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pacey witter in every episode → → 1x07 - detention: “No way! Emilio Estevez, he was in those duck movies, remember? God, those were classics.” 
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seyvia · 5 months
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megatraven · 4 months
Please give me opinions even if u don’t care: should I draw custom art for my astoria ask blog or just use the official sprites and art 🥺
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misspearly1 · 1 year
Joel Miller (The Mountain Between Us) Movie Concept.
Part 1 || Part 2 || Part 3 || Part 4 || Part 5 || Part 6 ||
Hello my friends! I have a few ideas brewing, and one in particular that I am prepping for is based off the movie 'The Mountain Between Us.'
While I will be keeping it similar to the movie, I obviously will be changing a few things to fit the requirements of the characters Joel & Y/N. Here is a little teaser synopsis ✌🏼...
Tumblr media
Endure and Survive.
When Joel Miller, a 26 year old carpenter and Y/F/N, a 24 year old photojournalist, finds out their flights have been grounded in the Airport of Utah, it's a difficult situation for the pair as they’re both desperate to get back home for the Christmas holidays, to get back to their families.
After hiring a willing pilot named Walter, who believes he can beat the storm and get them both to a connecting flight in Denver, neither Joel or Y/N anticipated that this flight would be the first step in changing their lives forever!
Walter suffers a from a fatal stroke mid-flight, which causes the plane to tragically crash in the snowy mountains of Utah and he dies in the process. With the flight not being filed on record, and Joel or Y/N also not alerting their families of their travel, they’re both alone in this journey of fighting against the extreme elements of nature to get back to society - to get back to safety.
Together, Joel and Y/N must fight to Endure and Survive.
Hehehe! I do hope people catch the reference to name I have chosen for this fic. There it is folks. this is my next story in the works. (So far, I’ve only written the synopsis 🤣) My other stories are still ongoing, while they might be a little slow.
A couple questions: Should I add more to Fair trade? Because I feel like the last chapter has ended on a good note 🤷🏼‍♀️. Should I add a third, finishing chapter to Beloved Bloater to end the story???? Let me know your thoughts please. Thank you readers 🙏 💜
@marydjarin @extraneous-trip
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elizabethan-memes · 2 years
Who the fuck is out here pronouncing Chapuys as “chapoois”
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suresaint · 1 year
@sovietorphan​ asked: gives Zelda a giant smooch because he missed her so much
Tumblr media
Jack kissed her cheek wetly and the witcher's face went from surprise to disgust to something very soft in a matter of seconds. It was such a small thing, the kiss he gave her, but later she would think back on it and realise that his love meant a lot to her. She looked at him with warm eyes and smiled a little, studying his small features. He looked tired, and his face was dirty, but there was a ruddy glow to his cheeks, and he appeared as though he had put on some weight since she had last seen him. She was assured by his image that he had been looked after whilst she had been away, though she had never been worried. Now that he was with her again, she was aware that she had missed him dearly, from his constant, trivial questions to his pungent wet-dog smell. His absence in her life had been very palpable indeed.
     Zelda raised a hand and ran her fingers through his hair, ruffling it. Afterwards it stayed upright in fair, scruffy tufts. “I missed you too, Stink.”
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hottopicwindow · 1 year
what genshin characters do u have?
uhh i've got the starter characters ofc (kaeya, amber, lisa), noelle, xiangling, barbara, chongyun, bennett, aloy, sucrose, raiden shogun, and kujuo sara
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yanderenightmare · 1 year
Can we pwees get the darling rebelling against intimacy with Todoroki and Deku and Shinso. Plz mizz nightmare. I need them!!
yandere ! BNHA
goodiebag WARNINGS: yandere, abuse, nsfw, noncon/dubcon, degradation, threats, manipulation, mind-control, Shinso's darling is always a neko hahah
“Why do you reject me?” Shoto’s nonchalant voice broke through your whining noises of discomfort.
Where he had you on your back on the bed like always. Your thighs spread to each their designated place on either side of his arm, as he played with your heat in his cold hand.
“Am I not desirable to you?” He pouted. His slim eyes fixed on the disgusted look on your face.
Your hands busy making a pointless effort of twisting your fist out of where he had them pinned above you. Ever so nonchalant, as though his grip wasn’t bruising or burning.
You didn’t bother answering him.
You didn’t know much about what went on inside Shoto’s head. But, thought that ignoring him would hurt, or at least upset him the most.
“Do you want someone else?” He asked then. His hand retracting itself to rest on your thigh.
You had half the mind to bite out a bitter ‘anyone, but you’. But, held your tongue as jealousy was not a color you’d seen on the man’s face yet.
And you weren’t exactly dying to know if it was an emotion expressed through burns or frostbite.
He squeezed some on the flesh of your thigh with a look of deep thought painted on his porcelain face. Before deciding to share his thoughts.
