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Romunian sport boy
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Hi, i dont know what to post on here so here is me 馃槀
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Cruz Beckham鈥 馃挦
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Haven鈥檛 done a Disney teen hades in a long time. Here he is mr.cool beans
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I love boys. 鉂わ笍
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Does anyone want a baby boy
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Heyyyy, can you do a Peter Parker x gn!reader that is also Natasha's child?
Note: I hope you enjoy! Please let me know if there is any error.
Word count: 829
Pairing: Natasha romanoff x child!reader, Peter parker x gn!reader
Request: yes
Warning: Overprotective and disappointed mama Nat? Idk
Tumblr media
鈥t first Peter and Y/N tried to hide what was going on between them but Natasha could tell something wasn't right.
Natasha: Honey, what would you like for dinner?
Y/N: Sorry mama, I have something to do tonight, I won't be able to be home.
鈥hey never skipped dinner and now suddenly they were doing it often, Natasha became overprotective.
Natasha: You can't go out today, it's movie night and I don't want you out this late.
Y/N: I'm not a kid anymore, you don't have to act like I still am.
Natasha: Are you questioning me?
鈥ll of Natasha's alerts started to be loud and that wasn't good for anyone, least of all her.
鈥t wasn't long before she found out about the relationship her child had with a certain boy from their school, needless to say she was against it.
Natasha: I said no.
Y/N: You can't just decide about my life as if it were yours.
Natasha: It's mine, I gave birth to you and I'm telling you that you won't keep seeing that boy.
Y/N: Why are you against him?!
Natasha: Don't raise your voice, go to your room NOW.
鈥atasha was very worried, she knew Peter's secret since she visited Tony and the boy came without his mask as if he was walking around her house in a disguise, it was surprising.
鈥he didn't want her child to have any difficulties, she had stopped working for SHIELD to keep her family away from everything that came with being a hero and now this boy wanted to destroy what she had worked so hard for.
鈥he headed for the avenger's tower and practically ordered Tony to call the boy.
Peter: Mr. Stark, why am I...?
Natasha: We need to talk.
Peter: M-mrs. Romanoff, is...is everything all right?
Natasha: Nothing is fine Peter, I know you and my child have something going on but I'm asking you to please stay away from them, for obvious reasons you already know.
Peter: Y-you're wrong, I don't like them, they are just my friends....
Natasha: Do you think you can fool me? Do you know who you're talking to?
鈥es, by this time Natasha was more than defensive, no one should expect less when it comes to her children.
鈥s she asked, Peter walked away from them, but she didn't know how to feel about it.
Natasha: Honey, your sister will choose the movies for this Friday, do you mind?
Y/N: I'm not talking to you.
鈥ince they were distant, the only thing Nat felt when she saw them was sadness, so she decided to let them talk to Peter.
鈥xcited, she went to the entrance of the house, Y/N was about to leave for school and there was no better time, but something caught her attention.
Natasha: you've got to be kidding me, I thought I told you I didn't want you to talk to him, what are these letters?!
Y/N: I thought I told you this is my life!
Natasha: Y/N, I can't believe you would disobey me like this.
鈥ore than angry, she was surprised, how strong was her children's desire to relate to the spider boy to communicate through letters?
鈥t had been a month already and Natasha knew there was nothing she could do about it, except for one thing.
Natasha: Peter, I want you to tell Y/N that you're spiderman, let them know what they're going to face.
Peter: But... that's not-
Natasha: Fair? It is, if they decide they can handle you having a double life, then and only then will I let them date you.
鈥he next day, she received a hug from her child, she missed their scent and warmth so much that it almost watered her eyes.
Y/N: I know you were just trying to protect me, I'm sorry I acted that way.
Natasha: It's okay, you have nothing to apologize for.
鈥揘atasha kissed their forehead and caressed their cheeks.鈥
Natasha: Are you still going out with him?
Y/N: Yes, I'm sorry if you don't like it but...I think I might be falling in love with Peter?
Natasha: Love?! You're still too young, let me keep you for myself a little longer.
鈥ven though it was an absolute NO for Natasha from the beginning, she will eventually accept that they are dating Peter, after all, Y/N will always have her to protect them.
鈥nyone could tell that Natasha wasn't happy with how things turned out, but when she walked into the living room and saw them so happily cuddled in Peter's arms, she thought it was less difficult every time.
鈥ithout warning, one day Natasha came to her senses and thought that maybe the problem was that she didn't want to let her children go, because if a mother's love is usually stronger than anything else, Nat's mama love is another level.
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