artjiayi · 8 hours
Tumblr media
Master Chef event ✦ Floyd & Sebek
This is how I imagined Master Chef with Floyd and Sebek during that event: chaotic and serious at the same time. Couldn't resist to add a wild Jade as a bonus because there's never too much eel.
Took me a while to finish it because there are more than one character (well thanks captain obvious) and I also drew other illustrations on the side. Hope you like it because I drew them with my heart (or try my best at least).
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bloodiegawz · 2 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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lokiinwonderland · 2 days
Sebek: Today at 7 am, Lilia poured a Monster energy drink in his coffee, said "I'm going to die" and drank the whole thing.
Malleus: I watched Lilia brew his coffee with Monster instead of water. Three cups in two hours. I think he ascended into the astral realm.
Silver: The survivability of the Fae race never fails to amaze me.
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pottedplant53 · 2 days
A Bunch Of Silly Twisted Wonderland Headcannons
AHHHHHHH I'm definitely gonna make some of these into fics since I have no self control whatsoever. Contains slight character spoillers!
Ruggie's full legal name is Ruginald Francis Bucchi. Ruggie Bucchi appears on most of his tests and stuff so he thought he was safe, but Leona somehow found out about it and has been calling him Ruginald ever since.
There are some personality traits attached to each dorm that generally go overlooked - such as Octavinelle's penchant for gossiping. Most Octavinelle students can sit there and shit talk literally anyone for hours at a time, it doesn't even matter if there's nothing to be said, they'll just start rumours. Not even the trio are immune to this.
After the MC shattered Deuce's entire worldview (told him that there weren't always chicks inside eggs), Ace took it as an opportunity to develop a new hobby. For no reason other than to be a bitch, every so often Ace will gaslight Deuce into believing something dumb. Deuce starts off so sure that Ace is trying to trick him, but by the end of it he'll waddle up to Trey with his head down and ask him if chocolate milk really does come from brown cows.
Sometimes when in public, Vil will carry around a purse filled with bricks. No one knows why and no one is brave enough to ask. The actual reason is something to do with specialized weight training, but Epel has come to the conclusion that he has it so he can swing it around like a mace and beat people up with it.
Sebek once carved an elaborate ice sculpture of Malleus for his birthday. He figured that since it was December at the time it would be cold enough to keep the statue in the courtyard until January (so that everyone had to look at it), but he was wrong. When he realised it had melted he was so distraught that he fainted.
Trey and Chenya both despise Riddle's mother. Chenya in particular exacts revenge on her by sneaking into her study and hiding glasses of milk around, so that once they go bad she'll have no idea where the awful smell is coming from. Trey likes to think that he's more mature than that, but when Chenya told him about it he resolutely decided that it was 'none of his business'. Chenya always makes sure to remove the milk before Riddle goes home for the holidays though.
The staff are massive shippers, Sam and Crewel especially. They have a list of OTP's a mile long and will actively fight anyone who disagrees with them. Crowley tried to tell them that shipping their students together was 'unprofessional', so they reminded him that not hiring a counsellor after the 6th overblot in a row was even more unprofessional. He was quiet after that.
When Neige first saw Epel he thought he was a dwarf, and got really excited because it meant that Vil also had dwarf friends and they could bond over it. He asked his friends if they knew what kind of dwarf Epel was, and seeing how excited it made him no one had the heart to tell him. To this day, Neige believes that Epel is an apple dwarf, a species entirely made up by Dominic.
Lilia is 99% sure that Silver is probably the missing prince of a neighbouring kingdom. When he first found him he intended to take him back immediately, but then it started raining so he couldn't without risking small Silver's health. Every day there was something preventing him from taking him back, be it the weather or an event or just Lilia not really feeling it. This has been going on for 17 years.
After a particularly tiring basketball club meeting, Jamil came back to the dorm only to realise he'd forgotten to prepare anything for Kalim's dinner. In a moment of desperation he threw some dinosaur chicken nuggets in the oven and prepared a whole speech on why he hadn't cooked a proper meal like usual. He served them and Kalim declared that they were the greatest thing he'd ever tasted. Jamil was furious.
