milimeters-morales · 2 months
Miles, Gwen, and Hobie: you’re gonna sit here and listen to us explain internet art community drama that we don’t even care about.
Miguel, who has to be up for work in 2 hours:
Tumblr media
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screaming. yelling. the plot of this MASH episode is that they need to get this guy’s heart beating within 20 minutes and they have a clock in the lower right corner of the screen to count 20 minutes in real time that’s so cool
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moonamite · 1 year
Deltarune au nobody asked for
Ok so instead of Spamton turning into an object or whatever, we’re like “Nah bitch you’re coming with me”. After the Spamton NEO fight, after cutting the strings, he’s free from being puppetted by Gaster (Headcanon) and are fine after... kinda. I mean idk about you guys but I think i’d be pretty mentally scarred if I got possessed. After NEO he’s very weak physically, and a little (a lot) torn up. Like, walking for 5 minutes then needing to be carried to avoid further leg strain. He talks more normally, but still has his moments. Sometimes says something he’d say when he was a puppet. He was being forced to make references to things he’s never even heard of. Also sad Spamton hours. Regrets what he did to Kris and the gang- He was originally going to make it up to them by becoming a useful item, but you didn’t let him do that so now he’s just. He appreciates the kindness, but just wishes he could actually do something other than be carried around and talk. He reflects on the times before he went crazy- Back when everything made sense. He also explains more about the stranger on the phone. He went by the name “Mike” (Headcanon time- “Mike” was a fake name Gaster made for himself when talking to Spamton) and promised to make Spamton a big shot. He was shifty, but Spamton was so desperate at the time that he listened to him. He’s offered to be taken to the Addisons, but he’s hesitant. Local trash rat is held for the first time, is not used to kindness. Also just imagine being some Darkner and you see a human strolling by with Spamton’s face   poking out of their bag. Or maybe get one of those baby carriers that you strap on your chest and put him in that. Be careful though, some of the food you put in there may or may not go missing. Sometimes he forgets about his injuries and tries to move slightly faster than a walk/limp, then is quickly (painfully) reminded why he doesn’t do that anymore. Do not forget to feed the Spamton. Ooooh the dumpster boy has traumaaaaa- Yeah he isn’t gonna be talking to weird strangers on the phone anymore. It’s gonna take a while for him to go back to being 100% himself again. Smh my head Gaster you gave him PTSD. Ruined a perfectly good boy. He’s stuck on the name “Spamton G. Spamton”, and the name “Addison” doesn’t really get a response- Nor does he want to be called that. Every time he tries to sleep, he sees a black and white ghostlike figure. Which is why he doesn’t sleep anymore :)
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jellied0ctopus · 2 years
yeah, twist was lying to eli the whole time. but the only time it felt like he was really, genuinely acting was during the fight in the cave and i stand by that
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habeascorpseus · 1 year
hermitcraft season 8 is actually a metaphor for climate nihilism
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emmybreese · 1 year
Tumblr media
this basically encapsulates how i feel about the din & grogu arc right now
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mxddyhero · 7 months
No okay but. I really like White Knight: Red Hood
#jason being the first robin adds so much already#the panel where he went back to the manor after being kidnapped and sees dick and bruce training... my heart...#BUT ALSO i like the fact he wasnt killed here? like idk about him telling joker batmans identity#and then making bruce believe he died by just. running away#but idk. he was just a boy who was tortured and ultimately just left to deal with that guilt and grief#its easy to understand how under all that duress he gave in to the joker and just. couldnt face going back#especially since he saw how quickly he was replaced#and how they deal with that in issue two of jason actually crying#and resenting bruce for not even looking for him is just 🥺😭#please give this boy a hug#BUT THEN#you have the parallel of gan and jason eating burgers just like how bruce took jason for a burger after he found him stealing his tyres#and saying how his time with her was like magic...#but then saying that instead of doing better than bruce and making a better robin he turned her into him#THEN SHE ALMOST GETS BEAT WITH A FUCKING CROWBAR#BUT HE WAS THERE TO SAVE HER#LIKE BABY BOY YOU SAVED HER!! YOU REALISED YOUR MISTAKES AND GOT THERE IN TIME#KILLING SOMEONE THAT THEY MADE HIM JUST UP AND LEAVE HER AFTER THAT#LIKE WHAT THE HELL 😭😭#king u shouldve stayed...#gan my beloved it hurt so much seeing her sad :(#but ahh#when he came back and apologised#and SHE CALLED HIM A MESSY BITCH I WAS LIKE YESSSS#i really like the white knight jason ... im chewing on him rn#god he has so many issues (affectionate)#it alluded to bruce's debut in this spinoff so#i hope jason can actually talk to bruce ... and communicate...#white knight bruce is. uhm. well he talked to dick and babs at the end of wk after alfred died#who knows ! maybe we will get reconciliation
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crazyw3irdo · 2 years
“the hardest part of being neurodivergent is not being taken seriously” “the hardest part is that the world was made for neurotypicals who don’t try to adjust to you”
nah the hardest part is spending more time agonizing over dialogue decisions in video games to try and figure out how your character is actually going to say the line (/j)
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purrble-archive · 2 years
there's a sizeable amount of gore and nudity in the witcher, i thought it was great but i definitely wouldn't watch it around children or the parents asdfkjh
Tumblr media
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agenderraypalmer · 7 days
I really just am obsessed with laurel, at Tommy's funeral, saying "I loved him. I loved him in every way you could possibly love someone... And so did Oliver." Like that's gay and polyam rights right there truly
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cosmic-puppy-hideaway · 5 months
My shame is immeasurable
#ive got this oc who struggles with incontinence#hes got a very weak bladder borderline hair trigger#he nearly pissed himself first time he saw his child in an rp because he was so excited and happy and slightly drunk#decided he starts wearing padded underwear to try to save his jeans (while also taking medication to try to mitigate his issues)#which leads me to thinking about him out maybe with his friends or idk his dad or something someone he trusts#cuz hes also bladder shy he doesnt like asking to use the bathroom and he doesnt like being seen#he can manage in a public restroom so long as he doesnt overthink and fuck himself over#but anyways back to the topic hes out and he realizes he rreeeally needs to go so he tells (signs to#hes out and realizes he reeeally needs to go so he tells (via sign language hes a mute) person B and they start looking for a bathroom#after about...10 minutes? 20? of micah squirming and holding himself from within his pockets he's like suddenly still.#person B stoped to ask if he's ok while he's blushing profusely and shaking with his legs tightly pressed together#and it can go a few ways#either B can get concerned and try to figure out whats wrong only to learn micah already went (mostly) despite appearing dry#and learns about his secret (and then continues to try to find a bathroom cuz now Micah shamefully needs to change his underwear)#OR OR and i like this one better#when B gets closer to ask what's wrong#they hear the just barely audible hissing between his legs and quickly figure it out#and like then there's the confusion of how come he's staying dry when he's clearly pissing himself#and then it clicks#god poor Micah i torture this boy#but hes so HOT he needs to PISS FOR MY PLEASURE#omorashi
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voidcat · 5 months
being teens w terzo during the peak of punk wave>>>
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cowgurrrl · 8 days
She’s A Gun
Pairing: Joel Miller x fem!reader
Author’s note: *John Mulaney voice* My wife is a bitch and I love her SO much (gif by @salome-c) I also didn’t know how to end this so sorry
Summary: Somebody didn’t give the new guy a heads up about talking about Joel Miller’s family [1.6k]
Warnings: idiots in love, a quick mention of a queer slur, I can’t think of anything else!!
