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Tumblr media
Celtic Malleus talking with Egyptian Leona.
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Diasomnia boys with a s/o that calls them her prince charming or knight in shining armor?
(ah yes, our cutsie boys, getting the loving they deserve 😢)
CW: Fem Reader, and I have yet to fix Silver's picture. Will I ever fix it? Who's to say?
Tumblr media
"Ah, Malleus, you're like my prince charming…"
Child of man, he has told you a million times he is a king. But how sweet that you think he is charming
He goes home to tell the funny story to Lilia. He is certain they will both have a laugh at your human mishap.
Until Lilia explains it is an endearment. It is a high compliment from one lover to another! He's so proud of his boy! Lilia is wiping a tear away as he hugs his son. He's going on and on about how he's such a proud dad, and all his children are perfect.
Malleus dips out in the middle of the speech to properly thank you for the compliment. Aka, scoop you up in his arms, and kiss you deeply.
He gets blushy, now, every time you call him that. He never really believed he'd find a happily ever after with someone, but it might just happen with you…
Tumblr media
"Sebek! You are my knight in shining armor!"
"Of course I am, human! I have trained extensively in the art of knighthood!" Those are the words he wants to say.
"Blehsichkenchdjzn" -those are the words that come out of his mouth.
You think you broke him. He excuses himself for a moment, and as soon as the door is shut behind him you hear him scream.
He comes back in and pretends that didn't just happen. But his cheeks are awfully pink. 
Anytime you need him to shut up, or you just want to fluster him, you say it from now on. He hates the power you have over him, and he practices in the mirror, calling himself a knight in shining armor, alone, in his room.
(Silver has walked in on this three times, and may never recover)
Tumblr media
"My prince charming…"
Well now he's awake. You'd been resting with your head near his heart, softly caressing his cheek, and pushing his hair out of his face. But that's not happening anymore.
"I'm not a prince, Y/N. I'm just a knight."
"Maybe you're not a prince of a country," you hum, "but you're my prince."
He's shy and blushy, but you grin that cute grin of yours, and he'd agree to anything you say about him.
"If I'm prince charming, does that make you my beautiful princess?"
How is he always so effortlessly smooth? He doesn't even mean to do it, he just is like that!
From here on out, whenever he is about to kiss you, he'll call you, "my beautiful princess"
Tumblr media
"Lilia! My knight in shining armor!"
Duh. He's smug as hell. He hasn't trained as long as he has, and read as many romance novels, to just be an average lover!
He'll bow deeply, before wrapping an arm around your waist and giving you a roguish wink.
For the rest of the day, he'll feel mischievous. He'll dramatically help you as loudly as he can, because "it's a Knight's job to help a damsel in distress!"
"Fear not, fair maiden, I shall hold this door open for you!"
"My darling damsel, do not fret, this jar of pickles is no match for me!"
"I shall duel this wretch to the death for the injustice he has done upon you!" -Lilia, after Grim took a bite of your sandwich.
If you want him to stop you can…
Lmao, you're so dumb, nothing can stop Lilia 😂
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Epel: 🌸, this contact on your phone is Malleus-senpai, right?
🌸: Yeah, why?
🍎: His nickname is "Finance🐉💚💍"?
🌸: Yeah, why?
🍎: Don't you mean fiancé?
🌸: Epel, don't you sometimes wonder why our friend group could watch Zetflix all night on this 100-inch TV with 9.1 surround sound speakers?
🍎: ???????
🌸: Yeah.
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Could I request headcanons of Jamil and Vil walking in on their female s/o bragging about them to the first years?
: I had so much fun writing this! Thank you for the request anon! Sorry for long wait I had mid-terms 😭. Also I added all the blot-buddies(?) because I felt inspired, I hope you don't mind! Hope you enjoy them!
❥─➤ Jamil, Vil, Leona, Malleus, Azul, Idia and Riddle x reader (separate)
❥─➤ warnings: none!
Tumblr media
Jamil Viper (flustered)
He’s never been this flustered before, like ever. He hears Kalim sing him praise for his talents all the time but that only makes him feel slightly annoyed. But hearing you talking so highly about him? His heart feels like it’s about to break out of his chest. He’s blushing from ear to ear for the rest of the day. Makes sure to invite you over once classes are done. He wants to express his gratitude to you and show how much he cares for you.
Tumblr media
Vil Schoenheit (proud/flattered)
Of course, you're bragging about him, who wouldn’t? He’s used to people singing him praise and boasting about his talent and beauty. But never has he felt so giddy from hearing someone talk about him. he’s got butterflies in his stomach hearing you talk so highly of him to your peers. He’s got a smile stuck on his face for the rest of day. Next time the two of you hang out he makes sure to pamper you with compliments and kisses.
