#Okay wait actually I lied there was like one day I didn't watch the movie because a season of race to the edge came out and I had to watch
the-halfling-prince · 10 months
Me: what I'm totally neurotypical idk what you're talking about-
The the little annoying voice inside my head that I argue with for fun: Remember that summer after eighth grade where you watched How to Train Your Dragon four times every single day for two months and by the time summer was over you could quote the entire goddamn movie by heart?
Me: what that didn't- This is Berk, it's twelve days north of hopeless and a few degrees south of freezing to death. It is located solidly on the meridian of mis-
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ashwhowrites · 3 months
Bitchy & mean reader
Tumblr media
Y/N was a spoiled brat
She got what she wanted
And she destroyed whoever got in her way
She wasn't nice
Popular because people feared her
Never bothered to have many friends
She doesn't do the fake shit
Boys wanted her
And wanted her bad
But she'd ruin them in seconds
Leave them wishing they never tried in the first place
The day she set her eyes on Eddie Munson
She knew he had no option but to be hers
She fucked him on the first date
Had him crying and begging in seconds
He was a gorgeous crier
Didn't bother to listen to the rumours when he came to school, neck covered in hickies
His puppy eyes following her every move
It happened to every guy in the school
Many felt bad for Eddie
Until they noticed he got special treatment
She actually talked to him the next day
Shoving her tongue down his throat in the middle of class
Grabbing his hand and moving it under her skirt in the bathroom stall
He felt like he died and went to hell
This girl was no way making it to heaven
She loved that he was a soft boy
Quickly protecting him everywhere they went
Two boys were shoving each other in the hallway, one ended up smacking Eddie into a locker
He groaned as he held his head
"WATCH WHAT YOU ARE DOING YOU PRICKS" she screamed. Shoving both boys as hard as she could.
Both smacking into the lockers behind them
Her heated glare disappeared in seconds when her eyes landed on his puppy eyes
"you okay baby?"
Or when a girl decided to trip Eddie in the cafeteria
Laughing as he landed harshly on the ground
She marched over to the table in seconds
Grabbing the girl by her hair and yanking her off her seat
Her eyes and tone soft as she helped him up
"it's okay baby. Let's go home"
Or when a server had the nerve to get his order wrong
Eddie excitedly took the bun off of his burger, preparing to drown it in ketchup
A small frown took over his face
"baby what's wrong?" She caught on quickly
"it has mustard. I hate mustard" he admitted quietly
Grabbing a knife and preparing to scrape it off
But she snatched the plate away, marching up to the counter
"BABY ITS FINE" he yelled quickly
Not wanting her to cause a scene
Her pink heels clicked on the floor as she waited
"can I help you?" The server asked
With a polite smile, "my boyfriend asked for no mustard. Would you be able to make him a new one please?"
She may be a bitch but she had manners
Unless they didn't have manners back
"I'm sorry ma'am but he never said that"
"you calling my boyfriend a liar?"
Eddie heard her voice getting mad
Quickly sliding out of the booth to calm her down
"baby it's fine" he said sweetly. Kissing her cheek
"no baby. You want no mustard and you ordered it with no mustard" she said sternly
"no he didn't" the server snapped back
Another time they forgot his extra pickles
"is your food right baby?" She asked sweetly
Her pink nails holding his hand
He nodded and lied through his teeth
She eyed his plate
"did you get your extra pickles?" She asked, noticing his plate didn't seem to have a single pickle on it
"no but that's okay. I don't really want them anymore"
But her ass was already walking away
Her tiny skirt flowing on her hips as she walked with purpose
Seconds later coming back with a plate of pickles
Free of charge :)
Eddie simply got whatever he asked for
She had money and she'd buy him anything he wanted
The blue guitar he kept seeing at the mall?
She bought it a day later
The leather jacket he tried on but put back when he saw the price?
She yanked it right off the rack, shoving it in her cart
If he wanted three types of candies at the movie theater, her baby got all three
She was a bitch
A stone cold mean asshole
But with Eddie?
That was her baby
And she would cherish him for life
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senoritablack · 1 month
sb's long ass steddie fic rec
This has been a long time coming. Here are few steddie fic's that I've enjoyed. Honestly a v smutty list that features a lot of bottom!eddie because that's where my heart lies and a couple of werewolf!steve fics because i'm a glutton for monster cockadoodledoos. No particular order below. If you see multiple from one author, what are you doing looking at this list? READ ALL THEIR WORKS NOW. (affectionate, but also points butter knife at you.)
Mutual Future (40386 words) by knell Rating: Explicit Summary: "Okay," Eddie says at last, voice betraying his cool demeanor. "I'll go first." He clears his throat, folds his hands politely in his lap. "I have never been more confused in my life than when I'm with you. And I've taken trig three times and I'm still not a hundred percent on what a hypotenuse is, so, like, it's not difficult to confuse me or anything. But you really take the cake, man." Steve chews on his lip. "Sorry? I'm… confused too." — two dudes navigate their feelings in the most normal way possible.
Trouble Looks Good On You (25452 words) by indelicate Rating: Explicit Summary: It happens like a fever dream. The first time Steve gives Eddie a swift smack on the ass, it’s obviously just an old jock habit that’s stuck with him. It wasn’t meant to have Eddie’s knees going weak, or turn his blood hot under his skin, or give him a brand in the shape of Steve Harrington’s hand, or— Nope, because Eddie’s not even into that. But then, it happens again. Or, Steve keeps accidentally awakening Eddie’s new kinks.
hands of loving (5397 words) by kafkian Rating: Explicit Summary: ‘Proud owner of twenty years pent-up hormones and counting.’ Eddie sighed, looking up at the sky and muttering something under his breath that Steve didn’t catch. Steve was so surprised he stopped walking. ‘What?’ Eddie loudly didn't say anything, continuing on their route. When Steve caught up to him, he was bright red in the face. ‘No way,’ Steve said, stunned. ‘You’re a virgin?’ Eddie rolled his eyes. ‘Shut up, man.’ ‘No, I didn’t mean – just. Really?’ Steve asked. ‘You've really never …?’ ‘I run a DnD group, got held back in school twice, and live in a trailer with my uncle,’ Eddie said flatly. ‘What part of that screams dick magnet to you?’
a god damn blaze in the dark (20355) by jolt Rating: Mature Summary: Eddie doesn’t know how to act around Steve, doesn’t know how to reciprocate the openness. Truthfully, he doesn’t think he’s done anything to deserve it.
But there’s something in Steve’s eyes, gears that are shifting and turning behind them, like he’s trying to deduce something. And Eddie wants to tap into it, wants to take a chisel to his skull and excavate it. Why are you always looking at me like that? he wants to ask. Tap tap tap. Why are you still giving me the time of day?
looking for something dumb to do (2527 words) by materialism Rating: Explicit Summary: It's June 26, 2015. Eddie Munson turns fifty today. Steve has a question for him. (hey baby, I think I wanna marry you.)
if you want him, come and claim him (12853 words) by sparklyslug, materialism Rating: Explicit Series: Part 1 of Let us Dwell in Fair Ithilien and There Make a Garden Summary: He actually wants to watch the Fellowship of the Ring, has actually been waiting for this for uhhhh, what, like, twenty years of his life? Problem is, there’s another thing he’s been waiting for for almost as long, and it’s sitting right next to Eddie, making little soft impressed noises at Gandalf’s fireworks, flashing quick smiles his way when he offers him the tub of greasy popcorn. He's not going to be able to remember any of the movie, he’ll just remember this: the white-hot screaming bliss of sitting next to the love of his fucking life, and not knowing if it’s cool to try and hold his hand or not. (Or: the second date fifteen years in the making)
but i could make a mark, if you would let me start (3558 words) by materialism Rating: Explicit Summary: If you had told Eddie, like, two hours ago that he’d be getting his brains fucked out by a wolf man – that wolf man being the guy he’s ass over tea-kettle for, who has been a werewolf this entire goddamn time – he’d tell you that you were crazy, just absolutely batshit. -- (Steve wolfs out, then give Eddie the dick down of a lifetime. That's it, that's the fic.)
the feeling that you give me, wanna give it right back (3983 words) by QueerOnTilMorning Rating: Explicit Summary: “You’re talking out of your ass, Harrington. You have no basis for comparison whatsoever.” He’s perched on the edge of the couch cushion, leaning forward so he can more effectively yell at Steve, who’s sprawled out on his elbows on the floor. “I have a dick, don’t I?” Steve snaps back. Eddie thanks his personal pantheon of indifferent gods that his face is already pink with annoyance, so he doesn’t humiliate himself by blushing over nothing more than an oblique reference to Steve Harrington’s dick. “Just because you have one doesn’t mean–” "You're the one who has no basis for comparison! I at least have some kind of experience with blow jobs. Lots of experience, in fact." "Yes, we all know you're a huge slut, Steve," Eddie says. "No need to brag." Every time Steve comes over to Eddie's to smoke up, they end up in some kind of stupid argument. Usually it's about music, or movies, or whether Dustin should ever be allowed to have a pet again. But tonight, somehow–Eddie can't remember exactly how it got started, but he definitely blames Steve–they're in each other's faces about which of them gives better head.
getting lost in the dark is my favorite part (18565 words) by QueerOnTilMorning Rating: Explicit Summary: “Nice to meet you, Eddie,” said Nick. “It’s rare that I find someone else here who shares my interests.” “Interests?” He remembered he was wearing his battle vest, Nick’s hand lingering right in the middle of the giant Dio patch. “Oh, you like the heavy stuff too?” “I really do.” “Fuck yeah,” Eddie said before he could stop himself. His face got hot. Shit, that sounded way too eager, a totally excessive level of enthusiasm just for meeting another gay metalhead. He had given himself away as a clueless virgin, and Nick was going to stop smiling, walk away, and find someone with the ability to maintain his cool for the length of half a conversation. But Nick didn’t stop smiling. Instead he said, “I know you just got a drink, but do you want to get out of here?”   Or: After his near-death experience, Eddie decides it's time to get rid of his pesky virginity and heads to a gay bar. It leads to some… realizations… for both him and Steve.
call my name and save me from the dark (6347 words) by QueerOnTilMorning Rating: Explicit Series: Part 1 of bring me to life Summary: "I’m not a ghost. None of this is real. This is just my brain’s going-out-of-business sale, throwing some crazy shit at me before everything shuts down.” Steve is oddly offended by this. “That’s stupid. Why would you hallucinate me?” Eddie clasps his hands over his heart, dramatically miming a mortal wound. It is way too soon for Steve to find that kind of shit amusing. “Stupid? Stupid, he says! As dying fantasies go, man, I think this one is pretty solid. Steve Harrington, the ultimate dream boy, jerking off to moi? Now, it definitely challenges the suspension of disbelief, I’ll give you that. But talk about going out on a high note!” He laughs. Steve doesn’t.   or: you know how sometimes you masturbate about your dead friend and accidentally summon his ghost?
Maybe It's Just What You Need (16557 words) by callmejude Rating: Explicit Series: Part 3 of The Rush of Thunder (That Brings You Under) Summary: Drummer magazine gives Eddie ideas on what he might like in bed. Steve, as always, is unprepared but determined.
take what you want (5808 words) by MarionetteFtHJM Rating: Teen And Up Audiences Summary: It's all fun and games until Steve Harrington starts flirting back.
Looks like we're in for nasty weather (41680 words) by prufrocks Rating: Explicit Series: Part 1 of I see a bad moon rising Summary: Steve doesn't know what the invisible force that attacked him in the woods is, but he does know three things for sure: that Robin's cryptid podcast is somehow making more money than his Scoops Ahoy manager job; that every seven years something crawls out of a network of tunnels underneath the woods outside of Hawkins, and now it's out for revenge; and that it would be really nice if poltergeists would stop beating him up when he's trying to flirt with the local ghost whisperer.
waving down the wind (10302 words) by MacksDramaticShenanigans Rating: General Audiences Summary: Eddie furrows his brows, and he’s about to ask Steve what he did come over here for, when Steve starts to shrug out of his jacket. Rolls his shoulders back and lets it slide down his upper arms. “I came over here,” Steve starts, and he gives his arm a shake when the sleeve gets caught around his elbow. Once it’s off, he bunches his fist into the fabric of the collar. “To give you this,” he finishes and holds out the coat. Eddie blinks down at it. Then he looks back up at Steve. “What?”   Or, three times Eddie looks cold and Steve does something about it, and one time he’s toasty warm.
the hunter's moon is shining (I'm running with the wolves tonight) (11853 words) by Gorgeousgreymatter Rating: Explicit Series: Part 1 of You're a wolf, boy, get out of this town Summary: When he was little and his father still believed he had at least a sliver of potential, the whole werewolf thing had seemed exciting. Important. But then years had gone by and his father had kept on waiting for something that was, it turned out, simply never going to happen. Because as far as werewolves go, Steve had turned into a pretty piss-poor one by the time the ol’ puberty came and went. And Steve had never fully shifted. Not even once.
i'll kiss your mouth, and you'll be better for it (8520 words) by cpressmn Rating: Teen And Up Audiences Summary: “Why didn’t either of you tell us you were dating?” He looks so hurt and indignant in the way only Dustin can, and maybe it’s not too late to run out after Steve and make their case for the beers again if it means the kid’ll stop frowning and looking at Eddie like that. It takes a minute for his words to sink in. Eddie blinks. “What.” “What do you mean, what? You kissed!” “No, we didn’t,” Eddie scoffs. Except, yes, they did. Realization crashes over him, the force of it stunning him into silence. Steve kissed him. On the lips. Like it was nothing, like it was something they did every day. And Eddie hadn’t even blinked or shoved him away or registered it at all, just returned the kiss and went right back to bossing Steve around, as if the whole fucking thing was the most natural thing in the world. Fuck.
I've been trying to figure you out, tell me then would you lend a hand? (31268 words) by eloquent_fairy Rating: Teen And Up Audiences Series: Part 1 of Darling, let me deserve you Summary: “So, tell me what’s so great about Harrington, then.” He doesn’t really know why he says it, it’s not like Eddie cares about the old King of Hawkins High; Steve Harrington is an asshole. That’s just a fact of life. The sky is blue, high school is pointless, Steve Harrington is a dickhead. But Eddie likes this kid, likes all of them actually. Dustin turns to look at him, a small smile on his lips, his eyes softening, and bingo. - Six times Eddie tries to understand who Steve is, and the one time he finally manages it. (and works some things out about himself along the way.) Title is from 'Figure you out' by Djo - because I had to and the lyrics fit.
four walls (2544 words) by shroooms Rating: Teen And Up Audiences Summary: “You got a lotta stuff,” Steve remarks, standing awkwardly in the middle of the room, arms behind his back. Eddie’s cheeks grow red. “Yeah, stuff just sorta piles up in here,” he takes a seat at the edge of his bed. “I don’t remember the last time I’ve done any kind of deep cleaning around here so, sorry for the mess.” “No, no — it’s fine, man, it’s cool. Your room’s cool. I like it,” Steve reassures. steve, eddie, and home
you make my heart beat faster (4795 words) by wearing_tearing Rating: Mature Summary: “Not to be possessive,” Steve starts with a soft whisper, mouth shaping the words right against Eddie’s temple, “but you’re mine now, right?”
you could watch (I don't mind) (3441 words) by greedy_dancer Rating: Explicit Summary: They stare at each other for a couple excruciating, frozen seconds (move, Munson, what are you doing, move!) and then Steve frowns and he says, "You're gay, right?" and Eddie's been expecting this talk, but he wasn't expecting to do it quite like this, with Steve quite like that (though it's not like he hasn't thought about it, Eddie's got a very active imagination, okay?) Eddie nods, mutely, trying his best to keep his eyes on Steve’s face, but he keeps glancing down because movement in his peripheral vision, right? It’s basically a survival reflex. Steve’s silent for a few seconds, shifts on the bed a little. Eddie Does Not Look. "That must be pretty hard around here,” Steve says. Eddie nods again. Why are they having this conversation?? And then the next thing out of Steve’s mouth is: “You wanna stay? You could watch, I don't mind."
i swear that i'm not thinkin' 'bout you all the time (just today, yesterday, everyday, and tomorrow night) (5435 words) by antithetical_dreamgirl Rating: Teen And Up Audiences Summary: Robin and Eddie are sitting on the couch facing each other, talking about dumb shit before Eddie finally asks her what Steve’s deal is.  Robin snorts. “I’ve known him almost a year now and your guess is as good as mine.” OR: Eddie's out of the hospital and Steve won't leave him alone. Steve's trying to seduce Eddie through chores.
