#Marvel MCU
Rouge X Amity Fanart [?]
Tumblr media
My *official* first fanart I post on Tumblr.
I don't know exactly what I wanted to paint but it can be a fusion between Rouge and Amity or an AU.
Caractere [Where I have no right to]:
Rouge [Marvel]
Amity [Owl House]
Amity Cat / Ghost [Owl House]
Caractere [Where I have right to]:
Fusion / AU Amity Rouge
Variant [?] Ghost names Deathpaw
APP used :
Ibis Paint
Tumblr media
Just did it during "Sport" :-)
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constanceillustrart · 17 hours
Mini animated Storm x men marvel
Animation created by Constanceillustrart
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calmgloomyday · 2 days
A Nagging Suspicion - Part 11
Warnings: blood, threats, maybe swearing. same as the last part, i guess
He turned around, bowed wide, and smiled towards you.
“I’m going out,” you tell everyone. “Don’t call, don’t text, don’t bother; I won’t have my phone on me.” You walk over to the couch and toss your phone on it, waiting to see if anyone has any questions.
Steve clears his throat. “Y/N, remember our deal-” This pisses you off.
Using your inhuman speed, you’re staring up at the tall soldier in less than a second.
“Our deal - which, by the way, is a nicer way of saying that you’re all controlling my instincts - no longer stands. If you want to boot me off of this team, by all means, have at it. If you want to kill me, I highly encourage it. I was already brutally killed once, why not do it again?” At this, you turned on your heel and headed straight for the elevator, murder on your mind.
Once you get to the ground floor and out the doors of the building, you’re on the hunt. Sure, you might not be hungry, but you never know when an extra feed might come in handy.
The only problem?
It’s morning, and not many people go to do terrible crimes on others in the morning. At this point, your only options left were to feed on an innocent person or an animal. Or, a small voice in the back of your head started, that person could be someone back at the lounge.
You shook that thought out of your head and stuck your hands in your pockets, head down as you walked through the streets of New York. It was getting a bit busy, but not too much. You pulled your hood over your head, having the feeling of being watched or followed.
A particular scent caught your nose, and your body went on autopilot. This scent had to be the most mouthwatering one you’d smelled in a while.
Actually, it smelled kind of familiar…
You weren’t hungry before, but whatever that scent was, it had you starving now. Making sure to keep a calm composure, you walk normally and follow the smell. It was invigorating and intoxicating, enough to have you addicted to it.
Unknown to you, ten minutes passes by of you just walking, following, chasing that scent. Ten minutes of walking with your head down until you look up again.
The docks. You’re back at the docks that Tony, Steve, and Loki caught you at almost three weeks ago. What’s really weird is that the scent is gone - like, not a trace of it. Looking around, everything is calm. The waves are gentle, there’s a slight breeze…
You’re still incredibly hungry, the fire in your throat longing for the taste of blood. Pushing that aside as best as you can, you gaze at the nature around you. There’s a beehive somewhere, you can hear the bees humming as they work. There’s a nest of baby birds not far from you, either.
A small but noticeable prick of pain is felt in your chest, just to the right of your heart. At first, you wonder if it’s a bee sting, but a bee sting shouldn’t make you dizzy like this. Shouldn’t make you lose your balance.
You’re a vampire, not a human.
The world around you spins and you hold your hands out to try and balance yourself. Looking down at your chest, you see a small dart that’s pierced through your hoodie. A large pair of hands grabs you by the waist, helping to balance you.
It’s then that you turn your head to see him. It was Loki. Something clicks in your head. The addicting smell, why it led you here - it was him. Someone else must’ve shot the dart, but you’re too woozy to care.
“Loki…vervain…why?” you whimper in his arms. Sure, you held a knife to his throat, but you didn’t shoot him with a poison that you knew would knock him out for a few hours or days.
“It’s alright, darling, I’ve got you,” he says quietly. “I’ve got you.”
And your world goes black.
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Disney is a DISASTER | Marvel is Dying and Star Wars is Dead
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All the Ways to Use Telekinesis (reader x Bucky)
Number 1: To make an impression
Warning: No warning, just some secondhand embarrassment. WC:800+
The fact is, New York is just too full of superheroes. Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, and whatever else you never could remember. And one thing they do best? Being loud. Which coincidentally is also the one thing you hate the most. Well, aside from microfiber cloths and overhead lights. Actually, it’s better not to start. The list goes on and on.
People often tell you that without them, there would be no one to help with alien invasions and shit. But the same people also bemoan their wrecked cars and ruined home. 
Unfortunately, you’re not in the place to have such an opinion. Having two superpowered parents means, well, you inherit the power. For all you know, you could live a completely different path right now if the right people discovered you. But you weren’t, and that’s fine. You’re not bitter about it or anything. You’ve been living the good life as a magician at birthday parties, specialising in making things float in the air. It’s not the most prosperous job out there, but it’s nice that you can set your own time and don’t have to bother with putting on the happy mask, which is why you chose a magician instead of a clown. People think an unsmiling magician is mysterious, can’t say the same about clowns, though.
You’re in no position to do the honourable thing to hide your identity when you’re barely making rent. If you can use your powers to pay your bills, then why won’t you? Who’s going to stop you, anyway? It’s not like you were out here hurting anyone, so honestly people can go f—
You watch as a kid rammed into a tower of stacked can, causing it to collapse right in front of you. This is normally why they advise against zoning out in public. Before the cans could bury you under, you conjure an invisible shield around you, causing the cans to bounce off you instead.
