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mccoalminer · 11 months
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Alison Bechdel
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travelling-hydaelyn · 5 months
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Ardbert clearly having the time of his life (in spite of complaining that Thancred is not being very sporting)
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mmm-asbestos · 1 year
Imma be real u cannot use social media engagement as a primary source of validation u gotta look for something else
Because it's a toxic relationship
1. Engagement does NOT depend on the quality of stuff you post
2. It is NOT consistent
3. You will NOT predict it
What it WILL do is give you a temporary high when you get lucky, and make you feel like you did something wrong when you dont
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tequiilasunriise · 4 months
Hey do you guys remember when Bubbline from Adventure Time wasn’t supposed to be a thing, like, at ALL but as time progressed and the shippers grew louder at the ship’s potential with each crumb the writers went, “fuck it, we ball” and gave us an amazing slowburn that paid off in the end? Do you guys remember when everyone thought Robin from Stranger Things was straight but then NOPEEE as the show progressed she eventually came out as a lesbian in an incredibly heart wrenching scene? (Ronance truthers rise up!!)
Stay loud homies, and don’t give up hope. Give the show and the characters time to grow, and give the creators a clear signal of what we want. This pirate cruise ship is a slow and steady one, but OH is it gonna be fun to try and ride out the waves (it’s a pirate ship because pirates are cool as fuck and known fer saying Gay Rights™️).
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just read the newest mha chapter, and a lot happened... but a key moment for me was
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But his reaction after finding out it was an illusion from Camie... >still sad though, because Hawks prolly had such an impact on him<
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urvirtualboyfie · 7 months
listen i need a fall date. let’s get coffee and exchange our favorite books for each other to read while we sit on a blanket in the park. maybe we can kiss.
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stincorrect · 9 months
Dustin: You are irrationally angry 365 days a year. Max: Well, that’s just your personal opinion. I don’t have anger issues. Lucas, do you think I have anger issues? Lucas: Well, I wouldn’t really call it an issue. An issue is something you can fix.
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Let's talk about ep 4 and how Edward is kinda a huge dick.
It's entirely possible other people have talked about this but I haven't seen it and I'm an opinionated autistic person so fuck you here we goooo
So something I think is really interesting about this episode how actually very cruel and mean Ed is towards Stede.
The beginning of Ed's fuckary is seen first when he brings up the clouds to Izzy and then later when Lucius confirms the threat of the Spanish closing in on them. After that Ed tells Lucius to start the Dramatic Countdown™ that fucking exactly matches the fog nearly to the second which is completely insane btw. I don't think it was part of Ed's original plan to the identity swap but the intent was always the same
To publicly humiliate and hurt The Gentleman Pirate.
The plan was always to dramatically appear on The Revenge in blood and smoke. The Gentleman Pirate already humiliated and half dead only for the Great Blackbeard to show mercy for a time. Then because The Gentleman Pirate is clearly incompetent, when the Spanish arrive does he have a plan? No of course not, but wait,
I think when the identity swap happens the plan becomes a lot more cruel. Ed clearly likes Stede and is being open with him(largely because he knows he's going to destroy/leave him soon and thus no consequences)and then we get our cute moment of them pretending to be each other. Ed gets to have fun for a moment before shit goes down(like he planned)
Specifically I wanna walk about this scene.
Tumblr media
And more specifically lol the noise Taika makes. Ed makes such extremely condescending "hmm :(" at Stede when his attempt at a plan clearly won't work. This whole scene is Ed pressuring and hurting Stede. He knows Stede isn't prepared as a pirate and he's known that before he even met him. He wants Stede to feel the pressure and fear he feels, to emotionally break him in so to say. He's mocking and belittling him and honestly seems to find it funny. And not only that it was all fucking premeditated because Lucius shows up to finish the countdown adding onto the extremely elaborate psychology torture that Ed has devised.
And then Ed's plan comes to fruition. Blackbeard comes in with his genius plan and saves the day. The crew cheer and praise him and The Gentleman Pirate stands a coward and a failure.
Of course that doesn't happen.
And I think its really fucking interesting that in the end it's actually Izzy who does to Ed what he was trying to do to Stede.
He humiliates him in front of the whole crew and proves that The Captain was incompetent with no plan.
Tumblr media
Unlike Edward who never seems to show any remorse for how he treats Stede this episode, Izzy seems pretty fucking guilty after embarrassing Ed like that.
And no point during any part of the Fuckary does Stede seem to realize this was all Ed's plan. He's upset and stressed in the moment but seems to forgive and forget pretty quickly. I assume this is mostly because Stede is still starstruck by Ed and isn't going to be confrontational about it even if he knew.
