaned into the touch and the softness was so nice, but it was short lived, his hand moved fast, thick fingers threaded in your hair and he tugged hard, pulling your head back, a single step forward, pressing himself to you, pushing you up against the sink. You let out a small pained gasp from how hard he tugged your hair, eyes pleading up at him and he gave an appreciative hum, “God you’re fuckin’ perfect.”
That made you melt, you loved the dichotomy of this, him treating you roughly and praising you in the low tone, it did nothing to help your current predicament. He was clearly going to take you up on your offer and you could hardly wait, he didn’t allow you to respond, instead his other hand met your shoulder and he forced you down, yanking your hair with his other hand to bring you down to a crouch at his feet. “You wanna let me fuck my stress out, huh?”
He kept his hand in your hair and tugged again, his other hand starting to unzip his dirty mechanics suit. "Gonna let me use any of those holes of yours too aintcha?"
You were, you nodded, looking up at him as you said so honestly, “Any of them.”
“Course you would. Fuckin’ slut.” He finally let go of your hair, rough push of your head away from him but you let him, more than let him, you actually felt tempted to moan at it. Finally that suit was hiked down, some of the blood had soaked into the white t-shirt he had on under it, he looked unfairly good in red, especially now, a mechanic's suit around his knees, bloody shirt and his underwear still on, he was already hard. He was palming himself as he looked down at you, “I got a craving for one hole in particular right now.”
You knew what he wanted. Your hands reached out, met his hips and you leaned in, mouthed over his clothed erection all while staring up at him. He wasn’t in the mood for teasing, you could still see the lingering anger in his eyes, not directed at you of course but that didn’t mean he wasn’t going to enjoy taking it out on you.
So you decided not to linger, you pulled his underwear down allowing him to spring free, you leaned in closer, hot and hard shaft against your cheek, still gazing up at him and that is when your tongue lolled out of your mouth and you got to work. Starting low as you could, running your tongue over his balls and then dragging up further, enjoying the taste, unmistakably him, and as soon as you reached the head of his cock you had intentions of swirling your tongue over the head of his cock but he had other plans.
“Hurry the fuck up.” Hand on your head he jerked you forward, forcing you down his length, stuffing his cock in your mouth. “Thought you wanted to help me-” he pulled you down closer, down your throat, “-not be a little tease, right?"
He didn’t stop until he was fully seated in you, your nose pressed against his rough public hair. You struggled to relax your throat, welcome the intrusion but it was hard with him being so thick, so deep in your throat. “Yer gonna be good and let me use you.”
A statement not a question and a correct one at that. He held there, a small rock of his hips and you fought the urge to gag, he stayed there for a moment and finally took his shirt off, throwing it aside before his hand met your forehead and pushed you back, until just the head of his cock was between your lips. You sucked down a deep breath, eyes still trained on him, his tongue darted out, wet his bottom lip and he said, “Yeah you better breathe deep now.”
He forced you down again, hard and fast, you did gag this time, “Cuz you ain’t gonna be able to for a while.”
He was true to his word, he used your mouth, fucked into you, made it hard for you to breathe, made you gag and choke, pushed you so your back was pressed to the cabinet doors under the sink. He tangled his fingers in your hair and thrust his hips forward as he jerked your head towards him in time, he was breathing harder, grunting out, “Shit, that’s good-”
You tried to keep pace, struggled to keep breathing through your nose, you stole a look up at him, hard to do with how you were tearing up from how rough he was being with your throat, God that expression.
Such focus, singular purpose on using you, getting every ounce of negative emotion out and wringing every pleasurable sensation he could for himself from using your body. You swallowed around the head of his cock and it pulled a groan from him, made him thrust even harder and then the dam broke and those tears that had been building up actually slipped down your cheeks and you swore you could feel him get harder on your tongue. He ripped you off of his cock and was staring you down, chest heaving, fingers still in your locks he tugged and said, “Love to see you cry.”
One of his hands gripped the base of his shaft and then he rubbed his drool-covered cock over your cheeks, spreading the mess of spit and tears, letting out a small hiss from the feeling and the visual of it. He gritted out. “Touch yourself.”
Your eyes must have given yourself away because he barked, “Did I fuckin’ stutter, whore? Get your fingers in that cunt!” You did so, hand flying between your thighs, you had been aching this whole time but didn’t dare touch yourself until he gave the word. Your fingers find your leaking slit, you drag your fingers up and spread the wetness, circling your clit and fuck, it felt good.
You moaned, he was rubbing the head of his cock over your slick lips and hummed approvingly, “Mmm yeah you better do a good job, get yourself nice and ready because I’m coming for that hole next.”
He shoved back into your mouth and you moaned against his shaft, you knew he was serious, stopping rubbing your clit you chose to instead bury your fingers in yourself, stretch yourself as much as you could. Ready yourself to take his cock, you knew he would be even more unrelenting once he got inside of you, and so you set to fucking your fingers in and out of yourself.
Scissoring them in and out, pressing into the spot that made you almost whimper around his cock, you decided your one hand wasn’t enough, it came off of your knee and joined your other hand, taking to rubbing your clit as your fingers worked on opening yourself. It felt amazing but not enough, you knew that you needed him and soon, that he would actually be able to satisfy that insatiable hunger that he stirred up inside of you.
“This is a good look for you.” He was right of course. You crouched down on your heels, knees spread, fingering yourself and choking on his cock, one of the straps of your tank stop slipped down your shoulders, so close to exposing your tits to him. After another hard thrust, another gag he pulled out back once more, “Nuff of that shit, get up here.”
He pulled on your hair, yanked you up, your hands falling away from your leaking cunt, he turned you around, placing your hands on the edge of the sink, you gripped the sink’s edge and his hands were on your hips. He dragged the swollen head of his cock against you and prodded at your entrance, you wanted to grind back on him, he said, “Hope you did a good job.”
He gripped your hips harder and sunk inside of you, it pulled a deep moan from you, “Cuz I’m not stopping till I stuff you full of cum.”
God were you lucky.
He was fully buried in you, hips resting against your ass, he ground into you and it stole your beath away, “Fuck! Bo-”
He huffed out a laugh, his head right beside yours, “You're fucking soaked.” He stated to move, rough snap of his hips, forward and back, fucking into you, delicous drag of his cock inside of you. His hand came up to your throat, other hand still on your hip as he used those two points of contact to pull you back onto him as he drove forward.
“Can’t wait to drain myself in ya.” You let out a strangled moan at that, clenched around him and it made him groan as well, “Yeah you like the thought of that? Me cummin’ in you-”
You cut him off with a loud moan when he hit that spot inside of you just fucking right, “God yes! Bo, I lo-love it-”
Pleasure was building inside of you already, the rough treatment, how he was talking to you and of course how well he was fucking you. His hand came off your hip, came up to your forehead, pulled your head back, making you look at yourself in the mirror he had you in front of over the sink, “Look at cha. I can tell you love it.”
You took in the view of yourself, one of his hands on your throat, squeezing it, him fucking you, making your tits bounce and all those other soft and sweet parts of you jiggle and move with the force of his thrusts, you saw just what he did in that moment, you were undeniably hot. “Don’t look away.”
His hand left your forehead, came forward and ripped your tank top down, exposing your tits, letting them bounce free, roughly palming one, tweaking one of your nipples and it made you clench around him again with a broken moan.
Overwhelmed with sensation, the feel of his cock splitting you open, the assualt on those sweet spots never letting up and the sight of him fucking you. Could feel the pleasure mounting, we're going to find your end soon. “Love it Bo, so fuck-ing good!”
You let him use your body and get his fill and loved every single solitary second of it.
Craving him, wanting him, wanting more, you beg him to fill you, desperate to feel it, “Please Bo, wan’ it so much, please, please, please cum in me-” He was still tugging and rolling your stiff nipple with one hand, his other gave another hard squeeze to your throat that made you gasp, “Awe I was already plannin’ on it but fuck, you sound good. Beg some more darlin’. ”
He sounded so mocking, so teasing, he was getting off on this so hard but so were you, the mess you were making of him, could feel the slick running out of you, down his shaft and balls, over your inner thighs, the sound of it was obscene. Wet slap of skin on skin, of your shared heavy breathing and moaning, the grunts of effort from him. You indulge him further, “Wanna feel it, need it Bo, shit! Puh-please-”
He let out a hum like he was considering it, still not letting up, hips crashing into your ass, you were getting closer and closer, wanting to cum all over his cock, you were sure if he spilled in you it would bring about your own orgasm too. “-want you to mark me, ruin me! Ma-make me yours forever, wanna be yours so bad-”
“Yeah? Wanna be all mine?” He was pressed so close to you, his chest to your back, nearly covering you totally, your hips were pressed painfully into the edge of the sink you were still gripping on for dear life, even the slight pain was elevating all of this. The edge of pain makes the pleasure all the sweeter and stronger. “Yeah! Wanna be your cum dump Bo-”
He laughed, hips stilled, held to the hilt inside of you, his hand drifted up from your throat, gripped your lower jaw, could feel his hot breath on his ear as she uttered, “Wanna be? Hon. You already are.”
Two of his thick and still dirty fingers were forced in your mouth, pressed down on your tongue and he started right back up, hard, fast, locked onto that spot inside, you were ripped to the edge so fast. You tried to warn him, eyes pleading, trying to speak around his fingers, it sounded wet and pathetic, laughable and he did laugh. “-Unna um-”
He could feel it, it was all too obvious, how your walls were squeezing his hard cock, he met your gaze in the mirror and shook his head. “Not yet.”
You whimpered around his fingers, could more drool leaking out from between them, spilling down his hand, you wanted so badly, were right there, weren’t sure if you could hold out. You realized then how close he was too, almost at his own end, his head tipped back, a groan, sweaty and flushed, pace faltering, he pushed his fingers in your mouth deeper and you sucked on them greedily, an attempt to hold some composure, a distraction in hopes you won’t cum before he wants you to.
You are moaning against his digits, something that could be a chant of his name but it is nearly impossible to make out. You were so tense, body taut, ready to cum the second he gave you the go ahead and he huffed out in your ear, “Here it comes.”
You braced yourself and then another thrust, one, two and three and he held all the way inside as he unloaded in you. Eyes squeezing shut, breathing so hard through your nose, trembling in his grip, you somehow managed to be good for him, held yourself back and didn’t cum, still dangerously close to it though. Were still so tense as his grip on you loosened, head leaning against yours, panting, “Mmm shit that was good.” You gave a weak nod and agreed as his fingers left your mouth, “S’ good Bo.”
“Don’t worry, we ain’t done yet.” His hand went between your thighs, rough fingers brushed over your clit and you let out a small gasp, he lingered for a moment, rubbing your clit and your hips squirmed at the feeling, still stuffed with his cum and him, it was amazing. His hand traveled down further, and he pulled his cock out, hand moving to cover your well fucked hole as soon as he slipped out. Holding the mess inside of you and then he made his next move.
You were pulled, turned, pushed and forced against the wall opposite the sink, his forearm met your throat, used that to hold you to the wall, your cheek pressed to the cool wall as his fingers slipped inside of you. He started to finger you, so quick, so rough, fingers curled into that spot and his palm pressed to your clit and you couldn’t hold back the loud cry of his name that tore from your throat, “Bo!”
The pleasure swelled inside, you were clenching around his fingers, panting so hard, after how well he had fucked you, how close you had been, you were there again in almost no time. He was still pressed to you, letting you feel the weight of him, loving him pinning you like this, your hands were flat on the wall, bucking your hips down onto his hand. He leaned in, whispering in your ear, “You wanna know the only reason I’m doing this? It ain’t cuz I give a shit about you getting off, it’s cuz I hear it betters the chances of you getting knocked up.”
“Bo! I’m gonna-” His forearm pressed you harder to the wall, crushing some of the breath out of you and he spat, “Shut up.”
That is what did it.
That is what pushed you over the edge and made you cum with a weak, breathless and strangled moan. It was insane how good it felt, you were thankful he had you pinned like this or you would have fallen, legs far too weak, wouldn’t have been able to hold yourself up through your orgasm. He didn’t stop fingering you, dragging out your orgasm, and you were gasping for breath when you finished coming. It was boarding on painful overstimulation when he finally stopped, leaving his fingers inside of you. He leaned in and pressed a kiss to your temple, “Good start but we ain’t done yet.”
You weren’t?
His nose brushed over your cheek and he placed another sweet kiss before saying, “Yer gonna get your ass in bed and I’m gonna fill you again.”
You clenched around his fingers and it made him chuckle, another kiss, “And again.” One more. “And again. Until you’re knocked up for fucking sure.”
Let’s hope you really meant what you said, hope you really wanted it and it wasn’t just dirty talk in the heat of the moment because Bo Sinclair sure meant it.
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redrobin-detective · 2 years
From a young age, Jack Fenton wanted a life of adventure and excitement. Working on his family’s quiet farm in the middle of nowhere never sat right with him. Late one night, he sees something he can’t explain in the woods which sparks a lifelong passion for the supernatural. He worked day and night at various odd jobs once he was old enough in order to save up money for school. Pa and him had a huge row when he saw how much money Jack had saved over the years. That money could’ve bought new equipment, could have put food in his sisters’ mouths. But Jack held fast, he loved his family but he needed to find his own way and he wouldn’t find it here. As soon as he got his acceptance letter for his college of choice, he left the farm and never looked back.
Rooming with Vlad Masters was a struggle at first but his roommate’s intense desire to prove Jack wrong about ghosts eventually sparked a friendly continuing argument which just became friendly in general. Jack was too loud, too enthusiastic for everyone else, almost always the biggest and broadest guy in the room. Jack first met Maddie during college orientation, or rather he met her bountiful bushy red hair 3 rows up that his eyes kept wandering to. He met her properly when they got into an intense discussion of the use of the supernatural in fiction during literature class. Girls had never registered for Jack before, always seemed less interesting than his research. But Maddie, she like a revelation in and of herself. They continued their debate after class, into the dining hall where Vlad somehow got roped in. They exchanged phone numbers and continued their theories long into the night. They never really stopped.
Maddie was like the campfires Pa used to make when he was young. She was small and contained but with an all-encompassing energy that warmed everyone around her. He finally met his match with her, her enthusiasm encouraged his and vice versa. Her mind thought differently from Jack but in a complementary way, he did his best thinking when she was there to bounce ideas off of. As close as he and Vlad were, sometimes the whole world disappeared when Maddie was around. Vlad proclaimed his desire to date Maddie on a couple of occasions, asking Jack to back him up. Jack never knew how to answer, it should be okay as long as the two of them were happy and he and Maddie could stay friends. But he couldn’t just ignore that chemistry he felt when Jack’s eyes met hers.
 Vlad’s accident occurred not long afterwards, he was stuck in the hospital and forced to drop out of school their last semester. The guilt ate away at Jack but Maddie made things better. He danced with her for their last college dance, kissed her for the first time as they threw their caps into the air for graduation. Being with her was like being whole for the first time in his life. When he got down on his knee and asked her to be his lab partner for life, it was the best thing he’d ever done. They had something of a shotgun wedding, neither of them had two nickels to rub together both coming from poor families and a load of student debt. Jack couldn’t afford to rent a suit so he wore his hazmat suit, figuring Mads would get a kick out of it. When she walked down the aisle with her lab goggles on, he knew he’d found the one.
They moved to Amity Park, a peaceful but still bustling suburb an hour outside Chicago. In their research, they’d discovered several anomalies in and around the area that suggested it was a hot bed of paranormal activity. They bought a house and worked on making it their own. Maddie initially hadn’t wanted children, wanting to focus more on their work. Jack, however, had come from a big family and had wanted kids even when he’d been a kid. Many long discussions and time to settle and soon they had a beautiful daughter. He asked to name her Jasmine. His mother had loved the smell and kept it around the house growing up, even years later, the scent calmed him. Looking at the precious girl in his arms, he knew that she would be his new home.
Danny had been a little bit of a surprise. Him and Mads were content with their chatty, precocious daughter. They hadn’t even discussed having a second when they found out she was pregnant several months in. She hadn’t been symptomatic, Maddie fretted the rest of the pregnancy, worried she’s inadvertently harmed their child by exposing herself to chemicals. But everything turned out alright, Danny was born just fine, if a solid pound smaller than Jasmine. While Jazzy had wailed and wailed, Danny was a quiet baby, instead choosing to look around with wide, curious eyes. When he gripped Jack’s finger and brought it into his little mouth, Jack was smitten.
He loved being a scientist, a husband, but Jack especially loved being a father. Maddie said he never quite grew out of being a kid and he agreed with her. The sound of his daughters delighted screams as he ran around the house with her on his shoulders. The beaming smile Danny gave when Jack held him up high so he could be closer to the night sky. He loved his work, an obsession he was more than willing to admit, but his heart truly lied with his family. Jack could have lived an eternity in those early days when his children looked up at him like he could do no wrong. Of course, it wouldn’t last. Children grew up, socialized and learned that ghost hunting wasn’t the cool, legitimate profession they’d believed. His kids loved them but there was a separation that hadn’t existed before, a disconnect of a passionate farm boy searching for the unknown to modern kids who didn’t understand what it meant to to crave understanding.