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cddiemunson · 10 months
wait can you write when he actually finds out that she has powers?
❥ yes yes!
the drive home was awkward, soft music played through the old van, the occasional sound of beer cans being shuffled under the strange girls feet was the only thing keeping eddie present.
" so.. " his fingers tap against the steering wheel, throat dry as he spoke. " you from around here? " he turns his head slightly, jumping when he saw the girl staring intently at him already. if he didn't think this was weird already he definitely did now. " not a talker? " he tries again, switching his blinker on before turning down the road to the small trailer park. she never responds. in a way he was hoping maybe he finally lost his damn mind and was seeing things. that would make more sense that whenever the fuck was happening right now.
stepping from the van he used his hand to shield his eyes from the rain, running to the other side of the van to open her door with a loud creak. reaching a hand out his lips curled into a small smile, his best attempt to look as friendly as possible. her hand was much smaller than his, shaking as she gently took it. he felt bad, gently helping her from the van and slamming the door behind them.
" normally it's not such a mess. " he lies, kicking the door open and stepping inside, awkwardly rubbing the back of his neck. beer cans and clothes were thrown all over the trailer. day old dishes were stacked messily on the counter and an old popcorn bag was thrown on the couch from where his uncle had been snacking the night before. the whole place smelt of weed and cigars, making him awkwardly laugh. " you sit here, i'm going to get stuff to clean you up. you look like shit. " turning away from her he scrambled to the bathroom, grabbing whatever he had to clean wounds as well as a fresh change of clothes. tossing the hoodie on the couch next to her he dropped to his knee's opening the first aid kit to reveal four band-aids and some rubbing alcohol.
" don't worry, i'll fix you up and you'll be as good as new. then we can get you back to wherever you belong. sound good? "
" no "
he stops, fingers halted on the cap of the rubbing alcohol at the sound of her soft voice. " no? " he repeats. " no as in you don't want to go home? " he asks, watching as she slowly nods. you've got to be kidding. the only thing that he's gathered is that she can actually talk. " we can figure that out later. what i am about to do? it's going to hurt. don't kick me. " he pleas, dabbing the rag with rubbing alcohol onto the girls feet, fingers gently holding onto her ankle just in case she does decide to kick the shit out of him. placing the band-aids on the cuts he gently slides some socks over her feet, smiling proudly at his work.
" i'm going to call someone. get you some help. " as if agreeing to himself he nods, grabbing the phone. the only people he knew to call was mike and dustin. they're the only ones crazy enough to know what the hell is going on.
however, as if it couldn't get any more insane, the phone flew from the wall, slamming against the ground and shattering, leaving his hand next to his ear in the position it was to make a call. if you could hear what the inside of his brain sounded, it would be the dial up sound computers make. what the fuck just happened.
" no " she repeats, making him snap out of his shock and look over at her, then the phone. blood trickled down her nose, dripping down her lips and onto her bare legs. " what did you just do? " he asked, eyes nearly popping from his head as he gathered the broken phone off the floor and tried to call again, only to have it thrown against the screen door on the other side of the room.
" okay. so no phone calls. got it. coulda just said so, but i get it. i throw things when i'm mad too. " he frowns. " i'm eddie. " he's seen enough horror movies to know not to mess with people like this.
" y/n. "
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fireofjudgement · 1 year
gyeongsu valentine’s day?
I know you probably expected hc's, like I did for the other characters so I'm sorry if this isn't what you wanted but my mind went brrr and I had to write this 🤧 But I love any valentine's day related content so if you want a little drabble like this of a different character please let me know!
Requests are open!
Tumblr media
Fandom: All of us are dead
Pairing: brother's best friend!Gyeong-su x gn!reader
Summary: You've never been a fan of valentine's day. You've also never been a fan of having to cover up for your brother whenever he had one of his never-ending booty calls. Unfortunately for you, this year you were forced to combine both these things, with an unexpected result.
Warnings: swearing, marking, suggestive content at the end, Gyeong-su's horny out of his mind
A/N: I was about to just do hc's for this one but something happened and so yeah..I have no regrets. Also you get a cookie if you can guess what actually happen with reader, the brother and Gyeong-su :) Also also, the brother's best friend trope is one of my favorites so any requests related to that are very very welcome, wink wink.
There were three things in life you were certain about; death, taxes and the fact that you're going to spend valentine's day alone. Again. You always have and you probably always will. Not that it bothered you, obviously. It was nothing but a capitalistic cringe fest. And besides, you didn't like chocolate anyway.
But what you disliked even more was the fact that your brother was clearly trying to sneak out of the house already, despite his promise that he'd spend the evening with you. The two of you have always been really close - until he went to college that is. That's when his interests shifted completely and all that mattered anymore were his stupid cavemen friends and even more stupid college girls. There was no room for you in his life anymore.
That's why you were so thrilled when he announced he'd like to spend more time with you and asked if you'd like to stay at home with him on valentine's day and watch a movie or two. Obviously you agreed. Not that you had anything better to do anyway.
However, your happiness was short-lived. Not even an hour passed and your brother was already typing away on his phone, shooting you a nervous look every now and then. You knew one of his flings had to demand his attention and he didn't seem bothered by it in the slightest. You tried to hide your sadness from him, it's not like he owed you anything. He had the right to live his life, go out and have fun.
"Go." You finally said, not looking away from the screen.
"W-what?" You clearly surprised him, the sheer thought making you chuckle. He wasn't even aware how well you knew him.
"You can go." You assured him again. "I know you have better things to do, especially on valentine's day. I'll be fine!"
Still unsure, he stayed seated. He clearly had a hard time leaving you, maybe he still cared about your relationship afterall.
"What are you waiting for, idiot? Just go! I'll find better company for the night, don't you worry."
You both knew you lied about that last part but he finally stood up and started to get ready to leave. He was acting weird..concerned almost. But finally, after saying your goodbyes and reassuring him a million times that you're going to be okay, he walked out the door, probably for the rest of the night.
After he left you went back to watching your movie, though you weren't paying any attention to what was happening on the screen anymore, desperately trying to come up with a better way to spend the evening. But what options did you have? All of your friends were out with their significant others, you were single and not one for hookups with random strangers, your brother most likely wouldn't come back till the next day. Fuck, you truly were pathetic.
You were dangerously close to calling one of your exes when a sudden knock on the front door startled you. Did your brother forget something?
You rushed to open the door, hoping his date stood him up, forcing him to stay at home with you. But your guess was far, far off.
"Gyeong-su? What are you doing here?" You were surprised by your brother's best friend's sudden visit. You haven't seen him in forever. Goddamn, he looked even more hot than you remembered.
"Hey y/n! Did your brother not tell you we're going to a party tonight?"
You stared at the boy with confusion. No, he did not tell you that. In fact, you were sure he left 30 minutes earlier. Alone. And almost certainly not for a party.
"Uhh..I'm sorry Gyeong-su but he left a while ago. And..and I don't think he was going to a party. He most definitely didn't mention spending time with you tonight." You were starting to get pissed. Just how many people has your brother promised to spend the night with and then bailed on?
"Are you fucking serious?" Gyeong-su looked annoyed too and you couldn't blame him. He tried to call his friend a couple times but to no avail. You could both guess what was keeping him so busy. Ugh.
"Do..do you want to come in?" You hesitantly asked after a couple minutes of silence. Maybe you wouldn't spend the night alone afterall. One thing was certain; Gyeong-su was definitely a better option than a toxic ex.
The man in question looked you up and down, clearly considering your invitation. "It's valentine's day, don't you have something better to do? Or someone?"
"Actually..no, I don't" you answered, a long sigh leaving your lips. "I'm stuck at home, watching shitty horror movies. But it's okay, I'm okay. You can just-"
"I'll gladly join you." He interrupted, a serious look on his face. "Shitty horror movies are my favorite."
Surprised, you let him in, leading him to the living room. You offered him a drink and some of your favorite snacks but you still couldn't help but think this was some sort of prank. Why would someone like him want to spend any amount of time with someone like you? And on valentine's day too?
"So..what about you?"
"What about me?"
"I don't know..I didn't expect someone like you to be alone on valentine's day."
"Someone like me?" He said, a shadow of a smirk appearing on his face. You looked away in embarrassment, cursing yourself for being so stupid. He didn't need to know how attracted to him you found yourself, it's not like he would ever feel the same way towards you.
You didn't answer, instead trying to focus on picking a movie for the two of you to watch. You quickly realised you've already seen most of the available titles so you switched to a different streaming platform. Caught up in your search, you didn't notice Gyeong-su sitting down just a little too close to you on the couch, his leg gently touching yours.
"Find anything you like?" You jumped, startled by his low voice so close to your ear. Suddenly you forgot what you were doing, distracted by his presence right next to you.
"I..I uhh" You stuttered, realizing he asked you a question but you couldn't remember what it was for the life of you. Did he always look so goddamn fine? Or were you just lonely?
"Let's watch this one!" You quickly turned around to face the screen again, clicking play on a random movie you've had no interest in. Anything to save you from embarrassing yourself even more. Unfortunately, you lived to regret that decision.
You weren't easily scared, especially by movies or tv shows but the one you picked was.. something else, causing you to jump and scream out every few minutes. Why did you have to get so unlucky and pick an actual scary movie the one time you weren't alone in the room?
An hour went by ridiculously slow, you were almost at your limit now, basically hiding behind a pillow. You didn't even want to look at the boy besides you, you could feel how amused he was. Fucker didn't even flinch once since the movie started.
Luckily it was almost done, just about 30 minutes left and then you can-
Before you could finish that thought you were startled by the biggest jumpscare you've probably ever seen, causing you to scream and jump right into Gyeong-su's lap, the boy catching you with a laugh.
"Are you okay y/n?" He asked, his whole body shaking from laughter.
"I'm fine" you grunted in annoyance. It took you a while to calm down but when you did you realised you were still in his lap, his chest pressed against your back, his arms wrapped around your waist. You could feel your whole body heat up. This was definitely not how you pictured this night to go. No, it was so much better than anything you could imagine. You stayed still for a few moments, just testing the waters. When he didn't move either, you allowed yourself to relax and enjoy this unexpected closeness.
The movie resumed but now you felt much more safe. Distracted, for sure, but safe nonetheless.
"So..how come you're alone tonight?" You tried again, desperate to ease the rising tension between the two of you.
"I'm not alone though, am I?" He whispered in your ear, his grip on your waist tightening. Fuck. "But, if you really have to know, I was supposed to spend the evening with my sister but she found a last minute..date and ditched me." You gasped when you felt his lips brush against your earlobe, lowering to your jaw and neck.
It was between one open mouth kiss to your neck and another, that a realisation hit you. Didn't he say he was supposed to go to a party with your brother earlier? Did they..When you realised what was really going on, you were too far gone already, moaning and whimpering despite Gyeong-su barely even touching you. You surprised the two of you with a particularly lewd moan when he found a sensitive spot on your neck.
"Fuck..I didn't know you could make sounds like that, sweetheart. I wonder.." he paused, working on the same spot even more aggressively. "..just how loud you can be."
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gffa · 1 year
Honestly, the older I get, the more I understand the Jedi philosophy.
It’s like,as a teen- how can you just sit there and do nothing?! People are in trouble! And what the heck do you mean attachment, friends are important!!!
As a twentyish year old- okay, this is a sort of bad situation, but you still have to do something- and who the heck thinks having a former slave relive slavery for character building is a good thing?! (It was either a novel or a comic, I just noped right out because that was handled really badly by the author)
As a semi-mature adult- okay, emotions can really cloud your judgment, even the subjectively good ones. The philosophy the Jedi are based on is a good one, just a little bit different from what I’m used to, and the more I learn the better I understand the story! And a great part of me learning the story is thanks to your blog! So thank you for your efforts, they aren’t going to waste!
Of course, I still relapse on occasion, mostly when something hits me as wrong- the kadavo arc brought back my frustrations because the whole ‘exposure therapy’ or ‘flooding’ rarely works when it’s a controlled environment and the patient can tap out safely, because it’s more likely to re-traumatize a person and set back their recovery greatly. So having the council think it’s a great idea just kinda makes me 😡.
Again: Thank you so much for the information you provide!
It's interesting that I've talked to more than a few people who started out with the whole "the Jedi are a cult" and "the Jedi kind of brought this on themselves" and "they abused Anakin" train of thought and I'm one of them, too. I watched the movies when I was young, I didn't really have a lot of thoughts about them, Jedi good, Sith bad, etc. Then I got into fandom and saw people saying how the Jedi were really terrible and that was actually what you were supposed to understand when you really thought about it and I completely believed it. And then I got into rewatching the movies and watching TCW and reading Lucas interviews and waaaaait the Jedi don't actually seem that bad... well, they still needed to change, but... well, what were they supposed to do... wait, they're based on Buddhism, oh, that does change how I see them... wait, they're actually being really nice to Anakin in this scene and never took him to task unless he'd just fucked up real bad??... and, well, here I am. It's also true that, the older I get, the more I vibe with the Jedi's approach to emotions--you're not supposed to suppress them, but you need to be mindful of them, you need to let that shit go, because it will poison you otherwise. I was so, so angry when I was young. I was angry every day and the longer it went on, the more I would just seethe at people, the more I would wallow in the bad things happening to me, the more I would just be relentlessly negative. All of it was justified in any given example, but I was so fucking miserable. I was losing friends because they couldn't deal with it. I hated myself and everything. I realized I had to let go of my anger, no matter how justified it was. I still have things to be furious about today, in my personal life and in my online life and in the world around me, and there are days I handle it better than others. But every day I have to keep examining my feelings, acknowledging them, and not letting them consume me. Because that way only lies misery for me. So, the Jedi don't have to be perfect, literally nobody should be held to the standards of being perfect, nobody is 100% pure sunshine, because that's purity culture garbage. But they were genuinely trying, they were in shitty circumstances and not given correct info all the time, like, are we talking about Anakin going undercover with the Zygerrians? Because I think they trusted Anakin to tell them if he wasn't ready to do this, it wasn't meant to be exposure therapy, but that they believed he could handle it, that he might struggle with his anger about it, but if it was too traumatizing, he would say so. And he wasn't alone, Obi-Wan and Ahsoka were there to help him and keep an eye on him. It's not a perfect solution, nothing in the galaxy at that point in time was perfect, because there weren't really any good solutions. And my response isn't to try to browbeat you into agreeing or say that you're wrong, more to explain my view of things (since we're dealing with my inbox and all 😂) and why I sympathize with the position everyone was put in and why I don't think the Jedi were the worst ever or whatever. Sometimes we just disagree on things, interpret things differently, and as long as we're friendly to each other as real people (which you have been very sweet about in this message, thank you! I hope I can return it and my apologies if not), we'll be fine. And thank you for the reminder that, even if we disagree on some stuff, there are people who are fine just not seeing eye to eye and still understanding that the other person is kind and thoughtful and has their reasons, I really needed that today.