“You okay?” A deep voice spoke beside you. You turned to look at him, removing your headphones to hear him better, but when you got a glimpse of a metal arm, your eyes snapped to the owner’s face to confirm your suspicion. It’s one of them. Well, if anything, it just confirms your initial statement. Although it’s hard to find it in you to resent this man. From what you saw of him, he was genetically blessed. 
“I’m okay,” you assured him, right before you took a step back, slipping over the cans, causing you to fall flat on your back. You have no idea which is worse, the pain or the embarrassment of having that witnessed. Until Mr. Superhero started laughing. Embarrassment, it is.
“Here, let me help you.” He said after he finished, pulling you up by the waist. 
“Thanks.” You muttered, now averting his gaze completely, confident that your heated cheeks meant you were now blushing. Time to change the topic.
“You’re…” you start, pointing at him, trying to remember his name. You were sure that he was the Winter Soldier before, but you don’t know what he calls himself these days.
“James Barnes,” he offers you a handshake, which you took. But you can’t tear your eyes away from his metal arm, and you realise after that you probably looked like the biggest creep in town, staring at him like that.
“Sorry,” you started, looking down, to his side, his chest, hell, anywhere besides the arm and his face. “It’s just… it looks cool.”
He waves his hands. “You can stare however long you want to, I don’t mind.” Your eyebrows knit, trying to decipher if that was considered flirting or just a good-natured joke. You decide it’s the latter and give him a smile.
“Thanks again.” You say before pushing your cart to leave the crime scene.
“Oh, and thanks for saving the world and stuff.” You add, thinking about saying “thanks for your service”, but decide that’s enough of embarrassing yourself today.
Bucky was out getting some groceries when he heard metal cans tumbling in the next aisle. Instinct readied him for potential danger, but he didn’t expect to face a woman creating an invisible shield so the cans couldn’t hit her.
When he approached her, she pretended that the display of power was just something that happens on a day-to-day basis. Shuffling through his rusty memories, he tried looking for all the people he knew who could do something like what she did, but came up empty. They never met before, this he was sure of. He’d never forget someone like her. And she knew who he was, but only the sense of knowing someone you saw on TV, so it’s safe to say she had been living her life as a civilian. 
But that display of power…. He’d have to ask around if a file on her had already been compiled or not. It’s not safe to have an unaccounted telekinetic just running around like that. The weirdest thing is, he can count on one hand the amount of time she stared into his eyes, like she’s purposely avoiding his gaze or something. He thought she was interested in him, so he flirted like an idiot, until he realised she didn’t seem to catch on to his words before she just… left. After thanking him twice. He didn’t even get her name.
A/N: This was just for fun. Will be multi-chaptered. Should I make this a BuckyxReader or BuckyxReaderxSteve? Also, if anyone has any scene/dialogue/prompt that will fit, I am always open to explore them.
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bitchystxrk3000 · 2 days
Sam: There's a spider! Quick!
Bucky: *grabbing rolled-up newspaper* Where? Where?
Sam: Right ahead of me! Get him! Get him!
Peter: Hey- What?
Sam: There it is! There it is!
Bucky: *smacks Peter*
Tumblr media
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romanceable-corn · 2 days
Tumblr media
a painting with a secret // marvel cinematic universe
wherein Peter Parker finds out about Tony Stark's darkest secret.
AN: this takes place before Infinity War -A
part one: "a painting with a secret"
There's a forgotten room deep in the Avengers' tower. Peter thought that he knew of them all - he was wrong.
As the spider-boy flew into the wall of Avengers' tower, gripping to the reinforced glass, he noticed he didn't recognize the room on the other side.
"F.R.I.D.A.Y., what's this room?" Peter asked, and immediately the AI responded by dropping him to the nearest terrace, one belonging to Natasha Romanoff. He knocked on the glass until the sleepy Avenger opened the sliding door.
"Peter?" She asked, watching him haphazardly remove his mask.
"Black Widow ma'am, do you know about the room above yours?" She shook her head, suddenly seeming much more awake.
"What's in there, Peter?" He shrugged and glanced around Natasha's room, before finding the object of his search.
"I'll be back," Peter responded, shooting a web to the ceiling vent and pulling it off with ease. Before she could even begin to argue, he jumped into the vent's tunnels and began to crawl upwards. Peter got about a few feet towards the next room up before he heard a voice behind him.
"If you're going to make someone curious, expect them to follow you." He shivered at the sound- Natasha's voice always terrified him half to death- but kept climbing until he found the right vent. Pushing it off its hinges and hearing the clang as it hit the floor, Peter dropped to the tiled floor and heard Nat land almost silently behind him.
"Black Widow ma'am, whose that?"
There was a moment of silence, until Natasha cleared her throat and glanced at what Peter had been staring at.
"That's Tony, and his daughter Maria."
"Mr. Stark has a daughter?!" Peter shouted, causing Natasha to cover his mouth with her gloved hand.
"Quiet kid, we don't need the whole tower to know." He removed her hand and his mouth gaped at the portrait. It contained an image of a rather young Tony Stark, definitely from before his life as an Avenger, and a toddler attached to his hip. Her black curls bobbed to her chin as she beamed towards the viewer, and Peter could almost hear her laughter through the painting.
"She's adorable," he whispered, getting closer to read the plaque on the bottom. 'Tony and Maria II Stark, 2006'.
"She was born six years before he became Iron Man," Natasha explained, pulling Peter away from the painting softly. "Tony hasn't heard from her since she was nine." He glanced down at his phone, and typed in the words 'Maria Stark', but all that came up was the elder Maria: Tony's mother.
"I have to get out of my suit, thanks for telling me all this Black Widow ma'am." Natasha nodded and watched Peter slide back up into the vents.
