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panspock · 1 month
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By Liaw Cheng Yi on Artstation
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whorekneecentral · 1 month
Okay I have a Lewis request with prompt 35.
You make a sexy video for each GP of the season and send it to him after he has left. Sometimes you dress up in pretty underwear, sometimes you’re naked, sometimes you’re just wearing his Mercedes shirt. Some of the videos are short with you just showing him your body and others are long with you touching yourself and moaning his name. This always leads to a very frustrated Lewis and some delicious phone sex (ahh I can just imagine his sexy voice).
this fucks. you get me anon, you get me. // prompt: “you’re so filthy… all this for me? how cute.”
Week 2 of 3 and this triple header was too much to handle. Between the shitty season they were having, the even shittier car and you not being able to join him was the cherry on the top. 
At least he had your pre race ritual to look forward too. You had a habit of sending him little previews of his rewards pre race, visual encouragement as you called it. 
A collection of photos and videos from his favourite girl; all different types and all different outfits or the lack of sometimes. They got more explicit as they went on; you in bed, you touching yourself, you on your knees and looking up at him with his cock on your mouth and the one after was a video of you from behind and Lewis fucking you, taken from his pov. 
It was late Sunday night for him, he was so busy with the race and the debrief, he barely gat a chance to check his phone. He was about to text you when he saw an unopened message from you.
You had texted him good luck prior to his race and he answered you but he disappeared after that.
There was an image attachment, it looked like a video but from the preview, it was a black screen.
To Lewis: *1 Video Attachment*
To Lewis: one more week, can’t wait for you to come home <3
Lewis opens the video, the noise was so clear and evident, as if he was sitting there with you. Lewis couldn’t pull his eyes from the screen; your legs spread and fingers buried in your pussy.
If that wasn't the cherry on top, his name slipping past your lips was. “fuck- Lew, god mhm, please.” The words came out in a strangled moan. 
He hits your number, the phone on speaker next to him as he shoves his shorts down. He felt guilty for calling, he knows it’s early for you and maybe, just maybe, he hoped you were up for work and he’s not waking you up.
The line rings a few times and he figures you’re sleeping but you pick up at the last second.
“Babe?” Your voice laced with sleep as you called out to him.
He sighs, glad to hear your voice but just that was enough to make his cock twitch. 
“You’re so filthy… all this for me? how cute.” He mumbles and you smile, “did you like the video, love?” 
Lewis was quiet, his hand moving up and down his cock slowly as he reimagines what you must have been doing when you called out his name like that. 
“I wish I was there.” He says. 
You find yourself in the same situation; imagining what your boyfriend was doing on the other end of the line, your hand slipping down the front of your panties. 
“Missed the way your fingers stretch me out, make me feel so full.” You tell him and you can hear his breath hitch. 
“Either you help me or I hang up, sweetheart.” He tells you. You love to tease him, it was your favourite past time honestly. 
“How can I help you if I don’t know what I'm supposed to help you with?”
“Fuck- y/n, come on. It’s not funny. I can’t stop thinking about you.” He rambles out in one breath.
“About me? How sweet.” You chuckle, “get your hand wet, baby. I know you didn’t.” 
Lewis hums, moving his hand to spit on it before wrapping it around his cock again.  
You hear the satisfied sigh that leaves his mouth, “that’s better,” you tell him, your own fingers moving a little faster. Your boyfriend is quiet, his hand moving up and down, he can hear the soft whimpers coming from your side of the line, the slightly wet noise filling the silence in between.
Lewis musters up the energy to speak, “what are you doing?”
“Exactly what I was doing in the video.” You tell him, panties pulled to the side and your own two fingers buried in your pussy. He huffs a breath, “fuck- god I wish I was home.”
“You’ll be home soon.”
“Not soon enough.”
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dammarchy211 · 7 months
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumnlr is going to Maim my ass for all of these different versions
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I’m actually only gonna post two extras in the main post
Anyway I love how this turned out it’s so fucking yummy and it’s my own art the letters look SO sickly LOVE IT I really need to use paint 3D more—
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dandelionandkrindle · 5 months
Tumblr media
Art by elizanel
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lionfloss · 1 year
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by backwardsdrifting
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trin0dinz · 3 months
Designed this shirt I kinda want it now
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millenniumlesbian · 8 months
Giving Exodia a real backstory and making it Siamun’s ka and setting the fight to God’s Anger after the most off the chain summoning animation like yeah OKAY anime writers you’ve regained your grudging respect privileges.  
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whewchilly · 6 months
golden golden golden
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cavern-of-remembrance · 4 months
Blurry (by Puddle of Mudd) - Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War (2004, PS2)
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ryonello · 1 year
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i'll fight anybody . i'll fight everybody 👹
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cursedimagedump · 4 months
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tuvens · 10 months
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if I'm on fire, you'll be made of ashes, too.
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inkspottie · 1 year
I was having a weird idea of an alternative way of William beating Cassidy's known as UCN.
Instead of trying to call for help or escape, the fact that this victim of his tortures him enrages him so much, that slowly, but surely, he gets used to the feeling of pain and suffering, and beats Cassidy at her best (50/20), over and over again.
After winning it so many times that it became effortless, he would say "Have you forgotten? I always come back, foolish child. You've made the same mistake as me, you've got so overcomfident that you could beat me in any scenario that eventually that anything you throw me doesn't work anymore. You may have won many battles, but I've won the war. You've lost, Cassidy."
Tumblr media
Nothing but a child, did you really think you could win??
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poly-star-trio · 1 day
fuck i cant send this on anon uhhh hey its me th guys whos gonna draw 3/4 i have exposed myself prematurely for th sake of silly doodle
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vegaseatsass · 5 days
I always thought aging baggage was about like, societally induced bullshit about what our bodies should do and look like that mostly couldn't touch me because 1. I find the "look like" side of things sexy and have been anticipating The Changes with great eagerness since I was a teen 2. unpacking attitudes around disability and what my body can do is another thing I've been doing on and off since I was a teen (even if More is not such an eager process) what I didn't account for is the phenomenon of time??? moving faster and faster??? every year??? How terrifying it feels? To just not understand where 365 days went. For decades to disappear in a blur... it legitimately unsettles me!!
I have a bday coming up and I'm really trying to hold onto these contradictions. Half "Yesssss I'm heading into my sexiest years" half "but my 2018 birthday just happened. wtf"
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smoreal · 24 days
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