Tumblr media
You catch him looking at you across the room as you sip some new whiskey Tommy traded for. He looks young and fresh-faced without many scars or littering the surface of his skin. His eyes are bright when they meet yours, and you give him a polite smile before returning to your drink. Unsurprisingly, he bellies up to the bar a few minutes later. You glance at the door, and the man follows your gaze. 
"You meeting someone?" He asks. The bartender, a kind man named Nick, flashes you a look, but you wave him off, turning to the younger man, who is dead set on making his presence known. 
"You must be new." You say, and he laughs as he holds out his hand. 
"You got me. I'm Luke," He says. You meet him halfway and shake his hand, giving him your name. "Where are you from?"
"I came here from Boston."
"You're a long way from home. What brought you here?" 
"Long story."
"Is it longer than the time it would take to get you another drink?" 
"I can get my own drink, but thank you."
"'Course," he says but doesn't move from his place next to you. "What do you do here in Jackson?" He asks, and you open your mouth to say something, but he cuts you off. "Let me guess. School teacher. No, a nurse."
"I work patrols, but good guess."
"Oh, I'm going to work patrols, too. I actually just signed up for my first shift tomorrow. Speaking of which, do you know anything about this guy… Miller, I think, is his name. I heard he's a hard ass."
"Joel or Tommy?"
"There's multiple?" He asks, and you smirk as you sip your drink.
"There's a few of 'em hanging around, yeah. What did they say? Maybe I can," you shrug and try to hide the amusement in your voice. "Help you figure it out."
"Well, this guy, Seth, said Miller shouldn't even be in Jackson. Something about him killing people to get by before coming here, but he gets to stay because he's buddies with Maria. Apparently, he's a hell of a shot, though. I heard a rumor that he once shot an Infected from a mile away, but I'll believe it when I see it." He says, and you nod. 
You remember that day well. Tommy had been bragging about his marksmanship, mostly telling big fish stories, and you finally got sick of it. Joel told you to leave it, but you had to see. When you went on patrol the next day, you and Tommy had a competition to see how far he could actually shoot. You passed the gun back and forth to see who could hit accurately and how far. You were the one holding the gun when the Infected bound his way up the hill and quickly went down as the bullet buried in his skull. You didn't think that story would've made the rounds, though. 
"What else did Seth say?" You ask, and he puffs his cheeks out as he shakes his head.
"He told me to stay away from him. Something about not fucking with people like that because he's ruthless, especially when it comes to his kid. He said Miller yelled at him last week because he said something to her. Just... totally lost his mind like a crazy person." It wasn't just something. He called my daughter a dyke, you think to yourself. Joel may have pushed him and made him leave, but you threatened to ruin his fucking life. If you ever hear him say something like that to Ellie again, you'll make Joel look like the poster child for forgiveness. You bite the inside of your cheek and save that information for later. 
Seth wasn't warning Luke about Joel. He was warning him about you.
"And you're sure he was talking about a man?"
"Pretty sure. I mean, I know people do lots of shitty things to stay alive, but I can't imagine a woman instilling that much fear in a man like Seth," He says, and you hum. "No offense."
"None taken." You smile and watch his guard come down just enough for him to feel comfortable reaching for your arm.
"I wish I had known they let women as beautiful as you out on patrol. I would've signed up with you instead of Miller." He says, and you almost gag. Joel's hand skims your lower back almost as if on cue, and you turn to face him. He kisses you a second too long before looking over your shoulder to face the stranger who looks embarrassed. His arm wraps protectively around your middle, and he's close enough that you can smell his shampoo over the bar’s stench of stale beer.
"Great timing. This is Luke. He's starting patrols tomorrow," You say. Joel reaches across the space to shake his hand, and Luke winces at his too-tight grip. "Luke, this is my husband, Joel Miller," you wish you had a camera to take a picture of the stunned look on his face when he hears the last name. "Joel, we were just talking about the last time I was on patrol with Tommy."
"You're Miller?" Luke asks, suddenly looking pale. "Why didn't you say anything?"
"Oh, I thought I mentioned it. I'm sorry, I'm probably losing my mind." You echo Seth's words and smack yourself on the forehead dramatically. Luke drains his drink before glancing around the room.
"It was great to meet you, man. Um, I'm gonna run to the bathroom really fast." He says and takes several steps away from the bar. 
"Oh, so soon? I was hoping you and Joel could talk about routes."
"Maybe later." He says, and with that, he's gone. You smile and turn in Joel's arms to face him.
"Jesus, I thought he was going to have a heart attack. What did you say to him?" 
"Seth was warning him about the mercenary who's buddies with Maria and shot an Infected from a mile away, asked if I knew anything about the guy."
"Seth should learn to keep his fuckin' mouth shut." He grumbles, and you nod.
"It didn't help his case that he tried flirting with me. Even asked if I was a school teacher." You say, and he gives you a look. His warm fingers reach under your shirt collar to pull out the chain with your wedding band on it.
"Maybe if you actually wore this, that wouldn't happen so often."
"C'mon, everybody knows I'm yours. It's not my fault no one gave him the run down," you say, and he tugs on the chain to kiss you, his big hands moving to hold your jaw. He swallows your gasp when he licks into your mouth, sending a zing of electricity down your spine. He's a touch too handsy for a public space, but you're not complaining. "I don't see you wearing yours out on patrol either." You say, pulling away before he can start something he can't finish, at least not in public. Still, his hand slips into your back pocket, squeezing your ass through the denim.
"Don't want to lose a finger. Besides, everybody knows I'm yours," he parrots, and you smile. A familiar, old country song plays over the speakers, and Joel lights up at the first few chords. "Will you dance with me?" He asks, pressing light kisses to your jaw to butter you up. You lock your arms around his shoulders and let yourself forget about everyone else in the bar. 