Tumblr media
Leona Kingscholar (smug)
He’s already got a shit-eating smirk on his face as soon as he overhears you. His herbivore singing him praise is a massive boost to his ego. He’s attached to your hip for the rest of your day. He’ll try to get you to skip class to be with him. He’ll have his tail lightly wrapped around your thigh or hand, letting everyone know for the millionth time you're his. It’s kind of his own way of bragging about you.
Tumblr media
Malleus Draconia (falls in love all over again)
He practically falls in love with you all over again anytime he hears you speak a single good word about him. He’s all over you for the rest of the day, giving you as much affection as possible. He’s trying so hard to hide the fact that he overheard your bragging but after five minutes of being with this overjoyed man it’s pretty obvious what happened.
Tumblr media
Azul Ashengrotto (blushing mess #1)
Acts all smug when he confronts you and the freshmen but once they leave he’s blushing from head to toe. He can barely form a sentence as he tries to give thanks to you for being such a great partner. But he can’t help but ask if you actually think that highly of him. Once you reassure him he’ll become a blushing mess all over again. Will treat you to a special dinner at lounge that night to make sure you know how thankful he is to be yours.
Tumblr media
Idia Shroud (over the moon)
On the outside he was an absolute embarrassed wreck after hearing you brag about him to Ace and Deuce. But on the inside he’s kicking his feet and giggling. His s/o bragging about him? Him out all people? God he doesn’t deserve you. He’ll make sure to show you more affection than he usually does next time you come over.
Tumblr media
Riddle Rosehearts (blushing mess #2)
Bright burning red as he scolds you and the Heartslabyul duo for “loitering around”. It’s very easy to tell that he’s flustered from overhearing your high praises of him. He drags you away for the troublesome duo, ranting about various things. Once you two are alone he thanks you for the kind words while still being as red as a rose.
Tumblr media
© ooffies 
Please do not repost or translate my work without permission and credit. Thank you!
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
it’s nap time
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
My role in the Villain's world | (HERE!) (PART 2) (PART 3)
SYNOPSIS. (Reincarnation AU) You got yourself involved in the Villain's story, by either taking the role of their lover or some fate led you to. Either way, good luck with not getting killed
CHARACTERS. Riddle Rosehearts, Malleus Draconia
TAGS. Fluff, mentions of death, king is a gender-neturual term here, reader got kidnapped I guess, mentions of poison, mentions of deathdeath(?)
A/N. Ngl, I gave up at writing for Malleus' part😪
Tumblr media
You woke up to feel a throbbing pain on your chest, an unbearable pain—you sat up clutching your chest, cursing for how painful it was, and for a moment... The pain slowly faded and you were relieved. You assumed it was those random chest pain you get time to time.
You look down to look at yourself and took notice of your sleepwear. This wasn't what you were wearing before you fell asleep, you have never owned one so soft before, like it was made out of cotton; this may be tailored by a professional because of how detailed the design was. You noticed the mattress too, there was too much space and the blanket was too thick,
This made you spiral in thought, were you kidnapped?! Your surroundings are vastly different—everything looks so vintage and made out of gold with the frequent colors of red and black everywhere. This is probably a dream.. you pinched your cheek to check, it hurt, it means this was real... HAVE YOU DIED?! Did you end up like one of reincarnation stories?! What. is. going...
—A chirp from the window now took your attention, the blue sky was bright as ever as you stare at it too much—the window's vague reflection showed 'yourself' ,
This familiar appearance...
. . .
You were reincarnated as the Crimson Tyrant's lover!? A novel that you favor amongst all the stories you own from your previous life. Riddle Rosehearts, a fearsome, cruel, strict Ruler who beheads those who defy him, a terrorising Queen who'll be defeated by the main character in the end of the story. He's the main villain of this story —You shiver in thought, the character you inherit was rarely shown, its only purpose was to be the Queen's partner and an unimportant asset to the plot
Now that you realize you're in the novel, you're scared of how the Tyrant treats his spouse, is he harsh on them as he is with his subjects? One wrong move and it's your head that's next to roll...
