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hungry-skeleton · 6 months
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Ugh, skeletons are so annoying and unoriginal can necromancers PLEASE start putting different minions in their dungeons
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Can someone in Master Grimbender's dungeon please help me find a new weapon my rusty sword broke again
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I'm gonna put more skeletons in the dungeon lol
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Where am I. it dark
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Thought I had as I am doing a practical exam (VERY OLD THOUGHT LOL) {🔑}
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"Okay okay listen listen, I don't play Genshin and I probably never will given the storage needed for that game, but it's just, Reverse Isekai! Genshin Impact characters getting isekaid to the modern world and the person (you, aka the reader) they got stuck with is either a college student or highschool student who is dumped with a bunch of activities and are on the brink of breaking down because of so much to do
Now your favorite Genshin Impact character is trying to comfort you and they try their best to understand your stress, since having a lot of activities can be really really stressful.
Not going into too much depth but I did feel stressed out when this period of time happened so for anyone who wants to brainrot about this can go ahead."
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digdeepergravedigger09 · 10 months
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kurisus · 4 months
Finally sat down to watch Goncharov after reading the books back in college (we read part of it in my postmodernism class and I found it so interesting I sought out the rest) and I gotta say, the cinematography, acting, and score are all amazing but story-wise they really rushed things compared to the trilogy's ending. And maybe you don't feel this way if you haven't read them, but it really stuck out to me.
We all know Goncharov dies in the film as a result of his hubris. But I felt like it undersells the tragedy of it all? In the books, the facts of the ending are more or less the same--he's left dead on the side of the road like just another drunk, and those who loved him have long since abandoned him before dying themselves--but they come with three novels' worth of the lies building and building before they all collapse in on themselves like the house of cards in the casino scene.
Katya's attempt to break free of her marriage is also a lot more fleshed out. It's clear she's holding on to hope she can repair things with Goncharov at least at the start, but as he's pulled more and more into the insidious world of the Italian mafia, she and Andrey eventually both give up on getting the Goncharov they knew back. I don't really want to spoil anything in case you read it for yourself, but there's so much more to her character and we even get some POVs of her later on.
Katya and Andrey become good friends in the books too! You can read their relationship as romantic, but I personally saw it as platonic mostly because I felt their respective tensions with Sofia and Goncharov were more interesting. And speaking of, Sofia gets a whole arc in the novels! I know we all wanted more backstory and girlboss moments in the film, so definitely check out the books if you want to see that.
Overall though, the film was great and I don't regret watching it. I'll have the main theme stuck in my head for ages. 8/10.
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for-fucks-sake-h · 4 months
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I posted 2,344 times in 2022
331 posts created (14%)
2,013 posts reblogged (86%)
Blogs I reblogged the most:
I tagged 2,121 of my posts in 2022
Only 10% of my posts had no tags
#anon - 208 posts
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#hbd - 36 posts
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#book talk - 25 posts
#exactly - 24 posts
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#send help - 23 posts
#mine - 20 posts
Longest Tag: 136 characters
#the best part of this whole thing is seeing people who i thought i was friendly with on here liking all these peoples shit talking posts
My Top Posts in 2022:
TIFF Promise
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 You barely made it through the door before he was grabbing you, pulling you in tight and slanting his mouth over yours in a desperate kiss. Practically ripping his jacket from his strong shoulders, the flower caught your eye on the floor as his mouth made its way down your neck. 
 “You… are evil.” His voice sent a chill down your spine, his tongue soothing the insult as he found your mouth once more. 
 You hummed against his soft lips, almost in agreeance, as your hand found his swollen length to rub him through his trousers. The softest of moans slipped past his lips, and you withheld your smile as you pressed kisses against his jaw, knowing the sounds you would soon be pulling from that gorgeous mouth. 
 He watched as you undid his pants, as you pushed them down his thighs, and as you teased your finger across the line of his underwear. His hand gripped the side of your neck roughly to pull your mouth back to his, tasting his moan and panting breaths as he pressed his hardness against you. 
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Endless Minutes
His entire body pressed her into the wall, practically suffocating her.  His hands, his warmth, his scent, his mouth - all focusing on her torment, her pleasure.  A welcomed juxtaposition.  
Her head tipped back when his hand cupped her breast, squeezing before his thumb smoothed over her pebbled nipple.  He was on her neck instantly, tongue thrashing against her pulse as a moan traveled up his throat. She was… everything.  He couldn’t touch her fast enough, couldn’t absorb her moans and pants any more, yet wanted so much more.  Her time, her body, her love – never feeling like enough. 
