#Thank you for this ask! As you can see I love giving my opinion on matters lmao
luvring · 2 days
heyy l love ur all your touchstarved hcs and I was wondering if you could write anything for ais? if you’ve done him already could you do leander? thank youu <3
Tumblr media
gn!reader | OF COURSEE my babygirl & thank u omg IM GLAD U GUYS LIKE THEM !!🫶 i'll probably make a separate leander post + posts for the others too tbh
Tumblr media
you see it in the demo but he's so so happy to see you get along with princess + any other pets 🙁 personally i need a scene where they go to you instead of him and he pretends to be offended.
"after all i've done for you?" he asks before squatting beside you. his eyes flicker over to you before he joins in petting them. "guess i can't blame you, though."
ais teaching them tricks and grinning and saying good job and laughing when they jump on him for a reward. him teaching princess a trick and secretly being very excited to show you because he wants to see your reaction🙁💔
ONE LAST PET NOTE but i need to know what other names he's thought of because he totally looks like he'd give a big scary pet the silliest name ever. peak entertainment for him
if you know any other languages he'd love to learn some phrases!! yes i mean insults for others and nicknames for you. ais loves using them on like,, leander,, who's like What? so he can go "Wouldn't you like to know."
would be very amused if you dyed your hair to match his. calls you a copycat but if you threatened to redye it he'd get more annoying (said lovingly)
does the thing where he leans in really close as if he's gonna kiss you then doesn't. he reaches to grab something behind you and moves away while grinning
he likes listening to you talk about your interests and makes sure to remember important details. casually osmosis's (???) your interests and opinions even if he's never touched it himself
pulling him closer by his clothes or necklaces gets him. Interested.
the pocky game. he takes huge bites and kisses you or gets so incredibly close everyone's just like oh shut up. takes the stick that's a centimeter long between his fingers and goes "i think we got an inch left"
the type of guy who if you wordlessly hugged him would be like "miss me that much?" but have a noticeably firm hold around you because he Is a little worried about why you're hugging him. if you sincerely say yes, his eyes and voice soften when he says "well, good thing i'm here now."
he's confident and totally trusts you but he also finds it incredibly amusing to walk up and kiss you or wrap an arm around your waist if he sees someone try hitting on you. asks "hey, babe, who's this?" while staring right at them. Won't be nice if the person's an ass though
not afraid of pda. you could literally be clinging on to him and he wouldn't mind.
one of the guys who'd carry your silly looking bag without hesitation
you could say "oh try this," about a silly little heart headband and he'd let you put it on as long as he can give You one. "now we match," he says with a grin. take a picture together and set it as his lock screen and he won't change it for ages
looks like a guy who will drape himself on top of you if you're in bed or on the couch. the type of guy who when you say you need to go pee says okay i'll come with you before you shove him
^ likes it when you hold him and just play with his hair or trace things along is back. he plays that game where he tries to guess what you're writing and is ? weirdly good at it ?
if you made a playlist for him he'd listen to it whenever he misses you
also if you have spotify he always checks your profile. you say "i need to know who's liking my playlists" and he's like yeah they must have a crush on you. it's literally him though
sends you shit like this and says you @ me / us / etc because he's annoying and also correct. ais at the peak of the "you want me so bad" jokes would be on top of the world
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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swiftgreatest · 1 day
Everything Has Changed | Eddie Roundtree x Fem!Reader
request by anon: "hi!:) i dont know if you take request but i would love to see eddie’s blurb where he mets his old friend from his hometown on tour and falls in love with her"
a/n: hello, thanks for request. i love your idea!! i loved write this, i really hope u like this, give me your opinion about it!!!
words: 2.3k
Tumblr media
After hours and hours on the rond the band finally arrived in Seattle for one week with three shows in the city. All the audience was excited for this, as it was the first time Daisy Jones and The Six would be in the city and the three shows were sold out, this was one of the most talked about subjects at the moment.
Eddie was accustomed with this commotion in the cities where the band performed, hysteria everywhere, people following the bus of the band and camping at the front of the hotel, it wasn't something new for him, the band was on tour for several months.
The travels from one city to another were very tiring and boring sometimes, there wasn't much to do on the bus aside from look at the landscape, drink sth, smoke or take drugs. Sometimes Eddie used the travels to write letters and make melodies for his bass, he always wanted to write his own lyrics but he didn't have much confidence in himself, until his childhood best friend helped him with this. She encouraged him and said she was his number one fan.
The bassist catches himself remembering her sometimes, he misses her and all the things they did together, she was his favorite thing in Pittsburgh. He constantly wonders what she is doing now.
– – – –
Eddie sat in one of the empty booths of a snack bar, he and the band got off the bus and he was starving for some real food then ran out to find a snack bar and entered the first one he found.
As he looked at the menu, a waitress appeared to take your order.
"Welcome!! What would you like to order?"
"I would like some-" Eddie couldn't speak anymore after looking at the waitress who was looking at his order book. "Y/n? It 's you?" He recognized her, it was her! His childhood best friend, sweet Y/n!
"What?- Oh my God, Eddie jt's you!!!" The girl opened a smile that filled her face. She couldn't believe it, it was like a dream, her childhood best friend and secret love was there, in front of her. It's Eddie, her Eddie. O mean, he was taller now, long hair, expensive clothes, looked more confident but he still being the boy she ran away from home with to go to rock concerts in the early hours of the morning.
"I can't believe it!" Roundtree said while standing up and hugging the girl. She was taken aback by the hug but put her arms around him. Eddie couldn't even explain how much he missed it.
"Dude, how long! You're in Seattle all this time?? How I never found you??" You asked him, you've so many questions.
"No, I live in Los Angeles. I've come to work, in truth it's a long story and I-" They were interrupted by the rumbling of the bassist's stomach, oh he was so hypnotized by you that he had forgotten how hungry he was.
You laugh and he blushed with shame "Let's take it easy, sit and tell me what you want to eat and when I come back we can talk, right?"
"Right!" He sat down again and said his order to the girl.
"I'll be back in a few minutes!" You left and Eddie didn't take his eyes off you, you caught his attention, he couldn't believe he found you, you were so different, but what could he say, it's a long time, you two were different now but some feelings are still the same and still making his heart speed up.
– – – –
You was watching the boy in your front devour the food you brought, you worried about him because of all this hunger but he explained the reason to you. He also explained everything that had happened to him after you moved from Pittsburgh with your parents. The Dunne Brothers, new members, The Six, Billy, Daisy Jones, Honeycomb, Aurora and he tell about the others, Camilla, Graham and Warren, you are close in the past.
You're so happy for Eddie, he did it!! Realized his dream and looked so happy with the band, you remembered all the times you listened to him write or play something on the guitar and bass, it was so good, just you and him, listening to him sing to you and only for you.
"Eddie I'm so happy for you, that I don't even know how to express this. I'm so proud of you, you did it" You had a proud smile and looked at him with admiration.
This was so precious and valuable to Eddie, no one ever looked at him like that, no one ever admired him like you did, no one ever encouraged him as much to follow his dreams as you did, you always supported and helped him, he would never get over it or forget it. He entwined his hand in yours, it was so good to be with you.
"I'm so happy to give you prod, you always support me, and you make many things for me Y/n, you help me to be who I am and I will always be grateful for it" He cuddled your hand.
"You don't have to thank me for being who you are. You're talented and it comes from you naturally"
"And you? What have you been doing?"
You explained what happened after you moved from Pittsburgh. You spent some years in a small town with your parents until you got tired and moved alone to Seattle, you wanted new air, and the air of the big city was what you needed. You became a waitress, but you were also doing other things. You are a dancer in a dance academy and you were trying to win a scholarship to some college to become more professional in dance.
"That's amazing Y/n!! I always knew that you would be a star of dance one day"
"Oh let's not exaggerate, I'm still a little star who is getting to know this world of big stars and constellations"
"To me, you are and always have been a big star. My big star"
Oh God, didn't he realize how much he messed with you, how the way he looked at you and the things he said made you have an outburst. How could he never realize how in love you were?
"Thank you, I don't know what to say" You were going to say something but were interrupted by your boss telling you to get back to work. "I need to go Eddie, the work calls me".
"When is your turn ending?"
"At five" It was still three o'clock in the afternoon. "There are two hours left, you don't have to stay here waiting for me"
"I don't have any problem, I have been waiting for this for years, some hours won't kill me" He smiled and you smiled back. Your smile lights up his life since childhood and still.
– – – –
After two long hours of work, you finally end with your work, take your things to leave. At all this time Eddie was still sitting at the same table, sometimes he asked something to drink but only to talk with you. You smiled every time you passed by him or when you caught him staring at you, have been many times.
You both left the snack bar and walked the streets while talking, telling new stories, thoughts and problems too, it was as if everything was in the right place now, just you and Eddie keeping each other company and being honest.
Everything has changed. You and Him may have changed on the outside, but you still had a lot of your old version of the past inside of you. The same feelings still haunted you both and you still don't know how to deal with this like when you were young.
Every smile, word, memory, joke and thought connect you more and more, as in the past, or even stronger than that, you didn't want to leave this. After that reunion, Eddie promised he would never go away from you again.
– – – –
And he kept his promise, for the first he called you to go to a concert of his band, he didn't have to insist, you were crazy to see your friend on the stage and the band too.
While at the concert you admired him, you can't take your eyes off him, Eddie got a special place for you in the front of the stage. You loved the concert, they've so many good songs and the energy was from another world, unexplained.
After the end of the show, you met Eddie on the backstage, you hugged him even with him sweating and he hugged you too, holding you so strong as if he was afraid you would go away from him.
"I have some people here who need to see you" He led you into a hallway with dressing rooms and you were so involved that you didn't even realize that you entwined your hand with his. He led you into a room where Graham, Warren and the keyboard player, Karen, were.
The boys ran to you when they recognized you, you hugged both. They're so different but at the same time still were your friends from school. You introduced yourself to Karen and she was really nice with you, you like her.
"So you mean Eddie found you and didn't tell us? You were keeping her from us just for you weren't you brother?" Warren joked and Eddie gave him the middle finger.
"We have to make up for all this time" Warren said "And you know what's good for bringing people together?" He asked and after no one answered he shouted "A party!".
Everyone got excited and shouted together with him, and that's how you ended up at one of the famous band parties. You have fun all night, talking with several people, drinking, dancing and especially you did all this with Eddie who didn't leave you at any time and you didn't leave him either.
– – – –
It was like this all week, you went to the band's second concert and you see Eddie everyday since you reunited. You give him your address so he comes to see you everyday. He came early and his excuse was he didn't want to stay away from you. He took you to your work everyday.
When he didn't show he stayed with you in your house, you cooked together, Eddie was so good in the kitchen. You and him do other things like play games, watch movies, listen to discos or just talk and admire each other.
You didn't realize that, but anyone besides that can realize this, the way you look at each other, how you act towards each other, is like you have your own language and your own world.
You were so used to each other that you didn't even think about what would happen when the last show of the band was done and they left town.
One day before the last concert, Roundtree realized what was coming and that almost drove him crazy. He got nervous and so many thoughts appeared in his mind. What would you two do? Are you still friends? He didn't know what to expect, but one thing he knew. He couldn't lose you again, he couldn't live without you anymore and he was determined to do something to let you know about it, even if it changed everything.
– – – –
This is the last concert of the band in Seattle and you were there like the others, but this is different, is the last time Eddie would be in your city, you pretended it wasn't affecting you. When you realized that, you cried, you didn't want to let him leave, but what could you do? This was his dream and you couldn't ruin it just because you love him more than anything and didn't want to live without him.
The bassist noticed you were different, quiet and thoughtful, and he knew the reason, he tried not to show that it affected him too. The concert went so slowly for him. He didn't want it to end but he also needed to talk to you and couldn't hold back any longer.
After the show he took you away from others, nothing of parties or drinks for you two today, he has something different for today, something that will change your lives, for the better or worse. Roundtree took you to the roof of the concert hall, this is like a flashback from when you climbed the roof of his house to see the stars and smoke. All these memories come to you, just make you more sensible and you were holding yourself to not cry.
"I know I'm leaving tomorrow and this could change everything between us, but this doesn't need to change, I still with you, I'll be far away but I'll call you everyday, send letters and come to see you every chance I get, I won't let nothing keep us apart" He held your face with his hands " I was stupid enough to let you go once and I will never make that mistake again. Everything has changed. But I still love you. I love you all this time, keep this love with me and now that I've found you it has come back strong and clear, nothing will change my mind and if that's going to change all between us, even if it's for something worse, I'm sorry but I won't hide it, not anymore.
You didn't realize at what moment the tears started to fall down your face, you're so happy and emotional that you couldn't contain yourself. He looked at you worried, cleared your tears and when he goes try to say one more thing you kiss him. Nothing could change this, nothing could separate you now.
And this only proved that even though everything had changed, you two were still the same, and still loved each other in the same way.
– – – –
hello people, if u like reblog and like pls? my request still open and i loved write thisss
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bfbkg · 11 hours
the pro hero father w bakugo on his talk show drabble !! too CUTE !! i imagine bakugou is teetering between relaxed and nervous, he’s sitting in his spinny chair a little slouched and shyly cheesin’ cus his gf’s father is just gassing him tf up and they’re so buddy buddy w inside jokes and stufff i can’t.
at the beginning of the episode your dad is smiling so hard and is like “i have a really special guest, one of the greatest heros of our time, the greatest son-in-law (kinda), the best fisherman…” and so on so forth and the cast is like shut tf up!! introduce him already!!
the rest of the cast asks them about their first encounter and they’re both just like “…. lets not talk aboit that” because we all know it was not cute, but theyre honest and discuss how much they’ve grown to admire and respect each other (hopefully they’ll eventually love each other in a fatherly + son way!!)
you and bakugou watch back on the episode when it comes and he’s reminiscing on how fun and was and just staring at the screen with a smile
AHHHHH CUTEST EVER !! thank you for indulging in my lil universe with me! pro hero dad with his talk show is one of my faves.
like i’m basing this off british talk shows because we had a specific sports one and then these comedy news ones SO ITS A BIG ROUND TABLE AND BRIGHT LIGHTS WITH HEADLINES AND PICTURES OF HEROS IN THE BACKGROUND. and there’s like three/four hosts (one including pro hero father) and then the special guest! sometimes two!
and i think bakugou could become a regular simply because he’s close with your dad so if it’s a slow month for the show they’ll ask if he wants to come back.
but yes!! his appearance on the show and it’s so funny because your dad literally last month was talking shit about him. now they’re so close as friends. and i think you wouldn’t be spoken about much because you’re not a hero/private life but they speak about their relationship a lot. mostly them laughing at how your dad used to hate him.
one of the hosts (one of the most famous hero reporters/a funny guy) asking bkg, “i can already imagine how the first meeting went. i bet he hated you with his daughter.”
and your dad looks down at the table while bakugou chuckles, “we don’t need to go into that. i’ve forgiven the old man.”
sharing what they’ve learnt about each other. your dad saying “whenever i’m out with him i’m always the photographer with the young fans!”
and bakugou shakes his head, “hey, remember that time i took a photo with you and that older couple? by that camping site.”
your dad nods, “only because they didn’t have service out there to know who you were.”
and everyone laughs. they play hero trivia with your dad and him on one team and they reach a high score. bakugou gets to write his name on the leaderboard they have in the studio. high fives and so competitive.
“what does your daughter think about you hanging out so much?”
your dad says, “she messages me to leave dynamight alone, that she wants to spend at least one weekend with him.”
and bakugou smiles, “she likes that we get on. gets jealous though.” he laughs.
and when they go through recent hero news and bakugou gives his opinion. i think if he’s a regular guest, the tv network sees how good the chemistry between him and your dad is, they even offer them a show. they both decline though, no time and also don’t want to monetise their new found relationship.
WHEN THE EPISODE FINALLY AIRS AND YOU watch it live with bkg. so sweet!!!
(all on #pro hero father au)
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kyouka-supremacy · 5 months
Thoughts on odazai? I wondered if your reasons for disliking dazai apply to this ship since it doesn't seem to function the same way other popular dazai ships do
Mmmmhh okay first off, I'm afraid my dislike for Dazai transcends all ships (╥﹏╥)
But I do think odazai is very enjoyable for its own uniqueness!! Oda is the only person Dazai respects, literally, and that's bound to make their relationship distinctive and unique. I feel like respect should come with every healthy relationship, so you see the appeal here? Odazai is the only ship that shows a side of Dazai that finally feels authentic– it shows a side of Dazai that is willing to care. For the rest of the franchise Dazai's character is pretty much up to interpretation, there's the mystery element of never being able to tell what's going through his mind, but Oda's existence alone is enough to show us a true face of Dazai for once– which is nice, because Oda showed us a side of Dazai that is capable of love. Which wasn't exactly predictable given Dazai's nihilism, cruelty and apparent disregard of human life; and yet even him is capable of love. And he truly is! Even if you don't like them romantically, Dazai's love (platonic, if you prefer) for Oda is undeniably there, and it's nice, it's miraculous to get to witness it. In a way, Anon, maybe you're right! I don't like Dazai, and still odazai has the power of making Dazai feel sympathetic: because it shows you a man who cares about another person, and who would do anything for them; and then that person is taken away from him. You just can't not feel sympathy for that, it's inherently human to relate to and be touched by another man's suffering, and a thousand times more so when such suffering is moved by love. Odazai is the only ship that makes me want to ship it because I think it would make Dazai happy, and makes me feel happy for him.
Odazai is a sweet, tragic, comforting ship. People have definitely put it more eloquently and in detail than me, but it's just the completely lack of judgement on both sides which is SUCH an appealing aspect. They can be their true authentic selves with each other, and it must have been so staggering and exhilarating and overwhelming for Dazai specifically who probably didn't even know who he himself was– how much human he could be. There's the mutual respect, the genuine admiration. There's the feeling of being accepted and understood like they aren't by anyone else– they both share this morally grey view of the world, and they are the only ones who aren't judgemental of the other's lack of morals; they get each other. In a world that results meaningless to them, they can be each other's reason to live. Then there's the making each other better?? Seriously, what other ship makes Dazai even slightly better. Oda canonically changed Dazai's whole existence prompting him to do good for the rest of his life with six words. And again, the fact alone that Oda is the only person to ever make Dazai capable of love– that's as good as it can get! Dazai is the best he can be as soon as he allows himself to be vulnerable and emotional and soft and honest, and Oda prompted him to do exactly that. And I know that's very arguable, but we literally do not know if Dazai ever truly loved anyone after joining the good guys, or if he's just doing good things because Oda asked him to instead of having an innate will to do good for a genuine love of human beings– maybe he's really doing all of that solely because he loved a man and he will never love anyone else; we really have no way to know, and it's up to interpretation. My take, while we're at it (because I'm drunk on tiredness and I can't stop talking), is that Dazai, even if coming from a place of having no fondness for humans and exclusively doing good because he was asked to rather than for a true conviction, got so accustomed to doing good, he actually... Became good (Aristotle and moral virtue being something you can get better at by practicing it). In that case, Oda would be someone who literally taught Dazai to love, and that's beautiful in its own way.
I didn't get much into Oda's side of the relationship; I feel like I don't know Oda a lot, I only watched the Dark Era episodes of the anime once ten months ago and even Beast doesn't feel like giving away much of his personality. But I do like to think he would love Dazai; if else, I feel like Dazai too is a special person to Oda like no one else is.
Also like, there's the fact that they're quite literally canon. Like I don't know what to tell you it's literally there. Not that many men out there Osamu Dazai would literally abandon everything he's ever known, completely turn his life upside down, start doing good without even believing in good, for. Characters who aren't canonically gay but who's actions don't make any sense until you interpret them as gay and stuff. It barely even count as queerbating tbh like it's just right there.
#Writing this was illuminating. Still don't like Dazai tho 😔#osamu dazai#I feel... Some of this *may* apply to Daz/atsu too but I have mixed feelings about it#sakunosuke oda#odazai#If they use the same criteria to write the name on Dazai's tomb they did for Oda it's literally going to say “o.dazai”#bsd#bungou stray dogs#mine#people asks me stuff#Thank you for this ask! As you can see I love giving my opinion on matters lmao#Besides yesterday I finally got around to finish watching the Beast movie and man I was not prepared for–#Dazai's voice cracking at the bar Lupin scene that scene was so good#Tbh for most of the time in the bsd fandom I thought fyo/dazai was my favorite Dazai ship but tbh...#I think I might have been mistaken to assume that#I mean I never thought about fyo/dazai as intensely as I do for odazai#And granted I don't think about Dazai a lot either way but still ///////#I MAY have rewatched some odazai bits from s2 ep4 and I MAY have gotten a little bit too emotional over these two#I mean. Dazai's desperation seriously??? Why is he suddenly so human??? I can't make this post any longer but I'm sobbing#I'm thinking about that time - I made a post about it that's going to be published at some point but whatever -#that time I was showing Oda's death scene to my cousin for whatever reason#And Dazai entered and he throws his coat away#And my cousin goes “what was that why did he throw his coat away”#And I answered without beating an eye “because that coat represents his position at the pm and everything he's ever known#and he's willing to throw all of that away and leave everything behind without even thinking about it if it's for Odasaku”#I'm not sure where that came from so promptly but I still think about it a lot#The fact that Odasaku spent the last moments of his life advising his friend on how to live because he cared about him–#and his last wish was literally for him to be happy and live a peaceful life. Okay that was not very heterosexual of you#Bones didn't have Dazai cry in that scene because they're cowards
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welcometogrouchland · 7 months
Oh my god. The way that you draw toh characters is exactly how they should look and people should be taking notes when they see your art. My soul is going to leave my body and I will only imagine them as the way you have drawn them. Your art is amazing and I'm going to go internally (metaphorically) explode now (/gen) (positive connotations)
I had to wait a good while to answer this BC I've been busy out of town but now I have a moment's rest I can say:
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
[ID: four reaction images- one is an MSPaint doodle of a figure with big eyes looking up at you smiling, the second is a photograph of a dressed up monkey with its hand on its cheek, the third is a little girl crying with motion blur and heart emojis edited over, and the last an MSPaint doodle of a figure hunched over crying as heart emojis are edited over their tears. End ID]
#ramblings of a lunatic#asks#THANK YOU I really appreciate the kind words! I love drawing the little owl blorbos#and tho it's definitely not to the same extent as the last thing I made fanart for (a podcast#so literally the maximum amount of freedom#-when it came to designs lol) it's fun to think abt how to put my own spin on things.#I love pretty much all interpretations of toh characters in fanart that I see?#I personally make myself keep them as close to canon as I can (bc I just dislike the experience of getting lost in fanon/-#-disconnected from the source material) so I try to make all my decisions justified to myself.#so like#amitys hooked nose is based on her dad's#willows skin tone is something between both her dad's#(even tho I don't necessarily subscribe to the theory that they're both her bio dads?-#-but that's a whole can of worms that I don't actually have a strong opinion on.-#-i only subscribe to it in fanart bc I think it's fun is what I'm getting at -#-but it's not my actual interpretation of canon#if that makes sense)#and I give Luz curly hair cause in some of the pictures in reaching out-#-it looks like she had hair like that when she was younger? And so did Camilla?#I know hair texture can change w/ time but for now I HC her and Camilla just straighten it. But that doesn't mean I have to <3#and then all of them get acne because they r teens and if i see another series that features teen characters and gives them no acne#i will scream!#(you can see this in my own ocs design. hits you with the cystic and hormonal acne beams)#all of this to say#thanks for appreciating and loving the personal touches i add to the toh characters!#i love canon but im not owned by disney and im allowed to flex my creative design muscles a bit more >:]
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iamcalmiamthestorm · 2 years
hey i’m your mutual and i think you’re cool and low key wanna be friends but i’m coward asf so hi hope ur doing well homie
Hi hello what’s up bestie it’s important that u know that my coolness is An Illusion but I’m always down for new tumblr friends!