About twenty minutes later, Peter stood in front of the home of Amelia Foster and a seventeen year old named Maria, who on her Instagram had a striking resemblance to the portrait. Before he could raise his hand to knock, the door pulled open from the inside.
"You're Peter Parker, you work for my deadbeat dad."
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gimmeacherrypie · 2 days
wait a minute,
Tony stark mentioned Legolas, that character exists in the The Hobbit/Lord of the rings. Martin Freeman also plays a character in the Hobbit same. So there’s just a guy in the Marvel Universe who looks awfully like Everett Ross.
that is all
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homesickloki · 2 days
Isn't bite also touch?
Chapter three, check the second chapter here!
(Loki x Female demon!reader)
SUMMARY: Loki was saved by a demon and now the demon girl is attached to him like a cat is attached to catnip.
Is this trickery? Is this Devil lying to Loki to gift him punishment?
Tumblr media
It didn't take you too long to realize you're in a prison cell once again, but this time, arrested inside of it. There were some bars by the side of your cell separating you from another area, you frowned and got up as quickly as possible to check.
Tumblr media
The first thing you could sense as you awakened was the cold ground beneath your body, you tried to analyze your surroundings slowly and your mind hazed with confusion. Getting involved in all this certainly was a problem. Not that you minded the chaos, you actually find these situations quite appealing, you're just a bit surprised you managed to faint.
Oh, it's just Loki. You're in a giant prison cell with Loki. 
Well, too much for escaping.
You couldn't help but laugh when you realized what's going on. Loki was too distracted before to see that you woke up, and now he presented an incredulous look at your laughter.
“Why are you laughing?” He just looks tired.
“Oh lighten up, we escaped once we can do it again, you know.” You said as if it's nothing.
He sighed tirelessly, “I'm beginning to believe you don't know what you're doing and your only purpose on Earth is to annoy me.”
You smiled but his tired sighing bugged you for some reason, keeping it stalled in your mind, he must be tired, he hasn't slept.  
“Well, maybe,” you kept smiling, and sat down again, putting your hands on your knees to rest your head on top of it. “Yeah, maybe that's it. I guess I'm missing the point too.” You were lost in thought and Loki looked curious at your statement.
“Great help, I see.” His curiosity didn't make his frustration go away, when he woke up the first thing he had to see was Stark's face acting all smugly as if every movement they made was already under his supervision all the time (it wasn't, obviously). The others didn't try to intervene with his bragging although they looked his way, some were annoyed and some others were just getting bored.
He was still glad he didn't see his brother with the rest of them, that would have potentially ruined his day. He couldn't help this anger that filled him for being caught, he recognized you were the one to blame, therefore his anger was screaming to be let out on you.
“I let myself get close to a demon and this happens, obviously, it's fantastic,” He said ironically. “This is all your fault,” He said matter-of-factly. Your frown deepened, you did try to protect the two of you. “And now I'm exactly where I was before, what do you think that feels like? To lose once again.” 
“I tried to help, I don't know why th–”
“Oh you did? You're a demon, the least you could have done was to kill them all or at the very least, not be affected by whatever they used against us, that should be fairly simple to you, AND so would be killing them as you're barely capable of empathy.” He spat quickly, “I'm aware this must be some sort of punishment for me so congratulations, I'm being punished for my crimes, that's the only logical explanation.”
He lowered his head at the end, staring at the floor. And you shook your head anxiously, you didn't know why you were feeling so offended. “That's not true, I don't…” you hesitated continuing, he sounded odd, like he was expressing something he didn't allow to be shown when you were still at the cabin. “I don't…”
Your hands itched to touch the metal bars separating you, to get closer, so you tried, and it literally burned your skin. You violently flinched and hissed in reaction. “Shit, shit, shit!” You cursed, shaking your hand back and forth to make the burning stop. “How did I not see that coming?!”
That seemed to amuse the god on the other side.
“I don't know what they put in there but now it's specifically made to stop you.”
“That's not possible, how would they know?”
“They do know. Somehow, they wouldn't give me much details either.” He shrugged his shoulders dismissively and you rubbed your palms together, casually blowing some air onto your palms to make the sensation lower.
“I hate humans, especially these ones.” You dropped your head and looked around agitated. “I hate them, I hate them, I hate them. And…” You looked up to him once again with wide innocent eyes. “I'm not planning on punishing you.” You sounded so genuine, so convincing.
“A demon is a master of trickery in itself, I admire them, and I admire you for being such a great liar and attempting to lie to me. But I fear I won't fall for your tales, little demoness.” He smirked as he finished, you still seemed outrageously offended at his accusations. “My soul is likely to be damned for eternity.”
“I won't, I won't do anything against you! As you can clearly see!” Your hands trembled as you craved to touch the bars, so your whole body trembled too. You were shaking with frustration at having to say these kinds of words out loud, they sounded embarrassingly clingy and dramatic.  “I haven't done anything.” 
The god blinked a few times in response, doubtful and mistrusting, passing his tongue briefly through his lips before speaking. “Little demoness…” his voice was raspy as he uttered the two godforsaken words and that sparked you with… something close to excitement, if you might put it that way. The nickname was unexpected.
The mix of feelings you were getting were borderline annoying for a being so used to apathy, you once again spared the time to blame the humans and your brief coexistence near them as fault. However the carnal desire wasn't unknown nor unwelcome. 
“I promise, even though my words mean nothing to you, I promise you.” Your eyes got brighter as you expressed, “I don't know why but I don't hate it, everytime you use your powers. I… saw it in a prophecy, you're to be the one to bring Ragnarok, your magic is of such chaos capable of concerning even the greatest of human sorcerers.”
