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On my knees begging for canon Wednesday x Enid
Tumblr media
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These sentences are intentionally ambiguous.
Might be darkish, might be fluffish. Might be grayish with a 50% chance of redemption.
Read it your way.
Tumblr media
Unquenchable one.
Devouring one.
Blinding one.
All her life Natasha never even knew she had this burden.
She thought it was normal. She thought everyone had that side. Demanding. In every face she was searching for the signs that she could stay with that person for longer than a few months. That was never enough for her thirst.
Her colleagues thought she was a force of nature, her girlfriends thought she was passionate, her ex-girlfriends thought she was dominating. Her words always finding the right poison to endear, her fingers always knowing the weak spots, her mouth always whispering the desire. And once the person was hers, she cared only about her thirst. 
You were one of many.
You were captured immediately. You fell for perfection and that was easy. Opening up was easy. Natasha was purring compliments in your ear. Her eyes carefully studying reactions and sounds. She was feasting on your loyalty. 
Your dates were always her ideas, your nights were always her desires. You didn't notice, Natasha became your life. You became her spring. Your happiness was the one that distracted her from dark thoughts. Ones that needed to be purified, maybe even destroyed. 
You were giggling in Natasha's neck, when she was reciting all the lines from "Taxi driver." Your laugh was fighting with her memories of all those times, when she watched that movie alone. 
You didn't know, but you were feeding her desire to be seen and heard. You were always worried, when she was fighting. You were always praising her victories. It helped her forget how she got here. Why didn't her body hurt anymore? 
Natasha wanted more and more. Demanded. She had every right to. Romanoff was in love. 
Your life together was the perfect reflection of her dreams. Visions, where she wasn't broken, weren't lost.
"I don't understand how you can eat so much caviar." your voice was still not warm enough so early in the morning. 
"Well..." Natasha moaned from only a sight of a spoon full of red. "It's amazingly tasty." 
"I know, but so much."  Your feigned concern was caught in green eyes.
Natasha allowing you to make fun of her habits was new, unknown. But her thirst was engulfed with a new sensation. Her lips formed a shy smile. You were still learning to love it deeply. Your phone vibrated on the table. Green eyes caught a name on the screen. 
"What does she want?" her accent got thicker. 
"Didn't I tell you? She wants to meet." You tone was nonchalant. Your fork hit the table. 
"Нет." Her voice was lower and full of metal. She knew too well which part she was denying. 
"Maybe I forgot."
You tilted your head, you gave her an "I'm sorry" look. Without a sound you came up to her and kissed her cheek. 
"If you don't want to, I won't go."
Nat shook her head. You caught a scent of her red crown. 
"Whatever. I'll call you."
Her bike was roaring, but it wasn't loud enough to silence her thirst. She could easily be without you for a few hours. Natasha was sure she could. A few hundred minutes not to be lost in the destructive loop. 
When she returned you were already home. Your cherry lipstick was the sign of your evening. Natasha thought, you squinted. Did you already not remember her features? 
"Did you have fun?" She took off her rings. They echoed the question. 
You nodded. 
"Did you laugh?"
She grimaced. She never liked your friends. She loved you. She had the right. 
Your nights were the one she was taught to have. Her body needed you. And in time she molded you to fit her thirst. 
"What are you thinking about?" 
"Nothing." You were playing with her hair. 
Netflix was lazily showing the latest show. Air between you was crackling with comfort. You cooked for her, she chose to share her warmth with you. 
Her fingers knew you well. Her nails digging into the skin of your shoulder. Natasha wanted attention. She demanded it.
She didn't wait for you to get rid of your clothes. Natasha tore it apart.
You gasped. She was like that lately, she stopped pretending. Hovering over you, restricting your movements. You didn't care. You were sure she was entitled to it, she was in love. 
You obediently succumbed to her every command, you didn't want to fight, you didn't know you could ask something else from her.
Natasha was always like that. Pushing your legs apart, leaving bruises on your hips. Feeling of comfort was softly and slowly being sucked out of the room, her weight crushing your lungs. 
There was not much time for you to process her intentions, she already was in you. 
"Will you give me what I want?" she hissed. 
You nodded with your brain gradually shutting down. The next day Natasha was always different, barely yours.
She always knew your house was built from glass . Cracks were impossible to hide. They were the same ones as the threads of fear in her confidence. Evidence of her burden, traces of her past.
You were the one to fix her. You were the one to give her everything she needed. You were supposed to be her planet, but you were nothing more than a satellite. With your hands tied by her thirst. You had to love her, you had to save her.
And for that you sacrificed everything. 
Your life was hers, your choices were hers, your voice was hers. 
"You won't go with him." Natasha was following you. You were not supposed to leave the house tonight. 
"Why?" you were irritated. For the first time in two years. Your blood was different tonight, you woke up already boiling with anger.
Shackles appeared out of nowhere. 
"I don't trust him." 
"But you know him." you suddenly stopped. Shivers tearing your skin apart. "You know his family. You know his wife. We've been working together for 5 years. And I've told you about this event weeks ago. I need to be there."
"I don't care." Nat used the pause and appeared in front of you. "You'll stay at home. I need you to stay at home. With me. You belong here."
"What did you say?" 
Nat's hair was blinding you. Confidence in your obedience burned you. You blinked a few times. This time your brain didn't shut down. 
"I didn't mean that. I care for you..."
Her hands tried to reach you, but you stepped back. Nat clenched her fists. You looked around. You didn't recognize anything. It was made from sand. Grains were impossible to ignore. They were the same ones as the dirt of the quicksand that was inside your ribs. 
"You do?" 
"Of course. We belong together."
Nat tried again. Her embrace was never cold. She was suffocating you with something you knew too well. She had to. She loved you.
Strategically placed kisses were calming you down, whispers soothing you.
"I overreacted." She admitted. "You did nothing wrong. You always give me what I want."
You twitched, Natasha pulled you closer.
She had the right. You were the one to satisfy her thirst.
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Your asgore is great and I love the more whimsical art style your using. And on a side note did you use elements of Netflix’s castlevania dracula with your asgore?
Not exactly inspired but I definitely wanted to give him a more classical/gothical feeling. Castlevania art is always gorgeous and haunting <3
Tumblr media
To the other asks in my inbox about redemption, Asgore's actions came from a place of love and turned into something twisted and horrific through his sins. One of the biggest themes in this AU is about second chances, so there is definitely a chance for him. But whether he decides to take it or not.... only time will tell.
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Actually, narratively speaking, Billy died for Steve. And I mean this literally; the only reason Billy Hargrove was created for seasons two and three was because they didn't actually kill off Steve in season one, and by that point he was too popular for them to consider transferring the storyline to season two. Killing Steve off at such a critical point when, as a new show, they were relying on viewers and ratings would've more or less been suicide for the show.
The Duffers have talked about it a lot since season one. By which I mean how they specifically created Billy Hargrove to fill the void of Steve Harrington surviving. Regardless of your opinion on Billy, that's a concrete fact. Billy Hargrove, exactly like Eddie Munson, was created to die.
Eddie's presence, narratively, actually had very little impact on the overall plot as a whole. And I say this as an Eddie lover. Its one of my main complaints about how they handled Eddie and the choice to kill him off. Take Eddie out of the story, and Jason Carver aside, pretty much the entire season would've gone the same way.