Idk Which Mutual in Particular u are but all of u are cool as hell and I hope you’re also doing well :)
If u ever wanna message go for it! If not that’s also fine interactions are scary and all that jazz
#I am currently putting off watching many many hours of lectures for my test tomorrow which is very fun and sexy of me#future me will not agree#I’m also Very Bad at staying in touch so sorry to all the people who I’ve talked to like. once and then forgot to keep up with it#y’all can always just like. send a post that u think is funny or cool or whatever and chances are I will agree#that’s less pressure than holding a conversation lmao#also I usually won’t post my opinions on most fandom discord on my blog but I will certainly text abt it in messages lmao#whoops that word should say discourse but I don’t wanna rewrite the tag#if u ever see a post and ur like man this characterization is Not It I am always down to rant#I will say that if anyone messages me in the next couple days I probably won’t get back to y’all super quick bc it’s the end of the semester#and all my professors have decided that instead of giving finals on finals week they’ll just make all assignments and tests due this week#as to not overload us on finals week#which is nice in theory but in reality it means that I have So Many assignments due tomorrow and 2 tests and like. 5 quizzes#and almost nothing due on finals week lol#don’t y’all just love that I’ve hijacked a nice anon post to complain about school😌#continuing the segment of rambling in the tags about something semi related at best#anon I appreciate you#thanks for the ask :)#if u wanna message me go for it I’m pretty unintimidating I promise#okay now I’m done#anon#asks for me
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sevi-rous · 4 months
xavier thorpe.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
word count : 1.196
genre : fluff, schoolmates to lovers (?), mutual pining
warnings : bad grammar i think, a few errors [ please ignore ! ]
being raised in a family of artistic vampires was an emotional roller coaster. there was your mother, who had a ridiculous fondness for landscape painting. your father, who enjoyed abstract paintings and portrait drawings. your brother, who was a fan of realism. and, of course, you, who was a mixture of them all.
you were walking around campus, looking for anything interesting to draw or paint. you came to a halt near the archery field and noticed xavier thorpe sitting down with his bow beside him. you turned around and sat down on the nearest chair.
you began drawing him because you found his appearance intriguing. his face shape was... pretty. of course, in your own opinion. your gaze alternates between him and your sketchbook. your fingertips were filthy from smudging the pencil. you were finished in a matter of minutes. you sighed and stood up to return to your dorm.
"oh, who's that?" inquired your roommate, yoko. you flinched and instinctively shut your sketchbook. "uh, no one. it's my oc. original character, i mean..." you said as you sat up in bed. "are you sure? that looks exactly like xavier thorpe. since when was he your 'original character?'" she asks, chuckling.
you sighed and leaned back in your bed. turning to the side "oooh, do you like him? i can set you up with him," she whistles as she walks to her side of the room. "and how will you do that? you're not even close, yoko. i think you don't even talk together," you say, sitting up again, arms crossed across your chest.
"oh shush, [name]. we're not close, but we have this secret society. i hope you understand," she said as she opened her notebook. she takes out a pen and starts writing. she then folds it into an airplane and launches it at you.
you caught the plane and unfolded the paper. It was written there,
"xavier thorpe's phone number — xxx-xxxx-xxx
thank me later, ♡"
you give her a blank look before taking your phone and leaving the room. "stay safe, my lovely [name!]," she exclaims before laughing.
you put your hood on when you noticed it was raining outside. you walked through the halls, holding the paper that yoko had given you as well as your phone. you went around in circles, debating whether or not to text him. a notification appeared as you were about to enter his phone number.
from unknown:
hey, i saw you staring. do we have a problem?
to unknown:
who even r u
fom unknown:
dang you already forgot? seems like you were having a good time staring at me earlier
lol kidding
it's xavier
to unknown:
sorry i stared, didn't know u saw me
from unknown:
how couldn't i? you have a very powerful aura
to unknown:
i do?
from unknown:
what do you say about meeting up rn? i'm bored
to unknown:
um sure i guess
i have nothing to do anyways
from unknown:
i know
unknown started sharing their location with you.
you ran back to your dorm room, your fingers running through your hair. you rushed through the door, grabbing your sketchbook in haste. "woah, easy [name], are you okay?" yoko asks, but you've already left. "my roomie has a crush. i can't wait to tease her about this," she sighs and laughs.
when you see him waiting for you, you hide in a corner. he was sketching something in his own sketchbook. he had airpods in both of his ears. you can tell he's lost in the music because he kept bopping his head to the beat. it's nice to see him at ease.
you approach him slowly, but he is too preoccupied with drawing. you sit next to him, peering at what he's drawing. he flinched seeing you next to him, then hugged his sketchbook as if it were going to vanish. you both look at each other in shock, but when you see his face, you start laughing.
"why are you laughing?" he inquired, removing one of his airpods and placing it in its case. he flipped the sketchbook over and placed it beside him so you couldn't see it. "your face is hilarious," you continued to laugh.
"is that supposed to be a compliment or not?" you ask, making him scoff. "we only met today, and you're already making fun of me," he said, putting his hand on his chest and acting hurt. you laughed at his antics and looked through his sketchbook. "what did you draw earlier?"
"uh, random stuff. do you want to see my ability?" he asks, his gaze drawn to yours. "sure, bet it's cool."
"oh, it is," he laughs as he takes up his sketchbook. he turns to a page where he drew a spider. he holds his hands above the drawing, and you can see the spider slowly emerge from it. "woah, that's cool. is it real?" you exclaim, your eyes wide with admiration and curiosity. "no, squish it."
you let the spider crawl onto your hands then you squish the spider. the spider vanishes into dust. xavier can't seem to take his gaze away from you as your mouth forms a 'o.'
"say... why were you staring at me earlier? at the archery field?" he asks abruptly, jolting you awake from your daydream. "oh that. um," you fiddle with your fingers, debating whether or not to show him what you drew.
you sighed, lost. you reached for your sketchbook, which was resting on your thighs, and turned to the last page. you look away from him as you hand him your book.
he silently scans the page. you were clearly thinking a lot. 'was he mad that I drew him without his permission?' 'does the drawing look bad? "Am I bad at portrai—'
when he handed you back your book, you snapped out of your thoughts. when you looked at him, he was looking straight ahead. he appeared to have a lot on his mind.
"is it bad?" you wonder nervously. you were on the verge of fleeing, too embarrassed to listen to what he had to say. he gives you a quick glance before returning his attention to the scenery in front of him.
you were about to turn away when you noticed a small smile on his face. "no one's ever drawn me. i figured no one would draw me because I'm the artist. but you did. it's nice seeing my face on your sketchbook. it's nice. really nice," he rambles, biting the inside of his cheek to keep from smiling.
"actually, i've been drawing you as well. i saw you once at Weathervane and you looked... cool. i don't usually leave nevermore, but i came to stop by weathervane every single day just to see you. oh god, that... sounds creepy, sorry," he laughs nervously, avoiding your gaze.
"no, it's fine. you're cool. this is all... so cool," you say, smiling up at the ceiling. "thank you," he mumbles.
"hm? for what?"
"for drawing me."
"And thank you," you say with a smile.
he looks at you, puzzled.
"for drawing me as well."
Tumblr media
© sevi-rous (0i8ma). do not plagiarize, copy, repost, or translate my work. reblogs are appreciated.
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oepionie · 13 days
Synopsis: Yuuken interrogates some of the boys on the campus about their special someone. Hearing their loving ramblings on you was certainly not what he expected.
Tags: Self-Indulgent, Fluff, Angst if you squint really hard, Reader is not Yuu, Tweels are a bit...too mad in love, I brainrotted so hard, You're Malleus' fiancee, Malleus doesn't know how to tell a joke someone help him
Cw. Riddle's Mother, Overworking, Hospitalizations, Poor living conditions, Illness, Bullying, Allusions to violence, Marriage, Tad bit of possesive behavior, Description of stabbing
WordCount: 2k+ | 💌Masterlist
Tumblr media
About: Riddle's Rose
"Rose? I see you've met that troublesome intern at the library. That's a nickname. Their name is (Y/N) and yes, they are my partner." "A-Ah? I'm so direct? Well, you asked me a question! Though...I would prefer that this discussion end here. I prefer to keep my relationship with them private.”
Chat: Childhood Memories
“Ever since we were young, (Y/N) was quite rebellious. The complete opposite of me as a child, really. They were always sneaking off during the night and coming over to visit me. Mother...didn't approve of them and often screamed in their face. I was quite terrified she would scare them away, though that didn't stop them at all. Haha, I think they got even more persistent afterwards. I am truly glad I met them.”
Personal Story: To the Hospital
“Again...? I see. Thank you, Trey. Hmph, I'll have to schedule another visit once more."
> "Riddle? What's wrong?"
"Ah, Yuuken—It's Rose. They've gotten admitted to the hospital...again. (Y/N) is quite impulsive and tends to bite off more than they can chew. On more than occasion, like now, I would find out about their hospital admissions via Trey days or even weeks after."
>"Aren't you dating? Why aren't they telling you?"
"They claim that they withhold the information from me out of concern for my workload or out of fear of being a burden. Though that is—a sentiment I don't understand. Nothing is more important to me than their health."
About: The Photo In His Wallet
"Where is it?! Man, I'm so fucked if I lost it—Oh?! Oi, Yuuken! That wallet's mine! Man, thanks a lot. I really would've been screwed over if it weren't for you." "Eh? The photo? Shishishishi curious, aren't cha? Hmmm...how 'bout this? You get me a steaming hot meat bun and I'll give you a story time about them."
Chat: A Hopeful Future
"My studies? Course I take them seriously! That's what's gonna' put food on the table one day. Plus, I wanna' give (Y/N) the life they deserve—What'd I mean? Well, if I'm going to be their husband, I want 'em to live comfortably. It's not like we need anythin' luxurious, anyways. As long as we're together and there's enough food to go by, it's going to be all right."
Personal Story: In Sickness and In Health
"....that's good to hear. Please look after 'em, granny. Love ya." The call ends and Ruggie sighs. "That's the best news I've received since."
"Guh-?! Man! What's with you and sneaking up on me!? Yeah yeah—you heard right...news. Granny just called me to talk about (Y/N), their health is looking up. Tell ya' what, I knew that deal with Azul was worth it. I managed to snag some medicine and send it home."
>"Oh? Medicine?"
"Yeah. Ever since my first year of high school, they were sick and bedridden. (Y/N)'s parents don't have enough money for a doctor, so there's not much they can do. Of course, I'm out here doin' my best to help too."
"I really...I really wanna see them up and runnin' again. Hey, who knows—maybe we'll get to make flower crowns for the village kids again...together."
About: An Interrogation
"Yuuken, you’ve met (Y/N), I hear. Well, as their partner, it's only right that I ask you about it. I assume you don't mind. So, what is your opinion of them? Nothing short of perfection, I hope."
"Hm? You think they're nice? Good then."
Chat: Busy Octoboss
"With all the deals, my maintenance of my academic ranking, and my position as Monstro Lounge's manager, my workload is quite substantial compared to most. And, I regret to say that it does get in the way of my personal life, including quality time with my lover. It tears at my heart, yet I cherish how they're so understanding and patient. Still, sometimes I can't help but think I am undeserving of them..."
Personal Story: Deep Sea Bonds
"My childhood is not something that I appreciate or want to remember. Yet, despite everything I've been through, I do think it is pleasant to look back on the days when I met them. You see, (Y/N) was bullied too. They were just like me, relentlessly bad mouthed and hurt by the kids around us. However, they never failed to greet me every day with a bright smile on their face."
>"What a sunny person."
"They'd also always have the courage and bravery to stand up for me, often taking the brunt of the bullying. I wish I could say I did the same for them...but I was far too cowardly back then..."
>"Wow. You two must be really close, then."
"Of course. They've been through a lot.Which is exactly why I won't allow anyone to speak ill of them anymore." Azul pauses, smiling slyly. "Say, Yuuken. You'll tell me if anyone casts aspersions on my Angelfish, won't you?"
About: A Helping Hand
"Hm? What's that? Ah, you’ve met my darling pearl. I see. I do notice how you’ve been frequenting Monstro Lounge lately…Have you perhaps acquired a romantic interest towards them? No? Hehe, Alright." "Now, to answer your question, yes, that is right; (Y/N) routinely comes over to visit and aid me in my Mountain Treks. I couldn't be more grateful for their assistance."
Chat: The Pearl Ring
"Oya? I see you're curious about the ring I've been crafting. Well, it's for (Y/N). You see, in merfolk culture, we create handcrafted jewelry to serve as a courting gift. This is one of many ornaments I plan on giving them. Though, this one is...particularly unique. Ah, well...(Y/N) Leech does have a nice ring to it, does it not?"
Personal Story: A Jaded Reaction
"Oya? (Y/N) is spending the night at Ramshackle? Whatever reason for?"
>"Grim wanted to have a game night."
"Ah. I see. How...lovely. What's that? My smile is frightening you? Oho, now is it? Hehe, my deepest apologies. We eels tend to be quite...protective. I so anticipate you to take good care of them. And fret not, as long as you keep them away from any harm, no disputes shall arise."
>"Uh...and if something happened?"
"What if something happened...? Well, I'm sure you wouldn't mind being hunted down the face of the earth, tied up, and pulled down to the deepest pits of the blue ocean, where no one can hear your anguished cries for help...Would you?" 
"Just joking. I would never do that."
About: A Sea Walnut
"(Y/N)? Aha~~~ You've heard of my little sea walnut? They're so adorable and squishy, yanno!—Is there a problem? If you got a problem with 'em, I'll squeeze you." "Oh? Not scared at all, huh? Ehe~ You sure are ballsy. Tread carefully now, shrimpy~!"
About: Ocean Currents
"Whenever a strong ocean current comes, sea walnut always huddles close to me and grabs my arm. They've always been afraid of being blasted away."
"They used to do that a lot when we were kids, but it never gets old. Hehe~ Sometimes, I lead them to places where the waves are strong, jus' so they can cling onto me! It's so funny to see 'em get afraid and scramble after me when I move too far away. "
Personal Story: Shark Attack
"Hmm~? Oh, what're these bite marks? Rad, aren't they? I got them after fighting a buncha' sharks."
>"Sharks?! Why would you do that?"
"To get these. It's shark teeth. Our anniversary is comin' up, and Jade suggested that I should make some jewelry for them. It's a merfolk courting thing. Azul 'n Jade told me to get them pearls, but I thought that was boring. So, I'm making one with shark teeth instead! Isn't that cool~?"
>"I-I guess, but what happened to the sharks?"
"Ugh. None of them were a fun hunt. The entire hoard swam away so fast. Can you believe it???… I’m not the typa eel who would let my prey get away that easily, though. And it’s not like I had anything better to do. Ehehe! There were so many of those sharks swarming around, but I managed to squeeze them all! Well, it was worth it in the end cuz I got what I wanted. I'll do anythin' for my little sea walnut~"
About: A Hearty Meal
“What am i doing? Well, I'm making some Roast Chicken with Sumac Flatbread. Oh? Who's (Y/N)? Ah, Kalim must have told you, huh. (Y/N) is my partner. They are truly wonderful."
"For example—Though I like to think I'm skilled at disguising my true feelings, the moment I go to see them, they already know what I'm thinking. They have a keen sense of intuition and always seem to know what I need and when I need it. Truly, I'm grateful for such a caring—Ah, I'm sorry. I was rambling again."
Chat: Snake-Eyed Envy
"I can't dispute that a lot of people back home are vying for their affection.That bothers me at times. As Kalim's babysitter-ehem, retainer, I don't have enough time to check in on them every day...However, as cheesy as it sounds, I have yet to meet someone who is as smitten with (Y/N) as I am."
Personal Story: World Left Unsaid
"I soon understood that I was more than the circumstances of my birth, all thanks to (Y/N). In fact, My bond with Kalim has become stronger and more genuine thanks to them. I...realized my hatred for Kalim was just my desire for my circumstances to be different...I didn't hate him at all. Without (Y/N), I would never have understood it."
>"They must be very important to you, Jamil."
"Absolutely. I was terrified that I might lose them after my overblot. But to my surprise, they stayed with me. Naturally, it hurt them, but they were really compassionate towards me and about how much I had to go through."
>"Do they know of what you feel?"
"I...I don't think (Y/N) realizes just how much I cherish them. I don't think now's the right time for that though. I've hurt them too much and I still have a long way to go before I fix things."
About: He's Engaged?!
"I am, indeed, betrothed. Heh. Why are you looking so bewildered, Child of Man? If I'm going to be a king someday, it only makes sense that I would need someone to reign alongside me, no? At first glance, (Y/N) may seem aloof, but as you get to know them more, you'll see that they are actually incredibly lovely and warm."
"You never thought I was one for romance? My, my... What a bold statement, you best learn how to hold your tongue. Have you considered that I could use lightning to smite you where you stand?...Now, now—That was a joke. You don't have to cower in fear."
Chat: Safe And Sound
"My precious treasure tells me that I tend to get protective at times. Though can you really fault a lover for wanting to protect the one who is most important to them in this cruel, ruthless world. One where others will not hesitate to turn on you?"
Personal Story: The Art Of War
"I am actually the first of my lineage to wed someone who is not a noble. You see, (Y/N) is a knight-in-training. And, as you can probably guess, they served as my retainer. To see them at work was truly a magnificent sight to witness. They command attention and radiate strength. While I had always admired them, I could not bring myself to express my true feelings to them. Until...that night."
>"That night?"
"Yes. On the evening of Silver's 16th birthday, someone had rushed at me with a dagger in hand. (Y/N) was the first to respond and took the hit for me...The sound of their screams as the knife tore through their flesh was truly...horrifying."
>"That's horrible! What happened to the guy?"
"Worry not, he was taken care of accordingly....If there is anything I’ve learned from Lilia's many teachings, it’s that the worst calamities that befall an army arise from hesitation. To avoid further offensives, one must deal with and eliminate adversaries as soon as possible. Don't you think so?"
Tumblr media
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lu-sn · 4 months
i am here today to talk about HORRIBLE OVERSIGHT in the pete fandom we NEED to correct our ways and see the light
but it is ok i will Explain
ok do u see this
Tumblr media
this is a pha khao ma (spelling up for debate). it's a waistcloth commonly worn in south and southeast asia — you may have heard of it as a lungi / longyi. it's a rectangular, light, soft piece of cloth that (mostly) men tie around their (mostly) waists to wear in hot humid climates because it's very comfy and breezy and dries fast.
some fun facts:
it's very common to wear right out of the bath / shower because the dampness stays on your skin for a while after so this helps air it out
underwear is ✨ optional ✨ (although really mostly only at home. the fear of being pantsed in public is universal, after all)
it's often worn at home, but people wear it out as well and it is especially common in rural communities. if you've got a bunch of old uncles sitting outside on a veranda in a small town, they're all maybe sitting around in pha khao mas
(let me follow this up with: while it is common in rural regions, people in rural areas all over thailand do also just wear shirts and shorts and pants 😂 it is merely an option, not a rule)
what you see is the casual version. there are much more formal versions, and fashionable versions, and they are apparently having a resurgence with the thailand youth rn
the plaid-like patterning is a specific design that has centuries of history in thailand! different regions produce styles of designs with vibrantly different colors and dyes, and they're very proud of it
there's many ways to tie it: in these pictures, pete has it tied so that it hangs down well past his knees, but you can hoist them up to mostly be around your upper legs (leaving the knees showing). this gives you a TON more mobility to, say, run around or climb trees or beat up people
here is a reference of real people wearing pha khao mas. as you can see they are chilling
Tumblr media
and the most important fun fact of all:
post-canon pete wears it ALL. THE. TIME.
we know pete wears these in the privacy of his home! they're his comfy post-shower post-workout jammies! every time we see him with one he has a different one! HE HAS LIKE SIX MORE OF THESE TUCKED AWAY.
he probably wore them a lot around his yaai. and now, at home, vegas sees him in them CONSTANTLY.
you may be looking at me, and then looking at these photos, and then looking again at me, and going, lu, noooooooo, this ruins the post-canon pete being unbearably cute and stylish and hot agenda!!! to which i say
it ENHANCES IT. it's about the DICHOTOMY
vegas watches as pete walks out of the bathroom wearing one of these and nothing else, and they're riding real low on his hips, and vegas chokes out a "what the hell are you wearing" and pete leans against the doorframe and wiggles his eyebrows and puts on his thickest northern accent and says "you wanna fuck me so bad city boy" and he's RIGHT OKAY VEGAS HATES THEM AND VEGAS DOES WANT TO FUCK HIM SO BAD ANYWAYS
macau gives pete sooo much shit for it but then he watches pete kick ass in one during training one day and pete looks like some rural film movie star in his tank top and pha khao ma and his fists of fury and macau goes, huh, actually, phi looks fucking cool, can i have one
when they visit yaai pete basically forgoes pants and just wears these all the time and blends in with all the old grandpas who pat pete on the back and ask him for his opinions on politics and vegas is so fucking confused and totally in love do you UNDERSTAND
anyway. all of this to say, if you were to write fics where pete wears a pha khao ma and/or draw him in one it would be HIGHLY CANONICALLY ACCURATE. and i would love you. thank u for coming to my ted talk.
