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i keep hearing about this who gave them a flamethrower???
text: You are NOT immune to Gerard Way's he/they Flamethrower
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alexmey-does-an-arts · 22 hours
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got lost on his way to utah
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talleryn · 2 days
Kaz: let me see what you have
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piratefishmama · 2 days
Steddie hanging out at the bar at a local queer club just chatting when some rando comes over and asks Steve if "this guy" is bothering him cause lmao they look like polar opposites usually and Steve just,
"See, 6 days out of 7, yes. But at this point, considering he put a ring on it, there's nothing I can really do." while lifting his hand with the engagement ring on it.
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finnicks-elbow · 1 day
cinna decided to battle politics with high fashion garments because he was in his bad bitch era 💅
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imaveryevilgirl · 7 hours
queer elements
a queeriodic table if you will
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chlorenw · 12 hours
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spaghettioverdose · 13 hours
I work at the bullet factory where my job is to softly kiss each bullet on the forehead and tuck them in so that they'll be slightly gentler and therefore count as less-than-lethal ammunition when shot at protesters
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carpe-aurore · 5 hours
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baebeerat · 2 days
Helpful ADHD tip😁:
Fucking kill them. Ruin them. Make them regret. No mercy.
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ah okay noted
text: Pike is short for Pichael
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superbellsubways · 3 days
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talleryn · 3 days
Inej: if you put ‘violently’ in front of any word it becomes funnier
Inej: violently studies
Nina: violently sleeps
Wylan: violently practises
Matthias: violently takes pictures
Jesper: violently eats
Kaz: violently murders people
Nina: violently worries about the previous statement
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piratefishmama · 2 days
On that engagement note.
Tiny Eddie proposing to tiny Steve with a ring pop during recess during Eddies first year in Hawkins, and then finding the little plastic ring at the back of Steve's bedside table drawer YEARS later.
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sjktheleaf · 2 days
Tumblr media
This is how EP 12 will end, at least I wish
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lesbianmindflayer · 8 hours
On this day, March 23, 1986
Mike Wheeler committed the worst act.
Tumblr media
He poured syrup on waffles without El even being there allowing them to get cold and soggy. A metaphor for their relationship
Tumblr media Tumblr media
He brings her the soggy cold waffles WITHOUT silverware. After Will turns down the possibility of them going to the movies together.
Tumblr media
Note the lack of orange juice as well when he shows up in El’s room to talk.
Tumblr media
Delivering the soggy cold waffles with no silverware, or drink in sight.
The Great Waffle Incident of 1986.
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