Loki considered your words, it felt good to have someone reassuring his value especially in the arts of magic, something he wasn't very often praised for. He considered you could be lying, but why would you be? He could sense the deviousness that resided within your presence but your actions made you seem like a ray of sunshine came out to the shape of a human. It was intriguing and often led Loki to believe he carried the hand of every situation, until the moment he stopped to question if you have any other intentions.
“I'll be honest when I say I'm not exactly deem on carrying about Midgardian sorcerers right now. Your praise feels meaningless and foolish.” He bickers, making his attempt at letting you down very clear. “You should know that my magic must concern them.”
You could feel his anger still bubbling inside him. You reckoned he must be trying to take everything out on you.
“You know I can still just–”
“Can you stop talking for a second? Or is it so difficult for you?” He suddenly snapped.
“Do not treat me this way…” You warn him, and your look hardens. “You can't do that, I'll talk as much as I want.” you said and you knew you were acting like a brat, you even crossed your arms.
“It's difficult then.” He looked around. “If only you'd stop and realize your mistakes maybe we wouldn't even be here.” He pointed at you.
“Oh why is it only my fault? I…” You put your hands down in defeat, suddenly out of words, you couldn't just say 'I tried to protect us', 'I wanted to be with you', that would be repeating the point, and it'd make you look pathetic.
He stared at your hands when you put them down, and he felt the sides of his lips curve up a little. You felt so frustrated the bars were blocking some things from you, his thoughts were mostly hissing with little unnoteworthy and confusing random thoughts. 
“Your poor little devilish heart must be feeling so confused.” He proclaimed, “Does my magic affect you this deeply?” He shared a look with you that was so intense you stumbled and looked anywhere but his eyes, feeling nervous out of nowhere. 
He chuckled, “Come on, demoness, there's no need to be so coy. Have you really not further questioned your enamored feelings for me? You must be drowning in passion, which makes me question your inhumane veracity. Which type of monster allows themselves to be so vulnerable so easily? Do you still want to keep your lie of being so easily infatuated with me?”
You blinked at him, his attempt at analyzing you just working on boring you. “If that's what you like to think, that's fine for me.”
“Fine? Just that?” He kept his penetrating stare on you, “This is useless.” He relaxed his back against the wall, dropping his gaze, giving up on the intense staring contest from before and then speaking again. “You should start working on that plan of freeing us.” He just roughly brought up. 
You had an indescribable expression on your face now, uneasy because of the sudden change in conversation. You stared at the other side of the cell and pointed for him to look there. “See, I don't need to escape, I'm already free.”
When he turned his gaze to the other— actual free side of the cell, you were there, standing near the main door with your hands touching the entrance. He turned back to see if you were also in the cell with him, to check if this was an illusion… you weren't, you actually escaped.
“Human prison.” You just gave him a tight smile. “I've been to those quite a lot.” 
“You could have just released us this entire time?! And you didn't?” 
“You were insistent in picking up a fight with me, why did you even think I laughed in the first place? This is amateur work, what the humans did.”
“Then free me at once, demon!” He ordered.
“Ah! No, you should be careful, otherwise I won't free you at all. I quite enjoy seeing you all locked up now.” You gave him a very devilish mischievous grin and looked at the exit, you knew what would probably happen, but honestly was quite curious on discovering where it could lead to.
Tumblr media
It didn't take too long until you had to face Loki again, as you already expected. You left him in the cell.
“Hi.” You waved at him with both of your handcuffed hands and he just couldn't help but smile.
“You're so stupid, you should've been born a tiny imp instead of a demoness.” He shakes his head incredulously. 
There were agents holding each of your three duplicates, one of them was holding your arm with a clawing intensity to the point of marking your skin a bit, you slowly turned around to see the masked agent, giving him a look so deadly you spent some five seconds wondering if you should kill him or not.
“Take your hands off of me. Now.” You said in a quick breath, the agent complied rudely, pushing you towards Loki.
You kept staring at him now completely flabbergasted. 
“I'll murder him,” you pointed to the agent in the middle of the others, the one that was just holding you. “I'll kill him, I'll break your bones and drink the blood as a gift to the Devil himself.” 
You recognized Loki was probably the only one in the room who knew you weren't so dramatically serious…for now.
“I pay no respect to demons.” He spat shaming on you, as the Avengers entered the room with a guy wearing an eyepatch. Although you didn't know who he was, everybody was surrounding him. The agent's thoughts were filled with passion for his family and images of crosses and crucifixes.
You were now on your side of the cell and your other fake duplicates were being held by two different agents. 
“That's what you deserve for leaving me behind.” Loki said to you, probably wishing to offend you more.
“Yeah, yeah, I'm aware. Whatever.” Moving from one place to another was just making you dizzy and displeased. “Just wanted to have a little fun.” You shrugged.
“Was it fun while it lasted? Exploring this loathsome tower by yourself with your little illusions?”
“You should know better than anyone how fun duplicating can be.” You grinned as you looked at him, he looked right back and fought a smile in response.
Right before any of the people present could interrupt, another one of your duplicates —one they hadn't found before, burst the door open with a muscular blond man following in a hurry right behind. 
You hummed to announce your presence and cleared your throat, “Hey, you guys are never gonna' guess what I just found.” Smiling and pointing to the worried god by your side.
“Ok, so who let that one escape?” The guy with the eyepatch just seemed pissed off and pointed to that duplicate of yourself. “Go and arrest her too! What are you even waiting for?!”
The other you lifted your arms as you already knew announcing yourself would lead to being arrested again, but you didn't mind. 
“I found this man as he literally showed up out of nowhere!” You made a scene dramatically using your hands to represent the sky and a sudden light coming in surprise. “You know what I mean? Then he got all desperate, said he was looking for his brother and all.”