“The same idea has crossed my mind…” He mumbled. Earning your puzzled look.
His next comment making your stomach fold.
“I wonder how much you’d squirm beneath Bakugou.”
His voice calm and nearly innocent with its complete candidness.
Plain look on his face even when looking into your eyes that had gone completely moon-wide now.
“Much more than what you do with me I wager…” He smiled softly. Voice still smooth as he looked down into your pitiful pools of building anxiousness. “It would be fun to watch him ravish you.”
Your throat was tight as you swallowed. Trying to convince yourself he was only being cruel in his strange ways.
But something about the excitement in his bicolored eyes told you otherwise. Along the fact that he’d never been one for jokes.
“Or perhaps you’d like Midoriya instead?”
You shook just a bit by the thought. Recurring stories Shoto’d told you about the man. Stories resembling a callous and calculating villain, much less the number one hero. You wouldn't want to be caught beneath that nor the former.
“I can’t promise you he’d be any less rough than me though.”
You flinched when his hand started up again. Stopping in messaging your thigh to run fingertips so very cold up you belly and chest to where you heart couldn’t seem to calm down.
“Hm- Maybe one isn’t enough for you at all?” He questioned.
His slender hands rubbing your throat now. Stroking his thumb up and down your jugular.
“Would you like them both?”
He leaned forward until his bangs brushed against your forehead and his breath fanned across your lips. So close, you could see the blitz in his eyes. A look so crippling you felt he was undressing your soul just like he’d done your body.
His voice still so soft it was smothering.
“Maybe they’d bring along friends and we’d get to see how much you could take before breaking.”
You shuddered and broke from his eye-contact. Bowing your head with a small sniffle, followed by a whimper breaching from you as you shook your head.
“What’s this? You changed your mind?” He remarked.
“I don’t want anyone else.” You whispered weakly in the only voice you could manage at the moment.
Shoto’s icy palm cupped your cheek and raised your chin so he could level you with his eyes.
“No? You certain?” He whispered back and your entire body sprung with goosebumps. A tear running slowly down either side of your face as you chewed some on your lip.
Hands slack in his grip above your head.
“Yes, Shoto. I only want you.” You sniveled.
Another small smile crept onto his face as he looked upon your teary features.
“Such enthusiasm.” He commented. “My friends got you so hot and bothered.”
He blew on your neck and your breath hitched on your trembling lips.
While his firm lips kissed your throat.
“One phone-call, snowflake-” He moaned and placed another kiss upon your collar. “They’d be here in minutes.”
He let go of the grip he had around your wrists and moved to rub a nipple between his fingertips.
And his other hand moved to where it had been before.
Between your thighs, with cold digits running over your warm and soft core.
“Bakugou would be thrilled to break my girl over his knee… and Midoriya would love to comfort you afterwards.” He continued in a low murmur, but you shook your head at the nauseatingly scary thought.
“I don’t want them, I want you. I only want you.” You vowed with a tiny cry, as though you were begging.
“Mh…” Shoto hummed, peeking through his bangs at you before kissing a nipple and rubbing your clit. “Then act like it.”
“Bunny~ I’m home!” Deku’s voice came booming from the outer-door.
You’d heard him pull up the driveway some minutes ago and were expecting him.
It wasn’t as if you thought it would help to hide…
But, knowing that wasn’t enough to stop you though.
“Bunny?” His voice came again, but you didn’t answer.
And then that nerve-wreaking chuckle came rumbling like thunder and you swore you were going to choke on the tremors of your own heart.
“You’ hiding from me, little one?”
You knew you were supposed to greet him by the door. Throw yourself into his arms as though he was all you’d been thinking of all day. But, you just couldn’t bring yourself to do it.
“Come out and play, baby-face~” His voice called once again and you had to cover your ears.
The crinkle between your brows just deepening where you sat on the cold hardboard floor of the closet. Rocking back and forth with your lip caught between your teeth. Trying to hold back the tears of dread
“Daddy’s brought a present for you~”
You nearly whimpered at that. Hiding your head between your knees
“Coming to find you, Bunny…”
You heard steps in the hallway leading to you. Massive thunderous steps you convinced yourself shook the thin walls of the wooden closet you sat in.
“And when I do…” He began warning. Another cripplingly low chuckle following the rumble in his rust. “We’re gonna go straight to bed.
Eyes wide as your stomach made a twist by the thought of hosting his massiveness inside. Cunt twitching involuntarily by the thought. Mouth watering as though you’d bitten your tongue too hard.
“We can have dinner later…” He dismissed. “‘Cause right now…”
His voice was close.
“All I want…”
Right outside.
“Is you.”
The closet door flew open and in the opening the giant stood towering in the light.
“There you are, Bunny.” He sighed. Eyes an ill luminescent green. Eerily lighting up his face like foxfire.