Maddie was the one who shopped the idea of working on the portal again. Jack had been skeptical at first, it had been his dream but after what happened with Vlad and with the kids still living in the house... But Vlad was fine now, on his way to being a millionaire the last Jack heard and his thirst for knowledge couldn’t be quenched. It took years to draw up the schematics and begin building. The process was slow, made slower by Maddie going back to school for her second degree in psychics, by losses of funding, taking shady government contracts to put food on the table. When he saw the sad, hungry looks on his kids’ faces when they had discount TV dinners, he finally understood his father’s anger over Jack selfishly hoarding money for college. But years of blood, sweat and tears saw the fruition of their dreams completed.
The portal hadn’t worked right away to his immense disappointment only to miraculous start up when him and Maddie weren’t looking. Danny started acting sick immediately after, enough to scare the hell out of Jack. Visions of Vlad’s ecto-scarred face and the sounds of him vomiting up blood and ectoplasm haunted him. Not his Danny, not his sweet boy. But Danny recovered and things seemingly went back to normal. They say hindsight is 20/20 but Jack will curse himself until the day he died for not seeing the signs until it was spelled out for him. He knew Maddie and him were unconventional but he tried to foster love and trust in their home. The idea that his son didn’t think he could come to them for the dramatic changes the portal had done to him, that he was scared of them. Jack wept heartily at the thought of how he’d failed, that he’d been the sort of prejudiced, uninterested father like his Pa had been.
So he’d gotten down on his knees, making himself smaller and less threatening to his boy - he was so tall now, when had that happened - and asked for another chance. Danny, always too kind for his own good, forgave them. He said it before Jack believed he meant it but it was the biggest relief he’d ever felt in his life to have the opportunity to make things right. It was hard, erasing decades of biases. To not jump when Danny acted a bit too ghostly, to not to correct him when his boy made some comment on ghosts that Jack disagreed with. But he listened and he learned and even though his heart was already fit to burst, he found more love in his heart for his son. His son, who carried a heavy burden with dignity and grown into twice the man Jack was when he hadn’t been looking. Jazz too was paving her own way forward with the same zeal and intelligence that Jack admired so in Maddie. 
His wife, his friend, his lab partner for life stood by his side as their children left home to change the world. When he was young, Jack dreamed of excitement, of never-ending exploration and fearsome battles. He got all of that, and more, but he also found something else. Jack found people who loved him for all his eccentricities, who he felt free to be as loud as silly as he desired. He raised two beautiful children who he loved more every day and who he knew loved in return. He wished he could tell his younger self that while excitement put hair on your chest, his Ma and Pa had been right in that family was something worth investing in. Jack Fenton made staggering advancements to the field of ectology over the years but his greatest accomplishment, should you ask him, would be living his best life with the woman of his dreams and their children.
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DP Going Angst Week 2021: A Mother Stores Her Love And Her Ire In Her Hands (Sometimes She Doesn't Know Which Is Which)
Day One: Birth/Creation
Summary: Maddie as always knew her hands were to create things... she never imagined herself destroying one of her creations.
   Maddie loved Frankenstein ever since she read it her freshman year of high-school.
   It was rare for Maddie at the time to not only see a woman with an interest in science (even if the science was fictional) but more specifically an interest with science relating to death. She had felt she could relate with Victor Frankenstein in his ambition and need to see his experiments through but not so much his cowardness in being unable to correct his mistakes and letting a blight such as The Creature destroy his family. 
   She would muse over what she would have done instead and how she could never make the same mistakes Victor had.
   Maddie grinned at her husband (the novelty of the word had yet to lose it's shine), Jack, as she finished unpacking the last box of their equipment.
   She placed her fists on her hips and glanced around the basement-and-soon-to-be lab proudly. 
   Jack slung his arm around her shoulders and gazed at the room with her.
   Here, over the next couple of decades, they would build their ghost hunting gear, ecto-instruments, and, more importantly, The Portal. 
   Maddie could feel the excitement quiver in her hands as she ran them across the wall. Maddie knew their purpose was to create things.
   Maddie looked down at the bundle of joy snuggled to her chest and soaked in the joy at having big, blue eyes peer up at her.
   Jack was standing by her side and Jazz, their daughter, was sitting on the hospital bed by Maddie's hip.
   "What's his name," Jazz had asked.
   "Danny," she remembered saying. "His name is Danny."
   Maddie gave her children's hands a squeeze as they crossed the street to their home. Their home.
   Maddie's upbringing was… less than exceptional. It wasn't like her parents hadn't tried because they did but Maddie and her sister had still ended up with some of their needs not being met. 
   So, it brought Maddie a certain feeling of euphoria at everything her and her husband had built for their children.
   Maddie smiled as the kids rushed to the kitchen when she opened the door, their backpacks bouncing off their backs as they ran.
   The kids were growing faster than Maddie honestly would have preferred but she was glad that they were doing so with joy alight in their eyes.
   The kids grabbed their snacks and Danny declared a race with Jazz as he bolted up the stairs. Jazz yelled her grievances as she chased him.
   Maddie shook her head and rubbed her hands together. She quite liked the life she had carved out for herself.
   Maddie sighed heavily as she placed the Fenton Finder down in front of Jack, again. 
   Jack looked up at her, exhausted.
    "It's still not working," Jack asked.
    "It's still locking onto, Danny," Maddie said, huffing out a frustrated sigh through her nose. "I don't understand, we've recalibrated it so many times so why is it still not functioning correctly!?"
    "That's what we're trying to find out here, Mads," Jack said gumly.
    Maddie rubbed at her temples.
    "Let's go to bed and take a crack at it tomorrow. Sound good?"
    Jack nodded reluctantly and stood up from his seat at the workbench.
   Jack walked in front of her and at the top Maddie turned off the lights after she looked around sullenly.
   Nothing they had invented was working correctly or at all and it was so discouraging after everything they'd done to get this far.
   The Portal laughed at her as her clenched hand closed the door.
   The family's drifting apart, Maddie thought to herself as Jazz and Danny immediately disappeared upstairs after coming home from school. 
   Maddie couldn't remember the last time all four of them were in the same room together and it felt like she was trying to hold a pound of loose sand but it kept slipping through her fingers when tried to keep them all together.
   Maddie tapped her fingers anxiously on the counter top before heading up to Danny's room and knocking on the door.
   "Danny, sweetie, can you please come downstairs and help me make dinner." She heard hesitant shuffling then she backed away when he opened the door.
   "Sure…," Danny said warily.
   Despite how tense he had been at the start, Danny had loosen up and Maddie could almost fool herself into believing the distance between them had never existed to begin with.
   Until she was reminded.
   Maddie didn't realize how fast she must have raised her hand or how much closer Danny had been than she must have realized because he flinched. He, honest to God, jerked away violently. 
   Maddie stared at him in confusion as he stuttered while asking if he could be excused.
   He ran away before she could answer. 
   Maddie leaned her back against the counter and, staring at her hands, wondered what she had done to make her own son so afraid of her.
  Maddie pressed her burning legs forward as rain poured into her vision.
   She had shot him!! Gotten Phantom right in the side!
   She couldn't wait to tell Jack, who was resting up in bed with a terrible cold, and she could just see the excitement lighting up his face in the back of her mind's eye.
   Maddie saw his spectral glow dart around a corner into an alleyway and she deftly followed.
   When she had cornered Phantom she had expected for him to be borderline feral to fight, to finally let down his too-human facade and show his true colors as the monstrous ghost he was. What she wasn't expecting was to see him turn into a terrified lump that was clutching its side on the ground that looked like her Danny with just two rings of light.
   She couldn't help but lower her ecto-gun even though her mind screamed at her to not be fooled.
   Maddie couldn't do anything but stand there as he told her about what happened with The Portal and what activities he had gotten up to in the past year.
   And she believed him. 
   How could she not? Seeing his big, blue eyes now (they were green just minutes ago. Green with ectoplasm, she reminded herself) she could never mistake anyone as the baby boy she held tightly to her chest. He wasn't lying and she knew that.
   Maddie thought of Victor Frankenstein and how he couldn't take care of the monster he had made. The monster that ripped his family apart.
   Maddie wouldn't make the same mistake.
   She lifted her gun back up and aimed right between his horrified big, blue (greengreengreengreengreengreen) eyes and shot him dead.
   The weight of it felt heavy on her chest like the heavy gun in her shaking  hands.
   Maddie didn't know if her hands would ever stop trembling or if she could ever even look at them again.
   Maddie hated the book Frankenstein.
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b99tgplhtgawmf1sh · 3 months
Tumblr media
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Buddie prompt
Buck gets a glimpse of Eddie acting around his son before the grenade call. So he still hates Eddie, but he can't stop talking about him to Maddie.
One day, Maddie goes to the firehouse, and meets Eddie. And like the big sister she is, she decides to embarass her little brother.
"So, you're the famous Eddie Diaz."
"Do I know you?"
"Maddie Buckley, Buck's sister. He talked my ear out about you!" she replies, while Buck tries to stop her from talking. "He couldn't stop telling me about how great of a father you are. I think he's got a huge crush on you."
"He did?" Eddie couldn't help but ask, looking directly at Buck.
"Yes! I haven't seen him in 3 years, and he couldn't stop talking about you!" she answers, before she leaves them together.
"So you like me," Eddie teases Buck, with a smug smile on his face.
"Shut up! I'm going to kill Maddie, and then I will come back and kill you."
"I'm scared."
And then there is the grenade call, but unlike in canon, Buck is still close to the ambulance when it explodes, and he ends up at the hospital.
When he wakes up, Eddie is sitting at his side.
"You're a badass under pressure, brother. You can have my back any day!"
12 notes - publié le 18 juillet 2022
Buck and Eddie participates in the show Married at First Sight, and they end up paired together.
I started writing this fic before the 911's episode about this show aired, and I hope I will manage to finish writing it, cause I'm really excited about it!
Adrianna finds her brother frozen in front of the lake, and as she got closer to him, she notices that he was shaking.
“Are you okay?” she asks, leading him to a bench that was nearby. “I guess not, since I ran across your husband, who wasn't happy, to say the least.”
“I'm the biggest jerk on the planet,” Eddie answers her, but still not looking at her.
“As much as I would enjoy confirming you that affirmation, Eddie, you're not the biggest jerk on the planet.”
“What else would I be? I said yes to him, while I know I'm straight, and for what? Because our parents said they didn't want us to get married. I broke this man's heart because of my selfishness, and cowardice. I'm a jerk! And that's the nicest thing I can say about me.”
“First of all, since when are you straight?”
“Why everyone keeps assuming that I'm bi?” Eddie says, he almost wants to chuckle, because maybe everyone knows him better than himself, but he can't bring himself to.
“Well, I'm not assuming that you're bi. I thought that you were gay. And that Shannon was just a phase. Let me rephrase it,” she adds, when Eddie frowns at her. “I know that you loved Shannon, but I think you started dating her because that was what our parents expected you to do. And maybe what you thought everyone expected you to do at school, because you were spending all your time there with her. And then you got pregnant, and you got married. Too young and too fast. I know you loved her, and you still do even though she's not here anymore, but you never were in love with her. Your marriage wasn't a happy one.”
“I guess you're right,” Eddie admits with difficulty, feeling guilty towards Shannon.
“And I honestly thought that there was something going on between you and Stuart,” she adds, remembering all the times Eddie locked himself in the bedroom with Stuart after high school, spending hours together.
“What? He was my best friend Adri! We loved hanging out with each other, but there was nothing going on!”
“Excuse me to have eyes Eds! I can't even count the number of times I caught you staring at him, and it was definitely not in a best friend kind of way! You were almost giddy!”
“I don't know what you're talking about,” Eddie says, stubbornly. “Plus, I never came out to any of you, so you could have avoided assuming.”
“I'm really sorry about that Eddie. But with Sophia, we just thought that you weren't straight, and since you're you, we just assumed that you would not tell us with words, but with fact. Like coming to a family dinner with your boyfriend, and maybe in the process give our parents a stroke,” Adrianna jokes, happy to see a faint smile on her brother's face. “So, what are you gonna do about your husband now?”
“Apologize, and try to get him to listen to me. I want to explain everything, but foremost, I want to apologize.
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Please, can someone write this? I got the idea while watching FRIENDS.
Buck and Eddie aren't together, even though Buck wants it desperately.
Buck gets the chickenpox right after Chris got it. He calls in sick the very next morning, not telling why he can't come, but Eddie suspects the reason why he isnt working ("Did you already have the chickenpox or not Buck?"
"Yes I did", Buck lied, before Eddie kicks him out of his house, in hope Buck wouldn't get it). So after his shift, Eddie goes straight to Buck's loft, and get inside without knocking.
He almost kidnaps Buck and takes him back to his place, so he can take care of him, and make sure Buck doesn't scratch himself. This is the first time that Buck sees Chris sick and so this is the first time he witness overprotective Eddie, who takes care of Chris a lot (smothering much?)
What Buck doesn't expect is that Eddie treats him exactly as he treats his son. Grounding him when he is scratching, make sure he eats, drinks, has everything he needs, cleans his spots all over his body... Buck even gets the goodnight kisses on his head.
He's almost disappointed when he's healed and as to go back to his empty loft, unless Eddie wants him to stay?
13 notes - publié le 15 mars 2022
Work inspired by actuallysara TARLOS PROMPT post
It's the prompt number 11
TK and Carlos have been seeing each other during calls but they never actually interacted with each other nor hooked up, no matter how much they both wanted to. One day TK rescues a dog and he can’t find the owner so he takes the dog home with him for the night. Maybe the dog ran away because there was a storm and it was scared and TK doesn’t wanna leave it in the street under the rain. He takes it to the vet the day after and the dog ends up being Carlos’.
A fresh start. In a new city. That's exactly what TK needed after what happened back in New York.
When Owen told him that he got a proposition to move out to Austin to rebuild a firehouse that had been slaughtered, TK wasn't thrilled because it meant he wouldn't see his father as much as he used to. Moving out to Austin wasn't an option for him. He wanted to stay in New York.
But after his failed proposal, and his relapse, TK knew he didn't have any other choices than to follow his father all across the country.
They were on the road to Austin the very next day after his dad found him inconscious on the floor of his appartment.
He was relieved in a way to let everything behind him in such short notice. His team at the 252 would not miss him at all - he was still seen as the Captain's son, not someone who fought to be a firefigther like everyone else - and his friends, well they were all Alex's friends first, so he knew they would all take his side. Maybe they already knew that Alex was seeing his spin instructor and never told him.
As his father told him while they were still in New York, he needed to get back on track. So the first thing he did when he arrived in Austin, after seeing the firehouse, was to look for a meeting. He managed to find one, and he got on well with someone from the meeting. A middle aged man, who went through what TK went through. The man told him about the therapist he was seeing, and gave him her card. The next day, TK took the card and booked an appointment. Even if he was still feeling numb all the time, he knew he was doing everything he needed to to feel better.
But life is always a curveball. TK is doing grocery, when a guy bumps into him, and almost makes TK lose his balance. The man was gorgeous, his body carved like a Greek god. He was tall, very muscular, the most gorgeous brown eyes TK had even seen. And really nice curly hair.
Read the rest on AO3
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Mon billet n°1 en 2022
You've got to be kidding me!
I'm currently watching season 4 of 911, and the 6th episode ends up with Eddie on a date with Ana. And the 7th almost starts with Buck on a date with Veronica. You can't make this up!
Buck is like "Well my husband is moving on and what, he thinks he's the only one who can date someone? Well he's wrong, I can too!" and ends up on a terrible date.
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madametamma · 2 years
Rewrite Reality trip
For the record, I don’t think this is a bad episode.  In fact there’s quite a bit I really like about it, but I feel like it doesn’t put focus on the right things.  So I want to tweak it.  Mostly the middle.
It begins the same way as the OG episode.  Danny excited for summer break, Freakshow breaks out of the GIW facility with the reality gauntlet, and Danny’s secret identity is exposed to the world on live TV.  The first change I want to make is that instead of Tucker, Sam and Danny banishing the gems away across the country, Tucker manages to take one gem away from the gauntlet and pocket it.  I’m scrapping the cross county search for the gems plot.  As cool as the idea of Danny and friends traveling around looking for cursed objects sounds, I’d rather that plot get it’s own separate episode and not take up the focus here in this one which already has a great hook on it’s own.
Freakshow and Lydia flee, (But dramatically!) Danny escapes the concert with the help of his classmates and tries to get home same as the OG episode.  But now we cut to Valerie.  (You KNOW she should have been in this episode). She wasn’t at the concert because she was covering a shift at Nasty Burger, but she did make it home just in time to see Danny’s secret get revealed on the News.  She is beyond words as to what to make of this but she knows one thing for sure and that’s that she’s got to talk to Danny.