As everyone took a hold of the situation, Bruce burst through the door, panting out of breath. “I…” He lifted his hand up as a sign to wait, “I was the one to call him, I yelled at the sky to call him and the guy wouldn't even wait for me, I had to run here–”
“Loki!” The blond man brightly yelled, shocking the whole crowd of people.
You just sheepishly observe around where you're seated in the cold cell, it's rare those moments where you're surrounded by so many people at once. You took the time to look at Loki, as you've been doing quite a lot, he's like the only piece of familiarity out of the whole room. 
His head is down and his expression is purely blant annoyance. His arms crossed and forehead settled in a frown, he already seemed pretty grumpy most of the time but it's like it multiplied as soon as he heard the blonde man's voice.
“Is that Thor?” You quietly ask Loki, giving him a side glance. He ignores you. 
“You must delight greatly from this, I'm sure, brother.” Loki spat the last word, presenting a stance from where he was standing in the cell. “To watch me lose one more time, I'm sure father must be feeling exquisite at my failure.”
“Father doesn't take any joy in watching as you commit more crimes–”
“Honestly your agents just aren't so qualified, as it shows.” Stark mumbled as he watched the agents finishing arresting the other you. “They let that one out of our sight, if it weren't for the huge alien falling from the sky once again we wouldn't even know there was another of her around.” Pointing at you. “And now we have to hear some family business.”
“I wasn't expecting to get involved in so many family talks to be honest, it feels personal.” Bruce picked on his hands.
“I can escape as many times I desire.” The original you huffed coldly from the prison cell.
“Oh I'm sure you can, but we want to know why you're here.” Said the eyepatch-man.
“Director Fury–” A dark-haired woman started to say before being interrupted. 
“Agent Hill I'm going to need more background information on the creature.” He stared at you, “doesn't seem to be the Succubus type since our goth alien is still looking peachy which means his soul might be intact.”
“Goth alien?!” Loki exclaimed in disbelief. “Here goes me thinking this day couldn't get any worse...”
“This man knows nothing about me and wants to assume where I lay in the demonic spectrum–” You pointed at Fury.
“Honestly, so do I.” Loki glanced at you for a second to say.
“Ok, that's enough!” The man wearing a blue uniform with red stripes yelled silencing the room, making Loki roll his eyes in response. “Here's the thing…”
Tumblr media
You stared at your handcuffed hands in disbelief and proceeded to observe the team with curiosity. They surprisingly seemed more intended in finishing whatever matter they had with Loki before anything else, they knew you could escape any time and yet decided on attempting their best with any anti-demonic entities objects they could find.
For instance: your handcuffs were stupidly and frankly, quite hilariously, bathed in salt. And you were guessing that also probably a bit of holy water, perhaps. They did nothing but itch a little, whatever they put on the prison bars was stronger than this. 
Yet you persevered and kept paying attention to what exactly they were planning on doing to you two.
“Father said your punishment ought to be paid by living among the midgardians. And I'm glad to be saying so Loki, the other option would be to keep you locked away for all of our godly eternity in a cell, to rot in your sins and regrets.” 
“That's…wow.” Romanoff expressed and shook her head. “That would've been an option that deserves consideration, is all I'm saying.” 
“Yeah, he's also always like this. Shakespearian much.” Bruce agreed regarding Thor's speech. 
“I don't care whether he would be miserable or not, now, the daddy dearest wants us to deal with his problem child?! For free?” Tony huffed in annoyance. “And I thought we could have some peace.”
“We have to keep our eyes on him, on both of them.” Fury said, staring at you, in specific. ”We never know what they could be planning, and they're a team.”
You approached your body closer to Loki for some reason, he seemed overly tense so you touched his arm. He didn't make any move to push you away, focusing on their plans too. You noticed he's observant when it comes to unknown situations, just analyzing, typical of a trickster.
“Oh the little demon is about to get protective, think we hit a sore spot mentioning her victim.” Clint said as he paid attention to your movements, you realized he must have seen you getting closer to the god. “Don't worry, no one's taking your boyfriend away.”
You didn't enjoy their mocking. Your lips twitched and you wandered your gaze to their faces, not noticing you were practically clawing at Loki's arm with such strength you would later wonder how he didn't complain.
“Don't work her up, I said not to bother her,” Fury stopped Clint with his warning, “this goes for all of you. I won't repeat myself.” His eyes are studying you.
You didn't shrink under his gaze, if anything you just puffed your chest more and kept your overprotectiveness. 
Loki turned to you with the softest look you've ever seen on him, stopping your tense anxious body when pressing his hands on your belly. “Calm down, little demoness.” He kept his tone light while speaking, and your eyes glazed when looking at him. 
The trickster pretended to think for a few moments and turned to the others. “So we'll be forced to stay?”
“We want the demon to take our side.” The director explained. “We want to have some information that might be necessary to keep you both… safe, here, in the tower.” He hesitated. “We are conscious that you can just run away any time you wish, but we'd just keep looking for you in that case, it'd be a constant game of cat and mouse. With your powers one could never know what to expect, and that's what we work with here.” 
Loki was now —subtly, with just one hand, rubbing his fingertips on your arm in soothing circular motions. His plan wasn't clear to you but you were feeling a lot calmer by the action, maybe that was his plan, to calm you down.
“You'll have to stay either way, but it'd be best if we could understand your nature and maybe cooperate with our rules?”
Your eyes reflected the adrenaline in your heart by your blowing pupils, “I don't follow rules.” 
“Yes, but you're following him.” Stark brought up pointing at Loki again. "Reindeer games, I don't know what you've done but you attracted an obsessed spirit that just won't let you go. We aren't the ones you should be worried about.” He finished with a tight-lipped smile.