“No-” You whimpered. Hands stretched forward in and effort of warding him off. “Stay away- S-stop-”
He ignored you. Blissful smile on his face as he grabbed your wrist and threw your small body up over his shoulder.
“Why so jumpy, Bunny?” He asked innocently while putting his massive palm over the dome of your ass. Strong thick fingers carving into goosebumbed plush flesh before giving you a tiny smack
“Please, Izuku-” You yelped. “I- ah- I don’t want to- have sex with you. I don’t want-” You began crying. Banging your tiny fist on his back, even when it seemed so utterly pointless.
“Silly Bunny.” He dismissed with a chuckle. Kissing your hip. “Don’t you know?”
He bounced you off his shoulder for you to land on the bed.
“You always change your mind in the end.”
He climbed over you before you could gather yourself enough to crawl away.
“You always tell me you love it and make such happy noises for me when I make you cum.”
Your will and pride and anger told you to fight back, but fear and helplessness made you cry as you carried out your pathetic efforts. His words making you shudder and cringe as you felt the roughness of his hands greedily stroke upon your smooth skin.
“No-” You whined, trying to shove him away.
His wild curls tickling the skin of your chest as he buried his face between your warm pillowy tits.
“You just need to feel me first.” He urged in a mumble against your flesh.
Rubbing his stubbled chin against you while you wormed in discomfort beneath him.
“I’ve been wanting to feel you all day long.” He groaned. Grinding his bulge against your thigh. “I’m so ready to get inside you, I don’t think I’ll let you go again.” His voice moaned intrudingly load against you.
His large hands holding you still for him to use as he so wished.
“Just you and me, wet and warm and sticky until morning.”
Another cry broke form you, but was interrupted by the man’s distraction.
“Oh-” He exclaimed. “Almost forgot.”
His hands removed from you to fish something out of his pocket
“Your present…”
Pulling out a pink choker with a little jingle bell attached to it. He made some intricate adjustments with his fingers and the locking mechanism came undone.
“A pretty collar for my pretty pet.” He purred while snaking the necklace around your throat. Keeping it snug, though thankfully slack enough to be comfortable.
The humiliation wasn’t as merciful though.
Your eyes downcast, but could still spot Izuku’s salacious smirk where he leaned forward admiring his pretty possession.
“With this I won’t lose you again.” He voiced. Fingering a lock of your hair. Looping it around his pointer until you bit your lip and another tear slipped down your cheek. “No matter where you might wind up lost...”
He caught the rebel droplet on his knuckle while stroking your face. Giving your forehead a kiss, he began dragging the zipper to his hero-suit down his chest. Whispering.
“I’ll find you.”
You had your back hunched. Claws drawn.
He was back and it was time to stand your ground.
Your tail coiled tall in the air.
Sharp fangs flashed hostilely.
Eyes narrowed at the man in front.
Clad in only frilly lavender underwear and the collar you couldn’t for the life of you seem to rip off.
“Heh, kitten…” Your captor chuckled. “Best thing about coming home is you.” His mockingly sweet voice mouthed in that sarcastic drawl all his words always drip with. Endeared by your wild disheveled hair while casually removing the gadget belt to his hero costume.
Visibly happy to be home.
“I hate you.” You seethed and the man cocked his head at you. His face splitting into a wide yet lazy grin. Accompanied by an ugly chuckle dry in his throat. As jaded as his eyes.
“Oh?” He piqued. Unbothered, or rather amused, as he lifted his black sweater off over his head. “You hate me?”
He left the article on the floor. His complementary dark cargo’s hanging low on his hips without the support of his belt. A path of purple fluff peeking out, running from his crotch up his firmly carved stomach like an ant-trail.
Capture weapon dangling like the bands of a mummy around his shoulders. Crossing over his puffed chest decorated by tough scars and bruises.
“Nothing to say?” He teased and her eyes narrowed some more as she lowered herself even further.
Ready to leap.
“Nothing at all, Kitten?” He pushed. Slight edge to his tone with his hands held at the reins. Scarf stretched and winding between his firm fingers.
Ready to ensnare.
“Come on... pet. Say that again.” He coaxed, snapping the band between his fists. “Let me hear you loud and clear.”
You thought about it. As overwhelmed and frustrated as you were, filled with boiling rage and vexation towards your insane captor.
But, ultimately, you couldn’t risk being tricked into triggering his quirk.
“No?” He asked. Taking a threatening step towards you with brows high and testing.
Clicking his tongue with a sigh when you didn’t answer.
“Fine then-” He mumbled. “I guess foreplay’s over.”
Cracking his neck with a groan, he seemed relaxed and neutral with his eyes closed.
Before they snapped open again with newfound focus.
“Time for the main event.”
Binding-cloth flew towards you before you could even as much as think of clawing at the air in front of you.
Captured instantly.
All you could was whine and worm.
“Struggle all you want, Kitty.” Shinso chuckled, while pulling you towards him.