Cut to Jack and Maddie at a lost for words when suddenly the GIW show up at their doorstep, (Not the other parents, or Freakshow yet) At first Jack is excited.  He admires the GIW and is sure they can come to a conclusion about what’s going on.  Nope, instead they treat the Fentons as hostile enemies of the state and they are certain that they’re the ones who experimented on their son to make him half ghost.  Maddie is of course offended at the accusation that she would do something so awful to her kid but the GIW don’t believe her and instead hammer in all the threats she and her husband openly made towards their son and all the seemingly bad things Phantom has done, making Maddie at a lost for words and near tears.  (Instead of the quick 20 seconds of Jazz roasting her parents, I want to really dig into them for their bad parenting).
Danny makes it home but sees his house surrounded by GIW vans.  Jazz helps him and his friends sneak away in the Fenton Blimp.  The GIW see them get away and try to chase after them guns blazing.  Jack yells at them that he’s just a boy but then has a moment of terror when he realizes that his former heroes are going to do the very things he always proclaimed he would do to phantom. 
Before the GIW can chase them THAT’s when Freakshow arrives on the scene.  One of his gems is gone but the gauntlet still has some power.  He wipes out all the agents, turning them into popcorn or something circus related and that’s when the Fenton family is captured.
Danny and friends manage to get away but this time it’s Valarie who just missed him, puts a tracker on his ride, vowing to chase him down.  Danny has an idea of where to go to lay low until they can think up a plan.
Cut to Wisconsin.  Danny knocks on Vlad’s mansion door.
Vlad: “Well Daniel, looks like you’re in a bit of trouble.”
Danny: “No Vlad, YOU’RE in a bit of trouble.  The deal was we don’t spill each others secrets but now I have nothing left to loose.  If I’m going down, nothing’s stopping me from revealing your secret to take some of the heat off me, so you’d better make sure I’m not caught.”
At first Vlad is furious over being blackmailed by the teenager, but he comes up with an idea to make Danny finally renounce his father and also get that reality gauntlet for himself.  He uses his Maddie and Jack programs to make a fake call to Danny.  The AI’s use his parent’s voices to tell him that they don’t love him anymore now that they know he’s half ghost and that he can live with Vlad or wherever he wants so long as they don’t ever see him again.  He’s not a Fenton anymore as far as they’re concerned.  Then they hang up.
Danny is beyond devastated but before Vlad, Sam or Tucker can go to talk with him, That’s when Valerie finally tracks them down.  She shoots at him and Danny fights back, both of them are exhausted, heartbroken, and screaming at each other until they both just break down and apologize, finally hugging it out.
Of course that’s when Freakshow shows up with Danny’s family as hostages, demanding his gem back.  The final showdown of the episode begins...
and that is unfortunately all I got.  Please let me know how you would end it. I think maybe I made this rewrite a little too overcrowded but I wanted to include all of the things I initially really wanted from reality trip as an episode and only partially got. 
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the-clari-net · 2 years
A Mother’s Intuition
Maddie Fenton prides herself on being a woman of science. A woman full of reasoning and logic who has spent her entire career working on showing her credibility by proving that ghosts exist; not only that, but to show the dangers that they hold to the living. After so many years of being mocked and belittled she finally got her big break with that ghost portal. Once ghosts started coming into Amity Park, she knew she had something tangible that would shake the foundations of the scientific community that have been perceived as Law. Everyone would know that there exists a space that these laws don’t apply (in more ways than one). She and Jack would finally get their brilliance recognized, and her children could finally look at their parents with pride knowing that they’re the first to discover and pioneer this new branch of science never before studied by mankind.
  With that being said, Maddie was the one who always brought a more realistic approach to the ideas Jack came up with. They made a good team like that, covering each other’s blind spots to the best of their abilities. Maddie was seen as the rational one, less emotionally swayed compared to her jovial and at times overly enthusiastic husband. That’s not a bad thing really, since it keeps Maddie grounded in not becoming too absorbed in observing at a microscopic level and he forces her to step back and relook at her project with new eyes with a wider perspective. This is all to say that Maddie is an observant person. Her profession relies on her ability to analyze and being able to report and reflect on those observations.
All this needs to be mentioned because Maddie has been feeling strange lately. Well, perhaps lately isn’t the right word. This is a feeling that has existed within her for awhile, it’s just become impossible to ignore the longer it stays. This is a blind spot that has grown too large to push aside.
Dread is one way to describe this feeling. Anxiety is another. At its worst peak, paranoia might be more applicable.
Right now Maddie is sitting at her dinner table with her family. It’s a Sunday night, she had ordered pizza earlier in the evening because the radioactive hot dogs are holding yesterday’s leftovers hostage. It’s a normal evening for the Fentons all things considered.
Except for the slightly shaky hands, which is strange for a woman who has skilled precision with a scalpel. Except for the pounding in Maddie’s chest, her pulse has been quickening the longer they’re having dinner, and she’s starting to hear that same pulse pounding behind her ears. Except for the slight chill that never leaves her despite sitting next to her husband who runs so warm he might as well be a personal heater.
There’s the tightening of her chest that leaves her struggling to breathe properly. It feels as if at any moment she may have to start gasping for breath like her sister Alicia used to as a kid before she got an inhaler to treat her asthma.
Ultimately, these are all the signs Maddie feels when she’s scared. It’s been a while since she’s felt true fear that wasn’t outweighed by adrenaline and excitement. She usually can hold her own against any human and she’s smart to never fight a ghost at close range. She can’t remember the last time she had felt helpless enough to fear like this.
As a woman who is a master at martial arts, she’s had a lot of past experience in her training going up against powerful opponents. There were certain opponents (especially in her early years of training) that made her feel like she was prey, that if she lost her focus for a moment, she would be pulverized. This is the same feeling only a thousand times worse.
Maddie has been trying to deny the connections she’s been weaving since the first prick of nervousness first reached her. She was a woman of science, she needed evidence to support her conclusion; correlation does not equal causation. However, her martial arts background has told her to trust your instincts; it’s a survival trait warning of a potential danger. The conflict of these two perspectives have been arguing in her head about the odd common thread with these spikes of anxiety.
These feelings only seem to appear whenever Danny was around.
It was such a silly observation at first, more of an offhand thought. But as time went on, and her nerves were worsening, the thought stayed with her in the back of her mind.
Maddie’s mind tries to be rational about the ordeal, trying to convince herself that these feelings of anxiety could be due to stress, or some effect of the ghost portal. The fact that something primal is screaming at her that her son –the boy who currently has a piece of pepperoni stuck to the side of his lip and is pouting at Jazz—is a threat to her livelihood is what worries her.
Could he be possessed by a ghost? No, that’s ridiculous; his eyes are blue, he can’t be possessed. They look a little brighter than normal. That’s the kitchen lighting, Danny is NOT involved in this.
It feels like it has to be ghost related. This feeling of dread is common with several of the ghosts that have appeared in Amity Park before. She’s noticed that the more powerful ones are more likely to cause this instinctual feeling compared to the little ghost blobs who only cause a shiver to your spine once physical contact is made.
“—right Mom?”, Maddie jumps a bit and looks up to realize that Jazz was looking directly at her. She notices that the pizza box is empty, and the table’s been cleared, except for her own plate. Was she out of it for that long?
“Sorry honey, I didn’t hear what you said. Could you repeat the question?”. She tried to offer a smile, but she could tell looked more like a grimace. Jack was looking at her worriedly, but he knew better than to push her to talk in front of the kids. Jazz looked back with a soft smile, but her brows were furrowed.
Maddie didn’t look in Danny’s direction.
“I was just saying I should have the leftover slice of pizza for tomorrow instead of Danny because I have seniority rights, right?”
Maddie blinked at Jazz for a moment before recollecting herself and standing up from her seat and moving to the sink to wash the dishes, forcefully ignoring the back of her mind screaming at her to run as far away as she can from here and never look back.
“Now you two, there’s no need to fight like that. Why don’t I just give you both some lunch money for tomorrow and we’ll call it even?” She smiled at Jazz, subtly angling herself so her back wasn’t facing towards Danny and kept him in her peripheral vision.
She doesn’t want to think of why she did that.
Later that night, Maddie couldn’t sleep. She managed to convince Jack that she was feeling better after dinner, and now she’s wide awake trying to remember why that fear felt so familiar. She recognized the unease that only comes from being in close contact with a ghost. It’s the same feeling that lingered in her system after having a ghost possess her; there’s a specific rolling in her stomach that comes from it. The feelings she got during dinner tonight felt like a specific ghost, something about it felt familiar but she couldn’t put her finger on it.
When she finally went to sleep, she was restless with dreams of sharp bright blue eyes, looming shadows that suffocated her, and sweet awkward smiles that slowly turned into menacing and haunting grins.
The rest of the week had been a pretty regular one. Jack and Maddie had spent most of the week building some new weapons that could help capture Phantom once and for all. Because of this, they had been eating in their lab. If Maddie felt relief at using her work as a shield to avoid family dinner, that’s her secret to keep.
The week had been quiet with no battles or major ghost sightings until a massive ghost battle broke out between Phantom and another one of the reoccurring ghosts on Friday. Skulker was the name of the ghost if what she had overheard from her sonar dish on the family RV was correct. It was all the way across town. Jack was behind the wheel, and Maddie was checking over the new prototype they had been working on all week that would hopefully weaken a ghost’s powers. They were hoping that Phantom could be their first test subject.
As they were about halfway to the battle, Maddie suddenly got a prickly feeling in her neck. She was well acquainted with that feeling when nearing ghosts, so she dismissed it as usual. But it got worse the closer they reached their destination. Her body slowly began to tense up, more, her breaths were becoming shallower, and her mouth had suddenly run very dry.
No… it can’t be…
There they were in front of Skulker and Phantom and all Maddie could do was tense up in terror and barely stop herself from letting out a whimper. This feels too familiar, he feels like…
Phantom suddenly crashes on top of their windshield, he groans and begins to lift himself off the hood of the RV when for a brief moment, his eyes meet Maddie’s. He sends a sheepish smile and begins to fly up towards Skulker, immediately striking him down with an ectoblast.
Meanwhile, Maddie feels all the blood drain from her face and she feels her eyes begin to fill up with tears. Jack is yelling about that darn ghost damaging his RV, but she can barely focus. She recognized the feeling now. The interaction between the two of them didn’t even last a minute, yet it is staying with her all the same.
The smile Phantom gave reminded her of a black-haired boy who would get caught staying up late looking at his telescope. A boy who would give her that same smile whenever he was confronted about skipping class and missing his assignments. She sees that smile every day in her own home.
It looked so odd, having that smile come from a boy with bright white hair, and eyes that glowed toxic green. The smile was sharper, with incisors that were just short of becoming fangs. But it was still recognizable.
She can no longer deny it, Phantom and Danny are connected. Danny even leaves her with the same sense of terror and fear that only a ghost as powerful as Phantom could do. It feels more potent with Phantom; looking him in the eye for that moment almost made her scream bloody murder.
Jack was never as attuned to the emotional effects that ghosts brought on due to his natural bravery and confidence (she has a theory about his family bloodline having adopted some traits that could block out these senses of fear which leads them to being better ghost hunters). However, even Jack had once mentioned that he felt unnerved by Phantom, which says a lot about the power that child ghost must hold. But to think that powerful monster is somehow connected to her son was a situation she never would have considered. Was he possessed?
When did it happen? Was it around the time that Maddie first began feeling unnerved?
How didn’t you notice? The back of her mind whispered to her. You’re his mother, aren’t you?
The weight of her realization begins to set it. The burden of fearing her son with no tangible reason for doing so. Her own neglect and obliviousness about missing this massive part of her son’s life fills her with guilt. Suddenly the weapon in her hand, ready to be used against Phantom (Danny?) makes her nauseous.
She feels her body beginning to shut down and go into autopilot. Maddie dazedly notices that she and her husband are parked in the middle of a street, in easy range to get blasted or crushed, or incinerated or possessed by these ghosts. She is in no condition to fight.
She feels a little hysterical thinking about her own safety when her son (or some possessed version of him) is out there fighting a ghost after literally crashing into an RV with military grade protection.
“Jack, we should go home”, Maddie hoarsely interrupts her husband’s tangent.
He looks like he was about to protest until he saw his wife’s bloodshot eyes, holding back tears and white as a sheet. Without further prompting, he turned the car around and as soon as the stiffening fear had melted away from Maddie’s shoulders did she finally allow the tears to fall.
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Tumblr media
A few weeks later.
Gathered in a clearing, the Basterds enjoyed their new victory against the army of the IIIe Reich. Their last encounter with a German patrol was successful, as always. Indeed, they managed to kill ten soldiers and make four prisoners.
As Hirschberg and Wicki kept an eye on the prisoners, the other adults collected the scalps and different belongings from the corpses.
As for Maddie, she sat on a dead tree and took notes in a small notebook.
She asked:
"How many scalps do you have, Utivich?"
"Noted!" she replied.
Indeed, as Maddie did not have to pay back the "scalp debt" to Aldo, she has to count the scalps and see who was close to paying back his debt.
Once everyone finished his job, all sat and waited for Aldo to interrogate a prisoner.
"So, who are ya?" asked the Lieutenant.
"Officer Bruno Albrecht!" replied the German soldier.
"Alright, Bruno. Maybe do ya know who we are?"
"You're Aldo the Apache, and your friends must be the Basterds!" said Bruno with a contemptuous look.
All cheered and mockingly clapped. As for the leader, he smirked.
"Ya damn right! I see that ya heard of us that's good! So, ya may know that we ain't in the prisoner-takin' business; we in the killin' Nazi business. And cousin, business is a-boomin'!"
"Sure, boss!" laughed Simon.
Winona arrived and sat next to Aldo.
"Guess who am I if you're so clever?"
"You're Winona, the Cherokee Amazon. I've heard of you."
"Well, if you heard about my husband and his men, you obviously heard about me too." she snickered.
Aldo gently kissed his wife's hand before he unfolded a map and showed it to his prisoner.
"Now, be useful once in yer goddamn life and tell me where the next patrol is going! And don't lie!"
The German soldier snickered.
"And you really think that I am going to betray my fellow soldiers? I thought you were smarter than that, Lieutenant Raine!"
Suddenly, a shot near his feet startled him. 
He looked up at Ada, who held him at gunpoint, her rifle still smoking in her hands.
"Right now, you're the stupid one. In case you haven't figured it out yet, Aldo is allowing you to stay alive. So do what he says!"
Bruno had an arrogant pout.
"I don't take orders from a Jewess like you!"
"No doubt, but it's actually the Jewess who can shoot you if you don't show cooperation, you Kraut!"
Hugo added
"If I were you, I wouldn't piss her off anymore. She's already taken out 30 Nazis like you since she joined the team. Believe me, she's very efficient!"
"Yeah, long live Ada!" exclaimed Utivich, followed by the other Basterds.
Aldo resumed his questioning.
"I'll ask ya one last time: which route the next patrol will take? Hurry up and answer me!"
But the German soldier decided not to say anything and replied in an arrogant tone:
"I'd rather die."
"Are you serious? They're getting more and more stubborn!" sighed Andy.
"At least we'll have some excitement. Right, Lieutenant?" smirked Wicki.
"Ya bet we will have some fun! Donny, come over here!"
The Lieutenant turned to Maddie and said:
"Maddie Dolly, do me a favor and give Donny his bat, would ya?"
"Alright, sir!" replied the little girl as she took the baseball bat.
"Please, don't call me sir: you're allowed to call me Aldo!" grinned the American man.
"Okay, Sir Aldo!"
This cute reply made all the Basterds laugh while Maddie moved to the tunnel where Donny went for his epic entrance.
Clearing her throat, the little girl called:
"Donny? Can you come here, please?"
Footsteps were heard from everyone before a hand came out of the shadows and a booming voice asked:
"Ya have my bat?"
Smiling, Maddie hid the bat behind her back and said:
"No, no, no! You have to say the magic word!"
"What? A magic word?"
The other Basterds laughed while the German soldiers looked at each other with fear and puzzlement.
"C'mon, Donny: you know what the magic word is!" laughed Michael.
The tall man feigned to think:
"Mmmh, I wonder what the magic word is? Aw, come on: gimme a clue, Maddie!"
"Alright. What do you say to your mum when you want something?"
Grinning, Donny replied:
"I would say please!"
"That's right! Here's your bat!" Maddie laughed as she handed the bat to Donny.
The Bostonian took his favorite weapon and gently patted the head of the little girl.
"Thank ya, pretty head. Now, go back to your auntie: it's showtime!"
"I go!" said the little girl who turned back and went to Ada, who took her niece in her arms.
"Now, Maddie, you know the rules: you close your eyes, and you cover your ears, okay?"
"Oui, tata." (Yes, auntie) answered the little girl.
Indeed, the Basterds had decided that Maddie would never see Donny slaughter the Germans with a baseball bat. The rest of her innocence had to be preserved by any means necessary.
And as the little girl closed her eyes and covered her ears with her hands, Donny made his entrance, terrorizing the German soldiers who began to whimper in fear.
Only Bruno tried to maintain some semblance of dignity, but deep inside, he was scared to death.
For their part, the Basterds cheered for the man the Nazis called "The Bear Jew."
