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#genuinely i didnt do this on purpose i was just very tired when i went to draw yesterday and did pose practice instead of new comic#but then i see franz kafka trending this morning and i remembered this hellsite has the most arbitrary holidays i love it#dr draws#danganronpa#dr#ndrv3#drv3#kokichi ouma#ouma kokichi#kokichi oma#oma kokichi#glittersart#TAPP AU#if you want it doesnt have to be#but i am working on an ask about how everyone is holding up post-sim#mostly in writing if thats alright bc im not positive yet how to draw out the story i want to tell#and therein is a small headcanon that kokichi kinda. for several reasons has a bit more intense a time than most of his classmates#and sometimes he Needs to sleep at arbitrary times during the school day. if he wont do it voluntarily he'll just kinda faint-#- which is especially frustrating for him because the lack of control and his inherent distrust of most people fuel his paranoia-#- and over time he designates a couple of Probably Secure places around campus that he can sleep if his dorm is too far.#ive started setting it up (itll take a lot of drawing to explain it all) but one of them is the animal shed#i do want to try actively to write about Students Who Aren't Kokichi but this all did start bc im kinda fixated atm#actually i think kokichi has been in all of the comics so far. like at least appeared#which will probably continue to be true as kokichis brand of pranking#('i put a kick-me sign on kaitos back and when saihara sees it theyll have an excuse to talk. all according to plan.')-caliber#is a nice device to crash characters into eachother like bumper cars
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More SAW Warrior Cats yeah >:D !!!! In order we have: LakeBlossom (Lynn) and BloodJaw (Amanda), AppleBelly (Adam) and ShiningStep (Lawrence), and StoneFrost (Peter) and LeafHeart (Lindsey)!
Original post with more info: HERE
I wanna thank all of ya'll for the sweet comments on the original post I wasn't expecting such an incredible response and am still reeling 馃ズ馃挆 Expect more meow meows in the future and feel free to request any characters! :3
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Well I'm on a bloody roll today, huh? Here's a few more warriors AU survivors!
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Irgendwo In Dieser Stadt
Nur Eine Phase
Tapp Tapp Tapp
Der Traum Ist Aus
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forta-ver 7 months
I'm listening to the playlist I made for Rick back in 20....14? 2015??
Nostalgia for Distortion. Nostalgia for Hype y2. Nostalgia for all the pokemon AUs he exists in and his ill-fated nuzlocke runs.
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Self aware au
I do not take any responsebility for you reading this no matter which age group you are from!
WARNINGS: Yandere themes, obsessive behaviour, possessive behaviour, stalking, imprisonment (a bit)
Tumblr media
Entering their world
Oh dear鈥
Fae are very attached to the one that sees all, aka the player, by nature
But Malleus?
He has a very small circle of people who dare to look him in the eyes
He was taught all his life that you are someone absolutely wonderful
So when you appear it feels like all those years of loneliness finally payed off
I鈥檓 not talking about you being in the game but rather just playing it is already bliss enough for him
So when you somehow get into it?
There is no escape from him
I鈥檓 not joking
He is once more on one of his strolls at night, avoiding his own personal set of stalkers...
And then he sees light in Ramshackle
Malleus loves his old architecture and the silence
So this is something that annoys him
At first at least
When someone suddenly tapps his shoulder and asks if he needs something he needs to do a double take
It's you
His greatest dreams now have come true
If lightning were to strike him now he would die as a happy man
And you are so nice!
Not even afraid!!
Please be nice and ignore the blush on his face
He is just having a small heart attack at the moment (or at least it feels like that... Malleus, that is called happiness)
From that day on he is walking with you to the school building, from the school building to the dorm and visits during the night as well
It's scary how fast he transitions from "cute innocent caring" to "possessive stalker"
Say goodbye to personal time
There is not a single moment where he isn't with you
It has already gone that far that Ramshackle is seen as a extension of Diasmonia
He also has a room in Ramshackle
Lilia, Sebek and Silver also have one
And also a few other Diasmonia students who we do not know by their name due to them being NPCs
How that happened?
I don't know
Ask Malleus
He might know something
His room is right next to yours
You better get used to the "loving" dragon fae
You will see him a lot
After a while it becomes so bad that you can't leave the dorm unless it's for school
Did I already tell you about that one time where he was sitting on a tree watching you
After that you installed blinds
It feels like his grandmother cursed him with the same course she cursed that Princess with
Living with you is like a dream! He just needs to make sure you are dependent on him and his future with you besides him is guaranteed.
(For goodness sake just run away)
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all-great-team 2 months
Vid茅os beIN SPORTS - le meilleur du sport en vid茅o
(Allez l'OM allez l'OM
Ou tu es nous sommes l脿
Tu ne seras jamais seul
Car nous deux c'est pour la vie
OM on t'aime...)