Like a spider would its prey.
“We both know you'll end up a wet whiny moaning mess once I get started with you.”
He had your wrist neatly secured behind your back with his capture weapon in no time.
Twirling you around, he pushed you onto the bed. Stomach first and face down.
Your tail up.
Curling around and just begging to be yanked.
Something of which Shinso did with glee.
His fist grabbing onto the tip of the soft brush. Before proceeding to wrap it around his hand like one would bandage a cut until hitting the base. Pulling some more. Making you hiss before crying.
“You can’t help the way your body reacts to me.” He purred. His lilac eyes reveling at the sight of your thighs starting to shake.
Giving a little gleeful chuckle. His other hand made itself known.
Stroking two thick fingers up the puff of the sore little pussy he’d fucked raw before leaving for work only some hours ago.
Still full with his cum. Still with the feeling of him deep in your guts. And of how he’d bred you dumb.
You couldn’t help but mew at the feeling. His rough finger-pads rubbing over the fine silk of your panties. Such playful friction it made you shiver. Where all you wanted was to rock yourself backwards and beg for more.
Shinso chuckled some again. Smirking once your cute ears parted atop your head.
“It’s only natural your instincts recognize who’s in charge.”
His smile wide and lazy as he watched you try to contain yourself. Even when he could smell it in the air as well as feel it in the heat warming his fingers just how wrecked and ready you were for him.
“Though… you should do yourself a favor, Kitty, and start listening to yourself-”
You made a hiss and bit out a flustered comment. “F-fuck you-”
Funny you’re the cat, but Shinso’s the one who’s always got your tongue.
And mind and body.
“Exactly right...” He simpered.
Admiring how your tense body turned soft and fight-less. Your back becoming a smoother slope as your ass arched into him. Your pretty face blanking as his quirk brought you to your knees as it always does.
“Fuck me.”
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tooquirkytolose · 4 months
Hate frantically google image searching increasingly specific pose requirements only to finally sigh, break out your phone camera and go crawling towards the nearest family member/friend like 'can you contort your fingers while you hold this wine glass just so and squinch your face like youre dying pwees???' 🥺👉👈
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tinalbion · 7 months
Can i pwees have a fic of Freddy giving his female y/n oral please?
Tumblr media
So you guys want more human Freddy deliciousness? You know what, same, guys, same. We deserve it and it's what we need, ya feel me? So I humbly deliver unto thee some Freddy. How could we resist that silver tongue when it's so talented in other ways?
Minors, DO NOT INTERACT, 18+
Tumblr media
“Late Night Calls”
Human Freddy Krueger x AFAB!Fem Reader
Rating: Explicit; fingering, oral- female receiving, some masturbation, orgasm denial,  Freddy is a dirty little cheater but you like it so it's fine
Length: 4k
Your phone calls with Fred always ended the same way; he'd ask if you wanted to come over and no matter how busy you were, you always agreed to drop everything and go.
You were absurdly easy when it came to Freddy, you always had been, ever since you met and were head over heels for him. Sure, he was married to Loretta, a woman you'd known for a good handful of years, but that didn't mean he was HAPPILY married to her. You and she never quite got off on the right foot, she always seemed to think more highly of herself and didn't even bother to talk to you even when you'd greet her at Springwood Elementary when you'd drop off your niece. But her husband was a piece of work, very brooding and quiet, mostly kept to himself. How did a woman like her land a guy like him?
You never really did ask him how they got together, things like that weren't your main focus when you laid beside him wearing nothing but the bedsheets that were wrapped around your naked form. Even if you two had a spat and swore you’d be stronger the next time you locked eyes with him, you knew it was an absolute lie and you’d fall for it over and over again. That’s just how Fred was, no matter how cruel his words could be, he somehow always managed to keep you coming back to him. 
Tonight was no different, and he never managed to tell you just where Loretta ended up going on these frequent trips she’d been taking with Katherine, but you didn’t really want to know the nitty-gritty details, you found it best to stay in your place and mind your own business. And of course, whenever they left for the weekend, his first reaction was to call you, and you weren’t sure if you should have felt overused as a booty call, or take it as a compliment that you had something he must have liked.
You slipped into something that you knew he’d really like on you, and would like even more to take you out of, then you drove that short distance in the nice little neighborhood with the typical white picket fences, your eyes searched for the lit-up porchlight that signaled he was inside waiting for you. As usual, you parked a few blocks away and down the side streets to avoid suspicion from the nosy neighbors and walked as quickly as you could, making sure to stick more toward the shadows that would eventually guide you into the backyard, where you knocked three times on the back door as instructed. 