A bunch of Ignihyde students banded together to confront Idia about some minor issues that were going on in the dorm (the heater is broken, my roommate is being too loud, etc). They stood outside his door waiting for a response for so long they were worried that he'd died. It turns out that he'd heard them coming and bungie jumped out of the window using a string of his Hatsune Miku underwear to get away from them.
Thanks for reading, feel free to leave a comment :)
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hoboyherewego · 22 hours
I decided to try and see what the octatrio’s merform would look like compared to their human one size-wise. Had to do some maths with clip studio.
So lets take Jade for the tweels:
Tumblr media
Ive seen somewhere that the tweel’s merform is around 2x their size, which would be 3.8m (around 12 ft and a half). After some basic measurements, we can see that Jade’s upper body is around 1/4 of his total length as an eel.
Tumblr media
Just comparing one on top of the other for fun, its obvious his two forms aren’t that different in size for his upper body… EXCEPT for his arms and hands, which are much bigger. (I am looking 😍) We can explain this by understanding that merfolk probably use their arms as paddles to move around in addition to their tail. If you’ve seen Avatar 2 recently, you can observe this kind of body morphology with the Na’vis who dwell from the coast. Their upper-arms are much bulkier than the Na’vi’s who live in the forest. Its nice to see that the person who designed the merforms thought of these kind of details!
Now, a bit more fun with Azul. We already know that his merform is bigger than the tweel’s, from Floyd mentioning it in beanfest. So if the tweel’s size is 2x their human height, lets make Azul 3x his!
Tumblr media
Ok, for this one I fucked up by adding like 3 cm to Azul’s upper body height. So just reduce his size by a lil chunk and it should be more accurate.
I would love to hear what you guys think of this ☺️ (I do not want to be alone simping for some merman)
Thank you to @twisted-wonderland-but-gayer for their added input <3
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salemniac · 5 hours
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Tumblr media
Floyd left something in the pool
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octocchino · 2 days
Card inspo fashion ~
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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skyyletai · 18 hours
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— ◉⁠‿⁠◉
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Which theory do you like more, that Idia is part fae, mermaid, beastman,or a combination?
Tumblr media
I always thought Idia was some other unnamed race?? Or at the very least, a really, REALLY unique human.
He doesn’t seem to have any traits which would imply fairy (long life span, pointed ears) or beastman (animal features; ie tail and/or animal ears in the place of human ears, enhanced speed/strength/senses, etc).
I guess you could maybe argue merman because he does have pointed teeth like the twins, but I’ve never once heard Idia mention anything about transformation potions (which are a must if he’s to have legs). He also seems pretty unfamiliar with merpeople life in general; it’s not like he really bonds with Azul in club over shared customs or anything.
The game seems to treat Idia as just a human with very abnormal traits due to his bloodline and its “curse” (their bodies burn up blot extremely quickly). I believe this belief also comes in part from the Harveston event (yet to be released in EN) or a related vignette in which Sebek refers to Idia as “human”. It’s still not quite clear though, since there are cases in which Sebek calls anyone who is not a fairy a “human”, even beastmen and merpeople.
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reis-miscellany · 2 days
Got bored at school so I made these Twst Wallpapers from the mirror assets I got from Chemi. Enjoy!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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twistedroseytoesy · 8 hours
Hey I love your work so much you brought back my love for sea creatures and stumbled across this beautiful creature.
The phantom jellyfish the most rarest jellyfish
Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Look at this beautiful jellyfish.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I ever found this beautiful fanart of a human phantom jellyfish I could not find the artist but its beautiful.
woa!!! I’ve never heard of this jelly before but it looks so pretty!!! Has a gothic-like or somewhat deadly kind of vibe. Oooooo! I'm going to do the ocatrio with malleus for this one since you didn't specify. Hope that's alright! These jellys are so cool cause they dont have stingers! their arms are used to just scoop up plankton and carry that to the mouth.