“Are you finished?” The dark god just asked. 
“Yeah, do you think he minds it?” Natasha asked, jumping in conversation. “There's an alluring demoness clinging to his arm, and you think he'd be worried?” 
Alluring, your heart fluttered at the woman's simple compliment. The Widow made sure not to look you in the eyes for too long.
“Does she come from Hell?” Bruce quietly bugged from behind Steve.
“You know you can ask her that, she's right here.” Steve spread his hand in front of him, to show where you're at.
“We don't know if she'll stay.” He shrugged. Is that his way of manipulating you to stay? 
“Wouldn't you like to know?” You kept your voice steady and blank to emotions.
Loki just got agitated by the question, “Where else would she even come from? Being a demon, you think she'd come from some common place in this world?” 
“It's not like I've ever seen a demon before!” Bruce quickly defended himself.
“My brother,” Thor jumped in to approach his brother, now that the topic was almost over. “I missed you!” He hurried to hold his brother in a tight embrace that got Loki suddenly bewildered and tried wriggling his way out before Thor could get too happy.
“Let go of me.” He was disgruntled and frantic to get out of the touchy contact. “I can't deal with any sentiments from you, from any of you.” 
You frowned at the interaction, his words seemed to glum the very bright-looking man's mood. Thor's blue eyes quickly diverted to your figure as you were unmoving next to his grumpy brother.
“And this is the figure you're correlating yourself with.” He gave a huge shiny smile to you and your shocked gape was understandable whilst you processed his words. He got a hold of your right hand, lifting it to his lips as a polite greeting. 
“Now… Wait, what? Why would you say it like that?” You chuckled soundlessly, feeling out of place.
“I didn't mean any disrespect, forgive me if you felt uncomfortable.” He hurried to explain as he sensed your discomfort.
This Nordic god, in a matter of height, seemed a bit taller than Loki but his muscles were more defined. A fact that was hard to ignore, seeing as it was quite present right in front of you. However, an important detail is that this god carried no… magic. You couldn't point exactly why the lack of magic running in his veins was evidently presentable to you. 
Regardless, you felt the delicious rushing of rage that comes from Loki's anger. The feeling is overwhelming and just so tainted and ugly, any human would shiver at the intensity of it.
You told them your name aloud. Your voice suddenly mousy was a surprise even to you. You told them the name you use the most, for you carry a lot of titles, but just one real name.
You heard the dark prince mouth your name silently by your side, as if experimenting with the sound to match with his perspective of you.
Loki tried to decipher what your plan was, and then tried to whisk you away, however the asgardian sunshine busied your vision one more time to say his own name: Thor. “I know, I heard them saying it. You're the second son of Odin.”
“Actually, I'm the first. Firstborn.” He didn't seem offended, you just tried to brush it off. All the attention from the humans, adding the powerful enhanced beings, were honestly starting to get to you. You just shrugged, feeling his behavior was unimportant. “Honestly, brother, this is so you. To get together with a demon, a master in trickery, a deceiver by nature, just like you.” He sounded excited to mention.
“Don't. I've had enough.” Loki just dropped any touch he had on you and walked out the door, quickly some agents were hurrying to match his steps to follow him, he didn't pay them any serious attention.
The others just looked around to one another confirming that maybe it was okay to end the matters here.
“Can we expect your cooperation?” Fury brought up, at that moment he didn't even look like a leader from this secret organization, they all looked very similar in emotion when seeing through your eyes. 
You don't give him an answer.
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Add our WandaVision mini co to your collection before they’re gone!!
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Chapter 19 - Low
Tumblr media
Marc Spector/Steven Grant/Jake Lockley x Female!OC
Summary: Marc never expected to see his childhood friend Simone ever again. To Simone, Marc may as well have been dead. However, when Simone met Steven 15 years after Marc disappeared, she couldn’t help but notice how familiar he was.
18+ | 2.6k Words | Third-person omniscient | Dark?fic/Fluff? | AU/AT |
Warnings: Heavy language, OC with religious trauma, childhood trauma, sexual trauma, the effects of this in adulthood, smut mention, death mention, alcohol, missing persons, maybe some typos, some fluff towards the end
A/N: I update warnings with each chapter. Only proceed if you can handle the themes included in the warnings. I wrote this entirely as a trauma dump.
Minors DNI, DL;DR, if I miss a warning, please let me know.
Chapter list 
"Keep it on the lowski, I'm the lowest of the lowest Wanna see if you can keep it like nobody knows shit" -"Low" by SZA
The visitor was unexpected. Simone was getting ready for her next appointment when Stella told her a visitor insisted on speaking to her. She only agreed to see the surprise walk-in because she was down another appointment today and had some time to spare. 
When the woman with curly red hair entered, Simone didn't know who she was or where she came from. When she introduced herself as Carrie, the name clicked immediately. 
"I was wondering if you've heard from a patient of yours. Corey Klein?" She asked, seeming timid regardless of how her Newcastle accent sounded and unsure if she was overstepping by asking. The thing was: Simone had yet to hear from him. Not in weeks.
"I'm sorry, I haven't. Corey hasn't called or shown up to his appointments twice now."
"I figured so. He's been missing, and I've been worried." Carrie advised, letting concern creep into her face and eyes. It was clear the girl was no older than nineteen, just as Corey and Jason said she was. She looked like she was trying to be so strong. 
"Have you reported it?" Simone asked, not sure where else to direct the girl. She nodded slowly,
"Yeah, but they don't seem to care much. You show them a missing person with mental illness, and they just assume they don't wanna be found."
This news stuck with Simone for the rest of her appointments for the day. She wondered what the man could be up to if anything. Just as quickly as she could have concluded that one of his alters had walked off with him, she thought of him lying dead in a ditch. 