(Ol茅 l茅 ola la
Quand il faut y aller
Marseille est toujours l脿...)
Dig茅r茅 le match pi猫ge de N么tre part...
Deux jours de r茅cup茅ration plus une mise au vert du jeudi 23 - samedi 25...
Aux bagnes d' Aix les bains ... Phytoth茅rapie et source Aqua thermale OK ??
Une promesse est une promesse alors moiti茅 du chemin accompli 1 an a rempiler dans le Staff
Ceux est celle qui aurait la Nantaise en 1/4
On se tappe si Demi un des 2 en L2 ou Rodez ou Annecy.
Et j'esp猫re Lens la bataille en finale
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prpfs 1 month
鉀 hi there!! 21m looking for chainshipping (adam stanheight/lawrence gordon) from saw (2004) threads!! i just love these freaks sm and wanna write abt them...
i'm hoping to write for adam, so i'm looking for someone who would be interested in writing lawrence for me! i have a plot idea based off of a fic i read a long time ago- an au where adam takes photos of lawrence for detective tapp but he ends up becoming obsessed with lawrence and takes photos for his own gain rather than monetary value. this gets him in trouble one night when lawrence catches him in the act, and adam realizes the cool, collected doctor he originally thought lawrence was turns out to be a sadistic freak LOL.
warnings would include dubcon, stalking and possibly kidnapping.
my writing is literate and i usually can go up to six paragaphs to more if i'm really into the plot! i write in third person, past tense, but can change the tense for my partner if needed!! i only write on discord, so if this is something you think you'd like to flesh out further, please like this post and i'll get to you as soon as i can!
give a like and anon will get back to you
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schottisreisetagebuch 11 months
Der fliegende Derwisch
Tumblr media
Der fliegende Derwisch
Peter Noevers Land Art Project 鈥歍he Pit/Die Grube鈥, Breitenbrunn
Dschal膩l ad-D墨n Muhammad R奴m墨, Sufi-Mystiker und einer der bedeutendsten persischen Dichter, geboren 1207 vermutlich in Qurghonteppa, der Hauptstadt der Provinz Chatlon an einem der Quellfl眉sse des Amudarja, im S眉dwesten des heutigen Tadschikistans. Rumi war Suchender, Liebender, Poet und Lehrer und w盲hrend sich sein Leben, gleich den Derwischen, im Wirbeltanz drehte, zogen an ihm aberz盲hlige Geschichten, Gleichnisse und Gedichte vorbei, die er festhielt, um sie seinen Sch眉lern zu 眉berantworten. Sie gew盲hren Einblick in Reichtum und Romantik der persischen (Religions-)Philosophie, deren einer ihrer Vertreter Rumi war. 鈥欿omm, komm, wer immer du bist! Komm, auch wenn du tausendmal deine Versprechen gebrochen hast! Komm, ob du Jude, Christ oder Moslem bist. Komm!鈥
Tumblr media
Der Keller
Ich komme zu einer der wahrscheinlich sch枚nsten Begegnungen meiner Reise durch das hundertj盲hrige Land, die mit dem Designer, Museologen, Chefredakteur und Herausgeber, Museumsdirektor (MAK Wien und MAK Center for Art and Architecture, Los Angeles), Utopist, Aktionist und Philosoph - Peter Noever. Der Mann hat ein riesiges Oeuvre, ein gr枚脽eres, als manch einer sonst. Als K眉nstler geht er den wagnisreichen Weg, als Leitwolf Gleichgesinnter k盲mpft er seit jeher gegen Frust und Provinz. Seine Projekte sind weltweit vernetzt. Das ist das Stichwort: Er ist einer, der globales Kunst- und Kulturmanagement lebt, ein zwischen Anspruch und 鈥欰rt and Commerce鈥 sich drehender Derwisch, ein Grenzg盲nger und Liebessucher (das sowieso) in Personalunion. Der Mann ist eine k眉hne Wiener Mischung aus Intuition und Instinkt. Das Ph盲nomen PN ist schwer zu fassen, einfach weil er nirgends zu Hause ist 鈥 vielmehr 眉berall, am ehesten inmitten seines strengen Kunstanspruchs.聽
Tumblr media
Der Erdplatz