A beautiful creature of the deep, rare, and rather secluded but you always found comfort in the pressure and darkness around you as you drifted through the void. Scavenging what you could from the waters with your long ribbon-like arms. You don't have the ability to sting, but your ribbons can be used to strangle and disorient predators. Especially since your dark skin matches the darkness of home. You have dark skin with a dark brown/orange undertone. Your body and arms make you up to 30 ft long! Your arms are 25 of those feet.
When you were called to the surface and NRC you struggled greatly with the harsh light. Your human form is only 6 ft tall with long, dark, ribbon-like hair and longer-than-average arms. you are able to manipulate your hair but you keep that more of a secret. you are fairly secluded and try to avoid crowds as much as physically possible. You have dark skin and your eyes are a startling orange color. You usually wear dark sunglasses so no one can really see your eyes unless the sun has set or it's fairly dark in the room.
Azul: Knows your a mer, he likes keeping tabs on all the merfolk on campus. Your strange ribbon-like hair was what really caught his attention and he asked blackmailed you about it. Found out the hard way what it can do. He underestimated you since you seemed rather... soft-mannered. The twins wouldn't let him live it down for like a week. You do visit the lounge since it reminded you of the few times you floated closer to the twilight zone from your midnight home. the lower lighting was also the only lighting you could handle ok without your glasses so you visited and studied there quite often. He appreciates your patronage and somehow your calm demeanor and strength draw him to you. He liked being around you since your calm aura helps calm him. After long enough you are invited to sit in his VIP room where he turns all the lights off other than the aquarium or a controlled light over his desk and only his desk. You greatly appreciate it. He does try many times to have you work for him, your hair acts like his many arms back in the sea! imagine how efficient you would be! but he does understand how you wouldn't be able to work in the light.
When he first saw you merform in the magic pressure pool he was amazed at how LONG you were! He thought you were like the twin's size not double their length and then some! loves how silky your arms are and how you don't sting but he can feel the strength in those arms and remembers to not underestimate you. If you invite him to swim with you he will try to stammer out a smooth response. Maybe someday. Does with to have you do some sort of sink dancing thing, you would do amazing with it! the way your arms are already like silk makes him dream. if you ever are close and you wrap your soft arms around him he will immediately melt and even have some tears build up in his eyes. Your hugs are understanding and kind and calm.
Jade: Your hair is what really caught his attention. The way it seemed to squirm along with you when he asked many uncomfortable questions. Knew you were a mer from Azul and was trying to figure out what exactly you were, you didn't cover up like other jellyfish mers yet you had that calmness they are known for. Probably figured it out when he overheard you tell someone else what you were. Such a rare specimen had Jade all the more intrigued. Asked even more questions and even subtly hinted he knew what you were, he got hair slapped when he gave you a dark jello treat he created and mentioned wanting to test if its taste was accurate. Super surprised that your hair actually had that kind of force, he knew it could move but you made him take a full step back to catch himself. Impressive~ also likes to try and see your eyes but is more respectful than Floyd, usually lowers the lights in your area of the lounge with some magic, just to see those beautiful glowing orange orbs.
When he first saw your mer form he was very curious about your long arms. Asking politely to hold one since he knew he couldn't reach you in the pressure pool without risking bodily harm. He compliments the texture and strength of the silky ribbons. Happily offering a job at the mostro louge for a once-a-week show from the depths. You kindly turned him down, saying you like to be more in the shadows than the star. He nods at this. you both connect by watching things from a distance. Asks many questions still but won't hint at trying to eat you after he saw Floyd get strangled for biting you.
Floyd: Squishy!! He likes squeezing you, You're so soft and easy to squeeze, but you don't wiggle as much! He calls you black jellyfish. He likes to mess with your hair. it looks so cool! one time it slapped him when he tried to bite it and he loved it even more! Pokes and prods at it to annoy you. Thought you were boring but another time stole your sunglasses and really liked your eyes! He's never seen glowing orange eyes before! so now this man pokes at your hair and tries to blind you a lot. You try to stay away from him but that's fairly difficult to do. Over time he clams a bit around you, especially when he really pissed you off and you strangled him to near passing out. Likes to see you try new foods, and your faces of delight are so cute! he also pesters you with a lot of questions. he changes his nickname for you when you correct him. "phantom jelly!" he would usually call out before you are lifted off of your feet. sometimes he will break turn off the lights to get you to show off your glowing eyes.