The door opened a moment later to reveal Freddy in one of his more casual button-up shirts, his strawberry blonde hair had been brushed back neatly, and of course, he stood before you with a cigarette hanging from his mouth. That smile he wore when he laid his eye on you always left your heart pounding quicker and your hands trembling from nervousness. You were never able to explain correctly the feeling that washed over you when he stared at you, but if you could get as close to anything, it would be a big, bad wolf salivating at a fresh slab of meat. It’s not like you really minded though, in fact, you welcomed it, you liked feeling that sensation wash over you as if you stepped into a dangerous man’s house and could be told to run for your life within an instant.
“Hey Fred,” you greeted once he stepped aside to welcome you in. “Surprised you called me so late.” You shrugged out of the light jacket you wore and hung it on the coat hook attached to the wall.
Freddy scoffed and turned to walk away from you, his cigarette now in his hand as he tapped the ash off into the nearby ashtray. “And that means what, exactly, kitten?”
That damn nickname always got to you, he knew it did, so he made sure to surprise you with it in casual conversations. “Eh, well, it’s a lot later than when you normally call, everything okay?”
“Everything is killer,” he smirked and spun to look at you, his tongue ran over his bottom lip as he blew out another cloud of smoke. “Just fine. Had a little extra work tonight is all, was busy. I was surprised you were still awake.”
You smirked and let out a breathy laugh. “I was too, honestly, just couldn’t sleep I suppose.” Truth be told, you were hoping he’d call you, especially since it had been over two weeks since your last encounter with him, you really missed his touch. You ran your hands over your arms and sighed. “Well, you gonna offer me a drink, handsome?”
Without arguing, he walked over to his fancy set up of a mini bar in the living room and poured you a glass of your favorite drink, he remembered the way you liked it, which you found endearing. He handed it to you and you reached out for it, making sure your fingers brushed his as you stared up at smiled at him. Fred caught your action and stared hard at you, and sometimes you still had a difficult time reading him and how he felt. Tonight though, he seemed a little tense and a little less chatty than usual, so you hoped you could put his mind at ease. You had all the time in the world. 
As you leaned back against the sofa and crossed your legs, making sure your thighs were out there just enough for him to get a nice peek, you swirled your drink in its glass and sighed. “Thanks, doll,” you uttered, “so talk to me, Fred. How’s business been?”
He didn’t seem up for chatting, but the one rule you had with him was that you didn’t want to feel rushed when it came to seeing him. You weren’t in this for just the sex, you made that very clear one evening, and he was honestly surprised by it, but then sheepishly admitted he liked having you around as much as you did him. So you played the role of the woman he wished he could have, one who willingly asked how his day was, one who wanted to do whatever she could to make sure he was at ease. 
“Ran longer than usual, but it doesn’t bother me, keeps my hands busy. Otherwise can’t complain. How’s that job of yours treatin’ you?” He wanted to ask so badly about the asshole who had been constantly harassing you at work, but the role of a jealous boyfriend was beneath him, or so he thought. 
“Better, especially since I was transferred to another department. No more interactions with that knucklehead, thankfully. But how are YOU,” you emphasized, “you doing okay?”
He nodded curtly, almost as if to brush it off, but he knew you too well. So when he watched as you stood up from the sofa and walked over to the chair he sat in, you sunk to your knees with the drink in your hand and rested your chin on his knee. “C’mon, Fred, you can tell me, it’s always our little secret.”
Freddy looked down at you with a stern face, but he was thinking of so many things that they all seemed to jumble together, causing him to grow a bit more frustrated than you wanted him to be. “Home could be better,” he confessed. “She’s always wantin’ more and more outta me, it feels constricting.”
“There we go,” you breathed with a smile. “But I get you, Fred, she doesn’t seem to want to give you that space, it always seems to be the same with her. I’m glad you called.” Your free hand began to rub his leg back and forth, gently caressing him and allowing him to feel that you were there, giving subtle hints of your desire, your smile only grew as you stared up at him. “I’ll do whatever in my power to make you forget her, even if it’s just for tonight, hmm?”
The smirk that grew on his face mostly felt as if it were for show, but sometimes he’d melt a little behind that facade and would allow himself to be more open around you. He sighed as his hand found its way against your hair, slowly petting it as if it were to calm himself more than you. His eyes fluttered closed and his body tensed under your hand, still stroking his leg yet inching dangerously close to his upper thigh. He wouldn’t admit it, but Fred knew you like the back of his hand, he knew what got you going and what calmed you, so he loved to use that against you most times, like how he sat in the chair before you and gently tugged on your hair, he knew you would beg for more by the time he was finished here.
The sounds you made when Fred tightened his grip on your hair were delicious, he wanted to hear more spill from your lips, but not here. Before he could stand to make his move, you gripped onto his leg and pushed yourself onto your knees, a devilish look in your eyes. 
“Fred,” you purred, “I know this could have been a more social call, but please, I need you so badly.” Your nails dug into his skin through his pants, but he barely flinched. “Been thinking about you all day.”
