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a-roguish-gambit · 3 days
Rogue/Gambit week day 7 Theme: reunion
Its time guys :)
Time for the next part of my fma crossover au, where rogue takes the place of roy and gambit hughes
Link to first part
Anyways once you are done with that, enjoy >:) check the read more for the full comic after the first page!
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The popular au within the FMA fandom to make maes hughes not be dead and instead be the one turned into the homunculus greed instead of ling (the character morph is playing in this au) so @cyborgartalchemist2 thought it would be a great idea to make gambit become greed!
Don’t worry, greed doesn’t stay on the side of evil for long….and in this case, the time is even shorter because rogue is not walking out of there without him!
Explanation: those who have opened the gate and committed the taboo of human transmutation which would make them ideal sacrifices for the homunculi in this world develop mutations as well as having some disability exacted upon them, thus why wolverine has claws. They kept remy alive because they thought his weird eyes were from him opening the gate but no they're just a normal genetic mutation he was born with.
One accidentally revealing who masterminded the ishvalan civil war later
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Edit, final image without text
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skrankku · 1 month
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One (1) silly drawing before facing whatever fresh hell the season finale releases on us tomorrow.
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butchgambit · 2 months
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Rogue Goes Rogue
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current-comix · 3 months
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Tyler Kirkham
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Rogue really said "Oh, you're not willing to help out? Well then, have fun looking for your shield in the mountains, bitch!"
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bellamer · 1 month
X Men 97 could never. They really took away the work wives.
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wilygryphon · 2 months
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giotanner · 3 months
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Anyway this is a Rogue sketch 😎
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thevulturesquadron · 3 months
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"Sorry to barge in without an invite. But y'know, Ah'm an impulsive kinda girl!"
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lina-lovebug · 1 month
Rogue is a surprisingly light sleeper. You try and sneak away? She grabs you and yanks you back into bed. You turn over? One eye opens and she groans before shuffling deeper into the sheets. You're showering? "Suga', why didn't you wait for me?" She's definitely the type who starts on her side of the bed but halfway through the night, she's drifted onto your side and you wake up in a tangle of limbs.
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stellanslashgeode · 4 months
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a-roguish-gambit · 16 days
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Cake for the little guys! Decided to design these as a thank you guys for being so awesome about my mini mutants. They are having a party and ya’ll are invited!
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harumscarumcos · 4 months
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gravyhoney · 6 months
I did the thing.
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I love you Sora Lego Ninjago
I love you Rouge X-Men Evolution
Now fucking kill that guy
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valkyrianart · 7 days
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You can watch, but you can't touch!
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autistic-rogue · 4 days
Scott: does everyone know their chores for today
Bishop: water the plants
Rogue: vacuum the floor
Jean: cook dinner
Gambit: Same as reds
Hank: wash dishes
Morph: pretend to be wolverine
Scott: close enough
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