When he first saw your merform in the pressure pool he wanted to hop right in but just before he jumped in you cocooned him in your silky arms, telling him he's an idiot for trying to swim in the most dangerous pool, he would be crushed like a tin can even in his merform! he said you were no fun but did have to agree that a broken tail would suck more. You keep an arm and eye on him to make sure he doesn't try anything particularly stupid. He really likes your cool silky arms! keeps asking when you would want to swim with him in the dorm underwater sanctuary. He's very lucky you are very patient with his very excitable self.
With special guest
Malleus: You both connected by being out at night, when the world is still and you feel closer to home. The darkness is a welcome relief to you. You and he crossed paths on a late-night walk. No words were needed as you both continued to walk through the night, pointing out some stars or other small things of interest. You even let your hair down and he happily allowed his magic fireflies to show themselves. You were the best of mute friends understanding each other's lonely life with no words needed. He and you took a few weeks before words were spoken and it was comfortable. he enjoys the smooth texture of your hair and is always pleasantly surprised at its strength when you do use it. you admire his dark power and how his horns are so tough and strong on his head.
When he first sees your merform in a lake one night he couldn't help but be mesmerized by your long silky arms. The way they floated and swayed in the water, the gentle glow from just under your skin, and the softness of your body in the water. He complimented you and your form, promising to show you his true form someday when you were both ready for it. He treasures your trust and tries to help you with his magic, even creating a spell to make a bubble of darkness around you so light doesn't hurt your eyes as much. He also really likes your eyes, unnatural yet powerful, like his.
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piratealt · 2 days
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twst icons
Tumblr media
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lokiinwonderland · 2 days
Azul: What did you two do?
Azul: You’re not in trouble, I just need to know if I have to lie to the police again or not.
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iniini · 13 hours
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I spent my time drawing eyes _(:3 」∠)_ this started off as me testing out how to render Ori’s eyes and then I went overboard and drew everyone’s eyes. It’s cool to see them all lined up like this
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x-mentally-eel-x · 3 days
Twst headcanon rambles - Jade and Azul food and dieting.
(This was a headcanon that I already alluded to in a different post. I just wanted to talk about it in unnecessary detail)
When it comes to eating and dieting, Jade and Azul are complete opposites. Even if azul absolutely doesn’t like doing so, he still puts a lot of effort to minimize what he eats as well as smaller portions and a well balanced diet. While with Jade, he at first doesn’t appear like someone who would eat a lot, especially being more posh and butler-like. However, in reality, not only does he eat the most out of the Octavinelle trio, but he also has the most unhealthy diet out of them as well, and does it with little to no regrets.
Jade especially eats a lot whenever Azul is around, and Azul hates when Jade eats a lot around him. Jade is fully aware of such and likes to tease and taunt Azul, both for how Azul used to eat a lot and was chubby, and for how he can’t eat as much as as Jade anymore.
There could possibly literally be a point where Jade could end up just as chubby as Azul, and he would still find a way to taunt Azul because Azul used to be chubby.
There is still some good to come from this though as well. With the need to keep up with the food trends, they need to try out multiple different foods. Azul is enough of a gourmet, but with his diet, is unable to try out all of the foods that he may like. However, with Jade having just as acute of a taste, and a lot less lenient on dieting, Azul likes to rely on Jade, both as a taste tester and to recite the recipes.
When it comes to Floyd, he is very similar to Jade, except to a slightly lesser extent as well as slightly healthier eating habits than his brother. This doesn’t stop Floyd though in joining Jade in teasing Azul as well. At times, unless if it involves mushrooms, he still also likes to encourage Jade’s unhealthy eating habits.
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