—The door was suddenly swung open, you gripped the sheets of the mattress in shock as a few soldiers entered and surrounded the room while leaving the door wide open, a frantic shout was heard then revealing the Red-headed Tyrant. His eyes gazed into yours once he was onsight
"My king! You're okay!" the redhead who entered in a worried hurry rushed to the side of your bed, he cup your face to inspect your health—you didn't expect him to hold you so gently. After he finished and deemed you well, he removed his hands and his once gentle face morphed into an angry scowl from the thought of his enemies harming his spouse
"How dare those insolent fools—! They have targeted you when they shouldn't have! Once I capture those traitors I won't hesitate to roll their heads to the ground."
"Soldiers! You may leave now," he signaled them to leave the room to give you two privacy. The clanks from their metal armor created a bunch of noises until they left. You couldn't speak, your throat was lump to form any words. Riddle thought it was just from the fatigue,
"You still must be tired, take the rest that you needed"
You hesitate but ask anyway what caused this sort of event. You've never seen or heard of this in the story. "I don't understand, what happened?"
His brow furrowed, confused, "Don't you remember..? One of the traitors who disguised themselves as my servant poisoned you"
So that's why there was a throbbing pain in your body. You shook your head as an answer, you have no knowledge of what happened before you transmitted. This made Riddle mad, he assumed the same poison had affected your memories,
"Did you lose your memories as well?! —That does it! I'm beheading the imbecile who poisoned you."
Before he can leave the room, you grabbed into his wrist to keep him from leaving, "No, wait—!" Even if the king of this story was killed and you now inherited their body, you still didn't want anyone to die because of it, "You don't have to! I'm fine right now, aren't I?" You try to ease up the enraged Queen, and it seems to work so well, especially since you're in the body of his beloved
He sighed, he turned his attention back to you and his hand moved to your cheek, his gloved thumbs caressed it lovingly while his eyes held a gentle firm, "We can't let them roam around freely, what would happen if they do the same again."
You feel your face warmed from the love-struck look he's giving. Still, Riddle's hold was just as gentle, "—I want you safe at all cost, I can't afford to lose you too." He said this with a firm protective tone, he still thought you were his lover
You almost feel bad if you were to tell him his original King had died; you stayed quiet, maybe your head will really decapitate if you tell the truth.... But you know you can't lie forever, you have to tell him at some point —however, you don't know which timing is right to tell
All you can do now is pretend to be his King
Tumblr media
What was supposed to be a peaceful day turned upside down when you were kidnapped by men in black armor by the abode of your home. You thrashed, shouting at them to let you go but everything was deaf on ears as they carry you like a stack full of potatoes. Everything was a blur after, all you remember was arriving at a dark, eerie castle. You've heard of it from the local folks of your hometown— Dark Faes living within this Kingdom, their ruler was a fearsome dragon who'll burn anyone to flames if its territory was threatened.
You entered the said castle and were taken to what seemed to be a throne room, it was dark, and the room lack of any light source. A guard had pushed you further in. Suddenly, a candle illuminated the room followed by others that lit in green. There, a man in black robes and horns on top of his head sat on a throne—next to him was another empty, an unoccupied throne
"At last... I get to see you again, my dear treasure." He got up to walk to you, his guards simultaneously left as they had served their assignment. You're panicking in your place, your body refused to move from the intense atmosphere.
Your troubled thoughts were a contrast to his. He was delighted, happy, and joyous to see his lover again after a thousand of years waiting for your return— your reincarnation.
"Look, sir... I think you got the wrong person." You protest before he can walk up to you any further
"No, I would never forget the face of my lover. Never in a thousand years"
He was staring lovingly at you, even after all this time, he was still captivated. But his face took a turn when he noticed a small cut was grazed on your cheek, it didn't leak any blood, but it was barely a cut at all when it wasn't noticeable. Still, this angered Malleus greatly, his trusted guards didn't handle you with care like he ordered them to.
"Tell me what they look like."
You're puzzled, you didn't understood his words "...What?"
"Tell me, which one of the guards who escorted you to cause this" His thumb brushed through the cut, you flinched from the touch, his face was close —too close that you got a glance at his green eyes that shone like emeralds; you moved away from his hand, looking at another direction to avoid further eye-contact, "I don't know..."
He was dejected when you refused to look at him, you can't really tell with his stoic face. "I'll have a chat with your escorts, they have you treat you with respect especially since you'll be ruling with me."
As he's about to leave, you grab ahold of his sleeve to catch his attention. He turns his head to the side to look at you—you've mistaken it as a glare as you let go instinctively thinking you'll be punished too. Still, you wanted answers about why you were taken away from your home hours ago
"...You still didn't explain why you brought me here"
"You are my lover, my beloved treasure. You had died more than a hundred times, I had searched for you in every life to bring you back to our home." His explanation was short, not enough for you to process everything that had happened,
"Now, excuse me for a bit, I will be needing to scold my loyal knights. I promise I'll be back," with a flick of his finger, a short man with black hair and pink highlights appeared then bowed from your presence. "My most trusted retainer will take you to our room, I'm sure you're tired after a long day."