(and thanks to @minorfamilysupremacy for being the first victim of said ted talk)
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tongue-like-a-razor · 4 months
hangman request incoming ‼️‼️
so the reader is best friends w rooster and whenever she’s around hangman he’s always quite rude to her, only bc he’s harbouring huge feelings for her which he isn’t very used to. then maybe he goes too far and rooster needs to talk some sense into him (reader could be a pilot or just a close friend of rooster’s)
SORRY i’m not great and giving requests but i hope there’s something in there that you like !
Ahhhh I LOVE this request!! And I really loved writing this piece, which may or may not turn into a series.. oops I couldn't resist haha
Less Talk | Part I
Jake Seresin x F!Reader
Summary: Jake can't stand Bradley's best friend. What's more, he's probably in love with her, which really pisses him off.
CW: mild angst, Hangman being a dick aka Hangman being himself, unresolved sexual tension, swearing, drinking
Tumblr media
“Do you ever not have an opinion?” Jake watches you irritably before taking a long swig of his drink. He needs the alcohol to calm his nerves so that he doesn’t inadvertently push you off your chair.
You glare at him. “You’d like that, wouldn’t you? A nice, safe space for Seresin to dominate the conversation without opposition.”
Jake lets out a steady breath. No one riles him quite like you do. “We’re talking about food, Y/N. It doesn’t exactly have global ramifications.”
“Actually, it does,” you respond matter-of-factly. “And are you saying I shouldn’t have an opinion unless it is ground-breaking in nature? Maybe I should just sit here quietly and look pretty.”
“Ha!” Jake cackles. “I would love to see you try.”
“Hangman!” Bradley, who’s sitting to your right, gives him a disapproving look.
You make a grimace. “I will never give you that kind of satisfaction.”
Jake meets your gaze with a hostile look. The thought of you satisfying him in any way sort of disorients him. He makes a face at you because he can’t deny that if you were to just sit there in silence, you would be exceptionally pleasant to look at. Pretty, even�� maybe. Instead, he says, “How the fuck does eating avocado toast for lunch have global implications? I would love to know.”
“The recent surge in consumption of avocados - thanks to health nuts such as yourself - has led to an unprecedented increase in price to the point where those people whose culinary staple for generations has been the avocado cannot afford to keep it their diet.” You fold your arms over your chest to drive your point home while Jake just stares at you, speechless. No other woman in the world has ever rendered him that. He glances over at Bradley who is looking back at him with a slight grin. Just when Jake thinks you might be all talked out, you add, “And don’t even get me started on the environmental burden of growing enough avocados to sustain the whole of North America’s health culture.”
Jake blinks at you. “Trust me, I wasn’t planning on it.”
“The avocado trade is contributing to local violence and extortion” – you continue, but Jake cuts you off.
“Okay, okay!” he says. “I’ll never eat an avocado again.”
“Just quit spreading your avocado propaganda!”
“It’s not propaganda! They’re actually good for you!”
“How wonderful it must be living in a world where your needs come before everybody else’s,” you say bitterly.
“Can we please talk about something other than avocados?” he says tiredly, his eyes sliding to Bradley in a plea for assistance.
“If you’re looking for a topic on which I do not have an opinion” – you say, but Jake interrupts you again.
“Does such a topic exist?” he asks flatly.
You roll your eyes at him. “Did you ever think that maybe you’re the one who should talk less?”
Jake nods. “Certainly. I should talk less to you. Because you’re driving me crazy, lady.” He stands up after having downed the rest of his drink. “I’m getting another beer and, when I return, I’m going to have a conversation with my good friend here, Rooster.”
Bradley shakes his head and looks over at you. “Don’t mind him, he’s just a bitter, bitter man.”
“A bitter man who needs to be schooled on occasion,” you mutter.
Jake turns to look at you with wide eyes. He slides back into his seat. “I heard that,” he says dangerously, inclining into the table.
“Good,” you respond, leaning forward so that your noses are nearly touching. “You were meant to.”
“You are so fucking annoying,” he whispers, his eyes slipping momentarily to your mouth as you lick your lips.
“Hangman, come on, don’t be a dick,” Bradley says, also putting his weight into the table in an attempt to intervene.
Jake’s eyes are still scanning your face as you glare at him without moving away. The truth is, he could probably listen to you talk about the problematic export of Mexican avocados for hours just to watch your mouth move and to hear the passion in your voice. But he’s tired of the tunnel vision he experiences every time your boyfriend ditches you and you end up going out with your best friend, Bradley Bradshaw. This is the fifth time this month that you’ve accompanied Rooster to ‘guys’ night out’ and it’s becoming more and more difficult for Jake to shake you after each successive evening of relentless verbal sparring.
Out of the corner of his eye, Jake can see Bradley slowly inching off the table, having realized that he may be a third wheel. But Jake doesn’t need him to be some sort of wingman in this bizarre scenario where he may or may not be completely in love with an unavailable woman who happens to be an expert at pushing all his goddamn buttons. Normally, he would remedy this kind of matter with a good old romp in the hay but, considering the fact that you are in a relationship, this option is, unfortunately, off the table. Besides, he’s not entirely sure it wouldn’t have the opposite effect on him, anyway.
But, despite all the reasons for avoiding your pull, Jake can’t look away, not even for a second; not even to get another beer. He moves his face a millimeter closer to yours, just to see what would happen; not because your breath smells like Peach Schnapps and not because your eyes are absolutely destabilizing him. His nose is about a split second away from brushing yours when your phone buzzes on the table. You flinch, withdrawing immediately, leaving Jake to watch you try to frantically pick it up. You shoot him one last intimidating look before rising from the table.
“Hey, babe,” he hears you say as you walk away.
“What’s your deal, man?” Bradley says as Jake watches you step outside.
Jake shakes his head solemnly. “Doesn’t she have other friends to play with?” he asks. “Why’re you always babysitting her?”
Bradley fixes Jake with a knowing look. “Hangman,” he says with a suggestive squint to his eye. “Is there something you want to tell me?”
Jake stares at Bradley. “Yeah,” he says. “I want to tell you that your bestie is a pain in the ass, Rooster.”
Bradley’s jaw hardens. “You’re way out of line.”
“Come on, I can’t be the only one who finds her absolutely infuriating. The girl never shuts up!”
Bradley narrows his eyes. “And you don’t, at all, find that sort of thing attractive?” he says sarcastically.
“Attractive? I find it immensely aggravating, actually.”
“So aggravating that you argue right back every time,” Bradley points out with a smirk. “Movies, books, social constructs. Last week, I heard you guys bickering about space waste. What do you even know about space?”
“What does she know about space?” Jake responds angrily, pointing toward the door with his entire arm.
Bradley leans back in his seat with a sigh. “I know that you don’t actually hate her, Jake,” he says. “You can stop pretending.”
“Who’s pretending?” Jake looks up at him aggressively.
Bradley purses his lips. “What if I told you that her boyfriend is a shithead?”
Jake’s jaw tightens but he continues to stare at Bradley coldly. “Why the fuck would I care?” he says.
Bradley returns his callous expression before looking away. “Been trying to get her out of that relationship for months.”
Jake lets out a sigh. “She’s a grown-ass woman, she can decide for herself if she wants to end it.”
Bradley nods. “Yeah, you’re probably right.”
Jake rises from his seat, his eyes unintentionally drifting up to check if you’re still outside. He sees you pacing back and forth through the big window of the bar. You look like you’re arguing. Big surprise. “Want another beer?” he asks Bradley.
“Please,” Bradley says.
Jake nods at the cocktail you’ve been drinking. “She going to have another one?”
Bradley shrugs. “Probably, unless you’ve pissed her off enough that she decides to leave early.”
Jake scoffs. “She’d be doing me a favor.”
Bradley shakes his head with a laugh. “I don’t even know what she’s drinking, man.”
Jake shifts his jaw. “I do.”
Bradley gives him another piercing look. “Shocking,” he says with a smirk.
“Shut the fuck up, Bradshaw,” Jake says under his breath as he walks away. He glances back at the window behind which you’re now waving your arm around aggressively and yelling into the phone. He tears his gaze away from you, frustrated with himself for even giving a damn.
For some reason, he feels a painful pang in his chest, like he’s jealous of whomever it is you’re tearing into. You’ve never gone off on him quite like that and he can’t help the resentment this fosters. He tries to suppress the impulse to go out after you and rip your stupid phone right out of your hand. That would surely reclaim at least a fraction of your attention. Then maybe he could do something unexpected; something that might persuade you to channel your passion in a more constructive way.
He orders three drinks and walks back to the table with the beers before going back for your cocktail. When he returns, he exhales sharply, giving Bradley a humorless look. “Why’s her boyfriend a shithead?” he says, feeling his hands forming into fists before Bradley even has a chance to respond.
But, right when Bradley’s about to speak, you walk back into the bar.
Read Part 2
A/N: Hope you enjoyed this piece! It's my first Hangman story, so let me know what you think!
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theharddeck · 4 months
can't unfeel that // Jake Seresin x fem!reader
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
pairing: hangman x reader (no y/n)
synopsis: jake and his FWB are going strong, totally not developing feelings, totally unaffected and happily still in friends territory...in completely unrelated news, Jake discovers a breeding kink
word count: 8k of smut interspersed with feelings
A/N: This fic is a follow up to kinda might, sorta like, love you a little bit; it’s not necessary to read that first, but it is the dynamic (if you haven’t read it, that’s where Jake discovers choking so it’s a fun time) (also the title is another line from the same song). Thank you to @gigisimsonmars for the inspo and beta-ing, and @laracrofted and @bradshawsbitch for opinions, moral support, and straight up coaching!! 💙
Warnings: 18+ explicit content, minors DNI explicit PiV, unprotected sex, non negotiated breeding kink—friendly reminder this is a work of FICTION oh my god use protection and communicate explicitly with your partner beforehand please please please— f!receiving oral sex, hint on condescension, denied/delayed orgasm, overstimulation…if none of that phases you, there’s also swearing.
This was friend behavior; friends totally go grocery shopping together. 
It definitely wasn’t a big deal that you and Jake were at a Whole Foods, him looking for some kind of weird protein powder while you picked through cartons of blackberries. 
It was absolutely casual that he’d moved into a small house off base, and you were spending the night more often than not.
Your friends with benefits situation was continuing as expected, and the domesticity of it all was not, in any way whatsoever, throwing you off. 
You wrinkled your nose at your reflection in the mirrors over the produce section, wondering who you were convincing. In the mirrors, you saw a man with a child on his hip come up to peruse the bell pepper section, and you stepped aside to give them more room. 
“I’m so sorry to bother, but would you mind?”
You were surprised when the man spoke to you, and you turned to see him sheepishly looking between the rows of bell peppers, and the toddler who wouldn’t let go of her father, her lower lip quivering dangerously each time he readjusted his grip to reach for some vegetables. 
“Of course,” you said, pulling down a produce bag. “What can I grab for you?”
“Actually,” the man shifted the child on his hip, “could you just take her for a minute? My wife sent this massive list and I have like a dozen things I need to get, and it’d just be faster…”
“Oh,” you said, looking at the girl who looked dubiously back at you, trying not to read gender roles and expectations into someone just asking for help. “If it’ll help, sure.” 
“Thank you so much,” the man sighed in relief, handing over the child with little fanfare. The kid looked at you suspiciously, and you settled her onto your hip, not giving her a chance to second guess the arrangement. The man moved quickly down the aisle, pulling out a list to consult and grabbing different vegetables, as you narrated to the child, hoping the steady flow of information would be enough to offset the fact that she was being held by a stranger.
“Did you know,” you told her quietly, “that Brussels sprouts grow on stalks, like almonds? They look like little cabbages, and they’re technically related, I think, but they don’t come out of the ground like that. The pattern they grow in is actually called helical—which I’ve never said aloud until this moment, but it’s the same base word as helix, so I hope I got it right—around the stalk…”
You rambled on as the father continued to dart up and down the aisle, coming back occasionally to drop the bagged produce into the trolley. You heard a familiar footstep on the linoleum, and turned both you and the child towards it. 
“And that man over there,” you told her, smiling conspiratorially as Jake rounded the corner, his boots giving a distinctive cadence to his step, “didn’t believe me when I told him it’s actually Brussels sprouts, with an ‘s’ at the end.”
Jake’s face went on a journey when he found you, then registered that you were holding an unfamiliar child, and his eyes slid over to the father running frantically up and down the aisle. A strange expression settled on his face when he looked back at you, almost frowning, as he walked closer to you. 
“It’s not his fault,” you continued to the toddler, who was watching Jake with open fascination as he approached. “He’s a cretin whose unpopular vegetable of choice is an asparagus.”
“Ha ha,” Jake deadpanned as he stepped beside you, looking between you and the child with that same unfamiliar expression on his face. “What’s this?”
The father chose that moment to reappear, dropping a mesh bag of yellow onions, a carton of fingerling potatoes, a bundle of scallions, and a couple heads of garlic into the trolley, and nodding at Jake before turning back to you.
“Honestly, you’re a lifesaver,” he thanked you fervently, reaching for his kid. She went without complaint, and you briefly envied her unflappability, before you were preoccupied by other things. 
Things like Jake stepping way into your personal space, and leaning forward to brush a kiss on your cheek. You shivered, surprised by the contact, but Jake stared intently at the man’s retreating figure, juggling his daughter and the trolley, either unaware of or unbothered by the heavy gaze following him. 
“What was that?” you asked him, as soon as the man finally rounded the corner. Jake’s nose wrinkled, before he shook his head and stepped out of your personal space. He wasn’t looking at you, but held out the shopping basket towards you, showing a brown envelope labeled Organic Pea Protein on top of the groceries you’d already picked out. 
“I found the powder,” he said, his voice level, and you weren’t sure if you were crazy or if he was suppressing. But Jake didn’t look like he was going to divulge any additional information, so you reached behind you haphazardly, grabbing the first carton of berries your fingers closed on. 
“And I’ve got the berries,” you announced. You checked your selection as you dropped it into the basket, mentally grimacing when you saw you’d picked blueberries.
“You hate blueberries,” Jake said, frowning slightly. 
“Sure do,” you muttered, looking at them, before pasting a smile on your face to look back at Jake. “But we’ve committed at this point. Anything else we need?”
Jake looked at you for a long moment, then shook his head tersely. “Uh, no. No, let’s go.”
You were both quiet as you stood in line to check out, making cordial conversation with the cashier, and then fading out as you carried the paper grocery bags out to the truck. The silence was almost disconcerting, but Jake didn’t seem upset, just like he was focusing intently on something, you weren’t sure what. You were loading the groceries into the backseat behind the passenger door when you realized Jake wasn’t opposite you, and that his bags had already been loaded. You were looking around for him when strong hands closed around your waist, and Jake pulled you to him, closing the door in front of you, before pressing you against the side of his truck. You expected him to turn you to face him, but you braced yourself against the truck when he didn’t, his broad body caging you against the door. 
“Jake?” you asked softly, unsure what he needed, or was looking for, knowing that sometimes it was easier for him to feel you than to tell you. You could feel him drawing in slow breaths from the way his chest expanded against your back, and his hips pressed slightly forward at your soft question.
“Just a sec,” he said gruffly, his voice muffled as he turned his face into your hair. He wasn’t kissing and he wasn’t nuzzling; it just felt like he was grounding himself by touching you, and you knew that, despite trying to convince yourself otherwise by the bell peppers, your heart was in trouble. Because not only only did you not mind, you wish he’d let you do this more. 
You nodded, sliding your hand up the side of the truck so you could rest your face on the back of it, while you waited for him. Jake drew in a couple more breaths, and then his hands on your waist loosened, as he turned you to face him. 
You went easily, arms dropping from the truck to his shoulders, hoping if your presence had steadied him, your touch could do the same. His eyes were stormy, the green of them clouded over by something complicated, something messy, and your hand snuck up from his shoulder to the back of his head, pulling his face down to you. You didn’t kiss him, but you watched his eyes slide closed as you pressed his forehead to yours, and his shoulders dropped slightly. 
“Want to tell me about it?” you asked quietly. 
He didn’t say anything, but you felt him shake his head, his hair scratching your forehead from where it was trapped between you. 
“Want to get out of here?” you asked instead, and this time felt him nod, causing something like pride to well up in your chest, relieved that he’d trust you enough to be able to voice what he wanted.
“Okay, then,” you said, gently as you could, “ let’s go.”
Again, Jake nodded, and you felt his hands tighten on your waist.
“When we get home,” he said, his voice rough, “I’m unloading the groceries. You’re going straight to my bed, changing out of this, and into my old Staubach tshirt.”
Jake didn’t phrase it like a question, but you knew he was asking it anyway, so you nodded. You felt him exhale a long breath against your cheek, like relief, and then he released you suddenly, like he had to do it at once or he wouldn’t at all. 
He stepped away from you to open the passenger door, made sure your feet were tucked in before shutting it, then crossed in front of the truck quickly, pulling the truck out of the lot before his word choice snagged in your mind—home. 
You looked at Jake out of the corner of your eye and he wove the truck in and out of traffic. His eyes were squinted against the bright sunlight, but the expression on his face was unfamiliar to you. His jaw was clenched, and his hands were tight on the steering wheel, and when one dropped to the stick to shift gears, the movement was terse, precise. You wanted to be a more altruistic person, you did, but realistically, something warmed deep in your stomach as you anticipated what that meant for when you got home. 
 When he pulled into the driveway, Jake was out of truck before it’d fully stopped, yanking open your door and turning you to face him, on the edge of the seat. You fumbled to undo your safety belt as his hand on the back of your neck drew your mouth to his, his lips claiming yours in a hungry kiss. 
Your eyes fluttered shut and you reached a hand up to his jawline to steady yourself as he pressed you back against the seat. He kissed you hard, heavy, and you knew there was something he was saying that he wasn’t telling you, but you couldn’t quite read it off his lips. His mouth moved hungrily over yours, then he pulled himself back, pressing chaste kisses on the corners of your lips, your chin, across your cheekbones. 
“Upstairs,” he said, his voice low. “Be ready for me.”
The heat that had been curling in your belly since the parking lot fanned into a flame in his words, and you nodded mutely. Jake helped you out of the cab of the truck (a couple more kisses and a smidge more of that voice, and you probably would’ve slid off the seat), and you walked on unsteady legs towards the house. 
Upstairs, you rooted through Jake’s pajama drawer, looking for the worn navy tshirt he’d requested. You could hear the refrigerator door opening and shutting as Jake shuffled groceries around the kitchen, and you stripped unceremoniously, before pulling the tshirt over your head. The material felt soft, the hem falling just to the tops of your thighs. Jake’s footsteps sounded on the stairs and you darted over to the bed, perching on the edge of it as he came into the room. 
At the sight of you, something softened in his demeanor. 
His shoulders lost some of their tension, even as he pulled in a deep breath, looking at you. Your thighs pressed together as you fought the urge to squirm under the intensity of his gaze, no less unsettling for its familiarity. He noticed, of course, his eyes darting down to your thighs, and an almost-smile growing on his lips.  
He walked into the room slowly, each step measured, and by the time he made it to the bed you were practically vibrating with need. To hear his voice, to feel his touch, to know you’d generated some kind of reaction from him, while you sat fidgeting. 
Jake stopped in front of you, running a finger along the neckline of the shirt, and you couldn’t help but lean towards him. 
“Thank you.”
He said it quietly, and it surprised you. You weren’t sure if he meant for changing, for waiting, for understanding that he couldn’t say whatever it was, but as you met his eyes as he stood over you, you nodded an unspoken ‘you’re welcome’. 
Jake’s hand trailed down the front of the tshirt, his touch warm even through the cotton. His fingers stalled when he reached your breasts, his thumbs passing languidly over you as he confirmed you weren’t wearing anything underneath. Your nipples hardened under his teasing touch, light and unhurried, even as his eyes darkened. 
“So good for me,” Jake murmured, and his hands dropped farther. He tapped the tops of your thighs and you opened them obediently. There was no pretense here, no point in pretending his words and his authority didn’t affect you. As you parted your legs, Jake sank to his knees beside the bed, his eyes flashing as he bent level to your hips.
“Sweetheart,” he whispered, his warm breath ghosting over you, the endearment falling from his lips like it was natural, even if it was only when you were like this, “is this for me?”
He pressed a feather-light kiss to your core, his tongue darting out between his lips to taste you and you knew what he meant—you were already glistening with arousal. Jake’s fingers came up to grip your thighs and he inhaled deeply as he spread your legs farther, sending a flush of color across your chest. You always felt desired with Jake, but sometimes it felt carnal, the way he needed you to fill all his senses. 