Donny walked over to Bruno and sneered:
"So, what we have here? Another one who thinks he's smarter than the rest?"
"Smash his noggin, Don’!" exclaimed Gerold.
A smile appeared on the American's face.
"But I'm counting on it!"
He looked up at his superior.
"Lieutenant, anytime!"
Aldo smiled mockingly.
"But please, Sergeant. Oblige him!"
"With pleasure!"
And with that, Donny began to beat the German soldier, who could not fight back. Soon his skull was a bloody mess.
Meanwhile, the other Basterds cheered and applauded their friend:
As for the other prisoners, they were horrified by the demise of their superior.
When he finished, Donny roared with excitement:
Still grinning, Aldo glanced at the other German soldiers and said:
"Now, THIS is awaiting for ya if ya don't talk! Am I clear?"
The captives nodded, terrified.
"Good. Now, are any of you three ready to talk?"
At the same time, Maddie asked:
"Is that okay? Can I open my eyes now?"
"Oh heck! I almost forgot!" exclaimed Aldo.
"That's okay, honey. You can open your eyes!" answered Winona.
"Ah, finally! I was beginning to find the time long!"
"You're an impatient little one, aren't you?" chuckled Wicki.
Suddenly, one of the prisoners shoved Hirschberg, who fell to the ground, before fleeing into the woods.
"HE RUNS AWAY!" screamed Maddie.
Ada grabbed her rifle and aimed at the fugitive, followed by the other shooters in the group.
"Save your bullets! She's got it covered!" ordered Aldo.
"Who?" asked Archie.
Meanwhile, the fugitive tried to get away as far as possible. Never mind if Tom was to be taken for a coward by his comrades, but he owed his skin first!
But suddenly, a tomahawk blow in the abdomen stopped him in his tracks. Spitting blood, he fell to his knees on the ground, pressing his hands against the wound. As he tried to stop the bleeding, the German soldier heard footsteps coming toward him. 
Looking up, he saw with horror that Winona Raine was walking towards him with a determined step and a murderous glint in her eye.
He was beginning to understand why the other soldiers called her "The Cherokee Amazon."
She may have been just a woman, but she was arguably the most formidable warrior the Third Reich had ever faced.
But as he tried to back away, Winona grabbed the tomahawk and yanked it in a spray of blood. 
As she had managed to pin him against a rock, the young woman stood in front of him with a sadistic smile before saying:
"Abschied, asshole!"
Then, with a warlike cry, she decapitated him with a sharp blow. Once this was done, she left the body shaken by spasms and went towards the head. Then she grabbed her knife and began to methodically scalp him.
After that, Winona returned to the camp with the scalp of her victim attached to her belt.
The two surviving Germans gasped in terror at the young woman's sinister trophy.
As for Aldo, he felt as if he had fallen in love with his wife all over again. He thought she was so beautiful when she was slaughtering Nazis!
"Honey, you're amazing!"
He turned to the prisoners and said:
"Now ya know what will happen to you if you try to escape! Well, do any of you wanna talk?"
Surprisingly, the two Germans were more cooperative than their colleagues and gave all the information they had at their disposal. 
Satisfied, Lieutenant Raine declared:
"Perfect! See, ya can be useful people!"
One of the prisoners exclaimed:
"We've told you everything you wanted to know! Now let us go!"
"Shut up!" growled Hugo, who slapped him on the head.
Simon replied:
"Unlike you, we have principles. And since you've been reasonable, we're going to release you. Well, not right away!"
"What do you mean?" asked the other soldier, his voice trembling with fear.
"What our dear medic is trying to tell ya is that we're going to leave ya with a little indelible memory. Just to make sure everyone knows ya were on the wrong side of history!" chuckled Aldo, pulling out his impressive hunting knife.
Before they knew it, Archie and Michael were slamming them to the ground as Aldo carved a swastika into their foreheads.
At the same time, Ada covered Maddie's ears so that the prisoners' cries of pain would not terrify her.
Once this was done, the two Germans were taken far away to be released. They were released far from the camp, so they could not give their position.
After that, the whole commando made its way to another place to sleep. As soon as they found a sheltered clearing, they set up their equipment and prepared a meal with their provisions and those they stole from their victims.
Then they prepared to sleep because the next day promised to be long and hazardous.
Sitting next to her sleeping bag, Maddie hesitated to go and give them an evening kiss. She had always had this habit with her family, and she missed doing it.
Even if the Basterd were always nice with her, Maddie did not know if they would be okay with it.
Taking her courage in both hands, she got up and walked towards Aldo, who was putting away his rifle.
When he finished, he turned around and saw the little girl standing next to him.
"Is everything okay, Maddie?"
"Can I say good night?"
Amused by this question, the American soldier replied:
"Permission granted, kiddo!"
With a big smile, the little girl leaned over and gave the Lieutenant a kiss on the cheek, leaving him speechless.
"Good night, Aldo!" said Maddie before heading towards the other Basterds.
Touching the spot where he had been kissed, Aldo watched in amusement as the youngest member of the team kissed the other soldiers on the cheek. They were both surprised and touched by this adorable attention.
At the same time, Ada returned with the water bottles full of water.
"It is good, everything is ready for tomorrow... Lieutenant?"
Raine turned around.
"Yes, Ada?"
"What's going on?"
"Well, what's going on is that your niece is giving us our evening kiss!"
The young woman was stunned by this.
"Oh, I hope you didn't mind!"
"Not at all! In fact, I have to admit it's pretty sweet of her!"
He glanced at his soldiers with amusement.
"And I think the guys like it too!"
"Well, that puts my mind at ease!" smiled Ada.
At the same time, Maddie walked over to Hugo, who was getting ready to sleep.
Everyone turned around in panic. How would Hugo react?
"Oh no! He's going to kill her!" yelped Hirschberg.
"Maybe he won't kill her, but for sure, she would get hauled over the coals!" replied Archie.
Meanwhile, Hugo straightened up and looked at Maddie with a surprised expression.
"What do you want, Maddie?"
The little girl answered with a shy pout.
"I just wanted to say good night!"
The Wehrmacht deserter couldn't believe it: he hadn't expected such an answer!
He shrugged his shoulders:
"All right. Well, good night to you too!"
Smiling, Maddie gave him a kiss on the cheek before going back to her sleeping bag.
Then, she snuggled into her aunt's arms and fell asleep.
Hugo stood speechless by this gesture. However, he could not help but smile, like his comrades.
After all, Maddie enlightened their lives like a ray of sunshine among the grey skies. And they swore to keep their ray of sunshine far from any harm.
But, as they all laid asleep, they were not aware that in Paris, someone was patiently waiting for them...
Someone that would hunt them down, even in the depths of hell.
And here is the second chapter of this story!
I hope you will like it!
Do not hesitate to leave a review, a like or a comment!
Thanks for all and take care! 😘🥰😍💖
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sanchoyo · 2 years
danny phantom 14-20 thoughts!! I finished up s1 :D these last few eps were actually really really good!!!
-did. did tucker really just say esperanto was a dead language only spoken as a secret code between geeks. google says around 100,000 people actively speak it. oh my god...it being an auxiliary language doesn't mean its 'just for geeks to speak in code' ...it helps bridge gaps between people who don't have a language in common...
-danny really isn't pulling punches when it comes to fighting the ghost-cop possessed people huh. like he SLAMMED KWAN INTO THE CONCRETE SO HARD. HE THREW PAULINA INTO A BILLBOARD. will that...I mean it WOULD carry over to their bodies non-possessed, right? like if the ghost piloting their bodies gets hurt?? itd be so upsetting to be possessed, lose time, then wake up covered in bruises (and possibly, broken bones??) real horror movie stuff im sure wont be addressed in any way
-tuckers parents seem nice! I like them :)
-WULF IS CUTE AND I FEEL BAD. im so glad the gang realized he was only causing trouble bc of the shock collar walker put on him and helped. also, him wearing that big hoodie with the hood on, and thinking its subtle. we can tell youre still a giant wolfie :) THEN GETTING SUCKED INTO THE PORTAL AAAAH :( anxiously waiting to see Him Again....
-DANNY BLASTING HIS PARENTS THINKING THEY WERE OVERSHADOWED LMFAO GET THEIR ASSES. maddie marking how many ghosts she gets with lipstick tallies on the side of her portal gun? kindaaa iconic tho. (ALSO, SHE WAS LIKE, 2 FT AWAY FROM HIM RIGHT AFTER SHE TRIED TO SHOOT HIM. HOW DO YOU NOT RECONINZE YOUR OWN SON??? like sure, he might have diff hair/eye colors. but like, if one of my family members dyed their hair, and was wearing contacts, its not like id be like 'wHO IS THIS STRANGER!!!' ...he still has all his facial features!! same everything!!! I hate it here)
-paulina being #1 girl realizing danny's a friendly ghost immediately. smart queen. lancer and kwan ran away right after he made this sweet baby face at them:
Tumblr media
which is hilarious.
-ok. im not saying his bullying is JUSTIFIED, but. dash looked so pleased with the (cute!) poster he just painted, and danny comes thru the wall and spills paint on his nice letterman jacket. his anger is justified maybe 65% of the time so far...(not the way he handles it, but STILL.) at least lancer is stepping in!! and them making a silly little bet was...cute?? until dash pulled out his GROSS UNDERWEAR AND SAID DANNY WOULD HAVE TO EAT THEM???? WHAT THE FUCK MAN. TUCKER WAS SO RIGHT ITS FUCKING WEIRD TO CARRY THOSE AROUND EWWW. THIS KID IS UNWELL. lancer was right, his animatronic setup was SUPER IMPRESSIVE?? hes actually pretty creative. danny meanwhile is stealing the fright knight's design...I hope dash is taking art classes or smth with his sports
-fright knight is the most bestest ghost so far i LOVE THAT DESIGN. I am biased towards knights, and characters with swords, but he fucks so severely. and should sue danny for copyright infringement for stealing his design for his haunted house. if some 14 yr old broke into MY house and stole MY sword, id also be pissed. his evil winged unicorn rules too with its FANGS. and he just CAN SHOVE THE PORTAL OPEN WITH HIS HANDS??? is he the strongest ghost weve seen so far? idk but hes my fav. SOUL SHREDDER IS SUCH A COOL SWORD NAME TOO. ANY NAMED SWORD ALSO FUCKS. 'flaming bedsheets of DEATH' funny king. ALSO he was polite to dash and tucker when just asking for directions and telling tucker 'oh maybe, just a suggestion, maybe be nicer to me and be more respectful :)' I LOOOVE HIM.
-I noticed this in the Ember ep, but jazz has an electric guitar in her room!! talent musical queen!! its cool to see hobbies just in the bg.
-fright knight's murder castle reminds me of the booby trapped murder castle in zexal!! another supposedly 'for kids' show with murder/trap castles! we love that. if you are a dp fan reading this, give yugioh zexal a try. its also got 13-14 year old protags and involves (alien) ghosts. the cardgame is just a vessel for the plot, which is really good. (I just want more people to watch my fav yugioh, man)
-danny. with a SWORD.
-danny doesnt NEED TO WIN this contest, dash didnt STEAL HIS DESIGNS AND STEAL A SWORD. he also got excited to hear lancer got sent to a dimension with his worst fears too just so he could win the contest? DANNY WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!!! BRO MAYBE YOURE 14 AND HAVENT FULLY DEVOLPED YOUR WHOLE BRAIN YET, BUT...THATS FUCKED. this kid casually says the most deranged things, I do worry for my spooky son. once again, therapy needed. that judo toss was great tho. I wonder if he actually did pick up some martial arts stuff from his mom?
-danny can fly 112 mph!!! thats so fast! I love the lil montage of him and his friends testing his abilities and stuff, very cute and a good way to showcase what he can do by now and how much more proficient he's gotten from ep 1!!! I'm sure he's going to get more abilities :)
-im glad...maddie's at least TRYING this ep. I do feel for her because her husband is a man baby. but the fact it took 16 episodes to get a kinda semblance of any kind of real concern or attempts at bonding. hmm. jack's 'BACK OFF SHES A MINOR' @ the ghost trying to attack jazz. also was very funny. and him wanting to make an action figure of her? are the parents redeeming themselves to me? slightly. they gotta Work Harder
-fenton machete. but she doesnt carry a PHONE??? ???
-I mean I expected vlad when you namedrop him earlier in the ep, and also the title card picture, and dalv corp being fucking vlad backwards. but seeing him just pull up on a golf cart made me bust out laughing. WITH the gift baskets prepared. why wouldnt you at least be suspicious. also, if he wants danny to be his lil sonboy, why is he so fucking malicious?? dude you are going about this in such a bad way. stop it. get some help.
-maddie not even hesitating to drag danny out. fucking good. danny is so right, go on the internet to date. get a cat. how do you spend...how many years?? has it been since college?? at least 20, right, since the parents/vlad are in their 40s? hung up on ONE girl. my god, man. incel drama queen. her kung fu IS impressive, but dude. 'we both know hes a creep' SO right. it sucks but they do need a phone and shit being in the middle of NOWHERE. also, just stealing his helicopter was great. <3
-'you must be exhausted carrying the weight of that mistake you made years ago' 'well we all make mistakes. maybe I'll make one now!' WHY DID THIS EXHCHANGE SEND ME. AND VLAD WITH THE BREATH SPRAY EWWW BITCH. 'OLD BAIT BREATH' SOO RIGHT. both danny and his mom playing him HAHAH hes so dumb. or rather, I think he thinks with his emotions too too much and is...actually pretty gullible? lmao he believed danny was ready to give in SO fast. (which is sad hes that hopeful, like you have SO MUCH MONEY YOU COULD EASILY GET ANOTHER GIRL WHO HAS A KID. AND WOULD WANT TO BE WITH YOU AND BE SUPPORTED. GET OVER THIS (1) WOMAN ALREADY IM GETTING SECONDHAND EMBARRASSMENT AAAAH)
-GHOST BEAR GHOST BEAR GHOST BEAR. it was also in the title card, but I still got very excited. we love bears here
-SAM'S BAT SWIMSUIT COVERUP!!! her outfits are simply iconic.
-'i'd tell you to go to the mens room, but I don't think you qualify' top paulina transphobic moments. :( and him wearing a tanktop to the swim park? hmmm! (actually I think she was overshadowed by then, so, KITTY top 10 transphobic moments??)
-kitty just piloting paulina around makes me feel SO bad tho, paulina's gonna wake up and be like 'wtf do you mean I was dating this rando' like youre leading danny on to make johnny jealous, and also just POSSESSING POOR PAULINA. dude take your relationship problems ELSEWHERE. last time we saw them, they seemed like such a cute couple!! wtf johnny!! I mean, she sucks for trying to make him jealous, he sucks for looking at other girls...maybe they need a break, but Not Like This. or, you know, just. better communication...
-and the A-listers having a full packet and a stamp system. who organizes this. kwan fucking owning being the new danny though, this is hysterical. THE TUCKER/KWAN FLOWER FIELD TWIRL. UNIRONICALLY ADORABLE. and him giving it his all for the poetry slam. bless his HEARTTTT.
-Star owns. actually, all of the extra characters are shining this ep and I love it.
-johnny and danny bein friends and staging a fake fight (which danny takes too seriously, once again this child has aggression he NEEDS TO WORK OUT) I hope these three stay friends, I said it before but danny needs more friendly ghosts to hang with.
-at this point, Danny's ghost enemies are a lot like, I dunno, batman's rouge gallery is the first thing that comes to mind. they all have their own gimmick and unique designs, but most of them are easy to beat after learning the Moral Lesson. I still get excited when any of them show up again, though. 18 is another valerie episode!!!! :D skulker really said you two will get along if I have to handcuff you together <3 and the gym teacher really said, youre married now, have a flour baby! ngl, I'm not really watching this show for the shipping stuff (which I am very scared to look at the fandom for after I finish this watch through- I feel like there's probably discourse/arguing about ships...) but. I'm gonna put my opinion out there. valerie/danny > sam/danny. maybe I just really love the enemies to lovers trope. And the secret identity stuff adds Extra Flavor.
-SKULKER JUST HAVING THE BOX GHOST AND DANGLING HIM BY A STRING. HILARIOUS. and him watching them with binoculars and making his silly little commentary. AND MAKING THE SACK BABY CRY. LMAO. THIS DUDE IS A BABY KIDNAPPER. skulker is super fun
-danny, you just...collapsed the water tower. and then attacked the nasty burger machine...mascot thingy...out of anger..I KEEP SAYING HE'S GOT ANGER ISSUES BUT. HE REALLY NEEDS A LESSON IN MANAGING COLLATERAL DAMAGE!!! So does valerie!! They're both pretty focused on each other. I mean it's good of Danny to say he's trying to make sure PEOPLE don't get hurt, but... (I mean I guess it's not something 14 year olds WOULD worry about, but as an adult im like, who's going to fix that? how much money will that take??)
