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the-little-pierre · 2 days
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♔ MyAl ♔
I've been wanting to do this drawing for a long time, but Pierre is very absent-minded 🤧
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synthhart · 1 day
I AM SO NOT WELL about the fact that you don't see Albert AT ALL in chapter 55. Or Mycroft, for that matter.
Did they watch? Did they see their brother's fall into the Thames below? Or did Albert choose to be imprisoned in the tower knowing it looked over the river as a daily reminder of what he couldn't see to the end? Does Mycroft look at the river and wonder if he should have borne witness to what he knew his brother was heading toward the moment he sent him off from the palace? Do they hear about how Sherlock took William in his arms as they fell and think it better that someone was with them in the end? That if it took their death, at least someone who cared deeply about them followed?
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neversleepingagain · 4 hours
Albert be like:
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Hello everyone!
Don't forget to submit your fan works and goods to me ASAP! Looking forward to seeing what people are interested in doing for this year's auction!
Please submit to: [email protected]
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lisbeth-kk · 5 hours
It comes with the wind
Sherlock's excellent hearing is sometimes a curse. He blames his childhood muteness.
Today's prompt by @onesmallfamily was whisper.
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waxwings2046 · 17 hours
All That Is the Case - Chapter 2: A Logical Picture
Chapter 2 of All That is the Case is finally up! Apologies for the delay in posting, work got a little crazy these last few weeks. As ever, many thanks to my invaluable beta readers @calaisreno, @7-percent and @jrow, whose suggestions really helped improve this chapter.
To recap: This is a Sherlock/John 1940s spy AU, *completed* (not a WIP). The prologue introduces Sherlock, Mycroft, and several other characters, and in Chapter 1, John and Sherlock finally meet.
Here's a snippet from Chapter 2, which is called "A Logical Picture". It's the spring of 1947. In this scene, Sherlock and John are on a walk in Hampstead Heath:
They walked on a little further, until they came upon the famous promontory that overlooks the city. There were other people there taking in the view. A young family, several couples, and solitary figures, too. It had been extraordinarily foggy, but the mist was starting to dissipate a little, revealing pockets of the landscape below. They could just make out St. Paul’s Cathedral, Westminster, and beyond that, the Thames. A world that was starting to become more and more known to him, though the more he learned of it, the more he began to understand how much of it might always remain unknowable. Either way, he felt he could gaze upon it forever, this city where one could appear and disappear into at will, which could well have been snuffed out had a far more terrible confluence of events come to pass—but which also felt outside of time, rolling on and on beneath the clouds, without end. Abruptly John said, apparently out of somewhere deep in his thoughts, “Sometimes it is too difficult to make sense of events. Sometimes…things just happen, and they are what they are. You look for reasons or a greater pattern so you can make a story out of it, so you know where you fit in, but it just gets too convoluted and messy. Or contradictory.” Sherlock said, “But isn’t that just human nature? A reflex to aid in coping. It can’t be forced.” “No, it can’t.” What stories had John tried to tell himself, wounded in action, struggling through an uncertain recovery, and ultimately deprived of his profession? Aimless in London. A hero, abandoned by his country. He seemed to be doing well enough for himself now, but it was likely that he had struggled through some dark nights of the soul. It seemed very unfair to Sherlock, that John should have ever felt forsaken in any way. “I don’t know if you feel that way yourself. Or how you could, if you have, or do,” Sherlock attempted, fumbling a bit. “It seems to me that you’ve lived a life to be proud of, that anyone could find meaning in.” John laughed, somewhat bitterly. “This may come as a shock to you, but I’ve done a thing or two I wasn’t so proud of. I may not be as—” He stopped, cutting himself off in the middle of an aspirated syllable. Sherlock thought he had been about to say the word honourable, but he wasn’t sure.
🤔 Read the rest of Chapter 2 here!
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deadpoetsbakery · 11 months
lord tewkesbury is a precious plant dad who must be protected at all costs. (I almost lost it when enola visited and he just casually opened the door of his room when it’s literally a whole ass forest in there)
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ariadnethedragon · 11 months
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Spreading Bellflower (Campanula patula): a symbol of gratitude, constancy, and romance.
ENOLA HOLMES 2 ━ 2022, dir. Harry Bradbeer
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beekeeperspicnic · 6 months
Very Important Announcment
So I've been thinking.
A game about a retired Sherlock Holmes solving cosy mysteries is all well and good, but is he really the BEST protagonist I could have chosen? Isn't there someone more intelligent, more dynamic, more mysterious, just waiting for his moment in the spotlight?
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[IMG Black writing on a white background reading Mycroft Holmes Simulator 1895. A screenshot from the game, clean pixel art of a cosy formal room with characters sat in armchairs]
EXPLORE the Diogenes Club
WALK at a very leisurely pace!