Ich w盲hle seine Nummer und bitte um einen Termin. Den gew盲hrt er mir 鈥 zwei Monate sp盲ter. 鈥濳ommen Sie nach Breitenbrunn. Sie werden mich finden.鈥 鈥歍he Pit鈥 hei脽t sein einzigartiges Land-Art-Project. Es geht schon gut los. Nachdem ich die immer gleiche Kellergasse auf- und abgefahren bin, bleibe ich etwas ratlos bei einer Feriensiedlung stehen. Ein Mann sieht mich fragend an. 鈥濿as wollen鈥榮 denn vom Herrn Noever?鈥, sagt er, bevor ich um den Weg dorthin frage. Sieht man mir an, wonach ich suche? 鈥濱ch habe einen Termin.鈥 Der Mann scannt mich von oben bis unten. 鈥濰ab ich mir gedacht.鈥 Er verschwindet im Haus, nach einer Weile kommt er und setzt sich in sein Auto. 鈥濬olgen Sie mir.鈥 Ich folge. An einer frisch get眉nchten Mauer bleibt er stehen und l盲sst das Seitenfenster herunter. 鈥濰ier l盲uten! Viel Spa脽.鈥 Er gibt Gas. Ich sehe, wie er mich im R眉ckspiegel beobachtet. Breitenbrunn, denke ich. Hier braucht鈥榮 nicht viele Worte.聽
Tumblr media
Klosett mit Betonplateu
Ich l盲ute 鈥 nicht. Denn Klingel gibt鈥檚 keine. Hier kommt man vorangemeldet oder gar nicht. 鈥濰allo?鈥, belle ich ins Handy, nicht ahnend, dass er bereits hinter mir steht. Peter Noever kommt nicht. Er ist da. 鈥濱ch habe Sie erwartet.鈥 Wir steigen eine steile Kellertreppe hinunter in Richtung Erdkern. Gut sechzig Meter Ziegelgew枚lbe liegen vor mir. Ein langer Tisch. Flaschen an beiden Seiten, die meisten sind leer. Vorne, ein Lichtschein. Drau脽en scheint die Sonne, hier drinnen bin ich blind. Noever ber眉hrt meine Schulter: 鈥濭ehen Sie. Bitte!鈥 Ich tappe vorw盲rts und stolpere auf einen der sch枚nsten Pl盲tze zu, die ich je sah: 鈥歍he Pit鈥 鈥 鈥欴ie Grube鈥. Vor mir liegt der Boden eines kleinen Vulkankegels. Die bepflanzte, steile B枚schung ragt konisch auf. 鈥濪ies war der Beginn鈥, sagt Peter Noever und dr眉ckt mir einen Lageplan in die Hand. Dann trinken wir Kaffee, schwarz und stark. Auf dem gro脽en Tisch aus Sandstein, steht eine Schale voll mit Erdbeeren. Ich sage: 鈥濨urgenland?鈥 鈥濨illa. Marokko.鈥 Er beobachtet mich.聽
Tumblr media
Der Tempel der Zapoteken
鈥歍he Pit鈥 ist ein Projekt, das seinen Anfang in den fr眉hen Neunzehnsiebzigern nahm. 鈥濪er Keller hat mich gefunden. Ich habe ihn sofort gekauft, Garten und Steinbruch inklusive. Seit damals arbeite ich hier. Ich f眉hre einen jahrzehntelangen Dialog mit der Landschaft. Entscheidend sind die Materialien: Sandstein und Beton. Irgendwann sehen ihre Oberfl盲chen gleich aus, mit der Natur aber kontrastieren sie.鈥 Ich blicke mich um. Die eine Steilwand ist 眉bers盲t mit unz盲hligen blauen Blumensternen, die andere ist gebuscht. 鈥瀂ufall. Ich belasse die Natur, wie sie ist. Sie hat dasselbe Recht wie ich. Ich stelle Kunstwerke auf, sie antwortet darauf. Das finde ich spannend.鈥 In dem Garten, der kein Garten ist, sondern ein Park, eigentlich Wald, stehen Kunstwerke von Pichler, Bugaev Afrika und Noever. Sie existieren nebeneinander, ohne dass das eine das andere bevormundet. Man muss sich ihnen 眉ber Wiesen, vorbei an Spiraea-B眉schen, durch dichtes Blattwerk und schmalen Waldwegen n盲hern. 鈥濪ie B眉sche markieren die Grenze. Habe damals ein bisschen zu viel gesetzt. Das Grundst眉ck wird dadurch kleiner鈥, lacht er, 鈥濱ch wei脽 l盲ngst nicht mehr wo es beginnt und wo es zu Ende ist. Ist auch nicht wichtig.鈥 Das riesige St眉ck Natur ist selbst zum Kunstwerk geworden. 鈥濪ort dr眉ben鈥!鈥 Wir schlagen uns durchs Unterholz, 眉berqueren den Steinbruch und sto脽en auf eine Wiese die sich als ein Kosmos tausender flatternder, hauchzarter Gesch枚pfe entpuppt. 鈥濴epidopterologen der Universit盲t Wien forschen hier. Ich hatte keine Ahnung von der Existenz der Schmetterlinge. Einmal kam ein Gelehrter vorbei, fotografierte und krakelte聽 Aufzeichnungen in ein Buch. Seither liegen hier Sommer f眉r Sommer Studenten im Gras und beobachten die kleinen Gesch枚pfe. Die Schmetterlinge finden hier ideale Lebensbedingungen vor. Ein weiteres Kunstwerk. Aber ein lebendiges.鈥溌
Tumblr media
Sitzgruben, Walter Pichler