Another light kiss, another sweep of his tongue, tantalizing promises and teases for the both of you. You leaned back on your hands, braced on the bed, as Jake’s gentle touches continued. It wasn’t at all what you’d expected, this soft exploration, and your hips lifted towards him, asking for more. 
He pulled back.
You whimpered at the loss of his mouth, looking down to see him licking his lips. Jake’s chin was wet, shining with your arousal, and he’d barely touched you. 
“Jake…” you started, your body canting towards him, but his hands on your legs stilled you. 
“Asked you a question,” he mumbled, holding your eyes while he leaned in to place another chaste kiss on your cunt. His lips closed over you, his tongue curled against you, and you trembled at the dark look in his eyes. 
“Yes, fuck,” you breathed, and Jake sucked where his lips had sealed, a reward. “All for you, Jake, only you.”
He hummed, the vibration causing your head to fall back as he placed another maddeningly controlled kiss on your core. He lapped at you slowly, pulling your arousal into his mouth, savoring your taste, taking his time. You realized you were trembling, your body shaking as Jake took what he desired, finding his pleasure between your thighs. 
He kissed you, again, again, a soft trail up to your clit. When he rolled his tongue over that tight mound, your arms gave out, one of your hands tangling into his hair while you fell back to your other elbow. 
Jake chuckled against your core. 
“Need something, sweetheart?” he asked, licking a long stroke up your cunt. Your back arched and you cried out as Jake smirked into you, his tongue circling your clit. “Use your words.”
“More,” you gasped, your hips bucking into his touch. “Please, Jake, I need more.”
“More?” Jake asked, his voice low, and his teeth brushed over your clit as he sucked. You moaned, and Jake soothed you with more light kisses before you felt him shifting. A moment later, a thick finger traced along your folds, and you nodded feverishly. 
“Please,” you begged, “I need—”
“Oh she needs, does she?” Jake mused, and you whimpered as he pulled back. You felt his cheek press against your thigh as he watched his fingers pulling through you. He spread you with his hand, holding your folds apart so he could lick deeply into you. The pressure of his tongue, the sureness of his touch, it felt so good, but it wasn't anywhere near enough.
And he knew it, the asshole.
“Yes, please, I—” you broke off with a yelp when Jake pinched your clit. He leaned in to soothe it with another frustrating kiss, but your body echoed with the throbbing pulse. 
“Most people would be grateful to have their man on his knees, wouldn’t they?” Jake said, his voice muffled as his lips trailed over your core, but the teasing derision still present, sending a tremor through you. “But not you, hmm, honey? You want more.”
Your breath caught at his words; surely he hadn’t meant to say your man. 
He wasn’t yours like that, hot as it was for him to say it…but the illusion of it was enough to set your reeling. You looked down at him—hair mussed from your fingers, pupils blown wide from your taste, shoulders panting as he chose between air and more of you—and this afternoon you liked the idea of him being yours. 
“Greedy, greedy girl,” Jake chastised softly, when you didn’t correct him, but if you closed your eyes, you could pretend there was a fondness hiding in the gentleness of his voice. 
He thrust two fingers into you.
You arched off the bed, a wail falling from your lips as Jake curled his fingers inside of you. 
“And I take care of you, don’t I,” he said, kissing your cunt sloppily as his fingers worked in and out of you. “Every damn time, satisfy this needy pussy, this fucking perfect cunt.” 
The stretch of his fingers, the wet drag of his tongue, the dirty sting of his words, washed over you and you moaned as he wrecked you. 
“Yes, Jake,” you practically whined. “You’re so good, you feel so good, please—”
“That’s right,” Jake gritted, his fingers working faster. He thrust into you, stroking your walls and kissing it better with his warm mouth. You felt your thighs shaking and heat building in your center and you didn’t remember falling back onto the bed, but you didn’t remember anything other than the torturous, teasing, all consuming need that Jake was stroking between your legs. 
“Fuck, honey, squeezing me so tight,” Jake panted. “You gonna cum for me? After all that needing, you gonna let me make you feel good? Come on, sweetheart, let me have it; it’s mine.” 
His fingers continued stretching you, thrusting into you with perfect, intoxicating, precision and Jake leaned closer to your core again. His nose brushed against your clit before his lips closed around it, sucking messily, and you felt the building pressure inside of you shatter. 
You heard yourself sobbing like something in a dream, distant and echoing, but all you could feel was the tremors wracking your body, and Jake’s tongue pulling you through it. 
“Pretty girl,” Jake was murmuring between kisses. “You’re so damn beautiful, all the time, but when you come for me it’s something else. You did so good, sweetheart, so good, and you taste like fucking heaven…”
You whimpered as your head cleared, pulling weakly at his hair as he continued to kiss your sensitive core. 
Jake continued to lap up your release, unrelenting, unsatiated, and you both groaned when he eased a finger back into you. 
“How we doing, sweetheart,” he asked, and when you opened your eyes, he was watching you carefully. You realized he was holding his finger still inside of you, and it was your hips pulling him into you, rocking into his hand. 
“Good,” you whispered. 
Jake nodded, and his finger curled. “That’s my girl.”
His words soothed over you, and you felt them settle warmly over your skin, the same as when he’d called himself your man. It was probably pheromones, nothing more, but God it was a lovely thought. 
“Sweetheart…” Jake’s voice was quiet, dangerous. “You know what that look does to me.”
This was happening more often than not, little moments where you wished for more, and Jake had to remind you that that wasn’t the deal you’d both agreed to. You clenched your eyes shut again, trying to make it go away. 
“Sorry,” you mumbled. 
When you looked at him again, Jake’s forehead was pursed in a frown, and he shifted his weight to climb up onto the bed. He lowered himself over you, his hard body pressing over your soft one, and his mouth found yours. He kissed you and you tasted yourself on his tongue, even in the gentle insistence of this kiss. 
Jake pulled back, his lips trailing along your jaw, your neck. 
“Don’t apologize, honey, please don’t,” he whispered against your skin. “I can’t…please don’t.”
And you pressed your lips tightly together to trap the words, but when he pulled back to look at you, you knew you couldn’t look, not without showing him what he didn’t want to see. You could feel him watching you carefully, gauging your reaction as he added another finger inside of you. He groaned when you clenched around him, his hips rocking into you slowly as yours spread wider, to cradle him. 
“Feels good, Jake,” you gasped, loving the weight and motion of him.
He sucked on your neck, nibbling lightly and letting go as he rocked into you again. “Why’d you have to do that,” he mumbled into your collarbone, “look at me like that, then tell me it feels good. Makes me want to keep you, honey.”
Your hips stuttered against his, even as you knew he didn’t mean it, he couldn’t. Before you could ask and before he could take it back, he surged up to kiss you again. There was something almost frantic in his kiss, desperate enough that you knew this was it, whatever had gotten into him back at the grocery store. 
“Sweetheart,” he groaned, pulling his fingers out of you, settling his hands on your waist, squeezing tightly to orient himself. His face was buried in your neck, hiding, even as his clothed hips rutted harder against you. 
“Tell me what you need,” you asked, one of your hands coming up to card through his hair. He shivered, this enormous pilot, shivered at your words and your touch. He pulled back to look at you again, carefully, for a long moment. 
The afternoon sun was fading, and he looked golden in your arms, crouched above you. He hadn’t pushed your hand from his hair, and you smiled when he moved his head, adjusting where you were scratching him, working up the gumption to say whatever it was he needed.
“Can we pretend?” he asked at last, his voice holding something almost vulnerable. “I…maybe I can explain it later. But for now, can we just pretend?”
You didn’t know what he meant, but, irrationally, you trusted him anyway. If this was what he needed, and you could provide it, then you would. You nodded, and he let out a slow breath, nodding back. Beyond that, he didn’t move, looking almost uncertain with what to do next, so you pushed at his shoulders lightly. 
“Let’s start here, yeah?” you prompted, pulling his shirt over his head. 
Jake helped you, shifting to his side so you both could work on getting his pants off. Then he was in his boxer briefs, and you were in his shirt, and then he pulled that off of you too. The air was thick for a moment as you lay looking at each other, waiting. 
You ran a hand down his chest, over the smooth skin and coarse hair, thickening as you trailed lower. You brushed your fingers over his length, straining against his underwear, and looked back up at him through your lashes. 
“Don’t you want to fuck me, Jake?” you asked softly. He nodded, eyes closing as you ran your hand over him again. 
“More than that,” he whispered.
He felt good in your hand, hot and thick, and you watched the outline grow as you waited for him to finish the thought. 
You felt him brush some of your hair out of your face, before he said quietly, “Want to get you pregnant.”
You froze.
When you looked back up at him, Jake was watching you closely and your heart felt like someone had it in a chokehold because that was what he’d meant by pretending?? You’d mentally prepared for some variety of roleplay, maybe even an admiral or rank kink, but this? You, just with a future together?
While your mind was screaming that it was unintentionally cruel, your body was sighing that it was so. Damn. Hot. 
You had an IUD so it wasn’t a possibility, but the fantasy was admittedly one that sent a pulse of need straight through you.  
“Color,” Jake asked softly, and you bit your lip. 
If you said no, he’d be apologetic, probably fix you a bath or go downstairs, give you some space while he fixed something from the grocery run earlier. You’d eat together, pretend it hadn’t happened, and he’d help you get back to base, whatever you needed. Unless what you needed was to be here with him, like this, only not pretend. 
It was that simple, wasn’t it: there was no way you were walking unscathed away from knowing how Jake fucked you when he wanted a future with you. 
But you looked at him, into his soft eyes that were waiting for you, hoping for you, and there was only one word in your mind. 
“Green,” you whispered. 
Jake’s eyes closed. 
The hand that had brushed your hair away settled on your neck and he pulled you to him. 
“Thank you,” he said, and before you could process that, he kissed you. 
This kiss was different. 
It wasn’t possessive, it wasn’t hungry. It was almost tender. It was gratitude, honest and insistent, pressed against your lips as Jake thanked you for something he had no way of knowing you wanted.
It was too gentle, but when you tried to deepen it, Jake held back, soothing you with soft caresses. His hands were light on your shoulders, your waist, the side of your face, embracing you with more than just his kiss. You melted into it, the gentle slide of his mouth against yours, his sweet taste, the strength of his arms around you. Jake kissed you until he felt you trust him with it, and then he rolled you both over.
He settled over you, his long body draping over yours, and you wanted to melt into the bedspread. Your arms were wrapped around him, pulling him closer to you, and one of your hands ran over his stomach to slip into his underwear. You hummed into Jake’s kiss as your fingers wrapped around his cock, warm and heavy in your hand, and his hips pushed further into your grasp.  
“Honey, hold on—” he muttered against your lips, but you shook your head. His touch was too good, there was too much unspoken, and if you let the tenderness fester unchecked, you weren’t going to be able to handle this. 
You could lean into this, you could do it. You slid your hands around his back, pushing his boxer briefs down to his thighs before your hand returned to his cock. You knew he always got a little worked up when he went down on you, and as you stroked your hand over him, precum beaded on the tip of his cock. 
“Waited long enough, Jake,” you whispered, “want you to fill me.”
Jake drew in a sharp breath at your words, and he nudged your chin with his nose, moving your face so he could kiss up your neck. His mouth was more desperate than focused; you knew he’d leave marks and you tried not to think about why you wanted him to. You shifted under him, moving to guide his cock towards your entrance, brushing against your thighs, slicked with his spit and your orgasm. 
“Sweetheart,” he groaned, words muffled against your neck, a warning and a promise as you ran his cock through your folds. “You’re so warm and I’m not even in you yet.”
“Want to feel you,” you told him, wishing your voice was wrecked because he’d asked you to pretend, not because the thought of him having you like this sent your head spinning. 
“I know, honey,” Jake said, voice low. “Just give me a sec.”
You could hear his breathing, measured like he had to count it, like it was overwhelming for him too. You licked your lips as you lined him up with your core. 
“Come on, Jacob,” you cooed, letting go of his cock and running your hands up his side, settling under his shoulder blades, “don’t you want to breed me?”
“Fucking hell,” Jake swore, and his hips slammed forward. 
Your head fell back as he shoved his cock into you, stretching you, deep and hot and sudden. You whimpered his name as your body ached in the most delicious way, stuffed, full. 
“What’d you think would happen, honey,” Jake said, his voice hoarse, but his tone sharp. His arms caged around you, and he pushed off the bed to pull out slowly.
The drag of his cock through your cunt was devastating, but not half as much as the look on his face, when you opened your eyes. 
Fuck, he looked so good.
Sandy hair in his eyes, expression strained as he held his body in check, his eyes blown wide with desire. His head dropped when he pulled nearly out of you, just the tip still in you, and you felt yourself clenching down on him, needing him. His lowered head draped his dog tags against your chest, the cold metal causing you to gasp. 
Jake chuckled, a rumble of a laugh, and the tags dragged across your chest, then trailed up your neck as he leaned forward while he pushed back into you. You looked down your body, down to where his thick cock, shining with your joint arousal, was pressing back into your entrance.  
“Eyes on me, sweetheart,” Jake said, and you looked up at him. “That’s right. Look at me while I feed you my cock.”
You whimpered, every impulse telling you to close your eyes, let your head fall, focus only on the stretch of his cock and your body adjusting to him. But you let your eyes burn as you looked up at him, and Jake almost smiled. 
“That’s it,” he murmured. “Beautiful girl, doing so good for me.”
Your nails raked up his back as he bottomed out in you. He felt so deep, like you could feel his heartbeat, or maybe that was just the way his chest was pressed up against yours. It felt like every inch of your body was connected to his, melting into him, as Jake waited for you to adjust. His eyes darted over your face, watching you carefully, and it warmed you just as much as his body over yours. 
“Need you to move, Jake,” you gasped, when you were ready. “Need to feel you move.”
“We’re back to need, are we?” Jake asked wryly, but he rolled his hips, pushing deeper into you before pulling himself back out. He thrust back into you, your body accepting him, craving the push and pull and the fullness of him. Jake set a steady pace, deep and thorough and you felt like every time he pressed into you it was too much, and when he pulled out, like you needed him all the more for it. 
So, yeah, you were back to need. 
“Fuck, those sounds you’re making,” Jake groaned. “You sound so good, sweetheart, I could come just from hearing you.” 
You hadn’t even realized you were whining, each thrust of Jake’s hips punching sounds out of you. A layer of sweat coated his skin, soothing the abrasion of his chest hair as he moved over your and the juxtaposition of it all—his words, his cock, his sweat, his chest—clouded your mind so all you could do was keep making whatever noises he pulled from you.
“But not today, huh?” Jake continued, pushing back into you. “Not today, because today’s not just about getting us there, is it, it’s about fucking filling you.”
You moaned at his words, nodding desperately, feeling yourself clenching him tighter at his words. God, you wanted to feel that, wanted to feel him. 
“‘s that what you want, baby?” Jake gritted, his hips slamming forward. “To be so full of me, with my seed, not just when I can give it to you like this. Fuck, you’d always have me in you, wouldn’t you, carrying me.” 
You felt yourself sliding up the bed, being pushed up by the force of his thrusts. You reached back for the headboard, finding it closer than you’d expected, pushing back to meet Jake, and he moaned.
“That’s right, sweetheart, push yourself back on this cock. You need that don’t you, to milk it till you’re full of me?”
You cried out as you nodded, needing that, just like he said. Jake swore under his breath, reaching down to rearrange you. He pulled your legs out from your hips, hooking his elbows under your thighs and easing into you again. 
“Jake, fuck,” you groaned, the new angle pushing him impossibly deeper. Pleasure curled hot in your core, stoked higher by the friction of Jake’s thrusts. Your body was still sensitive from your first orgasm, but his cock and his words had you hurtling towards that precipice again, sooner than you could’ve imagined. 
“You too, sweetheart,” he gritted, but he couldn’t know, couldn’t feel this as much as you did. 
“Jake,” you whimpered. “I’m want to come, please—”
“No,” Jake gasped, and your eyes flew open. His jaw was slack, his eyes hooded, but his expression was intense as he looked down at you. His mouth opened slightly when he pressed deeper into you again, but he gained control when he pulled back, your body protesting the loss of him. 
“No?” you echoed, and he shook his head. 
“We have to time it right,” Jake murmured, his cock shoving back into you, “if we want this to stick, honey, you have to come with me.”
Your eyes rolled back, at his words or from the steady press of his cock. “Jake—”
“Count us down, sweetheart,” Jake said, voice stern. He braced his hands on either side of you, his arms shaking as he held himself in check, but his expression steady. “I’ll get us there, but you tell me when you need it.”
Fuck, you were pretty sure you could come just then, if he told you to. But you bit your lip and nodded, rewarded by a slow push as Jake rolled his hips into you. 
“Ten…” he prompted.
“Ten,” you repeated, not sure if you could make it that long. Jake pulled back as he stroked out of you, and you heard him spit a moment before a cool wetness covered your clit. 
“You look so beautiful,” Jake whispered, his thumb brushing over your clit. “God, how unreal you’re going to look carrying my child.”
“Nine,” you gasped, your vision blurring as his finger worked over you.
“Fuck, with your stomach all round,” Jake broke off as he thrust into you sharply, “filled, carrying my child...”
His thumb moved in a circle with delicious, maddening pressure, and you moaned as his words settled over you. “Eight.”
“These tits,” Jake leaned forward, his shoulders pressing your thighs flat against the bed and his mouth closing over your breast, messily kissing you, “they’ll be fucking swollen, won’t they, as you get ready to nurse our child.”
Your back arched off the bed as his tongue worked over you, mirroring the motion of his thumb. His mouth was wet and warm and perfect, and heat pulsed through your body. You could feel everything and you keened as you tamped it down, knowing you had to wait. 
“Seven,” you managed, and Jake hummed, you could feel it. 
“So soft, swollen, and all full of milk,” Jake mumbled, switching to the other breast. “And when you’re aching and sensitive, I’ll be there for you—bet you’ll taste so sweet like that, won’t you, darlin’.”
The thought of nursing Jake was stunning, and you moaned when you realized he was sucking at you, nipping and miming milking your breasts. You felt your body tighten, your toes curling and you shook your head against the pillow. 
“Six; I’m not going to—”
“You’ll make it,” Jake soothed, releasing your breasts and shifting back, returning his attention to your clit. “You’re doing so good for me, sweetheart, I know you can do it. Just a little longer, have to make sure you’re ready for me.”
“Five,” you gasped, “I’m ready, Jake, please–”
Jake pressed more firmly on your clit, stealing your words as your breath caught. “I don’t know, honey—you’re doing so good for me, but it’s a big fucking load. That’s what you need, that’s what I need, so much fucking cum, to get my girl pregnant.”
You could only moan, surrendering to the feelings and emotions he was caressing out of you. Your skin felt white hot, and you could feel your legs trembling; it was only a matter of time before you lost control entirely. 
“Four,” you whimpered, and Jake thrust into you again. 
“I know, sweetheart, I know,” he soothed, his own voice tight as he fought off his orgasm. “You’re milking my cock so good, honey, can you feel it? Feel how hard you make me, how bad I need you, how I need to fill you?”
His rhythm faltered as his pace sped up, his cock plunging into you. Jake grunted at the top of every thrust, a sound of deep satisfaction that curled through you, gave you strength you didn’t know to hold off, to wait for him, to do it together. 
“Three,” you cried.
“That’s it, sweetheart, because I do need to feel you, need to fill you, pump till you’re full of me and see me dripping out of my pretty cunt. Christ, you feel so good, you’re so good, how are you—”
Jake broke off, his hips slamming into yours, his cock reaching a place that had you seeing stars. Your eyes rolled back and you reached for him blindly, anchoring yourself with a hand in his hair, the other closing around his dog tags, moving with him as he thrust over you. 
“Two,” you moaned.
“Almost there, sweetheart,” Jake groaned. “Almost there, almost time for me to fuck a baby into you. Fuck, you’ll be such a good mama, won’t you, so smart and beautiful and glowing when you’re carrying my child, all contented because I gave you everything, always will, and you can’t leave then, not with my seed—tell me you’re close, honey, are you almost there?”
“Jake,” you wailed, your count forgotten as your body trembled, his words closing around your heart like a vice. Jake’s pace was bordering on erratic, rhythm lost, his sweat dripping down to your joined bodies every time his hips met yours. 
“Gonna give you a baby,” he gritted, “but you have to come with me, come with me now, please, fuck, sweatheart—” 
Jake came with a shout, hoarse and sharp and he pressed his hips into you. He pulsed inside of you, his hips shuddering, and you could feel his cum streaming into you, hot and deep and what you needed. His head dropped to your chest as his body loosened with his release and you felt your orgasm break over you, like a thousand fuses lit at once.
The room swam, blinding light and senseless heat, pulsing over your skin like a heartbeat, and your awareness was distilled to him—Jake. 
Jake’s beautiful groan when he finished, echoing around in your head, the holiest sound you’d ever heard. 
Jake’s hips stuttering weakly against yours, thrusting even after he’d cum, like he couldn’t stop. 
Jake’s voice, hoarse, whispering words you couldn’t discern, phrases you must’ve heard incorrectly, promises pressed against your skin. 
Jake’s hands, shaking with the force of his orgasm, but smoothing over your skin, checking you, soothing you. 
The light faded and you fell back into yourself, into your wrung out body, drenched in sweat and pleasure. The room felt hazy, heavy, and you realized Jake had matched his breathing to yours. You reached down, pushing the sweat-dampened hair off his forehead, smiling reassuringly when he looked up at you. 
You could see it on the tip of his tongue, wanting to ask if you were okay, but he held it back, and you watched him shut down the part of him that was nervous about what had just happened. 
“Hi,” you whispered, your voice hoarse. 
“Hey,” Jake said back, clearing his throat. “Um, I can get a towel—”
“Can we stay?” you asked, hoping it didn’t sound too desperate. You just needed a minute, just a moment to bask in the warmth of what you’d pretended to feel, before your mind could catch up enough to pretend it away.    
