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bearlyfunctioning · 5 months
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Comic #321: AI Image generation - Website links: Here! I'm real tired of having to stand up for ethical issues that seem like they should be self explanatory. So tired I don't even have the energy to 'debate' about it anymore... that doesn't mean I feel any less passionate about it though. So if you're here to argue in favor of the CURRENT use of Stable Diffusion trained AI, I'm just going to block you & enjoy my holiday time. Thankfully there are many people more eloquent than I, tackling this issue and it's common rebuttals: Like this essay: https://youtu.be/tjSxFAGP9Ss Or this thread: https://twitter.com/wickedinsignia/.....21617156706305 All of which I largely agree with. Support your artists, while we're still around.
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Which type of bear is the fluffiest? In your opinion
Sloth bears. That’s not our opinion, it’s fact.
Sloth bears
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the floofiest
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to ever
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crittercrew · 4 months
Since you’re looking for crusty cats and I know in the least creepy way I can say it that you also live in WI somewhere lol. I saw this absolutely treasure of a cat and wasn’t sure if you had also come across her at some point. Listed as 3-8 years old but she’s so scrungly looking I love her. At Feline Canine Friends in Westfield.
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Oh my god is she darling 🥺 she’s a little young for me but god is she cute
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your-local-white-boy · 6 months
please tell me they did not give the author with very racist and homophobic past who realied on stereotypes and whitewashing in her book another story about another culture she knows nothing about
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penumbraphantasm · 2 days
i love the island lobster shirt so much, i make link run around in it like every chance i get. i want a trend of links wearing their favorite creatures on a shirt. i think so far, the count is at 2
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mulchmarner · 2 months
I want to talk about pride night for hockey players and everything that's happened recently with players refusing to wear their pride jerseys. Now, I'm rather new here. I've been into hockey since roughly November or December so I couldn't confidently tell you if players refusing to wear pride jerseys is new or not, but I wouldn't doubt it.
Now, as a queer person, seeing hockey players speak up about players not wearing their pride jerseys means a lot, because to me? That's not the bare minimum they could be doing. The bare minimum is wearing the pride jerseys. The extra mile is talking about it.
Wearing them means a lot, it's not to say it doesn't. Seeing queer people represented as a queer and trans person means a lot. To know that players wouldn't do the bare minimum and won't wear the jersey? That just sucks, to know that their homophobia is that deep that they won't wear a jersey of all things. I also want to make it clear that homophobia based on religion is still homophobia.
Moving on though, seeing players speak up about players not wearing their jerseys means something. It's not the bare minimum to speak about it, especially in a fanbase that's created a culture that can be very toxic to marginalized people. Now, Tumblr is different obviously, but my time spent on Instagram and the comments I've seen have kind of shown me that the type of toxic culture that has been curated doesn't necessarily phase out just because it's 2023. It's lesser, but it's not gone.
People like Zach Hyman, Tyson Barrie, and Matthew Tkachuk, Ethan Bear, and Quinn Hughes talking about it is important. It's putting their voice out there and saying they won't stand for it and that it frustrates them to see it and that they accept their fanbase. They welcome people to games, no matter who they are and who they love and that's important. Existing as a queer person can be tough on its own, but to know that people, specifically players, welcome you to the game? That's important.
The Leafs have taken it a step further by inviting Meghan Duggan to speak up about her own experiences as a queer female hockey player, because she provides perspective and that's important. So often it's hard to understand other people's marginalization, because it only exists from your perspective of them and not how they've perceived their own oppression and marginalization.
This isn't a comparison but rather an appreciation for how the Leafs as an organization have taken it a step further. Some Leafs players have even taken it to put pride tape on their sticks during /other/ team's pride nights. That's important, that is no small thing. That is support even though you're not being mandated to show that you support queer people.
I appreciate the players that have really taken steps in showing their support for their queer community outside of the pride jersey and the tape. That still means something, but it means a lot when players are willing to use their voices as respected players in the league and speak up about it. I think it gets easy to focus on the way players haven't shown their support and it's important to recognize that as well as it shows a lot about how the league has handled issues like this, but it's also important to recognize players who do speak up too and how they've contributed as well.