His impact on Dustin aside, Eddie was actually a severely wasted character. He didn't die in place of anyone. He just died. Arguably he died for The Cause, but again. They could've diverted the bats in a multitude of other ways, and Eddie's death as far as the end of season four stands, was pretty pointless. He didn't die for Steve or in Steve's place. He didn't even really die for Dustin. He just died. "This is for Chrissy" translates roughly to "I was written to die and this was the best way they could write it."
Anon you bring up some good points and I kinda agree and disagree but let's talk about it.
I think we would've gotten Billy anyways if Steve had died in season one. I'll be honest my first gut instinct was to agree with you because I was like, "Yeah I can see where Billy was written in place for Steve," and he was but let's go over this.
Steve was intended to be the human villain in season one, he was not supposed to have a redemption arc. In fact he has the redemption arc that was supposed to originally go to Lonnie Byers. Here's a good article on this. He was supposed to leave the Byer's home and supposedly die at the hands of the Demogorgon in season one.
But in my research I found an article that conflicts with this that suggests Steve wasn't supposed to die in season one at all, that he was originally intended to be the human villain throughout the series- or until season three. I can only speculate that they said Steve was supposed to die after the release of season one to not give away what his original storyline was as they planned to give it to Billy in the following season. And honestly, it's just intriguing press to say "Oh we didn't kill off this now fan favorite character like we planned, aren't you happy we didn't?" They needed all the press they could get after the season one release because if it didn't do well they weren't getting another season. Netflix took a chance on the Suffer Brothers with Stranger Things.
Once they established Steve as the 'good guy' they needed another human villain. Cue Billy. We could guess that if Steve had not been redeemed he would've followed the same path as Billy, being the antagonizer and eventually being flayed and killed by the Mindflayer. But we can only guess, who knows what Steve's 'villain' arc was supposed to be. I imagine it would had a lot to do with Jancy.
So I agree with you on this but it's more than Billy just being created to 'die' he was also created to carry out Steve's original arc.
Now onto Eddie where I have to politely disagree with you.
The statement "He's too popular to kill" does not apply in the later seasons. Season two and three, yes it does, but not now. We are at the end, this is when characters we have grown to love are on the chopping block.
And I agree with you about the character of Eddie, his presence had very little do with the plot so why make him? Because they didn't want to kill Steve.
They wanted a character that would hit the same emotional notes as if it had been Steve that died. They wanted to kill Steve without killing him so to speak. Why else have him bond with Dustin? Why else focus so much screen time on building up his character?
The Suffer brothers are smart. They don't want to kill Steve because he's too marketable to the GA but also they wanted the emotional impact as if he did die. So here comes Eddie.
Now I think we probably still would've gotten Eddie if Steve was going to die, he just would've been more of a background character, one that really only had his moment in episode one with the dnd game. I don't know how they've would've written Chrissy's death, but it wouldn't have been that hard to move it somewhere else. Plus the satanic cult hunt side plot felt like it came out of nowhere.
This at the end of day is all speculation, and no, I don't want Steve to die, but storywise it felt like the next step. I've talked about how he as a character has been restricted to one, unfulfilling, role in the show and how he hasn't been allowed growth so I'm not going to delve into that again.
Thank you for your thoughts though anon, I love fandom discussion like this.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
the ones no one seems to know about or watch 
Top 10 Most Underrated BLs 
Seven Days (from Japan on YouTube) - One of the best live action yaoi adaptations, it has everything great about BL and none of the issues, plus a strong manga filming technique, a lovely little story with great acting, good chemistry, and no content or trigger warnings necessary.   
Restart after Come Back Home (from Japan via indie sub) - This BL showcases Japan’s cinematography and film history (rather than a manga style) with an atmospheric story of rediscovering family while falling unexpectedly in love. The ultimate grumpy/sunshine pairing this is a quietly graceful film that no one seems to know about. 
Wish You (from Korea on Viki & Netflix, go for the movie version!) - One of Korea’s earlier new wave pieces, Wish You has everything that I love about Korean BL: high production values, a simple clean concept, soft bois, and great pining. It’s winsome and lovely.  
Nobleman Ryu’s Wedding (from Korea) - if BL had a fairy tale, it would be this show. There’s something very 12th Night about it, with cross dressing, secret identities, evil stepsisters, period attire, and the softest most confused bois ever. 
He’s Coming to Me (from Thailand on YouTube) - I have no idea why fans are so against this show. Perhaps it’s just flack for Singto being paired with a different partner? It’s such a great story (a bit paranormal + a bit mystery), features one of the best coming out sequences in all BL, and even though one of them is a ghost, it still ends happily. 
Oxygen the series (from Thailand on YouTube) - On the flip side I know exactly why fans never jumped on Oxygen. It’s so quiet and mellow, it almost too simple, but it’s amazingly sweet. The doctor subplot is dumb, but Solo and Gui should run counseling sessions in good communication for all the other BL couples. However, because they talk to each other like adults, none of their conflict can come from miscommunication, and fans don’t seem to like to see an actually good working relationship. Still, if you want comfort, this is your drama, because (well) there’s very little drama. 
My Day the series (from the Philippines on YouTube) - Sometimes I feel like I am the only person in the world who liked My Day. I just found it so much fun. It has slightly better production values than most Pinoy stuff, the leads have great chemistry and are gorgeous, and it’s messy, but in the best possible way. 
Most Peaceful Place (from Vietnam on YouTube) - This list could also include Nation’s Brother, Follow My Sunshine, and You Are Ma Boy, all solid BLs from Vietnam. Vietnam struggles to gain viewers for various reasons (not the least of which is an apparent inability to understand SEO), but at least you can find their stuff legally on YouTube. This is one of their best. It’s a redemption story of the boy who got away coming home, and the two trying to understand what went wrong and how to repair it. Production values are low, and budget is sparse, but the acting is great and the chemistry is really good too. You should give Vietnam a chance to change your mind. 
HIStory 2: Right or Wrong (from Taiwan on Viki) - Another one where I can take a good guess as to why BL fans don’t love it. May/December is not a popular pairing, plus international fans in particular don’t like a teacher/student power dynamic, and there’s some weird child endangerment stuff at the start. BUT once it hits its stride this is the ultimate in domestic delights. The little family they form is fantastic, the drawn out explosive chemistry is great, and it has one of the best endings in BL. Also, it’s groundbreaking, as it’s the first BL to depict legally married gays. 
HIStory: Obsessed (from Taiwan on Viki) - This is classic old school yaoi-born BL in almost every way. Not many of us like something so traditional. I think you might have to come out of reading manga to truly get this one, but it’s kind of delightful to see it on screen. Mainland China did this style BL, only very dark, for years. It’s almost like with this (one of their first serious BLs), Taiwan was both making fun of that and fixing China’s past wrongs. It is about obsessive love, but also second chances. It turns the “kill your gay” trope on its head in a way that allows it to still pull your heartstrings but end happy, and, it’s Taiwan, so the chemistry is wonderful. 
FYI: I judge “underrated” on the strength of what I see people talk about (or more precisely not talk about) on social media, MDL reviews, and YouTube watch numbers (when available, as compared to comparable shows from the same country). 