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robinofgothamcity · 2 years
♡ prompt: "Do you want me to hurt him?" / inspired by 'telephone' by lady gaga
♡ pairing: bart allen ( impulse ) x fem! reader
♡ note: not checked for grammar or spelling mistakes / my schedule is going to become more sporadic starting next week :/ i'm going to keep the warning up until next week.
Tumblr media
"Bart, shut up," you said, jokingly pushing him. he laughed, handing you the ice cream, "what? I'm serious! I just think that mint chocolate is better. if you have just mint, it'll taste like toothpaste and if you have just chocolate, it's too sweet so mint chocolate is a good even ground," he explained.
you felt your phone vibrate as Jinny spoke up, talking about how Bart and Connor shared one brain cell outside of the field. looking down to see who was ringing you, you saw that it was your god forsaken boyfriend for the 100th time.
"oooo, who is that?" Bart asked, looking over to your phone. he read the wall of text you had received but you quickly shut your phone off, not bothering to read it, "you gonna answer that?" he asked, a small bit of jealousy bubbling up inside him.
"don't really feel like it," you quickly said, trying to remain off that topic. Bart, clearly annoyed, snatched your phone and put it in his pocket, "than let's forget about him, right?" he asked, putting on his annoyed fake smile.
Tim and Jinny saw the very irritated face Bart had and looked to each other as they shook their heads, "those two I swear," Jinny huffed out in annoyance. "more like ( your name )," he replied, "Bart could admit his feelings to her face and she still wouldn't do anything about that horrid boyfriend of hers."
the two of them stifled giggles from each other as they watched the two of you continue to flirt openly. it was no secret to anyone on the team. it was very clear to everyone on the YJ team, the Titans, even the JLA knew that the two of you liked each other....a lot but it was that stupid boyfriend of yours that got in the way of Bart ever truly expressing his feelings for you.
"what is everyone's plans after this?" you asked the team as they all murmured different answers, indicating that they were all busy. you sighed, trying not go straight up at the moment because you knew that you'd have to deal with your boyfriends calls when you got there, "I'll stay out with ya!" Bart replied as he saw the empty park bench.
you gave him a grin, "thanks Allen. you're a life saver," you exclaimed, waving everyone off goodbye. you walked to the bench, Bart following right behind you as Bart felt your phone ringing again.
there had been a scarce few times where you did call Bart with your boyfriend problems. it was usually late at night. probably inching near three in the morning when you called him sobbing, asking him if you deserved to go through the bullshit you were dealing with your boyfriend.
Bart always felt himself getting angry whenever he received those calls. you sounded so heartbroken, tired, and emotional. he was always there to help pick you back up but not even a few days later, you were back with him, telling Bart that your boyfriend needed you now more than ever.
"he's still angry that you're hanging out with me? do you want me to hurt him?" he asked, finally taking your phone out of your pocket. you nodded, rolling your eyes, "Bart no. he thinks that my 'job' is taking too much time away from him and I being together. I swear, it's like hearing a broken record. one minute, he's mad and wants to break up and the next second, he's at my door asking for forgiveness," you explained, frustrated.
Bart squeezed your hand, tapping his fingers on top yours, "you know what you need to do," he replied, giving you a serious look. you stared at him, biting your lip, "it's hard, Bart. he's going through a lot and I'll feel guilty if I just leave him," you whispered taking his hand and holding it.
"you literally fight villains for a living and you're scared of that? you know you deserve more," Bart said, "and I've seen the way you look at other girls who decide to flirt with me," he joked, trying to break the tension. "shut up, it's not even like that," you lied, making Bart even laugh more. "but seriously, you know it's not secret that I like you." you sighed, not knowing what to say as you put your head on his shoulder.
the silence wasn't exactly awkward but it wasn't comfortable either. there had been multiple times when Bart had told you his true feelings for you and every time he did, you responded with a hum or a 'okay Bart'.
it wasn't that you didn't accept his true feelings. it was far from that. you actually did like the speedster but you knew Bart could do a lot better. you knew Bart deserved someone who actually deserved him and that person wasn't you. you weren't as cute or funny as he was. he deserved someone like Cassie. smart, funny, and cute.
the YJ tower was completely empty aside from you and Bart. everyone was out doing their own thing. Tim and Connor were at their respective homes. Jinny and Amethyst were out doing god knows what meanwhile Keli and Cassie had gone to the movies to watch a film they both had been dying to see so that just left you and Bart in the lair to do as you pleased.
"Bart, hand me the remote," you said lazily. he handed it to you as you turned it off, getting up and stretching yourself out. Bart stared at you confused, "why'd you turn it off? I was watching that!" he exclaimed. you threw the remote across the couch and getting him up, "lets do something productive and make dinner or something," you replied enthusiastically.
Bart rolled his eyes but got up nonetheless. he followed you to the kitchen as you played music through the speakers that were built on the wall. "what're you making?" he asked, seeing you take out things that made no sense.
you looked over your options and realized you could make some kind of stew or a soup of some kind. "beef and gravy stew! we have enough things to make enough for the team and seconds for the both of us," you said, getting the things from the cupboards and having Bart start to chop every thing up.
you knew Bart was dumb but that didn't mean he wasn't a kick ass cook. there had been multiple times where he had made everyone dinner or dinner even for the two of you and it always turned out amazing. you dumped every thing that Bart had chopped up and proud it into the pot before grabbing a few things from the fridge and making the gravy that had to poured in. it didn't take long but the two of you had to wait until the pot boiled up in order for it to be ready.
the song 'telepatia' by Kali Uchis played over the speakers as you finally turned over to Bart and smiled, "we just need for it to boil and it'll be ready!" you exclaimed. he nodded as you started singing the song out loud. not particularly towards him but a warm feeling in his gut made him get butterflies as you continued.
"you know I'm just a flight away, if you want it, you can take a private plane."
you looked up to Bart, wanting to give him another smile but he quickly got rid of any questioning thoughts and went in for a kiss. you were taken back in surprise. this was the first time Bart had ever put his feelings forward and actually gave you a kiss.
his kisses were soft. they weren't rushed which was ironic considering all Bart was, was being fast and always on the move. you had placed your hands on his thighs as you made the kiss even deeper. it took you a few seconds to register what you were doing when alarms rang off in your head. you had a boyfriend and by continuing to kiss Bart, you were technically cheating on him.
"Bart no, I can't," you murmured, pushing yourself off of him. he gave you a defeated look, understanding where you coming from, "I'm sorry," you replied, going back to the food and trying to forget that you even made the move to reciprocate the kiss. in the back of your mind though, knew it that kiss meant that you had fell for Bart and hard.
"I have to head home, it's getting late and we patrol tomorrow night so I think it's best we head back," you whispered knowing you'd have to deal with your stingy boyfriend when you got home. Bart gave your hand one more squeeze before getting up, "see you later," Bart murmured, getting the inkling feeling that he'd probably receive a phone call tonight from you.
you nodded, making your way towards your apartment. you had a fuck ton of messages from your boyfriend and over ten missed calls by the time you sat comfortably in your couch. you finally dialed him back, instantly getting a bunch of curse words thrown at you for not picking up.
it felt like hours when the two of you finally stopped arguing with each other. it ended with you in tears and your voice hoarse as you had finally grown the nerve to break up with him. you knew for your mental health that it was time to do it and truthfully, your feelings for Bart were growing more and more every time you saw him. there was no point in continuing the relationship if you were no longer having feelings for him and although you felt guilty by doing it, you ripped it off like a band aid.
you grabbed your phone and clicked on Bart's number. Bart on the other hand shifted in his bed, seeing your contact light up his phone. he groggily picked it up, "hey," he said in that sleepy tone of his. you hiccuped, trying to control your tears, "can you come over?" you whispered, the crack of thunder scaring you shitless, "I really need someone right now."
Bart sighed, telling you to give him a minute before hanging up. Bart had no idea how many more of these late night sleepovers he had left in him. he sped over to your place, grabbing the secret key from the back of the broken piece of wood that was attached to your door frame. he opened it, seeing you sitting in the kitchen with a cup of coffee in one hand and your hiccups still overcoming your body.
"what's wrong?" he asked. you stared at him, tears instantly rushing down your face, "I deserve to be happy right?" he nodded almost immediately, "than why do I feel so shitty because I broke up with him?" you asked.
Bart stared at you, not believing what he was hearing. you had finally broken up with that shitty boyfriend and he was the first person you contacted.
"because that's what manipulative people do ( your name )," he whispered, "they make you feel like shit for things that you didn't even do. you're perfect and he didn't deserve you or anyone like you. especially you though," he joked, bracing you even harder for a hug. he knew it would be wrong to try and make a move but gave you a kiss on the top of your head and whispered nothing but supportive things into your ear as you tried to calm yourself down.
the rain happening outside and Bart's words were lulling you to sleep as Bart hadn't even realized that you were passing out on his side. it wasn't until you hadn't moved that Bart realized you were not longer awake. he grabbed your body, lifting you up bridal style before making his way to your room.
he placed you down on your bed with every intention of just letting you sleep and him heading home but you grabbed onto his body, sleepily saying that he was going to stay here. you hadn't even said it as a question but more as a statement. he didn't argue with it; however, and he had thankfully came over in his pajamas as he scooted you over a bit and crawled in.
you smiled softly, hugging him instantly and passing out once again. Bart placed a small kiss on the top of your head before whispering into your ear, "you'll be mine one day, didn't I tell you that?" he murmured before trying to fall back asleep.
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cherrycheridarling · 2 years
track number seven | t.h.
(pt. two to girl crush)
tom holland x singer!reader
warnings: none just fluff and a little angst?
summary: it's your album release day and a certain song leaves tom dumbfounded.
wc: 2.7k
Tumblr media
Two months later and the cracks in your heart were still evident. Some have tried to fuse back together, but everytime you were nearly okay, a new article would appear or they'd come waltzing into the pub.
You had finished the album, done the promotions and now, it was finally being released to the public. Eighteen tracks, one hour and eleven minutes. It was normal for you to have a bit of anxiety on release day, you had for your last three albums, but this one was different. There was one song that had your nerves sky rocketing.
Track number seven. 'girl crush'. You'd put it as track number seven for a specific reason. Seven, to represent your seven years of friendship with Tom. Seven, to represent the seven years of you denying your feelings for him.
You weren't sure if Tom would even listen to the album. You hadn't spoken to him in at least four months. Small texts back and forth of 'hey' and 'hi' were the extent of your interaction. You knew he was doing well, he had finished filming a new film and spent more time golfing. With Olivia.
Zendaya still came by regularly. She extended her stay in London, but stopped bringing vodka, just ice cream. Occasionally, Harrison and Tuwaine would pop by and check up on you. They'd stay overnight sometimes and binge watch Marvel movies with you. Harry and Sam would FaceTime you almost every week. Telling you about new acting gigs Tom managed to get for Harry or delicious recipes that Sam had perfected. They all knew you were hurting and refused to let you deal with your shattered heart alone.
Even Nikki and Dom came over one time. They brought Paddy with them and some Chinese takeout. You weren't sure if they knew about your broken state, but you enjoyed their company nonetheless.
The past two months had its highlights and low spots. You spent a significantly larger amount of time surrounded by your loving friends. But maybe the low was that Tom never showed. You weren't sure if you were thankful that he didn't or if you were slowly starting to despise him for it. But then again, you didn't show up at his home or text him. You couldn't expect him to know how you were feeling if you refused to say anything.
Now you were at BBC Radio One. On the breakfast show with Nick Grimshaw. Promoting your new album and explaining the background to each song before it played. Trying to hold your tears in and laughing through the pain.
"Okay, that was number six on the album, 'just a friend to you'! These are amazing, Y/N!" Nick complimented you, making you smile.
You nodded, "Thank you! That one was probably the easiest to write."
"Really? Why is that? I don't get the whole songwriting thing. I failed English in secondary school." he confessed, making you laugh.
"It just has a very simple melody and the lyrics somewhat remind me of a high school love. Young and foolish." you vaguely explained the song.
Leaving out the part that everything about the song was inspired by Tom.
Nick nodded, "This next track, track number seven. 'girl crush'. Ooh! What's this one about?" he got excited after reading the title.
You chuckled, a heat creeping up your neck, "Umm, this one is about- Hmm." you laughed lightly, "I wrote this one about two months ago, it was one of the last songs that we added to the album. As for what it's about, let's see." you rubbed your chin.
Nick laughed loudly into the microphone, "Y/N Y/L/N cannot come up with lies on the spot."
You gasped with a laugh, "I am not coming up with a lie! I am trying to find the right words to describe the song. Umm, okay, let's say that the person you want is dating a girl. This song is just about how one might feel if they were going through that situation. But I think it can be interpreted in many ways, so I'll leave that up to the fans."
Nick raised an eyebrow at you, "And have you gone through that situation? Is this one written from personal experience?"
You chuckled and bit your lip, "I think all artists write from personal experience. Or at least try to. It makes our work more authentic and – personally – I think it makes for better songs when you know that all the emotions the artist felt have been poured into the song." you gave an answer without actually answering the question.
Nick nodded again, "Okay, here is 'girl crush'."
He pressed a button and the guitar melody filled your ears. You felt as if you were reliving the moment you wrote the song as it played in your headphones.
What you didn't know was that Tom was sat in his home with Harrison, Tuwaine, Harry, Sam and Olivia. BBC Radio One playing on the telly as they sat around in the living room, eating snacks and listening to your album.
"Umm, okay, let's say that the person you want is dating a girl. This song is just how one might feel if they were going through that situation." you voice filled the room.
Harrison, Tuwaine, Harry and Sam all froze momentarily at the words that left your lips. Trying their best to not set off any alarm in Tom or Olivia as they all continued to listen in.
"And have you gone through that situation? Is this one written from personal experience?"
They had no reason to be nervous, but their palms got slightly sweaty as they waited for your answer. Eyes flicking to Tom and Olivia who remained cuddled up and oblivious to what you were saying. Tom was listening, but he didn't find anything out of the ordinary.
They heard you chuckle before answering, "Umm, I think all artists write from personal experience." you started and they knew it was going to be the same generic answer you gave everytime an interviewer asked you the question.
But as the song played, Tom moved slightly away from Olivia, trying to give your tune his undivided attention.
"I got a girl crush. I hate to admit it, but I got a heart rush. It ain't slowing down. I got it real bad. Want everything she has. That smile and that midnight laugh, she's giving you now."
This was the first time any of them were hearing the tune. And to say you left them all starstruck would be an understatement. Harry, Sam, Harrison and Tuwaine had to force their mouths shut as you sang. Tom had a faint expression of confusion on his face as he listened to the lyrics and Olivia's heart rate picked up drastically.
"I want to taste her lips. Yeah, 'cause they taste like you. I wanna drown myself in a bottle of her perfume. I want her long blonde hair. I want her magic touch. Yeah, 'cause maybe then you'd want me just as much. And I've got a girl crush. I've got a girl crush."
Olivia looked down at her hair at the lyric. Tom looked to his mates who all avoided engaging in any eye contact with him.
"When did she write this?" he asked them as the guitar filled the silence of the room.
All four looked to each other before Harrison sighed, "She said she wrote it about two months ago."
Tom did the math in his head. September, August. July. You wrote it in July. The month of the Summer Time Hyde Park Festival. The same month that article got released with the paparazzi pictures. You wrote it when he went public with Olivia.