When he stared down at you as you stayed on your knees, he rose from his chair and glared at you, but not in anger. His gaze was intense as he beckoned for you to stand, his hand greeted your jaw when you stood up to face him, then his fingers slowly wrapped around your throat and he gave you a gentle squeeze. He smirked when he forced your face away from him, exposing your neck as he went in for the kill, his teeth sank into your flesh and he sucked your skin harshly. The cry you gave only fueled him to suck harder, your hands tried to pull him in closer as if he wasn’t already wrapped around you as much as he could manage to be. 
Your breathy moans would be a problem if you had Loretta to worry about, but Fred assured you she'd be gone for the weekend, so your desire to be as loud as you wanted had taken over. Your hands ran through his hair and pawed at him while his mouth nipped at you, but as amazing as his mouth felt on your skin, you wanted to feel it in other places. 
"Fred," you pulled away and tried to catch your breath momentarily, "let's go somewhere else, yeah?" 
"Already tryin' to get your hands on me, huh," he scoffed as he ripped himself away from you, his hand gripping yours as he pulled you along. 
This wouldn't be the first time you had been taken to his bedroom, you knew it probably wouldn't be the last time either unless you were caught somehow. But that didn't matter at the moment, not when his voice was so enticing as he demanded that you take off your clothes, and slowly. 
So you stood in the dim light of the table lamp sitting on the bedside table as Fred sat on the edge of the bed, his eyes eagerly watching you while your hands made your way to the hem of your blouse. The slow shimmy you made as you pulled the material over your head made yourself laugh in the awkward silence, with no music to move to, so you tried your absolute best to make the most of this for him. He didn't seem to mind the awkwardness of it all, his eyes were too busy scanning over your features as if he was seeing them for the first time. No matter what could be said about Freddy, he never made you feel ashamed for being naked in front of him.
When you discarded your bottoms and were only left standing there in your undergarments, his hands hooked around young underwear and pulled you forward until you were directly in front of him. 
"Enough playing games," he mused as he slid his fingers against your clothed cunt, "let's feel how wet you are for me, princess." When he rubbed his two fingers in between your thighs, toying with the ache you felt, he snickered as he stared up at you. "So wet already and I've barely touched you. Sucking your neck gets you goin', huh?" 
You smirked and watched his hand move against you slowly, teasing you as he barely made contact thanks to the material in the way. It was thin but it still felt like too much was in the way, and you couldn't hold in your pouty whine when his fingers teased you so mercilessly. 
"Freddy, stop–" you began to protest but were interrupted by a quick smack to your leg.
Freddy stared up at you and smirked. "Don't rush me, kitten, you know I like to take my time with you."
You continued to pout and huffed. "I know, you're just making me feel so good, I can't help it." You shifted your legs and made a face, which you shouldn't have done. You realized how it looked once you'd done it, and Fred's expression said it all. 
"Oh, you're gonna be like that, huh?" He swiftly stood and switched places with you, your back was now toward the bed. "Then I guess you need to be shown just who you're talkin' back to."
"Wait, Fred, I–" 
He pushed you down onto the bed and pulled you closer toward him, your legs hung off the edge but you didn't protest, your head was lifted from the mattress to watch him with interest. He paid you no mind as his hands hooked onto your underwear and pulled them down slowly, his eyes could have burned a hole through you the way he stared at you, his eyes shifted down your body as he began to touch you. His hands slid over your sides, his fingertips skated along your hips, all the way down to your thighs. He dropped to his knees as he pulled you a bit closer toward him, then placed your legs over his shoulders so he had the perfect view of your slick sex. 
You expected him to be an asshole as per usual, but he was drawing it out now as he began to kiss your inner thigh, so close to your cunt that you bit back a sharp inhale, you knew better than to complain when he was giving you the night of your life. But sometimes you wanted to push him, to see how far he’d take your punishment, sometimes it paid to be a brat. You laid your head back against the mattress, your eyes closed, and you took in the soft touches and gentle kisses he placed all along your thighs. You let out a surprised yelp when he bit down, and his laughter followed soon after because he knew you were trying to behave tonight for him, so he wanted to push you right back. 
He loved to try and break you.
You shifted impatiently beneath him, but as soon as you moved, his thumb rubbed over your clit, and watched as your body jerked in reply to his touch. He smirked and did it again and again, slowly swiping his thumb in a circle, only to pull away after every touch. Those little moans and mewls that came from your lips only fueled him to continue, wanting to hear you get louder for him, so his thumb came into full contact now, rubbing slow, gentle circles as he watched you twitch beneath his hands. When you were getting too jerky with your movements, his free hand would slap your thigh to remind you to relax as he worked you over. As he continued, he could tell that you were getting close, your eyes were half-lidded, and your mouth was slack as you breathed deep. He smiled when he pulled away and you whined so loudly that you thought you’d be punished immediately for doing so. 
