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zegalba · 19 days
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Ruth Bernard: Perspective II (1967)
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eternal--return · 1 year
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Ruth Bernhard · Perspective II (1967)
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smile-files · 6 months
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you hate me for believing/that we are born for living
so you wish i were dead/you wish i weren't happy
i find it truly tragic/that you murdered your magic
when you said it wasn't real/you chose to kill it
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soyboywenzie · 28 days
don’t like them but alicent’s children never stood a chance, man.
a sick, dying father who spends most of his time arguing with his wife over the succession, showing his support for his chosen successor or playing with his legos, leaving the parenting to his wife.
his wife who becomes a vessel of paranoia, anger, bitterness and hatred towards her husbands chosen successor and her successors to the point that she spreads rumors of life and death to the entirety of court AND her children that creates the violent environment that caused one of her children to lose an eye, forcibly trying to have her personal chosen successor become a usurper even though he does not want it so she starts using scare tactics that she learned from her father.
the grandfather that has a history of mental, physical and emotional abuse that seeped into his daughter, continues that history of abuse on his grandchildren because he does not want the throne, created the terrible situation that led to his daughter become queen and the vessel of negativity that spews to those grandchildren and does it because he wants more power than he already has ( which is A LOT for someone of his rank in their society).
and a random man who shares their mothers hatred and more for the kings chosen heir because the chosen heir did not run away with him, TRIPLING the amount of hateful talk and creation of harsh environments to the point that he only calls her a ‘who’re’ and ‘slit’ so that is all you address her as.
all of that only for the people who were suppose to care about you, can’t or won’t because they are all too obsessed with the chosen heir, her children, her vagina and who’s been in it instead of raising and aiding them in their lives that have now only become reflections of everything they have been force-fed since birth.
which is only made worse because the chosen heir and her children all love and care for each other to the point that they would die for each other even in the harsh circumstances that were made due to your side of the family.
they all realize at some point this is not normal but they can’t leave or change because their mother, their grandfather nor the random man will let them.
they never stood a chance and it SUCKS!
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orderlymayhem · 5 months
Literally all Balloon did in s1 was insult their teammates, slingshot Sslt into the gorge (which was THE CHALLENGE, and Pickle tripped over Rocky and let go too early so that wasn’t even their fault tbh), and made an alliance with the INTENT to manipulate (but never did on screen). Yet the entire ii cast acts like he poisoned their crops, killed their mother, and kicked their dog
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q-uzi · 3 months
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doodle dump
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sageofanys · 7 months
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Did a cute Octopath playthrough sheet on my Twitter and got too carried away with the free sketch....
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voiarc-draws · 6 months
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did that color wheel challenge! see if you can figure out who everyone is… hint; one is an oc, three are from an obscure camp!
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moonshine999 · 3 months
all the tales the same // told before and told again
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a soul that's born in cold and rain// knows sunlight, sunlight, sunlight
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and at last can grant a name // to a buried and a burning flame
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as love and its decisive pain // oh, my sunlight, sunlight, sunlight
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Helaena x Aegon : Sunlight By Hozier
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peppermintz-25 · 20 days
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He has tomato soup in his head because I like tomato soup.
@tdutb @solgavee
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yunatheintrovert · 1 year
Some thoughts on Kim "Horangi" Hong-jin (and why he is my favorite Kortac operator)
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König/Horangi shippers DNI.
Here's some thoughts and a bit of analysis on South Korean operator Horangi with some simpery sprinkled in from a Korean-American perspective:
There's a lot of small details in his uniform that tells some things about his character.
Tumblr media
The circled area includes an uncomplete heart (likely a taegeuk [circle part of the South Korean flag] heart and also his own callsign "Horangi" written in Hangul. This in translation reads as "tiger" which is also the meaning of his callsign.
And tbh, it's pretty cute that he wrote his callsign on his own vest right above a little drawn heart.
Tumblr media
On the back of his vest are tally marks (which likely indicate kills or the amount of gambling debts he owes) and a colored taegeuk heart, which is the circle part of the South Korean flag (not to be confused with pepsi's logo, which is also amusing).
What's interesting about this detail of the taegeuk heart on his uniform is that it shows a pretty clear sense of patriotism in his character despite him being a former gambler turned mercenary.
Tumblr media
Another interesting little detail is that Horangi keeps pens on his vest and those pens are the same colors of his writing and drawings on his vest (the hearts and Hangul).
His uniform has all these little details which helps show the personality of his character.
2. His callsign, "Horangi"
There's a lot of thoughts I have about his callsign. As I said earlier, his callsign means "Tiger" in Korean. The tiger is the national animal of South Korea (which probably also says something about Horangi's patriotism). And well...it's almost like if an American operator took up the callsign "Eagle". Although, in a Korean context, it's a bit cheesy in an amusing and endearing way in my opinion haha.
Furthermore, "Horangi" as a word doesn't sound very fierce in Korean normally. It actually kinda sounds a bit cutesy when said in Korean correctly. So while having a callsign meaning "tiger" probably sounds badass, it isn't quite as badass in Korean.