-TUCKER MAKING BANK. and sam and tucker being super emotionally attached to their flour baby and being pretty good parents. that's cute...also him just straight kissing her and being like. WAIT. O_O JDSKAFHD. his mom baking them into cookies was the funniest possible result. tbh I dont feel like this is on tucker, if anything the other kid's shouldve been more responsible! He was just taking an opportunity to get that $$ which I respect
-Danny being more understanding of Valerie's situation in the end (helping her at her job, too, and trying to keep that a secret for her!!!) And seeing them work together this ep, and also her letting phantom get her out of the ghost zone...was very sweet. LOVE that. more valerie eps pls
-me when I realize vlad's big stupid house exploded because of his own carelessness with changing the ghost portal ectofiltrator or whatever: *pointing and laughing*
-me when I realize it means he's gonna go make danny's life hell for it somehow: >:(
Tumblr media
-SCOOBY PARODY!!! I feel like there's gotta be some scooby doo/danny phantom crossover stuff, right? also, 'guys in white' men in black wishes
-'oh, that's right! dad married the love of your life! you're bitter and alone!' DANNNNNYY GET HIS ASS ONCE AGAIN WE ARE POINTING AND LAUGHING AT VLAD
-'jack, you captured the ghost boy!!' UMM. he did nothing <3 'we have a weapon's vault??' YOU HAVE A WEAPONS VAULT??? and jack didnt put a handle on the inside. of fucking course he didnt! why would you leave that to your son!! or expect him to clean YOUR LAB when its where you work with probably dangerous chemicals and weapons and hes 14!! give him normal chores, like, I dunno, vacuuming, laundry, dishes...CMON. I hate it here. But I'm glad Jack is more chill about danny while he's a ghost, and willing to work with him for this ep. AND. I DID ENJOY JACK PUNCHING VLAD IN THE FACE. AND GENERALLY JUST OWNING HIM. the ghost punchy fists are actually amazing. like yeah, just punch a ghost in the face. that rules.
Tumblr media
-ep 20 opens with the coolest fucking ghost lady design. her tattoos can come off and fight. MA'AM. I like ur nose ring and your cape maam hello 👉👈😳
-sam's grandma is hilarious and the most valid member of her family and I love her. thats my grandma now. and tucker covering for sam by dressing as her. thats true friendship <3 also skipping school to go to a goth circus. just bestie things! sam's parents are haters but for all the wrong reasons.
-'my family has controlled ghosts with this for generations!' WAIT. WAIT FREAKSHOW /ISNT/ A GHOST? I didn't expect that...he's just a fucked up guy controlling ghosts? anyway watching danny shoot at police cars and rob banks while mind controlled. its like, the most stereotypical 'bad' things lmao. (tbh an evil ghost circus troupe is a sick concept)
Tumblr media
this gives off big deviantart emo edit vibes
Tumblr media Tumblr media
(I'm going to assume evil circus reaper danny has a lot of fan content. people love an edgy au, except this one is canon (even tho its via mind control...having the protag go evil otherwise might be hard, I guess?) but au where he stays with the troupe...that has to exist, right?)
ANYWAY. excited to start s2!! lowkey surprised by how many notes some of these posts have gotten. I've gone back and tagged them all with 'dp thoughts' so they're easier to find on my blog! ^^ and I will probably possibly do (more) fanart on my art blog after I finish the watch of the whole show, so like. @sanchoyodraws follow my art blog :)
14 notes · View notes
popculturebuffet · 2 years
Amphibia Reviews: Toad to Redemption and Maddie and Marcy
Tumblr media
Hello all you happy people! And welcome back to my weekly coverage of Amphibia! And today we have a suprisingly important Toadstool episode.. and a MADDIE AND MARCY EPISODE. Guess which one i’m actually excited about. But regradless it’s a good batch this week so join me under the cut for my thoughts with spoilers
Tumblr media
Toad to Redemption: A not half bad episode, this one concerns everyone’s faviorite Monopoly Man Fried Chicken Baby, as it turns out he’s finally grown a heart. It turns out the Toad Tower incident.. actually changed him as a person. I’m as shocked as you. I mean he’s still a greedy corrupt hick, you can’t paint a gopher orange and call it a basketball... 
Tumblr media
Look i’ts a long story i’m legally barred from talking about. Point is Toadstool is a greedy asshole but one who cares about his consituents now and actually enjoys the town and taking care of it. In return the citzens actually like him now: they may of rightfully tried to vote him out but his genuine attempts at doing good, in this episodes case spending money on potholes instead of a Jacuzzi for him and Toadie and helping fix a falling sign, have made him actually beloved. 
Naturally though, it’s not that easy and a newt comes down to give him the job running Toad Tower, and him refusing it would mean time in prison. Because as if we needed the reminder, The Newt ruling class sucks and so far the only person we’ve seen related to the castle who isn’t either hiding an edltrich demon,  a snob, or some form of hired goon is Marcy, whose blind to all of that. I do wish Marcy was in this episode for that reason, as i’m waiting for her to finally see the downside of the king and the people she’s been working for, but I get why not: it’d make the episode too easy, and distract from the character it’s actually about and to the episodes credit they wrote her out well enough: She’s studying Frobo all day. 
So the Mayor begs Anne, who showed up with a bunch of parking tickets from Hop Pop (And ones from when they were out of town no less), for help. She only ends up agreeing becaue his puppy dog eyes are so ungodly unsettling she just wants it to stop but I presume getting those parking tickets cleared up is part of it. 
So it goes as you’d expect: THe Plantars try to make him look bad, it dosen’t work. Though to Toadstool’s credit despite the hefty punishment he does prepare to tell the newt lady off after she explains Toadie won’t be going with them. You can do a LOT to Toadstool but no one is a condescning bitch to his husband-minon and gets away with it! 
But then the three toads from last season show up, the ones Anne fought, lead by Bog that pointy guy. Look i’ts been almost two years. and felt like 90. The Toads have become Bandit’s since leaving Grime behind, which.. you.. you could’ve done that and had a consistent base of operations and a home in the frog alps. So naturally a fight breaks out but Toadstool bluffs htem to throw them off guard and the town easily fights them off. 
Thankfully Toadstool gets out of things. Jacinda, said newt lady, finds him too soft for the job and puts Bog in charge.... so.. yay? No.. not really no yay here none. So while our heroes goad themselves for yet another enemy on the docket, the town confirm how much they care about Toadstool, Toadstool caresses toady and I die a little on the inside. 
Toad to Redemption is decent. It’s not the best of this half of the season but it does speak to how this half has been far better, with the return to wartwood giving us far more character stuff that had been lacking, and notably focusing more on the side cast. Speaking of whiccchhhhh
Maddie and Marcy Look unless this episode screwed up horribly somehow, this episode already had my good will just by teaming up two of my faviorites: As i’ve made clear Marcy is endlessly relatable to me as an awkward nerd myself and Haley brings her a-game every time. As for Maddie she was an instant faviorite from her first apperance being married off to Sprig, with her spotlight episode “Cursed!” being one of my faviorites of the series thus far, and a generally great one that fleshed her out from a creepy but endearing backgroudn character with sinsiter intent. to a nice if spooky little girl who uses the darkest magics for the greatest goods. 
So the two were a natural to not only get a spotlight together, but also in something the show lampshades one that’s mostly devoid of the main cast. Anne, Sprig and Hop Pop all only show up for quick gags, and the story is entirley around the titular Duo. And safe to say my hype was warranted: This is one of the standouts of the season by a long shot and one of the funniest episodes this season, while giving Maddie even more depth and allowing Marcie to play a supporting roll this go round. 
Maddie is working on her biggest spell yet: to raise the dead. Frankenstein styles. But her sisters keep begging her for attention and eventually get bored and spill her carefully prepared cauldron causing her to snap at them. It is however a nice layered conflict: This is very important to Maddie and rightfully so as this is her first level 2 spell, and she was specifically asked to do it by one of the neighbors. And it’s not like this is something she can half ass... if done right you get frakenweenie if done wrong you get pet semetary. It’s a very fine line. This is her passion, her calling as she puts it later when she explains her backstory. The issue is she treats her sisters like babies and ignores them due to this passion.. it’s fine to have passions but you have to make time for those who matter. I’ts fine she dosen’t spend as much time with her sibs as she used to, juggling them and flashback Maddie is fucking precious... but she has to make some for them. They love her. They have to understand how important this is to her and she has to understand how important she is to them. 
So Maddie skulks off to get get some suplies, and Marcy is impressed as she’s been looking for a magic user and tries introducing herself.. and gets set on fire. But the two quickly bond: Marcie’s been looking for a teacher in magic being a fan of something resembling harry potter... I really feel for this show as i’ts clear the creators were fans from this episode’s tiny shout out to it and the first temple’s bigger one, and they clearly had no idea any of this would happen. None of us did. So we get a bonding montage which is the best scene of the episode and the funniest scene of the season, and very possibly the series, thus far. The two find slime, ticks, a corpse (Or rather hop pop whose annoyed they thought he was a corpse), digging up some graveyard soil next to some confused mourners and best of all “assorted limbs” which while I have the image up front I can’t resist sharing again..
Tumblr media
This.. is easily the best thing the series has ever produced. Their just so fucking precious. They also high five each other as new best friends. The triplets though aren’t happy about any of this, not getting that shared intrests are a thing and what not and instead plot to get big. Look there are easier ways to do that: asking zoltar.. or a groovy ant who wants you to do a rap number. 
They instead use one of Maddie’s spells without asking and also vandalize her book because their babies.. she snaps at them again and they plan to grow big. Meanwhile Marcie and her beloved apprentence work on tampering in frog’s domain and successfuly do a necromancy.. only for the now giant sized triplet #1 to bound in.. followed by #’s 2 and 3. Our two heroines run for their lives from the giant babies, and Maddie is panicked as she now realizes what they did.. and that without proper ballance, the spell will cause them to explode. 
Tumblr media
So while the triplets grasp with the expansion and inetivible kaboom, Maddie has Marcie prepare an antidote for four.. and goes alll giant man to calm them, juggling them adorably one last time. Peace is restored and Maddie agrees to get a better work life ballance. 
Maddie and Marcy as I said is one of the standout sof the season and easily my faviorite so far, being funny while having great character work, which is when the show’s at it’s best. or dramatic and great character work. either way this one was a treat.
Next Week: Our heroes seek out a second temple, while our anti-heroes seek out a legendary hammer.
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You're Gonna Be a Papa - Life in the ER Series
There were a few requests to see Mack’s birth story. Here you go.
Warnings: hospital visit and swearing
November 6, 2020
His cell phone laid on the table, where he had dropped it moments before. A smirk crossed his face as he processed the information he just received. Looking at the clock, he knew his husband would be walking through the door at any moment. Truth be told, he couldn’t wait to see the look on Race’s face when he told him.
They had been married almost 10 months but they had known they wanted this for the last 6 years, since they started dating. Their life together had been slowly growing - his home becoming theirs as soon as Race moved in, the intertwining hours spent together between their crazy jobs - his as an ER nurse and Race’s as a physical education teacher - somehow they managed to make it work.
The slamming of the backdoor pulled him out of his thoughts as he heard Sassie’s bark and her nails clicking against the hardwood floors as she ran to greet his husband. “Spottie, you here?”
Spot rolled his eyes, knowing full well his navy blue 4Runner was in the driveway. “Yeah, Racer. How was your day?”
“Good. Kids were way too excited for the weekend. Made it hard to actually teach today.” Race slung his bag on the bench they had in the entryway.
Spot grinned as Race walked into the kitchen, grabbing a glass from the cupboard before filling it up with water. He propped his hip against the countertop as he looked at his husband. “What did you do today? You had the day off right?”
“Yeah. Sassie and I slept in before I took her for a run through town. We met Albert, Rex and Romeo for lunch and a bit of doggy playground before coming back here and cleaning off the DVR.” Spot grinned. “Overall a productive day. But listen, you might want to go get changed - we have somewhere we have to go.”
Race groaned, finishing off his water, putting the glass in the sink. “Ugh, really? I was looking forward to sitting on the couch, watching shit TV while we ate pizza.”
“Yes, really. Now go get changed.” Spot grinned, giving him a look.
Race looked at him, dressed in sweats and a hoodie. “Is that what you’re wearing? Where are we going?”
“Yes, that’s what I’m wearing. I’ll tell you along the way. Now go get changed.” Spot gave him a look, shoving his feet into his shoes, grabbing the packed bag before walking out the backdoor to the car.
Opening the backseat, he grinned seeing the newly installed car seat. They had just gotten it installed last weekend so Spot had been driving around with it in the backseat, just in case. Throwing the bag into the backseat, he closed the door, just as Race walked out. “Do I need anything else?”
“It’s all in the car. Let’s go, snookums.” Spot got into the driver’s side, shutting the door as Race joined him.
As soon as his door closed, Race looked at Spot with an eyebrow raised. “Now can I know?”
“We’re heading to the hospital.” Spot smiled. “Our baby is on its way and we’re going to meet them.”
Tears instantly clouded Race’s eyes as he heard Spot. “Shit, really?”
“Yes, shit really.” A watery laugh came from Spot’s mouth as tears clouded his eyes. “You’re gonna be a papa, Tony.”
Race reached out and wiped his eyes. “When did you find out?”
“I literally got the call just before you came into the house.” Spot chuckled. “Amanda was admitted about two hours ago. She still has a while to go but they said we might want to come up to the hospital to wait.”
Sighing, Race shook his head as he leaned over and kissed Spot. “We’ve been waiting so long for this. We’re going to be daddies, Spottie.”
“Yes, yes we are.” Spot kissed him back, as they both tried to get their emotions under control. “You ready?”
Race stole another kiss before nodding. “With you by my side, always.”
The drive to the hospital was quick, each man lost in their own words. Pulling into a parking spot, he threw the car into park before grabbing the bag from the backseat. “Come on, we’re going to go through the ER - Kat’s working today.”
Race followed behind Spot, unfamiliar with the twists and turns of the hospital. Race knew a bit about the hospital, on account of the times he ended up there, but he was completely lost in that moment and was perfectly fine following Spot.
“Spot, thought you had the day off?” Maddie grinned at him as he stepped up to the nurse’s station.
Spot chuckled. “I do but I’m looking for Plums - she around?”
“I think she just went down to grab something from the cafeteria.” Maddie told them. “Do you want me to let her know that you’re here?”
Spot looked at Race who shrugged. “Nah, we’ll head down there. Thanks Maddie.”
Spot turned on his heels, grabbing Race’s hand before they walked down a long hallway. “You okay, Racer?”
“Yea but I could ask you the same question, Spottie.” Race raised an eyebrow in his husband’s direction.
Spot pulled him so they were flushed with the wall. “Nervous, excited, worried, but I’m glad you’re by my side for this. I wouldn’t want to do this with anyone else.”
Race kissed him quickly, squeezing their linked hands. “Good and I’m all of those as well. Now let’s go find Kat, then we can go upstairs.”
Spot nodded, tugging on his hand as they continued down the hallway, eventually walking into the cafe. Scanning the cafe, Spot’s mouth tugged up in a smile when he spotted her sitting by herself. Spot bounced over to where she was sitting, quickly sitting in a chair as she looked up from her phone. “Spot? What are you doing here, you’ve got the day off.”
“We got a call about Amanda going into labor.” He grinned as Race joined them at the table.
A small squeal escaped Kat’s mouth as she looked between the two. “Serious?”
“Like I’d be here if I didn’t have to be.” Spot rolled his eyes. “How much longer are you working?”
Kat grinned. “I’m so excited for you two. This is a great day. I’m working until 5 but I’ll be up afterwards. Have you let the family know?”
“Not yet. We were going to go up there and see the progress before we let everyone know. I just had to tell you because I knew you’d kill us if we were here and you didn’t know.” Spot grinned at her as she blew him a kiss.
“You’re damn right I would kill you both.” She grinned, standing up, gathering her stuff. “Come on, you two go upstairs and let me know what the progress is.”
She gave them both hugs and a kiss on the cheek as they went their separate ways. The two headed upstairs, checking in with the nurse before finding the waiting room. Taking the bag off his shoulder, Spot collapsed into a chair, sighing as Race did the same.
“What are you thinking about?” Race asked, looking over at Spot while lacing their hands together.
Spot smiled. “Thinking about the names we picked and if they’re going to be strong enough for our daughter or son.”
“Those aren’t locked in stone - we still have time to change them.” Race squeezed their hands. “We can go with other names if you want.”
Shrugging, Spot bit his lip. “We’ll wait until we see them then decide. I never knew how big of a responsibility it was to name someone. That’s the name they’re going to have for the rest of their lives.”
“It’s monumental when you stop and look at it. But whatever name we give them, they’re going to grow into it and make it their own.” Race smirked. “And any child of ours will be alright with whatever name we give them.”
The opening of the door caught their attention as a nurse came in and headed towards them. “Spot, it’s good to see you. I heard you were waiting in here.”
“Hi Kristie. It’s good to see you. This is my husband Tony.” Spot introduced, looking over at Race. “Kristie has been trying to convince me for years to come up to labor and delivery instead of the ER.”