"And to think there was a time when you hated PDA."
"That was before someone tried hittin' on my wife," he says, and you feel like your face will get stuck from smiling so much. It's been three months since the small backyard wedding officiated by Tommy and Maria. Ellie walked you down the aisle— more of a patch of grass than anything else— and acted as your maid of honor. When Tommy asked if she agreed to give you to Joel, she said, "it's not like she's fucking property, but sure." She beamed so brightly when she realized you each included her in your vows, promising to love and protect her as much as you love and protect each other. It wasn't planned, but the unexpected matching further proved that you three are a family. Still, you don't know if you'll ever get used to hearing Joel call you his wife. "Dance with me, please." He pouts into your neck, and you finally give in, grabbing his hand and leading him to the dance floor. 
He pulls you close, and you bury your face in his neck as you slowly dance to Tanya Tucker's voice. He sings along for only you to hear, his accent getting stronger as he does. You could stay like this forever, wrapped up in him and listening to him sing the same song you used to sing along to while driving on backroads. You would marry him again if you could. You think you would marry him in every lifetime.
Scary rumors of mercenaries and blood on your hands fade from your mind. To men like Seth and Luke, you are a subversion of their holy mother. You are bloody and broken, a monster beyond saving. You are a warzone with a heartbeat.
But to Joel, you are the most sacred thing he's ever held. It's not enough to erase the rumors and nightmares about you, but it's enough to knock the wind out of you and make you love your husband that much more. That has to count for something. 
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bohbee · 2 months
Tumblr media
Genshin characters when someone's creeping you out
Part 1
Part 2
Summary: a creepy guy keeps bothering you, so you run to the character, and they handle it the best they can.
Characters: Al-Haitham, Cyno, Tighnari, Childe, Wanderer (Kuni)
Warnings: Creepy guy, stalker [childe], sexual comments [tighnari, Al-Haitham?], manhandled [Al-Haitham, cyno], violence [wanderer] implied gore? [Childe], dude gets tossed [cyno], making out [kaveh]
Notes: this could be very triggering so please read with caution <3
Tumblr media
"C'mon babe, I will give you so much more attention than that mediocre scribe" the creepy male had said yet again, he had been bothering you for around a week now, but today got particularly worse. Al-Haitham hadn't been with you for the week due to complications at the Akademiya, so you just had to suck it up for now. You attempted multiple times to decline him. However, he just wouldn't end his bugging.
You shook your head and walked past the male again. He was much larger than you, which struck fear in you. He obviously had dark intent.
'What do I do, I could go grab Kaveh... he'd save me.... no, he's at the house... I can't lead him to the house.' You huffed to yourself, your thoughts not giving you a clear plan. Walking into town, you decided to go to the Grand Baazar, hopefully Nilou was there.
The male followed you. Once you walked into the tunnel, he slammed you against the wall. "Don't you know it's rude to ignore a person?" his hand placed itself over your mouth, fear building into your chest. "haithem" you mumbled desperately, making the male holding you down laugh.
"Don't you know not to touch another man's lover?" Your eyes flashed towards your savior, Al-Haitham was livid, his eyebrows furrowed as he grabbed the man's arm with heavy strength. "If I even see you in the same place as them, I will not be so forgiving. Got that?" His tone was dark, causing the older male to shiver and nod. He ran away, however, was quickly stopped by Cyno, who took care of him.
Al-Haithams eyes scanned your body, his lips frowning looking at the marks the man left on your body. "Come on, let's go get you into the shower, we can talk about it at home... alright, love?" He said softly, trying to make sure you were alright. You nodded softly and walked with him to your home...
After a long shower with him and a small talk, the two of you had walked down to make dinner, informing Kaveh on the events. Kavehs reaction being slightly more frightening than your boyfriends. Gaining a chuckle out of you. You were safe.
Tumblr media
Childe (Tartaglia, Ajax)
Dating Childe meant that you were consistently in harms way. You have been safe from all the dangers. However, as of recently, there has been a person following you everywhere you go. You didn't notice at first, but today, everything was added together. Someone was following you...
Snow crunched under your feet as you picked up your pace, rushing to your home. The dark-haired stalker followed you swiftly, your heart beated faster as his body got closer.
You quickly swung the door open and locked it, running upstairs and hiding in the hiding spot, Childe made you in case of emergencies. The doorknob to the front door rattled heavily. You held your breath as tears made their way down your cheeks. 'Childe, please hurry up,' you thought to yourself as you curled into a ball. The rattling of the doorknob got worse until the door swung open. Unfamiliar steps make their way in the house. You stopped all movement as you heard the footsteps start going upstairs.
The soft clicking of boots entered your bedroom, "I know you're here." the deep creepy voice said, sending shivers down your spine. His footsteps got closer to where you were hidden but was suddenly stopped. More footsteps could be heard at the front door, his footsteps.
"Doll? Why is the door open?" Childes voice was urgent as he looked around downstairs. The intruder opened the bedroom window and booked his sorry ass out the house. The commotion caught Childes attention, his heavy footsteps charged into the room.
He knelt down to the hiding spot and opened it only to find you curled into a ball silently sobbing "ajax." He crawled in, hugging you tightly. "Shh, I'm here. I'm here, stay here for now, I'll take care of him, okay?" He placed his coat over your body, you nodded as he closed the hiding spot.
It had only been a few minutes, and your beloved boyfriend came back, "Don't come out yet," you stayed put, waiting for him to open the hidden door. Ruffling noises were heard and then his ginger hair peaked through the door, pulling you out. His clothes were changed, he placed you on your bed and hugged you tightly "You're safe with me... always."
Tumblr media
(Takes place after the whole fucking fight)
It was creepy how loyal some of the matras were to their leaders. As a leader yourself, you knew this, but certain followers did too much. Especially those following Cynos commands. People were envious of him, his position, his vision, his life. However, one person in particular was determined to have his exact lifestyle. They dressed like him, joked like him, and he even wore Cynos same cologne. But the worst thing was he was trying to get to you.
Of course, the hazel eyed male was aware of his colleagues' plan, so he gave him a heavy warning. This stopped the male, however, a few months after it struck up again, after Cyno had gotten on one knee. Making you his fiance. It was like a drug to the matra.
You and Cyno had been commissioned together to go to the desert to find more details on some missing artifacts. A handful of matras had joined you, one of them being the scarily obsessed male. The group had walked into an abandoned building to rest. You decided to take watch as everyone slept. It wasn't smart for two leaders to watch at the same time so Cyno couldn't be with you.