If anyone wants to hear about how his callsign is pronounced, here's a link to a video pronouncing his callsign is pronounced:
3. Horangi's bio and backstory
Tumblr media
The intro paragraph in his operator bio is just so hilarious to me. It literally starts off with all this dramatic and edgy speculation about why Horangi is wearing his mask only to reveal uneventfully that Horangi really is just a dogshit gambler and hiding from his creditors.
No wonder the man's a merc despite his patriotism... He has to make the big bucks in the mercenary business to work on paying off debts while the creditors are trying to track him down.
His backstory actually stands out to me a lot in how unexpected and amusing it is. There's no edgy drama, k pop references, or any typical stereotypes about Koreans. It's just a man who's a dogshit gambler turned mercenary. Sadly, it's kinda rare to see Korean characters in Western media being depicted without any stereotypes or k-pop references.
Anyways, in other words, I'm part of the Horangi Simpery club! I'll be posting more Horangi content over time.
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sleepyblr-heart · 2 months
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into the objectverse..
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the-batacombs · 2 months
Thinking about Jason. I don't know why, he hasn't had a serious turn in my head yet, I guess. Also the half-argument from...Batman 137? where they're yelling about like, death and crime and utilitarianism -- that got stuck in my head.
Anyway it lines up with this other issue I have with DC comics, which is that the way they write Batman sometimes feels...deeply hypocritical? Other heroes kill people and fight violent criminals but aren't enmeshed in a deep dark tragic space where they're always apparently two steps away from turning into a deeply immoral/abusive/totalitarian figure. But future/AU Batmen are routinely stuck in this box. As far as I can tell, the potential reasons are
(a) there's something wrong with Gotham. (This is what's happening in the current 'Tec run, I think, and exists in all the "Gotham eats her children" headcanons.)
(b) Gotham's villain-hero landscape is uniquely disturbing and eats away at the souls of its participants. (??? I guess? This feels silly unless it's explained by (a), and fairly boring as a basis for storytelling, at least to me.)
(c) Bruce Wayne is has a uniquely sensitive empathetic response, and is probably really poorly suited to a life with this much violence, and all of it just hits him harder than it does the other heroes; people like Bruce tend to self-select out, and Bruce is just stubborn.
Wonder Woman kills people and the WW writers don't throw themselves all over the page talking about how Wonder Woman is going to succumb to a life of violence and trauma. (I mean, maybe sometimes they do. I'm woefully under-read on WW, but I'm confident enough in this assertion to put it here. Corrections welcome!)
So like...what's up with Batman? Future!Batman!Tim and future!Batman!Damian get this treatment as well, sometimes, and that's also baffling -- because Bruce Wayne, so far, hasn't succumbed to the kind of deeply immoral/abusive/totalitarian figure that DC likes to portray as just lurking around the corner. Is he uniquely able to withstand the pressure of the role? (Well, Bruce and Dick Grayson, of course.)
And with Jason...I do get Bruce's position. A death is a death is a death and at its heart (thank you Kingdom Come), Bruce is just trying to make it so that no one dies. Jason has a utilitarian point, as is sketched out in Batman 137, but it seems clear the actual issue is simply that his ethical position is different from Batman's. Jason thinks a death can be justified; Bruce doesn't.
(Are there any Cass and Jason comics? Because I would love love to see a Cass "ripped the bat off of Kate's costume" Cain and a Jason Todd ideological clash.)
(Why are Cass and Jason on the same side of Gotham War? DC, did you think this through?)
But, see: Batman works with Wonder Woman. Batman adores Wonder Woman. He may disagree with her methods, but that doesn't prevent Trinity team-up after intergalactic mission after them all showing up in each other's comics. So why are Batman and the Red Hood constantly at each other's throats? / Or -- why does DC seem to act as if there is no solution? / Why can't Batman work alongside the Red Hood? Some thoughts:
(a) The paternalism issue; Bruce considers himself uniquely responsible for Jason's actions, and his stepping aside as condoning them. The feels like an easy solution: Bruce Wayne's kid is not a kid anymore. He can make his own decisions.
(b) Gotham again. What other people do in other cities is their own business, but Gotham is Batman's city and he's not going to stand by and let Gothamites be killed. (Counterpoint: Kate? I haven't read any Batwoman but the extent to which DC keeps these separate is wild.)
(c) Jason refuses to consider a team-up without Batman's concession to his methods/refuses to change his methods in the interests of temporary peace. (Valid as an interpersonal stance but I thought we did this already in Urban Legends? Maybe not.)
Anyway I don't have a solution to this yet but I'm pretty sure Wonder Woman is the key. It'll probably come out as a fanfic by the end of the year; I've got a title already, so it had better.
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burgycreeper405-blog · 4 months
bruh how tf do you draw box?
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tdutb · 3 months
can you do soap (I.I)
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i kinda zoned out for this one so that's why it may look a little wonky.
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objectshow-enjoyer · 1 year
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flying throughh the skyy
took me around 50 mins!
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