Kristie smiled at the two of them. “A valiant effort but I’ve failed every time. But I wanted to come give you guys an update. Amanda is getting ready to start pushing so we will have a baby party soon, so if you want anyone up here, I’d give them a call.”
Nodding, Spot and Race grinned at one another. “Thank you Kristie. Will you let us know when the baby is here?”
“I will. Do you two need anything in the meantime?” She smiled at them.
Spot shook his head before looking at Race. “I think we’re all set at the moment, but thank you.”
She left the two of them, as Race over at Spot. “Should we give the family a call?”
“Do you want momma up here now or in a bit?” Spot raised an eyebrow at him. “I mean I’m all for having them up now but I’m leaving it up to you.”
Race chuckled. “That means if I say later, and momma finds out, she’ll kill me and not you.”
“Pretty much.” Spot giggled.
Race grabbed his phone, typing up a text message to Albert, Jack, Medda, and Smalls before pocketing the phone. “There, done.”
“You texted your family that our child is on their way.” Spot’s eyes were wide. “I’m not going to stand in momma’s way when she wants to kill you.”
Race grinned confidently. “She’s not going to kill me.”
“And you’re so sure about this, how?” Spot countered raising an eyebrow.
Smirking, Race raised an eyebrow in challenge. “Bet you $20 that she’s not going to kill me?”
“You’re on!” Spot held out his hand for Race to shake as the waiting room door opened, drawing their attention away from one another. “Jack! You got down here quickly.”
Jack hugged both of them with a smirk. “I might have gotten a text message from my wife who demanded I get my butt down here.”
“Where Addie?” Spot asked, noticing Jack was alone.
Joining them on the couch where they sat, Jack smiled. “Her grandparents are watching her for a bit. They were going to watch her tonight as Kat and I had a date night planned but they got Addie a bit earlier than planned.”
“I’m sure they loved that.” Race replied dryly, giving them a smirk.
Jack chuckled. “They do alright. Luckily, Kat’s sister Amelia is in town and staying with them so she is spending some quality time with her niece. Kat said she’ll be up soon - the ER just got hit with a couple of ambulances so once it calms down she’ll be up.”
Race pulled Jack into a conversation about something at school. Spot watched the two of them, both so animated in their conversation. Spot couldn’t believe he was in that room, waiting on the birth of their daughter or son. Race and him had had several conversations about what they wanted, Race desperately wanting a daughter where he was more nonchalant about what he wanted. He didn’t care, as long as they were healthy.
He was pulled from his thoughts as the door was slowly pushed open. He instinctively stood, anxiously waiting on news. He felt Race come up beside him, as they both looked towards the door.
Kristie stood in the doorway with a pink and blue striped bundle in her arms. “Alright daddies, who wants her?”
Race and Spot both looked at one another as Race stepped back. Kristie grinned at Spot, expertly handing over the bundle to his awaiting arms.
“Did you say it’s a girl?” Race asked, stepping up to Spot’s side to look at the baby.
Kristie at the smitten men. “Yes, a little girl. She was born at 4:37pm. She weighed 8 pounds, 2 ounces and is 21 inches long. She has all ten fingers and toes.”
“She’s precious, Spottie.” Race reached around his husband to slip his finger in her hand. “Look at her long fingers.”
Spot adjusted her slightly in his arms, looking at Race. “She’s perfect, papa.”
“She is, dad.” Race cooed at her.
Kristie looked at the two of them. “Do you guys need anything?”
“I don’t think so. We’ll let you know when we’ve decided on a name.” Spot grinned at her as she nodded.
Race’s eyes went wide. “Shit, we’ve got to name her.”
Spot turned to face Race. “Do you want to hold her?”
Race looked at the ground, suddenly bashful. “I don’t want to drop her.”
“Sit down Race.” Spot nodded to the seat beside his brother. “You’ve held Addie; our baby is just a bit smaller than Addie.”
Waiting for Race to be settled, Spot handed him the baby girl as Race cradled her. “Breathe Racer. You’re not going to drop her.”
“She's our daughter, Spottie.” Race’s voice was full of awe and amazement.
Spot fell more in love with Race as he watched his normally rambunctious husband sit still and peacefully held their daughter.
“I thought you two had names picked out.” Jack smiled, breaking Spot out of the little bubble he had.
Spot nodded. “We do but we aren’t sure if those names will fit her personality.”
“She’s content to sleep at the moment.” Race grinned, pressing a kiss to her forehead.
Spot nodded. “So do we go with MJ or DA? Or do we go with something else?”
Race mouthed both names while looking at their daughter. “I think MJ will be a good name for her.”
“You sure?” Spot wanted to make sure. That was the name he suggested and he wanted to make sure Race was sure.
Race nodded. “Welcome to the world, Mackenzie Jayne Higgins-Conlon.”
Spot loved how the name flowed off Race’s tongue as he softly spoke it. Race looked up at his big brother. “Do you want to hold her, Jackie?”
Jack, who had suddenly become emotional at seeing the two become parents, could only nod. Race stood up, crossed the room and gently handed Mack over to her uncle.
“Oh little girl you’re precious.” Jack cooed, expertly cradling his new niece. “Hi Mack.” He looked between Spot and Race. “That is a nickname right?”
Spot chuckled. “That’s one of them. We were thinking of MJ and Kenzie as well. I’m sure she’ll have more as she grows.”
The door opened, grabbing Spot’s attention as he smiled at Kat. Her hand was over her mouth as she walked into the room. “The baby’s here?”
“She is.” Spot said, standing up, meeting her as she threw her arms around his shoulder, squeezing him in a hug. “Mackenzie Jayne.”
Pulling away, Kat wiped away her tears, looking over to where her husband sat with the baby in his arms. “Aww her name is perfect. Congratulations to you both.”
“Do you want to hold her?” Spot whispered, looking at his best friend.
She grinned before nodding. Spot left her side, walking to Jack to take Mack from his arms. Walking slowly over to Kat, he transferred his daughter to his best friend’s arms.
“Aww boys she’s precious.” Kat smiled, looking at the baby’s pouty lips. “When can you go home?”
Race shrugged. “Kristie hasn’t told us yet.”
“I’m guessing she’ll have to stay in the hospital tonight and part of the day tomorrow before she’s released to us.” Spot smiled. “You look good with a newborn in your arms, Kat.”
She immediately looked at Jack who had a wolfish look on his face. “Do not get any ideas, Jack Kelly. We have a four month old at home and we’re not ready for a second one. We have a new niece that we can love on.”
“Come on Kat.” Jack whined, grinning at his wife.
Shaking her head, she adjusted Mack in her arms. “No, Jackson.”
“Ha! She pulled out your full name.” Race laughed, as Jack shoved his shoulder in retaliation.
“Boys.” The sharp voice came from the doorway as the four of them looked up.
Medda, Smalls, Albert, and Finch all stood there grinning at them. “Don’t make me separate you. You may be grown adults but I’m still your momma.”
“Hi Momma.” Race and Jack grinned happily, getting up to greet their momma before Medda narrowed her eyes on the bundle in Kat’s arms.
“Momma, I’m a papa.” Race excitedly told her as she pulled him into a hug. “Kat’s hogging her but I’m sure if you ask her sweetly, she’ll give up your newest granddaughter.”
Medda looked over at Kat with a smile before looking at her youngest son, narrowing her eyes at him. “Kat is snuggling your adorable daughter at the moment, which is fine. I have an issue with the fact that I received a text message from you letting me know that your child was on the way.”
Race had the decency to look guilty. “I’m sorry momma.”
“Next time, I expect a phone call.” She gave him a look before looking over at Kat. “Now hand over that precious baby girl.”
Kat handed Mack over to her grandma before stepping back, watching Medda coo over the little girl. She felt Jack slip his hand into hers, giving it a squeeze.
Kat looked around the room, smiling at Albert and Finch, walking over to them. Albert gave her a side hug, grinning. “How was the ER today?”
“Just because you and the new papa over there had the day off, it was okay. I got slammed in the last hour of my shift.” Kat shook her head. “It’s like they know when shift change is happening.”
Albert chuckled. “Well some of them are frequent flyers so I wouldn’t be surprised if they did know the shift changes.”
“Too true.” Kat nodded. “Did you hear what they named her?”
Finch and Albert both shook their heads. “Mackenzie Jayne. I’ve heard both Mack and MJ thrown around as nicknames. Good luck getting her away from Medda - I don't think she’s going to give her up willingly.”
Her gaze landed on Spot and Race standing on either side of Medda, smiling at their daughter, sleeping soundly in her grandmother’s arms.
“Yeah we’re going to have to fight Medda for her.” Albert raised his voice, causing Medda to look up at him.
She narrowed her eyes in his direction. “If you want her, I’ll happily hand her over to you.”
Albert skipped across the room, stopping at Medda’s side. “Hand her over momma.” He adjusted Mack in his arms as his face softened. “Oh Mack, you’re a sweetheart. You’re so precious.”
“Who knew that Albert would become a softie mushball around an infant?” Jack asked, not so quietly.
Albert looked up at him with eyes wide. “You’re one to talk, Kelly. You were a pile of mush when you first met Addie. Big, tough Jack Kelly, cooing to a baby, just like that from zero to 100.”
Spot came over to where she was standing and grinned at her. “Who knew a new baby girl would make the men turn to cooing softies?”
“I did. You all did it when Addie was born and I knew it was going to happen again, regardless of whether you baby was a boy or a girl.” She smirked, looking over at him. “Has your mind settled down at all or is it racing with the oh hell what do I do now scheme?”
Running a hand over his face, Spot sighed. “It’s still running with the ‘oh hell what do I do now’ scheme. Will my mind ever shut off now that I have a newborn?”
“It hasn’t in four months so when I know, I’ll let you know.” Kat smirked. “You’ll figure out how to balance your day job with your full time job as a parent. Let me give you a hint, she’ll always be in the back of your mind. She’ll always be there waiting at the end of the day for you to walk through the door.”
Groaning, Spot shook his head. “Great, another person to distract me.”
“But it’s in the best way possible, Spottie.” She bumped his hip with hers. “Look at Race and look at Mack. That’s your world, everything else will just settle in and become part of that world.”
Spot looked at how happy his husband was before looking at Mack, now in FInch’s arms. “When did you become so smart, Kelly?”
“About the time I graduated from college and became a PA.” She smirked. “But I’m still learning. The whole being a mother is still teaching me stuff. But I will tell you one thing, you thought nights in the ER were a difficult thing - you haven’t seen anything until your child throws a rager at 2 in the morning, screaming at the top of her lungs.”
Another groan escaped his mouth. “Great, that’ll be the time I’m texting you.”
“Don’t. Addie is finally sleeping through the night and if you wake her, I will drive her over to your house and drop her off. Mark my words, Spot Higgins-Conlon.” She pointed her finger at him, giving him daggered eyes.
“Calm your jets momma bear.” Spot wrapped her in a side hug, gently squeezing her side. “But do you want to know what I’ve been most excited about since she was handed to me?”
Kat looked over at him. “What’s that?”
“Watching her and Addie grow up. They’re going to be thick as thieves.” Spot’s eyes went wide at the thought. “They’re going to be the best of friends.”
Kat chuckled. “Well when your daughter convinces my daughter to sneak out, I’m glad I’ll have someone up at all hours worrying with me.”
“What makes you think my daughter is going to be the one convincing anyone to sneak out?” Spot shook his head. “You take that back, Katherine Kelly.”
Shaking her head, she grinned. “You’re right, they will be the best of friends and it’ll be fun watching them grow up together. And I do think that you’ll have someone up during all hours of the night worrying about them but at least we have one another . . . . and wine. Wine makes everything better.”
“If I haven’t said it yet, you’re the best friend I’ve ever had and I’m glad I’m on this journey with you.” Spot smiled.
“Backacha, Spottie.” She grinned, watching the family try to convince Finch it was time to give up Mack so someone else could have a turn.
She knew that with Spot, Race, Jack and the rest of the family by her side, the two girls would turn out just fine. But with each of their pasts, she was worried about which genes would get passed on. However, that was a worry for a different day. There was a new baby girl and two new daddies to celebrate.
Thank you for reading. What did you think? Feedback would be wonderful and much appreciated.
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Chapter Nineteen
*Pictures will be included in the wedding chapter*
Fake It Until You Make it Real
Louis had a restless sleep the entire night. Waking up periodically to an empty bed and looking at his phone finding another 'still at work' text. Louis gave up on sleep around four in the morning and instead headed downstairs. He laid on the couch and turned on the TV watching the first thing he could find to fill in the silence. He didn't remember falling asleep, but he was woken up by noises and whispers. Sitting up he looked around only to be disappointed when it was just his mother and Anne in the kitchen with their husbands.
"He's not home yet dear go back to sleep." Anne said but Louis ignored her and grabbed his phone seeing it was a little past six.
"We're making breakfast. What are you in the mood for?"
"Anything." Louis said rubbing his eyes tiredly as he laid back on the couch, "I hate this."
"You'll get used to it." Anne told him though Louis doubt that very much. He laid there for a while listening to their mothers in the kitchen before he heard keys at the front door. He sat up and stared at it as it was pushed opened then he fought the blanket to stand up and he jumped over the couch jumping onto Harry making him stumble.
"I've missed you too." Harry said hugging him and lifting him to let Louis better wrap around him. Harry walked further into the house carrying Louis,
"Good morning ladies."
"Hello Harry."
"Hi sweetheart. You look exhausted."
"I'm fine." Harry said as Louis unwrapped his legs from around his waist and pulled away to look at him. Harry indeed looked exhausted, he had dark bags under his eyes and his movements were a little sluggish.
"You should try to sleep a little bit." Louis told him
"No trust me when I lay down, I want to sleep not nap. I will be fine. Besides I am not missing dress shopping."
"Just a little cuddle on the couch?" Louis tried
"No. However, I will make some tea."
"I will make it. You go sit."
"If I sit, I'll sleep, and I don't-"
"Harry. Go sit. Now." Harry grumbled as he turned and headed to the living room while Louis headed further into the kitchen to get started on Harry’s regular morning tea. He made it just that extra bit stronger for him then he sat beside him on the couch handing him the mug of tea.
“Thank you Lou.”
“Of course. Anything else?” Harry didn’t verbally say anything only shifted and spread his legs and arms giving Louis enough space to slide in between his legs and have a much needed cuddle. Louis laid his cheek against Harry’s chest and had his arms encircle his waist as he laid on his stomach feeling Harry’s free hand rub his back squeezing him every so often.
Again Louis didn’t remember falling asleep, but as he opened his eyes he was relieved to notice that Harry was still there, but now had a large plate of food in his hand instead of his mug of tea.
“Good morning Darling. Want some? They gave me extra for you for when you woke up.”
“Yes please.” Harry smiled as he got a large helping of eggs on his fork then fed it to Louis when he sat up but stayed pressed against Harry.
“How were the kids for bedtime?”
“Maddie was a little upset, but my mom told her a ridiculously false story about me as a child that had her giggling well past bedtime.”
“Oh really? I guess I’ll just have to ask them about this false story.”
“There really isn’t any need for that Harold.” They got through a plate and some seconds before Harry was getting antsy to see the kids.
“Go on. They’ll be excited to see you.” Louis said amused as he took Harry’s empty mug after his third refill.
Harry grinned kissing his cheek before he hurried up the stairs. Louis could faintly make out Maddie’s excited squeal a few seconds later making him smile as he could just picture the scene they were no doubt making up there. Freddie’s shouted was followed moments later then minutes later Harry came walking in carrying both of the kids in his arms. Maddie was latched on his torso and Freddy was hanging around his neck but his arms supported them both and his grin was bright. It was as if the lack of proper sleep didn’t matter anymore with the kids awake and with him and he didn’t let any of his tiredness to show as he helped get them plates of food and take one of the twins setting Dory into a highchair. He helped feed Dory while effortlessly keeping up listening to Maddie and Freddie’s tales of their day yesterday.
“Please stop the heart eyes. It’s sickening.” Lottie said sliding into a barstool across from Louis effectively blocking his view of Harry getting syrup on his jaw by Ernie as he fed Dory and told Freddie how amazing and cool his dinosaur jungle sounded.
“Well excuse me for finding my Fiancé adorable surrounded by children. I mean look at him how can you not think he is adorable?” Louis said grinning when he saw Harry blush and glance over at him with a piece of pancake being smushed into his face by Ernie of course.
Chuckling Louis grabbed a pair of wipes and headed to the table deciding to help out just this once as he pulled a wipe out from the pack and took Ernie. Giving Harry the wipe he took a new one and cleaned his baby brother off then he leaned down and kissed Harry’s cheek before heading back to the kitchen where he resumed the conversation he had been in previously before being distracted by Harry.