You sat on the top of the building, watching the stars twinkle in the deep sky. Soft footsteps caught your attention, 'dammnit' you thought to yourself. "U-Uh, I couldn't sleep, so I thought I'd join you." The male said, a weird smile spreading across his face.
You mumbled an alright and sat uncomfortably as the male shifted awfully close to you. "So uh, you're getting married to the General, huh?" He said, his voice had a distasteful twinge to it. You let out a hum nod, nodding at his question.
He grabbed your left hand, and you quickly went to pull back, but his hand was tight. "I just wanna see the ring... calm down, sweetie." his creepy nickname caused you to shiver. You pulled your hand away harshly. "Do not put your hands on me...." you said with a serious tone. "Now it would be in your best interest to go back downstairs." Your eyes glared into his shocked irises. "I just simply want to talk, you know make friends I-"
His sentence was cut off by a hand grabbing his neck roughly. "They said go. Now, since you didn't listen to the leader in charge, you are dismissed." Cynos voice was stern, rage boiling through his blood. "S-sir please I-" Cyno clicked his tongue and tossed the person off the roof. A yelp emitting from the obsessive guys throat. His body plopped in the sand heavily, Cyno still glaring at him. Causing the male to scatter and run out of sight.
Cyno then turned to you. He grabbed your head and laid it on his lap. "You rest here, alright? I'll keep watch. " he kissed your ring. "We mind as well toss the commission out if you can't get any rest." He said with a straight face. "Cyno, that wasn't even funny," you said, holding in a giggle "Love, you know it was"
Tumblr media
You sat at a table at Lambads Tavern, waiting for your architect boyfriend to join you. He wasn't late. You just liked being early to things. You sipped your drink as you opened your book, reading from where you last left off. The seat in front of you slid, a body sitting in it. Assuming it was your beloved, you spoke aloud. "Hey Kaveh, how was the new project?" You asked, closing your book, looking up only to be met with unfamiliar eyes. The man in front of you was clearly drunk, his friends cheering him on in the background.
"I don't know who that Kaveh is, but I'd gladly be it for you." He smirked... 'That wasn't even clever,' you thought to yourself. Forcing a smile, you shook your head "Actually I'm waiting for my boyfriend to join me." A heavy frown painting the guys face, he shook his head. "Well, he isn't here, so let a guy buy a hottie like you a drink"
You grumbled once again, declining his offer. He went to go say something again. However, a loud slam on the table startled you both. Your boyfriend stood their, an angry blush covering his face. He then looked at you, grabbed your face, and kissed you passionately. Causing the dudes friends to all gasp. "Mine." He said after he pulled away from your delicate lips. The drunk guy grumbled and hobbled away, Kaveh got a new chair and sat down. "Next time, punch him." he said to you. "Better yet, I'll get you a ring to place on your finger." his words caused a heavy blush to appear on your face. He smirked and kissed your hand. "I'm serious though, both parts."
Tumblr media
(Starts off platonic)
"Ugh, could you please leave me alone, I am not interested." You groaned at the male 'artist'. You continued to walk the path towards Gandharva Ville. He followed behind you, "I am just trying to teach you the arts of which none other than the Lesser Lord taught me." he said, attempting to defend himself. He had been trying to get into bed with you all afternoon, and it was quite annoying. He was one of the bed pickpockets. He would wait till you'd sleep and rob you clean.
You shook your head again, as the village finally came in sight. "I said no" your stern voice raised a little, hoping that someone was near enough to hear. You walked on the bridge leading to your place of staying, the dude still following you.
The familiar forest watcher, your best friend walked out, his eyes flickering towards you. His ears had picked up the commotion, and he walked over to you, pulling you aside. "Uh, excuse me, I am with them." The artist said his words gained a grumble from Tighnari.
"Yeah, right, go before I feed you to the withering zones." The artist looked at him shocked but then soon scurried off. Tighnari pulled you into his room, "you okay?" He asked. You nodded, still slightly annoyed at the situation. "Good, y'know you could always come to me whenever that happens." His words were sweet and sincere. "Yeah, but that'd be a bother, haha." you said as you sat down on a chair.
His face got close to yours, both of your eyes flickered to eachothers lips. The two of you slowly closed the gap, kissing very delicately. He pulled away, his tail swaying happily. "Now you gotta come to me."
Tumblr media
Wanderer [Kuni]
You walked into your house, locking the door quickly. Your swift actions caught the attention of your boyfriend. Your face was ridden with fear. He stumbled up from his spot and walked towards you, "What happened?" He asked, his voice was stern, yet laced with fear that his past came to catch him.
"Some guy keeps following me, Kuni." Your voice was soft. It was creepy, and you thought that The Fatui had come to end you. He grumbled, a large grimace present on his face. "Stay here." He said lowly, grabbing his hat, he rushed out the door.
You walked towards the couch and settled in. You knew what he was going to do. This has happened a couple of times before, but no one has ever followed you home. Whoever was stalking you was going to pay, Kuni would make sure of that. You grabbed his cape and hugged it waiting for him to come back home.....
The signature knock was played on the door, letting you know that your boyfriend was there. He unlocked the door, closed it and locked it again. His clothes were clean but his hands were bloody. "Pathetic, wasn't even a Fatui, just some weak excuse of life"
After he washed his hands he stood infront of you, he wasn't one to ask for cuddles so he would wait for you to ask. It was your little thing, you opened your arms "Lay with me?" You asked, a very faint smile was placed on his lips "if you insist."
This was surely something. Part two will be up soon :)
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mvybanks · 1 month
Could you do a JJ one where you're John B's little sister and you guys get in a fight and JJ stands up for you? BTW I love your stuff I've read like every fic!
the one where jj protects you from your brother (jj x routledge!reader)
a/n: omg thank you????? i’m smiling like an idiot here, i’m so glad you love my fics!!🫶🏻 btw i loved this request, jj x routledge!reader is my favorite concept. hope you like it!! (i kinda got carried away, sorry)
warnings: yelling, mentions of abuse, cat calling, groping
pt 2 -> the one where jj protects you from your brother pt. 2
my masterlist
Tumblr media
when jj arrives at the chateau he doesn’t expect to hear his best friend john b yelling so loud he can hear him from outside. john b never gets mad, he thinks, and more importantly, who could he be yelling at?
but when he sees you being at the receiving end of your brother’s anger, he steps in quickly and throws an arm in front of you instinctively.
“hey, HEY! what the hell is going on here?”
unfortunately, he knows how it feels like to be in your place and although he’s sure that your brother would never lay a hand on you, his instinct tells him to protect you with everything he’s got.
you didn’t mean to, of course you didn’t, no sane person would let themselves be fired from a job that pays well when you’re already in a difficult economic situation, but when your boss made a vile comment about you while groping your behind, you saw red. you took the lukewarm coffee that was sitting in the jug of the coffee machine next to you and threw it in his face.
he fired you immediately which leads you to your current position. you didn’t tell john b why your boss fired you but just that he had and that’s why he’s mad.