Wir streifen durch mannshohes Gras und stehen vor einem Betonquader, in den an einer Seite eine schmale, hohe T眉re geschnitten ist. Das Kunstwerk sieht aus wie einer der Zapoteken-Tempel im mexikanischen Monte Alb谩n. 鈥濱ch bin fasziniert von der Atzeken-Kultur鈥, sagt Noever, 鈥濺elikte au脽ergalaktischer Lebens auf unserem Planeten haben mich immer schon fasziniert. Erich von D盲niken. Erinnern Sie sich?鈥 Er 枚ffnet die T眉re des raumschiffartigen Geb盲udes - ich erwarte eine geheime, nachgebaute Kultst盲tte. Menschenopfer? Der Meister wendet sich um. 鈥濵eine Einstiegsarbeit. 鈥欿losett mit Betonplateau鈥, hei脽t sie. Der Beginn allen Lebens.鈥 Im Inneren der kleinen Festung befindet sich eine gemauerte Hochsitzbank, in die zwei runde L枚cher geschnitten sind. Ein Doppel-Plumpsklo. Gegen眉ber der Besucher gibt ein flaches Fenster den Blick zu Noevers Hochzeitsb盲umen frei. 鈥濫in Geschenk. In zweihundert Jahren werden sich ihre Kronen vereinigt haben. Die Aussicht ist dann noch sch枚ner.鈥溌
Der Weg f眉hrt den Steinbruch hinunter zu einem Kunstwerk von Walter Pichler. 鈥歋itzgruben鈥, nennt es sich. 鈥濶ehmen Sie Platz!鈥 Kaum ausgesprochen, verschwindet PN in einer der betonierten Gruben. Ich setze mich 鈥 und verschwinde ebenfalls unter der Erde. Mir gegen眉ber nehme ich zwischen Gr盲sern und Steinnelken, klein wie eine Hummel, den Kopf des Kunstphilosophen wahr. 鈥濰ier sind wir gesessen und haben tagelang gesprochen und getrunken. Die Natur war immer mit uns. Auch in uns鈥, ruft er mir zu, 鈥濸ichler war ein Freund. Seine Kunstwerke verblieben immer dort, wo sie gebaut wurden. Gelebt hat er von den Skizzen.鈥溌
Tumblr media
Kunst f眉r Budapest
Ortswechsel. In einer der schroffen Steinbruchw盲nde erkenne ich die Umrisse zweier Figuren: 鈥歁uttergottes mit Kind鈥. 鈥濳eine Ahnung, wie die zu mir kam. Wahrscheinlich hat sie einer der Arbeiter in den Stein geritzt鈥, brummt er. Manchmal f盲llt einem ein Werk auch in den Scho脽. Kunst und Leben. Dann gehen wir zur眉ck, vorbei an聽 sechsunddrei脽ig, in Form eines Rechtecks positionierten 鈥欱etonkuben鈥, die Noever einst f眉r eine Freiluftausstellung in Budapest gegossen hat, wobei der Transport hin- und zur眉ck mit zum Kunstwerk geh枚rte.聽
Durch die 鈥欶l眉geltreppen鈥 steige ich zum 鈥歋teinbruchgang鈥 hinunter, durch den wir zu Beginn der kleinen Exkursion in den Wald hinaustraten. Die schnurgerade und mit Gras bewachsene 鈥歂adel鈥 teilt den Garten wie einer der Pfeile, die Domenigs Steinhaus am Ossiacher See durchdringen. 鈥濭眉nter war ein Unerbittlicher, ein Strenger. Einer meiner liebenswertesten Freunde.鈥溌
Tumblr media
Ich nehme an dem Steintisch vor dem Keller Platz. Kalter Wei脽wein steht wie von Zauberhand da, dazu ein paar Sandwichs. 鈥濰abe ich aus Wien mitgebracht. Ich bin kein Koch.鈥 Ich frage, wie der Ort, das Land, zu dieser, seiner Lebensarbeit steht. 鈥濫inerseits, andererseits鈥, sagt er, 鈥濫inerseits ist alles hier unter Denkmalschutz gestellt. Auch Sie, als Besucher. F眉r die Dauer Ihrer Anwesenheit sind Sie Teil eines Gesamtkunstwerkes. Da sich 鈥欴ie Grube鈥 aber um ein 鈥歸ork in progress鈥 handelt, ver盲ndert sie sich. Sie werden bald gehen, die Steine verwittern, die Lebenserwartung der Schmetterlinge z盲hlt kaum mehr ein paar Wochen, die Baumkronen schmiegen sich erst in vielen Jahren ineinander, die Blumen verbl眉hen, die Monumente sind dem Verfall ausgesetzt. Die Ver盲nderung ist ein einberechneter Faktor. Der gegenw盲rtige Zustand kann nicht gehalten werden 鈥 soll auch nicht. Andererseits untersagt mir die Gemeinde neue Kunstwerke zu errichten. Die Pl盲ne liegen seit Jahren vor, aber ich darf nicht bauen. Man sch眉tzt die bestehende Kunst, akzeptiert die Ver盲nderung, untersagt ihr aber zu wachsen. Als ob man dem Maler verbietet, zu malen. Um nicht zu verzweifeln nehme ich sogar diese absurde Intervention der B眉rokratie als eine, wenn auch h枚chst provokante Kunstaktion wahr. Folgerichtig, wenn auch in sich fragw眉rdig.鈥 Peter Noever sieht mich aus m眉den Augen an. Der Kunstphilosoph f眉hrt hier, inmitten seines Kunstparks einen gro脽artigen Dialog mit der ihn umgebenden Natur. Der mit der Gemeinde ist ungleich schwerer.聽