“I want you inside me,” she breathed, the words floating up to the ceiling.  
He groaned in response, pressing his hips into hers even more. The pressure alone had her swallowing her own moan, let alone his hand gripping the back of her head to pull her lips back to his.  
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Cocaine side boob pumpkin cream cold brew
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Wet Dream
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The party was dying down slowly.  People going off into smaller groups and then eventually starting to head out, giving their thanks to him for a great night.  There were always the few friends that lingered, an unspoken invitation to stay as long as they wanted.  
He was giving hugs to a few at his front door, wishing them a safe drive and a request for a text that they were home before shutting the door and leaning against it briefly, exhaling a low breath.  The introvert in him was scratching its way out.  So much socializing in what seemed like so little time always got the best of him towards the end of a good night.  
He passed the inevitable friend asleep on his sofa as he walked back through the house, noticed the light coming from the back patio as a few passed a joint around, but the house was otherwise quiet.  A few soft whispers came from outside, but that was it.  
So when he walked into the kitchen to find you sitting at his island, your back to him, he couldn’t help the small smile that tugged at the corner of his mouth. Plates had disappeared from the counters, trash thrown away and a familiar lemon scent wafted in the air before he noticed the sound of the dishwasher running and the small strawberry shaped magnet that read CLEAN was flipped right side up.  
“Didn’t have to do that,” he said as he made his way closer to you.  
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With A Sea View
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Your body was overheating. 
Completely and totally on fire as your hips rocked against his, your nails digging into the thickest part of his chest, his fingers bruising the outsides of your thighs with their tight grip.  
“Just like that,” he murmured, his eyes roaming from your face, your breasts, your core, and back again.  
Messy hair splayed out on his pillow, his face a mix of awe and overwhelm. He looked as gorgeous as ever with the hair on his face turning into more than a bit of stubble.  
You couldn’t help your moan, his length reaching so deep your back arched to feel him fully.  The breeze coming from the open floor to ceiling double doors to your left bit at your clammy skin as you lifted your hips and dropped down on him yet again, over and over, his own groan slipping past his lips against his will.  
“Love,” he warned, his voice like a deep caress against every inch of you. “Fuck… fuck.”  His eyes rolled back, teeth sinking into his bottom lip before his gaze snapped back to yours, as if he couldn't allow himself to miss anything.  
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codgod · 1 year
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i’m eradicating noise filter skins one blonde british guy at a time
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moistvonlipwig · 4 months
[...] What then are we to make of the clock that hangs on Goncharov's wall? Broken as it is, Goncharov's clock does not tick. Much like Goncharov himself, it is trapped in time. JWHJ0715's lesser-known Mafaldine, made five years prior, also prominently features a broken clock. In the climax of Mafaldine, we learn that Grandma Maria's prized cuckoo clock has been broken from the start; the intra-family slaughter was for nothing. The final scene between Armando and Tomás suggests that little will be learned from this outcome -- time, for them at least, has ceased to move forward. There is no future to be had. They enter an "alternate temporality" -- what Johansson calls an "AlternaTemporality" (Johansson, Cinema and Time, pp. 78) -- in this case, a frozen state, unable to change. Goncharov, too, has entered an "AlternaTemporality" by the end of the film, re-living and even re-writing scenes from earlier in the film's chronology. Like his alias Lofvgren's Captain Olander, he has become a time traveler. No wonder, then, that his clock is broken; he is disconnected from time itself. But his disconnection from time does not liberate him from it; rather, it dooms him, as his obsession with his past finally catches up to him in the final scenes of the film. Goncharov's final shot -- the pocketwatch Katya gifted him in the beginning of the film, now covered in spatters of blood, spilling out of his coat, its hands still ticking -- serves as a reminder that time cannot be escaped. To stop one's clock, to enter an "AlternaTemporality" forever, is to die. Goncharov's broken clock, then, is none other than death itself, waiting patiently for him on his wall.
- Roxanne Chen, "Goncharov, Mafaldine, and JWHJ0715's AlternaTemporalities" (1996, Camera Prodigiosus: A Journal of Cinema)
Since everyone's bringing up the clock symbolism I thought I would dig this article out from the JSTOR archives. I first encountered Chen's work in a film theory course in college (her essay on Bergman's Where Sheep Die is a tour de force of film criticism), and I believe her analysis is severely underrated.