Jake hesitated for a moment, before nodding, and gently rearranging your legs, laying them down beside him before he shifted onto his back, pulling you with him. You went easily, resting on his chest and drawing a deep breath, thankful for the borrowed moment. 
He probably wasn’t pulling out to avoid making a mess, knowing a washcloth was far away, but you could almost imagine it was because he craved the closeness as much as you did. 
As you settled against his chest, one of Jake’s hands came up, absently running up and down your arm. You thought it had to count for something, the ‘friends’ part of ‘friends with benefits’, so you steadied yourself before you asked, “Do you want to talk about it?”
Jake’s hand stilled, then resumed its slow brushing as he petted you. You knew he knew what you meant—you weren’t asking about the sex, you were asking about before.
“Not really,” he said quietly. 
You’d expected as much. “Okay.”
Jake’s fingers drummed against your arm, and the room was quiet again. The sun was setting, casting the room in an orange light, like the inside of a lamp. 
“I mean, if you want to, we can,” he hedged, after a minute. 
You scoffed. “That doesn’t mean much; I always want to talk with you.”
The words had slipped out before you could stop them, and you squeezed your eyes shut, wishing you could take them back.
“We can ignore that,” you mumbled, and Jake chuckled softly, before sobering.
“If I tell you why,” he said, “can we ignore that, too?”
Ignoring and pretending, how you’d always expected falling in love to be. 
Even though no one could see you, you rolled your eyes at yourself, and your malaise. You nodded into Jake’s chest, knowing he could feel it. 
His hand was back to stroking your arm, like he wasn’t even aware he was doing it. 
“You kinda looked like that kid,” he said. 
Your heart stopped. 
“What?” you managed.
“At Whole Foods,” Jake said, “when you were holding that little girl. I just came around the corner and it was like…like I saw a whole parallel life, one where someone married you, gave you kids. And I’d just walk by you in a grocery store, without knowing. Hell, even knowing, you looked like a family, like you fit together, like…”
He trailed off and your head physically ached as your mind whirred, processing his words. “Jake, she didn’t look anything like me.” “Her hair was similar,” he continued, a stubborn lilt to his voice, and you knew he wasn’t looking to be reasoned out of this. 
“Okay,” you said, wetting your lips, waiting for Jake to finish the thought.
Only he didn’t. 
He simply lay there, with you, his hand moving gently up and down your arm, seemingly content.
“So you decided you wanted to roleplay us getting pregnant?” you prompted, when it became clear that he wasn’t going to say anything else. 
Jake sighed. “I hated it.”
You jolted at his words. “What?”
“Shit no, sweetheart, not that,” Jake said hurriedly. “Not what we—no, are you kidding, that was so damn hot—I meant seeing you in the store. With him. And holding her. It…I don’t know, it made me mad it wasn’t me.” 
You pulled in a sharp breath, trying to find a platonic way to interpret that. 
You could feel your heartbeat in your temples, so loud you couldn’t think, much less rationalize and you pushed yourself off of his chest. Your hips ached as you spread them again, settling your knees on either side of Jake as you looked down at him, still joined. Jake’s expression was guarded, but he let you look, shifting his shoulders on the pillows but meeting your eyes. Without your arm to stroke, his hand fell to the top of your thighs and resumed its motion there; you could tell the silence was making him nervous. 
Well, that made two of you.
“I need you to be so fucking honest with me, Jake Seresin,” you said, proud of the way your voice was steady. “What does that mean?”
A hundred emotions flashed across Jake’s face before you could name them, and then he pushed himself up, settling you firmly on his lap as he brought his eyes level to yours. 
“It should be me,” he said, “not with a kid, per se, and not just in Whole Foods, but people should look at us and see we fit.” 
And then he kissed you.
For a moment, you were frozen. 
This couldn’t be happening. 
It had to be a weird, sex-induced dream where Jake told you he was jealous of an absolute stranger, jealous enough to admit he had something dangerously close to feelings for you. 
But even as alarm bells sounded in your head, you knew this wasn’t a dream. 
Because your body was sore in a very real way, the man in front of you was flushed, his fingers digging into your thighs with nervous tension, and he was kissing you carefully, so carefully, like he could pull back at any moment if you told him to.
Like hell. 
You leaned into him, your hands wrapping around the back of his head to pull him closer to you. You felt him relax, felt his shoulders loosen and his arms wind around your waist, pulling your body flush against him. And this kiss was new, it was different, it was excitement and a little bit of embarrassment, at the foolishness of waiting so long. 
You broke away, panting, and Jake rested his forehead against yours, his chest heaving. In the orange light, he looked gilded, too good to be true, like maybe he was Midas but you didn’t care if your skin turned to metal, so long as he didn’t stop touching you.
His long lashes fluttered, and your heart flipped at what you read in his green eyes as he opened them. 
“Jesus, Jake,” you muttered, teasing, “you could’ve just told me you wanted to go steady.”
He chuckled, a warm low sound that you felt shake his body at the old-fashioned phrase. 
“Yeah,” he said, turning his head to press a kiss to your temple, “but then we would’ve never discovered you had a breeding kink.”
Your jaw dropped and you pulled back, sputtering. “Excuse me—” 
“I know, I know,” Jake shook his head, grinning, incorrigible. “But admit it: you loved it.”
You snapped your mouth shut, trapping the response that threatened to bubble out, words you hadn’t dared think, much less speak, before this moment. Jake looked at you, at your pressed-together lips and eyes that always said too much, and his smile softened. 
“I know,” he said again, quietly, and he kissed you gently. Jake’s arms were tight around you and you leaned into him, letting it—whose kink it was, what you loved, what he knew—all go, knowing there was nowhere else you’d rather be.
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inklore · 9 months
wild child, i want you.
Tumblr media
part two | series masterlist
premise: coming back to hawkins for your summer vacation from college is the last thing you want to do, but you find yourself back in your hometown and it all goes to shit in a matter of weeks. thinking your summer is already a bummer, getting high with the town outcast doesn't seem like that bad of an idea.
pairing: eddie munson x richgirl!reader
word count: 6.2k
warnings: eighteen+ content, blowjob (eddie’s first one, he’s a lil virgin in this sorry y’all), drug use, cheesy flirting, past crush unmentioned but there, tiny bit of praise kink, i made eddie’s van cooler than it actually is, reader is a lil self absorbed but it’s ok, mentions of past bullying, class difference, and shit family dynamics.
etc: i may write a part two for this, may turn it into a little mini series depending on the love i get on it. but um this boy is the cutest little virgin and no one can convince me otherwise ok thnx. title from the song wild child by wasp aka a song on this verysexy playlist!
i do not give anyone permission to translate or repost my work, please be respectful — if you enjoyed please comment or reblog!
Tumblr media
“Shit! Fuck!”
The sounds of aggravation that erupts from your throat are anything but ladylike. The moon shining down just right in the sky to show the hunk of mud that’s now stuck on the top of your red pumps. Pumps that cost too much to be covered in dirt and grime, and yet here they were. Ruined.
All because you had stormed off from the party taking place in the backyard of your long term boyfriend—who was now your ex because fuck him, and fuck this washed up town.
You knew agreeing to come back for the summer would be absolutely detrimental to your psyche. Missing out on what would have been the summer of your life alongside college friends, a new city, on boats, planes; anywhere better than Hawkins!
But being the amazing, doting girlfriend you were, you had been easily convinced by the promise of gifts, booze, and a hell of a summer.
Two weeks in and you were miserable, had ruined Louis Vuitton’s, barely tipsy off of cheap beer, and now newly single.
“Fuck this place!” You scream to yourself, louder than you should have in a not–disturbing–the–peace way, a dog barking in the distance. You needed to catch the first bus out of this dump of a town as soon as possible.
“I completely agree,” comes a voice to the side of you. If the pumping of anger and spite wasn’t making your heart boom in your ear drums right now, or the distraction of materialistic items didn’t have you fuming: you were sure you might have seen them, whoever they are. Or at least smelled them. The heavy scent of weed lingers in the air and you can only assume it’s the weed guy your ex-boyfriend had been talking about.
You weren’t in the mood to deal with anyone else tonight, let alone some stoned out stranger whose opinion you didn’t ask for, or could fake care about.
Turning in their direction you plan on telling them as much, plan on giving them your best bitchy scowl. But when your eyes adjust, actually see who it is; take in the long hair, the mix of jean and leather, the rings that gleam in the moonlight. Your expression changes from annoyance to amusement, your rude rebuttal long forgotten.
“In the flesh,” his smile is still as boyish as you remember. At least from what you can remember. You graduated two years ago, he didn’t. Either year, so you've heard.
The two of you hadn’t been friends, barely acquaintances. You had a handful of classes with him, even got partnered up with him for one biology project that neither of you truly put the effort into. But you flashed your pretty smile and batted your eyes and got the both of you passing grades—thank god for creepy male teachers.
You and Munson, Eddie, were so far off of the spectrum of being in each other’s realms. The class difference not being the only thing setting you two on two different sides of the universe, let alone Hawkins and your group of friends. The many taunts from your boyfriend and his friends coming back to your mind, and the weird snarkiness Eddie would always fight back with. Unbothered by the stupidity of high school taunts.
“Graduate yet?” You give him a playful smile, lean up against the car behind you to attempt and scrape off the mud on your shoe with your thumb nail.
“No.” He crosses his hands over his chest, “but still keeping up with expectations.” You’re barely listening to him, frowning down at the dirt now caked under your perfectly polished nails, fuck.
You huff out a breath, pull your head back to look up at the night sky. Try to do those breathing exercises you see your mother do when a bird shits on her BMW. “You here for the party?” You both know you’re joking. Know that most, if not all, the rich kids here had once—or still do—rag on him.
“My services got the invite.” He clarifies, “not me, personally, for obvious reasons.” He mumbles that last part and it makes you chuckle under your breath.
“Still the weed guy, huh?” Pulling your head upright again, you look over at him. His response being holding his hands in the air in an ‘obviously’ type motion. Nothing has changed with him, and maybe that’s just what happens when you stay in this dead end town. But something also tells you that Eddie isn’t the type to just change. What you see is what you get, unapologetically.
Must be nice to be that carefree. You could use some carefree in your life; that booming sound of your heart in your ear still pumping with materialistic and asshole boyfriend frustration.
A smile spreads across your lips as an idea pops into your head. As you make the decision to get that carefree feeling in the most synthetic way possible, while also sticking it to the aforementioned asshole in the backyard.
“How much were they going to pay you?”
“For the-”
“Yes, the weed, Munson. How much.” You roll your eyes, that old high school queen bee tone coming back. Making even your own self wince, but who knows when—or if—the smell of weed had already wafted off of Eddie and traveled to the backyard and the two of you were soon to be joined by the rest of the party.
Fuck them.
Reaching into your bra, the low cut material of your dress having the perfect swoop to showcase just enough to keep the mystery, but add to the intrigue—helping to house your money snuggly in the cup of your bra; you pull out the folded cash your father had handed to you on your way out of the door.
“I have fifty here.” You hold it out between your forefinger and middle, “it’s yours but we have to leave right now.”
He looks a little surprised, his eyes flash from your chest to the money in your hand.
“You have a car don’t you?” You look around the dead street, try to remember what hunk of junk you may have seen him driving around when you were in school.
“Is the money for the ride or the weed?”
Eddie hums, “seems a bit low.” He crosses his arms, scratches his cheek. Starting up a slow pace as he speaks, “I mean I am risking getting caught with a distinguished lady such as yourself. From what I hear you’re still with your Princeton lover. Don’t know if I need him thinking I’ve stolen you away.”
You think he’s half serious for a second. The look of quarry on his face, but then you see his smile. See that boyish amusement again, it makes the corners of your lips tick up in amusement; contagious. Something you remember from bombing biology together. As much as you wanted to dislike him, ignore him, or push the assignment completely onto him, he had distracted you with weird facts about his band you were not interested in—and the other random nonsense that would slip out always made you roll your eyes and hide the contagiousness of his smile that spread across your face.
But you find yourself holding onto the knowledge that he knew about you and your ex. Don’t know why it’s the only retaining thing your mind seems to keep flashing on, it didn’t matter to you who still talked about you in Hawkins. Especially when you were certain it was out of pure jealousy for you getting out and them not.
You can’t see Eddie contributing in gossip, though. Maybe that’s why you’re holding onto the knowledge that he knows, remembers. Still hates the asshole. Much like you do.
“We broke up.” You state, make clear with a wide smile that you’re more than happy about it. His lips tug up more, stops in his tracks and leans back on his heels a little as he stares at you. The two of you sharing some silent moment before you laugh, “are you going to be my kidnapper or what, Munson?”
He smirks, grabs the money still between your fingers. Nods his head back to the van at the end of the driveway—that only makes sense is his, because of course it is.
“America's Most Wanted here I come!” He hollers a little too loudly, making you laugh.
Tumblr media
“Sorry about the mess.” Eddie maneuvers around you, picks up some of the random garbage and clothes strewn at your feet and throws them in the front.
You’re sat on the small couch he has in the back of his van. The velvet from the cushions softer than you expect it to be on the back of your bare legs. Expecting it to feel grimy at the very least, and maybe that’s not fair of you to expect—or think.
You’re surprised at how unfazed you feel about the random things contributing to the mess back here. Finding yourself actually smiling at the makeshift lights he has hung up, how they cast a red glow and illuminate the posters he has tapped with that thick grey tape you know is going to rip off the paint if he was to ever remove it.
The atmosphere oddly calming, compared to what you are used to.
He pulls out a tape from the glove compartment and slips it into the stereo, a heavy metal track playing low through the speakers, the bass deep enough to rock the van.
You’re parked behind his trailer.
When he had pulled up to it and pulled around the back you were once again reminded just how different your lives really were. Had found yourself scrunching up your nose at the drab looking mobile home. Regretting it the minute Eddie caught you and gave a pressed lipped grin, “can’t build mansions this far out. Grounds too mushy.” He joked, but it only made you feel worse.
Why, you have no idea. It wasn’t your fault you were born with a silver spoon and he was born without one. Neither was a bad thing. He seemed more than happy with his life—knowing what you did about him, that carefree way about him—than you did with your own, it would seem.
The cushions bounce from the way he plops down beside you. Pulling a metal lunchbox out of nowhere and placing it in his lap, “who knew the Princess of Hawkins, knew how to be bad.”
You make a face, “people don’t really call me that do they?”
He cocks his head to the side. “Oh how clueless the other half live.”
“I can still take back the money, you know.”
“Ooh, not twenty of it, at least.” He clicks his tongue, opens the metal box. The waft of weed stronger, making your nose burn. “Gotta keep that half for risking my life, it’s only fair.”
“You are the chattiest drug dealer I’ve ever met.”
“You meet a lot of them, do ya?” You can see countless baggies of whatever he’s pushing to the side, a lighter, more random junk, and then he’s pulling out a small bag of weed. “You really are bad, Princess,” he smiles.
You have to look away from him, have to hide the cheesy smile that moves across your own face—because it’s annoyingly warm in here, and you are here to escape and get high not become best buds with him. “Just roll it, Munson.”
“Yes, ma’am.”
Tumblr media
This wasn’t your first time smoking. You had dabbled in weed at parties since your sophomore year. Had taken part with it at the handful of college parties you had been to. You were used to the light feeling, the cravings, the giggles. Or so you thought.
Maybe you just hadn’t been smoking the right stuff. Maybe it had been the liquor you had always paired with it, the buzz you thought you felt from what you smoked actually from the malt and not the shit weed.
Because you’ve never felt this good before. Not from weed. Liquor. Even around your friends.
You felt so good right now.
Your cheeks hurt from laughing and smiling so much, can’t remember when you had dropped yourself onto the floor of Eddie’s van. Your heels kicked off and feet propped up on the cushions of the sofa—right next to Munson.
He’s not as spread out as you though, maybe a little more lax. His back slouched lower on the sofa, legs spread further apart. Jacket gone, black sleeves rolled up.
Has he always had that tattoo? Just how many rings does one guy need? Your heavy lids ache as you hyperfocus in on the bracelet on his wrist, the tattoo on his arm. Each one of his rings that don’t even budge as his fingers flex, as he uses the small pocket knife he had pulled out from his back pocket; grabbing your discarded heels to scrape the mud from them.
“You really don’t have to do that,” you giggle. “My dad will just buy me another pair.”
A smile spreads, “but you were so upset about them. Even I winced when I saw the mud pile you stepped in, nightmarish.”
He laughs along with you as you completely lose it, “how shitty is it that that is a nightmare to me? Ruined Louis Vuitton‘s.”
Eddie shakes his head, holds up the shoes. Now cleaner than before, way too clean for him to have just used the pocket knife. The bottle of water between his legs spotted upon further inspection, where did that come from?
“We all have expensive things in our lives we don’t want ruined. Shoes, guitars, people.” He shrugs, “not shitty at all. But this clean job might be.” He chews on his lower lip.
You maneuver yourself so you’re not flashing him from the bottom of your dress, as you move your legs from the couch to sit up. Grabbing the red pumps from him to do your best look over, ignoring the burn your eyes give when you widen them.
“Munson, I think you’re in the wrong career.” You tease, smiling up at him. You’re sat in front of his open legs, have the perfect view of that boyish grin.
“Shoe shiner?” He acts bashful, swings his hand around batting the air. “I’m not that good.”
“Think once you graduate you gotta start your own business, ‘Eddie’s Spit n Shine.’” You joke, the both of you doubling over in laughter. Munson holding onto his stomach as he slaps a hand over his knee.
Once your giggles have died down and you can hold yourself up straight, you watch him. Watch the way his cheeks are redder, watch the way he moves some hair out of his face. His previous words of “but you were so upset about them” and “we all have expensive things in our lives we don’t want ruined”. If this had been anyone else, one of your friends, your boyfriend, they would of been just as grumbly about the heels as you. Would have told you to trash them and offer to take you to the strip mall the next day to help you spend more of your fathers money; no big deal.
They wouldn’t have offered to fix them. To do something as simple as what Eddie had done.
And yeah, they were just shoes, and it wasn’t that big of a deal. But something fuzzy was settling in your chest, something in your stomach fluttering like it very much was a big deal.
“Why are you being so nice to me?” You ask without thinking. Set your shoes down beside the couch, lay yourself back on the cool floor of the van.
“What?” He chuckles lowly with a hint of confusion. Just as surprised as you are at the question.
“Why are you being so nice to me, Munson.” You chew the corner of your cheek, look up at him. “Not like we were friends, ever, in school. And I remember plenty of times where my friends weren’t the nicest.”
“The rich kids not being nice to anyone who doesn’t drive a Mercedes? Shocking.” He jokes, makes you laugh.
“I’m serious.” You tap his knee that’s peeking out of one of the rips in his jeans with the tip of your finger. “Why are you being so nice?”
His face grows serious, but there’s still a hint of a soft smile there as he leans over to dig in the metal lunchbox again. Pulls out the spliff he rolled earlier alongside the one the two of you already smoked. You watch as his fingers run along it, “your friends may have not been the nicest, especially that lover boy of yours.” He gives you a playful roll of the eyes at the mention, that ache in your cheeks continuing. “But, you were always nice to me.”
“I never stopped them though. From being cruel.”
“Yeah, well,” he shrugs, grabs the lighter resting beside your feet. “You made up for it by helping me not fail biology, for once.”
Your face contorts as you laugh, “put my tits on the line for that grade.”
Eddie chokes out a howl, stops what he’s doing to double over again. “Never been more happy for the power of tits.”
Your throat hurts from how hard you’re laughing. Holding your hand up in front of him in a high-five invite, “to tits!”
“To tits!” He slaps his palm against yours as he holds up the blunt in the other one in a show of salute.
You can’t remember the last time you’ve laughed this hard. Or felt this good. This happy. This playful. This whatever-the-hell-that fluttering feeling was in your stomach. You don’t know where Munson got his stash but damn was it good.
And damn was he cute.
You quickly avert your eyes from him. Look up at the roof of the van, try to focus on the posters and scattered glow in the dark stars up there. You did not find Eddie Munson cute. You were just severely high right now, and still reeling off of your incredibly fresh break up. That’s all.
You hear the flick of the lighter beside you, hear him take a long puff. Fill his lungs, hold and blow it out, before you see him hold it out for you. Taking it silently, not looking at him—you probably shouldn’t have anymore, not with how you are thinking right now. But you didn’t feel like going back to your parents house. Calling it a night right now didn’t feel right, and it’s not like Eddie was rushing you out of the van.
So you press the blunt to your lips and decide to stop thinking. Just smoke. Listen to the beat of the metal still coming from the speakers.
“Lover boy must have done something tremendously fucked, huh?” He gives you a somber smile when you turn and pass the smoke to him.
“Munson, are you trying to gossip right now? Like we are two catty friends?”
He chuckles, inhales. “Us friends?” He makes a face, smoke rolling out of his mouth. “That’s obscene.”
“Grotesque.” He puts a hand to his heart, “what would the moms at the country club say?”
You laugh. “I don’t think either of my parents own a gun, so you're safe there. And my mother barely notices me,” you confess. Regret it when you look over at him and see the sympathy on his expression. “Please don’t.” You groan, take your turn to smoke, holding it between your thumb and forefinger.
“Give me that look.”
“What look?”
“Like you feel bad for me.” The laugh you let out this time is anything but humorous. There’s no joy. Just a salted down wound that you don’t let anyone see—so you don’t know why you’re talking about it right now—that burns the back of your throat. “I have everything.” You mumble, “perfect life. Perfect future ahead of me, money, the car, the friends, the boyfriend. No one should feel bad for me.”
You’re staring up at the roof again as you hold out your hand to give the blunt back without looking at him. Without acknowledging your own words with anything more than woeful self pitying. Eddie wasn’t interested in hearing about a rich girls problems and you had no interest sharing them. Anymore.
A silence settles between the two of you, it’s awkward and filled with the silently passing of the smoke between you; puffs of air, breaths in. Your heart is beating in your ears again. Except this time it’s something close to embarrassment and not anger.