Tumblr media
Der Steinbrecher
鈥濳ommen Sie wieder!鈥, sagt er, als ich auf die kleine, verschwiegene Kellergasse hinaustrete. 鈥濭erne鈥, sage ich. Der gro脽e, alte Mann, der zusieht wie sich B盲ume vereinen, wie Steine zu Worte werden, und wie Schmetterlinge um ihr Leben tanzen, wartet auf das Paradoxon, dass Kunst begriffen wird. Er blickt mir nach, w盲hrend ich mich auf meine Vespa setze, dann wendet er sich entschlossen ab, um sich gleich darauf nochmal um die eigene Achse zu drehen und mir zuzuwinken. Ist er einer der tanzenden Geliebten des Sufi-Dichters Dschal膩l ad-D墨n Muhammad R奴m墨, der mit seiner Poesie und Weisheit der Welt so manches Lied sang, so manches Mal auf der Nase herumtanzte? Vielleicht ist er ja auch einer ihrer Nachfahren - ohne sich dessen bewusst zu sein. Vielleicht ist er einer jener Philosophen, die ein Leben lang einen Schmetterlingstanz um ihre Gedanken vollziehen. 鈥歐er nicht schmeckt, der wei脽 nicht鈥, sagte einst Rumi. Peter Noever hat in seinem Leben viel probiert, viel geschmeckt. Er wei脽. Er wird den Ausweg aus dem ewigen Kreislauf des Unverst盲ndnisses finden. Ich bin mir dessen sicher.
Tumblr media
Die Nadel
Ich verlasse diesen sch枚nen, ruhigen, um sich selbst wirbelnden Ort. Ein Ort, in dem die Gedanken nicht zur Ruhe kommen wie ewig tanzende Derwische in der Tiefe orientalischer Mystik.聽
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sweet-shut-eye 2 years
Your escaped! au hand it over, you chad
Ansjajsjaj ok-
So after some blood alchemy shenanigans involving Talbot and the Observer, the survivors mainly coordinate a take down of the entity and manage to mess it up so bad that they all get shot back out to their respective dimensions in a time period that none of them have touched yet cuz the universe is prevented a paradox for itself, and that year is roughly some time in the 2020s.
Everyone winds up where they were taken by the entity and a lot of the survivors鈥 goal is to find each other, and make sure the killers that might have also been released, as the entity, have been dealt with.
This ends up forming a lot of different groups of people based on geological location, so after a while of being escaped the survivor groups that form are something like: Kate, Meg, Jane (and eventually David); Feng Min, Ace, Quentin and Laurie; Zarina, Tapp, Nea; Yui, Adam鈥 and I鈥檓 forgetting some stuff probably-
A lot of DLC people presumably went back to their dimensions which are different than the original character survivors and a FEW dlc characters. (That鈥檚 potentially temporary but I can鈥檛 figure out a big fix for a lot of it, maybe I鈥檒l tweak it but I never got around to incorporating Ash, Nancy/Steve, Cheryl and so on鈥)
So these groups go searching for the other survivors, trying to establish a connection to them and also just get over everything- all while being distantly (or not so distantly) pursued by certain killers who DID also escape.
The killers have come back in a slightly weakened version of who and what they were before they were taken. That鈥檚 my justification for Kazan still being a full spiritual kinda being and Rin being a living person: her powers were given to her, Kazan MIGHT have been an oni for a while before being taken.
But the entity is still alive too in a way, enough that it鈥檚 been severely weakened when so many ties to it were cut off and killers and survivors alike dropped out of its control. As it exists, it is like a whisper of a being that can only reach out to people through pleas and promises. How the killers chose to respond to its begging is very important.