He soon left the room to carry on his royal duties, the man with pink highlights took you elsewhere to follow what he was told to and escorted you. Amid of everything, you were still confused as ever with some questions that were yet unanswered.
You're the Fae King's past lover?!? You have gotta give your past self some credit, they married a real fine man...
Tumblr media
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hello, could I request for butler au for diasonmia please?
Butler Diasonmia
Sebek is loud.
You’ll soon be will acquainted with his voice thundering through your halls. You’ll hear him before you see him, whether it’s by his heavy footsteps, or his voice bellowing out. He pays his respects with all the vigour he can muster. Nothing less for his master!
He rushes around the house, handling whatever comes his way with an almost militant strictness. Your sheets are smooth as butter, without a single wrinkle. Every surface of the house polished, the shine nearly blinding you. Sebek tends to fight with the other servants, especially if they don’t meet his expectations. How could lowly humans like them expect to serve you?
Times like this, you’ll have to calm him. Pat his back, rub comforting circles into it. As his master, it’s your job to keep him in check, isn’t it? He’s always surprised by the contact, jumping up in shock. Although that initial shock doesn’t stop Sebek from leaning into your touch, the tips of his ears blooming a bright red.
Sebek knows he can be “too much”. However, when it comes to you, he’s never enough.
Let him serve you until the ends of time, Master.
Silver is an odd butler.
He dozes off whenever and wherever, but somehow manages to keep the house spick and span. You have no idea where he finds the time to clean, considering that he’s currently snoozing away beside you.
Another odd thing about him ; Silver has no qualms about sleeping right in front of you. In fact, he seems to actively seek out your shoulder. Whenever you’re looking through documents, Silver slides besides you, dipping his head on your shoulder. He’s out like a light, breathing softly onto your neck. Silver’s hair flows down your shoulder softly, gently caressing your skin.
You don’t really mind. It’s much like having an overgrown cat, actually. Sometimes, you run your fingers through his hair, stroking it carefully. It’s relaxing, and Silver never seems to mind. He’ll open a bleary eye, before moving down, resting his head on your lap instead. Nudging his head to your stomach, he’ll coax you into playing with his hair again.
It calms you, does it not? You’re welcome to use him as much as you desire, Master.
After all, he’s yours.
Lilia has seen his fair share of masters. From pleasant ones, to less then ideal ones. You’re one of the more… amusing ones, if he does say so himself.
He does his work with all the efficiency of a experienced butler. Lilia handles problems with a smile. He’ll chuckle when you thank him, giving you a little bow. It’s his duty. You don’t have to thank him. However, it’s appreciated, nonetheless.
What isn’t really appreciated by you would be Lilia’s constant need to prank you. You could even swear he’s gliding around the house, with the sheer lack of noise from his footsteps. Lilia has a certain talent of concealing his presence entirely. He’ll turn up behind you, give you a little tap on your shoulder… when you do turn around, Lilia’s right before you. Close enough for his nose to brush against yours.
Looking for him, dear master? Fret not, he’ll never be far from you.
You’re much too interesting for him to leave.
Standing besides Malleus, you feel like his servant. Malleus has this regal air about him. The kind of dominating aura that parts crowds effortlessly. A kingly energy.
It still makes you somewhat uncomfortable, summoning him to your side. You can barely look at him in the eye whenever you’re ordering him around. Malleus tends to kneel down before you, if only to keep your eyes level with his. He has a kindly gaze, soft as butter in the sun.
There are many things that Malleus isn’t too familiar with. Modern devices, foreign influences….You’ll have to follow him around, show him the ropes. Sometimes, you suspect he pretends to be unaware, just so you’ll come out of your office for a break. It works, unfortunately. You just can’t say no to him.
Malleus is for better or for worse, an old fashioned gentleman. Chivalry may be dead, but he does have a way with words. Offering his hand to you, you two spend the nights waltzing under the stars. Malleus sails around your house with his arm around your waist. Rejoice, master! The night is young.
He’ll take it upon himself to intoxicate you anew, if wine proves fickle company.
Dance your worries away, Master. He’s here for you.