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My top 5 rarepair ships bc I said so (some of these I’m pretty sure literally only I ship)
5: Everett Ross/Dr Strange- this is a ship from the peak of my 2017/2018 AO3 high school brainrot and like other than the Johnlock factor it makes for such an interesting dynamic, like Everett Ross who’s so against super heroes falling for this magic user who’s just been through an insane personal journey. Ship art was fantastic.
4: Harringroveson- stop clutching your pearls about polyamorous relationships it’s perfect. Billy and Eddie really are two sides of the same coin but when you put them together it works and I really don’t think anyone would argue about the chemistry of harringrove or steddie. And the fics that are made about these three are amazing. I love them.
Jumping from semi rarepairs to rarepairs with a capital R, 3: Alex x Morpheus, the sandman (Netflix tv version)- you can’t tell me this wasn’t at the very least attraction from Alex’s part and like there’s something about teaching someone who’s never known affection and been abused as a child that they can be loved. And before yous start no I do not believe in making people suffer eternally for a decision they were forced to make as an abused teenager
2: Alex x Paul x Morpheus x Hob, The Sandman (Netflix 2022 version) polyamory is the answer to everything, I am literally writing a fic with this eventful pairing and I just love the idea of the dynamics between all of them. Like I feel like the energy between all of them would add up to like that scene of wwdits where they’ve just drank the drugged blood in the rave. I love Alex as a character, he deserves to be happy, Paul is adorable and I don’t feel like I need to justify my love for Morpheus or Hob.
1: Jonathan Christopher Morgenstern x Jem Carstairs from the mortal instruments universe- LOOK. HEAR ME OUT. I was twelve. I was very upset at the fact that Jonathan had never had the chance to actually be a normal teenager who wasn’t trapped inside himself by demon blood. And I had always thought that Jem was a little too perfect. So I made the ultimate opposites attract, awkward single dad x sunshine cat dad dynamic. Because I’m a sucker for a redemption arc for abused teens who adults refuse to write properly. And like I think we can all tell he was meant to be fruity but Cassandra Clare is just obsessed with giving every character she wrote the very gross thing she loved writing and I just wasn’t having that.
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Tagged by @kushielsmercy 💕. Tagging @ex0rin, @samstree, @theamazingbard & anyone else interested.
Rules: We would like to ask you to recommend us 3 of YOUR fics: 1 that is “most popular” and 2 that are “hidden gems”!
Most popular: Fever Song (TWN, Geralt/Jaskier, 54k, fuck or die, all the bloody whump) This story is what happens when you get into a new medievalish, magicalish fandom and, for a larf, say to yourself, "Welp, guess I can't use the word electric anymore," and immediately start to wonder what kind of story would make you miss using the word electric. Turns out it's the bloody, developing relationship, slow burn, small moments, hopeful ending, road trip fuck or die Netflix Witcher fic of my heartdreams.
Hidden gems: (this was so tough to pick, so I went with something old and something new) Should've Done You Just the Same (Red Dead Redemption 2, Arthur Morgan/John Marston, 15k, D/s, hella daddy kink) D'ya like cowboys? Outlaw cowboys? Outlaw cowboys who are colleagues, non-blood brothers, and friends who are sometimes enemies exploring drawn-out daddy kink dynamics? If yes, then this may be the fic for you. This is actually pre-RDR2, so the plot of that game is implicit and Easter eggy instead of present. You could definitely read and enjoy it without an in-depth knowledge of the game.
Drip (Stranger Things, Billy Hargrove/Steve Harrington, 4.3k, fuck or die, goddamn summer) Normally my fuck or die urges dig their way to the surface once a decade [gesturing above], but as if I'm gonna turn down the chance to write some harringrove FoD. Harringrove, secret hook-ups, fuck or die, and the sweaty golden squeeze of summer is a delicious combination, like getting all the best flavours in the same slurpee cup.
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Friday, January 20, 2022 Canadian TV Listings (Times Eastern)
AUSTRALIAN OPEN TENNIS (TSN) 7:00pm: Early Round Coverage Day #6 (TSN4) 9:00pm: Early Round Coverage Day #6
NHL HOCKEY (TSN5) 7:00pm: Sens vs. Penguins (SNPacific) 10:00pm: Avalanche vs. Canucks
CHL HOCKEY (TSN3) 7:30pm: Peterborough Petes vs. Guelph Storm
NBA BASKETBALL   (SN/SN1) 7:30pm: Heat vs. Mavericks (TSN2) 7:30pm: Warriors vs. Cavaliers (SN1) 10:00pm: Grizzlies vs. Lakers
MARKETPLACE (CBC) 8:00pm: Busting Miracle Cures: Hidden Camera Investigation: Investigating the “Doc of Detox” who promises to cure serious ailments with his supplements & specialized devices. We reveal the false claims & speak to those who regret subscribing to his treatment.
STUFF THE BRITISH STOLE (CBC) 8:30pm: Sign a deal with Queen Victoria or face disease and devastation? That was a choice facing one of Canada’s proudest leaders. But did the British forces then literally steal the shirt from his back?
THE NATURE OF THINGS (CBC) 9:00pm: Science & Cannabis: Is cannabis a medical cure-all or snake oil? Scientists distinguish the medicine from the myths.
TRANSPLANT (CTV) 9:00pm: A software glitch takes down the emergency department; Bash explores new terrain; Mags searches for a new cardiologist; June is fed up with her bosses; Theo attempts a stable dating life.
THE PROOF IS OUT THERE (History Canada) 9:00pm (SEASON PREMIERE):  Reports of a dinosaur living in the African Congo, strange lights above the Hessdalen Valley in Norway, a 12-year-old girl in Russia with superhuman strength, and proof of an alien structure on an asteroid.
OLDBOY (2003) (Crave) 9:00pm:  A vengeful man (Choi Min-sik) must unlock the mystery behind his 15-year-imprisonment by unseen jailers.
CRIME BEAT (Global) 10:00pm: The Wrongful Confession
THE SUICIDE TEXTS: THE FRIENDS SPEAK (Super Channel Fuse)  10:00pm: The case of Michelle Carter and Conrad Roy, who met during a chance encounter while on vacation and immediately connected through their struggles with mental health; over time, Michelle helped Conrad prepare and execute his suicide.
TERROR TRAIN 2 (Crave) 11:05pm: Alana is coerced to join the Magician and other survivors on a New Year's Eve redemption ride aboard the now infamous Terror Train, where a new kind of evil awaits. Once again, the terrified passengers must fight to survive.
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mk-wizard · 1 year
Possible Skeletor Redemption Arc
This is just my opinion on the Netflix series not on the fan reaction. I’ve had enough of the fans’ negative attitudes and I’m done listening to them.
I have seen the Netflix He-Man Masters of the Universe from beginning to end so far, and because it is child friendly yet at the same time, progressive and deep in all the right ways, it is clear to me that the writers are considering redeeming Skeletor.
My only question is why didn’t they think of doing this sooner?