His heart started beating out of his chest, a wave of chills running over him. You wrote it about him and Olivia. He tried to convince himself that it wasn't true. He was overthinking. You could've written the song about anyone. But the timeline was too similar. The lyrics were too straightforward. After hearing 'just a friend to you' his suspicion about whether or not you had written any songs about him was clouding his brain.
"I don't get no sleep. I don't get no peace. Thinking about her under your bedsheets. The way that she's whispering. The way that she's pulling you in. Lord knows I've tried, can't get her off my mind."
It was as if someone had locked up Tom's throat and thrown away the key. He couldn't find any words as you sang the chorus again. His hands involuntarily shook. Olivia was still slightly clueless as to what the song was actually about, but the boys weren't. They all knew that the couple sitting with them was the inspiration.
As the song ended, Tom still hadn't found his voice. Leaning forward with his elbows on his knees, chin in his hands. Fingers covering his lips to prevent his jaw from dropping. He listened as you got questioned about the song again.
"Woah. I feel like I've just been cheated on by my imaginary boyfriend." Nick laughed.
Your voice sounded again, "Yeah, that one carries a lot of emotion in it."
"I'm going to ask again, even though I know you hate it when I do, who's the song about?"
Your awkward laugh did nothing to cut through the tension in the room, "Man, if I told you, then you'd see that a bunch of the other songs are about him as well. So, I'm going to say that this one is about my pet bunny and his new girlfriend that I bought for him."
Your friends let out little laughs at your answer, but Tom was focused on the first sentence you said.
"A bunch of the other songs are about him as well."
Even he couldn't convince himself that track number seven wasn't about him. Now he wondered just how many he had inspired. He had his suspicions that you had some feelings for him, but he pushed them aside. You could never like him back. You were his best friend. He created his own rejection and used that as motivation to find someone new. Someone to get his mind off of you and the possibility of something happening between you two.
"So there is a him! Can I ask one more question before we move onto 'to love someone else'?"
"I'm scared, but sure."
"Does this boy who inspired many of your songs, go by the name of Tom Holland?"
Everyone froze. Jaws hung low. Harrison swore he could hear your heart pounding over the radio. Tom stared blankly ahead at the floor. Anticipation eating away at him as he awaited your answer. He knew you weren't going to admit on live radio that he was the inspiration, but you didn't need to. He already knew.
You mustered up your acting skills and laughed lightly, "Unfortunately, no. I've seen the people shipping us and all the edits, but Tom is my best friend and he is in a very happy relationship with a gorgeous girl. I respect their relationship, as should everyone else. The person who inspired these songs surely knows who he is, if he's listening right now."
"Fair enough. I have some tweets coming in from fans. Should we read them?"
"Yeah, of course."
Tom still hadn't moved from his position. Your songs, your words left him dumbfounded. He chewed on his bottom lip absentmindedly. Melancholy memories of the two of you floated around in his mind. His eyes drifted to the wall across from him. A picture of you and him at his twenty-first birthday party framed neatly on his shelf. The night he nearly confessed his feelings for you, but let his anxiety get the best of him.
Nobody made a move, your voice still blasting from the speakers. Until Olivia got up and shut the telly off with the remote. Angrily throwing it down on the couch. Her harsh movements startled the men, causing all heads to turn to her.
"What're you doing? We're still listening to her album." Harrison chuckled awkwardly before reaching for the remote.
Olivia scoffed, "The album that she wrote about my boyfriend? I don't want to listen to that."
Her words left them all in shock. Olivia was always a nice girl. Calm, collected. Her sudden outburst had them bewildered.
Tuwaine furrowed his eyebrows, "She just said that the songs aren't about Tom."
"As if she would confess her feelings to the whole world." Olivia crossed her arms and sat next to Tom again.
Harrison rolled his eyes before turning the telly on again. 'to love someone else' played through the room.
"I don't want to listen to her stupid album!" Olivia repeated.
Harry chuckled, "I thought you were her biggest fan."
"Not anymore." Olivia mumbled and wrapped her arms around Tom's bicep.
Tom immediately curled away from her, "Liv, Y/N is our friend. We're gonna support her and listen to her album. It's her release day." he tried to explain in the nicest way possible.
"I'm not her friend. I don't need to listen to her bloody songs." she scoffed again.
"Then leave." Sam's voice was stern. Demanding.
Olivia was shocked. Her boyfriend's best friends and brothers were kicking her out.
"Seriously. She called you gorgeous and said she respected your relationship with Tom and you're being completely rude." Harrison added.
Olivia stammered, "F-fine. Let's go, Tom." she stood up, purse in hand and started walking to the door.
Tom stayed in his seat. All eyes were on him. Anticipating his next move. Olivia stopped when she didn't hear his footsteps behind her.
"Tom. Let's go." she enunciated every word.
Tom still stayed stuck to the couch. Avoiding everyone's gazes.
"I'm going to walk out that door and if you're not outside in the next ten seconds, we're over." she stated sternly before marching to the front door and leaving the house.
Tom's eyes flickered from the door, to his mates, to the TV where your voice could still be heard. With a sigh he got out of his seat and dragged his feet to the door.
Harrison, Tuwaine, Harry and Sam all let out groans of frustration at the sight. Infuriated that their best mate and brother was about to follow Olivia wherever she was heading. They all shook their heads with sadness and disappointment waiting for the sound of a shutting door.
But it never came. Tom waltzed back into the room. Taking his seat on the couch again as if nothing happened.
"I thought you left. What did you do?" Tuwaine laughed lightly.
Tom shrugged, "Had to lock the door."
The boys had a moment of shock before applause and laughter filled Tom's ears.
"That's brilliant! Oh, geez. Are you okay, though?" Harrison was still laughing as he asked.
Tom nodded, a content smile on his face, "Yeah, I feel great, surprisingly."
"Thank you for joining us today and celebrating your release here!" Nick's voice brought their attention back to the telly.
"Thank you for having me!"
"Do you have any plans for today? Any parties to celebrate the release?"
"Hmm, nope. I think I'm going to go home and take a long nap."
Your answer made Nick and the boys laugh.
"Well, I hope you have a good nap. Congratulations on the album, it's absolutely amazing."
"Thank you!"
As your segment on the show ended, Tom glanced at his phone. His finger hovering over your contact. Throwing his doubts out of the window, Tom typed up a message and hit send.
You signed autographs and took selfies with fans who had waited outside the building before your security ushered you into the black SUV. You released a long breath as you settled in the car. Enjoying the silence of the drive home until your phone dinged.
tom: great album. have you ever released a bad song? x
You smiled involuntarily before typing a response.
y/n: haha thank you x
tom: are you set on taking a nap or can i convince you to come over?
y/n: i wouldn't want to intrude on your time with olivia and the boys
tom: there's no olivia anymore
y/n: oh i'm sorry
tom: don't be but i think we should talk
y/n: idk that kind of scared me and a nap sounds rlly good rn
tom: i'll get sushi and don't be scared. only good things darling
y/n: you had me at sushi
Tom let out a joyous laugh at your response back before pocketing his phone and leaning against the couch with a grin.
"Luca, do you remember Tom's address?" you asked your driver.
He nodded, "Tom, eh?" you could hear the smirk in his voice.
"Oh, shut it." you chuckled before a graceful smile covering your features.
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unfinshedsentec · 1 year
Heyloo! If it’s okay can I request a draken x fem or gn reader who’s being harassed by their ex gf b/c she wants y/n back and draken sees this and intervenes saying he’s their bf n y/ns ex doesn’t believe him so he kisses them and their ex gets the hint and leaves, leaving them still in a kiss n when they pull away they are both flustered n drakens like I just kissed an attractive stranger and y/n n him get to know each other better after the whole ordeal and later get together:3
Hey love! Thank you for requesting!! I sort’ve mixed this with another request, so it won’t be exact, but it’s still the same gist❤️
Tumblr media
I love you|| k.ryuuguji
Tumblr media
reader is gender neutral!
word count: 2.1k+
character pairing: ryuuguji ken (draken) x reader
tw: cursing and toxicity (toxic ex)
Tumblr media
It had been December 1st yet; you were in a pair of shorts and cursing out the annoyingly warm weather. Sweat trickled down your soft skin as you panted while walking up the steep incline that led to place you wanted to go, the movie theater, which was also the place that motivated you to move on, partly due to its nice air conditioning.
But that wasn't the only reason you wanted to be there. Naturally, you were also going to the theater to see a particular movie that you had been really looking forward to. Unfortunately, you were only able to see it just now because the theater was packed full, but , you finally managed to book a ticket and now, you could finally see the movie which you anticipated would be one of the best one's you'd ever see.
What you didn't anticipate was the insane weather of the day. Luckily, you quickly arrived at the theater, which you lived not far from, got approval to go in, and grabbed your favorite snacks for the movie.
Though, you being stupid and excited led you to splurging on expensive movie snacks, and by the time everything had been made, your arms were full of popcorn, drinks, candy, and even pretzels. Struggling, you made your way down to the designated theater and sat down at the closest seat you could, not being able to hold everything any longer.
Peacefully, you situated yourself, and then turned your fascinated eyes towards the large screen in front of you, which was playing the usual advertisements. You casually popped a handful of popcorn in your mouth while you intently watched the upcoming movies, and in your mind, you thought about which ones you wanted to see.
Many advertisements played, and many handfuls of popcorn had been shoved in your mouth, when finally, the movie you had been waiting so long to see finally started. You practically started screaming when you saw the beginning credits, purely from anticipation and excitement. And, from there, your full attention had been turned towards the screen
Well, that was until someone had sat down in the seat directly next to you, despite the row full of empty seats next to you. You questioned the strange action at first, but you ultimately brushed it off and turned your attention back towards the movie.
But suddenly, the unknown person spoke, absolutely shocking you.
"Is all that for you?" The all too familiar voice caused your head to snap to your side, shock being written on your originally excited features. Waves of dread, and anxiety bubbled up in your chest. You didn't even have to look at the person next to you to know who they were. You already knew that your ex was sitting beside you.
The very one that ruined you.
Hearing your ex's voice shook you enough that it took you a moment to collect yourself, at least to the extent where you could talk again. Masking your surprise and albeit, fear, you spoke to him for the first time after a year since your breakup.
"N-no, actually it's for me....and my boyfriend" you blatantly lied, all you previously gained confidence going down the drain after hearing his voice. You practically shook, barely being able to take being around him.
After all, being around him reminded you of how broken he made you feel, and to be honest, it made you feel completely and utterly broken again.
"Awww c'mon, there's no way you replaced me that quickly" he replied. "Besides, there isn't a soul around here..." The male next to you leaned in closer to you, so close that you could feel his warm breath brush against your face. Although you couldn't see him, you instinctively knew a wicked smile was on his face.
"Well...that's because he's using the restroom ass-hat, now leave me the hell al- "Unintentionally, you cut yourself off from your own gasp, as his hand reached up to your check and yanked your face closer to his. Now, you were so close to him that his breath brushed up against your trembling lips. His thumb stroked your check, as he brought you even closer.
"Don't forget baby, no one can love you like I do. I know it won't be long before you come runnin' back to me.... after all, you're so deeply in love and obsessed with me. You'll never love anyone like you love me"
You struggled to escape his tight grasp, but to no avail. Desperately, you tried to move your face further away from his, as your reeled in disgust. Silently, you shivered, your mind going into overdrive. His words were, once again, getting into your broken mind, like they always did.
But this time, unlike the past, you were different. You were more independent and knew your worth, so you shook off his words, not letting them get to you again. But still, you were stuck in a trance.
His trance.
However, as you continued wriggling away from your ex, an unfamiliar presence and voice came from behind you, snapping you out of your ex's trance. 
"Yo dude, the hell are you doing to my s/o?" the voice angrily gritted.
"Ha, s/o?! As if- "Your ex's words stopped as he looked at the figure behind you, and slowly his hand slid off your face and returned towards his own body. Out of curiosity, you turned too, hoping to see your savior. But what you saw certainly wasn't what you were expecting.
Behind you stood a tall guy, one that was at least six feet tall. From the light of the movie, you could see he had blonde hair and dark black eyes. His eyes and face held anger as he looked at your ex in pure disgust. He also had a dragon tattoo on the left side of his temple, making his look even more intimidating.
"I'm gonna say this once and once only, get the fuck away from 'em, or else, I'll kill you" he darkly said.
"You really tryin' to pick a fight with me?" Your ex responded, storming over to the much taller guy. While your ex was trying to act brave, you could see his trembling body and bad posture as he shrunk into himself.
He really looked like he was going to piss himself.
"Eh, you wanna go?" the tall guy said, cracking his neck while an almost menacing smirk came onto his face.
"C'mon, let's go"
"...actually, I'm all good! You can have them!" Your ex said, running out of the theater with his tale between his legs. Both yours and the unfamiliar guy's eyes watched him as he left with pure tears streaming down his face.
An amused laugh came out of the taller guys as you too, amusedly watched your ex leave.
"Damn, talk about a big head for someone's body" the unfamiliar guy chuckled, his now softer gaze turning towards yours, though, he still had a bit of a stoic expression on his face.
Awkward silence filled the small space between the both of you, you in particular not knowing what to say. Should you thank him? Or should you offer him the seat next to you? Truth be told, your anxiety made you want to say nothing, in fear of saying something stupid.
Thankfully, while you were overthinking, the blonde spoke for you.
"Mind if I sit there?" he said, pointing at the seat next to you. "Just in case that weirdo comes runnin' back"
"Yeah! O-of course" you shakily spoke, the new guy now sitting next to you.
Once again, silence came between the both of you, both of you turning your to the big screen. However, your mind dug at you, as you felt guilty for not thanking him. He helped you, the least you could do was thank him, right?
You just hoped you wouldn't say something stupid in the process.
"Hey...ummm, thanks for helping me back there"
"Huh, of course. I fuckin hate assholes like that" he replied, a hint of anger being in his voice. "Oh yeah, I forgot to introduce myself. I'm Draken by the way"
"Y/n. I'm Y/n L/n"
"Nice to meet ya Y/n, if you need help with assholes like that again just call me" Draken then pulled out his phone and probed you to put your own number in.
"I will.... thank you" you replied, doing just that. You weren't expecting him to be so nice to you, but you were beyond thankful for it.  You were beyond thankful for him. And if you were honest, you were sure you'd need his help again.
After all, you clearly had pretty bad luck.
And, ironically enough, you ended up needing Draken's help more than once after the movie theater. You ended up calling him quite often, so much so that you met his friend, Mikey, who often tagged along with him.
You even ended up taking both him and Mikey out as a thank you, more than once.
Soon enough, you ended up calling Draken for other things besides your ridiculous ex's. Before you knew it, you were friends with him. Friends meant spending time with each other, and you spent A LOT of time with Draken. And before you knew it, you found yourself longing to be with Draken all the time.
You felt empty without him, and when you did see him, you found yourself unable to take your eyes off him. When you were around him, your heartbeat so much that you could hear it echo throughout your whole body. Butterflies entered your stomach every time his gaze turned towards you.
Long story short, you had caught feelings for him. Ones so intense that you began to think you loved him, really loved him.
The only problem you had with your feelings was, you had no idea what to do with them.
You couldn't resort to your friends because they had no idea who Draken was, Google was useless when it came to love, and you certainly didn't have any ideas yourself. So, you resorted to the shorter blonde boy that knew Draken better than anyone, the very one that managed to force you into being friends.
That's right, you went to Mikey for help.
"What do I do Mikey?" you shakily questioned, beginning to get desperate.
"Ehhh, what do ya mean, what do you have to do? You confess!"
"But what if he says no!"
"Ha, he definitely won't"
"CONFESS TO HIM!!! TELL HIM, I LOVE YOU!! IF YOU DON'T DO IT, I WILL!!" he yelled, throwing his Dorayaki at you.