“you’re being childish and irresponsible!”
he yelled at you when you told him, yet he didn’t know the truth. he’s been yelling at you for at least the past twenty minutes, telling you to go back and beg him for your job back. but you won’t, not for a million dollars.
when jj stepped in front of you, you felt relieved to hear someone else’s voice other than your brother’s. however, as soon as he sees the tears in your eyes, you swear you can see smoke coming out of his ears.
“jj, this is none of your business, get out!”
you almost want to plead for him to stay but you know you don’t have to from the look in his eyes.
“it’s my damn business if you’re making her cry, john b. can you stop yelling at her for a second? let her speak!”
“good luck with that! she won’t talk to me! she gets fired from a job that was saving us and letting her keep only one job instead of three and she won’t tell me what the fuck she did to get fired!”
jj turns to you and his anger dissipates as soon as his eyes land on you. he wraps his arm around your shoulders and kisses your head, hoping to calm you down.
“you wanna tell me what happened, sweetheart?”
you let your head fall on his chest and finally let yourself cry. he holds you close, wrapping his other arm around your waist and you can’t see the way he looks at your brother while you hide your face but it’s one of the most intense death stares he’s ever given to anyone. he doesn’t know that your tears were not caused by your brother but by the old and disgusting man that is, luckily, no longer your boss.
you understand where john b is coming from, hell, you would be mad at him too if the roles were reversed, but you can’t tell him what happened because he’s your big brother and god knows what he would do if he found out. you just don’t want him to get in trouble.
jj strokes your back, bringing you some sort of comfort, then gently takes your face in his hands and looks you in the eyes as he gets rid of your never-ending tears with his thumbs.
concern is written all over his features and when his eyes widen slightly you know he’s got you all figured out. he’s always been able to understand you with just one look and you love him and hate him for it.
“you’re not crying because of john b, are you?”
you only shake your head and look back to your brother who’s starting to get worried and feel guilty at getting so mad at you.
“tell me what happened, sweetheart.”
and you know you can’t resist him especially when he talks to you with so much love laced in his soft voice.
“my boss, h—he said some things…about me and then he grabbed my ass.”
if you thought that the look jj had given to john b before was bad, this one means only one thing: murder. you can see your brother clenching his jaw and you’re scared of what they might do.
“what did he say?” you notice how much jj is trying to hold himself back while he asks you the question.
“he said that it was a shame i don’t ‘give it up’ as easy as other girls do around my age because he was ‘dying’ to see me naked”
“john b, grab the keys”
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⸝⸝ A/N :: serial killer! toji makes me feel some type of way <3 5.2k words.
⸝⸝ SYNOPSIS :: you're a college student, one dark night, the time was passing by normally, that is until infamous serial killer, toji fushiguro, breaks into your house with the intent to kill. you manage to run, but not for long, what will you do to save yourself?
⸝⸝ C/W :: dub-con, hunter and prey dynamics, mentions of murder / violence, breeding, mating press, slapping, degrading, mentions of impregnation, kidnapping, cheating, etc .
⸝⸝ TAGLIST :: @devmimi @luvbladez @snake-titan @zannivrs @fatenpara @lilithlunas @fartwithsplinters @beebopsalad @chaoticevilbakugo @getoswhore
Tumblr media
a soft sigh escaped your lips as your eyes gazed over your notes, studying for a midterm at night was always a daunting task. a cup filled with coffee sat beside you on the desk, the only thing keeping you awake, sure the only thing coffee brought was a false sense of alertness, but it still kept you relatively awake. 
rubbing your forehead, you let out a small groan, for how long have you been studying? you started at around five thirty in the afternoon and now it's eleven at night, seven hours? you needed a break, desperately. 
standing up and taking your mug with you, you sat on your bed, placing the mug on the nightstand before laying down, your muscles tensed as your back got used to the new position, you have been hunched over your notes for hours now. making a small mental note, you needed to fix your posture. 
taking out your phone, the home screen flashed brightly, showing off your notifications, you had a handful of text messages, some from your friends, and some from your boyfriend. seeing his name on your screen made you smile.
nuzzling onto the soft pillow, you opened your phone, tapping in your passcode quickly before opening your boyfriend's messages. 
' hi baby, are you still studying? '
' remember to not overwork yourself, love you. '
your face felt warm reading his messages, gentle butterflies filling your stomach, clicking the keyboard, you were quick to type up a response. 
' hi! i just finished studying, my brain feels like mush. but coffee always comes to the rescue! how are you? '
you didn't know if he was awake at this hour, it was almost midnight after all, maybe he had already fallen asleep waiting for your reply, which made your heartache from guilt, maybe a bit of anxiety. unconsciously, your lips caught up teeth, chewing on it as you stared at your screen. but the message was opened, the little ' read ' coming at the bottom, which surged a new sense of alertness, he was typing. 
' i'm good, baby. i hope your study session went well, i know you're going to do amazing on this test. '
again butterflies filled your stomach, your hand went to your mouth as a small noise left your lips, a small squeal, he was always so sweet, constantly praising you and making you feel loved, it was like a dream come true for you. he had to be your soulmate, no other man has made you feel this loved, and truly, you have never fallen for someone so hard before. he was everything you ever wanted, kind, funny, handsome, he respected you and your goals, encouraging you to follow your heart instead of pushing them aside. he was absolutely perfect. 
as the minutes passed, the two of you kept talking, he asked you about your studying, about your day, if you ate, etcetera. and you did the same too, you asked about his day, how work went, how he was, overall the conversation was lively and it always left you aching for a response from him. the evening couldn't get any better. 
but that loving liveliness in the night was quick to end, a noise came from your living room, it was rather loud, making your body jump in surprise. your eyes moved to the door of your room, your door was shut, but even then your eyes were wide and you were high and alert. 
what was that?
your mind started to go 70 miles per hour, trying to rationalize the noise, you were home alone, was it the fridge? maybe it was refilling the icemaker? no, it didn't sound like the fridge, maybe something fell? right? sure. you nodded to yourself, letting yourself relax. your attention went back to your phone, going back to texting your boyfriend, but then another noise came from outside your room, now that scared you. something couldn't have fallen twice, there was no heavy wind inside your home or any pet that could hit a surface that could cause a noise.
slowly, you sat up on your bed, staying quiet to keep an ear out for any other noise. it was faint, but you still caught it, the creaking of wood, your floors were old and wooden, the floor constantly creaked when someone walked on it. 
there was someone inside your house. 
you grabbed your phone quickly, your hands shakingly wrote your boyfriend a text. 