Keep in mind, Skeletor’s origin story has been written, retconned and rewritten multiple times before finding the winning formula because originally, He-Man was toyline not a storyline. Now, the definitive version of Skeletor paints him as being more complex than just a power hungry villain. His origin story which was decided on once and for all goes as follows;
Tumblr media
Skeletor’s true name isn’t “Skeletor” it is Keldor and the big controversial secret behind him is that he is not only the half brother of King Randor (Prince Adam’s dad), he is the older brother and should have been next in line for the throne, but his father, the king at the time, was dirt bag who didn’t want an heir who was half Gar and visibly looked it to ascend to the throne, so he abandoned Keldor and his mother. For some context, the Gar are a fictional race of honourable warriors, spiritualists and artists unique to the lore of He-Man. They look human save for the fact that they are slightly more beautiful and have blue skin. So in short, the King at the time thought Keldor’s mother was not too blue to bed, but too blue to wed and the son they had together was a defective child he refused to raise or include in his family.
What Keldor, who would become Skeletor, went through was tragic and his dad was a pompous and racist dead beat. His origin is not a far cry from what way too many kids even today go through especially when it was the mother who was the coloured one. While it doesn’t dismiss his crimes or make anything bad he did ok, it does explain why he succumbed to the dark side. Imagine what it feels like growing up knowing your dad abandoned you to a life of poverty because he considered you as an “ugly mutt” and disgraced your mother as being only good for pleasuring men because her colour devalues her. This is wrong on so many levels and for the record, Keldor’s half brother Randor AGREES and is ashamed of their dad for what he did. This backstory is absolutely heartbreaking and nobody deserves to go through this. All children regardless of colour or whether they came in or out of wedlock deserve to be loved and have a chance at a decent life. In a way, his story has BLM undertones by today’s standards which isn’t a bad thing. Lots of people make bad decisions because they had bad lives, but then, see the light and become better people.
In my opinion, the potential for Skeletor to be redeemed is there. Yes, he should still be held accountable for his sins and atone for them during his redemption arc, but I say he deserves one. Yes, I admit that in the current Netlfix series, Keldor looked completely human and white, but three things...
1- They never said Keldor was the younger brother. People are just assuming it.
2- They never said Keldor and Randor had the same mother. It’s not uncommon for half brothers who grew up together to call each other “brother” and for all we know, Randor himself doesn’t know Keldor and him are actually half brothers.
3- Keldor is gifted in magic and has used it to enhance appearance. In other words, Keldor’s face is an illusion. Who is to say that his real face would reveal him to not only be older than Randor, but also half-Gar? In fact, that is my new fan theory; Keldor uses magic to make himself look human so society will accept him. Plus, even without the confirmation of my theory, Keldor and Randor do NOT look related which also hints that either the two of them are not really brother or are just half brothers.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Back to the point, the definitive version of Skeletor is that he was the victim of parental abandonment out of racism and went on a dark path because of it. Characters like this are complex and should be given redemption arcs or at the very least, the attempt at one. If Skeletor does get one, I think it would be great.
I say if the writers decide to go for it, let’s sit back and enjoy the show.
PS: After analyzing my own analysis further, I am even more convinced that Skeletor’s origin story was a reference to racist deadbeat dads because Skeletor’s skull and bone motif is not a far cry from Mexican lore. In fact, even back when he was Keldor, his facial features and hair are very Latino and I mean that in a respectful way. If anything, this makes me even more convinced that the writers will definitely go with a redemption arc and I’m rooting for it now.
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damnbert · 1 year
Tumblr media
Hey guys! I’m Livy and I’m from the UK. 😊 This blog is a mish-mash of a lot of different shit - the fandoms main floating around here are;
The Witcher 
Tolkien  (The Hobbit & Lord of The Rings)
The Old Guard (mostly netflix)
What We Do In The Shadows 
Red Dead Redemption 2 
House of The Dragon 
All ships and characters are tagged but I reccomend using the search function instead since I am very unreliable haha
Requests: Open (info under cut)
Tumblr media
Side blogs:
@resident-lambert-hoe​ - Witcher fanfic blog
@celebrimbor-telperinquar​ - Silmarillion-specific blog including fanfics
@icarus-fell-in-spring​ - My multifandom reader-insert blog
Archive of Our Own here!
Tumblr media
Whilst this blog is mostly just my trash sense of humour - there is the occasional fanfic on here tagged with #Livy’s writing
Current fandoms:
If requests are open, feel free to send something in for any character pairing as long as Arthur is involved :)  All writing on this blog will be character x character stuff (for instance, charthur). If you’re looking for reader-insert stuff, try @icarus-fell-in-spring​!
General rules for requests:
Although I have headcanons and match-ups on this blog, at the moment I’m only writing actual fanfics - mostly between 2-5k
Please include 1 request per ask as it helps me keep track of how many i recieve
Don’t sent requests via DM - please use the ‘ask’ function otherwise I might forget about it! Though if you want to add more detail via DM, that’s ok :)
Include as much detail as possible in your request - vague ones will be deleted
When my inbox is open, please request a maximum of 3 fics (per person) so that other followers can have the chance to request things too before my inbox is closed.
All requests can be deleted at my discression, regardless of reason
Topics to avoid:
Graphic self harm/suicide
Original Characters
Graphic abuse, rape, violence or torture
Anything to do with weddings/wedding nights/loss of virginity
There are other things that I’m prepared to write about but these will be judged on a case by case basis as I may not be able to do the topic justice. For example, I’m white so I have little experiance of racism so with some ideas, I might like them but have to turn them down because I wouldn’t be able to write it to the standard I’d like. Feel free to ask if you’re unsure :)
Tumblr media
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Lemon: All NSFW fics will have this tag - blacklist if that makes you uncomfortable!
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saclarclay · 8 months
Oh wait I almost forgot to type this, if you don't like self insert thing or reader insert thing you can skip, it's just a reaper things, it’s an open one not really my oc or sona thing like it’s just a random thoughts I had in mind
But like imagine you're one of the reapers who's been working in the division you're in for so long, kek I want it to be an important division so that the reapers know about you like maybe you're just the guy who hand out everyone's mission or task, the chill but strict person and almost everyone basically know you until one day there's announcements after hundreds of years you managed to be the one who got the chance for redemption.
Like you get a chance to go to heaven temporarily before being reborn again as a human. Imagine it as the scene with old grandpa from that one Japanese Netflix movie called Death office or something (totally recommend on giving it a watch but watch the warning)
And the reapers you are close with are the reapers we currently have in kuro, to make things easier aight, shush.
Turn this whole thing into individual scenario depending on who you're close with and how their reaction to that, who would be sad, 'jealous' but actually sad but also happy for you, who would be mad etc etc
And then in the end before you go through the door you jokingly said to them (the reaper that you choose) "Maybe I'll meet you again someday, as a human"
N then after years of trying to move on or find you, you finally see each other again but ofc you have no memories of the past.
Also, with Othello, wouldn't it be sad if he got a task to study this human you because you have this weird sickly disease. I feel like he would be the type to 'stalk' but then purposely get caught so easily just so he could sort of hangout with you again while also asking about your condition.
Idk why he and ronald would make reader think they're just your imaginary friend. Though with Ronald I think he would only show himself once your time is almost up because he doesn't want to get too attached with you
With Grell idk why but i feel like she would feel pissed when she saw you as a human, you who used to be a reaper now looking all puny and weak in her eyes. But she's not purely mad and hate you, it’s like, she's feeling more frustrated about the you now,but at the same time seeing you genuinely living a better life makes her feel happy.
William may appear  like he doesn’t care, you got reincarnated? Good for you. But just like Grell, he may not show it but he probably felt a slight relief seeing you all good then move on. There's still a load of paperwork to do that you left behind.