"Alright...alright, I'll do it now" you quickly gave in, knowing Mikey would absolutely confess for you, and in the most embarrassing way too.
"Good! Do it now!"
"I didn't mean literally n-"
"KEN-CHIN, GET OVER HERE!!" Mikey yelled without a moment wasted.
"Mikey!!" you yelled, a bright pink blush appearing on your cheeks. 
You really weren't expecting to confess to him so soon, but clearly you didn't have much of an option. Truth be told, you were scared. You didn't want to ruin your friendship, let alone the ones you made with Draken's friends. But still, there was a part of you that was excited.
You loved Draken and wanted to be with him. You just hoped he felt the same.
"What'cha need Mikey?"
"Nothing!" he yelled, running away.
Draken stood there completely and utterly confused, his eyes following the blonde, who went behind a tree.
"The hell?" he questioned.
"H-he called you over for me"
"Oh, what's up then?" he said, moving his glance back towards you. You, shrunk in response, your own gaze moving towards the cement below you, you not being confident enough to look at him in the eyes.
"I just needed to...I needed to tell you that... I love you!" you blurted out, finally looking at him.
Silence filled the air between the both of you, like the one that was there when you first met. A shocked expression formed on Draken's face, as he simply stared at you, clearly overtaken by shock. You, shrunk even more by the simple blank look in his eyes.
Truth be told, you almost ran away put of embarrassment, but suddenly, his shocked expression turned into one full of relief and admiration.
"Took ya long enough, idiot" he replied, a small smile appearing on his face. "I love you too"
And from that day on, you finally became happy. Draken was great to you, as he always had been. He protected you yet made sure to love you. And you, did the same.
Finally, you were truly loved. You were truly happy.
And it's all because of some random man that helped you with your stupid ex
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professor-peanut · 1 year
cho sangwoo with a non-binary s/o headcanons please <33
Of course! Thank you for being my very first request! I hope you enjoy the Cho Sangwoo x NB!Reader Headcannons! (Sorry if it sounds like more of a fanfic, force of habit! >-<)
(Feel free to repost with credit!)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Cho Sangwoo wasn't always so coldhearted...
From the day he saw you in the lobby to the day that you lay there unconscious on the floor before you, he'd always felt something...for you
He's always been with you through every game, helping you even if it meant costing him his own life
Letting you join his team during tug of war, picking the easiest shape for you during the dalgona game. Hed made his mission to keep you safe
He was afraid to see you go, to see you leave alone.
This kept him up at night, keeping an eye on you at all times even during the night fights
He didn't even let the others get close to you. He didn't want them to spread any...lies.
However, you got close to Ali and Seong Gi Hun during the dalgona game, and promised to stick with them till the very end
This..did not make him happy. He took you away from them, hiding you away in the bathrooms when he could, even watching over you while you slept.
He did everything for you...
That was...until the marbles game
Manipulation came into play and the once perfect bond you had with a man you'd never even met slowly faded away into dust
You both knew one of you had to go
But in your heart you knew he'd take the fall for you
Not this time..
He played his hands in his favors, tricking you into believing he was there...just for you
It was all a lie..
A set up..
Sangwoo is a pretty closed off man, not one to show feelings or any sort of affection. He thinks it's a waste of time.
His 'dates' are never romantic, he figures just staying at home and watching a movie is good enough, even if he does have the money for it.
Sangwoo would always wait until you fell asleep first, he wouldn't admit to it, but he just wanted make sure you were safe.
He likes to hear you talk, it doesn't matter about the what or where, just hearing your voice ring through his ear puts him at ease.
He's the ideal husband okay
He's not good with kids. Hates them actually. He feels as though they get in the way.
His favorite pastime is to lean on the balcony of your shared apartment and watch as the cars go by.
He's more comfortable around you than anyone else, especially when he's had something to drink
Sometimes he'll over share and regret later.
Even if he did win the money, he wouldn't use it all on himself. He'd use it on you, someone he thought needed it more than him
After it was announced that you could leave the game, he urged you to stay home, and that he go back to the game alone, even if it meant that he didn't get to see you again.
Everyday, before you left for work, he'd fix your lunch for you, was it good? More or less.
When he is away playing the games, you'd look over at framed pictures of the both of you, praying that he'd make it back home.
During the dalgona game you became close with Ali and Seong Gi Hun and they gave you advice on how to get Sangwoo to open up more.
You got injured during the Red Light Green Light game, so he made it his mission to protect you while you were most vulnerable, especially during the night fights.
Sangwoo is a tea drinker, he always found it calming to relax during the break with a cup of tea, letting the steam rise and clear his clouded mind.
When you're asleep he'll plant light kisses on you're forehead almost as to say sweet dreams without actually saying it. He'll then leave the room without another word.
I hope these were to your liking! Thanks for requesting and Happy Holidays!
~ Professor Peanut
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yunhofingers-writes · 2 years
The Things We learned (Diary Fantasies) Chap.1
Note♥︎- Hello <3 firstly, i’m hoping everyone gets the photo i’m using for this series. Second, i’ll be putting the diary at the end, so keep that in mind. also keep in mind that the reader (you) wrote what’s in the diary at the end in between the story, okay? I’m so geeked for this story, it’s not even funny. Please give me your thoughts in my ask box, the comments, or the reblogs please. As always my taglist is here if you want to be in there, but if it’s just this specific one, dm me <3 let’s thank @atiny-piratequeen for helping me
Key: The slanted words are the dreams and the bold words are what’s in the diary
Genre♡︎- Fluff, smut
Warnings/Tags♥︎- Nipple play, pet names, degrading names, nothing too bad, and finger sucking.
Pairing: Ateez X F ! reader
Word count♡︎- 2,800+
Tumblr media
❥- “I didn’t even know you like such things, baby.” The faceless man whispered in your ear as he continued to flick your nipples with his pointer fingers. “You’re so naughty.” He licked his lips, bringing them down to wrap them around your left perked nipple. Your whole body felt euphoric, lips letting moans and whimpers slip between them. “I bet you can cum just from me rubbing them right?” He chuckled a little.
“Are you even listening to me?” Yunho snapped his fingers in your face, bringing you out of your daydream. You shook your head to snap out of your thoughts and looked at Yunho.
You’ve been having these weird dreams. They started 4 days ago and you already hate them, well a love-hate relationship with them. They’re helping you learn more things about yourself that you can’t help but to be happy about.
“-and Jongho ate them all '' Yunho finished with a pout. His eyes were doe and his bottom lip poked out. You couldn’t help it, you coo’ed and reached your hand out to pat his head. He groaned and pushed your hand off of him, glaring at you.
You raised your hands up in defeat and apologized.
“I’ll buy you some more.” You reassured him already knowing what he’s whining about. This isn’t his first time crying about Jongho eating all of his chocolate turtles.
The door opened to show the professor. “Good morning class.” He smiled and the class greeted him back.
“turn to page 56 for me, please.”
“Come on Y/N I want more chocolate.” Yunho whined at you and you rolled your eyes and collected your books, turning towards the jumpy man. You let him drag you all the way down the street to the convenience store.
He grabbed his candy plus more and turned towards you with his big puppy eyes. “Can I get a drink too?” You couldn’t resist his puppy eyes. You nodded and he ran over there to get it.
Sometimes you think he’s a kid in a grown man body, same with Mingi. They both know how to take great advantage of you.
You paid and walked out with Yunho following behind you. “What’s the plan for today?” You asked Yunho and he turned towards you and tilted his head.
“We’re supposed to meet up at Yeosang’s house today, remember?” He asked
“Oh yeah!!”
“I’ll call Yeosang to tell him we’re on our way now.” He told you before dialing Yeosang’s number in.
“Why do you always dial our number when you could just scroll through the contact list?” You asked him genuinely confused. He does this all the time.
He shrugged “that’s too much work”
“That’s too much work?!” You raised your eyebrows , puzzled.
He laughed and quickly responded to Yeosang. “Hello” He raised his index finger up, letting you know he’ll be right back.
Your mind wondered as you waited. Who was that man in your daydream? What the fuck was he talking about? What things did he not know you liked? His voice was so deep. The way he touched your body had you feeling some type of way. He had long fingers, you think you have a thing for long fingers. Thinking about it is killing you.
“Yeosang said everyone is waiting for us there.”
You smiled at the information and grabbed his hand, walking to Yeosang’s house. He’s a clingy human. By the eye of anyone who doesn’t know you two like that, they’ll immediately assume that you two are dating.
Yunho likes hugs and cuddles a lot so holding hands isn’t really a big thing for you two. He swung both of your hands together with a big smile.
On the way there, Yunho texted Yeosang,letting him know that you two are close. The moment you both got there the door was open with the screen door closed. You walked in there together, greeting everyone with happy smiles and everyone greeted back. Yunho ran to Mingi and sat next to him with a humongous smile and ruffled his hair. Mingi smacked his hand and laughed loudly at the scream Yunho let out.
You hugged everyone in the kitchen and walked in the living room and hugged Mingi as well. Mingi’s smile grew as he saw you walk in and quickly hugged you back.
“So what are we planning on doing for the day?” Wooyoung asked and you shrugged.
“Don’t you two have classes?” You raised your eyebrow at Mingi and Jongho and they both nodded.’
“Mines is actually later on and Mingi’s is...right now actually.”
Mingi looked away, avoiding your stern look. “Mingi.”
“No, I’ve read ahead, I don't need to go in today. I promise I won't skip anymore.”
“Please don’t make Mingi leave.” Yunho pouted and you rolled your eyes.
“Y’all act like babies.” You looked away with a small smile.
Mingi laughed along with Yunho. You ignored the two giants and sat on the couch next to them and laid down on it.
“I'm going to take a nap.” You told everyone before closing your eyes.
“I bet you like the way my fingers are rubbing your nipples. Such A naughty little doll.” The man whispered in your ear, later gnawing on it.
Your moans grew louder each flick he gave to your sensitive nipples. Your hips bucked up quickly. “G-give me more.”
You were desperate, so desperate. Your body was hot and your mind was clouded.
The man smirked at you and bent down, sticking his tongue out, licking on one of your nippes with his quick tongue. His rhythm switched as his eyes stayed on yours. He went from fast, spit-sloppy licks and sometimes switched to slow licks, sucking on your titty while his tongue continued it’s work on you.
Your back arched so deep you thought you broke it. Your needy hole was clenching around nothing, and your hips swiveled in circles. You needed something inside of you and you knew exactly what you wanted.
“P-please.” You weakly begged. The man’s free hand went up to your mouth. You quickly opened your mouth and he pushed his index finger inside of your mouth only for a quick second. You whined when he pulled his finger out of your mouth. But that whine turned into another loud moan the moment his saliva covered finger rubbed your other nipple.
He lifted up and looked you in your eyes. “Please what? You want my fingers inside of you, doll?” He smirked and nodded quickly.
He lifted up and licked your lips before slowly dragging his hand down to your exposed cunt. You spread your legs further so he could have better access. “Get up, baby.” He whispered in your ear, You raised your eyebrow at him and he repeated it, but louder.
You shot up quickly out of your wet dream again, looking around to find the culprit who had the audacity to wake you.
Your eyes landed on Yeosang. He smirked at you and bit his lip. ‘Shesh, what were you dreamin about, sweetheart?”
Yeosang always flirted with you for some unknown reason. You can’t deny the fact that it sometimes does get to you.
His eyes scanned your body quickly before he looked at you again.
It’s all platonic, You think
“Oh shut it.” You pushed your hand against his mouth and turned around to sit on the couch properly. He laughed and explained himself.
I heard you groaning out something. I came to check on you and you were widely humping my pillow. “ He raised his eyebrow at you and your eyes went wide as your heart dropped.
He spotted your panicked state and ruffled your hair. “Hey, we all have our moments. I’ll pretend like I saw nothing and move on, okay?” He spoke to you softly and you nodded.
“One more question though.”
“Were you dreaming of me at least?” He smirked and you rolled your eyes.
“You wish.”
He shook his head and got up from you. You are never spending a night over here ever again. (lies) Did anyone else hear?
Oh my god.
It’s going to be so awkward now. Why the fuck did that dream just randomly pop up anyway? Where are they even coming from?
You were so frustrated right now. You sat there, thinking about what the fuck just happened for a least 10 minutes, until San walked in there with a small red cup. You snatched it from him and gulped it.
You stuck your tongue out at him and he touched it.
“EW! San !”
“Shouldn’t have stuck it out.”
You got up after purposely stomping on his foot and walked into the kitchen. “What time is it, Hongjoong?”
“It’s 9:00 PM”
Your eyes widened. You only slept for 2 hours?! What the fuck?
“I’m going home.” You told him and he just nodded, continuing on eating everything Yeosang had to offer.
You walked out, noticing that it was getting dark outside. Not even five steps away from the house, you heard footsteps behind you. You turned around and saw Seonghwa jogging to catch up.
“Why didn't you tell me you were leaving, I would have walked you home.”
“Yeah I know, I just didn’t really want to bother you.” You shrugged.
He shook his head and frowned. “No, don’t worry about that. You know I’ll do anything for you.”
You smiled at him. Yeah, you really do love him.
Once you made it home, you quickly ran to your bed and grabbed your diary and a pen.
As you were finishing the book, you heard a knock at your door. You closed your diary and stuffed it inside your dresser drawer, before walking up to the door. You looked in the peephole and saw Yunho standing there. You opened the door, facing a pouty Yunho.
“You left me. We were supposed to have a sleepover, remember?”
You made an ‘O’ face and stepped to the side so he could walk in. “I forgot, I'm so sorry.”
“It’s okay. So what will we be doing?” He flopped on your bed and looked at you.
“Wanna watch a movie?” You suggested and he nodded.
Scary movie.” You both said at the same time and giggled.
“Jinx” You said
“What do I owe?”
“You owe me a...coffee for the morning meet up.”
You turned on Netflix and clicked some random movie that sounded scary.
As the movie went on, you turned towards Yunho, noticing he was half asleep. He yarned and raked his hand through his hair. Your eyes followed his hand, noticing how big it was. His fingers are so long. You continued to eye Yunho’s hand as your mind took you back to your wet dream. The way the man touched your body, the way he pushed his fingers down into your throat. You couldn't help but to think of Yunho’s hands now.
They were so pretty, you couldn’t help it.
What the fuck are you thinking. Yunho’s your friend. Get a grip.
You thought about your friend doing all of the things to you in your dream and you started squirming.
“What’s wrong with you?” He asked, voice a little deeper.
You shuddered and looked at him and nodded.
“You sure? You’ve been staring at my hands for a while.” He chuckled. “Now that I think about it, you’ve been staring at my hands all day.” You looked like a deer caught in headlights.
You were staring at his hands all WHAT?! You didn’t even notice that. How could you not have noticed that?!
“I-I'm just not feeling well.” You blurted out.
You need to learn how to lie better.
Yunho looked like he had a lot to say but instead, he kept it all to himself. He nodded and pulled you down with him. “I'm sleepy anyways and we have to get up early.
You slowly looked over at his hand that was holding your body close to him and looked up at his face.
Take deep breaths.
You counted to 10 and closed your eyes, forcing yourself to sleep.
“You have a thing for my fingers? Do you also have a thing for Mingi’s?, Yeosang’s?, Seonghwa’s? Yunho asked with a sly smile. You looked away, legs crossed at the mention of Seonghwa’s fingers. This didn’t go unnoticed by Yunho at all.
“You do. You’re such a slut, doll.” He chuckled darkly and touched your face.
Your breath hitched.
You woke up quickly in cold sweat.