Despite most of the women’s dresses being for Louis’ sisters Louis absolutely did not care one bit and it was all on Harry. Well okay Louis had opinions, but he didn’t really care about certain shades being just right or ruffles or lace or whatever. Lottie, Gemma, and Harry were the ones doing most of the shopping with Harry showing up a dress to Louis and if Louis didn’t care for the it then it went back on the rack, but if Louis didn’t have an opinion or actually liked it then it got put on someone’s arm either it be someone of their group or a poor employee who had quickly gotten a rolling rack to hang the dresses on. Louis focused on the flower girl dress and keeping the potential dresses hidden from Harry who Maddie didn’t want to see her dress until the wedding day. Which Louis was all for. Someone had to make Harry cry after all. Color didn’t bother Louis however he did love the idea of Maddie in a white dress or a different color than the other dresses and the suits so she stood out. Yes this was his day and Harry’s day, but it was also the kid’s day and her little winter shawl could be Freddie’s main color of the suit and his secondary color could be her dress color. Okay so Louis may have it all planned out, but that doesn’t mean he can’t entertain other ideas just in case.
“Hey Lou do we care about them having the same dress?”
“Not one bit. As long as one isn’t like satin and the other I don’t know Chiffon or whatever. The colors have to be consistent though. Similar but not exact.”
“Alright just making sure. You better not be checking price tags over there.”
“Don’t worry Daddy I’m not.” Maddie said Louis shook his head chuckling softly as he took the hanger from Maddie and hung it up.
Despite what Harry thinks Louis had checked the website of the shop and knew the most expensive dress was well into the overpriced budget Harry had set because despite being obviously well off he had obviously only listed shops that wouldn’t make Louis’ family out of place or hesitant in. Harry of course knew he knew of this but it went unspoken between them after the first time Louis saw the list and googled each store then looked at Harry who pretended to not have a clue why Louis was staring at him while he had worked on something on his laptop. Louis had tried to stare it out of him for the better part of an hour before he gave in and just kissed his cheek and told him he would tell his family the game plan. Besides the extra money could be used in the family vacation they were still planning.
“What do you think LouLou?” Louis was pulled from his thoughts a few hours later as he stared at Maddie in the long sleeve white ball gown dress with a dark red fur shawl that stood out against the white beautifully making Louis tear up.
“I think it looks absolutely beautiful on you. Do you like it?”
“I do. I love it. I’m a princess watch me twirl.” Twirling the dress spun with her and Louis could almost see her all grown up twirling in a wedding dress and he had to quickly fight that back before those thoughts got the better of him, “Do you think Daddy with like it?”
“I think Harry is going to love it and will cry just seeing you in this. So is this the one my dear?”
“Yes it is.”
“Good I agree I love this one. Your dads will be the luckiest dads there to have a little princess to dance with.” The employee said grinning widely as she helped Maddie into another twirl.
“LouLou you’ll dance with me?” Maddie asked shocked
“Of course I’m going to dance with you, can’t let your dad have you all the time now can I? Your dad and I are going to have lots of dances for you and Freddie and as a whole together. We’re still outlining that part, but rest assured we will all dance together at least twice.” Maddie grinned hugging his middle
“You’re the best LouLou.” Louis grinned leaning now to kiss her head before he had her go change out of the dress while he went to find Harry.
“Hey Haz oooh having fun girls?” Louis said grinning as he saw his sisters in a few dresses, “They need you up there to schedule fittings.”
“Really? Already?”
“Already? It’s been a few hours Harry.”
“Yeah I’m shocked it didn’t take longer. I’ll be back ladies.” Louis debated on whether to follow Harry, but decided to stay with the girls.
“How is it going?”
“We have a few more to try on, but I think we all have our favorite.” Lottie told him, “So this is really happening huh? You’re marrying someone.”
“It was bound to happen one day you realize.” Louis said amused as he adjusted one of her scraps, “Besides I think I could have picked worse.”
“I don’t know you definitely could have also picked better. Seriously how did my brother get you?” Gemma asked making Louis roll his eyes playfully shaking his head.
“I think you’re wrong. You’re brother is absolutely lovely.”
“Ew if you’re about to start gushing love poetry about him let me get a bin for my vomit first.” Rolling his eyes Louis sent them back into the dressing rooms telling them he would torture them back at the house.
They were only back at the house for an hour when Louis saw Harry dozing off every few minutes while playing dinosaur jungle with Freddie. Smiling at the scene Louis slid off the couch then crawled over to Harry and straddled the back of his thighs as he wrapped his arms around his chest kissing his cheek.
“You should go to sleep.”
“I’m fine.”
“You’re falling asleep as you do very bad roars. If you were a T-Rex I’d laugh at you.” Harry huffed a tired laugh but otherwise remained where he was stubbornly refusing to give in, “Hey Freddie you know what would be really fun?”
“If we convince Nana and Anne to take all the kids and grandkids to the indoor trampoline park.”
“Yeah! Let’s do it!”
“Okay go get Maddie and got to Anne because she’s the weakest. She’ll say yes if you give her those really big puppy eyes.”
“Okay Papa.” Freddie stood and ran to the playroom where most of the kids were and Louis grinned at Anne who had of course heard all of this sitting only a few feet from them.
“Come on naptime mister.” Louis said kissing Harry’s shoulder
“Fine. Mom you’ll be okay?”
“We’ll be fine dear you go nap. We’ll keep the kids out until it gets later, maybe take them out to dinner as a group.”
“Good luck.” Louis said standing up and helping Harry up just as the kids ran into the room.
“Kisses first.” Harry said grabbing Freddie and Maddie and kissing them both on their heads, “I love you two and If you two convince them you two be good.”
“We will Daddy.” Maddie promised kissing Harry’s arm that was around her before she and Freddie escaped his hold and ran to Anne. Louis took Harry’s hand and led him up the stairs into the bedroom where he immediately went about unbuttoning Harry’s shirt for him.
“I could have slept with them here. Trust me I can be a very heavy sleeper.”
“I know but this way they get to spend time with our family and we can nap in peace because I’m tired too. I didn’t sleep well last night.”
“I’m sorry. Unfortunately shifts like those do happen, not as often, but more than a few times a year it seems like especially around the holidays and weekends that are just a tad busier than usual due to a game or something.”
“I know, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it.” Louis pulled down Harry’s pants then sat him down leaving him only in his briefs as Louis felt his hands grab his thighs pulling him closer, “You and I both know you don’t have it in you right now.”
“Oh I have it in me, it won’t be good and Ill never claim it ever in my life, but I could do it.” Louis laughed as he pressed a kiss to Harry’s forehead, “It won’t be good but it would be done.”
“No. I would much rather have no sex than bad sex. Bad sex just ruins entire day.”
“We couldn’t have bad sex if we tried. We could have not good sex, but never bad.”
“Want to test that theory?”
“I do now.”
“No.” Harry chuckled as he gave his thighs a squeeze before he stood up and pulled the covers back while Louis quickly undressed himself. He climbed in bed beside Harry and curled up against his chest wrapping his arms around his waist and within seconds Harry was fast asleep breathing deeply while Louis laid there for awhile listening to the kids get packed up. When the house was silent and the last beep from the alarm was heard Louis snuggled deeper into the covers and Harry and fell asleep.
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zoocross0vers · 2 years
The Heroes Concept
Sorry for delay but I finally showing topic that what character would fit into character and how their roles would look like (I explain in here)
As an example let’s start with main cast:
Sonic as Sonic - since he’s the main character of the story there’s no need to change his character role since those are key-important for the plot like in movie
(here’s his profile just in case: https://sonic.fandom.com/wiki/Sonic_the_Hedgehog_(Paramount)#Cast_)
The only in his case would be the change of place and  comunity: he’s in world of anthromophic mammals with no powers and certain prejudices and stereotypes, and sometimes certain paranoias, which that makes his anxietes harder since he is also a mammal/hedgehog but still different: blue, prefers shoes, glowes instead of clothes and has powers. And it could be possibility that when he arrived on Zootopia (not sure how if their planet is called Earth or not) the missing mammal case was happening and distrust towards mammals was growing, give him reason to not show up after what happened last time. There could be also small possibility he helped stopped the Bellwether takeover although unknowingly (or maybe not? who knows) and some two pair of eyes probably might noticed him even briefly though if you know what I mean. But for the record he decided to hide in Green Hills where he meet Nick and Judy and you know the rest.
Nick Wilde as Tom Wachowski
Tom personality
Kind-hearted and hard-working, Tom actively pursues the chance to help other people and is dedicated to his duty as Green Hills’s sheriff. He is very brave and is not afraid to get physical if the need arises and is protective of those he cares about. Despite his sharp tongue and an occasionally dark sense of humor, he is very sweet and gentle and frequently goes out of his way to assist others. Tom enjoys telling corny jokes, whether he is alone or with company. According to Sonic, Tom often talks with donuts and eats them if they “do not listen him”.
He dislikes boredom to the point that Green Hills’ lack of action nearly drives him out of his hometown to pursue work in San Fransisco. Tom shows open skepticism when presented with a situation that seems odd or fabricated, such as when he first met Dr. Robotnik. Although Tom is not afraid to fight, he prefers to avoid resorting to violence, shown when he tried to leave the Piston Pit when confronted by angry bar patrons.
Nick personality
Since those two are pretty much different when it comes certain things but have still lot in common like bad pun jokes and sense for justice.
It was not easy to make it right. I wanted him fit into Tom’s role but also keep his Wilde charm he has. Thankfully I was able to do right somehow so here it is:
Nick was actually born in Green Hills and was friend with Judy Hopps in childhood after incident with Gideon, but after incident with Ranger Scouts where she was present in this case ashamed for certain actions he decided to move (or run away) to Zootopia to live as shifty fox, unaware of him been targeted by Bellwether. But Judy whose also decided to study in Zootopia find and trying to make up to him and bring him back to Green Hills. After studying, while dating, they return to Green Hills get married and Nick follows footstep to became sheriff be a better person (unaware of him also been followed by small certain blue guardian: take a hint of what I mean by it). After hearing of Bellwether case he wants to try be a cop in Zootopia to find a purpose (instead just leave Green Hills out of boredoom he wants to prove himself be better). He sympatize with Sonic more since he knows what is like to feared of what you are and been haunted by a past. I still need to work on that.
Judy Hopps as Maddie Wachowski
Maddie Personality
As a veterinarian, Maddie cares deeply about living creatures and enjoys helping them to heal. She scolds Tom not to shoot the raccoons that get into their trash with her dart gun and gets annoyed with him when she finds out he shot Sonic with it. She also shows sympathy for Sonic when she sees that his feet hurt because he wore through his sneakers. She works well under-pressure and shows emotional and intellectual maturity. She is very loving and supportive of her husband. She made him a cake to congratulate him in case he got the job he wanted in San Francisco and another cake in case he did not get it. She also tells him that since he has made sacrifices for her, she is happy to sacrifice for him.
Judy Personality
They sure have more in common aside for job. She cares for her husband since childhood despite of what happened, she even go after him to make up to him, save him from wrong path and ask for forgiveness, since she feels responsible for it, even though none of both was fault. She was born in Bunnyburrow but always visited her relatives from mothers side in Green Hills where she also first met Nick (inspired by my life, I really love to visit my relatives) She wanted to be cop but could not, but also found a passion in medicine and that is why she became vet after she moved in Green Hills with Nick (those two make a really great team, also it is nice callback from concept of Zistopia where Nick pretented to be vet). She also shows connection with Sonic and in this case has less problems with his “nudity” considering she always has to check her patients without clothes. (trust me I know what I talking about)
Again still need to work on that. I hope you help me grinding with this. For now that is all but I promise there will be more. Also think you can pictures on those description since I dont know how to do that along with your opinions? (you can use my drawing for that if you want ;-D)
And also:
Hi Guest! I’m so sorry for taking forever to get back to you on this. Hope you had a great 5th Zootopia Anniversary! I watched the movie again that day and even after 5 years, I still love that movie!!! <3 <3 <3 
But anyhoo, on to this lovely Sonic crossover!
When it comes to the setting, do you think Green Hills should actually be BunnyBurrow? Or do you want Green Hills to remain it’s own thing?
I guess I ask because the way Nick is being set up, he kind of reminds me of this one fic that Helthehatter wrote called, “Blueberries”, where it’s an alternate story of how Nick and Judy met. In that fic, Nick is a deputy in BunnyBurrow and his police partner is Finnick and Nick is pretty bored because not much happens in a small town like BunnyBurrow (that is until he meets Judy, who never became a cop before meeting him). 
I picture Nick would be something like this where he and Judy weren’t the ones who solved the Bellwether and Nighthowlers case, but Jack and Skye. And he wants to have an exciting adventure like that and be a hero, do something important, but nothing ever happens in BunnyBurrow/Green Hills. 
I could still see Judy being his partner on the force, but unlike him, she’s actually pretty content being a cop in a small town. Though, if you like the idea of her being a vet better for this then I could work with that ^^
Personality wise it shouldn’t be too hard to give the characters similar traits since they seem to have enough in common. 
Would it be okay if Judy does at least try to get Sonic to wear some clothes, it still feels like something she would do, lol! ^^” But of course, in a nice understanding way rather than in a panicky manner.
When it comes to Sonic, rather than Nick just forming a sort of best friendship with him, maybe Sonic can kind of look up to him and Judy like parents? I mean, Sonic is still a teenager and Nick and Judy are full grown adults. That way at the end, he really is joining a new family. :)
I think I like the idea of this Nick having been born in Green Hills/Bunny Burrow rather than Zootopia, because that makes his desire for a new and bigger setting more important. If he grew up in Zootopia, left it, then wants to go back to it, then it kind of takes away that feeling of wanting more.
In regards to Sonic, maybe he decided to hide not just because he’s a blue hedgehog, bust also because he’s basically walking around naked and maybe when he first showed up he walked like that in front of some old ladies and he scared them. Ever since then he decided to observe the animals from afar. It’d be a good reason too why he had a disguise too. Here not to blend in as a human, but simply to cover himself up?
I say let’s just call the Zootopia world Earth. It’s easier ^^
Not sure yet, if Sonic should’ve had an active role in the nighthowler incident, but maybe he did manage to see the fear and chaos it caused in animals via Nick and Judy’s TV and by observing animals from afar. If he did decide to help solve it though, maybe he probably just helped Jack and Skye grab the concentrated pellet and handed it to them like a blue blurr and then with that evidence in their grasp, it proved enough to arrest Bellwether and they got the credit since nobody saw him.
This is all I got so far. Does this work for you? Is there more you’d like to add or change?
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Phic Phight 2021: Misplaced Mothering.
Prompt: A garden filled with Blood Blossom/Maddie starts growing Blood Blossoms around the house.
Summary: Maddie plants Blood Blossoms around the house with good intentions before she realizes it had been misplaced.
Team Ghost: Complete, 2,129.
   Maddie wiped her arm across her sweating forehead and shoved her gardening shovel into the dirt to shake the neckline of her tank top. The rest of her usual teal hazmat suit was unzipped down until her waist while the sleeves were tied to keep it up. Maddie beamed proudly at the blood red roses with a deep, dark purple stem that spanned across the much-larger-than-normal flower beds. 
   Blood Blossoms, this'll keep those pesky ghosts out, Maddie thought to herself.
   You see, Maddie had been noticing the strange collection of ghosts that had been gathering around their house in the late hours of the night. She hypothesized because of The Portal in the lab. It would be one hundred percent plausible as the true reasoning but it didn't explain the affinity the ghosts had to lurk outside her son's bedroom window. She had made sure to put a slightly denser amount of Blood Blossoms on the lawn underneath his window (the bed there looked engorged and bloated).
   Maddie attributed the ghosts' appearances to her son's lack of sleeping which resulted in the dropping of his grades and of course the withdrawal from the family. Poor Danny didn't even mention it. The boy tended to bottle things up and keep to himself to avoid being a "burden." It was also why it took her so long to notice the bullying her son suffered at school. He just never said anything.
   That's why she waited until her two kids were at their school field trip to New York to put her plan in action, to surprise him. Her husband, Jack, had helped gather the seeds and information to grow them (it was extremely difficult) but they managed. Currently Jack was on his way to getting more so they could incorporate them into their anti-ghost weapons. He would return a day after the kids did.
   Maddie picked up her gardening tools and returned back inside to take a shower. When she got out she decided that the morning of Jazz and Danny's return she would bake fresh cookies with some Blood Blossom petals. Maddie wanted to see if a consistent diet containing the petals would prevent possession or at the very least have ghosts be averse to being close to the individual. 
   Maddie didn't mind using her children as experiments in this case as she and Jack would also be involved. Besides, Blood Blossoms didn't hurt humans.
   Maddie pulled out the Chocolate Chip and Blood Blossoms cookies from the oven as she hummed. Carefully she put the cookie sheet on the second oven mitt that laid on the kitchen counter. She closed the oven and slipped the first oven mitt off and glanced at the clock on the microwave. It read 12:15 PM and Maddie smiled; the kids would be here in five minutes. 
   Soon the cookies were cool enough to be placed in the cookie jar, it was modeled after Stay Puft Marshmallow Man from the original Ghostbusters, and Maddie frowned. Her daughter and son should have been home by now. 
   Ten more minutes past before Jazz opened the door with Danny shuffling anxiously behind her.
   "What took you two so long?" Maddie tried to keep the accusation out of her voice. They were fifteen and seventeen after all; teenagers that could take care of themselves as much as Maddie's heart loathed to admit it.