Freddy said nothing as he wore that shit-eating grin on his face, and then watched your body wriggle as he pushed two of his fingers into your pussy, his tempo just as slow and teasing as always while he watched your body react to his touches. He curled his fingers within you as they got so deep, his hands always worked wonders on you. 
“Oh god, Freddy, please–” you huffed, now leaning against your elbows as you watched him with a lust-filled gaze. “You’re such a tease.”
“If you don't like my teasing then why are you moaning?” he countered with a grin. You couldn’t form words when his fingers pushed deeper.
He chuckled and continued to finger you, watching as you were beginning to leak down your thighs, which only caused his obvious erection to push against his slacks. He shifted and leaned forward as he continued to fuck you with his hand, placing a gentle kiss on your clit. You gasped and he laughed again. “I love the way you look with my fingers inside you, princess,” he cooed softly as he placed several more kisses along your thigh. 
When he felt your body shaking, he pulled his fingers from you and placed them into his mouth, sucking them clean as he left you on the bed yet again, just almost reaching your orgasm and denying you once again. What an asshole. You looked so frustrated, a thin sheen of sweat covered your body and made your skin glisten in the dim light as he looked over you. 
“You’re fucking gorgeous, you know that?” he asked as he shrugged out of his button-up shirt, giving you a nice little show as he stood and tossed it off somewhere. “Sorry for teasin’ you so much, Y/N, but I’m not finished yet.”
“Please, Fred, oh fuck, please…” you groaned, your legs parted for him once again as he sunk to his knees.
His hands were now placed on either side of your thighs to keep them nice and open, he licked his lips as he hovered his mouth above your clit, and then he placed his lips on you and began to suck. The sounds you made were unholy but he didn’t stop, his focus was solely on you and those sounds your pretty little mouth made. The way his tongue swirled through your folds and around that sensitive part of you drove you wild, and you couldn’t help but lose yourself in the pleasure you were feeling.
Freddy dragged his tongue slowly against you and you bit your bottom lip to hold back the sounds you were making as if you were afraid of him edging you once again. But Freddy looked up at you and clicked his tongue. “Aww princess, come on, I know for a fact that you can be a hell of a lot louder than that.”
His tongue was back on you, relentless as he swirled it along your clit again, pushing it into you as his hands opened your legs further, wanting to get as deep as he could to taste you. Your juices dripped onto his chin and he didn’t care in the slightest, your taste on his tongue made him throb against his leg, his pants were so constricting, fuck he wanted to be inside of you so badly. You were so slick from his spit and your excitement, it pooled beneath you while you struggled to breathe normally. You felt yourself grow close yet again, and you were afraid that your body would betray you and Freddy would pull away at the very last moment yet again, so you did your best to try and ride it out before it was stolen from you again.
Freddy knew you through, he knew how your body reacted to him and he laughed as he watched your face twist into so many expressions, he found it rather cute how you tried to trick your body into not wanting it, but he continued on anyway. Maybe if you gave him one orgasm, he could stuff you full of his cock, but that was if you didn’t mouth back.
You were a mess as you bucked your hips against his mouth, his tongue reaching as far as it could as he brought up a hand to stimulate your throbbing clit, and your sounds were now louder just as he asked. Your hands grabbed at the sheets beneath you, anything to grab onto so you could ground yourself, otherwise, you felt as if you’d fall into nothingness. His mouth always felt so fucking delicious on your cunt, he had done this a handful of times and it felt more and more pleasurable each time like he’d been practicing just for you. You were such a mess, both literally and figuratively, and it felt amazing as his tongue continued its assault, how sucking on your clit again. 
You moaned out his name over and over again. “Yes, yes, fuck Fred, oh my God, please, keep-keep going–” 
Your whimpers were music to his ears as he shoved his fingers back inside of you again, his tongue and mouth still abusing your sensitive nub. He pulled away only long enough to speak in a low, hushed voice. “Love when you say my name like that, kitten,” he grinned and continued to build up your orgasm once again, and boy were you close. 
“Freddy, baby, I’m gonna cum, soon, please–” 
His fingers quickly moved in and out of you, curled within you while his tongue darted all around your leaking folds, and he felt your body jerk again, signaling to him that he needed to push you over the edge. His other hand grabbed at your ass and slapped your skin several times, leaving red hand prints across your flesh as you yelped out his name and a few other sounds that carried across the room. 
“Yeah, fuck I’m–” Your hands shot up and tangled in his short hair as you arched your back, pushing your pussy against his mouth further until you felt that sweet feeling of his tongue swirling against you while his fingers did all they could to hit that spot. 
You finally came, gushing all over his mouth and chin, your sweet juices dripped down onto the sheets below, and your thighs shook so much that your entire body fell slack against the bed. Your breathing was so heavy you thought you wouldn’t be able to breathe. The sweat on your brow dripped down to the pillows as you turned your head, barely able to look up at Fred, who seemed to have fished himself from his pants and began to stroke himself. He loved the look of you looking absolutely ruined because of him, how weak you felt in your legs, and the mere thought of you not being able to run from him enticed him greatly. 