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Tumblr media
look at our saviour dawg, we're going to 1000 year sleep 😫🤯🤣
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"You are just like her, sweet little briar..."
summary: You are the descendant of a witch, unknown to you, said witch happens to be the most dearest and only friend to the ever-powerful fae, queen of the Briar Valley, Maleficent. tags. no chp7 spoilers, Female Reader, not implied to be Yuu/ramshackle perfect, pre-established relationship (both Malleus and Silver crush on you; Malleus pines & Silver acts), your grandma called Maleficent "Millie", You are Maleficent's new favourite person, Fae are sentimental, Fluff for Silver lovers, mild-ish Malleus angst if you squint, copious use of flashbacks, no beta we overblot like men.
Tumblr media
Wordcount; 1300+ | Masterlist & Taglist
Tumblr media
First meeting for the second time; You could not mistake that silhouette or those tell-tale horns for anyone else, no one could; Maleficent. ...You also couldn't hold back a smile though, it was hard to be intimidated by the queen based on your grandma's favourite villain. Waving, casually and inviting, you hoped, was your smile; and maybe too inviting it turned out to be, making your smile turn a bit nervous when she gasped and nearly ran your direction. Far too fast for your liking, surely. "Ah- Hi?" You said, barely gulping the volume so that you wouldn't choke or worse, yell at royalty by accident. If you had any more of a mind to give thought, you'd curse Sebek out for his disgusting lack of volume filter. And then, gloved hands; nothing could prepare you for the way she cupped your face and smushed your smile between her palms, just like your grandma- untimely comparison, you averted your gaze. "Oh my sevens-" The tiny, silent voice was not what matched her surface appearance as she looked at you as if analyzing you, and you were too scared to find out, not daring to look her back in the eyes. "You are just like her, sweet little briar.." The queen whispered and you were left confused as your eyes snapped back to see teary green hues. You were left as stunned as literally all others in the entrance room, some kneeling, some bowing, except for the second oldest person in that room; Lilia, who decided to take it upon himself to shine light on the situation. while sebek tried not to sneeze too loudly, who was thinking about him? "Your highness, this 'her', do you speak of your human friend?" The ex-general spoke, calm yet playful, mischievous but kind. His gaze softened, "I must admit I can see the similarities." Lilia noted. The queen gave the faintest nod of confirmation before blinking the tears away, unnoticeable, tiny tracks invisible to anyone who wasn't searching for it. "She looks just like her.." Responded the fae. ... "Hm? Ah.. You are a child of man, aren't you?" She asked, yet it was no question. "Do you happen to live here, I will take my leave if so. Uninvited guests are-" "Who said I wouldn't invite you anyway?" was the impulsive response, human witch, green eyes met hers and maleficent crossed her arms with an annoyed huff. The sheer audacity of this child of man. "Who said you would?" which prompted, and honestly she should have expected this one, the answer "I could."
Tumblr media
Ah, you thought, going over everything you have discovered so far; the magic mirror belonged to your grandma, and it was given to her by the Draconia family. That made you wonder, is the other side of the mirror really home?- Your head and heart hurt in confused tandem as you tried to stop the complicated thought process. Well, at least you had roots in this world; planted in the garden of the strongest person in said world. Unable to stop an overly amused huff from escaping your mouth, you sighed and smiled. Sitting upright and correcting your frankly fucked up posture, you must have curled up on yourself without noticing as you were deep in thought. And one thought train arrived just after the other, as you put two and two together. "Her name was Millie" She said, handing you a royally expensive black dress; lace, long, flowly and slim, the dress hugged your form wonderfully. Your grandma gave you another once over before nodding in satisfaction, picking up where she left off "and this dress was supposed to be hers, we found it while on a shopping spree but she decided to buy it for me instead." She laughed, "Now, it's yours". And now, it wasn't you who greeted yourself out the train of thoughts, but the subject of memory; accidentally, you let the cat out of the box. "Millie?- I mean, i-" You stuttered, watching as the grand fae's eyes widened and her expression drifted to that of a fond joy. Once again, the dorm of Diasomnia was left bewildered of you and frankly, you'd side with some of them on this one too. Maleficent blinked with an averted gaze before turning back "She still talks of me, little briar?" she asked with a gentle tone and you caught up to yourself, slowly nodding with a soft smile. "Yeah." You returned eye contact, reaffirming with a more confident nod, trying again "She would always talk about you."