' there's someone inside my house. '
you didn't have any time to give more context, you stood up from your bed slowly, maybe it was a friend? that sounds normal? right? 
but no, your friends wouldn't stop by your house without telling you first, there was an intruder inside your house. you hoped it was just a thief, your feet stood in front of the door, as quiet as you possibly could. but your heart was hammering against your chest, you were horrified, you could hear the steps, getting closer and closer to your room. finally, your fight or flight kicked in, hide, you need to hide, you need to call for help too. 
you rushed to your bed, quickly arranging the sheets so it seemed like the house was vacant before hiding under it. you had no idea if this was a good idea, your house has never been broken into. your hand gripped your phone tightly, your hands quickly opened the call app on your phone, you could see your boyfriend was messaging, spamming you, but your ringtone was off, so there was no noise. you didn't care though, your main focus was to call 911. 
you opened the dial and quickly punched in the number, pressing your phone to ear your breathing was shaky, it felt like someone pressing on your chest. 
"911, what's your emergency?"
a woman's sweet voice came from your phone.
"someone broke into my house— send someone please— i-im alone, please—"
you whispered, your voice was shaky, your eyes focused on the door as you hid. 
the door's knob turned, he was getting in. 
"okay ma'am, what's your address?"
your heart was stuck into your chest, your eyes wide as the door creaked open.
"ma'am? are you there? i see your location, the police are on their way." 
she spoke, but you said nothing, your hand was clamped over your mouth, as you tried to muffle your fast and shaky breathing. 
a deep chuckle filled the quiet room, "i know you're here." a new voice came in, it was a man, the person inside your room, it was a man with a deep voice, sending shivers down your spine, you heard him walk towards your bathroom. he opened the door and scanned the restroom, you heard him jank the shower curtain back, he muttered something before entering the room again, part of you cussed, you should've taken the opportunity to run away, but you didn't. 
he walked to your closet, opening it, empty. just like the bathroom, his eyes narrowed, his back facing the bed, not in the bathroom or closet? he turned around, his hand gripping the handle of his blade tightly, his gaze fell on your bed. clever girl. 
slowly walking over, he stood by the end of the bed, kneeling down, he leaned down to see if you were under there. 
your back was facing the end of the bed though, you were frozen rigid, you knew he was there, you knew he had found you, but you didn't know he was bent over, you didn't know he was watching you. his eyes were piercing through you. the call with the 911 operator was still on, she was trying to reach you, asking if you were there, but you couldn't say anything. 
the man reached out for your ankle, you didn't know, you didn't know until it was too late.
a large hand gripped your ankle, before you could even say or think, your body was pulled from under the bed. your hands tried to grip the floor, trying to pull away but he was stronger than you, much stronger. 
once you were exposed, your body was shaking like a leaf, your eyes were wide and teary, your eyes met his. something about seeing the man in front of you broke you. a scream left your lips, as you tried to kick his grip away. 
he stared in amusement, trying to kick him off? how cute. his grip got tighter, painful, he was definitely going to leave a bruise. 
"c'mon kid, stop kicking 'n screaming, you're only making it harder for yourself." he said, but you didn't falter, you caught a glance of his knife, it only encouraged you more, if you were going to die, you were going to die trying to run away. 
toji tsked, he got on top of you, one hand holding your ankle while the other gripped your chin, the blade was so close to your skin. now, he leaned down to your level, his dark eyes connected with yours. now you could really see him, messy black hair, he had a scar on his lips, dark bags under his eyes, he was much older than you, maybe in his early 40's? but his gaze. the murderous glint behind his eyes, it made your heart fall to your stomach. 
he was familiar, you knew him from somewhere, your brain worked on trying to see why you knew him. why was he so familiar, then it hit you, he was on the news, his headshot. his name was toji fushiguro, he had been on the news recently, he was a serial killer. he had been accused on at least three murders recently, and suspected for more. now the realization hit you, you were going to join that list. there's so many things you haven't been able to do in life, you haven't even graduated college, this was your third year, you haven't gotten married, you haven't had kids, all those traditional adult steps that you didn't care for then were now the most important thing in your eyes. you haven't seen your boyfriend, your parents, your family, you haven't been able to say goodbye to your loved ones. the realization was heartbreaking. 
"just give in 'n it'll be less painful, 'kay?" toji spat, a twisted smile coming to his lips as he saw the realization hit you. the way you got that hopeless look on your face, how cute. 
what he didn't expect was for your knee to crash against his groin, that really caught him off guard. while his hand gripped your ankle, he forgot about your other leg. a strained groan left his lips before he moved away, he let go of you before yelling curses. 
seeing now that his hands were off you, your window of freedom opened and you didn't hesitate to take it. you scrambled to your feet and ran out of your room, your adrenaline spiked and you were going to take advantage of it. toji was doubled over himself, he watched as you left, he cursed to himself, fucking bitch. he heard the backdoor slam open, he wasn't going to let you get away. grabbing the handle of his knife again, toji got to his feet and ran after you. you want to play hunter and prey? fine. just know, you'd be hunted.
you had run out the backdoor, your backyard was practically a forest, you knew your way around the forest, you hoped you had the advantage, that he would get lost and stop following you. besides, the police were supposed to be on their way. 
you were barefoot, sprinting down the wooded area, barely paying attention behind you. your adrenaline was so high you could barely notice the ache of your legs or the burn in your chest.
you thought you had the advantage, but toji was right on your tail, he was fast, faster than you expected, even if you ran as fast as you could, he was faster. you were truly the prey here, you were stupid for underestimating him. 
your sprinting got caught off when two large muscular arms wrapped around you, one pressing the knife tightly against your throat, with one harsh slash he could easily slit your throat. your eyes were wide as you felt him against you, you were breathing heavily, and now your muscles started to register the soreness, making it hard to even stay standing upright. toji was breathing heavily too, his warm breath brushed against your ear. his chest was heaving against your back.
he laughed at your worthless attempt to run away from him. "you're really fucking stupid huh? - hah - now look at you, all worn out and useless." toji degraded. 
you let out a small whimper, tears building up at your waterline quickly, "p—please, don't kill me, i'll do anything! i won't tell the police, i promise! just let me live!" you cried out, tears streamed down your cheeks like a waterfall, sobs leaving your lips with no end. toji only tightened his hold on you, he stayed silent for a few seconds, "yeah? you'll do anything?" toji questioned, you nodded your head quickly, small hiccups and whimpers leaving your lips, not hesitating at all. toji hummed in reply, you were waiting to see what would happen, part of you expected to be let go while the other expected your neck to be sliced open and you'd be left there, to bleed out in the middle of the forest. 
but instead, toji shoved you to the ground, the collision knocked the breath out of your lungs, weakly, you turned around stared up at toji, you didn't know what go expect, but you didn't expect his hands to be untying the knot on the waistline of his pants. 
then it hit you, he was going to fuck you, normally you wouldn't allow this, but if it meant you'd die, you just let him do what he wanted. 