However, I also want to talk about the feeling of bitterness that comes with seeing this as well and to feel as if it isn't the bare minimum. Ideally, speaking up should be the bare minimum and it probably would be if it weren't for the fact that players aren't doing the genuine bare minimum, which is wearing the actual pride jersey.
I recognize that appreciating players speaking up can have a certain bittersweet feeling and I think it's important to acknowledge that, especially when there are larger issues at hand, especially with queer and trans identities. But I also think it's especially important these players speak out, even if it feels like that should be the bare minimum.
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pigeonneaux · 2 months
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i will send you an INVOICE (so don't pay until you've received it!!)
Useful infos :
DRAWINGS FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY. If you're not of sure what you can or can't do, DM me!
I forgot to precise it on the picture, but i can draw furries now! 🏃
- I will draw pretty much anything and anyone. I can illustrate fanfics, Headcanons, and shitposts. Anything, Go ham.
👉 If you don't have PayPal, Stripe allows you to pay with a credit card
i will need you to send me as many references as possible, of the characters, the clothes & accessories, and the pose you want for them.
(stickmen drawings are fine, and if you describe the poses it should be fine as well) I might ask for some context around the characters if i don't know them
if you commission me to draw my current obssession i will kiss you on the lips
- I reserve myself the right to refuse a commissions, for any reason.
- send me a private message (preffered) or an mail to start, or to ask any question !
👉E-mail : [email protected]
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I love working on nsfw projects so don't be shy! Yeehaw!🏃
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guiltyonsundays · 8 months
Just finished a rewatch of The Bear and while I love seeing white men apologise as much as anyone, I have to wonder why Carmy is the only person in the show who is ever expected to apologise for his actions? Marcus’ continuing to fuck around with donut recipes when the restaurant was in the middle of a crisis was completely unprofessional and Carmy, as his boss, had a right to be furious at him. Sydney fucked up seriously by leaving the pre-order option on when they introduced the tablet system on her suggestion, which produced a flood of orders and created the episode 7 shitshow. What’s more, she subjected Richie to an unbelievably personal tirade of abuse before LITERALLY STABBING HIM (accidentally yes, but still warranting an apology). Regardless of the fact that Richie is an asshole and probably deserved it, Sydney is the sous chef and basically the manager of the restaurant, and it is literally never okay to talk to a coworker or employee the way she did. But neither Marcus nor Sydney ever apologise to any of the team for their extremely unprofessional behaviour, or for walking out in the middle of a crisis and abandoning everyone. Instead Carmy apologises to both of them for yelling (out of line, but understandable given the situation), and they are both welcomed back without so much as a rebuke. It’s just a weird double standard and I’m surprised by how many people seem to agree with it on here.
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cyberpunkboytoy · 1 month
my favourite thing about towa is his texting style. unintentionally hilarious, he is just some guy
He is TRULY just some guy. Maybe even the most guy ever. I love when he just responds with "y" or "k". He's so funny.
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newasskid · 10 months
If Carmy doesn’t tell Syd :
“I can’t do this without you.”
in Season Two of the The Bear, then—
what was this all for?
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bearlyfunctioning · 1 month
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Comic #335: Spot the AI - Website links: Here! My MIL means well, but she was being fooled by detailed art-dolls of baby animals before AI became a thing! Now so many people like her are going to have a legitimately hard time knowing if photos are real or not & it is only going to get worse. I've definitely been fooled too, but if I spend more than a few minutes looking at something I can usually tell it's generated crap.
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rotten-rabbitx3 · 1 year
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Made my s/o two proper fursonas because I am slowly turning him into a furry lmao
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starriva · 7 months
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Some pictures of ideas of what it would be like to grow up in the Kirkland house
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ainzuha · 5 months
nooooo dont romance the wanted man slash detective!! heizou you have a job to do!!! no heizou what are you doing!!!! :(((
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techranova · 2 months
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If you see this, this is your sign to relax - especially if you're secretly a bear
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slam-monarchy · 18 days
HIS BODY HAIR HGSGRHGGRGRGR *demolishes seven buildings* I LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!!!
I assume this is about how i draw sampo- YIPEE! im glad other people enjoy that take on him :3c I cannot fathom this man being smooth . pretty much anywhere IHDFAIDS ( also i like body hair ) so expect p much all my sampos ( sampies? sampinis? ) to be hairy asf
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