Tumblr media
"She was absolutely correct, this dress does look wonderful on you;" Maleficent said, clasping her hands together, proceeding to shoot a mischievous grin to her boys with a ever-faint sadistic glint in her gaze. "Don't you agree?" asked the fae queen, gesturing to the dorms' big names, who all but scrambled to nod and wobbly voice their agreements, including Malleus Draconia himself. Except... "Mhm.." Silver mumbled, clearing his throat "You look so dreamy.." he voiced his opinion, his tender and near-lovestruck gaze making you more flustered than you'd like to admit. Hiding the most likely dorky grin behind your black-laced hand, you murmured your thanks albeit bashfully; making the fae queen grin, and the fae prince pout. "Those two look very much like a princess and her faithful knight like this, y'know?" Lilia cackled in good nature, elbowing some student to the side as gently as he could, making eye contact with Maleficent who laughed in agreement. Oh now Malleus was getting truly and royally annoyed with his family, not that it showed, they were far too focused on you after all; and he really couldn't comment on that without being a hypocrite. So he crossed him arms and looked your way- As a crack of lightning fell in tandem with his mood somewhere further into campus grounds; his own knight,andbestfriend was kneeling before you, his princess, pressing a gentle kiss to your wrist, then between your knuckles and fingers. The knight's silver hair, fitting the name, moving ever so lightly with the grace of a swan as he lets out a calm, happy laugh; somewhere between a chuckle and a giggle, he figured. "You really do look like a princess" Silver says, looking up to meet your eyes when your fingers curl soft around his hold, taking it as his cue to speak and stealing the air in your lungs and the words from your head; your own heart willingly jumps into his arms already without needing any further coaxing. Somehow, it, your heart also manages to speak for you; soft spoken in tone, "And you look like a prince" you murmur, "though, I certainly wouldn't mind it if you were my knight" a whisper mostly to yourself, too flustered to speak any louder where you stood. Thankfully it reaches the ears of your sleepy knight-prince, painting his cheeks in a beautiful shade of light coral pink; and the ears of a very conflicted prince, looking down at the ground as he silently pondered what he should do. Well, in either path; you certainly had gotten the cream of the crop and the cherry on top, a princess adored by a prince and his knight, even if you were unaware of just how deep those feelings ran in their veins for now. Maleficent couldn't help the bittersweet shake of her head, thinking back to a long, by-gone era of her youth; sure, her beauty endured the lasting test, but humans lives were not known for perseverance against the very same march of time. Yet the ones that shine bright always left their mark, the unforgettable kind; and when the fae queen looked upon you with a grateful gaze, she began counting her very own blessings to have met her best friends family. One as witty, kind, bright and just as special, uniqueness must've run in your blood. Loved. And once again, she stood by; first meetings for the second time, she supposed. Glancing properly to the side for the first time, Maleficent felt like a reflection of the by-gone times of her youth stare back at him. She looked between you and the younger Draconia, and glanced to Lilia who gave her a knowing glance.
You really are just like her, sweet little briar; sought by the crown fae and the ever faithful knight of said fae.
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loafbud · 2 days
Tumblr media
time for some Malleus (b ^v^)b
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zvezdacito · 2 days
// TWST Book 7 spoilers, thoughts of Malleus's writing as a character
So I was reading some other people's opinions on why some people consider Malleus overrated/annoying, and tbh this makes me really sad. The general consensus is that a lot of people fixate on certain sides and can only see him as one extreme or the other and it results in many ppl thinking a watered down version of his character is how he is in canon.
I feel that its such a shame because he's the most interesting, compelling and well-rounded take on his character archetype I've seen.
From my observation, usually they kinda make this archetype (the broody misunderstood 'everyone fears him like a monster except for one special person') someone you can't take that seriously, because of how his struggle usually kind of written in a way where everyone involved feel less like actual fully fledged original characters and really just one note tropes interacting with other one note tropes.
To elaborate: What i mean when i say this is usually ppl who hate him kind of just do because of plot requires them to and to show how all their haters are "normies" who can't get him because 'he's not like everyone else'. The misunderstood guy still usually has toxic personality issues but the story really tends to make it feel like they don't fear him for that but because they're shallow and have prejudice to ppl like him, so his personality issues are not framed as wrong or character flaws.
I don't think there's anything inherenrly wrong or mediocre with the "one special person who gives him a chance before anyone else" trope like I'm literally a Malleyuu enjoyer lol but like i said its all in the execution cause otherwise it fails to be compelling and believable. Usually in the poorly written version of this trope the guy doesn't undergo any character development other than showing more emotion and kindess to his partner because they melted his ice I guess so it really makes his whole character feel like its revolves around the sake of romance and fanservice.
Malleus doesn't fall into this trap in my opinion because his situation despite how fantastical it is, the way he was written makes it believable as to why everything is the way it is with him, and it also challenges the viewer if they would be able to say they wouldn't fear him too in that situation.