AW, come on
You got up and slowly got out of Yunho's embrace. You were grumpy and were in need of a shower.
You took a quick shower, put some light makeup on and a baby blue, flower printed dress on. You walked out of the bathroom to see that Yunho was gone. You checked your phone and noticed he had sent a text
See you at the cafe shop.
You grabbed your keys and went out of the house, getting to the small cafe first. You sat and waited for everyone to show up.
You ordered a donut as you waited and decided to just get on your phone. You were so into your phone, you didn’t even notice anyone pulling the seat to sit in it.
“Hey, sorry I’m a little late.” Someone sat right next to you. By the strawberry smell, you could tell this was Seonghwa.
You looked up and smiled. “No worries.” You nervously sat there waiting for the rest to get here with your chocolate donut in your hand.
Everything felt awkward. You had no way to start a conversation, You didn’t know what to say to him.
You breathed out, relieved that the rest walked in. Seonghwa smiled at you and scooted closer to you so they could all fit in the booth.
“Yunho pays for my drink.” You yelled and Yunho groaned.
“Oh yeah, right.” He got back, already knowing what to get.
You took this time to look at Seonghwa’s hands, which were sitting up on the table. His hands look so fucking pretty.
You thought of what yunho in your dreams said to you. “You’re such a slut doll.”
You like that more than you think you do. You love that.
His fingers are way longer than yours and you're sure they can reach way more better spots than your hand.
“Y/N, Your drink.” Yunho half shouted, knocking you out of your tance.
You grabbed it and thanked him.
“Are you okay?” San asked.
“Yeah, you’ve been a bit dazed out.” Wooyoung added on
You shook your head and smiled up at them. “Yeah, I’m okay.”
San gave you a ‘i doubt it’ face and you averted your eyes from him.
You spent some time in the cafe with boys, before they all started getting up one by one. Well, except two of them.
Yeosang and Seonghwa.
“I’ll be right back, I have to use the bathroom.” Yeosang told you both before getting up and leaving.
“Are you sure you’re okay?” Seonghwa’s concerned voice ranged through your head and you quickly nodded.
He raised his hand up to feel your forehead to make sure you didn’t have a fever. Your eyes widened at that and you bit your lip. He retreated his hand back and looked at you.
“You sure you're okay?” You quickly nodded, eyes still following his hands.
He followed where you were staring and looked back at you. “Y/N are you looking at my hands?” He asked as he placed them on your thighs, but close to your knees of course.
You held your breath in, looking at his hands. He bit his lip, dark eyes looking at you.…
“I didn’t know you like such things.”
☆*・゜゚・*♡´・ᴗ・`♡*・゜゚・*☆ ☆*・゜゚・*♡´・ᴗ・`♡*・゜゚・*☆ ☆*・゜゚・*♡´・ᴗ・`♡*・゜゚・*☆
Dear Diary
I had a weird dream this morning. It was kind of a wet dream and I've slowly found something new about myself. There’s something the faceless man did to me that made me realize that I really like it. Something about the way he talked in my ear. So dirty, sexual. The whole situation did something to me, but it always cuts off before he actually touches me the way i want and i hate that. THAT REMINDS ME ! I was at Yeo’s and fell asleep today, right? Remember what I said about the wet dreams? I had one there and apparently he woke me up because I was rubbing myself on his pillow. I was so embarrassed.
Back to the things I learned
I want to try these specific things for real.
- Fingers
(Idk they just do something to me..)
- Nipple play
- Pet names
(specifically doll)
- Degrading names
(slut is all i have)
☆*・゜゚・*♡´・ᴗ・`♡*・゜゚・*☆ ☆*・゜゚・*♡´・ᴗ・`♡*・゜゚・*☆ ☆*・゜゚・*♡´・ᴗ・`♡*・゜゚・*☆
To be continued
End note: What you think’s going to happen next? just curious 👁👁
Krusty crew: @serialee @galaxteez @multidreams-and-desires @woowommy @a-soft-hornytiny @yeotlny @lizsvcks @build-a-roleplay @moonxteez @yeosang99 @yunsangoveryonder @twancingyunhoe @seongsangsgf @chvngbxn @ki6hyun @latte-fairytaekwoon @sansbun @little-precious-baby @let-this-be-a-lesson @ateezappreciation @yutasyiddiepiercing2 @empenguin01 @violetwinters
network pings: @8makes1teamnet
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dreamwithluv · 2 years
traitor. huang renjun.
wherein y/n & renjun break up on 'good' terms, but he's soon to be seen with his best friend that he'd always be clingy and touchy with. y/n thinks this is the most devastating thing, so she turns her thoughts into lyrics. renjun hears the song on the radio one day, thinking that it's by y/n and it's about him. he comes to the realization that he misses y/n and will do anything to have her back in his arms.
warnings female!reader x renjun. this story will probably be all over the place so bare with me. 😭 also it's in 3rd person & based off of olivia rodrigo's song, traitor. enjoy! <3
Tumblr media
It's been two weeks time since Y/N and Renjun split ways, and they're still missing each other. Y/N struggled with taking down all their couples pictures and deleting his contact. Meanwhile Renjun was in a groupchat with NCT Dream and they would endlessly talk about how he fumbled the bag pretty badly with Y/N.
They weren't wrong. Y/N and Renjun really had it made. They were both in their 20s, but had been lovers since high school. Y/N remembered all the times they hid behind the bleachers and teased each other. Realization soon hit. They would never have that again. And Y/N couldn't seem to wrap her head around the thought.
Renjun was still heartbroken, so he found a distraction, or rather, a pain reliever. He figured dating his best friend would help him to fall out of love with Y/N. Well, he was very wrong. It only made him miss her more. He never got the light but affectionate kisses placed on his face whenever he got home, or the movie nights where it was 5% actually watching the movie and 95% talking.
Posting on his Instagram to have his friends support this sudden relationship was the only solution, although it wouldn't solve anything, it'd be fun to watch everyone react and jump out of their seats when they see that Renjun and Y/N had broken up.
Without knowledge of this, Y/N had forgotten to unfollow Renjun. She had been scrolling through her rather dry Instagram feed when she saw a post with Renjun's username captioned "my love." It wouldn't have bothered Y/N that much if he'd just changed the caption, because that's what he used to call her.
Tears started forming in her eyes, which eventually rolled down her cheeks and down to the neck of her shirt. She needed someone to talk to because she couldn't stand bottling up her emotions anymore, so she called the only person she knew would truly help and not just make a joke of the matter.
Kim Doyoung.
A ring could be heard from both sides of the phone as Doyoung picked up within about five seconds. "Hey, Y/N," Doyoung voiced into the phone, setting it to speaker. "Doyoung-ah. I'm not over him," Y/N mustered out before drowning her face in tears and muffled sobs. "Woah, relax Y/N," Doyoung comforted. "I'll be over in 10 minutes."
He arrives at her house, as assigned, ringing the doorbell two times before Y/N answers. Smeared mascara and smudged lipstick could be seen on her face. Doyoung's heart shattered into a million pieces at the sight. "Y/N..." he whispers, engulfing her into a hug.
"Please help me get over him."
One hour later . . .
God knows where the hell Doyoung had managed to bring in a chalkboard, but he did, and was currently lecturing Y/N about the do's and don'ts of relationships. She felt like dozing off right then and there because this was no use at all. She'd been in three past relationships, she knew what to do in one.
It was only until Doyoung started coming up with plans that she started tuning in. "Plan A," he stated, clicking his chalk against the board. "Music. If you can't figure out a way to get over him, write songs about it." Y/N let out a satisfied 'ooh', signaling she'd been (finally) listening in to the conversation.
"Plan B," Doyoung then again clicked his chalk against the chalkboard, underlining the words 'Plan B.' "Make him jealous somehow." Y/N nodded and anticipated the final plan, Plan C. Come to think of it, the name of the plans should've been more fun and interesting, but oh well.
"And...Plan C," Y/N bit her lip, eager to hear what he had to say, "If all else fails, I'll get you two pints of ice cream and binge watch So Not Worth It with you." The girl laughed at Doyoung's drastic change of plans. "Okay," she giggled, wiping off a tear.
"Now, wash your face and stop drowning your sorrows in Chips Ahoy cookies."
A couple minutes later . . .
Doyoung left the house, leaving a very satisfied Y/N alone at last. She promised herself she would never cry over Renjun for as long as she breathes. Promises are meant to be broken and she soon realized she wouldn't be able to keep the promise, but it didn't really matter. It wasn't like she was promising anything to Renjun himself.
Remembering what Doyoung had suggested, Y/N whipped out her notepad and got to brainstorming ideas for songs. When she was done with that, now came the hard part. Writing the actual song. An idea soon came into play, and she started writing once more.
You betrayed me,
and i know that you'll never feel sorry
for the way i hurt.
yeah, you talked to her when we were together
you gave me your word, but that didn't matter
it took you two weeks to go off and date her
guess you didn't cheat, but you're still a traitor.
Y/N finished writing the song and sang it to see how it sounded. Perfect. It'd take awhile to actually get the song out, mainly because she has to record it in a studio and record a music video that correlates to the song. Y/N didn't know any producers so she posted an offer on her social media platforms which was basically her asking for a personal producer.
Someone eventually got to the post and he was luckily a very famous producer. They had met up and started recording the song. It took a couple days because Y/N had little to no singing training or practice, but she soon got the hang of it. All she needed was to match her tone to the flow and beat of the song.
Y/N really didn't have the energy to film a music video, so she just made a lyric video instead.
It really took off, because the producer she was working with promoted the song on all platforms, and so did Y/N. There were dozens of comments on the video and most of them were positive, others were criticism and the rest was just people wondering who the song was about.
The next day when Renjun was driving somewhere he turned on his radio and heard Y/N's voice. "Hello, it's Y/N. Tune in to hear my debut song, Traitor." Renjun smiled inside at the thought of hearing Y/N's singing voice as he only knew how she sounded when she spoke normally.
As the song started, Renjun started to find the groove of the beat. He was tapping his fingers on his steering wheel until the song started.
"Brown guilty eyes and little white lies, yeah, I played dumb but I always knew that you'd talk to her, maybe did even worse, I kept quiet so I could keep you."
Just when the beat dropped and the "you betrayed me" part played, realization washed over him. This song is about me, he thought. A wave of guilt overcame him as his facial expression saddened. He'd noticed how she poured her whole heart into the song, all because of Renjun, who left her heartbroken.
"Shit," he mutters to no one in particular, "I have to win her back."
Night time . . .
It's about 1:30 AM when Renjun decides to finally settle into bed. Wrapping the blanket around himself, all he could think about Y/N and how she would snuggle herself into his arms after a long and warm shower. Without thinking, he messages Y/N.
junnie <3 (1:32 AM)
i miss you.
read 1:32 AM
mi primer amor 💞 (1:33 AM)
i miss you too :( i really loved you, renjun.
read 1:33 AM
junnie <3 (1:34 AM)
i know, and i'm sorry. i know you aren't ready to forgive me, but i'll be waiting for you, my love.
read 1:34 AM
mi primer amor 💞 (1:35 AM)
thank you. again, i love you so much and i really miss you. friends?
read 1:35 AM
junnie <3 (1:36 AM)
best friends, i love you! now get some rest girl 😭
read 1:36 AM
mi primer amor 💞 (1:37 AM)
finnneee you hater </3 goodnight!
read 1:37 AM
junnie <3 (1:38 AM)
goodnight <333 get lots of rest :))
read 1:38 AM
that's about it! i'll make sure to do a part two if you want it. i hope you enjoyed!
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enjeolmii · 2 years
talkies by the night - n.nk
Tumblr media
genre: fluff
word count: 1.6k
warnings: cursing but only once, whiny niki, more fluff, also more fluff, that’s about it
a/n: this one’s another repost from my old acc ;)
Tumblr media
you (10:51pm) hey bb :)
you (10:51pm) u busy?
❣︎niki❣︎ (10:51pm) hey sunshine
❣︎niki❣︎ (10:51pm) what’s up?
Tumblr media
dialling ❣︎niki❣︎…
❣︎niki❣︎ “what’s my sunshine up to at this time of the night?”
you “i was trying to finish all of my homework at once so that i’d have nothing more to worry about”
❣︎niki❣︎ “hm”
you “and now im bored” (your lips form a pout, though you knew he wouldn’t be able to see it - you hear him heave a yawn)
you “how about you? you sound tired. is you alright? is you good? let me know”
❣︎niki❣︎ “yeah, i’m fine. it was just a little busier at the dance studio today" (he giggled)
you “yeah?”
❣︎niki❣︎ “mhm”
❣︎niki❣︎ “dang, those kids really got me beat. this one kid kept asking me to watch him do the dab and even tried to teach me the ‘proper way’ of doing it… for, like, my entire break”
you “oh, lord, i hate kids like that”
❣︎niki❣︎ “tell me about it”
you (a laugh escapes through your nose)  “well, i was going to ask you if you wanted to come over and hang out tonight, but i think you should take a good rest for now”
❣︎niki❣︎ “what?”
❣︎niki❣︎ “no, no. i could come over right now if you want. i’m not really that tired, y'know"
you “no, bb. you just said so yourself that you’re tired. you should take a rest. i’ll be fine, hm?”
❣︎niki❣︎ “but i really want to see you" (he brings his lower lip out)
you “we could just open video call if you really want to. you should at least be at bed early tonight”
❣︎niki❣︎ “please, please, please, …” (he whined continuously)
you (a short silence comes as you contemplate slightly) “ugh, fine. but you aren't staying past twelve, alright”
❣︎niki❣︎ “yes!”
❣︎niki❣︎ “i’ll be over in 15. wait for me, sunshine!”
the call has ended
Tumblr media
Minutes pass by, and the sound of the doorbell stops you from surfing through movies on Netflix. Rising to your feet, you throw the remote control behind you on the couch and head for the door. You grab the knob and pushed it down to pull the door open. Then, a smile replaces your excited expression, revealing your boyfriend standing with crescent eyes.
"Hi," Niki's smile widens at the sight of you, and you open your arms immediately to engulf him in a warm hug.
"Hey," Taking in the scent of his mild cologne, you smile onto his shoulder.
He then pulls his head away from yours to cup it in his palms within the proximity you had, your arms still wrapped around his cozy body.
"I missed you." He said, squishing your cheeks.
"I missed you more. Come in." You pull away from him with a giddy laugh before dragging him into your house and onto the couch, closing the door behind you. But as you were about to take a seat next to him, you notice him clutching a black plastic bag in his hand. Your gaze diverts from the bag, then to him, and you arch an eyebrow in question.
"I got us a lot of snacks," He raised it to pile out every single one of the various go-to snacks you get from the convenience store whenever you went for a visit. "They're your favorites."
Not one second passed by, and you feel your lips come trembling in the effort to hold back the tears in your eyes, remembering how you told him that you're in dire need of a convenience store trip since your siblings snatched all of yours last week.
"You didn't have to." Your eyes start filling up by the brim, reaching the back of your index to wipe the tears off of your now wet cheeks.
The male slumps further into the sofa, amused at how shallow your standards are for crying. "C'mere,"
He momentarily stands up to grab the blanket that you burrito-ed yourself in earlier before he came, and he opens his arms comfortably for you to cuddle under the blanket.
"Why are crying, hm? It's nothing to cry about, crybaby." Niki whispers into your hair once you've climbed up the sofa to snuggle beside him. He wraps the two of you with the blanket, lightly tapping his hand onto your tear-stained cheeks as your head sinks deeper into the crook of his neck.
"I don't know either." You both snicker.