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230 notes • Posted 2021-09-24 17:29:55 GMT
Something that I love about the editor arg and that people never mention is how pathetic and sad it was. It wasn't about murder, it wasn't about aliens or ghosts, it wasn't about a cult or a conspiracy theory, it wasn't about a secret group or a mob, it was just a guy who did something embarrassing.
Most of it relied on heavy coding and deciphering instead of riddles, "worldbuilding" clues etc. There wasn't even a defined aesthetic or tone. There wasn't worldbuilding. It was just a dude in London. It was realistic and that's what makes "understanding your new position as a king" or the first ever video so chilling and, in a way, more disturbing than a ghost story or a criminal case. It didn't started with a cryptic photo or a weird message, it was a goofy email, light-hearted, funny. It was made of medias that we know (Poe, Crywank...) And that could be the interest of a normal person. Argbur was an extremely realistic character, both as a portrait of paranoia and just. Being a guy. Who likes things. And has friends. And had a traumatic event happening to him. Period.
387 notes • Posted 2021-11-11 17:09:23 GMT
The Dream SMP but if Netflix adapted and butchered it :
There is no pet war or no pre-revolution era. It starts with some dramatic plan of Wilbur on the OG walls singing the anthem to the sun for no reason. The whole "drug van" thing is replaced by "van were Wilbur lived with Sally before her death" bc Sally is some hot redhead human here.
Sapnap is a manly hot guy "anything for the homies" type of man. George is super weird and apathetic and soft and he is the villain sideckik who don't like the villain's plan but follow bc he admire the villain himself and want for him to have a redemption arc.
The SBI are canon and called like this for fanservice except it's Tubbo and not Techno.
Tubbo is now taller and he is a cool "buff farmer with a soft personality" kind of guy. Tommy is a Chad. Tubbo is only his sidecick.
Eret's redemption arc happens in 3sec and her betrayal is only used as a "plot upgrade" point. Wilbur's spiral into insanity is represented in the most cliché way possible. Quackity is whitewashed as hell but is still a Mexican Drug dealer stereotype who harass girls and boys bc bad representation why not.
Names are changed for becoming more "serious". Coconut2020, Swag2020, Pog2020 and Pogtopia become Abrasion2020, The Just Cost, Founders Fathers and Two-man-land.
Niki has a huge crush on Wilbur who don't love her but see Sally's ghost instead of her. Be wants to overthrow Manberg for saving her but slowly realize that he dont love her. Niki end up with Jack Manifold at the end.
Schlatt is now in his 20s and Quackity is only his "vermine sidecick". Tubbo's excuse for leaving is an imaginary girlfriend.
Tommy has a huge crush on Drista but she is the devil and from his enemy's family, so he finally renounce to her in peace but still misses her.
Wilbur and Philza hate eachoter. Techno is not morally grey, he is Satan's spawn that refused to be redeemed when Tommy gave him a chance and is portrayed as evil for betraying them.
Ranboo is writed with accidental DID and his lore is all about cool visuals with no meaning. The End quest Is saw as a cliché identity quest. Oh, and Ranboo is just a tall white boy with split hair and dapper clothes who lives alone in his cold manor bc he is a rich boi. Michael is his little brother and he has a very brotherly relationship w/ Tubbo when they add "bro" at the end of all phrases bc nooo not gay.
Punz is a cis man who get girls. Ponk is a black token. Skeppy is whitewashed. BBH is a comedic relief. Hannah is a femme fatale and is w/ Antfrost. Velvet do not fucking exist. Puffy is Foolish's sister. Fundy is a cis women bc "representation". Purpled is the jarred teenager comic relief who never look beside his smartphone. Slime is Sheldon Cooper but without bones.
The disc finale do not involve Tubbo more than a damsel in distress type shit. DreamXD do not exist. Sam is human. Foolish is a hot guy with some fake Egyptian clothes and is a comic relief. Tubbo's PTSD of fireworks show once for plot convenience. The prison look like a normal prison. Sam Nook is the little robot assistant type comic relief that everyone loves. Tommy's exile is more focused on the wildlife and physical change than on his psychology. Ghostbur became a tortured angsty character who lives alone in his library and scare everyone.
826 notes • Posted 2021-09-01 22:09:45 GMT
So I'm very sick and semi awake but this came to me in a semi conscious state. I need to sleep but I'm too feverous lmao.
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1839 notes • Posted 2021-09-18 08:02:25 GMT
mangoball is actually a fandom commentary on how distorted our perfecption of ccs is and how people feels the needs to attributes rôles and archetypes to real persons. In thos essay i will-
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blackangusandy · 11 months
Castlevania II and the Horrors of Sidescrolling RPGs
It's sometimes amazing how inspiration strikes me for some of the articles I publish here.
Case in point, I was already to deliver a meandering trip down video game memory lane with a review of the Castlevania collection available right now on the Switch. This is especially relevant you can watch that  incredible Castlevania anime series on Netflix, and I've been devouring like crazy recently.
Anyways, I was going to chat about the fact that I might use the game as an excuse to finally beat one of the few games of that illustrious franchise that has thus far eluded me, Castlevania II: Simon's Quest. Ah yes, the black sheep of the Castlevania games, this cross platformer/RPG game is very much like the ill fated Zelda II, in that it's somewhat of a major departure from the normal game play we expect from the series, and as result, made more enemies than fans over the years, including yours truly.  
Tumblr media Tumblr media
See the major issue with both of these games is the fact that side scrolling and RPGs really don't mesh well. Mainly because of the entire concept of jumping. Nothing frustrates me more than having to delay my progress in any RPG game because I have to backtrack through a section which requires expert jump timing to navigate. I mean you are already asking quite a lot of me in the fact that I have to solve difficult logic puzzles, taking on an ungodly large amount of fetch quests, XP grind through hordes of nameless minions to power up my character enough to beat the bosses, but then you throw in timed platform jumps?!? Are you a some sort of sadist?!?
 And worse yet, you only give the player a set number of lives, and missing jumps doesn't just make you lose some hit points or something, but a whole life, making your chances of actually making it to the boss or side quest item or whatever even more frustratingly unlikely.  
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Indeed, there is nothing worse that sickening thud in the pit of your stomach when you are closing in on the boss lair, full health, stacked with power ups ready for that big showdown only to see your hopes dashed when a random bird or Medusa head knocks you off a ledge into a bottomless moat. Worse yet if it happens to be your last guy and you have to start all over from the last check point in a town 15 screens away. It's enough to make you throw your NES controller into the nearest box fan!
The Castlevania series was notorious for these kinds of cheap deaths almost as much as Ninja Gaiden with it's never ending hordes of rampaging linebackers and murderous hawks. As was Kid Icaras, Rygar , and the aforementioned Zelda II , all flush with potential massive frustration spawning moments.  
I will say at least Metroid cut you slack most of the time, with building boards on top of boards so that it played vertically as well as horizontally, thus sparing you an instant death if you happened to topple into the inky black void of "off screen".
Tumblr media
Of course, that was its own frustration as often those vertical stacks took a long time to scale thus getting knocked off set you back a ways, but hey! At least it wasn't a dreaded "game over" screen!
Rygar, one of my personal favorites from the NES era due to its incredibly unique design and internal mythology, was extra notorious in that it didn't even have a save game function, just a continue feature, thus you had to beat the game in either one sitting or leave your NES on for days, which was always difficult in an era where Mom and Dad were always complaining about the electric bill.  