"We're gonna give you this character who everyone sees as a monster and show you deep down he just wants the same love as everyone else, making you contemplate changing judgement on him. He wants to prove this, but his way of going about it always inadvertently harms others."
"You know where hes coming from and if he had that social connection to give him a better understanding of others this wouldn't be happening, but its also equally understandable that the people hes trying to connect with don't deserve this and fear him even more after this, trapping him in a cycle of isolation."
"Given his track record, do you go about giving him a chance or just considering the repeatedly proven danger he brings. With the valid reasons of both parties, can you really say he isn't a monster and demand that 'if only people be near him'?"
There's just such a tragic and thought-provoking dilemma to his character that adds so many layers that makes him so good.
Tumblr media
As omniscient viewers we have the benefit of seeing what he's going through form his POV so we can sympathize with him and understand that he thinks what he's doing is the best course of action and he's just trying to create a "win for everyone" situation.
But also everything he does ironically reaffirms everyone's fear and distrust of someone like him. No one can deny he has a tendency to cause further destruction when he tries to do something "good", examples including: past Briar Valley lantern lighting fire, the Halloween 2 ghost world party, and now his Sleeping Curse stunt in Book 7 Part 2 (they really emphasize this by making the spoken name of his UM basically mean "Malicious Fairy" but have its written name used to convey what its meant to mean be "Blessing").
↑ Given this, it honestly makes sense others, especially those who don't know him all that well, would just expect the worst when he's around already, and you wouldn't be able to blame them for that given the track record. It doesn't help that this impression is worsened since he tends to cause misunderstandings due to his lack of familiarity with human social cues.
Alongside the bias and preconceived notions from his status and reputation, they also make a point on how his personality flaws are still also a huge factor in pushing people away, such as not being able to see things through the perspective of others.
He also holds a subconcious belief due to what has been ingrained in him since childhood as a Draconia and the next in line that because he's superior to others at certain things, he has the right and responsibility to decide on what will protect and help them, disregarding the individual values/priorities of human beings and leading him to take reckless and destructive action with good intentions.
His upbringing, character strengths and character flaws are all realistically connected to each other and the way they are subtly shown to be ever-present in defining his decisions, goals and thoughts throughout the whole story. So we don't really need to have a character go out of their way to exposition this to us this word for word just so we can understand and believe it.
Tumblr media
Moving onto something slightly more lighthearted, I really also like how dorky Malleus surprisingly was. Other similar characters in the archetype I usually see don't really have any hobbies, interests, or quirks outside of being a broody authority figure, which might've been appealing to some at first but it really just gets stale and boring after a while.
This should be the bare minimum in making a fleshed out and interesting character so maybe i sound like im giving them too much credit for pointing it out😭 But yeah compared to the other examples it's good that Malleus has his Tamagotchi and Gargoyle interests it makes him feel like a believable person who has his own life going on too (with the bonus that these interests are also metaphors for aspects of his character). The gap moe adds an endearing side to him, and makes the gap between his intent and impact of his actions even more tragic. It wouldn't hit the same without this side.
(^ Forgot how the exact quote goes, but it basically said dark stories are more effective when there are moments of genuine happiness and good in them, compared to if it was always just grim and edgy. The former increases the stakes and tragedy because you have something you to care about losing, while for the latter there is nothing for you to care about so nothing the story does really matters. Same logic applies to Malleus)
Overall, it's just like an unfortunate incompatibility of goals and circumstances, which is what TWST is all about. Another thing I want to say is out of all the characters, I feel like Malleus is the one who is the ultimate embodiment of TWST's main themes:
-> How it's not about "hero" vs "villain" just differing circumstances crossing paths and clashing because of how people on either side have their own complex perspective and dreams they want to realize
-> And how connection and finding community is important to find people who will help you make up for what you lack in reaching your goals and to better understand all the factors that caused the situation in the first place.
As if seeing yourself reflected in a mirror, the more you get to know the people around you, you realize in many ways you are actually quite alike, and through understanding others you could also possibly better understand certain aspects of yourself. It's sort of encouraging you to do the opposite of dehumanizing others and yourself, which is something Malleus has most evidently internalized.
Tumblr media
So yeah this was so long😭 I had a lot I wanted to say since Malleus is my favorite TWST character. Idk if I missed anything or if i managed to express my thoughts in a cohesive way but yeah. I kinda go into a rage whenever I see the worst takes ever be put out about his character but tbh sometimes I can't completely blame others since fandom trends and the convenience of simplifying things into tropes can warp your perception of a character and what you associate with them.