Some killers escaped the worst hell imaginable and as glad to be rid of it. The Hag, Nurse, Wraith, Spirit, Pig- all examples of those who intentionally shut it down when it tried to reach out, and severed those ties. They also lose their powers, and only every accidentally tap into them again when reliving painful memories or emotions that lead them to subconsciously letting the entity get more of a grip on them.
Though other killers loved the entity鈥檚 realm. Clown and Deathslinger as examples, I wrote them all to be the types who are tempted to accept the entity back into their life鈥檚 and take the power that comes with it, prisoners of it or not.
Then there鈥檚 complicated cases. Freddy leaves the realm significantly weaker than he used to be but those powers slowly recover, and he would never let the entity take him again because he just wasn鈥檛 free enough, but he鈥檚 still out for power and murder. The Doctor is the trickiest case, he who very cautiously takes what powers he can get from the entity while skirting the line between accepting it in and shunning it, all while using the power he had (a muffled form of it at least) to get ahead and get whatever societal or governmental power you can get as a dead man.
So some killers are out to kill specific obsessions of theirs still, some are just kinda killing people wherever, and some are absolutely not doing that.
Amanda Young becomes a part of the New York group that is Nea, Tapp and Zarina- but unwillingly. They want to use her intuitive connection to the entity that all the killers had and still have to find the others that are actual threats. She wants no part in it but they have leverage on her.
Kate, Meg, Jane and David鈥檚 group runs into the clown at some point while they still don鈥檛 know about the killers being around.
Feng Min, Laurie and Quentin (and Ace is there) have the highest number of killers directly on their tails. And the biggest personal final showdowns to arrive at.
Yui and Adam help Rin to stand up to Kazan and eventually defeat him and manage to completely sever her ties to the entity.
And there鈥檚 also a group up North. Jake and Dwight adventure together alone for a while before rejoining with Jeff, Claudette and some members of the Legion.
And on top of that, a lot of the newer DLCs are things I havnt thought on at all! As well as some of those licensed DLCs that I鈥檓 either not very familiar with or have just been stumped by. I鈥檓 happy to take input though? If anybody read this in full then you鈥檝e already earned my everlasting respect. o7
That鈥檚 it for now, there are details I didn鈥檛 cover and stuff about powers and relationships but- THATS IT FOR NOW.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
[AU Masterpost]
Little late this year, but joining the festivities: Ides of March is an awkward day to be SHSL supreme leader probably.
I am 95% certain its canon maki pulls on her hair as a nervous tick and we should draw it more. Also, don't worry about the parallels to Kokichi taking one for the team to keep blame off Maki for something again or the spread of Uncomprehending why someone would do something nice for you to their own detriment (but this time in lighthearted context) its a gag comic its fine
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starlightsailfish 6 months
FINALLY Sing, Tapp, and Rigg have designs for the SAW Warriors AU!
Tumblr media
More info below!
Larksong (Sing): A small but fiercely loyal warrior who's always at Maplestone's side. When Maplestone suspected Shiningstep (Lawrence) of being a part of the recent murders in the forest, Larksong was quick to spy for him. The two never trusted the kittypet, and Larksong had always been more outspoken on his mistrust. His end came in the form of a single perfect dime-sized hole in his head unlike any wound a normal warrior could inflict. Maplestone swore to avenge Larksong and his eyes were set on Shiningstep.
Maplestone (Tapp): The old deputy of Thunderclan and Larksong's closest friend. He argued with Noblestar (Kerry) when she let Shiningstep join Thunderclan and became obsessed with catching the soft kittypet slipping up. When Shiningstep began sneaking out of camp to visit his family in the twolegplace, Maplestone believed that he was actually part of the recent murders that had taken several of his warriors. On the night Shiningstep and Sneaky (Adam) were trapped, Maplestone tracked them and helped free Sunny (Alison) and Diamond (Diana) who were being held captive in a filthy shed. His end would come at the paws of the mangy loner, Zepp and his death brought a wave of panic across the entire forest.
Rabbitluck (Rigg): A quick-footed warrior and Noblestar and Wolfshadow's (Mark) closest friend. Although passionate in all that he does, he has horrible tunnel vison that has nearly gotten him killed on multiple occasions had it not been for Wolfshadow keeping him in line.
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juanitasupreme 1 year
L茅a Seydoux peut m锚me pas doubler proprement sa propre voix. Du grand n茅potisme en effet.
De toute mani猫re, assez de toutes ces petites jeunes avec des vieux wesh, o霉 sont les vraies milfs ? C'est 莽a qu'on veut pur茅e !!