God, let's not have another Laura situation. Please. Simone pleaded with the higher power she hardly believed in anymore. She would just as soon lose her mind if another patient died. This prompted a question for her: what could she do to help it?
She knew just the man to call and did just that once she was out of work. 
Jake met Simone at The Waltz, where she was waiting for him in a booth with a glass of añejo tequila in hand and a pour of rum waiting with his name on it on the other end of the table. She looked like she meant business, but this didn't stop him from tipping his hat to her, taking the glass into his hand, and, instead of grabbing the seat in front of her, sliding into the padded upholstered seat next to her. She beamed at this action,
"A bit intimate, you think?" She asked carelessly as his left leg rested against hers. This caused her to automatically pick her leg up and cross it over his thigh. Her closeness and the sensation made it feel like he had rocks in his stomach. Still, he shrugged,
"Didn't think you minded intimate, doll." 
No, I certainly don't. She thought to herself. What a sucker I am for moments like this.
A sly smile formed Simone's lips, and she lifted her glass, inviting him to do the same. "¡Salud!" She offered the cheers. He lifted his own and extended the same gesture, tapping it against hers with a slight clink and rattle of ice cubes. 
"L'chaim!" He offered in return before they knocked the drinks back. Once the liquor was swallowed, Simone couldn't help but giggle to herself.
L'chaim? Why am I surprised?
Jake momentarily stared at the empty glass, recognizing the flavor as a more high-end brand. "Y'know, this was a bit pricier than I woulda splurged on for me." 
"Good thing I'm buying." She replied with a grin, resting her temple on her wrist to look at him. 
And here I thought I offered to buy her a drink. Jake thought before asking the million-dollar question. "So what brings you 'round this time?" 
"You said you're a man who can get information, which I need, Bronx." She clarified. Before he could ask further questions, she stuck her hand into her bag at her other side, retrieving a photo of Corey and his name and age written on a slip of paper. She slipped them in front of him, face down. "He's a patient of mine. Went missing a couple weeks ago, according to his girl, without a trace."
Jake examined the two pieces of paper, remembering what she had said before about another patient of hers being brain-dead and how upset she was. That was an expression he would prefer not to see again.
"Alright, I can help you out," He started, pulling his gaze from the photo and to her, flicking them up and down from her shiny dark hair to her voluptuous lips to the plunge of her cleavage in the top she no doubt pulled down before he arrived. "But, uh, my services ain't free." 
He comfortably brought his left hand down and placed it on the inner thigh of the leg she had resting over his. Simone would find this slimy if she weren't so well acquainted with Jake. Instead, it turned her into a heaping hot mess, and how he looked at her- how they all looked at her- stroked her confidence. She knew how this meeting would end. 
It was helpless. 
"I was counting on that. I can either give you cash or..." She trailed off as she reached down and maneuvered her palm over the crotch of his pants, cupping his slowly waking bulge and finishing her thought with the action. 
There was no way around it, even if Jake wanted to find one. She could ask for his soul, and he would probably give it to her in exchange for the chance to get between her hips again. He swallowed back the saliva pooling in his mouth for fear of drooling on himself.
Dunno what the other two did, but they're a couple schmendricks. He thought, eyeing the scrumptious gal that practically snaked her way into his lap.
"Let's book it, then, hermosa."
The location, Simone's, was mutually agreed upon, mainly due to Jake saying yes to everything she said on a hair-trigger from when they left the bar. She led him into the elevator by hand as if he needed to be told to follow and would have pounced right there if a little old lady wasn't in the lift with them. 
The situation took Simone right back to her third date with Steven and how the same neighbor was also in the elevator with them on the way to her place. It registered in her head that, to the woman, Jake was the same fellow as an awkward silence filled the metal box. 
Yep, all this looks perfectly normal to you, ma'am. 
The pair exited onto Simone's floor first, as the woman was the floor above, rushing to the door at the end of the empty hall with nothing but the sound of their footsteps and key jingles to signal their presence. When they got to the door, however, Simone quietly cursed herself for not only losing the key on the ring once but twice, almost dropping the ring and trying to stick it into the keyhole upside down.
"Shit," She whispered to herself in frustration. Jake could tell the gal was clearly struggling like she'd never unlocked a door before. Though she didn't ask, he enclosed her tiny right hand with his left, helping her grip the key and slide it into the knob. The action steadied her as they twisted their hands and unlocked the door with a soft click.
"Should work on your aim, Chi-town." He growled inches from her ear.
She couldn't tell if she wanted to fall over in embarrassment or impatient desire as a pathetic sound escaped her throat upon exhale. It never seemed to fail: she could be cool and calm, sexy even, but the second she fumbles, it's game over. The ruse is gone. 
Luckily, Simone needed no help opening the door, grabbing Jake's hand, and dragging him inside. His eyes drifted around the space momentarily, thinking it looked far too much like a grandma's house and smelled like someone had just made oatmeal cookies. She noted his casual stance and thought to slow down a bit.
"You- uh..." Simone started, gulping before she continued. "Want something to drink? Maybe a bite to eat?" 
The fuck are you doing, Simone? She thought to herself as she slowly stepped to her bedroom door. You fuck up with the keys, and now you're suddenly not that bitch?
The pace change also confused Jake, but he realized sooner than she did that she was still hung up on the keys. He figured he could get that confidence back up for her. "I'd actually prefer to get a bite a' you." He said, approaching the woman who seemed attentive to his words. Still, her brain replayed the graceless moment. 
The keys! UGH!