With the remote control stuck in the boy's grip, you unsuccessfully attempt to get your hands on the black gear when he abruptly presses through the several rows of horror movies. Niki knows very well how much you despise this kind of stuff, especially at night. You always argued with him that even though he was there to stay with you throughout the movie, it wasn't like he would be there for you the rest of the night.
He hoists the remote control higher in the air as he stands up, his other arm stretching to block you from reaching it. A grunt leaves your lips when you try to jump up from the sofa towards his hand, flying across the air to tackle him down onto the floor.
With a smirk on your face, your hands immediately lunge for the sides of his torso and the base of his neck, playfully brushing your fingers against his skin to tickle him amidst all his giggly squirms.
"Give- me- the remote-" You tickle him mercilessly, and he tries to turn you around to compete you to the floor.
"Nope." One push was all it took to have your back against the ground and your boyfriend kneeling beside your body. It's become your turn to get tickled, and you weren't prepared for it.
In between jagged giggles and desperate attempts to break free from the beast, you fail miserably to shut off his strategies. Your tensed-up muscles start to feel exhausted and it didn't take you long enough to give in to his disposition.
"Okay, okay. Stop," You breathlessly plead, and he detaches his hands from you, alleviated, getting back on his feet before reaching a hand out to help you get up. "You just never let me win these games, do you?" You sigh.
You take his hand and hurl yourself up with his help. Wrapping your arms around his shoulders, you walk back to the couch, dragging your shaky feet across the floor, only to collapse back into the cushions.
"It's okay. I'll let you win next time." He tugs you back into his arms under the blanket.
Through the decks of choices of horror movies you have searched through, you somehow convinced him to choose one that's a little more benign for the night. It didn't help him that seeing you, after such a long day at the dance studio, emphasized how beautiful and comforting you are to him. With that thought running perfectly in his mind, he gulps down and tears his stare away from you.
With his thumbs dancing across the right buttons of the gear, the pair of you finally find the one that you had set in stone, though you still had little doubts about your choices.
The movie began and it was already causing tiny bumps to appear on your arms. The main character was roaming alone in the dark of the corridors, finding a strange, eerie letter lying at the end of the hall.
The lights turned off everywhere in your house only added to the anxiety building up in your body, so you try scooting closer to Niki, which seemed to be impossible now that you see how you're already shouldering his chest.
Your actions caught the male in a string of silent laughter. You could tell he was trying to hide it from you, though, and you shoot daggers in his direction when you felt the vibrations on your shoulder.
Halfway into the movie, you got immersed in the thrill. Munching on the bag of your favorite snacks, it actually wasn't as scary as you had thought initially, the jump scares much milder than you had expected. Yet the unsettling feeling of never knowing what could happen still lingers in you, and quite oddly, the situation scares you more rather than the ghosts themselves. A little strange for someone as weak-hearted as you, but it seems to fit right perfectly to your tast-
You were torn away from your train of thoughts by a heavy feeling on your shoulder. With a startled jolt, you see your boyfriend leaning on your shoulder with his eyes shut asleep. You bring your hand to your chest, relieved at the sight of him instead of the creepy monster from the movie out to get you.
His head lies against you, the proximity so close that you could count every strand of eyelashes that he had. You took the opportunity to stare deep into his elegance. He was almost like an angel offered to you shining from the heavens with those good looks, and you all but feel the butterflies erupt from your stomach - just like when he confessed to you at that practice room a year ago.
"If only you didn't look so gorgeous like that, I would have punched you in the face for passing out on me right now." You quietly mumbled at his resting state, a sigh leaving your lips as you go back to munching chips and watching the movie with a shaking head.
When you return into a trance of spewing curses, a light smile forms at the corner of his lips, feeling indebted for having a girlfriend as cool as you.
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hopeless-rvmantic · 1 year
Gold rush
Sebastian Stan x Female!Best friend reader
Summary: Reader is Sebastian’s best friend but she’s in love with him. She was an expert at hiding her feelings until she learned he had a new girlfriend.
Chapter 1: Enchanted
Tumblr media
July 14,2019
They say the worst kind of heartbreak is when your loved ones die, but I think that's false. It's when the person you're in love with doesn't love you back. I was currently facing the person in question, my best friend, a.k.a Sebastian freaking Stan. How the hell did I end up in this situation? I always said I would not let a man ruin me. I always preached how I would never be one of those girls who cried over a man. If someone didn't treat me right I would kick their asses, simple. Now here I was, being one of those girls. I didn't want to ever feel like this. People describe falling in love like it's the best thing to happen to them, and they only say that because their feelings are returned. Here I was, fucking miserable. Hiding my misery behind my fake smile. If there was one thing I knew how to do best, it's hiding my feelings.
I met Sebastian ten years ago. We were both invited to our mutual friend's birthday party. We were both introduced to each other as shy introverts, and as soon as our friend mentioned that quality about him, something deep inside me knew we would become good friends. And that's what happened. After that day we started talking and getting to know each other. Our friendship consisted of watching movies, helping him rehearse his scenes, going to new places and comforting the other when we got our hearts broken.
So much has happened in the last decade. We both developed and grew as people. My best friend had gotten very known over the last ten years. He had joined the Marvel team as Bucky Barnes, also known as The Winter Soldier. That was the reason he invited me over today, to help him with his lines for the new show "The Falcon and the Winter Soldier."
"Y/N!" His fingers snapped near my face, bringing me back to real life and popping the bubble I was in. I looked around and studied my surroundings. Rain droplets accumulated in the window of his New York apartment. It was dark and gloomy outside, darkening the inside of his apartment as time went by. I was able to see his beautiful features thanks to the glow of the lamp in the end table. We were sitting side by side on his big brown couch.
"Sorry, what?"
"I'm waiting for you to say Sam's line."
"Oh. Sorry."
"Are you okay?" No. I wanted to tell him that I was not okay. I was not going to be okay for a while. But I sucked it up just like I had to do every day.
"Yeah. My mind just goes other places sometimes. You know how I am."
"Wanna talk about it?" He put down his script and reached for my hand which was fidgeting with my shirt. I hadn't noticed it doing that until he enveloped it in his. 
"It's nothing. Promise." I never lied to him. But this had to be the exception. "Let's just continue with the script, yeah? Filming starts soon and we can't have you fucking up."
"You know I never fuck up." I gave him a questioning look and raised my right eyebrow. "Almost never."
"Are you ready for Comic Con? It's only five days away!" I tried changing the topic.
"Yeah. I actually wanted to talk to you about that. Will you come with me? You know how interviews make me. Sometimes I get nervous and they make me uncomfortable. Having you there will help me."
"I thought Mackie helped you with that."
"He does but with you it's different." My heart did all sorts of flips when he said that. Though he couldn't have meant it in that way. He looked at me with those damned big puppy blue eyes that made it impossible to say no.
"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" He chanted before crushing my body with his in a tight hug. It felt so good to have his arms around me. Just like your average cliché, they felt like home. He was home. My nose was grazing his neck, and I was able to smell his cologne. God, smelling his cologne was always literally torture. "I already bought your plane ticket."
"Really Stan? What if I hadn't agreed?"
"I know you love me too much to say no." I know he meant as in friends, but my heart ached because his words were just salt to my wound.
"You're a bad influence." I rolled my eyes but seeing his smirk made me genuinely laugh for the first time that evening. I was feeling lighter but I still felt tired. "I gotta go home. Bucky's waiting for me."
"Seven years and I still can't believe you named your dog after my character."
"Jealous I didn't name him Sebastian?" I teased back, mentally cheering myself because even though I felt like shit, my flame was still strong.
"Frankly I'm a little hurt. If I had a girl dog I would name her Doll. Which is your nickname by the way."
"I know it's my nickname." I said annoyingly. "But I want to be the only doll in your life." Okay that definitely came out wrong. Oh god. Jesus fuck will he suspect anything?
He inched forward, invading my space. I felt like the room was getting smaller and smaller. I couldn't breathe.
"Don't worry, you're the only Doll for me." He whispered. I needed to get the fuck out of here.
"You're hilarious." I got up from the couch and walked towards the kitchen counter to get my purse. "Text me the details for the day we leave. See you soon. Bye Stan."
"Goodb-" I opened and closed the door behind me before he could finish his sentence. I couldn't keep falling in this never ending dark pit. I needed to get my shit together now.
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hitozy · 2 years
Tumblr media Tumblr media
gentle love ‹ masterlist › twin stars
Tumblr media
𝐚𝐥𝐥 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐰𝐡𝐨 𝐬𝐥𝐞𝐞𝐩 𝐭𝐨𝐧𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭
It didn't come as a surprise when days later my parents invited us over for dinner. What was surprising was seeing Jae there, and no one else in the family.
"She's been feeling lonely, yn. You and him are her only friends - she feels left out of the group. Try to understand."
I did understand, I understand better than they think. I could tell by the way she eyes him lustfully when we came in the house, the way her hug lingered longer than his, her coy smile and the drag of her hand travelling sensually down his arm. She wants Iwaizumi back and she couldn't make it any more obvious.
My only consolation is that Iwaizumi looks incredible uncomfortable and keeps on swatting her hand away or giving her a stern look, but she doesn't ease up on her assault. When she leans in close to him, pressing her breasts against his arm, making him blush is when I've had enough.
I feel vile rising up my throat, the food I had just swallowed trying to come back. Excusing myself, I saw a slight worry in Iwaizumi's eyes, he started to get up to accompany me, Jae pulls him back down. "Wait Haji! I need to tell you about this thing that happened at work, you would never believe..." As I moved further away, the sound of her voice blended into silence.
Instead of heading to the restroom in the corridor, I went inside my old room looking for comfort in my memory filled four walls. I sat there in silence looking at the pictures of my childhood and on each of them, there's Iwaizumi without fail. Some have Oikawa here and there, Jae is also in many of them, Maki and Mattsun in between. The only ones that don't have Iwaizumi in there is during those four years he left for Uni and was slightly replaced by Maki and Mattsun that never left me alone. But I found no solace in these once happy memories. The moment I found out about Jae and Iwaizumi, the lies and the betrayal, they had turned bitter.
"Haji haji! Where are you going?" Jae's voice called out from outside my bedroom door, dread creeping up my body at the thought of having to witness another devastating separation. I have half a mind of jumping out of my bedroom window, just to avoid to breaking my heart further.
"I'm looking for yn. She didn't look so good."
Jae huffs annoyed, "It's always yn! 'YN is coming with us' or 'YN was sick, she needed me there' or the best one! 'YN is my friend, I will always be on her side.' When is this false care of yours going to stop? I know I made a mistake on regecting you Haji. I want to take it back, I want us back, don't you?"
My blood ran cold in that moment, her words structing a cord in my heart, revealing insecurities buried deep for years. I had always had a subconscious feeling that Iwaizumi only hung out with me during his teen years out of pity, no matter what he said.
"False care?" He was right outside my bedroom door, I could hear the shuffling of his clothes and the clacking of Jae's high heels stop. "Did you just say false care?"
"Is that all you picked up on? Haji, please, I want-"
"Don't you ever say that about me and yn, Jae. You have no right. If there is anyone here that has any 'false care' it would be you."
"If you actually care about anyone but yourself, then you would stay in your place and stop with all of this. You had your chance, Jae. I gave you so many chances, I begged you the night before the wedding and you said no. There is no going back."
"Why are you so mad? We could just runaway now and forget everything Haji!"
I hear him sigh and I can picture the disappointment on his face, the annoyance, the anger. Its palpable in the air even with the door separating us. "I am mad, Jae, because I've been in love with an asshole for so many years. Because I still love you, an asshole, even though I'm trying really really hard to forget you. Because I-," I can see the way the doorknob jiggles, a tell-tale sign that he rested his hand on it, "I can't believe how little you care about yn. If what you said on the wedding day is true, which I still don't believe; why would you do this to her? She's your cousin, she's been like a sister to you and so many of us for years and you're okay letting her suffer this way?"
"I just- on that day you said you didn't care if she was actually in love with you. Why are you-"
"You and I and every single person in the world that has met my mochi know that she deserves better. So much better, so why in the world would you do this? YN loves you, so much, and you'd just drop her like that Jae? What is wrong with you?"
"Easy. She has you and I want you, that's what's wrong."
Its silent for a moment, I can imagine the incredulous look on Iwaizumi's face at her words. Is he going to jump at her and kiss her? Will he runaway with her and leave me? The mere thought of it tears another piece of my heart and I don't think I could take anymore. I stand up to hide in the bathroom, from anyone that may come in.
But then he speaks.
"Well, Jae, I am hers and you are just going to have to deal with it."
The silence was deafening and the tears I was shedding, the sobs I was holding back only worsened the nausea I already had. Running to my bathroom as fast and as quiet as I could, I barely made it to empty my stomach.
If they spoke more outside, I knew nothing about it. Iwaizumi came in moments later to brush and hold my hair out of my face, rubbing my back. Once I was done and all cleaned up, he pulled me in close and kissed my forehead, "Are you feeling better, mochi?"
I observed his face and whatever emotion he had while speaking to Jae was long gone. His eyes showed worry and tenderness. As I reached out to rub this forehead to stop him from deepening his wrinkles I feel a bit better. If Iwaizumi is here, then it means he's no leaving, not for now and I can live with it. "A bit, but I wanna go home and watch a movie."
He grinned at me, making my heart skip a beat like as if everything that happened a while ago was nonexistent, "Cartoon or 4D?"
"Both it is then, my sweet mochi. Let's go and say our bye's now. Your dad might get the wrong idea and come to shoot my head off."
I snorted, remembering the time when Iwaizumi lost the inter-high and sneaked into my room for comfort, cuddling me in just sweatpants when my dad walked in and had a fit. I repeated the words he had said back then, "Not in my house nor with my daughter, Iwaizumi!"
He chuckled, "Never been more afraid in my life, even though you were there."
"What does that mean?"
He only gave me a secretive smile and bopped my nose. We said our goodbye's to my parents - noting how my mother didn't give us any leftovers, probably afraid to get me sick, even though it was her fault. As we walked out, I also noticed something else missing or more like someone else, "Where's Jae?"
Iwaizumi tensed under my fingers, wrapping his arm tighter around me. What worried me was the sudden tense smile my mother gave me and the slight anger radiating of my father.
"She had to leave, love. An emergency."
I watched them closely and a horrible thought came up in my mind. Did they know about them?
I looked at my mother and I saw guilt in her eyes, "Oh honey, I'm sorry. If I had known how jealous Jae was about you marrying Iwaizumi, I would have never invited her."
... What?
"But I should have seen it coming," Mother continued, "She has always been jealous of you, since you were kids. Always taking your stuff or blaming you for things you never did. I would have expected her to grow up," she huffed annoyed, "but it seems I was hoping to much from her."
She caressed my cheek, "It's a good thing Hajime put her in her place. Such a good husband!"
Oh thank God, they only heard the last part of it.
My father takes my hand in his, it had always been much bigger and covered with callouses from years of hard work. "My darling, if anyone ever tries to hurt you or make you feel less worthy than you are, please know that it is not true," he kissed the back of my hand, like he's always done, "a princess must always be cared and treasured. Always remember it and if not, I will be here to do so."
He cracks a grin at Iwaizumi, "But I guess you won't be coming to me for it, will you? You have Hajime to do it now, and I would believe you prefer it that way."
The sudden blush that appeared on my face made all of them laugh, the tense atmosphere of my question forgotten in the wind.
"I'll make sure to remind her that she is nothing less than a queen, old man."
"I'll hold you accountable then, Hajime."
Later that night, in the comfort of my bed Iwaizumi comes in bearing gifts. Tea for my upset stomach, blankets and a few sandwiches. "You hardly ate anything, so I though this would be better for you."
"But you made like, ten, Hajime."