Tu connais, 脿 partir de 35 ans dans les films fran莽ais tu joues la m猫re d'une ado troubl茅e qui vie dans le 16e. Le cin茅ma fran莽ais sait rarement donner des r么les aux milfs. Sauf si c'est pour voir des films d'auteurs sur la perte de soit, o霉 on voit une chatte pas 茅pil茅e, la seule musique est compos茅e des notes aigu毛s d'un piano et t'as un mari qui se tappe une jeune 脿 c么t茅 mais au final ils se retrouvent car, peut-锚tre, la m茅nopause c'est pas si grave et le lubrifiant existe.
Tumblr media
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angeltrapz 2 years
for the 鈥済ive me a character鈥 meme! Eric, Adam, William, Mallick, Strahm, Rigg!!!!
YESS thank u!!!!
How I feel about this character: That's my boy!!! <33
All the people I ship romantically with this character: Uuuu okay. Adam, obviously, but concerning the SAW polycule: Adam, Art, Lawrence, William, & Mallick!!
My non-romantic OTP for this character: Him & Rigg!!! That's his best friend!!! + he and Gibson in the Eric Lives AU!! (Gibson IS dating his best friend + recognizes that he's made the effort to change <3)
My unpopular opinion about this character: You Understand This but the idea that he's irredeemable/deserved to die is complete and utter bullshit. This post that you made perfectly describes my feelings on that!!
One thing I wish would happen/had happened with this character in canon: Firstly that he. Y'know. Didn't die. But I would have loved to see any of his interactions with Hoffman? Obviously they knew each other + I like to think they have since they were in academy together, so there's gotta be some sort of history there, y'know?? I feel like he definitely cared about Eric so I would've been very interested to see more regarding that relationship! + one more big one: I wish he knew/was at least made aware of the fact that Daniel was ALIVE and okay. It kills me thinking abt how this man died not knowing if his child made it out.
How I feel about this character: I loooove him he deserved better. I relate pretty heavily to him.
All the people I ship romantically with this character: Hehe. Lawrence obviously!! Chainshipping is a HUGE comfort ship for me. BUT! Regarding the SAW polycule: Lawrence, Eric, William, Gibson, & Mallick!! + when concerning that alternative canon continuity we've been talking abt, Strahm. But only in that circumstance lol,,
My non-romantic OTP for this character: MANDY!!! In any AU where she's either not a disciple or abandoned her apprenticeship, I firmly believe that he and Amanda would be best friends. Mean gay/lesbian solidarity siblings who would fight tooth and nail for each other + who get each other on a level that not many others can. Pamela also!! Along w Mandy I like to think they talk about their experiences being trans a lot + just bitching w each other lol.
My unpopular opinion about this character: IDK how unpopular this actually is but I 100% believe that Adam would never become a disciple in any capacity, ESP not of his own accord. I genuinely think he'd rather die. That's just not something I can see him doing in any circumstance.
One thing I wish would happen/had happened with this character in canon: I wish someone had gotten him out of the bathroom :( And in an AU where he lives I hope someone tells him what a bastard Zep was!! No one made that dude hold a gun to Diana's head and listen to her heartbeat what the FUCK was that!!
How I feel about this character: He's such a sweetheart I love him,, <33
All the people I ship romantically with this character: Lawrence & Adam <3 in the polycule though this includes Eric & Mallick!!
My non-romantic OTP for this character: He and Pamela obviously!! His sister is his best friend and they're there for each other 100%.
My unpopular opinion about this character: Much like Eric I don't think he deserved to die/that he's completely irredeemable... he fights so hard to save everyone and is utterly devastated when he can't. He's willing to hurt himself to save others (nearly dislocating his shoulders trying to keep both Addy and Allen, burning himself with the steam for Debbie, etc.) and it's like. John is always talking about how it can't be personal but it seems pretty fucking personal here!
One thing I wish would happen/had happened with this character in canon: The fact that nobody saw how hard he fought for his coworkers + the sacrifices he made for them upsets me to no end. That was intentional. John didn't want Tara + Brent (or Pamela for that matter!) to see him as human and that fucking bothers me!! So basically I just wish that they could've seen it via camera like literally almost every trap victim gets in some capacity!!
How I feel about this character: Yet another character I relate to wayyy too much <33 I love him...
All the people I ship romantically with this character: BRIT!!! + concerning the SAW polycule: Adam, Eric, William, & Lawrence!! (Art maybe too,,)
My non-romantic OTP for this character: I like to think he and Laura would've gotten along actually? I feel like that would be a good, healthy friendship. And I do like the idea of he and Brit like this too!! Other than that maybe Mandy? I feel like they could relate to each other a little bit, help each other when they're feeling brainweird,, (Mallick n Mandy: havers of Symptoms Disorder <3)
My unpopular opinion about this character: Again I don't know if it's unpopular, persay, but uh. I don't think the Mallick we meet in V would willingly sit and listen to Bobby Dagen in 3D. He'd hate that dude. My take on it is that Brit didn't survive V (although I think read somewhere that the crew confirmed she survived?) and that's why he was there: because he'd lost the one true connection he'd made in god knows how long. That's rlly the only way I see him sitting thru Dagen's bullshit lmao.