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This isn't as bad if you enjoy dumbification kink lol <3
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bloodydeanwinchester · 5 months
22, 32, 47 for nosy ask 💜
nosy ask game
22. @dwcoded 😌
32. ohhhh this is a tough one, but i think i would choose to live in the world from the trc book series because it's our world but just with a bit of REALLY COOL magic. also i want to get a reading from the psychics at 300 fox way. and also i want to be friends with ronan lynch (even though he wouldn't want to be friends with me lol)
47. um im not gonna lie i wouldn't actually want to marry a celebrity? it seems like it would be kind of awful actually. buuuut there is a certain author named VE Schwab who though not technically a celebrity she's like kind of a celebrity to me and also she's really hot and i would totally love to marry her
thank you for the ask<3333
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rockygetsrolling · 2 months
for the ask meme do that crow guy from destiny 2 idk anyhting about him but i wanna see :]
forest my beloved my good friend Forest <3
looks: somewhat attractive | eh | not really my type | pretty | handsome | beautiful | stud | gorgeous | SWEET LORD MERCY
Crow is by no means my type physically (if you know anything about me you know my type is Fucknormous And Rugged) but I think he’s still handsome in a bit of a rogue-ish way. I live the shape of his nose, which is weirdly specific but I like it.
can you relate to this character on a personal level?: no | not really | somewhat | yes | they are me
I relate to him less for his story and more for his attitude: despite everything that is absolute shit there is still hope. There is still room and potential to learn and grow and become someone else, maybe not someone new, but someone who can be better. That’s the good shit.
would you date/be friends with this character in real life if they were real?: total bros | friends | best friends | date | become their steady boyfriend/ girlfriend | neither | i don’t know
In-universe I would be bros with him, I think. He’s got good energy, he’s sassy as fuck, sweetheart. He’s a good dude! I’d want to get into competitions with him to see who can throw the other person farther. I believe in my heart of hearts I could win.
Thank you for the ask!!!
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hihi for the game hehe thoughts on soobin? personally i think he’s a switch
I'm between seeing him as a sub leaning switch or just a full-blown sub. I'm going to say sub leaning switch because I could see him being into being in charge from time to time. (Soft Dom! Soobin agenda.)
I think he's really into tiddie fucking tbh. Anything with boobs just gets him going but, particularly getting to fuck them and cum on them? I think he'd be a goner.
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bklynmusicnerd · 3 months
Ava asking Dante how far along Esme is cause her priority is confirming that Nik had a side baby on her. Trina is asking if TJ found Esme capable of committing serious violence in her current state, because she's focused on the Hook and on a Nancy Drew buzz that won't stop. Dante is clearly ready to go home and over all of this.
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lilbit-of-kizzy · 5 months
Only watching Doctor Who'll make you say something like
"Well of course she's gonna save him, those guys had non-removable gas masks on"
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thegreatcrowdragon · 4 months
New series where I take low the most low quality images of my character possible and post them with the title “me when I” 
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writersmorgue · 1 year
I hear you feel sad often somewhere, so I thought I'd share
My favourite thing to do when I'm sad is describe fandom characters or ships as poorly as possible in my head, such as;
Todoroki - teapot induced trauma
Erasermic - friends to lovers with a side of coffee
"i hear you feel sad often" tumblr u snitch
also i love that i'm trying it
krbk - dandelion and dandy lion
bkdk - smeagol and gollum
kamibaku - bee movie
seroroki - emo and BMO
tsuchako - princess and the frog
endhawks - daddy issues meet issue daddy
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arsonyard · 4 months
Wait no I screwed up the numbers 19, 15, and 7 I think. It's the aquarium, veggie, And ranking deaths ones
7. what animal do you look forward to seeing when you visit an aquarium?
the weirdest fucking shit. those weird ass fish u cant look at much cuz theyre so weird theyll scramble ur brains. also the sharks n the seals! tho im not a fan of zoos or aquariums unless theyre 100% good w their animals n dont keep em in shitty ass conditions
15. rank the methods of death: freezing, burning, drowning
OOF theyre hard hmm okay ive heard in burning u lose feeling quicky cuz all ur nerves get melted off? idk if thats true but imma put it in 3rd place. for 2nd i think freezing, cuz theres gotta be a point where u cant feel shit too lol. and 1st drowning cuz youre the most concious on that one during the most time i think. idk all suck lol
19. the veggie you dislike the most?
BROCCOLI RABE why tf yall americans call it that it looks nothing like broccoli tf, we call em grelos here i fucking hate em. AND PEAS I CANT STAND PEAS UGH THEY MAKE ME GAG
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