#There's not another dnd show
stardustedknuckles · 1 year
Oh man I didn't realize until literally just now that Vox Machina is the definitive first commercially successful dnd based show. There's no other dnd phenomenon that's come out this way. This could be the start of so much to come - for them and maybe even for some of the other ttrpg shows that have swept through popular culture these past few years.
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“A bunch of cowards and the bravest little girl in the world.” - Neverafter, Ep. 3, about Ylfa Snorgelsson
“The world should have protected you, but you have been asked to protect it. What an honor. What an injustice." - NADDPOD, Ep, 97, about Beverley Toegold V
Something something about children being forced to grow up faster than they deserved because the powerful people around them aren’t doing enough. Gonna go cry thanks.
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the-nothing-maker · 14 days
Tumblr media
I wouldn't keep talking if I were you.
(a huge thanks to @isantheon for their help with the lace sleeves !! Go look at their own Jarlaxle cosplays, they're incredible !)
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ella-xel · 2 months
Tumblr media
Moonshine Cybin, getting cricky with it
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rooolt · 2 months
So I was gonna make a post abt how funny naddpod Philly show was or maybe how nice the venue was, tell you guys all about Pendergreens broken ass, but now I can’t. All I can think about is
Tumblr media
AUTISM WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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emiko-matsui · 9 months
naddpod tv show but everytime one of the guest pcs appear everyone acts like when a celebrity came on a 2000s disney channel show
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hell0mega · 3 months
i love the trend that's happening in NADDPod where emily and jake keep making beautiful disasters that fall in love and caldwell keeps making lil guys, just the littlest guys who are just there for a good time and have daddy issues
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playertwotails · 3 months
So was finally able to watch Sonic prime today and I have so many words after the first watch.
Gonna put it all under the cut so spoilers for Sonic Prime below.
So I love Nine so much. He is gonna be probably one of the best characters in this show, in my opinion.
Just he's been through so much with no one caring about him at all. I like that he's just a very selfish character but in an understandable way. Why would he stay and help these people he's never met, no one ever bothered to ever help him so why would/should he help them. So yeah of course he's not gonna care to help the resistance they never did anything for him.
He only cares about Sonic who is the first person in his entire life to ever be kind to him. Nine has an immediate attachment to Sonic, despite him saying otherwise that they aren't friends, but actions speak louder than words there buddy-o. Like you literally wanted to start a new world with just the two of you my guy.
I see people thinking that Nine thinks Sonic abandoned him there at the end, and I think he does a little bit but not 100%. In that he's not gonna just betray Sonic since Sonic didn't save him. Nine is smart he knows Sonic keeps randomly traversing the Shatterverse thing area and has the same energy signal. Once Sonic is able to explain "oh I was going towards you but then got booted into the in-between" Nine will probable be like "oh that tracks based on my calculations" (in my mind I want it to go like this at least, plus I hate plots with the "oh you left me so I will betray you" when literally it was out of the other persons control to leave them, idk I just really am not a fan of that kind of plot line).
Also Nine still made sure that he gave the Eggman quintuplets a reason not to kill Sonic. I think once Nine realizes they can't find Sonic in that reality he'll put two and two together of what happened.
Also also can we talk about how Nine was literally smarter than all 5 Eggmans put together. He hacked their computers, overrode Rusty Rose, and figured out how to traverse the Shatterverse in a few weeks with the shard that the human forms of Eggsecute couldn't figure out when they literally had it for seemingly years. Nine just Legally Blond "what like it's hard" the Eggmans so bad.
Side note, can we just talk about how in almost every single world Sonic's first response is "I need to find Tails!!" He needs Tails to figure out what going on and how to fix it but also that's his best friend and little brother, new situation find the person he trusts the most first. Him saving Mangey Tails when he first got to the jungle world was just so adorable he was so worried about him.
There's so much with this show I wanna talk about but I'm real tired.
Let me know what ya'll think of of Sonic Prime and/or Nine.
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winepresswrath · 3 days
the absolute worst "for you" content is when algorithms remind me about Amazon elves. that content is not for me. that content turns me into a conspiracy theorist who believes that Jeff Bezos bought a bot army specifically to pretend that anyone is still talking about Amazon elves.
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elissastillstands · 1 year
Tumblr media
But these people are my reality.
I haven’t been able to stop thinking about the Eldermourne finale since it aired, so have a quick Fia and Irina pietà.
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mochaqt · 1 year
Tumblr media
"Strahdyana Von Zarovich, at your service... or I suppose you, at mine. I wanted to commend you for your work. These lands are dangerous.
But I have yet to see you work in person. And... as the 'Lord'-or Duchess, I suppose-of Barovia, I believe it is time I met you properly.
You say you are defenders of this place? Prove it to me."
*Finally* posting this portrait I painted of Strahd- or in our game, Strahdyana!
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pocketspores · 1 year
“Hardwon —
You like Cobb because he’s quick with a joke; he likes you because you’re quick with a laugh.”
— NADDPOD Episode 100: The Heart of the World
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Tumblr media
I started drawtectives and I have noticed something…
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dizzybevvie · 6 months
seeing fanart of Beverly as a lil white boy and being like girl who are you
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lovelyachieve · 9 months
Tumblr media
New D&D show! It premiers June 20th so check it out if you’re interested! (Link to original tweet by DM Gabe Hicks)
+bonus Geoff??? Maybe???
Tumblr media
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duck-speak · 1 year
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
dont mind me, just a little obsessed with some gay divorced dads (when are they gonna get back together murph?!?)
im working on an angsty comic about them but it’s taking a while so i’ll just post these for now...
[ID: Three digital illustrations of Kenley and Walder from the Naddpod Eldermourne campaign. The first is a comic page: the top panel shows the bottom half of Walder’s face smiling while being caressed by Kenley, the middle panel shows the bottom half of Kenley’s face smiling, and the last panel shows their hands clasped together, with wisteria and greenery in the background. There is text in each panel which reads sequentially as follows: 1. “I always knew” 2. “That this would never” 3. “Last forever.” The second and third images are both of a painting in an ornate gold frame hanging against a deep red wall. The painting echoes the previous comic panels and depicts Kenley and Walder standing on an orange carpet inside a marble rotunda/pavilion surrounded by wisteria and cornflowers with queen anne’s lace/yarrow in the foreground. Kenley is caressing Walder’s cheek while Walder leans into his touch and gently grasps his arm. Their other hands are clasped together as they look at each other with affection. The first image of the painting is cast in a warm orange tone. The second image is cast in a cold dark blue shadow and the painting is covered with cobwebs. End ID]
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