As a result of all of these factors, many of these classic games I never conquered until many years later when the game manufacturers began to repackage these now retro games on virtual consoles, giving us the almighty "save state" feature. Now if there was a particularly tricky jump, you could save right before attempting it and if for some reason you bit it, redemption was only a click away.
Sure, most gamers might think that's cheating, but for someone that is already pretty secure in his video game playing skills, this option just allows me to overcome what I consider "limitations" in the game play of these older games. And in allowing me to do that, I can actually finish some of these classics, like I would in finishing a movie.
I mean could you imagine how frustrating it would be if every time you wanted to finish watching Star Wars, seeing the Death Star Trench scene depended on whether you could precisely whip jump an dive bombing seagull that randomly respawned on your TV screen! No good, folks! No good!
Tumblr media
But yeah, over the years I've beaten many of the ones I've mentioned above, except for Castlevania II, with good reason, which I'll get to in just a moment after I lay on those youngsters and others that have been under a rock for the past 30+ years just what this game is all about.  
The first sequel to the widely successful Castlevania game which took the video game world by storm in 1986, game developer Konami decided to take a different approach with this follow up from standard platformer. Introducing non linear game play and RPG elements into an open world style adventure game, Konami was looking to build upon the concepts that they first introduced in their MSX release entitled Maze of Galious.
Tumblr media
The story is really one of the few "pure" sequels to the original Castlevania in that it immediately follows the story line from the first game with the same main character in Simon Belmont. Simon has been cursed by the spirit of the vampire lord, Dracula, for this role in his demise at the conclusion of the first game, and now seemingly suffers from endless insomnia as well as being hunted by Dracula's monstrous armies both day and night.
The day and night aspect is pretty important to note, as this game does cycle back and forth between the two using an internal timer, and there are pretty substantial differences in the game play during the different times of day. Night time is always proceeded by an alert to the player that
"What a Horrible Night To Have a Curse"
(which as a kid I thought was an pretty eerie and ominous phrase), after which all the towns are closed and infested with zombies as well all of the monsters outside the towns are much more difficult to beat.  
Tumblr media
Additionally, the game does keep track of how many "days" it takes you to visit the 5 haunted mansions in the game, collect the various remains of Dracula's corpse, get the magic cross, and return to Dracula's castle for a final boss battle. Depending on how long it takes, you might get one of 3 possible endings, with the "best" one happening if it only takes you 8 of these day cycles to beat the game. 8 days?!?
See there are two problems with that lofty goal and I've already expounded to a certain degree on the first which is the fact that its again a platform game in design and yet requires an insane amount of backtracking, meaning at any moment your whole day may be ruined by that mistimed jump as you have to traverse the same areas over and over again.
However, worse yet was that the game is some what notorious for having incredibly cryptic and unhelpful hints, exposition elements, and general direction as to where you have to go or what you have to do from the townspeople. This is just plain unacceptable to modern RPG design. I'm not saying you have to telegraph players exactly what the next steps are, but when the clues given are misleading, poorly translated (aka the "Deborah Cliff" clue), or just aren't given at all, then you have to chalk that up to a failure to provide an environment where the player can actually succeed.  
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I will say that some of my friends  believe using strategy guides to defeat games is somewhat cheating, however a solid walk-through is actually necessary to have any chance of beating Castlevania II given some puzzles have absolutely no way of figuring out what to do without one. Case in point with the infamous "Tornado in the Graveyard" puzzle, which has no in game clues and could only be figured out by a random guess if not for the walk-through.
That's why I feel like the second ever issue of Nintendo Power was so important for gamers back in 1987. It was well before the internet, so it was the only place you could get a 14 page guide for the how to access the first 3 mansions in the game, thus getting you well on your way to beating half of the game. Still though that Tornado/Graveyard puzzle is after the first 3 mansions, so it still wasn't super helpful.  
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Speaking of that particular issue, it to became more than a little infamous in its own right as it sparked a slew of angry telephone calls and letters from parents who claimed the cover with a cosplay wannabe dressed up like Simon Belmont holding Dracula's severed head in his grip gave all their poor little kids nightmares.
Ah...the mid 80s and the power of Mom groups demonizing video games. Yeah, I remember that particular cover, and trust me, it didn't give me bad dreams. I think Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street , and the tons of other slasher pics dominating theaters in that decade did more from that perspective than a reject from the Stewart's annual Halloween party ever would.
Hell, Unsolved Mysteries with the reenactments of alien abductions which were on mainstream TV was worse for my night terrors than this. Anyways, I'm still glad this bad boy exists because I plan on beating Castlevania 2 as old skool as I can and that means using this original Nintendo Power guide as my personal cheat sheet just as I would have done back in the day.
Tumblr media
Accordingly to long play videos on YouTube, it can take an experienced gamer that knows exactly what to do and where to go about an hour and a half to defeat all of Simon's Quest. I doubt I'm going to get even close to doing that, but I will say it seems as if the boss battles at the very least are simpler than in Castlevania I , so if I can survive the frustration of making all of those stupid jumps, I should be able to tackle the challenge of at least getting the really good ending (whatever that means...).
 And beating this game has been a long time coming. Although I might decry it above as being a exercise in vexation, it really was a game that captured my imagination as a kid, as did all of the Castlevania games. So much so, that I even asked for the Castlevania II Tiger hand held game so I could play it on the school bus on the way home from elementary.  
Boy, I had great memories of that game. Sure, it was simple and buggy, but it got me through a lot of long afternoons on the bus attempting to avoid the gaze of bullies. Plus, I feel without Simon's Quest , we wouldn't have eventually got the greatest of this series on the NES in Castlevania 3!
Tumblr media
Yep, they definitely wouldn't have learned their lesson in dumping all that backtracking quest garbage and just focusing on delivering the RPG elements in the more digestible form of multiple story paths and the choice of supernatural partner to help Trevor Belmont defeat the forces of evil.  
However, I will say that Simon's Quest also begot probably the best game of the entire franchise in Symphony of the Night although I will say the exploration aspects were handled so much better in that game than it ever was in Simon's Quest.
Still though even with Symphony of the Night, I feel like that game is so good it was an exception to the rule versus proving the rule.  RPGs are best as top down affairs. I will fight anyone that tries to argue that fact with me...
Tumblr media
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i-am-extremely-mad · 2 years
It shocks me over and over again when I come across blogs that extremely aggressively, absolutely HATE LOK, Korra, korrasami and practically every character and aspect of the show. I have to share this horror with others because these are just a small part of the awful views from that blog (supposedly feminist and lesbian), interestingly, attitudes about LOK and korrasami were mostly positive or at least neutral in 2014-2015, and then abruptly changed sometime in the middle of last year which coincides with LOK finally being on Netflix, I will probably respond to if I am in the mood for a toxic discussion...
Anonymous asked:
“I think it's a bit hypocritical that you hate Korra's personality and not Zuko's.Zuko is arrogant asshole bitch and you like him. I never see you criticizing him like you do with Korra”
“Zuko is an arrogant asshole bitch, but he’s not annoying. Korra is an arrogant asshole bitch and is very annoying. Hope this helps!”