“It wasn’t pity.” He breaks the silence when your fingers brush against each other when it’s his turn to hit. Your eyes finally finding their way back over to him, “how could someone not notice you?” There’s a twitch in his lips.
And fuck are your eyes burning from how high you are right now or because that was teeth rottingly sweet, and your chest is feeling fuzzy again—and Eddie Munson has some pretty eyes. Fuck.
“With the hair alone,” he waves his hand around emphasizing the top of your head. “Kind of hard to miss ya.” That boyish smile coming back when you start to laugh and lean up to swat him.
“I want my money back, Munson!”
“You’ve already smoked the weed!”
“Pain and suffering!”
“Mine or yours?” He jokes and he’s putting out the rest of the blunt to hold his hands out in surrender, as you lean up on your knees to playfully swat at the side of his arm.
“And here I thought we were actually having a moment.” You scowl at him, “you can take the high school out of the boy but not the—wait—you can’t even do that.”
His jaw drops, looking fake wounded if the big grin on his face is any indication of its falsehood. “The Princess of Hawkins has some bite.”
“I’m not the Princess of Hawkins!” You roll your eyes, “I’m just me–”
“Perfect,” Eddie finishes, adds. His lips come together, he swallows. “Perfect–you.”
You make a face at him. Another childish playful insult on the tip of your tongue but swallowed down, your throat feeling drier than ever as he stares down at you with a type of fondness that has your mind thinking—and feeling—way too many things right now.
And it feels like the moment slows, time stops. You take in everything, really take it in. You on your knees in front of his open legs, your palms on the cut out parts of his jeans that showcase his knees. The fuzziness in your chest turning into something else, something racing and filled with heat. Something that should surely not be there—all from what? Meaningless flirting? Eddie jesting with you?
Weed was definitely not a good idea. You should of just went home. Should ask him to take you home right now before your haze filled mind has you thinking of doing something else you definitely shouldn’t do.
Like move forward. Your knees dragging across the floor until the tops of them are pressed to the bottom of the couch. Until there’s no space left between you and Eddie’s thighs flush against the sides of your arms, his groin inches from your face. Your palms now higher up on his thigh.
You can feel how tense he is right now. Watched his expression go from softness to rigid with nerves. And maybe you are the only one who’s been feeling something tonight. Maybe he can handle his weed better than you. Or is simply not interested in you whatsoever. All his mindless flirting just that: mindless.
But you can’t help but want to test the waters. To see if any of those things are actually true.
Leaning up, your palms digging into the meat of his thigh as you do, your eyes moving from his to his lips and back up. A hint he seems to get when he meets you halfway and your lips are being pressed together in a gentle kiss.
It’s slow at first, curious, new to the both of you. Sloppy, and you can feel Eddie’s hand twitch at his side until he loses whatever fight in his head that has him holding back, and then it’s at your cheek and his thumb is digging into your chin the deeper the kiss gets. The more the two of you learn each other’s mouths. Which way to turn your head, that slow timid way his tongue pokes at your lips and then finds its way into your mouth; the quietest of noises coming from his throat when his tongue rubs against yours.
A noise that makes your stomach flutter. Makes an ache start between your legs.
Have you ever been kissed like this? Have you ever felt like the other person was learning you from the inside out? Memorizing how your lips moved, felt, tasted. The way your own deep rooted noise slips out and vibrates against his lips when his other hand comes to the other side of your head and pulls you so close to him as he leans further down into you. The top of your cleavage rubbing against the material of his shirt, tickled by his hair.
When the two of you finally pull apart, your eyes feel heavier than ever. Feel like all your energy went into that kiss and you feel buzzed. Like you’re on cloud nine. Like you’ve never felt better, as the two of you pant. Try to catch your breaths.
Feeling Eddie’s thumb nail running along your bottom lip you look up to his eyes, see they’re on your lips. His brows pulled together.
“Munson.” You don’t mean for it to sound like a whine. It’s not. You’re not whining right now, you’re just…feeling things and really high and maybe you can’t remember anyone you’ve been with ever touching you like this. And he’s barely touching you.
You may not have thought it to be a whine, but Eddie does. The look in his eyes as they finally meet yours has you floored. Has you seeing a want in a pair of eyes you don’t think you’ve seen before—know you haven’t; needy, nervous because of that need.
And when your palm moves of its own accord higher up and over until you feel a bulge in his tight jeans, the intake of breath he does. The slight droop of his eyes. All the decision you need to act on whatever these feelings are.
There’s disappointment in his eyes when you pull away from him, just enough to have his hands drop from your face and yours finding the top of his pants to open them up and fumble with the zipper.
“Whoa,” a nervous chuckle, then his hands wrapping around your wrists to stop you. “Whoa,” he says again. His breath still heavy. “What–should we–you,” he stammers.
It’s a bit cute, but it also has your cheeks burning in embarrassment. Shit. Have you completely misread this? Maybe he just wanted to kiss. You were fine with just kissing, if it was going to be like that everytime. But there’s an ache, a want, to hear that noise again. The one he had made in the back of his throat. To see the impressive bulge that your fingertips had touched.
“Do you,” you pull your hands back, take them from his hold and chew on your lip, “not want to do this? More..” you trail off. You can’t imagine what you were coming off as right now. Have you ever been rejected? Tonight was clearly the night of firsts for you.
“I,” Munson shakes his head, and your stomach sinks. Face falls. But then he’s shaking his head more aggressively, “no, that’s not,” he sighs. Takes a breath to ground himself, his hands coming to hold the tops of your shoulders. His expression serious, “Yes. I want to do this. I just…I’ve–never thought this would be happening and that I would be admitting to it in a situation, let alone this one–“
And then it clicks.
“Munson.” A slow smile snakes its way across your lips, “are you a virgin?”
His leg bounces, teeth chewing at the corner of his mouth. “Yes.”
“Just to be clear I mean sex, you’ve never had sex?”
“But you’ve done..other stuff, right?”
Silence for a beat and then he’s shaking his head. You try and fail to hide the surprise on your face, “I should take this as a compliment. Your utter shock.” You can see the blush that is growing up his neck and over his already red cheeks.
“I’m sorry.” Your smile falters for a second, “I just thought with that kiss, you had done something before.” You can’t help but look down at his parted lips, yours still tingling from them. “It was..”
That word again. Hits you the same way it had before. Has the both of you staring at each other’s mouths until you’re kissing again. This time faster, harder, the passion seeping from the want and morphing into something that now has you completely on fire. Engulfed by Eddie. Your fingers are in his hair. His hands cradling your face like it’s so fucking fragile.
“Can I taste you?” You’re panting against his mouth, running your hands down his chest back to the top of his pants that are still undone. Open enough that you can push your hand in them and move your fingertips against the top of his shaft. That same noise he did earlier coming out as a puff against your parted mouth.
He nods, “yes.” It sounds so soft and filled with need. He presses one more kiss to your lips before he’s slowly pushing himself back, giving you room and helping you maneuver his pants and boxers down his thighs. Just enough to spring his cock free.
It’s bigger than you imagined it would be—never imagined it to be. But, fuck. How has he not done anything when he kisses like that? When he’s so funny, cute, and nice, and his cock is so thick.
Your jaw aches just staring at it. Tongue coming out to wet your lips as you wrap a hand around the base of him, have to hold back the sound you want to make from the sound he makes; a shallow breath let out, just below a whimper. His hips already jerking involuntarily up, precum at his tip.
“Are you sure? You’re not like…just super high–“
“I am super high, Munson.” You smile sweetly and it makes him do the same. A low laugh covered up by you leaning in to press your lips to his, “and yes, I’m sure. Incredibly.” You hope your own look of want for him comes across clearly, not only in your words but with the way your hand starts to move on his shaft, and the way you run your tongue along his bottom lip.
A breathy, “fuck, oh-kay” slipping out from him.
It’s all the consent you need, the push to have you leaning down to run the flat of your tongue across his leaking tip. The hiss of pleasure he lets out only a prelude to the whimpers and gasps he makes when you let your tongue explore along his length, pumping and sucking with your mouth along a thick vein that runs up the side of his cock. Your thumb rubbing a slow circle behind the head of it, making his hips buck and legs tense around you.
And when you finally put him in your mouth, finally swallow down the already there taste of him on your tongue—you both let out a moan. Can feel the top half of him shift like his head has fallen back, an image of his beautifully parted mouth hung open, eyes screwed shut in pleasure has you moaning against him again; your body on fire, your pussy aching.
You match the pumps of your hand with the drag of your mouth up and down his dick. Swirl your tongue around the head and suck when you reach it. Let yourself go as far as your gag reflex will let you until you’re gagging around him and Eddie is cursing and digging his nails into the cushion of the couch.
You completely expect to feel his hand on your head, to be pushing or pulling your hair to guide you. Even fucking up into your mouth. When you’ve done this for other guys they were nothing less than over aggressive about it. So when it doesn’t happen part of you thinks he’s not enjoying it; a thought that’s quickly debunked by the grunts and shaky breaths coming from above you.
And when you steal a glance to the side you can see how red his knuckles look from the death grip he has the cushion in. How his fingers twitch and hand runs along his thigh, acting as if he wants to touch you but not daring to. You steal another glance up at him, “oh, ohmygod” tumbling from his lips when your eyes meet; he looks so desperate right now. So flushed and pretty.
You pull your mouth from him, let your lips press the tiniest of kisses to the tip that makes his hips gyrate, chasing your mouth. “You can touch me, Munson.”
“Where?” He asks shakily.
“Wherever you want.” You reach for his hand and press it to your cheek, “here, so you can feel yourself inside of me.” He whimpers, you smile. “Or here,” you run his hand down your neck, raise your brows to note that area being an option before you descend further. Until you reach the top of your cleavage, “to tits.” You say playfully and it has a deep chuckle scrunching his eyes. “Okay?”
He hums, nods. “Okay.”
And then your mouth is on him again, his tantalizing noises back and making your thighs press closer together. Making you encourage the small thrusts of his hips up into your mouth. Drool slipping down your chin when your own whimper is dredged up from the back of your throat when you feel the pad of his thumb run along your hard nipple; before his palm squeezes and massages your boob in a way that makes you move your body further into his.
The pleasure you’re giving him being handed back to you with the same energy of want and need, and it has you shellshocked. Has your body working overtime with heat, arousal, and wanting to please him. Wanting to hear more of those groans. To feel the head of his cock nudge the back of your throat and his “holy shit, that feels so good” when your throat spasms around him.
If you knew sucking Eddie Munson’s dick was this fun you would of done it years ago.
Why hadn’t you seen him before this night? Why did it take weed and giggles and flirting that turned you on more than you want to admit—to really see him. And why did the thought of not being able to look away from him again, to go back to not seeing him, something that was inevitable: make fear take root in your chest?
His hand has moved to hover over your head, his rings adding more pressure to the back of your skull than his actual fingers do. “You’re so perfect,” he whimpers. Pushes his hips up into your mouth, pulling your lips further down his throbbing shaft. “Perfect.” He repeats, your stomach flutters and flops and you preen around him. His breaths get deeper, hips moving more frequently, fingers flexing in your hair. He’s close, so so close.
And if you thought the noises he was making before were beautiful, the whine he lets out when he says, “I’m going to come, can I–oh fuck–can I do it in your mouth?” Makes your eyes roll back, your head nodding in approval and then you can feel him leaning back; a loud moan coming from his mouth, his fingers gripping the hair on top of your head as he comes against your tongue. The searing heat from it like a salve to the ache in your throat.
You swallow him down. Let your tongue lap at the droplets left on his tip as you suck him into your mouth one last time before he’s letting out a hiss of over sensitivity.
He tastes just as lovely as he looks right now. Completely flushed, eyes red and heavy. One corner of his mouth ticked up in a soft smile.
“Did I hurt you?”
“Your hair,” his fingers rub at the back of your skull gently. “I’m sorry if I pulled too hard,” the softness of his words has your chest feeling heavy. Those feelings back, your arousal under shadowed.
“No,” you shake your head. Pull his hand from the back of your head, don’t know why, but you let your lips skate across his rings as you kiss his fingers. “It was perfect.”
His mouth pulls into that boyish grin, for the millionth time tonight. “It was.”
Maybe your summer won’t be so boring after all.
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hee-pster · 4 months
enhypen hyung line: riskiest places they'd get down&dirty
+18 content read at your own discretion, please scroll if you’re uncomfortable with. [MDNI]
pairing: enhypen hyung line × afab!reader
genre: smut
a/n: Hi hi hellaur <3 it's been a while since I posted headcannons so I wanted to post one of those, I'm hoping you enjoy 💖 please don't be shy to tell my how you think about it, you know I hold feedbacks very dear to me so come on and talk to me!💖 Now I'll let you to it, love you <3
Tumblr media
at an internet cafe:
No matter how long you're dating Heeseung, one of your hottest spots for dates is gonna be internet cafes, where he challenges you for games he claims that he's great at.
One game would lead to another and with you being as ambitious as him to win, it would be impossible for either of you to be a clear winner.
Which, considering how passionate Heeseung is when it comes to games, would result with him getting really frustrated and where there is frustration, there sure will be tension.
In your case, the said tension is bound to turn into something sexual, since the only way for Heeseung to calm down is fucking you, whether its your mouth or cunt, he just has to let it out by overpowering you and the best way to do that is ruining your cute little holes with his dick.
So without any further explanations, he would grab you by the arm and drag you somewhere private, like restrooms, and make you surrender on his cock.
He would fuck you until you cry from overstimulation, only feeling content when he sees you begging for his mercy, saying that you’re accepting your defeat.
What can I say, he just doesn't know how to take an L, he prefers to give you his D instead.
꒰ 🖇 ꒱
at your parents house:
Heeseung thrives from doing risky things, especially the ones he knows he's gonna get into a lot of trouble when caught.
The excitement of it gives him the most blissful orgasm, therefore he doesn't hesitate to lead you on in your room, at your parents house, when they are present.
He takes your hand and makes you palm his tent as you two are watching a movie laying on your bed, shamelessly grinding against your hands.
He would leave wet kisses on your neck as he hastily moans your name, doing his absolute best to get you on his cock even for a quick fuck.
Which would work 90% of the time and you end up riding him till he fills you up with his cum, hands pressing on his mouth to keep him quiet since he doesn't mind letting out the loudest whines.
He would act so fucking needy that you won’t even be able to get him off of you after one round, since he always ask for more, so much more than he can take.
He wants you to ruin him, make a dumb out of him, let everyone including your parents to know how great he feels thanks to you.
In his defense, it's either go bold or go home, and he swears to live by the first option.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
at the balcony in bright daylight:
Jay isn't usually the type to do super risky things, but when he's in the mood, he goes really overboard with the concept, especially if you lead him on by being shameless.
Let's say he's back from work and the first thing he sees is you laying on the couch almost fully naked, cause you decided to surprise him by wearing your newest lingerie, with the excuse of getting his opinion on how it looks.
And he chooses to display how he thinks of it instead of sharing his thoughts via words — meaning, he fucks you in it, to decorate it with his cum since he thinks that’s even more aesthetic.
And when I say he fucks you, I mean he doesn’t stop until he does it at every corner of the house — including the balcony, to test your new lingerie out and see if it’s qualified enough to survive after sex with him.
If it survives after all the fucking, pushing and pulling he does, then great, hes gonna gift you another pair, because he likes when you treat him with your body like this, so he rewards you.
If it doesn't manage to survive through his step by step fucking ritual, then it's still fine cause he makes up for it by buying you a new one, a better one, for you to wear next time he comes home.
꒰ 🖇 ꒱
in the restroom of a luxurious restaurant:
Jay loves treating you, spoiling you with the best things in the world — like a meal at a 5 star restaurant and his cock, exclusive things that he only sees you worthy of.
He’d buy you the prettiest dresses along with everything else you ask for, only for you to get ready and look pretty for him, and him only.
Of course for everything he does for you, you never forget to thank him, not just with words but with your act of gratitude as well.
What I mean is, you'd always make sure to pay your thanks in the way he likes the most — with a head or even better, with a sloppy quickie in the restroom or in his car, on your way home.
It's mostly the first one, since both of you are just too impatient to keep your hands to yourselves, wanting to get a pre-taste of each other before diving into it when you finally arrive at your shared flat.
It's a relationship based on mutual satisfaction, the best thing one can ask for. You both know how lucky you are to have each other, perfectly fitting to one another's needs and wants, truly a match made in heaven.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
at cinema, during the movie break:
Jake is a guy with the highest sex drive you can find the world, and the proof is that even a small accidental brush of your legs to his can make him have the nastiest thoughts about you, the ones that give him an immediate boner.
He doesn't care if you come in contact with his skin unintentionally while trying to grab some popcorn for yourself, his hands will lay on top of your thighs till the break of the movie from then, squeezing and caressing your skin subtly under your skirt.
The second the adds kick in, he will drag you to the restrooms with himself, pleading for a quick fuck in your ear as he grinds his hardness against your clothed core while trapping you between his body and the door.
He wouldn't leave you any choice other than taking care of his growing problem, kissing and sucking on your skin so needily as he begs you to make him cum, doesn't matter if you do it with your hands or mouth, or your pussy.
What are you gonna do, say no? Of course not, so you solve his problem, leaving not a single drop behind.
꒰ 🖇 ꒱
at a beach:
Going on a vacation with Jake is one of the biggest challenges a person can go through, cause I swear to you, he's so hard to tame.
Something inside him would flip like a lightswitch whenever he sees you in those cute little bikinis, his dick would poke the fabric of his shorts as he watches you get drenched in the water, looking hotter than ever when wet.
He just wouldn't be able to stop himself from pulling you onto him, his arms wrapped around your waist as he presses you on his growing bulge in the pool or the sea, his lips already placed on your neck, whispering the dirtiest things against your skin.
He would shamelessly grind against your ass, hands sneaking inside your bikinis to play with your clit as he begs you to fuck him or at least let him slide the tip in, ignoring the fact that there are people around you.
Once he's horny, he gets completely blinded by his primal instincts to fuck and it's safe to say there's no way he's gonna let you go unless you do one of the things he demands.
So yeah, sex at some blind spot on the beach is how you handle your untamed boyfriend, making sure to punish him for behaving unwell by not allowing him to breed you.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
in his car:
Normally, Sunghoon isn’t the type to go for a sloppy sex. But something about you sitting all pretty on the driver's seat next to him, wearing your mini dress that exposes your legs just perfectly changes something in him, making him wanna reconsider his likes and dislikes.
With slight intentions of fucking you, he places a hand on your thighs, trailing his fingers up and down on your soft skin.
Usually, pinching and squeezing your flesh would be enough for him until he gets home to fuck you properly, but sometimes, it just doesn’t do it for him.
Those sometimes are mostly when you spread your legs further for him to reach, holding his hand to lead him where you actually want him — on your core.
He hisses as he lets you use his hand to grind on, playing with your panties underneath to feel your wetness on his fingertips. You would always be soaking, almost dripping — which leaves him no choice but to take care of his babygirl, you, right then and there.
So without further considerations, he would pull over to the nearest place and tell you to get on the back seat, wanting to taste your sweetness before he ruins your cute little cunt and makes a mess out of you in his fancy sports car.
꒰ 🖇 ꒱
in a cabinet, while shopping:
There is not even one time you go shopping without bringing Sunghoon with you, because you adore his immaculate taste in fashion, as much as he adores seeing you acting out like a model only for his eyes.
He loves how you manage to pull off everything you put on, especially the tight dresses that reveal the shape of your body perfectly before him.
Of course he knows that he’s there to assist you and help you decide but fuck, how is he supposed to just sit there only to watch you when you’re putting on a show for him?
Obviously, he gets too frustrated by your oozing beauty that he can’t help but to get a little too handsy with you, maybe too much that he ends up bending you over the stall in the dressing room and fucks you as you wear one of the cutest dresses he’s ever seen.
What can he say? The urge to make you go dumb on his cock intensifies every time you get pretty for him, being in public fails to reduce his building up hormones. He just can't stop until he fills you with his cum, until you leak some to your thighs, almost ruining the dress he thinks that fits you just well.
Needless to say he buys you anything you like after that, especially the one he fucked you in, cause he just can not be satisfied with fucking you only for once in it.
Tumblr media
© hee-pster on tumblr
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r66dus · 2 months
I just came across you and I love it <3 I love all of your writings! I was wondering if you can do a one shot of Daryl being super gentle for his girl that is a virgin? And also calms her down from her anxiety and her insecurities about herself? 😭sorry is this is weird, but I love your writings!
Meet me at our spot
S4 Daryl x fem!reader smut
Warnings: realistic loss of virginity, praise, sweet protected p-in-v sex, fingering and mentions of aftercare.
Word count: 2.8k
A/N: a little less detailed cause Tumblr keeps pissing me off by slapping labels onto my work. Again, please keep in mind that English is not my first language. I apologize for any mistakes.
Copyright © 2023 r66dus on Tumblr. All rights reserved. This original work is not allowed to be reposted on any platform in any format or translation.
Tumblr media
You couldn’t find Daryl anywhere at the prison. You had finished giving a survival class to the newcomers where you taught them how to survive outside, which plants were safe to eat, where and how to get safe-to-drink water and what to look for when you arrived at a new place. Daryl was supposed to give hunting and tracking classes but he really did not like people and neither did you but you were more prone to fight the need to escape. You walked to your shared cell looking for him, only to find a note on the bed.
“Date night at our spot?” was written on it, with what you recognised as his handwriting. You smiled wildly. You and Daryl had been together for over a year, it happened shortly after the farm burned down, those months on the road changed everything between you both, going on runs together, hunting together, taking night watch together. Sounds boring but it was so wonderful.
You immediately started walking towards your spot, it was the watch tower on the south-side of the prison, no one ever went there, it was always just the both of you. He could see you from above, you wore that beautiful smile he loved to see. When he heard the door below open, he began feeling butterflies in his stomach, he still did after so long.