"... I'm starving, alright?"
My head resting under his chin, his arm draped around my shoulders, my leg thrown over his, covered up in the softest blankets ever, a wedding gift from Oikawa with a letter that I keep in my bedside.
He's a tough cookie, YN. You and I, we both know it but please, don't give up on him. I've only seen him smile so carelessly when your around. He's carefree and senselessly fun when you appear. I only see him be true to himself with you and I'm happy to know he has finally realized it after so many years. Continue to give him only smiles and happiness, little mochi. Love, the best (duh) King Oikawa
We cleaned up once we had enough of the foods and just continued to watch until the end. He started to take his leave to his bedroom when in jerk reaction fashion, I reach out to pull him back.
He looks at me intently, trying to figure out the message behind my words. He gives me a smile as he comes back in and pulls me back onto his chest, "You always hated sleeping alone. You should have told me this was okay for you."
"Too quiet, to big."
"Then... How about we share the bedroom?"
Tumblr media
All you who sleep tonight Far from the ones you love, No hand to left or right And emptiness above –
Know that you aren’t alone The whole world shares your tears, Some for two nights or one, And some for all their years.
All of you who sleep tonight - Vikram Seth
Tumblr media
taglist ! @daphnxy @zukoslosthishonor​ @i-am-a-hoe-for-shinya @mrsdoradominguez-barnes @anejuuuuoy
a/n! i wrote this chapter in less than 10 minutes. then spent three days cleaning it up. i am finally getting my shit together and found a schedule that I can work with for everything I have to do :D
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kooktaebear · 2 years
If Only I Knew
Tumblr media
Status: ONGOING (this is my first AU AHHH I’m excited to write the next couple of parts, but I hope this story gets a lot of love :~>)
Pairing: Jungkook x Reader
Summary: Y/N abruptly moved to Seoul after spending 21 years living alone in her hometown, Busan after the death of her parents. She now discovers through her best friends that drama can be a lot to handle, but as she starts to meet new people, she discovers that she had completely forgotten an important part of her past.
Warnings: mention of guns, blood and violence,
Genre: angst, WHOLE LOT OF FLUFF, slow burn
Word Count: 3.2k
Part One:
I step out of the bus and a gust of cold wind hits my face as I board the train. Why did I think of not wearing enough layers in the middle of winter? I take my seat and look out the window to see the number of people who are about to board the train. I grab my phone and start listening to ILYSB. I like LANY, their music is perfect for travel.
I know this isn't such an interesting event in my life since I know that many other people have flown to see Seoul, capital of Korea but hey, give me a break. I’m finally going to meet my best friends after living alone for 4 years. This is what pays to be travelling, a provincial girl like me? I doubt I would ever survive the city life.
As a 2 hours pass, I wake up to hear the advisory that I’m about to reach Seoul.
I look out the window, close my eyes, and whisper.  
"Mom, Dad, I made it to Seoul."
I lost both my parents during a hostage that happened in our own home. My mom happened to answer the door and was shot first. The culprit saw me and asked me to go get my dad. At first I was confused, but it so happened that there was an issue with the family business and this guy was after the money. I was 13 at that time but I still couldn't figure out why something like this had to happen to our family. However, as soon as my dad had agreed to the terms of the killer, he pointed his gun at me and pulled the trigger. I closed my eyes to prepare myself for the pain that comes next but instead, I felt warm liquid on my hands and felt something heavy fall on me, it was my dad. I screamed at the sight of both my parents suddenly vanishing from this world, a sudden pain struck my chest and I couldn't breathe. I fall to the ground slowly losing my vision as I see the blue and red lights of police cars approaching my house.
"Miss? Are you okay miss?" the person right next to me calls my attention and brings me back to reality, "Oh, yes I'm fine. Have we arrived?" I look around to see almost everyone out of the train. "Would you need any help getting off? Are you new to the city?" the lady asks me. I shake my head and give her a smile as I head down the aisle to the exit.
I follow the rest of the passengers to exit the station as I turn my phone on to contact Jennie and Lisa, my two best friends. Their parents had offered to get us three an apartment we could all share just so that they could both keep me company. Lisa and Jennie aren't sisters if you were wondering, they just had agreed to live under one roof with me and I'm eternally grateful for that. Not to mention they’re idol trainees.
"Y/N?" I turn my head to see Lisa's straight black hair, "Lisa!!!" We both jump around and giggle, "Wait but where's Jennie?" "Oh, she's getting us another cab because your arrival got delayed." She helps grab my luggage and we both start catching up with each other, as if we’ve never spoken in weeks. This was the first time I had ever seen both Lisa and Jennie in person, all our moms were best friends when they were younger too but since we couldn't visit them often, we met and talked through video calls.
"Well if it isn't our beautiful foreign friend Y/N." I turn around and meet Jennie’s eyes, "JENNIE!!!" I run to hug her and Lisa joins in and I finally don't feel alone anymore. "Girls, the cab is waiting outside, we better hurry." On our way to our new apartment we were all catching up with each other as if we really didn't talk as much already. "Oh hey, Y/N you have to make sure that you're ready to go to school by 7am okay?" Jennie cheerfully said. I was so confused, school started at 8am so why would I have to be ready an hour before school when our place was literally like 10 minutes away. "Wait why do we have to be ready an hour before school? I know our place is like 15 minutes away from school. It's not like you guys take that long to fix yourselves up right?" Lisa and Jennie smiled at me suspiciously, "Well....Y/N you know, you may not know everything about us yet..." "What's there not to know? I've known you guys since the moment I was able to talk." Lisa elbowed me softly, "We’ve got new friends! Like actual men type of friends." My eyes opened wide despite the tiredness I've been experiencing,
How could these two end up befriending guys and just suddenly "forgetting" to tell me about it when they know and are fully aware that we all don’t normally interact with the opposite gender?  
"Fine, I'll be ready by 7am on Monday." I say as I roll my eyes, "YAYYY I'M SO EXCITEDDD!!!" both of them scream.
Ugh, 30 minutes have just passed since I arrived in Seoul and I'm already experiencing stress.
As soon as we got off the cab, both my friends had rushed to bring down all my belongings so that I could finally take a look at the place we rented out. Jennie reaches her hand out to me and in her palm, my key to our place. "Hey, have you guys figured out how we'll be getting to school on Monday?" Jennie giggles, "Y/N, you’re lucky we attend the same school. But the guys will pick us up! Plus..they promised to bring Jungkook." Jennie winks at me and flashes me her brightest smile.
Jungkook? I know I've heard that name somewhere, but I just can't remember where.
"We're here!!" The elevator door opens, "Apartment 735" I mutter to myself. I walk along the brightly lit corridor. "732....733...734..." I continue counting, "735!!" The girls rush to my side, "Y/N, this is your first time in our apartment, so you'll have the honor of opening the door with your key" Lisa says with a smile. I reach out for my keys, close my eyes and take a deep breath before turning the key to unlock the door. I hear the light switch turn on and I open my eyes. The apartment was beautiful. I walk in to see the kitchen, it has a small island where I could serve meals to my friends. I honestly enjoy cooking to relieve myself from whatever stresses me out, whether it be school, people or something about football. I’ve loved sports for as long as I can remember but it gets frustrating since I could be quite competitive.
I walked into the next room and I saw our living room, there was a large L-shaped sofa sitting in front of a huge television. In between the sofa and TV, I saw a small wooden table that is most probably multipurpose as being both a study desk and a place to put our snacks when we binge on shows during our free days. Beside the sofa I see a balcony that showcases a beautiful scenery of the city. I walk out and feel the cold breeze on my cheeks, I look up to the sky and I see that the sky had a welcoming gift for me as well. The stars greeted me as they shined brightly upon the night sky and I just can't help but admire the night sky. To my right, I see a bean bag that fits 2 people. I plop down to the bean bag and stargaze for a while.
Mom? Dad? I know you can hear me, I promise I'll make you proud, I'll succeed here in Seoul and become a great doctor.
"Y/N?" I snap back to reality and see Jennie’s head appear, "You haven't even seen your room yet! Come onnnnn!!" I stand back up and follow the girls in another small hallway, there I see 3 doors. "So basically, it's not that we don't want you to have your own room but we wanted one room to be our sort of walk-in closet because I mean who has not dreamed of having one?" I open the first door I see and the place is indeed full of clothes. There were 3 closets in the room, each of the closet doors have our first name initials on it to indicate who owns which closet. I laugh at my best friends, we all enjoy watching all those Barbie movies where they have spectacular closets and I guess you can say that this is the closest we can get to our childhood dreams.
I walk out of the room and take a few steps into the hallway. Lisa rushes to get past me and hold the doorknob, "Okay Y/N, this room is a little different. I know it's not really our style whatsoever but we created a study room." I scrunch my eyebrows, "A study room? Really now? For all of us or for me?" Lisa tucks a stray hair into her ear, "Well, more for you than for us since we know how hard you work and how much more you'll be working to get into med school. But it's a double purpose for a practice room for us too!" I take a step back to look at both my best friends and their grinning faces,
What did I do to deserve these two psychos in my life?
I call them in for a group hug, "You guys, I know you want to make me feel like there's nothing missing anymore in my life and I love you guys for that. I hope you all still remember I'm not a robot though and even if I'll be working hard to get into med school, I'll still be around to party and experience what any normal teenager should be experiencing." I hear Jennie sniffling at my right, "Aw Jen" I rub her back soothingly, "We know that Y/N, we just want the best for you too. We'll always be here rooting for you any time." We all take a step back, "Okay!" Lisa says, "Guys, it's our first night in our own apartment and we're already crying." Everybody laughs, "So I guess this last room is our room?" "It sure is." Jennie opens the door and I see three twin beds side by side. Just like our "walk-in closet" our first name initials are hanging above our head, brightly lit to recognize who owns which bed. I see my initial on top of the bed that lies in between both Lisa and Jennie's.
I drop my luggage off at our closet area and plop back down into the bean bag on the balcony. I take a deep breath in and close my eyes.
This is the start of my new life.
"Take my hands now, you are the cause of my euphoria"
I woke up to the sound of Euphoria, my favorite song in the whole wide-
And of course, the voices of my two best friends singing their hearts out and getting the lyrics messed up.
"Y/N!!! Come on!! It's your first day of school. Did you forget about our breakfast plan?"
Right. Their so-called "breakfast plan" before school. I stand up from my bed and stretch a little before I start making my bed. I stop by the closet first and pick my outfit for today, I pick out a tied crop top, white sneakers, and jeans. I grab my bathrobe and head to the bathroom. I step into the shower and play some music that would help wake me up and get ready for the day. As I continue to wash my hair, I hear a knock on my door, 
"Y/N! Are you done?!!" 
I roll my eyes. Jeez, they finally got themselves guy friends and now they're going crazy about finishing on time. I wrap a towel around my head to dry my hair. I head back to our dressing room and open my luggage. As I look for my blow dryer and straightener, Lisa barges into the room, 
"Y/N Y/L/N, you seem to be too relaxed this morning. You have 30 minutes left to get ready and if you're not ready by then I'm going to drag you to the car." "Don't worry Jen, I'll be done on time. Now can you please stop bothering me so that I can start dressing up?"
I quickly blow dry my hair and put it up in a messy bun. With the remaining time left, this is the best I can do to tame my natural curls. I look at myself in the mirror and check to see if something is missing. I reach out to get my makeup bag and I put on a little blush and add a little lip tint. I search through my accessory bag and look for my small stud earrings. I get my glasses from the table and look at myself in the mirror once more. I'm ready for my first day of school. I leave the dressing room and meet my best friends in our kitchen. 
"Oh my goodness Y/N, let's go! We're already 5 minutes late." I grab the schoolbag I prepared last night before heading to bed and leave the apartment. We head to the basement by elevator since Lisa got her license just recently. "Wait Lisa, if you had your license already by the time you picked me up, why did you guys use a taxi to pick me up?" "Oh, uh..I was too lazy to drive that late at night so I just got us a taxi." She starts the car and we head to the exit.
It was my first time ever seeing Seoul in the morning light, the sun hit the skyscrapers so beautifully that it was as if the city was welcoming me as their new citizen. Numerous cars were already out by the time we hit the road because of the rush hour most of them were experiencing. Our school, Seoul National University was just 10 minutes away, our apartment was located a couple blocks away As I was looking out the window, I saw some sort of diner come into view. It looked huge for my definition of a diner since I always saw diners as small joints made for meals, but this diner was different. As Lisa pulled up in the parking area I could see a little bit of the inside, students like us were dining in there as well and there seemed to be a game room on the other side of the dining area.  It's around mid-February so the breeze was still cool, Busan was a little warmer during the winter so I had to find a way to adjust to the cooler weather in the city. As my friends and I make our way to the entrance, I notice three heads that turn our way. As we enter the diner however, the smell of freshly made bread, waffles, and eggs hits me and I feel my mouth water. I've been starving and I couldn't wait to try whatever the diner had been serving.
I see three boys in a booth and I make eye contact with one of them, the weird thing is...I felt butterflies in my tummy. I've seen those eyes somewhere, he feels familiar which is of course impossible because I've never met these people in my entire life.
I've never had any guy friends at all. I've always thought about making my parents proud and everything so I focused on getting good scores on all my tests so that I could get into med school. This is all so new to me...having friends of the opposite species. I mean okay, I've watched rom-coms and movies that revolve around love, seeing your friends being treated the way I see couples act in the movies is something I never thought I would be interacting with boys at this point of my life.
"Y/N? Earth to Y/N!" I snap back to reality as Jennie calls my attention. "This is Jimin, Taehyung and the guy still sitting in the booth is Jungkook." Jungkook? I think I know a Jungkook from back home but it's still pretty hard to remember a lot of things. "Sorry, I'm being rude." Jungkook stood up and walked to me, "Jungkook." He held out a hand for me to shake, "Y/N." I say in reply. As our hands touch, there's a familiar warmth that gives me goosebumps. I quickly try to mask the reddness in my cheeks. We all take a seat in the booth and based on the impression of these boys, they seem like athletes. "Hey Y/N," Jimin says, "You should try their Bacon and Waffles here. They sell out like crazy in the mornings." I take a quick glance on the menu and scan quickly for the meal Jimin was talking about. I raise my hand excitedly to call in the waitress to take our orders, "1 Bacon and Waffles, 2 Pancakes and, 3 orders of the Waffles and Chicken all with Orange Juice on the side." The waitress says, "Thanks." I give her a smile in return.
I glance back at my friends after giving the waitress the menu I was holding, Jungkook and I make direct eye contact, his big brown doe eyes, another flood of goosebumps crawl on my skin as he turns away to talk to Taehyung. Why is it that Jungkook looks at me as if he’s seen me before?
The waitress returns with the orders and I start to take a bite off my first meal of the day.
“So Y/N, how was your first night in the city?” Taehyung asked as he picked a strawberry off one of the pancakes, “I stayed up in the balcony just looking at the city lights, the stars were very bright last night. I couldn’t stay up for so long though, it got really cold.” “Y/N loves gazing at stars, she used to try to make Jen and I see the stars in Busan every time we video called.” Lisa says giggling, Jimin gasps and turns to point at Jungkook while eating his waffle, “Jungkook used to drag us out of our homes just to meet at a park to stargaze!” Jungkook shyly looks away and takes a sip of his juice, “Yah” he finally speaks, “You make me sound like a really weird kid Hyung” I laugh at his statement, “Don’t be too embarrassed Kook, looking at the stars are my favorite past time” He tenses up with the nickname as he looks at me, I realize I just gave this guy a nickname on the first day we met. Shit. “Uh, is it okay that I call you Kook?” He nods in return as a smile crept onto his face.
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