One thing I wish would happen/had happened with this character in canon: I wanted him to see Brit again,, and I just wanted to see him more in general tbh, esp because he makes a reappearance where so many prior Jigsaw survivors do not. I would've liked to see him interact with Simone given that they both lost a limb/nearly a limb (in Mallick's case). This is related to that, but I also wish the evidence of the 10 Pints trap wasn't just. A tiny scar? I HC that it took his whole hand, so.
How I feel about this character: Ohhh my beloved. Why didn't they give you a better narrative it would've been SO interesting. I love you though <3
All the people I ship romantically with this character: Honestly? Still super fond of Gibson/Strahm in a scenario where things are different,, I've written quite a bit abt them and kinda want to again but if I do it'll probably be. Not for a while + VASTLY different. but recent additions have been Hoffman (I used to. not understand Stroffman whatsoever. now I Get It) and Adam!!
My non-romantic OTP for this character: PEREZ!!! I've always thought of them as best friends since I first saw IV, and I do think he genuinely cared about her - quite a lot, actually, esp given how devastated he was when she was injured. They hang out at each other's apartments all the time + get coffee regularly. I love them.
My unpopular opinion about this character: I don't think he's a dumbass?? I don't know if that's unpopular. I think that he's IMPULSIVE and that it gets him into trouble, but Strahm has always struck me as incredibly intelligent + has a good moral compass for the most part?? I mean, he figured out there was a second apprentice (second as far as he knows, anyway) helping with traps just by examining Kerry's crime scene. I think he's VERY smart. He just acts quickly + sometimes that means there's not much planning for if things go south. (I DO agree that showing up to the packing plant w/out backup was dumb though,, doesn't mean he DESERVED the Water Cube but y'know)
One thing I wish would happen/had happened with this character in canon: It's not really mentioned if he does in canon, but I wish he'd been made aware of the fact that Perez was alive,, it bothers me that he might've died not knowing she was okay. The other thing is that I wish he'd survived V!!! I think it would've been WAY more narratively satisfying for him to kinda follow in Tapp's footsteps as a vigilante Jigsaw hunter. (That's why I love yr takes on him so much!!)
How I feel about this character: He has such a big heart. He cares so so much. I wish ppl talked about him more :(
All the people I ship romantically with this character: Gibson!!! And uhh Hoffman, but they're exes,, but! In a scenario I'm kind of going over in my head, maaaybe Adam... the basics though is that he searches the Nerve Gas House independently and somehow finds the Bathroom following II, and He is the one to rescue Adam. Very tentative abt that one though bc I'm still working it out lol. (Possibly Eric/Adam/Rigg???)
My non-romantic OTP for this character: Eric!!! His best friend <3 I think he's also pretty close with Kerry, though I think he hangs out w her independent of Eric given,, the messy ex situation. I think he probably got along well with Fisk too!! OH and I think he and Sing would've been good friends as well. The chaos of a Rigg/Gibson/Sing friend trio...
My unpopular opinion about this character: Mmm I don't know that I have one? Other than maybe like. I understood why he went through the door. He knew Eric was on the other side; he just didn't know the circumstances or what would happen if he went through. All he knew was that he was that much closer to someone he's been trying to find/rescue for MONTHS + someone he cares for deeply. Of COURSE he went through. He breaks my heart ugh,,,
One thing I wish would happen/had happened with this character in canon: I wish he hadn't even been tested!!!! His one flaw was that he cared about ppl and somehow John saw that as something he needed to fix!!! Like yes I do agree that it was eating away at him and the obsession might've been unhealthy, but that's two of his closest friends dude!! I don't think he deserved to be tested for that. I don't. He just wanted to help ppl and keep them safe. I absolutely despise how Rigg was treated dkjflkdf!!!!
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sapphire-wine 2 years
As much as I'm fond of Messy Logistics Problems as an innuendo (very) I don't particularly think it would make a good fic title 馃槓 Deliverance on Tapp is a very forced pun 馃槕 Hinge Benefits is my brain on fire trying to rub what little knowledge of this au I have together 馃く Dashing to Adoration is almost the same thing isn't it 馃槄 I can try but I honestly need a bit more info
I don't know what other info needs to be given other than "this is the awaited doordash au" there's no other info to give
Thank you for the effort
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feathery-dickmuffins 2 years
Oh my god I was planning some shit for the Reverse role AU at work, and for about good 10 seconds I thought "Well it doesn't matter if there's no counterpart to Amanda, considering her DBD chapter didn't have one anyway." and only then it dawned on me that Tapp exists. Like that he's a character. A character that very much is. And anyway Tapp sweetie I'm so sorry
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