You walked into the towertop to see him seated on a mattress you both struggled to take up there, there were soft blankets and pillows everywhere and makeshift curtains covering every window so you could sleep in.
“Hey, couldn’t find you anywhere”
“Mhm, was gettin’ too loud down there”
“I figured” you walked up to him and kissed his lips, taking his hand and taking him to the outside platform. You both often sat there and talked about the day. 
“The new guy you brought in the other day asked me out again” you told him and he scoffed, for some reason it was hard for people to believe you when you told them that you were with Daryl and had been for a while. Just before the apocalypse, no man looked at you twice and now that you were happy with someone, you got constant unwanted attention.
“Ya want me t’ talk to ‘im?” he asked. Daryl was protective of you, but just enough. He knew you could take care of yourself on your own but once you asked him, it became his obligation.
“I’d like that, please”
“All righ’ i’ll talk to ‘im tomorrow. After tha’ if he gets close to ya again, i migh’ have to break his jaw” he observed you and tried to read your expression, your head was low and you fiddled with your fingers “Hey, ya alrigh’?” 
“Yeah it just bothers me that before all this no one wanted me and then you walk into my life and choose to stay and i’m happy and this happens”
“‘M gonna make it righ’ sunshine’”
You nodded, giving him a doubtless ghost of a smile.
“You know, you were my first kiss”
“Wha’? Ya didn’t tell me”
“I didn’t want to make it weird. You’re my first boyfriend too” you admitted.
‘Hopefully my last’ you thought.
“Wasn’t weird at all, it was really nice” he told you flustered.
You smiled, thankful that he shared the same opinion. “You’re blushing” you remarqued in a singing tone.
“Nah i ain��t”
“Your ears are pink”
“Stop” when you didn’t, he began tickling your sides and you laughed loudly begging him to stop, once he did your breathing leveled and you looked at him with smiling eyes thinking about what you wanted to say next.
“Daryl-” you called wanting to get his attention. “I want you to be my first.” when he looked at you with a confused look you added “My first time, i mean” He knew you were a virgin because you had told him early on and he told you he could wait until you were ready, no matter how long that could take. This was it.
“Yer sure?” he asked doubtfully. You nodded, getting up to go inside and prompting him to do the same. He followed close behind you.
“Y/n, it don’t gotta be righ’ now”
“I know, but i want to”
You both laid in the bed and kissed passionately, hands wandered everywhere and your breathing accelerated. His hands neared the hem of your shirt.
“Can i?”
“Yeah” you replied breathlessly. Once he took it off you immediately reached, to turn off the closest lantern to you, making him stop.
“Did i do sumthin’ wrong?” 
“No, no! it’s just that uhm-” you sat up from under him, the room barely lit now by 2 candles.
“I never felt really great about my body before this happened and i haven’t really seen it properly since, you know, the world fell apart and now you’re here and this is happening and i want to be good for you”
“Ya are good Y/n” he answered bluntly, not quite comprehending why you couldn’t see yourself the way he saw you.
“No maybe i’m not and this is a mistake on my end”
“Hey, dun say tha’” he held your face and looked at you with nothing but love. “Can i show ya sumthin’?” you nodded softly with furrowed brows.
“I gotta turn on the light sunshine. Ya get a blanket an’ cover yerself if ya want” 
You did just as he suggested and once you were ready he took off his shirt and turned on the light. He showed you every scar on his body, you already knew how he got them but you had never seen them fully. 
“Ya told me once to try and love every part of me ‘cause ya did. Ya said that without havin’ seen me like this. Ya said that” he insisted. Your fingertips felt every scar on his chest while you avoided his eyes “Ya said that Y/n”
“I did” you whispered looking up.
“I know ya may not believe it righ’ now but I love ya, every part of ya, from yer tiny scars to the big ones to the stretch marks ya worry ’bout an’ the way yer cheeks stay when ya laugh too much. I love ‘em cause they are yers and i love ya” your eyes began to water and you looked at him, holding his face and kissing his lips firmly.
“I love you too, i should have said it a long time ago” he smiled and moved your hair behind your ear.
“I love ya more. So much that I dun know if yer real most days” he expressed, causing you to chuckle. “Now if ya want the light off, ’s fine, and if ya dun feel like it we can leave it at this”
“No i want to, Daryl, it’s not that”
“Yeah? Alrigh’ so imma lower the brightness, that alrigh’?” 
His reassurance put your mind at ease and you felt much better about yourself, it didn’t matter if that feeling lasted 5 minutes or 5 days, you felt good. You began kissing again and he asked to remove your bra, you accepted and then removed your pants while he removed his, he laid next to you and admired you.
“Yer gorgeous sunshine and i promise to tell ya everyday”
At his comment you couldn’t stop yourself from glancing at his lips and kissing him as he caressed along your thigh nearing your entrance. You had touched yourself many times before but it never felt quite right, either because you couldn’t feel anything or couldn’t finish, so you felt nervous about it being a problem and your body not reacting well to what Daryl was doing. He looked up at you to ask for consent and you nodded. His thumb massaged your bud as one of his fingers delved into you slowly, as he was doing this, you could feel his eyes on your face observing every reaction when you began moaning, he quickly learnt what made your body react and did it incessantly. Those noises quickly became one of his favorites.  
The feeling of someone else pleasuring you, was far more intense than you thought it would be. Daryl kissed your neck without ever stopping his hand, himself becoming awfully aroused.
After a few minutes you became putty in his hands having drowned in pleasure you had never felt before. Somehow you came to your senses and snapped out of the trance, opening your eyes and looking at the man in front of you.
“Daryl do you want me to- you’ll have to teach me though” you said motioning to the very obvious bulge in his underwear. He looked down at it a bit embarrassed and then up at you again.
“If ya do, this i’ll be over in seconds” he replied flustered.
“Oh” you blushed, somehow not believing that you had caused it. You kissed his lips briefly before looking around for a little metal box you two kept in there, containing condoms and other things. You both knew that this would happen eventually so you wanted to be ready. Pulling one out, Daryl extended his hand for you to hand him the packet.
“No, let me do it” 
“Alrigh’” he sat down next to you removing his underwear while you opened the package. Seeing him fully was a bit intimidating, of course you had thought about him before but this was far too real. Blinking your thoughts away, you put the condom on him and noticed how he inhaled when your hands touched his now sensitive skin. He moved some hair behind your ear before kissing your cheek several times with the softest lips you had ever felt. Then he instructed you to lay down as he fumbled to grab the fluffiest pillows to make sure you were comfortable, you could see how preoccupied he was so you grabbed his hand to make him look at you.
“Daryl, I'm okay” you reassured with a genuine smile. Nodding he glanced down at your closed legs before you noticed and opened them for him to settle.
“If ya want me t’ stop just say it. ‘S fine. Same if it hurts. Ya can tell me Y/n” 
“I will”
He bent down and kissed your lips as if it were the last time ever, feeling every part of you with his calloused hands you’ve learned to crave. Your arms circled around him feeling every raised scar with a healing touch and the hair he was growing out you often begged to brush.
“Ya ready?” he asked and you immediately nodded before he paused to look you in the eye, it was almost as if he was giving you time to change your mind. “I’m ready Daryl” you affirmed again, moving the hair that stuck to his forehead.
He looked down and approached your entrance carefully aiding himself of a hand while the other stayed glued to your hip. His tip gathered the slick he had previously helped produce, the feeling of it caused you to hum briefly before he barely pushed inside, pausing to look up at you. You nodded again so that he knew you were fine and he pushed inside a tiny bit more, you gasped slightly. You could feel a quite uncomfortable pressure at first but after a few seconds your body welcomed the feeling. He waited a little more before continuing, you bit your lip and hummed as his tip slipped in fully.
“This alrigh’? Does it hurt?”
You took a few breaths before answering, you looked down at your entrance and then back up at him.
“I'm alright. Are you okay? I’m sorry” 
“Ain’t nothin’ to be sorry for. I’m good.” he assured never breaking eye contact “Ya want t’ stop?”
“No, I'm okay. It just feels- different”
Taking that in consideration and quite literally seeing through you, he could tell that you were scared, he now felt how hard you grabbed his wrist. He lowered his body so that his chest was flush against yours and you instinctively circled your arms around him. You were scared, before the apocalypse, so many of your girl friends had told you about this very same moment, how much it hurt being with their boyfriends for the very first time and how it didn’t feel good or right. And you so desperately wanted this to feel right, because you loved him.
“Hey, ‘m righ’ ‘ere. Ya can close yer eyes if ya want or look at me. It dun matter alrigh’? ‘M righ’ ‘ere” 
You two kissed softly for a few seconds before you nuzzled your face into his neck and breathed him in for comfort, little by little he pushed in as you whimpered and held onto him, always asking how you were doing. He asked you to breathe deeply and slowly as he pushed in and when he did, one hand slowly pressed into his lower stomach for him to stop, so he did. Breathing deeply allowed your body to relax so that little push truly felt like something way bigger causing his dick to slide in beautifully.
“Is it in?” you asked breathlessly.
“Not yet, ya think you can take a bit more? If not ‘s fine.”
“Yeah, okay. I got it”
You whimpered again on the last careful push he gave, that one was a bit more painful, engulfing your body in a foreign pressure. He could feel your heartbeat sync up with his as you breathed in and out. He wasn’t fully in but this was more than enough for that day. You kissed him hungrily before he could utter any questions.
“Just stay like this for a minute. I just- i need a minute”
And he did, he waited for you, in those quiet minutes he observed every feature of yours as if he hadn’t done it thousands of times before. You told him he could move. His slow movements, painful at first, quickly faded into pleasure as your moans became constant. You grabbed onto his shoulders for support, this felt nothing like what your friends had described to you. Your legs hugged his lower body, caging him in and you could not stop kissing him, neither could he as his steady breaths became jagged, shaky. Your foreheads stuck together as he set a comfortable pace, one hand lowered to massage your bundle of nerves. You began noticing another unknown feeling taking over your lower body. Your stomach produced a numbing warmth that spread through your body like lightning, you had to focus very hard on breathing and you saw the room in a different light. Time slowed down and suddenly you were hyper aware of the situation. Daryl was buried inside you, sliding in and out desperately with stuttering hips, his skin felt hot to the touch, the room was warm, you felt insanely good and you could no longer ignore the fact that you were in love with the man. His breath tickled your ears and hearing his rasped moans and whimpers brought you back to earth not knowing that you were causing it.
“Daryl- I think- oh my god. Daryl?” you cried out, believing to know now what this warmth was. His continuous thrusts overwhelmed you and clouded your mind while your moans intoxicated his.
“I know” he struggled to speak “I can feel ya, just relax ‘n let it happen”
You closed your eyes to relish the upcoming feeling.
“Tha’s righ’ sunshine just like tha’, just keep breathin’. Yer doin’ great” he kissed your forehead and mumbled against your skin “‘m righ’ ‘ere”
Mere moments later, you cried out his name with shaking limbs, your climax caused your body to hug him harder as he reached his, finally collapsing on top of you. You stayed that way for a while, basking in the aftersex bliss, waiting for your breathing and heartbeats to sync up again in a more relaxed manner, before he pulled out and laid next to you, hugging your body tightly to his side. With your head on his chest, he played with the ends of your hair and occasionally kissed the top of your head as you caressed his arm lovingly.
“Thank you” you whispered into the previously silent room.
“Ya dun need to, sunshine. I should be thankin’ ya. Y’alrigh’?”
“I’m great. You?” he nodded. “Did you- did you finish?” 
“Yes i did” he said confidently with a smirk, you hit his chest playfully and he reacted like it pained him.
“Oh stop it.” you laughed, with the brightest smile he had ever seen ”I swear you’re like a little kid sometimes”
After the laughing faded, he asked about you. “Did ya? Not that we should doubt it” he asked, glancing at the visually wet spot you previously laid over and your wet inner thighs. You laughed again and he did too.
 “You’re an asshole, you know that?”
“Thought ya liked it” he answered playfully.
“Fuck you”
“Ya did”
After some laughs leaving your cheeks aching, he cleaned you up while peppering your body with kisses and covered you with a blanket before putting his clothes back on and leaving to get you both some dinner. A dinner you both enjoyed together in your safe place.
Daryl was your first everything and undeniably your last. From that day on, he swore to love every bit of you wholly and remind you of it every chance he got.
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jjkeverlast · 5 months
bloodline | jjk #1
Tumblr media
-> pairing fuckboy!jk x fuckgirl!f.reader
-> genres/aus slow burn, friends with benefits au, smut, humor, angst and college au
-> summary a relationship was the last thing you wanted, but having wild and experimenting sex? now that was something, and jeon jungkook is there to give you simply that. as long as either catch feelings... but that won't be hard for you knowing you'd never go for a guy like jungkook, although jungkook might have another opinion about you. let the (fun) begin!
-> warnings swearing, mentions of sex, drunk!jk, dirty talk, dry humping, cum eating, fingering, oral (f. receiving), face riding, overstimulation :)
-> word count 3.2k
-> author's note i'm baaaaackkkkk :))) also, big thanks to my love @here4btsfics for guiding me through the smut. i love you kelly you're amazinggggg <3333
masterlist for bloodline
Tumblr media
‘’So, it’s just sex between you?’’ Your roommate Cho-Hee questions after she’s accidentally caught you and Jungkook fucking on the couch. It was your fault for overseeing her schedule that was cleared out the day you decided to invite him over. 
“Yes.” Without a question you answer, Jungkook puts on his sweater behind you as Cho-Hee stands in question in the open kitchen. 
“You know… that never works right?” You love Cho-Hee. She’s an amazing friend who in reality just wants what’s best for you and will fight for you whenever she can. It was her way of showing she cares for you by asking. This explains why you didn’t get offended and throw a fit over the cliche question whenever two casually hooking up get interrogated by friends. 
“It’s under control. Jungkook literally fucks anything with a pulse and I can hardly see myself in a relationship.” You’d never try and excuse that this will never happen, there’s a chance but it’s not very highly between you two. If there were such a big risk, you’d never hook up with Jungkook in the first place. 
The off putting friends with benefits situation you had with Jungkook only started a few weeks ago. He caught your eye at the frat party Hoseok invited you to. He wasn’t exactly a stranger to you. You heard a thing or two about his fuckboy status and his astounding skills in bed — explains why he carries the title so proudly. 
When you first hooked up, Jungkook was surprised by how different you were. You drove him on edge constantly, savoring up every minute of the pleasure that developed between you. To say you were a drug for Jungkook was an understatement. You were more, yet you didn’t need to know that. 
‘’Well… I’m leaving. I’ll call you.’’ With a peck on the cheek, Jungkook says a quick bye to Cho-Hee before the door closes and it’s just the both of you. 
‘’He literally–’’ Cho-Hee starts off, you barely noticed the display of affection he did before leaving. 
‘’Nothing. Want to order some take out?’’ Since that day, Cho-Hee never brought up your relationship with Jungkook on the table. 
Tumblr media
It turned quiet in your apartment, Cho-Hee was studying for a test tomorrow and you were scrolling on TikTok to let a few hours pass by. Your screen gets interrupted by a call. Well that was definitely early. 
‘’Jungkook?’’ There’s a lot of noise surrounding him, so you hardly hear him through the mic. 
‘’Y/N? Can you hear me now?’’ The ruckus clears out and Jungkook’s voice cuts through it. 
‘’Yeah, what’s up?’’ You’ve brought the phone to your ear, sighing as you find a comfortable position to lay in. 
‘’Wanna fuck?’’ You can’t help but snort when he says it, covering your mouth — scared to interrupt the focus Cho-Hee has gained on her studies. Jungkook is most likely drunk at this moment and horny, very fucking horny. 
‘’Why are you laughing? I’m serious, I wanna fuck you.’’ You depress your snorting, trying to take his drunken state seriously. It makes it a lot funnier when you’re the sober one. 
‘’Who says you’re fucking me?’’ Jungkook knew you were a switch, well more a person who’d be down for almost anything. Did that scare him? Yes. Did it turn him on? Also yes. 
‘’Shut up. Now can I come over or not?’’ He really did not like to waste his time on small talk with you. It’s not that you aren’t interesting as a person, his dick just speaks before him and right now? He desperately wants to be inside of you. 
‘’Cho-Hee is studying…’’ You start off, earning a groan from Jungkook not being pleased by your answer. You have a lot of respect for your roommate and vise versa, the least you can do is keep your crazy hookups away from Cho-Hee as much as possible. The reason also being she caught you not even a few hours ago, she still needs to recover from that. 
‘’And? She knows either way, so what’s the problem?’’ He’s determined to be in between your legs tonight. 
‘’The problem is she needs complete silence. Silence never works for us Jungkook.’’ You can picture the smirk plastered on his face when you admitted that the sex is too good, which explains the noise following right after. 
‘’I can just hold my hand over your mouth. Easy fix.’’ He’s proud of his solution but you roll your eyes, wondering how you’ll get it to his head that there’s no sex tonight. 
‘’Jungkook– I really can’t. Isn’t there someone else at the party that you can take home?’’ It turns silent on the other side of the line. That feels odd, also because you never agreed to be exclusive. Jungkook is a free man. 
‘’They aren’t you.’’ The alcohol is speaking for Jungkook and you know that. You always found the saying ‘drunk words are sober thoughts’ utter bullshit. You’ve blurted out all kinds of nonsense when you’ve been drunk which have never meant anything. In this way, Jungkook’s sentence means nothing to you. 
‘’Jung–’’ Cho-Hee knocks on your door, startling you which causes you to hang up. 
‘’Oh- sorry! I was just gonna tell you that I’m going to Taehyung’s now.’’ You can already see for yourself Jungkook’s smile when he receives the news that he actually will get pussy tonight. 
‘’That’s fine, say hi to Tae from me.’’ Cho-Hee gives you one last smile, leaving you to go see her boyfriend. 
You realize you haven’t called Jungkook back and before you get the chance to, Cho-Hee shouts to you from the front door. With a quick strut, you find Jungkook with a worried expression and Cho-Hee trying to suppress a laugh. 
‘’I thought something happened.’’ Cho-Hee sends you a knowing look from afar, which you quickly shut down not wanting her to get the wrong idea of Jungkook being worried. 
‘’Well. That’s my cue to leave.’’ She grabs her coat, closing the door behind her while you stand in your sloppy pajama look. 
‘’Jungkook, what the fuck?’’ You aren’t exactly pleased with him arriving at your place without a warning. Thankfully Cho-Hee already made plans with Taehyung or you’d have a lot of explaining to do. 
‘’Let’s fuck baby.’’ He almost crashes onto you, the hard liquor breath fanning above you and your face twists in disgust. He reeks of alcohol. 
‘’You’re way too drunk.’’ You grab ahold of Jungkook’s shoulders to lift the weight he decided to throw on you late at night. 
He can roughly stand on his own two feet, bringing you to baby him to bed. Which, yes, was not part of your weird deal. Still, you can’t let him go home from here in this state and it’s not because he’s unknown to your bed. 
With a few struggles you managed to get Jungkook out of his clothes and tucked under the sheets. He was getting way too excited when you went down to unbutton his pants as he already laid flat on your bed. The duvet crinkled as he moved around, as if he was a child doing a snow angel. 
‘’I thought you were gonna suck my dick. What a tease you are…’’ He pouts when you join him under the covers. If only the baby could stop talking and sober up.
‘’I’ll suck you off when you’re sober.’’ Jungkook leaves it at that, snores already escaping him as he falls asleep. 
Tumblr media
You don’t know what time it is when Jungkook pulls you in by the waist, nuzzling his nose into the crook of your neck. It’s not that action that stirs you awake, it’s what’s poking your ass when you lean into him. 
‘’Please tell me you’re awake.’’ He whispers softly. You don’t give him a direct answer, pressing your ass further against him. 
‘’I’ll take that as a yes.’’ His warm hand roams on your thigh, soothing it out and taking his time in enjoying what’s in front of him. You hum in delight, his hand inching closer towards your core. 
‘’Are you sober?’’ You want to make sure, never wanting to take advantage of Jungkook in an intoxicated state. With a low chuckle, he bites your earlobe and whispers a yes. That’s good enough for you. You let Jungkook touch you how he pleases, admiring your curves and the softness that meets the palm of his hand. 
You’re not impatient, seeing you fucked him earlier before Cho-Hee walked in, screaming as she quickly covered her eyes begging you both to dress up. It was comical, maybe not for her but Jungkook bit his lip trying to regain the upcoming snort that was about to leave him when he saw how traumatized Cho-Hee looked. 
Jungkook moves his hand further down, tracing his delicate fingers above the fabric. You tense under his touch, his breath still landing hot on the nape of your neck. The slow build of intimacy reaching your bedroom. 
It doesn’t really help how horny you’re getting, all while Jungkook’s dick is poking your ass from behind. With a slow movement, you grind your ass back, Jungkook groaning from your visible greadiness. How can you not be? Not only is he fucking hot but having his cock inside of you? Nothing beats that. 
‘’Listen. I love you going slow right now, but can you just fuck me?’’ He hasn’t even touched you, his fingers resting on the waistband of your thong. You don’t exactly know what’s gotten you so needy. Maybe it’s the fact you can feel everything yet he isn’t touching you as expected. Wasn’t he desperate to fuck you a few hours ago? What happened to that? 
‘’Listen, I have plans on my own. Lay still.’’ You cock an eyebrow in surprise. Since when does Jungkook have a plan on how to please you? 
With a sigh, you don’t move, letting Jungkook have his way with you. His hand starts to explore again, finally gaining the courage to reach underneath your thong which has started to stick to your heat. 
A gentle press of his fingers against your slit and your mouth drops. A breathless moan escapes you when Jungkook runs the pad of his middle finger between your lips, parting them slightly. 
‘’You’re so wet…’’ A kiss is added right beneath your ear, the soft touch of Jungkook’s lips making you lean more into him — if it’s even possible at this point — earning a hiss from him as he gets worked up on how you effortlessly give yourself to him. 