"Just relax, doll. It's s'posed to be fun." Jake spoke, pulling her back to reality but tugging her into him by her belt loops. "Loosen up; turn your brain off." His voice sounded like a soft bed of gravel, which did the trick in loosening her up as they stood nose to nose. He closes the gap further by pressing his palms into her back and turning his mouth to her jawline. Her eyes nearly rolled to the back of her head as her nerves tingled. 
The sensation stopped as Jake brought his lips up to her ear, "Which one's your room?"
"Right behind me." She whispered. Without warning, he brought his hands to her thighs and hoisted her up, causing her to tightly wrap her legs around him, hold onto his shoulders for dear life, and squeal like it was a carnival ride. 
The pair lay in Simone's bed, satisfied and comfortable, with bare legs intertwined. They both heaved cumbersome breaths, staring at each other in the afterglow. She missed how peaceful it was to just hang out after sex instead of fighting or leaving as Jake traced the lightning bolts on her hips with his middle fingernail. 
She couldn't help but look at this man with the same love she felt for Marc and Steven. It seemed bazaar to her, but she could do nothing to stop it. No matter how mad she was at Marc, she missed him like hell, and the time she spent with Jake and the casual sex could only do so much. What started off as a means to tide her over had become her undoing, falling in love all over again. 
Traitorous heart. Soft, fluffy, disgusting.
Now here she is, enjoying a snuggle with the man himself but with different eyes and a different voice. She caressed his face with her hand and placed delicate kisses on the tip of his nose. It was almost relaxing enough to fall asleep. 
She couldn't let him, though. It would only open the body up for the other two to wake. That was a can of worms she didn't feel like unlocking right then. As for Jake, he wasn't foolish enough to drift off and waste a second with this woman, even if she wore him out. He wanted to know everything about her, down to the nitty-gritty details. 
"I know you got doctor money, doll. Why on earth you live here with a roommate?" He asked, disturbing the peace between them. It was a fair question, one nobody had really asked before. She let out a hefty exhale,
"I hate to be alone." She admitted without much fight. "I don't have to go into all that right now, though." 
She thinks I don't wanna hear it? This is a gal with some skeletons. Jake thought to himself as he watched her eyes pull away from him. He lifted his hand from her hip to her chin, prompting her gaze back. 
Jake wanted to tell her he was open to listening. Wanted to say to her that he adored her and that she wouldn't scare him off. Before he could say anything, a heavy knock at her entrance startled her like she feared being caught. 
As Simone dressed, another knock prompted her. "I'll be right there!" She called out as the elastic band of a pair of sweatpants slid up her legs and over her butt while she hopped to the door. She knew she looked like a disheveled mess, but it was all she was allowed in a rush.
Once Simone opened the door, she was greeted by two police officers. She was initially surprised until she realized they might have been paying her a visit to discuss Corey. 
"Evening, ma'am. We're looking for a Dr. Simone Fredrick?" The shorter cop asked. Simone put on her most polite grin,
"That's me. How can I help you?"
"We were wondering if you'd been contacted by one of your patients- John Walton- recently?" The taller one answered this time. 
Simone was baffled that this wasn't about Corey and was suddenly more glad she recruited Jake to help. It seemed the police would rather deal with the guy behind bars than the innocent man's disappearance. 
"Not since I visited him nearly two months back. Why?" She asked. The short one spoke up again, this time with more sternness. 
"He's escaped. Haven't you seen the news? Been wandering for over two weeks, but due to privilege, we couldn't figure out who else might have contact with him. One of the officers at the prison said you're his psychotherapist."
This news was a punch in the gut for Simone. 
Over two weeks? She thought, knowing how dangerous of a man Walton was from the few instances she could pick his brain. 
Simone, in fact, didn't watch the news. She seldom watched actual television. Now she was mad at Walton's dumbass lawyer for not calling her. 
"Sorry, he hasn't contacted me. I'll let you know if he does, though." She said, stunned and slowly closing the door. "Have a good evening." 
As she hears the door click, she notices Jake enter from her bedroom doorway, fully clothed and ready to go, with a bit of disappointment on his face. 
"Khonshu has something for me to do." He informs. This made Simone remember her reoccurring dream, and she suddenly felt sick. 
"Or you could stay? Where it's safer?" She suggested, meeting him halfway on his walk in her direction and batting her eyelashes. She didn't want him to go, especially for whatever reason the deity was taking him for. 
Though Jake appreciated the concern, he had a job to do. "Don't worry about me. I'll be fine." He told her, attempting to kiss her goodbye and being met with the corner of her mouth in a swift dodge. Simone stared sharply at him from the corner of her eyelids,
"Until you aren't." She said sternly, commanding him to look her in the eyes. She was dead serious.
Holy shit, she's really worried. He thought. It was almost enough for him to say to hell with it and plant his feet. He knew he couldn't. Instead, he took the sides of her face into his hands and pressed his lips to her forehead, leaving an invisible stamp that she felt even after he pulled them back.
"Te adoro, Chi-town." He said softly before covering the stamp with his own forehead. It was a sweet gesture that made her heart smile, even if all she could do was frown. 
Soft, fluffy, disgusting.
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Oooo hi! 💖💖💖💖 I was wondering if you could write a fic where the reader is able to lift Thor's hammer and likes to play little pranks on him! fem reader pleasssss!
Here ya go!! I hope you like it lol, i tried to make it as mischievous as possible ;) Thank you for requesting!!
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I can't be the only
OK so I watched Avengers Endgame later that the average person. I had Tony and Steve's death spoiled for me many time. When watching it I was prepared but than ✨️BOOM✨️ Nat died I am crying my eyeballs out. Make it through the movie in tears and then realise, wait no one told me she died!
Example of how little her death is talked-about
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