#asks#anti lok#going to absolutely BLOW YOUR MIND to find out that the quality of the media itself determines how much I like a character#as well as the quality of the characters development#also this isn't math there is no transitive property for liking characters#some hit and some don't#get over it#Anonymous
Anonymous asked:
“As soon as I heard “I’m the Avatar; you’ve gotta deal with it!” I knew I would fucking hate that show. I naturally hate people who are like that. If Bryke was still smart they would have thought to make Korra’s personality more like water similar to Aang with air, not “haha fuck you, I’m avatar haha!”
“LOL YEP like 3 seconds into the show you hear that, and understand EXACTLY what the rest of LOK is going to be like. Not only is a jarring contrast to Aang and every other Avatar we’ve seen, it directly contradicts everything we know about the Avatar cycle from ATLA. All the other Avatars have to be TOLD that they are the Avatar, and have to work hard to master their non-native elements. Korra just naturally being able to bend 3 elements when she’s like 5 tells you everything you need to know about how the creators of LOK went about making their show: worldbuilding and logic don’t matter, it’s all about flashy visuals and one-time gags.”
#asks#anti lok#DISGOSTING#'meh meh if korra was a MAN you wouldn't call her arrogant' I absolutely would#korra being a dickhead is not okay just because she's a woman#Anonymous
Anonymous asked:
“Korrasami is shit,a joke, boring af, they don't have romantic chemistry, asami acts like a big sister towards korra. there I said it for you.”
“OOP! Well, I certainly didn’t say it!”
#asks#anti lok#but ur right#ACTUALLY I disagree on one point#asami doesn't act like a sister to korra#they act like work colleagues that only ever hang out during their lunch break#they act like very distant cousins that only talk on facebook#they act like people that share mutual friends but don't know each other that well#okay I'll stop#Anonymous
“Korra: 1/10, I will see myself out the door to be CANCELLED! Not only was her character very unlikeable, but the way fandom reared up to defend this (quite frankly) terrible character under the guise of “wokeness” when it is clear that the creators sprinkled in just enough ~representation~ to get brownie points without actually saying anything meaningful is just EMBARRASSING. Korra defenders are being manipulated by those cishet white men they hate so much, and they do it gladly. Anyway, I find Korra boring, disrespectful, and underdeveloped.”
#asks#ask game#character ask game#anti lok#SORRY YALL LOK'S CHARACTERS ARE BAD#also korra gives off 'mean feminine lesbian who calls gnc women slurs' vibes#korra and asami would bully me and then call me a homophobe#and kuvira gives off such heterosexuelle vibes I simply CANNOT with her#thetpot
“IT’S SO VILE! Korra is barely even an active character in her own show! She’s just a vessel that gets beaten and broken over and over again. She doesn’t actually get to LEARN from any mistakes that she makes, she’s just forced to recover from these external traumas that have literally nothing to do with her.
Ugh, tbh I feel NOTHING for korrasami. Korra and Asami don’t speak about anything except Mako for most of the show, and only really start actually TALKING to each other in the last half of season 4. None of Korra’s friends really spend that much time together throughout the runtime of the show tbh.
But yeah, it’s frustrating that people tout LOK as this amazing show staring a queer WOC, but the people making the show HATED Korra and HATED developing her in a meaningful way.”
Anonymous asked:    
“Korra was like Zuko at the beginning of the show, now she in season 4 is like Aang. Bryke gave kuvira a redemption bc team avatar was missing a Zuko. now she is the new zuko and not Korra.”
Sorry, my brain short circuited. You think Korra???? Is like Aang???? That might be the most offensive thing I have ever received in this askbox.
“also lock me in lesbian prison but korrasami is WEAK! they didn’t have a single conversation that wasn’t about mako for 3.5 seasons!!! they had zero moments together to indicate that asami would be the only person that korra would write to!!! yall tricked me, I thought I was getting some gay shit.
#anti lok#I SAID WHAT I SAID#korra had more chemistry in her one scene with opal than she ever did with asami”
Anonymous asked:
What do you think of korrasami?
no thank u, I don’t feel like being called a homophobe by a bunch of straight women today.
#asks#anti lok#a hornet's nest I will not be swinging at on this Monday lmao#I hate everything in lok you do the math#I'm sure I've talked about my issues with korrasami on my blog SOMEWHERE#have fun!#Anonymous
Not me seeing posts giving LOK and Korrasami credit for queerness in animation when Steven Universe, Adventure Time, and She-Ra were doing it unapologetically, openly, right from the very beginning....
#anti lok#TESTING MY GODDAMN PATIENCE#if korrasami was individually influential for you as a queer woman that's FINE#but do NOT give this insane credit to the cishet writing team of LOK!!!#not when these other shows were made by ACTUAL QUEER WOMEN#DISGOSTING
Anonymous asked:
if ur looking for an actual well-written canon wlw pairing in the atla verse, there’s rangshi. fc yee works so hard to fix all of bryke’s garbage, bless his soul. i have no hope for anything avatar studios related, but if fc yee is in the writer’s room, then there may be a very marginal chance that the stuff coming out is at least somewhat worthy of being associated with atla. the worldbuilding that he’s done in rise of kyoshi is insane.
I have heard good things about the Kyoshi novels! Unfortunately, LOK is the drop of shit that has poisoned the entire water supply. All ATLA-related works are going to have to be LOK compliant now, which is so deeply restrictive and contradictory to what I liked about ATLA in the first place. I feel like pre-canon stuff is safer (and again, heard AMAZING things about what FC Yee has done with a pre-ATLA world), but I guess I’m too cynical to get really invested in any more ATLA stuff anymore.
#asks#atla#anti lok#put Nat in charge of Avatar Studios and THEN we'll talk#finally get the thotty aang and amazing worldbuilding THAT WE DESERVE#Anonymous
I know, this was awful to see...
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ladyvesuvia · 2 years
Hi!!! Can I have a 🍸 𝗼𝘂𝘁 𝘄𝗶𝘁𝗵 𝘀𝗼𝗺𝗲𝗼𝗻𝗲 with Harry Potter please? Thanks in advance ❤️
I'm 19, Southeast Asian with Spanish descent, Libra, ENFJ-A/ENFJ-T, Ravenclaw, and a Bi Pan Genderfluid girl using the pronouns She/Her or He/Him. A friend of mine told me that I (kinda) look like Marinette from 𝗠𝗶𝗿𝗮𝗰𝘂𝗹𝗼𝘂𝘀 𝗟𝗮𝗱𝘆𝗯𝘂𝗴, Musa from 𝗪𝗶𝗻𝘅 𝗖𝗹𝘂𝗯, and Alexandra Trese from 𝗧𝗿𝗲𝘀𝗲 (a Netflix animated series), but the exception is I'm short (5'1.2") plus sized Southeast Asian woman with Spanish descent that has messy/wavy brunette medium hair, chocolate brown eyes, oriental skin and a small beauty mark on the forehead. My sense of fashion is in between emo and boyish plus korean glam.