BE QUIET and refuse to talk to a wide range of delightful characters!
OBSERVE things, without having to act on them!
MYSTERIES! There aren't any!
Available for Windows and Linux
I was going to post this for April Fools but it's not even a joke or a trick, I actually made this thing and you can play it for free, enjoy.
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jabbage · 2 years
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I was listening to a Sherlock Holmes audiobook with automatically generated subtitles and it uhhh got a little bit confused over a particular name.
Was this a productive use of my Sunday afternoon? Questionable.
Did I have fun? Definitely.
Holmes is sat in his chair in his rooms in Baker Street. Dr Watson looks at him in surprise
Watson:  I don't believe it, Holmes. You say you have a brother who has greater intelligence than you?
Holmes: Oh indeed, Watson. My brother Minecraft Holmes possesses a far greater faculty for observation and deduction than I. He simply uses it in his own esoteric interest. If we visit him at his club in Pall Mall, I can show you.
Somewhere in Pall Mall...
Holmes and Watson enter a room where the 'absolutely corpulent' figure of Holmes' brother is standing over a large machine with numerous cams and wheels.
Sherlock: My dear Minecraft!
Watson: (to Holmes) I say! What is that incredible machine
Minecraft: Sherlock, old boy! You've come at an excellent moment.
Sherlock: (to Watson)  It is a computational device, inspired by Babbage's analytical engine. With it, Minecraft can perform calculations beyond the capability of the human mind.
Watson: What kinds of things does he calculate?
Minecraft: Apparently there is an ocean monument within 120 blocks of my spawn point. If can only find some diamond to mine obsidian and create a Nether Portal, I can aquire a blaze rod and some Netherwart to make an underwather breathing potion.
Holmes and Watson stare at him - Watson bewildered, Holmes resigned.
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petite-madame · 9 months
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There is not just one musician in the family - (2022)
There's one thing a lot of people don't know about the Holmes brothers: Sherlock isn't the only musician in the family.
ETA: I’m spoiled! This artwork inspired four fics in a span of only a week. A big thank you to the authors for their hard work, I’m so happy. Please, enjoy the following stories:
Cello by janto321 (FaceofMer) (Greg Lestrade/Mycroft Holmes - General audiences - Fluff, domestic fluff - 465 words - Greg comes home to hear Mycroft playing his cello )
You are the only one who sees me by Mimisempai (Greg Lestrade/Mycroft Holmes - General audiences - Fluff, established relationship - 1081 words -  Greg comes home early from work and surprising Mycroft, he discovers something new about his lover...)
Playing in the Dark by InnerSpectrum (Greg Lestrade/Mycroft Holmes - General audiences - Established relationship - Implied/Referenced Character Death - 360 words - Greg awakens to music in the dark house and is reminded Sherlock is not the musician in the family...)
Compositions by afteriwake (Mycroft Holmes/Molly Hooper - General audiences - Pregnant Molly Hooper - Dead Sherlock Holmes - Developing Relationship - 654 words - Mycroft is composing a lullaby for Molly and Sherlock's son.)
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zayan4 · 5 months
Mycroft:I'm allergic to nuts
Y/n*drunk*:here I thought you were gay and now I just feel betrayed
Sherlock:*patting y/n's head*why do I keep you around?
Y/n:oh come on you like me so much that you proposed to me last night
Mycroft:well congrat...
Sherlock:I wasn't even with you last night Who THE FUCK PROPOSED TO YOU?
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ao3topshipsbracket · 5 days
AO3 Top Relationships Bracket- Round 1 Side 1
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This poll is a celebration of fandom history; we're aware that there are certain issues with many of the listed pairings and sources, but they are a part of that history. Please do not take this as an endorsement, and refrain from harassment.
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oppiexnheimer · 2 months
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"'This is family' what do you mean my husband is not our family." - sherlock probably after that
"The Final Problem" S4E3 - Sherlock (2010 - 2017)
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million-dollar-fool · 5 months
You have to see this
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The foreshadowing in the script for a study in pink
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Guys we missed out on John shoving Sherlock against a wall
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ofqueensandwitches · 11 months
For the third movie, I want a scene where Sherlock introduced John to The Family (+Tewksbury), and John was all dumbstruck to meet them (powerful government official, influential leader of underground female organisation, youngest and most respectable lord, and the most brilliant Holmes despite being the youngest), and perhaps a little nervous too because we all know Sherlock would be too emotionally-constipated to help, only for Eudoria to ease up the tension by saying:
“So, this is your boy, Sherlock. Very nice to meet you, Doctor Watson.”
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