   "Just a quick stop to share a milkshake at Nasty Burger. We were hungry after the trip," Jazz assured but her eyes flickered nervously.
   Danny nodded in confirmation still behind his older sister although he looked a little less like he was going to crawl out of his skin.
   "Oh, I see," Maddie said before grabbing the cookie jar and opening it with a flair, "well, if you're still hungry I made these!"
   The pairs' faces lit up with excitement before Danny's expression morphed into a frown.
   "What's up with the flowers covering, like, the entire yard," Danny asked with concern before grabbing a cookie.
   "They're Blood Blossoms! A flower with anti-ghost properties that will keep those menaces out and away and also keep the ones coming out of The Portal here for capture. It's a natural ghost shield," Maddie chattered excitedly as she gauged her childrens' reactions to the cookies. 
   Maddie hoped that the herbal taste of the flowers wouldn't put off the sweet taste of the chocolate.
   Jazz's face looked thoughtful as she tried to place it and Danny froze with a vague look of panic after the first bite; his hand numbly held the cookie in his hand and seemed torn between swallowing the bite in his mouth or spitting it out.
    Maddie couldn't help but mildly fidget her fingers. None of the kids had given the exact response she'd wanted….
   Danny carefully swallowed but he didn't chew and Maddie watched with concern. Danny fiddled with the cookie idly as if to stall finishing.
   "It's good, Mom," Jazz said quietly with a polite smile.
   Maddie returned the smile.
   "I got some homework to catch up on, thanks for the cookie," Danny said as he turned towards the stairs.
   "Don't you want more," Maddie asked as she shot up from her slouching position.
   Danny hesitated before nodding.
   "Yeah, I'll take some more."
   Maddie eagerly set a few on a plate and gave it to him before turning to Jazz.
   "Want some, hun?"
   "Of course," Jazz said slowly.
   Maddie gave her a plate as well and grinned at them as they went up stairs to their rooms.
   Maddie opened Danny's bedroom door to collect his laundry. As she grabbed the laundry basket she caught a glimpse of the trash can. The unbitten into cookies sat barely visible underneath balls of paper.
   Maddie watched as her son appeared through the front door with her arms crossed.
   "You're doing your own laundry from now on," Maddie said flatly.
   Danny stared at her, clearly confused, but agreed anyway.
   Maddie couldn't ignore the look of subtle distaste from Danny as she set down a plate of dinner for him, especially at the mashed potatoes which had the most amount of Blood Blossoms out of everything served.
   "Something wrong, Danny," Maddie asked daringly with a slight glare.
   Danny shook his head.
   Jazz glanced between them.
   Jack looked up from his plate.
   Maddie sat down.
   Dinner was silent.
   Maddie had noticed that Danny never ate at home anymore. In fact, his presence was nonexistent at the table. Well, he would take cereal and Spaghetti-Os up to his room while doing homework but that was about it. 
   Maddie knew it had something to do with the flowers but she couldn't wrap her head around why.
   It was supposed to help him so why wasn't it??
   Maddie woke up at way-too-damn-early in the morning to the front door quietly creaking open. Maddie slipped from her covers and grabbed her ecto-gun (the intruder was clearly human and the gun would do nothing against them but it made her feel safer). 
   She barely cracked open her door and watched as Danny still decked in his pajamas headed into his room.
   Maddie knew it was him who came inside but gave a cursory check around the house anyway.
   Maddie's last thought before falling asleep, after struggling to do so for hours, was:
   What the Hell was her boy doing??
   Jack was tinkering with one of their ecto-blasters at the bench in the lab.
   Maddie glanced up at the door at the top of the stairs. Should she confront Danny about his late night rendezvous?
   Maddie glanced at Jack bobbing his head to the song he was singing under his breath and completely absorbed in his work.
   Maddie made her decision.
   Maddie crept up the stairs and closed the door softly behind her.
   She gently tiptoed up the stairs but stilled at the peak. Voices were coming from Danny's room. She pressed herself against the wall and stood by the door with her ears perked.
   "–old you that can't hide it forever. At least not with these flowers around," Jazz's voice leaked through.
   Maddie furrowed her eyebrows in confusion.
   "I'm fine, Jazz, seriously! I'll figure something out."
   "The Blood Blossoms are giving you welts just using your ghost powers in human form," Jazz hissed.
   Danny scoffed.
   "I'm lucky that's all they do when I use my powers. In ghost form it completely paralyzes me. It's almost like getting electrocuted all over again," Danny said with the shudder evident in his voice.
   Maddie all but tumbled down the stairs as she could no longer bear listening to anymore of the conversation. She will get to the bottom of this tonight. Maddie swore it to herself.
   Maddie waited until she heard Jack's even breathing before quickly changing into her teal suit and placing her ecto-blaster in its holster at her waist.
   Almost as soon as she was ready she heard Danny leave his room and waited until he was in the living room before sneaking quickly down the stairs. Danny went outside and as soon as the door was closed bolted and Maddie rushed to follow him with her eyes tracking him through the front window.
   She burst through the door and swung her head around in a frenzy. Her son was gone but Phantom was just taking flight from in front of her neighbor's house. He didn't notice her. A tug in Maddie's gut told her that Phantom would know something about Danny and she raced towards his glowing, flying figure.
   Maddie watched Phantom cap the ghost in the Fenton Thermos. This was it; she would confront the menace.
   Phantom whipped out a phone and Maddie faltered her approach from the bushes.
   "Hi, Sam. Hmm. Yeah, it went well. Not as bad as I thought. Nah, no Val yet. Yep, I'm going to go circle around the school before checking out the mall then I'll turn back to scope out the park and Nasty Burger. Depending on how it goes I'll call it a night," Phantom said, curling his knees to his chest and rocking back.
   Sam? As in Sam Manson? Why would Phantom be calling Danny's friend…, Maddie wondered as her mouth scowled downward.
   Phantom responded to the other end with hums and mono-syllable answers. Before letting out a groan.
   "I don't wanna talk about the Blood Blossoms, it's only been a few days and those flowers are a major pain in my ass." Phantom said with annoyance. A pause. A snort. "You don't have to chew out my mom. Jazz and I will find a way to get rid of them. It'll work out again."
   Maddie's head began to spin. There was no way… no way in Hell… she needed to get home and fast. She needed to see… just…
   Maddie turned tail and tried to keep her breathing even.
   Maddie peered through over the window sill, making an effort to stay crouched. She spotted Phantom (Danny?) land a healthy distance away from the lawn and Phantom disappeared in a white ring to reveal her son. Despite already knowing this Maddie still felt her chest seize.
   Danny started walking towards the door and Maddie quickly ducked behind the lab door.
   Danny's footsteps patted up the stairs and Maddie soon followed.
   Maddie passed out as soon as she crawled into bed.
   "Jack, I need you to listen to me."
   Jack looked up from his ecto-gun and beamed at Maddie despite the tension in her shoulders.
   "Yeah, Mads?"
   "It sounds crazy but Danny is… Phantom. The Blood Blossoms are hurting him… we're hurting him," Maddie said, her voice raised a pitch and started quivering at the end.
   Jack leapt up and gave her a tight hug.
   "Whaddya mean? Danny's a spook? It doesn't make any sense."
   "I know, I know!! But I saw him! I saw him go from Phantom to Danny and he was talking to Sam and Jazz knows! She knows! I heard them talking about the Blood Blossoms hurting him."
   Maddie tried to reel in her outburst and Jack rubbed circles into the small of her back as he tried to wrap his head around the revelation.
   "Shhh, it's okay, it's okay, Mads. We'll fix it. Just like we always do," Jack promised her.
   "So, what happened to the Blood Blossoms outside," Danny asked cautiously as he returned from his study session with Sam and Tucker.
   Maddie smiled up from the soup she was making.
   "Your Dad and I decided that they were unnecessary so we got rid of them."
   "Oh." Danny drew his eyebrows down in confusion.
   Jazz looked up from her book and glanced between the two. She let out a slightly frustrated groan and slapped a hand to her forehead. 
   Maddie wondered what that was about before returning to the soup.
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captain-hen · 2 years
dancing in a snow globe 'round and 'round
title: dancing in a snow globe 'round and 'round
Summary: Eddie mock-glares at him. “You’re a coward, starting something when you know I can’t retaliate since you’re holding your niece.”
Buck smirks smugly. “This little one will protect me,” He says and bends down to nuzzle her head, making her burst out into giggles. Eddie has to look away abruptly, something inexplicably warm and fuzzy building in his chest, a feeling of want so strong he thinks his heart might burst.
ao3 link
a/n: look at me, jumping back into the writing game after i don't even know how long. thank you @malikjavaddzayn for reading this as i wrote it and being so sweet!
also tagging: @evaneddie @matan4il
As Eddie lets himself into Buck’s apartment, he is instantly greeted with the high-pitched wails of a crying baby and the sight of his best friend looking minutes away from beginning to cry himself as he bounces his niece in his arms. Eddie bites back a smile, closing the door behind him.
“I thought you said this was an emergency,” He teases. Buck looks up, his expression morphing from one of relief to a glare.
“Make yourself useful and help me,” Buck all but whines. “She won’t stop crying and I don’t know what to do, I tried feeding her and it didn’t work. Her-her diaper doesn’t need to be changed and I-I don’t know, am I hurting her? Why did Maddie let me babysit? I’m terrible at this!”
“Alright, alright,” Eddie quickly goes to Buck and gently takes Baby Joy out of his arms. Buck lets go hesitantly and his eyes become comically wide as Joy begins to quiet down almost instantly when Eddie cradles her in his arms.
“You’re kidding me,” He says, looking betrayed. “How did you do that?”
“You’re stressed out and panicking,” Eddie says patiently. “Which means you’re stressing her out in return. Babies can sense that sort of thing, you know.” A smirk appears on his face. “Unless she just prefers me to you,” He looks down at Joy, cooing at her. “You prefer me to your Uncle Buck, don’t you, honey?”
“I hate you,” Buck grumbles, sinking down into the couch. “I’ll have you know that I’ll always be her favorite.”
“I’m surprised Albert isn’t fighting you for that title.”
“Hah! He can try.”
“Where are Chim and Maddie, anyway?”
“Date night,” Buck replies, reaching out for Joy again, sighing in relief when Eddie gives her back and she doesn’t immediately start crying again, instead just reaching up and fisting her little hand in his shirt. He all but melts, smiling dopily down at her. She really is a little angel when she isn’t screaming loud enough to wake half of Los Angeles.
“It’s their first night out since Joy was born,” He continues, looking up at Eddie now that he’s sure Joy’s not going to throw another tantrum. “I offered to babysit, and, well…”
Eddie looks amused as he sits down next to Buck, stretching his arm over the back of the couch, his thigh pressing into Buck’s. “Just because she happened to have a crying fit while you happened to be babysitting doesn’t mean you’re terrible at this, you know. Babies cry sometimes. It’s been known to happen.”
Buck pouts at him. “Stop making fun of me.”
Eddie tries to keep a straight face and fails miserably. “I wouldn’t dream of it.”
Careful not to dislodge Joy, Buck picks up a couch cushion and throws it at Eddie’s face. Eddie mock-glares at him.
“You’re a coward, starting something when you know I can’t retaliate since you’re holding your niece.”
Buck smirks smugly. “This little one will protect me,” He says and bends down to nuzzle her head, making her burst out into giggles. Eddie has to look away abruptly, something inexplicably warm and fuzzy building in his chest, a feeling of want so strong he thinks his heart might burst.
It's been a while since Eddie had come to the long overdue realization that the feelings he had for his best friend might not have been as platonic as he’d thought. It had dawned on him, ironically enough, while he had been dating Ana Flores. As smart and kind and pretty as she was, no amount of time they spent together had ever made him feel as at home and carefree and…safe, even, as coming back home after every single date with her, to see Buck either on his couch playing with Christopher or waiting with a cup of coffee and a soft smile long after Chris was in bed. The moment he’d started realizing that was the moment he started noticing everything else, the way they were constantly in sync in everything they did; be it tiding up Buck’s living room after movie night with Christopher or out in the field, doing their jobs and saving lives. The way he gravitated to Buck, constantly in his orbit, wanting to share any piece of good or exciting news or even random trivia with him, first, and no one else. The way watching Buck with his son sometimes moved him so much, he’d need a moment to compose himself, to hide the feelings he felt must show so plainly on his face, clear for the world to see.
After that, he had to break up with Ana. And he still hasn’t done anything about his feelings, because, well…
Well, Eddie has never claimed to be brave when it comes to matters of the heart. There’s a reason why Buck has teasing called him ‘emotionally constipated’ more than a couple of times.
There’s a knock on the door, bringing Eddie out of his musings. Buck perks up.
“I ordered us some pizza before you got here,” He says and nods to his wallet on the coffee table. “Could you go get it?”
Eddie is relieved to do so, convinced that he won’t be able to conceal the extent of his affections the longer he keeps watching Buck with Baby Joy. As he takes the pizza from the delivery guy, he hears Joy begin to fuss again and doesn’t even need to look over his shoulder to know that Buck is panicking. He can’t help but chuckle.
The delivery guy peers around the doorway and smiles at what Eddie presumes is Buck with Joy. “Newborn, eh?”
“Yeah,” Eddie laughs fondly as he pays him. “She’s got quite the pair of lungs on her.”
The delivery guy shakes his head with an endeared smile. “Looks like you and your husband have your hands full.”
Eddie stills at the innocuous remark and before he can say anything, the delivery guy has bid him goodbye and left. He closes the door slowly, frozen in place.
It’s not an unreasonable assumption, he thinks. Hell, it’s probably one he would make himself. It shouldn’t be that surprising that people look at him and Buck, with a baby between them and automatically think they’re together. He wouldn’t be surprised if the same thing has happened whenever Buck has joined him and Christopher on any of their outings.
No, what is surprising, somehow despite the fact that he knows he has feelings for his best friend, is how desperately he wants it to be true. How much he wants Buck to be with him and Christopher, the three of them a family; how easy it is to envision it and scarily enough, how easy it is to go even further and see them many years along the line, still together, possibly even with another child-
“Eddie?” Buck’s voice sounds in equal parts amused and concerned. “Are you just gonna stand there with the pizza all day?”
Eddie turns to face him. Joy seems to have calmed down, since Buck has placed her back in her crib. Taking a step towards him, Buck must see some of the existential crisis playing out in Eddie’s head right now on his face because he quickly takes the pizza from him and sets it down.
“Hey, man,” All traces of amusement are gone from his face now. “What’s wrong?”
There are a number of things that Eddie wants to say. That he should say. He knows he shouldn’t jump into something without thinking about it properly, especially after the disaster that was him moving too fast and too recklessly with Ana.
And yet.
This isn’t just anyone. This is Buck.
And Eddie isn’t even perfectly sure that Buck even feels the same way, but-
He’s never felt quite so compelled to just go for it, to throw caution to the wind and be brave for once as he does now.
Slowly, Eddie sways into Buck’s space, cupping the back of his neck and pressing his forehead to his. He feels Buck exhale sharply, stiffening for a brief moment, before melting into his hold.
“Eddie,” Buck breathes, his voice breaking on the last syllable.
“Is this okay?” Eddie whispers, not quite sure what it is that he’s asking permission for.
Is it okay for me to touch you? Is it okay for us to cross that line? Is it okay that nothing is ever going to be the same again?
Are you sure you want me, baggage, demons and all?
Buck responds by closing the space between them and kissing him.
It’s soft and gentle and sweet, somehow both hesitant and confident at the same time, so much like Buck himself that Eddie smiles into the kiss, joyful laughter caught in his throat as he pulls him closer. They keep it at that, mindful of the fact that there’s a baby less than five feet away from them, not even kissing after a point but just swaying together, breathing in each other’s air.
“So, this is new,” Buck murmurs what may be twenty seconds or twenty years later.
Eddie hums. “Feels like we’ve been dancing around it for a lot longer than we’ve both realized.”
Buck chuckles. “I wasn’t sure if you felt the same way.” He admits. “And…I guess I was scared, too.”
Eddie pulls away slightly to look at him. “So was I,” He says quietly. “Hell, I still am. But…” He pauses momentarily, trying to find the words. “I think we can be good together. We are good together.”
Buck’s responding smile is like sunshine personified and Eddie can’t help but kiss it, lingering softly, just because he can.
“I guess we’re really doing this then,” Buck says, breathlessly when they part.
As if on cue, Joy begins to fuss again and Eddie laughs at Buck’s groan.
“I think she’s hungry,” Eddie says. “And our pizza is getting cold.”
“But we’ll talk later, right?” Buck asks, rather anxiously. “We need to figure this out-and work-and Christopher-“
The fact that Buck’s already thinking of Chris makes Eddie’s heart swell. “We will,” He assures him, taking his hand in his, smiling when Buck interlinks their fingers. “One thing at a time.”
Joy makes another disgruntled noise and Buck finally nods, his smile returning as he turns to check on her. And Eddie-Eddie cannot be happier.
And maybe, for once, he gets to keep this.
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