"pull your pants down." toji commanded, standing over you, with a small sniffle, you started fumbling with your pajama pants before slipping them off slowly. as well as your panties, leaving your lower body bare, you felt ashamed, were you really letting this happen? not wanting to get brutally murdered by the man before you, you just complied, spreading your legs, trying to keep the killer happy. seeing you like this made his cock twitch, oh you were so desperate, he could tell, but he liked that. he liked dumb little girls like you. 
he kneeled in between your legs, pulling his shirt up slightly, revealing the lower part of his abdomen, you couldn't help but stare, his happy trail starting under his belly button, and his v-line was pronounced, it leading down to the bulge under his baggy pants. 
he pulled his waistband down, his cock springing out nicely, causing your eyes to widen slightly, it was so big, so thick, precum adoring his tip. this made your muscles tense, did you really want to do this? was it too late to run away? was death the better option? your boyfriend flashed through your mind, making guilt to wash over you, if you survive this, he would understand right? probably, but would he forgive you? you didn't know, you were too focused on your own regrets that you didn't notice how toji had towered over you. 
seeing how your mind was somewhere else, toji pulled his hand back, slapping you across the face before gripping your chin, forcing you to look at him, you were brought out of your guilt filled daze and stared at him, like a deer caught in headlights, your cheek stinging from the slap. "if you pull any more tricks, i promise i'll kill you. i'm being nice with you, 'kay?" he warned, his voice laced with pure venom, this time, you knew he wasn't messing around, nodding your head, you replied. "y—yes, i p—promise." you whimpered, toji grinned, "good girl." he praised. 
taking a hold of his cock, toji pressed it against your entrance, but before he could push in you spoke up, "w—wait, no prep or anything?" you questioned, but toji only laughed, he took a hold of your hips with such ease, he held them up so your cunt would be closer to his lips. due to the position, your back dragged against the grass under you. what was he going to do? toji then spat down on your cunt, making your hips buck against the air at the feeling. a soft noise left your lips, toji pressed his thumb against your cunt, spreading the saliva around so it coated your slit. then he dropped your hips down.
"there, i don't want you breaking with just the tip." toji spoke, his hands helping his cock press against you, something about his words made your cunt clench around nothing. the way he spoke about himself just made you feel some type of way, but you didn't know how. his confidence made you squirm, but you were still grateful that he at least prepped you a bit. 
toji rubbed his bulbous tip against your hole, you just needed to calm down, your eyes shut, trying to imagine something to distract you, you imagined your boyfriend, maybe if you imagined him while toji used you, you didn't have to feel too guilty? maybe it will make time pass faster? you just wanted this to end so you could be left alone, that is, if toji was kind enough to let you go. something inside you said that you were being too hopeful, but at this rate you needed more positivity in this situation. 
since your eyes were closed, you didn't notice how close toji was to pushing his cock in, his thick cock was pushed inside you stretching you out further than ever before, a sharp cry of pain left your lips and your eyes practically shot open, your hands instinctively gripping his shirt, tears built up in your eyes for the pain of being brutally stretched out like that. toji groaned though, your walls practically suffocated his cock, they were so tiny compared to his girth, it made his eyes shut in bliss. 
small sobs left your lips as you tried to accommodate him, it's either this or death, you reminded yourself as you tried to calm down. but god, it was so hard, he was so big, you swore that if he moved he would break you. he was so deep inside too, you didn't think it was that deep. toji pressed his palm against where your womb would be, "am i too big for ya, kid? i can see my cock inside ya." toji mused, pressing down on the bulge in the bottom of your tummy. you whimpered, teary eyes moving down to where his hand was, holy shit, there was a tummy bulge, the sight making your cunt clench around him, sudden arousal pooling to your cunt. 
"ya like that? you like having my cock?" toji teased, his hips pulled back before rolling his hips against yours, feeling his thick cock rub against your walls made you whimper, your little hands gripped his shirt, while your gaze was still on your belly, watching as the stomach bulge disappeared but appeared once more when he pushed in. his thrust was slow, mostly because he was interested in watching how you took his fat cock, not because he cared for you. his next thrust was harder, uncaring. 
what did you expect? he has killed countless people before and he showed absolutely no care for them, why would he care now? toji wasn't your boyfriend, he wasn't someone you shared a story with, he was just an obstacle. he was using you for his needs and you were letting him. 
your lips parted as shaky breaths and gasps slipped past, fuck, toji's hands moved to grab your legs, he easily folded your body into the position he wanted to, your legs were trapped in between his thighs and his arms, his body shadowed over you. he had you folded nicely into a mating press. the new position gave you the illusion that his cock was just hitting deeper than you expected. 
the small breathless gasps that left your lips slowly turned into small moans, you couldn't control it, the full feeling he gave you made your stomach twist. maybe it was the danger, he could kill you right now, but he wasn't, the older man was enjoying your little cunt wrapped around him.
he kept fucking his cock inside you, but as much as you hated the idea of sleeping with another man before, you couldn't help but enjoy it now. you tried to keep your moans and whines minimal, a voice inside your head telling you that the police would find you like this if you let yourself loosen up. now, were you afraid to get caught due to your dignity? were you afraid they would see you in such a vulnerable state? or were you afraid that they would see you enjoying it? what would people think if they saw the way your little hands gripped his biceps? what would they think if they saw your face twisting in pleasure? what would they think when they heard your cunt squelching as he fucked you? that didn't matter now. 
you couldn't help but enjoy it, the danger of the situation only adding more to your senses, like this you realized toji was an attractive man, much older and insane, but his facial structure made your walls flutter. having his face so close to yours, his breathing gently caressing your skin, how his lips were parted and deep, guttural groans left his lips. 
toji placed his large palm on the side of your head, he pushed your head to the side, your cheek pressed against the dirt floor, he angled his hips again, keeping you folded into a mating press, but with his palm staying pressed against your head the power of his thrusts got harder and faster. 
the noise of skin slapping echoed through the dark and quiet forest, as well as the sinful noise of your cunt sucking toji back in greedily. 