People thought I'm a demure self-effacing religious woman that looks "idealistic" or "one of a kind," (due to my protective parents, a reason why I've never been in a relationship) but the truth is, I'm very complex...I coincindentally radiate the common traits of a Libra together with my mbti, and the cinnamon meme "𝗟𝗼𝗼𝗸𝘀 𝗹𝗶𝗸𝗲 𝗮 𝗰𝗶𝗻𝗻𝗮𝗺𝗼𝗻 𝗿𝗼𝗹𝗹, 𝗯𝘂𝘁 𝗰𝗼𝘂𝗹𝗱 𝗮𝗰𝘁𝘂𝗮𝗹𝗹𝘆 𝗸𝗶𝗹𝗹 𝘆𝗼𝘂". I also have this 𝗕𝗼𝗱𝗲𝗿𝗲/𝗗𝗲𝗿𝗲𝗱𝗲𝗿𝗲/𝗞𝘂𝘂𝗱𝗲𝗿𝗲 vibes if I'm an anime character, I laugh loudly on a daily basis, speak with nerdiness (in an entertaining way) or sarcasms, and cites some meme references. But my deeper self is a hella fragile, doubtful, frustrated, insecure and hopeless romantic, pushing too much to please everyone because of my fear of failure that might dissapoint them from their expectations, yet I still managed to be stronger than ever though it's a slow burn process.
Blunt but the loudest idiotic feeling-brokenhearted and bitter friend in the group who fangirl a lot, swears like sailor, will act like a silent backstabber on people that we loathe, will crack up over your stupid antics before helping, and bring gossips, but a hopeless romantic who tends to pull off corniest jokes/puns, and banter or make pick up lines as an endearment (but gets grumpy if I received sappy or offensive one), still generous and concerned in a subtle way.
My hobbies are singing, drawing, roleplaying, listening to music, chatting/browsing on social media, conceptualizing, writing, and reading some stuffs. 𝖨'𝗅𝗅 𝗂𝗇𝖼𝗅𝗎𝖽𝖾 making corniest jokes/puns, 𝗌𝗅𝖾𝖾𝗉𝗂𝗇𝗀, and dancing when nobody's around or walking like a model if I feel so bold (even I'm terrible at both xD).
My best assets are smile, eyes, personality, singing voice, artistic skills, writings, intelligence, and oratorical skills...so I can consider myself as a singer, artist, orator, and a top student who's a former active campus ministry member with three roles (choir leader, psalm singer, and reader). Currently an incoming college freshman, learning how to cook and have so many interests, to the point I don't know what I'm into because of my dreams to become a popular Filipino YouTuber, a novelist, and being part of a successful chorale competing internationally...I also consider joining pageants at school too once the pandemic ends, but maybe.
woah dami ah hHAHAHAHA char lang ily gotchu bb SORRY THIS TOOK SO LONG OMFG
sirius met you through james, who was then trying to get lily because ofc you were one of her friends. james was all “put a good word for me, yeah?” but sirius didn’t really see this side so he thought that you and james were a thing HAHDHWHAHA especially because you and james made pun jokes together but in reality you two were just brotp.
i also would like to assign you as pureblood so yea sirius had doubts about you because by the time you met. he was at his redemption arc <333 then at some point while you were waiting for james at the common room, you were left alone with sirius and you two just…talked and he really enjoyed it and yall just became closer and closer and closer.
sirius was then worried because he might’ve had a little something for you and he was like fucckkkk im sinning against james so whenever he had the chance, he’d go up to james like “you still like lily, right? you’re making major progress with her, right?” and james just narrows his eyes like…duh
he kept doing this until james had to ask what was up with him so sirius confessed about liking you and james just couldn’t hold it in because after all those times he’d been coming up to him, sirius was trying to get james’ ‘blessing’ on asking you out hHAHAHAHAHAA
— you two 100% played with each other’s hair when you became official.
— sirius always looks at you with heart eyes whenever you talk omfg
— PLS THE WAY THE TWO OF YOU WOULD MAKE FUN OF EACH OTHER IS JUST UNMATCHED. basically you were both getting along well with each other. he thought you were interesting and he’s a big simp for interesting people.
— whenever the topic of your conversations shifted to something more emotional you two would end it laughing while making jokes and it was just so comfortable for the two of you yk
— the rest of the marauders is supportive of your relationship and when james finally got with lily, everyone went out (not just you four on a double date but also EVERYONE in the friend group).
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hello-yue-here · 2 years
1) what's your favourite element and why
2) momo or appa
3) what got you into avatar (additionally: what made you keep watching it)
4) fav part of canon / canon info you will always ignore every single day
5) which adult do you think would vibe best with the gaang, not in a parental way, but like in a friends way
sincerely, bread bestie (p.s. you don't have to answer all of these lol i just wanted to give you options)
1) i think water because it can do so much. it can heal. it can turn to ice. it can be a weapon. it can be a cool party trick. it can do so much?? its so versitile just like water and i think that they way they modeled the bending is more than just ‘oh katara has water powers’ like the creators put a lot of thought into ALL kinds of bending but i think water is the most prominent examples of that because it rlly shows how flexible the element is through the many uses of bending. so yeah. water.
2) appa. i have two appa plushies in my room that two diffeeenr friends got me for mt bday without consulting one another and it was amzing. i love appe. momo is still wonderful but. appa my beloved
3) when the atla renaissance began, i saw it EVERYWHERE on my tiktok fyp even tho i had never shown any interest in any tiktoks ab it before. eventually i was like yk what this actually seems kinda good may as well give it a shot. and it was AMAZING. so i started looking on my insta explore page for fanarts and looking up funfacts and eventually that turned into coming on tumblr and ive been here ever since! ive also rewatched the show over twenty times since it returned to netflix. whoops.
4) canon things i love:
grumpy grouchy sarcastic sokka
toph listening to the earth before making her moves
the way sokka earned mark of the wise
p much everything suki does
the final agni kai. ik theres a lot of arguing between zutara shippers and basically everyone else ab zuko taking the lighting bolt for katara and zuko taking the kightning bolt for anyone. look he DID take that bolt for katara specifically and he WOULD take a bolt for anyone in the gaang. these facts can and should coexist. removing all shipping arguments ab this scene tho: i love it so much because its one of the most defining moments that shows just how far zuko has come as a chatacter. like that is the epitome of the depiction if his growth for me.
aang and his marble trick
aang being more than just a goofy kid. hes so wise. hes so strong. hes been through so fuckin much and hes STILL THAT POSITIVE. hes so strong and i love him.
canon things i ignore
ik this is the comics but basically the entire way they handled azulas arc in the comics. i havent even read them but ive seen so many posts ab azula in the comics that it has made me not want to read them. i am a firm believer in azula redemption arc. i think if given the right circumstances and the right chances and help to improve that she could become a good person. she is capable of changing and i think that the fact that she stayed a villain in the comics is just ugh not the good good
yues death. nope shes alive.
jets death. nope hes alive.
aang being a bad father in lok. wtf. thats so out of character for him. its so ooc its ridiculous.
cop toph. so ooc. she is a RULE BREAKER. why would she willingly ENFORCE THEM. like no. toph rejoined the earthbending tournament circuit and helped invent probending. thats the new canon
5) okay
in the show adult?: bato. like still has some sort of parental vibes but also: hes bato. hes chill. i firmly believe that bato is a sarcastic bastard who is a ‘bad influence on the children’ please. zuko taught them all those curse words, bato didnt. (although he didnt stop it)
okay but a real life adult? my history teacher or geometry teacher. they were my BESTIES in school. and i related to zuko sokka toph and suki a lil too much so obviosuly these irl ppl would be their friends lmao
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