AND NOW PART 2: Izzy Apologisim
I think its really fucked up of Ed to dangle Izzy future in front of him like that.
Tumblr media
Izzy is so flustered and happy that Ed would pass down the mantle like that to him. That Edward would see Izzy insubordination and say "No you're right, thank you for calling me out" and then offer him the best possible promotion only to then say "lol nah" and walk away.
Tumblr media
The immediate heartbreak on Izzy's face when he realizes that Ed was just fucking with him is so sad to me but what's even worse
Tumblr media
Is the fucking pride he feels when he realizes that Ed's "needs him". In that moment being Blackbeard's first mate is a life far better then any chance at captaincy ever was. And I think that's honestly awful.
Repeatedly throughout the episode Izzy is shown to be extremely anxious and worried about their plan. Edward has at no point before or after the initial raid on The Revenge has shared his plan with Izzy. Izzy calmy asks over and over for Edward to just talk to him, to work with him and come up with a plan and EVERY time Edward shoots him down and then gaslights him like Izzy was the problem here and not Ed. There's no real reason for Ed to be hiding this. And the second Izzy realizes that Ed does in fact have a plan during the Dramatic Countdown™ he visibly calms down and is even upset with Pete for ruining Ed's moment.
"Once again I'll come up with a plan and when we barely get by" implies this is absolutely not the first time they've gone ass first into a situation that Edward didn't secretly have a plan for and Edward similarly here, didn't wanna come up with one leaving Izzy to panic and be forced to try to save them and their crew. Edward lies, avoids blame by being the hero and kills his crew for the chance to play dress up. I fully don't think Izzy is being irrational here at all. He's working with what he's got and Edward refuses to cooperate like Iz needs him too.
A lot of people seem to think that Ed is a tragic hero trapped by his own reputation and masculinity. But the thing is, Edward himself is always the one enforcing that concept.
He's the one who made a elaborate plan to fuck with one guy.
He's the only reveling in The Revenge's adoration and praise
He's the one who comes up with a completely unnecessary murder plot "for Izzy" when Izzy would've most definitely been ok with just Ed leaves and he becomes Blackbeard.
Edward's toxic masculinity is a idea he perpetuates himself for his own benefit. And in the very end it was Edward's choice to fall back onto that violence instead of what he had been trying to create
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godekubo · 10 days
now that i'm thinking about it. like. what is supposed to be the appeal about making ekurei just 2 conventional hot guys doing conventional stuff. idk it just feels so boring to me?
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5ond3r · 14 days
reading the last of us tag really be like
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maivalkov · 10 months
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Redraw of this because I needed long(er) haired Port and I’m 99.9% certain Hima drew him with his thighs out
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the-halfling-prince · 10 months
Me: what I'm totally neurotypical idk what you're talking about-
The the little annoying voice inside my head that I argue with for fun: Remember that summer after eighth grade where you watched How to Train Your Dragon four times every single day for two months and by the time summer was over you could quote the entire goddamn movie by heart?
Me: what that didn't- This is Berk, it's twelve days north of hopeless and a few degrees south of freezing to death. It is located solidly on the meridian of mis-
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yusuke-of-valla · 10 months
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tanadrin · 11 months
The You’re Wrong About episode on the Dixie Chicks reminded me of something I was really only half-aware of in 2003; I was in my mid-teens, thought the Iraq War was a bad idea, but for reasons I had a lot of trouble articulating, and I won’t claim that my position was super well thought out or nuanced (though the passage of time did vindicate it). But the level of support for Bush in that era, and the bipartisan support for the war, was truly insanely high; Natalie Maines’ very mild rebuke of Bush, in terms of political discourse nowadays, prompted the entire country to basically go apeshit on her, for the band to temporarily become pariahs, and for some pundits to seriously suggest that criticizing the president on a London stage amounted to actual treason. Given the egregious transgression of international law the Iraq War represented, the transparent deception used to justify it, and the absolute disaster it proved to be for the people of Iraq, it is easy to forget just how rabidly pro-war the whole country was at that time. And this is in a country that is relatively prosperous, has a pretty free press, a two-party system, and had only spent a couple of years being terrorized by propaganda about the People Coming To Get You.
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moonagedaysdreams · 6 months
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Malcolm Young on the set of the ‘Anything Goes’ music video.
“the only knob i use is this one.” *camera pans down* HE KNEW WHAT HE WAS DOING 💀
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helianthus21 · 10 months
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hyungnim vs hyung
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