“Mhm, you did so well, kitten,” he leaned down and kissed your thigh, “but I’m not even close to being finished with you. You understand?”
You nodded as you watched him get to his feet, his pants hung loosely off his hips as he continued to stroke himself, the smile on his face wasn’t a mask anymore, you could see that this was for you and only for you. You offered a smile as you pushed yourself to sit up, eagerly trying to get to your knees as he sat on the bed beside you. 
“Don’t worry, Fred,” you said softly as you replaced his hands with your own, gently stroking him as he let out a satisfied hum, “I promise I can handle it.”
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witter-potter · 10 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
pacey witter in every episode → → 1x01 - pilot: “It’s Meryl Streep’s fault, okay? I’m doing the best I can.”
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babubabibambam · 1 year
Pwees, can you do subaru sakamaki NSFW hc? :3 thank you 🖤
a/n: Well I thought i was going to go in oldest to youngest by family… but I’ll do the requested ones first then— bobatea, im so sorry if it’s bad. Kanato and Subaru are somewhat hard for me to write.
Subaru Sakamaki Hcs(Nsfw)
I see him as a switch that leans more on dom tbh.
Maybe it’s because of his tsundere tendencies it just seems unnatural if I were to say he’s a dom.
Definitely has a praise kink, the boy NEEDS to he praised(he’s so precious istg)
Definitely likes impact play, though he prefers to do it to others instead of it being done to him.
Breeding kink, just loves the idea of having his cum in you and having you swollen with his baby.
Don’t worry, if you’re a guy he’d still breed the shit out of you, maybe he’ll fill you until your tummy has a slight buldge?
Angry sex and brat taming, this man LOVES it. He loves seeing you whimper out your apologies as he’s driving you mad with either overstimulation or lack of stimulation. In moments like these his mouth gets so mean. Degrading words just flies out of his mouth and into your ears.
It makes your cunny clench around him which makes him release the prettiest grunt.
Yes grunt.
I feel like he doesn’t really ‘moan’ but he grunts or whines.
On some days he’ll turn soft and gooey and would definitely go for soft and sensual sex where he worships and praises the shit out of you.
During the first few times of doing it with him he’s kinda flustered. He’s rough, and he’s afraid that he would he too rough on you. You definitely have to hint and encourage him to do whatever he wants.
Most likely gives the BEST after care, cuddles, bubble baths, massage etc.
Now subby subaru… he WHINES. Total bitch for edging, likes to edge others and likes to be edge. Sensory deprivation while edging? Yes please, would definitely do it to you too.
Mommy kink cause.. well I don’t think this needs explanation.
Likes it when you take control all of the sudden, the surprise is just. Mwah.
Ok back to dom Subaru. Definitely a soft dom, but be a brat and you’ll see that Mean Dom that resides in all of the Dia Bois.
Weirdly into cnc.
Gets flustered easily, if you accidentally grab his hair during sex, you can literally feel him getting bigger and harder, boy goes feral with intimate physical touches.
Secretly admires the scratches on his back when you’re asleep after the session.
Not so secretly admiring all the pretty marks he’s left on you. Be it hickeys or bite marks.
Would trace them or push into them to hear you whimper during sex.
When he gets’s possessive or jealous during sex, he get ROUGH.
“You think I didn’t notice how you were throwing yourself at that bastard?” He’d say with a low growl, tugging your hair to bring you closer to his lips. Fangs immediately sinking at the back of your neck. Purposely doing it rougher than usual to hear you whine. His hand lets go of your hair while flipping you over so that he can see your face. Hands slowly going to your neck as he chokes you slightly to hear all those croaky pleas. “Act like a whore and yer gonna get fucked like one.” A sinister and cruel smile appears on his face as the harsh words escapes from his mouth.
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megatraven · 4 months
I went into the new Pokémon games thinking nemona would be my favorite ‘rival’ but it turned out to be Arven and I’m. Hbngnhhhhh
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prrplefungi · 1 year
Tumblr media
pwee pwee
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djbunnie · 10 months
Damian can’t say no🍔🍟🥤
~villain Mumbo turned Raven into a toddler~
Conner: “dude you have to stop spoiling her.”
Damian: “I don't spoil her.”
Toddler Raven: *runs towards Damian* “DAMI, DAMI!!! can we get McDonnies pwees!!!!”
Damian: *💓* “I'll buy you the whole franchise.”
Toddler Raven: “don't forget the ketchup”
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littl-lop-bunii-hop · 2 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
hold meee pet meee lov meee pwees 🐰🌸💕
havn a carer dat pets n holds yu n tells u how cutee n smol u are (\/) ^-^
Tumblr media
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