‘’Stay still. You’re gonna drive me insane before I even get to fuck you.’’ You smile at his words, commanding to his request. 
He returns to fingering you, bucking his hips into you from behind to excite you of what awaits. He loves seeing you like this, lips parted as your eyebrows furrow over the pleasure building up within you. The pleasure he’s causing. If only you could see how adorable you looked in such a hot position. His fingers covered in your arousal, your ass pushed up on him to get some sort of friction which he isn’t willing to give right now. No, Jungkook loves seeing you become a mess for him, to the point where you take control yourself and guide him inside of you. But that’s not what happens. You turn. 
Jungkook is still cupping your sex under the fabric, until you take a hold of his wrist guiding it towards your mouth. The room is dark, mostly. Jungkook is incapable of seeing your lips wrap around them, swirling the edges as you taste yourself. You’re unbelievable. 
When you release his fingers from your mouth, Jungkook curses under his breath before he brings you in for a heated kiss. You don’t hesitate to wrap your free arm around his neck, playing with the ends of his hair as his tongue slips in to meet yours. 
Kisses with Jungkook always drive you to a breaking point. There’s something so addicting about the way he kisses you that your body reacts before you. You’ve let your clothed core grind over his cock that has fully hardened under his briefs. 
‘’Take them off.’’ You say in a hurry, moving your mouth further down to Jungkook’s neck. His weakness. It’s the first moan that slips out from him when you’ve swirled your tongue as your lips peck and bite at his soft skin. 
Jungkook struggles to get his boxers off, when you’ve decided now is the perfect time to give him neck kisses. You’ve learned to perfect them since you both started hooking up, it’s definitely worth it when moans simply slip out of him. 
A rough pull from Jungkook brings you back to face him and that’s when you notice he’s managed to get his boxers off while you were too busy with his delicate neck. 
‘’Fucking finally.’’ You reach your hand down to feel it but Jungkook stops you. 
‘’Wha–’’ He pulls one of your legs over his waist, positioning his cock above the material of your thong. That shuts you up, starting to enjoy the anticipation of having him inside of you. Sure, you’d rather want it now but it’s fun going along with Jungkook’s ideas. Maybe that explains the exciting sex life you’ve created between the two of you as time passed. 
He makes it more difficult for you not to push yourself down on his cock when he decides to push your panties aside and grind his cock in between your soaked lips. The tip adding pressure to your clit as he presses it on purpose. He knows you love it. 
‘’Jungkook, fuck!’’ The sensation you’re feeling becomes overwhelming, as you clutch onto him he admits he’s teased you enough. Aiming his tip now at your center, you await patiently before you feel it. His cock stretches you out the more he bucks his hips forward, as you sigh in satisfaction of getting what you’ve wanted since he’s pulled you in. 
‘’Fuck you’re so tight pretty girl.’’ Pretty girl. A nickname Jungkook only uses in bed with you. It always gives you the same feeling; tingling sensations running around as goosebumps rise on your skin. You never felt special because of the nickname he used on you. It just felt good to be called something. 
Jungkook obliges, creating motion in his hips, his cock now entering and leaving you. The room is too engulfed by darkness for you to admire the alluring view beneath you both. You’re already turning warm and hot, the covers still tucked to both your chins. Jungkook’s pants land hot against your lips, his movements quickening as you tug yourself closer. 
‘’I might not – shit – last long.’’ Jungkook admits, his pace never slowing down as you let yourself go, fully immersed by the wave of pleasure that’s slowly appearing. 
‘’It’s okay. You can come.’’ You meet his hips halfway, working up an orgasm for you both before you suffocate yourself from heat. Jungkook doesn’t stop holding you close to him, his sleeve colored arm under your t-shirt, holding his hand tight on your naked body. 
If only Jungkook could hear how exceptional his moans were when he’s buried inside of you. You’ll never grow tired of the on going curse words and strangled sounds he makes whenever you drive him on edge and fuck him instead. 
The sounds are muffled under the duvet of your skins slapping against one another. Jungkook’s cock starts to twitch, signaling he’s not going to last much longer but you continue regardless, lifting yourself in a quicker motion to feel every inch of him before dropping down again and meeting the base of his cock. 
‘’Fuck, don’t stop.’’ Jungkook’s grip tightens, letting you fuck yourself on him at a quick pace and with a quick motion, he pushes himself all the way in, poking at your g-spot as he finishes inside of you. You can only feel it twitch right after, humming in delight as Jungkook tries to catch his breath. 
‘’Wish I could stay buried in your pussy, forever.’’ You snort at his compliment, finding the word ‘forever’ super childish coming from a fuckboy. He’s oddly soft, maybe that’s just his demeanor in bed. 
Even though you haven’t finished yourself, you’re content. But Jungkook isn’t. 
He turns you both around, your body now hovering above him, wearing a worried expression. ‘’What are you doing?’’ He doesn’t answer you, giving you a hidden smirk before he swiftly pulls you by the thighs, your pussy mere inches from his face. 
‘’Don’t be shy baby, sit on my face.’’ You want to, but you also want him to beg for it. 
‘’Say pleas–’’ Jungkook lifts his head, tongue now running flat on your slit. It makes you loosen your legs, pulling yourself down to feel more of his mouth. It’s no lie that Jungkook knows how to eat pussy. His tongue and lips could go on for hours, sucking, biting, nibbling your clit along with your hole. 
You’re getting dizzy by the warm feeling of his tongue, circling on your clit for a good minute now. Your hips start to grind on his face, helping him get his mouth anywhere possible as your fingers go down to grip his loose strands of hair. The grip tightens and Jungkook moans against your heat, sending a shockwave of pleasure caused by the vibrations. You’re close. 
Jungkook loves having you like this. Using him to make yourself come all over him. He decides to bite your clit gently, knowing it’ll be the last push for your orgasm. He was right, you tense above him, finally releasing and covering half of his chin. You’re overly sensitive after coming back from your high, Jungkook panting beneath you to catch some air. 
‘’That was–’’ You start to laugh, releasing your grip on Jungkook’s hair as you lift your hips up, to roll over and catch your breath. Jungkook’s grip tightens once again, bringing your wet slit, once again in front of his mouth. 
‘’Who said I was done?’’ 
‘’Jungkook I don’t–’’ 
‘’One more. You can do it.’’ With a slow exhale from your part, Jungkook goes back kissing you all over, starting with your inner thighs and working towards your heat for one last time. 
 You feel lightheaded at this point, not having time to process your first orgasm. Jungkook is cautious, knowing you’re overly sensitive but he wants to make you cum again. If he could, he’d continue till you barely could stand. Not only because you look so pretty when you finish, but the fact that it’s his doing. He is the one turning you heated, dizzy, breathless… 
With a simple lick on your clit, you’re already drowning in pleasure once more and letting go. Your legs are somewhat shaky from your second orgasm and with a small kiss to your clit from Jungkook, he helps you lay back down on your back. 
‘’Give me a minute.’’ Your chest is rising at a rapid pace as you inhale and exhale. Body warm and heated, you find sudden peace and calm yourself as Jungkook watches you smile. 
It’s a win for him. 
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portalhan · 6 months
asking stray kids: "would you still love me if i was a worm?"
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
pairing: skz x gn!reader format: headcanons warnings: fluff!!!! also, mentions of eating, food and baking in minho's, changbin, jisung, felix and jeongin. notes: i got inspired by an nct dream version of this by @j0hnj4ej3n (thank you for giving me permission! <3), who has a fantastic nct dream collection for anyone who stans them. see the original nct dream version of this headcanon here! i thought it would be fun to do a skz version of this one. enjoy! please reblog or comment or write your thoughts in the tags if you enjoyed this one, i always love seeing what you guys think about my work!
ೇ 𑁦꒦꒷ chan
the two of you have been in chan's studio for a couple hours now. this has unofficially become an integral part of both of your routines – chan would come into the studio in the morning to work on new music, while you'd stroll in some time after depending on your prior schedule (college classes, lazy mornings, you get it) to keep him company. you never really chatted while you were in the studio together; you would both just sit and wordlessly do your own thing while enjoying each other's company, maybe breaking the silence once in a while to ask about dinner plans or when chan needed a second opinion on some new beat he was cooking up.
the two of you have been in chan's studio for a couple hours now. this has unofficially become an integral part of both of your routines – chan would come into the studio in the morning to work on new music, while you'd stroll in some time after depending on your prior schedule (college classes, lazy mornings, you get it) to keep him company. you never really chatted while you were in the studio together; you would both just sit and wordlessly do your own thing while enjoying each other's company, maybe breaking the silence once in a while to ask about dinner plans or when chan needed a second opinion on some new beat he was cooking up.
which was why chan got nervous when you suddenly sat up from your usual spot on the couch to ask, "babe, can i ask you something? can you be honest with me?" oh, god. did he do something wrong? chan removes his headphones and places them back around his neck. he turns his swivel chair around to face you, with a concerned expression on his face. "what's up?"
"would you still love me if i was a worm?"
chan pauses; the only reaction he's able to muster is a couple blinks. did he hear you right? "are you serious?" you maintain eye contact as you nod slowly, with a deadpan expression. he suddenly erupts in laughter, throwing himself back against his chair and gripping his own torso for support. did you just spot the slight glimmer of tears around his eyes? despite having asked that in all earnestness, the violence with which he reacted to your innocuous, hypothetical question had you giggling to yourself a little bit. you couldn't help it, his laugh was contagious. "of course i would, baby. worm you is still you," he says, moving from his seat over to your side on the couch as he engulfed you in the biggest bear hug, peppering your face with little kisses. "you're dangerously cute. you have got to stop it before i squeeze you too hard one day."
Tumblr media
ೇ 𑁦꒦꒷ minho
the both of you have been awfully busy lately. neither of you could really help it – minho has been a vital part of some new, huge project at work and it's been causing him to spend a lot more time at the office than he'd really like. meanwhile, you were caught up with your final thesis. by the time the both of you managed to see each other at the end of each day in your shared apartment, you were too tired to do anything other than cuddle, eat and watch movies in silence. maybe the occasional "what were you up to today?" here and there.
your exhaustion today was particularly bad. you were on campus the entire day, toiling on your laptop as you approached the last couple of weeks before your paper was due. you trudged through the front door, greeted by your boyfriend, who is already in his pjs and sitting on the couch with take-out dinner while re-runs of the office play on tv. "hey jagi, long day?"
you nodded, dumping your bags by the door and heading straight to the couch to snuggle up against your boyfriend. his arm instinctively begins to wrap around your waist. you sit there in silence, eyes glued to the television. your brain is just a mush of nonsense at this point. you don't even remember how your brain landed on this question, but you were too tired to filter your thoughts out anyway. "would you still love me even if i was a worm?"
"absolutely not."
you have never sat up this fast in your entire life. you think you might have experienced mini whiplash. "what?"
"why not? don't you love me?"
"i do, so much, but it's weird to be in a relationship with a worm. i am not about to be the real-life version of the female lead in the bee movie, whatever her name is."
you silently resume your previous position next to him, a playful scowl on your face. "you're impossible. i would love you if you were a worm, you know," you huffed. to be honest, you don't really know what response you expected from minho – this was pretty on brand for him. minho chuckled, pulling you closer and planting a loud, semi-wet kiss on your head for theatrics. "i'm just being realistic, y/n. you know i love you. if you were a cat, however, that would have been a different conversation."
"only for you."
Tumblr media
ೇ 𑁦꒦꒷ changbin
it's saturday evening, aka date night for you and changbin. this time, you were walking along the han river at 8pm, illuminated only by the dim streetlights along the sidewalk. despite perceived lavishness of the term "date night", the two of you were always too lazy for extravagant dates every weekend (simpler dates were also better on both of your wallets anyway). so when changbin suggested for you to take a long stroll along the river – "the weather's getting cooler, and it's a clear, nice night out!" – you were quick to agree.
a takeaway cup of hot chocolate in your hand to share between the two of you, you have your fingers intertwined, with changbin swaying both your arms as you walked, pointing out inconsequential little things you both observed on your night out. like how a particular cloud looked like a pig, or how the chihuahuas out along the river today terrified the crap out of changbin.
you catch a brief glimpse of what looked like a worm on the pavement – or was it a centipede? you weren't very good with insects – and suddenly you were overcome by an epiphany. changbin side-eyes you. he's spent enough time with you to recognise when the proverbial bulb has lit up in your head, and the particular expression you have on your face right now indicated to him that it wasn't anything particularly good. "what is it?" he asks with hints of skepticism lacing his tone, as he squeezes your hand.
you turn to him with the most mischievous grin he's seen on you in a while. now he's worried. "changbin, would you still love me even if i was a worm?"
"i said, would you still lo-"
"no, i heard you the first time. i'm just confused. why would you suddenly ask me something like that?"
"nothing. just curious, maybe?"
"you are so weird."
changbin can't hide the smile that's creeping up on his face even if he wanted to. he stopped the both of you in your tracks, and let go of your hands to pinch your cheeks as he pecked your forehead. "i guess i would, i'm sure you'd be the cutest worm ever. although i do have to warn you, i have zero experience in taking care of worms."
"it's just a hypothetical question, bin."
he chuckles, and it's the most glorious sound you've heard all day. "i know, i just wanna play it out. what if you really turn into a worm?"
Tumblr media
ೇ 𑁦꒦꒷ hyunjin
one of your favourite ways of spending time with your boyfriend, hyunjin, was to sit and watch as he painted. there's something so therapeutic about witnessing his process firsthand – the way he prepares his little work station, places the canvas onto the easel and works his way around the colours of his oil paints is so mesmerising to you. you consider yourself the luckiest person on earth sometimes for that very reason. hyunjin, on the other hand, doesn't mind you watching him for hours as he works at all, in fact he thoroughly enjoys the company. he even sometimes asks if he could paint you –the countless canvases with your portraits painted on them stashed away in your shared apartment's storage room is evidence enough.
today, though, he decided to paint his mom's garden. she snapped and sent several photos to him just the day before, telling him about the new flowers she planted and the bugs she found amongst the shrubs. perhaps hyunjin chose to use his mom's pictures as references because he missed his family and childhood home a little more than usual today, you wonder.
as he worked and manipulated the paint to form a near facsimile of his mom's snaps, you could get clear views of the kind of bugs she had found in her yard. your eyes landed on a rough sketch of a worm, and you became curious. "jinnie," you whispered. hyunjin's gaze never left his canvas, but he was listening. "hm? yeah, baby?"
you gulped. you hope you don't sound like a complete idiot; you were just curious. "would you still love me if i was a worm? you can be honest, i won't be mad. i was just wondering."
a snort. you hear a snort, mere milliseconds before he spun around in his chair, placed his oils and brush back on the tray by the easel and tackled you in a hug against your chair. he completely terrorised you with a continuous flurry of cheek and jaw kisses as the both of you erupted in a chorus of giggles. "what?" you manage to breathe out between bouts of laughter.
"you are literally the cutest person on earth," hyunjin says, just as he leans down to place another sloppy kiss on your cheek. "you know what, baby? i wish you were a worm, only because it would be easier to carry you in my pocket with me all the time."
Tumblr media
ೇ 𑁦꒦꒷ jisung
"come again?"
jisung was agog, in a state of mild shock after you posed your ridiculous question. "there's no way you just asked me that," he said, chuckling, as he continued to shove handfuls of popcorn into his mouth. the both of you were having a movie night in his apartment, cuddled on the couch with your legs tangled underneath the throw. no, the film didn't have anything to do with worms or insects, you were just bored and suddenly recalled something you saw on social media earlier today.
"c'mon. i saw some other people ask their partners this question on tiktok. i was just curious to see what your response would be!"
he reached for the remote on the coffee table and paused the film, shifting his body to face you. wow, he's actually kind of serious about this, you think to yourself.
"yes, y/n. i would love you if you were a worm," jisung deadpans.
you whistle, a scrunched-up expression of exaggerated awe adorning your face. jisung laughs, leaning towards you to peck your nose. "that's kind of gross, though," you point out playfully, as he holds your hands in his.
"i would love you even if you were a roach."
"damn, that cannot be good."
"one of those with wings."
"now, that's just disgusting."
"found in a dumpster."
you playfully gag, although you were genuinely touched by his sentiment, even if it was really gross. you land a quick peck on his lips, as you feel him chase after you. you give in and lock your lips together, wrapping your arms around his neck as he pinned you down on the couch. "i love you, y/n," he muttered, as though he didn't want anyone else to hear it apart from you. "i love you more."
Tumblr media
ೇ 𑁦꒦꒷ felix
chan's birthday was coming up, and you and felix were tasked by the rest of the boys to bake the birthday cake. that was why you were both currently in the kitchen, doused in flour and standing over the kitchen counter that was littered with all sorts of ingredients and utensils. if you were being honest, it looked like a tornado just hit your kitchen. felix has always been the better baker between the both of you, but he has assured you countless times that he liked having you help him out in the kitchen ("you are literally so adorable when you get stressed about baking," as he puts it). the pressure was especially on this time – you really wanted to make chan the best cake he has ever had. it's not everyday that you turn 25, after all.
so there you both were: felix violently mixing batches of multi-coloured icing in his own corner of the kitchenette while you were on the other end prepping the cake batter in the pan to be shoved into the oven. the atmosphere was silent yet comfortable, as it always has been with felix. a thought suddenly popped in your head, something you meant to ask your boyfriend a while ago but ended up having to put on the back burner. this was the perfect time to get that out of the way, you decided.
as soon as you place the tray in the oven, you remove your gloves and silently saunter behind felix, who failed to notice your presence because of how engrossed he was in colouring the icing. you gently tapped him on the shoulder. "what's up?" he asked, his back still facing you as he continued to mix.
"you'd still love me even if i was a worm, right?" you wrap your arms around his waist in a back hug, as you press your body against his. you could feel felix relax against your touch, before he turned around and wrapped his own arms around you. you look up at him as he chuckled. "why'd you suddenly ask me that?"
you shrugged. "i don't know. i thought about it a while ago but kept forgetting to ask you about it."
"i guess so, although i don't see how that situation would ever come up," he ponders earnestly, earning a giggle from you. "how would you help me bake next time? how would i be able to kiss you, or ask for hugs?"
"aw, baby," you coo, burying your face in his chest as your heart swelled. "that doesn't matter. thanks for loving me no matter what. i love you so much." you feel his lips linger on the crown of your head as you stayed in that position for a while. "y/n," felix mutters, prompting you to look back up at him again. "what about me? would you love me if i was a worm?"
"we'd be worms in love, then."
Tumblr media
ೇ 𑁦꒦꒷ seungmin
"hey, seungmin," you break the silence. the both of you were just lying in bed about to go to sleep, but snuggled up against each other as you scrolled through social media on your own phones. he hums in response, eyes still glued to his screen and arm still wrapped around your figure.
"just curious – would you date me even if i were... i don't know, a worm?"
your boyfriend begins to chortle. you feign offence, dramatically placing your hand against your heart. "what? i'm being serious!" he vehemently denies your alleged seriousness, as he puts his phone down on the sheets. "just be honest with me, i won't get mad, i promise."
"no," he says matter-of-factly, as though he had been waiting for you to ask him this very question just so he can give you this specific response. "end of story. just, no."
when you ask him why he says so, he begins to go on a tangent about the logistics of dating a worm. "worms are slimy and disgusting and terribly small. what if i accidentally step on you and smush you?" you can't argue with that logic, you suppose. "plus, don't worms live for like, four years at most? that would make me...." he shivers at the thought; he couldn't even bring himself to finish his own sentence. you begin to laugh uncontrollably at how deadpan seungmin is about your hypothetical question, which in turn causes him to laugh at you for posing such a ridiculous situation. you flirt with the idea of taking your question to new heights. "but what if i was a pretty, non-slimy, giant worm, with the lifespan of a human?"
"that would be infinitely more terrifying."
"hm, you're right."
"you don't need to ask me these weird questions, you know. i love you as you are now, like this," he gestures towards you.
"even in my pajamas and messy hair?"
"especially in your pajamas and messy hair. you're perfect," he gushes, planting a kiss on your lips. "let's go to sleep."
Tumblr media
ೇ 𑁦꒦꒷ jeongin
"i wanna ask you something," you tell your boyfriend, as you both walked to the convenience store just a block away from your apartment at 2am. with the both of you being night owls, this was a pretty normal affair in your household. you sometimes got the cravings for some spicy instant noodles, while he has a personal agenda of trying and reviewing every brand and flavour of ice cream the store has to offer (he also can't take spice as well as you can, but will never admit it. but you know).
"hm? jeongin hums, squeezing your hand as the convenience store slowly came into view. the night was nice and calm – the sky was clear, with stars twinkling in the sky and the sound of cicadas buzzing filling the air. actually, the latter was what inspired the question you had for him. "would you still love me if i was a worm?" you ask sincerely, looking up at him.
"huh?" jeongin dramatically exclaims. "a worm? why a worm? how about something nicer like, a puppy? or a capybara?" right. he has been into capybaras these days.
"is that a no, then?" you tease, as you both enter the mini mart. you grab a basket and immediately head toward the instant noodles aisle, with a ruminating jeongin in tow. you begin taking your favourite flavours off the shelves and tossing them into your basket. "you're so strange, but i love that about you," jeongin simpers. "yeah, i guess i would. you know i'd love you no matter what form you came in. you're still my perfect, lovely, pretty y/n!"
you stop in your tracks and pout, as he continues to giggle while pinching your cheeks. you're so adorable, he thinks to himself. "i'd love you no matter what too, i hope you know that," you gush, before your voice lowers into a whisper. "although, it's so unfair for you to be this sweet with me in public. i'm pretty sure the poor cashier heard us."
you both slowly peek at the cash register from above the shelves, watching the cashier fumble around the register. he was clearly eavesdropping. "it's okay. you're worth the embarrassment."
"you're embarrassing me too, you know."
he swiftly shuffles over to the ice cream freezer, as you hear him yell out: "worth it!"
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