"you hear that? sucking me back in like a whore, and just a while ago you were crying 'n screaming." toji spoke with a wicked smile on his lips as he fucked you senseless. "i wonder what that lil boyfriend of yours would say seeing ya like this—drooling on the cock of a murderer." toji mused, now at the mention of him your eyes widened, first the guilt rushed through your body, then a question popped in your mind. how did toji know about your boyfriend?
"h—how- how do you..k—know?" you asked weakly, the hand that was holding your face down now gripped your chin, he pulled your face so you could see him properly, his face was so close, it startled you. 
"i know everything about you, y/n l/n." toji spoke, a twisted grin on his lips as he saw the horror wash through your face, even as he made this revelation, he kept fucking your cunt like a fleshlight, making your insides into mush. 
he knew everything about you? a new feeling of unease built up in your stomach, had he been watching you? for how long? what does he know? "i know about your studies, friends, your family, your boyfriend.." toji drawled, with every word he slammed his cock down inside you to add more punctuation, his cock knocked against your cervix as he did so, sharp moans leaving you lips as he did so. 
you were shocked, why you? so many questions filled your brain, but keep track of them was getting hard as toji kept fucking you.
you stopped caring about the consequences, the questions, you didn't care, at least not now. not when your cunt was stuffed and toji kept moving. your head turned to the side, moans leaving your lips, your tone getting louder and more high pitched. 
atta girl. finally giving in. 
toji kept slamming his hips against yours, his hand gripped your shirt before yanking the hem up, your tits bounced at the force of his thrusts. leaning down, he put his lips on your nipple, sucking on it so hard it bruised, this repeated for the other, then he littered hickies on your chest, marking you as his. 'property of fushiguro' he thought, he leaned back, your head was still to the side, that was no fun. if you were going to keep moaning like a whore while you got fucked, he at least wanted to see your slutty face. 
he yanked your face so you would look at him, "look at me while i fuck you, 'kay?" toji ordered, and you nodded weakly. so obedient. 
you were sopping, your slick coated your cunt, his cock, balls, and pubic bone, as well as your thighs. you really were enjoying this, huh? he never imagined you to be like this, from all he knew you and your boyfriend were slow and vanilla, you weren't being taken care of sexually if you were this messy. no worries, toji is here now. 
your cunt started to tighten, and your moans were practically incoherent babbles. "m'gonna— c—cum!—toji!—" you cried out, a horrible pressure had been building up for a while now. throughout the time your arms had wrapped around the older man for some type of support. you could barely handle it anymore, the pleasure was way too much for your body to handle. you kept babbling about your climax and how close it was, toji let you cling onto him while his lips were on your neck, bruising and biting your skin. 
finally, the pressure snapped and your body jolted against his, your back was arched and your head was thrown back against the dirt floor, your eyes rolled back as a sharp cry left your lips. now you were nothing but a mess, hearing you cry like that made toji tense, the way your cunt squeezed down on him, milking him, he was getting close too. your walls fluttered and your body shook. 
you laid back, your arms resting against the floor and your gasped and panted, glossy eyes looking up at toji. his large palms moved your thighs again, this time he pressed them tight against your chest, your calves rested over his shoulders as he chased his climax, he was grunting and groaning. 
"when i cum, m'gonna fill you up, maybe get you pregnant, how does that sound, huh? then you can be with me." toji grunted, but instead of a cry or argue, you just nodded your head like a dumb bimbo, still crying his name as your body tingled in overstimulation. 
"mmyeah–! breed me, p—please!—" you moaned, your constant begs and moans were fucking killing him. in all these years he's never fucked someone like you, you had him in a fucking chokehold. he was sweating, you both were, his ebony colored hair was stuck to his forehead, he grunted as his thrusts got sloppy, he was going to cum, he was going to fill your little cunt to the brim. make sure you get pregnant with his kid, just so he can have you to himself. 
his cock twitched, and with a deep groan toji came, he had shoved his cock inside you, letting it pressed against your cervix before his cum spurted out, thick, warm, and milky. it painted your walls nicely, stuffing you nicely too. his body weight was pressed against you, making sure to keep you filled. slowly, he rolled his hips against yours as he came down from his high, his breathing was heavy and so was yours. your brain practically stopped working, all you could think about was toji, only him, your body was limp and sore, and your cunny was nice and filled. 
toji pulled out, his eyes watched as your stomach bulge left and your cunt oozed. he pulled back from your body, his gaze still on your cunt, with two fingers he pushed his cum back inside you before shoving his soft cock back inside his pants. 
now, you could barely think straight, what was he going to do with you? he snatched your pants and panties off the floor before haphazardly putting them back on your body, he then pushed your shirt down, but what about now? he remembered you were in a call with emergency services, which was a pain in the ass, toji stood up from the floor, he saw something glimmer, his blade, he grabbed it and shoved it into his pocket. he couldn't take you back to your house, with a groan, he pulled you off the ground with relative ease, with those muscles of him, you weighed nothing to him.
your head  rested against his chest, you were so ungodly tired now, that you couldn't process anything and just drifted off in the hands of a murderer. 
now that he minds, it's better to deal with you when you're asleep, he doesn't want a moment of clarity to hit you and cause another fit like before. 
when you woke up, you were in another room, another place, your head was pounding. you barely remembered anything, reaching for your phone you saw nothing, then reality started to set in, you remembered the night before, the intruder, the game of predator and prey, and the way you got out of dying. you panicked, throwing the sheets off before scanning the room, maybe there was a phone here that you could use? when you saw nothing you aimed for the door, ignoring the soreness in between your legs, slamming the door open you rushed down the hall, only to slam against someone. 
"look at that, you're awake."
looking up, you met his eyes again, toji, it was him– you gulped, "where am i?" you asked, ignoring his comment, "my house, or should i say, our house?" he replied, smile crawling to his scarred lips. your eyes widened, "what are you talking about?" you questioned our house? what the fuck did he mean?
"after last night, after that little show you gave, i realized i wanted to keep ya, and that's what i'm going to do." toji said so casually, causing your lips to part, your words catching your chest. "b-but i– i have a life! i have college, family, friends, my boyfriend!— you're insane if you think you are just going to take me away from that!" you yelled, but he didn't care. "we'll figure that out later, and a boyfriend? yesterday you didn't care about him, why worry now?" toji laughed cruelly, shame and guilt filling your mind. 
"it's not like that and you know it.." you argued back weakly, not being able to meet his gaze, "yeah? yesterday you were like a dumb whore, crying over cock. i don't wanna hear your excuses." toji reminded, the more he spoke the more sick you felt, but you were mostly sick of yourself, because you knew all that was true. without replying, toji spoke up again. 
"besides, it doesn't matter if you run away or not, you're mine now, kid. and i will always find you."
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