Also sometimes twst doesn't do a good job with utilizing his character like Book 5 where he got turned into a deus ex machina and Halloween 2 where they killed any hype and intrigue for the plot we had at the beginning through the ending reveal and gave the worst justification ever for Malleus and Lilia's actions ever.
Regardless, I hope more people manage to move past this and appreciate his character for what it really is soon though. He's an amazingly tragic character; a lot of thought was put into how his experiences, strengths and weaknesses would convincingly connect, and he represents something relevant in the story's plot and themes.
The fact that I've seen some people unironically believe that Malleus may just be faking his cluelessness of social cues to hide his "true evil" is evidence to how convincing his character's situation is, that even some in the audience who know more about him than the characters would still end up in the same place of doubt and distrust of Malleus because of what he's capable of.
Aight thank you for reading👍
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flipppyflopp · 3 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media
These precious moments keep slipping through my fingers. 🎞️
Was in the mood to draw Silver and Lilia having a little father-son moment, so I came up with them having a little movie night in Lilia’s room! I tried some stuff with the lighting, like with the shadows and the light from the tv, and I’m proud of how it turned out for my first attempt! There’s a lot of little nods to various twst events and characters so be sure to look closely 👀
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ventique18 · 2 days
🌸, texting: "Hornton, do you want to go out with me this weekend? There's this new movie I wanna see... 🥺"
🐉: "🌸, thank you for your hndk7$!/ohe labufor+_)blp jrnavyodnl 6'() jfjsppnbd"
🌸: "???? What does this mean?"
🌸: "Are u ok??"
🌸: "do u need help?????"
🦇: "This is Lilia. He's been rolling on the floor for a few minutes now. I don't think he's aware he accidentally sent this gibberish in his excitement." 🦇: "Safe to say it means yes."
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draceempressa · 2 days
I remember people were discussing if twst is not about the biblical seven deadly sins, but about the seven social sins. Well, look and behold, each chapter does represent the social sins. Note that not all of them are comitted by the g7 incarnate of the chapter themselves, but do lead to their overblot somehow.
Chapter 1: Politic without Principle
Riddle actively reminds people his policy of the absolute-ness of the law, that the law, even on the smallest detail, must not be crossed. However, Riddle lacks a principe he have for himself, for his strict lawful policy was something his mother taught him, but not what he learn for himself.
Chapter 2: Pleasure Without Conscience
Leona enjoys power greatly, be it about his power of being a prince, or as a dorm head, with little to no regard to his responsibility, overusing power with no caring of the drawback. And when Lilia reminding him about that conscience, he overblots.
Chapter 3: Commerce Without Morality
Pretty explanatory, we know Azul makes his trades without feeling any sorry for his victim and gives so little about moral, that ends up backfires on him that , he can keep absorbing other powers, just, the container is too small and it makes him go overblot.
Chapter 4: Wealth Without Work:
Now, the sin itself is done by Kalim in which it led to Jamil overblot. Kalim does minimally for all of his clan's wealth that includes Jamil's family as their servants for generations, that he seemingly can get so many with so little work, and this makes Jamil envies Kalim so much.
Chapter 5: Worship without sacrifice.
Another chapter where the sin is done not by the overblot. Rook, in his worship of beauty, refuses to call out vil even once until he overblot for he enjoys the beauty of vil's mental breakdown (he actually spelled it out himself) , and neither did he make it clear which he will chose, neige or vil, not wanting to lose either of them.
Chapter 6: Science Without Humanity
Again this chapter is pretty self explanatory, Idia certainly create the new Ortho with little to no regard to humanity, and even then, as much he supplies Ortho with his hardware, he often unintentionally ignors Ortho's humane, emotional needs like going out with him.
chapter 7: knowledge without character.
Malleus, being a fae, possessed more knowledge about magic than the entire mortal civilization, with no mature character to properly manage said knowledge (and his immense raw power to actually do the magic to boot) , that emotionally, he is but a child throwing tanturms when things didn't go his way, but with all the knowledge and power to twist (heh) the world to his desires.
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Tumblr media
I did something.
Tumblr media
PNG version
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anixdraws · 15 hours
Tumblr media
Diasomnia Kalim
I got around to scanning this one after finally being back home. I tweaked a couple of things and edited stuff to make it look nicer~ I spent forever on this colored version so reblog and like this version~
Interested in the DormSwap series and wanna know where it started from? Here’s the link to the first and second in the set:
🔹Ignihyde Epel🔹
♦️Heartslabyul Jamil♦️
I also have a linktree where you can find my commissions, other social medias and prints if you’re interested~
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